Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 103

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It was a desperate voice. Honein, who was banging her head together, saw her father’s earnest pleas, the thumping sound of hitting her head, and the blood smeared on the surface of the water.

The father, who cared so much about authority and the king’s image, never showed any desire for a tyrant without direct confrontation with Parliament. How many years did you resent your father who only cared about appearances? Honein’s heart throbbed at the sight of his father abandoning his honor and begging for the continuation of the royal family.

“… … hmm.”

Senya narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.

It would be very easy for Senya to throw Abram at the bottom of the lake like this. He thought it would not be too difficult to kill the old man, the young crown prince, and the current King Arot on the spot. Even Eugene is by his side.

Even if they thought of resistance right now, the right of life and death in this space was already in Senya’s hands.

But after killing it, it’s a problem. It is said that the king is offering his head on his own, but if the king of this large country, not even a small country on the periphery, is murdered, the aftermath will be very difficult. Although the parliament and the royal family are checking each other, the two are not hostile.

No matter how big Senya’s name is in Arot, if the king is killed, Arot will have no choice but to judge Senya with the law, even for the sake of national prestige.

I didn’t want that kind of problem. Her enemies from 300 years ago were the demon king and the demon tribe.

A gigantic empire that is still alive today and has built up power that is incomparable to that of the previous era. Demon Lord Helmud is Senya’s enemy. The power alone is not enough. As it was 300 years ago, the entire continent must work together in order to achieve the demonic realm.

Senya cleared her expression and opened her mouth.

“… … The 31st King of Arot. Keep your head up.”

But Dyndolph did not raise his head. Senya looked down at the blood and continued to speak.

“You, the king, did not assert the authority of the royal family, and obediently knelt down and begged for forgiveness of sins. That’s it.”

Dyndolph slowly raised his head. Senya looked at the old king’s face covered in blood and continued.

“Why did you do this? The answer to the reason is that you, King, have spoken with your own words. I was angry at the many problems that arose while I was gone. Today, Arot and the world must have known for sure that this wise Senya is alive and well. Even now, I can pin Abram to the bottom of the lake, I can take the life of the leader of the Court Magic Division, who is said to be the best battle mage of Arot, and I can cut off the seed of the Abram royal family that has been passed on for dozens of generations.”

Saying that, Senya lifted Akasha up high.

“As you said, I could be called Arot’s godmother. The honor this country enjoys in this era was created by me. And I can break and take away that honor at any time.”

Kugoogu Palace… … ! The kingship vibrated. The castle, which had been submerged very slowly, began to rise again.

“Please don’t forget that fact. If the royal family and this country love me, I will love this country too. But if you sell and use my name, I will not love this country.”

“Oh oh… … Yes, yes, I will keep that in mind.”

“one more.”

Senya glanced at Eugene and said.

“Eugene Ryanhart is my heir. Although I have said it a few times outside, I hope that the royal family will make an official declaration as well.”

“Of course I will.”

“And one more.”

Is there anything else left to say? Everyone’s eyes turned to Senya. Seeing that gaze, Senya let out a sigh and cleared her throat before continuing.

“… … .I left the world and lived in seclusion for hundreds of years. He lived a life of detachment, and he lived in seclusion, leaving most of his possessions in Arrot… … Uhm… … .”

How can I say this so that it sounds plausible and solemn? No matter how Senya was, at this moment, she couldn’t help but blurt her words in agony.

“Arot has been filling the treasury in the name of Senya for hundreds of years.”

Fortunately, Dyndolph wasn’t so stupid as to not know what those plain words meant.

“If you give me a few days, I will come up with a plan so that Senya can use Arot’s wealth to her heart’s content. And the royal family’s treasury will be opened to Senya-nim right now.”

It wasn’t that I needed money, but it was also true that I didn’t have money right away.

The royal treasure house? There won’t be anything great there, but… … He was interested in treasures and magic that would have accumulated over hundreds of years. Since ancient times, magical properties studied in Alot used to go into the royal family’s treasury.

“I’ll come see the treasure chest tomorrow.”

Senya put Akasha down with a satisfied smile.

I also developed a desire for a cane. The staff you are using right now is a temporary staff made using the branches of the World Tree. It’s a nice enough item, but there may be a better wand in the treasury.

Although there is Akasha, Senya wanted Yujin to use Akasha.

“It’s burdensome, so I don’t need to meet you.”

He was angry with his temper, and even scolded the cheeky archmage of today. He knelt down on his knees and broke his forehead.

Senya smiled with satisfaction and patted Eugene on the shoulder.

“Come on, let’s go back. You are my heir!”

“Yes, Senya-sama.”

No matter how much I thought about it, there was no doubt that Senya was enjoying the title of successor. Where the hell is there anything to enjoy? While thinking that, Eugene followed Senya out of the palace.

For a long time after the two left the palace, Dyndolph was on his knees. Although blood flowed from his broken forehead and covered his face, he did not wipe it. Honein and Trempel, who knelt together hesitantly examined the king’s face, but Dyndolph’s expression was still full of relief.

“… … Whoa… … .”

After a long time passed, Dyndolph sighed and stood up.

His expression changed slightly. The humiliation of getting down on your knees and banging your head? There were no such feelings. Dyndolph returned to his throne with a very, very calm expression on his face.

“majesty… … !”

Honein and Trempel called for the King without standing up. Dyndolph opened her mouth, wiping the wound on her forehead with a wet sleeve.


“yes… … .”

“Come closer.”

Honein jumped up from his seat and approached the throne. Dyndolph gazed at the crown prince with calm eyes.

“Can one great wizard destroy a country?”

“… … .”

“Although it cannot be destroyed, the king’s knee can be brought down very easily. grand wizard. Among them, the wise Senya is such a being.”

“… … .yes… … .”

“As you well know, Arot is a special country.”

Dyndolph smiled bitterly as he wiped the blood.

“It has been like that for hundreds of years. There are too many wizards in this kingdom of magic. There are so many particularly good wizards. Most of the top wizards on the continent are in Arot, and there are also young people who have the potential to become great wizards someday.”

“… … .”

“The royal family can never hold much power in this country. The structure itself is like that. Just look at it. If one archmage is determined, he can declare that he will submerge the palace, bring the king to his knees, and cut off the royal seed.”

“It’s because I was lacking… … !”

Trempel hit his head and sobbed. Dyndolph shook his head and said.

“Trempel balls. you are not lacking All wizards of Arot will be equal in front of the wise Senya. What I want to say is that absolute monarchy is impossible as long as such a wizard exists.”

Honein grabbed Arin’s chest. He is the father who was thought to be incompetent and only a facade. Now, the advice of his father made Honein rethink his long-cherished dream.

The young crown prince became disillusioned with the nominal royal family. I’ve been thinking about what it means for the royal family to notice the council, the mage lord, and the magician’s guild. He thought that the royal family should lead the country by overthrowing the parliament, which was swayed by various interests. He wanted to change the royal family, which was only a symbol, and reform Arot.



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“If you want to reform this country according to your wishes, the simplest way is this. Honein. To be as good a wizard as you are wise Senya.”

“… … yes… … .”

“I thought you were very talented.”

Arot’s royal family has produced excellent magicians for generations. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were a lineage for improved magic over hundreds of years, and the current king, Dyndolph, is also a wizard of the 7th circle.

25-year-old Honein Abrams. Achievement as a mage is 6 circles.

Considering his age, it’s a huge achievement, but… … The truth is that it’s not very satisfying. Before he reached adulthood, he reached the 5th circle, but Honein is still in the 6th circle. Even the king has been blocked in the 7th circle for decades.

“I thought it was a talent that could be arrogant, but… … I couldn’t do that anymore. You will know why.”

Honein remembered Eugene. I heard that he created a signature. Even with Akasha’s help, Eugene Lionheart—- rose to the ranks of the archmage at the age of 21.

“… … I know that you are quite friendly with Senya-sama’s successor. You have been very interested in Eugene Ryanhart since he first came to Arrot, and have shown goodwill to him.”

“yes… … .”

“I know you wanted to enlist him in Arot. but… … That young man is so brilliant. Can we keep a lion, a beast of prey, inside us… … . Can I put a leash on the lion and tame it?”

“I-I don’t think of putting a leash on Eugene-dono… … .”

“Oh, were you thinking of borrowing only teeth and claws to keep by your side? You yourself can’t handle the lion’s teeth and claws, so how can you borrow the lion’s teeth and claws? What were you thinking of giving in return?”

Dyndolph smiled and stared at the crown prince. It wasn’t a mocking laugh. It wasn’t even a scolding glance. The king sincerely gave the crown prince advice on his dreams.

“Chief of the Court Magic Division? haha… … Will the young lion be satisfied with just such a position? If you wish, you will gain the greatest authority in any country.”

“… … .”

“Honein. Arod can’t give the lion anything. With wise Senya at his side, even if he promises all the magic of Arot, he won’t be able to turn the lion’s head. but… … If you build friendships, you might be able to borrow teeth and claws for free. If the lion is merciful.”

“ah… … !”

Honein realized something at those words and bowed his head deeply. Why did he, so far, whenever he was able to curry favor with Eugene, he sent himself, the crown prince, as a proxy. It was only now that I could understand the father’s actions.

“But that is not enough. Honein. Do you think that you, now, can one day become an archmage comparable to the wise Senya?”

“well… … I do not know.”

“That shouldn’t be the case. There are countless possibilities in magic, and in order to reach even a small part of them, you must have the belief that you will reach them. The answer you need to give now is not the answer that you don’t know. someday definitely You have to answer that at least.”

Honein nodded with tears streaming down his face.

“If you really want to change this country, you yourself have to become the archmage that can do it. You must be strong enough that the lion will gladly lend you its teeth and claws, without expecting its mercy.”

Dyndolph turned his head to look behind him. Arot’s flag hangs behind the throne. And below the flag is a crest symbolizing the royal family Abram.

An eagle with outstretched wings holding a staff in its talons.

“… … I made you the crown prince because I believed you had wings.”

“majesty… … !”

“Still, today’s work can feed the council a mess.”

Dyndolph buried himself deeply in the throne and laughed.

“Management of the national budget is the responsibility of Congress. If possible, I would like Senya-sama to use the treasury’s wealth to her heart’s content.”

The old men of the council wouldn’t want to deal with the wise Senya’s wrath, so they wouldn’t be able to resist the king’s decision.

Honein listened to his father’s laughter and bowed his head deeply.

After reaching the 6th circle, he was not as engrossed in his training as a mage as before. He also prepared for the succession to the throne… … To be honest, I thought ‘this is enough’. He didn’t even feel much attraction to becoming an archmage.

But I couldn’t think of it any longer. I saw how much power one Archmage had… … .

‘Magic, magic… … .’

Honein felt a longing burning deep in his heart.


As expected, there were still many people outside the palace.

The Court Magicians and Knights went back inside the palace, but the citizens who came out to see the city, the mage tower, and the wizards belonging to the wizard guild.

There were too many people gathered on the other side of the lake.

“You are wise!”

“Senya Merdein!”


People screamed and chanted Senya’s name. Particularly fervently were the mage candidates who dreamed of entering the Mage Tower. They wielded cheering sticks from unknown origins, disregarding the law, and using magic, fired fireworks into the sky.

Pop, pop, pop! Fireworks shot up adorned the sky. Eugene glanced at Senya’s expression.

I thought it would be embarrassing and ashamed, but it wasn’t. Senya had been accustomed to such cheers for hundreds of years. Having returned from a long seclusion, I thought that such a welcome was only natural.

“Eugene Lionheart!”

“Senya’s successor!”

“The Second Coming of the Great Vermouth!”

“The hero of the holy sword!”

Eugene’s name was also mixed in the era name shouting Senya. … … Even Eugene was used to that era name. But he couldn’t enjoy it like Senya.

Eugene twisted his expression and tried to step back, but Senya did not let Eugene go. Senya boldly grabbed Eugene’s hand and pulled Yujin to the side. Then, in front of everyone, he raised Eugene’s hand to the sky.


What the hell is this cheering for? Eugene rolled his eyes and couldn’t understand the psychology of the maddening crowd.

Senya took Eugene and slowly flew up into the sky. If you’re going to fly, just fly quickly. Senya ascended into the sky slowly, very slowly, as if ascending into the sky.

The altitude gradually rose, but the cheers did not go far. Rather, the cheers grew louder each time Senya and Yujin climbed higher.


Melchis was among the blind, screaming, maddening crowd. She raised her arms as if giving her magic tower-like dignity to a passing dog.

“Senya… … Senya, Senya sister! Please take me too!”

Melchis cried out, gasping for breath. The expressions of Hiridus, the owner of the blue pagoda, and Loberian, the owner of the red pagoda, were crumpled at that unsightly appearance.

“Please, Master of the White Pagoda. Your juniors are watching you… … !”


Melchis struggled against the reprimand and tried to fly into the sky. Then, the wizards of the White Mage Tower nearby clung to Melchis’ legs in fright. With desperate faces, they pulled Melchis by the legs and barely lowered him to the ground.

“Tower lord, calm down!”

“You shouldn’t do this!”

“Let go, me, let go! send me to my sister! Don’t hold on!”

Melchis struggled as his limbs were seized.

Yujin, who had climbed high into the sky, looked down at the sight and felt dizzy. I was prepared to a certain extent, but I was already afraid of the future as I was already seeing it glowing like that. Not only Arot, but Senya would be the focus of attention wherever she went, and even if she went back to Lionheart a few days later, it was certain that there would be a big commotion.


Senya slightly tilted her head towards Eugene and smiled.

“This is me.”

“Is it good?”

“What else is not good?”

“Seeing this makes me sad. Even if only my name didn’t remain as a stupid bastard in future generations… … .”

“I’m more dumbfounded that you’re unfair. You should be grateful that you wrote it down as stupid.”

Saying that, Senya snorted.

“Umm, I don’t know who wrote the children’s book… … .”

“that… … It was discovered right away that you and Anise wrote it together, so why do you keep saying no?”

“… … Say no because it’s not! I, I didn’t write it down. Anise must have gotten a little weird after he died. He didn’t write it alone, so why did he lie that he wrote it with me… … .”

“Because I’ve already heard it all.”

“Anyway, I am not. I… … Why am I writing such a children’s book?”

Even if he had already been caught, he couldn’t admit it himself. As for the hopes I jotted down at the end… … .

‘… … no. It wasn’t what you hoped for. It’s true that idiot liked me.’

Even so, Senya did not want to admit that he was the author of the children’s book. If you don’t admit it, you can at least make an excuse, but you can’t even make excuses for the teasing you’ll get after admitting it.

“… … Uhm. And that’s it. Even if you leave it as stupid, everyone gathers you and your identity is actually Hamel’s reincarnation! If you declare that, you will be able to hear more shouts than I heard today.”

It’s pretty fun to show off a secret relationship while being an heir or an heir in front of people. If possible, I was greedy to reveal that Eugene’s identity was Hamel and openly engage in acts of affection.

“Are you crazy? Don’t say anything terrible.”

“Why is the reaction so strong?”

“I am… … I can’t.”

Eugene answered with a cold sweat.

A few people already knew, but Eugene didn’t want more people to know who he was. Especially in the Lionheart family.

Because there were too many things said.

How many times had he praised Hamel’s greatness in front of Gilade, Xian, and Ciel? Not only to them, but also in front of Loberian, I had said many times that Hamel was a great hero who should be respected by future generations… … .

What if everyone found out that all of that was actually gold paint on my face? Eugene was afraid to imagine the gaze that would be directed at him after that… … .

‘I’d rather commit suicide.’

Eugene shuddered and gritted his teeth. Senya, not knowing the circumstances, tilted her head at her, but she didn’t ask any more questions and flew with Eugene in the sky.

There were also people in the crowd chasing after Senya and Eugene. Arot’s reporters. spies abroad. Magicians who admire Senya.

Overt or covert pursuits have yielded nothing. It was because the figures of Senya and Eugene had disappeared during the flight.

“I missed it.”

“In the first place, there’s no way we’ll be able to pursue it at our level.”

Neatly dressed warlocks had a meeting in the back of the alley.

“What should I do next?”

“… … Even in the distant past, the wise Senya did not tolerate the presence of warlocks in Arot.”

300 years ago, there were only 4 mage towers in Arot.

After the war, the black magicians of Helmud were eager to advance into the magical kingdom of Arot. However, the wise Senya did not allow the warlock to walk in Arot. After Senya suddenly went into hiding. Helmud conducted an unconventional lobby and built a black mage tower in Arot.

“Are you wise… … She is an archmage to be admired. If only it existed in the distant past, in legends. As a wizard, it thrills me to see a legend come to life. but… … I don’t think the wise Senya would tolerate warlocks just because it’s the current era.”

The warlock shook his head with a wry smile.

“The Black Star School leaves Arot today. Let’s get this sorted out as quickly as possible and let each one move.”


“Let’s meet at Helmud.”

It wasn’t just the Black Star School that had such a meeting or made the decision to leave Alot.

In addition to the Black Mage Tower, there are several groups of black mages that exist in the wizard guild. Depending on which demon tribe the contract was made with, the school differed and the superiority and inferiority differed, but the decision made was the same regardless of the superiority and inferiority of the school.

Even the demons on Bolero Street made the same decision. Someone with Helmud. It was the decision that someone else had to leave for a place other than Helmud.

‘If the black mage pillar remained, I’d be able to see the situation even a little bit.’

Black Star School. The demons who made a contract with them are secretly working with Amelia Merwin. While working hard on the research and development of black magic in Alot, they also took on the role of monitoring Balzac Rudbesse, the owner of the black tower at the time.

It wasn’t just the Black Star School that had such a secret purpose. Several black magic schools belonging to the black mage tower or wizard guilds have the purpose of monitoring and containing Balzac, or subduing him.

But even after decades of contact, it was impossible to capture Balzac Rudbesse. Even for the purposes of containment and surveillance, he has achieved nothing. Balzac was thorough and thorough.

‘It’s a true specimen of a black magician that looks like it’s drawn in a picture.’

An unknown sorcerer. He didn’t do anything outright, and he wasn’t at the center of the plot. But Balzac was suspicious just for his existence.

The unknown man had been treated ‘that way’ for decades, when he became the owner of the Black Tower. Even so, he does not belong to any faction… … . Although he was one of the imprisoned sama, he did not pay attention to politics and lived quietly in the Black Magic Tower for decades.

That’s why Helmud’s demons and Amelia Merwin are trying to monitor, contain, and subdue Balzac’s movements. It’s because it’s so award-winning.

But even that has lost its meaning. After Balzac suddenly took a vacation and left the Black Mage Tower, he tried to find Balzac somehow… … He failed even that.

Several months have passed since then, but Balzac has not returned to the Black Mage Tower. He could no longer remain in Arot as long as he lost his surveillance target and threatened his personal safety.

While the black magician and the demons were having a meeting, the spies who missed Senya were also busy.

Senya the wise has returned after hundreds of years of seclusion.

What does this mean? The first thing to think about is the Night March held in Lehain, the northernmost part of the continent, just a few months ago.

The Sword of Confinement, attended by Gavid Lindman and the Black Mist,

The progenitor of Ruhar, the brave Moron, has returned.

The demon king of confinement, who had not been seen outside of Helmud for over a hundred years, descended directly.

The demon king mentioned the holy sword and the hero. He mentioned the end of the promise and the war.

Master of the Holy Sword. Descendant of Vermouth.

Are you going to climb the barbell?

That night. Everything the demon king of confinement said stirred up the continent. Peace is about to end. A brutal war like 300 years ago may break out again. The demon king of confinement is not afraid of the continent pointing a sword at him. He said he would rather wait for that day with a happy heart.

If there really is a war.

It will not be the kings of the continent who declare the outbreak of war. It would not be the demon king waiting for the end of the promise. The one who breaks the peace and directly ends the promise will be a young hero who has been directly recognized by the demon king and has attracted the attention of the demon king.

The return of Senya the Wise, the Archmage who has lived since the War Era. And Eugene Ryanhart, who declared that he would climb the barbell. Only a few months had passed since the survival of the brave Moron was confirmed, but the archmage who had been secluded for hundreds of years returned to Alot.

The faces of the spies who delivered the news to each country had no choice but to look gloomy. Even if I tried not to think negative thoughts, I couldn’t do that considering what was about to happen.

‘War is coming… … .’

When spies tremble as they imagine a fearful future.

Back at the hotel, Eugene and Senya quietly sat in front of Anis and listened to her nagging.

“Are you insane? When it’s not enough to keep quiet and keep your breath, you’re picking a fight on the royal family of Arot!”

“… … It’s not about fighting I was just exercising my rightful right.”

“If trying to drown the entire capital is not a fight, what the hell is it?”

“That is too exaggerated. Didn’t put it in the water. It’s just a little soaked.”

“Are you calling that an excuse now?”

“No excuses! Anis, you saw it too! This country turned my mansion into a tourist destination and made a statue of me and sold it. Even souvenir shops sell portraits with my initials, fountain pens, capes, robes, and staffs?”

“If you are loved by future generations, you should be grateful.”

Eugene, who had been scolded together, helped Anis in a low voice. Then Senya opened her eyes and slapped Yujin on the shoulder.

“Don’t side with Anis in front of me!”

“Then will I take your side?”

“If only… … That’s fine.”

“If I side with you, Anise will blow my jawbone off.”

“My God, Hamel. I am so thrilled right now that I feel like crying. Have you ever become so clever?”

Senya opened her eyes wide and glared at Anis. Anise was not going to lose either, so he strained his eyes and glared at Senya.

“Strictly speaking, I am not on the side of either of you. Senya, if you do something bad, I will curse you with Anise. And if Anis or Cristina do something to be cursed at, then Senna to be cursed with you… … .”

“You bastard!”

“A child without fidelity.”

“Yes, if you two curse me, I will humbly listen to that too.”

Eugene nodded as he said that. An angry Senya tried to grab Yujin’s hair, but Yujin didn’t stay still like last time and immediately pulled his hair back and ran away.

“do not do that.”


“The hair that was plucked last time didn’t even grow. It’s hard to see because his hair is thick, but if you peek here, there’s a small hole. Do you want me to go bald?”

“… … It is not.”

Senya imagined Eugene going bald for a moment, then shook her head, thinking that this was not the case.

“Senya. Your actions are so senseless and violent. Even when Hamel was alone, his sudden actions made me suffer and suffer. What if you do the same?”

“It’s over, so no problem.”

“I am saying that this should not happen in the future. It’s okay because I’m dead and known externally, and Moron isn’t active with me either! Senya, will you continue to accompany us?”

“It pisses me off that you treat me like Hamel. Do you think I did it thoughtlessly like Hamel? To see the aftermath of my existence… … .”

“Even Hamel can make that excuse.”

“I have done that many times.”

Yujin smiled happily and nodded.

It was quite fun to think of my past life as we were getting souls together like this. When I stole Anise’s liquor and drank it, I always got scolded like this… … .

Senya didn’t smile and pouted her lips. He didn’t like Eugene, who secretly, no, openly sided with Anis on the subject of being scolded together.

Then, suddenly, something brushed through Senya’s head.

“anise! Are you bold enough to scold me?”

“Why are you holding me here?”

“I heard from Eugene and Mer. You said you broke into the Vatican last time, killed a cardinal, and slapped the pope in the ear?”

“To be precise, it wasn’t me who killed the cardinal. And it was Cristina who struck the pope in the ear, not me.”


Cristina, who was suddenly covered in guilt, screamed, but Anise ignored the scream with a calm face.

“All of that is unknown to the world. I mean, we were secretly doing crazy things. But Senya, you openly let the world know… … .”

“I don’t know.”

Senya didn’t listen to the end and lay down on the bed. Anis twitched her eyebrows at the sight, then let out a deep sigh.

“… … How can you be such a child after living 300 years… … .”

“Can you tell me exactly? It was sealed for 200 years in the middle.”

“Since you are alive and not dead, is it true that you are 300 years old?”

Anise clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“Speaking of which, Senya. You will have to be careful about your actions in the future.”

“What else do you want to be careful about?”

“Did you declare Hamel your successor in front of everyone?”

Anis raised her finger and pointed at Eugene.

“Now, think about it. Senya. The world knows that you are wise. A great old wizard who has lived for 300 years.”

“Get rid of the old wizard!”

“I compromise with a seasoned mage. Anyway, what you have to watch out for is the external gaze.”

“… … What are you talking about?”

“If you treat Hamel purely as your successor, there will be no problem. Maybe Senya, you can’t do that? Saying he’s the successor, holding her hand, crossing her arms, or doing it secretly, but in the eyes of everyone, it will look very, very blatant.”

“main… … folding… … !”

“Yes, the main dish!”

Anise nodded, her voice strengthening. A triumphant smile spread across her face.

“An old wizard over 300 years old grabs a young man who is just over 20 years old and plays with him! What will the world think when it sees it?”

A thunderbolt struck in Senya’s head. She put on a blank expression and widened her eyes.

“Senya. For you, and for Hamel. You have to be very, very careful about your actions. Unless you want to be laughed at by the world.”

“you… … you, you?”

“You mean that? I have no problem. Because Christina, the owner of this body, is 23 years old.”

“You are a saint… … ?”

“What do you mean by that? A saint and a warrior, ah, isn’t it a very romantic and sweet sound? isn’t it? Cristina.”

“Yes, Sister.”

Cristina, who changed in an instant, smiled and put her hands together. Senya’s shoulders trembled at the conversation between the two.

“Eugene! Reveal your identity to the world right now! Tell me that you are Hamel from 300 years ago, not 21-year-old Eugene Ryanhart!”

“Am I crazy?”

Eugene freaked out and ran away from Senya. Senya put on a desperate expression and grabbed his head.

“… … The attention of the world is not important, is it?”

At this point, Mer thought she should lend her strength to Senya. She cleared her throat on the bed and continued her words.

“If someone laughs at Senya-sama for being dirty, I’ll punch her in the face first.”

“… … okay! Mer, you are right. Who would dare to laugh at me without risking their lives?”

Senya jumped up from her seat and spread her arms toward Mer. As if waiting, Mer jumped out of her bed and into Senya’s arms.

“If Senya-nim and Eugene-nim hold my hand and walk together, we will look like the perfect family.”

“Yes, it will! That’s why I made you look like me… … .”

Senya said no more and froze. A long time ago, a desire that I harbored when I made Mer out of loneliness. It was too embarrassing and insidious desire to speak now.

“iced coffee!”

It was too late to stop talking. Mer looked up at Senya, her eyes twinkling.

“That means Senya-sama wants me… … It didn’t make me a mere familiar! You made it thinking it was your daughter!”

“no way… … Are you saying that you were delusional about playing family at that age? Are you saying that you made the daughter between you and the dead Hamel into your familiar by delusion?”

Anis also smiled and asked that question. Eugene looked back and forth between Mer and Senya’s face in silent shock.

“… … Uhm. Don’t get me wrong.”

“Yes, that’s right, it must be a misunderstanding. For that matter, Mer only resembles your face, but she has no resemblance to Hamel.”

“It is unavoidable. I’ve never seen Eugene’s old face in person, but the Hamel-nim I saw in Acreon wasn’t very handsome. Even Senya-sama wouldn’t have wanted the ugly Hamel’s face, not Eugene’s, to be buried in her creation, which was supposed to be perfect… … .”

“It is not.”

Eugene straightened up and corrected Mer’s words.

“My face was not ugly in my previous life. In fact, he looks quite charming… … .”

“I can see why you don’t want to reveal your identity.”

Senya frowned and glanced at Eugene.

He did not refute the words that he was charmingly handsome.

Red Magic Tower

Senya, who had left early in the morning to visit the royal treasure house, returned to the hotel after noon.

“Do you guys know what this is?”

Senya spread her chest wide and smirked while strutting. She drew a platinum-colored playing card from the inside pocket of her cloak and waved it.

“This is a card.”

“… … uh.”

“yes… … .”

Eugene and Cristina nodded their heads with bewildered faces.

Senya was a little taken aback by the two’s reaction, but then straightened her expression. Senya, who returned after hundreds of years, was unfamiliar with the novelty of cards used in this era.

“Uhm… … I heard that kids these days don’t carry a separate money pouch. They say they still use pockets that use space magic, but they say they use this small card for cash.”

After saying that, Senya opened her eyes wide and glared at Eugene and Cristina.

“you guys. You don’t feel a generation gap or something like that right now, do you?”

“hmm… … I was also very surprised when I first saw that card. I think that the world has improved a lot.”

“right? Did you too? Hey, the world is getting better I’ve heard that kids these days don’t carry money bags or equipment on carts. What do you mean? They say dogs and cows carry space magic artifacts.”

“Well, doesn’t that mean that magic has become popular… … .”

“Yeah, no way. In fact, if you look closely, all of that is an extension of Senya-sama’s achievements. Think carefully. Do you know what you had to do to learn magic in the old days? Entering as an apprentice, farting flatteringly at an old wizard who is doing today and tomorrow, doing all sorts of help and doing nothing but useless mental training… … .”

“You learned magic from an elf.”

“You’re not talking about me right now! That’s what old wizards did. When I first came to Alot, do you know how shitty magic education was in this country?”

In that era, magic was a study, but not a study. In fact, the biggest problem was that most of the outstanding wizards died during the ten years of war.

“It’s this Senya-sama who ripped it all apart.”

“Yes, you are good.”

“As expected, it is Senya-sama.”

“Senya-sama is wonderful.”

“As expected, Senya-sama.”

clap clap clap Mer and Raimira even applauded. Senya was confident and unashamed of that enthusiastic response. She slumped on the couch and swiped her card between her fingers.

“This is the only card in the world for me. What do you mean it’s directly connected to Arot’s treasury? That, uh, there’s no such thing as a limit. You can buy anything.”


“Where should we buy a castle for our old age? huh?”

“I think Eugene and I are still too young to prepare for retirement plans.”

Why do you have to add one word? nasty

Senja opened her eyes and glared at Christina. He did not shoot the horse directly. Senya thought that no matter what he said on this subject, if the conversation was prolonged, he would be beaten one-sidedly.

“Did you bring anything from the treasury?”

Mer asked with her eyes wide open. Senya held the hem of the cloak with her hand.

The cloak I received as a gift from Eugene for the first time. At first, there wasn’t much magic inscribed on it, but Senya stayed up all night last night and carved various spells into her cloak.

“Look at this.”

Senya smiled and pulled out a long staff from inside her cloak. An unusual looking luxurious staff. The pure white staff of unknown material emitted a faint light.

“The legendary staff descended from the royal family of Arot, Frost!”

Senya gently waved the staff she held with both hands. Then, like the name of the wand, white snow began to scatter.

It wasn’t just a visual effect. The particles that Frost scattered were individual crystals of mana.

“There were several wands, but this one was universal and I liked it. Well, I need to do some more work here, but I mean.”

It is incomparably better than the wand made in the elven territory. But it was nothing compared to Akasha.

‘I was hoping there might be a dragon heart hidden there.’

Since it is called the Kingdom of Magic, I thought that there might be artifacts using dragons deep inside the treasure chest. However, no matter how much I searched, there was no wand better than Frost.

“… … hmm… … .”

Senya opened her eyes thinly and looked at Raimirah. He didn’t say anything directly, but his gaze was so blatant that Raimirrah’s body trembled.

She instinctively covered the ruby ​​on her forehead and staggered back.

“… … count… … Lady Senya, why are you looking at her original daughter like that?”

“How can I get that off my forehead?”

“The original daughter will die… … .”

Ruby inlaid by Raizakia herself. That Lyzakia was already dead, but Ruby didn’t disappear.

Growing up with Lymira for hundreds of years, Ruby became completely a part of her. Although she seemed to be able to pull it off somehow, the risk was pretty great on her part.

“Don’t do it if you don’t.”

Senya threw away her immediate lingering feelings and rummaged through the inside of her cloak.

In the future, you can always go in and out of the treasure house if you wish, but since I’ve been there, I’ve brought all the things I coveted. Senya placed the magic books that looked old even at a glance on the desk.

“This is an ancient magic book. I’ve seen them a few times before, but I gave up because I didn’t understand even with Akasha.”

The reason why I decided to dig into the ancient magic book now.


because of that child. darkroom. Rehein Yar’s Barrier. Even Hamel’s reincarnation. In addition, Vermouth has often used strange magics of unknown origin from 300 years ago. Senya asked Vermouth about the true nature of magic several times, but he never got a proper answer from Vermouth.

It wasn’t clear whether Vermouth’s magic was ancient magic, but that was the only thing I could guess right away.

‘… … Devil… … .’

Raizakia left the moonlight sword and called it the sword of destruction. Vermouth and his descendant, Lionheart, can handle the demon lord’s arms… … He said it was because vermouth blood was special.

reason? I do not know. Vermouth’s identity? I wondered about that even 300 years ago. When everyone else is talking about themselves. Vermouth, who had been very reserved on such topics, would be even more reserved.

‘It was the same with Anise.’

I now know why Anis didn’t speak on such a subject.

… … It must be because Vermouth also has a reason. Eugene felt a complicated feeling and tried to roll his thoughts.

300 years ago. Vermouth was captured by a warlock and demons. In that era, there were many cases of captives captured by demons and black magicians, and among them, a common thing was to become a test subject for black magic or to be a living sacrifice to black magic or demons.

Vermut, who was being transported, slaughtered the demons and black magicians with the sword he took from the watcher. At the age of only mid-teens.

Everyone would shout that it was nonsense, but everyone who met vermouth in person agreed. It’s absurd, but if it’s Vermouth Lionheart, it’s possible.

‘… … A black magic experiment?’

It’s something I’ve never really thought about, but considering the various suspicions related to vermouth, I thought it might be true. Originally, Vermouth was a test subject of black magic, and while being transported, he awakened to his power and was able to kill his demons and warlocks and escape… … .

Anis and Christina are incarnations of the ancient god of light. It is an imitation incarnation made using the ashes of Seonghwang. Not only the two of them, but all the saints and candidates of Euras in the past were such beings.

Vermouth might as well. Asmodian… … Or, using the demon king’s blood, flesh, or something like that… … artificial beings. That’s why you can use the demon lord’s weapons and handle even the moonlight sword… … .

‘To rot.’

maybe in this body. It may be that Lionheart’s blood is mixed with demons. Eugene himself never felt it, and Anis never warned him about it. In the first place, Vermut used not only the demon lord’s weapons, but also the holy sword of the god of light, and now Eugene is also freely using the holy sword.

In the end, things about vermouth can only be hasty and leaps and bounds. However, if you think in this direction, you can understand many things.

For example, why did the remnants of the demon king come close to Iod, who was like an idiot and weak? Why was Iod so obsessed with sacrificing Lionheart’s bloodline, and that of the family he inherited from his family? Why hasn’t Vermouth’s blood thinned even after hundreds of years have passed?

Last night, I told Senya and Anis about vermouth.

– Not surprising.

– Rather, without such a secret, Vermut-sama’s existence cannot be understood.

They were both surprised and surprised, but in the end they both said that. Eugene also sympathized with those words.

… … There was no further discussion of the story. Eugene could feel why.

Senya believes in Vermouth. It seems crazy, but I’m not sure if it really is. … … Like that, while Vermouth pierced his chest. that he was about to die While wounded in his soul. Even so, he believes in vermouth.

For Anise, Vermouth is the one who changed her life, and the hero who gave her fate as a saint to herself who despised her fate. So, Anise worships vermouth, and still calls vermouth ‘sir’ vermouth.

Is that all?

no. The reason Senya believes in Vermouth despite being fatally wounded. The reason why Anise believes in vermouth more than a feeling of worship. And the reason why Eugene stopped speculating about vermouth, whether unconsciously or consciously.

Because to them, vermouth is just vermouth. No matter what Vermut’s true identity is, the fact that his son is Vermut Lionheart will not change.

A black magic experiment? An offering related to the Demon King?

what is that about

Senya, Anis, Hamel, and Moron wandered around the Devil’s Realm for over ten years with Vermouth. I spent a lot of time with my family more than ever. Almost died, killed something, spent all the time together, felt joy and sorrow and many other emotions together.

That’s why I believe in vermouth. Vermouth’s journey. He couldn’t figure out why the bastard acted. identity of not knowing what it is. All of them are accepted ‘for’ Vermouth. He does not want to doubt what should be suspected. One-sidedly, blindly, he comes up with an interpretation for Vermouth.

Eugene didn’t think this was a rational thing. Senya and Anis would do the same. Even Morron, who has been going mad for more than 150 years because of his promise to Vermouth, will not be able to die.

It’s not anyone else, it’s Vermouth.

Because they are colleagues who killed the Demon King together.

Because he is a warrior who saved the world in some way.

When I thought of Vermouth like that, of course, emotions took precedence over reason.

* * *

Arot’s Red Magic Tower.

The red pagoda owner, Loberian, had been in deep thought since yesterday.

What happened at the royal palace? What was the story going on during the audience with the king? Everyone in Arot is curious about the subject, but it’s something they can’t ask openly.

After all, it is not known what happened to Abrams yesterday. Trempel Wizador, who should have had an audience with the king, naturally kept his mouth shut, and Crown Prince Honein Abram also shut his mouth and shut himself up in Acreon from last night.

It would have ended well. If it hadn’t ended well, Abrams wouldn’t have resurfaced.

It wasn’t exactly what happened with Abrams that preoccupied Loberian.

The wise Senya suddenly returned.

Well, it wasn’t much of a surprise to Loberian. He went to the Great Forest of Samar with Eugene, stopped Edmond’s machinations, and also saw the corpse of Lyzakia, the demon dragon that put Senya to sleep for a long time.

One day, Senya returns to Arot. This fact was already known to Loberian.

I just didn’t know you’d be back so soon.

‘… … perhaps… … really… … .’

Loberian tapped his temple and concentrated on his thoughts. Right now, a number of thoughts were swirling in his head, most of them heartbreaking.

Are you smart

Suspicions about Eugene Ryanhart, not her.

War in Samar. Loberian properly saw Eugene’s ‘power’.

Eugene overpowered the Death Knight who used Hamel’s corpse. I couldn’t believe that skill even though I saw it myself, and I even cut and killed Edmond Codlet, the staff of confinement, with my own hands.

Is that all? Even the notorious demon dragon Raizakia died after being decapitated by Eugene. He didn’t see the battle himself, and he heard that Senya helped, but… … .

There is no doubt that Eugene Ryanhart is capable enough to discuss the highest level of human beings of the time. He even had a great talent for magic, and even created a signature that could be said to be the symbol of a great mage.

‘It’s realistically impossible.’

Things I thought about several times in Samar. I dismissed it as nonsense, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it might be.

Perhaps Eugene Ryanhart is the reincarnation of a hero from 300 years ago.

Otherwise, the reality was completely incomprehensible.

In particular, what aroused Loberian’s suspicions was that Eugene, upon seeing Hamel’s Death Knight, declared, ‘That is not Hamel.’

Various reasons were said about him, but even so, the words that denied Eugene’s anger and Death Knight’s identity at the time were not words that would be easily uttered by later figures.

It was as if he knew Hamel from 300 years ago.

and yesterday. The wise Senya showed off a lot of affection for Eugene.

Because the heir is hundreds of years old? It just doesn’t look cute. But that gaze, like dripping honey… … It didn’t seem disrespectful to the master or treating a young and cute heir. like… … Eyes as if looking at a man… … .

“no way… … Hopefully no… … perhaps… … .”

Loberian was afraid of the ramifications of the doubts floating around in his head, if they were true. At the same time he was curious as a seeker.

‘Warrior talent and magic talent. Historically, only one person has been born with those two talents to the limit… … .’

The progenitor of Lionheart, the great Vermouth.

‘but… … Eugene’s personality can’t possibly remind me of the great Vermouth… … .’

Hamel’s intense antipathy, murderous intent, and hatred towards the Death Knight.

Cheap words and actions that cannot be thought of as the offspring of the prestigious Lionheart.

A fierce yet delicate fighting technique.

– Senya.

-I liked you.

Lightning flashed in Loberian’s head. Involuntarily, he jumped up from his chair. Then, focusing on the inspiration that passed through his head, he reconstructed the flow of his thoughts.

The great Vermouth greatly expanded the Lionheart family by having more than ten wives.

Stupid Hamel left such a will at the end.

Senya the Wise has been single all her life.

“oh my god!”

Loberian shut his mouth at the sharply outlined thought.


“Top Lord! Now, now, Senya-nim and Eugene-nim have entered the Mage Tower!”


I had heard that he would visit the Red Magic Tower next time. But today? Has it only been a day?

“Let’s go here right now, oh no, I’m going down… … .”

“They are already coming up!”

Loberian was greatly embarrassed, but prepared himself.

He opened his closet wide, took out the most luxurious and elegant robe he had and wrapped it around his body. He hurriedly tidied up his hair and swung his cane to tidy up the messy desk.

‘Rather, it went well.’

Loberian thought with a gulp. This amazing truth we have just arrived at. He couldn’t keep it buried in his chest. A wizard is someone who seeks the truth. Loberian was determined to break through the front.

before I hear a knock. Loberian opened the door of the Mage Master. I saw Hera stamping her feet, not knowing what to do.

“Go down.”

“Yes, yes.”

“And, spread it to all the wizards in the Mage Tower. Don’t be reckless and keep your place.”


Hera nodded broadly and ran down the hallway. Then he stopped abruptly on the way. The elevator at the end of the corridor was reaching the top floor here. If I continued like this, I would run into Senya and Yujin who had opened the elevator door.

It was, it was a very happy, honorable and happy thing as a wizard.

However, Hera realized that she was not ready for that yet. At this rate, if she ran into Senya-sama, it seemed that she would pass out with her hull or let out a scream of joy. Hera didn’t want Senya and Eugene to see her like that… … .

In the end, Hera made a decision. She opened her hallway window wide, and boldly threw her own body out of her window. Even at that moment, Hera’s finishing was thorough. She swung her wand and quietly closed her window the moment her own body came out of her window.

Ding dong.

The elevator arrived at the top floor at the moment Loberian opened his mouth at Hera’s decision. Loberian closed his open mouth and straightened his posture. no, not enough Loberian moved forward of the elevator across the corridor, unleashing his magic faster than ever before.

The elevator door opened. Eugene and Senya flinched when they saw Loberian politely standing in front of the door.

“Thank you for visiting.”

Loberian bowed his head deeply and said. I didn’t forget to take a few steps back so Eugene and Senya could come out comfortably.

“The greatest and wisest archmage in the history of the continent, who is respected and envied by all wizards. Senya Merdein.”

After saying that, Loberian took a moment to catch his breath.

“and… … Senya’s old friend Hamel Dynas.”

Red Magic Tower

the moment I heard that.

Eugene’s thinking spun quickly. Why are you suddenly saying that? Where the hell did you get that certainty about your identity?

I couldn’t tell.

The reason Genos of the Black Lion Knights discovered his identity was because Genos knew too well about Hamel’s skills. In front of such Genos, he understood and handled his skills well enough to be Hamel himself, so it was inevitable that he would be exposed.

But the case is different with the Loberian. Like Genos, Loberian doesn’t even know Hamel’s skills. And Eugene was always careful about his words and actions in front of Loberian.

No, it’s not just Loberian. Genos was the only exception. After being reincarnated as Eugene Lionheart, he never did anything that would arouse suspicion to the people around him.

[…] … I don’t think so… … .]

Mer muttered inside the cloak, but Eugene didn’t feel ashamed at all about his thoughts.

Senya blinked her vacant eyes. Like Eugene, Senya’s thinking also spun quickly.

How did know? In fact, it didn’t matter to Senja. The important thing for her is that the Red Mage Tower Lord who figured out Eugene’s true identity. It was said that he was the head of the magic school, the owner of the Red Magic Tower, and Eugene’s magic teacher.

-An old wizard over 300 years old grabs a young man who is just over 20 years old and plays with him! What will the world think when it sees it?

Anis’ sharp words echoed in Senya’s mind. I replied, “What’s that?”, but… … In fact, people’s hearts don’t always follow what they say.

Senya was well aware that she was a very famous and great wizard. He thought it was only natural for future wizards to respect and admire him.

So, even for the dignity of the name ‘Wise Senya’… … He made up his mind that he should be careful how he behaves towards Eugene in front of others.

In particular, I thought it should be even more so in front of the red pagoda owner, who has many relationships with each other. Because I don’t want to appear embarrassed and embarrassed in front of the heir.

‘but… … What if the owner of the red tower knew everything? I don’t have to be careful, right?’

Senya came to that conclusion.

Loberian surveyed the situation without raising his bowed head.

This was a great adventure even for a Loberian. The only reason to say it is a heart attack. I thought I was certain, but… … What if no?

‘I can’t even say it’s a joke now… … .’

I think we can move on to light happenings, but… … Loberian swallowed a gulp.

Frankly, Loberian was afraid of the wise Senya, the personality of that great wizard. Just yesterday, Senya tried to dump the entire royal palace of Abram under the lake, and messed around with green pagoda wine in front of a huge crowd. Considering the pride of the green tower master, it was not strange that he retired from the magic world for the rest of his life because of yesterday.

… … Most mages have a bit of a twisted personality. To put it really really well, it’s eccentric, to put it plainly, it’s eccentric, and to put it badly, it’s an idiot.

The personality of a wizard who has lived for over 300 years. If it’s twisted, how big is it twisted?

‘What if Senya-sama gets mad at me for saying nonsensical nonsense?’

As punishment for spitting out the name of an old colleague as a joke, the Red Magic Tower might be destroyed.

Cold sweat began to run down Loverian’s forehead. I wish I could answer something quickly… … The silence was too long. However, it was considered too disrespectful to raise one’s head without the Master’s permission.

“Uhm… … .”

Senya coughed first. She did not hide her twitching cheeks and her curved lips.

Eugene still rotated the accident.

No matter how much I thought about it, there was no clear basis for Loverian’s remarks. Why the hell did the name Hamel Diners come out of his mouth?

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