Becoming the Swordmaster Rank Young Lord of the Sichuan Tang Family Novel – All Chapters

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Description: Once a prestigious lineage of poison and hidden weapons, the Sichuan Tang Family has now fallen into decline. Born there, Tang Yeon-Myeong suddenly becomes obsessed with sword, awakening memories of his past life where he reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship.
“In this life, I want to live quietly.”
To live quietly, I must hide my swordsmanship skills. However, there are too many obstacles hindering me.

Alternate Names: Becoming the Sacheon Tang’s Sword God Level Young Lord
He Became the Head of the Four Heavenly Dang Family
He Became the Swordmaster-Rank Young Lord of the Tang Family of Sacheon
사천당가의 검신급 소가주가 되었다

Genre: Action Drama Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Seinen

Author(s): Hwagye, PSG

Status: 331 Episodes Published

Original Publisher: Naver

English Publisher: N/A

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