Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 115

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If you are an exclusive attendant, shouldn’t you pay attention to your appearance?

A question like that popped into Ivik’s head for a moment, but he didn’t think about it for long. It must be that his skills as a warrior are as good as his flaws. Rather, his focus on his skills made the mercenary Ivik’s heart flutter.

“So, Ivyk. What exactly are you talking about?”

Spacious cabin. Carmen asked as she sat down.

“I wanted to talk to you alone, if possible. Hmm, well, it’s strange to be suspicious of your family.”

Ivik sat across from Carmen and shrugged.

“Sir Ortus is awkward. It’s not like you ruled out Lord Ortus for that simple reason.”

“You know that, too. Sir Ortus has condoned the empress’s plundering from the start.”

“That wasn’t Sir Ortus’s arbitrariness, was it? It was the royal family itself that condoned the empress.”

“Of course it is, but Sir Ortus is not proud of the empress? The empress robbed most of the trading ships except government ships for one year.”

Ivik snorted and put on the pods with both hands.

“I know that? sister. It’s not known to the public, but a distant relative of Lord Orthus runs a business. Haha, Lord Orthus was thorough in that. He has thoroughly washed it so that there is no connection to him.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s an obvious story. The merchant corps related to Sir Ortus survived the plunder of the empress and prospered. Coincidentally, the amount of offerings to Lord Ortus also increased around that time. It looks like it from the outside, but what about the invisible back side?”

“How do you know about that?”

“In order to roll well at the top, you have to use mercenaries well.”

Carmen didn’t answer and put a cigar in her mouth. She didn’t like talking on this subject very much. It’s because it’s a messy reality story that’s far from chivalry, and romance is nowhere to be found.

“I know what you mean. But wasn’t that kind of a problem when the royal family thought they could tame the empress? Now the empress has turned the royal family and, no, the whole country, into enemies.”

“That said, I don’t want to be sure that the messy deal between the Empress and Lord Orthus has been settled.”


“You can think of it like this. What if Sir Ortus wants a higher position than the Grand Duke he currently sits on?”

“You mean that Sir Ortus is collaborating with the empress and plotting a rebellion?”

Carme’s eyes narrowed. Aivik shook her hand at the blatant intimidation.

“I’m cautious, so I’m just suspicious. It’s not even a very unlikely thing, I think.”

“You mean there is no evidence.”

“Hey, isn’t the fact that you were making a deal with the empress itself the basis?”

As Eugene silently listened to the conversation, he remembered Orthus he had seen during the Night March. At that time, Orthus did not deny that there was some sort of transaction between Iris and the attendant.

But even so, he did not say that he had made a deal with Iris.

‘what… … It could be that he didn’t want to reveal his shame. It was also the first time she met me at the time.’

Despite that, Orthus’s purpose was clear.

To enlist Eugene’s help in subduing Iris. for the servants? Because you can’t tame Iris? That might be the reason, but… … .

‘If Orthus is really holding hands with Iris, he may have been trying to lure me into a trap.’

It’s not something to be sure of, but it was something to be wary of.

“Your sister doesn’t seem to like uncertain stories, so let’s try another one.”

Ivik leaned forward.

“The Empress is scratching the sea.”

“Do you scratch the sea?”

“Looks like they’re looking for something buried in the deep sea.”


deep sea.

Upon hearing that, Yujin clenched her fists without realizing it. The scene she had seen through Agaroth’s vision was overlaid in her mind.

Too many corpses. The waves were so high and so huge that the sky could not be seen. The sea fog was so thick that it was impossible to see an inch ahead.

The sea fog that came before the waves covered the world. The waves that hit later swallowed everything. The revelation ended just like that. After that, I tried to receive the revelation several times, but Agaroth’s ring showed nothing more.

According to the words of Gondor and theologians, there is a holy place of Agaroth at the end of the South Sea, close to the ‘distant sea’. A long time ago, it wasn’t the sea, but it became the sea due to a supernatural phenomenon of unknown exact reason.

In other words, Agaroth’s territory is somewhere in the sea—- deep sea.

And the Solgarta Sea area is at the tip of the South Sea.

Iris is scratching the sea.

Searching for something buried in the deep sea.

Eugene couldn’t believe it was a coincidence.

“Something buried in the deep sea.”

Eugene couldn’t take the lead in this conversation. But before Eugene could give any signal, Carmen opened her mouth. She was also curious about Iris’ intentions.

“What the hell is there in the deep sea?”

“That really hits the target.”

Ivik straightened up and let out a blank laugh.

“It’s clear that he’s looking for something, but even the Empress herself doesn’t know exactly about it.”

“You don’t know?”

“The empress may be lying, but from the information I’ve figured out, yes.”

“Where did that information come from?”

Carmen’s eyes narrowed.

Eugene liked Carmen’s question. Doing strange things comparable to Melchis, no, is this too harsh?

[It was bad, Hamel.]

Tempest spat out in his head.

This handsome wind spirit king is usually so reticent that it is confusing whether he is there or not, but whenever he thinks about Melchis, he shows off his presence like a deaf person. Just like right now.

[Carmen Lionheart is an eccentric, but not a lunatic.]

Eugene thought so too.

First of all, Carmen does not meditate naked in the lake. During a serious conversation like now, I put down the concept that I am obsessed with and obsessed with. Behold, Carmen Lionheart never took out her lighter when she entered the room.

“They are my men.”

“That, Aivik, makes me think.”



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The air in the room changes.

Carmen put the pocket watch on her belt—Heaven Genocide—on the table. In this way, Carmen revealed her intentions openly.

“It’s not like I’ve ever dealt with the empress like you think. I’m not that brazen.”

Ivik did not avert his gaze.

“When the Empress begins to gather forces by rallying the pirates. He just wanted to prepare for the future. According to common sense, a pirate—no, no. The Empress was not a mere pirate from the beginning… … That, Raksha Princess Iris. He came all the way to the sea, became a pirate, and started building an army under his command. If you think of common sense, it’s a force that has no choice but to subjugate someday.”

Ivik is a mercenary. The way mercenaries make money is the same as it was then and now.

to go out and fight on the battlefield.

“My sister and I have known each other for quite some time. Maybe that’s why, I’m very sad that my sister doubts me now. Did my sister see me as a bastard without a belt secretly holding hands with demons?”

“Mercenaries follow money, don’t they?”

“ha ha ha! Third-rate yes, but I’m first-class among first-class. Money can be earned anywhere, and it’s not like I don’t have money saved up… … What are you doing now to earn more money?”

Ivik laughed loudly and continued.

“The first class follows trust, contracts, and honor. Empress, you think Iris is a loser after all, don’t you? 300 years ago he was defeated and fled by the great Vermouth and his companions, and in modern times he was defeated and fled by the Queen of Dreams. Well, he should be strong, but he’s not a client worth signing a contract with. There is nothing to be gained by following.”

“Excellent, Ivic.”

The chilly air changed again. Carmen put his pocket watch in her hand and spread her arms wide. pair, pair, pair. Loud applause rang out three times.

“I didn’t doubt you, I tested you.”

“hmm… … I guess so. She is also my sister.”

Ivik accepted Carmen’s words without saying anything. He spoke quickly before Carmen said anything else.

“Anyway, I planted my subordinates in the belief that someday the subjugation of the empress would definitely happen. A position where the Empress’ commands could be heard, not too close. That much is better, because if you are too close, you will get a lot of suspicion.”

In the first place, ‘humans’ cannot be Iris’ subordinates. From 300 years ago, the only thing that Iris truly opened up to and kept by her side was the same Dark Elf.

There are over a thousand pirates under Iris’ command. However, the number of Dark Elves was at most 100. No matter how keen a Dark Elf’s ears are, it is impossible to hear and control the voices of thousands of pirates.

“The Solgarta Islands are not a place for humans to live. In other waters, you can only catch fish, but how can people survive on only fish?”

When disposing of stolen goods or replenishing necessary materials. Among the pirates who took on such a role, Ivik’s men are hiding. They are periodically sending letters to Ayvik, informing him of the situation of her empress.

The latest letter from Ivik was from two days ago. The reason why the Empress kidnapped the Dwarves of Hammer Island is to find something submerged in the deep sea.

However, the empress herself does not know what that ‘something’ is, and the pirates do not dare to ask about it.

“At first, they thought the sunken ships in Solgarta were the purpose. As you know, there are rumors that there are rare dragons in that sea. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s true that dozens of probes trying to find the dragon’s treasure got stuck in the sea.”

The treasures inside those many sunken ships must be considerable. In fact, the kidnapped dwarves made and wore wetsuits in the midst of Iris’s brush, and went into the sea and rescued several sunken ships.

“But the empress’ purpose was not to sink a ship. Those crazy Dark Elves are scratching at the bottom, not the sea. At first, he only ordered dwarves, but two days ago, he made a mass production of wetsuits and has pirates work as well.”

“I don’t know what the hell you want to do.”

“I’m probably still doing something I don’t know.”

“The Empress made the Solgarta Sea area her base. Kidnapping the dwarves… … It means that everyone is connected.”

Carmen rubbed her chin and murmured.

“Maybe the Empress really has gone mad. It may be a rough word, but the reason the Empress started scratching the sea… … I heard it was a dream?”


“Yes, a dream. The Empress had a dream, and the dream pointed to something under the sea. I don’t know what bullshit it is.”

Ivik grumbled and searched his arms. As usual, he took out a pack of cigarettes, cleared his throat, and put the pack back into his pocket.

“How does your sister look? Aren’t there just one or two suspicious corners?”

“That’s right. … … I don’t want to doubt Sir Ortus, but I need to be conscious. It’s hard to judge what the Empress is doing in Solgarta.”

“Unfortunately, since I also went out to sea, information beyond that will not be updated.”

“What do you want?”

Ivig put the cigarette pack in, but Carmen put the cigar back in her mouth.

“There must be a clear purpose for saying this to me, no, to Lionheart.”

“Among these many people, who can really have the head of the empress?”

Ivik grinned. Unlike her sun-scorched skin, her Ivyk’s teeth were clean and white and gleaming.

“Princess Scalia? Haha, the royal family would like that. If it was Princess Scalia, she wouldn’t be a contender for the throne, and her achievements could be purely owned by the royal family. However, there is no way that a princess knight who has been appointed with a pretty flower can decapitate the empress. A lieutenant would be more likely to decapitate the empress than Princess Scalia.”

Dior Hyman, son of Orthus. Although he serves as Princess Scalia’s lieutenant, his skills are superior to Dior’s. He doesn’t stand out very well from the outside, but that’s probably because Dior is good at hiding his skills. In fact, Dior had noticed Eugene’s gaze even from a distance.

“Prince Jafer, who followed me greedily. He is truly an unlikely person. Why did you board the ship with the swordsmanship you learned as a hobby? He won’t be able to challenge the throne unless he slit the head of the empress. or not… … Hmm, Ciel may be offended, but the prince might have dirty thoughts in his head.”

“Ahaha. Do you think Prince Jafer might pounce on me midway through the voyage?”

Ciel laughed heartily.

“Can I do that without going crazy?”

“To attack is too extreme… … Might flirt with you on the voyage.”

“Cut it off.”

Carmen murmured.

“I will pierce it.”

Didi even spat out.

‘Pe kills.’

Eugene thought too.

“what… … Those two have no chance. As far as I can see, there are three people who can decapitate the Empress. Sister Carmen, me, and Sir Ortus.”

“It is difficult alone.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I don’t have the arrogant thought of being able to kill the Empress one-on-one. But isn’t that the way it is? Who got the final blow? Who ‘directly’ cut the Empress’s head? The only thing that can move at that moment is the three of us.”

“You don’t want to ask me to give up your achievements, do you?”

“haha… … I’d appreciate it if you did, but I also think that kind of request is too conscientious. Sister, what I want to say is nothing great. We want to hold each other’s hands.”


Carmen put down her cigar.

“Ivyk. You are wary of Sir Ortus aiming for your neck.”

That’s what Eugene thought. It was the first time I met Ivik today, but his attitude towards Orthus was very consistent.

‘You look like a mercenary.’

The first class follows trust, contracts and honor.

Good word. When your skills are excellent and you have a lot of things, your eyes are bound to turn to abstract things like that. However, the essence of a mercenary is to eventually roll one’s body and kill someone else.

I don’t know if Eugene saw Ibig Slud as a good person, but he was a good mercenary. Even though I killed others to make my stomach full, I am not devastated by peace, and I cherish the back of my neck.

“If I were Lord Ortus, I think he would stab me in the back in this subjugation.”

Ivyk said with a grin.

“That way is neat and easy. As ‘Second’, I can challenge Sir Ortus at any time, and my place among the officials is, in a sense, superior to that of Sir Ortus. In that situation, what if I had the head of the empress? Euhhaha, isn’t it possible for a mercenary brat to sit in the seat of a country’s grand duke?”

“Are you greedy?”

“No, I have no desire for a grandiose position like the grand duke. However, I don’t think Lord Ortus will know my true feelings, and he doesn’t have the confidence to convey my feelings during the voyage.”

“I see what you mean, Ivic.”

Carmen slowly reached out.

“I wonder if Sir Ortus really wants to kill you. Did Lord Orthus really collude with the Empress? I’m not sure of anything However, I don’t want to see us gathering for the purpose of ‘subjugating the empress’ and aiming for each other’s lives.”

“sister… … .”

“Don’t go out of my sight on the battlefield, Ivic.”

Carmen shuddered at her words.

“Stay within my sight. If so, you will not die.”

“… … .”

Aivik pondered for a moment on how to respond to that remark. Ivik uses 3 weapons. sword, spear, bow. Among them, the bow is what ibig is ‘most’ confident about.

Carmen, on the other hand, swings her fists at close range. It’s common for Carmen to stay in Ivik’s field of vision on the battlefield, but it’s rare for Ivik to stay out of Carmen’s field of vision… … .

“You are also my sister.”

Ivik neatly gave up on such a complicated idea. He smiled and took Carmen’s hand. It became this.

Was that bastard Ortus really colluding with Iris? I do not know. It was also true that until a few months ago, she had increased her fortune by taking back money from Iris. so it’s award winning

Do you really try to kill him? I do not know. But on the battlefield, many of the same things happen. It was a common thing to kill the same side on purpose among many of the same things.

‘But my sister would never be that kind of person.’

Carmen is absolutely trustworthy in these matters. Ayvik let go of his hand, satisfied.

“then… … Didn’t you say Yuri?”

Ivik got up from his seat and looked at Eugene. Yoo-jin, who was deep in thought, felt goose bumps run down his spine the moment he was called ‘Mr.

“At least one meal… … .”

“turn off… … .”


My lips trembled to utter those words. Eugene barely swallowed the words and spat out another one.

“it’s okay.”

endured well

It wasn’t once or twice that I wanted to intervene. But all endured. There was a lot to think about. After confirming that Ivik had left the room and returned to the ship, Eugene let out a deep breath and sat down on the sofa.

“Life is true.”

Cristina, who approached without a word, wrapped a cloak of darkness around Eugene. Senya, who had crept closer, released her magic.

thump, thump. Compressed muscles returned to their original shape. Eugene let out a deep sigh as he changed his clothes inside the cloak.

“I must have asked for something.”

Ciel also mumbled while looking at Eugene.

“No, that’s okay.”

Eugene said that while sighing in succession. Certainly, the attention of others could be completely deceived by dressing as a woman.

In particular, since he learned that Ortus, the commander-in-chief, had a bad point, it was rather an advantage to board the ship while completely hiding his identity.

‘I don’t know Iris’s intentions.’

Yujin thought while playing with her hair, which had returned to its original length. He didn’t know what the dark elf was looking for.

dream? A dream? Are you just flirting, or are you really looking for something you saw in your dreams?

‘Find dragon rares and use them for military funds… … If you think about it easily, this is it.’

Could it be that Iris is also looking for the Holy Land of Agaroth? Then why? how do you know about that?

“… … .”

It hadn’t even been a few hours since we left.

I have to be at sea for about a month from now.

During that time, Iris will scratch the sea. I don’t even know what I’m looking for, but Iris is given that much time.

Modern ships are fast. With magic added, it’s even faster. At least one month though.

How to go faster? There is a way.

However, there is something suspicious about Orthus.

“… … .”

Eugene quietly closed his eyes.

“Let’s take La Vercia in three days.”

La Vercia

“Are you not sleeping again?”

What greeted Scalia as she opened the door was the worried face of the adjutant.

Dior Hyman, son of Lord First Orthus. He swallowed a bitter sigh as he looked at Princess Scalia’s face.

A knight who has reached the stage of freely handling mana can even tune his body to relieve fatigue efficiently. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good body without sleeping for days and days.

Besides, Princess Scalia’s level was not high enough to perfectly harmonize her body.

A thin layer of makeup, even though you should have just woken up in bed. This is because he was conscious of the nickname ‘Princess Knight’ recognized by the world. Thanks to the makeup and the darkness of the night, I couldn’t see the skin that had been overextended for several days, nor the dark circles that would have come down to my cheeks.

“I am getting enough sleep.”

Dior had no choice but to sigh at the answer he gave in a cracked voice. That obvious and insolent lie made Dior’s head throb in many ways.

“Princess Bonn, I don’t understand your actions here at this late dawn.”

“I am the princess’s lieutenant. so… … .”

“You don’t have to worry about the princess. Princess Bon is getting enough sleep and rest, and now she is out because she wants to enjoy the night sea breeze.”


“You don’t think you want to listen to what the princess has to say? Heung, in that case, follow Princess Bourne until the truth is resolved.”

Princess Scalia passed Dior sarcastically.

“If you don’t like the princess you’ve seen so much, why don’t you report it to Sir Ortus?”

“… … .”

“If you’re going to turn away, you’re asking what it’s like to look away completely.”

“I have no intention of reporting to the captain. Just like it used to be.”

At that answer, Scalia let out a blank laugh as if to hear it. She stopped dealing with Dior and started walking on her deck.


It’s nothing new. From the beginning, Dior Heyman was assigned such a role.

His role is to be strong enough to pull out his sword and fight instead of Scalia in case of an emergency, obey Scalia unconditionally despite receiving irritation and dissatisfaction, and report all of Scalia’s actions to Ortus, the leader.

And what if, what if he fell in love with Princess Scalia. A role that can use it to give Ortus bigger wings.

Dior understood his role perfectly years before he was first appointed adjutant. He had been taught since his childhood that he should never go against his father, and that his own life should be used for the glory of his father—Haiman House.

Originally, she also had to report to her father about Princess Scalia’s eccentricities. That is true of Dior’s education.

But Dior did not report. What happened in the snow field on the way to Night March. A massacre by Princess Scalia. ㅡ And, the hobbies that Princess Scalia secretly enjoyed after returning to her attendant.

Dior did not report anything to his father. What would have happened to Princess Scalia if she had reported it? Perhaps, perhaps, it would end up in a place like a tower in the royal palace.


There was nothing for Orthus to gain from that. Perhaps using Princess Scalia as an excuse for the number of cases caught, or if you’re going to commit more boldly, use the royal family by threatening to inform the public… … .

Either way, Dior didn’t like it.

For Princess Scalia? Are you satisfied with your current life, serving as the princess’s lieutenant and always following her – because you want to protect this life?

no. Dior, to put it bluntly, had no interest in what would become of Princess Scalia. What she did not report on her at all was——it was only her rebellion against her father, Orthus.

‘A crazy woman.’

Apart from his rebellious spirit towards Orthus, he has a cold-hearted judgment about Scalia.

crazy woman. Literally, in Dior’s eyes, Scalia was a mad bitch. Originally, she was a princess and a knight, but she had a lot of damn sides… … After ‘that’ incident in the snowy field, it seemed that the boundary had completely disappeared.

The fact that Dior waited in front of Scalia’s door. Even following her night walks, everyone was worried that Scalia might do something crazy. It might be a bum from the back streets of the city or a cheap mercenary, but even stabbing the crew of this ship with a knife won’t help.

My head was throbbing, and my vision was dizzy.

Because it’s on the sea, it’s because it’s on a boat. It has nothing to do with that. Even though I wanted to sleep for several days, my sleepless head appealed, but that didn’t mean I could fall asleep comfortably.

As a result, my nerves got sharper and sharper.

I didn’t like the sound of Dior’s steps following behind me. I was angry that the soldiers standing guard in the distance were glancing at me. The sight of the observer on the mast looking down aroused a urge from the bottom of his chest.

“… … .”

It wasn’t like this before.

It’s not uncommon for people to relieve their stress by throwing something or hitting it when they feel frustrated and angry.

Scalia was similar. When sensitive and angry, she imagined various kinds of violence in her head. Of course, the executioner of that violence was Scalia herself, and the types of people who were assaulted by her were always diverse.

I just imagined it. never actually acted However, after expressing it once—- the urge gradually grew stronger. I learned that it’s okay to do whatever you want.

Scalia is aware that she is getting weirder. She is soothed by her walks, so now she is doing nothing.

She hated and annoyed Dior, but felt a little relieved that Dior was following her now. She felt that if Dior hadn’t come with her, she would have done it in the end.

“Whoa… … .”

Scalia looked up at the night sky to calm her agitated head and calm her beating heart.

It’s been three days since we left. The night sky, looking up from the middle of the sea, was beautiful with countless starlights and dazzling moonlight.

“I think our eyes met. Can’t you see it?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Needless to say, Senya took great pride in her magic skills. She glanced at her Eugene with a scornful glance and poked her side with her staff.

“You cheeky disciple, do not doubt Master’s magic skills! How can a knight who has not even mastered magic see through my magic?”

“Kuhm… … But, isn’t there a Archmage on that ship as well?”

“joy! He’s not the archmage of Arot, the birthplace of magic, but he’s a guy with a bowl that’s satisfied with being the court mage chief of an island country at the southern tip of the island. If such a guy was good, how good would he be?”

In order to make this punitive force unconditionally successful, Simuin dispatched the main force belonging to the royal palace.

Orthus, who is first among the knights, and the raging knights. Even that wasn’t enough, he sent the 8th Circle Archmage, Mais Brior, who was the head of the court magic.

The destination, Solgarta Sea, is an area where the use of magic is restricted. Perhaps conscious of that, the only wizard dispatched was the court mage chief Mais. It must have been expected that the Archmage of the 8th Circle would be able to use magic even in the Solgarta Sea.

“All archmages are not the same archmage. Especially after the circle magic formula created by Senya-sama became standardized for mages. Hehe, disciple, have you seen it too?”

“I also experienced it myself.”

“yes! Arot’s Green Pagoda Master, what kind of archmage is that? What a time when a worm without the majesty and mystery of an archmage is called an archmage just because she met a good teacher, learned magic efficiently and expediently, and took the 8th circle!”

After saying that, Senya glanced at Eugene with an expression of regret.

“Oh, of course, disciple, you… … Uhm. In the eyes of this master, it’s enough to be proud of being a great wizard. Even if you focus on magic and don’t gain enlightenment, Lionheart’s Baek Yeom-sik and… … uh… … It’s thanks to this master’s Witchcraft that we’ve reached the current level of magic, but still, uhm.”

“Why don’t you just talk?”

“Like a cheeky disciple. Master Lee gave me compliments at best, but he is really unlucky to answer.”

nasty guy. Senya grumbled, glancing at her Eugene.

There were a lot of things he added, but he didn’t say anything he didn’t mean. Even in Senya’s opinion, Eugene’s signature Prominence was a very good magic.

“If you go any lower than this, you will be hit by a barrier.”

Carmen, who was flying alongside, opened her mouth.

The flagship of the subjugation force. The most powerful ship owned by the royal family. Occupy Labersia. Carmen was also convinced of why it had to be that way.

Modern ships with added hextech are nothing compared to ships from 300 years ago, so the movement of the punitive force is still fast enough. However, if Senya’s magic was added, it would be much faster.

Suspicion of Ortus. One of the methods would be to constantly be vigilant against him, but Eugene thought that it was overwhelmingly easier and more comfortable to subdue Orthus altogether.

Carmen agreed to that fact to some extent. In the first place, the Black Lion Knights belonging to Carmen, the purpose of existence is to punish such a suspicious person within the family and protect the family’s laws and discipline.

However, Orthus is not the person of Lionheart. The fact that he was a grand duke of a foreign attendant restrained Carmen from acting. Carmen Lionheart had that common sense straight.

Eugene decided to ignore such common sense lightly.

Because Senya is with her. In the end, it was Eugene’s decision to occupy La Vercia, but he was going to tell Ortus, who was dumbfounded, like this.

-Wise Senya said, Well, why don’t you kill Sir Ortus?

A great hero from 300 years ago. Family Progenitor’s friend. He was thinking of passing it off as saying, “I couldn’t help it because such a big adult said that.”

“Then, what shall we do? Should I just break it in?”

“Didn’t you decide to deal with it quietly if possible?”

Carmen said politely.

If things don’t go as he wants, he’s thinking about taking over all the troops in La Vercia by force.

But that’s by far the worst. What Carmen wants is, preferably quietly. It was not to deal with the whole of La Vercia, but to subdue only the commander-in-chief, Ortus.

If that was successful, it would be no different from actually occupying La Vercia.


Senya smiled and stretched Frost forward.

The mana concentration in the air is changing. Senya’s signature, Empress rule was unfolded. The magic barrier that protects La Vercia. It was a barrier created by the archmage Mais herself, but she couldn’t disobey Senya’s Empress rule.

“Let’s go down.”

Eugene and Senya, Carmen. The three broke through the barrier without incident. The barrier did not notice the intruder. Senya stood with his eyes wide open and looked down at La Vercia.


The location of Orthus was specified. From there, everything was simple. The party fooled the eyes of the observers and guards and arrived at the door of the room where Orthus was.

The three exchanged glances without speaking.

Opened the door.

Ortus Hyman. He was sitting on the other side of his desk, thinking hard about something. Judging by the way he taps the desk with the pen in one hand, he seems to be writing something.


The door was opened without notice. Orthus narrowed his eyes. He stared blankly at the three people entering through the wide open door. Because I couldn’t understand this sudden situation right away.

Three people came in through the door. I know who it is.

Carmen Ryanhart. Why is she here when she should be on another ship? No, you could think that she came because she had something to do, but… … Why did you come in without even knocking, let alone warn?

The man closing the door… … also know

Eugene Lionhart. Wait, Eugene Ryanhart? He said he was in Kiel, but why is he here with Carmen?

There are only three Lionhearts on board three days ago. Carmen, Ciel and Desiira. There were three other servants, but none of them were male.

and… … who is that woman Purple hair that can hardly be called ordinary. Green eyes smiling brightly. The magic wand in her hand… … Wizard?

Are you wise?

“What the hell… … ?”

I still didn’t quite understand the situation. Eugene Ryanhart and wise Senya, who should be in Kiel, are here. And that Carmen came with them, silently, late at night.

ㅡWait. You came without saying anything? could that be possible This ship, La Vercia, is covered with a magic barrier. If someone touches the barrier, it will be transmitted to Ortus and Mais unconditionally.

‘Why didn’t I notice?’

The barrier has been broken. Even that wasn’t enough, until he came to the door. And I didn’t notice their approach until the door was opened. No matter how much I was focused, it doesn’t make sense that I didn’t notice the approach of people with such a presence.

Orthus sensed a strong sense of danger and jumped up from his seat.


Senya’s magic sealed the room. Eugene and Carmen kicked the ground at the same time. determined in advance. I don’t talk to Ortus. The first thing to do is to subdue Ortus.

“What crazy!”

I never thought I’d attack without saying a word! why? He regretted not wearing the acid and putting the sword away. Orthus was stunned, but immediately prepared himself.

It jumped over the office desk. Now, when they were not in perfect condition, there was no chance of winning against those two head-on. How much more, isn’t there a wise Senya behind him!

I couldn’t figure out why they were attacking. You shouldn’t be taken lightly by those who don’t even know the purpose. If the commotion grows, it will be known outside, and the court wizard Mais and reinforcements will arrive. Orthus decided to aim for it.

Pooh! Orthus, clad in huge mana, rushed at Eugene. It was judged that Eugene was weaker than Carmen.


Eugene smiled broadly when he saw Orthus narrowing the distance.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 358

Carmen Ryanhart. Since Dominic Lionheart, the former head of the House of Lords, is dead, she is the strongest of the Lionheart family. She is well known in the world.

So, Orthus’ choice was rational and right. No matter how strong he is for his age, when he saw the reality, Eugene was younger than Orthus’ son.

Of course—- the ability he saw in the Night March was amazing.

But what if the Duke of Helmud, Gavid Lindman, made up his mind and responded? Could Eugene’s sword be able to put pressure on Gavid? Orthus was negative about that, and such thoughts created a small hesitation in the moment that would flow from now on.

Should I keep my ejaculate in my hands?

Should I suppress it? Or should I kill The hesitation did not last long. this is a raid

I don’t know why. can’t afford it Orthus was not so merciful as he dared to consider the circumstances of the opponent who suddenly attacked him.

The outstretched hand was wrapped in mana. Powerful mana that could crush and crush everything it touched crackled and emitted light.

Eugene noticed Orthus’ hesitation and thought of two things.

‘A cheeky bastard.’

How dare you hesitate against me?


It is unpleasant to be looked down upon. But I thought it was a fair evaluation.

The opponent is Ortus, the Grand Duke of Simuin, nicknamed First. He is a person who is always mentioned when choosing the strongest knight on the continent. A person of that level could be arrogant. And now, Eugene liked that arrogant gaze. Because it is easy to deal with.

Orthus’ hand moves closer. Eugene was in no hurry. The moment his open hand was about to cover his face, Eugene’s movement accelerated.


Lightning and flames painted an afterglow. At a distance that was so close that you couldn’t even see the opponent’s face in your field of vision, Eugene’s figure completely disappeared.

Orthus—- couldn’t follow Eugene’s movements. Disappeared, must be chased. Thoughts optimized for battle flowed like that, Orthus couldn’t move ‘that way’.

Out of sight, but not gone. Eugene passed Orthus from the front and held on tightly to Orthus’ outstretched arm.

I wanted to snap it off and break it, but I didn’t have to. It was because Eugene wasn’t the only one who attacked Ortus.

‘I can’t believe it.’

It’s not just Ortus. Carmen couldn’t follow Eugene’s movements either. Even though I knew in advance, it was too late for my eyes to catch up. I’ve heard that you’ve surpassed 6 and reached 7, but… … I hope it will be like this

‘I have to give up the title of Lionheart’s strongest.’

Oddly enough, I didn’t feel discouraged. Rather, Carmen was happy and proud of Eugene’s achievement as if it were her own. Eugene’s power is because of Lionheart’s power. Carmen loved Lionheart and her own family just as much.

I couldn’t be immersed in satisfaction right away. Although it was a little, a little bit later than Eugene’s movement. Carmen also moved to do what she had to do.

The short-bent fist dug into Ortus’ body. Orthus reflexively twisted his body to avoid it or reduce the impact. However, because his arm on the other side of him was caught, his body did not move like his mind. The only response I could do in such a situation was to inflate the aura shield and wrap my body with the arm on the other side.

The defense was not lacking. Even with this level of defensive posture, most knights couldn’t inflict a single wound on Ortus. However, the opponent is a person who does not fall into the category of ‘most’.


The Aura Shield was pierced. I wrapped my arms around my torso, but to no avail. Carmen’s blow was like a sharp awl, piercing his defenses and shocking Orthus’ gut.

Orthus’ body floated sideways. He swallowed his moans as he clenched his teeth. He immediately tried to explode his mana, but even that didn’t go as intended. Purple flames rose from Eugene’s hand, which he held next to him.

Quarrrrr! Orthus’ arm was covered in flames. Suppresses mana with mana of a different nature. For this to be possible, you need to gain an advantage over your opponent in terms of output.

Orthus twisted to free himself, but he couldn’t shake off the flames. Are you running out of mana you’ve been training for over 50 years? Orthus glared at his Eugene in disbelief.

“This should be enough.”

Carmen came closer, shaking off her fist. She grabs Orthus’s opposite arm, and she causes a white flame ceremony just like Eugene does. The two flames of different colors harmonized and pressed Orthus’ body.

“Crukreuk… … !”

Pressure enough to make breathing difficult. Orthus, who had been holding on desperately, was eventually brought to his knees.

“Exceed only… … Even if you wear… … !”

It’s the first time I’ve experienced such humiliation. Orthus spat out while grinding his teeth.

It wasn’t a lie. If he had been prepared mentally after wearing the acid, she wouldn’t have been treated so lightly.

“Tsk, making an excuse for equipment even though you can’t admit your own shortcomings… … .”

Eugene smirked as if to hear. At those words, Mer inside the cloak had no choice but to cough involuntarily. It was because those words were not something Eugene would say.

Didn’t Eugene always benefit from his equipment in many battles? He even made a long-winded excuse to Morron, who fought without equipment and was defeated horribly, that the outcome would have been different if he had fought with a weapon… … .

Eugene ignored the clicking sound from under the cloak. Orthus managed to turn his head and glared at Eugene.

“how… … What is your purpose… … !”

“I came because I wanted to ask you something.”

“what? What do you want to ask? If that’s the case, why don’t you come and ask normally?! Why did you secretly come and attack me at dawn!”

“Sometimes a threat is needed more than a peaceful conversation.”

It was Senya who answered that. She approached Orthus, tipping her hat behind her.

“Nice to meet you, Sir Ortus. But I know who you are.”

“… … .”

“How are you? Do you know who I am? I think you probably know. Because, when we opened the door and came in. You were shocked when you saw my face, weren’t you?”

Senya smiled and tucked her purple hair behind her shoulders. Orthus hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth.

“wise… … Senya… … .”

“That’s right, I am the wise Senya.”

“how… … what do you want from me? Why did you do this to me… … .”

“I have been asking for the same thing since 300 years ago, Lord Orthus. It is the terrible and painful death of Iris, that Dark Elf.”

The mischievous laugh disappeared. Senya’s mood suddenly changed just by saying the name ‘Iris’. She looked down at Orthus, exhaling an ice-cold life.

This—- is really different. Orthus couldn’t help but feel that way from the bottom of his heart.

It’s not a matter of strong or weak. It’s simply that the level is different. The name that is always mentioned when talking about the continent’s strongest knight is Ortus Haiman, but the one who is pouring out murderous intent in front of him now is a legendary monster recognized by everyone as the ‘continent’s strongest wizard’ from 300 years ago.

“If what you want is the death of the Empress, Iris… … !”

I know the ranks are different. But Orthus’ heart was not broken. Anger at the unjust oppression he was experiencing made Orthus’ voice boil.

“I, moreover, do not know why I was attacked. I am in charge of the commander-in-chief of the punitive force under the command of His Highness the King. And until today, I have led the punitive force without any problems! Why are you guys here in the first place? Senya-sama and Eugene Lionheart, who should be in Lionheart of the distant Kiel Empire, why are they here?”

“Because I didn’t trust you.”

It was Eugene who answered this time. He growled as he gripped Ortus’ wrist.

“Sir Ortus. I am suspicious of you.”

“doubt? Doubt? That’s embarrassing. Eugene Lionhart. Were we close enough to develop doubts about each other?”

“Isn’t it possible to do it only when you are close to doubt?”

“What the hell are you suspicious of!”

“Sir Ortus. Aren’t you colluding with Iris?”

Orthus’s eyes widened at the open question.

“A collusion? Collusion! Are you asking me if I colluded with the empress!”

“Why are you arguing? That’s why it’s even more suspicious.”

“Say… … carefully… … ! No matter how much you are a descendant of Lionheart, and even if you are a warrior! You cannot insult my chivalry!”

“I am not insulting, I am asking questions. Sir Ortus. According to my private investigation, the guild run by your relative made a big profit thanks to Iris?”

I didn’t say that the source of the information was Ibig. Ivik is wary of Orthus trying to get behind him. Here, if she said Ivik’s name, Orthus might really have an intent to kill Ivik.

“Don’t lie. It is very easy to determine the truth here and now. isn’t it? Sir Senya.”

“Yeah, it is. I’m a wise old man, so I don’t need to use magic to tell the truth from lies. But if you use magic, you can perfectly tell the truth from lies.”

“That’s right, Sir Ortus. Besides, there are many ways to use magic other than magic. I know how to torture a little… … .”

“torture? Are you going to torture me?”

“If Lord Orthus tells the truth, he will not torture you. If I had to do it, it would be better for Sir Ortus if Carmen-sama did it than me.”

Orthus twitched his lips knowing what those words meant.

The Black Lion is also Lionheart’s interrogator. If she had to, Carmen would torture Orthus to get the answer she wanted without changing her expression.

“really… … I feel sorry for you… … ! yes, like you said! I have benefited from using Iris. But I didn’t collude with Iris! That said, I wasn’t the only one using that damn pirate bitch to fill my stomach. Immediately, the royal family took bribes from Iris, and most of the high-ranking nobles also took bribes!”

“Are you still talking about not insulting chivalry?”

“They took the money that the royal family condoned! I just used Iris!”

“Anyway, it’s true that I made a deal with Iris, isn’t it? That’s why I suspect you.”

“different! The reason I made a deal with Iris was because at that time, Iris was a being able to control the kingdom! But not now! Iris went out of control and drew a sword at the kingdom!”

Orthus raised a blood clot in his throat and yelled out loud.

“I am a knight of the servants, and the lord I serve is the King’s Highness! My lord ordered the death of Iris. He gave me command of the punitive force! That’s it! That’s the only story!”

“Do not pretend to be a loyal knight, Lord Orthus.”

Carmen, who had been listening silently, opened her mouth. Dduduk! Her fingers dug into Orthus’ arm.

“You just justified yourself by saying that the royal family also took bribes from Iris. You used the lord that you served and swore allegiance as a light excuse.”

“Carmen Lionheart… … !”

“I considered you a good knight, but you… … Not as good an article as I thought. Rather, he is a great man who is close to a small man.”

Carmen clicked her tongue and shook her head.

small fry? Soinbae? Orthus’ body trembled. He glared at Carmen with bloodshot eyes, and then slammed his head on the floor.

“I… … misrepresentation… … You did.”

Orthus took a deep breath and raised his head. Because he didn’t consciously defend himself, blood flowed from his torn forehead.

“This situation is so unfair that I don’t even know… … I did something embarrassing to escape the situation.”

“Even that excuse sounds like a way to escape the current situation to me.”

Saying that, Carmen let go of Ortus’ arm. Orthus glared at Carmen without saying a word, then let out a long sigh.

“I… … It is true that Iris took the money. But other than that, I haven’t done any other business. I, the orders I received from Your Highness… … I am leading the punitive force with my own will. There is only one thing I wish for, the success of the subjugation.”

Eugene stared at Ortus with thinly opened eyes. It’s not like he’s lying, but he couldn’t believe it blindly.

The problem was that Orthus no longer had any suspicions. All I heard from Ivik was that Orthus had made a fortune through Iris.

What should I do to make a leap in that thin link so that I can see through Orthus’s intentions?


Do I really need to?

“I don’t believe you.”

Wrong. It’s not that I don’t believe it. is not to believe I thought so before coming here.

Eugene did not need to trust Orthus.

“Sir Ortus. If you really, purely wish for success in subjugation. If you want Iris to die.”

In order to easily deal with the numerous pirates commanded by Iris, the strength of the subjugation force is required. Eugene glanced at Senya.

“Please accept this dagger.”

A magic dagger appeared on Senya’s hand. A magical dagger that was inserted into Balzac’s chest in the Great Forest of Samar. If it was made with ‘magic’, of course Senya could make it too.

“dagger… … ?”

“It’s nothing.”

Senya laughed and swung her dagger.

“This dagger has two rules. However, you cannot tell anyone about us until we give you permission. Two, you never cooperate with Iris.”

“that… … Is it only?”

“Right, that’s all. Simple, right? If you really want to kill Iris, I don’t see any reason to refuse this dagger.”

“… … .”

“I will give you a warning. What if I accepted this dagger and broke the rules? You are our existence to someone… … For example. What if you tell Iris? Hmm, if you do that, you will break even the rule of ‘don’t cooperate with Iris’.”

“I don’t do that… … !”

“I was just giving an example. Anyway, if you break the rules… … This dagger will rip your heart out.”

rips the heart apart At that bloody story, Orthus swallowed a gulp.

“There is nothing to worry about. Ortus Hyman. If you’re sincere and proud, your heart won’t be ripped out. Rather, your worries, fears, and hesitations make me think of many things.”

Senya’s head tilted slowly.

“Sir Ortus, are you, are you, cooperating with Iris? Is that why you’re afraid to take the dagger? If so, I will kill you right here and now. I won’t give you a light death that rips out your heart. Because I hate Iris, and I hate everyone who cooperates with her. Ortus Hyman. Do you know why I hate that dark elf?”

“… … .”

“That Dark Elf killed my family. He killed a bunch of elves dear to me. Ortus, if you are cooperating with Iris. Before I kill you, I’ll kill all your precious people first. I will kill you after I have killed everything that is dear to you.”

this is blackmail It’s absurd nonsense. He came to me with only a heart attack and ordered me to stick a dagger into his heart.

But now, everything Senya was spouting was the truth. If Orthus was really proud. If the suspicion is just a suspicion. There is no reason to refuse the dagger.

Not speaking out about Eugene and Senya? Not cooperating with Iris? It’s just a dagger with rules.

If Ortus leads the subjugation party as ordered. If he wished for Iris’ death according to the will he had spit out. It is unlikely that the dagger will rip Orthus’ heart apart.

“All right… … .”

Orthus said while gritting his teeth.

fear. Ortus couldn’t help but feel the fear of Senya. The legendary archmage’s hatred and intent to kill made Orthus’ skin goose bumps.

“good job.”

Senya smiled broadly and stretched out her hand.

This magical dagger has a power close to that of a curse. If it can be driven into the chest, the moment the conditions are met, the opponent’s heart can be ripped out. If you create two from the beginning and synchronize them, you can rip your opponent’s heart out at any time you want, even if you don’t have to meet the conditions.

As powerful as it is, you need the opponent’s “permission” to drive it into your heart. This dagger cannot be placed in the heart unless the opponent permits it. Even with the added threat, Orthus allowed the dagger to be inserted.

Orthus watched with a contorted face as the dagger plunged into his heart.

“Is it done now?”

Orthus asked in a sarcastic tone. Instead of answering, Eugene let go of Orthus’ arm. Orthus, freed from the suppression, sighed as he sat upright.

“The dagger didn’t break my heart. Doesn’t that prove my innocence?”


“Then the dagger… … .”

“I will pull it out after killing Iris. It is also important not to speak out about us.”

Senya smiled and continued talking.

“We have no intention of going to the front. If Iris notices us, she might run away or hide.”

“You are careful.”

still a sarcastic tone. The smile faded slightly from Senya’s face.

“Kuhm… … I understand Senya-sama’s will.”

Orthus couldn’t be more sarcastic.

La Vercia

The purpose of the visit did not end with the dagger embedded in it. Orthus had long wanted to get rid of those rude and threatening visitors, but he only thought about it and didn’t say it.

Orthus started tidying up the room without a word. During the brief engagement, he set aside debris from the floor he had been dug deep in, and also raised a desk that had been knocked over. It was a blatant expression of displeasure.

“We are here to help.”

“No, it’s fine. Eugene. Because you are a ‘guest’. Just sit still.”

Eugene sneaked closer, but Orthus waved his hand and said, His voice was calm with suppressed emotions, but the eyes that moved together seemed to have sunk dullly, as if his emotions hadn’t been resolved yet.

‘Well, of course.’

He recklessly came to me, hit me several times, threw me to the ground to overwhelm me, and even thrust a magic dagger into my heart. It’s been just a while since you’ve been treated like that, but in the meantime, did you feel all right? If such a person really existed, Anise and Cristina would have to give him the nickname of a saint.

“By the way, Sir Ortus.”

Carmen, who was standing with her arms crossed, opened her mouth. She continued as she glanced at the papers scattered in the corner of her room.

“When we came in. You were writing something with great concentration… … What were you writing down?”


“That piece of paper over there.”

It wasn’t a thoughtless question. It was true that Orthus was writing something on a piece of paper when he opened the door and entered. And when Orthus checked everyone’s faces. He reflexively covered the paper with his hand, trying to cover the contents.

Could it be that he wrote a letter to Iris? Now that the magic dagger is embedded, there is no need for such doubts, but Carmen didn’t want to leave even the slightest suspicion behind.

“It has nothing to do with Iris. Is it not necessary to say it with my own mouth?”

“Well, if there was a relationship, your heart would break. But I want to confirm the contents.”

“Damn it!”

Orthus screamed with a red face.

“Wake up! I mean the weather! Damn this! Do I even have to ask you to confirm that I write in my diary in my room?!”

“no… … Don’t get excited, Lord Ortus. I’m just wondering if there’s something wrong with you… … .”

“corruption! Corruption?! Look, Carmen Lionheart! I, I respect you as a warrior, but I do not belong to Lionheart! You have no right to censor me!”

Orthus shouted heartily, but Carmen still looked suspicious. Orthus sighed in frustration and picked up the paper in the corner of the room. Then he unfolded the contents as if showing off.

“Did you think I was writing down a ledger related to corruption? Or did you think that the power of the punitive force would be leaked to the enemy? What the hell, what the hell do you think of me!”

It was just embarrassing. What was written on the paper was really a diary.

It wasn’t anything embarrassing to say to anyone. Just what the weather was like today and what you did during the day. And the tension and aspirations felt ahead of the battle with Iris, a dark elf who has lived for hundreds of years with the grandiose nickname of Pirate Empress and Princess Rakshasa, were written.

Wouldn’t it be better if it’s something like Carmen that contains a bizarre mind that can’t be shown to anyone… … .

That ordinary content made Orthus even more ashamed. Others who came across Orthus’ diary felt similarly embarrassed.

“I… … You made a big mistake. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.”

Carmen apologized with a troubled expression on her face, and Orthus spat out while gnashing his teeth. He crumpled the paper he had unfolded and shoved it into his arms.

“Looks like you’re here now.”

Orthus spat out as he glared at the closed door. Mais Brior, the chief court magician of the simuin and the core magician of the subjugation party. He had been called and arrived at the door.


Naturally, Mais didn’t open the door abruptly and knocked first. Orthus glanced openly at Eugene and said,

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