Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 112

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“Senya-sama, you’ve known Eugene-sama from your previous life, right?”

A piercing gaze.

So what about anise?

Senya wanted to say that, but the savage gaze of the saintess of this era made the legendary archmage who had lived for 300 years calmly sit down.

Ciel Lionheart

No one eavesdropped outside the door. As for the White Mage Tower lord, Melchis Elhaire, Carmen and Didyra were possessors of basic common sense that they should not eavesdrop on other people’s rooms.

Cristina checked out the door and pulled her arm. Ciel still couldn’t come to his senses properly, so he had no choice but to be led by him.

There were more tears shed in the last tens of minutes than shed in her entire life. The tens of minutes that had just passed were more difficult and painful than the Black Lion Knights and Carmen’s grueling training.

I’ve never been slapped in my life, but I just got slapped twice.

All of those facts made Ciel stagger. But Christina did not support her. Rather, she shot a ferocious gaze at Eugene, who stood up to support him.

“Please stay in your room.”

“no… … it can’t be… … .”

“What Ciel needs right now is understanding, not comfort. And I can assure you, I am the one who can understand Ciel the most here.”

Eugene, the reincarnation of Hamel 300 years ago. He cannot turn away from the past. Senya, who has lived in the distant past, cannot fully understand Ciel, who was born and lived in the present era.

But Christina is different. Although she was imbued with anise, she was Christina born and lived in this era.

[Christina. Are you going to reveal my existence to that child?]

‘Yes, Sister. Do you think it could be a problem?’

[No way. Hamel has revealed my reincarnation, so why hide the fact that I am a virgin ghost and clinging to you?]

Anis cleared her emotions and clicked her tongue.

[It’s not like Ciel is a light-mouthed kid to talk to anyone.]


[Why are you suddenly apologizing?]

‘Because I acted on my own without consulting my sister.’

[God, Cristina, you don’t have to apologize for that. Rather, I am very proud and happy that you acted like this.]

Anise told me without a single lie.

He went through all sorts of hardships while wandering around the Demon Realm. She has seen countless times of sorrow and tears. In Anise’s entire life, frankly, there were far more sorrowful and painful events than joyful ones.

Living such a life did not wear out my feelings. There were many painful things in the Demon Realm, but there were also many pleasant things, and the decades she spent with her companions made Anis Slywood, who was only a saint, into a human being.

[Christina. your existence… … Like I do, it came from the invitational success. After all, a saintess was a tool whose values ​​and abilities took precedence over personality. But we are out of the tool. Just as I was saved, so are you.]

‘… … .’

[Your pity for Ciel. Compassion, it’s never an unclean feeling. You can reach out to sympathize, and salvation is made that way.]

‘I don’t know if I did the right thing.’

[You reach out… … .]

Anis stopped talking and hesitated for a moment.

[Hmm… … If it hadn’t been for the slapping, Ciel might have continued to cry and give up in despair. But because you slapped her and forced Ciel up, she was able to shake off her hopeless feelings.]

‘I think I may have usurped Eugene-nim’s role.’

[My God Christina, what the hell are you talking about? If Hamel had slapped Ciel in the situation just now, everything would have ended. Cristina, you were the only one who could have slapped Ciel just now. Senya, that stupid girl, cried alone because of a sense of guilt about Ciel, and I, too… … Umm.]

It was the same with Anis who cried softly. He said it as if he was feeling guilty, but Anis felt the same way. Ciel’s sobbing and sobbing emotions were so heavy and huge.

The door was immediately closed. Yujin couldn’t sit still and wandered around the room. Shouldn’t he have been forced to follow? Shouldn’t we talk to Ciel a little more?

“I’m crazy, so sit down.”

Senya sniffed and said.

Of course, Eugene did not sit down as Senya had told him to. It’s already in the past, but the thought that it seemed like an asshole lingered in my head.

no. It had to be. Rather than leaving room for ambiguity, it would be for Ciel’s sake to be firm.

“I can’t.”

After making up his mind again, Yujin nodded. Chase the two of them even now… … Yujin thought so and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?”

Senya snorted. Dig! The intact door disappeared by magic. Eugene, who had reached out for the doorknob, looked back at Senya with a furrowed eyebrow.

“what are you doing?”

“Then what are you doing?”

“What to do, solve my problem… … .”

“Your problem?”

Senya’s eyebrows twitched. In an instant, the temperature in the room dropped below freezing. The drifting cold froze his breath.

Yujin put on a bewildered expression and tilted her head.

“Why are you doing that?”

“This is not your problem, Eugene Ryanhart.”

Senya proudly raised her hand and placed it on her chest.

“It’s a ‘us’ problem.”

“What… … .”

“If you didn’t die like an idiot 300 years ago and survived somehow, wouldn’t this have happened?”

“no… … that… … .”

“So that’s our problem. Me and Anise couldn’t stop you from being so stupid. Maybe, maybe, if you hadn’t died, I might have been able to defeat the demon lord of confinement and even kill the demon lord of destruction. Then he could have saved the world perfectly, without having to make a promise to know what vermouth is.”

does that make sense?

The words soared to the throat, but he did not spit them out. Thinking rationally and looking back, even if Hamel hadn’t died at that time, the battle with the demon king in captivity would have been lost. It would have only hindered him if he went into battle in a state that was not much different from that of a corpse.

but. In the darkroom, the vision of Vermouth had spoken. If Hamel had not died and had reached the top of Babel together, he would not have had to fight the demon king.

Even Eugene knew that the reason why Vermouth’s unknown plan was ruined was because of Hamel’s death—suicide. Senya knows too. So, Eugene quietly kept his mouth shut.

“If you hadn’t died at that time— uhm, that’s very hopeful, but everything might have worked out. you… … you and i… … uh… … .”

Senya-sama, take courage. Having done such a thing in front of Anicilla-sama, are you ashamed of yourself now and worrying about your face?

Mer’s will was conveyed to the hesitant Senya. Rather, the words stopped Senya from speaking.

“all… … Maybe everything worked out!”



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You and I got married right away and lived happily ever after.

The unspoken words scattered in Senya’s head. The temperature in the room, which had been in the middle of the cold, returned to normal.

“and… … what… … Even though you’re dead, me and Anis… … If Moron had been stronger, he would have been able to defeat the Demon King of Confinement. If you had done it well in your own way, you might have lived a comfortable life without complicated thoughts.”

“If it ended like that 300 years ago, I wouldn’t have been reincarnated.”

“I don’t think so.”

Senya pursed her lips and turned her head.

“Even if I saved the world, I hate not having you. I thought so. … … The other guys must have been the same. They say that all beings die and are reborn and go through reincarnation.”

“I don’t think I have any memories of my previous life.”

“Do you want to hold the horse’s tail? It’s because I have a crooked personality. Anyway, this isn’t your problem. very… … It’s a very complex causal problem.”

Senya sincerely thought so.

If Hamel hadn’t died, he wouldn’t have been reincarnated as Eugene, and Ciel wouldn’t have fallen in love with Eugene. Even if he was reincarnated as Hamel, what if he had killed all the demon lords? If Anise attained Buddhahood without becoming an angel, and Senya died 300 years ago—

“Ugh… … .”

It’s something I don’t want to imagine, but if that happened. Eugene might have accepted Ciel as well.

‘It’s because I’m too proud.’

It was so good that it did not die even after 300 years. He survived a huge hole in his chest. On top of that, her beauty is outstanding and her personality is perfect, so most women won’t even catch Yujin’s eyes.

Of course, Anise and Cristina were perfectly exceptional in this notion… … .

“I am… … Um, it’s okay.”

“What are you saying is okay all of a sudden?”

“It’s okay if you keep Ciel by your side.”

Anicilla’s face flickered in my mind.

“Are you insane?”

Senya said it sincerely, but Eugene couldn’t accept it that way. Is it okay if I keep you by my side?

“Ciel is nothing!”

“Isn’t that what you meant? It’s just that I don’t need to force myself out.”

“It is not forcibly pushed. How is he to me… … Well, like family… … No, they are family.”

“Parents are different.”

“Does it have to have the same parents to be a family? She’s never felt that way in her life. Are you asking her to lie to you?”

“You don’t have to. I mean don’t push it away.”

“When did I push you away? just… … .”

Eugene sighed and shook his head.

Ciel likes it. However, this feeling was never a romantic feeling. Ciel desperately wanted that feeling, but Eugene couldn’t give it to him.

So it was definitely rejected.

“Don’t think too hard.”

Senya pursed her lips and hugged her knees.

“The happiness I drew must have you unconditionally. Even if a few others are with you, Eugene, as long as you are by my side, it’s fine. So, don’t stand there, sit next to me.”

Yujin sighed and returned to the sofa and sat down. Senya laughed and looked at Eugene’s side face.

“Christina was good at slapping her. But it’s still not enough, I don’t like the taste of Anise.”

“I was beaten, so why are you talking about the taste of your hand?”

“We’re talking among ourselves, isn’t Cristina a bit scary? These days, I’m more afraid of him than Anis. To pierce someone’s chest with a knife while smiling brightly… … . Hey, tell me what are you doing? He behaves like a fox with eyes dripping honey from you.”

“Kuhm… … .”

“Christina, what are you trying to do with Ciel? Wouldn’t it be like getting on your knees and threatening? He might be threshing it by making him lie down and stretch out.”

“Senya, what do you think of Cristina… … ?”

“It’s because you don’t know, the kids who pretend to be like Christina act like ghosts to the kids who are younger and weaker than themselves. In fact, Cristina has a ghost attached to her!”

“Being like a ghost even to you who are old… … .”

age? The moment those words came out, Senya slapped Eugene on the thigh.

It was right. Eugene did not avoid it and humbly greeted him.

* * *

Ciel neither knelt down nor stretched out.

A room lit with soft light that calms the mind. Ciel, who was sitting on the sofa, stared at Christina across from him without even blinking.

“Rogerie… … .”


“uh… … Are you saying that the faithful Anis-sama dwells inside of you?”

“Yes that’s right. I am Anise Slewood.”

Consciousness has changed. Anise smiled broadly at Ciel and spoke to her.

high and low voice. Subtly changed intonation. More than anything else, the shape of the smile has changed a bit. In fact, it wasn’t a difference enough to be able to tell them apart, but if you knew the identity and looked carefully, you could tell them apart a little.

“Nonsense… … .”

“Two of the figures from 300 years ago are still alive.”

Senya the wise and Moron the brave.

“The dead person was reincarnated.”

Stupid Hamel.

“What is the reason to deny ghosts now? Rather, such an existence would be common.”

“but… … Ghost-like beings are undead, right? Anise, the saintess… … .”

“Ahaha, the ghost is a metaphor. Strictly speaking, I did not become a ghost when I died. I became an angel.”

“angel… … ?”

“yes. Thanks to the Light for having pity on me.”

Anis smiled forlornly and crossed herself.

“Ciel Lionheart. Please do not misunderstand Christina’s sincerity because of my existence.”

“… … .”

“Christina and Hamel… … No, the first meeting with Eugene… … It was fate, inevitability. The saintess and the warrior must meet. But at the time, Christina was unaware of my existence, and Eugene was also unaware that I was in Christina.”

“I know that the two of you look very similar.”

Ciel didn’t cry anymore. She cried so much, and looked straight at Anise with eyes red and bloodshot from rubbing.

“Even if Saint Rogeris didn’t have such a consciousness, she wouldn’t be Eugene.”

“I don’t think you have any intention of calling me sister?”

“… … .”

“hmm… … Your words cannot be denied. Hamel… … Ahaha, please understand. I’m used to calling him Hamel.”

“Are you showing off to me?”

“Oh, no way.”

Anis smiled lightly and whispered.

“Showing off is an act of filling one’s self-esteem. An exaggerated boast to show off to others. To you who are 300 years younger, what am I in a hurry to do such trivial things?”

“after… … Hudal?”

“Don’t you think that’s something a saintess would say? But what if it’s true? Ciel Lionheart. I don’t have to show off to you. Yeah, I’ve known Hamel for 300 years. She has been by Hamel’s side since 300 years ago and has loved Hamel since 300 years ago. It means that she had such strong lingering attachments that she would not be able to attain Buddhahood even after death.”

Anise smiled and tilted her head.

“All I know is Hamel.”

“Did you bring me here to tell me that… … ?”

“No, I want to clarify my position. And lest you misunderstand. This is the position of Anis, not Christina. All I know is Hamel.”

“… … .”

“All I know is Eugene Lionheart.”

His tone and expression changed slightly. Anise retreated, and Cristina came out.

“It is undeniable that Eugene-sama is Hamel-sama, but… … Ciel. I, Christina Rogeris, are looking at Eugene. What saved me was not Hamel 300 years ago, but Eugene now.”

“you… … Are you saying you are more special than me?”

“Don’t set your thorns up too much.”

Cristina shook her head.

“As I said before, I understand you. Just as you had feelings for Eugene, so do I.”

“So what are you saying? Since we are alike and similar to each other, do you mean to be friendly with a smile hahahoho?”


answer came back immediately. Ciel laughed hoarsely.

“does not make sense… … .”

“Are you sure?”

“what… … What?”

“I asked if you were confident, Ciel Lionheart. If we don’t get along, are we going to fight each other, scratching and biting and blaming and pushing each other? Or are you going to secretly hide your knife and come and stab me in the back?”

“that… … .”

“Is your pride hurt? come now? What were the tears you shed earlier? Why didn’t I cling to it crying and saying no?”

Ciel couldn’t answer, so he bit his lip.

I must have said that, but… … Is it possible to get along well? Ciel couldn’t imagine such a scene.

Sights I’ve seen since childhood. My mother, who pretended to be a concubine. Theonis, the conscientious woman who was blatantly in check. Ciel remembered how her mother was treated in her hometown and how she fought.

In the end, the mother endured the persecution of the royal family, Theonis, and even recruited the knights of the main family to stand tall as the real power of the main family.

Ciel thought so too. She clings to Eugene somehow, receives attention, receives love, and someday—- an old wizard who has lived for 300 years but shows off purple hair and a clasp, and an insidious person with bad eyesight and a needlessly large amount of fat on her chest. I was thinking of surpassing the saintess.

“I like you.”

Cristina licked her lips and said.

“Segna-sama and Anis-sama share the same experiences and emotions. Thankfully, Senya accepted me, and Anise treats me like her sister. Even so, my essence is inevitably different from the two of you. I didn’t live 300 years ago, and Hamel-sama doesn’t know either.”

“… … .”

“But I know about Eugene. Neither do you, Ciel Lionheart. So I like you I can understand you and empathize with you.”

“You treat me like a child.”

Ciel smiled masochistically.

“No, they are considered equal.”


“Why would I lie?”

Christina said with a smile.

Ciel was instantly taken aback by that clear smile. Soft lighting and sparkling blonde hair lit up the room. Blue eyes like jewels——even for an instant, Ciel realized that Cristina was a “saint”.

“Ugh… … .”

The tears that had stopped flowing were flowing again. Ciel was startled and rubbed his cheek.

“Would you like to comfort me?”

“necessary… … no.”

“Then cry until you feel relieved. That way you won’t cry tomorrow.”

Christina smiled bitterly when she said that.

“no. Just because you cried today doesn’t guarantee you won’t cry tomorrow. But if possible, don’t show tears to Eugene tomorrow. as you know… … .”

“That child has a soft-hearted corner. His personality is bad and he always curses at me even when he talks… … .”

“Isn’t that what you came to love?”

“… … .”

“Me too. Anis-nim and Senya-nim will be like that too.”

Ciel pursed his lips and lowered his head.

“Sleep in my room today. Crying alone would be lonely and sad.”

Cristina said that and brought the Bible from the table. She no longer looked at Ciel, and opened the bible on her lap.

Ciel quietly cried in the face of consideration.

Ciel Lionheart

Wouldn’t the same thing happen as in the time of Arot?

Eugene was afraid of that. The night when Senya, Anis, and Cristina, who were drunk, forced open the locked door and came in. At that time, Eugene covered himself with a blanket and pretended to sleep, trembling with fear.

The alcohol-smelling demons laughed and snatched Eugene’s blanket and punched him in the side. The will to resist was trampled on with violence and ridiculed… … .

Will it be the same this time? Fortunately, Senya went back to her room without taking a sip of alcohol, but the thing to be most wary of when it comes to ‘alcohol’ was anise from 300 years ago.

What if Anise gets drunk, Cristina gets drunk, and Ciel gets drunk as well? What if Senya joins in on the way and everyone drinks like a dog before breaking into the room?

Eugene stayed up all night with such worries.

But fortunately, the dawn passed safely. The sound of the morning birds chirping in Yujin’s ears, who was sitting by the window and deep in thought, unable to lie on the bed.

Yujin swallowed a sigh of relief and looked out the window. The sun was rising over the eastern sea, not far away.

“Eh… … .”

Today has begun. Though she pondered all through the dawn, the tightness in her chest did not go away. Eugene let out a deep sigh and looked out the window endlessly, then stepped back in surprise.

Ciel, wearing a tracksuit, walked out to the gymnasium. Her expression was unrecognizable because of her angle, but her shoulders were not drooping and her gait was undisturbed.

Shall I open the window? Or should I go straight down? Should I just ignore it for now? While Eugene was hesitating, immersed in such worries, Ciel turned her head.

Only then could I see his face. the face… … Even with empty words, I couldn’t say I was fine. My eyes were still red as if I had been crying all night.

The eyes were clear. His expression didn’t even fade. Ciel stared at Eugene standing outside her window, and she smiled. Then her voice was not raised, but her lips were parted.


A pink tongue protruded from her slightly parted lips. A gesture to come down. After thinking for a while, Eugene opened the window and jumped down.

“uh… … slept well… … .”

“Now I understand.”

Ciel smiled and crossed his arms.

“Ever since I was little. You said you respect Hamel more than Lionheart’s founder, Vermut.”

Eugene gasped and held his breath.

other people… … The biggest reason why he didn’t want to reveal his reincarnation, especially to his family. Eugene’s great fear approached.

“There were many times when my older brother and I talked a little bit about Hamel-sama, and you got angry and defended him.”

“uh… … hmm… … .”

“Besides, you’re close with Captain Genos of the Black Lion Knights.”

Eugene couldn’t say anything and broke out in a cold sweat. Ciel laughed while enjoying Eugene’s reaction.

“Does Genos-sama know too?”

“uh… … Oh, isn’t it?”

“Will you stop telling obvious lies? I wouldn’t think much of it if I didn’t know who you were, but Eugene, a lot of things felt different when I found out that you were Hamel-sama. Come to think of it, Genos-sama used to be embarrassed by you when you were young.”

“that… … that… … .”

“Oh, don’t worry. I have no intention of blaming you for saying something to Genos-sama about things I didn’t tell you.”

I cried all morning. Cristina and Anis waited until Ciel stopped crying.

We didn’t talk about anything more. If Ciel wanted a conversation or comfort, the saints would have been happy to do so. But Ciel didn’t want that. She just thought it was enough for her to stay with her through what must have been a long, sad night.

I thought a lot.

“It must be very embarrassing, isn’t it?”

Ciel laughed and said.

“So, didn’t you paint your face with gold without anyone knowing for eight years?”

“Ouch… … .”

“Even in front of kids who haven’t taken the railroad.”

Anyone else would have kept their mouth shut because they were ashamed, but Eugene couldn’t. Eugene looked at Ciel with a serious face and said.

“Is it gold? I don’t think so. Historian Hamel… … No, because you didn’t rate me properly… … .”

Words that follow in a long way. Ciel couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing at her. She giggled and slapped Eugene on the shoulder.

“Yes, yes, stupid Hamel. I knew exactly what you meant. So, Hamel-sama didn’t want the future generations to underestimate him, right?”

“It’s dark… … .”

“Oh, but I don’t think this is a bit. How can you understand, Lord Hamel… … So, from the moment he was born, he had all the memories of his previous life, right?”

Ciel leaned over and said. The sharp blade cut deep into Eugene’s chest as they approached. Eugene clutched at his painful chest and staggered.

“That means… … You mean that Hamel-nim has been crying since he was a baby, even though he’s not a baby?”

“that… … It is out of my control… … .”

“Did you even start toddling while waiting on your knees?”

“no matter how… … No matter how much memories you have of your previous life, it is impossible to move the body of a newborn baby as you wish… … .”

“Wearing a diaper and urinating… … .”

“I didn’t do that!”

Eugene exclaimed in fright. Really? I can’t remember her Memories of those days were already buried long ago in the abyss. Eugene fanned her hand over her heated face, catching her breath.

“What should I call you?”

Ciel stared at Eugene and asked.

“Eugene Ryanhart? Or Hamel Diners?”

“Do I have to answer?”

Eugene sighed and met Ciel’s gaze.

red eyes. But his eyes were as clear as before. Right now, Ciel wasn’t really looking for an answer from Eugene.

“You can call me whatever you want, Ciel.”

“Yeah, okay, Eugene.”

If Eugene had told her to call her ‘Hamel’, Ciel would not have listened and followed him. Regardless of his previous life and reincarnation, to Ciel, Eugene was just Eugene.

“What shall I do next… … .”

The gaze was lifted. Ciel turned around and started to walk lightly.

“Yesterday I showed a very embarrassing appearance. today and… … In the future, yes, try not to do that.”

“… … .”

“I am not saying that I will give up or abandon my feelings for you. Because this is something you can never throw away.”

“I see… … .”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t look back.”

It really doesn’t matter. It’s okay, even if it’s only once in a while… … . I wish I could give you a moment’s attention. But Ciel didn’t say those words directly.

“More than that.”

I didn’t want to think like this anymore. I don’t want to show you crying like yesterday. Ciel took her moment to control her emotions, then she smiled broadly and turned her head away.

“Who else knows that you are Hamel? Senya-sama and Saint Rogeris. Mr Anise. Mer and Raimirah. Genos of the Black Lion Knights. and me. Is there more to this?”

“With the demon king of confinement… … Even the dream queen knows it. Probably only those two know among the demons.”

“aha… … Is that why the Dream Demon Queen attacked in the snowfield?”

“No, it is not. The raid at that time was carried out because the dream queen was an idiot, and that damn succubus found out about my identity later.”

Other than that… … Eugene let out a deep sigh.

“and… … The Lord of the Red Mage Tower… … I guess I’m noticing… … It may not seem like it… … .”

“What are you saying so vaguely?”

“maybe… … You must have noticed, but you seem to be pretending not to know… … .”

“Hehe, you didn’t reveal it yourself, so you noticed it first, right? After all, it’s Loberian-sama.”

The real father, Jehard, and the adults of the main family. And his brother, Xian, is also unaware of Yujin’s true identity. After confirming that, Ciel gave her a smile of conversion.

“Can I talk to Xian oppa?”


“You and I are twins. Xian oppa thinks you are very special, right? Just like I do, oppa will accept that you are Hamel.”

“Don’t say anything terrible… … .”

“Oh, you want something I don’t say?”

I brought the flow I was aiming for. Ciel continued his words, drawing the curve of his lips thicker.

“Then do me one favor.”

* * *

King Seimuin did not announce a subjugation plan for the pirate empress. Even if the empress wanted to send a subjugation party from the front, it was because it was still in the serious stage.

It was not announced, but the plan for the subjugation proceeded.

“It’s called Gondor Iron Hammer.”

A dwarf with long hair and a thick brown beard. Gondor stretched out a large hand toward Carmen and revealed his name.

“Until the empress is subdued and the kidnapped tribal artisans are rescued. I, Ironhammer of Gondor, will fully support all warriors who will move with you.”

If the monarchy hadn’t proceeded with the subjugation plan, not only the Dwarf Guild in the capital, but also the Dwarves from the distant Hammer Island would have gathered in large numbers and staged a riot. If such a thing had happened, the officials would have been greatly disgraced internationally, the prestige of the country would have fallen, and the atmosphere at home would have fallen terribly.

Fortunately, Wang Jeong acted first and negotiated with the Dwarf Guild before that happened. If given time, I will definitely subdue the empress, so please don’t make a fuss and stay calm.

but. The dwarf race is not a race that listens well enough to remain calm even if they are told to. A large number of artisans, who could be said to be the treasures of the tribe, were kidnapped, so how could they entrust rescue only to humans, a different race?

So, Dwarven artisans were dispatched from Hammer Island. It would be impossible to fight directly, but it was to provide technical support to the subjugation party.

Gondor Iron Hammer. He is one of the best craftsmen among the Hammer Island dwarves. Last time, he was not dispatched to the Exceed repair case because the work he was assigned was not finished, and thanks to this, he was able to avoid being kidnapped by the pirate empress.

“I have heard of you beforehand, Carmen Lionheart. You say you use a gauntlet that changes into many forms as a weapon?”

Instead of answering, Carmen looked down at Gondor. Contrary to her tall stature, Gondor’s height was short enough to be a good match for Mer.

“I’m also very interested in Lionheart’s arms.”

Gondor smiled, showing yellow teeth. A skilled Dwarf craftsman knows how to handle both armor and weapons. However, Simuin’s magic armor, Exceed, is a piece of equipment that can be considered a rookie, and it is rare among the Dwarves to handle it perfectly.

Most of the dwarves are eccentric, but among them, Gondor is particularly eccentric. He was more interested in old weapons and relics than the new equipment, Exceed.

The reason was simple. Arms and relics of the old era, especially old–things from the Age of Mythology, even with today’s technology, let alone reproduce them, it’s difficult to even dig into ‘why’ they function this way.

It is the Lionheart family that possesses the most such weapons on all continents.

“That gauntlet must also be a relic from the Age of Mythology, right?”

No matter how valuable an artifact is, if it is made of a ‘weapon’, it must be treated as a weapon. So Gondor liked the Lionheart family. There are several relics that have been handed down from the ancestors of the royal family, but the royal family did not use them as weapons and only decorated them nicely on the back of the throne.

“Kuhhh! To be able to touch and repair Lionheart’s arms with my own hands! I’m excited just by imagining it. When I wrote a letter and sent it a long time ago, it was rejected saying it didn’t need maintenance… … .”

“This gauntlet does not belong to the family.”

Carmen, who had been silently looking at Gondor’s beard, opened her mouth.

I’ve never seen a person with such a long beard since I was born… … . No, strictly speaking, Gondor is not a human, but a dwarf. Carmen, who had a little bit of romance with a rich and handsome beard, felt a lot of disappointment at the tangle of the beard she actually saw.

“What? Aren’t they from the family?”

“The truth cannot be revealed, but… … This is what I got with my own hands. No, should I say it was a fateful encounter… … .”

Carmen’s cherished treasure, Heaven Genocide, was received directly from the Red Dragon. As for the source, I cannot say because of a childhood promise. If it wasn’t for the promise, he would have shown off his relationship with the dragon… … Carmen shook her head in regret.

“but… … Hmm, that’s right.”

Carmen nodded slightly and continued.

“My disciple, White Rose, Ciel Lionheart. That kid has one of Lionheart’s arms. Javel, the secret sword that the founder, the great Vermouth, used to use. Do you know its name?”

Gondor’s eyes widened in despair. The non-phantom sword Zabel? Of course you know what it is.

“I don’t think it needs maintenance, but it’s okay to leave it for a while.”

Carmen is not as simple and strange as it seems on the surface.

The weapons used by the great Vermouth have never needed maintenance for 300 years. No matter how long it was kept in the treasure house, it did not wear out, and it did not break even after using it in battle and neglecting it. The same goes for Ciel’s Zabel. There is no need to entrust maintenance to the dwarves now.

Carmen knows that too. Still, the reason she thought she would take her Gondor—was because of her Eugene.

‘A magic spear and crushing weight.’

A commotion that took place in Black Lion Castle several years ago. The remnants of the Demon King, who were dwelling in the crushing weight, seduced and manipulated Dominic, who was the 1st division commander of the Black Lion Knights and the owner of the crushing weight at the time, and it was the start of the uproar.

After that incident, the remnants of the demon king completely disappeared from the crushing weight and the demonic spear, and Eugene became the new owner of the two weapons. Several years have passed since then, and I do not doubt Eugene’s competence. but… … There’s nothing wrong with being careful.

Of course, this was something that Carmen should not have done alone. It is a top secret of top secrets that Eugene, Senya, and Cristina are staying at the mansion after entering the office. It was something I hadn’t even told Ortus about.

‘Ciel… … .’

On the way back to the mansion after parting with Gondor. Carmen remembered her pupil.

Carmen had never been in love with a member of the opposite sex in her life. What she loved was her name, Ryan Hart, and the self she had been given in the family, her ashen hair and golden eyes, which gave her the nickname she had grown up with.

I loved the fists and feet that moved faster and stronger than I thought, no, more than I thought. Being chosen by a dragon, he now loved his destiny to advance for the world… … .

I’ve never loved a man in my life. He never thought of wanting to fall in love. From a young age, marriage talks came in steadily, but they did not give a single glance. He had thought about having children a few times, but he wasn’t desperate.

Even that desperate thought was met by accepting Ciel as a disciple.

That’s why Carmen wished for the happiness of her pupil, Ciel.

‘It didn’t look like it was going well… … .’

I saw Ciel’s eyes red. She was Ciel, who always smiled proudly and confidently. The sight of her drove an awl into Carmen’s chest and made her Desiira weep.

But what can I do? There was no room for Carmen to intervene in Ciel and Eugene’s problems. No, you shouldn’t have intervened. Carmen certainly had that much common sense.

‘okay. What can I do… … watching quietly behind the scenes. Comforting and comforting the child when he is unbearably sad.’

Carmen thought so and opened the door to the mansion. He didn’t consider himself powerless to do that.

‘Eugene… … .’

As I walked through the corridors of the mansion, I thought about Eugene.

The first time I saw it was when Eugene was studying abroad in Arrot.

At that time, Eugene was only 17 years old. That kid has grown so much… … . Carmen thought again about how fast time is.

The adopted son of Lionheart, who had just entered magic at the time, became a great wizard in only four years, became a warrior chosen by the holy sword, and rose to the six stars of the white flame ceremony at the fastest rate in Lionheart’s history.

‘4 years… … .’

If you think about it, isn’t that a long time? Enough time for a boy to become a young man, but not enough time for a boy to become a monster… … .

‘No, he looked like a monster even then.’

From the first meeting, I felt that it was unusual. Eugene Lionhart was extraordinary even at such a young age. Every time we meet again since our first meeting, Eugene has grown so fast that it is hard to imagine her before.

I remembered the time when we lightly shuffled our fists during the coming-of-age ceremony. And in Kiel’s capital, he once fought alongside Iris. It was the first time they matched their breath, but the pace was so perfect that I couldn’t believe it was so. And the battle against the White Dragon Knights… … Carmen grinned as she recalled Eugene’s performance.

‘surely. If you’re that great of a man, Ciel should fall in love with you.’

Carmen smiled and opened the door.


I opened the door and it froze.

The great Eugene Ryanhart, surrounded by women, was wearing a pure white dress.


Of course, it is not comparable to Moron, but Eugene is also quite tall.

It’s not just about stretching upwards. A body that has not gone through training since childhood. Her body, which was developed to suit the fighting style she had adhered to since her previous life, was by no means small.

Gargis, who almost worships muscles, used to disapprove of Eugene’s body, but in Eugene’s eyes, Gargis’ ignorantly large muscles were disrespectful. In any case, Eugene was quite proud of the physical beauty of her body.

In other words, Eugene’s body is very manly. Even empty words don’t suit women’s clothing.

broad shoulders. thick chest. Unpleasant forearms… … The face was originally born handsome, and there is still a corner of it that is still young, but it is only ugly to wear a wig on such a face.

Eugene insisted as best he could. However, other people did not respect Eugene’s opinion. If that was the only thing, it wouldn’t matter. No matter what Senya, Cristina, or Anise claim. Eugene was a person who could clearly say that he disliked what he did not like.

But this time I couldn’t.

Because of Ciel’s request. A spiteful and nasty request… … In fact, even if Eugene refused, Ciel would have kept Eugene’s secret. He’s not something to be talked about lightly. Even if she said that she would tell her brother, Ciel wasn’t really the type to talk like that.

Eugene knew that too—but still, still… … I chose to accept Ciel’s request. For Ciel’s sake, she wants to make her feel a little bit better. She chose a noble self-sacrifice.

“… … .”

The magic to change the color of hair or eyes is quite simple. Magic that makes the body perceive differently is not very difficult magic if it is only applied to ordinary people’s perception.

However, changing the body completely is a very advanced magic. However, it is possible for an archmage to reconstruct his own body and transform it into a different form.

Eugene hadn’t reached that stage yet. Eugene fulfilled the 8th circle, which can be said to be the standard of a great wizard, by replacing the circle with a star and amplifying its power. And because of Akasha’s assistance.

Eugene had a glimmer of hope there. The fact that the face after makeup is pretty, lengthening the hair or wearing a wig.

However, if a pretty face is placed on top of tall, thick muscles, isn’t it just ugly in the end?

Those hopes were dashed by Senya. It doesn’t completely change gender and race like Polymorph did.

Reconstructing the severed limbs of others is impossible even for Senya. However, if it’s a reconstruction to the extent of shortening the height and compressing the muscles to the limit… … .

“This… … .”

Senya swallowed a gulp. Not everything is possible with magic, so he adjusted it to what his body could handle. It was also impossible to make the missing breasts rise.

But, but if it’s this much. Senya admired his own magic skills, and also admired Eugene’s appearance.

He shrunk his height to the same level as Christina’s. Even the thick muscles were compressed to the limit. She thought it would be cracked and hard if she took it off, but it wouldn’t be a problem since she wouldn’t be able to see it with her clothes on.

“Than you think… … more… … Great… … .”

Her angular look and long gray hair matched very well with the pure white dress she had bought for fun yesterday. It was not only Senna who thought so.

Christina and Anis looked at Eugene blankly, feeling their hearts pounding.

beautiful… … . It was not an impression from an aesthetic point of view. That, noble Eugene Lionheart. The saints’ hearts pounded at the thought that they were ashamed to the extent that they couldn’t stand it, since they had never shown themselves to anyone in their lives.

“now… … Are you okay?”

Eugene barely opened his mouth in shame. The sound of her voice that came out of her lips was so clear that she startled herself.

“It’s better to change the color of your hair and eyes.”

Ciel looked at Eugene with a serious expression.

“I intend to take you as my attendant, but isn’t it obvious that Lionheart’s characteristics remain? If you’re going to dress up as a woman, you have to do it perfectly.”

“You’re seriously going to treat me like this and put me on a boat?”

“Senya-sama and Saint Rogeris also decided to disguise themselves as servants and board the ship.”

“What is that about!”

“How much did you not understand? This one will be able to completely outwit the enemy.”

“You don’t have to be caught off guard by dressing up as a woman. You can just wear a different disguise. Or am I hiding in a wooden barrel… … .”

“Wasn’t that what I asked you to do?”

Ciel asked with a bashful smile. Eugene was speechless and gnashed his teeth.

Yes, as Ciel said. If he disguised himself as a female attendant, no one would be able to see through Eugene’s identity. Although there was a risk that the magic might be released in Solgaris Sea, it would be meaningful just to reach there safely and create a confrontation with Iris.

‘If you get caught first… … .’


You have to kill whoever your opponent is. Eugene sincerely thought so. I didn’t want to show this kind of look to anyone else.


The door opened, and Eugene’s time stopped. He looked at the open door with a look of horror on his face. I saw Carmen standing in the crack of the half-open door.

“… … .”

What is this? Carmen didn’t quite understand what he was seeing now. A woman in a white dress… … Eugene… … Eugene Lionhart. why does he look like that?

“Uhm… … .”

Carmen thought it a bad thing to ask why… … .

Everyone has secrets they want to hide. I didn’t know that the blood lion, dragon slayer, and hero, Eugene Lionheart, had such a symbol, but… … Carmen was the owner of a flexible mind that could respect that level of taste.

So Carmen didn’t say anything and took a step back for now.

Should I leave the door open? Should I keep it closed? For a short moment, such thoughts went through Carmen’s head, but Carmen’s expression didn’t shake at all. In the end, Carmen shuts the door with her unconcerned face.

“for a moment.”

If you don’t clarify in time, misunderstandings will grow like a snowball. Eugene ran quickly and put her foot between the cracks in the closing door and grabbed Carmen’s wrist.

“I am… … I understand.”

Carmen said that, trying to understand Eugene’s feelings. understanding? Understanding what understanding.

“Hey, Carmen, it’s not like that. The reason I’m wearing these clothes and changing my appearance a little bit is not because I wanted to. Carmen-nim was also with you two days ago, right? In order to completely fool Princess Raksha, she dressed as a woman… … .”

“You said that wasn’t a joke? Did you really mean to dress up as a woman?”

“You must know this, Carmen, I do not have the slightest hint of my sincerity in this appearance. I really didn’t want to, but uh, what should I say, I really couldn’t help it… … . card… … I believe that if you are Carmen, you will be able to understand my feelings.”

I didn’t give any credible information. Even so, it was impossible to say that he had accepted Ciel’s request in order to keep such and such a secret.

“hmm… … .”

Carmen did not ignore Eugene’s appeal. She nodded her head without asking much. Eugene let out a sigh of relief and let go of Carmen’s wrist.

“It suits you well.”

Eugene’s face contorted at the cautiously thrown words.

* * *

I had a dream.

I immediately gave up on counting how many times. always the same dream.

When I first dreamed, I didn’t dream as often as I do now, but gradually the dream cycle became shorter. Not long ago, what was once a week has become once every four days, and now I dream almost every day.

At first, Noir Jevela. She wondered if the Galvo queen had played her trick. She hadn’t met her since she had a fight with Yeongji several years ago. However, the relationship, no, the bad relationship was not cut off.

I didn’t think it was cut off. Even thinking about that defeat now grinds my teeth.

A one-on-one battle over the territory. … … Can we call it a battle? Even Iris herself considered such thoughts excessive arrogance and self-satisfaction. The Battle of the Territory was not a fight. It was just a one-sided joke… … .

So the evil relationship is not broken. Iris couldn’t possibly forget the grudge of that time.

I lost the territory of Helmud and came all the way to this distant sea. Grow enough strength here, and one day return to Helmud—- Noir Jebella will be trampled on. I’ll tear that filthy dreamer to pieces, and if it survives, I’ll turn it into a toilet that will hold all sorts of filth and make you want me to kill you… … .

Noir Jebela should also know this clear malice. That’s why I couldn’t help but misunderstand it at first.

In Helmud, Iris was checked by all kinds of demons. The subordinates insisted only on the Dark Elves. That’s why, even though Iris had a long time of 300 years, she couldn’t build as much power as other high-ranking demons.

But here in the South Sea, it’s different. After coming to the South Sea, Iris had never experienced a single ‘failure’. Rather, everything—- fate, smiled at Iris. It’s only been over 2 years since Iris crossed over to the South Sea, but the power she has built up now is greater than 300 years in Hell Mood.

A word from Iris can move hundreds of pirate fleets. Unleashing that enormous power, he also captured several elves who were trying to cross the sea and enter the Great Forest.

Those elves cried out that they would die as elves rather than fall into dark elves, but of course Iris did not listen to their wishes. The beastmen mercenaries who lost their place to return to Yagon’s death also swore absolute loyalty to Iris.


Yes, as the word says, Iris is cruising.

This news must have reached Helmud’s arrogant and vulgar Queen Galvo. He may have thought that it was better to break it now, when he was not fully prepared, than to engage in an all-out war later. It’s Noir Jebella’s specialty to show irresistible nightmares over and over again, completely destroying the mind.


It’s the first time I have any doubts. That this dream wasn’t like a nightmare—- I realized after having it over and over again. No, actually, I knew from the moment I first dreamed. However, at first, I just suspected that there might be some other ulterior motive.

But now I have no doubts.

Nightmares are painful, and it’s a nightmare if you don’t want to. It is a nightmare if it wears out the mind and breaks the will in some way. Iris’s recurring dreams never had anything like that.

rather… … sweet and missed The same dream was repeated over and over again, but Iris never once found it boring.

“iced coffee… … .”

not boring The end of the dream was always regrettable and sad. Iris raised her body and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. The dried tear marks on his cheeks pulled whenever he moved his expression. Iris rubbed the back of her hand on her cheek a few times, and she was absorbed in the afterglow of the dream.

big back. A hand that gently embraces. It’s hard to see because it’s covered in haze, but it’s a caring smile that was clear even in between. A dream to follow the first step on the road and move forward together.

The giant back, which took a few steps forward, moves away in an instant, and the huge shadow created there covers ‘everyone’. Yes, Iris in the dream was not alone. every… … Everyone was walking together, looking at the same place.

“Kamash, Sign, Oboron… … .”

Iris muttered the names of her long-dead brothers. Giants, Beasts, and Vampires. All of them were of different races, but all were unmistakably brothers.

“ah… … .”

Iris let out a long sigh and got off the bed.

It’s a strange dream.

definitely a longed-for dream. It is a dream that brings back memories of the distant past. However, in Iris’ memory, ‘that’ scene did not exist. Are non-existent memories and longing for the past projected onto dreams?


There was no basis whatsoever. However, Iris was convinced that this dream was not an illusion created by longing for the past.

The ‘father’ who walked in front of his eyes and held the hands of all his children—- was undoubtedly a mad king. Those who followed were all brothers Iris remembered.

‘father… … .’

Iris remembered the mad king who died 300 years ago. Even though he was a demon king, he was very kind to his children. Until the very end, Iris did not understand why or why she had become a child of madness.

It was inevitable, because Iris was the most insignificant among the children of madness. Kamash is the leader of the giants. Oboron was also the head of the fallen beasts. The sign was the Lord of one of the largest vampire clans.

Iris did not have such a grandiose background. She was only one of her elven rangers, and many of her dark elves were as corrupted as she was.

However, among them, the mad king chose Iris. The Demon King didn’t worry at all about making that choice, and he gave the magic eye directly for the weakest daughter.

Iris stood in front of the mirror naked, wearing nothing. She saw her brown skin in the mirror, her long ears, white hair, and bright red eyes.

All are given by the father. Iris closed her eyes as she hugged me.

The smiling fate became a huge wind and brought Iris here. Yes, all of this is destiny.

Iris opened her closed eyes. 300 years ago, the demonic eye of darkness received from the mad king. Black stains wriggled in her blood-red eyes.

‘father… … .’

The end of a dream is always the same.

The father, who had been advancing the most, knelt down. Before even approaching such a father, the dream world is submerged in water. So everything is buried in the water and disappears. My father, Iris, my other siblings, everything.

“Father, is this dream what you are showing me?”

Iris rubbed her eyes and murmured.

I remember when I first started dreaming.

When the dragon castle fell in Helmud.

When Yagon, who killed and ate Oboron, died.

It was from then.

“To me, the only surviving child… … Are you trying to open the way?”

Kamash died 300 years ago. Sain and his blood relatives also died 300 years ago. Of the offspring of the frenzy, only Iris and Oboron survived, and even that Oboron was devoured by his son.

Now that her son is dead, Iris is the only surviving child of madness.

“If that is your father’s will.”

Iris said while caressing her vivid red eyes with her fingertips.

this sea.

The end of the Namhae, the first time I’ve been there since I was born.

Dead Sea full of incomprehensible, Solgaris waters.

The reason was unknown, but Iris felt comfortable and missed this place as if it were her hometown.


This sea area, which can be said to be the end of the vast South Sea, was mysterious and ominous in many ways. Unlike other places in the South Sea, this sea is not hot, rather, every day is winter.

It doesn’t snow. Almost no wind blows. It’s just that the temperature is extremely low, and every time you exhale, your breath turns white, and if you splash water on it, it freezes instantly. It’s that cold, but sea ice and icebergs are rare.

Here, there are many words that refer to the Solgaris Sea area. sea ​​of ​​death. incomprehensible sea. But—-it was not unfamiliar to Iris.

The sea of ​​death, the sea of ​​incomprehensibility. Such things were not uncommon 300 years ago.

All the seas and lands of Helmud, the demonic realm, were death and incomprehensible. An era in which all nonsensical and unreasonable phenomena naturally existed. Today’s Helmud is no longer like that, but it was like that 300 years ago.

But this… … The feeling is different from being ‘used to’.

the first sea. Even so, Iris felt the comfort and longing of her home in this sea. She felt the coziness of a cradle. She felt the warmth in the cold air that made her lungs freeze.


Iris is a dark elf. Before she fell, she was an elf ranger, and her hometown was a lush and green forest. She had seen the sea a few times, but this was the first time she had ever wandered and lived in the sea.

I still miss it… … . Iris wrapped herself in a heavy coat and left the room. Because there is hardly any wind, you can hardly hear the sound of the waves.

Iris’ keen senses smelled the salt in the cold air.

A smell you can’t smell in the forest. The smell I have been smelling for over a year already. It smells like something I’ve known for a long time. A nostalgic smell echoing from the depths of the chest.

Iris took a long breath and put the large hat she was holding in one hand on her head.

There are several reasons for coming to Solgaris Sea.

A base to defend against enemy attacks. Before, I used other uninhabited islands or just wandered the sea. As their power grew, they needed a solid base.

The other reason is ‘something’ that is submerged under the sea. There are various theories as to what is in the deep sea of ​​Solgaris, and among them, the most prominent one is the rare dragon.

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