Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 1

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I thought I was a genius 

Looking back now, it’s embarrassing and crazy. I really thought I was a genius. 

He had enough talent to be mistaken for that. Since I was young, I didn’t have much difficulty learning new things, and my skills improved faster than others.

But it’s easy until the beginning. Even if he grew faster than others at first, he grew like everyone else in the middle. 

I didn’t think much of it. 

It could be like this. 

you’re getting better little by little 

i can do it

because he’s a genius

In the end, I realized the reality that I didn’t want to know.

I am not a genius. 

It was thanks to meeting a ‘real’ genius who couldn’t even compare to me that I broke the ridiculous illusion of immaturity.

A frog in a well who mistook himself for being a genius. When I’m drunk with a sense of superiority in my little well. The real genius was already flying high in the wide sky. 

I hate geniuses. 

When I hear people talk about what they can do, as if others can do it, of course, the intent to kill soars. Whether you really think so, or whether you’re reaching out to ignore someone lesser than you. 

Anyways, I feel like shit when I hear it.

‘Am I jealous?’

Jealousy is f*cking you said shit So I acted like a motherf*cker too, but what kind of jealousy is that? 

‘I never thought I’d think that way. I just… I feel sorry for you.’

sorry? what? 

‘If I try a little harder…’

What are you trying to say that you know? 

‘I could have done much better.’

Hey, I’m still doing well enough. Your standards are f*cking high. How could everyone be like you? Don’t think that just because you’re a genius, everyone else can do it like you. 

Got it? 

I’m not like you.


“go away.”

I squeezed out a voice that didn’t come out. hole in the chest. It seems like pouring in the precious elixir and using magic, but it’s useless.  


crying. I never could have imagined that girl would make such an expression. The subject, who usually quarrels with each other and puts on a mean expression, must have had a hateful feeling. 

“So… that’s what I said. just go back Why did you insist on following me…”

“Senya. Just put it in.”

The voice doesn’t come out as expected. It is because of the blood gushing out of his throat. 

“Elixir. Why are you trying to write here a precious thing that doesn’t even exist? Don’t be fooled.”


“it’s okay. I know my body best. i can’t live He will die soon.”

i die 

I had resigned myself to him even before the hole was pierced in my chest. His body was ruined from the very beginning, and he looked like an idiot. go back, wait Ignoring the worries and criticism, I followed you all the way here.

“…I could have avoided it.”

blunt voice. pup. Unlucky until the very end.

“You didn’t have to do this.”

“Because it’s off.”

It’s hard to squeeze your voice out, but why do you keep talking to me? 

“You would have known.”

A look of incomprehension. It can be. Even if it was a crisis in the eyes of others, in fact, it wouldn’t have been so great to you. 

Did I not know that? I got it. You’ve been together for such a long time. What a crazy monster you are. I know you better than many people who call you a monster. 

“…you didn’t have to die like this.”

Then how should I have died? You know that. It was a miracle that I even came this far. without you I would never have been able to come this far.

“…This is an honorable death.”

It’s hard to squeeze your voice out. I have to say this much. 

“Even if we went together, it was almost certain that we would end up as baggage. I didn’t want to go back.”

I didn’t want to live the rest of my life with a sick body.

“Since you’re so damn good, I wouldn’t have to cover it.”

I threw myself away knowingly. My body, which did not move well, moved as I thought at that moment. Thanks to that, I pushed the nasty bastard away and left a huge hole in my chest.

“…I’m sleepy, so go now.”

It’s hard to squeeze your voice out. My voice is heard from a great distance, and my sobbing cries are heard even further. I don’t even lift a finger, my body is heavy. The front of my eyes is stained black.


At last.

I heard the guy’s voice. If you’re going to talk about it, you say it quickly. It feels good though. I’ve never heard you say thank you in my life. 


what the f*ck

stupid hamel

Let’s kill the demon king. Musin. All Masters.  

There are many titles given to the great Vermouth, but this is the most representative title among them.


[Warrior. The Great Vermouth went on an adventure with his friends 300 years ago.]



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An old story that I’ve heard since I was a toddler crawling on all fours. 

great vermouth.

Are you smart

faithful anise.

Brave Moron. 

Stupid Hamel.

‘Others are great, wise, faithful and brave, why am I the only one stupid?’

A fire burned in Eugene Ryanhart’s heart whenever the nanny read a fairy tale to him. If only I could say the right words besides babbling! At least, if only the body moved properly! 

‘Moron, even that asshole was packaged as brave. why am i stupid Aren’t the two of them changed?’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t understand the word brave Moron. 

‘Brave is a piece of cake. It must be a cowardly moron.’

[The stupid Hamel was always jealous of Vermouth. Hamel said that he was a rival to Vermouth, who was greater than himself. No one thought so.]

“The bastard who wore this must have been the bastard who was beaten by me three hundred years ago.”

Eugene gnashed his teeth and spat out. Actually, it wasn’t something that made much sense. These children’s books should be easy to read as they are aimed at young children, and should also have fun and lessons. 

[Hamel has always been ahead of Vermouth. He did the same at the fork in the road to the Demon King’s Castle. Vermouth said to go to the right, but Hamel insisted on going to the left.]

“Damn it.”

[In the end, Vermouth listened to Hamel. But there was a trap of the devil lurking there… Stupid Hamel! He shouted that the demon king was afraid of him and set a trap for him. Stupid Hamel!] 

Ten-year-old Eugene clenched his fists. It’s a children’s book that I’ve already read hundreds of times, but I always get angry at this part. 

[Hamel was a trouble maker. Because of his fiery personality, he quarreled with his colleagues every time.]

“…that’s right.”

[After many adventures, Vermut and his friends entered the Demon Castle. Dumb Hamel did not listen to Vermouth even in the Demon Castle. Hamel, who always led the way, could not avoid the trap, and thanks to that, Vermouth and his colleagues had to go through many crises.]

“A bastard you don’t even know.”

Eugene spat out while grinding his teeth. The demon castle that was like hell. The traps there were not something that could be avoided even if one wanted to avoid them. Even though he knew there was a trap ahead, he had to break through.

[…Hamel, who always quarreled with his colleagues. Stupid Hamel. Violent Hamel. But Hamel loved his teammates. Instead of running away, the wounded Hamel sacrificed himself for his comrades.]


[The last moment. Hamel, in the arms of her beloved colleagues, regretted her past for her disingenuousness. Senya, I liked you.]

“I didn’t like it.”

[Annis, pray for me.]

“I didn’t say that.”

[Moron. You are the bravest warrior than anyone else.]

“That bastard is an asshole.”

[Vermouth. Be sure to defeat the Demon King. Vermouth swore on Hamel’s tears. I will definitely defeat the demon king. Hamel calmly closed his eyes at those words…]

There is nothing to see behind this. Eugene closed the book with a wrinkled expression. 

‘I fell victim to a fairy tale for children.’

Dear children. Even that stupid Hamel had a righteous heart in his heart. He sacrificed himself for his comrades. He regretted his disingenuous past… 

“Damn, sell my name for a cheap lesson like this?”  

No matter how many times I read it, I am equally angry. Eugene threw her children’s book and vomited her anger. I wanted to go find the guy who wrote the storybook and turn it into blood, but the author of this storybook from 300 years ago was anonymous.

“Vermouth, Senya, Anise, Morone. Those four are bastards too. Why did you leave this children’s book alone? Are you f*cking I cried so much when I died…! Didn’t you think that you would protect the honor of your comrades?”

It could be.

After pouring out the anger. Eugene thought while catching her breath. She would never have thought that the dead Hamel would be reincarnated, remembering her past clearly. 


Eugene recalled the past when she cried in the cradle. To him, that childhood was as terrible as the Demon Castle. His mind is sluggish, but his body doesn’t move properly, and his words don’t come out well. The terrible, boring days of chewing on pacifiers most of the day and staring at toys on the ceiling.

For a 10-year-old child, there is a reason why her eyes grow dirty. From that young age, her eyes widened and she killed time… Eugene let out a deep sigh and caressed her eyebrows. 

‘…Reincarnation is nice. Why were you born as a descendant of Vermouth?’

Lionheart is the surname of Vermouth. 

‘No, if you’re going to be reincarnated, there are many other places. Why must it be vermouth?’

It would be a background for someone to cheer, but Eugene, who has memories of his previous life, couldn’t possibly do that. 

I wanted to surpass vermouth all my life. 

It was true that he was conscious of him throughout the trip with Vermouth, even though he didn’t openly talk about him as a rival like in a children’s book.

couldn’t get over it No matter how hard he tried and practiced, the distance with Vermouth could not be shortened. 

‘Great vermouth.’

Eugene raised his head and looked up. A large portrait hanging on the wall. The vermouth in it was the same as the memory of his previous life.

‘Stupid Hamel.’

I take out a mirror from my chest and look at my face. The face of a ten-year-old child. A face that does not resemble vermouth. However, his surname was Lionheart, and he was a descendant of the hero Vermouth.

At first… I thought it was a long dream after death. However, I realized the reality a long time ago.

Dumb Hamel was reincarnated as a descendant of the great Vermotte.


In his lifetime, Vermouth had several concubines besides his royal wife.

‘I wasn’t the one who revealed the woman. Did you change your mind as you got older?’

The Vermouth that Eugene remembers was not a man with little humanity, but a withered one. To think that Vermouth had 10 concubines and gave birth to offspring.

‘It’s understandable because he’s a human too.’

Only the descendants of the royal family are recognized as direct descendants. He shares the same surname as Ryan Hart, but Eugene’s family is collateral. 

That doesn’t mean the situation is poor. It wouldn’t compare to the main house in the capital, but the mansion where Eugene lived was luxurious enough to be proud of in this rural corner. It means that even if you are a collateral, you will receive your own treatment.

In this spacious mansion, the gigantic gymnasium is particularly impressive. Hero, War God, All Master. great vermouth. Descendants who have inherited that blood must not neglect training. It’s something I’ve heard since I was a child. 


Jehard Ryanhart looked at his 10-year-old son with bored eyes. He also did not neglect training from a young age, but his past was stained with guilt about his blood. 

The ancestor is the great Vermouth. But Jehard didn’t have much talent for anything.

“…It’s broken.”

Every time I see my son, I feel various mixed emotions. behavior that is not childlike. Fierce eyes without any innocence. He had lost her mother since he was young, but his son had never whined to find his dead mother.

And that’s not all. The son’s talent was so great that it was unbelievable that he was a blood relative. 


It was a nasty idea to have for an only son, but Jehard sometimes felt afraid. ten years old He is a child who has not yet been initiated into mana. If such a young child tried to wield his wooden sword, how well would he wield it? 

“It broke when I did it.”

Yujin licked his lips and put down the wooden sword. A wooden sword with an iron core in it is too heavy for a child to handle. Even so, Eugene insisted on such a wooden sword from the age of seven. 

At first, I thought it was childlike stubbornness. It was also cute to see him whimper and wield a wooden sword. 

That’s already three years ago. Now, Eugene handles that heavy wooden sword freely, and even kicks a sand bag because that’s not enough. 

Jehard gulped and looked at the floor. broken wooden sword. Completely smashed training scarecrow. How long has it been since you changed it? Has it been three days? No surprise. From the very beginning, all the scarecrows in the gymnasium were smashed and replaced with new ones. 

“The village blacksmith skills are rubbish.”

Eugene exhaled. It was tough for a child to say, but Jehard didn’t bother to point out that fact. That is heaven. Although he has struggled with correction since childhood, his son’s nature has not changed.

“Selling such a crude thing for money. I have to call and thresh it, but my father is so merciful.”

“That… uhm… let me give you my attention. Next time it will be a little more robust…”

“No scarecrow, just bring me a whole piece of high-purity iron. You only wield a wooden sword anyway, so there’s no need to shape it.”

Jehard couldn’t answer and stared at his son. He has a well-trained body that is unbelievable for a 10-year-old child. To be honest, I think I would lose if I fought naked…

‘I was born with a boneless bone…’

Jehard couldn’t take a genuine delight in his son’s talent. Because your son feels like a monster? That’s not why. Among the emotions Jehad feels for his son is pride. Unlike his father, isn’t he a son born with brilliant talent?

but. Along with pride, I also feel guilty. It was an unavoidable reality as a poor father. Not all lionhearts are the same lionheart. Gerard’s family has already been pushed out of the main family hundreds of years ago, and it is the family of Gerard that is ignored even among the collaborators. 

Does your son know that reality? You won’t know. Isn’t it too difficult for a child to understand? 

“Can’t I use a real sword?”

Even now it is. Jehard shook his head with a bitter expression. 

“Not yet.”

“Because of the blood system?”

“okay. In the next three years, if you go through the blood ceremony, you will be able to hold the real sword.”

“You can just keep it a secret between me and my father.”

“It can’t be… it can’t be. Since I’m also Lionheart, I can’t ignore family tradition.”

blood type. It is a Lionheart family tradition that happens once every ten years. At the blood line ceremony, all children aged 10 to 15 with the surname Lionheart, including direct and collateral, gather at the head family. 

The gathering ceremony was simple. Who is most worthy of Lionheart’s last name? Aren’t you ashamed to claim the descendants of the warrior? A sharpened ‘real’ weapon can only be carried after the Blood Ceremony is over.

‘It’s an asshole tradition.’

Eugene did not let his thoughts out of his mouth. However, whenever he hears that he is blood-based or traditional, he is dumbfounded and his stomach churns.

The only thing that the blood lineage suppresses is the collateral system. 

The children of the collateral must not wield real weapons until they have undergone the Blood Ceremony. You shouldn’t train mana. However, the direct descendants of the head family of the capital freely handle any weapon they want regardless of age, and start learning mana from the moment they are toddlers. 

‘After all, that’s it. To be beaten from a young age so that the collateral line cannot cross over the direct line.’

A restraint so blatant that even a child could understand it. Even more so, Eugene was young in body but not young in spirit.

Jehard couldn’t read his son’s mind clearly. But seeing his chubby face, he felt several emotions. 

I also thought that my son who had grown up was cute, but the guilt was much greater. 

‘If only I had been born in my family…’

My son’s talent is brilliant. However, Lionheart’s collateral has clear limitations. Bloodline three years later… He is an unbelievably brilliant son as a child, but there is no way he can compete with the real boys who grew up in his family.

Such a reality made Jehard suffer. If I hadn’t had the talent to resemble my father… I wouldn’t have to feel the gap between innate talent and reality.

“Why is your father’s expression like that?”

“No… no.”

‘No. Also, it’s obvious that he’s self-torturing, saying he’s not good enough.’

Eugene licked his lips and stared at Jehard. It was difficult to regard Zehad as his father because of his clear memories of his past life. But isn’t it true that he was born as Jehad’s son? 

“father. It’s been a while since we played sword fights.”


“It’s a sword fight game.”

Eugene didn’t say sparring. He was considerate of how a father would feel when his 10-year-old son was asked to fight. So, he dared to use the word ‘play’, but Jehad’s expression froze.

Jehard felt the weight of his thick belly.

I saw my son’s arm wielding a wooden sword with an iron core like a toy.

“Everything… let’s do it next time.”

If you’re too weak to play with your 10-year-old son… 

Jehard stepped back, sweating profusely.

Yujin smiled as she watched her father walk away.

lion heart

Vermouth and ‘Holy Sword’ always stand out in the pictures and traditions of children’s books, but in Eugene’s memory, the Holy Sword was not a great weapon as it was exaggerated in the story. 

‘The light was flashing, though.’

I received a lot of help from the Dark Castle, but that was only it. In the first place, the Holy Sword was a ceremonial sword that only looked cool, so Vermouth didn’t enjoy using it too much. Occasionally, I took it out when killing tough demons.

Musin, All Master.

As he was called, Vermouth had many weapons he knew how to handle. Whenever he needed it, he took out another weapon from subspace and used it. 

‘Besides, he used magic well.’


Hamel in his lifetime did not learn magic. 

‘If I had been determined and dug, I think I wouldn’t have done as well as others.’

It probably was, but at the time I didn’t even pay attention to magic. If he was a child who mistook himself for being a genius… he might have tried to learn magic. 

‘Even though I haven’t met Vermouth.’

The meeting with Nome changed many things in Hamel. 

There is a genius in the world who is good at anything. The young Hamel believed that he was such a genius too, but the child’s illusion was shattered when he met the real genius. 

I am not a genius. 


Yujin licked his lips and tilted his head. 

‘I have memories of my previous life. Even if it stays the same, it will become as strong as before.’

that’s for sure However, Eugene did not want to be satisfied with that level. I even reincarnated like this… What does it mean to stop at a similar level to my previous life? Even more so, he was reincarnated as a descendant of that vermouth.


Eugene thought as he kneaded his hard arm.

‘As long as your blood is good.’

How long does it take to attach muscles to a child’s body? But apart from the size of his muscles, this body was ideal. Eugene had no choice but to admit that fact. 

Although it is not bulky and large, it is flexible and full of elasticity. I can’t think of the density of muscles as a child’s body. The same goes for bones. Even if you roll it harshly, there is no bone disease, and quite a few wounds heal quickly.

‘I’m good enough to mistake my body in my previous life as a genius. This… can’t compare. I can understand how you were so strong.’

It is different from the performance of the body. That fact conveyed bitterness as well as joy to Eugene. If I had a body like this in my previous life… 

‘…that’s a nasty idea.’

Yujin shook his head and shook his wandering thoughts. A past life is a past life. Even though I was reincarnated like this, what is the reason to dwell on the regrets of my previous life?

Yujin thought so and brushed off her emotions. But she couldn’t shake off all her regrets. Now that she has arrived, all that is left of Hamel is that she has a f*cking nickname of ‘dumb Hamel’.

what about the other guys? 

great vermouth. The guy gave up his title after serving as a duke in his hometown, the Kiel Empire. He was praised as a warrior until the end. The Kiel Empire celebrated Vermut’s death as a state funeral, and still commemorates Vermut’s death. 

Are you smart The nasty girl was invited to Arot, the kingdom of magic, and became the youngest person to become the owner of the mage tower. There are five mage towers in Arot, and in modern times, two of the mage tower owners are said to have been disciples of Senya.

faithful anise. Even the disgusting woman in it is called a saint in the Holy Empire, Yuras. She received her teachings and even had a few scriptures.

Brave Moron. Eugene couldn’t believe what he was doing. To think that Moron, a bastard, has established a kingdom! He built a kingdom named after his surname by rallying the refugees from the area swept by the Demon King’s army? 

‘This is what I don’t understand the most.’

Eugene crumpled his expression. Whenever these thoughts arise, anger soars in the same place.

‘It means everyone got along well until he died. But why is there still a demon king in the world?’

Magician Helmud.

Hamel in his previous life wandered around Helmud with his friends. He led the punitive forces sent from each country and killed three of the five Demon Kings. 

the fourth demon.

Stupid Hamel died there. 

I remember the moment of death with certainty. He believed that Vermut and his companions would kill all the remaining demon lords. 

But what about reality? Of course, the world has become peaceful. The demon king no longer wants to conquer the world. All of that is because the great Vermouth made a ‘promise’ with the demon king. 

‘Why did you make such a promise? Didn’t you decide to kill everyone?’

I don’t know why. Anyway, the war with the Demon Lords is over, and the world has become peaceful. That peace has lasted until now, after three hundred years have passed.

“…Aren’t you too nervous?”

Yujin raised her head at the voice she heard. Inside a luxurious carriage. Across from him sat a middle-aged man with a twisted face.

“…It’s my first time coming to the capital.”

Yujin glanced out the window and murmured. She left her mansion in the countryside. She rode in a carriage all day to get to the city. After that, he put on several warp gates before he stepped on the ground of the capital.

“I understand.”

The man’s name is Gordon. He was a knight who swore allegiance to Lionheart’s family, and was an escort who came to pick up Eugene.

“Eugene. Would it be all right if I gave you one piece of advice?”


“If you are already feeling nervous, every day at home will be very painful.”

There was not a smile on Gordon’s face. He is an advice, and there is no feeling of concern about the subject he spoke to. Yujin smiled as she felt him.

“Thank you for your advice. Sir Gordon.”

Eugene is well aware of his situation. The reality of the collateral is that one cannot dare to treat even a knight who has been appointed without blood from the main family. Even more so, isn’t Yujin’s family neglected among the collaterals?  

‘But first of all, it’s Ryan Hart. It was only one knight who came to pick me up… My father couldn’t even come with me.’

Yujin stared out the window without erasing her smile.

‘It’s very blatant, so it’s a cheap check. Are you going to kill the kids from the start? peck cubs. Vermouth, it’s all because you’re cheap here and there.’

Eugene imagined what would unfold in the future. Seeing that he kills already, he will be subjected to more blatant checks from the moment he arrives at his home. 

‘Wouldn’t it be a welcome, gather all the knights, and shout out in a loud voice how crappy the people who come in now are?’

No, even those things are only given to worthy opponents. Seeing that only one knight was sent as an escort, they wouldn’t even give them a welcome ceremony. 

“…How many people will participate in this blood relationship ceremony?”

“Including Eugene, there are six people in the collateral. Three people from my hometown participate.”

“Are there three people in the family?”

Eugene pretended to be surprised, but he knew in advance who would be attending the blood family ceremony. It was thanks to Jehard’s special attention.

Three members of the main family. One is the son of the royal family, and the other two are the twins of the wedlock.

Five of the collateral. What you need to pay attention to is the two from collateral but high-ranking families.

‘I said the oldest was fifteen. There are guys younger than me…’

Eugene is thirteen years old. When she realized her age again, she couldn’t hold back a sigh. So, isn’t she asking her to compete with 10-year-olds?

‘Yujin. Never compete with your family’s children. No matter how brilliant you are, you won’t be able to compete with the children from your home. therefore…’

Eugene recalled Jehard’s gloomy expression. He hadn’t been able to hide his fear that his son would despair in the face of his children. 

‘…still. I’m looking forward to seeing how good the descendants of Vermouth are.’

Eugene looked out the window. The splendid scenery of the capital had already passed by in an instant, and now the carriage was leaving the city and crossing the forest. 

“From here on, it is Lionheart’s private property.”

A forest surrounded by tall walls. 

“Oh, there is no need to prepare to get off already. We have to go a long way from here.”

I wasn’t prepared to get off. Gordon smiled and said teasingly.

‘It would be nice if the ground was wide, kid. It’s not even your land, so why are you bragging?’

“wow. This large forest is the family’s private property?”


“Isn’t it uncomfortable being this wide?”

“Warp gates are installed everywhere.”

okay? But why am I in a carriage now? That’s because Yujin-nim didn’t get permission to use the warp gate. Eugene stared out the window as he exchanged words in his head. 

As Gordon said. After running for a while, the carriage stopped. Gordon opened the door on the other side and opened the door on the side where Eugene was sitting.

“Welcome to Lionheart’s home.”

Gordon politely bowed his head.

wide open front door. The mansion seen beyond it. As expected, not a single crowd came out to welcome them. 

‘Lion Heart.’

Eugene slowly raised his gaze. White flags lined up from the entrance of the main gate. A brave lion drawn in the center. 

‘Lionheart of Vermouth.’

Eugene looked down at his chest. There are no patterns engraved on his clothes. Only Ryan Hart’s direct descendant can have the lion’s mark engraved on his left chest. 

‘Should I have left a descendant or something?’

Hamel in his previous life never married and had no children. 

‘no. She did well not to give birth. If I did, I wouldn’t have any regrets for nothing.’ 

still. Looking at the family flags lined up like that, I felt sorry for my past life. 

“Are the other relatives still here?”

“Eugene is the first.”

‘What’s wrong.’

Eugene said yes and nodded. 


The place Eugene was guided to was an annex away from the main building of the mansion. 

All the way to this place, the relatives of the main family, who had a lion engraved on their left chest, could not even see it. what’s so expensive If a 13-year-old relative came, wouldn’t he come to see it out of curiosity?

“My name is Nina.”

Still, the reception was not very harsh. As soon as I arrived at the annex, a personal attendant was attached. At best, she was a young girl who didn’t seem to have much of an age gap with Eugene, but Eugene didn’t feel much dissatisfaction with that.

“Ring this bell if you need anything.”

At most, it must be in the late teens. Nina bowed her head and handed Eugene a small bell.

“Can I speak comfortably?”

“Yes, of course you should.”

“Am I going to use all of this outbuilding?”

Eugene said while looking around the spacious outbuilding. I was just saying this for confirmation. Eugene knew that this would not happen. Nina is too young to supervise an outbuilding.

“It’s not like that, but you won’t have any inconvenience while staying.”

“You have to stay with other relatives.”


“Do you know when it will come?”

“They will all arrive within four days at the latest.”

In response, Yujin smiled. I mean, stay stuck here for four days.

“Is the gymnasium behind?”

“…yes? yes…”

“Does wielding a wooden sword require the parent’s permission?”

“That’s… uh…”

“I hope so.”

Eugene smiled and headed to the gymnasium.

Nina didn’t know what to do, but followed after Eugene.

lion heart

“Who is Jehard?”

“Why? I have a relative who lives in the corner of Gidol province.”

“Where is the Gidol region?”

“At the western end of the empire… Ay, what are you doing on your own? It’s a rural area where you don’t have to go anywhere in your life.”

Laughter spreads over the story they share. 

Xian and Ciel. The two are fraternal twins of different sexes. 

Although he is an illegitimate child, it is no secret that the head of the family favors the second wife more than the first wife, who is a true wife. Such a reality made the noses of the two thirteen-year-olds reach high enough to reach the sky.  

“That bastard’s name is…”

“Eugene. They are the same age as us.”

“Ah, just because we’re the same age doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

Actually, it is Xian who laughs and touches. He looked toward the outbuilding in the distance and continued. 

“I heard that he is a country boy who has never been to the capital. I heard from Gordon earlier that he couldn’t take his eyes off the window the entire ride.”

“Don’t even do that. You said you came from the Gidol region where you don’t even know where you’re stuck? Aren’t there only forests and fields there?”

“I don’t know because I’ve never been there either, but it must be because it’s in the countryside. Didn’t you get motion sickness while riding the warp gate?”

“I said he looked like he was about to vomit.”

“Looks like you didn’t throw up. yea, that’s a bit disappointing If I did Tora, I would have them clean the wagon.”

Ciel said with a mischievous smile. At her sister’s answer, which was only seconds away from her, Xian flicked her fingers from side to side and clicked her tongue. 

“you stupid. You don’t have to vomit to be cleaned.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That bastard. Since you came from a rural area, the smell of cow dung must come from your body. I think you’ve heard more pitchforks than wooden swords in your lifetime.”


“After riding in the carriage for several days, the smell of cow dung must have permeated the carriage as well.”

“Ugh, dirty.”

Ciel sticks out his tongue and puts on a disgusted expression. But only her expression was like that, her eyes were full of mischievous mischief.

“The wagon he rode in is the property of the family. No matter how kin he is, he is to blame if he dirty the wagon because of him. right?”

“That’s right.”

“I heard that before. As soon as that bastard comes to the annex, she goes to the gymnasium and swings her wooden sword.”

“It’s worth the money.”

Ciel laughed and laughed. The twins, born on the same day, got along well from an early age. 

“It’s the first time I’ve come to the capital, and it’s the first time I’ve come to my hometown. That’s why you’re so trembling.”

“It’s Yunan, brother. Just say it’s worth it.”

Ciel burst into laughter as he slapped his brother on the arm. However, Xi’an even put on her solemn expression in her own way, and she turned her back. 

“Our stupid relative. You must have come with high expectations for the Blood Ceremony. It’s because he wasn’t properly educated by his father.”


“Pretending to practice to show it off to adults. It’s very sarcastic to leave the wagon he made stinky.”

“You have to scold me.”

“Ah, it’s a bit like scolding you. You should be careful not to do that. right? So that you don’t get scolded by the adults later.”

“Your brother is so nice.”

Ciel, knowing his brother’s intentions, smiled and agreed. These little twins learned early on that being mean is more fun than doing it overtly.  

“let’s go!”

Xian shouted vigorously and took the lead. Ciel, who was following her, turned her head at the gaze she felt from afar. The two twins, who had been practicing mana since childhood, could even feel the insubstantial gaze.

A grand and splendid mansion. A boy was standing by the window on the third floor. When he met Ciel’s eyes, he quietly stepped back and pulled back the curtain. Seeing that, Ciel laughed and stuck out her tongue.


A child of the collateral must not hold a sharpened weapon until after the blood ceremony. 

Eugene didn’t want to respect that ridiculous tradition at all, but his father, Jehard, couldn’t ignore Lionheart’s tradition. It was because there were too many eyes in the mansion to leave it as a secret between his father and son. 

‘It’s light.’ 

Yujin frowned and looked down at the wooden sword. From the age of seven he wielded a wooden sword with an iron core, and at the age of twelve he began to wield a lump of iron that could no longer be called a wooden sword for training. It was only roughly wrapped in wood on the outside, but the wooden sword that Eugene had wielded for over a year was a weapon that was heavy enough to cut bones even with a rough swing.

But isn’t it a weapon with sharp edges? Even if you increase the amount of iron to increase the weight and increase the size so much that the muscles cannot handle it. First of all, it was a wooden sword.

Eugene has practiced every day since she was able to fully control her body. Didn’t miss a single day. 

It wasn’t because I thought that since I had been reincarnated at most, I had to live hard…

From the beginning, Eugene had this kind of personality. Even when he traveled with Vermouth’s party, he never neglected his training unless it was unavoidable. 

‘Even so, that bastard told me what to do.’

Vermouth, you poor bastard. Yujin gnashed her teeth, remembering the boy’s stark eyes. 

There was an awareness that he overworked his body more than in his previous life. The problem is, the performance of the body that has been abused that much is superior to imagination. vermouth. I’m still not sure if this body, born as a descendant of a bastard, is superior to Vermouth himself.

However, it was clear that it was much better than the body of ‘dumb Hamel’. I can’t imagine being able to wield that heavy piece of iron with a body that hadn’t even been initiated into mana… a 13-year-old that hadn’t fully grown up. 

“Is there any wooden sword heavier than this? A little bigger would be nice.”

I think I’ve swung it hundreds of times already, but I barely sweat. Yujin frowned and looked back. 

“and. I told you to stay in the shade over there. Why are you standing in the scorching sun?”

“I-I’m fine.”

“It’s okay. while sweating like that. Don’t be stubborn and sit in the shade. No, no. Do you have another wooden sword?”

Nina put on a puzzled expression even as she was sweating profusely. The opponent is a 13-year-old kid from a collateral family. Even the young servant of the head family is not an opponent that can be ignored. Although it was temporary, he was attached as an exclusive attendant, but it was impossible to rest in the shade while the master was training.

“The wooden sword… is all in the warehouse at the gymnasium. The other wooden sword should be in the gymnasium on the side of the main house…”

“Can’t I go get it?”

“That’s… well… I can’t judge. You can go and ask if you want, but…”

“Okay then.”

Eugene shook his head without regret. As I heard earlier, Nina was only sixteen years old. She said she had just received her apprenticeship ticket, but she didn’t want to embarrass her by making unreasonable demands. 

‘He’s very explicit.’

Yujin swallowed a laugh and put down the wooden sword. Why did her handmaid, who had just escaped her apprenticeship, be assigned to her exclusive possession? Isn’t it obvious When a clumsy attendant commits rudeness or mistakes. If he were to persecute him, it would be an intention to find fault with him.

‘I don’t know what kind of baby head it came from, but it’s really low-key.’

Even if I swung the wooden sword more, I wouldn’t even be able to warm up. Yujin walked away and headed for the warehouse. Then Nina hurriedly followed after Eugene.

“Eugene, if you need anything, please let me know.”

“I don’t know anything else, but I have to choose what to use for training. What if I don’t like what you ordered me to bring? Why do you bother to do the work two or three times? If I choose, it’s a snap.”

The warehouse, which is not normally used, was full of dust. Nina broke into a cold sweat at the dust flying around. In fact, I tried to clean it a few days ago, but the chief chamberlain in charge of the outbuildings told me that it was not necessary, so it remained like this.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”


Eugene was unaware of Nina, who bowed her head behind her back. He plowed through the dust to find what he needed. A sandbag that hangs from the body. He also found something useful on the shelf. 

Chain armor not properly oiled and dusty. It was much bigger than Eugene’s physique, but I liked the weight of the vest when I put it on roughly. After that, Eugene took out a spear larger than himself. 

“…well… I can help…”

“Take a look at this.”

after leaving the warehouse. Eugene pointed to the window on the floor and said. Nina stepped on the window as she was told. After fixing it so it doesn’t move like that. Eugene started hanging her sandbags on the window sill.

Nina looked at it all with tired eyes. Now Eugene wore a chain vest that was bigger than her frame, and hung her gizzards from both of her arms. She had several of her gizzards hanging from her window as well. 


Even the weight I looked at with my eyes seemed to be twice my own weight. However, Yujin shook her hand with a satisfied expression.

“Get out of the way now.”

“yes yes.”

Eugene bent his knees and held the spear with both hands. I gnashed my teeth at the weight of his dizziness, but I enjoyed the feeling of his muscles tightening and bones shaking. 

“Back… no, farther. Go to the shade over there!”

“yes yes!”

Nina was startled and stepped back. After confirming that her Nina had stepped back, Eugene swung her spear wide. ㅡHwaaaak! A spear that weighs more than its weight. Even so, the weight added to the body does not attract it. Wearing a vest and hanging sandbags has a different purpose. 

Eugene continued his heavy steps and fiercely swung his spear. Every time that happens, both arms are pulled as if they will fall off, and the waist that adds rotation screams. At the sight, Nina covered her mouth. It seemed that a catastrophe would happen that his young body could not handle. 

However, Eugene didn’t fall down even though he looked like he was about to fall. Rather, whenever the body stumbles, the movement of the spear accelerates. Forcibly holds the movement with added rotation. And immediately switch to stabbing. Pudeuk! Feels like the calluses on both palms are being ripped off. that pain! I could feel the pain without having to wear gloves. 

Eugene giggled and continued swinging the spear. Holding her blood-soaked hand slipping from the window sill with the strength of her grip. Because she exerted too much strength, her eyes were red and bloodshot, and her breathing quickened. 


Nina watched the scene in awe, but was startled by the voice she heard next to her. 

“What is that bastard doing?”

Xian and Ciel. The evil twins who wet the pillowcases of countless apprentice ladies-in-waiting with tears. The two of them came right next to me and their eyes flashed. 

“Do… Bocchan, young lady. What are you doing here…?”

“What is that bastard doing?”

Xian furrowed his eyebrows and sighed. I don’t like it when an unknown attendant doesn’t answer questions right away. If it was like usual, I would have scolded him so that he wouldn’t do that again. Now, more than that, I was more concerned about what that country boy was doing.

“Can’t you even see it?”

It wasn’t Nina who answered. Eugene let out a deep breath and put down his spear.

“Do you know what this is?”

Eugene asked as he kicked the window that had been put down. What are we going to do with that bastard? Cian didn’t answer right away and narrowed his eyes, while Ciel, who was standing next to him, smiled. 

“It’s a window, you fool. You don’t even know that?”

“That’s right, it’s a window.”

“But what?”

“You know this is a spear, but don’t you know what it means to wield a spear?”

“You know?”

“But why do you ask what I am doing?” 

“I didn’t ask. My brother asked.”

“Then tell me something. to your stupid brother That bastard wields a spear, he says.”

Ciel’s eyes widened at that grin. 

On the contrary, Xian’s eyes became thin.

“Are you stupid? I?”

“Even though I’ve looked at it openly, I don’t think I’m smart enough to see that I don’t know.”

“brother. That country boy looks at you and says you’re stupid.”

Ciel giggled and stabbed Cian in the side. She knew instinctively that it made the situation more amusing to incite her brother’s anger in this way, rather than being furious like her brother.


A few seconds later, Xian shouted at his little brother’s medicine.

lion heart

Xian was no fool. Of course, he knew that what Eugene was holding was a spear, and he also knew that wielding a spear was training.

But it’s the first time I’ve seen such an ignorant practice. Wearing a chain vest larger than my body, hanging sandbags on both arms, and swinging and stabbing with a spear with the sandbags attached. Can you call it practice? 

At least, in Xi’an’s head, such a method of practice did not exist. Such ignorant, radical. Without any explanation of the singing method, recklessly swinging and stabbing. What kind of training is it to stumble here and there without being able to control my body properly? 

‘The villager. He’s really struggling to get some attention.’

that chain vest. The size is large, but seeing the messy condition, the purity of the iron must be cheap. That means, it’s not as heavy as it looks. 

And that sandbag too. It looks thick at first glance, but seeing how much it moved after hanging it on the body, it must be thick and almost empty inside. 

‘There is a degree of interest. Where did you learn such tricks…’

understanding goes. A country boy who doesn’t know where he’s stuck. The lowest rank among the collateral. It’s probably because he heard something from his parents and did that from the first day. 

He’s a guy who can’t get anyone’s attention without even making a mean trick. Although the obvious trick is very funny.


Dare to say “stupid” is something that should feel anger, not ridicule. Xian gasped for breath and pointed a finger at Yujin.



“You dare to apologize for calling me stupid!”


Eugene answered right away. But the apology wasn’t satisfying, as Xian felt. He raised his eyes and raised his chin.

“Keep your head down, respectfully!”

“Are you the same age as me?”

Eugene asked without lowering his head.

“You are also 13 years old. I am also 13 years old. Then, since they are friends of the same age, why are you lowering your head?”

“You can’t be friends with me!”

“Aren’t you friends? But why is your tone like that from the beginning?”

what am i doing now Eugene clicked her tongue, feeling the pitiful feeling inside her. If you add her age before her death, it’s well over half a hundred. It’s sad to get into an argument with a 13-year-old kid after getting that old, but isn’t the other person a descendant of that vermouth?

‘How are you? A past life is a past life. Now I’m 13 too.’

“Why is the tone the way it is? Don’t you know what manners are as well as spears?”


Xian’s eyes wavered at the constant retort. Since I was a child, I was unfamiliar with this childish argument. 

“This… cheeky…”

The greatest strength of a child is that it is okay to force yourself according to your feelings. He’s not used to an occasional verbal fight, but Xian was used to venting his emotions. He walked briskly and approached Eugene’s nose. 

“A guy who doesn’t even know the subject…! Just because your surname is Lionheart, doesn’t that mean they are all Lionhearts?”

“No, I know. I am a collateral and you are a direct descendant.”

Yujin raised her finger and pointed at the mansion of her parents.

“Your house is over there. My house is… which way. Anyway, stay away from here.”

“You know that, but you’re acting like this?”

“I never messed around. Just letting you know something you don’t know. What are you looking at me for? so i let you know to apologize? I apologized too.”

“You are very arrogant.”

Xian sighed and grabbed the bridge of his nose.

“And the body stinks. The smell of cow dung in the countryside! The smell of sweat! Very, very ugly.”

“I’ve never been near cow dung in my life, but what kind of cow dung smells like that?”

“Then it must smell like your shit…! Anyway, it’s very ugly.”

“I’ll wash up later.”

“No, wash it now. Wash! I also clean the wagon you came in.”


“Because the smell of your body would be absorbed into the sheets! Clean up!”

“Why am I doing that?”

“Because the wagon stinks because of you!”

Xian groaned. Thanks to the close distance, saliva spurts whenever he screams. Eugene took a step back, squinting at her. He just stepped back because he didn’t want to be spit on, but Xian looked down at Yujin with a superior smile.

“And, bow your head and apologize. I haven’t accepted your apology yet. calling me an idiot What I said was rude. He dared to match me even though he was estranged. All…”


Eugene turned to Nina without listening to Xian’s words.

“yes yes.”

“Are you my exclusive attendant?”

“Yes… It’s undeserved, but I’ve been entrusted with serving as Yujin-nim’s exclusive attendant, even temporarily.”

“Then go and clean the carriage I came in. Don’t stand there blankly under the scorching sun.”


Of course, if Ciel and Ciel were to leave, Nina would go ahead and clean the wagon. Before that, it was reasonable for Eugene to give the order first. 

However, Nina could not understand why such an order was given in the current situation. Aren’t those bad boy twins right in front of you? Eugene’s action was an open disregard for Xi’an’s orders. 

“What are you doing now?”

“You clean the wagon.”

“You do it yourself!”

“Why is there someone who can do it for me?”

“I told you to do it!”

“Who are you to give me orders?”

“I… I am Cyan Lionheart.”

“Yes, I am Eugene Lionheart. Let’s get along well in the future.”

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