Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 122

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“indeed… … .”

Unlike Senya, who was suspicious, Cristina nodded and put her hands together. she said, looking at her Eugene with eyes full of sincere admiration and admiration.

“As expected, Eugene-sama was the owner of an extraordinary destiny.”

“Do you believe me?”

“of course. Not only me, Anis-nim believes that Eugene-nim’s previous life was an ancient god of war.”

Christina stared at Eugene as she said that.

“… … Actually, we saw Eugene’s ‘miracle’ today.”

“miracle… … .”

Senya murmured.

That, ignorant and savage Hamel… … shifted the perception of it elsewhere. And earlier, he remembered Eugene pushing Iris.


it’s a miracle Usually wizards don’t blindly believe in such uncertain things. However, it’s funny to doubt and deny even though you’ve actually seen it.

Mana’s temperament changed in an instant. The flame burned so black that the name of the white salt ceremony was colorless. Runaway of the moonlight sword. And—-at the last moment, the red light that cut the Iris and the sea in two.

“that… … It wasn’t mana. It wasn’t magic, and it wasn’t the light of the moonlight sword.”

A force that can only be called heterogeneous. Senya felt what kind of power the light contained.

It was the same with Christina and Anis. Anis, in particular, was able to guess the identity of Eugene’s power to some extent from the first time he changed his flame.

“Divine power.”

Faith in God. All divine magic and miracles that transcend them are manifested through faith. That is divine power. The form of the divine power is different for each god, but the divine power of the priest who serves the god of light appears as a dazzling light.

That light is given by God. In other words, borrowing from God.

“Hamel. Your ‘light’ was not given by the god of light. the light you created yourself. It was the divine power that God himself possessed.”

Anise is not a living human being. Anis as a human died 300 years ago. The current Anis is a spiritual being called an angel, and in a sense, it is much closer to God than humans.

That’s why, from the moment Eugene’s flame changed, Anis felt ‘divine power’.

“Especially, Hamel, the one you picked last… … sword of light. It was the power of a divine sword in the true sense.”

Altair, the holy sword said to have been created by the god of light. This sword is a sword made from the flesh and blood of the body that the god of light who descended to earth took as an incarnation.

The Altair created in this way remains in this world even after the god of light ascends to heaven, and in the Protestant Church of Light, Altair is given many meanings, such as being the first child of light and a torch left for the world. In line with that meaning, the holy sword Altair contains a powerful ‘light’.

However, a holy sword is different from a new sword. The holy sword only borrows divine power from God. The Divine Sword is a sword created purely by divine power.

Eugene made a complicated expression while stroking the chest where he had pulled out the new sword.

“I can’t pull it out often.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Anis nodded with a face that seemed obvious.

“Hamel. As Agaroth himself, you know best, but the name ‘Agaroth’ has been around for thousands of years… … Or, it’s an older name. According to what you said, didn’t all the followers who worshiped Agaroth die and disappear with the end of the mythical age? In this day and age, there may be a small number of beings who know the name Agaroth, but none of them worship Agaroth as a ‘god’.”

“What would it be?”

“A god worshiped by no one. The god of war that disappeared along with the ancient times. Hamel, even if you are the reincarnation of that war god, you will have little prestige or deity right now. But according to my awareness… … It must have broken the divine power.”

The only thing he can wield is a single sword. It was so for Eugene to judge now. If you use it properly, you can wield it a few more times, but it would be more comfortable and better to use an empty sword with a holy sword than to do that.

but. Even if he only swung it once, the new sword he wielded with all his might wiped out the demon king’s magical power and split the sea.

“I don’t know for sure, but I wonder if I can pull out a new sword only once a day.”

I can’t pull it out right now. Eugene patted his chest and murmured.

“gradually… … It feels full.”

“The god of war, the name Agaroth is not important.”

Anise took a step closer to Eugene.

“Only the name has changed. Because the soul is the same. Hamel, you killed the ‘Frenzy Demon King’ today. Right now, only the people in the subjugation party know about it, but when we return to Simuin, the entire continent will know about it.”

Eugene understood what Anise was talking about.

Godhead increases with faith. The reason why the light of the God of Light is so brilliant is because the Protestant Church of Light has the greatest prestige among the continent’s religions.

killed the devil It is a feat that will astonish the entire continent. If that fact is known, many people on the continent will chant Eugene’s name. Maybe even worship… … .

For Eugene, who already possesses a divine sword, such worship will gather and become divine power.


Eugene doesn’t want to enjoy it much, but the more the continent honors Eugene as a hero, the stronger his divine power becomes. The new sword, which can only be wielded once, will be able to be wielded several more times as the divine power becomes stronger, and the power of the new sword itself will become stronger.

If you have enough divine power like that, you will be able to find a way to use your divine power other than the new sword.

“god… … God… … .”

Senya glanced at Eugene with a complicated expression.

“I’m not a dumbass or an asshole… … God of War… … ?”

“… … .”

That would be too much to say. Eugene didn’t think so. The verbal play contained in that insulting word made the corners of Yujin’s mouth twitch.

Anis muttered as she glared at Senya.

“Are you just kidding?”

“ah… … It’s not?”

“I think I was joking… … .”

“Because it is not!”

It was good not to laugh. Yujin desperately managed her expression and turned her head away.

The boat that Eugene and the others were on was moving slowly through the sea.

The Demon King is dead, and the Dark Elves and pirates are also dead. But something may remain in their stronghold. One of the objectives of this subjugation is to rescue the hammer island dwarf artisans who have been kidnapped by pirates.

‘There were no dwarfs among the monsters.’

Of course, as the monsters were mixed here and there, the dwarven nature might have disappeared… … Even so, he could not return to the army as a civil servant.

“How is Ciel?”

Yujin sighed and opened her mouth.

“The physical condition… … it’s okay. There is no abnormality in the left eye.”

“I looked at it with magic, but it’s the same. those eyes… … It’s certain that it has become a demonic eye, but it’s still functioning properly with its eyes.”

Senya and Anis both sighed.



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“I haven’t lost much of my energy. But just in case, I forced myself to sleep… … .”

“Right now, Carmen and Desiira are watching from the sidelines. first… … I think I can sleep well and check the ‘mystical eye’ then.”


Eugene laughed bitterly and muttered. Anise looked at Eugene with worried young eyes and asked.

“Hamel. What do you feel guilty about… … .”

“It’s something you have to feel.”

Eugene shook his head and replied.

“You did that to save me.”

“… … .”

“I’m different from the me of 300 years ago, when I pushed myself in when I didn’t have to.”

if. If Ciel didn’t push. If she hadn’t shoved her body in her place.

Darkjeon’s evil eye must have pierced Eugene’s head.


After sailing for about half a day, I saw large and small islands clinging to each other.

It was in the form of a village, albeit a crude one.

It was a village inhabited by pirates who followed Iris, but there were no survivors. Thousands of pirates who lived here became monsters entwined with each other by Iris’ magic, and in the end, the magic was removed and they died as ashes.

After passing several islands, I saw an island with a large pattern symbolizing the mad king. It was blatant enough to know as soon as I saw it. The home of Iris and the Dark Elves. Eugene, Senya, and Anis volunteered to scout and came forward.

“There may be some dangerous aura left in relation to the demon lord. It will be just the three of us, so please watch over the ship.”

When Eugene said that, no one objected. In particular, Ortus, the commander of the punitive force, nodded his head fervently as if he believed in Eugene’s trivial words.


Originally, Orthus did not like Eugene that much. It was because Eugene was so rude in the conversation we had at Night March.

What they reunited after was the raid in Labersia. In the meeting between Orthus and Eugene, there was no room for good feelings to build up. Orthus only suffered hardships from Eugene unilaterally.

but. The resulting bad feelings disappeared like snow melting in the battle with the demon king. Rather, Orthus was feeling awe of Eugene right now.

Being a son doesn’t matter. Orthus, who had walked the same path of nothingness, couldn’t help but be deeply impressed by all of Eugene’s movements in the battle with the demon king. The martial arts that Yujin showed could be said to be divine, and that divine power remained inside Orthus and rekindled his soul as a warrior who had cooled off.

‘Eugene Ryanhart. he is… … It’s real. He’s a real warrior, more than what the world is talking about.’

The enthusiasm in Ortus’ gaze was so blatant that even Eugene could feel it. It was a bit embarrassing, but if you think about the future—- receiving the favor and admiration of Orthus, the grand duke of poets and first, wasn’t a bad thing at all.

‘It’s rather a good thing.’

To challenge the demon king of confinement. Climbing the barbell.

It is impossible right now. In the worst case, instead of climbing to the top of Babel, you might end up being cut to pieces by Gavid Lindman along the way. Unlike the battle with the demon king of madness this time, there is no chance of winning the battle with the demon king of confinement if it is suddenly fought. You should come prepared as much as you can.

The ‘preparation’ includes the white salt ceremony and the training of magic, as well as raising Eugene’s divine power. Anise said something, but Eugene himself felt it too. As the name ‘Eugene Lionheart’ grows, and as the worship grows, so will its divine power.

‘I’ll have to ask them to put up a statue or something.’

Eugene seriously thought about that.

The pirate empress who was the trouble of the officials. There, he subdued the frenzied demon lord, who had risen several levels. If he had done this, the royal family would never be able to refuse Yujin’s request.

‘Where is the square… … I put up a statue of myself in front of the Colosseum where there are many tourists. Just standing in front of Orthus every few months seems to increase his strength.’

The more I thought about it, the better it seemed.

“It’s not enough to gilt your face, but you’re putting diamonds on it.”

Senya, who heard Eugene’s opinion, answered with disgust.

“What are you going to say?”

Eugene was really dumbfounded and asked back.

Gilding? No one else knows, but Senya shouldn’t have said that. To be honest, among my peers 300 years ago, the person who made self-showing the most soggy wasn’t it?

Anis is not happy that he is commemorated as a saint in Euras, but is rather displeased.

Morron also erected a statue of himself in the capital of Luhar Kingdom, but it was also to commemorate Hamel, not Moron alone.

A statue of Vermouth in the Lionheart Headquarters or the capital of Kiel. that… … Could Vermouth be infatuated with his statue of himself?

But Senya is infatuated.

“You must be wrong.”

Senya answered with a straight face.

“Even 300 years ago, I didn’t want to put myself in a statue! Even when I painted my portrait, the painter changed my expression because I didn’t always smile and was offended.”

“For something like that, he always says ‘Wise Senya’ blah blah blah.”

“that… … that’s a different matter Just like I am different now than I was 300 years ago. And, uh, it’s true that I’m a wise Senya!”

“That’s awful… … On the topic that he himself attached the modifier ‘wise’… … .”

“Because I didn’t write it down!”

“Why are you denying the fact that you already know everything?”

It has already been revealed that the damn children’s book was co-authored by Anis and Senya. But Senya still denied being the author of the children’s book… … .

“Ignore Senya’s stupid words, as they don’t deserve to be heard.”

percussion. Anise landed on the island and folded her wings of light.

“I agree with you, Hamel. Idols are an easy and convenient way to elicit worship. We can do something a little more drastic about that.”

“How drastic?”

“Through the Holy See, we will certify you as a saint of the Protestant Church of Light, and we will set up statues of you all over Juras.”

Eugene’s mouth was half open.

“What are you surprised about? It’s just that you haven’t made it public, but you are already a saint of the Protestant Church of Light.”

It was a natural thing to say. In the first place, the name ‘Hero’ that Eugene had was given to him by the Protestant Church of Light.

From 300 years ago, the owner of the holy sword Altair was called a hero. In fact, Vermut is still one of the Saints of the Protestant Church of Light, and more than a dozen statues of Vermut have been erected in Jurass.

“In fact, even if we don’t say anything, the Holy See will do it on its own.”

If the fact of subduing the mad king is known, there is no way that Juras, a country of fanatics, will remain silent. They will take the lead in proclaiming that the god of light was with Eugene, and they will erect an icon of Eugene in the plaza of the sun.

“Establishing a statue is not the only way.”

Senya cleared her throat and followed Eugene and Anis.

“Isn’t it okay to do more feats to make your name known like this one? Fortunately, Eugene, there are still many people left to kill.”

guys to kill.

“Amelia Merwin, Noir Jebela, Gavid Lindman.”

“The most easygoing is that black sorceress named Amelia Merwin.”

Senya’s eyes narrowed.

“To be honest, Noir Jevela is still hard to come by.”

Yujin also frowned and grumbled.

I stabbed a dagger at Noir, who was nested in Scalia, but… … That dagger was meant to drive Noir away. It wouldn’t have dealt any damage to Noir’s body.

“It is said that Gavid Lindman becomes stronger with the demon king of confinement, but Noir Jebela is different. That bitch’s greed must be the best among demons, right?”

Eugene agreed with that statement.

Noir Jebela is greedy. For 300 years, no demons have developed their own dignity and power as much as Noir.

Even at this moment, Noir Jebela’s status and power are increasing. It is said that there are tens of thousands of visitors to Jebella Park, which is like a body, and the spirit of those tens of thousands of people is adding to Noir Jebella.

“Speaking of the statue, Eugene-nim, why didn’t you bring the statue of Agaroth?”

Cristina slowed down the steps she had been walking before and stood by Eugene’s side. Eugene coughed lowly at Christina’s twinkling gaze.

“I thought it would be right to put it there.”

“Yes… … did you?”

“I don’t even remember much about my past life. If I think about it, it seems rather confusing… … Because it just passed.”

So I left it in the abyss. Looking at the statue of Agaroth, I felt like I would get wet with useless emotions. It’s Hamel, only 300 years ago. It’s a memory of ‘the same world’, but Agaroth… … Isn’t it a long time ago?

‘Would you have told me if I asked?’

If you asked the demon king of confinement for Agaroth’s memory. could it have reminded you? Regardless of whether it was possible or impossible, it didn’t seem like it would make it easy. Asking for something in return… … He must have said he would let me know when he climbed Babel.

‘I missed you.’

Christina felt that regret.

Eugene Ryanhart today. Hamel Diners 300 years ago. And the ancient god of war, Agaroth. Christina wanted to know everything about Eugene.

“How about the white salt meal? Is it the same?”

Senya asked, raising her wand. Instead of answering with a voice, Eugene operated a white salt ceremony.

7 stars… … No, can we call this a 7-star anymore? His body creaked from the recoil of the ignition, but thanks to his calming down, he was able to create a small spark.


A black flame burned at Eugene’s fingertips.

‘There are no stars.’

The ‘star’ that can be said to be the symbol of the white salt ceremony. Depending on how many stars you have, the stage of the white flame ceremony is determined. However, the star did not exist in Eugene right now.

The intent to kill the demon king, Agaroth’s divine power, and Eugene’s will. The changes in the Baek Yeom style, which had been mixed up, have remained the same to this day.

‘The stars are gone… … It’s not that the core has disappeared.’

A round flame ceremony inspired by the Eternal Hall. Creates a new star within the rotation of the star. Now, in Eugene’s mind, there was a universe that was born by developing far away from such a circumstance. The sparks in the universe are black, just like the night sky with stars.

“I think Carmen-nim will like it.”

“… … .”

“Unlike a hero… … I think so, but Eugene is still noble and holy.”

Cristina whispered, putting her hands together in prayer. Senya glanced at Eugene’s flame as she unleashed her search magic.

“It was like that before, but now your mana is… … too… … be strong Violent and heterogeneous.”

The mana itself in the air is pure. As that mana dwells in humans and is expressed as will, their temperaments are mixed.

The white salt formula changes depending on the temperament from 6 stars. Right now, Eugene’s White Salt Ceremony—-can no longer be called Lionheart’s White Salt Ceremony. All that remains is that mana rises like a flame. Other than that, ‘Eugene’ has changed too much.

violent and heterogeneous.

“This is better.”

Eugene grumbled and extinguished the flame. I would be able to test and check this and that after my body was completely fine, but right now it was impossible.

‘I have to see the moonlight sword again.’

why did you rush? And whether there is a risk of congestion in the future. if there is… … Should I break it down? Or should I seal it?

Eugene let out a deep sigh.


Senya said, withdrawing her staff.

There was not a single survivor left on the island where the pirates stayed. The hostages kidnapped by pirates and the workers who must have been helping in the village were the same. Iris, who has become the demon king, has turned all the ‘humans’ she sees into monsters.

However, there were survivors on this island. Senya’s body slowly floated upward. Eugene and Cristina were also floated upward by Senya’s magic.

Koo Goo Goo! The ground vibrated and shook. Senya was also not in good shape due to the battle with the demon lord, but it was easy to turn the surface of this area upside down.

“It is hidden deep inside. You never wanted to let me run away, did you?”

When the ground turned completely upside down, I saw the Dwarves who had fallen as if they were dead. According to what I heard, there were 20 dwarves kidnapped by Iris, but there were only 14 dwarves in the basement.

“main… … Porridge, dead.”

The young Dwarf, who was the first to wake up to the divine magic, stammered.

“One person… … They never made it back from the depths, and two died of overwork while producing wetsuits. The remaining three committed suicide by banging their heads into the furnace.”

The Dwarf said with tears dripping down his face.

“female… … Empress, ah, ah, no, the demon king? Where did the Demon King go?”

The dwarf’s voice trembled. Although she was abused as much as I was, fear made me call Iris ‘Demon Lord’.

“He is dead.”

Eugene answered. Upon hearing that, the Dwarf’s eyes widened.

“Lord, are you dying? dead? Devil… … Are you? Are you saying the demon king of madness is dead?”

“I am not here now because I am dead.”

“how… … Who the hell killed the mad king?”

“It’s me.”

The Dwarf opened his mouth wide at the answer that followed.

“Who are you… … would you like?”

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

I thought it was good.

‘I’ll have the dwarves make the statue.’

Since he saved people from starving or suffocating underground, wouldn’t he be happy to make a statue?

‘I’ll have to take some people to Lionheart.’

I had no intention of forcing it.

I didn’t even need to. If you whisper that you can make weapons or armor by using dragon materials freely, the dwarves will shout that they will follow Lionheart without hesitation.

I’ll have to talk about it separately with the royal family, but there’s no way the royal family won’t let go of a few dwarves even though they captured the demon king.

‘At Ryan Hart… … .’

The moment I thought of my hometown, Gilreid, Anicilla, and Xian also came to mind.

‘… … .’

Eugene’s face darkened. With a sigh, he turned his head and looked at the ships stopped in the water not far away. Ciel should have woken up by now.

‘It might take a few slaps.’

I don’t think Guilade would be like that, but Anicilla thought it might be.

Anicilla deserves it.


I didn’t feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. I can see right in front of my eyes, but when I wake up and open my eyes. Will I be able to see right in front of me then, like now, like in the past? The fear made her heart quiver.

Even Senya and Cristina knew that Baran couldn’t fall asleep easily. I also knew that if I forced myself to sleep, I would rather think more and suffer mentally.

“… … .”

Carmen and Desiira sat next to Ciel, who had fallen asleep under magic. Desiira squeezed Ciel’s hand while still weeping. Carmen clenched and opened her fists next to Desiira, staring at Ciel’s face.

Fortunately, there were no scars left on Ciel’s face. The only thing that has changed is the eyes.

… … Good thing. Carmen chewed on his lower lip as the thought entered his head.

‘If only I was stronger.’

If the demon king noticed before using male and female. If the demon king hadn’t given me a chance to use male and female. If you defeated the Demon King first. —-Those thoughts kept running around in my head.

Battle with the Demon King. Carmen did a lot. It was Carmen who killed the most Dark Elves.

When Eugene got caught up in the rampage of the moonlight sword and left the battlefield. Without Carmen, he would not have been able to restrain the demon lord. Until Eugene returned, the Demon King would have run amok. Already, many people have died, but many more would have died without Carmen.

‘It’s ugly.’

Carmen clenched her fist at the thoughts running through her head.

She knew that those thoughts meant nothing. She regrets and regrets the past that has passed, only to find an excuse somehow, being mentally cornered by it all. A common defense mechanism. Carmen felt even more disgusted with herself.

‘It was insufficient.’

That fact doesn’t change. I think there was a chance. In the battle with the demon lord, he saw several gaps that could be penetrated.

But—- I couldn’t dig into it. Apart from the fact that the gap was visible, Carmen’s body did not move properly. Also, was the gap seen by the demon lord really a gap, or was it a bait to lure out the opponent… … Carmen, in a flash of battle, was unsure of what she had seen.

‘In the end, it’s all because I was lacking.’

What is Lionheart’s greatest strength? What is Ryan Hart’s biggest adult? Carmen chewed his lips hard enough to bleed.

What do those names mean? In the battle with the demon king, who could be said to be Lionheart’s nemesis, he could only see a helpless figure. She lost the left eye of her nephew’s grandson, the disciple, and was equally inferior to her nephew’s grandson Eugene.

A thought that had never occurred to me in my entire life came into my head.

‘I am weak.’

As if that mind had been read, someone’s hand was placed on the back of Carmen’s hand. Carmen lifted his head in surprise. Ciel opened his eyes and was staring at Carmen.

“city… … .”

Lips open spontaneously. However, he couldn’t call out Ciel’s name to the end.

Ciel’s eyes looking this way. The faded left eye gave Carmen a tearing pain in her chest.

“… … L… … .”

Her voice trembled uncharacteristically for Carmen.

My eyes were dark and blurry. How many times have you shed tears like this? Carmen didn’t even think of wiping away the flowing tears and squeezed Ciel’s hand tightly.

“I am perfectly fine.”

Ciel said with an awkward smile.

“Why is Carmen crying? I’m not crying either.”

“… … .”

“hmm… … I am… … do something stupid… … No, no. I did the right thing. Even if I go back to that moment, I will act the same. And maybe Carmen-sama does too.”

“… … okay.”

Carmen couldn’t deny that. The circumstances in which Ciel lost his left eye were told.

As Ciel said, Carmen would have acted the same in that situation. The most important thing on that battlefield was Eugene. Even if dozens or hundreds of people died, Eugene did not have to die.

“… … I would have done the same.”

Carmen murmured as she held Ciel’s hand tightly.

She held Ciel’s hand for a moment before getting up from her chair. She wiped the tears that ran down her cheeks, and her trembling breathing also calmed down. Even if she was whimpering at the same time, she took her hand and raised her up.

“But Ciel.”

Carmen said while looking at Ciel lying on the bed.

“You are as precious and important to me as Eugene. If you were in that situation, not Eugene. I am… … I would have sacrificed myself for you.”

“If Carmen had sacrificed herself for me, maybe… … I would have blamed myself for the rest of my life.”

Ciel’s smile darkened slightly. Carmen smiled bitterly and turned her body around.

When I opened the closed door, I saw Eugene standing a few steps outside. Senja and Cristina were nowhere to be seen. Carmen was worried that her voice might be mixed with crying, so she cleared her throat a few times naturally to clear her voice.

“Were there any survivors?”

“There were all 14 dwarves.”

“Was it only dwarves?”

“yes. There were no humans.”

Carmen’s face darkened at the answer that came back. She gave a slight nod of her head, and passed her Eugene with Desiira.

“There is no need for you to leave your seat.”

Ciel said to Eugene who returned after closing the door. Eugene couldn’t answer and she stared at Ciel’s face.

“I will tell you in advance.”

that gaze. Ciel felt self-loathing at the way she felt now, at the thoughts of her wandering through her head.

“I did it because I thought it was right.”

“… … .”

“different… … There may have been a cleaner, better way. You know, we weren’t in a hurry back then. Well, yes, instinctively. My body moved.”

i saved you It ended with one left pupil, but I could have given up my life for you. So, you… … You have to return the favor to me. Since I did this for you, you too… … .

“So you don’t have to feel guilty about me or anything like that. me to you… … Although she’s made several nasty looks. I am… … Well, I don’t want to be any more miserable then.”

You should look after me as much as I did for you. I won’t ask for too much. Just, sometimes, think of me… … .

“Don’t you resent me?”

Yujin sighed deeply and sat down on the chair next to the bed.

“I? resentment? you?”

Ciel looked at Eugene with a puzzled expression.

“Is there any reason to be resentful?”

“If I hadn’t stayed still like an idiot, you wouldn’t have been hurt.”

“Don’t be stupid, Eugene. If you want to assume that way, assume this first. What if I didn’t follow the punitive force like you said? If so, I wouldn’t have been hurt. Maybe you died without me.”

Ciel snorted and raised his finger to press Eugene’s forehead.

“Don’t be so stupid, say thank you. Saying thank you for saving me.”

“I’ve told you many times.”

“But thanks to you is something new no matter how many times I hear it.”

Ciel smiled brightly and lifted his fingers.

“so. What did you see under the sea?”

“Isn’t that resentful?”

“What other stupid things are you talking about? no way… … Did you think I would resent you for leaving me behind and rushing to the bottom?”

I’m sorry Ciel held her stomach and laughed.

“How much of a child did you consider me to be?”

Ciel understood that Eugene acted like that.

Eugene at that time… … It was a bit strange. It felt like Eugene, but not Eugene. The dizzy eyes and confusion in the head were revealed as they were.

“It was important to you.”

But now it’s different. The one in front of Ciel now was undoubtedly Eugene Lionheart.

“It was important.”

Eugene said with a wry smile.

“I thought so, but it was nothing more important than you.”

Ciel’s expression darkened at the words that followed. She pursed her lips for a moment, then pulled the blanket over her so that it half covered her face.

It would be a word without deep meaning. The human named Eugene Lionheart that Ciel had identified was such a guy. I don’t think deeply about what the listeners will think or misunderstand. Just, he spits out what he feels right out of his mouth.

Those words that came out like that were suddenly hit in the back of the head from the listener’s point of view… … It was violent, like being beaten in the jaw. Anyone who hears such words will turn red in the face.

“Being at sea was my previous life.”

“jeon… … raw? Your previous life was Hamel-sama.”

“hmm… … Should I say a previous life of a previous life then? Anyway, what was under the sea was the remains of Agaroth. It turned out that I was Agaroth.”

The horse now was just as violent. Wasn’t too much omitted in the middle? Ciel looked at Eugene with wide open eyes.



“So, Agaroth, the god of war, is you?”


Ciel lowered the blanket that was covering his face and glanced at Eugene.

“I am Ciel Lionheart.”


“you… … Eugene Lionheart. that’s right?”

“Why do you ask for the obvious?”

“That’s all right.”

Ciel pursed his lips and pulled down the blanket.

“Whether you are Lord Hamel or God of War, for me… … It doesn’t matter. If you’re Eugene Ryanhart, that’s fine.”

“Ryan Hart… … .”

Eugene sighed and looked into Ciel’s left eye.

“Your eyes.”

“I know that humans do not possess demonic eyes.”

Ciel muttered.

“any… … I have something to feel. If I have a demonic eye, is it because I am special? no. It’s not me, but the blood that flows through my body is special.”

An uneasy sword called the ‘Moonlight Sword’. A sword that did not exist in history as well as in Lionheart’s records.

But when I gripped that ominous sword. When she approaches Eugene, who has been immersed in her emptiness without knowing where she is.

-It shouldn’t be like this.

-That sword is not my arrangement.

I heard a voice. It was a voice that shrank the soul and made the blood tremble. Neither Eugene nor anyone else told him about the owner of the voice, but only one name lingered in Ciel’s mind.

“Great vermouth.”

Ciel hesitantly said.

“we… … Lionheart’s progenitor. The great vermouth… … Are you not human? Could it be that you are a demon?”


Eugene sighed with a firm expression. After spitting it out, I tried to connect another word. But what more can I say? Yujin pondered for a moment, then sighed deeply.

“Actually, I don’t know. Is that bastard a demon or a human?”

“No matter how much, the cub is a bit like that to the father-in-law.”

Ciel let go of his stiff expression and smiled.

“that… … I mean the voice. Did you hear that too?”


“As expected, was that the founder’s voice?”

“That bastard is the only one who can talk to me about arrangements.”

Eugene spat out with a still stiff face.

‘That sword is not my arrangement.’

I couldn’t figure out how to interpret Vermouth’s words.

It is in the underground tomb of the desert that Eugene obtained the moonlight sword. The hilt floating on the coffin… … The sword body was shattered. Because of this, it did not emit as much light as it did in its heyday, but nevertheless, the moonlight from the shattered moonlight sword shone ominously every time Eugene drew the sword.

-The moonlight sword is too dangerous. Dangerous in many ways.

-I’m thinking of breaking the moonlight sword. I will get rid of it from the world like that. But, maybe I will fail. Even if you want to break this sword, it’s not something you can break. If I… … If I can handle this sword somehow and leave it as an arrangement for you. And if you, Hamel, have lingering attachments to the moonlight sword.

In the dark room, Vermouth warned of the dangers of the moonlight sword. At the same time, he also left room for the Moonlight Sword to be left as an ‘arrangement’.

-Even if you visit the grave, the moonlight sword might not be there. Don’t feel too bad about it though. If there is a moonlight sword… … It must be that I couldn’t break the moonlight sword. Still, I hope you don’t laugh at me too much, since I’ve managed to somehow get you to control it.

Having heard such words, of course I thought that Vermouth was successful.

‘Vermouth… … He had no intention of leaving the Moonlight Sword behind.’

failed to deal with. He could not be left behind as an arrangement for Hamel. Even so, the moonlight sword remained in the desert tomb.

When the Moonlight Sword was left there in the first place, Vermouth was not normal. He seemed insane. He’s possessed by something, goes mad, attacks Senya, and puts the moonlight sword behind him… … .

“… … .”

Runaway of the moonlight sword. It also suffered from Eugene. It seemed that the ego would be swept away by the moonlight and disappear. If the demon king of confinement had interfered and Ciel hadn’t caught on… … .

‘Does the moonlight sword have a will? or not… … To the demon lord of destruction?’

The moonlight sword is the sword of destruction.

But—- that, does the Demon King of Destruction have such a thing as an ego? Eugene was suspicious of that.

I can’t remember the moment Agaroth died, but… … The ‘Demon King of Destruction’ that Eugene recognizes does not seem to have an ego or will like other Demon Kings.

“I mean my eyes.”

Ciel opened his mouth.

“It’s awkward, but I like it.”


“If you wear prosthesis or use an eyepatch, you will suffer more.”

“Not really. I am more distressed that your eyes have become demonic eyes.”

“It’s not like using magic, so what’s up?”

“You don’t know that.”

“No, I know.”

Ciel firmly shook his head.

“At first, I was surprised and embarrassed, so I didn’t understand it well. now… … I understand.”

The power that resides in the pupil.

“If the voice I heard then belonged to the founder… … I think these eyes are a gift from the ancestors.”


“I saw the founder with you.”

A man in the midst of empty destruction. The voice that pushed away Eugene and Ciel, shrank their souls and made their blood tremble.

The experience of that moment sparked blood. If I hadn’t gone through such an experience, the transformation of my pupils into mystic eyes would not have happened.

“What is the gift?”

Eugene grumbled with a frown on his face.

Ciel giggled as he looked at Eugene’s protruding lips.


As befits the base of a thousands-strong pirate crew, the treasures were said to be enormous, and among them were a few symbols of frenzy that Iris must have been attached to since her lifetime.

I had to pay special attention to that.

I am well aware of how persistent and vicious the Demon King is. Even after killing and annihilating them, the Demon King of Murder and the Demon King of Horror became spirits of darkness for 300 years, possessing humans and attempting to return. There was a possibility that Iris, who had become a frenzied demon king, would try such a modification.

Eugene did not want to reunite with the demon king he killed with his own hands. All the symbols of madness were destroyed, and the other treasures were carefully examined.

“What did he want to do with all these treasures piled up like a mountain?”

Iris, who was supposed to answer the question, had already died, but he could guess the reason without asking directly.

“It seems like he wanted to use military funds for the military, or something like that.”

Yujin grumbled as she twirled the shiny and splendid crown with her fingers.

Treasures gathered by plundering in the South Sea for several years. Iris, who became the demon king at most, died without living for even five days, so these treasures could not be used as military funds.

“Why does he keep doing that?”

A blatant gaze stuck in the back of the head. I tried not to pay attention, but since I’ve been watching it like that for hours already, it bothered me even if I didn’t want to.

Eugene grumbled without bothering to look back.

“Sung-joon (聖恩) is called.”

Cristina answered.

“Isn’t that how things really are? Eugene-nim kicked out the dream queen who had been living in Princess Scalia.”

If it was known that the dream queen, who hadn’t even been here, intervened, the situation would surely become a mess. So, neither Princess Scalia nor the others knew about the dream queen.

“Senya, it’s because you said something useless.”

“Why is it my fault? It’s because you stabbed the dagger into the princess’s body without thinking about it.”

Senya opened her eyes thinly and glanced at Eugene.

The conversation there was beyond Scalia’s ears. She didn’t intend to overhear even Scalia herself. She stared at her Eugene, sticking to her seat at a distance from her.

‘You saved me… … .’

I don’t remember that moment. I couldn’t recall any memories of being dominated by the devil’s malice. But before I could read my memory, I vaguely remembered trying to commit an injustice. He killed Dior, his lieutenant, and attempted to kill his blood relative, Prince Jafer.

Actually, it’s not because of Noir. His mind was half-mad with the demonic energy emitted by the mad king, and the urge that had been pooled in the bottom of his chest soared.

Scalia had no intention of admitting that she had such an impulse. She has committed many murders in her life, but she has never killed an innocent person. In other words, she identified and killed the sinners who needed to be killed in her own way.

But Dior and Zefar were not to be killed. Had they killed them on an evil impulse, Scalia’s life would have been completely ruined… … .

‘Warrior… … .’

Scalia swallowed and looked at Eugene.

Two days have already passed since the battle ended. She usually couldn’t sleep without Scalia’s sleeping pills, and had nightmares even when she barely slept.

However, after being blessed by the hero, he was able to sleep without sleeping pills. She fell asleep without any nightmares. The impulsive whispers in her head were no longer audible. She didn’t even want to kill another person, a wicked person, and spill her blood… … .

Instead of the urge to kill, Scalia’s heart filled with respect and trust in the hero. The miraculous experience created faith in Scalia’s heart.

Scalia wasn’t the only one who had a similar influence. It would not be an exaggeration to say that all members of the subjugation party had a different perception of Eugene in the minds of many people.

A descendant of the great Vermouth.

The best martial artist on the continent, Lion Heart.

Even before the punitive force went out, for the vast majority of people, such recognition was attached to the name ‘Eugene Lionheart’.

But – not now. Didn’t you see him defeating the Demon King right in front of his eyes?

“It is not the Lionheart of the Great Vermouth.”

The moment I returned to my temporary residence. Carmen, who was sitting on the sofa, opened her mouth as if she had been waiting.

“It’s the hero of the day, Eugene’s Lionheart.”

The moment he heard those words, Yujin’s face couldn’t help but wrinkle. Words that make me feel bad… … no. But it was embarrassing to even laugh out loud.

“Kuhm… … Are you feeling better?”

“I thought it was funny that I was depressed.”

Pong. Carmen murmured as she opened the lid of her lighter.

“A series of situations is because I was lacking. Having admitted that, I shouldn’t be depressed or sit down any longer. Rather, we must stand up and move forward.”

“yes… … .”

“For you… … Thank you, Eugene. if you didn’t come You have to move forward, if you haven’t led everyone… … This era must have been ridiculed by the newly born demon king.”

Pong. The open lid closed.

“If I hadn’t come here, I would have been misunderstood all along.”

“mistaken… … ? What delusion are you talking about?”

“The illusion that I am strong.”

Carmen smiled bitterly as she touched the lighter.

“Eugene. Do you know about frogs?”

“yes… … I know.”

“What I am talking about is not just a frog. It refers to a foolish frog who was born in a well and never went out of the well. Do you know, Eugene? How small is the sky looking up from inside the well.”

“uh… … I’ve never fallen in a well… … .”

“The frog in the well knows that the well it lives in and the sky it looks up from is the whole world. You don’t know how wide the world is.”

“… … .”

“I was such a frog in the well. He was a frog who mistook himself for being a lion. but… … Thanks to you, I learned about the world. I realized what a small, humble frog I was.”

Eugene knows what the frog in the well is about.

“Aren’t you being too self-deprecating? Carmen-sama is also strong enough. Even in the battle with the Demon King, Carmen-nim did her part.”

“I was able to do that because you, Eugene, consumed the demon lord’s power. It was because of the help of Senya-nim and Saint Christina.”

Having said that, Eugene was unable to answer. When Eugene coughed out in embarrassment, Carmen smiled and continued.

“Thank you for enlightening me, Eugene.”

Eugene saw the longing burning inside Carmen’s eyes.

It was a longing for simple and intuitive ‘power’. It has been like that since time immemorial. Those who crave power in a straight line like that somehow become stronger. Among them, there are people whose longing is distorted, or who despair in themselves first, and then fall into the evil way and fall into ruin.

However, such a story would not apply to Carmen. Eugene smiled and nodded her head.

“You didn’t do anything great enough to be called enlightenment, did you? Me too, Carmen-nim… … I just did what I had to do.”

“You are usually very arrogant, but you become humble at times like this.”

“Kuhm… … .”

“Every single one of those looks will serve as an example for Lionheart and everyone else. Eugene… … No, Black Lion.”


“The Black Lion who represents Lionheart and even sees the light of the holy sword… … Whoops. The colors that symbolize you, the warrior, are jet black and red. It’s ironic… … .”

“Black… … what?”

“It’s amazing, Eugene. 300 years of Lionheart’s history. Baek Yeom-sik always created pure white flames… … . But you are different. How should we accept this fact? Eugene, I think so. Just as you gave the white salt ceremony a new color, the Lionhearts of the future will be dyed in your color… … .”

I couldn’t listen any longer. Eugene ran away from Carmen without looking back.

Whoop, whoop whoop. Are you satisfied with what you say? I heard Carmen’s laughter and the sound of a lighter pong-pong from behind.

“Ironic… … .”

The word seemed to be stuck in my heart.

* * *

Recovery of treasure looted by pirates. recovery of the deceased. treatment of the wounded, etc. All of them were matters that needed to be sorted out before returning to port as officials. So, the punitive force was anchored in the islands for several days.

Those problems should be solved by Orthus, not Eugene. I also heard that Prince Jefar dared to speak out about the distribution of achievements, but even that Ortus did it with a straight face.

“Are you discussing your exploits while hiding in the evacuation boat throughout the battle?!”

Ciel chuckled and imitated Orthus’ voice.

“Do you know how funny Prince Zefar’s expression was then? That idiot must have thought that Lord Orthus would take my side unconditionally. Well, Prince Zefar must be desperate too. When Sir Ortus reports to the king, he’ll want you to say, ‘Prince Zefar ordered the subjugation.’”

If Ortus had reported it like that, a cataclysm would have occurred in the order of succession to the throne.

“I’ll tell her to take care of Princess Scalia instead.”

Eugene replied with a sad face.

“But that princess didn’t even run away and fought hard.”

“Why are you taking care of me?”

“A princess who wants to return the favor to me will increase her position within the kingdom. Then I’m comfortable like this and that.”

“What are you up to?”

“There’s no such thing as a plot, and I’m thinking of having Princess Scalia make something like a worship service for the officials.”

“Worship day?”

Ciel’s eyes widened at the unexpected answer.

“Once a month… … At noon? Around that time, I will give you time to pray for me. It seems impossible to go all the way to the Sabbath, and isn’t it okay to pray for a while?”

“Are you trying to make a religion?”

“It’s all about religion… … . no… … Is it your religion?”

Yujin muttered with a trembling face. She had never thought so grandiosely. This is because creating a religion is a pain in the ass.

‘I think I need to write down scriptures, set up doctrines, and build a few buildings…’ … .’

If I ask Anis or Cristina, they’ll take care of it, but… … Eugene thought she didn’t have to go that far.

“hmm… … Even if it’s impossible until the official service day of the royal family, one Princess Scalia looks like she’s praying for you every day.”

Ciel recalled the face of Scalia he had seen while passing by earlier.

Even just a few days ago, Scalia’s face was full of fatigue and irritation from insomnia. The light in her eyes was dull, and the dark circles around her eyes were thick. However, lately, Scalia’s eyes have been gradually dwelling on guns.

“How do you feel?”

“I am fine. The eyes still look good. You?”

“I still feel sore all over the place. But mana moves well.”

Eugene patted his left chest a few times and laughed.

“I’m glad. I’d be depressed if I spent New Year’s Day in bed.”

Ciel laughed along with Eugene.

It’s a new year from today. It doesn’t feel very far from the fact that they first met when they were 13 years old, but Ciel and Eugene are now 22 years old. In fact, Eugene couldn’t feel much excitement that it was a new year for her, and that she had grown a year older.

‘I remember from my previous life, but age is a logarithm… … .’

If you add up your age in your previous life, you’re over sixty years old… … . No, if you add Agaroth’s age? At what age did Agaroth die? Time since ancient times… … should i add If that’s the case, Eugene’s age would be thousands of years old… … .


It seemed that Senya’s feelings of regret were a little understandable. Eugene glanced at Senya for no reason.

“What you looking at?”

“Can’t I see it?”

“It’s not okay… … Your eyes, something insulting.”

Senya grumbled and raised her staff.

ㅡPay! A complicated magic circle unfolded around Senya. Eugene looked in Christina’s direction as he confirmed the magic melting into the space.

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