Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 100

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Sometimes with feelings from hundreds of years ago, sometimes with feelings from every moment.

With anger, with anger, with mischief, with joy, with joy, with love.

Maybe laughing, maybe crying, maybe hugging.

This name will be more special to Senja than anything else, but it will be just as commonplace as anything else.

“Today should never be our last meeting. we are… … We haven’t seen each other in hundreds of years, so even if we can’t in the future, we should be together for hundreds of years.”

It’s still embarrassing, but more than that, it was earnest and firm.

“Today is the first day.”

Senya whispered in a small but clear voice. Then he turned around and started walking.

The emotions that had calmed down were about to run amok again. The words I just uttered out of my own mouth are running through my head.

‘Nice job, me.’

Senya felt proud of herself for expressing her feelings in words. Having said as much as I did, even that stupid idiot wouldn’t be able to doubt Senya’s feelings.

Of course it was. In the first place, Eugene vaguely felt Senya’s feelings even in her past life. She just couldn’t do anything as the era is the era and the situation is the situation. If all the demon lords were killed and the world became peaceful—-Eugene would have given the right answer to Senya’s feelings.

“… … I couldn’t save my country in my previous life.”

Since he helped kill the three demon lords, it could be said that he saved several countries. Eugene smiled and followed Senya.

“Why are you going alone when you said let’s stay together?”

“Come with me in a little while.”


Why, is your face too hot?

Senya swallowed the words that rose to her throat, and instead slapped both of her cheeks.

Senya Merdane

“I got my mind right. I couldn’t move my body.”

After killing Raizakia. The soul that left the dimensional rift returned to the body sealed within the World Tree.

It was because of Lyzakia’s poison that Senya had to be sealed for 200 years. The poison poisoned not only Senya, but all the elves who stood in the way of Lyzakia at the time.

The World Tree is not just a huge, old fairy tree. The World Tree is a sacred tree that existed before the elves were born in this world. That is why elves have faith in the World Tree. dead ancestors, themselves who will die in the future. It is believed that the souls of all elves will be guided to the World Tree and will protect the race.

It was unknown if this was really the case, but it was clear that the world tree could perform miracles similar to the god of light.

“As you may have experienced, the miracle unfolds through the spirits dwelling in the World Tree.”

It is impossible to deal with spirit magic. It cannot be unfolded intentionally like divine magic.

“I and the elves were able to survive for 200 years because the spirits of the World Tree neutralized the miasma in our bodies. But with Lyzakia dying, that irritating miasma completely disappeared.”

Thanks to this, I was able to regain consciousness, but it was impossible to move right away. He reconstructed his damaged body and shared a meeting with the elves who woke up one by one.

“Because I’ve been through so many things, the power of the World Tree has greatly weakened. It would have consumed a lot of strength just by lending me your strength to drive out Lyzakia and protecting me and the elves. I sent my soul to your side and even brought you back to life.”

The elves who woke up from the seal decided to concentrate on taking care of the World Tree for the time being.

Samar Great Forest. The elf’s territory somewhere there will continue to reject the footsteps of others, as it has so far.

“There are quite a few elves in Lionheart too.”

3 years ago. Eugene brought about 100 elves to Lionheart Forest. And he publicized it extensively. It was to assert the position that Lionheart was the biggest supporter of elves and would protect wandering or runaway elves unconditionally.

Since then, Lionheart’s elves have steadily increased, albeit little by little. Elf slaves to escape. Elves wandered or lived in hiding to avoid being enslaved. Or even the owner of the Elf slaves or the slave trader knocked on Lionheart’s door.

It was also because Lionheart had added a condition that he would pay a bounty if the elves were brought in, or it was to use this as an opportunity to open a relationship with Lionheart.

Eugene did not know the details of the problem. It was because Gilreid and Anicilla, who were in charge of the family, were in charge of that kind of problem. Anyway, Lionheart’s Forest now has quite a lot of elves, and the number has already reached 150.

“There are three saplings of the World Tree.”

Thanks to the elves’ diligent care, the seedlings grew quite a lot. Lionheart’s Forest also benefited from seedlings.

Now Lionheart’s Forest is rich in mana like spirit veins and has many spirits. That naturally led to the strengthening of the Lionheart Knights. Abundant mana advanced the achievements of the knights, and among them, particularly outstanding ones even succeeded in signing a contract with the spirits.


Senya chuckled and laughed.

“After we all woke up, the first thing the elders of the elves were worried about were the elves who weren’t in the territory.”

“Sycnad is also in Lionheart.”

Senya’s steps stopped at Eugene’s words. It was Sycnad’s parents who picked up and raised Senya, who had been abandoned in the Great Forest. Although Senya and Sycnad are of different races, they consider each other to be siblings.

“… … Oh, my brother… … Healthy?”

“I got sick, but I look healthy.”

A horseman who kills elves. Senya was well aware of the disease.

300 years ago. Horse disease, which began to spread to the elves from the time the demon kings of Helmud aimed their swords at the continent, killed many elves and turned them into dark elves to escape death.

“thank god.”

Senya said so sincerely. Eugene quickly added, watching Senya’s eyes wet with tears.

“No, because I am really healthy. I eat well every day and go for walks. She says that Mer looks like you, and she keeps giving me candies and snacks that I don’t even know where she got them from. Do you know what I did when I told you not to eat that kind of food because it’s not good for you?”

“What did my brother do?”

“They said it was good for the body and tasted sweet when chewed, so they gave me to chew on the roots of some kind of tree or grass.”

“Does Mer eat it?”

“Would you like to eat? Yes, I said thank you and took it, but later threw it away.”

At Eugene’s words, Senya giggled.

200 years is a long time even for elves.

Shortly after surviving a Lyzakia attack. The spirits of the old elves dwelling in the World Tree gave Senya the knowledge to overcome the crisis. So Senya hid the territory to protect the World Tree and the elves, interfering with the memories of the elves outside.

“At that time, I was dying.”

How was he able to unleash such magic? My memory of it was hazy. It was the same when he stood blocking Lizakia’s breath. Even in perfect conditions, it is impossible for Senya to kill Lizakia alone, but at that time, Senya was dying from a huge hole in his chest.

At that moment, Senya was ‘absolutely’ unable to stop Raisakia. If the World Tree and the elves had not lent their power to Senya, the breath of Lyzakia would have melted the World Tree, hundreds of elves, and Senya.

“just… … Should be. Have no choice but to. I thought so. To be honest, I can’t use the same magic now as I did back then.”

It was Senna who used the magic, but the will that made it happen was not Senna’s own.

An ancient magic that has been forgotten even among the long-lived elves. Research on ancient magic similar to that in Alot is steadily progressing, but there were many ambiguous points from the ‘ancient’ era in the first place. This is because there are hardly any proper remains or materials left.

What scholars have managed to figure out is that the distant ancient times were literally an age of myth. The era of mythology, where the most worshiped and large-scale ‘God of Light’ existed on the continent, and many other gods existed.

The ring that Eugene is wearing right now on the ring finger of her left hand is also a holy relic of Agaroth, who was worshiped as a god of war in ancient times.

“… … Vermouth… … .”



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“You don’t have to talk right now.”

Eugene interrupted what Senya was trying to say.

“It’s not something I’ll hear alone. … … I think you’ll have a hard time talking right now.”

-Don’t blame vermouth.

The first time I met Senya’s thoughts inside the World Tree. Senya said so.

“… … As I said before, Anise… … It’s dead, but it’s like being alive.”

I have told you about Anise and Christina. It is said that Anise, who became an angel, dwells in the saintess of the present age and exists even as a soul.

“This is a bit funny to say, but I’m doing pretty well. I still have Mer for you and me. So, talking about vermouth… … Let’s do it later after meeting Anis.”

Now Mer is with Anise. It was also something Mer suggested first. Mer said that she would not follow Eugene and would stay with Anise and Lymilia.

To tell the truth, that was Mer’s cunning ruse. Maybe Eugene will be conscious of the fact that Mer is in the cloak and be careful about his actions. And to keep an eye on the cunning saints and sisters not to interfere with Eugene and Senya’s date.

“… … Okay, I get it.”

Senya, who had no way to know that fact, resumed her stopped walk. We talked about vermouth the other day. But there wasn’t much time then, and Senja thought it prudent to speak.

The five people from 300 years ago were all bound by strong bonds. However, among them, Senya thought that the bond between Vermouth and Hamel would be the strongest. Among his comrades, it was Vermouth that Hamel was most strongly conscious of, and throughout the journey Hamel had sought to outrun Vermouth.

Only Hamel treated Vermouth that way.

Such a Vermouth, a hero who was more perfect than anyone else.

To save the lives of his comrades and to save Hamel’s soul. And that Vermouth, who even made a promise to the Demon King alone to end the war.

That he had faked his own death to everyone and inflicted a fatal wound on Senya that deserved death. What he was trying to achieve by doing that was to reincarnate Hamel as his descendant.

—-Even now, Senya could not understand it. If Vermouth wished for Hamel’s reincarnation and tried to execute him. If you had told Senya about it. Naturally, Senya would have cooperated with Vermouth. It was the same with Senya, who desperately wanted Hamel to return.

But Vermouth didn’t do that. At that time, Vermouth didn’t say anything to Senya.

‘Was that really vermouth?’

The intense sense of incongruity felt at the moment of being attacked. He has cold eyes that seem to stare at inorganic matter. Senya did not confide all her suspicions about it to Eugene.

-hey! Hamel, listen up. I think it was Vermouth who tried to kill me, but I don’t think it was Vermouth. understand?

I just spit it out with a face that said nothing. She thought it was better. She was barely alive, but in a situation where she was practically dead, she thought that if she trembled with her miserable face—- Hamel, who had become ‘alone’, would suffer madly. She did not want to see Hamel rampage with her hatred and anger towards Vermouth.

“Because you are not alone anymore.”

Anis and Senya are by Eugene’s side now. More than anything else, Senya was glad that Eugene was not alone.

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”


Senya giggled and glanced to the side. He saw the face of Eugene walking right next to him.

After leaving the mansion, the two passed Merdein Square and were walking on the streets of the city. I didn’t go into any restaurant or cafe. Senya was happy and enjoyable just by walking with them, looking at the people passing by and visiting the shops.

“It has changed a lot.”

“Of course that would have changed. You died and reincarnated in a completely different body.”

“You are not talking.”

“But why are you looking at my face and talking?”

“… … Aren’t you looking at your face? I mean, not your face, but that… … I saw the scenery of the city on the side of my face.”

It wasn’t much of a lie. A lot has changed is not really a word about Eugene’s changed face, but a word about the city of Arot, which has changed so much from her memories.

But while looking at the city, it was true that he looked at Eugene’s face.

“I know that? The floating station floating in the sky over there, I made everything.”

“I heard it when I first came to Arot.”

The guide I hired at the time boasted. It is said that the 15 floating stations floating in the sky above the capital Pentagon were created by the wise Senya himself.

“Making that was actually pretty much a pastime, but it was a lot of fun. At the time, King Arot provided everything necessary for production and provided the budget as requested.”

Senya opened her eyes thinly and looked at the floating station in the sky. Even after 300 years, the floating station made by Senya is still functioning properly.

“… … It’s actually something I didn’t have to do. Perhaps, at that time, I was somehow my own in the world… … I think he wanted to leave something like a trace. Although he had no intention of establishing a kingdom like Moron. to this country… … I wanted to leave the name ‘Senya the Wise’ hundreds of years later.”


When you released Hamel’s soul that was stored in the necklace. If only, if I were to reunite with Hamel in Heaven. I wanted to say it proudly. How much a single wizard has developed and changed a country.

“When I think about it now, I think it was a good thing. I made it perfect and it still remains well, and now… … I can see you and that.”

after saying that

Senya recalled a joyful and thrilling imagination. She glanced around once and she smiled.

It was a smile Eugene knew well. when playing mean pranks. For example, when the two of them secretly stole Anise’s holy water and ate it. Senya would smile and laugh softly.

“I’m getting tired of walking, how is it?”

Senya smiled white and raised her finger to the sky. As was often the case in the past, Senya did not wait for Eugene’s reply. His tiptoe feet slowly moved away from the air.

“I heard you have to ask for permission to fly from the capital?”

“Who is it?”

“This country’s law.”

“under! Do you think Arot can demand the law from me?”

Senya snorted and rose slowly into the sky. Then he stretched out his hand toward Eugene, who was still on the ground.

“If you don’t have the confidence to fly, would you even hold my hand?”

Eugene can fly in the sky too. But Eugene didn’t fly directly, and she held Senya’s hand with a smile as if she couldn’t win. When he did that, Senya instead gave a startled expression.

“Stupid idiot.”

If you’re going to be ashamed, don’t say anything first. Senya slightly averted her gaze and grumbled, then grabbed Eugene’s hand and pulled it.

Eugene and Senya flew up into the sky in the middle of the city, but people walking in the city did not pay attention to Eugene and Senya. It was because of Senya’s magic. She didn’t want to be the nuisance of attention while walking with Eugene alone, so she had spread a perception-defying spell around her.

‘I don’t want to be disturbed.’

Senya felt the warmth and presence of the hand holding her. She flew higher and higher, enjoying the sound of her beating heart. I couldn’t feel Eugene’s weight even though I was dragging her with her hand.

Eugene also knows how to fly. Even now, he is just holding Senya’s hand. Of course, Senya felt that too. I didn’t complain about anything.

I just like holding hands.


Senya did not rise any further and stopped.

The distance from the city that I looked around a little was far. I saw the lake she had made 300 years ago and the king Abram standing tall in the center. I also saw 5 magic towers.

And I saw Eugene’s face. The body temperature felt in her hand seemed to have risen a little from before, but Eugene’s face was not different from usual. Seeing her face like that made her feel as if she had lost, so Senya held onto Eugene’s hand with a little more force.

“What are you doing?”

“wait for a sec.”

Senya stretched out her hand. Then a staff made of twigs appeared. It was incomparable to Akasha, but it was a staff that Senya made herself from the branches of the World Tree. Senya moved her wand slowly.

Wizard. Among them, if you are a great wizard. It is possible to cause temporary rain or blizzards.

Of course, it’s hard to get a wide range. Making it rain on a village is one thing, and making it rain on a city is another.

Senya turned her head again and looked up.

The floating station of the capital Pentagon does not only play the role of a warp gate. All climates in this city are controlled by the magic created by linking 15 floating stations. The magic not only keeps the summer from being too hot and the winter from being too cold, but also manipulates the weather.

so that it doesn’t rain too much. So that it doesn’t snow too much. It does not interfere greatly, but it does minimal interference for the peaceful daily life of the citizens of the capital and the pleasant travel of countless tourists who visit every day.

That is why the weather forecast in the capital is never wrong.

The weather in the capital today is clear. winter cold. The forecast is for not much wind.

“Look at the sky.”

Senya whispered in a low voice and raised her staff high. There’s no plan for snow in the capital today, but Senya was determined to make it snow. He also had the ability to make his eyes fall at will.

The floating area is protected by hundreds of security magics, but the gist of those magics is the wise Senya. That’s why Senya easily interfered with the floating area’s weather control magic.

The 15 floating stations control the entire sky above the Pentagon. Senya’s magic worked on that range.

Clouds began to gather in the sky higher than the floating station. When Eugene realized what Senya was trying to do, he put on a puzzled expression.

“what are you doing?”

“Today’s commemoration.”

Senya said with a smirk.

“We have seen and felt many things while traveling for a long time, but now you and I will see and feel many things in the future as well.”

White snowflakes started to fall.

“Eugene, it doesn’t matter that you saw other eyes this year. What’s important to me is the eyes you see here and now… … It’s the first snow you see with me after reincarnation.”

A huge snowflake fell. Plenty of snow fell past Eugene and Senya and onto the city below.

“That city, which was supposed not to snow today, is turning white because of you and me.”

Saying that, Senya grabbed Eugene’s hand and pulled it. She stood next to Eugene and took a deep breath.

“… … what you see now how you feel right now And what I see and how I feel. All of that to you and me now… … it’s the first time Just like the first snow falling now.”

Senya tilted her head slightly and looked at Eugene.

The pounding of the heart, the heat of the face, the temperature of the hands holding each other. Various things that can be felt from intertwined fingers. Senya let out a white breath and laughed.

“Isn’t that a bit romantic?”

Eugene looked at Senya’s face without saying anything.

A light breeze blew through Senya’s hair. The reddened ears and cheeks probably aren’t because of the cold of winter. Heavy snow fell from the sky, staining the view and the city white, but not a drop of snow accumulated on Senya’s head and shoulders. In the world covered in white, Senya’s appearance did not change, and she was very visible.

“I know.”

Eugene replied in a low voice and pulled Senya’s hand.

It was sudden. Senya couldn’t even think of resisting the force led by Eugene, and he came closer to Eugene before he could even utter a sound of surprise.

At that moment, the snowflakes were no longer visible to the two of them. Nothing was pure white. There was Senya in Eugene’s eyes, and Eugene was in Senya’s eyes. A soft heat uncharacteristic of winter passed through each other’s lips.


All thoughts are gone. Senya looked at Eugene with shaky eyes, then closed her eyes tightly.

The hand that had been released before I knew it hugged Yujin’s waist. She held her back so that neither Eugene nor Senya would drift away, and she would not fall out of her magic in surprise.

“… … ugh… … .”

The moment our lips met, it felt as if time stopped or lengthened. It was regrettable and felt short when the lips fell. Senya let out her white breath with her red face and lowered her head.

“… … this… … This is the first time, too. all… … It’s only natural.”

The first snow we see together. and first kiss.

It is perfect. It couldn’t be more perfect than this. It wasn’t the snow that fell naturally, it was the snow that Senya made it fall, but what’s the point of that?

An important thing is! It was Eugene who had the first kiss and took away his lips like a robber.

“… … Heh, hehe, I never thought you would have this kind of guts. that… … So how is it? Eugene, how do you feel about your first kiss?”

Senya said as nonchalantly as possible to avoid embarrassment. She opened her closed eyes and looked at Eugene right in front of her.

“… … .”

Eugene didn’t look at Senya and slightly turned his gaze to the side. He had no choice but to do so.

“… … huh?”

Senya saw Eugene’s eyes flicker, and cold sweat ran down his forehead. She felt the trembling of the hands holding her back.

“How was it? first kiss.”

“… … .”


Senya’s pupils slowly widened.


“that is… … therefore… … .”

In this regard, Eugene was not in the mood to lie. Eugene opened her mouth to somehow calm and convince Senya, but she couldn’t follow through.

Before he could say anything, a slapping blow blew Eugene away.

Senya Merdane

hotels in the capital.

Christina was watching the city turning white from the luxurious top floor. Citizens were confused by the unexpected snowfall, but now everyone was out on the streets enjoying the sudden event.

“I wanted to try a snowball fight.”

Lymilia muttered as she sat on the large sofa. Mer, who was sitting across from her, glared at the cards Raimir A had laid out in front of her.

“It’s a snowball fight, you can do it anytime later.”

“It didn’t snow in Yongma Castle. She has never seen her eyes since she was born.”

“If you want to see Jung, you can look in front of the window right now.”

“The original woman cannot be satisfied with just looking at her eyes. She wants to have a snowball fight.”

“Oh well, if you want to do it, go down and do it by yourself.”

“What’s the fun in having a snowball fight alone? My bonnyeo Mer, I want to have a snowball fight with you.”

“Sorry, but I can’t. You never know when Eugene-nim and Senya-nim will come back.”

Mer grumbled and quietly reached out for the card Lymilia had laid out.

“Tell me which one is the Joker.”

“I don’t know why the original woman has to tell me that.”

“Because I don’t want to pick the Joker.”

The two had been focusing on the card game since earlier. Actually, rather than fiddling with cards in Merdo’s room, I wanted to go out with Lymilia and have a snowball fight or build a snowman.

but. As I said just now, Mer couldn’t go outside right now. She fades away slowly. You never know when Eugene and Senna will come back.

Mer waited patiently in this room and wanted to welcome Senya and Eugene back. She would enjoy having a snowball fight or building a snowman with Lymir, but if she was absorbed in the game, her best clothes would be drenched in snow.

“Maybe he won’t be back today.”

Christina, who was looking out the window, opened her mouth.

It was anise.

“Um, indeed. Since we met properly after hundreds of years, there must be many stories to share that would not be enough to spend an entire night.”

Mer nodded and drew one of Lymilia’s cards.

it was the joker

“Talk, hmm, talk… … Shall we just talk?”

Anis sat down on the sofa in front of the window with a sullen expression on her face. Even the conversation of the body can be said to be a story.


‘What are you freaking out about? not a kid Technically, Senya is 300 years old.’

[Please refrain from imagining anything shameless. Sister’s outrageous imagination makes me so ashamed.]

‘Christina. That’s what I say, but I know very well that you’re enjoying your wild fantasies quite a bit.’

[Please, Sister. Please don’t insult me ​​with such absurd stories.]

‘Words spew lies, but the body is honest.’

Anise snorted and opened the bottle of whiskey on the table. cubby. As the tall glass was filled to the brim with whiskey, Christina in her head let out a short moan.

“Stop talking too much and have mercy, Cristina. If you don’t drink on a day like today, when will you?”

Saying that, Anise raised her glass to the freezing snow. He was fine, I thought nothing was wrong. When this happened, I didn’t feel very good.

“I didn’t know I was such a greedy woman.”

Anise murmured, biting the glass to her lips. It was words that Christina could only let out her short sigh.

greed, greed It’s a desire that saints and priests shouldn’t have. Anis felt Christina’s feelings and held her bitter smile.

‘We are human after all, so we can’t help it. Where in the world can there be a person who truly lacks desires and emotions?’

However, if you act only with desire and emotion, you become a beast from a human being.

Anis and Cristina are now quietly in their room, drinking alone in need while acting as babysitters for two old kids who are tearing at each other’s hair and squealing. This is because Anise and Cristina are humans, not beasts.

‘… … Senja must have been very determined. I was relieved that there were no fireworks in this city, but I didn’t think it would make it snow.’

[I don’t think the eyes are that special. Didn’t we and Eugene-nim get tired of looking at Luhar?]

‘The snow we saw then and the snow now will have a very different meaning. First of all, aren’t Eugene and Senya looking into each other’s eyes? It’s not the heavy snow that was pouring like a maniac in Luhar, but the snow falling beautifully.’

[Okay, the same eyes… … .]

‘No, it’s not the same. Don’t people these days know such a simple thing? A man and a woman reunited properly after 300 years! You will see white snow falling in abundance!’

[under… … But those eyes were made by Senya-sama… … .]

‘Yes, Senya carried out an elaborate and cunning scheme beyond my imagination. Think about it, Cristina. What if they get hit in the eye?’

Cristina did not know what the answer to that obvious question was. So, without thinking too much, she answered whatever came to her mind right away.

[If it hits your eyes… … Your clothes will get wet. Your body will get cold too… … .]

‘That’s right! Whether it’s a person or an animal, their clothes get wet when they get in the snow. When the air is cold and the wind blows, you feel cold. If your clothes are wet and you feel the cold, you will catch a cold.’

[I… … Oops. A cold is not an illness to be taken lightly. Uh, come on, get a treat… … .]

Christina’s voice began to tremble. Little by little, she noticed what Anise was trying to say.

‘If your clothes are wet and cold! Whether human or animal, we want to get out of that state. Warmth, heat! I mean, I found it. Go into a warm room with no wind blowing. Take off your wet clothes! body! warmly! What is a man who takes off his clothes different from a beast roaming around naked?’

Kwajak! The wine glass in Anise’s hand was smashed.

[Unscrupulous, unscrupulous!]

Cristina screamed impatiently. As Anis smashed the glass with his bare hands and his shoulders began to tremble, Mer and Raimir A, who had been fighting each other by grabbing each other’s hair and claiming that you cheated by exchanging cards, also embraced each other and shivered.

The door that had been closed burst open. Anise turned his head away, not even thinking to wipe his alcohol-soaked hands. Of course, the door was locked, and only Anise and Eugene had the key to this room.


The one who opened the door and entered was Eugene, half of her face swollen. It wasn’t just the swollen cheeks. Her eyelids were also swollen, and her lips were also cracked.

When it comes to violence, Anis is also good at it. She easily guessed what kind of attack was the reason why Eugene’s face was messed up.

Too strong a slap on the left cheek. The palm, which is wider than a fist, had been slashed across one side of the face.

“O hermit!”

Lymira screamed. Ever since she took her out of Raizakia’s belly, Raimira had been calling Eugene a hermit.


Mer also screamed at the same time.


The screams turned to joy. It was because of Senya who came in after Eugene, who slackened her shoulders. Mer jumped off the sofa and ran to Senya.

“Yes, yes.”

Senya looked at Mer as she hugged her back with a loving gaze and stroked her hair. Then she lifted her head slightly and looked into her room.

A woman who looked so much like Anise, standing up from the sofa with a surprised face. The only difference is the eyes and tear points. The gaze conveyed by the wide open eyes was not unfamiliar.


“… … Senya… … .”

Anis called Senya’s name in a trembling voice. His big eyes were wet with tears. There was a strong tremor in her voice as she called her name.

In fact, even before coming here, I had planned to negotiate with Anise. A cunning snake-like woman who competes while a person is half-dead and sealed. No matter how much I thought about it, Anise’s behavior felt cowardly and dishonest.

but. Seeing Anise at her face and hearing her voice after making that expression made tears well up in Senya’s eyes, let alone her conversation.

“No, no… … .”

“Senya… … .”

Eventually, the two cried and called each other by name. Senya flashed her mer hanging from her waist and passed her Eugene. Anise also came forward, wiping the soaked alcohol from his hand.

Senya and Anis stopped in front of each other. And no matter who said it first, they hugged each other tightly. Mer, who could not escape, was buried between Senya and Anis.

Mer struggled in agony from the pressure from both sides, but Senya and Anis didn’t care, sobbing and caressing each other.

“Really, really Anise?”

“Yes, that’s right. My body is different, but I really am.”

“It’s like a dream… … . To be able to meet the dead you again like this.”

“It is not a dream, Senya. This is an unmistakable reality. In other words, it could be called a gracious miracle from God.”

Little by little, Mer’s struggles between the two stopped. Anise smiled as she caressed Senya’s cheeks with both hands.

“… … It’s not just me, is it? You survived too, so you met me like this. Although hundreds of years have passed… … .”

That’s what I said really carelessly.

But at those words, Senya’s cheeks twitched.

“It’s true that hundreds of years have passed, but my body is no different from hundreds of years ago.”


“I completely reconstructed my body with magic. in my prime. As young as you remember. Even though hundreds of years have passed, I have never aged.”

Anis didn’t understand Senya’s words for a second and blinked her eyes. Soon, Anis also understood Senya’s words. She smiled thinly and nodded her head slowly.

“yes. Unlike me who died and lost my body, Senya you have your own body.”

“It’s sad, but it is.”

“No, you don’t have to be sad. Because this body I am now dwelling in is almost no different from my body when I was alive. And a 23-year-old young body that doesn’t need to be magically reconstructed.”

“23 years old? You’re older than Eugene.”

“Anyway, it’s a two-year age difference. Early 20’s if you can tell them apart.”

“Is the age of the body very important? It is the same that the substance is hundreds of years old.”

“Isn’t it strange that the number of years of death is counted as age? And I think the shell as well as the kernel is better than a hundred years old.”

“Did you reconstruct it with magic?”

“Oh, I’m not particularly serious. I didn’t say this with you in mind. It looks like you were stabbed?”

Senya and Anis didn’t cry anymore. The two exchanged glances with sharp eyes. Soon, the bodies of the two hugging each other fell apart. Cheeky! In the meantime, the suffering Mer was scattered on the ground.

“You naughty bitch!”

Senya yelled and grabbed Anis by the hair.

“Old tree girl!”

Not to be outdone by Anis, he grabbed Senya by the hair.

“Are you playing cowardly?! I, I heard it all! You have Eugene’s, Hamel’s lips!”

“You’re not even a kid, are you grabbing your friend’s hair for kissing first?!”

“kiss… … It wasn’t a kiss! I heard everything! Even the lips you stole were Eugene’s first kiss!”

“Are you a real kid? Didn’t you know that Hamel is a man who did everything he couldn’t do when he was a mercenary!”

“What does that matter? It’s a past life thing! And all the mercenaries did! At least you didn’t do that when you met us! What matters is the present, the present! The important thing is that you took Hamel’s first kiss!”

“Is only Hamel’s first kiss important?! It was my first kiss too! And Christina, the owner of this body, was also the first kiss!”

At those words, Senya’s eyebrows rose upward. She even used her other hand to grab Anise’s hair.

“You mean we exchanged our first kiss! I, only I, was taken away!”

“Extract… … lost? It was stolen! Did Hamel kiss you directly?!”

Anis also widened her eyes and grabbed Senya’s hair with both hands.

“Yes, it was taken away! Are you envious? huh?!”

“I’m not envious at all! It’s better to take it before it’s taken away, so I took it! Before you!”

“Achieving Buddhahood, you ghost!”

“Shut up, it smells like rotten roots!”

Eugene sneaked closer to the two pulling each other’s hair.

“excuse me… … Even so, aren’t we talking too much to each other… … .”


“To have attained Buddhahood on a dead anise, that’s a bit… … .”

“Eugene! Are you siding with Anise in front of me?!”

“Wait, please, listen to the end. Anise you too! You talk too much to Senya. Senya doesn’t smell like tree roots.”

What is the smell of tree roots in the first place?

“It was Senya who swore first! That means Senya grabbed my hair first. Hamel, think carefully. The hair Senja is pulling out is not mine, but Christina’s. What the hell did Cristina do that she has to suffer this humiliation!”

[Sister, let’s make that wicked witch bald.]

Christina responded with a bloody cry.

“Stop, stop!”

When Anise and Senya really started pulling each other’s hair out, Eugene yelled and stuck his head between them.

“Rather, rather rip my hair! You better kill me!”

“그래, 이 개새끼야! You spoke well.”

As if Senya had waited, she let go of Anis’s hair and grabbed Eugene’s hair.

“Hamel! If you say that, do you think I can’t do it?”

Anise also immediately grabbed Eugene’s hair. Four hands simultaneously began tearing at Eugene’s hair.

“Die, you madman!”


Torn gray hair scattered across the ceiling. At the sight, Raimira curled up on the sofa and her body shuddered. She started pinching and biting Eugene’s legs, probably because Mer, who had regained her senses, was also angry.

Even under that attack, Eugene did not resist at all. Rather, his expression was as peaceful as taking a walk under the warm sunlight.

‘Yeah, this is enough.’

The torn hair will grow new.

Eugene closed his eyes, ignoring the pain he felt on his scalp.

Senya Merdane

Anis and Senya sat together in front of Eugene, who was sitting on the sofa with a modest attitude. The two of them were conscious of each other and stared at each other, but they didn’t sit far apart at all, and Eugene saw her feeling proud inside.

The floor around the sofa is strewn with torn gray hair.

A small distance between Senya and Anise now. The peace, hope, and friendship that exist there are what Eugene has won by giving her hair.

“What are you laughing at?”

“The other cheek can also be hit.”

The gaze that has been shot. Eugene immediately corrected his expression.

Even after saying that, Senya and Anis didn’t feel comfortable either. Senya glanced at Eugene’s hair, which had been tore as she was.

Did the perfection of the body affect the hair roots? Compared to the fact that the two of them plucked it, Eugene’s hair was not pulled out very much. Her mindset at the time was to make her bald or make a few solder holes, but she had so much hair that it didn’t even stand out when she pulled it out.

It was fortunate, but Eugene’s still swollen cheek hurt Senya’s heart. She could only be slapped, but the thought ran through her head that she had hit her too hard.

“… … Come on. Treat your face… … .”

It was before Senya’s words were finished. Anise jumped up and strode towards Eugene. Then he casually sat down next to Eugene and caressed his swollen cheek.

“hey! I told you I would cure you!”

“Think about it, Senya. You know how to use the healing magic of the elves. It’s been like that for 300 years, but should your healing magic have ever been superior to mine?”

“It’s not that my limbs were cut off and I flew away, what’s the use of the level of healing magic when my face is swollen… … .”

“It’s not a wound that can be called lame. I poured this much because Hamel is inhumanly strong, but if a normal person got slapped by you, his head would have exploded like a water balloon.”

It was an irresistible statement. Senya twitched her lips, jumped up from her seat, and took a seat next to Eugene, just as Anise had done.

“… … I’m sorry I hit you.”

Senya mustered up the courage to place her hand on the back of Eugene’s.

“Sorry for tearing your hair out.”

Anis casually placed her hand on Eugene’s thigh. Senya’s eyes widened at that bold and outrageous appearance.

But Senya couldn’t put her hand on Eugene’s thigh like Anis did. The best thing Senya could do was to swallow her saliva as she caressed the back of Eugene’s veiny hand.

“uh… … hmm. I’m sorry too.”

Are you twitching the back of your hand? Anise stroked her thighs like petting dog hair. In the meantime, Eugene once apologized.

“I’m that… … I don’t have this kind of experience, and the situation is the situation… … .”

“for a moment.”

Senya hurriedly opened her mouth.

“I’ll tell you in advance, Eugene, you don’t intend to force me to choose between Anise and me?”

300 years is a very long time, but what Senya was particularly afraid of was how much emotion had built up between Anise and Eugene while she was sealed away.

The feelings built up 300 years ago can be said to be equal to Senya and Anis, but the problem is that Anis met Eugene before Senya.

I don’t know how that cunning snake would have roasted and boiled Eugene while Senya was gone. In fact, even putting that thought aside, Senya had the intention of respecting Anis’s feelings from 300 years ago.

“Not two.”

Anise quickly opened her mouth. … … Is it really anise? The presence transmitted from the blue eyes has changed.

“Nice to meet you, wise Senya. My name is Cristina Rogeris. She is the owner of this body created by Anise-sama’s noble sacrifice, a saint of today’s age, and a woman who shamefully longs for Eugene-sama.”

“what… … what the hell… … .”

“I, who had been imprisoned in the chains of faith for the rest of my life, was freed by Eugene. I was saved by Eugene. Just as Senya-nim and Anis-nim hold Eugene-sama in their hearts, I too have embraced Eugene-nim in my heart.”

Eugene’s face turned red.

Even though I’ve been tired of hearing compliments and evaluations about fighting since my previous life, I’ve never heard anything like this… … . So, Eugene wanted to run away because the excessive attention directed at him was so embarrassing and heavy.

I couldn’t really run away just because I thought so. If I run away, it won’t end with my hair being pulled out like before… … .

“I agree with Senya-nim and Anis-sama. Choices always come with responsibility and loss, and these choices will be cruel and painful for all of us.”

Cristina said that while looking at Eugene’s face.

“Also, what we need to think about is that what we need to focus on right now is not these peaceful concerns. Eugene is a hero who has dedicated himself to saving this world since 300 years ago, and in this era of reincarnation, he is even performing the duty of a warrior by choosing the holy sword.”

Swoop. Christina’s hand, which had been caressing her thigh, lifted slightly upward. She continued, slicing Eugene’s thigh with her outstretched fingers.

“Of course, Eugene-sama, who has noble justice, would have dedicated her destiny to saving this world and destroying the Demon King even if she had not been chosen by the holy sword.”

“go… … missing… … Justice… … ?”

Is it possible to say such a thing to that Hamel? In that moment, Senya felt that way.

No, in fact, it was something that could not be denied. The belief to save the world by killing all demon kings was held by all five people 300 years ago.

I just felt a strong sense of incongruity in the choice of words. Noble justice to Hamel, who lived with swearing in his mouth! Do I really have to express myself in that way? Senja stared at Cristina’s face in bewilderment.

I could see honey dripping into my eyes… … . The eyes of a woman in love.

Senya straightened her posture and sat down. Senya recognized that Christina Rogeris, who was hundreds of years different from him, was not someone that competitors would look down on lightly.

“Hmm. yes, you are right Rather, what should I call you?”

“Call me whatever you want, Miss Senya. How dare I intervene in Senya’s designations?”

What did you mean by that… … . Senya didn’t want to think deeply.

“To continue, the current times and the situation we are in are such that we shouldn’t take such idle concerns seriously. To put it more extreme… … Mr. Senya. What if, really what if. If Eugene-sama chooses someone other than Senya-sama.”


“That’s why I said if.”

Cristina smiled lightly and stared at Senja.

“Will Senya-nim be by Eugene-nim’s side even after that choice has been made? Are you going to devote all your strength to the journey to kill the Demon King?”

“radish… … What are you talking about? that’s normal Private Gaga, feelings about catching the demon king and saving the world! You can’t put those feelings in.”

That’s what she said, but Senya’s voice couldn’t help but tremble in haste. Cristina stared at Senya with her calm eyes, then she smiled.

“indeed. You have a noble character befitting a great hero who saved the world. But I don’t think I can. Anis-sama may have a different opinion, but I would, if Eugene-sama didn’t choose me. Unable to overcome my sorrow, I plan to lock myself in a monastery for the rest of my life.”

That radical statement made not only Senya’s mouth wide open, but also Eugene’s mouth.

“I wonder if I really need to choose in the first place. Anise and I are already getting along well enough, and we are considerate of each other. I think I can have a similar relationship with Senya. If you are noble, have great abilities, and can afford it. Isn’t it immoral for a man to have multiple wives and for a woman to have multiple husbands? Right now, I know that even the great Vermut has had dozens of wives.”

“Ah, uh, um, yes, that’s by the way, uh, uh… … Me, I have no intention of having multiple husbands?”

“Me too. For me, there is no husband better than Eugene.”

“please… … .”

Eugene jumped up from his seat because he couldn’t hear it anymore.

“You, do you intend to make me commit suicide out of shame?”

“Please sit down, Eugene. It was a story that had to be shared.”

Christina looked at Eugene and said. Then Cristina paused for a moment, then nodded her head.

“Senya. Anis-sama wants to share the next story with a drink tonight. Without Eugene, just the three of us.”

“that… … okay.”

Senya answered while sweating profusely.

After the two of them set up an appointment for a drink, only Yujin stood up from her seat and found herself in an awkward position. Eugene naturally sat down as if asking when he had stood up.

“By the way, are you?”

Cristina turned into Anise. She stared at Senya’s face with a worried expression.

“I still worry about you. You said you killed Raizakia and escaped from the seal, but are there really no problems with you?”

It was a thought that Eugene also had. It was 300 years ago that he suffered a fatal injury that would not be strange even if he died. Eugene still felt like a dream that Senya was by his side.

“There is nothing wrong with it.”

Senya murmured, furrowing her eyebrows.

“It’s true that I was nearly killed, and it’s also true that I’ve been alive for 200 years. He did get a little weak.”

“how much?”

“I can use any amount of normal magic, but I can’t use the Eternal Hall for a long time. At least for now.”

Lyzakia’s miasma was cleanly purified. However, the problem was the wound inflicted by Vermouth. The wound was not common even 200 years ago. He used the leaves of the World Tree and managed to escape to the elf’s territory, but even there, his wounds did not heal well.

“I don’t have any scars on my body now. Because the dying body was completely reconstructed. But the scars remain in my soul.”

“There were no holes in the spirit body?”

When Eugene said that, Senya looked at Eugene with a horrified expression.

“Hey you idiot. Did you know that there is a hole in my soul just because it’s a wound? If it was a hole like that, I would have been killed right away!”

“Why are you angry… … .”

“It’s because you say stupid things. If you have properly learned magic, refrain from saying such stupid things.”

As Senya pointed out, she poked Eugene’s cheek.

“The wounds of the soul cannot be seen with the naked eye. … … Still, it’s not as serious as it was 200 years ago. Because the world tree healed my soul until it dried up.”

However, the wound did not completely heal.

“I’ve tried it a few times, but every time I activate the Eternal Hall, I’m conscious of the wounds in my soul. If you use it too much or use it for a long time, the wounds that go on at best will become more serious.”

“Can’t it be done with Anise’s divine magic?”

“I’ll have to look closely, but I think it’s probably impossible. Although divine magic can restore a damaged body, it cannot heal the wounds of the soul.”

Even if she can’t use the Eternal Scepter, Senya is the most outstanding wizard in the world. He was like that 300 years ago.

but. The long time of 300 years made Eugene’s enemies too strong. Even in the past, the Great Demon Tribe was able to seize victory only when all 5 of them attacked. The Sword of Confinement and the Queen of Dreams. A demon lord in confinement who said that the fight never came to fruition.

… … The Demon King of Destruction who made everyone despair.

The reason he was able to kill Raisakia was because he was arrogant.

Raizakia didn’t increase her family like Gavid or Noir did, nor did she harvest the energy from humans. The way Lyzakia chose to increase her strength was to use Lymyria as seedlings, but that didn’t even work out.

In such a state, he was stuck in a dimensional gap. While Gavid and Noir strengthened and trained their abilities, Ryzakia’s power gradually decreased. She took Edmond’s magic and restored her strength to some extent, but Lyzakia’s power had to be seen as incomparable to other dukes.

So it’s more of a problem. Although he had several chances, as a result, Eugene failed to kill Rizakia alone.

It would be a wonderful thing to have almost killed an opponent who had a chance of winning only if 5 people attacked him in his previous life. Considering the enemy in the future, that kind of self-satisfaction didn’t matter at all.

‘Overlap of Ignition. This is crazy.’

At that moment, the power that Eugene had reached overwhelms Raizakia. then what one If it had been a minute, no, even a few more seconds, it would have ripped out Raizakia’s throat—- defeat is defeat.

If Senya hadn’t come, the price of Agaroth’s ring and Ignition stacked twice would have shattered Eugene’s heart.

“Don’t take it too seriously.”

Senya smiled and looked at Eugene.

“The World Tree of the Elf Territory has lost its power, and it will take a long time to regain its former majesty. But Eugene, I heard that there is a sapling of the world tree in your family? If you recuperate there, you will be able to heal your wounds little by little. Even if I can’t, it won’t get any worse.”

‘You mean you’re going to live together at home.’

Of course I thought that would be the case. Anise glanced at Senya with his thinly open eyes.

“Senya. Hearing you speak brings me great sorrow. By the way, Vermouth-sama… … Why did I hurt you like that?”

Anise let out a long sigh.

An attack that pierced not only the body, but also the soul.

What that means is simple, isn’t it? Vermouth had the intention of killing Senya unconditionally.

“… … I don’t know why Vermouth did that.”

Senya muttered in a low voice and raised her finger. His fingers whirled around the side of Senya’s head. Then, a transparent light flowed from Senya’s head and intertwined with his fingers.

“This is a memory from 200 years ago.”

Senya stretched out her finger.

“Memories of when Vermouth attacked me.”

Senya Merdane

The memories extracted by magic became a video and unfolded in front of my eyes.

200 years ago.

Senya created the Eternal Hall in order to transcend the 9th Circle, the ‘end’ that she could reach by spending decades creating a Circle magic formula.

Then Senya prepared for seclusion.

At the time of the creation of the Eternal Hall, Senya did not need Akasha. So, Senya donated a magic device containing the principle of the Eternal Hall and Akasha to Akreon.

I don’t know when it will be, but if future wizards succeed in understanding the Eternal Hall and capturing it in their bodies. He expected that if he had that much talent, he would interfere with Akasha and become the new owner.

All of that was, for Senya, preparation to sever ties with the secular world. After donating the Eternal Hall and Akasha, Senya cut off contact with the monarchy, the Mage Tower, and the guild. At least he continued to interact with his disciples to some extent, but even the limited exchanges were reduced as he handed over the seat of the Green Mage Tower owner, who had been sitting for a long time, to one of his disciples.

In this era, Kanage, where Hamel’s tomb is located, became a desert and became the territory of Nahama, but until 100 years ago, Kanage was the territory of Turas, not Nahama.

Alteration of Turas. Hamel’s hometown. Vermouth, Moron, Senya, and Anise made Hamel’s tomb deep underground. A statue and a memorial stone were erected, and Hamel’s body was placed in a coffin in a sealed room so no one could enter.

It was a place that could not be entered even if they wanted to enter that deep underground, and it was a place that would not be discovered even by chance. That would have been enough, but Senya and his companions sealed the entire tomb itself. Several spells were cast and several familiars were placed so that it would always remain the same as the first time even as time passed.

It was around the time Senya was preparing for seclusion that she learned about the trouble that had occurred at Hamel’s tomb.

The seal is broken. All the familiars who were managing the tomb were destroyed. It was impossible.

Decades after making the tomb. Vermouth, who became the Grand Duke of Kiel and the head of a new family called Ryan Hart, was busy with the education of his children. Moron also created a new country called Luhar and was crowned as the king. Anis was also revered as a saint, and it became difficult to escape from Yuras.

Senya was similar. The position of green tower owner. Magical research targeting the demon lord in captivity. Thanks to that, I couldn’t even go to the annual memorial service, but there was no possibility that there would be a problem with the familiar and the seal because of that. The seal Senya had placed and the familiars she prepared would not have to be repaired for hundreds of years.

That the seal and familiar were destroyed. There is only one possible answer to think about. something someone intentionally broke.

ㅡ Who the hell? An eccentric wizard who wants to build a dungeon deep in the ground? A dragon looking for a place to sleep? … … A demon who had a grudge against Hamel?

no matter who He had no intention of forgiving.

Invading the tomb with dirty feet of dirt. If that’s all there is to it, I can think of forgiveness, but destroying the seal wasn’t enough, and destroying the familiar also clearly showed hostility.

The vision of memories projected as images was dark. Then it gradually brightened with light.

The scenery seen through Senya’s eyes a long time ago. The tomb that Eugene saw in person was no different from a ruin—- but the tomb seen in Senya’s memory was ‘not yet’ damaged.

There is not a speck of dust on the standing statue. The memorial stone placed underneath it also shines white. The prayers engraved on the entire wall are also clear, and there is no crack anywhere.

Soon, Senya’s eyes saw the destroyed things. Familiars who manage and guard the tomb.

“dare… … !”

My vision was distorted and shaken along with the voice I spit out. It was because of the mana released from control. Senja’s face was not shown in her video, but everyone could sense how furious and contorted she was, even without seeing her face.

Senya started to move. the deepest part of the tomb. The room where Hamel’s corpse was enshrined. I sensed something moving there.

intruder. How did you open the door to the room? I didn’t ask myself such a question. At that moment, the only thing that was in the head of Senna was the only thought of how to tear and kill the invaders, the robbers, and the dog they don’t know.

Corridor leading to the room. Eugene knew that scenery. A few years ago, Eugene had also walked down that hallway. He had seen his own corpse, clad in black armor, sitting in front of the tightly closed door.

In Senya’s memory, of course the Death Knight did not exist. The door was not even closed, it was wide open.

Senya, who was walking down the aisle, stopped. Seeing that memory, Eugene also held his breath. Anise covered her mouth with her hand. Senya closed her eyes, not wanting to see more.

A man in a dark-colored robe was standing in the room.

The coffin is already open. Above it, only the bladeless hilt floated, wrapped in light. A dull gray color wrapped around the hilt. The hilt appeared to be floating in the middle of the full moon.

“… … Vermouth?”

There was no way Senya was unaware of that light. There was a strong question in his trembling voice.

Vermouth died several years ago. He was a creature that was unlikely to die. Vermouth, who seemed to be less bound by life than anyone else, died faster than any of his colleagues.

“Vermouth… … Vermouth, right?”

Senya stuttered and approached the man. The man staring at the moonlight sword floating above the coffin turned his head. The hood of the robe was not removed, but golden eyes reminiscent of lions flashed beneath it.

My eyesight fluctuated greatly. Senya’s eyes looked under Vermouth’s gaze.

A limp corpse. Hamel’s corpse, which had been treated so magically, did not rot even after decades. Vermouth was holding Hamel’s corpse in both arms.

“What are you doing there?”

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