Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 10

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“Of course, I will not be outraged by your words, and I will not punish you with faults. I won’t pass it on to my parents’ family, nor will it reach my older brother. All of this I swear by my name.”

Having said that, the guide had no choice but to nod. Eugene’s gaze was too cruel to endure without knowing anything. I heard he’s 17 now, but what kind of guy’s eyes are so vicious? Just looking at it, it seems that even a mercenary who has been on the battlefield for decades will roll up his tail and run away. 

“…that… I don’t know much…”


“There is a story that Lord Iod… goes out of the Mage Tower every night to enjoy entertainment.”


How old is Iod? 

‘He was two years older than me.’

19 years old. He was old enough to run through the night with youthful energy.

“What about entertainment? alcohol or women? Isn’t that something you can do at your age?”

“Oh, no. It’s not that much entertainment. These are just rumors, but…”

“If rumors spread, there must be a reason. Stop lingering and speak up. What is it?”



“It is a succubus.”

The guide blushes in embarrassment.

“This crazy.”

Eugene’s eyebrows rose upward.

Red Magic Tower

The succubus is a famous dream demon that few people know about. Of course, Eugene knows succubus well. When I wandered around Helmud in my previous life, those damn dreamers used to burrow into my dreams whenever I was tired and exhausted, and they would tremble all kinds of shit.

“This isn’t f*cking Helmud, why is there a succubus here?”

“Ji, calm down.”

The guide raised his hand in embarrassment as he spit out in a fit of rage.

“It’s not Helmud, but there’s a black magic tower, right? There are quite a few demons there as well as human warlocks.”

“So, Iode that baby … No, did you play with the Succubus of the Black Tower?”

I spit it out of my mouth, but it was ridiculous. The descendant of Vermouth, the eldest son of the head family… played with the demons, and with the succubus?

“…That… Strictly speaking, rather than play… It’s just entertainment…”

“What difference does that make?”

“It may be in any city, but even in Arot, there are streets where illegal groups and such businesses are rampant. If I had to say it, it’s a place where it’s neglected as a necessary evil…”


“The street is famous for its black market, and there are several impure shops with succubus as their waitresses. I heard that Lord Iod visits there periodically…”

“Crazy bastard.”

Eugene’s words became harsh. He talked about the Black Mage Tower, so I wanted to make friends with the succubus wizard belonging there. The guide’s story made Eugene despise Iod.

The descendant of Vermouth is wrapped around the skirt of a succubus and is devoting his energy. That alone is contemptible, but she’s not just a succubus, she’s a waitress. 

The word waitress was a very polite way of expressing it, but it was clear that the succubus in such a store was a low-class succubus with no match for its inferiority. In terms of human beings, she is no different from a cheap prostitute.

“You crazy bastard. What is a bastard with no blood on his head doing?”

The harsh words made the guide panic once again. Because what Eugene said sounded like an adult scolding her little boy for being crazy.

“Are you sure?”

“No, well… it’s just a rumor…”

“What street is that? i know?”

“It’s called Bolero Street. It is not open every day, and only turns into a depraved street every month on the night of the full moon.”

“all right.”

Eugene gritted his teeth and answered. When she came to Alot, she had no desire to get along with Iod. She just tried to focus on her work, ignoring her at a reasonable distance. 

But when I hear that story, a fire rises inside me. It wasn’t because Eugene’s last name was Lionheart. It’s just that I can’t accept that a descendant of Vermouth is offering his spirit to his demons on the cheap.

‘Because he’s like a son of a bitch.’

Eugene hates not only the demon king but also the demon tribe. Among them, if she ranks the most hated demons, I will put the succubus at the top. It’s because the first time he was attacked by a succubus in the Devil’s Land, he suffered shame like a dog. 

‘Succubus and incubus, anyway, we have to exterminate them all.’

I didn’t want to recall embarrassing memories. In any case, Eugene had torn and killed so many succubuses and incubuses in his previous life. 

“…Eugene-nim. This story must be kept secret…”

“Oh, don’t worry. You swore by my name I won’t tell anyone, and I won’t even tell that f*cking older brother.”

The Red Mage Tower approaches. Eugene gritted his teeth, then roughly nodded at the guide’s worried voice. 

‘I’d like to grab the collar and start fighting.’

For now, isn’t it just a rumor? That too is an unreliable rumor. If Iod was beaten up with useless rumors, this side would be in trouble. Unless you witness clear evidence, you should put up with the fight. 

“…a full moon night. Did you say Bolero Street?”


“all right.”

The aerial carriage gets off in front of the red magic tower. Eugene opened the carriage door first.

“Oh, you don’t have to get off. I’m going to break up here anyway. Goodbye, next time we happen to see you on the street, let’s say hi.”

“Can I give you my business card? name is…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I have good memory. I will definitely recognize you next time I see you, so you just have to say hello and go your separate ways.”

Eugene waved his hand and got off the carriage. The guide’s plan was obvious. She must be trying to break her ties somehow. If done well, the name might be passed on to the owner of the Mage Tower, Loberian.

Eugene didn’t know.

“Eugene Lionheart?”

A tall red tower. There was a woman in front of him. She was very impressive when she wore a magenta robe and even a large hat.

‘Even 300 years ago, no one dressed like a wizard like that…’

Trends come and go. Can that also be called retro fashion? Eugene glanced at his pointy hat and nodded. 

“Yes.” “My name is Hera of the Red Magic Tower.”

Hera took off her hat and bowed her head. 



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“The Lord of the Magic Tower is above. Originally, he was going to come out to meet him, but he couldn’t because of a small problem.”

“Is it a problem?”

At the question, Hera put on a puzzled expression. She couldn’t answer right away, hesitated for a moment, and glanced back at the tower. 


The mana pushed out of the tower shakes the mana in the air. Hera’s shoulders tremble at the sharp sound. Yujin frowned slightly and looked at the tower.

“…Uh… I guess something happened?”

“…it’s common.”

Hera cleared her throat and put her hat back on.

“The Red Mage Tower… well… there are many mages who study summoning magic. Among many magics, summoning magic… uh… has a high possibility of failing.”

“If you’re going to talk, you have to do it right.”

Suddenly, a voice intervenes. 

“It’s not that there’s a high chance of failure, it’s that you fail on purpose. To summon a completely different summon by exploding the summoning circle’s mana!”

The owner of the nervous voice was Loberian. He opened the window of the tall tower and flung himself outside. ㅡWoe! As soon as you open the window, black smoke pours out. 

“But this is too much. You guys are really great geniuses. What the hell, how can I summon the Shadow Beast from Lavashak’s summoning circle?”

Loberian came out of the window and waved his hand. The Shadow Beast, which melted into the darkness of the night sky, is captured by the mana emitted by Loberian. 

“Your creative spirit of experimentation is amazing. What would you do if you summoned a monster you couldn’t handle? What do you think would have happened if I had accidentally missed the Shadow Beast? I don’t know, but over a hundred people must have died!”

“Sorry… I’m sorry…”

The young wizards who came out after him kept bowing their heads. However, Loberian’s anger did not subside. 

‘They are crazy people.’

Eugene was also dumbfounded. The Shadow Beast is a monster that roams the nights of Helmud. Like most monsters, Shadow Beasts do not have proper intellect. They only have destructive instincts. 

If that Shadow Beast had been released into the night sky, it would have started hunting the people of the capital right away. 

“I didn’t intend to summon a monster… that, just…”

“You are the owners of the Red Magic Tower starting today.”


“Even I can’t summon Shadow Beasts in Lavashark’s summoning circle. never, never call But aren’t you guys saying that I can’t summon you? So, since you guys are better wizards than me, you should be the owner of the Red Mage Tower.”

“Take it, tower lord…!”

“Do you think my eyes are buttonholes? Your summoning circle is wrong from the point of view! If you’re going to give an anomaly, give it properly. If you twist even the basics, monsters will come out!”

Loberian roared. 

“Pack your bags and get out!”

The wizards shed tears and bowed their heads. But Loberian did not change his will. He stopped staring at the wizards and looked back at his Eugene.


Loberian’s expression suddenly changed. It is the face of a kind man from 4 years ago, smiling and talking about ‘children’. 

“It’s been a while, Yujin.”

The smiling face was the same as back then, but even the tone of voice was not the same. Because Eugene’s position has changed. Eugene four years ago was just one of the common collateral children. However, now Eugene is the adopted son of Lionheart’s family. 

“You have grown up a lot. Haha, to be honest, I almost didn’t recognize it.”

“Loverian-sama is the same.”

“Yes, what. I’m holding on to my youth with magic. Isn’t it better to look young than old?”

Loberian smiled broadly as he landed on the ground. As far as Eugene knew, Loberian was close to a hundred years old. However, at most, he appears to be in his mid-twenties. 

‘It’s different from when I saw it four years ago.’

Even then, I vaguely felt it. It’s just that she didn’t practice mana, it wasn’t that she couldn’t feel it. But seeing her now, I know for sure.

Loverian is strong.

I had to admit that. If you are one of the only five Mage Tower owners in Alot, then you must have that level of strength.

However, other than that it was strong, I didn’t feel any other impression. Eugene thought of the strong people she had faced in her previous life, and among them, those who gave her a unique impression besides strength.

‘It’s much worse than Senya.’ 

Loberian also looked at Eugene. 

‘…That’s absurd.’

Loberian was astonished at the mana he felt from Eugene. 

It was Loberian who suggested adopting Eugene. He noticed Eugene’s qualities from his bloodline, and even after he returned to Alot, he had heard about Eugene while communicating with Gil Reid. 

I heard that he felt mana within ten minutes after entering the spirit vein. Abnormal mana sensitivity. Not only that, but even a monster-like mana affinity to control the mana he felt. 

Every time I heard about Eugene’s story.

Loberian couldn’t help but feel complicated.

It was because of iodine. 

“…I heard the story from Gilade-sama. Are you interested in magic?”


“Magic is a very attractive discipline. It’s that hard to learn, but… Eugene will probably be able to do it well.”

Loberian muttered that and turned his head.

The main entrance on the 1st floor of the Magic Tower. I feel the presence beyond that closed door. I don’t like it when he hesitates without opening the door. Loberian clicked his tongue and glanced at the front door.


The closed door opens. Whoops, followed by a gasping sound. It was a skinny man who was startled by the sudden opening of the door and backed away.

Iod Lionhart.

I couldn’t find out right away. Four years is a very long time for children.  

Iod grew taller. However, his physique did not grow to match his height. Eugene looked at Iod’s limbs with less muscle. He also saw dull eyes without a gun. Along with the pattern, the gray hair, which can be said to be the symbol of Lion Heart… is crumbly like a withered blade of grass.

‘That f*cking bastard.’

Eugene’s eyes light up when he sees Iod.

‘You’re bragging to the neighbors about being robbed by a succubus.’

“Why don’t you come and say hello to your brother?”


Iod cleared his throat and looked at Eugene.

“…what to say…”

“Nice to meet you, brother.”

Eugene glared at Iod and raised his voice.

“I hope to go along well.”

“Yeah, yes.”

Iod nodded while avoiding Eugene’s eyes. Then, he slowly backed away while watching Loberian’s eyes. 

“…what are you doing? If you have nothing more to look at, go up and read a book.”

Loberian sighed, taking his eyes off Iod. If it weren’t for the deficit of Ryan Hart’s family. If it hadn’t been for the request of his old friend Gilreid… I would never have placed him in the Mage Tower. Loberian had been experiencing internal conflict and the urge to destroy Iod for several years. 


Iod shrugged and stepped back. Loberian let out a big breath, not looking at that pitiful figure from behind.

“…This is true. As soon as he arrived, he only showed us his bad side.”

“it’s okay.”

“The commotion from earlier… well… like Hera said, it’s quite common in the Red Magic Tower. Rarely is there such a violent uproar as today.”

Loberian glanced at Hera with a bitter smile. 

“I heard from Gilade that you didn’t want me to learn magic directly…”

“I don’t want to put pressure on the Tower Lord.”

“I don’t care. If only Eugene lived up to my expectations.”

I liked the answer. The boy in front of her is thoughtful for his age, something she felt even four years ago. 

‘Should I say it’s calculated rather than thoughtful…’

It’s not something to judge lightly. Loberian doesn’t know much about Eugene, and he hasn’t been with her for a long time. 

Either way is not good. It is better to be thoughtful than to be shameless without any ability, and it is better to be calculating than to be greedy despite being stupid.

“I don’t have the confidence to unconditionally live up to those expectations.”

Eugene took a step back and answered. 

“Swinging a sword, stabbing a spear, or chopping an axe. I am very confident in that. I was sure of my talent from a young age. But magic is a discipline I’ve never encountered before… I can’t be confident about it.”

I like that statement. Much better than Iod, who lacks motivation and lacks effort. 

“Also, if I learn magic directly from Loberian-sama, many people will look at Lionheart with dissatisfaction. So, for the time being, I want to learn the science of magic myself.”

“…great. Then let’s do this.”

Loberian nodded with a hearty smile.

“Unless Eugene-sama wants it, I will not interfere with Eugene-sama. However, magic is difficult for beginners to learn alone… If you need help, please feel free to ask.”


“Did you find accommodation?”

“No, I haven’t found it yet.”

“Then let’s stay overnight in the tower. It’s not as fancy as the family’s mansion, but it’s quite a place to live.”

“Can I go in right now?”

“There is nothing impossible.”

Eugene also smiled broadly at the easy answer. Accommodating and eating in the magic tower was what he wished for. He aimed for that and did not seek a separate accommodation.

“Then may I go to the library first?”

Red Magic Tower

“Is it today?”

“Why is the rich boy doing that?”

“I know? Why did he come all the way to Arot and do that… I heard that his skills were recognized by his family.”

“Aren’t you trying to get attention?”

“If you’re the young master of Lionheart, everyone will pay attention even if you just stay still. Why would you do a show like that?”

“Things like that happen, too. It’s not an enemy, it’s a collateral.”

The young wizards in the library hated Eugene. Unlike themselves, who entered the Red Magic Tower after going through a difficult life for exams, Eugene entered the Magic Tower only under the name Lionheart. 

I couldn’t express my dissatisfaction openly. Criticizing Eugene head-on is the same as blaming the owner of the Mage Tower, Loberian.

“…Still, isn’t it better than Iod’s asshole?”

“Compare what to compare. much better At least that little boy is working hard.”

There were many wizards who disliked what they disliked and acknowledged what they should admit. The wizards smoked heavily and looked upstairs. 

The seat facing the window was no different from a dedicated seat, used only by Yujin for a month. Of course, it wasn’t really a reserved seat, but after Eugene sat there, no one sat there. 

At first, there were quite a few people approaching with awkward smiles. They were interested in Eugene’s last name, ‘Lionheart’. He wanted to make a connection with Ryan Hart by coaxing a 17-year-old kid.

Of course, Eugene hated those guys. 

Is the weather nice today?

An introductory guide to magic for beginners! Hey, I got into magic with that book when I was little too.

If you don’t mind, can I teach you some magic?

Aren’t you bored of being in the library all day? 

young master.

The weather is nice. Let’s go out together. I know a very nice restaurant…

“That’s Okay.”

Every time those guys approached, Eugene gave the same answer. He never changes and gives the same answer, so since sometime, wizards haven’t approached Eugene. 

That was good.

The surroundings are empty with no one sitting nearby. On the wide desk, the books Eugene brought made a tower of several. The only sound that exists in this space is the sound of turning the pages. Although there is a smoking area just a few floors below, thanks to the magic that separates each floor, cigarette smoke does not rise. Thanks to this, Eugene was able to concentrate on reading while breathing in the fresh air. 

It’s been a month since I came to the Red Magic Tower.

Eugene went to the library without missing a day. He came to the library early in the morning, and returned to his room late at night. 

It wasn’t that he was only immersed in magic unconditionally. He woke up a few hours before leaving for the library to practice mana, and before going to sleep, he trained his body to the point of sweating profusely.  

The amount of sleep time was reduced, but this proud body was able to shake off fatigue after only a few hours of sleep. Since mana was added to it, even if I skipped sleep for a few days, I didn’t feel great fatigue.  


The sun sets slowly. 

Eugene glanced at the sunset light coming through the window. Yujin looked out the window for a while and then got up. 

I held the piled up books on the desk in my arms and returned them to their original places. I didn’t get lost. Eugene remembered the location of all the books. 

Not only the location, but also the contents of the books read. It’s easy to recall just a little bit of memory. Oh Seong, who was ignorant of magic, began to understand the science of magic as he read books and added reason.

‘He’s been born with hair.’

Yujin smiled and came down the stairs. He read all the introductory magic books in the library of the Red Mage Tower in one month. At first, even turning the pages was a struggle, but the more I read, the more rational it became, and later I was able to understand it with a cursory glance. 

‘It’s still just a theory.’

I only read the book for a month. He is only filled with knowledge, he has not been properly introduced to magic.

There was a reason. It’s called magic, but there are infinite types of magic. The more books I read in the library, the more I worried about which method would suit my body.

So, I just read the book.

‘I don’t have anything to read anymore.’

Of course, being a wizard belonging to the Mage Tower means that your skills have been recognized by the world. The introductory spellbooks provided in such a mage tower were not prepared for the mage tower wizards to learn, but were prepared for reference and study.

In other words, they are excellent magic books that have been recognized for public trust. There are countless introductory magic books in the world, but if you have read all the introductory magic books in the Mage Tower, there is no need to read other introductory magic books. 

‘Let’s try it now.’

“I will do it today.”

Eugene said as he approached the window of the library. The librarian sitting at the window raises her head and looks at Yujin.


Hera. A wizard I met on the first day I came to the Mage Tower. The wizards of the Mage Tower are immersed in the research they want, but Hera recently finished her research and was in charge of the librarian and was spending her time leisurely.

Loberian said to ask him for advice if you have any questions about magic, but it is cumbersome and burdensome to ask questions one by one. 

‘If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.’

Hera must have noticed that too, so she approached Eugene first and talked to her. Thanks to this, Eugene received Hera’s help several times during the month she spent in her mage tower, and she was able to become quite friendly with her. 

“Where are you going to do it?”

“In the underground research wing.”

“please wait for a moment. Another librarian will come soon.”

Hera said as she tidied up the area around the desk. Until the librarian arrived, Eugene sorted out the magic formulas floating around in her head one by one. 

There are many wizards who have houses outside the Mage Tower, but most young wizards live and sleep in the Mage Tower without a home. 

Eugene was like that too. It was a lot of money, but rather than buying or renting a house, it was overwhelmingly more convenient to just live in the Mage Tower. Perhaps because it is a place where summoning magic is promoted as a specialty, various types of familiars are taking care of chores in the Mage Tower. 

The room… is much smaller than the annex of the main house. Still, it was a spacious room that was not enough to live alone, and I liked it. It’s also nice that you don’t have to go to the restaurant, just tell them in advance and your familiar will bring the food you want to your room.  

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s that there’s no gymnasium. Still, since the research building replaces the gymnasium, it doesn’t matter. The research building attached to each floor was exclusively for high-ranking wizards, so it was just annoying to have to take the elevator down to the basement.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Hera also wore a large hat today. I wondered if retro had returned after 300 years, but Hera’s taste was just unusual. Hera is the only one who insists on such a wizard-like outfit in this mage tower. 

“Your brother didn’t come today.”

“Well… always.”

Hera put on a big hat and smiled bitterly. The first week after Eugene came, Iod also came to the library. It was only one week. After that, Eugene rarely met Iod in the hallway, let alone in the library.

I hear it’s been like that for years. 

No matter how much Loberian was friends with Gilreid, he couldn’t accept Iod, who had poor skills, as a disciple. That would not only be fair, but it would damage the face of the owner of the Mage Tower.  

So, Loberian arranged for a leisurely high-ranking mage of the Mage Tower to become Iod’s teacher. Not only did he allow him to live in the Mage Tower, but he also connected him with a good teacher, so his loyalty to Gil Reid was overflowing. 

The problem was iodine. After he came to the Mage Tower, he worked hard for about half a year, but from a certain point on, he stopped coming out of the library or research building and started wandering around his room or outside the Mage Tower.

‘A pitiful bastard.’

I know why. Three years ago, Iod took the Mage Tower’s open recruitment exam at the recommendation of Loberian.

The grades weren’t very good. I got a pretty good score in theory, but I got a miserable score in practice. Thanks to this, not only Loberian, but also the wizard who taught Iod was embarrassed and embarrassed. 

‘If you’re not good enough, you have to work harder. How many years have you been playing around with your family’s money? It became a soup kitchen for the succubus.’

If I had witnessed the scene, I would have beat up the family’s bloodline, my older brother, and so on. Iod seemed to be paying attention to Eugene, and on the night of the last full moon, he quietly hid himself in the magic tower. 

But it won’t last long. A few days ago, I ran into Iod in the hallway of the Mage Tower.  

It looked like his crumbly skin and hair had returned to life, but his bitten nails clung to each other, and his eyes were cloudy. Addicted. It was obvious that he would not hold back and go to the succubus next full moon. 

“Are you going to start with a circle?”

Elevator going down to the basement. Hera opened her mouth, injecting mana to move the elevator in place of her Eugene.


The reason why the wise Senya is revered in Alot is because she systematically established the stages of magic. 

Even 300 years ago, the stages of magic were very vague. 

Powerful and amazing magic naturally requires a lot of mana. So, an excellent wizard must know how to handle enormous mana freely. Based on him, the magic to be manifested must be difficult and complex. 

In other words, an excellent wizard must know how to control a lot of mana and use a lot of magic. That’s not wrong. To be called a great wizard, of course, you must know how to perform a lot of magic, and you must be good at complex magic that other wizards cannot copy. 

Senya clearly divided the stages of magic 300 years ago. Strictly speaking, it was Senya’s own law, but after she became the green mage lord, many wizards in Alot copied her magic law. 


Weave a ring with the mana in the body, and draw out mana to manifest magic while circulating it. As the mana that can be controlled increases, the ring becomes thicker and stronger. 

When one circle exceeds the maximum amount of mana governed by it, the circle increases. So the circles overlap. Every time the number of circles increases, the amount of mana controlled increases exponentially, and the power of even simple magic varies depending on the number of circles. 

Now, 300 years later, most wizards have entered magic with the Circle. The only things that didn’t enter the circle were spirit magic and black magic, which had completely different magic systems. 

“I don’t have a choice. Although there are other magic formulas besides circles, it has been proven over 300 years that circles are the most efficient and reasonable magic formula.”

Hera said with a proud expression. It is not only Loberian who claims to be Senya’s pupil. All wizards who use the circle as their basic magic formula claim to be Senya’s pupils. 

The red mage tower and the green mage tower are particularly proud of.

“…I’m thinking of giving it a little variation.”

The elevator arrived at the underground research building. Eugene went out the door first and opened his mouth.

“I don’t know if it will work out.”

“Are you going to give me a variation? I don’t think that would be… a good idea.”

Hera followed Eugene with a worried expression.

“The transformation of the circle is a research topic that even magicians attempt at least once. However, Eugene-nim hasn’t even been introduced to magic yet… Wouldn’t it be better to start with an orthodox method first, then study transformation after reaching a certain level?”

A child is cheeky. I had no such thoughts. Hera was genuinely worried about Eugene. As the magic formula is difficult, it is difficult to transform it. If you don’t care, your mana will run out of control and the magic ceremony might collapse. 

Either die, or become a crippled person who can’t handle mana for the rest of his life. You may be sick for at least a few days, if not as much. 

“It’s not like you’re ripping it off and fixing it and doing it differently. It won’t be too dangerous.”

“If it’s okay, can I hear what you’re going to do?”

“I’m trying to apply Lionheart’s mana management method.”

Eugene replied openly. At that, Hera blinked her eyes for a moment.

‘…can’t age help?’

I even thought a little bit like that. I know that Eugene is incredibly precocious because she is only 17 years old. But from what she says now, it seems that she has the clumsiness of her age. 

“…Eugene-nim. Mana management used in martial arts and magic mana management are different. I don’t know how to use Lionheart’s mana, but do you have the concept of chanting and spells in that mana method?”


“Then it is impossible to use magic with Lionheart’s mana management method. You can draw mana to create magic, but magic doesn’t happen as a phenomenon unless you shape it with a spell and drive it with a chant.”

“So I’m going to try it.”

Eugene took Hera’s advice sweetly. He doesn’t think he can do it unconditionally. Will it really happen? can i do it I read all the introductory magic books in the library to get to know him. 

“It won’t be very dangerous.”

“…Hmm… Try it for now. However, if the flow of mana is dangerous, we will intervene immediately. If Yujin-nim gets injured, not only me but the tower owner will also be in trouble.”


Yujin nodded and stood in front of the door. There are numerous research buildings deep underground in the Magic Tower. Eugene opened the door to the research building he had been using for a month.

The inside is quite wide. The fact that dozens of research buildings of this size can exist underground is thanks to advanced space distortion magic. As he felt a lot of surprise on the first day, Yujin calmly stood in the center of the research building. 

“I will.”


Hera did not hide her uneasy eyes. She quietly summoned her own wand and held it between her hands. This was to respond immediately in case of an emergency.

Eugene was calm. 

‘It’s similar to the white salt meal.’

Since it was Senya’s magic, Eugene was naturally interested in it.


The method is different, but the essence is not different. 

Baek Yeom-sik controls mana with the star of the heart. 

Circle controls mana with rings. 

Baek Yeom-sik is a star that splits every time it rises.

Each time a circle reaches a level, a ring is added.


Ichi sewed it. I also understood. He is also accustomed to the white salt diet. To control mana? I’ve been doing it since my past life. I don’t know if it will work, but it’s worth a try.

‘Replace the circle with a star. It can amplify mana. Mana tuning is on the fly depending on the situation. It would be a headache if I predicted it and it went wrong.’

Not the normal way. If you don’t care, the mana in your body might run out of control. 

Eugene did not hesitate. The mana in her body gathers in her heart. The stars shine. The three stars resonate and interlock. 

“…oh my god.”

Hera, who was watching with her staff, let out a startled sound. She felt how pure and powerful the mana Eugene draws was. 

Musin, All Master. A descendant of the great Vermouth. Everyone in the world knows that Lionheart’s mana management is excellent. But isn’t that too much? Could a 17-year-old boy be as innocent and draw out as much mana as he did?



A pure white flame covers the entire body. Eugene focused her mind and tuned her mana. Without going too far, I was conscious of the limit of the mana I could currently control. The principle itself is no different from making a sword or a sword. 

The point is, how do you manifest mana? Eugene thought of the form of magic to manifest in his head. The chant does not have to be recited unconditionally. The only thing that matters is a clear will to trigger the manifestation.

Mana bounces. Suppress. Re-adjust the entangled mana without listening. The previous life experience allowed Eugene to control mana as much as he wished. 

‘I have perfect control over that amount of mana… It looks like it’s going to be messed up, but it’s not messed up. Dominate even the smallest particle of mana? Is that possible at that age?’

The more mana you deal with, the less control you have. that’s common sense Mana handling is a job that requires a lot of experience as well as qualifications. 

It was four years ago that Eugene Lionheart, a collateral, entered Mana. In those four years, he accumulated as much mana as I did, and completely dominated him? It is nonsense. Right away, Eugene’s mana was strong and pure enough to be incomparable to Iod, who started mana at the age of five.

‘…They said it was a monster.’

I heard about Eugene from Loberian. 

However, the source of rumors is not limited to Loberian. Lionheart’s traditional blood system. In the blood line ceremony that has been going on for 300 years, it is only once that the collateral branch has crossed over to the main family. The person who became the adopted son of the head family like that.

After the incident is known, the world calls 13-year-old Eugene a monster.

ㅡ Hwareuk!

An orb of flame appeared. Yujin glared at it and slowly changed the form of the magic. Mana does not completely dissipate and disappear. All rituals hold mana. 

Scattered fires come together again. When the sweat dripping from my forehead forms on the tip of my chin and drips down. The shape of the coalescence of embers has completely changed. 

The basic magic of Circle 1, Fireball, turns into a Magic Missile. Eugene stared at the magic missile floating in front of her eyes.

To be honest.

It is more comfortable and stronger to emit sword energy than to go through this hardship. Or summon the spirit of the wind. Either way would be stronger than clumsy magic, and it was familiar and easy to Eugene now.

However, Eugene smiled with satisfaction. Isn’t it pretty plausible for something I’ve done for the first time? It was a magic that wouldn’t have as much power as the hard work it cost, but being able to use magic like this made Eugene happy.

‘Because I didn’t learn magic in my previous life.’

In fact, Senya had suggested it a few times.

‘I can teach you magic if you want.’

‘I don’t need it.’

‘Vermouth is good at using magic. Don’t you want to use magic like vermouth?’

‘The things I know how to do right now are worse than Vermouth, but if I pretend to learn magic for no reason, the gap won’t widen. And do you have the confidence to teach me the magic to chew and eat vermouth?’


‘To be honest, you aren’t better at using magic than Vermouth, are you?’

‘Are you going to follow me? Compare what to compare! Does it make sense to compare Vermouth, who is good at fighting and magic, with me, who only knows how to do magic?’

‘I can’t use magic and I’m good at fighting, but I’m worse than Vermouth.’

‘That’s because you’re sick…! I… I can use magic better than Vermouth. It’s just… Now… I’m good at different fields.’

It would have been helpful if I had learned to be polite at that time.

‘f*ck, did you think I would be reincarnated?’

If she knew how to reincarnate like this, she would have studied magic diligently from Senya. Eugene smiled and tried moving her magic missile. Although it was clumsy, it felt different from when mana was handled with pure white flame formula. 

‘It’s different from swordsmanship…’

Yujin thought so and took a breath.  

“Huh… you are great.”

Hera, who had been watching with dazed eyes, opened her mouth. Even though she was looking at it like this, she couldn’t believe it. Hera looked back and forth between Eugene, who was drenched in sweat, and her magic missile stopped in front of him. 

‘I only read the introductory spellbook for a month… This is the first time I’ve ever used magic. Even though we’ve been dealing with mana before that, the mana used for magic and martial arts is different…’

What’s even more surprising is that Eugene didn’t spit out the chant. A chant is a declaration that transforms magic into a phenomenon. If he is a high-ranking mage, he can cast magic without chanting, but if he has not reached that level, he must pronounce the magic by spitting it out with nurturing. 

‘I used magic at the introductory stage with only mental arithmetic. It changed magic without dispelling it.’


Hera swallowed.

“Did you secretly enter magic?”

“What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“You are doing this to surprise me. Yes? You secretly practiced magic in your room, right?”

“I wrote it for the first time today.”


“Why would I lie like this?”

Yujin said that and moved the magic missile around. It may not be as strong as the sword, but I like the fact that it moves even without swinging it directly.

“Please summon only one monster.”


“I want to check the power.”

“Ah… um… yes. What kind of monster would it be?”

“As a hard guy.”

“It could be a golem, right? I have a golem that I just made, so I can summon it right away without a catalyst.”


Hera chanted a summoning command and raised her staff. A magic circle is created at a distance, and mana is concentrated. Soon after, a large golem was summoned. 

“It’s a golem made of carburium. Quite a few attacks are scattered in the course of a collision without any defensive techniques.”

“It’s good.”

Eugene grinned. Hera stood up and put the golem in front of Eugene and stepped back. 



Immediately after answering, a magic missile was launched.

ㅡ Kwagwagwang!

The golem fell backwards.

Red Magic Tower


Loberian closed his gaping mouth.

“Yujin-nim made a circle with Baek Yeom-sik and spread the magic.”


“I can make a fireball right away without failure, and it turns into a magic missile without going through dispel…”


“You knocked over a Carbium Golem?”


Hera pointed to the golem’s chest. Indeed, a hollow scar remained there. Loberian looked at it and laughed.

“…haha. You were aiming for exactly one point.”

“Not even the first shot was scattered.”

“How pure is carbium?”

“The outside was completely written.”

“Didn’t you have a separate defense ceremony?”

“Not yet.”

“Is this possible?”

Loberian muttered as he felt the golem’s scars with his hand. It is said that there is no special defensive technique, but carburium is a metal that is flexible enough to scatter attacks of considerable power. It is impossible for the new magician’s offensive magic to pierce Kabrium. 

“…The purity and density of the mana was outrageous.”

Hera recalled the shock of that time and continued.

“To the extent that I can’t even think of a novice mage. Regardless of the type of magic that can be used, the power of attack magic is higher than that of a 3rd circle wizard.”


Loberian let out a low moan and raised his eyebrows. 

‘Eugene-nim’s white salt meal is 3 stars.’

Reaching 3 stars at the age of 17 is unprecedented. If Eugene does not show great talent in magic, Gil Reid asked him to persuade him well and let him return to his home. 

‘Baek Yeom-sik makes a star in the heart. The core of martial arts and the magic circle are different… But did you replace Baek Yeom-sik with a circle on your own?’

It’s a monster talent. At this point, I feel horror, not admiration. To think that a 17-year-old child managed mana without any mistakes and replaced the mana management method of martial arts with a circle. 

Can you use magic with a core? Theoretically, it’s not impossible. Among the famous magic swordsmen, there are some who use magic in that way. But I’ve never heard of replacing a circle with a core. 

Where is the need for that in the first place? A circle is a circle and a core is a core. If you are used to controlling mana, it is overwhelmingly easier to create a separate circle.   

‘Because the white salt meal is special?’

That possibility cannot be ignored. The founder of the white salt dish is the great Vermouth. He was also called an All-Master because he was good at magic. It is currently unknown whether that vermouth used magic in a circle or another way.

However, since Vermouth, no mage to be called a great mage has been born in the family. 

‘Simply thinking about it, can Baek Yeom-sik’s 3 stars be equivalent to the 3rd circle?’

The wise Senya divided the various magics according to the number of circles. Circle 1 wizards cannot use Circle 3 magic. This is because the mana controlled by the 1st circle is overwhelmingly insufficient to spread the 3rd circle magic. 

Of course, this is not an absolute criterion. Occasionally, the Genius race will unleash high-level magic that cannot be extended to its circle. So did Loberian. He had succeeded in spreading magic from the 3rd circle to the 5th circle. 

“…Did you say Eugene-nim went out?”

“yes. He said he had an appointment, and he went out before noon.”

“It just went well.”

Saying so, Loberian stepped back from the golem. He sat down at his desk and stared at Hera.


“Yes, Tower Lord.”

“Is it absurd to write a letter of recommendation from Acreon to Eugene?”


Hera’s eyes widen. Acryon. It is the name of the Royal Library of Arot. Only high-ranking magicians of the Mage Tower and high-ranking nobles and royalty are allowed to enter it. 

Since it is such a famous library, Akryon is lined with sorcery books far superior to those of the Mage Tower. Right now, there are less than 10 wizards who can access Akryon even in the Red Mage Tower.


“I don’t think so.”

Loberian muttered, crossing his arms.

“I think I am qualified. At the age of 17, he used magic by replacing his core with a circle. As soon as you enter magic. You didn’t even have a teacher who taught you magic, did you? Hera, did you teach Eugene-nim magic?”

“…I have answered some questions.”

“What question was it?”

“It was a question about the basic diagram of the magic formula.”

“You’re saying you’ve never taught magic other than that?”


Loberian laughed involuntarily.

“then. Eugene-nim read only introductory spellbooks for a month and used magic. By replacing cores with circles. Without the advice of other high-ranking mages, purely on her own judgment and understanding. The magic that unfolded like that made a hole in the Kabrium Golem’s glove.”

“…Yes, it is.”

“Hera. Do you know what they call someone who can do that?”


“No, it is a monster.”

Loberian snapped his fingers as he said that. A desk drawer opened and a sheet of blank paper flew to Loberian.

“So I will write a letter of recommendation. This is not absurd. A monster with those qualities deserves to be treated accordingly.”

“…Other wizards may be dissatisfied.”


“I don’t care. I saw firsthand what Eugene did.”

“All right then. The reason you don’t feel dissatisfied is because you saw Eugene’s qualities. What Eugene has done is astonishing.”

Loberian grabbed a pen and began to jot down a letter of recommendation on a piece of blank paper.

“If you are dissatisfied, you are not admitting the facts and are blinded by envy.”

Of course, the acreon pass may not be issued only with the recommendation. It doesn’t matter though. If necessary, he would even argue with the other magic tower masters, and if things went wrong, Loberian would personally select the magic book and deliver it to Eugene. 

‘Or take them as disciples.’

would that be better? Loverian checked the letter of recommendation he had written with serious consideration.

“…But what promise did Eugene leave? No one in Arot would know.”

“You said you were meeting a friend.”


When did Arot make friends? Loberian tilted his head and put his seal on the letter of recommendation. 


In front of the Green Magic Tower, Merdein Square.

In the center of the square named after Senya’s surname stands a tall statue. It is a statue of Senya holding a staff in her right hand and a magic book in her left. 

‘It’s better than the real thing.’

Eugene looked up at the statue and thought. As with the portrait, the statue’s face was slightly more beautiful than the Senya in memory. No, is it the same as the real thing? Eugene looked at the face of the statue and pondered.

There were many times when Senya in my memories showed irritation on her face. Helmud was such a damn place, and the journey was rough. It was a f*cking place where you couldn’t help but get annoyed. 


‘So… that’s what I said. just go back Why are you stubborn and following me…’

annoyed face.

What is clearer in my memory than that is the crying face. Tears dripping from my reddened eyes…

‘Please, don’t die.’

‘No… No, please, Hamel.’

The memory of the moment of death is a little vague. I couldn’t hear the sounds around me… Anyway, I think Senya said that. Yujin scratched her head and let out a sigh. 

The face of the statue is not crying. A confident smile. I know that face. Senya, who was very irritable, used to show off her face whenever she did something great with her magic.

“…isn’t it very different from the real thing?”

Yujin muttered that and turned around. 

As with Senya’s mansion, the entrance fee to Merdein Square is exorbitantly expensive. So there were not too many people to burst out. Partly because of the expensive entrance fee, but also because that large statue can be seen from afar without necessarily entering the square. 

Eugene sat on a bench and looked at the entrance to the plaza. Clock tower seen from afar. At noon. 

‘It’s almost time to come.’

The appointment time was noon. There’s no way you can’t get in because there’s no admission fee. Is the road blocked by too many people? 


I see a giant that is much bigger than others. There was no need to push the people in the way. People were overwhelmed by the giant and quietly opened the way. Soon after, a giant enters the square. 

Eugene stood up from the bench. The giant is getting closer and closer. 

“I can’t believe it.”

Eugene murmured with sincerity. Gargis Lionheart. It’s the first time we’ve met since the Blood Ceremony four years ago, and his growth has been unbelievable. 


“Are you Gargis?”

Eugene looked up at Gargis. He seems to be over 2 meters tall. Even when I saw him before, he was big, but now Gargis is big enough to completely cover Eugene. The buttons that wrap around the swollen pectoral muscles tremble pitifully. 

“right. Gargis Lionheart. Have you forgotten my name?”

“No… I haven’t forgotten… Are you… really 18?”

It’s big, but that shaggy beard is amazing. Is it possible to grow a beard like that at 18? Eugene stroked his philtrum, which was still manicured.  

“I hear a lot of stories about getting old.”

“I’m not at the level of old age… Why is my beard like that? Push a little, it’s dirty.”

“It’s not dirty, it’s manly.”

“You look manly enough without growing a beard.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Gargis said with a grin. He extended a large hand to Eugene and asked for a handshake. When Eugene received a handshake, Gargis grabbed Eugene’s hand and shook it as if he had waited. 

“It’s not like me, but you’ve grown a lot too.” 

“…You’re ignorant.”

“But a little disappointing…”


“I know when I hold your hand. How much you trained your body for 4 years… but this is not enough.”

“Let go of your hands first.”

Shake your hands together, then let go. But Gargis’s words did not stop. 

“Compared to four years ago, my physique is much better, but it’s not enough. Are you training enough?”

“What is it?”

“I sleep 4 hours every day.”

What is this bastard talking about all of a sudden? As Eugene winked at her, unable to remember what she had said before, Gargis continued her words with her chest wide open.

“Except for sleeping time, I spend all my time training. My tableware has increased weight with magic, and everything I use, even my clothes, have increased weight.”

“Uh… yes.”

“The same goes for underwear.”


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