Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 117

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Christina walked out of the cabin with the door open. She took a few deep breaths as she straightened her staggering body.

Magical power and divine power are opposite to each other. Even high-ranking clerics are bound to suffer psychological blows from such intense magic.

Christina is a saint. Even Anis, the greatest saint in history, dwells in her. Inside Christina, Anis recited her prayers. Christina held her rosary as if praying and held it in front of her chest.


A hymn resounded in the swelling light. Angels appeared and blew their trumpets. Wings spread wide behind Christina’s back. The angels descended with divine magic had a pair of wings, but Christina at the center spread eight wings.

Christina and the angels flew into the sky. The light spread widely along with the chant. The noise of the insects that people heard hit the chant, and the light stayed by the people who listened to the chant.

Our eyes met. Eugene saw Anise behind Christina. He lowered his holy sword without hesitation. The light merged with the light, and the pillar of light soared.

A hole pierced the black sky. The pillar of light pierced the darkness, then became a cloud and rained down. The light poured down as rain. Wandering bugs perished in the rain. Even those who were suffering found salvation in the light.

Senya didn’t stand still either. The moment I stretched out Frost, the Eternal Hall opened. The fog that came from the distant sea did not end with dyeing the sky black. Fog is rolling towards this place like waves.

I wanted to see the source of the fog, but I couldn’t. Senya gnashed her teeth and swung Frost.

Fuhuaak! It surged upward like an overturned sea, and became a wall against the mist.

But the fog did not stop. It is impossible even for Senya to build a wall by pumping up the entire sea. It was a wall as long and as tall as any castle wall, but the mist that was creeping in was trying to attack the fleet by jumping over the wall or bypassing it.

Senya didn’t even think of blocking it with only the wall of the sea. His purpose was to buy some time.

A huge amount of mana, unbelievably human, enveloped the fleet. Frost’s dragon heart and Senya’s own magical skills ignored even the injury of the Eternal Hall.

A magical barrier enveloped the fleet. The prayers of Christina and Anis resonated. Angelic chants and trumpet sounds resounded loudly. The fluttering light turned into feathers and drifted within the barrier. The light raised by Eugene through the holy sword and the prayers of the saints protected the magic barrier with divine power.

Quarrrrr! The sea that had become a wall poured down again. The fog that had been bypassing and detouring came again from the front. The barrier that collided with the fog swayed loudly. The transmitted vibration shook the sea and the fleet. But the barrier was not broken.

‘I can’t purify it.’

Eugene stared at the fog and looked at the sea.

The corpses of sea creatures were purified. All the bugs that shook the mind, sucked blood, and gnawed flesh were also destroyed. However, the sea was still dark red like dead blood, and the sky pierced by the pillar of light was also dark. What that meant was clear.

This sea and sky became the territory of the demon king. This is where the magic begins.

Who the hell made this sea and sky into a demonic realm?


300 years ago. He remembered the battle with the demons who served the mad king. Insects that plagued many people on the battlefield fighting the frenzied army.

Among the children of madness was the Vampire Lord sign. That worm was born with the authority of the demon king, but it was Sain who freely used the worm on the battlefield. Sain and his subordinate vampires grew in strength by sucking blood and gnawing flesh through bugs.

—-Iris doesn’t have the skill of beating insects. So Eugene couldn’t help but feel various questions. How did the Dark Elves, who had no talent other than the Mystic Eye, obtain the power that their late father had?

dark red sea. black sky.

To put it to the extreme, Iris doesn’t have that much magical power. With the capabilities of Iris that Eugene had seen, none of the things that happened in this sea could be done. What kind of trick did Iris do to obtain power that was not even worthy of the fountain?

There was only one thing I could think of.

Iris became the Demon King.


I could taste the blood from my clenched teeth.

Iris, that stupid Dark Elf became the Demon King? The idiot who was defeated in a fief war against Noir Jebella, lost his fief, and fled from Hel Mood? Even the kidnapping failed, and he crept to the southern seas, and the bitch who had been piracy for several years became a demon king?


Senya, Cristina, and Anis felt the same way. I know that Iris has been desperately wanting to become a demon king for hundreds of years.

But this much was certain. Iris seemed to have worked hard for 300 years, saying that she would bring the mad king back, but it was useless. Even if he cried out for the frenzied demon king while increasing the number of dark elves one by one, there was no way the demon king would return.

How to become a Demon King? I don’t know. However, Eugene has stopped a non-demon king from trying to become the demon king twice so far.

Iod Lionhart. The reason why he almost became the demon king is because the spirit of darkness—-the remnants of the demon king dwelled in him.

That was possible because the demon king’s weapons were present in the lion heart, and the demon king’s remnants dwelling in them were interested in the lion heart’s ‘blood’.

That alone wasn’t enough. There were things that the demon king could be interested in in Lionheart’s blood, but in order for Iod to become the demon king, he needed various sacrifices other than his own blood.

Iod was an asshole. He didn’t even know the subject and made Cian and Ciel his sacrifice. He also wanted Eugene as a sacrifice. So he failed.

Edmond Codlet. He fixed the ritual that Iod had failed in his own way. Unlike Iod, who sacrificed Lionheart’s handful, Edmond chose the lives of over tens of thousands, the World Tree of Samar, and the magical power of Lyzakia as sacrifices.

If Senya hadn’t been sealed in the great grove. If Eugene had never been to Daesoorim. Unless he had a bond with Ivatar of the Zoran tribe. Edmond could have secretly performed the ceremony as he had hoped and become the demon king quietly.

‘There are thousands of pirates in Iris.’

The number is smaller than the sacrifice Edmond intended to offer. The lesser it is, the more valuable it is as a sacrifice. There is no magic power that can be drawn from the outside.

‘On the land… … Is there anything special?’

Solgarta waters are a special place. Perhaps somewhere in this sea area there might be a holy place of Agaroth.

But what does that have to do with Iris becoming the demon king? What trick did a dark elf, who was not even a wizard in the first place, and whose only talent was to blink his eyes, become a demon king?

woo woo woo… … .

The angelic chants were swallowed up by other sounds. Cries were heard from the rolling fog outside the barrier.

Cristina groaned softly and hugged her arms. She thought that if it hadn’t been for Anise, she might have been eroded by that terrible magical power.

“I was thinking of swallowing them all.”

A voice came along with the wailing. The fog shook and the sea raged. Darkness swirled in the sky.

“Did you stop it? How dare you, insignificant human beings, block my will?”

A chuckle was heard. The fog, which had grown blacker and darker, could no longer be distinguished from the color of the sky. It was as if a black wall had been erected in front of it.

Two solid lines were drawn horizontally in the middle of the wall. The solid line opened slowly. A pair of red moons emerged from the two gaps.


Iris. She stood in the abyss of the deep sea, far away. Every time she laughed, her pupils that appeared in front of her subjugation team drew a curve and fluttered.

“You are not an insignificant human being.”

How long ago is that? How long has it been since then? Iris did not dare to fathom that distant time.

This is a ruin where time has stopped since the destruction. A world that has been imprisoned so that it will never be opened again. Iris, wearing black magic power over her body wasn’t enough, she raised both of her arms and hugged her by the shoulders.

“It’s been a while, Senya Merdein. Even after 300 years, it still looks the same.”

Iris was here, but her eyes saw the distant sea.

Enemies who dare, without knowing the subject, came to kill me. insignificant beings. Those who dared, dared to trample and defile my father’s estate with their filthy feet and beings.

guys who deserve to be killed.

“Is not constant being a curse to you? Senya Merdane. Except for you, all of your colleagues are dead. Most of the elves you thought of as family must have died from horse disease, and even if they are still alive, they will be waiting for the day they die.”

Iris looked at Senya with a chuckle. 300 years ago, Iris feared Senya. That mad wizard who was human but thought of himself as an elf, apart from his crazy brain, was a disaster in terms of his magic skills.

But now I didn’t feel afraid at all.

“You are a specter who can’t be killed, Senya Merdein. I know why you’re here Do you want to take revenge on me? do you want to kill me? But that’s impossible. I, I… … Now I’ve become a being that can’t die to the likes of you.”



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Iris sincerely laughed at Senya.

In these ruins, Iris saw many things. realized a lot As she had intuition, it was fate that Iris came here.

That fate was a promise made long ago, from the age of myth, when the gods existed.

Mad King. His father had made a pact with the demon king of confinement that had closed the ruins since long ago.

-Someday, my children will come to this sea.

Alas, father. Iris shuddered at the memory imprinted in her head. And then she laughed at everyone.

“Senya Merdein. i will kill you here I mean, I’m going to put an end to your lingering feelings.”

Senya didn’t answer and glared at Iris.

Words not worth talking about. What Senya wanted to do with Iris wasn’t talking. She tried to locate Iris through her magic, but she was unable to locate Iris no matter how many times she tried.

“And you—Christina Rogeris, are you a saint of our time? Haha, it’s not enough, it’s not enough. What do you mean you’re a saint? Do you think a light or something can stop me?”

Iris burst into laughter at Christina. That dazzling light gave Iris no pain in her eyes.

The saintess of 300 years ago, Anise of Hell was a feared being. However, the reason why her anise made her feel afraid was that her anise had outstanding colleagues by her side.

Moron of fear and Hamel of annihilation. and.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The hero, Vermouth of Despair. Vermouth Lionheart.

“You have a holy sword in your hand. that would be natural Because you are the hero of this era.”

Iris started walking slowly. Every time she walked, the overflowing darkness, her mana began to spread.

“But it is not enough. you are not vermouth That kind of you, like you… … could you kill me?”

“You talk good.”

Eugene twitched his lips and said.

Iris’s face was not visible. However, it was annoying to hear those big red eyes widening here and there and the voice spitting out laughter.

“Looks like you’re excited about getting a power that doesn’t fit your proportions, right?”

“Ahahaha! A power that doesn’t fit the fountain? wrong, wrong This power was promised to me from the beginning. This is the legacy my father left behind!”

Iris burst into laughter. She looked up at the sky.

punctured hole. It is a hole that goes out into the deep sea. Iris slowly emerged along with the darkness.

“I… … This Iris is the madness of the current era. I am the demon king of madness.”

A legacy passed on as a promise. I found out everything. I felt like I was going crazy with hate and sadness. He even had that madness.

“You cannot escape from this sea.”

Iris laughed.


Eugene also laughed.

Iris’s eyes closed in a giggle.

the demon scene

The eyes that appeared in the sky closed and disappeared, but the darkness and fog did not dissipate.

that the eyes are closed. Iris’ gaze disappeared.

However, Eugene did not take his eyes off him and glared at the distant darkness.

It’s not just the darkness ahead. Beyond the barrier, even the rear of the fleet is covered in darkness. A veil of darkness covering the sea and sky. It seemed to divide the world.

As Iris became the demon king, this place became a demonic realm. It means that all the seas and skies covered with darkness are the Devil’s Land.

-You cannot escape from this sea.

The sneer that Iris let out before disappearing. That’s what the demon king sentenced.

It will take a lot of effort to escape from this demonic world, and it will be impossible to escape ‘safely’.


Eugene murmured once more. His lips were still twisting into a smile.

Running away is nonsense. Running away here is rather a handshake.

I don’t know what happened, but Iris became the demon king. I don’t know what the talk about his father’s legacy and all that means. I’m curious, but looking into it now, I can’t come up with a clear answer. To know the answer, you’ll have to ask Iris just before killing her.

The important thing is that Iris became the Demon Lord. Maybe just before.

Could it have been stopped if I had been quicker? Eugene had no such regrets. He was wary of being vigilant, but he was late even though he was in as much haste as possible. Even so, it was rather inevitable that Iris became the demon king if it was too late.

‘No, it’s not too late. Rather fast.’

According to the original schedule, it would have taken several days for Iris to arrive at the Solgarta Sea area after becoming the demon king. This could be considered lucky. If Iris had arrived a few days after becoming the demon lord—- that new demon lord would have been as strong as a few days.

Even at this moment, Iris is becoming stronger as a demon lord. So running away is bound to be a handshake.

Let’s run away, prepare our posture, replenish our power, and sail again for more than 15 days to come to this sea? nonsense. Eugene had no intention of giving Iris any more time.


The new Mad King is. This is when you are at your weakest. I must kill him this time.

Eugene was not the only one who thought so. Senya and Anise. The two are well aware of how strong, tenacious, and vicious the demon king is.

Right now, Iris doesn’t have many followers.

This demonic land, the sea that became the domain of the demon king. Pirates and Dark Elves were insignificant if Iris were to raise an army. The power of the demon lord might make them even stronger—but yet, there aren’t many of them.

But given time, it will get out of hand. The demon king uses fear as his power.

Iris, who became the new mad king. If that fact spreads across the continent. If the fear of the mad king grows throughout the continent. If, by any chance, the demon king of confinement in Helmud recognized and accepted Iris.

If that happens, you will regret today until the day you die.

* * *

Eugene, Senya, and Anis had no intention of running away, but even the other members of the punitive force did not make up their minds.

“If you want to stay, stay.”

The ship’s captains and the main force of the subjugation party. Eugene spat out in front of dozens of them.

“Because you guys came to fight pirates and rogues, not the demon lord. If you’re not prepared to go broke, it’s easier for me to stay here, to be honest. Running away won’t be easy.”

What he spit out bitterly is a young man who is only 21 years old, and will turn 22 in three days. However, none of the people gathered could hastily express their opinion to the young man who was about the age of his son.

Because you’re a warrior? Because he is a descendant of the great Vermouth? It wasn’t for that reason. Murderous intent emanating from Eugene. The target of that murderous intent was the demon king who was not here, but everyone in front of Yujin was overwhelmed by that murderous intent.

“escape… … This is no.”

There weren’t many people who could endure Eugene’s killing spree and open their mouths.

Ortus Hyman. He hid the cold sweat in his palms with his fists. A trivial thought became a stumbling block in my head. Ortus is much older than Eugene. He used to call Eugene by name without much thought, but now… … Dare to say, it didn’t seem like that.

“Gong Eugene. Like you said, Iris has become a demon lord. We came to fight the Dark Elves and pirates, not the demon lord.”

“so? I told you, you can stay if you want to. I have no intention of forcibly dragging people who do not want to fight.”

“Gong Eugene. We were not properly prepared. So, for now, it is better to retreat together and prepare to fight the demon lord… … .”


It was a word that was never heard. Yujin laughed and shook her head. It wasn’t just Eugene who showed such a reaction.


Senya, who was sitting on top of the magic circle in the back, let out a short laugh. It was a big, cold laugh that everyone could hear.

“Are we the only ones preparing? Sir Ortus, by stepping back, we are giving time to Iris and the Demon King. And I think, if we back off, we probably won’t be ready to ‘fight’ the Demon King?”

Orthus understood what that meant. Unfortunately, in this era, the Demon King was not unconditionally evil. This means that it is not an enemy that must be defeated.

If you retreat from this sea, return to the simuin, and report the facts about the Demon King to the palace… … Will the King of Simuin mobilize his entire army to subdue the new Demon King? if, really if. When the king made such a decision. When the meaning is announced to other countries on the continent, how many countries will lend their strength?

Several assumptions come to mind. Orthus could only think negatively about everything. Right now, the king wasn’t a person with enough courage and conviction to make such a decision.

Not only the servants. Most countries on the continent—- rather than defining and subjugating the new demon lord as an enemy, they would try to talk or negotiate first.

“Sir Ortus. I mean, I have no intention of being swayed by the speculations of monarchs who sit on high. I don’t want to waste time on the demon king with such useless things.”

Yujin spat out ferociously and looked at everyone.

“As a warrior, I know more about the demon lord than you do. If we go back to the continent and inform them that Iris has become the Demon Lord. Everyone on the continent will know the birth of a new demon king. And a lot of people will be afraid.”

The demon king uses reverence as his strength. Just as worship and faith make a god a god, reverence for the demon king makes a demon king. That is the absolute difference between the demon king and the demon tribe.

“Demon King of Madness, Iris. The more people fear that name, the higher Iris is. The already strong power will become more, more, and uncontrollably stronger.”

Fear is a sweet and sweet offering to the devil. Eugene knew that all too well.

“But the current Iris has only recently become the Demon Lord. Knowing that that bitch became the Demon King, the subordinate pirates and Dark Elves… … And only us. Do you know what this means? Iris, the demon lord of madness is the weakest right now.”

“I agree with what Eugene said.”

Ivik, who had been listening silently, opened his mouth.

In fact, Ivik had a fundamental question. Eugene Ryanhart, Senya Merdane, and Christina Rogeris. Where did those three people who didn’t get on the boat come from? Where did the three servants from Lionheart go?

‘If you ask… … Die.’

Ivik sensed that fact.

Maybe later, when everything worked out. If you ask such suspicion here and now, your throat will fly. Eugene’s life reminded Ivik, who spent most of his life on the battlefield, of death more intense than ever.

“Even if you want to run away in the first place, it will be difficult to run away. Empress… … No, did the demon king say that? You won’t be able to run away from this sea.”

“ah… … If it’s the light from before… … .”

The one who stuttered and opened his mouth was Prince Jafer, who was third in the succession of the officials. The prince’s face was drenched with sweat, and even tears welled up in his eyes.

It had to be. The reason Prince Jafer came to this punitive force was because his opponent was a pirate.

A dark elf who was called Princess Rakshak for hundreds of years. I honestly found it funny. Regardless of whether they made a name for themselves hundreds of years ago, in this era they are running away after being defeated and piracy.

Under his command were less than a hundred Dark Elves and thousands of pirates. Even simply comparing the number of heads, the number of his subjugation party is larger, and there are even outstanding strongmen such as Orthus, Ayvik, and Carmen on this side.

It would not be an easy battle, but there was no way the subjugation team would lose. Rather, it was worth participating because it was not easy.

Courage to participate. honor to win. Jafer had no intention of fighting directly. He would be able to obtain the honor he desired just by being safe in the rear.

By the way, but… … Are you a demon? Jafer felt like he was about to go mad. Even people born in this era know how absurd and terrible the existence of the demon king is.

“Eugene… … Eugene Lionhart. If it’s the light you radiated and the divine power of Saint Christina… … That, and the wise Senya-sama’s magic. Couldn’t you open the escape route by splitting the curtain behind you?”

“이 개새끼는 말을 똥구멍으로 쳐들었나?”

Eugene wrinkled his face and glared at Zafer.

pup? anus? Jafer did not immediately understand what was being said in his ears. When did the third-ranked prince ever hear such a double curse?

“I have no intention of running away? is it just me Neither Senya-sama nor Saint Christina have any intention of running away.”

“no… … that… … It’s not that we run away together, we run… … Uhm, it’s not about running away, it’s about opening a way to retreat… … .”

“okay? You want to open a way to escape? 이 개새끼야, 그게 말처럼 쉬운 줄 아냐? Do you think it’s easy to open a road big enough for dozens of fleets to get out safely?”

When Eugene glared at Zafer, he spat out.

It’s not something you would do to a country’s prince. The gaze is also disrespectful. But Jafer couldn’t point it out. Afraid of those golden eyes, Jafer rather turned his gaze to the side.

“Why do we have to use our strength for such a thing? Listen, I’m not going to clear the way for you to escape. Do you see what I mean? If you want to run away, run away on your own. If you don’t have the confidence to run away, and if you’re afraid to go fight the demon king, why don’t you just stay here quietly?”

Still, since he’s a prince, I expected that there would be a pulpit like Arot’s Honein… … Jafer was not worth seeing. but. It’s ridiculous to say that Zaffer here shows his princely dignity, and let’s all fight against the maddened demon lord.

the devil is strong It’s awful. Be persistent. In some ways, they are similar to cockroaches. It gives goosebumps all over your body just by looking at it. If you flap your wings and come close, you will scream. Even if you try to kill him, he won’t die. If you leave it alone, it will call out to its members like cockroaches hatching eggs.

They are similar to cockroaches, but not identical. the devil is strong You must resolve yourself to fight against such an existence.

It was the same 300 years ago. The people who fought until the very end in the Devil’s Nest were all people who made up their minds to die in the Devil’s Nest.

That’s why Eugene had no intention of saying let’s go fight together.

“Perhaps it would be easier to preserve your life by remaining calm here than running away. Iris will be more interested in me, Christina, and Senya-sama than you.”

If you move forward, Iris will also prepare for a grand reception. Maybe Iris will use a different trick to attack the remnants… … Eugene had no intention of caring about that.

“I have no intention of running away, and I have no intention of staying either… … . Then can we go together?”

Ivik smiled and asked.

“The opponent suddenly changed into a demon king, but what… … This side has a hero and a saint. There is also a legendary wizard who defeated three demon lords.”

“As long as you don’t have any regrets when you die.”

“regret? ha ha ha! I might change my mind when I die, but I don’t think I’ll regret it now. Isn’t subjugating the demon king dozens or hundreds of times more valuable than subjugating the pirate empress?”

Ivik laughed out loud and turned his head.

“I don’t know if all of my men think like me, but for mercenaries, career is important. I am undeservedly called the mercenary king… … Hehe, I can write a line about my career worthy of my name.”

After Aivik said that, the people who had been silent noticed each other. They were torn between reason and fear.

The red eyes of the demon king I saw earlier. Dead sea creatures. The sound of flying insects that shook my mind. The creeping ominousness that came with the darkness… … It was a fear that could neither be forgotten nor resisted. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to run away.

But even in the darkness there was light. The hero raised the light, and the saintess spread the light. In it, the angels chanted, and the great wizard overturned the sea.

Even if the opponent is the demon king… … .

If I go with those 3 people, I wonder if I can win. Little by little I felt that way.

“I am going too.”

Carmen, who was leaning on the railing, opened her mouth. She continued, glaring at the sea, dark red and gooey like her dead blood.

“If you have become a demon king, you have to go even more. Because I am Ryan Hart.”

Contrary to the glaring gaze, Carmen’s voice was calm. But at the bottom of her chest, emotions were seething.

When Iris’ magic power attacked. She felt that Carmen was—afraid. Fear outweighed hostility. His body trembled, and his head was dizzy.

Carmen couldn’t stand the humiliation she felt then.

No matter how unprepared the heart is, the descendants of Lionheart… … He, a descendant of the great Vermouth. To be frightened in front of the Demon King. He thought he had to go forward to avenge him.

“oh… … Sir Ortus.”

After Ivik and Carmen said that, the atmosphere was already gone. Jafer looked at Orthus, stunned at the changed atmosphere.

“Gyeok, you don’t want to go, do you? Kyung is the body that leads the kingdom army, so he shouldn’t make decisions carelessly.”

“… … .”

Orthus said nothing and closed his eyes.

Prince Jafer was right. The fighters who are listed in the mercenary corps or higher ranks are, after all, private soldiers. However, Ortus is the grand duke of the kingdom, and the troops he leads are the national army bestowed by the king. Orthus was also in a position to protect Prince Jafer.

But, but is that really right? Orthus seriously thought about it.

He said he was going to fight the demon king, but he himself, who is here to act on behalf of the king’s will… … Is it really right to decide to stay?

This is not a question of chivalry. What if they succeed in subjugating the demon lord? What if Orthus can’t join the feat?

First of all, the prestige of the officials will plummet, and Ortus will be held accountable and thrown into the pit.

then… … Wouldn’t it be better to go together? There may be great damage to the armed forces, but if we succeed in subjugating the demon king… … Would not such damage be a glorious sacrifice?

“I will go.”

It was an unexpected voice that pushed Orthus back.

Scalia Animus. When she came out past Jafer, she shouted that out of the blue.


Jafer roared in horror.

Usually, Scalia had never disobeyed her brother Jafer. But now, Scalia’s ears did not hear Jafer’s shouts.

bloody smell.

The smell of blood rising from the sea made Scalia’s heart flutter. The soon-to-be battle bewitched her Scalia. she cried in anticipation of her frenzy.

“Princess Bon has come here on behalf of the royal family of Simuin! The fact that the princess does not go means that the royal family submits to the demon king. So, Princess Bourne will bravely step forward and face the demon king!”

What the hell is this crazy bitch talking about? Jafer’s eyes flipped over.

You said you came to represent the royal family? It’s not wrong, but she wasn’t qualified to make that choice for Scalia. Here, the one who could represent the will of the royal family had to be Jafer himself.

“Everyone, shut up! shut up! Scalia! like you… … .”


Orthus didn’t listen to Jaffer’s words either. Although Zafer immediately rebelled, it was clear that Zafer himself would be satisfied once the subjugation was successful.

‘As long as I don’t die.’

Here, it is better to pursue honor following Princess Scalia. Orthus nodded his head as he finished his weighing.

“Let’s fight the demon king together.”

“What about together?”

Yujin, who had been listening quietly, snorted. He guessed why Orthus made such a decision.

“Let’s fight on our own.”

“what… … ?”

“You know how to fight. We will go together, but let’s take our own lives.”

After saying that, Eugene thought for a while, then shook the holy sword he was holding.

“The God of Light says, don’t even trust yourself in the fight against the mad king.”

He even sold the name of a god after a long time.

the demon scene

Mad King.

It created a frenzy just like its name. The Demon King himself was obsessed with family games where not a single drop of blood was involved, and even sacrificed his life for his children until the very end—-but if you look at it a little differently, it might be because even such actions have gone crazy.

“Have you not been through this before? The magical power of Iris, the frenzied demon lord. How mind-boggling it is.”

swarming darkness. corpse stench. The buzzing sound of insects. The fishy smell still rises from the sea that has turned into blood.

“Frenzy of magic drives people crazy. In severe cases, they can’t distinguish between friends and family, so they can stab allies in the back or cut their necks.”

Ivy’s eyebrows twitched slightly at those words. Ivik glanced at Orthus, and at that moment, Orthus also looked at Ivik. Suddenly, their eyes met, and the two glared at each other and turned their heads.

“what… … Resistance is possible if you know in advance and hold on tight. Fortunately, we have a saint this time.”

Yujin said that and turned her head. On the other side, he saw Christina conversing with a group of people.

Not many wizards were mobilized to subdue Iris. Mais Brior, the Court Magician of the 8th Circle. There are about 20 battle mages belonging to the Slad Mercenary Corps.

But there were quite a few priests.

It is not only the holy empire, Yuras, that serves the god of light. The god of light is the god with the most followers on the continent, and the faith of light is spread among the people. The Cathedral of Light built in Simuin dispatched priests and paladins to this subjugation.

It is the god of knights and honor that is as well known as the god of light among the officials.

Ranked 3rd in the fighter rankings, ‘Paladin’ Adol. Adol, who claims to be a knight and a warrior of the god of honor, was also listening to Christina’s story. Adol was surrounded by dozens of knights and priests serving the god of honor.

It didn’t matter in the current situation that the gods they worshiped were different. Normally, they were reluctant to call each other pagans, but since the enemy to be subdued was the real demon king, even if they were pagans, they had to hold hands.

The light Christina created earlier. A great divine power that is unbelievable for a human being. Eight wings spread wide and the angels who descended. Even the pagan priests had no choice but to acknowledge that holy figure.

That’s about it, but how can the followers of light do it? They listened to Cristina, not even trying to wipe the tears from their cheeks.

What should the clergy do in the battle with the demon king?

Fortunately, the clerics dispatched for this subjugation were all battle priests, so they had knowledge about battles with demons. However, since the era was the era, most of them had no practical experience.

I’ve never fought a monster, let alone a demon. The only experience I had was hunting crazy warlocks. In this era, the main enemies of battle priests and paladins are man-made cults and monsters.

So, what to do in the battle with the demon king was a difficult question. The only knowledge he had was the theory he had learned from textbooks.

But there was no problem. Anise is inside Christina. The only saintess in this era with experience of fighting the demon lord is here.

The opponent is the mad king. If you wield magic that drives people crazy just like 300 years ago, the priest’s job is to thoroughly protect the spirits of allies. To purify the mind and bestow a protection that suppresses fear. To dispassionately distinguish between allies that can be saved and allies that cannot be saved. Not being swept away by unconditional affection.

“It’s fine after the battle. But you can’t do that during battle.”

Anise said in a calm voice.

After the battle, I always regretted it. Could we have saved more people? Wouldn’t it be possible to reduce the number of corpses even a little? If you did this, if you did that, regret that way.

But Anis was well aware of it. She always chose the best. The surest way to reduce the body is to defeat the demon lord. is to win the battle.

To defeat the demon lord and win the battle—- you must not look at the weak. You have to see the strong. Vermouth, Hamel, Moron, Senya. Strong men who can drive a sword into the body of the demon king while firmly leading the battle.

So, Anise always saw only those four. I didn’t care if the other people around me fell or died.

I fought like that and won. After a victory, he wandered the battlefield, always bleeding from his stigma. He felt guilty for looking away and not saving.

“Subjugation of the frenzied demon lord, Iris. There is only one back for all of us to see in this battle. Even when most of our allies die, we must choose to keep and save one.”

Even the priests who did not worship the god of light knew who that ‘one’ was. Even Adol, who calls himself a knight and a warrior of the god of honor, had no other questions or protests.

It was natural. Unlike Adol, who claims to be God’s great warrior, that man is ‘real’.

agent of light. Master of the Holy Sword. A descendant of the great Vermouth.


“Do you think you can?”

Flagship La Vercia. Eugene spat out as he walked towards the player statue. That many people did not follow Eugene. Because there is nothing we can do together now.

“That’s what we did 300 years ago.”

Senya walked by Eugene’s side. Akasha and Frost were held in both her hands. Senya looked at the two wands and smiled.

“On the contrary, I am in a better condition than when I killed the mad king 300 years ago. Yes, even if the Eternal Hall was a bit damaged… … Not to the extent of being a flaw.”

If you’re aiming for a short game, Eternal Hall won’t be too much trouble. Even if it becomes a long-term battle, if it is a magic wand using a dragon heart, it can compensate to some extent.

“You’ll have to use Akasha during battle, but there’s no problem with this wise Senya-sama. I’ll tell you clearly, Eugene. Now I am stronger than when I challenged the mad king 300 years ago.”

Senya’s words were sincere. Senya 300 years ago could not create the Eternal Hall. He hadn’t even completed the circle magic ceremony.

“I don’t know.”

Anis, who was walking by, also opened her mouth.

“The divine power itself will be stronger than 300 years ago. After all, I became an angel. Christina’s own divine power is also very strong. But I’m not sure that would make the two of us better than we were 300 years ago.”

Christina has no stigmata. She wasn’t even artificially carved from the fountain of light. She had attached severed limbs, raised the dying, and raised light to drive away darkness. The reason she was able to use miracles as strong as she was was because her anise had a huge stigma on her back.

A near-perfect imitation incarnation created using the first holy emperor and saints. Anise was the saintess who was born with stigmata from the beginning without being forced to engrave them. The stigmata that appeared on her back were small at first, but each time Anis used a miracle, they grew larger and spilled blood.

However, Anise’s clone, Cristina, did not have stigmata yet.

If the ritual had been completed at the fountain of light, would the stigma have been present?

‘If you did, Cristina, you wouldn’t have been saved by Hamel.’

Anis smiled bitterly when she read Christina’s thoughts.

‘Christina. If you think of your level of perfection as a saint, you are superior to me. You don’t have stigmata yet… … One day it will bear the stigma. The stigma I possessed shed blood because my existence was imperfect, but the stigma that dwells on you will not shed blood.’


Cristina let out a long sigh.

[It’s not enough to nest someday. I need a stigma now. I need strength to use in this battle.]

‘then… … I have no choice but to pray.’

I understand the impatient mind. Unlike before, the opponent is the real demon king. Without stigmata, Eugene cannot be saved when he is mortally wounded.

“May God take care of us. May the light envelop us.”

Anis pursed her lips and muttered. She slowly turned her head to look at Eugene’s face.

cold eyes. Lips tightly closed with no force of excitement. The muscles of the jaw wriggling as it clenched its teeth.

It was a familiar, nostalgic face. Hamel liked to fight. Whenever we went to fight together, Hamel’s face always had excitement on his face.

But when it comes to the castle of demons.

Hamel didn’t laugh at all. Was he prepared to die or was he determined not to die? I don’t know which one.

Anis liked Hamel’s face like that.

‘There is no vermouth.’

Eugene climbed up the player statue with slow steps. Anise and Senya stopped following and stopped. Eugene took a deep breath and grabbed the holy sword.

‘There is no Moron.’

It is different from 300 years ago. There is no Moron that always runs forward and blocks it. Vermouth, who wielded the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword at the center of the group, was also gone.

Who can fill their vacant positions? Is it Carmen? What about Ortus? Is it ivy? I’ve never gotten my hands and feet right. I have no intention of relying on

Eugene must fill the vacancy of Moron and Vermouth.

I? Eugene was conscious of the holy sword in his hand. He slowly raised the Holy Sword upward. I felt a weight I hadn’t felt before.

I also felt several things behind my back. Eyes with various emotions. Expectations for the name of a warrior. Expectations for Vermouth’s descendants. Fear of future battles.


“It’s heavy.”

Eugene laughed and murmured.

Even 300 years ago, the weight was felt. Everyone in the world had high expectations for Vermouth and his colleagues. At that time, the world called Vermouth and his colleagues ‘Hope’. But the center of that hope was always vermouth. The pressure Hamel felt at the time and the pressure Vermouth felt couldn’t be compared.

I took a deep breath once again. Cleared the thoughts in her head. He did not leave any unnecessary inconvenience to the sword.

The world still doesn’t know that Iris has become the Demon King. I don’t know that the battle between the hero and the demon king has begun in this distant sea for the first time in 300 years.

But people here know. Such expectations are burdensome.

I grabbed the holy sword with both hands. I was conscious of Agaroth’s ring, which had been quiet. Revelation is not heard. However, I felt that ‘power’ was added to the already heavy holy sword.

Agaroth – the ancient god of war. As the name suggests, do you want a war? The light of the Holy Sword swelled up.

Whatever people expected, Eugene didn’t know. Whether it was a hero or not, Eugene’s job was no different from Hamel’s 300 years ago.

kill the devil

-It has to be you.

when we first met And Vermouth’s voice I heard in the darkroom lingered in my head.


Eugene opened his lips to not smile.

“It must be me who kills the Demon King.”

It was like that 300 years ago.

Hamel wanted to kill the Demon King.

The light of the Holy Sword soared high. Pillars of light reaching up to the sky were in both hands of Eugene. Despite holding such a gigantic light, Eugene did not stumble in the slightest.

“Hey, light.”

Eugene murmured in a low voice. The holy sword that emitted light trembled.

Eugene glared at the dark, thick curtain. Darkness blocking the way.

There is a Demon King in the sea beyond.

“I am going to kill the demon king.”

A god whose voice has never been heard. Even so, a god who always gives Eugene divine power when he wishes. Perhaps, this is the first time I have prayed directly like this.

Eugene spat out while overlapping both hands holding the hilt as if praying.

“So give me your strength.”


There was a favorable response to the unilateral sentence. The pillar of light connected to the sky grew thicker. It seemed as if the light had been added from the high sky. The great light that penetrated the darkness of the Demonic Realm swallowed Eugene.

Eugene stood tall in the brilliant light. She flashed everywhere, but Eugene did not feel her glare.

In the brilliance, Eugene looked ahead. A hand held like a prayer, and a holy sword that radiated so much light that the edge of the blade could not be seen. Right now, the Holy Sword was perfectly united with Eugene.

“iced coffee… … !”

Anise and Christina admired at the same time. The swaying light passed over Eugene, wrapped around La Vercia, and flowed into the sea. The dark red sea was covered with light. The entire fleet floated above the sloshing light.

Anise spread her wings. Cristina stretched out her hands. A swirling wave of light touched Christina’s hand. At that moment, Christina felt her throbbing in the middle of the palm of her left hand. Her blood did not flow, but a thin line was etched into the palm of Christina’s left hand.

Eugene swung the holy sword.

One swing was enough.

Quarrrrr! The pillar of light that had been connected to the sky crumbled and fell, splitting the darkness in a massive slash. In response, Cristina raised her stigmatized left hand.

Hwaaak! Particles of light fluttered as feathers. The sea of ​​light roared loudly and floated her fleet.

“oh my god!”

Seeing everything, Senya couldn’t help but burst into admiration. I never thought I would see a miracle like this already. Senya looked at Eugene’s back shimmering in the radiance and felt her heart pounding.

Light, warrior. For Senya, that formula was still closer to Vermouth than to Eugene. But now—- from now on, it seemed that it wouldn’t be like that.

I lifted up the Akasha and Frost that were held in both hands. The Eternal Hall opened, and the two staffs poured out near-infinite mana.

A huge wind arose. The entire barrier surrounding the fleet was enchanted. The wind from behind pushed the fleet forward. The sea of ​​light made waves.

The light-enveloped fleet cut through the darkness.

the demon scene

Dark magical power made the night.

A night where the sun never rises. A night without stars. A night that doesn’t light up even if you light a fire. Iris sat in the night and darkness she made herself.


Bright red lips drew a curve. Iris chuckled and rested her chin. It is still invisible in her eyes. She could see if she wanted to, but she, Iris, she didn’t bother to look.

You can feel it without seeing it. Rather than seeing it with her own two eyes, just feeling it gave Iris more excitement. Iris trembled with her anticipation and ecstasy.

It’s getting closer and closer. Not normal speed. As fast as this in this windless sea, like wings.

Tickling discomfort. Yes, it is divine power. god of light? It’s only natural because there’s a saintess and a hero.

‘Let’s meet tomorrow.’

I didn’t prepare. Iris raised his head and looked ahead.

Even within the widespread darkness, there is another darkness. The darkness created by Iris herself. It has become a cradle and cocoon, embracing its compatriots.

Frenzied Independence Army.

An organization that Iris formed 300 years ago. The loyalists who did not leave Iris even when they were persecuted and scorned by the demons of Helmud. The companions who worshiped Iris as a princess and dreamed of a frenzied Second Coming together with Iris.

In fact, not everyone was like that.

About a hundred Dark Elves form a frenzied independent army. Among them, only about 30 people went through the war era together with Iris. Other Dark Elves after the war. Elves dying from horse disease, elves being sold as slaves, or elves who were unilaterally kidnapped were corrupted and created.

But—-even if he didn’t support Iris at first, when he became a Dark Elf, he had no choice but to be loyal to Iris.

Isn’t that enough? For Iris, the frenzied independence army, 103 Dark Elves to be exact, were her ‘family’.

What Iris wanted most was to resurrect her dead father.

It didn’t work.

It was impossible to resurrect her father, but Iris herself became the demon king. He didn’t even become a demon king with a different name. Inheriting the will of his father, inheriting the legacy, Iris herself became the mad king of madness.

Now, madness has returned.

I respect and love my father. A father who was kind to his children. My father, who gave me a lot of strength, even though I was just an ordinary Dark Elf.

The frenzied Independence Army is a family that has been through hard times and happy times together for 300 years.

So it gave me strength. Just as Iris was given power by her father in the past, Iris also gave power to her family, the Dark Elves.

Sooner or later the Dark Elves will wake up in their cradles. The other subordinates—the pirates—had no affection or interest. However, as a weak human being, it was not suitable for the frenzied army, so I gave strength in a line that was not laborious.

Perhaps it was because of ignorance that mana was pushed into it, but the personality collapsed and the species changed… … That wasn’t something Iris knew.

“Shall we start from here?”

Iris muttered as she leaned back in her chair. A flurry of darkness enveloped Iris’ naked body. Iris chuckled as she buttoned up each button on her new shirt.

“Or are you going to give me the manor?”

Blood-red eyes slowly lifted upwards. darkness comes ‘Being pushed’ was Iris’s darkness, Iris’s magical power. It’s not the same darkness. The darkness over there is thicker, and the magic power over there is stronger.

Iris clenched her fists while realizing that fact. This feeling that creeps in gently—- is wary… … The fear that makes you have no choice but to be vigilant.

Do you feel fear even after becoming the Demon King?


He felt fear because he became the demon king. Iris could feel how absurd the darkness now approaching, the magical powers, and the masters leading them were.

Rather, humans and demons would not be able to feel the true nature of that existence. Because he became the Demon King, he could know the ‘fear’ of that existence.

because it is not the same

Even though they are called demon lords, they are never the same.

The class is different. Even Iris inherited the memories of her father—the former mad king, so she couldn’t help but feel a more certain fear of that existence.

A rustling sound is heard.

The sound of chains hitting each other. The sound of chains dragging each other.

My eyes widened in the middle of the sound of chains.

Strangely ominous, exhausted, gloomy-looking eyes.

Even though I am not a sinner, I am a person who is chained to my body as if I am a sinner. Even though they are the same demon king, they are respected by the same demon king. The one that even the demon king fears.

Being the demon king among demon kings, the so-called great demon king.

The one who confined the abyss to the deep sea.


Iris’s magic did not invade the confinement’s magic. This used to be Iris’ territory, but from the moment the demon king of Yupe appeared, the owner of the territory changed. But Iris couldn’t even be offended by that fact.

“Let me convey my condolences.”

The demon king of confinement looked the same as when Iris saw it.

Dull, red eyes with no light at all. Pale, bloodless skin. Black long hair down to his waist. A skinny body that makes you want to be skinny. Countless chains slung over his shoulders.

the same without change Even when I saw it in Helmud, the demon king of confinement looked like that.

It was like that 300 years ago. Even in the memory of succession—- the demon king of confinement looked like that. When the past era comes to an end. Even on the waves and fog, the demon king of confinement stood like that.

-Someday, my children will come to this sea.

when my father said so The demon king of confinement nodded calmly. At that time, there was no emotion on the face of the demon king in captivity.

It was still the same. Even though I said congratulations, there was no joy to the demon king of confinement, and even if I said consolation, there was no sadness to the demon king of confinement.


Iris twitched her lips and smiled. She spat out with her repulsion.

“Why should I be comforted?”

“Maybe you found out.”

Iris’s voice was sharp, but the demon king’s voice was calm.

Charleuk! The chains that had been pulled like a mantle became entangled and became a chair. The demon king of confinement sat comfortably in a chair and put on a pod with both hands.

“What was at the bottom of this sea. How was this sea made? what happened in this sea You of ‘now’ will know.”

The demon king of confinement said calmly and confidently.

“I left it to be so. And if you still don’t know… … that… … It’s a serious problem. I hate problems like that. Especially if it’s a problem I didn’t intend.”

Dull eyes stared at Iris. It was as if he could see through and dig into everything about Iris. Iris swallowed and clenched his fists. Hwaaak! Soaring mana wrapped around Iris’ body.

“I know. The Demon King of Confinement. my father… … He died in this sea. He took his own life and handed it over to you.”

“Death… … Yes, it will be accepted that way by you. That’s not entirely wrong. Mad King… … Your father died in this sea long ago. Dying, I received it.”

Iris chewed her lips. There were so many unanswered questions in her head.

What I saw in the abyss of the deep sea. The door that closed the abyss. Sea fog and waves that swallowed the world. The father who chose death on top of that, and the demon king of confinement who took over his life.

So what was 300 years ago? The father that ‘Iris’ remembers was reigning as a mad king 300 years ago, no, even before that… … .

“There must be many things you want to ask.”

The demon king of confinement said. He slowly tilted his face, expressionless but not rigid, to the side.

“I understand. As promised, Iris, I let it flow to you, but… … that’s a long memory It won’t fully connect with the memories you have. There is bound to be a gap.”

“I… … If you ask… … Will you answer me?”

The Demon King of Confinement. What are you? What did I see in the abyss? Why, my father who died in this sea was still alive in Helmud?


The demon king of confinement answered without the slightest hesitation.

“I am not answering your questions. That’s not what was in the promise with Madness. I have no obligation or promise to answer your questions. And, you don’t deserve to hear the truth from me.”

Iris gritted her teeth. Her magical energy boiled in her eyes. The magic that resonated with Iris’ anger was dyed even darker.


Enmity, intent to kill, such things did not move the feelings of the demon king in captivity in the slightest. The demon king of confinement stared at Iris with extremely calm eyes and said.

“Would you like to hear an answer from me? You won’t be able to hear it by force.”

“me… … Are you looking at me funny?”

“I can’t help but look at it funny. Aren’t you aware of it yourself? how weak you are.”

Cheolguk… … The chain that connected the demon king of confinement moved. Numerous chains spread across the floor, wriggling like snakes. As the chains moved, Iris’ mana was pushed back.

“but. No matter how weak you are, I respect you. Mad King.”

The demon king of confinement whispered.

‘The demon king of madness.’ That vicious and ominous demon lord called Iris that way himself. It thrilled Iris. She swallowed her gulp, shaking her body thinly.

“me… … Are you acknowledging that you are the Demon King of Madness?”

“Iris. It was the maintenance of the previous frenzy that you inherited that name. As promised, I have given you the maintenance of madness. What is the reason for me not to acknowledge you as the mad king?”

The demon king of confinement glanced at the floor while saying that. The movement of the chains that were spreading slowly stopped all at once.

“I do not give you estates.”

The chain has been removed.

“The territory is the land conquered by the demon king himself. Mad King. If you want to have a fiefdom in Helmud, you must take it from me. Will you do that?”

Iris couldn’t answer. Fighting that absurd demon lord and stealing the territory? There was no way this was possible for the current Iris.

“Looks like you won’t.”

The demon king of confinement did not feel the slightest disappointment in Iris’ silence.

“Then, we have no choice but to start from here.”

Iris’s eyes widened at the muttered words.

“to me… … Are you giving me advice?”

Iris stuttered, unable to believe what she had just heard. The demon king of confinement nodded his head.

“This place… … It is a historic land. A lot has happened, the sea where it all got buried. I still remember vividly what kind of scenery this place was before it became the sea.”

Know. This is a fact that Iris is well aware of. Long ago, this sea was the domain of the mad king. Her father ruled the land, and Iris and her siblings grew up with his father’s love… … .

“Frenzy Demon King. If you stand up on this land… … In a true sense, it can be said that it was maintained in a frenzy. Because your father, the previous frenzied demon king, was defeated, fled, and died in this sea.”

“… … .”

“Fate often repeats itself.”

The demon king of confinement turned his head and looked behind him. It’s still a long way. But it’s getting closer.

“Are you going to lose? will you run away to die Say this one thing clearly, Duma, the mad king of demons. When you die, I won’t be with you. There will be no promises between you and me. You may be defeated and run away and die like your father, but you will not survive like your father.”


Iris snorted and spat out.

“Am I defeated, run away, die? It can’t be, are you serious? The Demon King of Confinement. Oh, I see, do you want to test me?”

Iris’ laughter grew stronger. She sincerely laughed at the words of the demon king of confinement.

“There is no Hamel who ran amok like a maniac, and there is no Moron who ran ignorantly. Senya, Senya Merdein! What difference would it make if she was there? The hero coming here is not Vermouth. She is neither a saint nor anise!”

The demon king of confinement slowly got up as he heard Iris’ laughter.

“The Demon King of Confinement. I heard you said you would wait for a hero at Babel. Ahaha… … Ahahaha! You won’t be able to meet the hero at Babel. I, this mad king! I’ll kill that son of a bitch in the sea!”

Iris shook her head and laughed. Cheer up… … The chains that had become her chair were scattered.

“To this sea! To my father’s first grave! I will pay tribute to the hero and the saint! Senya Merdane, who helped my father’s death, I will destroy that bitch until she begs me to kill her. I will throw all the humans who dare to challenge me, this mad king, into the sea! That way, everyone in the world will know that madness has returned! Without my declaration, the whole world will know and fear these seas as a maddening domain!”


The demon king of confinement opened his mouth.

“You are Eugene Ryanhart.”

The demon king of confinement knows the hero’s name.

“Christina Rogeris.”

I know the name of the saintess.

“Senya Merdein.”

I know the name of the wizard I defeated 300 years ago.

“If you kill those three and bury them in the sea.”

The lips of the demon king of confinement moved.

He showed emotion on his face for the first time since he came here. A curve that bends round and round. The demon king of confinement whispered to Iris while smiling.

Emotions were added to the emotionless voice. As if tempting, as if encouraging.

“I will answer your questions.”

Iris’ eyes lit up. The demon king of confinement turned away without hearing the answer. A chuckle of laughter was left behind.

The smile disappeared from the face of the demon king in captivity.

Fate often repeats itself.

The Demon King of Confinement knew that fact all too well.

Mad King

Kirik, Kirik.

I tried moving my finger slowly. There was no discomfort in the joints at all. After Carmen squeezed and opened his hand a few times, he quickly stretched out his fist on the spot.


A gust of wind blew Gondor’s beard and hair. A fist flew right in front of my eyes. Gondor, too startled to react properly, collapsed into his seat.


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