Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 118

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Carmen murmured in a quiet voice. If you think of the usual Carmen, it was an unmatched dry reaction.

These were not ordinary gloves, but gloves made of dragon skin and scales. Even that dragon was Raizakia, the only one in the continent’s history to be called a ‘Magic Dragon’. Even the color of the gloves is a black color that seems to suck the soul.

In many ways, there are elements that excite Carmen, but Carmen’s eyes are still. If, in an ordinary time, you received these gloves… … Carmen must have been showing off his gloves as he hopped from boat to boat.

But now, there was no room for oyster mind. Carmen stood still, silent, checking the performance of his gloves.

“Do you have any regrets?”

Carmen’s left hand was covered in pure white flame. A sudden question. Gondor blinked his eyes as he straightened his hair and beard.


Gondor slumped back in his chair with a hollow laugh. He scratched his chin a few times, then lit the pipe next to him.

“I have absolutely no regrets. Kuhmm, that regret… … hmm… … Isn’t everyone like that? We came to catch the Dark Elves, not the Demon King. Dark Elves and the Demon King… … . It’s so different, so different.”

The thoughts swirling in my head couldn’t be put into words. The reason was simple.

Because it’s scary.

Fighting the demon king is scary.

“While you guys are fighting, I’m probably hiding in this workshop. Kheung, or should this old man go out and get an ax?”

“You don’t have to. Senya and Saint Christina have built shelters for non-combatants and wounded, so the old man should be hiding there.”

“Actually, that’s even scarier.”

Gondor laughed and put down his pipe.

“My life isn’t entirely in my hands in this battle, is it? If you kill the demon lord, I live, and if you don’t kill the demon lord, I die. To be honest, that scares me the most.”

Carmen didn’t answer, just stared at Gondor’s face. Gondor shook his head with a look of embarrassment.

“Keuheum, those of you who have to fight on your own must be shocked… … regret… … regret it Hee hee, it’s embarrassing to regret ‘I didn’t want to come’ now. Well, it’s complicated with thoughts like this. Worried about my own future… … Concerns about the compatriots who were kidnapped by Iris.”

Gondor murmured in a melancholy voice.

If Iris became the Demon King, what would happen to the corps under her command? Are Dark Elves still Dark Elves? Are pirates still pirates? Will the dwarves who were treated like slaves still remain as dwarves?

“… … .”

Nothing will happen. they will be fine After thinking for a moment about whether to say this, Carmen chose silence. The situation of the abducted dwarves was something Carmen could never have guessed.

“The old chief will be able to return safely.”

Carmen said in a quiet voice.

to protect non-combatants. fighting the devil. It was the realm in Carmen’s hands. Carmen lowered her gloved hand and bowed her head toward Gondor.

There are many things to keep. younger siblings. Ciel and Desiira. Isn’t it too harsh a battlefield for young people with bright futures to face?

If something happens to the two of you in this battle… … .

Carmen shook her shoulders as she imagined it.

* * *


The expected answer came back.

“Hiding in a shelter, isn’t that too much?”

Ciel let out a laugh.

“Think carefully, Eugene. If you list the thousands of people who are going to fight the demon lord in order of skill, where do you think I would be?”

Eugene didn’t answer and looked at Ciel blankly. Desiira fidgeted next to her and looked at Eugene and Ciel.

“No matter how low you hit it, you’ll be in the top 20?”

It was not wrong. Ranked 7th in the ranking of officials. That means that Ciel is the 7th strongest among Seimuin’s fighters.

Of course, there are people who are above the ranking in the subjugation party. There are also articles that have not been registered for ranking. However, even considering those variables, when viewed objectively, Ciel was a person who could be evaluated as a ‘strong man’.

among humans.

“The opponent is the Demon King.”

Eugene’s mouth opened.

“Being strong among the subjugation squad is not very important in the fight against the Demon King.”

Those who can stand in the battle against the Demon King are those who have crossed the human boundary. In Eugene’s judgment, Ciel couldn’t even stand on that boundary, let alone cross that boundary. Only superhumans such as Carmen, Orthus, and Ivik stood or crossed the human boundary in the subjugation party.

In other words, most of the subjugation party is not qualified to stand in the fight against the demon lord.

“No, Eugene.”

Ciel shook his head.

“I am not fighting the demon king. They are the Demon King’s subordinates.”

“… … .”

“I know very well that I lack the qualifications to fight the demon lord. But you can fight his men.”

At those words, Yujin couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

It was the same 300 years ago. War with the Demon King. Most of the people who participated were weaklings who were not qualified to fight the demon lord. They were given the role of paving the way for those who deserved to be able to face the demon king and preserve their full power. Fighting demons, fighting monsters, fighting warlocks.

After opening the way, most of them died.

It will be the same this time too. To make as few deaths as possible. I ignored the word to retire. He sneered when I told him to straighten up and come back.

The more time you give, the stronger the demon king will become, and the more troops you will have. In order to make the least sacrifice—- it was right to advance without retreating.

“You don’t want to see me die or get hurt.”

I shouldn’t be laughing at this

Ciel smiled involuntarily.

There was an awareness of twisted emotions. As for Ciel, her heart pounded that she was being worried about her by Eugene. At the same time, she also felt a bit miserable. If it wasn’t like this—- would it attract attention from Eugene?

“Don’t be swayed by emotions, Eugene Lionheart. You are a warrior.”

Feeling distorted emotions, Ciel uttered it clearly. It’s fun to be treated as someone special. But, but that shouldn’t be the case.

“Are you going to care about every single person who will die in this battle? or not… … After all, do you care because it’s me? That would be appreciated, but not this time.”

“If the opponent is just a Dark Elf, Nabu Rang.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“I can protect you in any situation. No matter what tricks Iris does, I can keep her from touching you.”

“… … .”

“But with the Demon King, it is impossible. If there is a battle, I will focus all my attention on Iris. Senya-sama will be like that, and Christina will be too.”

“Of course it should.”



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Ciel replied with a snort.

“Don’t worry about me. Do not engage in unreasonable or dangerous fights. It’s dangerous, and if you think it’s too strong, I’ll run away.”

“Is that as easy as it sounds?”

“Is it difficult? Then, Eugene, you just need to finish it as quickly as possible.”

Ciel got up from his seat. She stared at Eugene’s face for a moment.

gray hair. Golden eyes sunk in silence. I remembered Eugene’s appearance when he held the holy sword. As he made his way to La Vercia’s player statue in front of thousands, and more. A pillar of light fell from the sky and the darkness blocking the way was slashed with one sword.

Eugene at that moment—- everyone would admit that he was a ‘hero’. It was the same with Ciel. I couldn’t forget the image of Yujin in the glimmering light.

“Trust me, Eugene.”

I trust you.

I didn’t say anything like that. A lot of people are already relying on Eugene.

Since ancient times, warriors have been such beings.

something people believe in. A being to believe in. a believable being. Just as Eurass created the saintess as an imitation of faith, hope, and faith, the essence of being a hero is not much different.

“I will be fine.”

Ciel smiled bashfully and whispered. Then he turned around and left the room. Desiira, not knowing what to do with her, hurriedly followed after Ciel.

“Didn’t you just say you were going to an evacuation center?”

Ciel smiled bitterly as he looked back at Didyra who had followed him.

“Or Dejaira, you are there too. It will be safe.”

The greatest wizard and saint’s barrier in continental history was concentrated in one ship. If a battle breaks out, that evacuation ship will be the safest place.

“no, I do not want.”

Desiira shook his head in response.

“Ciel-nim isn’t going, so why am I going in there? No, no, even if Ciel-nim embarrassingly hides, I will not run away.”


“Because I am also Lionheart.”

I never thought I would hear these words from Dejaira’s mouth. Ciel blinked and burst into laughter.

“Don’t talk arrogantly about collateral topics.”

“After all, Ciel-nim will fall into the collateral after about 15 years.”

It was an accurate counterattack. If Xian marries Princess Ayla and gives birth to a child, Ciel and Eugene will move from the main family to the collateral.

Lionheart’s home has always been that way. The same goes for Gilreid’s younger brother, who lives peacefully in a quiet countryside, and Gion and Carmen, who are black lions, are technically collateral, not the original family.

“that… … But, you and I are different.”

Ciel didn’t have anything to refute, so he stuttered his answer. Lion heart, lion heart. Ciel turned his head and looked up at the sky.

the sky is bright

Even the sea is lapping with golden waves.

But beyond the bright light, black darkness lurks. The sea on the other side of the golden wave is also dark red like dead blood. Senya’s magic and Eugene’s and Christina’s divine powers are just protecting the fleet. This sea was still a demonic realm.

Eugene came out of the cabin.

The moment they came out, everyone’s eyes turned to Eugene. Quite a few people saw Eugene and raised her hands together in prayer. Eugene left that gaze behind and walked on the deck.

The holy sword hung from his waist still radiated light. The sharp edged senses are looking ahead.

“It would be better for everyone to sleep.”

Yujin licked her lips and smirked.

[There’s no way you can fall asleep.]

I heard Tempest’s voice in my head. Not wanting to burden Senya alone, Eugene also borrowed the power of Tempest to advance the fleet.

[People of this era do not know the battle with the demon king. Ignorance easily turns into fear.]

“You seem to be a little happy.”

Eugene replied with a snort. Tempest let out a low-pitched laugh.

[Isn’t it being repeated?]


[The remnants of the Demon King you defeated in the Black Lion Castle.]

A dark spirit that possessed Iod.

[It was the specter of slaughter and horror. You defeated them both alone. Even though it wasn’t a complete demon king, Hamel, you erased the ‘thing’ of slaughter and horror from this world.]

“… … .”

[And now, you are going to kill the mad king. The demon lords you and Vermouth defeated 300 years ago… … The reincarnated you are going back one by one.]

What did you say Eugene smiled and nodded her head.

“Repeat, okay. It’s because they’re tough bastards who don’t die even if demon kings kill them.”

Eugene won the player award. I could see Christina’s back sitting in the center of the large player statue. She spread her eight wings wide, her left hand outstretched in front of her.


When Eugene prayed for power from the god of light, light poured down. And on the palm of Christina’s left hand was a stigma. It is different from the stigma engraved on Anise’s back. It’s not a letter, and he doesn’t even shed blood when he uses a miracle.

Could it be that he was able to perform miracles on par with Anise? It has not been tested yet. If you want to test it, you have to cut off your limbs yourself, but who the hell should cut off your limbs for testing?

“If there was a Moron, I would even cut off my arm.”

“How are your fingers? Hamel. Even if it doesn’t stick, I think it’ll be fine if it’s just one finger.”

“Stop talking nonsense, Anis. Do you know how important your fingers are to holding a knife?”

“Oh, is that so? I think I could cut off at least one of my middle fingers for doing nothing but mischief.”

Anise chuckled and turned to Eugene. Eugene stood next to Anis and looked ahead.

“How do you feel?”

“I am fine. I’m not tired at all. Still, Cristina is taking a break.”


“How much power do you have? What miracles can you use… … I’m not sure. Miracles are something you have to hope for with all your heart.”

Anise stood up as she said that.

“Don’t worry too much, Hamel. If in battle your arms or… … If the bridge is blown off. I will save you no matter what.”

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

Eugene turned to Anis and said.

“That’s what I originally said.”

Anis smiled as she threw the hood of the robe that had been tucked behind her back over her head.

ㅡCoooung! The iron ball of the flail hidden inside the robe fell on top of the bow.

“You really don’t do anything stupid.”

It wasn’t just the play that was hidden inside the robe. Anise took out an unopened bottle of wine and handed it to Eugene with a big smile.

“Long time no see.”

Eugene smiled and snapped his fingers. Taang! The bottle’s cork was blown off.


Senya’s voice echoed in my head. It wasn’t a voice that only Eugene and Anis could hear. The entire fleet listened to Senya’s warning.

Eugene slowly drew out the holy sword.


The dark red sea outside the barrier parted.

Mad King

Woo woo woo

What emerged from the cracked sea was a huge blue whale.

It didn’t look like it was alive. That gigantic sea beast, which wandered all over the sea in search of prey and swallowed even monsters, lost its existence due to contamination by the devil’s magical power. What was attacking now was nothing more or less than a lump of rotten meat covered in the skin of a blue whale.

But the size is the same. It was as if a ship comparable to the size of the flagship La Vercia was about to attack the whole ship.

The people in the back made a sound of surprise. However, Eugene’s face was calm.

If you’re a big monster, you’ve seen it many times already. The body of Raizakia, who fought last time, was bigger than that. The size of that whale was no more than the legs of Kamash, the head of the giants 300 years ago.

The barrier that protected the fleet disappeared as if it were turned off. Immediately, Eugene kicked off his athlete statue and leaped into the sky. Compared to the shadow of the attacking whale, Eugene’s figure looked like a small dot.

The moment light burst from the holy sword. The whale’s shadow disappeared. A flash of light blinded the world for an instant.

Chow! The whale’s body was split into dozens. Tainted blood spilled into the sea, but the golden wave was untainted.

Eugene passed the dismembered whale. He stopped in the sky and looked ahead.

An advancing fog was seen. Inside the Fog… … . Eugene peered through the fog with thinly opened eyes.


Eugene twitched his lips and smiled.

A hideous pirate ship was seen. The pirate flag is an upturned goat’s head. A pair of curved horns. A pair of horns protruding upward. An upside-down goat skull with two pairs of horns. That was the symbol of the mad king from 300 years ago.

There is only one crazy bitch who walks around with a flag like that.

Iris. The new Mad King.

The moment Eugene saw the pirate ship, Iris also saw Eugene. Red eyes opened in the black mist. The huge eyes were dyed a dull black color.

The dark eyes. That authority was transformed into the authority of the Demon King along with Iris.

The moment the light in his eyes shone, the sea turned black. The power of the Mystic Eye was cast over the entire sea. Quarrrrr! Ten ships soared from the rocking darkness.

At that sight, Eugene burst into laughter once again. It was a ship for lack of words, because that thing rising out of the darkness was not really a ship.

First of all, it is big. too big too As large as a decent castle, it was many times larger than a large ship. With a little exaggeration, it is as big as a mountain.

Dozens of ships were crushed with magical power and mixed with flesh. Dozens of ships became skeletons and sea animals and humans were covered with flesh. By infusing it with magic power, it became a bizarre monster that could no longer be called a ship.

On top of those 10 giant monsters, there were also monsters that couldn’t be called human beings. That look… … It looked like a child made several human beings as if it were a play. It is alive because it replaces magic with life, otherwise they were just born to the point that it would be impossible to move alive.

Those were the words of the thousands of pirates under Iris’ command.

“It’s because I’m not good at modeling.”

Iris smirked as she crossed her legs. She captured insignificant enemies with her magical eyes floating in the sky.

A fleet of 100 ships. Among them, the only thing Iris paid attention to was her leading flagship, La Vercia.

“If you’re not good at it, just practice. is not it? There will be plenty of materials to practice from today.”

Iris giggled and raised both hands.

—-Kurrrrr! The sea, which had turned black, moved along with Iris’ hand. It seemed that the entire sea area had become Iris’ hand.

“This weapon is not familiar to me.”

f*ck! A piece of meat from a dead whale was blown away after being hit by a flail. Eugene, who came down again as a player, glanced at Anis.

“I didn’t throw it on purpose.”

“You always lack meticulousness.”

Anise laughed as she set down the heavy iron ball on top of the player statue.

“Anyway, I think Mace is better.”

[Then let me go, Sister.]


Anise smiled bitterly instead of refusing. In this battle, no, the saintess of this era is Christina Rogeris. Anis had no intention of usurping or replacing Cristina’s role.

That doesn’t mean I won’t get involved.

Consciousness shifted. Christina gripped her flail, feeling Anise’s concern and affection. The bloody smell is already thick… … . Fleet ships like rotten meat were seen approaching.

Compared to that Demon Army, our allies are small and weak. Although the number of ships is large, the size is much smaller. You shouldn’t care about it. Cristina stared at Eugene’s back, who was trembling in the sky.

Christina wasn’t the only one watching Eugene’s back. A ship right behind Labersia. Dozens of priests and paladins aboard the Slad mercenary ship, Pormeri, were watching Eugene’s back.

“Many people will die.”

Cristina caught her breath and exhaled. Her small voice reached not only the clergy of Formery, but the entire fleet.

“We have to look forward, not backward.”

Unless the opponent is the Demon King. If it’s a battlefield without a demon king. The clergy’s field of vision widens a little.

But this is the battlefield of the Demon King. If so, the clergy’s field of vision is infinitely narrowed. In this battlefield, the only things the saintess and the clergy need to see are the hero and the demon king.

can’t see behind La Vercia will move forward. Formeri, who is entrusted with the throne, will also go with Labersia.

Dozens of other fleets remain behind to fight monsters as gigantic as mountains and pirates who have become inhuman.

“so… … Eugene-sama, please look ahead.”

The divine barrier was removed. Protecting an entire fleet in an imminent battle is too much of a waste of holy power. Still, minimal protection was left. The rippling sea of ​​light gradually diminished and only accumulated in the range where the ship floated.

“Please open the front to everyone.”

That scene——if you looked down from a high place, it looked as if dozens of sparkling dots of light were floating in the pitch-black sea.

That light makes the movement of the ship quick, flexible, and free. The magic engine attached to the ship would allow it to maneuver beyond manpower, and the wind created by Tempest and Senya would further accelerate it.

“It is an honour.”

Mais opened her mouth towards Senya’s back. In this battle, Mais took over the magical control of the fleet.

“I, who have just entered the 8th circle, can be called a newbie… … To be able to stand on the same battlefield as Senya-sama.”

Mice’s signature is battleship. It is a magic that equips a ship with various magics.

Originally, Mais’ signature was used in combination with La Vercia, the strongest warship that was the property of the royal family and was the official servant. The reason why he, the head of the court mage, was directly dispatched to this punitive force was because that combination was evaluated as strong.

During the journey, Senya complemented Mice’s signature. As a result, the entire fleet, not just La Vercia, came under the influence of Mais magic.

As such, the consumption of mana also increased unreasonably. It’s a shame because all the battle wizards of the Slad Mercenary Corps were clinging to it, but Mice alone couldn’t last even an hour.

“Don’t come forward excitedly.”

Senya said without looking back.

Pajik, Pajik! In the wide open Eternal Hall, overlapping circles whirled. Mana whirled violently from the frost pouring out from the frost held in both hands.

“If you come in the future, you will be swept away by my magic.”

I did everything that I could do behind the scenes. The refuge ship’s barrier made it solid, complemented Mais’ signature, and prepared a spell to unite with other wizards.

“And in front of me… … .”

Senya opened her eyes thinly and spat out. A chilling sensation. The feeling that the observation of magic is strangely out of sync. This—- I’m used to it.

Magic does not use only the magician’s own mana. The first step in creating magic with mana and circles possessed by wizards. From then on, magic is manifested in conjunction with pure mana in the air.

That ‘front’ is weird. Mana exists even in the Magic Realm. No matter how strong the demon lord’s magical power is, there is no place in this world where mana does not exist.

The exception is a place where the world is ‘not’. The other side of Rehein Yar, where Moron comes and goes. The boundary of the dimension where Laizakia was sealed.


The highest peak of Babel, who fought against the demon king of confinement. It was impossible to use magic properly in the place where the chain, which was its power, was spread. All of the mana that spread in the air was bound to the chain, and the magic that Senya poured out disappeared the moment it touched the chain and the mana was captured.

The Eternal Hall was created to fight the demon king of confinement. If you cannot use mana in the air, you must train your own mana. You must manifest magic only with your own will, without wishing it on the world.

“No one but me will be able to use magic.”

That’s why Senya was sure. ‘Redemption’ is not as strong as when fighting the demon king of confinement. However, Senya felt the restraints of fighting the demon lord in captivity in front of her.

Is the demon king of confinement involved in this battle? No, it is an old truth that magic cannot be used in the waters of Solgarta. If the reason why magic cannot be used is because of the confined demon lord, then the confined demon lord has been entangled in this sea since time immemorial.

Senya’s lips twitched up.

How cool is this? Not only being able to kill the hated enemy, Iris—- being able to test the Eternal Scepter against the power of confinement.


“Are you here?”

Mana that was too strong wrapped around Senya like a typhoon. Facing Senya, who was slowly advancing, Mais had no choice but to bow her head in awe.


Iris giggled and stood up.

The monster fleet advances. Only two ships coming from the other side. Compared to the fleet Iris created, it seemed like it could be crushed if it collided with it.

no. Rather, this one will be crushed. Iris thought while laughing.

The bulky fleet and monsters cannot stop ‘those’. On this battlefield, only the Demon King can block them and bring them to despair.

The mad king appeared on the deck. 103 Dark Elves bowed their knees to the Demon King’s procession. Everyone gained new strength with Iris’ magic. They worshiped Iris, the mad king who had risen from a princess.

Sepia slowly approached and put the jacket on Iris.

—-I’m going to kill the Demon King.

I heard the whispered words. Carmen looked at Eugene’s back in the sky. In this era, who the hell could say such a thing with sincerity?

“If we win today… … .”

clap. The pocket watch on Carmen’s right hand became a glove.

Heaven Genocide on the right hand. On the right hand is a magic dragon glove. Carmen murmured, clenching his fists with both hands.

“The word for Ryan Hart will be different. Not Vermouth’s Lionheart, but Eugene’s Lionheart.”

Eugene smiled bitterly at Carmen’s words. Senya flew in from the rear and landed on La Vercia’s mast.

Quarrrrr! Her wind that came with her pushed La Vercia forward even faster. La Vercia, which accelerated, went into the monster fleet. Those ships of rotten flesh didn’t block the light-enveloped Labersia.

Because Iris wanted him. The monster’s fleet moved forward in search of other prey.

Now, those who advance fearlessly. Those who dared to shine brightly in the devil’s land, in this devil’s land, were prey that Iris had to kill herself. No, it is a living sacrifice to be offered to the Second Coming of madness.

“Leave the rest to you.”

Father was merciful. loved his family Iris wanted to emulate her father’s kindness.

So he smiled and said. A family that has been together for 300 years. The 103 Dark Elves deserved to enjoy a movie with Iris in the future, and deserved to taste the sweet and fat game at this festival.

Humans aboard two ships approaching. There are a few notable figures. On the flagship is Carmen Ryanhart, whom he briefly bumped into at Kiel. The ship that follows is the second-ranked mercenary king, Ibig Slad.

‘Is Orthus at all backwards? What’s the point of being stupid, distributing power?’

Everyone will die anyway. Are you going to try your hand at it?

Iris giggled and walked away. Her body naturally floated into the sky. Iris climbed up to the sky and looked down at her.

Flashed, the light burst. Iris’ lips twitched. There was no need to avoid the light that flew through the darkness. The darkness that appeared where the gaze was directed swallowed the light.

“I became the Demon King, but are my talents the same?”

Eugene Lionhart.

He was already in the sky on the other side.

“It’s no different from when I saw it in Kiel.”

It’s a lie.

I could feel it the moment we faced each other. Magical power that seems to blow away consciousness. She couldn’t even compare to the intimidation she felt when confronted by Lizakia. She remembered 300 years ago when she faced the demon lords.


Behind Eugene’s back, prominence soared.

Poor environment to use magic. However, it is much better than the other side of Rehein Yar or the dimensional rift. The Hwanyeom ceremony based on the Eternal Hall made the prominence stretch in this space as well.

7 stars of the white salt ceremony.

Eugene’s flame could no longer be said to be ‘white’ even with empty words. It is now a purple color close to black.

Iris giggled at Eugene.

“You don’t look like a hero, kid.”

Iris said so sincerely.

that look that mana of that age. Everything is different from vermouth. Vermouth, that unhuman being——he didn’t want to admit it, but he had a figure worthy of the name ‘Hero’.

However, it was clear that he was standing in front of Iris even without fighting. She was as clear as she could feel.

Even though she was wearing a radiance, her eyes glowing with naturalization made Iris think of one of her enemies from 300 years ago.

Agaroth’s ring vibrated.

Destruction was pulled out from between the cloaks.

Mad King

whitish light.

Iris knows what that light is.

“Moonlight Sword.”

A sword that has not left its name in history. The moonlight sword was a nightmare to be afraid of even for the demons who barely survived the war era, and a taboo that they did not dare to speak about.

Especially for Iris, the moonlight sword was like a terrible nightmare. Because with every flash of that whitish light, her precious presence disappeared. Kamash and the sign, and—even my father.

The moment I faced that resentful light. Iris’ emotions subsided surprisingly coldly.

The sword fired in an instant radiated moonlight to Iris’ neck, but it was as long and relaxed as eternity according to the demon king’s momentary determination. Iris reached out her hand without any fear.

The demon king changes the world into a demonic landscape just by existing. It doesn’t matter how much power you have before becoming the Demon King. The moment a being is reborn as a demon lord, that being is endowed with the rank and power befitting a demon lord.

The moonlight was blocked. The tightening darkness tore the moonlight in reverse. Kwajijik! Eugene’s slash did not inflict a single wound on Iris.

I wasn’t surprised. Even the moonlight sword in its perfect days could not gain an unconditional advantage against the demon lord’s magical power. The same goes for the holy sword. It is only natural that the current Moonlight Sword, which is not perfect, is blocked by the Demon King.

Interrupted. She couldn’t get a single scratch on her. failed to gain the upper hand.

It’s not useless. The moment it touched, the moonlight dissipated some of Iris’ magic power.

The battle with the demon king is terribly hard. Even if cut, torn, or crushed, the demon lord seldom dies. To kill them, he must be tenacious, relentless and unerring.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was infinite, and it had to be shaved off. You have to cut and crush limbs, heads, and hearts again and again, killing them until they can no longer be revived.

‘It’s something I did often.’

It is crazy to use Ignition against the Demon Lord from the beginning. Ignition gives explosive power, but there is a clear limit to its duration. 10 minutes at most. The body cannot stand more than that.

It is impossible to end the battle with the demon king, who revives even after killing him, in 10 minutes. The moment you need to use ignition is when you can definitely kill the demon lord. It’s time to dissipate magic power as much as possible and reach the limit of revival.

Prominence was created to fight the Demon King.

I made it because Vermouth and Morron, who fought together, were missing.

Since I can’t use ignition from the beginning, I thought of replacing it with a signature. The firepower had to be maximized.

The seven stars and Prominence resonated. Dark purple flames burned fiercely. The fluttering embers became feathers and scattered in all directions. The sixth sense was realized with the information conveyed by the feathers of Prominence.

This is the first time using Prominence with 7-star Baek Yeom-sik. The output of mana was not comparable to that of the 6-star enemy.

The current Eugene is much stronger than Eugene had imagined. The state of the previous life has passed a long time. If the opponent was Iris, the ‘Princess Rakshasa’—- the battle wouldn’t even have been established.

Unfortunately, Eugene’s opponent is not Princess Raksha, but the mad king.


The Demon King stretched out his hand. The movement was by no means fast. mediocre speed.

I didn’t think so even though it moved like that. The Demon King controlled and teased his senses with only small movements. The world itself, which belonged to the demon king, oppressed Eugene.

Kwaaaang! Mana and magic, flame and darkness collided.

I caught the consciousness that seemed to fly away. The shock pushes the body. However, before Eugene applied the brakes, a soft and warm light enveloped Eugene’s back.


Cristina stretches her left hand at La Vercia’s player statue. Behind Christina, dozens of priests knelt down and prayed together, and the paladins prepared for the attack of the Dark Elves while adding her holy power.

Minor internal injuries from collision. Before Eugene felt any pain, he was completely healed.

The miracles did not stop there. Vitality spread throughout the body. physical abilities increased. Consciousness became more clear and senses sharpened.

‘I miss you.’

Eugene laughed involuntarily. The reason Hamel was able to fight much better 300 years ago was because of Anise’s miracle and protection.

A flash of light pierced the darkness. The demon king’s eyes flashed at the rushing flash. The black darkness dispelled the magic. However, even the presence that even vibrates mana could not be erased.

“nice to meet.”

Senya stood by Eugene’s side. The visualized mana rushed ferociously around Senya. The demon king giggled at the two of them.


Black mana became a wave. Magical power attacked from all sides.

At this moment, Eugene and Senya did not care about each other’s safety. I trusted Anis to support from the rear. Eugene believed that Senya could cope. Senya equally believed in Eugene.

inside the cloak. Raimirah closed her eyes and resonated with Eugene. Even if it’s Hetzling, a dragon is a dragon. His unique strong mana was added to Eugene’s flame. Intuitive words opened up in front of Yujin. Through Mer, the information of Prominence was transmitted.

went out on the open road Eugene transcended space and space. Senya also prepared a magic by continuously spreading blinks.

A blazing fire cut through the darkness. The light of the holy sword expanded and shrunk several times. Holy power and mana combined. The flow of space clung to the holy sword. A 4-layered sword made with the 7-star White Flame method.

The light was hardly like a holy sword. A black light that seemed to suck in the soul split the world.

With that single sword, the demon lord’s magic power was extinguished. eyes shone The power of the magic eye was manifested. A darkness like an abyss bloomed in front of the demon king.


It was before Eugene’s sword even reached it. As soon as the authority was manifested, Senya’s magic was also manifested.

Iris, who has been her enemy since 300 years ago. Ever since she was studying magic in Alot, Senya has been preparing to kill her enemies.

We also prepared a countermeasure against the dark eye.

What that authority creates is darkness, but it is not darkness. Neither mana nor magical power. That sticky dark matter can be connected to each other and used as a door, or it can be used as a simple mass of power. It is impossible to judge the reality of dark matter externally, and you can see through the reality only when you touch it directly.

It was like that 300 years ago. Even if Senya couldn’t reach it, she saw through the magic eye and created a new magical substance inside the dark matter.


The public sword reached the split open road. Magical power was extinguished by the firepower of the sword. Finally, the blade reached the demon king’s body.

It’s not about cutting. This slash literally erased the demon king’s body the moment it touched. Not a single piece was left. The moment the slash of the sword passed, Yujin even swung the moon lightsaber in his opposite hand.

The Demon King has disappeared.


Disappearance and detonation were heard almost simultaneously. A nearby Senya crashed into the sea. Although her body was protected by a magic barrier, the impact of the blow made Senya’s lips bleed.


Laughter spread from the dark sky. Kwagwagwang! Power poured like lightning. Eugene swung the holy sword and the moonlight sword and cut off his mana.

A hand came out of the gap. The approaching hand did not touch Eugene directly, but the magic that followed blew away Eugene’s body.

Aaaaaaaaaaaa! In the darkness, angelic chants were heard. However, the sound was so faint that you could not hear it unless you concentrated. The demon king’s magical power stepped on the miracle.

The demon king who had been erased descended without a single wound. She laughed maniacally and raised her hands.


The Demon King’s hand held the sky. His flexing fingers grasped the sky.

Kwakjijik! The sky was moved by the demon king’s hand gesture. The huge shock blew Eugene away.

“Weak! You’re weak!”

The demon king exalted with a sense of omnipotence and shouted.

Now she could really do anything. Even the endless sky was in her grasp. Even the wide and deep sea below will split if the demon king says ‘split’.

Those who resisted seemed insignificant.

a saint? Warrior? Archmage? just such beings. Aren’t all those things different from insects in front of this power?

The demon king laughed and waved both hands. The dark red sea moved according to the will of the demon king.

the sea came over bloody sea. Vivid colors of death. All of that didn’t like Senya.

I have always hated the sea. For Senya, who grew up in the forest, the sea was unfamiliar and unknown. However, she thought that the glitter of the sunlit sea was quite beautiful.

The sea of ​​the Demonic Realm does not glisten in the light. There is a disgusting stench, and it is dark like the color of rotten blood.

when you see blood like that. when you smell it. Scenes that will never be forgotten come to mind. burning forest. Elves who died after torture. Elves burned alive. Hamel, who died and disappeared as dust.

“It’s full of things I don’t like.”

Senya lay with her back to the sea.

Whoa! The approaching divine power pushed away the mana. In that moment, Senya’s magic was completed. Small lights began to appear around her. A magical place where sunlight does not shine. Hundreds and thousands of lights shone in the glitterless sea of ​​blood.

Those innumerable lights revolved around Senya. Hundreds of spins piled up on Senya’s back. The scene looked like a round of stars.

The turbulence of the sea stopped. The waves subsided. The whole sea was silent.

A demonic realm ruled by the Demon King. However, even the demon king could not invade Senya’s space.

“is not it?”

The demon king brought down the sky. Thanks to the magic that was so thick, only the figure of the demon king could be seen from the sky. Senya tilted his head and murmured.


Light spread like dawn from the end of the night. Eugene, who had flown far away, brought the light with him.

“I know.”

Eugene twisted his blood red lips.

Ahaha, ahahaha. The Demon King shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Senya, still lying down, aimed his staff at him. The air sword overlapped with Eugene’s holy sword again, and the moonlight sword emitted an ominous light.

“Oh God.”

Cristina clutched the rosario in her stigmatized hand.

The stars galloped. The demon king twisted his body. His long wriggling hands broke the world. The trajectory of the star that was running was messed up. Senya immediately corrected her trajectory. The stars moved, leaving behind a dizzying remnant.

On the other side, Eugene attacked. The devil’s eyes looked at Yujin. Dark matter blocked the way. It was impossible for Eugene to counter that authority with magic.

Moonlight Sword. The light of destruction erased the authority. The powers of the demonic eyes that appeared several times were too easily destroyed by the moonlight.


It couldn’t be easier.

Eugene, Senya, and Cristina all felt it. 300 years ago, the battle with the Demon King was never easy. It took several days to defeat the weakest demon king of slaughter, and even in the next battle with the demon king of horror, he had to cross the line between life and death.

Mad King. He was special among the demon lords. Unlike the other demon lords, he was obsessed with family fun. He gave power to his subordinates to the point where they thought it was excessive. As he spread his strength to others like that, the frenzied demon king himself was not as great as the lower ranks of slaughter and cruelty.

How is the current demon king of madness?

He gave strength to 103 Dark Elves. Only 103 people. Compared to the frenzied army 300 years ago, it is a small number that can only be said to be ‘at best’.

‘I’m sure.’

That demon king is as strong as slaughter or horror. If your name becomes known on the continent, you will become even stronger.

‘I have to kill them in this sea.’

Is it possible?

Time has stopped. It felt that way. The mana that had spread far and wide in the sea gathered in one place. This young demon king was infatuated with omnipotence, but he was not arrogant. The demon king had a reason to win.

An unnecessarily large estate is unnecessary. What the current demon king needs is a territory that he can control with certainty. Even if it is not wide, it is a territory that can be absolutely dominated.

“okay… … .”

The demon king nodded and murmured.

“You can expand it step by step.”

Even for my father.

Reached out.

The magic moved.

That’s all. It was only two processes, but the power was terrible. The air sword and the moonlight sword were extended at the same time. The idea was to offset the mana from the front.

But it’s not enough. Recoil twists both arms. The intestines are crushed. The moment it becomes like that, it goes back to normal. It was like turning back time.

time did not go back As soon as Eugene was injured, Krishna’s protection healed him. The arm that was about to break but did not break advanced the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword.

[Still ignorant.]

Anis murmured.


cut again continued to cut so it went I was injured several times. He narrowly avoided fatal injuries. Her injuries healed before she could continue breathing.

The holy sword was seized. The mass of magic made the sword heavy. I forcibly did not swing the holy sword and let it go for a while. He pulled out another weapon from the gap in his fluttering cloak.

Magic spear Luintos. A weapon used by the demon king of misery. The spear, perfectly synchronized with Eugene, pierced the space before even taking the posture of a javelin.

In front of the Demon King’s eyes, the power of the Demonic Spear was manifested. Changlim. Hundreds of flame-covered spears hit the Demon King.

did not reach A darkness as small as a fingernail. Mage’s power. dark matter. It twisted the trajectory in response to each trajectory of the spears.

“You became the Demon King, but did you ask if your skills are the same?”

The demon king’s red eyes looked at Yujin.

“This is the strongest.”


“This is the most precious.”


“This is the best.”


“You know what?”

He patted his eyes with his hand and smiled. The pupils slowly descended.

The demon king laughed at the hero who fell into the dark red sea.

The demon king laughed at the hero falling into the dark red sea and stretched out his hand toward the demonic spear that stopped in front of him.

The demon lord’s weapon that Vermouth had. Perhaps because too much time had passed, this weapon did not have any demon lord’s power left.


The Demon King licked his lips with his tongue and grabbed the Demon Spear. At that moment, the bulging veins around his spear pole wriggled.

The Demonic Spear, the blood and will of Eugene Lionheart contained within, did not yield to the Demon King. Rather, as if he had waited, he showed his teeth and tore the demon king’s body apart.


This time, it was Eugene’s turn to laugh.

He let out a bloody laugh and raised his middle finger at the demon king.

Mad King

[Eugene, are you okay?]

I heard Christina’s voice in my head. A voice full of worries.

I was used to being worried in this way. Right away, not only Christina, but two people inside the cloak were crying while groping Eugene’s side. Eugene-sama, hermit, while saying.

It’s okay to be in a state of concern. The power of the demonic eye that was beaten over and over again. I only hit it by bursting the dark matter that had been condensed to the limit, but I was directly hit by it over and over again. The attack was simple but effective, ignoring Eugene’s defenses and shocking him.

Didn’t die. It’s an attack that wouldn’t be strange even if he died, but Eugene is alive. Even if the defenses surrounding his body were shattered, Eugene’s defenses were not all.

7-star white salt. That strong mana protects Eugene’s body. The same goes for lightning sparks that have melted into blood. The current Eugene, no, he was a human being from a long time ago, but he could not be called a human being. He became an existence that could not easily die even if he wanted to die.

‘Undoubtedly the demon king.’

The wound has already healed, but the blood pooling in the mouth is murky. Yujin turned her head and spat blood.


The voice changed from Christina to Anise.

[Is it worth it?]

Anis asked something different from Christina. Because he knows that asking if he’s okay is of little use in combat.

“If only today.”

Eugene answered and stood up. Anis knew that Eugene and Hamel would answer like that. This battle is sudden. Not everyone here was prepared to fight the demon lord.

You have to fight nonetheless. You must fight and win. It means that the demon king must be killed in this sea.

“What about Senya?”

“You can ask me directly.”

A grumbling voice could be heard from afar.

When the demon king gathered his mana. The one who suffered the most was Senya, not Eugene, who was attacked. Mana is a different kind of power than mana. The magical power under the perfect control of the Demon King gave a blow to Senya, who made mana circulate like a star in this space.

“No problem.”

Senya’s voice was heard in the wriggling mass of darkness. I couldn’t see her face, but her voice was still there.

Crunchy, Crunchy! The mass cracked, and multicolored lights burst out. Senya, who walked out with the light, glared at the sky and spat out.

“Damn bitch.”

The power of the demonic spear was fired directly into the body. But with just that, the demon lord won’t die. Even now, the demon king was standing in the sky and looking down at everyone.

Eugene lifted his cloak toward the falling magic spear. shhh! The magic spear that flew in according to the will entered the cloak. Seeing this, the demon king couldn’t help but laugh.

“He exudes mana uncharacteristic of a hero, and even handles the demon lord’s weapons perfectly. Are you really a warrior?”

It was a question that didn’t need an answer. Eugene grabbed the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword again. The demon king narrowed his eyes thinly.

The sea was shaken by a huge explosion. The dark sea parted and the waves spread. The fluttering water drops were swept away by flames and mana.

Eugene jumped through space and reached the Demon King. Attack at close range. Although he wielded two swords, his slashes were countless. When he wielded the holy sword, the sword’s black flame and white holy power intertwined. The pale moonlight radiated an ominous glow even from its center.

A chain of unstoppable slashes. The demon king’s arms were split into hundreds and thousands of pieces in the sura light kill with only intent to kill. Flesh and blood were not scattered. When the slash had passed, the demon king’s arm had already been regenerated, and the clenched fist pierced the light beam with black magic.

cooong! Eugene’s body pushed back. cooong! The shock beyond that hit the Demon King’s body. It was an attack that could not be understood or detected that penetrated the mana wrapped around the body. The flash of magic created only for violence pierced the demon king’s body.

The flash did not end in one line. The light that penetrated the body scattered into countless pieces and then wandered around the demon king.

Kwagwagwang! Dust exploded. The death of the body did not pose the slightest threat to the current demon king. Death did not stop accidents.

The demon king’s body was reborn. As if waiting, a circle of light appeared in the sky. Cristina and Anise aimed at the Demon King with their stigmatized left hands.

What is needed to unfold a miracle is earnest prayer. The prayers of the two saints reached the demon king.

Whoa! The dazzling light pushed away the demon king’s darkness. The light drawn in a straight line crossed the demon realm. For Eugene, that light became the way to run.

A murderous intent that shudders the mind. The demon king glared at the killing intent.

When I fought the demon king of slaughter, the demon king of misery, and the demon king of madness.

When fighting the demon king of confinement.

How many stars did Vermouth’s white salt ceremony have? Was his white salt meal complete since then?

I don’t think so. Of course, from the beginning, Vermouth was strong unlike a human. That’s why his power wasn’t perfected from scratch.

Completion doesn’t end there. Vermouth continued to grow stronger. No matter how much Hamel hurried, it was stronger for Vermouth to move away than for Hamel to catch up. Vermouth got stronger every time he went through a battle, and even in the battle with the Demon King—- he got stronger every moment.

‘Now, I.’

7 stars of the white salt ceremony. There is a holy sword. There is a moonlight sword. There are magic spears, crushing weights, and many other weapons. I have a past life experience. When all conditions are considered, it cannot be said that it is inferior to vermouth.

‘It should be stronger than the vermouth I used to know.’

shouldn’t be able to It shouldn’t even be similar. There is neither vermouth nor moron here. To kill the Demon King now, of course, you have to be stronger than Vermouth 300 years ago.

Eugene—- Hamel’s memory of vermouth. There was no need to worry about recalling it. How Vermouth fought. how strong the vermouth was. Hamel knows that better than anyone else. It was Hamel who fought the closest with Vermouth.

“I am.”

Just as Eugene conveyed his intent to kill to the demon king, the demon king also gave his intent to kill to Yujin. The demon king’s murderous intent shrinks the body and drives the mind crazy.

“It kills you.”

Each letter contains the intent to kill. Eugene’s eyes shone like fireworks. If earnest prayer causes a miracle, then what happened inside Eugene right now can also be called a miracle.

What Eugene desperately wanted was the intent to kill the demon king. What I hoped for was that the light of this ideal would go beyond my limits.

White salt 7 stars. The seven stars in his chest distorted. Even with such a change, the mana moving within the body did not distort in the slightest. Rather, it flowed more violently and sparked to realize Eugene’s wish.

Prominence, which had been burning in dark purple, soared with an explosion. Black spots spread on the flames of mana, just like when the air swords were stacked, and the single wing became completely black.


The speed seemed to be an exception to the rules that were taken for granted in the world. However, Eugene’s will was strong and sharp, and the intent to kill together did not let go of the demon king.


For the first time, instead of laughter, a painful moan came out of the demon king’s mouth.

This—- not death. But it was more painful than death. Just by touching it, it was as if mana was oxidized and scars were drawn all over the existence itself.

‘what’s this?’

Lived 300 years. They still have memories of the wartime era when battles were commonplace.

I have fought against humans such as knights, wizards, and priests. He has even fought against the hero Vermouth. After the war, he also fought against demons. Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. She became the Demon King, and even now, she has fought against demons with a power greater than that of the Demon King, with a slim chance of winning.

But in any battle, I had never felt the same way. This force is heterogeneous. It is different from humans and different from demons.

But—- I knew this much. This power never went well with words like ‘hero’ or ‘light’. This power was more violent, terrible, and ominous than those words.

“under! ha ha ha!”

The demon king contorted his face in pain and burst into laughter while coughing up black blood. Red eyes flashed as he looked at Eugene right in front of him.

“You, you are a hero?!”

A power of this nature is a hero? The Demon King laughed madly and raised his powers. Darkness exploded between Eugene and the Demon King, who were moving together. Eugene was not swept away. Before being pushed away by darkness, Prominence pinned the demon lord down with magical energy.

The dark demon mirror crashed with the demon king. The sea, which had been dyed black like an endless abyss, received the demon king’s body. Wow! The moment the ship was hit, the sea evaporated and a large hole was created.

The demon king stood in the middle and raised both arms. Surprised by the sudden change in Eugene, Senya, Cristina, and Anise hurriedly matched their pace.

‘What is it?’

Senya glanced at Eugene as he descended into the sea.

I understood why the demon king said such a thing. The prominence that soared on Eugene’s back was burning with black flames, and even the flames of mana flying from Eugene were black.

heterogeneous appearance. It is the exact opposite color of the sacred, noble, pure white flame of vermouth.

But, but. Senya felt Hamel and Eugene in that flame. What is here right now is not Vermouth Lionheart. It is the reincarnation of Hamel Dynas, Eugene Lionheart. Three hundred years ago, that man was far from holiness or nobility.

That’s why that flame suited Eugene.

[ah… … .]

Cristina looked at Eugene. Anis also saw Eugene. Christina did not feel it, but Anise, the angel, felt something in that flame.

But—-she didn’t quite understand herself as to whether what she was thinking right now made sense.

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