Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 114

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‘I will do well unconditionally, and if only Senya does well… … .’

I thought about that for a very short while.


The faintly distant sound came too close. The impact that resonated inside her body was so intense that it seemed to blow her mind completely.

‘Senya… … !’

Something went wrong. Could it be because of that little distraction? no it can’t be There was no problem with Eugene’s mana manipulation. Though she thought of idle thoughts for a while, it was not a light immersion enough to break down into such a thing.

So, if there was a problem, it was Senya’s fault, not Eugene’s.

It was an arrogant thought, but Eugene was absolutely convinced that it was not his fault. Since it was a situation where he couldn’t immediately shoot after arguing, Eugene tilted his consciousness towards it in order to properly flow the mana that must have been distorted due to the problem.

However, the problem was more serious than Eugene thought. It wasn’t that the flow of mana was distorted, it was that he didn’t feel anything at all.

Are you feeling paralyzed? It can’t be that much. If it was such a serious problem, she would lose consciousness altogether, or even scream out in pain. Eugene did not understand his current condition well.

So, first I opened my eyes.

“… … What is this?”

A voice came out involuntarily. Eugene was so dumbfounded that he stood blankly for a while.

I opened my eyes in the underground room of the mansion—- the sea was visible in front of me. How should I interpret this? Eugene opened her mouth blankly, not even thinking about getting her up.

I forced myself to calm my panic. There’s no way Senya would play pranks like this… … Could it be that the shock was so great that he lost his mind and was hallucinating? Yujin stumbled to her feet while thinking about that.

However, to think of it as a hallucination, everything I saw was full of realism as if it were reality.

The sea right in front of you. No—that is not the sea. It was a little late, but I fully understood what I was seeing in front of me. It wasn’t the sea, it was a huge wave. I can’t help but think of it as an endless sea, and even if it’s huge, huge waves are filling up my eyes.

No matter where I looked, I couldn’t see the other side of the waves. There are only waves in all ranges of vision. Those ridiculous waves were high enough to reach the sky. All I could see besides the waves was the sea fog approaching from below with the waves.

Even though the big waves were crashing, I couldn’t feel the smell of the sea breeze. As soon as you are conscious, your brain is painfully intense ‘smell.’ Eugene knew all too well what this smelled like.

smell of blood. The smell of the intestines. The smell of decaying corpses. The smell of spilled filth. The smell of death mixed with it all. Such smells are always horrible and repulsive—the one I smelled now was particularly foul.

Yujin slowly looked back. To be honest, it was pretty obvious what I was going to see. She also made up her own mind. If the smell of death was this terrible, repulsive, and terrible, of course there would be that many corpses.

I was used to it, as far as I know. It was a terrible time 300 years ago, and the background of most of the memories of the previous life was the battlefield.

When I was very young. when your parents are alive. Except for a time when he lived in a small rural village on the border of Turas—in Eugene, Hamel spent most of his life on the battlefield.

The battlefield is always full of corpses. War is what it is. Humans, elves, dwarves, other races, monsters, monsters, demons. Hamel had lived in a battlefield full of corpses like that since he was young. He had already graduated at a young age to the horror of seeing a dead body.


I was horrified by what I saw now. No, I was overwhelmed. Even if there was no reality, there was not too much.

If what you see from the other side is a huge wave that can’t be fathomed, what you see from this side is a mountain of huge corpses and the sea. Everywhere I looked, there were only corpses. There were so many corpses that I couldn’t see any other scenery.

“what’s this?”

hallucination? nightmare? Even while Eugene was confused, the ‘wave’ came.

before the waves swallow everything. The sea fog hit first. The white mist covered and erased even the smell of death.

Eugene stood in the middle of it, unable to do anything. Her mist covers her corpses. The world was swallowed up in a mist and disappeared. That’s not the end. The wave that will hit and erase everything in its true sense has yet to come.

In the fog where you can’t see an inch ahead. Waves are not visible. I could feel it slowly approaching. Eugene felt an underlying, ominous fear.

I had felt this feeling—a long time ago. A being that I couldn’t even see exactly what it was. An existence that made me realize what despair was just by seeing it from the edge of my field of vision.


before the waves hit.

The sound of something breaking and collapsing was heard. Her body, which had been invisible because of her thick fog, felt as if her consciousness was falling underground.

And everything went dark.



I didn’t quite understand the situation. Eugene blinked and checked his vision. I saw Senya and Anise looking down with surprised faces.

“uh… … Uh uh.”

Eugene stammered out his voice. As soon as she uttered her voice, Anise fell into her arms. Anis said while groping Eugene’s body with trembling hands.

“how… … What the hell is going on? Eugene, are you really okay?”

Cristina, who stepped forward before she knew it, burst into tears. Missing the timing for her move, Senya blinked her eyes at her dumbfounded face, then pushed her body next to Christina, albeit late.

“what… … Day? ah… … This seems to be fine for now, but… … .”

Consciousness was confused. I still didn’t quite understand the situation. Eugene lay down as if being crushed by the two, and checked his body condition.

There was no problem. The core was intact, and the blood vessels were not distorted. If I had to pick a place that hurt, it was on both cheeks.

why? I didn’t even have to think deeply. Sennana Anis had apparently hit her a few times while she was unconscious.

“I am… … I want to ask. What the hell happened?”

Yujin asked while tossing and turning on her body. Cristina then jumped to her feet and she glanced at Senya once.

“Isn’t Senya-sama a mistake?”

“Look at him, what the hell are you looking at me for? I swear to God I didn’t make any mistakes!”

“Senya-sama, don’t you believe in God?”

“that… … But, anyway, I really didn’t make any mistakes. If there was a mistake, it must have been Eugene, not me.”

“Didn’t I make a mistake?”

Yujin muttered as she sat down.

“If neither you nor I made a mistake, why the hell did this happen? Was there anything strange about it?”

“strange thing? there was.”

Senya’s fingers moved. Eugene looked at his left hand.

bloody hands. Agaroth’s ring, which had been polished like new, could be seen clotted with blood.

“I heard the ring emits a dark red light, wasn’t it you?”

“I? why?”

“The ring’s ability is to restore your body.”

I don’t know why, but something went wrong in the process of synchronizing the flow of mana. As a result, problems arose within Eugene’s body, and he used Agaroth’s ring to extinguish the fire.

Senya, Cristina, and Anis thought so.

However, Eugene did not use Agaroth’s ring. Although there were times when this ring would add divine power at will——it was only to the extent of adding strength, and there was never a time when the authority was invoked arbitrarily.

‘It’s not because I wiped the ring clean.’

I hope it can’t be Eugene frowned at her expression and glared at her ring.



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I was conscious of the ring just in case, but there was nothing strange about it. Eugene, who had been staring at the ring for a while, cut her fingernails on the palm of her left hand and made a scar.

Senja and Cristina were not taken aback by the sight. Now that Eugene came to his senses, both of them were able to keep a cool eye on the situation. Eugene received the gaze of the two and raised the power of the ring.

It’s just a small scratch on the palm of your hand. There is not much energy consumed for treatment. Agaroth’s ring absorbed that little energy and instantly regenerated the wound.

That was it. Eugene clasped and opened his hand, deep in thought.

‘What was it?’

The repeated shocks unwittingly aroused the power of the ring? It doesn’t make sense. This isn’t the first time I’ve used a ring. The real serious danger of dying was the enemy fighting Rizakia, but when I used Agaroth’s ring at that time, there was no such vision as before.

the ring… … Wipe it clean? Couldn’t it be Eugene laughed and smeared her ring with her blood, but nothing happened. Eugene tilted her ringed hand around, wiping away the dried blood.

But nothing happened.

‘This country… … A myth about Agaroth remains in this sea.’

It is probably the only land in the world where the myth of Agaroth remains. Should we think of the rampage of Agaroth’s ring in that light?

“I don’t know the name Agaroth.”

Christina opened her mouth to Eugene’s question.

“Most of those ancient gods have not left their names in this day and age. According to Euras’ theology, the first person in the world to be called a god is the god of light. The gods born of the light he revealed are, after all, only children of light.”

long time ago. A long time ago, when even the demon king did not exist, and the boundaries between demons, monsters, and monsters were indistinguishable. The old days when such beings were lumped together and called ‘monsters’.

Once upon a time, the god of light descended. When humans were born in darkness and feared the monsters that swarmed with darkness, the god of light gave light to light up the darkness for humans. It gave light to the flames created by humans.

Because the god of light descended, humans were able to live in the world. The only god that descended from the sky was the god of light. The other gods were born on the earth illuminated by light.

“If it is the theology of Eurass, Agaroth would be like that. He is not a god who descended from the sky, but a god born in a world illuminated by light. Most of such beings are born worshiped by humans.”

Juras considers the god of light to be the only true god, and does not even consider other gods to be gods. It is regarded as a fake praised by ignorant ancient people.

In fact, even Yuras could not be proud of such a story. A long time ago, the Cultists of Light were obsessed with the need for a certain object of worship, and used the ashes of the Holy Emperor to create an imitation incarnation. He was obsessed with fakes that Yuras would praise.

“It was a time when something like that was needed.”

Christina said with a wry smile.

“In that distant era, humans first learned about the existence of ‘God’. Everyone wanted to worship such a being, calling someone a god.”

After the god of light, many gods appeared in the world. Most of those gods are nameless in this day and age.

“I don’t know if Agaroth really was a being worthy of being called a ‘god’. How to say the death of such an existence, in the distant past… … We can’t completely interpret what happened in the age of mythology. But Eugene. The most important thing in religion is not whether God exists, but faith.”

Christina and Anise are such beings. The essence of a saintess is not something divine ordained, but an imitation incarnation created out of human desire. Although it was thoroughly made by human hands, numerous church members worshiped the saintess as a saint and believed in the existence of God just by naming it a ‘saint’.

“The ring that Eugene has is a holy relic of Agaroth, and a myth about Agaroth remains in this sea. Perhaps, somewhere in the sea, the vein of faith in Agaroth still continues.”

“So the ring reacted?”

“I can’t say for sure. or not… … .”

Cristina couldn’t speak straight away and was careful with her words.

“Maybe it’s a revelation.”

Anise replaced the hesitant Christina. She looked at the ring on Eugene’s hand with thinly opened eyes.

“Although the God of Light rarely gave direct revelations… … Hmm, Hamel. That ring is a relic of Agaroth, the ancient god of war, and has its divine power ever been a source of strength for you? If that’s the case, that means Agaroth thinks you pretty well.”

“So Agaroth gave me a revelation?”

“It is up to interpretation. As Christina said, the important thing in religion is faith. It is not that the religious leaders of pseudo-religions are obsessed with idolizing themselves. That must be why there were so many gods in ancient times.”

Eugene glared at the ring with suspicious eyes.

“Was Agaroth a god who descended from the sky…? … . hmm. According to Euras’ theology, there is no god descending from the sky other than the God of Light, which is frankly not believable. As you know, Euras… … It’s because the Protestant Church of Light itself is so twisted and twisted. Perhaps there are several other gods who have descended from the sky besides the god of light, and Agaroth might be one of them.”

It was something that no other priest would ever say, but Anise said that with a calm face.

“A being like that could make a revelation. I don’t know what that revelation means.”

Eugene focused on the contents of the vision he had just seen.

The sea fog and the sea attacking.

too many corpses.

“… … .”

Something came to mind.

What I saw in the darkroom.

The first thing I saw was a battlefield where corpses were strewn about like trash. The man who staggered across the battlefield. A man whose face was not visible, his shoulders drooping in despair, and he went far away.

What I saw next was a mountain of corpses heaped up. A man sitting atop a mountain of corpses with a greatsword clad in his blood and flesh slung over his shoulder.

‘Was that a revelation?’

Eugene thought while fiddling with the ring. Then, when he entered the darkroom, he took Agaroth’s ring off and left.

But the ring itself had been worn before.

The ring on the ring finger of the left hand has had various meanings such as contract, union, and promise since ancient times. From the moment Eugene put the ring on his ring finger for the first time and made her drink her blood—- Eugene could be said to have signed a contract with Agaroth.

‘If you’re connected like that, even if you’re not wearing a ring… … I might be able to receive a revelation.’


‘It’s like seeing some of Agaroth’s memories.’

Yujin wrinkled her expression and clenched her fists.

“Let’s try again.”


“Hamel, are you crazy?”

“If you don’t know, you should try one more time.”

Yujin grumbled and straightened her back.


After that, I tried a few more times, but there was no welcome again. He also tried several anomalies. He increased the strength of his beating, or deliberately conscious of Agaroth’s ring.

Nothing happened.

“Revelation is completely dependent on God’s will. No matter how earnestly a person prays, God does not give unconditional answers.”

“Is there any advice from the God of Light?”

“Isn’t that blunt person going to give you advice on a matter like this? 300 years ago, a decisive battle with the demon lord in captivity. Even in the most earnest moments of my life, the God of Light did not give me any words.”

Anise smiled and stared at Eugene’s face.

the most desperate moment. Is it time to fight the demon king of confinement? or not… … Eugene didn’t know which of the two things that popped into his head was the answer, but he didn’t bother to ask Anis about it.

In fact, from the fact that Anis smiled like that, the answer was obvious, and Eugene could not help but feel fear and guilt from that obvious answer.

“Kuhm… … .”

“Isn’t it too much for you, an angel, to not be able to communicate with God?”

“Words are just angels. It’s no different from a ghost. The only difference is that you can spread your wings and emit light?”

Anis said with a wry smile. It is true that he died and became an angel. However, that did not mean that Anis had met the god of light ‘in person’.

However, I could definitely feel the existence of ‘God’. The revelation Christina received. It was the will of the God of Light to confirm Vermouth’s tomb and appoint Eugene Lionheart as a hero.

‘It’s from then.’

Yujin frowned and sat down.

If, at that time, Christina had not been revealed and had not dragged Eugene. She entered Vermouth’s tomb with Doynes and Gilreid, if she hadn’t opened the coffin.

If the god of light hadn’t given such a revelation in the first place, would he have opened Vermouth’s coffin?

‘I must have opened it someday.’

At that time, Eugene also had strong doubts about whether Vermouth was really dead. No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t imagine that vermouth died of old age.

However, even if you were curious, you probably couldn’t quickly confirm it. At that time, Eugene was not in a position to act freely in the Black Lion Castle.

“Are you still doing it?”

Ciel opened the basement door and came inside. When she saw her Eugene sitting in the middle of her room, she unknowingly trembled her shoulders.


Dull purple flames cover Eugene’s body. The silent flames of mana flew over Eugene’s head and reached the ceiling.

There is no opening. However, just by looking at it, I could feel a huge ‘class’ that I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed.

‘What is that?’

I know what you’re doing in this room. I didn’t come every day because I didn’t want to interfere with my training, but four days ago, when I came down to the basement to listen to Eugene’s request.

The flames I saw back then were also intense—- but I didn’t feel the daunting status like now. Ciel looked at Eugene with his mouth half open, then straightened her expression and took a step back.

“Did Baek Yeom-shik reach 7 stars?”

“Not yet.”

“yet… … no?”

Ciel couldn’t help but be more taken aback by that answer. Compared to a few days ago, the quality of mana has risen and the level of flame has increased to the point where it feels blatantly, but isn’t it still up to 7 stars?

“I almost broke it, but the stars haven’t increased yet.”

I was sure that it would rise to 7 stars today at the earliest or tomorrow at the latest.

‘But it’s over before I get on the boat.’

The reason why I can use this method now is because Eugene’s Baek Yeom-sik is twisted in many ways. This is the last time the white salt ceremony has been accomplished in this way. Next time I won’t be able to use this shortcut.

“first… … I’ve searched the library, but there aren’t many books left about the ancient gods. There was almost no mention of Agaroth at all.”

Ciel sat down in front of Eugene while saying that.

“So I met an expert in this field. He is the most eminent scholar among the scholars who study the folk religion of Simuin.”

God of War.

No matter how you package it, war is ultimately an act of killing and conquering someone. In that sense, Agaroth was a great slayer and conqueror. His godhood itself was a war, and he made his name a war.

Why, why did Agaroth wage such a war? Whether he led the war and was obsessed with it, there is no way to know in this era.

But what is clear is that Agaroth was a god full of madness who was one of the most violent, even in the chaotic ancient times, and always kept the smell of blood by his side.

“According to scholars, Agaroth was a great conqueror. It is said that he wandered around most of his life without settling down anywhere.”

After the war, a new war broke out. Eugene recalled the battlefield full of corpses he had seen in his darkroom. The more he listened, the more convinced he was that the visions he had seen in the darkroom had to do with Agaroth.

“I heard that there is a sacred place for Agaroth somewhere in the South Sea.

“Somewhere in the distant sea, they say… … I guess I don’t know the exact location. It is said that relics are found very rarely on uninhabited islands over there, but even that is not something that can be called a great relic.”

Eugene glared at Agaroth’s ring on her ring finger. It would be nice if I could receive more revelations like last time. Agaroth is not giving any revelations.

of Agaroth,

I thought about the nature of the ring. It was the fountain of light that the ring first ran amok. The next time he attacked Gavid Lindman in Luhar.

It was when I used the holy sword. Eugene recalled how she felt in that situation.

Anger, hatred, murderous intent, those kinds of emotions. It’s madness where everyone runs amok in war. Eugene did not hate such feelings. Rather, those feelings were familiar to Eugene.

‘I need.’

I thought about removing it altogether, but… … It is true that she benefited in moments of need. There is no guarantee that there will be no such moments in the future.

‘Getting the ring was an accident… … .’

Ariartel gave Agaroth’s ring because he hoped it would help Eugene on his journey.

Eugene, who had Lionheart’s and Vermouth’s armor, no longer needed weapons. So Ariartel chose Agaroth’s ring.

Even Eugene thought it was an exquisite choice. Rather than uselessly heavy, inconvenient armor to move—-I felt a greater attraction to this ring that delayed death even a little bit.

It may have been a coincidence that he got Agaroth’s ring.

‘But at this point, I think it’s fate.’

distant sea.

Or Raghur Yaran.

Meaning is not very different. The ‘end’ where human footsteps are not permitted. It is unclear exactly what the place is and what the hell is there.

Could it be that monsters called Nur, with an ominous resemblance to the demon lord of destruction, are infested? Are those countless monsters trying to leave their land, cross the end, and trample this world?

Eugene grabbed the ringed hand.

The sacred place of Agaroth, which is said to be somewhere at the end of the South Sea. He has his relics and received revelations… … Maybe one day we can go there.

I thought I had to go.

* * *

A few days before departure, huge ships lined the seas of Shedor.

The time it takes to sail to Solgarta is several months at best. Developed magic greatly changed the concept of trade, and now it is not necessary to have a ship of that size to load a lot of goods.

However, magic doesn’t mean you can completely ignore the law, and even magic has several limitations, especially when it comes to ‘living’ humans. Materials to be used on a round trip of several months can be crammed into a smaller space with magic.

It doesn’t work for humans. What if you overextended the space and made it a living space, and then a problem arises during the voyage? Spatial magic related to human life always has the possibility of catastrophe, so it must be handled carefully and strictly.

So the ship is big. It is only natural that hundreds of lives were burned.

Most of the ships lined up in a row raised the same flag. An eagle spreading its wings above the waves. It is the symbol of the royal family of Simuin.

“The kingdom really likes eagles.”

I heard a whisper next to me.

“Look, Arot’s kingdom is also like that.”

“Not all vultures are vultures, are they? I understand that Arod’s kingdom flag is an eagle holding a staff in its claws.”

“Well, anyway, they are all the same eagles.”

“Kyel’s symbol is a dragon.”

Ciel, who had been listening silently, spoke proudly.

“It’s an empire, so what are you measuring? Well, dragons are stronger than eagles. He is big, flies high in the sky, and uses magic.”

Senya grumbled and raised her gaze. Most of the ships hung the kingdom flag, but there were no ships hanging other flags.

In particular, the ship with the flag drawn with swords, spears, and arrows—- boasted a majesty that was comparable to that of the kingdom’s ships.

“Mercenary King, this is Ibig Slad’s ship.”

said Carmen. She tilted her head crookedly and caught her gaze.

I saw a man standing on a dragon-headed bow statue.

“That man is Ibig.”

Short blonde hair, tanned skin. It’s not like Moron, Ivatar, or Gargis. However, on Ivik’s back hung a bow as large as those giants.

“Swords and spears and bows. It is the weapon that Ivik handles. I have competed lightly before, but I am not an opponent to be taken lightly.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Isn’t that man the second of the officials?”

Eugene muttered, glancing at Ivik, who was standing in the distance. First is Ortus of the Storming Knights. The second in the sequence is Ibig.

“second… … Although, in a sense it’s more tricky than Orthus. In the first place, since ‘First’ in the official position is also a title given to a direct subordinate of the royal family, Ibig, a mercenary, cannot become First.”

“Does that mean Ivik’s skills are higher than Sir Ortus’s?”

“well. The two of them have never really tried to kill each other, so it’s hard to tell the difference between their skills. But from my point of view, having sparred with the two… … hmm. If Ivig widens his distance and starts shooting with the intent to kill… … That seems to be the trickier side for me to fight.”

After saying that, Carmen added, feeling sorry for her.

“Of course, it is difficult, not stronger than me. blood death… … .”

“Carmen-nim, you can’t call me that now.”

Didira, who was walking stiffly, cut off Carmen’s words in a hurry. hmm. Carmen hesitated with a small moan.

that… … He rose to the 7th rank of Baek Yeom-sik. Even in the history of Lionheart, there are only three people, including Carmen herself, who can be said to be the pride of the family. … .

“you… … lee.”

Now it was the turn of Eugene’s expression to tremble. Every time her cheeks twitched, she could feel the makeup spread on her face, driving Yujin even more crazy.

What the hell is this all about?

“Shhh, Yuri, don’t put too much force on your fist. The muscles that have been compressed at best may explode.”

“Yuri-sama, please calm down your anger. A lot of people are watching this right now. Although they are far apart, there may be some among them keen enough to notice Yuri-sama’s anger and be suspicious of it.”

Senja and Cristina stood next to each other and whispered.

“You have to be aware of your current situation, Yuri. You’re putting on makeup like a woman and wearing woman’s clothes. But what if you can’t stand it and explode? A lot of people will notice that you are dressed as a woman, right?”

Ciel also smiled and whispered with a funny face that seemed like he was about to die.

“It’s all your fault… … !”

“I did the request, but you were the one who listened. glass. If you had been a little less nice, I wouldn’t have listened to this request.”

Ciel smiled and shook his head.

“What, isn’t it too late to take off now? So until you get on the boat, huh? It’s because you don’t have to go out on a boat.”

Yujin calmed down at the soothing words. Yes, only until she gets on board. Besides, as Ciel said, there are a lot of people watching now.

Just subjugating the troublesome pirate empress is something that makes the citizens go wild, but since the subjugation party is launched on such a large scale, spectators cannot help but gather.

‘They’re staring intently.’

Like Ivik, the eyes of the people who boarded the ship first were intense.

It has to be. Ciel, the youngest in the Twelve Girls, deserves attention, but isn’t there Carmen, who is considered the strongest of Lionhearts?

Even though the number is small, Carmen and Ciel, and the names ‘Lionheart’, everyone has no choice but to look this way.

To receive such an ardent gaze.

Eugene had no choice but to be careful about his actions. She paid attention to every step. She did not dare to raise her head and meet their eyes.

It was convenient to be able to keep my head down.

Right now, Eugene, Senya, and Cristina were disguised as Lionheart’s maids.


“It reminds me of the old days.”

Senya lowered the corner of her mouth and looked around. She boarded a large ship like now, and even set sail as if to show off on a grand scale——it reminded me of the past 300 years ago.

Actually it wasn’t the same. At that time, she met Hamel for the first time, when they set sail for Helmude together. The boat everyone boarded together was shabby than the boat they are on now.

There are so many fleets that are mobilized to subdue ‘only’ Iris, but 300 years ago, when ‘Hero’ Vermut and his colleagues set sail for Helmud, there were only ten ships left together.

It was unavoidable. At that time, there were no ships sailing to Helmud from the port city. There can’t be many suicide wishers who would join the voyage where they would die miserably.

However, just the fact that the ‘brave’ Vermouth took the lead turned the tide. Even 300 years ago, there were countless people who wanted someone to push them on the back or pull them from the front.

“Go inside.”

Eugene spat out in a low voice.

He couldn’t get used to the magically altered voice, even though he had heard it several times. The fact that he had to be careful with his behavior also made Eugene’s heart boil. If possible, he would lock himself in his room and not come out until he reached the waters of Solgarta.

The fortunate thing is that the boat Eugene and the others are on is actually Lionheart’s ‘only’. Although there are many sailors and combatants on board, they all look at Lionheart—-Carmen and Ciel.

Orthus, who served as the commander of the subjugation party, must have been considerate. In fact, it would be awkward for Ortus to ride the same boat as Carmen. It is true that Orthus is the commander-in-chief, but that does not mean Orthus is in a position to give orders to Carmen.

“Who hasn’t been on the same boat as royalty?”

Ciel smirked and turned his head.

Flagship advancing to the forefront. A ship that shows off its majestic majesty with the symbol of the royal family of Simuin engraved on the entire sail. Seimuin’s strongest warship Laversia, said to have been born from the hands of dwarves, from design to production.

In addition to Ortus, there are two members of the royal family of Shimuin on board.

Scalia Animus, the vice-captain of the Wild Wave Knights, also known as the Princess Knight. Also, her half-brother, Jafer Animus.

“I understand that there is Princess Scalia, a member of the Wave Knights, but why is there even a prince?”

“For the sake of merit.”

Ciel replied in a tone that said, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“As you know, Princess Scalia is the mascot of the royal family. After all, this country is called the ‘Land of Knights’, unbecomingly.”

country of knights. The royal family of Simuin is obsessed with that nickname. The numerous Colosseums in the kingdom, and policies friendly to free knights and mercenaries were also conscious of that nickname.

But that’s not enough. To be called a country of knights, the royal family must be knights. As a result, Princess Scalia has grown into a character that the royal family can appeal to the public.

-This princess has put in too much effort to live up to the expectations of those around her. He doesn’t sleep and trains hard, but his skills are honestly just so-so. He’s not bad, but he’s not good enough to be called a princess knight.

northern snowfields. The Dream Demon Queen snatched Scalia’s body and giggled.

It was an accurate assessment. Princess Scalia showed a talent for the sword from an early age. But she wasn’t good enough to be recognized by everyone.

Nevertheless, the royal family forcibly gave the ‘seat’ to Princess Scalia. The vice-captain of the Storming Knights, who is always mentioned when talking about the best knights on the continent.

“Actually, Princess Scalia is far from the right of succession to the throne. But Prince Jafer is different. He is third in the line of succession, so he can aim for the next throne.”

Ciel’s eyebrows furrowed when he spoke of Prince Jafer. Ciel cleared his throat slightly while examining Eugene’s expression.

“The throne is within sight, but it takes a lot of effort for a third-ranked person to ascend to the throne. Hide behind your sister in a punitive force that guarantees victory, or… … Well, marrying a girl from a prestigious foreign family.”

marriage? At that, Eugene opened her eyes thinly and looked at Ciel. It was obvious that Ciel was saying that now, but apart from that, she was curious about the contents.

“Uhm… … Well, as you know, Lionheart has tremendous symbolism apart from its power. A prince of the country of knights deserves to be coveted.”

“You really don’t think so.”

“You know how cruel it is sometimes? Especially when it’s like now.”

Senya and Cristina were wary that Ciel might shed tears again, but fortunately Ciel did not cry. Instead, she furrowed her eyebrows and kicked Eugene in the thigh.

“Really? You really don’t have that kind of heart for me, but as if you know everything about me.”

“When did I say that?”

“Well, of course, me! As you said, I have no interest in Prince Jafer. I received several letters asking for a cup of tea, but I ignored them all.”

“So you’re staring at me like that?”

Yujin grumbled in a low voice.

“Aren’t you supposed to be careful? Kicking the body in front of others. Is it okay to have a noble white rose?”

“To say nasty things.”

Ciel raised his head with a puzzled expression.

Indeed, it was as Eugene said. A blatant gaze is felt from the flagship La Vercia.

I saw two people standing behind me. A man and a woman with red hair. A man with an unsuitable beard and an equally unsuitable suit of armor. That man is probably Prince Jafer.

The woman standing next to him—-even Eugene knows who it is. Scalia Animus. When I saw her in Luhar, her eyes were black from suffering from insomnia, but now her complexion looked better than then.

However, the dark eyes did not look very normal. Eugene remembered Scalia decapitating her corpse.

-I wasn’t attacking this princess, I was helping her. It’s heaven, but it can’t be helped… … .

The reason Princess Scalia slaughtered the mercenaries in the snowfield was because she was driven insane by the nightmare Noir showed her. At that time, in Scalia’s eyes, the mercenaries were seen as evil people who deserved to be killed.

However, Scalia’s ‘punishment’ was too much. He was filthy filth and punishment, so he made a noise and slaughtered. That must be the ‘nature’ Noir said.

“Why is Princess Scalia staring here?”

“Because you don’t like Lionheart.”

Ciel snorted and murmured.

“And you hate me.”


“Did you tell me? Lionheart has an enormous symbolism. Although Princess Scalia is far from the throne… … What if she married Xian, who was confirmed as the next head of household? The princess herself may not have been able to ascend the throne, but as a royal family, it is extremely regrettable that she missed her engagement with Lionheart.”

There are two people mentioned as Xi’an’s engagement partner.

Princess Scalia of Simuin and Princess Ayla of Luhar Kingdom. However, since Princess Ayla was only 11 years old, it was confirmed that Xi’an’s betrothal would be Princess Scalia.

If you hadn’t met Princess Scalia in the snowy field heading to Nightmarch. If she hadn’t seen her slaughter, maddened by her nightmares.


Ciel whispered.

“Do you know how much my brother and I suffered from being condescending as princesses, apart from what we saw together then? That’s why you changed your engagement partner. In the first place, they weren’t officially engaged, and it was just an oral conversation.”

“Why do you hate me again?”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know? You know roughly how famous I have become in the past year. Undefeated White Rose. Right now, she’s higher than Princess Scalia in the rankings, her performance in matches, and… … .”

It’s a bit embarrassing to say this directly. Ciel hesitated for a moment, but she soon caught on to her expression and she smiled smugly.


“… … .”

“Try to refute. what do you think Me and Princess Scalia, who is prettier?”

“Do I have to answer that?”

“Do you want to hear me?”

“you… … It doesn’t get any prettier.”

Eugene let out a deep sigh and said. Ciel was overjoyed at those words, but he did his best to hide her expression. She pretended to be arrogant and laughed.

“Isn’t the sea breeze cold?”

Senya, who had been looking at Ciel as if she were watching a joke party, opened her mouth.

Fun party… … It was cute to look at, but it seemed like we shouldn’t let Ciel’s solo drink go unnoticed.

‘Even cold water has an up and down side!’

Even though Eugene says he doesn’t have much heart—- is there really a tree in the world that can’t be felled after taking 10 shots? If the 21-year-old fresh-faced Ciel actively uses that position and starts throwing an axe!

Senya was afraid of that, and thought he should be wary of the young bloody ax striker.

So Senya gave an earnest glance at Cristina, who was standing next to her.

That’s right, Cristina was Anise, and in Senya’s opinion, the two were her absolute allies. The saints, who are two and one, can sometimes show off their senility and sometimes their youthful energy. So Senya joined hands with the saints and tried to become a strong barrier against Ciel’s blows with the axe.

However, Cristina’s reaction was completely different from Senya’s expectations. She was not wary of Ciel, but rather had a hearty smile on her face.

It wasn’t the eyes to see the joke party. Right now, Christina was purely rooting for Ciel. Senya couldn’t guess why, so she tilted her head.

Soon, she came to a fearful and terrifying conjecture. Christina, 23, and Ciel, 21, joined hands.

Anise, who is like a snake, dies at the end of her life span, becomes an angel, and lives 300 years. When Senya is teased for her age, she always hides behind Christina. In that 20-year-old alliance, Senya had no choice but to be completely isolated.


The moment Senya was about to vent her anger about her situation. Someone fell onto the deck with a gust of wind.


Carmen, who was leaning against the railing, straightened herself up.


A man called the Mercenary King. He turned his head as he raised his bent body.

Eugene was quite interested in Ibig. Her reason was simple. She is because Ivik’s nickname is the Mercenary King.

‘It reminds me of the past.’

300 years ago, before becoming a colleague of Vermouth, he was originally a mercenary. He wasn’t just a mercenary, he was a very famous mercenary. Even in that miserable era, it was worth asking for his ransom, and he is proud that he did a ‘well’ job beyond the value he received.

Of course, it wasn’t just famous in a good way. Before he was corrected by Anis, Hamel was really a bitch-like, and he was particularly cruel to mercenaries in the same industry.

It was also unavoidable. Hamel had suffered too many bad things while working as a mercenary. He has been betrayed many times, and at a young age his chastity in the ass has been threatened.

So, even though Hamel was a mercenary, he hated mercenaries.

‘But he was a respectable mercenary.’

It’s funny to say something like that, but Eugene and Hamel didn’t feel much shame about saying something like this.

Hamel is a legendary mercenary. Putting aside his damn personality, if you look at his achievements, no one can deny that he is a legendary mercenary.

From a mercenary who dominated the battlefield, he became a hero’s ally and defeated three demon kings. If this is not a legend and not a mercenary king, then what the hell is it?

‘I will definitely respect Hamel.’

Even the head of the prestigious Lionheart respected Hamel more than the founder of the family, so there was no way a man called the mercenary king would not respect Hamel.

‘I can’t do this and ask openly… … .’

Why did you come first? Eugene leaned over and hid behind Ciel’s back. Dressing up as a woman is perfect, but if you’re a master at Ivik’s level, you might be able to see through the incongruity covering Eugene’s body.

Ivik took a step forward. Carmen sighed, lit a cigar, and put her hand in her coat pocket. She stepped in front of her as if to block the approaching Ivik.

It was Ivik who moved first. His outstretched hand, as if inviting him to shake hands, drew his sword in an instant. A slash that curved from the waist flew to Carmen’s neck.

Carmen responded without embarrassment. His lightly outstretched hand cleared his blade, and his other hand aimed at Ivik’s uvula.

couldn’t reach It was because Ivik stepped back without regret as soon as the blade was lifted.

“You’re still great, sister.”

“You’re still being rude, Ivic.”

Ivik smiled sternly. He looked at Ciel and Desiira behind Carmen and winked in one eye.

“It’s been a while since the girls of Lionheart. How have you been?”


“It’s been a while, Mr. Ivic.”

“Your sister is also very harsh. There wouldn’t have been a need to bring you guys who were still young.”

“A lion pushes its cubs off a cliff.”

said Carmen, putting a cigar on her finger.

After saying that, I looked at Eugene startled. In the past, I remembered that I had said that to Eugene and was pointed out.

“Ivyk. do you know this In fact, lions do not push their cubs off cliffs.”


“However, in order for a lion to be like a lion, he must overcome hardships from a young age. I am raising them both to be excellent lions, so I gave them this hardship.”

“uh… … She is also my sister.”

Ivik made a puzzled face and nodded.

“So, Ivyk. What did you come to my ship for? Do you want to be judged on the posture you were holding in form at the player awards?”

“What the hell is your sister talking about?”

“It would have been a little nicer if he was wearing a cape.”

“no… … You’re misunderstanding something, but I wasn’t holding a form to look at my sister?”

“It’s true that you were holding a form to show someone.”

“I showed it to my fans who came out to see it. As Ciel knows, if you want to make money as a fighter in this country, fan service is just as important as your skills.”

Ivik grumbled as he put the drawn sword into the scabbard.

“And the reason I came here is to talk about you and Iris.”

“Is this a story about subjugation? Do you have a story to share with me? The commander of the subjugation force is Lord Ortus.”

“haha… … Because I don’t really like that Sir Ortus.”

Ivik glanced at La Vercia in the distance and continued.

“I have thoughts that there may be some ulterior motive. Especially in the case of me, Sir Ortus is a person who is uncomfortable in many ways.”

“hmm… … I knew it once. Let’s go inside and talk. But Aivik, what can you say about Iris?”

“There are many things to say.”

Ivig grinned as he spoke, then raised his head slightly to look behind Ciel.

“By the way, who are those pretty people?”

pretty ones

Those words made Yujin’s cheeks tremble.


The relationship between Ivik and Carmen is about 40 years. Before Carmen became a black lion, she first met Ivik, who was a mercenary since then, when she was wandering the continent using his knightly training as an excuse.

The strong know the strong. The two were strong from a young age and recognized each other as soon as they met. Fists and knives, it’s a funny word, but that kind of confrontation was established between Carmen and Ivik.

Ivik, who was defeated in the confrontation, accepted the defeat without hesitation and vowed to serve Carmen as his sister.

After that, there were several connections.

The Black Lion Knights are in charge of Lionheart’s messy work. However, that is not the only significance of the existence of the Black Lion Knights. The Black Lion Knights’ duty in the Kiel Empire is to guard the southern border of Mount Uklas.

Although they cannot borrow the power of the mercenary corps for such duties, they often receive the help of the mercenary corps, which are skillful in mock training for an invasion by foreign enemies.

Because of that relationship, Ivik had a fairly deep relationship with Carmen, no, Lionheart.

“These are the first faces I see.”

Carmen’s birthday a few months ago. There were no lavish parties, but Ivik visited her mansion with carefully selected gifts. I don’t know her, and since it’s my sister’s birthday, shouldn’t I give her a present?

Carmen’s disciple, Ciel, and her squire, Didyra, were acquainted with each other right away, so the visit was not awkward. Carmen gave me an antique and fancy ashtray as a gift, and after drinking a few drinks from her, I left the mansion neatly.

I remember all the faces of the servants in the mansion at that time. Servants hired by Simuin, not brought from Lionheart. Ivik had no memory of seeing the faces of the three people behind Ciel.

“It doesn’t seem like an ordinary servant.”

Even Ivik’s eyes could not fully penetrate the wise Senya’s magic. However, even if there was nothing strange on the outside, Ivik’s instincts, which he had refined through actual combat like a mercenary, felt something strange in those three people.

It’s not blatant. It was a line that could be understood to the extent that each person had a different atmosphere.

but it was awarded

‘Especially that woman.’

Each of the three had different characteristics, but what caught Ibig’s attention was a tall woman with blond hair and blue eyes. Her angular impression, which strangely stimulates men’s hearts, caught my eye, but her skeleton was especially beautiful, as if looking at a sharpened sword.

‘It’s covered in clothes, but it’s hard to see… … I can tell just by the outline. This woman is unmanned.’

It was unlikely that a woman with such a well-trained body would be a mere servant. Thinking so, she couldn’t help but turn her gaze to other women.

One has rich brown hair and eyes of the same color, and just by standing still, I felt her elegance and nobility.

The black-haired, green-eyed woman standing next to her was cute as she looked at the situation while blinking her big eyes and turning her head around.

‘This woman is a leader.’

The other two are watching the blonde woman. Well, if you’re a soldier who’s reached the level I am, you’re worthy of being a leader.

Ivik smiled as he finished his judgment.

“hmm… … .”

Carmen pondered for a moment on how to answer the question. She wasn’t good at this kind of lie, no.

Ciel, who was well aware of Carmen’s personality, quickly opened his mouth.

“As expected, you are Ivik-nim. As you can see, the three behind me are not your average servants. They are the direct attendants of the head family who received special training at Lionheart.”

“The attendant in charge?”

“yes. I didn’t know you could see through it at a glance.”

What the hell is he talking about?

Eugene looked at Ciel in disbelief. But Ciel continued without hesitation, as if he had thought about it beforehand.

“In this subjugation, Lionheart is in no position to support troops separately. As Ai Big knows, Simuin is determined to subdue the empress with only his country’s strength.”

“hmm… … yes. No matter how great the Lionheart family is, they belong to the Kiel Empire anyway. In fact, from Emperor Kiel’s point of view, it would be good for the whole country for the officials to cut off and eat my flesh and blood.”

“yes that’s right. That’s why the head of the family didn’t send troops separately, but instead sent troops that were more than knights even though they weren’t knights.”

“It’s not a knight, but it’s more than a knight… … Ciel, I’m curious about the standard of ‘knight’ you speak of.”

Ivik did not hide his intention to float. At that blatant question, Ciel smiled brightly.

“Of course, these are the articles I have seen since I was a child.”

“haha… … So, do you mean those girls are more powerful than the white lions?”

Ivig had never been to Lionheart’s home. However, the family called the best samurai on the continent is the Lionheart. If he was an exclusive attendant who served the direct descendant of the great Vermouth from a young age, he thought that it would make more sense to be a skilled person that even the average knight would look down on.

Of course, that is Ibig’s mistake. Among the servants of the head family, there was not a single person who possessed superior military strength as much as or better than a knight.

Nina, who was lucky enough to be chosen by Eugene when she was young, and now serves as the chamberlain. Although her kitchen knife skills were excellent, she had never held a knife longer than that since she was born.

“indeed… … I see what you mean. But it’s also a bit sad. I was expecting the famous Eugene Lionheart to come to this subjugation.”

“Oh, really?”

Ciel’s expression didn’t shake at all when he said that. Ayvik replied with a nod of her head at her regret.

“Judging by the rumors, Eugene Ryanhart seemed like a pretty wayward young man. Like a hero, he also has a strong hatred for demons. If he was that kind of person, I thought he would ignore the will of the empire and family and participate in the punitive force.”

“Ahaha. Even though Aivik-nim has never met Eugene, he clearly understands me. That’s right, Eugene is selfish and unpretentious. But it seems she can’t help it this time. The wise Senya-sama is the same.”

“Right, yes. I heard that wise Senya-nim is also in Lionheart… … It’s really surprising that he didn’t come.”

“It’s the same with Eugene, but what Senya-sama is aiming for isn’t Princess Rakshasa, it’s the demon king. It seems that you don’t want to provoke the demon lord by making hasty moves.”

You speak very well. As Senya thought about it in her head, she adjusted her expression.

Ivik was completely convinced by the flowing conversation. He nodded his head and looked at Eugene.

“Sure, lady. May I know your name?”


Did that bastard just call me a lady?

Anger boiled deep in Eugene’s chest. But coming this far, I can’t say anything else. Eugene forcibly grabbed his twitching cheek.

“My name is Aris.”

Christina was the first to speak. She was a different name from the one she had initially decided on. She decided on the spot that she had better use a name other than the explicit name of Chris.

“Aris? Last name?”

“We’ve been serving Lionheart since we were young, so we don’t have a family name.”


Ivik agreed without any doubt. Senya, who confirmed that she had no further questions, she introduced herself straight away.

“My name is Sein.”

The first pseudonym I decided on was Sarah. However, Senya also changed her pseudonym slightly.

Even so, it was only the first and last letters of the name Senya Merdein, but this time Ibig had no doubts. In fact, it was unreasonable to suspect that the wise Senya would be disguised as a servant.

“… … My name is Yuri.”

Eugene did not dare to use a pseudonym once more. Because he thought it was too pitiful and miserable to have to do that.

Naturally, upon hearing that name, Ivik had no doubts. Ivik’s thinking was not free enough to imagine that Eugene Ryan Hart would dress up as a woman, introduce himself as her family’s exclusive attendant, and board the ship.

“If the story is over… … Go inside.”

Carmen, who had been watching everything, said with a clearing of her throat. She felt sorry that somehow she seemed to be lying to Ivik.

“Sister, that lady named Yuri seems to be a very talented person. It’s attractive to have a proud face and a temper.”

“What are you talking about… … .”

“I am speaking my honest opinion. How old are you? Less than you, huh? Sister, I’m asking this disinterestedly, but the family’s exclusive attendant is that… … Can’t you even fall in love?”

“Don’t say anything terrible… … .”

Carmen hurried her steps, unable to bear eye contact with Ivik. Ayvik licked her lips in her regret, then turned her head to look at her Eugene.


‘Should I kill him?’

Eugene’s heart was filled with murderous intent.

“Come to think of it, there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time.”

Ciel quickly stepped in front of Eugene. It was to prevent Ivik from seeing Eugene’s distorted expression.

“Ivik’s nickname is the Mercenary King. Right?”

“Everyone calls me that. Although it is true that there are no mercenaries as good as me in these days, where mercenaries are tough to live.”

A peaceful world without war. The only battlefield where mercenaries are mobilized is the territory battle between nobles.

If you want a lot of money, going to Helmud, where there are many battles, is also a way—-how many jobs in the world can be easy and make a lot of money. At least in jobs that require physical training like mercenaries, the higher the pay, the higher the risk.

Helmud’s battlefield is such a place. It is not easy for human mercenaries to survive on the battlefield where demons and monsters play. In other words, the current era could be called a recession in the mercenary world.

Even in such an era, Ibig is called the mercenary king.

“What do you think of Hamel, Ivik-sama?”

Ciel asked this question to comfort Eugene. The human named Ibig Slud, whom Ciel had experienced, naturally seemed to respect Hamel, a great hero who made his name known 300 years ago.

“Hamel? Are you talking about stupid Hamel?”

“Yes, he was also a legendary mercenary, right?”

“hmm… … Ciel, as you said, Hamel was a legendary mercenary. There will be no mercenary as great as Hamel in history.”

Eugene’s expression softened slightly at Ibig’s answer.

“That means, as expected, Ivik-sama will respect Hamel-sama, right?”


Yujin’s expression hardened at the answer that followed.

“Legendary… … I think he’s a great mercenary, but I don’t respect him. No, to be honest, I don’t even know if Hamel should be considered a mercenary.”

“yes? Just now, a legendary mercenary… … .”

“Well, that’s true, Hamel… … Stupid Hamel. Not to disregard that feat. But that feat wasn’t accomplished as a mercenary, was it? It was built as a companion of the great Vermouth.”


It felt like a large spear had been stuck in my chest.

“Of course, I heard that Hamel was a great person even when he was a mercenary… … Hmmm, he’s rarely had good reviews of his fellow mercenaries? Hamel hates mercenaries, and mercenaries hate Hamel.”

“uh… … Um, yes, I see.”

“Is that so? How to say, Hamel had no love and respect for his industry. He harassed the other mercenaries with pointless coercion, and it was said that there were a lot of mercenaries who were crushed because of Hamel. That’s why I don’t have much respect for Hamel.”

A bastard you don’t even know well has a pierced mouth… … Eugene shook her shoulders. Really? There was nothing wrong with Ivik’s words… … . But sometimes the right words without any mistakes are even more irritating and upsetting.

“Respect. I am… … I respect Morron, not Hamel. Brave Moron. What a manly name If I had to pick one thing I regret the most in my life, it was not participating in the Night March. I didn’t even think of going because it was said that it was done in the far and cold northern end… … I never thought Morron would come there.”

A pup who wears his hair like a decoration. Even though he has the name of the mercenary king, he doesn’t respect Hamel and respects Moron? what? Is that baby man? It will be a climber.

Eugene walked while grinding his teeth.

“Miss Yuri, why do you keep grinding your teeth?”

“It’s a habit.”

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