Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 121

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death that comes to mind. It was both familiar and unfamiliar to Noir. She has experienced physical death many times over the course of her life. This form of death did not inspire Noir at all.

But—- if the opponent was Hamel, the story would be different. ‘Death’, which was ordinary, familiar, and even boring, felt thrilled, enjoyable, and sweet just because the opponent was Hamel.

one-sided murder. A decision not to listen to conversations or stories. Even at this moment, Hamel’s eyes are shining with hatred and murderous intent. He didn’t even hesitate or worry about doing this.

What made Noir especially ecstatic—- was the dagger now stuck in his chest.

A dagger refined with divine power. It is not a memorization prepared for the devil. If that was the case, I would have written it right away. Hamel did not use this memorization throughout the battle with the Demon King. What does it mean?

‘It’s for me.’

It’s not prepared right away. It was prepared in advance and hidden in the bosom.

‘I knew I would come.’

Aren’t they the perfect match? Noir got down on one knee with a bright smile. Eugene supported Noir’s waist so he wouldn’t fall. It looked like an embrace between lovers.

“Don’t we know each other too well?”

Noir whispered in a small voice. Eugene did not respond and twisted his dagger.

I didn’t want to hurt Scalia’s body, so I supported her back… … Listening to Noir laugh, it occurred to her that she had done something wrong.


“Yu, Yujin Gong! What the hell are you doing?!”

Ivik and Orthus came running screaming. The soldiers of Simuin, who could not bear to approach, began to move towards Yujin.

At that moment, Senya arrived from the sky.


Senya lifted Frost with her eyes wide open. ㅡCoooung! A magical barrier wrapped around it, blocking the front to prevent others from entering.

“Some of the demon king’s malice remained in Princess Scalia’s body.”

“Senya-sama, what are you talking about… … .”

“Do you think I would lie about this? The purification will be over soon, so don’t come close.”

Senya made such a threat. Next to Senya, Cristina, with blood stains on her mouth, approached as well. Senya made eye contact with her Christina once, and entered her barrier with her.

“Ahaha… … .”

Noir looked at Senya and let out a laugh.

“We weren’t that close, but if we met for the first time in 300 years, wouldn’t it be possible to say hello?”

“Go away, Galvo.”

Senya sighed in a cold voice. It was a severe insult, but Noir giggled without feeling any displeasure.

“It’s amazing how much time has passed and nothing has changed, Senya Merdein. And that one… … Whoops, who is it? Christina Rogeris? Or, in fact, that you are also the reincarnation of Anis Slewood?”

Christina glared at Noir instead of answering. I don’t want to give you any information. It’s better to hide it when it comes to possession. Anis judged that way too. Noir shrugged his shoulders and looked back at Eugene.

“I’m glad, my Hamel.”

An possessed dreamer is being purified and is disappearing. It was something noir could not help.

“You knew I was coming and prepared a present for you. I didn’t prepare any presents. This time, my preparation and consideration were lacking.”

“What have you done?”

Eugene growled as he glared at Noir.

Ciel was sitting behind him. She was still puzzled, not understanding the situation, but her shoulders trembled at the discomfort in her left eye. Cristina and Senya approached Ciel like that.

“I know it’s a misunderstanding. But Hamel, I didn’t do anything… … Oh, I’m sorry, Hamel. Stop without me noticing.”

Noir frowned and glanced at Ciel.

“hmm… … No, it looks good. Since when did I know who you were? I guess not before me.”

“I asked what you were doing.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

Regarding the demonic eyes, Noir was sincerely sorry.

“Think rationally, Hamel. Although I have a lot of talent, I don’t have the talent of implanting a demonic eye in humans. Don’t you know? Humans cannot have the Mystic Eye.”

“… … .”

“The same goes for the Black Mage. Even if you make a direct contract with a high-ranking demon or even a demon king, the essence of being human doesn’t change. So Edmond was obsessed with changing his species and becoming a demon king. No matter how high you reach as a black magician, you cannot enjoy the power of a demon as long as you are human in nature.”

Eugene knew well what Noir was saying. Mystic Eyes never dwell in humans.

“Of course, if you are a demon king in captivity, you might be able to implant a demonic eye in humans. But it’s impossible for me. Because I am not the Demon King.”

My eyes… … ? Ciel groped his left eye.

The throbbing pain was no longer felt. Her left eye, which had been shattered, had clear vision, not much different from her right.

However, something like a planted instinct made Ciel understand. That his left eye was no longer ordinary, and that it had an odious power.

“I don’t know anything about this. I was just, Hamel, trying to take care of that child’s wounds for you.”

Due to Ciel’s awakening of the Mystic Eye, he could no longer hear thanks. However, Noir did not feel regret about it. Thinking of Hamel, and receiving a gift made me even more happy and happy.

“But I know this, Hamel. That child’s evil eye… … It’s special. They have two completely different abilities. One is Iris’ dark warfare’s evil eye. the other one… … Hmm, should I say immovable demonic eye? how is it?”

“go away.”

“Really, it would be nice if I could be a little kinder. Hamel, I’ll be leaving soon, even if you don’t rush me. Can I tell you one last thing?”

Noir’s voice gradually faded. She whispered as she held her receding consciousness.

“The sword that killed the Demon King.”

“… … .”

“What is it? I’ve lived a long life, but I’ve never seen a sword like that. that red… … It is different from the divine power that bestows upon human faith. More fundamental and essential… … .”

“I don’t know.”

Eugene sighed in a cold voice and drew out his dagger.


Noir looked straight at Eugene in his fading vision. Those were Noir’s last words.

easy… … Black mist flowed from Scalia’s body. Eugene looked at Scalia’s condition, ignoring the dispersing fog. The nightmare that eroded her mind was purified, but Scalia’s consciousness did not return.

‘She must be a humble princess.’

Being possessed by a dreamer twice, and also by Noir Jebela. After carefully laying Scalia down, Eugene looked back at Ciel.

“Feel… … Strange, isn’t it?”

Eugene approached Ciel and asked. Ciel didn’t answer right away, but looked alternately at Cristina and Senya, who were holding both of his hands.

“hmm… … I’m fine… … ?”



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Ciel replied with a confused expression.

Senya, Cristina, and Anise looked at it that way too. Not even a handful of magic power existed in Ciel’s body, and there was no trace of black magic. In the first place, the Mystic Eye is neither magic nor black magic. It’s just an organ that uses magic power.

The authority of the Mystic Eye resembles the miracle of divine magic rather than magic. I don’t need any magic tricks. The possessor of the Mystic Eye creates power through will and magic.

so that’s even weirder. Not even a handful of magic power exists in Ciel’s body, so how is the demonic eye maintained?

“Should I use it?”

Ciel asked cautiously.


Eugene answered immediately. If you spread the authority of the demonic eye, you might learn many other facts, but to check now, everyone’s condition was not so good.

“Ciel. You are too tired. It would be better to check the condition after everyone has had enough rest, not right now.”

Christina also said with a firm expression.

Upon examination, Ciel’s demonic eyes did not seem to be driven by magic power. He carefully tried to channel his divine power, but there was no rejection reaction.

Then, is it using mana as power? Or the human spirit? I don’t know if it’s the former, but if it’s the latter, that magic eye is very dangerous. This is because vigor can be said to be vitality and longevity.


Ciel straightened his expression.

It hasn’t calmed down yet. Ciel tried to think as positively as possible. She almost lived with one eye for the rest of her life, but didn’t she get away with that?

I thought about it, but I didn’t feel much better.

“I’m okay.”

Still, Ciel smiled. She shared her own hands and continued her speech, glancing at her fetish Senja and Cristina.

“Is everything over?”

I saw the demon king disappear. The sky was no longer dark, and the sea was no longer red. There was no buzzing of insects or the smell of rotting blood and corpses.


But Eugene answered like that.

The Demon King is dead, and not a single member of his household remains. Noir Jebel also left. I didn’t even feel the sign of the demon king of confinement.

Even so, it is not all over. At least Eugene still had work to do.


It was Senna who spoke up.

“You have business down there. is not it?”

The sea split by the divine sword. Senya saw for herself what lay far below. Senya couldn’t fully comprehend what it was. I wanted to ask Eugene right now. Instead of saying, “Come back,” I wanted to say, “Let’s go together.”

I couldn’t. It was because the expression Eugene was making now was unfamiliar.

“I have business to do.”

Eugene let out a short sigh.

My brain is jumbled up. I tried to organize the wandering thoughts, but it didn’t work out. It seemed that the more I struggled, let alone lined up, the more twisted it got. When you just wake up, you can clearly recall the dream you had while sleeping, but as time passes and you think about other things, you forget about your dream. Even at this moment, the thoughts in my head seemed to disappear.

If I don’t do anything, will it melt into unconsciousness and hide? It wasn’t what Eugene wanted.

“I’ll go first.”

Eugene sighed once again and dragged his feet.

Well, the foot didn’t come off. There are worries about Ciel, and there are also worries about Senya, Cristina, and Anise. Then maybe we can go together.


Eugene quietly lifted the cloak of darkness. Upon receiving the idea, Mer and Lymilia came out of the cloak. However, since neither of them had read all of Eugene’s thoughts, there were complex questions on their faces.

Because I didn’t want to show it. The thoughts in your head, and what you will see down there. The first thing to see, feel, and judge is—

‘It has to be me.’

Yujin made up her mind and turned around.

In today’s battle, we did a lot of work. How many times would he have died without miracles and blessings? Thanks to the ignition, my body is a mess. It is shameful that ‘Eugene Lionheart”s body is strong, but if he had been in his previous life, he would have been unable to walk and would have been bedridden.

I thought it was fortunate that I had a strong body. Eugene staggered out of the barrier. I would like to ask and talk about many things. No one approached her.

“Do you need help?”

Carmen asked instead of approaching. Yujin smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Please stay with Ciel.”

I had no intention of being helped. Eugene passed Carmen and headed for the railing.

The sea is still parting. People on other ships whispered among themselves, pointing to the open sea. Eugene stood on the staggering railing and said.

“Just in case, don’t go down there.”

I didn’t hear an answer. When he told the others not to go down, Eugene jumped into the sea without hesitation. Hwaaak! The wind that blew from somewhere supported Yujin’s body.

It was the Tempest. Eugene laughed and squeezed Winid inside her cloak.

“Aren’t you sad?”

[What do you mean?]

“You didn’t wield Winid to kill the demon king.”

[But it’s not like you didn’t get my help at all.]

Tempest replied with a chuckle.

The wind pushing the fleet carried Senya’s magic as well as Tempest’s will. In the battle in the sky, whenever Eugene stumbled, it was also Tempest who calmly balanced him.

[There is no regret. Hamel.]

Eugene flew over the sea with the wind pushing and supporting his body.

[My regret lies with the demon king of confinement, not the demon king of madness. An unfulfilled northern bee. I still remember the scenery from the top of Babel. What the wind was like there, and how helpless I was.]

“… … .”

[When you climbed the barbell someday. At that time, you might not need Winid’s or my help that much. Isn’t that the case even now? Hamel, you have weapons that can’t even be compared to Winid. Even the storm that I from the spirit realm can cause in this world will not be stronger than the storm that you will create yourself.]

“But well, when fighting the demon king of confinement, I’ll take out Winid a few times and wield it.”

[ha ha ha! It doesn’t have to be. someday… … When you climb Babel, when you fight the demon king of confinement. Just like this time, I will help you in my own way. I’m satisfied with that.]

Eugene lowered his gaze and looked down. the expansive sea. Still the water is not pouring and not sticking to each other. Along with the wind, Eugene descended to the bottom of the gap, to the deep sea.

[Under there… … What is it?]


[You should know… … . But I can’t read your image. Don’t you want to show it?]

“It’s a complicated feeling.”

Eugene muttered with a wry smile.

“It’s not that I don’t want to show it, I don’t want to accept it. To be honest, I don’t even want to see it.”


“Because I’m afraid.”

the bottom of the deep sea.

Eugene got down to the ground. He thought it would be damp since it was at the bottom of the sea, but ‘here’ wasn’t at all. Rather, he was so hard that nothing could break him.

[Are you afraid?]

Tempest’s voice was hard to hear. It must be because of the power of confinement working here. Eugene grumbled as he walked on the hard floor.

“I’m afraid I can handle it.”

Eugene’s body sank downward.


From the moment the fall began, Tempest’s voice could not be heard even faintly. Eugene lifted her head and looked up at her.

I saw a ‘door’ that was getting farther and farther away. Eugene didn’t open the door. The door opened arbitrarily and invited Eugene inside.

Eugene lowered his head without embarrassment.

A depth that is unfathomable. Even if I focused my gaze, I couldn’t see anything down there. Not just below. The door that I could see when I looked up was suddenly invisible, and even when I looked around, there was darkness.

The scenery changed in an instant.

I saw ruins.

Eugene raised his head and looked further away.

It was pointless. Everywhere you looked, it was in ruins. The sky is hazy as if it is full of dark clouds. It just looks like that. Now spreading over Eugene’s head, what ‘covers’ this world looks like the sky, but it is not the sky.

That is why there are no suns or stars beyond it. This world would have been like that from the beginning. Eugene felt a rumbling in the bottom of his chest as he landed on the ground.

Slowly, I looked around. Remnants of collapsed buildings. It’s somehow familiar and unfamiliar. Eugene pushed through the collapsed wall.

With the slightest touch, the wall collapsed. The sound rang very loudly in this desolate world. Eugene listened closely to her, waiting for her reaction. However, there was no movement or reaction to the spreading sound.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Eugene laughed bitterly and muttered.

what did you expect Did you think that there might be someone left in this desolate and desolate world? That is really nonsense. And it was terribly cruel.

My heart keeps beating. My head is dizzy. It’s not because of the recoil of the ignition. Not the body, but the soul shaking and ringing. It was a ruin with no road left, but Eugene intuitively knew where the road was and where to go.

But the steps didn’t go as planned. In the first place, the ‘meaning’ is shaking.

As I told Tempest, Eugene was afraid of what he would see and wake up to here. Wouldn’t it be better not to see him? As she has been until now, wouldn’t she be able to do well on her own without realizing it?


I held on to my trembling heart. I forcibly stepped on a foot that did not move well. Are you unable to afford it? what?


Eugene clamped his teeth down.

All you can see here is ruins where everything is broken. However, if you walk a little further. There is something that gives you certainty enough to be aware of.

Eugene knows of a time when these ruins were not ruins. I know of a time when this world, where no one existed, was overflowing with life.

long time ago. This city was ruled by the Demon King.

The mad king had four children. The name—- I can’t remember well. However, the names of the four were different from what Hamel remembered. That being said, the children of the mad king of this era and the foster children of the frenzy of 300 years ago are not different beings.

Kamash, Oboron, Sign, and Iris. Everyone was a frenzied child long ago.

All four died in this city.

The flames of war burning fiercely came toward this city, and the mad king fought back, but was defeated in the end.

The moment the city is conquered. The mad king chose to run away. In the moment of life and death, the frenzied children threw their bodies to save their father.

The war ended with the mad king fleeing. The people who were enslaved by the demons were also freed. With tears and bows, they worshiped the savior who brought the war.

this is.

It is a symbol of that glorious era. It is the shape of salvation that the people of this city worshiped.

Yujin stood dumbfounded and looked ahead.

At one time, that used to twinkle. It wasn’t cracked or broken, and it was so clean that there wasn’t even a speck of dust on it.

Every day, when the bell announcing noon rang, everyone in the square prayed towards it. There were countless pilgrims who came to see it from afar, and those who wanted to become a candle that lit up the era even recited an earnest oath in front of it.

“… … .”

What is now in front of Eugene is a statue made a long time ago.

To be honest, it wasn’t that pretty.

It was unavoidable. The statue was created at the moment the city was liberated after the war. The people who made the statues were artisans who were enslaved by the demon king and demon tribe, and even though they were freed, they had a violent intent to kill the demon king and demon tribe deeply embedded in their bones.

Such murderous intent and resentment seeped through the hammer and chisel. It is that statue that contains resentment and hatred. That’s why it can’t be beautiful.

When the first statue was completed. Even though there was no blood or flesh mixed with the raw materials, the smell of blood could be felt from the statue.

It’s a story from so long ago.

The statues of today fell into disrepair along with the splendid times. There is a lot of dust, many broken places here and there, and there is no luster.

Eugene saw a mountain of demon corpses.

Most of the facial expressions that were sculpted with pain and fear have been crushed and broken by the years. Yujin slowly raised her gaze and looked up.

A mountain of corpses, above it. A man sitting with a crude greatsword slung over his shoulder.

God of War, Agaroth.

A human being called that.

Eugene remembers when that statue was first made.

When the artisans carved mountains of demon corpses, they contained emotions such as anger, hatred, and intent to kill. On the other hand, when carving Agaroth, emotions such as joy, faith, and hope were put into it.

It has to be. For this city, Agaroth was a savior. If he hadn’t brought war, this city would have been ruled by the Mad King all along.

Agaroth is

I liked this statue. But she didn’t show it outwardly. She thought it would be shameful to openly like a statue that beautifully expressed herself.

When the first statue was completed. Agaroth, who saw the statue with the liberated citizens, couldn’t even laugh openly and only put on a solemn expression.

“under… … .”

My heart is pounding. My head is pounding. Eugene gasped for breath and grabbed her chest.

Eugene must be the only one who exists here, but too many sounds echoed in Eugene’s ears right now. The sound of metal clashing, such as spears and knives. The sound of cutting, stabbing, breaking. scream. A loud roar. The sound of clinking glasses. yak.

All of that is the sound of ‘war’.

Yujin gritted his teeth and raised his head again.

A statue with many broken pieces. The same goes for Agaroth’s face. It is difficult to find a detailed facial expression. It is impossible to picture Agaroth’s face with that broken statue.

However, Eugene remembers the days when that statue was clean. No, there is no need to imagine Agaroth’s face through the statue.

A man sitting on a mountain of corpses. I saw it in the darkroom too. Agaroth’s ring. Agaroth’s memories peeked through the contract.

you peeped?

Eugene raised both hands and groped his face.

different. Although they had the same two pupils, a nose and a mouth, the faces of Agaroth and Eugene Lionheart were not alike. Similarly, it does not resemble Hamel Diners.

Nonetheless, those three are the same. Even though the body is different, the soul is the same.

“it’s me.”

He put down his hands covering his face.

“I was Agaroth.”

The most prosperous religion of our time. According to the Bible of the Protestant Church of Light, the first being called a god in this world is the god of light.

A long time ago, when humanities did not even emerge on the continent. A long time ago, there was no such thing as a demon king. In the distant past, the boundaries between demons, demons, and monsters were indistinguishable. The old days when such beings were lumped together and called monsters.

Even in that era, the sun lit up the sky, but when the sun went down and night came, all man could do was crouch in the dark. In the distant past, ‘flame’ was hot and could burn something, but it could not emit ‘light’.

Compared to monsters, humans were weak.

All monsters are born in darkness. The night after sunset was the time of the monster. The weak humans gathered together to face the monster, but the fight did not work.

The more the monsters ate the humans, the more the humans feared the monsters, the shorter the days and the longer the nights. The number of monsters increased and the number of humans decreased.

When all hope turns to despair light came down from the sky God descended. God lit up the darkness and gave light to the hot flame.

—-That is the history of the present era.

The era after the destruction of the mythological age in which Agaroth was alive. That’s right now.

Eugene does not know how the current era has blossomed. The memories that come to mind now are so long ago. That era—how should I say it?

I don’t think it’s very different from 300 years ago. The demon king and the demons lived among themselves on the other side of the continent. The world of humans and the world of demons were separated in their own way.

At some point, the demon king and the demons crossed the border. They invaded, conquered, and dominated the human world.

Agaroth was born in such an era. An era in which resistance to the invasion and domination of the demon king was infested. Young Agaroth charged into battle with sword in hand.

He spent most of his life in war. He’s been defeated once, but he’s been victorious far more often. All enemies in the war were demons. The tip of Agaroth’s sword aimed at several demon kings with different names, and many demon kings were killed by Agaroth.

“I don’t know if you remembered.”

A voice came.

“You couldn’t kill the mad king. If you had fought, you would have won, and the mad king would have died. The mad king ran away without fighting you.”

I heard the sound of chains dragging.

“The mad king who lost everything and ran away came to me and prayed. He threw away all the arrogance of a demon king and obeyed me. He only wanted one thing. Do you know what it is?”


Eugene answered without looking back.

The demon king of confinement lifted his eyes from staring at Yujin’s back.

An old statue… … The demon king of confinement made a chair out of chains and sat on it without changing his expression.

“I couldn’t even achieve that.”

The demon king of confinement said in a calm voice.

Eugene clenched his fists.

Agaroth challenged the complete conquest of the Devil’s Land. He didn’t think it was impossible. As the demon king of confinement said, in that era, Agaroth was worshiped as a god of war. Although he was born as a human being, he was favored by the world and respected by countless humans, and truly reached the status of a god.

To kill all demon kings and demons in the world. To completely conquer the demon realm. The followers of Agaroth sang of the Holy War, carried swords and wore armor.

“It always has been, but the end comes suddenly. Before the frenzied demon king who succumbed to me goes to take revenge on you. Before you, who was worshiped as the god of war, marched with the point of your sword at me. The end of everything has come.”

I remember it.

A ‘monster’ has appeared from the other side of the world.

There was no such thing as reason for them. Like the demon kings, he did not even attempt to conquer by killing and terrorizing humans. All that existed in those monsters was an unconditional intent to kill. That was the rationality and nature of monsters.

Countless people died from the pouring monsters. Aga Lot, who was preparing for the next war after defeating the mad king, started a war with those unknown monsters instead of going to the detained demon king as he originally thought.

Countless victories were won. Rather, I thought it was easier than the Demon King. Kill, kill, win, when all of that became ‘obvious’.

My memories in the darkroom overlapped.

Hundreds, thousands, no—- much more corpses than that, I saw a battlefield strewn like common garbage.

I remember it.

tangled colors.

It had no definite shape. No, I just didn’t understand.

As it was 300 years ago.

Even in the age of Agaroth, the Demon King of Destruction despaired of everything the moment he appeared.

The demon king who should never fight. A demon king who is a demon king but not like a demon king. A figure made only of despair and fear. What is different from 300 years ago is that Agaroth did not run away from the demon lord of destruction.

He plunged into destruction even as he seemed to be driven mad by despair and fear. All the troops who followed Agaroth believed in Agaroth and advanced despite screaming in fear.

“Your war was long, but it ended in defeat.”


“You fell to your knees before an irresistible destruction, and the beasts of destruction slaughtered not only your followers, but all the people of that age.”

Yujin turned her head and saw the demon king in confinement. The demon king of confinement sitting on a chair made of chains continued his speech while tilting his head.

“The Demon King is used to that.”

“… … .”

“Even the frenzied demon king eventually agreed. Destruction is always sudden… … A law that cannot be ignored. Even the demon king can’t do much in that moment.”

“Is that why you left it here?”

“It was a deal with the mad king.”

“There would be no reason for you to do that.”

“Reason… … .”

The moment he heard those words, the demon king of confinement smiled, which was rare.

“It is not for you to judge. The mad king asked, and I offered the price, and the deal was established and the promise was made. That is the only story.”

The demon king of madness had an obsession in this city. Because in this city, defeated, fled, and children died.

“The magic power and character of the mad king were imprisoned along with this city. Someday, according to the wishes of the mad king… … So that beings who can be called his ‘children’ can take over when they come to this sea.”

“Then, what the hell was the mad king of 300 years ago?”

“The mad king who died at your hand today asked me the same thing.”

The demon king of confinement did not answer that question. However, there was no reason not to answer now.

“It is a contract.”

Iris was eager to answer that question.

If the demon king of confinement had answered the question, Iris would not have stayed in this sea. The reason she remained in this sea until the end was to hear her “truth” from her demon lord in captivity.

“The mad king made a contract with me. Someday, when I am born again, I want to be born with the memories of my previous life intact.”

Eugene’s lips twitched.

“It was not a difficult request. It’s a much easier request than sealing the demon lord’s dignity and power together with the city. Especially for me. In the end, he was reincarnated as a demon with the memories of his previous life as he had hoped. And I gathered my strength to regain myself in my memories and became the Demon King.”

“… … .”

“I received the price in ‘soul’.”

The demon king of confinement said with a smile.

“As with most things, the soul is itself. Trading it requires firm consent and submission. It is impossible for the demon lord to supply the demon lord’s soul. Usually, demon lords choose complete extinction rather than surrender.”

“Is it you?”

Eugene barely opened his mouth.

“Was it you who reincarnated me, not Vermouth?”

“Are you suspicious of vermouth?”

The demon king of confinement smiled and asked.

“Or, do you feel offended that your soul and memories were touched by me, the demon lord?”


Do you doubt vermouth?

Of course I doubt it. Isn’t it rather strange not to doubt it?

Vermouth Reinerhart. That bastard was suspicious even 300 years ago. It’s not unusual for a person to have one or two secrets they don’t want to tell anyone, but that bastard Vermouth didn’t have one or two.

Now that I think about it, everything about Vermouth is secretive and suspicious. In fact, now I wonder if Vermut was really human, and I even thought that his name was the real Vermut Lionheart.


Even if you doubt and think it is a dog like a dog. Hamel and Eugene believed in Vermouth.

I know that doubt and faith are incompatible words. But I believe in vermouth. 그 개새끼가 인간이 아닐지라도, 사실 본명이 베르무트가 아닌 다른 것일지라도.

Eugene believes in vermouth.

Eugene is not alone. Senya, who had a hole pierced directly through his chest, also believes in Vermouth. Moron, who has been going crazy after killing monsters for over 100 years because of one request, also believes in Vermouth. Anis, who shed tears as she personally supervised Vermouth’s funeral, also believes in Vermouth.

A question that pierces the lungs. The choking breath was suffocating. Eugene didn’t answer right away and glared at the demon king in confinement. Aside from trusting Vermouth, that question was an unpleasant climax.

It is not only Vermouth who is involved in ‘reincarnation’. Perhaps, in reincarnation itself, Vermouth may have received help from the demon king of confinement.

“I know what you are thinking.”

The demon king of confinement looked happy. Unlike in front of Iris, he felt emotions, and he did not bother to hide them.

“You trust and doubt Vermouth. What you trust is Vermouth Lionheart, who wandered the Devil’s Realm with you and your friends 300 years ago. You do not know the vermouth after your death.”

“… … .”

“You are not the only one. Neither Senya Merdein, Moron Luhar, nor Anis Slywood know what kind of person Vermouth is after leaving the Devil’s Realm. Not only you who died, but everyone has distanced themselves from Vermouth.”

That statement is undeniably true.

Vermouth and the demon king of confinement made a pact, and the war ended. Moron shut himself up in the northern snowfields while building his kingdom, and Senya and Anis also shut themselves in the Mage Tower and Cathedral, disappointed in Vermouth.

“The same goes for vermouth.”

Eugene glared at the demon king in captivity and spat out.

It was the same with Vermouth who did nothing to cope with the digging trough of emotion. Now that I think about it—-I even thought that maybe all of that was Vermouth’s intention. The fact that I didn’t tell everyone properly, or that I didn’t even make excuses, and shut my mouth and turned my back… … .

“Do you think that Vermouth, whom you don’t know about, has become a madman, and I, the demon lord, may have used him?”

When you attack Senya. It was vermouth, but it was not vermouth. He wasn’t like that until the very end. After punching a hole in Senya’s chest, Vermouth’s face, which was barely visible, showed regret and surprise.

Vermouth is being held captive by the Demon King of Confinement. Perhaps he is being controlled by the demon lord in captivity… … . So far, I have considered that possibility. However, now I had to think about other possibilities.

Moonlight Sword.

not so much a possibility. If Vermouth went mad, it must be because of the moonlight sword.

The current Eugene was so sure. It was because Eugene experienced it himself while fighting Iris. The rampant moonlight eroding the mind. The self breaking down in the grey-white light.

It was difficult for Eugene to guess what kind of existence Vermouth, who had become a madman, would be. This is because the Vermouth that Eugene remembers was always calm, rational, and thorough.

Rebirth. If it was Vermouth’s intention, I could understand it even though I thought it was a damn thing. In fact, Vermouth prepared many arrangements for Eugene.

But what if Vermouth had gone insane. If this reincarnation was not Vermouth’s intention, but the devil’s machinations.

—-If that’s the case, wouldn’t reincarnation itself become a trap? Could it be that what Eugene has done so far is actually the devil’s trick? In fact, the demon king of confinement had taken care of Eugene’s convenience several times.


Eugene erased the shaking in his heart.

“Simply, the touch of your demon lord’s hand on my being makes me sick.”

I think there is a possibility. Eugene denied that possibility. Regardless of the truth of reincarnation, Eugene’s nature remains the same. It was the same even 300 years ago, even in the distant past.

kill the demons kill the devil This simple and straightforward intent to kill is still the essence and source of Eugene. Even if what he has done so far is actually dancing on the palm of the demon king of confinement, what Eugene will do in the future will not change.

“I am.”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth.

“300 years ago, I made an appointment with Vermouth at the top of Babel. Return Senya, Moron and Anise. And give back your body and soul.”

I had guessed that Vermouth had made such a promise. However, it is the first time to receive direct confirmation from the demon king of confinement. The demon king of confinement continued as he watched Yujin’s face harden.

“By giving back the soul… … I granted Vermouth’s request. Dealing with the soul and memories together doesn’t seem to be easy for that vermouth either.”

“… … .”

“Just as it did to the mad king, I tied your soul and memories together. That’s where I got involved.”

“What did you get from Vermouth in return?”

He was saved by the Demon King. He took back the bodies and souls of his dead comrades. In addition, hundreds of years of peace were guaranteed… … .

For the promise the world paid nothing.

The eyes of the confined demon king drew a curve.

“Is that question or answer important to you?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“There must be many things you want to ask about besides vermouth.”

The demon king of confinement raised a finger. Kirik, Kirik. He only moved one finger, but the chains supporting the back of the demon king in captivity made a clicking noise.

The one in front of me was a skinny man.

A person who is not a sinner but has dozens and hundreds of chains entangled around himself.

A person who was the same demon lord but looked down on other demon lords.

even the devil.

No, he is the demon king that even God feared.

“What should I call you?”

A long outstretched finger pointed to Eugene.

“Agaroth, the ancient god of war? Stupid Hamel? Or should I call you Eugene Lionheart?”

“All three are me.”

Yujin smiled and turned her head.

I saw a statue of Agaroth.

I remembered the statue of Hamel I saw in the desert underground.

“I am now.”

The me of the past who existed in the image.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

I am living and breathing right now.

It was a problem I didn’t have to worry about in the first place. I was afraid of not being myself, but now I don’t have that fear either.

Whether it was Agaroth, Hamel, or Eugene, what they were going to do in the future did not change. As long as the memory is clear, Eugene’s ego does not change.

“Agaroth’s memory will not be clear.”

The demon king of confinement lifted his finger.

“That memory disappeared the moment Agaroth died. What you can think of right now is Agaroth’s holy relic, which was brought to you by your soul… … Because this city that worshiped you responded to your soul. In the end, you inevitably realized that you were Agaroth, and took out the new sword that dwelled in your soul.”

Eugene raised his hand and caressed his chest.

The new sword that Iris swung. It is the godhead and the image of faith that Agaroth possessed. In the Age of Mythology, Agaroth slayed the demon lords by forging her blood-red divine power into a great sword.

“Faint memories will confuse you a lot. Rather than asking about vermouth, wouldn’t it be better to ask about yourself?”

“I am me.”

Eugene replied clutching his chest.

“What’s wrong with Agaroth’s memory? Memories from a distant past, not hundreds of years ago. I’m not even desperate.”

It’s not that I don’t want to recall those memories more clearly. But to Eugene, what happened to Vermouth now was more important than recalling Agaroth’s memories accurately.

“I don’t even expect much in the first place. I don’t think you’ll give me an answer right now.”

I glared at the demon king of confinement. He didn’t answer anything and met Yujin’s gaze. worrisome… … I thought it was the gaze.


Unknowingly, the words came out.

those red eyes. I kept looking straight at it, but I couldn’t get a glimpse of the emotions beneath those eyes. The demon king of confinement showed a rare smile, but Eugene couldn’t even understand the meaning of that smile.

The Demon King of Madness has lived since the age of mythology.

The reason why he was able to become the mad king 300 years ago is because he made a deal with the demon king of confinement to preserve the memories of his previous life.

Then what about the other demon lords? Are the demon kings of slaughter and the demons of misery also living from the old days?

No, didn’t the demon king of confinement say that? Destruction is sudden and irresistible. If he could survive destruction, even the mad king wouldn’t have to die and be reincarnated.

you can’t resist?

“What is it?”

Isn’t it right in front of you?

The one who resisted the destruction that erased the age of mythology. The demon king’s powers disappear when the demon king dies. If the demon king of confinement chose to die with destruction and preserve his memory and be reincarnated. Nor would this city have been left under the sea.

In other words, the demon king of confinement survived the destruction that ended the era. No one in this world has lived as long as the demon king of confinement, and no one understands the truth like the demon king of confinement.

Eugene could not understand what the demon king of confinement was and what he was doing.

Right now, even today, isn’t it? When the moonlight sword ran out of control—- the reason the erosion was forcibly cut off was because the demon king of confinement intervened. If the demon king of confinement had not intervened, the moonlight sword would not only annihilate the demon king of madness, but also swallow Eugene’s ego.

“What is the demon king of destruction?”

Even in the age of mythology, the demon king of destruction existed. Just like 300 years ago, the Demon King of Destruction wandered alone in the Demon Realm without any retinue. It was more like a phenomenon than a demon king, so it was difficult to even observe, let alone track and monitor.

The battlefield where Agaroth died was the exact opposite of the demonic landscape. This means that it is not an area where the demon king of destruction descends. Nevertheless, the Demon King of Destruction suddenly appeared and swallowed Agaroth.

Is it okay to call such a thing a demon king? That—-wasn’t it really simple, destruction itself.

end of an era. When the time comes, beasts of destruction will appear from the other side of the world. The beasts kill all living beings in the world.

If Moron hadn’t been in the way.

Noor, who came over from Raguryaran, must have started killing everything living in the world, just as he did in the Age of Mythology.


Moron said that it was 100 years ago that Noor began to come over from Laguryaran. He hunted Noor, ignoring that Moron himself was going mad. Not a single Nur could cross Le Hein Yar.

‘It’s not an army.’

At most dozens of clicks that come over a day. It is a number that Moron alone can handle enough.

In the 100 years that Moron has been blocking Noor, the situation has changed little. Hundreds of thousands of Nur have never appeared, and the Demon King of Destruction has never appeared due to persistent interference.

‘It’s different from the Mythical Age.’

The beasts that appeared at the end of that era were truly innumerable. There were so many that I couldn’t tell where they were coming from.

There was no end to killing and killing. Nonetheless, he was killed. If Nur had miasma that drove people crazy, the people on the battlefield had firm faith in Agaroth. Noor, who fought endlessly, could not overcome Agaroth, who wielded a new sword in the lead.

If the Demon King of Destruction had not descended there, Agaroth and his followers would have won the war. Leaving behind the doubts about the unknown monster, he would have waged a war against the demon king of confinement as originally planned.

“Climb the barbell.”

The demon king of confinement said with a smile.

Cheer up! The chains that formed the chair were scattered, and the demon king of confinement stood up.

“Eugene Ryanhart. I will answer your questions from the top of Babel.”

I knew it would be like this. Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and glared at the demon king in captivity.

I thought there was no way I could give you an easy answer. However, isn’t it too cruel to try to leave without answering after hearing all the questions?

“Why did you save me?”

I don’t know if he will answer or not, but Eugene spit it out for now.

“Isn’t it futile for everyone to end like that?”

The demon king of confinement stepped back and answered.

“To the demon king of madness who inherited the position beyond the distant years. Even to you, who dreams of annihilating the Demon King over and over again. To the vermouth that made the promise. Also, to me who decided to wait for you at the top of Babel.”

“… … .”

“It is inevitable that you will be defeated, die, and fail because you lack strength. But the sword of destruction swallowed you up… … It wasn’t because of your lack of strength.”

Cheer up! Behind the back of the demon king of confinement. The chains lifted their heads in unison and linked together to form a large circle.

“But you don’t have enough strength to challenge me.”

The demon king of confinement walked into the circle and smiled.

“for a moment.”

Eugene hurriedly opened his mouth and caught the demon king in captivity.

“Are you vermouth?”

The demon king of confinement stopped.

“Are you seriously thinking that way?”

The demon king of confinement looked back at Eugene with a puzzled face.


Eugene had not seen the face of the demon king in captivity very often. He had never seen him before Agaroth, and when he was Hamel, he had only seen him from afar in the battle of the Red Plains, but after entering the Devil Castle Babel, he died before he could even see the face of the demon king in captivity.

In my current life, I was involved with the demon lord of confinement from an early age.

The first thing I met was a tomb in the desert. It was in the form of descending into the body of a Death Knight, but at that time, for the first time, it was directly entangled with the demon king of confinement. In the Night March, he also met directly with the main body of the demon king of confinement.

but. This was the first time I had seen the demon king of confinement so embarrassed.

“Am I vermouth?”

Most of the facial expressions that the demon king in captivity had shown before were indifferent, and the only expression he rarely showed was a thin smile. There had never been a time when the height of his eyebrows had changed, his eyebrows furrowed, and his lips twitched.

“hmm… … Isn’t that plausible… … .”

Eugene murmured without hesitation.

It was a sudden remark, but it wasn’t a question without any suspicion. In fact, there were quite a few things in common between the demon king of confinement and Vermouth.

that it is suspicious. That he doesn’t know what he’s doing. That he doesn’t know what he’s thinking, etc.

“Are you seriously asking that?”

The demon king of confinement smiled and asked again.

How should I interpret that reaction? Not only was he embarrassed, but he also seemed a little upset.

“Why do you think so?”

“If you are vermouth, many of my doubts will be resolved. Why did Vermouth promise you? Why did you make a promise that only harmed you? The fact that Senya, Anis, and Moron were saved and sent back. Your involvement in my reincarnation. I… … When it was almost going to be X, you intervened and stopped it, etc.”


The expression disappeared from the face of the demon king in captivity again. He tilted his head and stared at Eugene’s face.

“surely. Aren’t there very few grounds? Yes, Eugene Ryanhart. If I say vermouth is right… … What are you going to do?”

The demon king of confinement asked a question in reverse. It wasn’t a very pleasant question. However, it was Eugene who started first, so it didn’t take a long time and trouble to answer.

“First of all, I will listen to the story and think about whether to kill or not. I’ll probably kill you.”



Whatever the circumstances, the demon king of confinement is the demon king.

War 300 years ago.

“It was you who started the war.”

Eugene sighed in a cold voice.

This was undeniably true. Among the five demon kings, the first to invade the continent was the demon king of confinement. The monster army sent by the demon king of confinement destroyed the small country adjacent to the demon realm.

Starting with that, the demon king of slaughter, the demon king of misery, and the demon king of madness began to invade the continent.

Although the demon king of confinement was not so keen on invading the continent after that, the fact that the demon king of confinement took the starting point of the war does not change. That’s why all the dragons gathered in one place and attacked the demon king of confinement.

‘As a result, even the demon king of destruction appeared and the dragons were killed in droves.’

What was it like in the mythical age? Even then, did the demon king of confinement start first?

I couldn’t remember. But I wasn’t too curious. That was a very distant past life, isn’t it a completely different era?


The demon king of confinement, who was silent for a moment, nodded slowly.

“You don’t have to answer… … . I think so, but don’t answer me anyway. I am not vermouth.”

when i heard that Eugene was relieved.

“Eugene Ryanhart. There is no need for you to have any hesitation about killing me.”

“Then I’m glad.”

Eugene answered without laughing. The demon king of confinement stared at Eugene’s face for a while, then she turned around again.

This time, I did not capture the demon king of confinement. In front of Eugene’s eyes, the demon king of confinement walked inside the circle created by the chain.

‘For not killing Senya, Anis and Moron. The promise made with Vermouth. Knowing me in my previous life, helping me in my reincarnation, keeping an eye on me in this life… … .’

I made an appointment with Vermouth. Definitely not because of that. In the end, Eugene, Senya, Anis, and Moron are enemies to the demon king of confinement.

… … Did you save it because it was such an insignificant existence? It may be something like that. In fact, the ‘power’ of the demon king of confinement is overwhelming enough to think like that.

but… … It seemed that the demon king of confinement had another reason.

-If you were together, you wouldn’t have to fight the demon king in confinement when you reached the top of the demon castle.

-That was the most important condition for me. The Demonic Castle of Confinement. Climbing to the top of Babel. If you can directly meet the body of the demon king in captivity there, that’s it. If he did, the content of the promise would have changed greatly.

-Just like I did, stand in the presence of the demon king of confinement and meet his body. The demon king of confinement won’t let you climb the barbell comfortably. That guy, the Demon King is such an existence.

-What will happen after that, you have to experience for yourself.

I remembered Vermouth’s words.

I have already met the body of the demon king in captivity. But this is not the top of Babel… … . As the demon king of confinement also said, in order to know the ‘truth’, you have to climb the barbell.

‘There is no need to fight.’

It’s a story from 300 years ago. I don’t know if it will be the same if I lift the barbell now. And even if the demon king of confinement has no intention of doing so, Yujin intends to fight and kill the demon king of confinement.

-I had no choice but to reincarnate you… … Because of all the people you know, you are the most heroic.

The words I heard from Vermouth in the dark room.

Those words came to my mind now.

“Did you know?”

He sighed and turned his head. A mountain built from the corpses of monsters. A statue of Agaroth sitting on it.

Eugene glared at himself in the distant past.

* * *

It would be quicker to show it than to explain it in words, but I couldn’t go down into the abyss again with Senya and Cristina. This is because no one can pass through the door of the abyss except for Iris, who was promised, and Eugene, who was connected by fate.

“therefore… … .”

The sea that had been split with the new sword stuck together again. As Eugene stared at the calm sea, he waited to see what Senya would say after hearing everything.

“Are you a god?”

“… … .”

“God of War?”

Senya’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Are you crazy?”

“… … .”

“no… … No, really, really Eugene. It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just too absurd. Are you the god of war?”

“Write… … .”

It was a somewhat expected reaction. Eugene would have thought first of all whether Senya was really sane when Senya said something like, ‘I’m actually a magic god’.

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