Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 12

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“Then you should drink. Don’t worry, I’ll roll it up strong and delicious. After a few drinks, you will be able to talk about your desires without shame.”

The succubus who was sitting with me got up. Soon after, the succubus came with two goblets. 

“Can I have a drink too?”

whoever wants to be my sister Yujin took a drink while thinking about that. It’s my first time drinking alcohol with this body, do you want to drink well? There’s no way that a proud body that doesn’t feel fatigue without making small illnesses can’t be weak in alcohol. Eugene thought so and brought his wine glass to his lips. 

‘…I even took medicine for this.’

A sweet smell mixed with the smell of alcohol. It was the smell of psychedelic weed that only grows wild in Helmude. Since the quality of the succubus is deteriorating, it seems that they are using hallucinogenic herbs as well. 

‘but. There’s no way a high-ranking succubus would sell a dream on a street like this.’

From the smell, it’s not that strong. Eugene took a sip of alcohol to test his body’s tolerance. Throat throbs. The taste of alcohol I drank for the first time after reincarnation was quite good. However, the aftertaste was bad because the place was f*cked up. 

“You drink well.”

The succubus giggles. Eugene put down the drink he had taken a sip of. And I looked at the reaction that took place inside his body. The heat that warmed my stomach rushes to my head and shakes my consciousness. 

‘I’m also born with tolerance.’

Drink the rest of the drink. Then, look inside the store.

‘There are people who go down, but there are no people who come up.’

Eugene put down the empty wine glass.

“Go down.”


“The alcohol is tasteless.”

“Aha… Are you ashamed to say it here? You don’t have to worry about that… Shall we go to the bedroom first?”

The succubus felt regret inside. I tried to add to the price by making him drink a few more drinks. However, it is impossible to ignore the customer’s request. The succubus got up with Eugene and headed underground. 

“It’s a bit scary.”


“It’s my first time doing something like this.”

“You don’t have to worry. I take my regular, but I’m just a little tired the next day.”

“Are you getting money while taking the regular?”


“If you get a regular period, shouldn’t you not be getting paid?”

“No… uh… Instead, it makes me have good dreams.”

“Come to think of it, I can’t do it because it’s unfair. It’s a dream that I can have even when I sleep alone, so why do I have to pay for it on top of my regular routine?”

Eugene did not enter the bedroom, but only checked the shape of the underground hallway. He shook off the succubus’ hand and pulled out his wallet.

“I’ll just sleep in my bed, so I just pay for the drinks and go.”

“What are all these guys doing?”

“Things like that happen, too. It’s scary and unfair, but what can I do?”

I took a million-cell check from my wallet and handed it to the succubus. The succubus was dumbfounded, but accepted the money he gave. 

“You don’t have to give me change.”

“Uh… uh uh, yes.”

Are you sick? Or is it a hogu? Either way, it wasn’t a bad thing for the succubus. One million cells is more expensive than two cheap drinks. 

“Goodbye… next time… come back when you’re ready. I’ll deal with you even then. My name is…”

“You don’t have to tell me. Where are you going?”

“…Let me guide you.”

The room at the end of the hallway. The inside looked like a warehouse, but there were stairs leading up. Eugene left the succubus and went up the stairs. 

“Did you have a pleasant dream?”

Above was a restaurant. Drinking alcohol, and the energy in the dream was sucked, so it seems to mean to eat at a restaurant. Eugene opened the wallet she was still holding and handed the money to the man.

“You already paid the bill…”

“A quiet corner.”


“What kind of food is good?”

Why is the young bastard talking half-heartedly? That’s what I thought, but the man smiled and politely accepted the money.

“The specialty of this restaurant is the magma stew. The spicy taste pierces the stomach. There was plenty of meat in it too.”

“By adding meat.”


The nameless restaurant was just as noisy as the first floor of Rafflesia. This is because in addition to dream guests, regular customers are also accepted. The black market was not limited to illegal shops. There should be a restaurant here too. 

Eugene sat in a corner seat and put on a hood. The customer was not the only one who acted like that. Thanks to this, Eugene was able to eat without being noticed by others. 

how long has it been There were quite a few people coming up from the underground, but Iod was nowhere to be seen. As time passed, Eugene ordered several more dishes. The food was quite edible.


When the fourth dish is completely emptied. 

Iod came up the stairs. He couldn’t see his face because the hood was pulled over, but Eugene clearly remembered Iod’s physique. And a hand exposed beneath the hem of his sleeve. The calloused hand must have been Iod’s hand. He staggers even from how much he’s been drinking. That alone makes me so annoyed, 

Iodine did not come up alone. A few guys from the underground are supporting Iod. It was not a succubus, but a demon with horns on its head. two men, one woman. Seeing that, a hot fever rose in Yujin’s chest. 

‘Not only did he play with the dreamer, but he was supported by the demon?’

As soon as the iodine comes up, the two people sitting in the restaurant get up. They naturally paid the bill and went out of the restaurant, while exchanging glances with the demons. 

The hooded head bobbs. Iodine and daemons go outside. Eugene confirmed it and stood up. 

As time passed, the number of people on the street decreased. Eugene checked the direction Iod and the unknown party were going, then turned and headed in the opposite direction. I followed Iod around the building that I could see straight away.

‘Where are you going?’

A few blocks past. Iod was still supported, and went into a building. There are no signs. After confirming that they had entered, Eugene went closer to the building. 

The moment you try to push the closed door.

“Hey kid. You came to the wrong house.”

Three tall men walked out of the alley next to the building. They glared at Yu-jin with grim faces.

“This is not a shop, so get out of here.”

“Then what are you doing?”



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“Are you going to turn it off?”

“My friend is very short when we first met.”

“f*ck off.”

“Shall we go inside and talk instead of talking here?”

“Is this kid crazy? Are grown-ups funny?”

The guy strides forward and grabs Yujin by the collar.

“It’s funny.”

“You come here.” 

The man smelled alcohol from Eugene. he spat as he dragged her Eugene down her alley. 

“If I was drunk, I would go home and go to sleep.

I need to beat him moderately, earn some pocket money, and then kick him out. The men thought so and exchanged glances. Eugene guessed the obvious intention, and obediently went into the alley. 

“First take out your wallet…”

I had come to the alley without the surrounding eyes, so there was no need to listen.

I pressed the arm that was gripped by the collar and punched the slightly tilted man’s chin with my fist. The man’s consciousness was cut off before he could finish his words.

“You crazy bastard!”

The remaining two yelled and pounced on Eugene. 


The two fell to the floor unable to swing their fists properly. Eugene kicked them and continued talking. 

“Now tell me. What are you doing here?”

“Mo… I don’t know.”

“It’s fine if you don’t know.”

f*ck! Eugene kicked the man in the jaw and turned her around. 

“Because it’s quicker and more comfortable to see in person than to hear.”

Bolero Street

I went with the suspicious guys and entered a building without a sign. That alone is suspicious, but the big and tough guys yell at me.

it’s a dirty place

Eugene grabbed the doorknob. He turns around a few times, but the locked door won’t open. From physical locks to magic. can you break it Eugene didn’t worry about that.

The star in the heart shines. Eugene confirmed the flow of mana he felt in the doorknob.

I felt rewarded that I was introduced to magic. In the past, she would have just pushed through with force, but now she is able to know the forms of mana that make up her magic.

Even so, the method does not change. It’s just that it doesn’t require as much power as before. As a result, it is broken by force. If Eugene had a higher level of magic, it would be impossible for Eugene now to unlock the locking magic with magic.

Materialized mana covers Eugene’s hand. She puts that mana into her lock spell. Thanks to her ability to see the shape of her mana, it was easy to slash her powers.

Of course, to break magic in this way, you need to know how to handle mana beyond your hands and feet. It was an impossible task even for a fairly advanced master, but Eugene did it easily.


The method was less ignorant, but the result was ignorance. The doorknob twisted with force is completely smashed. Eugene confirmed that the locking magic was broken and lifted his foot.


Break the lock with a kick. The door opened, and Eugene went inside without hesitation. He was not without boundaries. Eugene put his hand on the need hanging from his waist.

This alone was not enough, so it was an excessive boundary. As long as the weapon is in your hand, you can pull it out and wield it in any situation. Eugene was sure of him.

“… Huh.”

I can’t see the front very well.

full of thick smoke Sticky to the throat, savory yet sweet taste of smoke. My senses are numb, and my vision is dizzy. White Flame Mana spreads throughout the body. Mild dizziness goes away immediately.

“It must have been a raccoon den.”

Yujin laughed and murmured. Strange sounds leak from the closed rooms. It’s a place you might find on a street like this, but to come to a place like this as soon as you dream of a succubus. Yujin’s eyes cooled coldly.

“They say you need a place to breathe, but this isn’t it.”

You won’t be able to breathe properly in a place like this. Even the dream of a succubus rots the mind, and if you suck drugs from a raccoon den, it will literally puncture your brain. Yujin moved forward, clearing the smoke that was blocking her.

“What are you? How did you get in?”

“Block the door!”

Men who used to suck drugs in a corner get up. Humans, Beasts, Demons. This raccoon den was a place of tribal dialogue. Yujin stumbled and clapped heartily at the approaching guys.

“If you had been born 300 years ago, the world would have been able to join hands in love and peace.”

“What is this bastard talking about?”

“That’s right, you bastards.”

Eugene did not choose Winid. He didn’t even run into it himself. The star in the heart moves. ㅡPaba Park! The magic missile created in an instant penetrates the smoke.

Even though they were intoxicated, those who tried to defeat the intruder were quite confident in their skills.

Magic Missile is a Circle 1 attack magic. Not fast, not strong. Such magic could be avoided with a snort.

It should be, but I couldn’t avoid it. I tried to avoid it by reacting immediately, but the dizzying trajectory of the bullets made it inevitable.

‘It’s obvious.’

There’s no way I can’t read those guys’ evasion moves. To be honest, I was confident that I could hit everything even if I closed my eyes.

“Where is the iodine?”

“Turn it off…”

“You can’t talk. Because I can find it.”

Eugene muttered that and squeezed Winid. With an eerie sound, a silver-blue blade appears. The scattered men catch their breath at the sight of them.

Die. Eugene did not spew outright murder, but he intuited a future that the weak’s instincts could not go against. They gave up resistance and crouched down, covering their heads.

However, Eugene did not swing his sword, but raised it towards the ceiling. ㅡHwaaaak! A fierce wind engulfs Winid. Sylph, the lower spirit of the wind. However, the sylph summoned by Eugene created a wind so fierce that one could hardly think of it as a low-level spirit.

White salt 3 stars. With the current mana, even intermediate level spirits can be summoned, but Eugene did not dare to do so.

It was decided that it was overwhelmingly better to increase the number of sylphs that consume less mana and give them stronger control than to summon a middle-level spirit to increase mana all the time. Eugene’s talent was too great to rely unconditionally on the spirit’s power.


Those who were scattered looked at Eugene with fearful eyes. He was holding Winid up in the center of a great wind. ㅡQuarrrr! The wind moves. The wind blowing in all directions scattered the smoke and shattered the tightly closed doors and walls.

“What, what?!”

The drug addicts in the closed room scream. Eugene glanced back at them. Disorganized, messy, unsightly sights. The iodine was not there.

You didn’t have to go looking for it yourself. Sylphs scattered with the wind roam the entire building. upstairs. Eugene acted with boiling irritation. Kwak! The combined magic missiles shattered the ceiling, and the wind lifted Eugene’s body.

3rd Floor.

Eugene arrived in a hallway covered in smoke and dust. The sylphs that followed buzzed and created wind. Dispersing the smoke like that, Eugene strode into the hallway.

There is only one room at the end of this place. The iodine is there. Looking straight ahead at the closed door, Eugene’s steps slid sideways.


An eerie sound passes the side of your head. Eugene moved the wind without panicking. ㅡAww! The wind gathered in one place bursts like a cannonball. Falling from the ceiling, the ambush fell on the wall and vomited blood. It was one of the two guys waiting for Iod at the restaurant.

“If you’re going to aim, you should aim for the back properly, you cheeky bastard.”

Eugene clicked his tongue at him and put his left hand into his chest.

The attack didn’t end there. The door didn’t open, but black attack magic penetrated the door and attacked Eugene. Eugene snorted at him and took out his hand from his chest.

What was roughly thrown away was a luxurious wooden box from the auction house. A fragment of the moonlight sword that was awarded at the auction house.


The magic split into dozens of branches and swept the wall. Those fragments neither break nor accept mana.

“Performance sure.”

Eugene snatched up the debris that had fallen on the floor and spat out. The shape of the sword was not left at all, but the characteristics of the moonlight sword remained intact in this small fragment.

“That one, it was deadly if hit.”

Yujin glanced ahead and continued. Beyond the shattered door stands a man in a black robe. Even though the clothes were blatant, the magic he fired was unmistakably black magic.

“who are you?”

The black magician who had shot the magic calmed down his surprised heart. It was a magic that I decided to shoot, but it was blocked by an unknown method. Is that just magic? Haven’t you ever heard of such a defense magic?

“Why are you making such a fuss?”

It was Eugene who attacked unilaterally. He beat the gatekeeper, smashed the door and came in, smashed the ceiling from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor and climbed up. It was also a way to feel unfair for them.

But Eugene didn’t know. Therefore, he did not explain the circumstances or reveal his name. Escaping from reality through the dream of a succubus is pitiful, but understandable. But the drugs went too far. And besides, you’re hanging out with motherf*ckin’ bastards who shoot black magic.

‘Don’t get involved with black magic.’

Regarding this, Guillaid had given a stern warning. But the real son. The one who is said to be Vermouth’s enemy.


Eugene put a fragment of the moonlight sword into his chest and spat it out.

“If you run away now, I won’t catch you.”

“You’re like a cheeky kid…!”

“Do you know where you are and in front of whom you are rampaging?”

“He’s running amok in front of Iod Lionheart.”

Even more pathetic and feverish.

While this commotion is going on, Iod doesn’t even raise his head, let alone his voice. Drunk with alcohol and drugs, he was buried in a large bed and laughing.

“That proud boy can’t even comprehend the situation.”


The warlock yelled out loud. Demons near Iod move. These are the guys who helped Iod from the restaurant. There were three Demons who directly blew themselves.

‘I have everything.’

The five people who came to this raccoon den with Iod. One of them is pinned to the wall, and one is chanting a spell in front of it.


The star in the heart resonates. Pure white flames engulf Eugene’s whole body. Fireworks fly in line with the forward movement. Eugene lowered his upper body and pulled Winid back.

A lion with a white mane hides its claws. You don’t have to run first. When the demons entered the gap, Winid moved. Pooh! Lion’s claws tear through the front.


Blood spurted from the chest of the demon that hurriedly attacked. Only then did Eugene take a step forward. The wind that wrapped around her blade exploded. Damon’s body, which was frightened and slowed down, was blown away by the wind.


Daemon, who was right behind him, was frightened by the sight and backed away. However, it was much faster for Eugene to dig in than to retreat. Daemon turned his fingernails into blades and hurriedly swung them, but before he could wield them properly, his wrists were severed.

I couldn’t even scream in pain. Eugene’s hand, which approached firmly, covered Daemon’s face. ㅡ Kkwajik! Eugene threw Daemon to the ground.

“Mmm, crazy.”

The warlock’s face turned pale. Eugene’s skills are also skills, but the white flames that covered his entire body startled the black magician. That scattering ember, the lion’s mane. There is only one mana training method that causes such a unique phenomenon in the vast world.

Baek Yeom-sik of Lionheart’s home.

“Are you Eugene Lionheart…?”

The warlock couldn’t continue the spell anymore. He walked backwards in a cold sweat, and even lowered his cane. Yujin brushed off the blood on his hands and stood up.


At that moment, the warlock was contemplating whether to resist or be calm.

Neither side can change the worst. rather. The black magician’s eyes contain the intent to kill. He gently moved his lowered staff.

“…well, wait a minute… explain the situation…”

As I spit out the words, I tried to attract a little bit of good time. But Eugene had no intention of listening to her. She said get out of the way, she did, and she didn’t get out of the way. With that, what Eugene would do was decided.

Eugene quickly closed the distance and reached out to the black magician. The time given is too short for proper magic to unfold. The black magician recklessly burst mana. Although it lacked the mystery and power to match magic, the mana that exploded blindly blocked Eugene’s path.

I didn’t feel like a hindrance. The sword body is covered by the wind. She added a sword to it. Her unformed mana could not prevent her from Eugene’s slash.

‘This crazy…!’

Did you ever imagine that it would cut so easily? I couldn’t believe he was only 17 years old.


I felt that way, but

Eugene’s sword stopped in front of the warlock’s throat. The black magician trembled, unable to swallow his saliva in case his throat was cut.

“Stay still.”

Eugene spat that out and passed the warlock. Iod was still drunk and drugged. However, Eugene did not approach Iod, but slowly turned his head to look at the side of the bed.

A grotesquely wriggling lump of flesh.

“If you are in there.”

Eugene pointed to the flesh. It’s not just a lump of flesh. That is a ‘cup’ used for ceremonies.

“If it is a human heart. You know how to be skinned alive and cut off toes first.”

“Oh, no.”

The warlock immediately knelt in his seat.

“It’s not a human heart in there. Mo, the heart of the monster.”

“Which monster?”


Eugene didn’t listen any further and checked the inside of the bowl himself. Indeed, I could see a heart that was too large for a human and had a slightly bluish glow. A unicorn has strong mana and holy power as it is called a divine beast.

If used as a ‘sacrifice’, the heart of a unicorn is much more valuable than a human heart.

“…Are you the Demon King?”

“How dare you… How could someone like me arrange a contract with the Demon Kings?”

“Then who is it?”

“…Helmud’s… Baron Olfer…”

The warlock bowed his head and replied. It’s a name I don’t know. Eugene squinted her eyes and turned to the warlock.

“Who is that bastard?”

“This is an incubus under the command of Duke Jebela.”

“Duke of Jebela? Are you talking about Noir Jebela?”


Noir Jebela. The dream queen. Yujin laughed and shook her head. It’s no surprise that the damned succubus has been alive for 300 years. In the distant past, Helmud was nothing more than a country and was just a hell ruled by five demon kings, but now Helmud has become a country ruled by both confinement and destruction.

Although she cannot stand side by side with the Demon King, if she is a queen who stands at the top of the dream, she is worthy of being called a duke.

“So… this bastard… tried to make a deal with an incubus under Noir Jebela, who was only a baron… you mean?”

“Yu, Eugene.”

“Dedicated to the heart of a unicorn, obsessed with drugs and alcohol, only with Baron Incubus. Did I understand it right?”

“It was Lord Iod’s wish…!”

The warlock put his head on the ground and spoke hastily.

“I just listened to Lord Iod’s request. The price to purchase the heart of the unicorn was also given by Lord Iod. I, I was requested by Lord Iod… and I couldn’t refuse the order.”

“Of course I can’t refuse. How happy would you have been? That asshole, the eldest son of the Lionheart family. He didn’t even pay you to arrange a contract with your master. If it had happened, you would have received a lot of energy from that damn Olfer.”


“No, I can’t just give you strength. If the contract worked, that damn bitch Noir would have signed you.”

To sign a contract with that Lionheart, Vermouth’s descendant.

“You arranged the contract out of greed, too. So don’t blame others and keep your mouth shut, if you don’t want to be killed.”

The warlock couldn’t make any more excuses. Eugene’s killing spree was too ferocious and frightening to open his mouth hastily. Eugene stopped staring at the warlock and looked at Iod. Eyes wide open. A drooling mouth.

let’s calm down

Eugene took a deep breath and looked at Iod’s face again. 

“This bastard.”

I couldn’t calm down.

Eugene spat out a harsh curse and slapped Iod on the cheek.

Iodine Lionheart (This is a paid version)


The bed shakes with a terrifying sound that is hard to believe it was a slap. The emotion-laden slap suddenly woke up the spirit that was stricken with alcohol and drugs.


Iod screams. My mind awoke, but I couldn’t grasp the situation. As he held his sore cheek and lifted his head, Eugene pushed Iod’s hand aside.

“Can you come to your senses?”

As I asked, he slapped me again. It would be more accurate to say that he was beating rather than beating. The bed collapsed, and Iod’s legs moved up.



He raises his hand to strike another blow, but Iod waves his arms. Even though I only slapped him twice, he sheds thick tears. The inside of his cheek was torn and covered in blood, and his teeth were shattered, so it was natural for him to feel pain.

Are you crying? The 19-year-old guy, not from an ordinary family, the eldest son of the Lionheart family, the descendant of that vermouth! Are you crying because you got slapped twice? Iod’s tears did not cool Eugene’s anger. On the contrary, the squeamishness made her even more angry.

“What are you doing well?”

“Who… who are you? Why are you… here?”

“Are you pretending not to know, or are you really not recognizing? You can do that, you drank and took drugs. Even my parents won’t recognize that much.”

Eugene reached out his hand while speaking in a calm voice. Iod flinched and crouched down on his body. He was dumbfounded and pathetic as he pulled the bloody blanket over his head.

“…So, I’ll make you come to your senses first. Turn your head.”

“Who… who are you?”

“It is really serious. you still can’t figure it out? I can’t help it, it has to be more right. It hurts less so I can’t come to my senses. If you get hit a few more times, you’ll come to your senses even if you don’t like it.”

“That, stop. Don’t hit me…”

“First, remove the blanket. don’t block If you block it and hit it wrong, it will be a big problem.”

just said so Eugene didn’t wait for Iod to clear his hand. He pulled down the blanket himself and removed his hand from his head.

One cheek was swollen from being slapped, and blood flowed from the chapped lips. Eugene grabbed Iod’s nose and turned his head to the side.


Screaming or not, Eugene slapped two evenly on the opposite cheek. Then he grabbed Iod’s head with both hands.

“Can you come to your senses now?”

“Turn off… turn off…”

“Oh sorry. I might not be able to recognize you because I have changed a bit now.”

I felt that way too late. Eugene immediately released the transformation magic and returned to his original form. Only then did Iod’s eyes widen. He stammered out his tear-filled eyes and trembled.

“Yoo, Yu, Eugene.”

“Hello, brother.”

“You… uh, how are you here?”

“I followed my brother.”

I wanted to do more double bathing, but Eugene personally called Iod hyung.

“What are you thinking?”

“…uh… uh?”

“What are you thinking, brother? I mean, I tried to understand that my older brother was having a lot of trouble, right? Since my older brother’s reality is shit, he tried to understand at least what it was like to play in a sweet dream.”

“I… I…”

“It seems pathetic and stupid, but it wasn’t something I couldn’t understand. Being fast to a succubus is your brother’s regularity, isn’t it? It’s hyung-nim who escapes reality, and it’s hyung-nim who only satisfies himself in dreams. But this is not it.”

Kwak. Eugene pressed Iod’s temple with both hands. Both of Iod’s eyes become bloodshot red from the pressure applied. He twisted his body to free himself from Eugene’s grasp, but Eugene refused to let go of Iod.

“No black magic.”

“Turn off… turn off…”

“The one who is said to be the son of Lionheart’s family. The candidate for the next family head… is he trying to make a contract with the demons? And something like an incubus?”

“That, that, can’t be helped…”

“What can’t be helped, you crazy bastard!”

Eugene yelled out loud.

“You didn’t enter into black magic the right way, do you know what happens when you enter through a contract? Your soul becomes the possession of the demons. If he dies, he dies, and if he dies, he becomes a slave who must be killed.”

There are two ways to get into black magic.

One is to control demons yourself. It’s something you can’t do in a hurry. Unless you are a truly outstanding wizard, you cannot control demons with your own power.

As a result, most warlocks use a different method. A contract with the demons. Even with humble skills, a contract can be made, and without having to control the demon himself, he receives the demon from the demon who signed the contract.

Most of the black magicians grow their power with magic that has been handed over to the demons. Even with minor qualities, you can quickly rise to the top, but no matter how strong you become, you can’t escape the position of being a member of the demon tribe.

“Do you think this is entirely your problem? What if you become a black magician? The prestige of the family, yes, for now, that too will be thrown into the gutter. And that’s not all. What if the demon you contracted with told you to kill your mother? kill your father and brother What would you do if I told you to bring the Lionheart’s family’s white salt meal and treasures?”

“No, I said there was no need to follow unconditionally.”

Iod protested with an expression of regret.

“I said I would take care of the convenience…! I won’t give you an impossible, unreasonable order… uh, I promised.”

“who? That f*cking incubus bastard? Hey you asshole, do you think demons are dragons or elves? Promises to them are as light as flipping the palm of your hand.”

“Ha… but… the ancestors were with the Demon King…”

“That’s because the f*cking opponent is the Demon King! Do you think the promise of the incubus Naburaeng has great power?”

Eugene yelled and grabbed Iod by the collar instead of letting go of his head.

“You don’t have to follow me unconditionally? yes no You can refuse orders if you’re willing to die. But can you really do that? Can you disobey instead of dying?”


“I can do anything. A bastard who couldn’t even take care of herself and ran away with alcohol and dreams.”

“Yes… you…”

Iod gave strength to his voice with tears running down his face.

“You… what the hell do you know, are you blaming me?”

“Oh, good.”

Yujin smiled and nodded.

“There is a situation, right? Say it once, brother.”

“You, you don’t know. you…! Since four years ago, you have received everyone’s attention… You became the adopted son of the head family, and received a lot of support from your father and the head of the family…!”

“If anyone hears it, they will know that you have been discriminated against. My brother also supported me. Did you go to Youngmaek? Did you also inherit the white salt ceremony? He said he wanted to learn magic, so he sent him to Alot, and he was given the opportunity to become a disciple of the Lord of the Mage Tower. right?”


“I got the same as my brother. I am proud not because the family head discriminates against me, but because I was born good.”

At those words, Iod’s shoulders trembled.

“As much as I was born good, I put in a lot of effort. I bet you did a lot more than your older brother?”

“Innate… talent… is inevitable…!”

“So you tried to get into black magic? Did you try to sign a contract with an incubus or something, throw your family name in the shit, and give it your all? So, how good can you be?”

Eugene let go of Iod’s collar. Then he raised his finger proudly and pointed at the warlock lying on the floor.

“That bastard. Even if I fight with my eyes closed, I’ll cut you to death within 10 seconds.”


“Black magic is just that. Do you think the power you’ll get from contracting with an incubus is amazing? Oh yeah. Maybe I’ll make a contract with the Dream Demon Queen, using him as a middle leg. You must have expected that too, right?”

Iod’s cheeks trembled. also. Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“Yeah, if you sign a direct contract with Noir Jevela, it will be pretty strong. But what do you do with it Do you think you can become a householder with the power of black magic?”

“Me, I am.”

Iod opened his eyes and continued to speak with difficulty.

“I have no desire to become Lionheart’s family head…!”

“Then what were you trying to do?”

“I… Heh, I will become a warlock and go to Helmud. In that free place… My worth will be recognized…!”

“아 이 개새끼가.”

Eugene twisted his face and hit Iod on the head.

“What are you trying to get recognized by the demons? Is it better to be recognized by the demons than to be recognized by your family? Do you really think they’ll approve of you? Something is wrong, brother. If you don’t have the background of being in the red from your family, your older brother has no value.”

“That’s why, even more, there is no need! I didn’t want to become the head of the household, nor did I want to be born as the eldest son of my family! I am free, doing what I want to do…”

“I’m hungry.”


“With the background I have, I receive support to do what I want to do freely. What and how?”

“That… can’t be helped…”

“Okay, no need to hear more. Just know this for now, brother. I can’t understand you, and I don’t want to understand you. What do you talk about with a bastard who thinks only he is unfair and difficult? A bastard who had things that others couldn’t have even if they wanted to have them, why are they whining and making so many excuses?”

Eugene grumbled and withdrew from Iod.

“While Hyung-nim was drunk and dreaming in Arot, Xian and Ciel, who were left at the main house, were working really hard. Not to mention me.”


“It’s just like that.”

It wasn’t worth talking further. Eugene quickly turned around and kicked the back of the warlock who was quietly kneeling.

“100 million!”

“Stay calm, don’t mess around.”

“I-I didn’t do anything…!”

“know. But in your mind, you might have thought of an altercation, right?”

The black magician’s body trembled. Can that monstrous kid even read other people’s minds? Of course, Eugene can’t read other people’s minds. I just kicked it once because I couldn’t relieve my annoyance.

“Did you really come up with a trick? to turn around.”

Eugene did not miss the warlock’s flinch. He kicked the black magic body once more, and he rolled on the ground with a pitiful scream.


There are laws even in these unsettled streets. The guards in charge of this street close their eyes to the noise in the street with adherence and unwritten rules, but this time the noise was too much.

Buildings shaking in the middle of the street, walls collapsing, and so on. It was a commotion that the guards who were enjoying the streets and killing time could not turn a blind eye to.

“Eugene… Mr. Lionheart…”

The head of the guard, who had arrived with a red face, hesitated. f*cked. Only those three letters lingered in my head, where the spirit of alcohol was gone. Accidents on Bolero Street are commonplace, but never before has a tycoon of this magnitude been involved. In the first place, such tycoons do not make a big fuss when they get involved in an accident.

“It was self-defense.”

Eugene pointed to the surroundings proudly.

“My drunken brother was helped and brought here, so I just followed him because I wanted to be kidnapped. He also asked what he was doing to block the front so he couldn’t enter. But why are you threatening me and trying to take my money?”


“So I fought to protect myself and my wallet. In this…”

“Um, I know what you mean.”

The captain of the guard laughed desperately, sweating profusely.

“We will do post-processing. So, if Yujin-nim goes away…”

“I will take my brother. And that bastard too.”

Eugene pointed to the warlock and said. Then the black magician looked at the captain of the guard with a desperate expression.

It was an embarrassing thing. Drugs are also illegal in Arot. Only words are illegal, but they are circulated and used without knowing it, but it was an unwritten rule that it was unwritten that it was revealed that there was a drug den in the middle of the street.

Even more so, the Warlock and the Lionheart family became entangled. If you send it like this, the head of the guard will fly away. There are countless prominent figures involved in this street, but as long as things have happened like this, they will cut off the head of the guard regardless of the street and try to cover it up.

“That… I’m sorry, but I don’t think it will work. We interrogate that warlock separately…”

“Shut up.”

A cold voice came down from the sky. Yujin, who was looking at the captain of the guard with sad eyes, raised his head and looked at the sky.

Loberian stood high in the sky.

“How can I trust you, who have closed their eyes to what is happening in my section, and entrust them with interrogation?”

“I, the Red Pagoda Lord.”

“I will take care of this on my own. If you have any complaints, call the Chief of Security. I don’t think he’ll hold on to this and confront me, though.”

Loberian comes down. The chief of guards said nothing and hung his head. It wasn’t just the captain of the guard who bowed his head like that.

‘Damn it, you got home sooner.’

The black magician’s face is horribly crumpled. There’s no way the news has already reached that distant red mage tower? I don’t understand how the owner of the red pagoda, who doesn’t care much about anything other than magic, was able to come so quickly.

“Sorry for calling you because you’re busy.”

“it’s okay.”

Loberian answered with a simmering breath. It was Eugene who called Loberian. He had the guide run errands through the terminal. It would be okay to sell Lionheart’s name, but he thought it would be neater to benefit from Loberian rather than selling the family name in a foreign country.

“What’s going on…”

“I understand the situation.”

Loberian shook his head.

“…This misfortune must have happened because I was negligent.”

Iod’s body trembled.

“…playing with a succubus. To forget the bitterness of reality with a dream. I thought it was a necessary rest… but I was wrong. Eugene, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me.”

“No, I must apologize. Of course, I apologize to Gilreid-sama and Theonis-sama, but I also showed an ugly sight to Eugene-sama. And he did what I had to do.”

The same goes for Loberian, who does not recognize warlocks. Just as the wise Senya, whom he serves as their master, detests warlocks, so do her disciples detest warlocks.

Especially since Loberian is Gilreid’s old friend, he knows how absurd it is for Lionheart to be involved in black magic.

“I, the Red Pagoda Lord.”

Iod trembled and raised his voice.

“This… so… Ha, I didn’t. I am not initiated into black magic.”

“I was going to.”

Loberian stared at Iod with cold eyes.

“Iod. You… You have blasphemed Lionheart’s name. I blasphemed Lord Gilreid, who trusted me and entrusted you to me. Also, you insulted Samuel, who taught you, and you insulted me, who took care of all your accommodations.”

“Oh, no. It wasn’t meant to be. only…”

“If you excuse me further, I will… execute the price of desecration. I would love to.”

Loberian didn’t want to listen to Iod.

“Please, don’t say anything. If you want to make an excuse, don’t make it to me. Do it to Samuel, who taught you, to Gilreid, who sent you here, and to Theonis.”

“Uh… ugh…”

Iod held his head and wept. Loberian looked at it with his pathetic eyes and let out a long sigh.

“…Let’s go back.”

Loberian didn’t look at Iod anymore, and Eugene didn’t look at Iod anymore. Amidst everyone’s ignorance, Iod lowered his head.

Squeezing tears and shaking. Iod’s eyes darkened.

The night air was cold.

iodine lion heart

Iod 4 years ago.

Her eyes sparkled at the magic Loberian showed her. He had a pure passion and interest in magic. Iod, who was born in Lionheart’s family and was born into a deficit, was highly interested in reading and magic rather than wielding a sword and body.


Just because you have an interest doesn’t mean you have a talent. It’s common. Most people don’t have much talent for what they like and want to do.

Betrayed like that As much as I liked and hoped for, I am frustrated by the reality that is different from the ideal.

Iod’s experience was neither particularly cruel nor uncommon. It’s just a common occurrence. Iod had a passion and interest in magic, although he liked it.

Magic didn’t like Iod.


It was late at night, but Gilade didn’t wait until dawn. Around midnight, Gilade arrived at Arot’s capital. And he immediately headed for the red mage tower.

It wasn’t just Gilreid who came to the Red Magic Tower at this midnight hour.

The top floor of the Red Magic Tower. In addition to Loberian and Eugene, a man wearing dark glasses was sitting there.

“nice to see you.”

Balzac Rudbesse.

He is a great black magician who has been sitting in the Black Tower lord’s seat for decades. He got up from his seat and bowed his head to Gilade.

“My name is Balzac Rudbesse.”

“…Gileid Lionheart.”

Guillaid glared at Balzac, but slightly lowered his head. Then, he gave Yujin a moment’s attention.

Theonis, who came with Guilade, couldn’t keep his head down. She chewed her lips and glared at Eugene and Balzac.

“…What are you doing sitting here?”

Theonis couldn’t contain his emotions. one and only son He is the son who should be the head of the head family. He is more interested in magic rather than martial arts, and seems to have the skills, so he is the son he sent out of his arms four years ago.

Such a son tried to enter black magic. Theonis couldn’t come to terms with this terrible reality.

“Calm down.”

Loberian said in a melancholy voice.

“…Black Tower Master has nothing to do with this.”


Theonis yelled out loud.

“I heard that Iod was trying to get into black magic?! But if you say it has nothing to do with the Black Mage Tower, are you telling me to believe that right now?”

“The Black Mage Tower does not manage all the warlocks in Arot.”

Balzac sat down and continued.

“The black magician who led this misfortune is… Gavid, but he does not belong to the Black Mage Tower. He belongs to the wizard guild.”

The wizard guild is the largest community of wizards in the world. However, it does not have the prestige of scale. Unlike guilds, which can only be joined if one can use magic, one cannot join a mage tower unless one is truly skilled.

“Strictly speaking, I am also a wizard belonging to the guild, but I don’t think of myself as a family with Gevid. Isn’t that true?”

Balzac raised his glasses on the bridge of his nose and glanced at Loberian.

“Just because they’re the same wizard and belong to a guild doesn’t mean they’re members of the same family as me and the owner of the red pagoda.”

Loberian was silent and nodded. Theonis was furious and tried to speak more, but Gilreid raised his hand to stop Theonis.

“But why are you here?”

Guillaid’s voice was cold. The Black Mage Tower was not involved in this matter. But why are you here? The subtle anger makes the air in the room chilly.

“It’s about taking responsibility.”

But Balzac was not intimidated by Gilreid. Guilade is the head of the Lionheart family, and one of the strongest on the continent.

So did Balzac. Decades ago, he was mentioned as the next leader of the Blue Mage Tower, and now he was one of the three legendary black magicians who made a direct contract with the demon king of the confinement.

“Gavid is not a member of the Black Tower, but as the owner of the Black Tower, I intend to take responsibility for the problems Gavid caused.”


“Introduction to black magic, arranging contracts. It cannot be called a ‘sin’.”

Hundreds of years ago, just learning black magic would make you a criminal and get killed. However, since the promise of the great Vermouth and the Demon King, learning black magic has become an individual’s freedom.

“But… I want to respect Lionheart’s position.”

“That doesn’t sound nice.”

Gilade spat out.

“It sounds like you’re going to bow your head, which you don’t have to bow for the sake of Lionheart’s prestige. Is my understanding correct?”


Balzac didn’t bother denying it. Kwap. Gilreid’s fist clenched. The stronger living makes the space tremble. Eugene glanced at the goose bumps on his forearm as he judged the killing. I have felt that kind of life countless times in my previous life. However, the reincarnated body trembles to live.

“It is something I do not have to take responsibility for. Please understand that.”

A ghastly life engulfs Balzac. Even in the midst of it, Balzac’s face was calm.

“But I want to take responsibility. I’m also a warlock, and I don’t want to play with the Lionheart family through this incident.”

“Really, why don’t you get down on your knees?”

Theonis shouted in a shrill voice. Then Balzac rose without hesitation.

“If you wish.”

“Stop, there is no need to do that.”

As Balzac tried to bend his knees, Guillaid shook his head vigorously.

“…I will be grateful for the words that I will take on unnecessary responsibilities. My only concern is that they will cover up the matter in the name of taking responsibility.”

“Crimes related to drugs will be governed by the law of Arot. Without my covering up, everyone in the drug den will end up in Arot’s prison.”

Balzac paused and stared at Guillaid.

“Would you like to slit your own throat?”

“…That sounds like an insult to me. I only hope that Arot’s law is applied lawfully. What right do I, a foreigner, have to play above the law of Arot?”

“I have committed rudeness.”

“What about the succubuses?”

“Their business is not illegal. The hallucinogens used in the store were not narcotic, but… there will be sanctions for mishandling.”

“So what are you going to be responsible for?”

Theonis spat. Balzac sat down again and answered.

“I decided to make a contract with Gevid and cut off the head of the incubus who tried to make a contract with Iod.”

“…I beg your pardon?”

“Baron Heuyn Olfer. An incubus under the command of Duke Jebela. The Duke of Jebela is not involved in this, so he cannot be held responsible, but… Gevid, who was directly involved, will be cut off.”

Balzac raises his hand. At the move, Gilreid leaned slightly towards her Theonis. She was there to protect Theonis from an unexpected situation.

It was an attitude of openly wary and distrust of Balzac, but Balzac did not feel offended by it. He still lowered his finger in the air with a calm expression on his face.

Hwareuk. Black flames light up the air.

“…The Demon King of Confinement sent a message personally.”

Eugene unknowingly held on to his body trying to react. She controlled her anger. She is in a situation where it is not good to show a reaction. Instead of holding onto her body, her mind rages.

The Demon King of Confinement.

One of Helmud’s two demon lords. Eugene in his previous life could not conquer the demon castle of confinement.

“The demon king of confinement says that he feels great disappointment for causing displeasure to the dear Vermouth family.”

Dear Vermouth.

Those words turned Eugene’s stomach upside down. I wanted to get up right away and grab Balzac by the collar. I wanted to yell at the demon king of confinement you serve, telling him not to talk like a dog and to crack down on his mouth.

It wasn’t just Eugene whose expression distorted at those words. Gilreid also chewed his lips and glared at Balzac. However, Balzac didn’t care about that gaze and continued.

“Therefore, he said that he would personally slit the head of Hoin Olfer and send the head directly to Lionheart’s family if desired.”

“No need.”

Gilreid spat out with a distorted expression.

“…Then I will tell you that cutting your throat is enough.”

Balzac said that and got up.

“Once again, I bow my head and apologize. This action will not relieve the family lord’s anger, but please know that the Black Mage Tower and the Demon King of Confinement do not want to offend the Lionheart family.”


“Then… I look forward to seeing you next time at a more enjoyable place.”

Balzac leaves. Before leaving the room, he gave Eugene a glance. Eugene felt the gaze, but he did not dare to look at Balzac.

short silence.

“…Iod will take you back to his home.”

Gilade opened his mouth. He rubbed his stiff cheek and let out a long sigh.

“To Loberian-sama… I’ve committed too much disrespect. All of this is my negligence.”

“no. If I had been strong with Lord Iod, this would not have happened.”

Loberian sighed in the same way. He shook his head excitedly, then nodded at Theonis as well.


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