Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 124

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I thought about it many times, but the moment the moonlight sword ran out of control… … Eugene was close to union with that terrible, ominous sword. The moonlight ran out of control, but Eugene pushed Iris by mixing the moonlight and flames as he had hoped.

Honestly, it’s a waste to throw away that power.

“Eugene, I don’t understand what you are thinking about. I heard you heard Vermouth’s voice?”

-That sword is not my arrangement.

“Vermouth had no intention of leaving the Moonlight Sword behind. Even so, there was a moonlight sword in your grave… … .”

Senya stopped talking and chewed her lips.

Senya recalled the vermouth she had encountered underground in the desert. At that time, Senya had no conversation with Vermouth. Senya spoke to Vermouth several times, but Vermut only stared at Senya with dull eyes, not once opening his lips to answer.

When Eugene gets caught up in the rampage of the moonlight sword. Senya—- felt the same way Vermouth did back then. In the end, what Senya feared the most was that the Hamel and Eugene she knew would become something else she didn’t know.


Eugene, who had been silent, opened his mouth.

“My being here itself is Vermouth’s arrangement.”

Eugene’s lips twisted and went up.

“To be very honest, Senya, I like that shit.”

“… … .”

“That bastard reincarnated me at will. Oh yeah. That bastard, Vermouth, will feel a little unfair. Because I also lost myself on my own.”

Yujin smiled and sat down on the chair.

“I was reincarnated as the Vermouth bastard intended, and I received and ate the arrangement he left behind. Now I understand roughly what that bastard said so bluntly, ‘It has to be you.’”


“Not enough.”

Eugene’s voice went cold.

“Whether I’m Agaroth’s reincarnation or Hamel’s reincarnation, it’s okay. It’s not enough.”


“Demon King of Destruction. It is impossible to use the moonlight sword, the sword of destruction, to kill him. But it can be used against the demon lord in confinement.”

Eugene was conscious of the moonlight sword inside his cloak.

“It can be used on Gavid Lindman and Noir Jebela.”

The moonlight sword is ominous. It is the sword of destruction. If you don’t care, your ego may be swept away by the moonlight.

Eugene was still skeptical about the existence of an ‘ego’ in the demon king of destruction, but if it wasn’t Vermouth’s arrangement that the moonlight sword was in the grave… … If the vermouth at that time hadn’t been sane.

The moonlight sword itself could be a trap for the demon lord of perdition.

“Even if you know it’s poisonous, you have to drink it.”

Modified White Salt.


Demon King’s Arms.

Lionheart’s arms.

air sword.

holy sword.

new sword.

Even if I use everything I have, I am not sure that I will be able to defeat Noir Jebella, Gavid Lindman, or the Demon King of Confinement.

“As long as you don’t use poison, you can’t overcome the demon lord of confinement.”

I thought about it throughout the voyage, departing from Solgarta and returning to Simuin.

The moonlight sword is dangerous. Eugene knows that better than anyone else. However, the danger is not only for Eugene, but also for Eugene’s enemies.

“Did Vermouth not arrange it? What does it matter? It is me who is here now. If that bastard didn’t arrange it, he decided I should use it.”

“… … .”

“Senya, do you want me to move only as Vermouth intended?”

Eugene raised his head and glared at Senya.

“I will… … There is no way… … !”

Senya squeezed the hem of her skirt and spat out. Eugene looked away from Senja and looked at Christina and Anis.

“We will follow Eugene’s decision.”

Christina replied.

“However, if Eugene’s decisions lead to your ruin. We will give our lives on behalf of Eugene. If Eugene cares about us, please be more mindful of your own safety.”

Eugene nodded and looked at Ciel.

“… … What can I say? Still, if you… … If my consciousness is dragged away by that strange sword. I… … I don’t know if I can, but I’ll try to catch you like last time.”


After hearing everyone’s answers, Yujin slightly relaxed her expression.

“I’m sorry for getting mad at you.”

“you… … are you a psychopath? Why are you suddenly serious and spoiling the atmosphere?”

Senya asked, gasping for breath. Yujin licked her lips again and crossed her legs.

“No, what should I do if I get angry just thinking about it? This f*cking moonlight sword. Dog-like vermouth.”

“Anyway, it is!”

“Anyway, I’ll take care of the moonlight sword myself.”

“What are you going to do on your own!”

“Now, listen. There are many differences between the moonlight sword used by Vermouth in the past and the moonlight sword of today. Once the sword itself was cut in half… … .”


“When you swing it at Iris. I tried to increase my strength as much as the Moonlight Sword lacked. So, I tried to amplify the moonlight with my mana and fire. In the process, myself and the Moonlight Sword began to mix… … .”

Yujin recalled that moment and continued.

“To be precise, I was eaten while mixing.”

“… … so?”

“Why did I get eaten? It was because my strength was lacking. Compared to the moonlight of the moonlight sword, my flame is less. Do you think so? But now?”

Eugene raised his thumb and pointed at himself.



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“who am I?”

“… … .”

“Agaroth, the god of war.”

“… … .”

“Kuhm… … Now that I can use my divine power, and the Baek Yeom-sik has changed, I don’t think I’ll be eaten by the moonlight sword like last time. If we maintain the balance of power and achieve the unification of the new swords, we can use the moonlight sword without running out of control.”

“Eh… … .”

Senya sighed deeply and sat down.

“I do not know. you know… … .”

“When did I not know… … .”

“Even when you make excuses to Mrs. Anicilla, you take care of yourself.”

Subdue the frenzied demon lord.

Immediately after leaving Solgarta, the subjugation party notified the officials of the news through a long-distance communication device. Wang-jeong, the attendant, was greatly embarrassed by the announcement of the results without any report, but once it was announced that the demon king had been subdued, a large-scale improvement ceremony would be prepared.

If the news of the demon lord subjugation is known.

Of course, Lionheart will also participate in the improvement ceremony.

“What do we do… … .”

Upon hearing Senya’s words, Eugene and Ciel’s expressions quickly darkened.


Euryus, the supreme leader of the Protestant Church of Light and the Pope of the Holy Empire, Euras. Crusader Raphael and the Knights of the Blood Cross. and secretly drilled battle fuses.

If the pope uttered a word, all the subjects of Jurass would assemble as a new army, but the pope left the Vatican with only a few hundred people.

Even in the Kiel Empire, the emperor moved. Straut II called out to Alchester with a dirty face, and within 10 minutes of the conversation, all of the White Dragon Knights were summoned. The emperor, who had been still chewing shit all that moment, sighed deeply and left the palace.

Alot was the same. King Dyndolf and Crown Prince Honein. Trempel, the leader of the Court Magic Division, and the most elite wizards of the Magic Corps. In addition, three Mage Tower owners joined.

The Black Mage Tower owner, Balzac Rudbez, is still missing, and the Green Mage Tower owner, Generic Osman, resigned from the position after being disgraced by Senya. In other words, all the magic tower masters in Arot moved.

Northern Luhar. Aman Ruhar, the Beast King, looked at Rehein Yar from afar.

The progenitor of the kingdom, the Dragon King, is still undiscovered. but… … If the Dragon King had heard this news. And if the Dragon King were free to act, he would have left the kingdom without any hesitation. Aman was so sure, and left the snowy field with the kingdom’s proud white fangs.

It wasn’t just the state that moved. Even in Samar, which has not been encroached upon by civilization, the Great Warrior raised his body.

Joran, a great tribe who has annihilated the Kochila tribe and is on the verge of the Great Forest. A young chieftain, Ivatar Zahabu, also gathered warriors with spears. Unlike other countries, forests do not have warp gates installed. However, the blessing of the young forest to Ivata opened the forest wide and made a path according to Ivata’s strong will.

The continents moved.

* * *

A monster that has lived 300 years ago, leading a pirate fleet in the South Sea. Subjugation of Raksha Princess Iris. Even if the continent was paying close attention to that, it was not an issue that could be moved.

but. That Princess Raksha became the Demon King at the end of the South Sea. And Eugene Ryanhart, Christina Rogeris, and Senya Merdein, who did not participate in the subjugation party, took the lead in subduing the demon king.

A ridiculous story that would only appear in legends or myths happened in reality.

I can’t believe… … a story that doesn’t How on earth did Princess Raksha and the Dark Elf become the demon lord? No, I can somehow understand that.

But were you subjugated?

‘What about this… … .’

King of Simuin. Oserys Animus. He grabbed his throbbing head and swallowed his sigh.

‘I was sent to subdue the pirates, but the demon lord… … subdued?’

The reason the subjugation party was organized this time was because Iris kidnapped a large number of Dwarf artisans.

Although there are only 20 Dwarves, it is not an exaggeration to say that they are craftsmen who inherit the history of the Dwarf race. He had felt the need to beat Iris, who had become too violent, but in the end, the launch of the subjugation party was to appease the dwarves’ strikes and protests.

Fortunately, the kidnapped Dwarf artisans were rescued… … Winning but… … .

Oserys finally let out a sigh he had been holding back.


subjugation of the demon king. Oseris couldn’t feel any joy in his heart. It was because she couldn’t feel the reality of ‘Iris became the demon king’.

Rather, Oserys felt fear.

The demon king of confinement who rules Helmud… … he… … What if you feel special for the newly born demon king? What if the death of the demon king itself stimulated the demon king in confinement? Whatever the reason, what if there is a change in the mind of the demon king of confinement?

In the Night March, the demon king of confinement spoke of the end of the promise. Oserys was also there.

end of promise. The end of 300 years of peace… … Oseris trembled as he chewed his nails.


Although they went from being pirates to becoming demon lords, the subjugation party achieved its goal, a legendary feat. So, should we prepare for a fancy reception? Wouldn’t such an event stimulate the demon king of confinement?

Shedor Island hosts dozens of festivals a year. The island’s citizens are addicted to raucous glitz. That heat could not be controlled even by the king’s dictum.

The return of dozens of ships has already been rumored throughout the island. Even without Oserys ordering, the citizens are preparing for the Triumphal Festival. Against them, should the king be ordered to stay at home in case the demon king of confinement might be displeased?

“… … .”

Reality collided before Oserys could even give an answer to his troubles.

On the continent, Simuin is a country that can never be called a small country. Although most of the territory is the sea or islands, the national power of Simuin is considerable, if not comparable to that of the Empire.

However, it cannot be called a great power. Leading the continent are two empires and the sorcery kingdom Arot. In terms of military power, Simuin is inferior to the barren northern kingdom of Luhar or the desert kingdom of Nahama.

Even if it is a powerful country… … Under these circumstances, it would not be possible to declare seclusion. Against the heads of various countries who came to her blindly, Oserine couldn’t show any courage.

It was the same with the savages of the Great Forest, which were not even a nation. This is because the main customers of maritime trade are the outer islands and the various tribes of the Great Forest for Simuin, who did not have warp gates introduced all over the world.

In the end, Oserys opened the gates of the palace without any resistance. The leaders of one country, each bringing hundreds of troops, entered the palace of Simuin as if it were natural.

“The savages of the Great Grove are coming.”

Straut II rolled his eyes at the Zoran warriors.

The Kiel Empire and Samar Great Forest could not be said to be on good terms even in empty words. For a long time, Kiel had hoped to conquer the vast Great Forest. If the Demon King of Confinement had not supported the freedom of the natives of the Great Forest, the Great Forest would have been incorporated into Kiel’s territory.

‘Shameless and selfish things.’

Straut II despised the natives of the Great Grove.

Resist imperial domination? The words are plausible, but the savages of the forest cross the border and try to smuggle in if they see a gap. In addition, criminals from each continent go over to the lawless Great Forest. If you think it’s worth forgetting, there were cases where imperial citizens disappeared in the Great Forest, and large ransoms were demanded.

“Ivatar Zahabu. This is a man who has Samar’s affairs in front of him.”

Alchester gave a low voice. He gazed at Ivatar, who was standing in the distance. I heard he is 22 this year… … .


In Ivatar, I felt the power that would be comparable to competing with the strong people of the continent.

It wasn’t just Ivatar. Each of the warriors he brought was strong enough to compare with the members of the White Dragon Knights.

‘Was it like that?’

I thought there was an unknown possibility for the tribes of the great forest, but… … Those young chieftains and warriors were superior to Alchester’s thoughts. If the Ivatar and Zoran tribes continue to work together in the Great Forest, they will become a huge tribe enough to look down on any country.

“joy… … Isn’t that an achievement achieved with the help of our Kiel Empire?”


“You don’t understand what I mean? Lord Alchester. Cochila, a hostile tribe of those savages. Didn’t Eugene Lionheart, an imperial citizen of Kiel, play a big part in the war against them?”

Saying that, Straut II opened his chest wide.

“That young savage formally asked for forgiveness, crossed the border, visited Lionheart and begged? Please help me in the war against Kochilla.”

“… … .”

“When you think about it, it’s not that great. If the benevolent empire hadn’t allowed it, that barbarian wouldn’t have been able to cross the border, and he wouldn’t have been able to ask for help from Lionheart… … .”

Eugene is not the only one involved in the great forest war. Three of Arot’s mage lords joined in, and even a saintess from the Holy Empire joined in. But wasn’t Eugene Lionheart, Kiel’s imperial citizen, at the center of it all?

Straut II felt a little better in his displeased mood.

Demon Lord subjugation… … Just thinking about it makes my face wrinkle. Straut II was in the position that the war against Helmud should be postponed no matter what. He wanted to find a way to extend the promise without provoking the demon king of confinement as much as possible. If necessary, even by controlling the mind of Eugene Lionheart, a hero who opposes the Demon King.

but. The power of the ‘room’ that the great Vermouth gave to the Kiel family did not work on Eugene. Besides, Eugene Ryanhart is the reincarnation of the hero of 300 years ago, stupid Hamel… … .

‘Grunt… … .’

Feeling a little better was messed up again. Straut II’s face was wrinkled as if he had chewed shit.

Memories of getting beat up by Eugene, being scolded by the wise Senya who came and being robbed of even the blank ID card issued to the highest-ranking spy made Straut II shrug his shoulders.

“Kuhm… … your majesty. It is not good to underestimate the abilities of that young chieftain. Considering the situation in the future, it would be better to have a friendly relationship with Chief Ivata… … .”

“Anyway, aren’t they savages who make fire by rubbing tree branches in the forest? If it weren’t for Helmud’s protection, he would have stepped on it right away and cleared the forest… … Hmmm, can we do that now? The Kochilla tribe, which was under Helmud’s care, is extinct.”

“Please, Your Majesty, don’t say that.”

“I get it, I get it. Lord Alchester. If you desire fellowship with those barbarians, I will make fellowship with the Great Forest the main agenda for the Empire this year.”

Straut II spoke as if he were patronizing. Although Kochila has been annihilated, the demon king in captivity and other nations will not want our Kiel Empire to become stronger… … . If you can’t trample and conquer, friendly relations will help.

‘In that case, the filth of the Great Forest will be officially rewarded for crossing the border.’

If the Zoran tribe succeeds in unifying the Great Forest.

“by the way… … A lot of people gathered.”

Straut II looked away from Ivatar and murmured.

As far as Straut II knew, Pope Euryus had only left the holy kingdom of Euras twice in the decades following his ascension to the throne.

One is last night’s march.

And right now.

“Heavy ass old man. When Jim ascended the throne, or major events in the empire, they ended with one handwritten letter… … .”

“Isn’t it something that will decide and stir up the fate of the continent? His Majesty is also here.”

“Grunt… … .”

Alchester’s blunt answer made Straut II growl in pain.

To tell the truth, Straut II didn’t really want to come here. It is true that the emperor, in his own way, sincerely served the safety of the empire… … Apart from that, it is because he was reluctant to meet Eugene, the reincarnation of the stupid Hamel and the hero.

“The pope of the Holy Land must have thought of him. this time… … Saint Christina Rogeris also participated in the subjugation of the demon lord. Also, the Holy Kingdom cannot ignore the ‘Hero of Light’.”

Saying that, Alchester clenched his fists.

To tell his true feelings, Alchester regretted not being able to participate in this subjugation. subjugation of the demon king. That word sparked a spark in the heart of Alchester, a knight to the bone.

‘me too… … I wanted to be together.’

If Eugene had secretly asked for help. Alchester would have put down everything except for one sword and headed for Eugene.

night march. Ever since he saw Eugene aiming his sword at the brave Moron, the demon king of confinement, and Gavid Lindman, Alchester’s heart had such a longing.

‘Sir Carmen aside… … To think I couldn’t be with Orthus in the battle… … .’

Carmen’s inaction. And Alchester also acknowledges his iron-like conviction.

Knights who have met Carmen once will call her a madman or an eccentric, but if they meet her a few more times, they all come to recognize and respect Carmen. Alchester, who was tutored by Carmen during his snoring days, naturally respects Carmen.

However, he has no respect for Orthus. Orthus’ skills cannot but be acknowledged, but it is because the person Alchester knew, ‘Orthus Heyman’, was not very good in personality compared to his innate talent and the skills he achieved.

“Those priests… … Right. Are they the battle priests that Yuras secretly drilled?”

“I will. For what purpose it was organized, its name is unknown, but… … If you think about it, it would be the bodyguard for St. Cristina Rogeris.”

“Arot’s mage masters have also gathered… … .”

Straut II frowned and glanced at Arot’s greetings.

Originally, the masters of the mage tower were not included in Arot’s court magic division. The mage lords are promised to stand neutral when Arot wages a war with another country, and the lords of the mage tower go into battle only when their mage tower becomes a battlefield.

However, there are 3 magic pagoda lords, excluding the black pagoda lord who is reclusive and the green pagoda lord who has abdicated. The King of Arot does not have the authority to summon them, so the magic tower owners came here on their own will.

Are you smart Because she participated in this subjugation. And it is because the enemy defeated by this subjugation is the Demon King.

‘Beast King Aman Ruhar… … Is it the will of the brave Moron that he came here? Is it because he realizes that he is a descendant of a great hero… … If not both… … .’

Does the Beast King know that Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of Hamel? Perhaps there is some kind of relationship between the Beast King and Eugene Lionheart… … .

‘One person moves the continent.’

In the end, all of this is a wave caused by one person, Eugene Ryanhart. Strout II sighed deeply thinking of him.

Whether Arot came for Senya or Euras came for the saintess. It is Eugene Lionheart who holds the hilt in all of these causalities. Right now, the savages of the Great Forest are here for Eugene.

“I didn’t come. The Anti-Magic Alliance didn’t come either.”

“They’re looking at Helmud.”

The desert kingdom of Nahama has long had a relationship with Helmud. Since ancient times, many black magicians have lived in underground dungeons in the desert. Even in this era, Nahama was the place where most black magicians lived after Helmud and Arot.

After Senya the Wise returns. Arod’s warlocks left Arot. They either returned to Helmud or entered the underground dungeons of Nahama. Now, Nahama is home to the largest number of warlocks outside of Helmud, and right now, Amelia Merwin is the Sultan’s aide and Nahama’s greatest strength.

“Aside from Nahama, the Anti-Magic Union didn’t come. Things I only bought… … .”

The United Nations, the anti-horse union, united by the small northern countries. They stage an armed demonstration by deploying troops and conducting military drills on the borders of Helmud. However, unlike the Holy Empire, who was in the position of head of the alliance, none of the other countries in the Anti-Magic Alliance were present.

He is looking at the eyes of Helmud and the confined demon king who heard about the demon king subjugation.

“… … Do you think the demon king of confinement will move?”

“I hope not.”

Alchester replied with a stiff face.

Commemorating and celebrating the demon lord subjugation is not the only reason to come here. I didn’t come just to hear the details. The reason why the Kiel Empire brought all of the White Dragon Knights here.

If the demon king of confinement… … If you want to lay a hand on Eugene over the subjugation of another demon lord. If this island is not a triumphal festival, but a continental war breaks out between the demon king and Helmud.

To protect Eugene in the midst of chaos.

“Other countries seemed to think so too.”

If you want to commemorate and celebrate, you don’t need to bring troops. However, Euras, Arot, and Ruhar brought their elite troops. Even the Warchief of Samar brought troops.

It seemed that they had the same idea of ​​protecting the hero in case of emergency.

“If the Kiel Empire hadn’t come to a place like this, it would have been a disgrace.”

Straut II clicked his tongue and grumbled.

The demon king of confinement… … won’t move It’s too early to be certain, but Straut II thought so.

Haven’t you been like that until now? If the demon king of confinement truly wanted to destroy the peace and start a war, there were many opportunities and justifications. … … opportunity? justification? Would the demon king of confinement need something like that?

‘The hero has not yet headed for the Devil Castle… … .’

Straut II made a complicated expression as he thought about it.

If possible, I’d like to keep him from climbing for the rest of his life, but… … something that has already failed. I don’t know if I should call that a ‘promise’, but I just hope that the demon king in captivity will remain silent until then.

“Kuhm… … Hehehe… … .”

The rulers of the great powers are watching each other. An unusual air current is coming and going. Oseris hesitated, not daring to step forward, but he somehow mustered up the courage to step forward.

“that… … Don’t stay here, but inside… … come… … .”

emperor and pope. two kings. High Chieftain. The elite troops they brought. Everyone is standing in the garden of Simuin’s palace… … .

The number of troops brought by each country is at most one knights of two or three hundred, but it is a noble family that always raises its name whenever everyone talks about the best knights on the continent. A small country is a force that can easily be destroyed. Oseris felt sick to his stomach just standing here.

“Huh… … .”

The news delivered by the royal guards who rushed in in a hurry made Oserys’ eyes widen.

“Lionhart is here.”


Ryan Hart.

A descendant of the great Vermouth. The continent’s best martial artist. The family that those who dreamed of becoming knights wanted to serve the most.

That’s why Lionheart’s knights are strong. There are enough talented people gathered to be an enlisted soldier of one family of the White Lion Knights directly under the head family, and their number is comparable to that of a fair number of knights of the kingdom.

Unlike the Knights of the White Lion, the Knights of the Black Lion consist only of Lionhearts. Even a few years ago, the Black Lion Knights operated with a small elite of less than 100 people. However, after the attempted rebellion in the Black Lion Castle, the troops were increased through a major reorganization.

“oh my god.”

Straut II’s eyes widened.

The number of Lionheart’s troops entering the main gate was more than that of Kiel’s White Dragon Knights, even at a rough count. That would never happen, but if Ryan Hart attempted a rebellion in this place, he could deal with not only the Kiel Empire but also the Holy Empire.

“Was it like that?”

“It seems that the main family has brought all the power they can mobilize. Seeing that about 100 people do not engrave the white lion pattern, it seems that they are probationary knights.”

It was according to Alchester’s judgment. Iris of the South Sea became the demon king and was subjugated by Eugene Lionheart… … .

Upon hearing the news, Guillaid immediately summoned the entire family. The number of guards at the Black Lion Castle was kept to a minimum. Even the veterans who had retired from the front line armed themselves and left the Black Lion Castle to follow the summons of the head family. Not only apprentice knights who were training to join the White Lion Knights, but also collateral members who had not yet joined the Black Lion Knights were summoned.

Gilreid was also wary of any contingencies. I wondered if the demon king of confinement would invade, but it was unknown what kind of repercussions the subjugation of the demon king, which took place in 300 years, would have on Helmud.

“… … Is the border guard okay?”

Straut II cleared his throat and asked. Lionheart enjoys many privileges in the Kiel Empire, and one of the conditions for guaranteeing that privilege is the security of the Uclas Mountains, the southernmost border.

“yes. We are maintaining the necessary troops for security.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

Ivatar, who was standing at a distance, intervened. He approached with strides and bowed his head toward the emperor and Gilreid.

“Chief of Zoran, Ivata Zahabura Hao.”

I never thought the savage of the forest would spit out the right words. Straut II looked at Ivatar with a slightly surprised expression.

“Long time no see.”

Gilade also recognized Ivatar. The other time, when Ivatar visited Ryan Hart, it was because Ivata also exchanged greetings with Gilreid, albeit briefly. In addition, some time ago, Ivatar had delivered a large amount of loot to Lionheart.

“We haven’t conquered all the chaos in the forest yet, but we’ve dispatched warriors to the border as well. From now on, there will be very little going over Mount Uklas from the Great Forest side.”

I didn’t mean that it would never happen, but the warchief’s words directly ahead of the great grove carried great weight.

Straut II, feeling the bond between Ivatar and Lionheart, adjusted his expression. He didn’t like it very much, but he was not allowed to show personal feelings for the Empire’s sake.

“Thank you for your cooperation. We met like this today, but didn’t we all come together to talk about this… … Chieftain of Ivatar. If the matter of the forest is settled, let’s have a formal meeting next time.”

“It won’t take long.”

Ivatar replied with a grin.

“Uh… … Uhm… … Everyone must be tired from coming a long way… … Don’t stand here, come inside… … .”

Oseris tried to calm his surprised heart and recommended it to everyone again.

Except for the black scorpion in Nahama, all knights who discuss the continent’s best are gathered. In other words, the rulers of the great powers who can treat the authority of the royal family as ‘something like that’ are gathered in the palace garden.

In all, more than one thousand troops. Not just a thousand people. Even if only a few of them step forward, they will be able to capture the kingdom of Sudol and occupy the palace.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt sick to my stomach just by looking at it… … . Oserys made the request in a cold sweat, but no one moved.

“I dare to ask without any rudeness.”

The boy with a cross-shaped greatsword on his back took a step forward.

Growth stopped in boyhood. Nevertheless, the leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross who rose to the position of the strongest knight in the Holy Empire. Crusader Raphael Martinez. He gazed at Oseris with eyes devoid of the slightest twinkle of boyhood.

“Do you worship evil?”

“what… … what?”

“Are you mourning the death of the Demon King?”

“Suddenly what… … .”

“The royal family of this country. And His Highness the King is asking if this is heresy.”

Raphael didn’t back down the slightest and bludgeoned it. Oserys’s mouth dropped open at the sudden question.

“What are you talking about!”

Oserys was really dumbfounded.

No matter how foreign a person may be, if it were just a knight who said that, he would have struck a gyeong. Being the leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross made Oserys hesitate. In particular, the pope’s gaze, which did not impose any sanctions on Raphael, but rather stared in this direction, was pressuring Oserys.

“Isn’t the subjugation party launched by His Highness the order to subdue the Demon King?”

“Yes… … .”

“However, Your Highness’s face is so sad that it is full of sorrow.”

“that… … .”

“Your Highness must have heard the news of the demon lord’s subjugation even before we arrived here. While traveling to the palace, I looked at the streets, and the citizens of the city were already excited and preparing for the improvement event.”

“that… … .”

“But what about the royal palace here? Eugene Ryanheart, the hero whom the light foretold, subdued the demon king, but why did the royal palace of Simuin remain silent?”

Raphael fired at him without even breathing. Words that continue uninterrupted. Oseris wanted to answer, but he couldn’t answer because Raphael didn’t pretend to listen and continued talking.

“I know my question is rude. However, the sight of Your Highness showing no joy in subjugating the Demon Lord makes me think of many things. So you’re asking. Are you sure that Your Highness is mourning the death of the Demon King? Do you worship the evil demon king of confinement who reigns over Helmud? Are the entire royal family heretics possessed by demons?”

Raphael took a step further and asked. His face and physique had ceased to be that of a boy, but Raphael’s eyes glittered with madness driven by faith.

“No, stop talking nonsense!”


It was Pope Eurys who spoke this time. He smiled benevolently and drew the sign of the cross in front of his chest.

“Let’s prepare to meet the returning warrior together.”

“… … .”

“The reason I came to this country is not to go into your palace and have an idle conversation. Isn’t everyone here, not just me?”

The reason why he brought the elite troops was to check Helmud’s resistance. It is not the only purpose.

The one who subdued the demon lord was Eugene Lionheart, the ‘hero’ chosen by Light. And ‘Saint’ Christina Rogeris. The pope intended to publicize it extensively, proclaiming to the world that the Light is real and gracious.

“The celebration will be prepared by the wizards of Arot.”

Arot’s king, Dyndolph, said quickly. To tell the truth, even Dyndolph did not want to enter the palace and talk with the Emperor and the Pope.

“If you need to work on it, tell me. Me too, but the canines are also very sick except for hard work.”

Aman laughed and said.

From the moment the pope said ‘Welcome’, the atmosphere changed, and everyone started to give their opinions on how to organize the Triumphal Festival. In that situation, Oserys couldn’t make an excuse that he couldn’t think of holding a festival because he was paying attention to Helmud.

It was because Raphael was still looking this way with mad eyes. The moment I said Helmud’s notice, that cross sword seemed to fly into my throat… … .

“blood… … Our country will be responsible for all necessary expenses… … .”

Oseris broke out in a cold sweat and barely uttered the words.

* * *

As at the start, the magically accelerated voyage cut the time by more than half.

“It’s noisy.”

Eugene stood on the mast and crossed his arms.

Simuin’s main island, Shedor, seen up close. They hadn’t arrived yet, but even from this distance it was clear how noisy the island was.

On the way to this place, I met several warships and trade ships of Simuin. They announced that a splendid festival was being prepared in Shedor, and they fired their cannons into the sky as if they were celebrating. In particular, warships rallied their crews on the deck and saluted them with loyalty.

“I remember the old days. right?”

Senya, who flew in from below, stopped beside Yujin and giggled.

300 years ago. There was a time when I killed the demon king for the first time, left the demon world for a while and returned to the continent for rest and supplies. Now, Zerpin Kingdom, which belongs to the Anti-Magic Alliance, opened its gates and welcomed the warriors and colleagues.

“Remember that time? The royal ball.”

Senya smiled bitterly as she recalled the memories.

A time when despair spread. Back then, the world didn’t expect too much from Vermouth and his colleagues. It was because the demons and demon kings were too strong compared to humans.

In such a situation, the unexpected heroes and friends… … Even though it was the lowest ranking, it was to kill the demon king and return.

“Even in those days, they were nobles and condescending. How to make a relationship with us, you persistently approached me and asked me to dance.”

“At that time, a noble lady who wanted to dance with me was in line.”

“Do you know that I am not?”

“So you and I danced.”

-thing… … It’s annoying to refuse, so let’s just dance with you and me.

-Is he already drunk… … .

After saying that, Senya slapped her. Recalling that time, Yujin giggled.

“I’m just saying this, but you really can’t dance.”

“You must have danced before to dance well. Do you think you dance well?”

Hamel from 300 years ago had no chance to learn dance as he was a commoner and a mercenary. He had never learned to dance because he grew up with elves in the Senado Forest.

“I can dance well now.”

Eugene proudly puffed out his chest and said.

Lionheart is a noble family among noble families. That’s why Eugene also learned the etiquette of an aristocrat from a young age, and of course, the manners and dances at parties were included.

“I still can’t dance.”

Senya glanced at Eugene and said.

When she lived in Arrot, Senya rarely attended parties. Even when he was forced to participate, he never danced.

“How are you? I just can’t do well. Just hold my hand and follow me.”

Eugene said that without thinking, and Senya’s eyes widened. She unknowingly pursed her parted mouth and backed away behind her wince.

‘Did you just ask me to dance?’

I wanted to ask directly, but Senya hurriedly shut her mouth. If she asked again, it seemed that Eugene would panic and make excuses for her, saying, ‘No, I didn’t mean that.’

‘I can’t do that.’

Senya quickly collected her expression and stood by Yujin with a calm face. Even in the midst of this, the ship was getting closer to the island, and preparations for anchoring were in full swing on the deck.


A salute was fired from the city. Even though it was a bright day, magical fireworks spread brilliantly across the sky. A series of fireworks were fired covering the sky. At the same time, the wizards flew up and guided the spreading flames to create letters.

ㅡThe brave Eugene Lionheart and the wise Senya… … .

Letters written in the wide sky. Eugene couldn’t help but close his eyes tightly. Meanwhile, letters continued to be written… … .

“The Pope is here too.”

Cristina stared at the harbor with thin eyes.

A lavishly decorated harbor. The Paladins and the Pope were standing in a row. Among them, dozens of battle priests are attracting attention. It was Eun-Kwang, a special unit directly selected by Anise and Cristina from among the Order of Light and trained by Raphael.

[I see what you mean. By revealing her silver mine on this occasion, it seems that Yurath wants to show off what he has prepared for her saintess.]

Anise laughed in her head.

Eunkwang is a group of fanatics who have been carefully selected from among the priests of light and will throw away their lives like straw if it is the words of a warrior and a saint. It’s still close to the test unit, so there aren’t many numbers, but… … At the time of war, the number of silver mines will increase several times.

Although he was unable to mobilize in the battle against the mad king, he will have to use his life as fuel when he attacks Babel someday.

“… … .”

Ciel gulped and looked at the port. There were so many people that it was not an exaggeration to say that it was Lionheart’s power. Among them, the appearance of the family at the main house made Ciel’s heart thump.

“My father is also here.”

Eugene stood next to Ciel and grumbled.

Next to Gilade. Jehard was also standing there wearing a uniform and even wearing a sword. Eugene smiled and whispered to Ciel.

“My father. You must have forgotten how to wield a sword.”

“… … .”

“Why are you so nervous?”

Took. Eugene patted Ciel on the shoulder.

“Didn’t you think you should have worn an eyepatch?”

Ciel pursed his lips and murmured. His left eye, which changed color, was very disturbing.

“Idiot, that will stand out more.”

“It would be nice if I could change it with magic.”

I tried many times, but even with Senya’s magic, the color of the left eye, which was imbued with the evil eye, did not change. However, when I changed the color of the right eye, the color of both eyes became too dull and looked more strange.

“Stand tall.”

Carmen, who was by her side, took out a cigar and murmured.

“I subdued the demon lord and returned. Even the emperor and the pope stand there to commemorate and congratulate him.”

Carmen turned and looked at Eugene.

“That’s you, Eugene Lionheart, the Black Lion.”

“… … .”

“Look at the sky.”

Carmen spread her chest proudly and looked up at the sky. Eugene did as he was told and looked at the sky.

-Hero Eugene Lionheart-

On top of the letters written in magical light, a lion heart pattern was drawn.

“The Great Lionheart.”

Carmen felt her love for her family welling up and put her fist on the pattern on her left chest.

“great… … Eugene Ryanhart.”

“… … .”

“The Great Black Lion.”

“It’s black.”

Eugene gasped for breath in pain.

I thought about it several times, but it seemed to me that Carmen was deliberately choking.


A bridge led towards the anchored ships. The splendid legs, which seemed to have been carved out of crystal glass, floated and moved by magic.

As there were dozens of ships, there were dozens of bridges that were connected, and the bridge itself was real, only moving by magic.

‘It’s a waste of money.’

The news of the subjugation was delivered a week ago. In that short amount of time, this much was prepared.

Cheer up! A carpet was laid over the crystal bridge. The gala show of light was still going on in the sky, but the roaring sound of the fireworks was no longer heard.

clap clap… … .

Instead, emperors, popes and kings started clapping in this direction. Then the knights who came with him and the citizens gathered in the back clapped together. In an instant, the entire port was filled with loud applause.

“Get off first.”

Orthus was the commander of the subjugation force. However, he did not get off first, but instead came closer to Yujin and whispered.

“The success of subjugating the demon lord is not entirely up to you. Eugene Ball.”

“uh… … Anyway, the general commander of the punitive force is Lord Ortus… … .”

I do not deny that it is entirely my own. Orthus shook his head as he thought so.

“It’s true that I served as commander-in-chief, but I didn’t do anything like a commander-in-chief during the subjugation. If I get off first, not only the subjugation party, but also the customers over there will look down on me.”

In the past, he would have been greedy for a position where he could be honored and served as a court official, but now Orthus didn’t think that way. The battle with the frenzied demon lord is what made the human called Orthus grow mentally.

‘Ryan heart and wise Senya, I guess I can get off after the saintess.’

Of course, even if you have grown mentally, the essence does not completely change. In the first place, Orthus’ nature favors the second or third, which can be properly buried, rather than being the first.

“All right… … .”

Eugene made a face that couldn’t be helped. She made that face on purpose.

It was the same with the memories of Agaroth that came to mind fragmentarily, and the same with Hamel. Eugene likes to be in the spotlight. She likes to be recognized by others, and she prefers to be recognized by many people.

but don’t show it When receiving a compliment, it is Eugene’s personality to put on a calm expression on the outside, grumble, “Ah, why do you do that?”, and secretly, quietly, and secretly rejoice in her heart.


Mer grumbled.

[On that subject, Yujin-nim gets angry when others ignore her. He worked hard to paint his face, and praised himself a lot.]

‘Originally, it’s true that people should be angry when they are ignored. If you listen to what you’re being ignored, you’ll just become an asshole.’

[Considering that, Eugene-nim stays still even if Senya-nim or Anis-nim ignores you.]

‘that… … I… … Because he is a conscientious and kind person. i kinda… … No, their lives have become very sad because they died like fools.’

Eugene looked at Senya and Anis for no reason and thought.

‘therefore… … They can either ignore me or lash out at me. In fact, they’re not really ignoring me.’

[hmm… … That’s right. Senya-nim and Anis-nim are like that, even though they usually stir-fry Yujin-nim… … When Eugene becomes serious or has a serious face, you are the first to notice Yujin. In any situation, when you have to make a choice, you always follow Eugene’s decision.]

‘That’s because I roll with my body more than they do.’

Not just now, but also 300 years ago.

Apparently, Anis and Senya, who specialized in assisting in the rear, followed the opinions of Vermouth and Hamel, who fought directly in the front in battle.

[Why are you ignoring Morron’s opinion?]

‘It’s because that bastard is an asshole who will run off alone no matter what opinion he gives.’

[He works hard on his own face, but he never paints his colleague’s face.]

‘Look what he’s talking about. hey sasha My previous life, which can be said to be the best, has only a small name left in this era, huh? And in my previous life, even though I went through all sorts of hardships and died, I was recorded as a historical idiot as stupid Hamel!’

Eugene sighed in his head and clenched his fists.

‘of course… … Of course I’m sick… … uh… … It’s true that I was foolish. But that’s too much.’

[hmm… … Did Senya and Anis imagine that Eugene would be reincarnated?]

‘Because I couldn’t see it, so I ate it. Anyway, since I was recorded as an idiot, I have to work hard even now. But what about Moron? Even though that head is a head, it is recorded as a brave Moron!’

Feeling filled with resentment, Mer couldn’t say anything and just clicked her tongue.

To think that such a narrow-minded person was revered as a god of war in the distant past… … Well, it seemed that fighting well and narrow-mindedness had nothing to do with it.

[The original woman thinks that the hermit should receive a fair evaluation from history.]

[Eolssigu. Don’t do anything that looks fake. Do you think I don’t know that you are flattering yourself to please Eugene?]

Inside the cloak, Mer and Lymilia started bickering.

Eugene immediately cut off the connection with the two and straightened his expression. When I glanced to the side, Christina… … No, Anise was glancing at her Eugene with her eyes thinly open.

“What kind of conversation did you have in your head for so long?”

“Kuhm… … never mind.”

It was a feeling too pathetic to explain. Eugene crossed his legs rubbing his uniform with the palm of his hand. Luxurious and fluffy carpets were passed over the bridge and continued to the harbor.

In fact, it could no longer be called a port. Originally, all the ships that were anchored went to other places, and related facilities were also pushed away. In the plaza created in this way, the lights that embroidered the sky poured down and created countless sparkles.

All the fleets were connected by bridges, but no one crossed them. Thousands of eyes that survived the battle with the demon king. And the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of people who came out to meet him were fixed on Eugene.

“uh… … hmm… … .”

do i have to say something Eugene hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth.

“Thank you for coming… … thank you.”

Vermouth was in charge of the plausible speech in this situation in the past. As a result, Yujin did not know what to say in this situation. So, at first, I spit it out.


Even though I spoke roughly, an enthusiastic cheer returned. Aman, the Beast King, was the only one among the lords to shout.

Ivatar and the natives, who were close to Aman, not only shouted, but also stomped and stomped their bodies to create a rhythm. The Pope, looking at Eugene and Cristina with eyes full of faith, raised both hands.


The Paladins of the Knights of the Blood Cross lined up all at once pulled out their weapons and pointed to the sky. The sky, which was embroidered by Arot wizards, was filled with holy light. The fluttering light particles coalesced into feathers, and angels appeared high in the sky, singing hymns and blowing trumpets.


Melchis, who had been shouting along with the citizens, also spread both hands. Tuck, Tuck, Tuck! Her feet danced her tap dance, and the spirit king of the earth, who contracted with her, fulfilled her will of Melkiss.

The ground swayed like a wave, and objects whose intentions were unknown, but which could not help but attract attention, appeared all over the plaza.

‘What do you want to do… … .’

Eugene came down from the crystal bridge while glancing at Melchis. Then, as if he had waited, the Pope moved.

Eugene stretched out his hand toward the Pope, who was carrying a white cloak with a splendid cane.


“… … ?”

The supreme leader of the Protestant Church of Light. Pope Euryus stopped walking just as Eugene said. He had a questioning look on his face, but he felt no displeasure at the rude restraint.

‘Eugene Ryanhart. He is truly a god of light.’

In the past, he had many doubts about Eugene being a hero.

The same was true of the saintess. The Pope knows that most of the saints who have ever existed are fakes. Even the pope himself, the stigmata engraved on the body of successive popes and cardinals were all fake, and the saints of successive generations were artificial in nature.

However, the saintess of the time was different. The saintess who was created as an imitation incarnation was truly possessed by the Holy Spirit.

The eight wings spread by the saintess at the Vatican are proof that light cares for them. And Eugene Ryanhart… … . That he was a true hero and a god of light was proven by the demon lord subjugation.

“All right.”

The pope bowed his head without questioning and stepped back. The fact that the supreme leader of the Protestant Church of Light, which encompassed the entire continent, bowed his head, replied with honorifics, and stepped back shocked all the crowd.

‘Why is that foxy old man doing that?’

The Emperor glanced at the Pope.

‘no way… … Does that old man know that Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of stupid Hamel?’

No matter how brave the opponent was, it was hard to understand why the pope acted so respectfully. Naturally, the emperor had no idea that Eugene and Cristina had once broken into the papal court and put a knife to the pope’s throat and slashed him in the ear.

The emperor stood still in his seat without approaching Eugene.

I was thinking of congratulating the people of the Empire for their achievements and shaking hands in front of the crowd, pretending to be friendly… … Thanks to the pope’s first action, the emperor was able to avoid disgrace.

Arot’s King Dyndolph and Honein also remained calm. Naturally, Melchis didn’t care about that.

Kyaaak! Melchis raised his arms and tried to fly away to Eugene and Senya, and Loberian and Hiridus, who were beside him, caught Melchis in fright.

Eugene looked at the lionhearts gathered in one place, not paying attention to the commotion there. Before I knew it, Carmen, Ciel, and Desiira were by my side.

Eugene took a slow step and approached Lionheart.

“… … .”

What should I say?

Eugene came to the office. And participating in the punitive force. All of that was kept secret even from the family. From the parent’s point of view, Eugene, who left the mansion as usual… … He suddenly appeared in Namhae, and he learned that he had killed the Demon King.

Up until now, he had surprised his family several times like that, but Eugene couldn’t help but feel that he had gone too far this time.

purple. Elders of Black Lion Castle, collateral relatives whose faces are not well known. All of the White Lion Knights, whom I have always seen at home, even have apprentice knights.

“Sorry for worrying… … .”

“Don’t say that.”

Gilade cut off Eugene with a stern expression.

“Eugene. You didn’t do anything to say ‘I’m sorry’.”

Gilade approached Eugene. He put his hand on Eugene’s shoulder and continued his words.

“I was taken aback by the sudden news, but… … As the head of Lionheart, I am so proud of you.”

Lionheart is a descendant of the great Vermouth.

“Anyone who inherits the blood of Lionheart, even if he is not a hero, must do things worthy of a hero.”

If the Demon King awakened in the South Sea is an existence that has not been established with dialogue. If coexistence and peace are impossible. There is no answer other than subjugation.

In that battle, Lionheart must be at the forefront. Gill Reid thought so, and if he had heard of it first and had been able to join the battle, he certainly would have.

That’s why Gilade was proud of Eugene. He gave no thought to being selfish and reckless. What Eugene did was right as a hero and Lionheart.

“What is the reason for you to notice your family?”

Gilreid smiled wryly and removed his hand from Eugene’s shoulder.

“Eugene. you… … From the moment your name was called by the demon king of confinement, you alone became the representative of Lionheart. From the moment the demon king recognized you as a hero, Lionheart became a family that existed for you.”

It was like that before, but even more so now. If Eugene wishes, Guillaid will immediately withdraw from the household.

Eugene can become the head of Lionheart whenever he desires. And if Eugene wishes, all Lionhearts will arm themselves and carry out Eugene’s will. If Eugene decides it is necessary and starts a war, Lionheart will go to the battlefield.

That doesn’t mean only the head of state. Cline, the head of the Senate, also nodded, and all the white lions and black lions bowed towards Eugene.

far-fetched homage. and trust. Eugene felt respect and trust from the Lionheart Knights, and felt faith and worship from the Pope and Paladins of Euras. Little by little, emotions spread to the knights of other countries, and envy and longing bloomed in the crowd outside the border.

‘ah… … .’

Eugene unconsciously placed a hand on his left chest.

White salt meal. A universe in which countless stars float. I felt a ‘light’ in that depth. It seemed that the small light was getting bigger and bigger. His divine power, which had been slowly recovering, was rising.

‘It was something like this.’

Eugene lowered his hand on his chest and raised his head. Her father, Jehard, was looking at her with tears in her eyes. Behind him, Raman, who was in charge of Jehard’s escort, was watching Eugene with thrilled eyes.

“… … Thank you for saying that.”

Eugene bowed his head to Gilade. Then he approached Jehard.

I realized that it was Agaroth. I have all the memories of Hamel’s enemies.

Even so, Eugene thought of Jehard as his father. He was the father, he couldn’t help thinking. When he was born as a newborn baby and cried ‘Myeong-ae’. It was because he remembered with what eyes Zehad looked and with what trembling hands he held his newborn baby.

When I was a baby who couldn’t control my body as I wanted, I had vivid memories of hearing laughter in Jehard’s arms. When her sickly mother died. Despite having memories of her past life, Eugene felt pain.

Perhaps, I even thought that I might have stolen the child you were longing for. It was painful and painful that I couldn’t even call her ‘Mother’ on such a subject.

when my mother died. Jehard wept bitterly while holding the small hand of Eugene, who had not yet left the cradle. Jehard raised his new baby without taking a new wife. From an early age, he gave in to everything his son wanted, and Eugene knew that.

“Why are your father crying so much?”

So Eugene thought of Jehard as his father and called him father.

“Great. I don’t know why you always cry. It’s not like where the son was beaten, and the head of the family said he didn’t do anything wrong.”

“That’s why you’re crying.”

Jehard said through tears.

“My proud son, who doesn’t suit me, is too… … I am so proud.”


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