Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 106

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‘Squad 2… … .’

Eugene recalled the friendly battle with the White Dragon Knights in the past.

2nd squad. Yes, I remembered. After defeating Ebold Magius, the captain of the 4th division. There were two knights who were particularly blatantly glaring at Eugene.

1st Division Captain Karian Diak. And Dairy Diark, the captain of the 2nd Division. Eugene said, remembering the face of his younger brother with tanned skin among the twins.

“For what reason were you spying on us? Are you sure this is an order from the 2nd division commander, who doesn’t like me?”


“Sir Dairy Diak, commander of the 2nd Division. He doesn’t think he likes me?”

It was true. A friendly match a few years ago. Not only was the captain of the White Dragon Knights defeated by a 20-year-old young man, but half of the knights who participated in the friendly battle were also defeated.

Although Eugene had never done anything wrong enough to have to correct his habit, after the friendly battle, the twin captains of the White Dragon Knights were eager to change the habit of Lionheart’s young lion one day.

“that… … no.”

“It is His Majesty’s will that we were monitoring Yu Jin-kyung and Senya-sama.”

Emperor. The moment the name came out, Eugene couldn’t help but click his tongue.

‘I can’t refuse.’

Even if you don’t like it after a few days anyway, you’ll have to look at it.

“let’s go.”


“Isn’t His Majesty sent you all because he wanted to meet me? So let’s go right away.”

It was also a very calculated statement.

look at the time now The sun had already set. If you arrive at the imperial palace right away, you will have dinner with the emperor in time, and after dinner, the night will deepen. If the time is delayed that much, you can make an excuse like ‘It’s late, so I’ll just go back’.

‘It’s better to meet late now than to meet earlier later.’

I was also curious about the rice the emperor ate.


“Isn’t this too much?”

Eugene took a crooked posture with her legs crossed as if showing off. It was incredibly rude, but Eugene didn’t think it was important now.

called by the emperor

did not refuse

Came as I called.

Senya didn’t come along. The only one the emperor called was Eugene. Senya was embarrassed that he had been excluded, but he agreed and returned to his mansion first.

After sending Senya first like that. Eugene rode in a carriage with the knights of the White Dragon Knights.

From there, it slowly started to get worse.

Going by carriage? That would be better than walking. The problem was that the wagon was not ordinary.

The windows were fogged up so I couldn’t see outside. At least, he could see out the window, albeit vaguely, when he was running on the streets of the city, but from the moment he entered the palace, he could not see outside at all and could not even hear a sound.

If I really wanted to understand, I could have done it.

imperial palace. The place where His Majesty, the most noble emperor in this huge country, resides. It’s such a place, so you’ll have to pay close attention to security and keep it secret.

But I felt it was too much. Even after getting off the carriage, it was a spectacle. The knights waiting outside handed over the eyepatch in a very polite manner.

At that point, I was so excited that I burst into laughter. I wanted to know how far I was going to go, so I didn’t refuse and put on an eyepatch.

Of course, it was not an ordinary and simple eye patch. An artifact inscribed with high-level magic. It blocks not only sight, but also hearing, smell, and senses, and even loses the sense of direction.

Even so, with Eugene’s magic skills, it was possible to resist and ignore it, but Eugene didn’t dare to do that.

If that was the case, it was obvious that the guardsmen watching with their eyes open would find fault with them. He probably wouldn’t go that far, but if he did, he would be accused of treason beyond disrespect to the emperor.

Wearing an eyepatch and being led by knights, the room she arrived at was not the center of the magnificent grand hall she had imagined before getting on the carriage, nor was it in front of a dining table full of fancy delicacies, nor was it an ordinary parlor.

Solitary, not small.

Is it a command or a request? The knights told him to sit on a chair against the wall, and Eugene smiled and did as he was told.

“Have I committed any sin?”

He never disobeyed once while coming here. He didn’t even ask questions. He had been sitting in the chair for about 30 minutes and still sat quietly with his mouth shut.

But that was it. I thought I had a lot of patience. Didn’t you just shut up and sit for 30 minutes? Eugene jerked his right foot over his left thigh and glared across from him.

There were two knights with familiar faces standing there. The White Dragon Knights, an order of royal guards who serve the emperor. Karian Diark, the captain of the 1st division, and Dairy Diark, the captain of the 2nd division.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

The two are twins, but perhaps because they are fraternal, they don’t look alike. Even that wasn’t enough, her younger brother, Dairy, was easily recognizable because of her brown skin, as if she had been tanned.

but. Starting today, Eugene decided not to associate her twin, younger sister, or tanned skin with the name ‘Dairy the Arc’.

“Should I pluck out my eyes?”

spoken words. Dairy’s expression, which had been glaring at her Eugene with her eyes full of strength, relaxed for a moment.

It was because I couldn’t understand what the kid just said.

It had to be. Today is the second meeting between Eugene and Dairy, and today is the first time they have spoken directly, and this is the most intimate and secret place in the imperial palace, and Dairy is one of the few knights with executive authority in this space. Putting everything aside, Dairy was twice as old as Eugene.

“What did you just say?”

So, Dairy asked that question first.

The thoughts in my head came out of my mouth involuntarily… … .

There might be occasions like that, but at least now Eugene didn’t make that mistake. Eugene uttered those words clearly and with his own will.

Just counting all these things, nothing and not so great a child. I didn’t like the way he strained his eyes as if he were really that kind of person.

“I said I would pluck out my eyes.”

In his true heart, he wanted to pour out the curse of the emperor, but Eugene still had that level of self-control left.

I also understood why Senya hadn’t been invited. It was obvious and blatant pressure. No matter how much he was the emperor of the empire, he couldn’t put such pressure on that wise Senya. If she showed even the slightest sign of that, Senya would have overturned the imperial palace first.

Then what about Eugene? There was nothing she couldn’t do. Putting Eugene’s fame aside, the Lionheart he belongs to has already sworn allegiance to the Empire for hundreds of years.

‘Even if it wasn’t just that, it’s okay.’

The reason why Eugene is holding back his lust for the emperor is because he doesn’t want to harm the family. But what about those two bastards standing there wide-eyed? Aren’t they the emperor and the royal family?

“what… … Called?”

“Does the little one have trouble hearing?”

What you spit out. Eugene also hit the honorific. He grinned at his dairy as he flicked his outstretched fingers.

“If you get mad, stick with me. His Majesty hasn’t come yet, and the room is spacious, so we can duel.”



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“You bastard!”

“Lower your voice, bastard, disrespectful in the imperial palace where His Majesty resides. What if he yells at me saying he’s pissed off?”

Dairy’s face flushed red at those words.

He wheezes and pulls a handkerchief from his bosom. Dairy didn’t hesitate to throw his handkerchief, but at that moment Karian barged in.


“Don’t dry it!”

“Are you sure you can win?”

It was the same with Karian who was angry. From the beginning, the twins were wary of and hostile toward Eugene. It was because of his pride in the White Dragon Knights.

When people say the best knights of the Kiel Empire. The ones always mentioned were the Knights of the White Dragon, the White Lion of Lionheart, and the Knights of the Black Lion.

But that is now a thing of the past. In a confrontation that took place a year ago, the White Dragon Knights were defeated 7-3 by Lionheart’s White Lion Knights.

The decisive reason for the defeat was because of that Eugene Lionheart. A 20-year-old young man… … Defeated 3 members of the White Dragon Knights. Even one-sided and overwhelming.

Among the three defeated was Ebold Magius, the captain of the 4th division.

After the Great War, the White Dragon Knights were no longer referred to as the best knights in the Empire. The strongest knights on this huge continent are the Knights of Lionheart. In other words, the soldiers of a single family surpassed the might of an empire or an emperor.

The person who made it was Eugene Ryanhart. It was only natural that Carian and Dairy, who had been proud of being members of the White Dragon Knights for decades, were hostile to Eugene.

but. Being hostile and vigilant and ‘can you fight and win?’ are completely different stories. In Karian’s mind, if his brother Dairy and Eugene were to duel, it must have ended in his brother’s defeat in 10, no, 5 minutes.

Carian himself is also the captain, so he is confident in his skills, and he acknowledges his younger brother’s skills, but—- Eugene Lionheart. Now 21, soon to be 22, that young man… … It was a monster that did not belong to common sense.

“… … .”

Even Dairy accepted it. He wheezes, and finally crumples up his handkerchief and stuffs it into his bosom.

“Is the situation very unpleasant right now?”

Karian confirmed that his younger brother was real and looked back at Eugene and asked. Are you offended? That question was rather nasty.

“Of course not.”


Eugene answered by snapping his fingers. This room… … There were not one or two suspicious corners. I didn’t get it right, but I feel it right away… … It seems to be deep underground. The wall facing your back doesn’t seem to be a common material either.

“You dragged me like a criminal who didn’t commit any crime. Without properly explaining why.”

“If you were really a sinner, you would have been sent to prison instead of this room. And His Majesty will not be bold with you.”

Carian said that and checked the watch on her wrist.

“… … Don’t be too offended by His Majesty’s delay. Eugene Lionhart. I know that you are a great person, and I know that you are a person of a status that no one can ignore.”


“But this is the Kiel Empire, you are a citizen of this Empire, and your family Lionheart has sworn allegiance to the Empire since 300 years ago. You… … .”

“so. Is it right for His Majesty the Emperor to treat an innocent citizen this way?”

“The problem is… … there’s nothing i can say What I want to say is, Your Majesty’s time is very valuable.”

Karian barely smiled.

“And I want you to know it as an honor. You know… … This room is secret and special. As far as I know, anyone who can enter this room and talk to Your Majesty… … It’s just the person Your Majesty wants to build a ‘true relationship’ with.”

“A true relationship?”

“okay. Your adoptive father, Lionheart’s family head, has never entered this room.”

The royal family toward which the unsettled heart is headed. or high-ranking nobles. This ‘Room of Truth’ has been used for generations at such times. As far as Karian knew, there was no case of an untitled person entering this room.

‘Qualifications are not enough. It’s also dangerous.’

Karian closed her lips without saying more. She said in fact she couldn’t even talk anymore.

The door to the room opened.

Emperor of Kyel at the time. Straut II walked into the room flapping his fancy cloak. He was exactly what one would normally imagine from the word ‘Emperor’. A large crown and cloak. He had a face full of dignity and even held a staff in one hand.

The emperor did not come in alone. right behind him. The knight that followed like a shadow was Alchester Dragonic, the leader of the White Dragon Knights. When he saw Eugene sitting in the room, he put on a puzzled expression for a moment, but he didn’t say anything right away and quietly followed the emperor into the room.

The moment the Emperor enters. Karian and Dairy immediately got down on one knee and bowed their heads. Although he didn’t like all of this, Eugene also got up from his chair to pay his respects.

“There is no need for that. Please have a seat.”

The emperor spoke at once.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Didn’t I call you here to get down on your knees?”

His gaze and voice are cold. Eugene sat down as he was told, calming his twitching cheeks. The emperor stared at Eugene and lightly tapped the floor with his cane.

Then, across from Eugene, a splendid throne appeared. The emperor sat down on the chair and rested his chin on the back of his hand.

“I really wanted to meet and talk with you someday.”

“It is an honour.”

“I am glad you think so. To be honest, I wanted to set up a place like this earlier, but… … hmm. Luggage wasn’t free, and you had a busy time too.”

The emperor muttered so, then smiled.

“Actually, if I wanted to meet you, I could have met you sooner than now. But, I don’t know if you know… … I mean, Lionheart’s family song. He put off the seat, saying that his son, who was still young, lacked the qualifications for an audience. Was it 3 years ago? Lionheart’s turmoil in the Black Lion Castle. At that time, Jim tried to call not only the head of Lionheart, but also you.”

“You called me even now… … Seong-eun is really embarrassing.”

I didn’t think about that at all, but Eugene said that for now.

“Jim is interested in you.”

A thin smile crept across the emperor’s lips.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Words that describe you… … So many. There are several that come to Jim’s head right now.”

“… … .”

“Everyone on the continent is paying attention to your young steps. Same goes for Jim. you… … Before being Lionheart, I am a citizen of the Empire.”

The emperor spoke in a relaxed tone and raised his staff. Seeing that, Alchester raised his head.

“your majesty… … !”

“I’m not done with Jim’s words yet.”

The emperor warned in a low voice. Then he spoke to Eugene again.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Jim has called you here today to evaluate you… … Praise, and not for that.”

“Then why did you call me?”

“Because I want to know who you are.”

The wand slowly descended.

“What are your thoughts? What have you done and what are you going to do in the future?”

The moment the stick touches the ground. Alchester hastily reached out and tried to grab the Emperor’s shoulder. Karian and Diak, who were nearby, wouldn’t let Alchester touch his jade body.

The swords they pulled out at the same time blocked Alchester’s actions.

ㅡHwaaaak! The walls that make up the room have disappeared. Alchester, Carian, and Dairy, standing behind the emperor, also disappeared. In the endlessly expanded space, only Yujin and the emperor sat on each other’s chairs and looked at each other.

“This… … ?”

Yujin opened her eyes thinly and looked around.

What was happening now was not unfamiliar. Just a moment ago, Eugene was sitting in the room. But, without any indication, something happened.

“The Dialogue Between Mind and Spirit.”

The emperor sat on his throne and chuckled.

“Don’t be too surprised. The bodies of you and Jim… … ‘Cause I’m sitting in my room Jim knows that you are an excellent wizard, right? So it should be easy to understand. This… … It is an ancient and mysterious magic.”


what happened now. this space. Eugene recalled the darkroom in the basement of Lionheart.

What happened in the darkroom was similar to what it is now. Without any sign, before anyone could see it—- the consciousness became independent of the body and materialized in a separate space.

“The progenitor of Lionheart. It is a gift from Vermouth Lionheart to the Kiel family.”

The emperor smiled leisurely and waved his staff. Then, a splendid wine glass appeared in front of the emperor’s eyes. Even though the distance was quite far, the scent from the glass was strong enough to ring Eugene’s nose.

“Jim, the Emperor, is great in real life and can do anything he wants. But Jim in this room is omnipotent in the truest sense.”

This is a world of spirit, not reality. You can make anything you want.

However, that omnipotence belongs only to the emperor, not Eugene. Eugene tried imagining various things as a test, but he couldn’t create anything like the emperor.

“I bet you understand.”

The emperor drank his mouth with fragrant wine and rose from his throne.

“This room. No, in this world Jim is even more omnipotent. And beyond reality, in this world Jim and you are not equal.”

For 300 years, this room has served the emperors of the Empire. It can be used happily even when you want to reveal your base desires—but the true value of this room is that you can ‘understand’ others, not yourself.

For example, when inheriting the throne. The king of vices summons his heirs to this room to complete the final verification. Who will be able to properly lead the empire? What desires and ambitions do you have in your heart? For 300 years, the emperors of the empire were selected through this verification.

Besides that, it has been used in many other ways. When you understand if your servant’s loyalty is genuine. When you want to understand someone’s true intentions. and.

“No matter how excellent a knight or wizard you are. Even if it was a hero chosen by the holy sword. It has no meaning in this world. Jim, with the slightest will, can kill your spirit.”

when eliminating enemies.

“Do you think Jim’s behavior is violent?”

The emperor waved his glass and started walking.

“I know that Your Majesty does not like Lionheart.”

“haha! Not so. If you really didn’t like it, you would have removed Lionheart’s family head from this room right away. It’s not just the burden. All the previous emperors paid attention to Lionheart and coveted it.”

The Emperor’s steps stopped.

“That is all. I noticed and coveted it, but I didn’t try to force it. In awe of the great Vermouth who saved the world… … Also, Lionheart was loyal to the Empire. He didn’t need to get rid of it, nor did he force it into his hands.”

The emperor brought the glass to his lips once more.

“Whoa… … But that’s it. The current Lionheart has grown too big. I think it needs a leash when it’s this big.”

“… … .”

“I’ll think about it slowly after the ‘conversation’ with you.”

“Did you call me here to put a leash on Lionheart?”


The emperor replied in a voice that gave him strength.

“Eugene Ryanhart. let me tell you this much All of this is not because of Jim’s personal desires. It’s not even because of my personal feelings for you. Because I wish for the peace of the empire and the peace of the continent, he has called you here.”

“her… … Do you? Why are you oppressing me when you wish for the peace of the empire and peace on the continent?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know? It is because you are the one who harms the peace of the empire and the peace of the continent.”

Kwajak! The wine glass the emperor was holding was smashed.

“The holy sword, the god of light’s choice? Warrior. glorious! Vermouth Lionheart was a great hero. But do we really need heroes and warriors in this era?”

A flashing gaze turned to Eugene.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Rehain’s Night March, the conversation you had with the demon lord in captivity was burdensome. you! I also saw how he teased Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement.”

Stop that madman!

When Eugene attacked Gavid, the emperor forgot his body language and shouted like that.

“The demon king of confinement said it. End of Promise! and war! That Demon King, the Lord of Helmud, doesn’t start a war first. But if we go to war, we won’t run away.”

Come to Pandemonium.

Climb up my demon castle, Babel, and aim your sword at me.

If you wish to do so, I will gladly wait there.

“Who the hell wants a war?”

The emperor didn’t laugh anymore. He glared at Eugene with wide eyes.

“If there are no warriors, there will be no war. It has been that way for 300 years!”

“Who wanted to become a hero… … .”

Eugene was speechless, but the emperor did not listen to him. he shouted in a passionate voice.

“If you don’t point your sword at the demon lord! War doesn’t happen. But don’t you think so? You not only declared a challenge to the Demon King, but also Gavid Lindman, Duke of Helmud… … .”

“What are you fussing about about?”

Eugene laughed as he crossed his legs.

“Your Majesty doesn’t seem to know, Helmud’s Dragon Demon Castle. It was I who put it on the floor. Peacock? Haha, I’m the one who killed that bastard, Laizakia. Please come to Lionheart Mansion sometime. I’ll show you the dead body of Lyzakia.”

“what… … Called?”

The emperor’s eyes widened. He shook his shoulders and looked at his Eugene.

“Is it you who dropped the dragon castle? Secluded for hundreds of years… … You killed the demon dragon Raizakia?”

“If you are curious, take a look.”

This situation is absolutely unfavorable to Eugene.

Really? Eugene didn’t think so. This space, the magic used here. It must be the fact that makes the emperor omnipotent.

‘The one who made this room was Vermouth.’

I didn’t doubt it.

In this room, the Emperor is unable to subdue Eugene. As the emperor confidently said, killing Eugene’s spirit does not happen.


Hamel trusted Vermouth.

“Would you like to see it?”

The emperor contorted his face and raised his staff. Woo woo! The space began to shake.

“you! I can’t tell any lies in front of Jim. From now on, everything about you, all your thoughts, and the bottom of the human being you are! Jim will understand!”

“Ah, try it.”

“Cheeky… … !”

The cane was pointed at Eugene.

“First kneel… … .”

Consciousness flowing in.

Imperfect, vague understanding.

The emperor could not utter the command to the end, and froze on the spot for a while.

“… … what?”

The emperor muttered, unable to understand.

“Stupid Hamel?”

Eugene sighed and jumped up from his chair.

“그래 이 개새끼야.”


why do people curse

Do I need to find a reason for it? Cursing is just doing it.

just, really just.

curse comes out

I want to curse.

I have no choice but to curse.

Eugene was like that now. Regarding this situation, curses came out to the emperor. He wanted to swear. He couldn’t help but curse.

That baby. No, look at that bastard.

The words that were spoken are speculative. what? Peace of the empire and peace on the continent? In the end, he is afraid of Helmud and the Devil. I didn’t want to start a war somehow, so I called Eugene here today to put him on a leash.

In fact, if you think otherwise, the emperor’s words are understandable. Helmud is a huge empire, and there are not only demon lords in confinement, but also demon lords of destruction. A war against Helmud would only be established if all the nations of the continent, humans, and different races joined forces, no, if the two demon kings went directly to the front, the war might become a one-sided flow.

Because he was an emperor who lived in a peaceful era, he could say such things. You can think of it like that.

However, Eugene is not a person of this era. Eugene admitted that his way of thinking was tied to the past 300 years ago, the war era. No matter what others say, Yujin was right.

“나 때는 말이야, 이 개새끼야.”

Eugene spat out as he kicked the chair.

“It was a very f*cked up world. Demons, monsters, and black magicians are doing shit all over the place. The demon king’s army crawled down from the demon world.”

“uh… … uhh… … .”

“Who the hell wants war? Don’t you think I started it because I wanted to start a SiX war? uh? Demon king, those sons of bitches made a save first in the world. Did you not learn the history of the poetry X Emperor? ”

The emperor was unable to say anything and only pursed his lips.

It was inevitable that he belonged to the royal family from the moment he was born and was the first prince in the line of succession. Since he is such a person, since he was born, he has hardly ever heard of swearing, and likewise, he has never uttered swear words himself, nor has he felt the need to do so.

What about Hamel? Growing up in a rural village on the outskirts, he was familiar with swear words from a young age. He used to be an alley leader, and he lived with curses on his snout since childhood. From the time he became a mercenary, he just lived with a rag in his mouth.

After becoming Vermouth’s colleague. He was corrected in his behavior even when he was beaten on the back by Anis, but people by nature do not change easily. It’s just that I’ve become ‘less’ than I used to be. Even now, after he died as Hamel and was reincarnated as Eugene, curse words were familiar to Eugene.

“Since it was such a save, the people of that era all fought together. peace now? This, too, was obtained by people from the old days like me shedding blood instead of you. Algan? But you, a bastard who grew up full and warm in this good world, and was lucky enough to be born into an imperial family and become emperor. Ah, this dog! ”

Eugene crumpled his face and raised his fist at the emperor. However, the emperor did not show much reaction.

This was also natural.

Since the emperor had never been beaten in his life, the awareness that a fist raised like that could be directed at him did not exist.

Not responding to the emperor. Eugene didn’t care. Once he was feverish and irritable, he poured out what he wanted to say.

“what? Peace of the empire and peace on the continent? This baby to change. What did you hear when that bastard in confinement was holding weight and talking? He sleeps like a warrior, and even if I or we don’t do anything, the unknown promise will end! What will happen when the promise is over? How to be! The bastard in captivity will repeat what he did 300 years ago. Do you know what it is?”

“… … .”

“The world becomes X! uh? You bastard who just says X. this little bastard Do you say such a thing even though you know how painfully your ancestors were beaten by the demon lord 300 years ago?”

The emperor still did not answer. It wasn’t because he couldn’t refute Eugene’s words. It’s just that the emperor couldn’t understand this whole situation.

A man who is pouring out vulgar and uncultured words right in front of his eyes. Eugene Lionhart. There is no doubt that, but inside Eugene Lionheart, whom the emperor understood as the authority of this dimension, there is a stupid Hamel.

Does this make sense?

Why is the stupid Hamel who died 300 years ago still inside Eugene Lionheart? And that stupid Hamel, 300 years later, is giving an admonition to the emperor of the Kiel Empire by pouring out harsh curse words?

How the hell are you supposed to understand this?

“이 개새끼야, 너보다 300년 일찍 태어난 어르신이 말을 하는데 어디서 아가리를 닫고 있어? Won’t you answer me?”

“radish… … mammoth… … .”

“Mum? The martial arts will be this dog! ”

Until now, I had tolerated it by cursing at least, but since the emperor was like that, I thought that cursing was not enough. In reality, he would have tried to be a little more patient, but he didn’t even think about being patient right now.

Eugene strode toward the emperor with a grim expression on his face.

At that point, even the emperor could not stay still. I still didn’t quite understand the situation, but even the mutt in town, not the emperor, would understand that approaching with such an expression was never good intentions.

“this guy!”

The emperor yelled and brandished his staff.

Hwaaak! Because the omnipotence in this space was intact, the emperor was able to rise high into the sky as he wished. He made a throne high in the sky and sat down looking down at Eugene.

“I dare to ask Jim, the emperor of the empire… … !”

“Aren’t you coming down here?”

“Yes, tell me your true identity!”

“Tell me what? Didn’t you understand it with your arrogant authority? You know who I am.”

“that… … that… … .”

“Yes, please tell me, so I will tell you. I am Eugene Ryanhart, the reincarnation of Dugin Hamel from 300 years ago. Are you okay? Not even the emperor of my era was arrogant with me like you, you bastard!”

It’s a lie. I had met the emperor 300 years ago, but that was before I started wandering around the Demon Realm in earnest.

After crossing the sea and wandering around the Devil’s Land for a while, making a name for himself, set the goal of ‘Subjugating the Demon Lord’ and return to the continent for reorganization. ‘The Brave Vermut’ and his companions had an audience with the rulers of the continent, including the emperor of Kiel.

A banquet held by sucking the blood of white paper in a world that is perishing. A farewell to the heroes who set out to subdue the demon lord and the hero who stood at the forefront. Even at the time, I didn’t like the position, but I didn’t point fingers at the emperor and curse.

but? What if Hamel returned without dying in the confined demon castle? Could the emperor of that time be as arrogant as the emperor of this era?

Eugene thought he couldn’t do it. That’s why, even if those words were a lie, Eugene himself didn’t think it was a lie.

“Jim is… … He is the emperor of Kiel.”

The emperor calmed his dizzy mind and calmed his trembling voice. Rebirth? Could such a thing exist in the world? I still couldn’t believe it, but I had to believe it.

“Eugene Ryanhart… … ! Even if you are the reincarnation of stupid Hamel, a hero from 300 years ago. You can’t be so rude in front of Jim… … .”

“Why not?”

Yujin stood in her place and looked up at the emperor.

A place high enough that you have to tilt your head all the way to see the soles of your feet. Eugene moved his body around as a test. She moved well with no problems. Next, I hopped lightly in place a few times.

“Think carefully. The reason you called me here is to subdue or defeat me with the proud authority of this space.”

“that… … .”

“No? Can an emperor lie?”

“For the peace of the empire and the peace of the continent!”

The Emperor did not back down and shouted out loud.

“Eugene Ryanhart! If you’re stupid Hamel, you’ll be able to understand my meaning all the more. Didn’t you see and experience that terrible war 300 years ago with your own eyes!”

“You know.”

“The current peace was obtained by Vermouth Lionheart and you and other heroes! As the future Emperor, I have a duty to maintain this peace… … .”

“You didn’t listen to me properly, did you? Even if you stay still, the promise is over!”

“Even so… … There will be other ways. The promise isn’t over yet! And just because the promise ends, the Demon King will wage war unconditionally… … .”

“There is no guarantee that it will not happen! Hey, do you know the devil better than me? uh? If you don’t even know more than me, where can you catch a horse’s tail?”

“different… … There may be a way. The way to maintain peace without killing the demon lord… … !”

Kwadeuk. The emperor sighed as he firmly gripped the armrest with both hands.

“The reason why Jim called you! Because I thought it necessary to restrain you from acting rashly. If we can grasp and understand your true intentions, and judge that you are a threat to the Empire and the world!”

“So what are you going to do?”

Yujin tilted her head and smirked.

“You have done it too. The authority you have in this space right now cannot threaten me.”

“Don’t underestimate Jim’s power!”

“I sat down laughing. Whoever sees it will know that this authority was created by you. Isn’t this what Vermouth gave you?”

The emperor raised his staff flashingly without answering.

Kurrureung! Space began to vibrate again. A huge sword appeared high in the sky where the emperor was sitting.

“Eugene Ryanhart, no! Dumb Hamel. Your existence poses a great threat to the Empire and the world. So I will judge you here!”

“Let’s say you do what you think. What should I do if I’m not here?”

“that… … .”

“Now you know. That I’m not just Senya’s heir. What if I don’t return from the imperial palace? Of course Senya will come looking for me, right?”

The emperor’s eyes shook.

As he said, even if it was possible to subdue or kill Eugene, the existence of the wise Senya was the greatest threat. If she could bring her to this room, there would be a way for her—but would the conversation really work with the archmage, who was furious over a matter concerning her successor, no, her old friend?

but. Even so, I couldn’t make up my mind.

Eugene Ryanhart is dangerous. He is a threat to peace just by being a warrior, but especially if his identity is actually a ghost from 300 years ago! He had to walk on a leash here.

“Do you really think what you are doing is right?”

Yujin snorted and asked.

“Senya is alive, Morron is alive. and i have The situation on the continent is much better than it was 300 years ago. The demon king and demons in captivity must have become stronger as well, but they are not at a huge disadvantage like they were 300 years ago.”

“… … .”

“You said that I, the hero, are a threat to the world. really is that right? Rather, isn’t my existence an insurance policy in case the world really gets f*cked?”


Straut II was not stupid. He has greed and ambition for Ryan Hart, but there was a cause he thought of himself in this action.

Eugene Lionheart, kill the hero.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about that option at all. However, as Eugene said, the emperor thought that the existence of a hero was necessary.

Just now the promise is not over yet. While peace was maintained, he thought that the hero’s youthful fervor and strife against Helmud and the Demon King should be suppressed.

Isn’t that a precedent? If Eugene hadn’t raised the middle finger to the demon king of confinement in Night March. If only I hadn’t dared to attack the sword of confinement that was trying to retreat. Even the emperor would not have put Eugene in a place where such an extreme method was possible.

“… … You are too dangerous.”

The emperor let out a long sigh and waved his staff. Then the sword floating in the sky disappeared without a trace.

“Even you drop the dragon castle… … Didn’t you kill Lyzakia, Duke of Helmud? If these facts are known, they will undoubtedly be controversial.”

“It’s okay because it’s a secret that the Dragon Demon Castle was dropped.”

“You killed the Duke of Laizakia, but do you think the fall of the Dragon Demon Castle will remain a secret!”

“Ah, it’s okay. All Helmud Demons know that Raizakia was not in the Dragon Demon Castle at the time. The demon king of confinement doesn’t even care that Raizakia is dead.”

“How can you be sure of that… … .”

“Do you know better than me what that bastard who was confined to is thinking?”

When Eugene asked, the emperor had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

To be honest, Eugene wasn’t too confident about this. Eugene had never faced the demon king in captivity 300 years ago, and he had met a few times after being reincarnated… … I couldn’t even guess what thoughts were in the head of the demon king of confinement.

“And I mean. You think the world is very peaceful right now, so you say you have to protect that peace… … Actually, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

Eugene told the emperor what had happened in the Great Forest of Samar.

Edmond Codlet, the Samma of Confinement. The story of how he performed a ritual deep in the Great Forest, by sacrificing tens of thousands of natives to become the Demon King.

“does not make sense… … !”

“Why would I lie? If you don’t believe me, confirm it with your authority?”

Wouldn’t you want to do that just because you’re the emperor? I wanted to check it like a chimney, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted.

It was like that just a while ago. The emperor tried to grasp and understand everything about Eugene, but all he could understand with the authority of this place was that Eugene was a stupid Hamel… … .

‘also. It doesn’t look like it’s going well.’

Eugene was convinced again through the emperor’s reaction.

Vermut, who created this space, arranged so that the authority of this place would not pose a threat to Hamel. Since Lionheart must continue to exist for Hamel’s reincarnation, the arrangement will apply equally to not only Eugene but also Lionheart’s ‘blood’.

“And it’s not like I’m going to start a war right away or fight the demon king.”

“… … .”

“I already died and was reincarnated once 300 years ago. Shall I go into a place where I’m sure I’ll die again because I’m crazy? I have thoughts and plans.”

“hmm… … .”

“Think wisely. His Majesty Straut II. Why should we be against each other? Of course I want the world to be peaceful. He said he died fighting for peace 300 years ago.”

While saying that, Eugene motioned for the emperor to come down.

“It’s hard to look up. Let’s come down and share a little closer and deeper talk. Okay, let’s have a sincere conversation that you like.”

Words that are delivered as if they are soothing. His attitude was disrespectful and his tone very arrogant, but… … The emperor decided to understand him with a heart as broad as the sea. He even agreed with Eugene’s words. world peace. what a wonderful word

“good night.”

The emperor nodded and waved his staff. The throne that had risen high began to slowly descend.

“Hero of the past. Let me introduce Jim again. My name is Straut Theodra Kiel, the 48th Emperor of the Kiel Empire… … .”

“Come here.”

Eugene did not listen to the emperor until the end. The moment his throne was within reach, he reached out and grabbed the leg of his chair.

“You ignorant bastard. You say that Ji is the emperor, but you bastard, I have outlived you by 300 years!”

“What, what are you doing?!”

The emperor waved his arms in bewilderment. Raising his throne high again, he tried to drop his Eugene, but he didn’t get his way. Instead, the throne fell to the ground due to Eugene’s pulling force.

“What are you doing? I want to do something for you.”

“what are you saying… … ?!”

“The reason why you’re so arrogant and arrogant is because you’ve never been beaten properly since you were born. It’s okay, just because you’re beaten here doesn’t mean you’re sick in real life. therefore.”

Eugene widened his eyes and grabbed the emperor’s collar.

“Let’s hit a few.”

The palm of his hand swung at the emperor’s cheek.


There was only silence in the room.

Alchester was accustomed to this situation and silence.

Alchester had been in charge of escort knights since the time when the emperor was a prince, and since then, they have left the master-servant relationship and regarded each other as friends. So Alchester was familiar with this room, and could understand why the emperor had called Eugene Lionheart here.

But I wasn’t convinced. Just because you are a friend or a lord you have to serve doesn’t mean you have to accept that meaning unconditionally.

Alchester knows the purpose of this room. Here, generation after generation, the Emperor of Kiel separates friend from foe, giving full understanding to friends and unilateral punishment to enemies.

“… … I don’t like it.”

Alchester murmured in a low voice. It was not something the escort knight, who must be absolutely loyal to the emperor, would say, but Alchester couldn’t understand the situation.

“What do you mean you don’t like it?”

The Diak brothers asked without retracting their swords. At the same time, the drawn sword crossed and stopped in front of Alchester’s throat.

The sharp blade touched his skin, but Alchester didn’t care about the sword. He glared at the emperor’s shoulder, which he held in his hand.

“Retract your hand, Lord Alchester.”

“No matter how close you are to His Majesty. What you are doing now is extremely disrespectful.”

Alchester chewed his lips and withdrew his hand. Then the Diak brothers put their swords into the scabbard as well. Still wary of Alchester, the two slowly backed away and stood on either side of Eugene.

Alchester furrowed his eyebrows and glared at the Diark brothers.

“All of this. His Majesty did not tell me anything about this incident.”

“The captain must know why. Eugene Lionhart. Doesn’t the leader really like that cheeky guy?”

“You like it?”

“Should I say favoritism?”

The Diak brothers exchanged words and smirked. Alchester laughed at their words and shook her head.

“I don’t want to hear that. Lord Carrian, Lord Dairy. I like it. be fond of Doesn’t that mean that I’m a better, higher, and great person than Eugene?”

Alchester said that while looking at Eugene. The emperor and Eugene closed their eyes tightly as if they were in a deep sleep. The minds of the two must be having a conversation not in this space, but in the world of consciousness.

“I don’t think of myself as such a great person. That I’m older than Eugene? Is that what’s important? important to the knight. There are several. Honor, skill, courage, conviction. If you look at it one by one, there are countless numbers.”

“… … .”

“I’m talking. In terms of the many virtues that a knight should have, I don’t think there is anything far ahead of Eugene. Rather, I must have lacked more than Eugene. That’s why I either like Eugene or I don’t like him.”

Alchester had seen Eugene’s sword.

“For me, Eugene is respected as a knight. He wants to be an equal, he wants to compete with him, and he is also an object of awe.”

“Please don’t say things like that. Lord Alchester Dragonic. You are the leader of the White Dragon Knights, the sword of His Majesty the Emperor, and the number one knight in the Empire.”

“Yeah, that’s right. The leader of the White Dragon Knights. His Majesty’s Sword. But the Empire’s number one knight? haha! Strangely, a lot of people call me that. I never really thought of it that way myself.”

Alchester chuckled and shook his head.

“If I were to ask this empire to name a knight superior to me right now, I would say several knights without hesitation. If you take the entire continent as a range, you won’t be able to count it on one hand. And in a nutshell. Among them will be Eugene Lionheart, that young man.”

“Sir Alchester!”

“Lower your voice, what if His Majesty even opens your eyes?”

“Sir Alchester, be careful of your words and actions. you don’t like it? Now you doubt His Majesty’s decision… … .”

“Of course I doubt it.”

Alchester answered without hesitation. He glared at the Diak brothers standing on either side of the sleeping Eugene and continued.

“If I had known about this first, I would have remonstrated with Your Majesty even if my throat was blown off. Don’t you guys also know the purpose of this room’s existence?”

“I don’t want to know more about what Kyung is thinking because I’m afraid. But Lord Alchester. Your Majesty did not call to oppress Eugene Lionheart. For a sincere conversation… … .”

“conversation? haha… … Do you say that when you are familiar with this room? It’s not a conversation going on in this room. Of course, it’s not appeasement.”

Alchester clenched his fists and continued.

“I didn’t know what happened today, but you guys did. Why didn’t you tell His Majesty? If you really needed to talk, you shouldn’t have come to this room.”

Why did the emperor bring Eugene to this room? Although he couldn’t hear it himself—- it must be because Eugene judged that the hero was a threat to the empire.

Then what should be done? Eliminate or subdue. For the emperor, there are no options other than those two.

But that shouldn’t be the case with Eugene Lionhart. He is a hero not only recognized by the Holy Sword, but also directly recognized by the Demon King himself.

Now, the end of the promise that lasted for 300 years is approaching. Like the great Vermouth, a hero who should lead the era with his own will and choice, is not supported and supported by the emperor, but is persecuted? It is not yet known how the conversation will end, but Alchester is disillusioned with the emperor’s decision.

“You shouldn’t have come to this room… … . Sir’s words seem to question His Majesty’s cause.”

“If I say so, will you report it to Your Majesty?”

“Of course I will.”

“haha! Then I will have a sincere conversation with His Majesty.”

Alchester laughed and shook his head. If the Emperor does so, Alchester will accept the conversation without resistance.

There was no further conversation. The Diark brothers were wary that Alchester might touch the jade body again, but Alchester did not take any action and quietly followed the emperor.

“… … Umm… … .”

What broke the silence that followed was a low moan. Everyone flinched and looked at the source of the sound.

Eugene Lionhart. My head was lowered, and my closed eyes opened. At that moment, Eugene immediately came to her senses and raised her body.

Unlike Eugene, who came to his senses, the emperor did not open his eyes. Instead, the emperor’s shoulders trembled as if they had convulsed.

“your majesty?!”

Alchester, who was directly behind, panicked and grabbed the emperor’s shoulder. But the emperor’s trembling did not stop.


Dairy screamed. The face of the emperor bowed down. Blood was dripping from his nose.

Alchester’s face went white. He hurriedly moved in front of the emperor, felt the pulse on his wrist, and checked his complexion.

There were no other problems with pulse and breathing. It was just coffee bleeding. why? This was the first time.

“You bastard!”

“Dare, dare, Your Majesty!”

The Diak brothers screamed with their faces contorted. The sword that happened at the same time rushed at Eugene. Although he had just come to his senses, Eugene’s mind was intact.

A sword that penetrates from both sides. Eugene stretched out both of his hands without panic. Hwareuk! The flames of white flames that rose up in an instant covered Yujin’s hands.

“Do you calm down?”

The Diak brothers’ sword could not advance any further. Although it was said that he pulled it out and swung it abruptly, he had enough power. The swords of the two couldn’t inflict even a small wound, let alone cross the palms that blocked their way.

No, I couldn’t even reach it.

The purple flames wrapped around Eugene’s palm overpowered the Diark brothers’ sword steel in terms of output and rather pushed them back.

“What have you done to His Majesty!”

Karian and Dairy leaped backwards and made their swords even bigger. In response to the question asked, the two swung their swords down again without even listening to the answer.

It is not an attack to subdue. It is a sword that oozes the will to kill with determination. It was understandable since the emperor had become like that, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be calm.

“no. I want you to calm down.”

It didn’t seem like I could hear it in words.

‘It can’t be helped.’

The moment the Diak brothers’ swords approached. Eugene’s figure disappeared. The two fierce blades only cut through the empty space. The Arc brothers were momentarily taken aback by the fact that he couldn’t follow the movement at all, rather than the fact that Eugene avoided it.


Before the embarrassment had gone, the pain set in. Dairy’s body collapsed with choked breathing. A fist dug deep into her liver. Before I knew it, Eugene was standing right next to Dairy.

I hit it moderately, but it didn’t work out with one blow. Dairy Diark. 이 개새끼가 그녀의 아까 그녀의 눈깔에 잔뜩 힘을주고 서 자신을 노려 보았던 것이 그녀의 머릿속에 떠올랐다.

However, it was too cruel to really pluck out the eyes, so Eugene compromised moderately.

Wow! Dairy’s head bounced back. The short cut hit Dairy in the left eye area.


Dairy screamed and grabbed her eyes. His eyeballs did not burst due to his exquisite power control, but the pain in his eyeball was as if it had been burned by fire, so he could not see well.

Kwakjik! The whip-like kick shattered Dairy’s left shin. Dairy fell to the floor with a scream.

Seeing that sight, his older brother Karian screamed and rushed at him, and Eugene responded fairly. His younger brother slapped the left eye and shin, while his older brother slapped the right eye and shin.

“I told you to calm down.”

Eugene clicked his tongue at his brother who fainted and collapsed on the floor. She then adjusted her expression and she looked ahead.

Alchester Dragonic. He was still watching the emperor. Right behind the back, the Diark brothers were beaten without even using their hands properly, but Alchester didn’t pay attention to them.

“Isn’t it necessary to serve His Majesty?”

“… … You don’t have any big problems.”

Alchester let out a long sigh and stood up.

“I’m not a member of the council, but I know that His Majesty’s condition is not to the point where he needs to go to a doctor. Get some rest and you’ll wake up.”

“but… … .”

“I am worried.”

Alchester turned his head and looked at Eugene.

“If I take His Majesty outside, will the Diak brothers who are left here be able to capture you?”

Eugene shrugged his shoulders without answering. The answer to that was already unfolding before Alchester’s eyes.

“yes. Those two are excellent knights, but I can’t handle you. From your point of view, the D.Ark brothers… … The captains of the White Dragon Knights must be like children.”

“Because the two of them were in a hurry.”

“Anyway, the results are already out. … … If I went out with His Majesty, what would you do now? Would you mind staying here?”

“I will.”

“What the hell have you been doing?”

Alchester sighed once more. He stared at Eugene with a sad expression on his face.

“Whatever the reason, you’re awake… … Your Majesty is still not awake. He even shed blood.”

“… … .”

“The moment I took His Majesty out of this room… … You will become a traitor who harmed the Emperor of the Empire. The laws of the empire cannot be avoided just because you are a hero. And this won’t end with you alone. Not only the main family of Lionheart, but also the entire branch will be charged with treason.”

“I guess so.”

“You… … I wouldn’t wish for that sin. the moment i left the room No, even if I am here. You’ll think of an escape somehow. If he had been willing to be a sinner, he wouldn’t have even defeated Brother The Ark.”


“That’s why I’m worried.”

Can I say this now? Alchester thought so and touched the sword at his waist.

“To prevent you from running away. I’m blocking you right now or not… … Either help you escape.”

“… … yes?”

“I can do a lot of things in this imperial palace. To temporarily hide His Majesty, who lost consciousness immediately. Or kidnap your majesty. It’s possible to buy time that way, and I can help you escape from the many eyes of this imperial palace.”

“Sir Alchester.”

“Of course I will lose a lot in the process. Not only my own honor, but also the honor of my family for 300 years. No, you will lose the family name itself. … … Neither do you. Even if the family of the original family could escape the Empire, many of Lionheart’s collaterals would remain in the Empire. They will all be executed.”

The more I spoke, the more desperate and depressing I felt. Alchester sighed again and continued his speech.

“But you can live. You can run away, leave the empire, and hide in another country to plan for the future.”

“What do you mean later?”

“Killing the Demon King. Isn’t that the only thing you, a warrior, have to do?”

“Are you willing to help me with that?”

“Rather than turning you into a traitor and putting you in jail, this would be a better choice for the world. Yeah, it’s nothing to worry about.”

Alchester smiled bitterly and shook his head. Eugene looked at Alchester with her strange eyes, and then she smiled and sat in her chair.

“What are you doing?”

“I have no intention of running away. You don’t have to. So Lord Alchester, please do not worry and suffer.”

“how… … I don’t know what you’re talking about. This will not be taken lightly.”

“It will end without incident.”

Yujin stared at the still unconscious emperor and said.

“Your Majesty is very merciful. So wait with me until His Majesty comes to his senses.”

“Are you serious?”


Alchester stared at Eugene, feeling confused. She didn’t appear to be lying or scheming.

Alchester hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

“Um… … .”

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