Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 105

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Merga in the cloak giggled and teased me. Eugene wanted to hit Mer’s head right away, but didn’t dare… … It was because, in my heart, I thought that Mer’s words were right.

Stupid Hamel.

Blood Lion Eugene.

Dragon Slayer Eugene.

Looking back, it didn’t seem that bad. Doesn’t it have some dignity? clap clap clap Eugene spread her shoulders amidst her roaring applause.

before arriving at home. Senya talked to Eugene and Mer about the current Lionheart.

Gaju Guillaid Lionheart. Eugene’s adoptive father. The lady standing behind me must be Anicilla… … .

‘… … That uncle… … Eugene’s biological father Jehard?’

A middle-aged man in a cold sweat. The only thing that resembles Eugene is gray hair and golden eyes. His wrinkled face didn’t show any ambition, and even though he was supposed to be a descendant of that Vermouth, his body showed no martial arts skills.

‘Rather good.’

Just looking at the face of the headmaster standing right in front of him, he looks solemn. On the other hand, what about Jehard, who is sweating cold over there? It seemed easy as if we could get to know each other with just one drink.

“Thank you for the great welcome. The family head of Lionheart.”

Senya smiled and opened her mouth. She slowly looked around.

hundreds of knights. Indeed, those knights could be said to be the descendants of Vermouth. Lionheart’s flag fluttering high in the sky… … Looking at it, Senya recalled his long-ago memory.

This is not the first time I have been to Lionheart. hundreds of years ago. Vermouth… … when he died Senya visited Lionheart wearing a black robe. In front of Anise… … He stood in front of Vermouth’s coffin with Moron. He saw Vermouth’s dead face in the lightly opened coffin and cried with Moron.

after mass is over. I took the coffin with everyone and moved to the Black Lion Castle in the Uclas Mountains. A tomb said to have been made by Vermouth first. Vermouth’s coffin was enshrined in the temple there.

“… … I never thought I would come back like this.”

Senya smiled bitterly as she searched for distant memories. Looking a little further, I saw a statue of Vermouth standing in the middle of the garden.

A little away from him was a statue of Hamel. A statue in an underground tomb in the desert. Even in the middle of a fight with Vermouth, the statue that somehow took care not to break was standing next to Vermouth.

Seeing that sight, Senya unconsciously placed her hand on her chest. His nose crinkled and his heart pounded. He barely, really barely held back from crying.


A small muttering of voices.

away from the knights. An elf with dull green hair and a scar on his cheek, standing among the elves.

Chicnard. Seeing him, Senya finally couldn’t stop crying.

Senya staggered towards Sycnad. Lionheart’s knights did not block Senya’s way, but stood back and opened the way. Sycnad also approached Senya with a face about to cry.


Senya cried and hugged Sycnad.


While Senya and Sycnad were having a tearful reunion, Eugene felt many and blatant gazes on him. No one had said anything first, but Eugene knew very well what those gazes were asking for.

“… … Uhm… … .”

Eugene cleared his throat and stepped forward.

Our eyes met for a moment. Gil Reid also knew what Eugene was going to do and left her seat. Even Gilreid, whose face was stern, gulped, expecting to see soon.

“now. I know what you’re expecting, so everyone please step back. It’s a bit big.”

Soon enough seats were created. After roughly estimating the space, Eugene flew up into the sky. Then he took off his cloak and brushed it lightly on the floor.


The dragon’s huge corpse fell from the inside of the fluttering cloak. In front of the corpse, which was larger than the family’s mansion, the people let out a scream mixed with shouts.

“Wait, wait. don’t come close Since you’re already dead, there’s no way you’ll suddenly come back to life, as everyone knows! Isn’t this the corpse of the demon dragon Raizakia? The purification has not been properly completed yet, so you may get a strange disease if you accidentally touch it.”

I just sealed it so that it wouldn’t get damaged inside the cloak. Due to the large size of Raizakia, it was not possible to purify it while moving Samar.


“It’s a real, real dragon!”

Lionheart is the most famous martial song on the continent. Even if they are collateral, not the original family, almost all people who grow up with Lionheart’s surname become knights or military officers.

As a result, the people of Lionheart had no choice but to come into contact with monsters from a young age, and among them, if they belonged to the Knights of the Black Lion, they would basically receive one Wyvern.

Monsters I’ve ever seen. The Wyvern is said to be the closest monster to a dragon.

… … How absurd that is, what a disrespect to the dragon itself. Everyone who was looking at Raizakia’s corpse now realized it. Although it was already a dead body, I felt a sense of intimidation that could never be called a monster.

“If the purification is over.”

Eugene sat down on Raizakia’s head and opened his mouth.

“This large loot will, of course, become the property of the Lionheart family. It’s too big for me to keep to myself.”

The dragon heart is shattered, and blood cannot be used. Even so, there were so many things that could be used as material from a dragon’s body.

Scales, hides, bones, teeth, etc. Considering the size of Raizakia, it would be able to arm both the White Lion Knights and the Black Lion Knights.

‘Weapon in armor… … I think it will be close. If it’s not enough, I only need to use it on the main part.’

This would be enough of an indulgence for the troubles that have been made, no, the troubles that may be made in the future.

While thinking so, Eugene looked at Anicilla’s expression.

Anicilla, who cares about the dignity of a hostess, has a habit of covering her face with a fan when it is difficult to manage her expression. But she didn’t even think about it, and she was staring at Lyzakia’s corpse with her mouth hanging open.

The various living expenses of the elves living in the forest of their home. government taxes, etc. The sediment accumulated in Anicilla’s head melted like snow.

Actually, it wasn’t such a simple story.

Even if you searched the continent right away, would there be a craftsman who could handle a dragon as a material? If it existed, you would have to look for it on the Dwarves side, but even a Dwarf would have no experience dealing with a dragon as a material.

Of course, that problem was not something Eugene knew right away. Recruiting the right craftsman was a matter for Gilreid and Anicilla to take care of themselves, so Eugene just had to show the spoils and listen to the blessings of the family and all.

“Eugene Lionheart!”

“Blood lion!”

“Dragon Slayer!”

“The Second Coming of the Great Vermouth!”


… … Just like now.

Just a while ago, I was embarrassed and distressed to hear those cries, but as I continued to listen to them, I began to feel slightly better.

It’s not for nothing that they say that praise makes even a bear dance, and first of all, Eugene wasn’t as foolish as a bear. He calmed down the smile he was trying to put on, and put on a look that was okay to think about.

Should I raise my fist at least? No, it seemed like he would kick the blanket later if he even made that gesture.

So Eugene didn’t do anything. She quietly listened to the shouts, and when she thought she was at this point, she came down from the top of Lizakia’s head.

‘ah… … See, Sister. Have you seen Eugene’s smile now? It was a smile worthy of a warrior who would save the world.’



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Christina thought as she put her hands together in front of her chest. … … Anis was unusually silent at Christina’s words.

Anise doesn’t deny that she looks at Hamel with pea pods. He knows that Christina is too. But little by little, Christina’s runaway seemed to be getting stronger… … .

Because of the environment in which she lived, Christina’s personality was naturally cynical. Anise grew up in the same environment, so she could relate to Christina’s cynical side.

but. After being saved by her Eugene, Christina became a flower garden in her head when it came to her Eugene. It is not just a bright and pretty flower garden. Influenced by Anise, who shares a body… … A shady and insidious flower garden that is not as bright and pretty as it is.

Perhaps it was one of Christina’s natural qualities, and it was also a resemblance to Anise.

The problem is that Christina’s shady and insidious gaze and desire gradually begin to surpass Anis’s imagination. Anise feared that she might have made the monster awaken her desires and will.

“At that age… … Aren’t you ashamed?”

Sycnad murmured in a low voice. He knows that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel from 300 years ago. That’s why it seemed a bit pitiful to see Eugene enjoying the shouts of so many people and being so outspoken that anyone could tell.

“Senya. Even to you, Hamel seems too excited… … Why is your expression like that?”

“Nothing, nothing, brother.”

At Alot, Senya was much more excited than Eugene now. He enjoyed cheering in front of tens of thousands of crowds and soared into the sky, and showed off himself as if it were natural when he toured mages and guilds to meet wizards of the present era.

As a result, Sycnad’s words pricked my heart.

“I heard that you had horse disease, but are you really okay?”

I heard about the Sycnard from Eugene. Senya remembers the last meeting with Sycnad after the war ended. It was the time of the elves’ memorial service in front of the world tree.

Originally, elves did not have high fertility and their numbers did not increase, but too many elves died in the war 300 years ago.

A slaughter by the Dark Elf troops led by Raksha Princess Iris under the frenzied demon king.

Iris herself was also an elf ranger, and the Dark Elves she led knew the habits of elves all too well and hunted elves with actions that elves would never do. Entire forests were burned, elves held hostage, tortured, brutally killed, and their bodies displayed for all to see.

Why don’t you kill Iris?

Why don’t you avenge yourself?

At the memorial service, many elves asked Senya about it.

Naturally, Senya also wanted to kill Iris. I killed the mad king, but lost Iris and Oboron. Oboron, a beastman, was something that Senya did not know, but Iris was an enemy that Senya had to kill.

But in that era, Senya couldn’t go ahead and kill Iris.

The demon king of confinement showed mercy, and the peace that Vermouth barely obtained. The war is over, but Senya invades Helmud and kills Iris? Senna couldn’t do anything like that.

endured I want to kill you, but next time. When Senya himself was ready, he thought of killing Iris. He convinced the elves of the memorial service for his firm will.

Even Sycnad understood at that moment. But elves live too long. Decades later, Sycnad was still young, dreaming of the battlefield, and remembering the images of friends killed by Iris.

So I left the elven forest. He did not go to see Senya in Arot. She went to Helmude with only vengeance and hatred. I didn’t ask if it was possible. It was just that the thought of killing Iris filled her head.

If you hadn’t come out of the woods. There would have been no case of Sycnad getting horse disease. Even after contracting horse disease, Sikh Nad was unable to return to his homeland and was forced to wander the Great Forest of Samar for hundreds of years.

It was because Senya had hidden the location of the great forest. Regarding that, Senya couldn’t help but feel guilty towards Sikhnad.

“are you okay. It’s not a disease that will get better little by little, but it hasn’t gotten worse.”

Sikhnard had seen Senya since she was a baby. Even though her race is different, let alone blood, Sichnard considered Senya her sister. He smiled proudly as he was rather distressed and apologetic that Senya was feeling guilty.

“Someday, someday… … It will definitely get better. There is no way the disease will remain even after killing all the demon lords. And, soon after, Iris. I will also kill that traitorous elf.”

Saying that, Senya turned her gaze to Eugene.

… … Chicnad watched Senya’s expression change with thinly opened eyes. There was no such thing as a sneer on Senya’s face, even when he saw the unsightly appearance of that pom holding all the poms.

“… … Are you old? Are you still Hamel?”

“Ohh, Laverni, what are you talking about all of a sudden?”

Senya asked in surprise. Seeing such a reaction, Sycnad’s eyes grew even colder.

Senya seemed to think that she hadn’t been noticed by anyone for hundreds of years, but in reality it wasn’t.

I don’t know if it’s a passing relationship. Had he formed a not shallow relationship with Senya and his cohorts, he would have known that Senya cared about Hamel, even if he was the most oblivious… … .

‘… … Hamel, that idiot, didn’t seem to know, but… … .’

Sycnad stared at Senya with thinly opened eyes.

300 years old? According to human common sense, it would be a tremendous age, but it is not so for elves. That’s why Sycnad thought that his sister was still in her prime, and that she was as beautiful as an elf. Is that all she is? Are you wise, the world says? Are there any other women with similar conditions?

On the other hand, what about Hamel? The one who died 300 years ago. He even came back to life… … I admit that he was a guy who was full of good points even before he died. Even after being reincarnated, the advantages increased even more. The prestige of the family, your skills, and even the appearance!

‘but… … but… … .’

Even so, Sikhnad thought Senya was a waste. Even after 300 years, that stupid idiot didn’t seem to have noticed Senya’s heart yet.

And Senya, seeing how she pretended not to know right now, didn’t seem to have any intention of conveying her feelings to Eugene.

this brief moment. Sikhnard had no choice but to worry a lot. As for her personal wish, Senya thought it would be better to be with a good person other than Hamel.

The reason why he thought so was absolutely not because Sycnad had been beaten so badly by Hamel in the past. It’s just that she doesn’t want to hand over her sister, who won’t bow down no matter where she is given, to that stupid idiot.

But that’s just the wish of Sycnad. An elf who has lived these hundreds of years has understood that his sister’s wishes are more important than his brother’s own wishes in these matters.

“I will help you.”

“eww… … huh?”

“Senya. If it were your personality, wouldn’t you have been able to convey your feelings to Hamel yet? So let me help you.”

Just as Sycnad thought a lot in a short moment, many thoughts crossed Senya’s mind.

First of all, there was no doubt that my brother was making a big mistake. He couldn’t tell his heart? They have already conveyed their feelings to each other and even kissed.

But does that matter what? Senya paid attention to Sycnad’s ‘I’ll help’. Doesn’t that mean that you will have an ally who will absolutely be on your side?

Anis and Cristina are wolves.

Mer told her how cunning Anise and Cristina were at Lionheart.

‘Using her status as a saintess who uses divine power, she healed the minor injuries of Lionheart’s knights every day and built up a lot of good feelings, right?’

Home of Ryan Hart. The wise name Senya might be strong here, but… … How will the relationship between the archmage who has lived for 300 years and the 21-year-old young man look through? Wouldn’t the Knights of Lionheart think that a 20-year-old saintess would be more suitable for Eugene than their progenitor’s comrades-in-arms?

Age doesn’t matter. Especially for a wizard like Senya, age really was just a number. From the point of being conscious like this, it probably doesn’t mean simply a number, but Senya tried not to be conscious of it.

“… … ugh… … hmm… … I’m not sure what my brother is talking about. My older brother is helping me, but as his younger brother, I have no reason to refuse.”

“Then let me help you right now. You can’t reveal Hamel, no, that name in front of everyone. therefore… … I mean you like Eugene.”

Elves don’t know the human mind. Senya was acutely aware of that fact.

“Aren’t you crazy? Don’t do anything stupid, brother. Just, just stay still. Until I ask you next time, don’t do anything.”

Senya fired a quick shot and forced Sycnad to shut his mouth.

* * *

I put the corpse of Lyzakia, which was too big, back into the cloak. After that, Eugene, Cristina, and Senya entered the mansion while receiving everyone’s envious stares.

“Why is your face like that again?”

“my… … What’s wrong with my face?”

“Three days is like a face holding back poop. Do you really have to show that kind of face to your son who has returned after a long absence?”

Jehard’s expression wrinkled at the light joke. He kept an eye on Senya even as he glanced at his son, who was giving off a mean smile.

Normally, he would have scoffed at him asking why he was making fun of his father, but the reason Jehard couldn’t do that was purely because of Senya’s presence.

“Jehard Ryanhart.”

Senya noticed that Jehard was conscious of her.

She smiled softly and leaned sideways slightly. Senya leaned her shoulder towards Eugene and met Jehad’s gaze with her.

“My successor. I heard that it was all Jehard-nim’s hard work that raised Eugene Lionheart so well.”

“ah… … no. I didn’t do anything to raise my son… … .”

“Didn’t you believe in your child and support him with everything he hoped for?”

“Kuhm… … that’s it… … yes… … .”

The corners of Jehard’s mouth twitched at the praise.

In fact, even in Jehard’s own opinion, he wasn’t such an ugly father. After the death of his wife, Jehad has focused all his life and eyes on his newborn baby, Eugene.

‘… … I couldn’t believe he was my son, but he was so brilliant… … .’

I couldn’t teach the sword myself. However, if he needed a wooden sword, he gave it to him. Even if he was an unhelpful swordsman, if Eugene asked for help, he would deliver it right away.

Seeing the gentle release of young tension on Jehard’s face, Senya smiled in satisfaction.

also. As I thought, praising my son was the answer.


“Again, welcome to Lionheart.”

The reception room of the main house. Gillaid sat down in front of Eugene, Senya, and Cristina and started talking like that.

From there, normal and natural conversation took place. Thank you for making Eugene your successor. Ugh, he’s such a wonderful kid that I couldn’t help but make him her successor.

“Please, ease your mind.”

The usual Senya would not refuse to say that. Rather, Senya would have let go before Guillaid suggested it. Senna herself thought it was natural.

Isn’t that right? It is true that Senya was a person who lived 300 years ago.

Gilreid, who looks like a middle-aged man, and Senya, who looks like a green and neat young lady. Whatever the appearance, to Senya, Gilade is a distant descendant of Vermouth.

‘right? Would you like that too? I am your grandfather’s grandfather, the founder of Vermouth. I was just hanging out with that guy. Ugh, I thought I was dying to save face, kid.’

… … I want to say it like that. I couldn’t do that now. Other people don’t know, but Lionheart shouldn’t.

For whatever reason, it was all because of Eugene sitting next to him.

“Uhm… … no, that’s fine I respect you, Lionheart, as much as I respect my friend Vermouth.”

Senya trembled. It was because talking to Eugene’s adoptive father, adoptive mother, and biological father was not a very good picture for himself.

To put it simply, Senya had a lot of romance with titles like mother-in-law, father-in-law, father, mother… … .

[You’re babbling.]

‘I think that look is a little cute.’

[Are you saying that being unable to pay for your age is cute?]

Anise asked, and Cristina just smiled and didn’t answer. But Anise, who she was associated with Christina mentally, she now knew what Christina was thinking.

enfant terrible… … Anis thought as she peered into Christina’s sword.

Guillaid admired Senya’s answer.

The conversation soon resumed. Gilade praised Senya’s achievements and honor, and Anicilla praised Senya’s grace and beauty. Jehard thanked his son, Eugene, for being considerate and caring for him.

“If you have any inconvenience while staying at Lionheart, please feel free to tell us.”

“Yes, please. Even small things are good.”

Gillaid and Anicilla laughed and said.

“Are you going to stay?”

Senya also smiled and said.



“hmm? Haha, keep going… … huh?”

The gazes of Guillaid, Anicilla, and Jehard all turned to Senya. Senya said with a smile even in the midst of those gazes.

“yes. Continue. Hey, I also felt it when I came here when Vermouth was alive, but I really like the mansion. You got it right.”

It wasn’t a lie. This mansion resembled the ideal mansion that Senya had always had in her mind. Senya’s mansion in Arrot was developed as a tourist destination after hundreds of years, but the mansion was as it was 300 years ago.

There is a large forest next to the mansion. Rivers do not flow, but lakes do.

“I heard from the heir. I heard that this mansion is big, but there are not that many people living there? If you say people from the main family, you have to look at the married couples in front of you. And Jehard. Twins who are brother and sister with the heir. And the rest are servants of the mansion.”

It was true that not many people lived in this mansion, since the knights had their quarters separately. Senja quickly struck the ball before anything else could be said.

“I don’t mind any room. Ah, now that I think about it again, I guess it would be fine if I didn’t have to live in the mansion. Since my family and the elves live in the forest, I’m thinking of building a cabin in the forest too. Why, when you think of a witch, you have an image of living in a cabin in the woods, right?”

Senya said to herself and laughed. It was Anishilla who, belatedly, brought her to her senses first. she said, desperately maintaining a smile.

“But Senya-sama… … ? Arot has been waiting for Senya-sama to return for 200 years, but is it okay for her not to return to Arot? … ?”

“Of course it is fine. The story has already been resolved before leaving Arot. Actually, I’ll be here, but who’s to say anything to me?”

Senya said with force at the last words. Rather than persuasion based on logic, it was decided to press down with ‘force’.

No matter how spirited Anicilla was, she couldn’t argue against Senya’s open display of strength.

“Oh, that doesn’t mean I’m here on my own. If you say no or no, then of course you have to leave.”

“haha… … What are you talking about? Please stay in the mansion for as long as you wish.”

“Oh my goodness… … Thank you for your consideration, Head of Guillaid. Of course, I have no intention of occupying a room without paying. I would pay enough rent every month, and if anyone wants to learn magic in Lionheart. Let me teach you magic myself. Or I could make an artifact for Lionheart myself… … Besides that, we can offer magical help.”

At those words, Gillaid and Anicilla couldn’t help but change their expressions. The reason why they feel uncomfortable with Senya staying at Lionheart’s home is because Senya’s existence itself is burdensome.

A wise Senya who lived in the same era as the founder. Just because she lives in her mansion, all the attention of her head family can only be focused on Senya alone, and as long as Senya is there, the dignity of the head of her family will not be as good as it used to be.

but. If you don’t mind those problems, it was a very attractive story for ‘that’ wise Senya to become a family member.

I had no intention of accepting the rent Senya would pay, but the magical help Senya could give. It was a proposal so great that even the emperor of the empire politely asked for it, which was too much for a single family.

Artifacts for Lionheart? It honestly didn’t even make sense. As for other magical help, is it to install some kind of magic in the family’s territory? That wise Senya himself?

It was next to impossible for knights who were old enough to come and start magic now. However, there are several families in the Lionheart branch that specialize in magic. Even if they are not from such a family, among the children of the collateral, there may not be children who dream of holding a magic book and a staff rather than holding a weapon… … .

“… … .”

Guillaid remembered his eldest son, who died a few years ago.

Shame on Lionheart’s history. In the future, contempt and curses will follow the name ‘Iod Lionheart’.

However, Gilreid couldn’t just despise and curse the eldest son.

A 15-year-old bloodline. At that time, the face of Iod, whose eyes lit up after seeing the magic, was still clearly lingering in Gilreid’s mind.

“thank you.”

If iodine hadn’t been corrupted. If Iod had grown up as a wizard and met Senya— … It was a pointless thought.

Gilreid erased the image of Iod from his mind and bowed his head to Senya.

* * *

“Look, that’s great.”

Senya laughed and stabbed Eugene in the side.

“Of course it will be fine. You say you can, but who says you can’t?”

“Didn’t you say no if you didn’t like it?”

“Whatever you don’t like. It’s not like there’s a problem just because you’re the only one living in this vast land.”

Yujin grumbled and glanced back. The sun had set, but the side of the mansion was very bright. The collateral guests from all over the country are enjoying a party in the garden of the mansion, but Eugene, Senya, and Cristina, who can be called the protagonists of the party, walk together on a trail in the forest.

“so. Where are you going to stay? Are you really going to build a cabin in the woods and live there?”

“It’s quite engaging. But you don’t have to choose one or the other. You live in a mansion and live in a cabin, can’t you?”

The reason why I couldn’t decide between the two was because of Christina and Anis. What if the black wolves attacked Eugene in the mansion while Senya was living in the cabin?

‘… … .’

gulp… … Senya involuntarily swallowed. Wait, very slightly, I imagined. Surprisingly, there was less trembling anger, but even so, I didn’t want to take the lead and throw Eugene as prey to the wolves.

“… … you… … Sometimes I find myself very strange… … uh… … Do you know what I see with those eyes?”

Eugene felt an instinctive sense of danger and shrugged his shoulders.

Occasionally, Senya made that expression. With eyes that seemed to draw a whirlwind for some reason, my body trembled as I swallowed dry saliva… … When I felt Senya’s gaze at such times, I wondered if this was how a frog would feel in front of a snake.

“What are my eyes doing?”

“I have to say I feel bad… … .”

At that, Senya crumpled her face and kicked Eugene in the shin.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Are you free tomorrow? Let’s go downtown with me.”

“Why downtown?”

I liked it and recommended it first. If he wanted to go, he would just go, so why did he bother to ask why?

Senya looked down at Eugene’s face and spoke in a clear voice.

“I also need to buy the materials needed to reinforce Frost. I also want to see the capital of this proud Kiel Empire. I mean, Mer said she wanted to see the capital together with you and me.”

Saying that, Senya glanced at Cristina. Her emotions, which could be read through her expression, were so faint.

Senya hesitated for a moment, then cleared his throat and dared to add another word.

“… … Just the three of us.”

“You don’t have to be afraid.”

Cristina slightly turned her head to look at Senja.

I’m afraid? I? Senya felt as if she had been hit in the head with her hammer. Soon Senya opened her eyes and glared at Christina.

“What am I afraid of?!”

“ah… … sorry. The words came out wrong. You don’t have to worry.”

“Don’t even worry!”

“Yes, rest assured, Senya. I will not disturb Eugene-sama and Senya-sama’s peaceful and private time.”

Cristina put her hands together in front of her chest and stared at Eugene.

“Eugene-sama asked for something. Please come and enjoy my share.”

It would take a good month to pray to purify the corpse of that large Lyzakia. It’s hard work, but it’s also for her Eugene, so Cristina promised to do it with her joy.

Even Senya knew the contents of the request. I was thinking of making fun of Christina and Anis.

but… … Rather, a feeling of guilt welled up in a corner of Senya’s heart at that obedient yet caring answer.


Guilt is guilt, and Senya had no intention of missing this chance.

‘Didn’t they enjoy it as much as they did while I was sealed?’

To be honest, you’re not doing anything great, are you? To see the city the next day, and when I have free time, spend time walking in the forest of the mansion grounds. But for Senya, it was also a daily routine that she longed for all her life.

Of course, I couldn’t just get soaked in the daily life. He also has to work on combining the dragon heart he received from Ari Artel with Frost, and since he has become a family member of this mansion, he will have to create a magic barrier in the land.

Is that all? In the far north, in the kingdom of Luhar, I also have to go see Moron, who is said to be at the end.

And Iris, who is piracy in the southern seas. A black sorceress named Amelia who played dog-like pranks with Hamel’s corpse. Helmud’s demons and demon lords. And vermouth.

‘I have a lot of time, but I can’t afford it. There’s so much to do.’

A bold move is needed.

Senya turned her head slightly and saw Mer holding her hand tightly. Mer also raised her head and looked at Senya.

Green eyes of the same color crossed each other. Although there was no direct voice exchange, the two nodded as they remembered the same thought.

Tomorrow’s theme is family.

* * *

As usual, Anicilla woke up at dawn just before dawn, and was equipped with a look befitting the hostess of the prestigious Lionheart.

The banquet that lasted until night was neatly broken up, and all the guests from all over the country were sent back. From today, Lionheart will return to the same appearance as usual.

‘Although Senya-nim is here as a guest.’

You shouldn’t be very conscious of it. The owner of Lionheart was always the husband of the head of the household, and Anicilla had to be the one supporting this huge family.

So, from the moment Anicilla left the visit, she made up her mind anew. Even if that wise Senya stayed with her family, she promised Annie Cilla that she would never change her attitude. On the contrary, even wise Senya would have to look out for Anicilla in this mansion… … .

At the first dressing of the morning, Anicilla is not assisted by an attendant. It is because of Annie Silla’s insistence that she does not want to show her untidy appearance to anyone other than her husband.

It was the same this morning. I put on makeup and changed clothes. It was winter, and the wind was cold. I entered the dressing room with the intention of putting on a light coat, thinking that the clothes in the room were not enough.

As the size of the mansion is large, there are several dressing rooms that are larger than most warehouses. Among them, this dressing room was full of not only Anicilla’s clothes, but also clothes she had bought for Ciel to wear someday, and clothes she had gifted to Mer.

“… … .”

Anicilla forgot to even close the dressing room door and froze on the spot. A messy room as if a storm had swept through it. Even the well-arranged clothes were all scattered on the floor… … .

“I… … I was trying to sort it out.”

Senya wore a dress that was too flashy, even if it was gorgeous, and smiled shyly. Beside him, Mer, who was wearing a gorgeous one-piece dress that didn’t make her bow down too much compared to Senya, smiled equally modestly.

“female… … What the hell are you doing here?”

Anicilla was dumbfounded and embarrassed, so she asked.

Why are Senya and Merga in this room? More than the mess in the room, Anicilla didn’t quite understand the current situation itself.

“that is… … Uhm… … .”

Senya couldn’t bring herself to speak, so she gave Mer a glance. Then, Mer smiled and approached Anicilla.

“That’s right, Anicilla-sama, me, Senya-sama, and Eugene-sama decided to go out into the city together today. I wanted to go out wearing the pretty clothes that Anicilla-sama gave me today.”

“I… … Me too, uhm, me too. Mr. Anicilla. The time away from the world has been so long that the clothes of these days… … I’m not used to that. So, I tried to take a look at Anicilla-sama’s clothes, which have great style… … I… … It seems I have fallen too far without even realizing it.”

It was true. At first, I was thinking of picking out Mer’s clothes, but I kept getting attracted to the clothes here.

“ah… … All right.”

Who could be angry when the wise Senya said that, but Anicilla wasn’t even angry in the first place. The story Senya said about her style made Anicilla happy.

“I’ll go out now, so feel free to look around.”

“Wait a minute! Since you’ve seen it, can you help me and Mer?”

“yes… … ?”

This room has too many clothes. There were too many clothes that I liked. I liked this, and I liked that too, so I didn’t know what to wear.

Anicilla heard the situation and nodded.

“If that’s the case… … All right. You mean, help me pick out clothes that suit Senya-sama and Mer?”

“This is very important.”

Senya lowered her voice to the utmost and whispered to Anicilla.

“Mother and daughter.”

“… … yes?”

“Mother and daughter. I am a mother, Merga’s daughter. I want others to see it that way.”

“that… … It still seems that way enough… … .”

“I want to wear not only my face, but also my clothes.”

What kind of request is this?

Anicilla’s head was dizzy, but she nodded.

I didn’t quite understand. We’ve met her in hundreds of years, and Mer is cute. Even since Mer is said to be a minister created by Senya as a projection of her childhood, she must have a real attachment to her daughter.

“Shouldn’t we pick out Eugene’s clothes too?”


“It would be perfect if Senya was the mother, I was the daughter, and Yujin was the father. Clothes that fit him… … .”


Senya was startled and covered Mer’s mouth.

Anicilla stopped choosing her clothes and froze. She was afraid now to think what the hell she had heard meant.

‘mom? daughter? dad? Eugene? why?’

did i hear wrong? Anicilla looked at Senya and Mer in bewilderment.

Senya was still covering Mer’s mouth, but when her eyes met Anicilla’s, she smiled awkwardly.

[Senya lacks courage. Anyway, it can be helpful to declare something that will be discovered later.]

Mer’s grumbling voice echoed in Senya’s reddened head.


“… … .”

Eugene didn’t say anything and blinked his eyes.

“What are you looking at?”

“Is there anything strange in your opinion, Eugene-sama?”

strange thing? does not exist. The reason I was stunned was because the clothes of Senya and Merdul matched so well.

“how is it? Are me and Senya-sama like mother and daughter?”

“uh… … To put it bluntly, they look more like sisters than mother and daughter… … .”

Senya’s appearance is too young to think that she has a daughter of the size of Mer. So Eugene honestly told her how she felt, but Mer and Senya showed conflicting reactions.

Senya blushed slightly on both cheeks and was embarrassed, and the reason was, of course, because she had been told by Eugene that she ‘looks young’.

Actually, Eugene didn’t say that directly, but it didn’t matter to Senya. She used to interpret the words and attitudes of Eugene and Hamel positively and arbitrarily for hundreds of years.

Mer opened her eyes thinly and stared at Eugene. Because what she wanted Mer to hear was that she looked like her mother and daughter, not that she looked like a sister.

Of course, saying that they look like sisters means that they resemble Senya, but the point that Mer focused on this time was not just the similarity in appearance.

The theme of this outing is family. Senya had to be a mother, and Eugene had to be a father… … .

Mer still had her eyes wide open as she scanned Eugene’s attire.

“I’m fed up.”


“Eugene-nim’s outfit. No matter how good the hangers are, why does Eugene always wear the same clothes?”


Eugene felt genuinely regretful.

“It’s not the same clothes. They are all slightly different.”

“After all, it’s a Lionheart uniform.”

“hey! What’s wrong with me wearing my family uniform?”

The biggest reason is convenience. Uniforms with matching tops and bottoms eliminate unnecessary worries. Even in her previous life, Eugene had never thought about what to wear today, and the Devil’s Land was not a place where she could worry about that.

“I am… … I like that outfit too.”

Senya stuttered. Then Mer let out a deep sigh and shook her head excitedly.


also. She should have asked Annie Silla to pick out Eugene’s clothes. At that moment, if Senya had boldly asked for it, she would not have been able to refuse Anisilla. On top of that, if Mer, as usual, would have shown her aegyo by making even short sounds with her tongue, she would have been able to make Annie Silla her sure ally… … .

‘Senya-nim hesitates when it’s important.’

Even if you think about it now, you can’t help it because it’s already in the past. Mer straightened her frown and stood between Eugene and Senya.


The outstretched hands held the hands of Eugene and Senya. Mer said, she feels proud of the connection she has made between the two.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Senya looked at Eugene’s face. Contrary to her thoughts, Eugene was not taking the current situation seriously.

Holding hands with Mer? It’s not something that happened once or twice, where is there anything else to notice now? What is Senya holding on to Mer’s other hand? What did that mean?

… … I didn’t like that casual expression. Senya glanced at Eugene’s face, but she didn’t shoot or use violence. naturally, naturally. While Senya thought so, he grabbed Mer’s hand and dragged her along.

the back of the mansion. There lay the huge corpse of Lyzakia crouched down.

Christina and Anise started cleaning up the corpse early in the morning, and the two exchanged conversations with each other when they saw Eugene leaving the mansion.

‘Senya-sama made a decision.’

[Yes, it looks like that. It looks like it wants to advertise all over the city, no, all over this empire. Hey, people of the Kiel Empire, look at me. I say.]

‘Well, it seems like you want to show off that much. Still, looking at it like this, it seems like a really good fit.’

[Mer, that little boy is Senya realizing her unfulfilled desire, so it’s inevitable that the three of them stand together like that.]

While the two were exchanging such conversations, Eugene’s group approached Christina. It was because it was easier to use the warp gate inside the forest than to go out the front door and ride the wagon.

Senya watched Christina’s reaction with a nervous expression. It seemed like it would hurt her heart greatly if this young rival’s mouth came out with even an appraisal of intoxication.

“It suits you very well.”

But Christina smiled and said so. She was sincere too, and she never intended to be outright hostile with Cristina or Senya. She wanted to make a symbiotic relationship with her, a sure ally she could touch gently.

“that… … okay? yes?”

As Cristina understood, Senja was weak in praise. see even now He wasn’t complimenting him too much, just saying that he looked good on him, but Senya smiled wide and twisted his body.

“yes. No matter who sees it, Senya-nim, Eugene-nim, and Mer-nim will look like a family.”

“It’s black.”

After hearing those words, Eugene was able to realize the current situation. Embarrassed and embarrassed, he tried to let go of Mer’s hand, but Mer held onto Eugene’s hand as if he knew that, and would not let go.

Cristina looked at him with a smile and bowed her head.

“Please go.”

“uh… … .”

Leaving Christina behind kept bothering me. She wasn’t just leaving it, wasn’t she entrusting the purification of Lyzakia to Christina?

‘It can’t be helped.’

But if you keep thinking about it now and keep looking back, isn’t it polite for Senya who is with you now?

Eugene temporarily eased his feelings of sorry for Christina and Anis.

“Isn’t that you?”



“Oh dear. I shouldn’t tell anyone about this… … .”

“What is it, what is it?”

“Tell me quickly, boy.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you. You guys know who the wise Senya is, right?”

I was crossing the forest.

Not far away from beyond the bush, three elves suddenly appeared and started a random conversation.

A voice so stiff that anyone could hear it. It’s like reading a script. The face that holds back laughter as if they are embarrassed too… … .

“Wise Senya! Of course you know. The greatest wizard of the past, present and future!”

“The one who grew up among elves and learned magic, as beautiful as the elves!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Well, what do you mean that wise Senya-sama likes Eugene-sama?”


“If it’s Eugene Ryanhart, is that him?”

“okay! That’s him, this Lionheart family scion! A perfect person with both literary and martial arts!”

“Blood lion!”

“Dragon Slayer!”

“Such Eugene-sama and wise Senya-sama, don’t they really get along?”

At that point, Eugene couldn’t take it anymore. He shuddered all over and screamed out loud.

“I can’t turn it off!”

The elves screamed and ran away. Behind the wheezing Eugene, Senya’s face was red and she broke out in a cold sweat.

I didn’t have to worry about whose brain the idea for that absurd skit came from. Chicnard. That damn brother must have done something like that for the sake of his younger brother.

‘main… … Should I kill him?’

It’s not uncommon for siblings, brothers, and sisters to harbor unilateral murderous intent against each other. Today was the first time Senya had a murderous intent against Sycnad… … .

“Uhm… … Mmm! hmm. Ughhmm!”

Senya was afraid to see Eugene’s expression. She yanked Mer’s hand and stretched out her foot with her stride. Deep in her heart, Mer also felt her pathetic and embarrassed feelings, and took Eugene’s hand as Senya dragged her.

Eugene didn’t even say anything, but when he saw Senya’s back, who seemed to be begging her not to talk to her, she quietly kept her mouth shut.

In the end, the three of them kept silent and headed for the warp gate, but on the way, they had to pass by the chatter of the elves several times pretending to be coincidence.

* * *

The primary purpose of this outing is to purchase materials needed to reinforce Frost.

Actually, it was just an excuse. Most of the materials needed were already inside Senya’s cloak. Of course, Senya had no intention of revealing that to Eugene. I have a lot of things, but if I look closely, there will be at least one or two materials that I don’t have.

I didn’t necessarily need a reason to convince myself, but thinking about it like that made me feel much more comfortable.

“I am asking because I am really curious. Why did you come out dressed up when you’re going to use the perception-damping magic anyway?”

Eugene asked while wiggling Mer’s hand, which he was holding in one hand.

Although they were walking together on the streets of the capital city, Senya’s magic of suppressing recognition was currently being activated around the three of them. Thanks to this, people passing by couldn’t recognize the three people properly.

“You stupid child.”

“Eugene is an idiot.”

Senya and Mer muttered the same meaning and glanced at Eugene.

The reason the two of them came out dressed like mother and daughter today was to show Eugene, not to passers-by who don’t know who they are and who won’t get involved in the future. Even if other people can’t see it, you can see Eugene.

And it didn’t spread the magic of cognitive impairment to everyone. They say they don’t know who they are and they’ll never be involved in the future, but there was a little bit of a desire to show off.

It was like that even now.

A magic shop that handles only the highest quality items in the capital, Seiris. As Senya entered the room, she subtly canceled the deterrence spell.

“Come on, fifty… … Huh!”

The wizard staff who had come to greet them took a breath and took a step back. Then Senya winked at him and put her index finger in front of his lips.


“count… … count… … .”


After I said it twice, the wizard closed his mouth and retreated as if he were running away.

“What’s up?”

Eugene glanced at Senya’s grinning face with puzzled eyes.

Senya did her best to ignore that gaze, and started walking while waving Mer’s hand back and forth in her right hand. As Senya moved forward like that, Eugene, who was holding Mer’s other hand, had no choice but to match his stride and move forward.

Indeed, even though Senya was famous, she was too famous. Her appearance was not ordinary, and her pale purple hair stood out. Since she was holding Mer’s hand, who looked just like her, all eyes in the store couldn’t help but turn to Senya.

Senya couldn’t help but feel various emotions from those different gazes. If it was a gaze that fully praised himself, he would have received it with an air of pride, but the gaze he was looking at now was a mixture of bewilderment and doubt. It was because of Eugene, who was holding Mer’s hand.

Senya was worried that her face might have turned too red. But the moment she thought that, she saw Mer smiling brightly right next to her.

‘Yeah, what does it matter?’

I had that thought in my head.

Mer likes it that way, but what does it matter what other people think and what eyes they look at? What Mer had said in the morning ran through her head.

Yes, bold.

Senya nodded and slowly moved to the side. Close to Mer, and close to Eugene.

The goods sold at the store were of excellent quality and many were rare, but there was nothing Senya could buy. Still, it was fun to look around thanks to the wide store, and by the time I looked around and left, an hour had passed.

I came out empty-handed without buying anything, but all the store employees came out to the door to see me off.

“Let’s go eat, Bob!”

As soon as she left the store, Mer said with her eyes shining. She said it was time to eat lunch. However, Eugene didn’t answer right away and narrowed her eyes.

“Should I clean up?”

“I think it would be better to leave it alone for now. I kind of expected it.”

Rather, such words came out of Senya’s mouth. Senya was a little annoyed as well, but that doesn’t mean he can’t go wild in this country like he did in Alot.

‘The White Dragon Knights.’

Those explicit gazes didn’t even try to hide themselves, but it seemed that they were worried that the act of secretly watching would draw out Eugene’s or Senya’s wrath. Maybe that’s why the watchers showed up at all, watching Eugene and Senya from a sufficient distance.

A uniform with the pattern of a white dragon. Members of the White Dragon Knights representing Kiel. Eugene looked at them once and then turned his head.

Eugene knew why they were watching. It was because I had heard from Gilreid about the emperor’s request last night.

He told me to visit the imperial palace sometime soon… … Seeing that blatant surveillance, it seemed like they would invite Eugene to the imperial family even today.

I wanted to put it away, but since Senya said that, Eugene decided to put up with it for now. Eugene was also hungry right away, so the three of them chose one of the nearby restaurants and went inside.

Senya sat in the same seat as Mer, and Eugene sat across from her.

“The menu is… … .”

“Family set.”

Those words came out of Senya’s mouth before she even opened the menu. Mer looked at Senya with a thrilled face at that answer without hesitation.

“Didn’t you hear? Family Set.”

“I… … I’m sorry, but we do not handle family sets in our store.”

It was a shop with such a luxurious atmosphere. Senya must have never thought that there would be no family set, so her eyes trembled in bewilderment.

“Well, there is no family set, but isn’t there a menu that families often come and order? Please give me that.”

While Senya was unable to say anything and pursed her lips, Eugene finished her order.

“all right.”

The clerk who took the order withdrew. After belatedly coming to her senses, Senya sighed and coughed.

“Sir, the spirit of service is lacking. Even if you don’t have it, you have to make it.”

“People like you are called the truth these days.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means a pretty and kind guest.”

It was a lie that anyone would have noticed, but it didn’t feel too bad to hear those words from Eugene’s mouth.

“I’ll see you just this time.”

After a leisurely meal, I left the restaurant. It was still too early for her to return to the mansion, and there were plenty of shops and places to see.

I spent more time at the large clothing store than at the magic store, which was my original purpose. Eugene tried on different clothes according to what Senya and Mer were choosing, and even changed her position and picked out Mer and Senya’s clothes.

“… … .”

After giggling as they picked out each other’s clothes for a while, a white jacket caught Yujin’s eyes.

The moment I saw that transparent white color, I imagined Christina wearing that jacket. I saw a coat with a similar feel but a different design. That coat seemed more suited to Anis than Christina.


Senya followed Eugene’s gaze and clicked her tongue. She didn’t shoot anything. Just as Eugene remembered Christina and Anise from that dress, she was the same. And it was the same with Senya who was secretly concerned about leaving the two of them at the mansion.

“You can buy it instead of just looking at it.”

“I thought you would be angry.”

“Why am I angry? now you are with me It’s just a gift, well, I can afford to choose it together.”

Senya swaggered and clung to Eugene. Mer also entered the locker room to change her clothes, and she mustered up the courage to cross her arms because she had come so close, but when she tried to do so, her breasts fluttered and her body did not move freely… … .

“What are you looking at?”

“My, what am I?”

“what the.”

Eugene put on a nonchalant expression and grabbed Senya’s hand.

In fact, my heart wasn’t as calm as my expression. Just as Senya felt ashamed of this behavior, Eugene felt embarrassed knowing too well that this behavior was not like him.

‘I won.’

Regardless of her true intentions, Senya was delighted in her heart that Eugene held her hand first. Feeling the victor, she glanced at the anise and Christina’s presents, which she had just noticed.

‘Yes, I can give as many gifts as I like.’

I stuffed the shopping bags that were full of my hands into my cloak and started touring the streets again. It was a cafe where I just walked in, so I had a cup of tea and came out.

After shooting for a long time, the sun that had risen high began to set. Merdo, who had been holding and shaking each other’s hands for a long time, moved into Eugene’s cloak, probably tired.

“Shall we go back soon?”

“If you let me go quietly.”

Senya smiled and replied.

The White Dragon Knights’ watchers were still watching Eugene and Senya from afar. Eugene thought about going back to the warp gate, but changed her mind and moved toward the watchers.

“From next time onwards. I’ll have to dress up a bit. It’s new, but I think my purple hair stands out too much.”

“So is my hair.”

Eugene also used to change her hair color slightly when she didn’t want to attract attention.

“How about a blonde?”

“It’s too common.”

“I chose it because it’s common.”

Senya smiled, slightly lifting her purple hair.

blonde, blonde Eugene imagined Senya’s face when her hair had turned blonde, then cleared her throat and nodded her head.

“I think it will be fine.”

Whatever you do, it will suit you. However, since it was obvious that if Senya heard these words, he would be embarrassed to the point of hating them, so Eugene swallowed the thought instead of spitting it out of his mouth.

As Eugene approached, tension appeared on the faces of the three knights of the White Dragon Knights.

Eugene Lionhart. Skill is also skill, but it was because he was famous for his temperament and violent nature. In particular, since the White Dragon Knights also participated in the Night March, I saw firsthand that the fearless young man wielded the sword after quarreling with Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement.

“You are suffering a lot.”

No matter how bad it is, isn’t your personality bad enough to hit you with a double bath? The knights gulped at Eugene’s smiling face.

That smile didn’t ease the tension. Of course, the reason was because of Senya behind Eugene.

“… … He is the Fallen of the 2nd Division of the White Dragon Knights. Sir Eugene Lionheart, and wise Senja. It is an honor to meet you.”

Not only Fallen, but all three belonged to the 2nd Division of the White Dragon Knights.

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