Chronicles of the Demon Faction Novel – All Chapters

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Title: Chronicles of the Demon Faction

Tired of the yoke of the Divine Justice Alliance, master assassin Hajin Cheon attempts to flee, only to be confronted by martial artists of all allegiances, both orthodox and deviant. Succumbing to the wounds of his ferocious struggle for freedom, he awakens in the body of Ryang Seo, a prince of the notorious Heavenly Demon Cult who suffers from a disorder that prohibits him from the use of qi. In order to survive in his new life, Hajin must contend with the many dangers and enemies that lurk within the cult.

Alternate Names: ตำนานการเกิดใหม่ในลัทธิมาร, 魔道転生, 魔道轉生記, 魔道转生记, 마도전생기, 마생기

Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Wuxia

Author(s): Codezero

Status: 35 Volumes / 896 Chapters (Ongoing)
-Main story: 26 Volumes / 650 Chapters (Completed)
-Lee Cheon-sang’s side story: 9 Volumes / 246 Chapters (Ongoing)

Original Publisher: JK Media, Series Naver

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