Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 107

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after a little while With a moan, the emperor opened his eyes. Alchester hurriedly got down on one knee in front of the emperor.

“your majesty!”

“Alchester… … kyung… … .”

The emperor gasped and raised his head. Beyond Alchester on his knees. I saw the Diak brothers who had passed out with one leg bizarrely broken.

behind it. I saw Eugene sitting in a chair. Yujin met the emperor’s eyes and smiled while squinting one of his eyes.


A terrible feast of violence passed through the emperor’s mind. Jureuk! Painful memories of the first time in his life stimulated the emperor’s mind, and the nosebleeds that had stopped at best began to flow again.

“your majesty!”

“Are you okay?”

Alchester screamed, and Eugene asked in a worried voice. The emperor shook his shoulders and nodded his head.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

“your majesty. What the hell happened?”

Alchester asked, holding the Emperor’s trembling hand.

“any… … nothing happened… … .”


“Nothing happened… … !”

The emperor answered while avoiding Yujin’s gaze.


Of course nothing happened.

The emperor who should have been omnipotent in that world was not omnipotent in front of Eugene. The emperor desperately tried to escape, but once he was caught by Yujin, it was impossible to escape. He tried to attack in order to resist, but any kind of attack disappeared once it touched Eugene.

The defense was the same. The thick walls and barriers that covered the whole body vanished in vain once they touched Eugene’s hand.

In the end, the emperor had no choice but to be beaten in a mess by Yujin. From Eugene’s point of view, the beating was not too severe, but to a human who was born into the royal family and ascended to the throne, ‘beating’ was a strange thing that he had never experienced in his life.

‘Serious bastard.’

Every time the emperor was hit by ear-plugging, he screamed out loud, saying that his throat would be torn, and that the world would collapse after a few blows with his fist.

After beating him for a long time, he made me kneel down. The emperor, who was no longer omnipotent, knelt down as instructed.

Emperor of Kiel.

Straut II was by no means a fool. A long-lasting beating in the world of consciousness. It wouldn’t be strange if his mind collapsed, in fact it wasn’t that much, but the chain of pain the emperor felt.


There isn’t much of a way. Powerless in the world of consciousness, Straut II in reality was still the emperor of Kiel. He had many avenues of revenge to try with that power.

Is Eugene Lionhart innocent? Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t come out dust by shaking it off? In the first place, there was nothing like that, just adding treason to blasphemy could turn the entire Lionheart family into a traitor.

But it shouldn’t be like that. Straut II, the emperor knew that fact well enough to make his bones tingle.

The true identity of Eugene Lionheart.

Dumb Hamel, a hero from 300 years ago.

Looking at what he’s been hiding so far, he doesn’t seem to have any intention of revealing it to the world… … If the entire family becomes a traitor and is about to be killed by the empire, he will have to reveal his identity to overcome the situation.

‘No, there’s no need for that.’

The emperor gulped and looked at Eugene. … … He couldn’t make eye contact very well.

It was very strange. It wasn’t even that my body was beaten in reality, but my whole body was in pain just by facing those golden eyes.

‘Even if you don’t reveal your identity to everyone… … Everyone who knows already knows.’

Are you smart

Brave Moron.

These two must know that Eugene Lionhart is an old friend.

Wasn’t it like that in Night March too? The courageous Moron who suddenly appeared showed off her friendship by carrying Eugene Ryan Hart by her side. And the wise Senya, who returned from a long retreat, left Arot and settled down at Lionheart’s home… … .

The emperor and Kiel cannot drive Eugene and the Lionheart family as traitors. The moment you do that, monster-like humans that the empire can’t handle become enemies. The public opinion of countries other than the empire, no, the public opinion of the citizens of the empire would be apathetic.

“Whoa… … .”

The emperor let out a long sigh and lowered his head. The first intention was to find out Eugene’s heart, and if he thought it was dangerous, he would put shackles on it.

I did get to know your heart as intended, but… … I’d rather not know. The emperor was afraid of all the truth and felt heavy. Eventually, in this era, the war between the demon king and Helmud would become inevitable.

“Can I go soon?”

Eugene opened his mouth. The Diak brothers were still scattered at his feet.

In fact, the two of them have already come to their senses. However, embarrassed and ashamed of being defeated so badly, he did not stand up and quietly pretended to faint. His shattered limbs hurt, but he thought it was better than getting up limping in front of the emperor.

“It is important to treat such wounds quickly. If I keep sitting here, shouldn’t those twin captains keep putting up with being sick?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“It’s not only that you can’t fight, you can’t even pretend to faint.”

Eugene snorted and smirked. Even so, the twins didn’t react and kept their mouths shut.

“okay… … .”

The emperor let out a long sigh and opened his mouth.

“Eugene… … Ryan Hart… … kyung. It’s good to go back.”

“It was a pleasant conversation.”

Yujin smiled and stood up from her seat. It was true that she had a conversation rather than a beating.

It wasn’t a very great conversation.

do well in the future

Wherever you go, don’t say unnecessary things and act wisely.

Don’t argue with me, don’t care what I do.

It was not a one-sided notice. As much as he said that, Eugene also promised to take care of the face of the empire and the emperor. For example, when doing something in the future. Especially when you have to get caught up in an unwanted incident outside the Empire… … In that case, he decided to give the emperor a word.

These were too many words to say to the emperor of the empire, but thankfully the emperor replied that he understood. The emperor said, closing his weary and sad eyes.

“Lord Alchester. Please guide Sir Eugene outside.”

“What is your Majesty going to do?”

“Jim is… … .”



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“You look very tired. How about going out together? your majesty.”

“Jim is… … Jim is… … Yes, I will.”

The emperor hesitated, then rose from his chair. Alchester couldn’t understand this strange situation and looked at the emperor’s expression.

‘What the hell happened?’

I was curious, but I couldn’t ask. Silence according to the situation and notice was an important virtue that escort knights should have. So Alchester quietly shut his lips and supported the emperor.

“We are here to help.”

Eugene also grabbed the arm of the staggering emperor. the moment you get your hands on it. The emperor was terrified and twisted his body, but Eugene held onto the emperor’s arm as if he knew it, and did not let go.

“Are you okay?”

“Gee, Jim is fine.”

“Then let’s get out.”

I want to tell you to let go… … The words just couldn’t come out. Eventually, the emperor came out of the room with Eugene and Alchester supporting him.

It was as Eugene had guessed. This room was deep underground in the spire, a short distance from the imperial palace.

“your majesty!”

Waiting for Eugene, who came up to the ground, were dozens of royal guards. They were probably the knights the emperor had arranged before entering the room.

‘I’m sure he won’t give me an order to capture him here, right?’

Eugene glanced at the emperor. At that moment, the eyes of Eugene and the emperor met.

‘이 개새끼가.’

It seems that even the emperor was worried for a moment. Eugene secretly pinched the arm of the emperor who was holding on to support. Then the emperor trembled with his body.

“Jim is… … Jim is fine. Back away everyone. I’m tired and I’m just being supported for a while.”

The emperor hurriedly exhaled and turned to Eugene.

“Sir Eugene. oh… … Today’s conversation was very enjoyable. Yes Sir Ebold. Didn’t you have a one-on-one relationship with Sir Eugene? So, please guide Sir Eugene outside.”

Among the knights stationed outside the spire, the captain of the 4th Division, who was defeated by Eugene in the previous battle. There was also Ebold Magius. He was very embarrassed to be pointed out by the emperor, but since it was the emperor’s will, he lowered his head without questioning.

“Have a peaceful night, Your Majesty. then… … I’ll see you again with Senya-sama tomorrow.”

“egg… … I will.”

Eugene let go of the emperor’s arm. He took a few steps back, got down on one knee, and bowed deeply. It was earlier, and now is now, and there are many eyes to see, so he set an example enough.

‘Abominable… … monster… … .’

Why didn’t the room’s power work on Eugene? Because of Lionheart’s blood? Or is it because he is stupid Hamel? I do not know. He didn’t even want to think about it any more. The emperor straightened his trembling expression and turned around.

I heard the sound of footsteps receding. The knights surrounding him also retreated along with the emperor. Only then did Eugene raise his head and look ahead.

A spire with a tightly closed door. A room left by Vermouth, similar to the darkroom in the basement of Lionheart’s home.

‘I thought there was something else.’

I had hoped for that in my heart, but the illusion of vermouth did not appear like it was in the darkroom.

‘Is it because I was with the emperor? Next time I go in alone, maybe something more will come out… … .’

That’s what I thought, but I didn’t expect much. The dark room of the head family and the room of the imperial palace. There is no reason to share the welcome by dividing it into two. As the emperor said, this room was just a gift from Vermouth to the Empire.

I guessed why. Vermouth intended to be the reincarnation of Eugene and Hamel. approximately 300 years later. It was meant to be reincarnated as a descendant of the Lionheart family, Vermouth.

For that to happen, the Lionheart family had to survive. The gift of this room to the imperial family by Vermouth must have been a loyal oath that Lionheart would never become an enemy of the empire.

‘I can’t seem to find out anything, but I’ll have to come back tomorrow with Senya.’

Eugene looked away from the spire.

“Long time no see, Sir Ebold.”

“okay… … Long time no see.”

Ebold smiled bitterly and nodded. Ebold smelled the thin blood on Eugene’s body and saw the blood splattered on Eugene’s sleeve.

“Oh, never mind this. It’s not my blood.”

“It’s not your blood… … ?”

“It is the blood of Lord Diark. It’s true, the two of you had a lot of complaints about me… … It ended neatly in a duel.”

“Could it be that you killed him?”

“Ah, that can’t be. Even in a duel, how could you kill a Royal Knight in front of Your Majesty’s eyes? Just in moderation, just enough for His Majesty to enjoy watching.”

Eugene started to walk, shaking his head.

So, was the duel between the captain of the 1st division and the captain of the 2nd division of the White Dragon Knights just an eye candy?

“her… … . haha.”

Ebold, who had been standing there blankly, came to his senses belatedly and let out a blank laugh.

* * *

Since he was called by the emperor and went to the imperial palace, it was only natural that Gilade and other adults were worried about Eugene.

“No big deal.”

The adults who came with worried faces were able to send them back only after repeating those words.

“How can the emperor of an empire be so narrow-minded?”

“Even the Pope of Euras did not persecute us in that way.”

The real problem wasn’t the adults in the family. After hearing the details from Eugene, Cristina and Anis took turns expressing their anger.

“Keep that bastard.”

Senya took out her staff and behaved as if she would invade Kiel’s palace at any moment.

“Why is your personality the same even when you get older?”

Eugene was frightened and took the staff from Senya. I said it without thinking… … Senya stared at Eugene with his eyes wide open.

“you… … ! Did you just say I’m older?!”

Senya cried out with a broken expression on her face. Cristina and Anis knew what to do in this situation.

“Hamel, you are talking too much.”

“No matter how old Senya is, if Eugene directly says such a thing, it will hurt her greatly.”

The two of them pretended to be on Senya’s side and thrust a dagger into their chest. Senya staggered and sat down on a chair with Mer’s support.

“Age doesn’t matter. What really matters is the mental… … .”

“Yes, it is. Mer, you know, you’ve been there for 200 years.”

“ah… … no. I was created from Senya-sama’s childhood, so even though I’ve existed for 200 years, my mental age is… … .”

“It’s a really convenient setup. isn’t it? Cristina.”

“Yes, Miss Anise. As a 23-year-old, I don’t know.”

Christina smiled and replied. Anis, who was supposed to take turns to step forward, couldn’t do that and flinched. She realized that the dagger hidden behind those clever words was targeting not only Senya and Mer, but also Anise herself.

A bloody silence like walking on thin ice. Yujin, who had been silently keeping her mouth shut, looked at her for a moment before opening her mouth.

“Anyway, three. You must go to the imperial palace with me tomorrow… … .”

“Are you going to overthrow the imperial palace?”

Senya, who was drooping, asked with her eyes twinkling.

[Hamel. Have you finally decided to become the emperor yourself?]

Winid in the cloak hummed, and Tempest spoke up.

when was it Tempest said that he would need an army for the Northern Expedition, and once asked Eugene about becoming the emperor himself.

“Don’t bullshit.”

Naturally, Eugene had no intention of becoming emperor or overthrowing the imperial palace.

To enter Lionheart’s Darkroom, you must be of Lionheart’s blood.

A room in the basement of the spire of the Imperial Palace. In order to activate the ‘power’ there, the emperor’s will is required, but anyone can enter the room itself.

“Don’t expect too much.”

Senya opened her eyes thinly and said.

“The magic of vermouth was unknown even 300 years ago. I tried researching in Alot, but even then there was no result. Even I, who was punctured by Vermouth, don’t know the true identity of the magic he used.”

“You’re assuming it’s ancient magic.”

“I don’t know the identity, so I’m just guessing. As I said before, there are many ambiguous things about ‘ancient’. The age of a distant myth that has not even been properly recorded… … Even dragons cannot answer what those times were like.”

Senya grumbled in a low voice and glanced at Cristina.

“This is the era when myths and legends existed. The era when the god of light existed.”

“God gives no answers.”

“Then, who can accurately tell us about that era… … It must be only the demon king.”

“so. Aren’t you going with me tomorrow?”

“I have to go.”

Senya pursed her lips.

“Even if there are no results, shouldn’t we try to find something? Just in case. If you scratch hard enough, you might find a password left by Vermouth.”

I didn’t mean it seriously. Like Eugene, Senya thought that there would be no messages left by Vermouth in the imperial palace room.


He doesn’t want his former colleagues to find him.


Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. She giggled as she wore an alluring dress that exposed her breastbone, shoulders, and back.

It was an unconventional exposure for a high-ranking aristocrat called a duke, but of course, noir was dignified. Rather, she felt regret that there were not many guests who could show off her beautiful self.

“It’s a bit unfortunate.”

Noir murmured, lowering his colorful sunglasses slightly down the bridge of his nose.

“What are you sorry about?”

Gavid, dressed in a neat tuxedo, was standing near Noir. If it was the usual Gavid, he would point out that Noir’s outfit was not dignified, but Gavid’s head couldn’t afford it now. Gavid was uncharacteristically nervous, nervous, excited, thrilled.

“Don’t ask the obvious questions, Gavid. You think so too, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about… … .”

“Right here.”

Noir laughed softly. Every time her lightly colored lips opened, a sweet breath leaked out.

Noir felt the same excitement and excitement. Such a feeling warmed Noir’s heart and body, and the succubus, who had lived for a long time, poured out his magic while remaining true to the feelings he was feeling. Quite a few demons would not be able to control their desires or even breathe properly in front of the current Noir.

Gavid, of course, didn’t. No matter how strong and enchanting Noir’s magical power is, the current Gavid was looking at her Noir but not focusing on her. He was silent as he caressed the hilt of the demonic sword Glory hung from his waist.

“How many years has this been? dozens… … No, isn’t it close to 100 years?”

“It’s been 97 years.”

Gavid said immediately.

“To be precise, 97 years and 134 days.”

“Nearly 100 years. Yes? It’s been a very, very long time.”

I can’t help but be thrilled and excited about this. Noir smiled deeply and pressed his pounding chest.

“So sorry. For us demons, 100 years is not an incredibly long time… … This… … Today is very special, isn’t it? If it were me.”

“Be careful of your words and actions, Duke Jebela. ‘What if me’? That means you usurp the throne… … .”

“Please, don’t overdo it, Gavid Lindman. That’s what they say, do I seriously aim for the throne of the Demon King?”

Noir erased his smile and glanced at Gavid. However, Gavid’s expression was serious. He is a straightforward man who doesn’t usually joke around, but when it comes to the issue of the demon king in captivity, he’s serious, even if he’s serious.

“It’s just me. It was the first time in almost 100 years that the palace was opened, but more than this. much more. Brilliantly, with lots of guests. Yes, by inviting reporters and even envoys from other countries. It must have been a fancy party.”

“That is not worth hearing.”

Gavid muttered without laughing. He didn’t want to deal with Noir anymore, so he turned his eyes away.

“Stupid and not funny.”

Noir chuckled as he watched Gavid walk away.

To be so loyal to the demon king in captivity and have such a narrow field of view. Well, that man has been like that for hundreds of years. After being chosen by the demon king of confinement and becoming a ‘knife’, Gavid gave his all to the demon king of confinement and followed only the will of the demon king of confinement.

‘That’s why I can’t see well.’

Proud joy filled Noir’s chest. She licked her lips with her tongue as she felt her warm pleasures and longing for her.

Ah, my Hamel.

Unforgettable first love.

‘You know nothing, Gavid Lindman. The true identity of that Eugene Lionheart is… … That Hamel was 300 years ago.’

Even in this Helmud, there will be only a few beings who know the truth. Probably with the demon king of confinement… … .

‘and me. The Demon King and I. Perhaps the demon king of confinement awakened himself… … . I am… … Huhu, I heard it directly from Hamel.’

It was just a feeling, but Noir believed that it must be. This accident made Noir more enjoyable and thrilled. Eugene Ryan Hart revealed his identity because of his trust in Noir.

‘trust… … yes it is trust Hamel, you know me well. I know you well.’

Of course you have to know Noir dug into Hamel’s dream 300 years ago. He went down to the bottom of the human called Hamel Dynas, and licked the hatred that was rooted in the depths.

So I fell in love.

‘My Hamel, don’t worry. ‘Cause I’ll never share a secret with you Especially for a serious boring guy in this useless part.’

Noir hid the smile he had and looked back at Gavid.

“What do you think?”


“That’s why the Demon King opened the Palace after almost 100 years.”

Helmud’s capital, Pandemonium. The demonic castle Babel, which stands tall in the center, is a 99-story skyscraper.

The 91st floor of this Babel is the palace of the demon king, but the door here has not been opened in the last 100 years. Even Gavid, the Devil’s closest aide and escort knight, had never entered the palace during those 100 years.

“The reason is clear.”

“To appoint a new Staff of Confinement? Ahaha… … You mean now? That Edmond Codelet was also given a position and a blood mary on the 90th floor?”

“… … .”

“And I mean. Edmond, Balzac, and Amelia, those three were also on the 90th floor. Gavid, you signed a contract with the Demon King right in your office. But now you’re saying you’re going to open the royal palace and hold an appointment ceremony?”

Noir giggled and turned his head.

“furthermore… … It’s far short of my standards, but this isn’t even a secret event, is it?”

It was as Noir said.

This event was not a secret event.

The palace gate opened for the first time in 100 years. Now, in this great war, high-ranking demons with power and power that are said to be the best in Helmud are gathered. Earl is the lowest title. Not all counts were gathered, however.

Most of them are ‘real’ demons who went through the war era 300 years ago, raised their criminal record there, and grew stronger while living. All the demons up to rank 100 gathered here.

“Aha… … .”

The gazes are creepy. A gaze that does not hide its desire. Among them, there were also violent gazes that did not covet Noir’s body, but coveted Noir’s power and existence. Of course, it was insignificant for Noir to feel, but even so, this desire made Noir happy.

“I don’t dare to fathom the will of the Demon King, but… … .”

Gavid opened his mouth.

“Edmond… … Didn’t the staff of the ‘previous’ confinement suffer an unsavory death?”

“I was murdered. It’s because greed was too much. Or should I say I was unlucky?”

“I respected Edmond’s wishes. The will to realize the ideal deserves respect.”

“aha… … really? Didn’t you think it was presumptuous?”

“Don’t insult the lion. Because the demon king of confinement allowed it, Edmond tried to realize his will.”

“Failed in the end. Who killed it, you know?”

“From a human point of view, Edmond’s greed must be evil. … … From the hero’s point of view, it must be stopped.”

“Eugene Ryanhart. What do you think of him?”

“I think you are a wonderful person. A man with an iron will. It’s like vermouth… … That’s why I sincerely think this way. I hope he climbs Babel to prove himself as a warrior as soon as possible.”

Gavid’s lips twitched. He caressed the hilt of Glory and spat it out with sincerity.

“Edmond’s unfortunate death is not all. So many things have happened this year. There are more and more serious issues this year than those of the last hundreds of years. that… … The brave Moron returned, and the Demon King himself acknowledged the existence of the saintess and hero, and the Dragon Demon Castle crashed in Helmud. The Staff of Confinement has been murdered… … and… … .”

“Senya of Disaster is back.”

Noir tilted his head and smiled.

“It may sound like a heart attack, but we actually feel the truth, right? Raizakia was involved in Senya Merdein’s retreat. The two get along well… … . Whoops, I’m missing.”

“… … .”

“How are we to interpret the fact that Senya Merdein has returned? Lizakia, did that stupid, greedy black lizard die 200 years ago? If she died 200 years ago, it’s strange that Senya Merdein is back now. Sealed together… … I wonder if it was because Raizakia died and was released from the seal.”

“It’s a guess.”

“These are the words you can spit out without worrying too much. I don’t have enough weight to be responsible for. Who is Senya Merdein’s successor? Eugene Lionhart. then… … .”

“That Raizakia was killed by a young hero?”

“What could it be?”

Gavid laughed softly.

“Yes, it could be. if so… … Whoops. Should we feel sorry for and mourn that Laizakia has fallen to such an insignificant existence? Or Eugene Lionhart’s… … Should we pay tribute to the young warrior’s excellence?”

“Are you going to leave me alone?”

“How would you like it to be?”

Obvious question. Noir sneered at him and shook his head.

“Of course I should leave it alone. There was also the Demon King’s declaration… … Hehe, to tell you the truth, I can’t wait for that kid to ripen a little more deliciously. Are you starving as well?”

don’t go grab it

‘My Hamel isn’t ready yet.’

Noir could have waited as long as he wanted.

Until Hamel and Eugene are ready. Until he comes to tear everything, Noir himself to pieces, with the same unchanging intent as he did 300 years ago—no, with a more brutal murderous intent.

“That was also the will of the Demon King.”

Gavid murmured and looked around. 100 demons waiting for the demon king of confinement to come down… … . Most of their expressions showed expectations for something rather than the boredom of waiting. The royal palace opened for the first time in 100 years. What will the demon king, who will come down and preside over the appointment ceremony, say?


Demons who went through an era 300 years ago. Among them, many demons lost their power due to the fall of peace, various reasons, and temptations.

But the demons here are different. They are still ferocious, hungry for blood and war. Therefore, they were expecting that the demon king would declare ‘war’ at today’s appointment ceremony.

‘Stupid things.’

Gavid laughed at the other demons.

The demon king of confinement does not directly declare war. In the Night March, the demon king of confinement had already confessed the fact to the kings of the continent.

If you dare to fathom the demon king’s intentions, the reason why he opened the gate of the palace today and summoned the demons… … It was probably to warn the hungry demons not to do anything stupid.

“To be arrogant.”

Noir laughed and said.

“You are the main character of the day, what is it? Even I have come early and have been waiting for you.”

The demons began to murmur.

It was because of the woman who walked in through the open door. A brown-skinned woman with a cotton thread covering her mouth, wearing the kind of cloth that Nahama dancers would wear.

“The black thorn.”

One of the demons muttered.

Desert Dungeon Master, Black Thorn, Death Answer. Amelia Merwin. There are many nicknames for her, but a new nickname will be given to Amelia today.

“I came from far away.”

Amelia smiled through the cotton thread and said.

Amelia was not alone in entering the palace. Behind her were two attendants, one Hemoria with a metal mask covering her mouth and a dog collar around her neck. She scanned the demons around her with hostile eyes and gnashed her teeth from the inside of her mask.

Next to Hemoria was a man who covered his entire body in black armor and even wore a helmet so that his face could not be seen. All the demons figured out its identity.

The thick smell of death… … A Death Knight that is said to be the most advanced among the undead.

Even so, it’s just undead. For the demons who went through the war era, the Death Knight was not a threat. For the demons of that era, the Death Knight used to be treated as a kind of trophy.

A human knight or warrior killed. Spoils created by forcibly subduing them, or by enticing them and corrupting them.


However, most demons could not laugh at the Death Knight. It was because the death knight’s blatant intent to kill pressured the demons.

“This… … .”

Something familiar. Gavid tilted his head and gave the Death Knight his gaze. And the Death Knight’s gaze also reached Gavid.


The Death Knight’s armor moved. At that moment, Hemoria looked at the Death Knight in her flinch, and Amelia raised her hand.

“It’s not possible.”

thump… … Amelia’s magical power squeezed the Death Knight’s body. Red eyes flashed from the inside of her helm, but Amelia still smiled and shook her head.

“It’s not possible.”

“under… … .”

At the words he uttered again, the Death Knight let out a dry laugh. Gavid, who was watching her, burst into laughter at her in amazement.

“fun… … no, cool… … Haha, what should I say? toy? Pets?”


Amelia whispered, looking into Gavid’s eyes.

“This is my escort driver. Will you please stop insulting me?”

“I don’t think I should have brought them here… … Wasn’t your knight displeased?”

“He understands his position and situation.”

“Keep a tight grip on the leash. If you make a fuss for no reason, it will not end with discipline.”

At those words, the Death Knight’s eyes blazed again. He looked as if he would run into Erado Gavid right away, but he couldn’t move his body as he wanted because of Amelia’s magical power. Instead, only strong intent to kill poured out on Gavid.

“Really. It’s so much fun.”

Noir also noticed the identity of the Death Knight. There’s no way he wouldn’t notice this intense murderous intent.

Noir knows that Hamel’s soul has been reincarnated. So I was curious about the identity of that Death Knight, and thought it was more fun.

‘Have you brainwashed another soul? Or was it made by projecting memories… … . either way it’s fun Aren’t you a fake who believes that you’re real?’

It wasn’t just Noir and Gavid who noticed the identity of the Death Knight. Among the demons who went through the War Era, some had seen Hamel on the battlefield.

Hamel of annihilation. It was because I was lucky to have faced him and survived.

That’s why the demons felt a strong affinity for the Death Knight as well as curiosity. That, the slaughter Hamel. She became a rampaging human pouring out so much murderous intent on the demons. Wasn’t she completely corrupted and trained to become a Death Knight?


The murmur stopped abruptly. The sense of intimidation from the ceiling, no—- from a far-high place silenced all demons.

The demons got down on one knee without hesitation. Gavid and Noir did the same. The two knelt in the front row.

Amelia Merwin. She knelt down behind Gavid and Noir, feeling the thrill of her own. Hemoria trembled with great despair and fear. She felt the humiliation of being a Death Knight—she could never go against her.

A black staircase descended from the ceiling. The stairs descending from the 99th floor at the top of Babel led to the palace on the 91st floor.

slowly, very slowly.

A pale-skinned, long-haired man came down the stairs. Hemoria barely raised her eyes to see the ‘Demon Lord of Confinement’.

He was so beautiful that it was impossible to think of him as a demon king. It was eerie and bewitching enough to make me wonder if it would be like that if I made ‘night’ and ‘darkness’ into humans.

Iron gruck.

Countless chains dragged behind the demon king of confinement as he walked down the stairs. When those black chains came together, it looked like a cloak. The demon king of confinement stopped on the way down the stairs and saw 100 demons gathered in the Great Hall.

“A lot.”

That was the first thing I heard. When the demon king of confinement raised his right hand, a red magic staff symbolizing the staff of confinement—-Blood Mary appeared.

“Before appointing a new Staff of Confinement.”

The demon king of confinement tilted his head.

“Kill each other until half of the demons remain.”


Kill each other until half are left.

There was no need for complicated thinking to understand the words.

half. So, if the number of Demons gathered in this Great War is 100 people—- make it 50 people. If you don’t want to commit suicide, it means to kill the demon right next to you.

words that are not difficult at all. However, among the demons gathered here, there was no demon who immediately understood and acted on the words of the demon king in captivity.

Of course it had to be. The demon king’s declaration was so sudden. After 100 years, the palace of Babel was opened. Today, this is a place to celebrate the appointment of a new wand of confinement by gathering demons up to the 100th rank.

But suddenly they were told to kill each other. No matter how bloodthirsty and craving for violence they are, it was difficult to understand the illogical order given by the demon king in captivity.



It wasn’t that everyone didn’t understand. There were demons who understood.

However, the delay in her actions——not because she didn’t understand, but because the chilling joy made her body tremble.

Darkness soared beneath Noir Jebela’s feet. Her elongated darkness became a sharp awl and pierced the forehead of her demon, who was standing at the end of the room far away from her.

It didn’t end there. The awl that pierced the middle of the forehead and burst the brain and skull expanded greatly, becoming like an open mouth and swallowing the demon whole.

“What are you doing?”

The sweet taste of blood in your mouth. Noir licked her reddened lips and smiled.

“The demon king of confinement gave permission directly. Don’t think too hard, huh? 300 years—- No, long before that, we demons enjoyed it.”

Noir giggled and stood up. Then he sat down on the empty air and crossed his legs in a sensual pose.

“Before the slaughter. A sequence catcher who ignored all procedures. It’s okay to think of it as Yeongjijeon. You have the power, soul, territories, existence, and everything of the person you killed.”

The bloody smell of the dead demons spread throughout the Great War. One by one, the demons raised their bodies.

The demons who went through the war era glistened with longing and nostalgia. The younger demons who had not experienced the age of war, of a lower rank than that, gritted their teeth in their ambition for higher ranks and the desire to prove their power directly in front of the demon king.

Non-human beings started killing each other. Huge and frenzied magical powers collided continuously, but the court did not shake at all. Even though a magical storm raged right beside them, not even the gentle breeze approached Noir Jebela and Gavid Lindman.

“There are no guys with ambition.”

Noir licked his lips in regret and watched the slaughter of the demons. There were a lot of eyes that poured all their desires on Noir just before, but when the slaughter was allowed, no demons approached Noir.

This was also natural.

Noir Jebella, Queen of Dreams. She is the second-ranked Demon Tribe. Even that is because Noir doesn’t fight Gavid, and the reality is that many demons in Helmud think that the real rank 1 is the queen of dream horses. No matter how thirsty for the blood of the demons here, he was not foolish enough to throw himself into a fight with an obvious outcome.

“Are you not going to?”

Noir smiled and turned to Gavid. He was still sitting on his one knee, not paying his attention to the battle going on behind him. Gavid’s consciousness was directed exclusively to the demon king of confinement.

“What is the reason to do it?”

“Don’t you want to kill me?”

“It’s not that I never thought of that, but not now. do you want to kill me?”

“I am like you. It’s not that I never thought of that, but not now.”

Noir raised his head while saying that.

The demon king of confinement was still standing on the stairs. He was watching the battle of the demons with eyes so calm that he could not read their emotions.

Because of his words, the demons in the top 100 ranks were killing each other, but the expression of the demon king in captivity did not show any inspiration for him.

Where is the reason to feel inspired? If the demon king of confinement wishes and commands, the blood of 100 demons will flow, not the blood of the entire continent.

‘Why did he suddenly give such an order?’

Noir wondered why.

Since the War Era, the population of Helmud has increased to an excessively excessive extent. It’s strict now, but at the time when Helmud had just become an empire, the demon king of confinement boldly opened its borders and expanded Helmud’s citizens by implementing a loose but friendly and welfare immigration policy.

The reason why this is possible is because the demon king of confinement was literally ‘omnipotent’.

While controlling all the demons, he even prepared a home for countless demons returned from all over the continent. He split the land into ‘power’ and turned the sea into land with ‘power’. As the population increased, he expanded the country. Then, with his ‘power’, he spread magic cables all over Hellmood and built a black tower to develop Hellmood… … .

Under the almighty absolute monarch, Helmud became the continent, no, the greatest and strongest empire in history for 300 years. Only those willing to immigrate to this prosperous empire could fill its borders.

After becoming an empire, the number of immigrants from different races as well as the number of demons rapidly increased in Helmud.

It was for a simple reason. Because there is no war, no killing each other. I don’t like it, I just want to kill it, I covet what he has.

For that reason, the demons who used to kill each other learned the ‘law’ under the rule of the demon king who was in captivity. Now, the demons had to go through strict procedures in order to catch ranks or engage in territorial battles, and with just that, the death rate of the demons was greatly reduced.

‘… … Too many numbers? what a surprise It was the demon king himself who made it.’

What are you trying to do? I couldn’t dwell on it for long.

Because the slaughter is over.

Amelia Merwin was quiet and did nothing.

A sudden slaughter behind his back. I was curious and interested, but that didn’t mean Amelia shouldn’t be dancing there.

‘Kill each other until half of the demons remain.’

Amelia is a black magician, but not a demon. The same goes for her Death Knight. Undead are not demons. The same goes for Hemoria, a chimera.

“You’ve held up well.”

Amelia whispered in a low voice. These were her words to the Death Knight, who was kneeling right behind her.

A fake projected from Hamel’s body and memories, who died 300 years ago. Even so, Death Knight believes that he is Hamel.

In the war in the Great Forest—- Death Knight lost his body. But her soul did not perish and returned to Amelia, where she indwelt her newly created body.

Even his body, which was the only ‘real’ body, had disappeared, so there was nothing left of him like ‘Hamel’.

The soul is fake, and the memories are fake. Nevertheless, the Death Knight believes herself to be Hamel, and she has a Hamel-like ego, blindly believing in memories mixed with lies, and has anger with false vengeance and hatred.

I want to kill the demons. I don’t want to kneel to the devil. I want to kill the demon king.

He had such a will, but he couldn’t get ahead of the vengeance and hatred that came from fake memories that his colleagues had betrayed him. As Amelia’s command was applied to the body that hesitated and hesitated, it made her kneel down comfortingly, ‘I can’t help it for revenge’.

‘Cx, Cx, Cx… … .’

I couldn’t be calm. The Death Knight held her breath, feeling the rage that would drive her mad. Despite being so angry, Death Knight was relieved by the ‘anger’ and ‘humiliation’ of this moment.

this situation. Feeling those feelings in front of enemies he hadn’t been able to kill in the past—- made him certain of his own existence and identity.

“It is over.”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth. He didn’t go down the stairs any more and looked back at the bloody battlefield.

The 100 Demons became 50 as the Demon King ordered. Most of the old demons from the war era survived, but among them there were a few young demons who had not gone through the war.

“I will give a present to those of you who survived.”

The demon king of confinement said as he descended the stairs.

“Part of my magic. Since this is a gift, I will not bind you with a contract. You don’t have to. All demons who have citizenship of Helmud will die and be embraced by me.”

“your majesty… … ?!”

Gavid couldn’t hide his surprise and raised his head.

As the demon king of confinement said, the demon king does not need to make a contract with the demons under his command. That’s why he doesn’t even need to give strength as a ‘price’ for the contract. Even Gavid, who has the Mystic Eye of Prestige, did not make a direct contract with the Demon King of Confinement. The demonic eye of prestige was only a gift from the demon king for his servant.

That the demon king gives magic to the demons as a gift. That means raising the status of the demons several levels higher. To give such a gift to 50 demons, not even one! This was a privilege that did not exist even during the war.

“It is not your strength.”

The demon king of confinement smiled.

“The power I gave you. It is my freedom to take just as I freely gave.”

The faces of the demons, who were immersed in glorious joy, changed one by one.

“I won’t be able to use my power in the rank war between demons. Because that’s not fair. The rank war is to prove one’s own worth through force. very… … Demons have been like that since a long time ago.”

Slowly descending steps reached the palace on the 91st floor.

That moment. The scenery of Daejeon, where bodies were strewn with blood, completely changed. It did not return to the neat party hall like before.

“iced coffee… … !”

Gavid shuddered and groaned at the changed scenery. Even Noir licked his lips and his eyes lit up.

A huge door with dozens and hundreds of padlocks attached to it. Babel 300 years ago, the gate leading to the demon king’s palace could be seen. This space, where there were short, small traces of slaughter—- has changed into a space filled with long years and traces that are incomparable to the one just before.

“If you lose, your strength, soul, wisdom, and existence are taken away. In other words, the winner gets everything the loser has. Although these laws remain in the present demon realm… … Let’s get rid of unnecessary and cumbersome procedures.”

“How about a handkerchief or gloves?”

Noir, who had been silently listening to the story, opened his mouth with a bright smile.

“Like when humans duel. Put a handkerchief in your pocket, put on your gloves… … Hehe, doing that every time is probably quite annoying. Either way, it would be simpler than it is now.”


“great. very good. Or the exchange of dueling grounds? I still do that, but the form for the arena is very cumbersome and I have to go through separate screening… … Yes, since you said you would get rid of the procedure, I think we should be able to kill each other with just random letters.”


“It is life that determines victory or defeat, right? Surrender… … that… … Where is the one who does dishonorable, shameful things? Oh, but I think we need a witness. Priority match… … . Huhu, so that the duel to kill each other is fair. Maou-nim, if you need it, please give orders to Noir Jebella. There are so many dream demons under my command. They can play the role of witnesses without any problems.”

Noir leaned down, raising the hem of her skirt in an elegant posture. The demon king of confinement took his gaze away from Noir and looked at his demons again.

“As I said, the rank war is easily changed. You guys survived here, and you received my strength, but I can’t use my power in the ranking battle between you, as well as in the ranking battle between other demons who are not here. So don’t settle. Realize that at any moment what you enjoy can be taken away.”

Charleureuk! Numerous chains dragged behind the demon king of confinement rose up and became a throne for the demon king to sit on.

The demon king of confinement sat on a throne made of chains and rested his chin on the back of his hand.

“Sudden change is bound to be chaos, but I don’t want a lot of chaos. In particular, I don’t want the ‘regular’ citizens of the Empire to be confused and uneasy.”

“… … .”

“To take away existence means to take away the entangled contracts as well. High-ranking demons are bound to be entangled in contracts with countless ordinary citizens. It’s okay to freely engage in a ranking battle, but the follow-up should be handled thoroughly.”

“I think the witness can take care of the arrangement of the contract. If you give that Noir Jebela the exclusive right to be an observer.”

A sudden revision of the ranking war. In previous ranking battles, the role of the observer was a prestigious upper demon tribe or a government official dispatched from Babel.

However, in the future, there will be a lot of ranking matches, and there will be many things to pay attention to after the ranking matches besides the arrangement of contracts.

That’s why the witness will be even more important.

Noir Jebela has been the most successful businessman in Helmud for hundreds of years.

She smelled a ton of money in this new business—the witness system. In particular, the empire, which is not a private project, will move forward to a business directly supervised by the demon king, and in this matter, the use of the demon king of confinement was never narrow.

“Let’s organize the plan and post it.”


Noir lowered his head, imagining the suffocating smell of money and gold.

“Then let’s start the appointment ceremony.”

at las. The demon king of confinement had his eyes on Amelia. Amelia knew she wasn’t going to be the main character in this position, but she had no qualms about it.

Blood Mary.

A magic wand that has been owned by the wand of confinement for generations. In fact, Amelia had never been greedy for Blood Mary. Even if she didn’t have that wand, Amelia was proud of her own magic and power.

but. Right now, I couldn’t bear to want Bloody Mary. Demon King’s power? Rather than that, I was very curious about the memories that would remain in Bloodmary.

Alternately, what exactly happened in the Samar Great Grove? ‘How’ Did Edmond Codelet Fail?

I know the reason why. Through Death Knight’s testimony, Amelia heard that Eugene Lionheart had invaded the Great Forest.

The Death Knight fell too early. I didn’t see how Edmond died.

Amelia was curious about the ending of the ceremony. Balzac Rudbesse, who was said to have been there with him—if he was up to something, and if Edmond had noticed it. Something about him will remain in Bloodmary.

Bloodmary is such a wand. The spirits of all sticks of confinement return to the demon king, but the owner’s ‘memories’ remain in Bloodmary. That sinister, ominous staff drinks blood and stores memories.

“Amelia Merwin. Come closer.”


Amelia Merwin stood up. The Death Knight flinched from behind, and Hemoria held her breath. The eye light raised by the Death Knight headed for the demon king of confinement.

Their eyes met for a moment, but the demon king of confinement did not say anything to the Death Knight. There was no interest in anything in her eyes. The demon king of confinement showed no emotion or interest in Death Knight.

Death Knight, Hamel, couldn’t come to the court of confinement in his previous life. I didn’t see that chain and the door full of locks. I couldn’t face the demon king of confinement directly. His broken and dying body fell not through battle, but through the betrayal and ridicule of his comrades.

The indifference and indifference of the confined demon king gave the Death Knight a huge humiliation.

“Amelia Merwin.”

The demon king of confinement raised his hand without looking at the Death Knight. Then, the Blood Mary floating beside her flew in front of Amelia.

“Starting today, you are the staff of confinement.”


Amelia smiled thinly as she received the Bloody Mary with both hands.


The ceremony of appointing the staff of confinement itself ended very simply.

High-ranking demons gathered together after a long time. Perhaps it could have started with friendly greetings, exchanging warm words of kindness, enjoying good drinks and delicious food, and it could have been a party where you could laugh and dance hahaha—- From the moment half of the demons died, that kind of future ceased to exist.

After a short appointment ceremony. Gavid stepped forward and made his demons retreat. The demons left the palace as they were told. Because they had so many things to think about and prepare right away.

What was obtained by surviving the sudden slaughter. The ‘power’ of the demon king of confinement.

No special procedure was required to receive that power. The moment you step back from the throne. The demons recognized that an unprecedented power resided within their bodies.

How strong is this power. How can I handle it well? Also, how should we adapt to future changes? The power of the Demon King… … Cannot be used in rank battles between other demons.

What does that mean? The power that can not be used against the demons, who did you give it to?

The demons left Babel, immersed in their own thoughts.

“Aren’t you sad?”

Noir Jebela didn’t have to worry about that. She also possessed the gift of her demon king, but she did not feel any special charm or greed for her power of noir.

strength? I already had such things, and I had enough of them, and there was no shortage of them. Even if the demons in the lower ranks had the power of a demon lord, Noir had the confidence to annihilate those demons if he wanted to.

It was arrogantly confident, but Noir was confident in his own strength. The reason why her authority, her magic eye of illusion, is powerful is because she never imagines defeat, although Noir’s own magical power is also magical.

“I think I would be sad.”

There is no need to worry, and there is nothing to prepare. In fact, there are many things to prepare. Thankfully, the demon king of confinement adopted Noir’s business item—the admission system, and told me to prepare a plan.

But there was no need to rush. Among her demons, there will be no crazy person who will steal Noir’s plan and preempt it, and she will not have to write her plan herself, but the highly educated demons under her command will write it for her.

“Isn’t it? The main character of the day should have been you. Actually, your appointment ceremony was over in five minutes.”

Noir slightly twisted his body leaning against the wall and stared straight ahead.

“does not matter.”

Amelia replied with a smile.

“I didn’t come all the way from the desert to have a party. Isn’t it just a pity that you’re not enjoying yourself saying this to me?”

“Yes, I am very sorry. It’s been 100 years since the palace gates have been opened, and it’s been a long time since the high-ranking demons gathered together like this, isn’t it? It’s been a while since I met you.”

Noir smiled and scanned Amelia’s body up and down.

“Amelia. You shut yourself up in the desert and never participated in Helmud’s events, did you? I was looking forward to it because I thought I could have a drink with you after a long time.”

“I don’t want to drink with you.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. We’re just going to sit down and have a drink. What? Why, are you afraid that I might drag you into bed?”

It may sound like a joke, but it is none other than the dream horse queen who said that.

Instead of answering, Amelia stared into Noir’s eyes. Brilliant purple eyes. A magical eye of illusion imbued with power that cannot be imitated by any magic.

“Oh, don’t worry. What you are seeing right now is not fantasy, it is reality.”

Noir giggled and winked one eye.

“Of course, if you want, I can show you all your desires with this demonic eye and let you experience it… … how is it? Are you interested?”

“I have no intention of giving you a flower bed.”

“Oh, what a firework… … Don’t say that, I’m not asking you to get a favor? I’m just interested.”

Noir’s eyes moved slightly to the side. The shape of the Death Knight was caught in the shining eyes like jewels.

“If you don’t want to play with me, how about ‘he’?”

“Do you like mine?”

“It’s yours… … Ahaha, the ‘he’ I know wouldn’t like that kind of talk.”

Kwadeuk. Her armor is twisted.

From the moment she encountered Noir, Amelia suppressed the Death Knight’s actions. It was because the Death Knight was wary of not being able to overcome her rage and attacking Noir, and that Noir would discover the true identity of the Death Knight.

“Let me move. Is there anything you can’t do? Amelia, rather than your relationship with him… … My relationship with him must have been much longer?”

“Duke of Jebela. As you know, he hates you very much. If I let go of the leash… … .”

“Having me is the most attractive part of him. don’t worry. I just want to say hello to an old friend.”

Chick-Geek, Chick-Geek. The more Noir’s words continued, the louder the sound from the Death Knight’s armor.

Amelia pondered for a while, then nodded slightly and withdrew the magic that had bound the Death Knight.

“long time no see.”

Noir smiled broadly and said.

“My ha… … .”

Quadduk! The Death Knight rushed in and slammed Noir’s body into the wall.

“Long time, friend ?! you?!”

The Death Knight screamed and swung his armored arms like crazy. Her noir body shattered and splattered as her fists hit her. The Death Knight, who destroyed Noir’s body in an instant, grabbed Noir’s neck, which was still in shape, with both hands.

“Oh, I’m fine.”

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