Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 11

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“This body was created through training and hard work. Of course, increasing the weight unconditionally does not make the muscles grow. Enough rest, proper training, and this.”

Gargis puts his hand into the inside pocket of his coat.

“Muscle growth drug of family secret.”

What he brought out was a small potion. Gargis looked at the potion with proud eyes and handed it to Eugene. 

“I brought it for you.”

“I do not need.”

“why? Jehard’s weight loss and muscle growth are thanks to my family’s help. You should know that too, right?”

“I’m saying this while I’m talking about it, stop sending that strange medicine through my father.”

“So I give it myself. It doesn’t matter if you drink it before the meal, so drink it all the way now.”

“I don’t drink.”

“I don’t understand… I heard that you’ve reached the 3rd rank of Baek Yeom-sik. It’s a great thing, but you shouldn’t neglect not only training your mana, but also training your body.”

“Because I will take care of it.”

Eugene did not receive the potion until the end. He passed Gargis, not wanting to hear any more muscle talk. 

“Then why did you ask to meet me? I bet you didn’t come all the way to Arot to give me that medicine.”

I received a letter from Gargis a few days ago. Since I had something to go to Arot, it was about seeing each other for the first time in a while.

“I don’t have anything else to do.”


“Didn’t I tell you before? My family’s secret muscle growth drug was created by a famous alchemist in Arot.”

Gargis felt regret and put the potion into his inner pocket. 

“But I’ve grown too, so the existing formula wasn’t enough. When I told him, he said he would adjust the formula to suit my body.”

“So, are you here to see the alchemist?”

“That’s the main chore, but there are other chores.”

“There are so many things to do.”

“Arot is far away. Now that I’m here, I should make sure I don’t waste time going back and forth.”

The ground seems to vibrate a little each time Gargis steps. He stepped back from Gargis, who was approaching Eugene.

“Why are you avoiding me?”

“It smells like cancer.”

“It’s not cancer. It’s a man’s body odor.”

“Sprinkle on some perfume.”

“You’re saying the same thing as Didyra…”

“So what are you going to do?”


Gargis didn’t answer right away, but took a look around. People in the square were staring this way. He doesn’t wear Ryan Hart’s uniform, but since Gargis is so huge, he can’t help but look at him. 

“…Do you know about Bolero Street?”


iodine. Where the damn child hangs out. 

“Do you know about the auction house there?”

“Roughly. Why, is there anything you want to buy?”

“I heard a rumor that the testicles of the giants are coming out at this auction.”

“Go… what?”

“The testicles of the giants.”

“Why the f*ck would you buy that?”

“You don’t know? The testicles of the giants are very magically valuable.”

“I’m sure you’re not buying testicles for f*cking magic.”

“of course. I intend to hand over those testicles to the alchemist.”

As for the giants, even Eugene knows. They are a race as rare as the elves, but their tendencies are the exact opposite of those of the elves. 300 years ago, the entire race swore allegiance to the Demon King of Destruction. 

I didn’t even get to the Devil’s Castle of Destruction, but… I’ve collided with giants a few times while wandering around Helmud. They receive quite a bit of magic with their bare bodies, and they knock down mountains just by shouting. 

“Let’s go together.”


“The auction house. I’ve brought enough money, but maybe it’s not enough.”

“You want to borrow money?”

“I’ll pay you back with interest in my name.”


“Get down on your knees, please.”

Gargis ducks. Eugene was disgusted and grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Okay, so don’t do anything conspicuous. He’s already a big kid.”


“What are you thankful for? Are you lending me money?”

“They say it’s big. Isn’t that a compliment?”

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a descendant of Moron.

“In addition to the testicles of the giants, I heard that there are many rare items at this auction.”

“Uh, yes.”

“Are you not interested? Well, since Winid is there, you won’t even see a lot of armor.”

“I am interested in Bolero Street, not the Auction House.” 

Eugene said that and passed Gargis. 

I didn’t say it for nothing, Gargis’ underarm smell was too strong.

Red Magic Tower

Bolero Street opens on the night of the full moon. one week from now



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Eugene has given up on understanding Gargis. He’s already big enough to make you think it’s too much, but he’s not enough, so he’s going to buy a giant’s balls and eat them.

“It is not chewing.”

Gargis replied with a straight face.

“Then do you eat it?”

“It would be much more efficient to make it into medicine than to cook it yourself.”

“Then you change it.”

“I’ll give you some too.”

“I do not need.”

“why? I heard that the testicles of giants are very good not only for muscle growth but also for stamina.”

Gargis’ eyes were serious. He continued as he sliced ​​the tough lean meat.

“It also contains plenty of mana. It’s a medicine that you can’t find even if you want to.”

“You eat a lot.”

I know it’s a good medicine for the body, but Eugene really didn’t want to eat the giant’s balls. Once you make it into a potion, you won’t be able to find the original look, but it doesn’t even change the perception. 

“I don’t understand. Commonly used recovery potions also use the heart and blood of trolls as raw materials. Mana potions also use magic stones and monster materials as raw materials.”

“It’s not balls.”

“The testicles of animals are often used as high-end ingredients.”

“You eat a lot.”

“Don’t regret later.”

“I will not.”

Eugene sipped tea while grumbling. 

“…But why do I have to disguise myself?”

after the meal. Gargis sipped the egg white like a drink before opening his mouth. 

“…You seem a little aware that the son of the head family is showing off on illegal streets.”

“Um, sure.”

“Even if it’s a distance that was tacitly granted, there’s nothing good about being scandalized.”

“You are right.”

Gargis nodded in admiration.

“I have no intention of doing anything shameful in the streets, but there is no need to spread unnecessary scandal. Even for the prestige of the family.”

“Yes, Prestige.”

Yujin tilted her head back and accepted the words. Although Eugene had a good appetite, he was no match for Gargis. He used to eat a few chunks of tough meat, and now he’s drinking egg whites with no seasoning. Thanks to that, his snout gave off an unavoidable eggy smell. 

“…eat and brush your teeth.”

“Don’t ignore my hygiene standards.”

“Anyway, brush your teeth. Put on some perfume.”

“I am not ashamed of my body odor. But do I have to disguise myself?”


Eugene’s expression crumpled. He tried to put on a robe, but Gargis’ size was so huge that he couldn’t solve it. 

“…You don’t need to disguise yourself.”


“Because you can’t hide that size if you try to hide it.”


Gargis smiled and replied. Again, he took the word big as a compliment. 

‘It probably doesn’t matter since he’s stuck in the auction house anyway.’

It is Eugene who needs a disguise. He is sure that on this full moon night, iodine will go to Bolero Street. He is addicted to the succubus and suffers from nervous anxiety, and it was obvious that Iod’s will would not be able to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. 

‘A guy with such a will in the first place wouldn’t have ended up like that.’

There is something that bothers me.

It was so blatantly reflected that the energy was fast, and even rumors circulated. There is no way that Loberian did not know about Iod’s actions.   

did you neglect No, there was no reason for that. First of all, I need to hear the story of Loberian. Eugene thought so and raised his body.

“Go back.”

“already? You will be training your body soon, how about doing it together? If you compare each other’s bodies, you will clearly know the difference between you and me.”

“it’s okay.”

“for a moment.”

Gargis spat out the words with force. He pushed his utensils aside and raised himself. Then, taking a deep breath, he placed his hands on his hips, stretching and inflating his pectoral muscles. 

ㅡTududuk! Buttons that were trembling pitifully are fired like bullets. Gargis took off his shirt and sat down, twitching the muscles of his upper body.

“Let’s arm wrestle.”


“I wanted to arm wrestle with you from four years ago.”

Gargis said with his eyes shining. He braced himself, resting his huge arms on his table.

“It is to compete purely with physical strength without using mana.”

It was ridiculous. However, Eugene did not refuse and sat in front of Gargis. 

“It’s not fun to just play, so I’ll make a bet.”


“If I win, wear perfume from now on. Don’t even recommend muscle growth pills to me.”

“good night. Instead, if I win, accept my favor without saying anything.”

Gargis showed his teeth and laughed. Eugene took off her coat and rolled up her sleeves. Gargis glanced at Eugene’s forearm.

‘Quite… but not enough.’

Gargis was confident of his victory. Two hands with an overwhelming difference in size face each other. 

“One, two, three, and you start.”


“Can I speak?”

“doesn’t care.”

“one two.”


Gargis’s muscles tightened. Eugene bristled his senses without rushing to tense his muscles.



The results came in an instant. Gargis looked at his hand in disbelief. His over-inflated muscles fell backwards before he could properly exert them. From the moment it passed half way, the power was of little use. Rather, his arm muscles, which were too large, reached the floor quickly.

“I won.”

Eugene immediately got up and put on his clothes.

“…How did you win?”

“Skill, timing, sense.”

Eugene patted Gargis on the shoulder and passed by.

“Next time, put some perfume on.”

Eugene left the restaurant without looking back.


As soon as he returned to the Red Mage Tower, he was called by Loberian. He thought about asking about the iodine, and it just worked out. 

‘Come to think of it, this is my first time coming to the tower owner’s room.’

Loberian is using all of the top floor of the Mage Tower, befitting his position as tower owner. Without an invitation from the owner of the tower, no matter how much mana she poured into the elevator, she could not go up to the top floor.  

‘I can guess the reason.’

It must have been because of the magic that Hera had spread. Then she was stunned by Hera’s confidence that her Carbrium Golem fell behind her.

It wasn’t that much, but even Eugene was surprised. There was no ore called carburium in his previous life, but anyway, he knocked over the golem made of that hard ore with the magic he first used. 

The power of magic was stronger than Eugene had imagined. To be honest, I didn’t expect much because it was the first time I wrote it, but I think I can use it enough in real life if it’s that powerful. If you become more accustomed to using magic and the number of magic you can use increases, you will be able to enjoy many things. 

‘It’s not like I just called you to compliment you.’

I think I will give you something as a present.

Eugene felt it instinctively, and such a premonition created a smirk. 

I got off the elevator and walked down the hallway for a bit. Beyond the wide open doors, Loberian rose. He welcomed Eugene with a friendly smile.

“Are you here?”

“If I knew you would call me, I wouldn’t have gone out. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say that. It’s me who called you all of a sudden. Please sit in a comfortable seat.”

I’m sure it was just a feeling. Loberian’s voice was overflowing with goodwill. 

‘Let’s ask about the iodine after receiving it.’

I don’t mean to, but depending on what you hear, it may feel like an interrogation. Even though he is a member of Lionheart’s family, it is disrespectful for Eugene, who is far young, to ask the owner of the tower.

‘…how old was he? I heard it’s close to 100 years old…’

Even if you add in the previous life, Loberian’s age is older. Thinking like that made me feel strange. Of all the people Eugene has ever met, the only one older than him is Loberian.

“Um… By the way, what did you call me for?”

Eugene asked it once. He thought for nothing that he didn’t need to make a fuss about his personal affairs. Anyway, everything that happens in the Mage Tower will be reported to Loberian.

“Let’s check this out.”

As Loberian’s finger moved, the letter of recommendation in the drawer floated up and flew to Eugene. 

“…Letter of recommendation?”

Yujin opened her eyes wide and read the letter of recommendation.

‘Acryon? oh my god.’

Even Eugene knows that name. This famous Royal Library was famous even 300 years ago. The magic of Arot, the place where the essence is stored. No matter how vast the magical books the Mage Tower possessed, they were nothing compared to Akryon in terms of quality. 

“…I think it’s too much for me.”

I wanted to cheer and jump, but Eugene hesitated and asked. It wasn’t that she didn’t mean anything at all. Acryon had a high status even 300 years ago, and it was not a place anyone could enter.

“I don’t think so.”

Loberian shook his head and continued.

“Rather, I think now is the right time for Eugene to enter Acreon.”

“Why do you think so?”

“It’s because Eugene-sama hasn’t entered into magic yet.”

“Isn’t that too much?”

“no. Since you haven’t been deeply initiated, you have many possibilities in the future. Replacing a circle with a core is easy to say, but impossible at Eugene’s age. But Eugene did it.”

Eugene pondered over what kind of expression he should make. Should I laugh at her pride? Or should she be humble. 

“…thank you.”

did both Eugene nodded her head, twitching her fingers, conscious of hiding a proud smile.

“There are many excellent magic books in Akryon. It would be impossible to get started right away, but just reading it and keeping it in your head will expand your knowledge. That knowledge will serve as food to make Eugene’s magic shine someday.”

It’s not enough to say that it’s an excellent magic book. In Acryon, not only ancient magic from the age of mythology, but also the writings of wise men called the best of the time are stored in the long history. 

“…I have a question.”

Eugene hesitated for a moment before continuing.

“Are there any books by Senya in Akrion?”


Loberian smiled proudly. 

“There are Senya-sama’s writings in the Red Mage Tower and the Green Mage Tower as well. The originals of the three volumes of ‘Witch Craft’ he wrote in his later years are kept in Akreon.”

One of the best magic books in the history of Alot. A book written by the wise Senya after turning back all her magic and dividing the essence into three volumes. Witchcraft is the treasure of Arrot, and copies do not exist. 

“The only thing that has been revealed is the first volume, but that alone should give you knowledge you don’t have to look at in other magic books. I… haha. When I first read the commercial volume of Witch Craft, I mocked myself for saying that the magic I had learned all my life was child’s play.”


“This recommendation will not unconditionally change into an Acreon pass, but I wanted to hear Eugene’s opinion first. Eugene, would you mind if I wrote a letter of recommendation for you?”

“Of course it’s fine. However, I’m worried that the tower lord won’t be in trouble because of me.”

Of course it’s okay, why do you ask me? Eugene bowed her head, not letting such thoughts come out of her mouth.

“It’s difficult… haha! Don’t worry about that. This is not something that should bother me.”

Loberian said with a wry smile. Emotions in the voice, sighs not spit out. Eugene lifted his head slightly and examined Loberian’s expression.


“Yes, please.”

“That’s… well… There’s something I want to tell you about Brother Iod.”

I checked the recommendation. I heard that you would write. I don’t think I’ll change what I said just because I was a bit offended here. A guy sitting in the tower owner’s seat wouldn’t be that small.

“This is the story I heard on the first day I came to Arot. Brother Iod isn’t immersed in magic training, and he’s enjoying his nightlife in a disturbing street…”



Loberian was aware of Iod’s flight. 

“I am not a real brother to Brother Iod, but as a family with the same last name, I am worried about Brother Iod. Even at the main house… the head of the household and the mother-in-law are worried about older brother Iod.”

“This… I don’t know what to say.” 

Loberian was immediately speechless and scratched his head.

“Eugene. What do you know about Mr. Iod’s affair?”

“…I heard that you hang out with succubus on Bolero Street.”

“For now, that is true.”

Loberian let out a short sigh. 

“I know him, and I’ve warned him a few times. But I couldn’t stop Mr. Iod from cheating.”


“Succubus… A famous dreamer. In the past, before Helmud was opened, there were many people who died from being sucked up by the succubus.”

know well.

“But with the opening of Helmud, the attitude of the demon lord and demons has changed a lot. The same goes for succubus. Of course, it still sucks spirits, but it doesn’t kill people like it used to. It is strictly forbidden by the Dreamer Queen in Helmud.”

“That doesn’t mean that your brother’s affair is the right thing to do.”

“Yes, of course.”

Loberian paused for a moment. He stared at Eugene with a bitter expression. 

“Please understand Iod-sama a little bit.”


“Iod left his hometown four years ago and came to Arot. He came to Arot with high expectations, but Iod’s qualities did not live up to his expectations.”


“Iod has been through a lot of setbacks. Me and Samuel… Ah, Samuel is the magician who teaches Iod. Anyway, Samuel and I did our best to help Iod overcome the setback… but unfortunately it didn’t work out.”

Even though he lacks qualities, he made it possible to stay in the Magic Tower. While he spared no advice on magic, he personally gave guidance and recommended various spellbooks.

“Cultivation is something you do yourself. You can’t be purely immersed in the pressure of the surroundings. Not to mention, Lord Iod is a person who has no choice but to receive expectations.”


“Wouldn’t it be okay if I had room to catch my breath… I thought so. While being careful not to overdo it. Without that, Lord Iod would have collapsed right away.”

It’s not something you can’t understand. Eugene also lived at his home for four years. I know how nervous Theonis is, and I know how clever Anicilla is. Xian and Ciel are born with both qualities and desires. The two want to become household heads in order to meet the expectations of those around them and to achieve their own desires.

what about iodine? He had been passive from a young age, and he had been told that he was more interested in magic than martial arts training. Ever since Xian and Ciel were born, Theonis has always made his son aware of his position. The reason why Iod, who was betrayed by expectations, did not return to his parents’ house was probably because he preferred to live in Arot rather than the suffocating parents’ house.

‘Anyway, I’m not a succubus.’

I understand that his situation is pitiful.

Succubus goes too far. Even if you change your attitude and smile, demons are demons. They can never mix with humans. Eugene and Hamel know that very well.

“I knew.”

Eugene nodded. 

‘Let’s see for yourself first.’

I know you feel sorry for the situation, but I’ll have to see how Iod gets his breath back.

Bolero Street

The dream horse digs into human dreams. 

Unlike reality, everything is possible in dreams. No matter how miserable the reality is, you can achieve all the happiness you desire in your dreams.

Even if you don’t have food to eat right away, you can taste all the delicacies in the world in your dream. Even if you don’t have a penny in your pocket, you can live in a mansion full of gold and silver treasures in your dreams. dead family, friends and lovers. You may never meet again in reality, but you can build memories in your dreams.

You can do anything in your dreams. 

Dreams are happy and joyful. 

So it is a dream. 

Dream demons are of poor quality among the demons. They dig into the weak places in the heart that humans can’t do anything about. It shows things that cannot be achieved in reality, only possible because it is a dream. It makes me feel so falsely happy.

The dream queen.

He is one of the demons that Hamel in his previous life wanted to kill the most. The damn demon had attacked Hamel and her companions several times in Helmood. The dreamers loyal to the queen burrowed into their dreams whenever they had a chance,

He recalled Hamel’s regret. A family lost in a monster attack. i didn’t do anything Competitiveness toward vermouth, inferiority complex. All of that was clearly reflected in my dream. 

Hamel in the dream did not lose his family. The young Hamel slayed her monsters by splendidly blooming her innate qualities. Her parents and villagers called Hamel their champion. 

Hamel in the dream was greater than Vermouth. No matter how hard Vermouth tried, he couldn’t beat Hamel. you’re sick Hamel laughed at Vermouth. 

Hamel in the dream stood at the head of the subjugation party. He lost countless people on the way across Helmood. Those who couldn’t be tied to the warriors and colleagues, who couldn’t leave a name. No one died. Hamel defeated every threat in his lead. Countless people were saved by Hamel.

Killed all demon lords.

in a dream

‘It’s not real.’

Hamel is.

Eugene knows him to the bone. 

No matter how sweet the dream the dreamer shows you, it never becomes a reality. 

After waking up from a dream, the sweetness left in the dream interlocks with reality and gives birth to a terrible self-hatred. 

I’m happy in my dreams, but in reality I’m f*cked up. 

If you want to change that f*cking reality, you don’t have to dig into your dreams again. 

Dreams must be torn apart. 

You have to kill the dream demon that breaks your heart by showing you a f*cking dream and makes you wander into a dream.

300 years have passed. 

The demon king and the demon tribe. Dreams have also changed. 

Loverian’s words are understandable. That’s not entirely wrong. Iod, weighed down by the damn reality, would want to catch his breath, even in his dreams.

“It’s old.”

Eugene pressed his temples and muttered. I can understand, but I don’t understand. Because I know the dread of dream demons, and I know the futility of dreams. Eugene does not regard Iod’s affair as a light deviation. 

If you are addicted to dreams, you turn away from reality. become so ill

Iod had no brotherly love, but he received a lot of favor from Gilreid. 

“Old, what do you mean out of the blue?”

“That means your clothes are worn out.”

Eugene turned his head. aerial carriage. Across from him sat Gargis. The inside of the wagon is quite wide, but Gargis, who is ignorantly large, shrugged his shoulders slightly.

“Why do you think my clothes are old?”

“Why are you wearing that stupid frill? Who the hell dressed you like that?”

“It’s a dress that my mother picked out because she said it looked good on her.”

“Seeing you again, you look very good. With a dainty frill added to your wild appearance, you look like a beast with fangs hidden.”

Gargis smiled happily at the hastily added words.

“I think so too.”

I desperately picked up the words I spit out, but Gargis’ face was painful to look at with my eyes open. He was wearing a robe with frills on his sleeves and chest. At least the smell of the underarm was gone by spraying the cologne, but it was even more terrible to see the smell of perfume vibrate on that face.

“…just don’t wear perfume.”


“It’s more natural and suits you to have a female odor rather than the smell of perfume.”

“That is what I think.”

Yujin turned her head again and looked out the window.

night with a full moon. It is the day that Bolero Street is open. 

Iod left the mage tower in the morning. He heard from Hera that he went out to buy experimental materials for his magic. I don’t know if that’s true, but the guy who’s been confined to my room all this time went out today? 


Eugene glared at his face reflected in the window.

The face and hair color are different. I can’t use Polymorph, a high-level magic, even if I want to use it. However, you can use magic to change your facial features and hair color. 

2nd circle. 

I didn’t learn any more magic than that. I still haven’t received an answer from the letter of recommendation that Loberian wrote, but I listened to the advice sweetly. I don’t know if the Acreon pass will come out, but I decided not to learn other magic until I get an answer. 

Instead, I mastered the magic in my head. In the introductory magic book that Eugene read, the magic of the 1st and 2nd circles are organized. I replaced the circle with a core and got used to using magic. 

As a result, Eugene was able to use the magic of the 2nd circle without difficulty. The magic you are now using is also the magic of the 2nd circle. Beginner Transformation Magic. It’s an enchantment that will break even a lower dispel spell, but at Bolero Street this is enough.

Although it is tacitly maintained, most of Bolero Street is against the law. 

There are many people who want to hide their identities among those who come and go on Bolero Street. Polymorph, a high-ranking magic, cannot be used easily, so rudimentary transformation magics are often used. As such, it is strictly forbidden to dispel transformation magic on Bolero Street.

‘Anyway, the person who recognizes it will recognize it.’

You don’t have to dispel to see the essence. High-ranking wizards easily see through low-level magic. In the end, it’s like closing your eyes and screaming.

Isn’t that better than not doing it at all? Eugene pulled the hood of his robe over and opened the carriage door.

Arrive at Bolero Street. 

“…More than I thought.”

Yujin looked at the crowd and muttered. It’s not comparable to a tourist attraction, but there are quite a lot of people. They said it was an implicit black market, so wouldn’t it be better to just develop it as a tourist attraction at this point?  

“The pass is two million cells.”


“Two million cells.”

The big figure blocking the entrance to the street dazzles. He wasn’t intimidated by Gargis, who was bigger than him. He couldn’t be a street gatekeeper if he didn’t have that much guts and skills. 

“Two people count four million.”

Eugene opened his wallet. He handed over four checks and held out his arm. Soon, the gatekeeper put paper bracelets on Eugene and Gargis’ arms.

“The entrance fee is two million cells. Too expensive.”

“Only the cost of going inside is two million cells per person. There is a separate entrance fee for each facility.”

“You’re crazy.”

Every tourist attraction in Arrot has an expensive admission fee, but the admission fee for Bolero Street was higher than expected.

“They say that just entering a cheap tavern costs at least a million cells. You have to pay five million cells just to enter the auction house.”

“Eugene, didn’t you say you were here for the first time too?”

“I’ve been looking for it beforehand.”

Yujin shook her head and looked down at the bracelet on her wrist. A paper bracelet of two million cells. I pulled it gently, but it didn’t break. 

This bracelet proves your identity on Bolero Street. Legal identification is not used here. Bracelets and money. All you need are those two.

“let’s go.”

“Didn’t you say you had something else to do?”

“You will figure it out. Let’s go to the auction house and shut up.”

Eugene put his hand in his arms. There is a small magic terminal there. It is a terminal sold to communicate with the party on the wide and shady Bolero Street.

[Are you in?]

[How did you know?]

[This terminal is only connected to Bolero Street. The signal came and I knew.]

A groaning voice is heard from the terminal. This is the guide I met on the first day I came to Arrot. Eugene visited him yesterday, gave her a hefty sum of money and asked him to spy on her.

It’s simple. Hovering around the streets of a succubus. When he found the iodine, he asked for a signal. Maybe Iod could come using transformation magic… 

‘You are worrying for nothing. Lord Iod doesn’t use transformation magic.’


‘I heard he… uh… always wears the same robe. You don’t reveal your family crest, but you wear a hood that lets you see a little bit of your gray hair…’

‘He’s crazy.’

It seems that he enjoys receiving attention by secretly revealing his identity. When I was at my parents’ house, I always looked intimidated, and even in the Mage Tower, I walked around with my shoulders drooping and my gaze down… On the streets I’m not proud of, I quietly flaunt my status and stretch out?

‘If it were my son, I would have beaten him to correct his habit.’

Although she had never had a son, Eugene thought so.

“You pay for the entrance fee to the auction house.”


“Giant… balls. I mean, if it’s too expensive, I won’t pay for it.”

“What if I came all the way here and said that?”

“Take my stand. I got a black card from the head of the household, but the head of the household won’t be surprised if I spend too much money.”

“I guess so.”

“If the head of the family asks me what I spent such a large amount of money on, what should I say? I bought giant balls, you say? Rather than saying that, I’ll just look around.”

“I will pay you back.”

“…No, who cares about that? I can’t possibly say that I bought giant balls with my own mouth…!”

“If you’re really worried, I’ll tell you instead.”

How much do you want to buy giant balls? Eugene looked at Gargis’s eyes, which swelled with her expectations, and let out a blank laugh. 

“It is forbidden to invade other seats, and conversations must be held only among the party.”

There are not one or two auction houses on Bolero Street, but the rules of the auction houses are the same. Private Bidding. Except for the party, everyone is guided to another room, and the bidders cannot be identified. 

Five million cells per person. The gatekeeper of the auction house leading to the basement adds an explanation. 

“At the seat you were directed to, there are three buttons. Click the button in the middle to place a bid, or click the button to the right to raise a price. Other than that, if you need help, please press the left button.”

Eugene and Girgas were ushered into a spacious room. There is a cloudy glass window in the front, and no other sounds can be heard. Once we were seated, a masked attendant brought us water. 

“Are you okay to drink?”

“It’s okay.”

Gargis replied in a heavy voice. Unbelievable at face value, Gargis was still 18 years old. Of course, age doesn’t matter on Bolero Street. This is a place where even a 10-year-old can have a drink if he has the money. 

“I thought you wouldn’t be interested in the auction.”

“I need something to pass the time, and I’m a little curious about what will come out.”

Yujin tilted her chair back and answered. 

The front windshield vibrates. A man’s figure is put in the glass window where nothing was visible. He was a man wearing a fancy tailcoat and a mask. 

“Thank you for visiting our auction house on a still beautiful full moon night.”

The man bowed his head and spoke. 

“Our auction house mainly deals with Helmud’s rare magic materials. As you know, there are many auction houses on this street. However, I dare to say that the quality of our auction house is unrivaled when it comes to the magic material of ‘Helmud’.”

“…I heard at first glance that there is also a slave auction house on this street.”

“no way.”

Slavery is an outdated evil law that has been abolished from a previous life. 

“The alchemist told me. Slavery is strictly forbidden… but illegal slaves are said to be secretly traded. They say that the slaves that are mainly traded are demons.”

the world is crazy

Eugene shook his head and thought. Demons become slaves and sold to people? Eugene couldn’t accept that reality. Of course, there were quite a lot of illegal slaves in my previous life. An elf who lost his home to the demon lord. Skillful Dwarf artisans. Prisoners such as centaurs… Slaves were seen more frequently in areas adjacent to Helmud.

But not in Helmud, but in Arot. That a demon, not a human being, is being sold as a slave? to humans? 

“The first item is the Balarex Horn. Let’s start with the 10 million cell.”

Auction begins. He was said to specialize in Helmud’s magic materials, so he was proud of it. 

‘The Balalex meat is very tough.’

I didn’t have very good memories. Eugene watched the auction while balancing on a tilted chair. 

“Fruit of Prosia.”

“The Roots of Mandrago.”

“The buds of Yuzrak.”

“Oh, this is a live Turas spider. This guy’s poison is…”

“Are there giant balls coming out?”

All of them were rare magic materials, but they were not something that Eugene would be interested in. Looking around, Gargis was half asleep.

“Come out… come out. I heard you’re coming.”

“Are you sure?”

“The rumor was so.”

“I hope it doesn’t come out, because I don’t want to spend money.”

Eugene grumbled and drank the water.

“This item… is a metal object of unknown origin. It’s a nuisance that hasn’t been sold for quite some time. Our auction house has not been able to penetrate the value of this metal, but some of the guests visiting today may be able to see the value of this metal.”

Unlike before, the words are long.

“This metal was found in the Khazad Hills of Helmud. When exposed to moonlight, it emits a very beautiful light… But honestly, it has no value other than that. It is so hard that it cannot be processed, but it does not accept mana.”

It was said to be something that hadn’t been sold for a long time. So the explanation is long. As for other items, the bid price immediately went up as soon as the name came out, so there was no need to explain it like that.

“If you have a bedroom by the window, putting it as an ornament would not be a bad choice. The light under the moonlight is beautiful…”

Customers who come here don’t come to buy that kind of stuff. Where would you use a hard metal that does not accept mana and cannot be processed?

However, Eugene looked at the metal with enchanted eyes. A piece of metal the size of a thumb. 


“…I will start with a million cells.”

The things that have come out so far are basically 10 million cells. That metal had an exceptionally low price.

Eugene immediately pressed the button.


Gargis looks back at Eugene with surprised eyes.

[Uh… Would you like to bid?]

“Million cells.”

Eugene said without hesitation. 

I know what that metal is. 

A dull-colored blade. 

Ruin in the form of a sword.

A sword whose effectiveness was stolen by the holy sword. 

A sword that has not been left in history.  

Moonlight Sword.

Bolero Street

“Why did you buy such a useless thing?”

Gargis asked with an incomprehensible expression on his face. An unknown metal that has not been auctioned off for a long time. Even to Gargis, a stranger to magic, the metal seemed worthless. 

It’s only the size of a finger, and it doesn’t accept mana, let alone processing. Although it started with the lowest price of any item on the auction house, it didn’t seem worth a million cells to that metal in Gargis’ eyes. 

Eugene didn’t say anything. He squeezed his trembling hands and cleared his thoughts. 

Vermut handled numerous weapons, and among the weapons he handled, there were many powerful treasures that could turn the world upside down. 

The storm sword that Eugene possesses right now, Winid. Predatory Sword Aspel. Dragon spear Karvos. Brain light bow Pernoa. Non-Phantom Sword Zabel. Geddon’s Shield, etc. 

The most famous is the Holy Sword. Although it was not used very much, it is a weapon symbolizing vermouth in modern times. 

Other than that. 

The demonic spear Luintos used by the Demon King of Horror. 

The phalanx phalanx used by the demon king of slaughter. 

Those various weapons have been handed down through records, if not as much as the Holy Sword. Strangely, however, there was no record of the ‘Moonlight Sword’ at all.

As Eugene remembers, it was the moonlight sword that slashed Ruintos’ onslaught from the front and sank the demon king of misery. However, in fairy tale books and various records, it is said that the holy sword defeated the evil king. 

It’s not just the demon king of misery. Helmud 300 years ago had many strong enemies besides the demon king that made the journey painful. High-ranking demons who did not become demon kings. Vampire Load. The head of the giants, etc. It wasn’t the brilliant light of the holy sword that opened the way in a collision with such a formidable enemy. 

It was the terrible moonlight that tore the lead in destruction.

‘A fragment of that moonlight sword.’

It’s not a perfect sword. I don’t know what happened, but it’s a fragment that has been shattered. maybe i was looking at it wrong No matter how clear the memory of the previous life was, I couldn’t be sure of a single fragment.

After a while, someone knocks on the door. The item wasn’t that big, and it was delivered immediately after bidding. Eugene immediately got up and opened the door.

‘…That’s right.’

Eugene looked down at the fragments he was handed over. This unique turbidity was as she remembered it. This must be a fragment of the Moonlight Sword. How the hell did the fragments of the moonlight sword flow into the auction house? 

‘Khazad Hills…’

What added certainty was the place where these fragments were found. Khazad Hills is located a little far from the Demon Lord of Slaughter. Originally, it was a plain, but in the aftermath of the fierce battle in the castle, the entire ground collapsed and became a hilly area.

After defeating the demon lord of slaughter, he was leaving the demon castle. 

Found a dungeon hidden deep underground. I searched the dungeon to see if the demons were hiding, and found the moonlight sword in the deepest part. 

‘…What I can think of is… that while Vermut was leaving Helmud, he took the Moonlight Sword back to its place and sealed it.’

Why did the moonlight sword break and become fragments? If Vermouth had resealed the Moonlight Sword, I could imagine why it had become fragments.

The moonlight sword is too dangerous. The demon king’s favorite magic spear and crushing weight were also dangerous, but the moonlight sword was too much. 

The ominous sword never acknowledged its owner except Vermouth, and always caused terrible destruction when pulled from its scabbard. Vermouth wouldn’t have been relieved just by sealing that terrible and dangerous sword. 

‘…It’s quiet.’

The fragments of the Moonlight Sword are silent. It doesn’t emit any ominousness. Well, if it had such terrible power as it did 300 years ago, it wouldn’t have been put up for auction or neglected because it didn’t win the bid. 

Feeling bitter, Eugene put a fragment of the moonlight sword into the chest. A fragment that now has no power. It would be a lie if I said I had no expectations. I thought maybe a piece of power might remain. 

Even if it’s just an ordinary piece of metal, it’s not too bad. I feel a little relieved just to have this awkward thing in my hand. 


The terminal vibrates.

[Iod has arrived.]

voice of the guide. Eugene put the wooden box in his arms and stood up.

“I am going.”

“hmm? Aren’t you going to see more?”

“Don’t look. I’ll leave the card for now, so tell me you’ll pay the bid later.”

It is impossible to use the black card without authentication. Still, the black card is so famous that it would be possible to pay the bid a little later.

What if you don’t? Eugene didn’t know. On the contrary, I am glad that I will not have to spend a lot of money on balls.

Press the left button to call someone, and come out of the auction house. Quite a bit of time has passed since then, and the night is deep and the air is cold. However, it was still bright all around. At this distance, the lights do not turn off until dawn. 

‘Where can I go?’

[If you go to the north of that street, you will find a shop called ‘Rafflesia’. You can come there.]

Eugene’s steps fell.

[But what are you going to do? This kind of store strictly protects the security of customers, but […]

I didn’t bother to answer. I didn’t decide to go with such a clear idea of ​​what to do. I just wanted to go once and see Iod’s face. How will he react when the eldest son of his family is exposed to his ugly appearance?

Shall I be angry with shame? Or do you keep your mouth shut without getting angry? should I make excuses? I do not know. To be honest, I want to grab him by the collar and slap him on the cheek. 

‘…It’s a pitiful situation.’

Even if you don’t scratch the cheek, I’ll have to hear what you’re thinking. 

The atmosphere of the store changes as you head north. The lights that only light up the darkness turn red, and the costumes of the touts also change to become sensational. A handsome man seduces a passing woman, and a beautiful woman smiles at men.

‘Incubus, succubus. There are even vampires. There are also prisoners.’

It wasn’t just the demons. There were quite a few beastmen who were a mixture of humans and beasts, and there were also humans. Eugene didn’t give them a glance, only looking at the name of the store. 


At the end of the street, I found the store. The appearance was more plausible than she thought. Eugene approached the entrance of the store without hesitation. 

“Are you a guest?”

The big guys who were hanging around the store block the door as if they were waiting. five. Eugene stared at the man in the center. Red eyes against his pale skin. Pointed ears… tiny horns.

Demons are of various types. Dream demons are also a type of demon, and from 300 years ago, the giants were also included in the demons. Corrupted Dark Elves and Vampires also belong to the Asmodians. Demon tribe is not a word that refers to a single race, but a general term for the races ruled by the demon king. 

Among them, the race with horns is the symbol of ‘Demon’, which accounts for the highest proportion among the Demons. In fact, demons can be said to be the legitimacy of the demons. All five demon lords that existed 300 years ago were demons. 

“…I want to go inside.”

Eugene glared at the young demon and said. It’s the first time since reincarnation that I’ve come face to face with demons, especially demons. If he had been in his previous life, he would have killed him before their eyes met, but Eugene never revealed his intent to kill.

“…Is this your first time visiting our store?”

“why. Can’t you go in first?”

“It is not. You can use it as long as you pay the entrance fee.”

“How much?”

“The basic admission fee is two million cells. The cost is measured according to the content and time of your dream. Would you like to enter?”

Damon asked with a thin smile. Eugene didn’t answer and took out her wallet and handed her two checks.

“Have a good time.”

Daemon got out of the door as soon as he received the admission fee. Eugene ignored his words and entered the store. 

red lighting. 

All I could see right away was a riotous drinking party. It seems that the entire first floor is used as a pub. You can also see succubus and incubus dressed in suggestive clothes, serving alcohol, and flirting. Eugene stopped for a moment and watched the scene.

“I will guide you to your seat.”

A beautiful succubus approaches and crosses its arms. Eugene ignored her and raised her gaze. Tavern up to the 3rd floor. There is no bedroom to enjoy the dream. 

‘It’s underground.’

I saw succubuses and incubuses taking their guests down to the basement. where is the iodine? Are you drinking or dreaming in your room? smell. The smell of perfume was strong from the succubus clinging to her side.

“…do you dream here?”

“Are you in a hurry?”

At first, the subject raised his words, but the succubus naturally let go and smiled at Eugene. 

“Cute guest. Is this your first time at our store? How about drinking first?”

The succubus’ smile deepens. She quietly leaned over Eugene’s arm and whispered.

“If you drink alcohol, you can dream deeper because your body gets tired.”

“I can’t sleep without a bed.”

“Don’t worry, drink in moderation and I’ll guide you underground. More than that, guest, what kind of dream do you want to dream?”

The succubus’ voice lowered. She was accustomed to leading Eugene and leading her to her empty seat. 

“Don’t be shy, tell me. You have to tell it accurately and in detail so that you can have pleasant dreams.”

With those words, Eugene grasped the level of the store’s succubus. A high-ranking dreamer makes you fall asleep regardless of your intentions, and creates a dream you want from your unconscious. To say that you need alcohol to fall asleep and to explain the content of your dream means that you are a low-level dreamer.

“…I can’t tell you yet.”

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