Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 113

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Such stories have thrilled many explorers, especially pirates, for hundreds of years. There are countless explorers and pirates who came to this sea to salvage the dragon’s treasure.

Of course, most of them, far from salvaging their treasure, sank themselves and added to the depths. No one knows if there are really dragon rares and treasures in the deep sea of ​​Solgaris, but there are dozens of ships that have sunk in this sea so far.

treasure? Of course I want to have it. Even the dragon’s treasure is worth billions of dollars, so if you find it, you won’t have to worry about military funding for the rest of your life.


However, the reason Iris came to this sea was different from those obvious reasons. Those reasons may have attracted him when he first made his choice. … … No, really? Iris couldn’t be sure of herself.

There is no clear reason. I don’t even know how to explain this feeling. However, deep in my heart I felt this thought. Even if this place is not a special sea. Even if the use of strategic bases or treasures were not buried.

It seemed to me that I had come to this sea for some reason. Even if there was no reason, it seemed that I would naturally arrive at this sea and stay. The first time I heard the name of this sea, the journey to this place, and the scenery I saw here. All of that gave Iris an inexplicable certainty.


The Dark Elf, who had been helping Iris for hundreds of years, approached. She took a cigarette from her bosom and handed it to Iris.

“Did you dream again?”

The Dark Elf saw the traces of tears on Iris’ cheeks. Sensing her gaze, Iris raised the back of her hand and wiped her cheek once more.


“Your cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Didn’t you dream yesterday too?”

“Think of it as a sign that I am doing the right thing.”

He took a cigarette out of his coat pocket and put it in his mouth. The Dark Elf naturally took out a lighter and lit it.

“It’s always the same dream… … It is a dream with my father and brothers. It must be what my father’s magical power left in me shows.”

I don’t know what this dream means. Iris swallowed deeply the cigarette smoke.

“How about the wise Senna?”

“I know you haven’t gotten out of Kiel’s Lionheart yet.”

“joy… … Is it really so? The terrible sorcerer hasn’t died in 300 years. He doesn’t seem to be as docile as he’s gotten older.”

I heard about Senya’s return. Didn’t you try to submerge the entire castle? Iris crumpled her face, recalling the image of Senya she had seen a long time ago.

“I actually stayed quiet until right before I retired.”

“Well, things are different in many ways from then.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Things have changed so much.”

Vermut, the hero of 300 years ago, made a pact with the demon king of confinement. However, Eugene Ryanhart, who is said to be a hero of the present era, did not seem to have any intention of defending or continuing the legacy of the founder of the family.

Even if you wish, you won’t be able to. The demon king of confinement has already warned of the end of the promise.

300 years have passed, and a new hero has appeared. It was confirmed that two of the heroes who played a leading role in the War Era were still alive, and among them, the wise Senya—-Iris was especially wary.

“That human girl is a madman who thinks of herself as an elf even though she is not an elf. I still sometimes think of the eyes that glared at me while shedding bloody tears.”

“It’s not just Senna of Disaster. The monsters of that era were all lunatic and terrible.”

Monsters led by Vermouth of Despair. Hamel of annihilation, Senya of Calamity, Moron of Horror, Anise of Hell.

The Dark Elf, who survived that era along with Iris, trembled as she recalled the time when she faced those five monsters. No matter how you think about it, the fact that the Dark Elves and Iris survived now was purely due to luck.

“… … princess. Wouldn’t it be better to hide?”

The Dark Elf hesitantly remonstrated.

“The sea is wide. Although Senya of Calamity has returned, she won’t be here right away. So, why don’t you hide for now and see the situation?”

“Are you going to throw away everything you’ve built up?”

“At least pirates. As long as the frenzied independence army led by the princess is still alive, it is a force that can be recreated at any time.”


Iris did not deny that fact. Even if she is a pirate fleet of hundreds of ships, she is a pirate after all. It’s only the number of heads, but she can’t be said to be very powerful.

The most important part of the force here is Iris, who has a magical eye, and the Dark Elves, who have been loyal to her for hundreds of years and have gradually increased their numbers. And it is the Beast Mercenary Corps that joined after the death of Yagon.

Their lifespan is incomparably longer than that of humans.

“I don’t know when the promise the demon king of confinement said will end, but… … As long as such a warning has been issued, a new era of war will soon open. At that time, Senya of Disaster will have no choice but to head to Helmud.”

Iris understood what the dark elf was talking about. If only Iris disappeared, Senya would not come to this sea. If you hold your breath like that for decades—

“No matter how strong Senya of Calamity is, it will not be able to surpass the Demon King of Confinement.”

Even when the Vermouth of despair existed, the continent could not overcome the demon lord of confinement. There is Eugene Lionheart as a new hero in this era, but is he really comparable to Vermouth?

‘It’s not even comparable.’

Iris smoked a cigarette. She has never had a fight with Eugene Ryan Hart. He didn’t do his best to each other, but he did grasp the rough level.

Can’t compare to Vermouth.

It’s not just Eugene. Carmen Lionheart, who was said to be the strongest in Lionheart. Her skills were pretty amazing. With her skills at that level, she could have made a name for herself even 300 years ago.

I mean, that’s just about it. Even the 5 subjugation party, which were only human beings who were not human, could not overcome the demon king of confinement. However, if a warrior who is not as good as Vermouth pulls out the holy sword and takes the lead, can he really reach the entrance of Babel?

‘According to rumors, it seems that his skills have improved a lot… … Still not enough.’

While thinking so, Iris was once again aware of her position.

Although she is aiming for the position of the Demon King, Iris is not yet the Demon King. What will become of the demon king in the first place? Should I build up enough power to reign, and have a huge territory and countless followers?

“… … .”


Suddenly, I felt pain in my eyes. Iris staggered as she unconsciously covered her eyes with her hands.


“No, it’s okay.”

It wasn’t even the first time. Lately, my eyes have been suddenly throbbing. It wasn’t just pain.

Eyes are for seeing things. Every time this sudden pain came, Iris’ demonic eye would look in a completely different place than it is now.

It was the same this time too. From the pain that passed by for a moment, Iris’ pupils looked into the deep sea. The deep sea filled with darkness as dark as night. Bubbles of bubbling boiling water. Somewhere far away, deep in the sea.

“What about the dwarves?”

Iris started walking while adjusting the hem of her coat. The dark elf, who was watching her with worried eyes, followed her.

“I am working on it. You should have been on the top by now.”

“Are you monitoring properly?”

“Sure. Every time I go down, I always have an SS guard by my side to watch. But it doesn’t seem to have done much.”

Iris blinked as she listened to the report. Then, black darkness appeared right in front of me. The darkness created by the authority of the dark eyes. Iris entered the darkness with the Dark Elf.

The darkness created by the dark eyes can be connected and used as a passage. As I walked into the darkness, the scenery changed in an instant.

A pirate ship floating in the middle of the vast Solgaris Sea. The pirates who were taking a break stood up as soon as they saw Iris.



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“Are you here?”

The Dark Elves who were with the pirates approached Iris. Iris was greeted with a slight nod of her head, then turned her head to find the dwarves.

“Looks good to sell.”

Iris twitched her lips and smirked. In one corner of her deck, dwarves sat crouching and gasping for her breath.

The artisans of Mang Island abducted by the government officials the other day. Among them, they were carefully selected young Dwarves with good stamina, and they looked at Iris with their beards shaking.

“Don’t speak cruel words… … ! It hasn’t even been 10 minutes since it came up.”

“No matter how dwarves say they have good stamina, their bodies won’t be able to withstand it if they continue like this.”

“okay? If that’s the case, we’ll have to switch to other guys. Shall I call your master?”

“that… … .”

“Please, don’t do that. little… … Let’s rest a little longer, and then we’ll go down again.”

The young dwarves cried and begged. Iris watched them silently, then smiled and nodded her head.

“Don’t worry, I really don’t mean to. Even if I die, I have to kill you guys, because I have no intention of rolling over the old dwarves.”

“… … .”

“So, are there any results?”

The dwarves hesitated without answering. Iris didn’t like the silence. As she squinted her eyes, the darkness that had gathered around the dwarves slowly began to diminish.

“What the hell are you doing!?”

The Dwarves shouted in fright.

That darkness is connected to the darkness created in the deep sea. In that deep sea, there are Dwarven colleagues who went down in turn. They are clad in heavy, thick wetsuits that make it difficult for them to control their bodies properly, and struggle with oxygen pipes attached.

“Because I am so good, I think there is not enough sense of crisis.”

Iris whispered, narrowing her eyes. For a Dwarf, she felt as if she would go crazy.

Do you think you’re doing too well? Are you saying that Who is it that blindly kidnaps them and makes them do such nonsense?

“how… … I don’t know what you want!”

The dwarf screamed with tears dripping down his face.

I made a wetsuit as instructed. It was a diving suit to overcome the pressure of the deep sea, but to be honest, from the Dwarves’ point of view, it didn’t fit properly. If it were another time, I wouldn’t say that I’d made something like this and ‘finished it’ even if I paid billions of dollars.

However, it is impossible to shout craftsmanship at a time like this. The advantage of this hastily made diving suit was that the burden on the diver was remarkably low, but even that was impossible to handle unless the Dwarves were a strong race. A human wouldn’t be able to move while wearing this wetsuit.

“You found a sunken ship as instructed, and you helped to salvage it, right? And yet, what more do you wish for, leaving us to wander in that dark sea?”

“No way, no way a great person like you… … Do you believe the rumor that a dragon’s lair is hidden under this sea?”

“It’s a story with romance.”

Iris snorted and looked at the darkness. The darkness, which had been narrow enough to barely touch the oxygen pipe, expanded widely again.

“Of course I don’t believe that much either. Dragon’s Rare? Haha, does something like that really exist?”

“Then why, why us… … .”

“I don’t know if it’s a dragon’s rarity, but there is something else. Are you sure.”

Iris tilted her head after saying that.

“What is it? I don’t know either. But, if you don’t want to die, you’ll have to find something you don’t know.”

“that… … What nonsense… … .”

“Ah, I know that my words are very harsh. This sea is very wide… … I mean, there are only 10 of you. Isn’t that why your teachers can’t sleep and are hammering?”

Iris chuckled and raised her hand.

Fire! As I pushed my hand into the newly appeared darkness, an evil scream erupted from within. Iris pulled her hand out of the darkness, and the old dwarf’s head was pulled out.

“They gave us the materials as we wished. A race of ugly dwarfs whose only talent is hammering, can’t even hammer properly?”

I ordered a proper wetsuit, not a wetsuit that only Dwarves can wear.

“Is that difficult? Didn’t I say that it’s impossible to implement with only materials, so I’ll add magic power? huh? I look so easy. Wouldn’t it be enough to put my magical power into metal and make a wetsuit out of that metal? huh?”

“Sah, the human body is very weak. I don’t know if I put it on the Dark Elves… … .”

“Push my men into the deep sea? Why should I do such crazy things?”

“Ah, okay, okay. The design has been completed, and a test piece is being made… … .”

“Give me a week. Even if I can’t make it in a week, I’ll have to make 50 of them. If not, the young dwarfs here will have to do 50 jobs.”

Iris threatened and shoved the old dwarf’s head into the darkness.

“What are you looking at? You’ve been off long enough at this point, do I have to kick your ass to get in?”

The Dwarves stumbled and rose from their seats. Watching them put on the wetsuits that had been taken off beside them, Iris snorted and smirked at her.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll give you as many beers as you wish.”

* * *

Simuin’s Larupa Island.

Entering Lionheart’s mansion, Gondor Ironhammer blinked his wide-open eyes. He pierced through the oak barrels piled up in front of his eyes, and Raboda barely came to his senses.

“What is this?”

Gondor sincerely did not understand the situation.

As I wished, I entered Lionheart’s mansion. If possible, I wanted to go to my parents’ mansion in Kiel and go into the treasure house myself, but—- that’s what I had to do next.

No, if there really was ‘Eugene Lionheart’ in this mansion, there was no need to go all the way to Keyel. How many relics does he possess?

“What is it, it’s beer.”

Senya patted the stack of oak barrels and said.

“It’s the price of silence.”

“what… … Called?”

“gag. why is it not enough? I’ll give you more beer if you want.”

“no… … understand well… … .”

“Didn’t you hear from Carmen beforehand? It must never be said that we are in this mansion.”

“There was a small agreement on confidentiality, but… … .”

“Apart from that, I will also write down a separate magic contract. But isn’t there something wrong with that alone? dwarf… … .”

Uhm. Senya coughed and swallowed the hate speech that almost came out without her knowledge.

“Dwarf. I came here because you longed for it, but I, the wise Senya, are not heartless enough to keep my mouth shut one-sidedly. That’s why I prepared this.”

beer. These are the beers that Anise carefully selected even though he was afraid of them.

“A pile of beer like this should be enough to cover your mouth, right?”

“… … .”

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Could this be enough? Like this greedy dwarf!”

Senya crossed her arms as she glanced at Gondor, who was speechless.

“Hey, Senya-sama. I guess you don’t like beer.”

Eugene, who stood by silently, was worried that if left as it was, the wise name Senya might become a terrible racist among the dwarves.

“I hope it can’t be. Are there any dwarves who don’t like beer? Even 300 years ago, dwarves would do a good job if you gave them beer instead of money.”

Senya glanced at Eugene as if asking why he knew but pretended not to know.

However, in Eugene’s opinion, there were many problems with Senya’s perception. Senya, who grew up with elves, had an aversion to dwarves that was prevalent among the elves, and frankly, money did not hold much value in Helmud 300 years ago. Rather than money, alcohol, food, and tools and equipment that could be consumed immediately were used as currency.

“What do you think of dwarves?”

Gondor was genuinely outraged by the deeply rooted hate speech.

What time of day are you making such outdated remarks? If it were another human, I would have smashed my head the moment I uttered those words… … .

“A dwarf is a dwarf… … .”

Senya did not understand Gondor’s anger. In the first place, she did not even recognize that her comments were racist.

The older brother, Sycnad, often sat down with the young Senya and told her old tales of the elves, but the dwarves mentioned in those stories used to be called smelly dwarf dung bags rather than dwarves.

But Senya doesn’t call dwarves stinky dwarf dung bags. A dwarf is just a dwarf. That alone made Senya proud of herself as a very racially equal person.

“I never thought I would hear these words from the mouth of a wise Senya! I’ll give you a lot of beer. Keep a secret? That means, do you think the beer I’ll pour into my mouth is heavier than the contract I wrote and stamped on myself?”

“Ah, what are you talking about? Of course, I believe in the contract, but I will also serve you your favorite beer.”

“that… … .”


Senya’s eyes narrowed.

“You don’t like this?”

“… … .”

“You don’t like it?”

The gaze of the archmage, the legend itself. Gondor trembled and opened his mouth.

“It is an impressive gift.”


“Perfect for a dwarf’s taste… … Thank you, thank you.”

She was too afraid of Senya’s eyes to be angry on behalf of her tribe. And Lionheart’s desire for arms was too strong to back down like this.

In the end, Gondor managed to move his lips and smiled wide. Senya laughed at Eugene as if to show off.

“… … .”

Eugene was deeply convinced by such an appearance.

That the nasty little girl has been called ‘the wise Senya’ all this time is because she wrote it down like that in a children’s book with her own hand.


There was no reason to be reluctant to meet with Gondor. Although Eugene was well aware that Vermouth’s armor did not require maintenance, there was nothing wrong with maintaining it.

Demon King’s Arms.

Currently, Eugene has a crushing weight and a magic spear. There are no remnants of the demon king left in those two weapons, as Carmen was worried about. The remnants that originally remained were completely annihilated during the Iod Incident, and now the Power of the Crushing Weight and Demonic Spear is realized with Eugene’s mana.

Originally, I didn’t pay much attention to that. However, after hearing about vermouth from Raizakia… … I couldn’t help but be concerned.

‘Moonlight sword.’

A sword whose identity was unknown even 300 years ago. But now I know what it is.

The destruction that occurs from the light of the moonlight sword is the power of destruction. In other words, the moonlight sword is the demon king’s weapon, just like the demonic spear and crushing weight.

What was needed to freely handle such weapons was the blood of Lionheart, Vermouth. Not everything is clear, but this much is certain.

The existence of vermouth is related to the demon lord. Ironically, the Holy Sword could be used for such a subject. But—-for Eugene, the god of light itself didn’t feel like a ‘good god’.

“Ohh, ohhh… … .”

Gondor rolled his eyes and groaned. Right now, in front of Gondor, the weapons that Eugene always carried in his cloak were lined up.

“What the hell is this?”

Among them, it was the moonlight sword that caught Gondor’s attention. A sword whose blade snapped midway through. Gondor tilted his head as he stared at the moonlight sword.

“It couldn’t have been like that from the beginning.”

“It is broken.”

“Can I fix it?”

“No, I can’t fix that.”

Hearing such words in their face would wriggle the pride of the dwarves, a race of blacksmiths. Gondor snorted and pointed at the moonlight sword.

“The material seems special. There is no weapon in this world that a dwarf cannot fix.”

“Because I can’t fix it.”

“I don’t know why you say it so confidently. Let’s take a closer look.”

Gondor reached out to the moonlight sword because he had a fever. Should I just leave it alone? Eugene thought about that for a moment.

“If you catch it, you die.”

I changed my mind just before. Eugene grabbed Gondor by the shoulder and warned him. Gondor turned to Eugene in shock at that extreme statement.

“Do not misunderstand. It’s not that I’ll kill you, that sword will kill you.”

“What is that… … ?”

“It’s a demonic sword that no one but me can hold.”

I exaggerated a little, but it wasn’t completely wrong.

The moonlight sword contaminates the mind just by holding it in your hand. 300 years ago, even Hamel and Moron went crazy just by holding the moonlight sword for a moment, but what if a dwarf who was obviously weaker than that held the moonlight sword? The whole mind may collapse and become an idiot. How is that different from death?

“Huh… … .”

“Similarly, don’t even think about touching the demon king’s other weapons.”

“But Lord Carmen asked me to look carefully at the demon lord’s weapon.”

“It’s okay to be moderate with Carmen-nim. I mean, there was no problem.”

In most cases, she is a person who behaves incomprehensibly, but regardless, Carmen was a very nice person. The reason why she dared to bring Gondor was because she was worried that Eugene might be adversely affected by the demon lord’s arms.

Eugene realizes how terrible and terrible those who are called demon kings are. And he knew very well that he was a disgusting existence that did not die easily even if he killed him. The reason why Iod became like that was because of the remnants of the demon king left in the crushing weight along with mental illness.

“… … .”

Recalling that time, Yujin wrinkled her expression. At that time, the remnants of the demon king who controlled Iod were obsessed with the blood of Lionheart’s bloodline to the extent of tenacity. Looking at that, in the end, the influence of ‘blood’ will not be absent.

Eugene is also thoroughly wary of that. He is always conscious of his ego, and is also verified by Christina and Anis. There was nothing that could be called more than anything. Even after using the crushing weight, the magic spear, and the moonlight sword several times, Eugene was fine.

“Hmm, I can’t help it. I’m curious, but I don’t want to go crazy either.”

Gondor withdrew his regretful gaze and looked at Eugene.

“That ring looks quite old and special too, doesn’t it? Is that a cursed item that no one but you can handle?”

“no. I was wearing it because it didn’t seem like I had to show it much.”

“Eh, it doesn’t look good because it’s twisted, so give it to me. I’ll give it a shiny shine.”

There was no particular reason to refuse. Eugene removed Agaroth’s ring from the ring finger of his left hand and laid it down beside his weapons. Gondor did not pay attention to the ring right away, and lifted Winid, who was placed in front of him first.

“Storm Sword Winid… … ! Oh, how beautiful it really is, like a work of art… … .”

[Hamel, this dwarf has eyes to see.]

Tempest spoke in a pleased voice.

Eugene watched what Gondor was doing with sad eyes. Gondor was wearing thick glasses, manipulating the lenses here and there, carefully examining Winid.

“Is there anything to fix?”

“I think I could do some polishing… … With my greed, I want to touch it here and there more, but that won’t work. If you accidentally touch these artifacts, you won’t be able to take care of them.”

“Are you taking care of yourself?”

“To put it in the extreme, it means that the ability that was previously granted may be lost. Eugene, aren’t you a wizard too? Ryan Hart… … No, the weapons handed down from the great Vermouth are very special.”

Enchanted weapons are often referred to as artifacts. However, artifacts are originally things from ancient civilizations, not from the current era. Among them, it meant a relic with added abilities such as magic.

“These things are all real artifacts. It cannot be reproduced with the magic and technology of this world. So it has to be handled very carefully.”

“hmm… … .”

Eugene talked to Tempest while listening to Gondor.

‘Come to think of it, since when did Winid exist?’

[I do not know.]

‘I don’t know? I don’t know?’

[My connection with Winid started when Vermouth first held Winid. I don’t remember before that.]

‘Does that make sense? Didn’t Winid exist even before Vermouth grabbed him?’

[Of course it was. But I don’t know since when Winid existed.]

Eugene couldn’t understand that. When he was confused, Tempest explained in a calm voice.

[Hamel. Although spirits are close to eternal life, they are not truly eternal. Death exists for all beings, sooner or later.]

‘What happens when the spirit dies? Will it perish?’

[For us, extinction does not exist. It just cycles. No matter how great the spirit king is, as long as he has an ego, that ego will eventually wear out. And wear and tear inevitably leads to madness.]

Tempest said that and was silent for a while.

[The essence of the spirit is pure. The wind spirit is pure wind, and the flame spirit is pure flame. For such spirits, madness is impure. The death of a spirit occurs at the moment when impurities are mixed. To purify oneself by disintegrating the ego is the death of the spirit.]

‘It’s suicide.’

[That’s not wrong. All spirits exist like that. I am the current spirit king of the wind. However, it is not the first spirit king, and I do not know how many spirit kings have existed before me. What is clear is that the former Spirit King fell into the yoke of circulation—and I became the new Spirit King. From my point of view, it was 300 years ago that I was connected to Winid.]

Eugene remembered his past life. Vermouth already had Winid from the first time he met Hamel.

[Winid was asleep in the snowfield dominated by the Bayar tribe. I don’t know why I was there.]

‘Of course I don’t know how that bastard found Vermouth.’

[Of course.]

Tempest proudly acknowledged it.

In that respect, it is not only Winid who is questionable. All the weapons Vermouth had. Ancient Artifacts.

– What remains are these?

– It is an ancient ruin.

– No, you don’t know that, so you ask? how did you find this place?

-The Holy Sword told me. The God of Light says that the weapon sleeping here will help save the world.

-iced coffee! The God of Light has not abandoned the world. After all, it’s Mr. Vermut!

It’s a conversation I didn’t think much of in my previous life. When I think about it now, it was really strange.

Although Eugene is also using the Holy Sword well, he has never heard the voice of the God of Light from the Holy Sword. The revelation that Eugene received was also interfered with by Anis, who eventually became an angel, and the revelation Christina heard was also delivered by Anis.

-I just became a messenger, but the revelation is not a lie. The God of Light is not as omnipotent as you and other priests think, but he is. However, you are not directly involved in this world.

Eugene knows what Anise told Christina about. In any case, the god of light exists, and he is serving the world in his own way.

It is possible that the god of light gave a revelation to Vermouth 300 years ago, telling him the whereabouts of the weapons that would help him fight the demon lord.

“Hoo… … .”

While Eugene was lost in his thoughts, Gondor examined the various weapons and picked up the ring. It’s just a worn-out antique that has no value to the naked eye. But Gondor watched carefully and let out admiration.

“This is a very old item. I don’t know exactly, but it seems to be from the same era as the other arms of the great Vermouth… … .”

“They say it’s a miracle of a god that existed in ancient times.”

“Huh. Does that mean that it is the same divine object as that holy sword?”

“It doesn’t emit as much light as a holy sword.”

Compared to the holy sword, the authority possessed by Agaroth’s ring was extremely simple and nasty. The power of that ring gnaws away the owner’s lifespan. steal the future It causes the body that should die to rise again and again to fight.

“Do you know what kind of god it is?”


“You are the god of war!”

Gondor chuckled and peered inside the ring.

“How do you know?”

“Gong Eugene, do you think that Dwarves are an ignorant race that only knows how to hammer?”

“that… … No.”

To be honest, I didn’t have that thought. Gondor frowned at Eugene’s embarrassed face.

“I never thought that even a human, not an elf, would hear this kind of evaluation… … ! Listen carefully, Duke Eugene. Dwarves are a very noble and intelligent race. He has a lot of knowledge, especially in ancient history, including ancient languages.”


“No way! A dwarf is an artisan who strikes iron with a hammer, a miner who wields a pickaxe, and an excavator.”

Gondor waved his ring when he fired like that.

“There are several legends about Agaroth, especially on the southern islands where Hammer Island is located.”

I’ve been helped a few times by that worn-out ring. Especially when fighting Raizakia, if it hadn’t been for Agaroth’s ring, he would have died right away.

Before that, I had never received help from Agaroth’s ring… … fountain of light. And when he messes with Gavid Lindman. It was time for everyone to draw out the light of the holy sword. At that time, Agaroth’s ring would run amok and amplify his divine power.

Although she received help several times, she did not know anything about Agaroth, who was said to be the owner of the ring.

It was Ariartel who gave that ring to Eugene. She said that the ancient times in which Agaroth lived was a distant past that even dragons living through the ages could not recall, and it was a mythical age in which various gods, including the god of light, existed.

Is the god who lived at that time still alive? It may be that death exists in the first place, but at least on the current continent, there is no country that worships ‘Agaroth, God of War’. Listening to the story of Gondor, it seems that even the islands of the South Sea do not have any faith in Agaroth.

“I don’t know why a guy who was only remembered in the corners of the southern seas had such a grandiose name as the god of war.”

Eugene smiled and looked at Agaroth’s ring. Upon hearing that, Gondor looked at Eugene as if he was pathetic and shook his head.

“Now this is the sea, but it wasn’t the sea in ancient times.”

“What bullshit?”

“So, after an incredibly long time passed, it became the sea.”

“No, what bullshit is that? The sea is just the sea, why was it not the sea in the past?”

“Doesn’t a river that flows well turn into land if the drought continues!”

“Do you know what happened to your hair? So, look, that endless expanse of the sea. hundreds of… … No, let’s say it was land for thousands of years. Then where the hell did all that water come from?”

“Like a great flood… … .”

“How are you… … .”

Eugene did not consider Gondor worth listening to. Gondor spat, his shoulders tremble at his insult.

“There is a theory that it flooded from a distant sea… … !”

“What else is that?”

“The end of the South Sea! Don’t you know that the world is round too?”

“You know that.”

“But, no one has been able to confirm whether the southern end and the northern end really connected as one.”

Northern Kingdom of Luhar.

At the northern tip of the country is Laguryaran. land of nothing. A land not to be crossed.

end of the world.

– Climb Lehein Yar.

-Look at Raguryaran.

– Be wary of the end that comes over from there.

Deep in the night, Nur wakes up in Laguryaran. Nooru walks the wide end and crosses Rehein Yar. A child who does not sleep is eaten by Noor.

Moron is there to keep the ‘end’ from coming over.

“The end of the South Sea. distant sea… … . No one knows what the heck is there. In the long history, many explorers have set out to step on the frozen northern land beyond the end of the South Sea, but not a single one has succeeded.”

300 years ago.

I once asked Moron if he had seen Raguryaran.

-It was a vast land. It was a land where Heaven was very angry. The sun, the moon, and the stars do not rise. The cloudy, dirty sky like snow trampled by dirt feet extends all the way. Standing on the highest peak of Lehein Yar, you could see the wide sea at the end of La Gur Yaran. frozen sea. There was no pressing. No one lives on that land, no one can live.

Eugene had seen Laguryaran with Anise, Cristina, and Moron.

It was truly a land of nothing. Gray land, gray sky, gray air. Everything was that color and empty. The only thing that existed in that bizarre and ominous space was the corpses of Noor, thrown by Moron.

After killing Iris. I will go to see Moron with Senya. Eugene recalled the face of Moron, who was seeing him off with a smile.

“It is an ancient story.”

Gondor cleared his throat and continued.

“A mythological age when the gods existed. Isn’t it ancient times that have passed away after all? Where did all the civilizations that prospered then go? Buried in the ground or submerged in the sea. Only traces of it remain.”

“… … .”

“Traces that Namhae was a land in ancient times are being excavated continuously. I don’t know what kind of end other civilizations faced, but the civilization that existed in this sea—- was submerged in the sea.”

“Is that sea overflowing from the far end of the world?”

Several eschatological theories related to antiquity. Eugene clicked his tongue and shook his head. If you think about it in relation to ‘the end of the world’, Gondor’s words sounded a little plausible.

“It’s a story that isn’t even certain. So, what else do you know about Agaroth?”

“There is a legend that there is a holy place for Agaroth somewhere in the South Sea.”

“Under the sea?”

“It may be hidden on an undiscovered uninhabited island… … .”

“You mean it’s not certain after all?”

“That’s what a legend is like!”

Gondor grumbled, waving Agaroth’s ring around. Eugene snorted at him and sat down in his chair.

“Then polish the ring to a shine. I don’t know if Agaroth is dead or alive, but if you clean your clothes beautifully, he’ll feel good and maybe tell you about the Holy Land.”

“What do you think of God?”

“A guy who doesn’t even know if he exists or not. A voyeur who only watches from a high place, instead of stepping out directly even while the world is turning into an X.”

“Not words that will come out of the mouth of a warrior… … .”

Gondor was appalled, but put down the bag he was carrying on his back. His short, thick arms moved the bag back and forth a few times, and the empty room instantly turned into a plausible workshop.

“then… … Let’s start with polishing.”

“Will it take long?”

“It shouldn’t take too long since the weapon is only a sharp blade.”

“Finish quickly. There is something else I want to ask for.”


Gondor turned around with a puzzled face.

It will be much faster to show than to tell. Eugene took out the cloak and threw it in front of Gondor.

Gondor’s eyes widened when he saw the dragon’s scales.


Although Gondor was an excellent craftsman, he had, of course, never handled a whole dragon corpse.

However, he had knowledge accumulated from his ancestors.

There aren’t many precedents, but there were a few dragons in the distant past who donated their corpses for the world. Most of the dragon corpses left behind were processed by the Dwarves, and the knowledge from that time was passed on to later Dwarves like Gondor.

“If it’s an armor that incorporates the latest technology, it’s obviously an acid.”

Even while listening to the request, Gondor did not rest his hand. Agaroth’s ring, which had been scratching, was polished to a shiny new look in an instant.

Gondor didn’t like Acid very much, but he acknowledged its performance. And he doesn’t like it, but he also has near-perfect knowledge about the creation of acid.

“But the production of Acid took too long. Especially if you use dragon material, it will take several months even if you have enough.”

There are also problems with the tools available. Although this room has been made into an informal workshop, it cannot be compared to the real workshop of Gondor on Hammer Island. Senya and Eugene could only help with the firepower part, but the other tools couldn’t be helped.

“I don’t even want an exceed right now. A scale armor that only properly protects the torso is enough.”

“Are you going to use it?”


Eugene shook his head.

Armor made from dragons? I was quite greedy, but I didn’t feel the need right away for the improvised armor. It’s better to just wear an aura shield than to wear such armor.

“Ciel and Desira. I already told them both.”

You never know what might happen at sea. If it was a moderate risk, the two of them would be able to protect each other, but it would be too arrogant to dismiss the battle with Iris as a ‘moderate danger’.

one week from now

A subjugation party is launched on Shedor, the main island of Simuin. The subjugation party will sail for more than a month and advance to Solgarta, where the Pirate Empress rules. Maybe I’ll bump into Iris before reaching Solgarta waters… … Eugene thought that there would be no such possibility.

No matter how stupid Iris was, there was no way she would step forward while abandoning a battlefield that gave her an overwhelming advantage.

“It’s scale armor… … .”

Gondor scratched his chin in thought.

It’s not an acid, it’s not a full body armor. If it was an armor that protected only one torso, it wouldn’t take too long to make.

“A week on land… … I don’t even have a chin, I’ll have to get on board and work.”

Several drawings came to mind. I never thought the day would come when I would be able to deal with a whole dragon’s corpse, not just a few scales. Even that corpse is Raizakia, a demonic dragon who abused and enslaved her people in the Dragon Demon Castle!

Gondor couldn’t hide his excitement and laughed.

“Come out.”

Eugene lifted his cloak. Raimira walked out with her puzzled face on, and when she heard Eugene’s thoughts, she put on a complicated expression.

“Hermit. First of all, the original woman is the blood and blood of the Black Dragon.”

“What is it?”

“Uhm… … Isn’t the idea of ​​using the original woman’s breath as the firepower of the forge too immoral?”

“Since when did you say you were a filial daughter who cared about such things?”

Lymilia couldn’t argue, so she put on a sullen expression.

Naturally, Raimirua had no filial piety toward her deceased father. Rather, now that I know the truth, I have hatred and contempt for that terrible demon dragon.

“Think of it as revenge.”

“The hermit is too much… … .”

“If you don’t like it, don’t force it. I’m busy for the next week and Senya will be busy too, so there’s no one else to ask but you… … .”

“Ohh, oh, ohhh… … !”

Lymilia opened her eyes wide in emotion and her shoulders trembled. She strode towards Eugene, and she grabbed both of Yujin’s hands.

“To think that the hermit trusted the original woman this much! If so, shouldn’t she live up to her beliefs as a natural woman!”

“Yes, yes.”

“The hermit need not worry about anything. She will cooperate with that dwarf as her hermit requested, so the hermit just needs to concentrate on her hermit’s work!”

Raimira lowered her head slightly and said. Her long horns swayed in front of Eugene’s eyes.

Eugene put on a shy expression, but stroked her hair once as Lymilla wished. Only then did Lymira turn around, satisfied.

“You little dwarf! Her original daughter’s name is Raimir A. She will spew fire herself, so you should hammer her every time.”

Gondor was confused and could not answer.

Black Dragon’s Blood? Does that mean that little horned girl is the black dragon’s hatchling?

“Then do your best.”

Putting on the returned Agaroth ring, Eugene left the room.

One week until release… … Not a lot of time. Although it sails for more than a month at sea.

If possible, I wanted to finish it within a week.

I passed the hallway and went down the stairs. From the window I glanced at, I saw Ciel and Desiira working together against Carmen. Eugene watched the scene for a while, then took his steps again and went down the stairs.

basement of the mansion.

It was originally a small room used as a pantry, but not anymore. The room structure itself was expanded and strengthened using magic.

Eugene took off his cloak. She was about to throw it into a corner, but Christina approached and grabbed the cloak with both her hands. She smiled thinly as she cherished her cloak, then took a few steps back without saying a word.

“Almost done.”

center of the room.

Senya was sitting with Mer. Senya made an unusually cautious face and moved both of his hands.

Hwaaak! Dozens of complex magic circles floating in front of her overlapped into one, becoming a sphere the size of her fist.

It is the magic formula that composes Mer. Senya rolled the adjusted spell here and there.


The magic formula conceived from the Lionheart family was finally completed.

Senya put on a satisfied expression and stroked Mer’s head. The sphere floating in the air slowly descended and entered Mer’s chest.

Mer didn’t open her eyes right away. This is because the added magic is vast and complex. Senya opened her mouth as she observed how the spell was adapting to her familiar’s body.

“I added my signature to Mer.”

Empress rules. The signature that played with Noktapju, the 8th Circle wizard, like a child. This magic acts on the space set by the user, interferes with, and dominates other magic manifested in that space.

If the opponent is using black magic, it’s impossible to control it—- but black magic is also magic after all. It’s just that the ‘power’ used is different, but since the magic formula itself exists, it is possible to interfere with Empress rules.

When used by Senya herself, the Empress Rule can control all magic below Circle 9. The only wizard who has reached the 9th circle in all ages is Senya. In other words, she has an overwhelming advantage in battle against all wizards in the world.

Of course, that is when Senya himself uses it ‘directly’. No matter how well Mer was a familiar, she couldn’t use Empress rules on the same level as Senya.

“I made Mer a kind of trigger. Well, don’t think too hard. Eugene, haven’t you been magically supported by Mer up until now? It means that the signature of this wise Senya-sama has been added to the support you will receive in the future.”

Senya smirked and smirked. Mer is connected to Eugene, and will be able to use Empress rules according to Eugene’s will in future battles.

“It takes quite a lot of mana to activate, but if it’s you, you won’t have any burden. Let’s see… … . The capture range is about this mansion? It could be extended further, but it wouldn’t be necessary. Anyway, just entering the area can interfere. Within that realm, a wizard with a lower level than you can never kill you with magic.”

“That word is very ambiguous, are you a wizard with a lower level than me?”

“Although I am talking about the circle, the division is a big part of willpower. After all, magic is about expressing one’s will using mana… … Hmm, strictly speaking, Eugene, you are not really the Archmage of the 8th Circle. However, your willpower and your mixed state are comparable to those of the Archmage.”

Senya stood up while holding Mer. This time, Cristina approached Senja and handed over the mer. Cristina wrapped her cloak around her still unconscious Mer, and she withdrew into a corner.

“That’s why your problem isn’t easy right now.”

“It will be pierced in a week.”

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and grumbled. As Senya said, it was not an easy problem.

White salt meal.

Currently, Eugene’s Baek Yeom Sik is 6 stars. Through the ordeal in the darkroom, Baek Yeom-sik became a purple flame optimized for Yu-jin. In addition, Eugene’s mana is mixed with lightning sparks that are transformed by the spirit of the world tree.

That alone makes Eugene’s Baek Yeom-sik ‘special’, but other things are also mixed in. The Witchcraft created by Senya, the Eternal Hall seen through him. It has already been 4 years since Eugene created the Phantasm Ceremony based on the Eternal Hall.

‘It seems like it’s always going to happen, but I’m not hugging it.’

Yujin narrowed her eyes and put her hand on her chest.

To be honest, it’s not like I’m complaining that it’s not enough. Eugene’s Baekyeomsik has 6 stars, but if you use lightning sparks and even the Hwanyeomsik, you can use superior firepower than the original state. In addition, the attack aircraft Eclipse and the air sword amplify the attack in the original state.

What if you even think about overlapping Prominence and Ignition? The horse has 6 stars, but Eugene’s power can be compared to 7 or 8 stars of Baek Yeom-sik.

‘Honestly, I’m not sure.’

I couldn’t help it. In the 300 years of Lionheart’s history, Vermouth himself is the only one who has reached the polarity of the white salt ceremony. Among the descendants, the highest level is 7 stars.

‘I’m stronger than 7 stars. 8 stars… … I’ve never seen it and there’s no record, so it’s hard to compare.’

Dominic Ryanhart and Carmen, the former senators who died, are the 7 stars of Baek Yeom-sik.

Even Eugene had never seen the two of them do their best… … In Eugene’s opinion, it never occurred to him that the flames of those two were stronger than his own.


The only thing to compare is vermouth. Back then, there wasn’t even a name for the white flame ceremony, but the pure white flame that Vermouth was wearing—- honestly, there was a side to it that overwhelms the mind even thinking about it now.

The same was true of the memories Senya had shown. Because Senya’s opponent is Vermouth. And since the place was Hamel’s tomb, he had some circumstances in his hands, but even taking that into account, there was an overwhelming gap between Senya and Vermouth.

Even the magic of the great Eternal Hall did not pose a great threat to Vermouth. Rather, Vermouth’s unknown magic tore through Senya’s magic, and as a result, a huge hole was pierced in Senya’s chest.


Senya looked at the seriousness of Eugene’s face and let out a low cough. Frost was held in her outstretched hand. When he lightly swung the white cane, a soft light appeared from under Senya’s feet.


Senya tiptoed. The pooled light expanded widely and colored the floor and walls of the room. The letters engraved in it made the entire room the center of a complicated magic circle.

“Then, let’s try.”

Yujin nodded and moved.

Have you ever felt that your ‘power’ is lacking?


it’s time to fight him If he had held out just a little longer, just a little bit longer—- Eugene could have killed Raizakia by himself. No, if you fought well, not by holding on, but by ‘just a little more’.

‘Lizakia was not in perfect condition.’

Rather, it was weaker than it was 300 years ago.

I couldn’t kill such a Raisakia alone, so how did I deal with Noir Jebela and Gavid Lindman, who were obviously much stronger than him? And what about the demon king of confinement waiting at the top of Babel and the demon king of destruction who is silent in distant La Vista?

—-There is no need to fight alone. Just like it was 300 years ago, I will probably fight with my ‘colleagues’ when fighting them. However, Eugene had no intention of using his colleague’s existence as an excuse to turn a blind eye to his own inadequacies and weaknesses.

If it is lacking, it must be filled. If you are weak, you must be strong.

‘More than vermouth.’

Eugene sat at the center of the magic circle. Standing behind Eugene, Senya concentrated her mind and lifted Frost up high.

Hwaaak! A huge magic circle also appeared behind Senya.

Kirik, Kirik. The letters that made up the magic circle intertwined with each other and slowly began to rotate. A small circle also appeared in the center of Senya standing in front of him.

“Standing like this reminds me of my previous life. I remember?”

“I don’t think it will be as easy as then.”

“Of course it is, the mana training method you learned in your previous life was very rubbish and easy. But white salt… … And the celebratory meal you made. This, uhm, is a very well made one even by this wise Senya. Actually, there won’t be much to fix there.”

Senya reached out to Eugene while holding the Eternal Hall.

“Rather than fixing… … Well, it’ll break through. Should I say destroy it?”

“Be careful, if you accidentally break the core… … .”

“Ah, don’t worry. Do you think this wise Senya can’t even manage that level of power? Trust me.”

“Actually, I trust Anise and Cristina more than you.”

Yujin said that and looked at the wall. Christina’s eyes met, and she smiled and waved her hand.

“Do not worry. No matter what happens, I will not let Eugene die.”

“okay… … .”

It was a believable word. Eugene made up her mind and closed her eyes.

Baek Yeom-sik of Eugene has been staying at 6 stars all along. It seems that the stars will increase, but they are hardly increasing.

I didn’t have enough ‘power’ to think for myself. Optimized white flame ceremony with lightning sparks added to the round flame ceremony. Since it emits firepower that far exceeds that of an ordinary 6-star, more ‘power’ is needed to advance to a higher level.

So, I decided to enlist Senya’s help.

Through the magic circles carved in the room, he checked all the mana flows in Eugene’s body. It was not necessary to engrave such a large magic circle to ‘just watch’ the flow of mana.

It was a magic circle not only for viewing, but also for interfering. Senya concentrated and reached out his hand.

Eugene’s consciousness and Senya’s consciousness synchronized. Eugene operated the white salt ceremony first.

Roaring! Purple flames wrapped around Eugene’s body, and a crackling current flowed through the surface of the flames. Senya felt her skin tingle and placed her hands on the flame.

“Tell me if it hurts.”

Senya whispered. Instead of answering, Eugene closed his eyes and gritted his teeth.


in my head.

I heard that sound inside my body. Senya’s magic, Mana, Eternal Hall. It was a sound that hit Eugene’s core.


The same sound rang again. The rotation that the six stars had drawn was shaken by that ignorant shock.


Eugene’s molars, which had been closed, shattered. Blood flowed from her clenched fists. Agaroth’s ring on the ring finger of his left hand was drenched in blood and glowed in a subtle red light.

Eugene survived the shock without screaming once.

‘I’d rather die.’

I had that thought in my head. From the looks of it, it looks like I’ll have to hit it hundreds of times in a week… …


The shock that rang again erased the thought from Eugene’s head.


Little by little, little by little, I got used to the pain that made me clench my teeth. Every time I did that, the sound that resonated inside my body seemed to get farther and farther away.

thump, thump, thump… … .

Not comfortable. I don’t know how to knock it open or break it, but ‘knocking’ itself is a pain. Yuji focused more than the pain he felt.

In order to use this ignorant method properly. You have to keep pace with Senya thoroughly. Not only benefiting from Senya’s magic and mana, but Eugene also has to operate the white salt ceremony according to the flow.

I was immersed in the flow of mana. Eugene had her eyes closed from the start, but at some point, she saw sparks swaying in the darkness of her closed eyelids. The flame was not the pure white flame that could be called the symbol of the white salt ceremony, but the purple flame created by Eugene.

Although Eugene closed his eyes, he glared at the shaking of the purple flame.

Thump, thump, the sparks danced to and fro as the impacts collided. Yujin changed the operation of Baek Yeom-sik without rest to match the dance of flames.

I didn’t feel the passage of time very well. It was always like this when I was immersed in mana manipulation from my previous life. If you can’t see it with your eyes and don’t have talent, it takes years to ‘feel it’, and it takes another few years to deal with it as you want, which is mana.

Mana is subtle and f*cking right. But she was kind and easygoing for Eugene in most cases. Eugene in her previous life had many talents that she was good at, but the one she liked the most was mana handling.

You can easily immerse yourself in what you are good at and what you like. Time seems to have passed for a short while, but there are many times when much longer time has passed.

The reason why he was able to concentrate and immerse himself so strongly was because he didn’t have to worry about anything other than himself in this situation.

I have absolute trust in Senya. To perfectly synchronize with and flow with the mana of others. It would be embarrassing for other archmages, but Senya could do it unconditionally. Even Senya can keep her magic for days and days as long as she can hold on to Eugene.

one in a million really one in a while. What if the blood flow is distorted because of mutual synchronization?

The preparation for such an unfortunate accident is also perfect. Christina and Anise. As long as the two and one saints are by your side, it is difficult to die even if you want to die.

Because of this, Eugene was able to focus only on himself with a lighter heart. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to repeat this, but considering the achievement of the White Flame Ceremony, the flow of mana, and the state of the stars—- it seemed like I could rise to 7 stars before the subjugation team went out.

In the first place, this method was not improvised on the fly. Before arriving at Simuin, it was a method derived by looking at Lionheart from various perspectives and reviewing problems. That’s why Eugene and Senya were confident that they would be able to break through the immediate wall through this method.

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