Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 125

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Eugene let out a short laugh and hugged Jehard.

“If the son is good, then the father must be good too.”

From the very beginning, Yuji was taller than Jehard. Eugene patted his father on the back a few times, then looked ahead and was startled.

I saw Anicilla and Xian. The two looked at Ciel with the same surprised expression. He noticed that the color of the eyes were different.

“… … .”

Guillaid also opened his mouth slightly and looked at Ciel. Sensing the gaze of her family, Ciel walked away with an awkward smile.

“It is my fault.”

Eugene said after letting go of his father.

“Keeping me… … .”

“Oh, no, I moved on my own.”

Ciel sighed and said. The first to calm down the surprise was Gilreid. He looked at Eugene and Ciel alternately and nodded slightly at her.

“Ciel… … .”

He called his daughter’s name in a low voice. Her steps faltered for a moment, and her cyan supported Anisilla in surprise. But she shook her head and refused her cyan’s support.

Anicilla Caines. She is Lionheart’s hostess. Lionheart’s most glorious moment in this era would be right now. Anicilla did not want to appear ashamed in front of so many people. She proudly stretched her back and approached Eugene and Ciel.

“… … Are there any other injuries?”

“Yes, mother… … .”

Ciel answered in a low voice. Looking closer, the different eyes looked more blatant. Annie Sheila reached out and caressed Ciel’s cheek.

“I’m proud of you, Ciel.”

Anicilla was also born in Mu. Her family has been a warlord for generations, and it is not uncommon to see her well-to-do relatives returning from battle wounded.

The resolution to encounter something familiar was already made the moment she got married to Lionheart. Since she was married into a samurai family, she was determined that one day she might experience something like that.

Although she was prepared, the reality she actually faced made Anicilla’s heart ache.

Eugene said that Ciel became like that while trying to protect himself. Even so, Anicilla couldn’t feel a single point of resentment toward Eugene.

Ciel’s actions were right.

Even Anicilla himself would have acted like Ciel in that situation. … … No, she must be moving, she must have thought.

But in that situation, could he really have moved like Ciel? Could I have sacrificed my body to save someone?

“really… … Proud of you.”

Anicilla stretched out one arm and hugged Ciel.

“And Eugene, you too.”

The other arm hugged Yujin. Eugene was startled, but she did not struggle in Anicilla’s arms.

Eugene and Ciel quietly embraced Anicilla.


To be honest, I thought I would get hit with a slap. Gilreid didn’t think that would be the case, but if it was Annie Silla, he could and deserved it.

The Anicilla that Eugene first felt—- was a typical concubine of an aristocratic family. He is full of ambition to dominate the family, and forcibly raises his own children to realize his ambition. She was such an obnoxious woman.

But it wasn’t long before I realized that I wasn’t a foolish woman blinded by greed.

Anicilla clearly distinguished between enemies and allies, and if she was an opponent she could not handle, she tried to build a relationship and become friends. After Eugene became her adopted son, she taught that theory to her children, and from Annie Silla herself, she did not become hostile to Eugene.

Even that was almost 10 years ago. Anicilla now has a much more docile personality than back then.

Even in the harsh days ten years ago, Anicilla would not have resented Eugene and slapped her on the ear.

“Rather, I must have lacked determination.”

Yujin laughed and murmured. He was far away from Annie Silla’s arms, and Ciel was still talking to her parents over there.

“What resolution?”

Xian, who was standing next to him, tilted his head and asked. Eugene looked at Ciel, who was being comforted by Guilade, and said.

“Ciel’s eyes are because of you! I thought I would get slapped a few times while doing it.”

“Eugene you… … What on earth did you think of my mother?”

“It’s all because of you that I had such a misunderstanding. You were slapped by Anicilla-sama when you were little, and you did that.”

“that… … There were times, too. It’s because I’m not good at it, and this time it’s different.”

Even as he said that, Xian glanced at Ciel with a worried look.

“Is there any problem?”

“I checked every available method, but there was no problem.”

“Should I say I’m glad… … .”

Xian put on a complicated expression. I heard the lieutenant.

Ciel threw himself to save Eugene, and as a result, his left pupil was shattered. If it ended there, I would have worn a prosthetic eye or an eye patch for the rest of my life… …

“Don’t worry… … it’s magic It’s fortunate that Ciel is Lionheart in that regard.”

Xian said so sincerely. The demonic eye does not dwell in humans. In other words, Ciel is the first person in the continent’s history to be a ‘human with a mystic eye’.

If the heretic inquisitors of the Holy Empire found fault, they would be caught and interrogated without any excuse. Or, if it’s magic, it could be caught and studied by the blinding sorcerers of Arot. However, even the Holy Empire and Alot could not be coercive towards Lionheart.

‘… … no. Rather than Ryan Hart… … It must be because of Eugene.’

I spent a few days after arriving at Simuin. Xian realized how much influence the name ‘Eugene Lionheart’ had on the entire continent. Besides, didn’t even the pope obey Eugene’s words earlier?

“How was the Demon King?”

Xian cleared his throat and looked at Eugene.

It felt a bit strange.

It’s an idea I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Perhaps, he thought that even if he wielded a sword for the rest of his life and worked hard, he would not be able to stand on an equal footing with Eugene.

So if you try to despair… … That nasty brother, with little blood mixed with him, noticed that Xian was about to despair like a ghost, and writhed.

Using Dalian as an excuse, he beat Xian and even cursed Xian. However, even if he swung his sword vigorously in a fit of heat, the distance between him and Eugene in terms of ‘skills’ did not narrow.

“It counted.”

I stared at Eugene’s face as he scratched his chin and answered.

Eugene who accomplished such a great feat—- must be an existence far away. Xian did not feel that kind of distance from Eugene. Whether it was the dragon incident, the demon king, or even if his parents were completely different, Eugene was a ‘brother’ to Xian.

“Of course it is.”

Xian smiled and put his arm around Yujin’s shoulder.



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What Eugene did. The entire continent is paying attention to Eugene. What Xian didn’t have. But there was no jealousy. It was also a strange feeling. I think I was probably jealous when I was younger.

‘Have I given up?’

no. different from those emotions. Xian’s sword is still aiming at Eugene. someday, yes, someday The longing to compete with the sword on an equal footing with Eugene remains clear.

But apart from that longing, there was respect and friendship for Eugene.

‘There’s nothing to think hard about.’

The emotions I feel right now could be easily sorted out.

I am proud of my handsome brother.

“Baby, why are you like this? burdensome.”

Eugene grumbled as he squeezed Xian’s side.

While Lionheart had family conversations, Senya was with Arot, and Cristina was with the Holy Empire. Naturally, the two didn’t really want to talk, but the other was persistent.

“Unni, unni, why didn’t you call me in the battle with the demon king?”

Melchis clung to Senya’s arm and whined.

Senya is… … To be honest, Melchis was very burdensome. From before, Senya had a hard time dealing with opponents who used stage cannons like this. What particularly confused Senya was that Melchis Elheyer was a real madman.

‘Not like Carmen Lionheart… … .’

Carmen, who accompanied the voyage, was not lacking in common sense, although her words and actions were very strange. He even thought that in some ways he might be the most common-sense person in the group.

In addition, he was more serious than anyone else at the moment of need, and even after the battle with the demon king, he was the owner of a great personality to the extent that he was immersed in self-reflection without getting drunk on the joy of victory. It was to the extent that I thought that Ivig and the other knights did not recognize and respect Carmen.

But what about that Melchis Elhere? Not only the King of Arot, but even Roberian, who has noticed Senya and Eugene’s secret to some extent, is careful about his words and actions. Melkis is hanging on and whining, calling Senya her sister, sister, in front of a huge crowd… … .

What horrified Senya even more was the qualities of an elemental sorcerer and wizard possessed by Melchis, an idiot and a madman.

‘Simultaneous contract with three spirit kings… … And even as a pure mage, reaching the 8th circle… … .’

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was God’s mistake.

‘Looking at the fact that humans are less than perfect, it seems that God is fair… … .’

Senya’s feelings toward Melchis could be called self-loathing in a sense, but Senya herself never thought of herself as being the same as Melchis.

“Sister, I can go into the ground, fire, and lightning for you.”

“all… … Of course. You made a contract with the spirit king of earth, fire and lightning… … .”

“Ah, sister! You remember the spirit kings I signed a contract with! Yes, that’s right, I made a contract with the spirit king of earth, fire and lightning. But I’m afraid, sister, if I might have to go into a storm for you. But sadly I can’t go into the storm… … . If you wished, I would jump into the storm even if my body was torn to pieces, but it’s meaningless if I die like that… … .”

I couldn’t quite understand what you were talking about. Senya regretted giving Melchis the title of ‘sister’.

“You look upset.”

While Senja was tormented by Melchis, Cristina confronted the Pope. The Pope handed over Raphael’s escort and stood close to Cristina.

In fact, Raphael was not a person to be called an escort to the Pope at this time. The ‘real’ fanatic of that light would decapitate the pope without hesitation even if Christina gave the order. For Raphael, the pope’s authority was no higher than that of his saint, Christina.

‘… … It can’t be, but… … If Eugene wants it, Raphael will even try to kill the saintess.’

The Pope smiled wryly, conscious of that fact.

In the Holy Empire, there is no one more powerful than Raphael. Even if the entire Knights of the Blood Cross tried to kill Raphael, Raphael would somehow survive.

And in the first place, the order to ‘kill the leader’ to the Knights of the Blood Cross doesn’t work… … . It is the Knights of the Blood Cross who have dedicated their lives to faith and have undergone rigorous training for that faith. They will not listen even if the Pope orders them to be killed, as they are sure that the leader, the Crusader, will never turn his back on the light.

As can be seen from that point, the governance structure of the Holy Empire is very deformed. It is true that the pope is the supreme leader of religion, but in the end, the will of the light, not the will of the pope, is absolute in the Holy Empire.

The pope didn’t have to notice the saintess when they were both equally ‘fake’.

However, the fountain of light was destroyed by the hero. God, who had silently shone light no matter what the Holy Empire did, did not take care of Cardinal Sergio Rogeris and hundreds of paladins and heretic inquisitors in the collapse of the fountain of light.

The light followed the will of the hero, and Cardinal Sergio and hundreds of paladins and heretic inquisitors were killed by the hero’s sword. And the saintess spread eight wings, more than the angels who were said to be the most favored by light in mythology.

Those two… … No, if Christina alone spread all her wings and flew high above the Holy Empire, she would just say one word: ‘The Pope has abandoned the light’. All the subjects will throw stones at the papal court, bring the pope down and hang him at the stake.

“I can’t help but be upset that His Holiness’s intentions are dirty and blatant.”

Cristina exhaled. The pope’s eyes lit up as if he was surprised by those words.

“You call me by name.”

“If I didn’t show respect to His Holiness in front of so many people, wouldn’t everyone think it was funny and strange?”

“haha… … Actually I am a funny, strange, and ugly old man.”

“I feel disgusted even now that His Holiness is helping himself.”

“Please consider that. Logaris ‘Saint.’ You and Hero Yujin succeeded in subjugating the Demon King. When the fountain of light collapses… … I could have somehow misinterpreted the meaning of the light and made excuses for myself, but now I can’t.”

Saying that, the pope took off the hat he was wearing and placed it on his chest with his hand.

“Why don’t you rather put this shabby old man at ease?”

“Did you come to hear me answer that?”

“I swear to the Light, I… … I have never been self-interested. I was foolish and misinterpreted the meaning of the light, and thought that even in this way, a divine kingdom should be established for the sake of the light.”

“… … .”

“but… … I and the successive popes and cardinals have come to realize that everything we did to make Euras a divine state was wrong. If so, isn’t it right that a god-man truly chosen by the light and an apostle infused with the Holy Spirit rule and lead Juras?”

Cristina stared at the Pope with calm eyes. Regardless of whether that statement is true or not, the Pope cannot veto in the circumstances just mentioned.


Cristina shook her head slowly.

“Neither I nor Eugene do not wish to reign over Yuras.”

“… … .”

“So, His Holiness, continue to be His Holiness.”

“Holy Lady.”

“But please don’t get me wrong. His Holiness is revealed as His Holiness, but must not represent the will of the light. You don’t have to try to fathom the will of the light.”

Cristina stared at the Pope with thin eyes.

“Do you know what I mean?”

“I will keep that in mind.”

The Pope nodded without feeling the slightest displeasure.

Cristina took her eyes off the Pope and looked behind her. A unit of combat priests for saints, not popes. Eunkwang made her cross sign for Christina.

“… … As His Holiness knows, times are changing.”


“The holy war… … It will happen. We do not yet know the exact time, but prepare for the temple.”


“Please do not disturb Eugene while the temple is being prepared.”

“I will gather the martyrs.”

“Among them, especially religious… … Reinforce the silver mine with those who are willing.”

Cristina said with a distressed expression on her face.

Eunkwang is a dying squad. It was decided to do so from the very beginning of the organization. Anis and Cristina were also convinced about that and pushed forward.

The Department of Holy Magic in Euras has been researching and developing miracles for a long time. They created a saintess, an imitation incarnation, mass-produced holy relics through the saintess, and even accomplished the development of holy places.

Anis and Cristina conducted a sacrament on the sacred relics held by the Department of Sacred Magic and returned them to the light. Sacred weapons no different from the Chimera were also sent back to the light. Most of the research materials that were in progress were also destroyed.

However, what was usable was left behind.

You cannot fight and win against the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction by unconditionally following the principles.

The combat priests who were once members of the Light Ming Priests. They—- are bioweapons refined with divine power. Although it cannot be compared in terms of ‘completeness’, it can be said to be of the same class as Anise and Christina.

Salvation, for them, is to give oneself to the temple and to be martyred for the light. It was impossible to mass-produce weapons like them now, but it was necessary to increase the silver mine even if it was less than that.

[Heaven exists.]

Anise opened her mouth in Christina’s distressed mind. Anise’s voice was also painful and melancholy.

[The light will lead them to Heaven.]

Cristina sighed and nodded.

* * *

Yujin opened her mouth wide and looked up.

It shines brightly and is dazzling. … And a lion that was too big was in front of Eugene.

“I had a hard time making it.”

The emperor of Simuin, Oserys, did not miss the opportunity to show condescension.

“Because the schedule is tight. do you know that The artisans of the Dwarf Guild never collaborate with human artisans. But for this triumphal procession, for the first time, human artisans and dwarf artisans collaborated.”

“We also helped.”

Ivatar said with a hearty laugh.

“I moved, chopped and trimmed the tree as instructed.”

Aman laughed too.

“… … .”

Eugene couldn’t help but laugh. He clenched his fists in horror and shame.

“It might seem unfamiliar to Eugene-dono. That’s it, the festival flower of Shedor Island. It is called a ‘float’ used in parades. Oh, of course, that float has a name. So the name… … .”

“Platinum Lion.”

The Dwarf, who was spreading his chest wide in front of the float, said while brushing his beard.

“The platinum and jewels used on this Platinum Lion could buy several castles. In addition, by incorporating Arrot’s magic technology, surprisingly, this Platinum Lion does not roll on wheels, but walks! Ha ha, isn’t it cool?”

“Uhm, yes, Eugene-gong.”

Oserys smiled broadly and pointed at the Platinum Lion.


“… … .”

“The Platinum Lion will lead the parade. The streets have already been cleared for the parade, and all citizens of the city are waiting for the parade.”

Eugene was speechless and moved his head to the side.

In addition to the shining Platinum Lion, dozens of floats were prepared there. Looking at it, some of them were new, and most of them looked like floats used in existing parades.

Obviously, the Platinum Lion was much more splendid than all the dozens of floats put together. That Platinum Lion was uniquely large and majestic.

“It’s a pity it’s not the Dark Lion.”

Carmen, who was staring at Platinum Lion as if possessed, patted her chin and muttered.

“… … .”

Eugene chewed his molars tightly.


Eugene liked receiving attention and recognition from her previous life. That, she thought, she only needed negative reviews, whether fair or exaggerated.

But now. 21 years living under the name Eugene Lionheart, 38 years living under the name Hamel Diners. And she even lived a life under the name of Agaroth, which was not exactly known, and Eugene realized that he had a degree.

It’s a shame. Horrible. I just can’t keep my face up. If there is a mouse hole, I want to hide.

Was there ever a shameful moment like this since you were born, no, since you started remembering? Eugene trembled and grabbed her handrail.

‘Should I run away too?’

Front, side, top, wherever you look, there is only praise. The sky was filled with the colors of the fireworks being fired, and on both sides, citizens who had watched the triumphal parade were shouting, waving bouquets of flowers and fluorescent sticks in their hands.


“Eugene Lionheart!”


Their shouts were much louder than the roar of the cannons. It is not only the streets that are full of people. There are people standing on the rooftops of every building in sight.

It’s not just going up on the roof. Just, people were standing on top of everything that could be climbed. The procession continued in a straight line to the palace.

“I had a hard time.”

right above. With a hook, the voice came closer. Yujin lifted her head, twitching her eyebrows and cheeks.

Melchis Elhere’s signature, Spirit Combination Infinity Force. Melchis, who had become a huge elemental giant, rubbed his nose.

“Isn’t that so? For marching, it is convenient to have a straight path. Making left turns and right turns on busy capital streets is annoying for everyone.”

“… … .”

“That’s why this White Mage Tower lord, Melchis Elhair-sama, stepped in! Oh, and the other wizards also suffered. Hey, the knights following me also put in the effort, but hehehe, the one who put in the most effort is this Melchis Elhaire.”

I could imagine without hearing it. There are a total of three spirit kings that have contracted with Melchis. Lightning, fire, and earth. Among them, if you use the power of the earth spirit king, it is possible to move the entire land and buildings and open the road from the port to the palace.

“What’s wrong with your expression? Confidently open your chest, smile broadly, huh? Shake your hand and that’s it. like this!”

Melchis raised his arms as if showing off.

Perhaps she still had a human heart, but unlike in Great Forest, the current spirit giant was wearing clothes. It was a dress that seemed to express the passion of flames and the thrill of lightning.

Melchis fluttered the dress, gathered the petals that were scattered on the rooftop in one place and concentrated them on Platinum Lion.

“… … .”

Eugene clamped his teeth down.

Countless petals rain down on your head… … . I even thought it was better. Because there were too many petals, the faces of those who praised them could not be seen well. Conversely, Eugene’s distorted face was also difficult to see from others.

“enjoy it.”

Eugene isn’t the only one riding on this dog-like platinum lion. The saintess and the archmage, who could be said to be traditional warriors and companions. Senya laughed and tossed her hair to the side of hers.

“You did what deserved cheers and praise, my disciple.”

“… … I guess you’re used to it, Senya-sama?”

“Hehehe, of course I’m used to it. Your beautiful teacher has subdued 4 demon lords so far. I am used to such improvements now.”

The improvement now made Senya feel a variety of emotions.

300 years ago. The improvement he had enjoyed with Hamel was very shabby compared to now. Because the era itself was dying pitifully.

… … When he made an appointment with the demon king of confinement and returned. A very, very splendid Triumphal Festival had been held then. However, none of the ‘four people’ who returned from the Devil’s Land enjoyed the festival.

I couldn’t enjoy it.

“now… … You can enjoy it.”

Saying that, Senya’s eyes were wet with a smile.

Even if he didn’t say it directly, Eugene could tell what kind of emotion Senya was feeling right now. It was the same with Cristina. The anise inside her is the same, no, because she felt more emotions than that.

Anis, who died after being worshiped as a saint all her life, is accustomed to cheers and praises.

Anis had never been ‘alone’ and enjoyed cheers and praises. For her, her cheers and praises were something she deserved with her peers, not something she received as a ‘saint’.

“… … .”

Cristina mustered courage in her heart.

Cristina also has a longing for a ‘festival’. The birthday of the faithful Anis who watched the fireworks with Eugene. The festival at that time was also splendid, but it was never more splendid than the improvement of the demon lord subjugation.

Christina’s actions now are not driven by her own longing. She was for Anise, and for Senya. Cristina her first stretched out her hand and grabbed her Eugene’s hand. With her other hand, Eugene and Senya clasped their hands together.


Cristina shouted and raised her arms. Eugene’s arm also stood up, and Senya’s arm, which was being held together, also rose high. Cristina returned to her original position, and she lowered her raised arm under her.


Christina cried again. Senya ran her hand after Christina in her scramble.


Standing between the two, Yujin instantly made three cheers together and put on a dumbfounded expression.


Three sudden cheers. However, the crowd responded with enthusiastic cheers. Now, countless people on the streets were fascinated by the name Eugene Lionheart, cheering and liking Eugene even when he pooped.


Melchis also raised his hands in a tearing cheer. When the gigantic spirit giant hurrayed away, the entire subjugation party that followed moved.

Behind Platinum Lion, Carmen, riding on a lion-shaped float, held hands with Ciel and Desiira and shouted hurray. On the float behind, Princess Scalia wept her tears of adoration and shouted hurray to Prince Jaffer and Orthus, Dior and Mais. Also, on the float in the back, Ivik and the other mercenaries shouted hurray. In addition, behind, behind, behind, not only the subjugation team, but also the elite knights of each country following in a moderation manner shouted hurray.

“There is no such thing as fanaticism.”

The Emperor of Kiel muttered with a complicated expression.

He didn’t want to live long in order to keep the dignity of an emperor. But seeing Ruhar, the king of Arot, and even the Pope raise their arms… … I was worried that if I didn’t hurrah, I would look bad in the eyes of the crowd.

Finally, the emperor let out a deep sigh and raised his arms very slightly.

‘The continent’s landscape is changing.’

Since I killed the Demon King, I am no longer a hero in disguise… … .

It is unknown whether the current era can survive after the promise ends, but if it does… … It means that the hero, Eugene Lionheart, has succeeded in leading the era. It means leaving the promise and protecting the peace of the continent.

If that happens, the name Lionheart will never be able to be confined within the fence of the Kiel Empire.

It was true up until now, but from now on, the Kiel Empire will have to pay attention to Lionheart. If that hero immediately declared an all-out war against Helmud, the fanatics of the Holy Empire would organize a holy army, crying out for martyrdom.

Ruhar, the descendant of the brave Moron, will also participate, and Arot, who cannot go against the wise Senya, will also participate… … .

“… … hurray!”

A triumph full of fanaticism made the emperor resolute. The emperor showed firm determination on his face, and raised his arms higher than before.

changing continents. In order to protect the position of the empire, it was decided that the emperor himself should follow the hero.

Can the hero defeat the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction? If the continent joins forces, will it be possible to wage an all-out war against the demons of Helmud?

I don’t know. However, as long as they are here, even a child will know how the trend of the continent will flow in the future.


The emperor decided to trust the warrior.

* * *

The colorfully decorated street parade ended when they arrived at Simuin Royal Castle. Crowds still roared outside the castle, and hundreds of soldiers, intoxicated with madness, rushed through the gates or climbed the walls to receive magical poultices.

Wow- Wow!

Eugene ignored the loud shouts and jumped off the Platinum Lion.

“I will give this Platinum Lion as a gift to Prince Eugene.”

King Oserys, who arrived after him, bowed to Eugene with a servile smile. Eugene looked up at Platinum Lion with a complicated expression.

This shiny float… … Apart from the price when dismantling and disposing, the symbolic aspect was great. Anyway, isn’t it something that the hero of this era first subdued the demon lord and used while marching at the triumphal festival?

Considering that Eugene still retains the divinity and divinity of the ancient god of war, it deserves to become a sacred object someday.

“… … It’s not like you’re satisfied with just one, right?”

Yujin adjusted her expression and asked. Oserys’s eyes widened wide, as if he hadn’t expected to ask such a question.


“Rather than banquets, let’s start by distributing merit.”

With those words, many people entered the palace conference hall. Leaders of each country, including Oseris. The protagonists of the punitive force, including Orthus, Mais, Ivik, and Carmen.


Eugene entered the conference room and did not sit down. He waited for everyone else to sit down, then walked out where everyone could see.

“It’s embarrassing to say with my own mouth, but I was in charge of subjugating the demon lord from start to finish.”

Eugene said that while looking at Orthus. Orthus nodded his head unfazed.

“Gong Eugene’s remarks are true. If Yujin hadn’t stepped forward, we would have returned to Simuin instead of marching to subdue the demon lord. If so, the newborn demon king who missed the right time to subdue… … It would have grown stronger and expanded its power as much as the time it had, making it difficult to subjugate.”

“Well, although it was difficult, the subjugation was possible. It will cost you dozens of times more than this time. As you may have guessed, the sacrifice would have been borne not only by officials but also by the power of each country.”

Eugene took off the cloak he was wearing and put it on a chair.

“Isn’t it? Leaders from around the world… … It’s not about hitting Helmud, it’s about subjugating the newborn demon king, but you won’t allow full-force support, right?”

“You are my friend.”

Ivata opened her mouth as if she had been waiting.

“If you had asked for help, I would have crossed the sea for you alone.”

“The same goes for Ruhar. Subjugation of the demon king is a long-standing achievement of the kingdom’s founder, His Highness the Dragon King. Being able to succeed him is an infinite honor and a mandate for me.”

“Alot is like that too. As long as wise Senya is with the hero, Prince Eugene… … .”

Dyndolph stopped talking and looked at Senya. dissatisfied eyes. Dyndolph quickly changed his words.

“… … no! Even if Senya-sama wasn’t with us, we Alot mages who revere him would have gone to the front for Duke Eugene.”

Dyndolph declared with clenched fists, and Senya put on a satisfied expression.

“There is no apostate in Jurass who fears holy war and martyrdom.”

The Pope crossed himself and said:

“If the warrior had called you, I, Euryus, would have become your faithful servant and a standard-bearer in the temple.”

“Kiel would have done the same. If we had discussed beforehand… … I mean.”

Aside from being the reincarnation of stupid Hamel, the emperor of Kiel, who decided to believe in the hero, answered like that. Of course, if it was just words, before the demon lord subjugation… … You may have thought of several excuses.

But that has already passed. It was something I didn’t even have to think about now.

“More than anyone.”

Gilreid, who was sitting with the leaders, opened his mouth. He looked at Eugene with calm, unwavering eyes and continued.

“Lionheart would have followed you first.”

Eugene never wavered in Guilade’s eyes and felt boundless trust. That wouldn’t happen, but even if the entire continent became an enemy, Lionheart would follow Eugene.

Yujin laughed, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Everybody says that.”

Eugene unbuttoned the stuffy buttons and rolled up his sleeves. He stretched out his strong forearms in front of everyone.

“I will proudly claim my achievements.”

Letters began to be written in the air.

“As a reminder, I will not be negotiating with you. I’m just asking… … I think you deserve it.”

Seimuin dispatches the hammer island dwarves to Lionheart. Remuneration related to the work is paid by the employee. As for the dispatched artisans, Eugene Lionheart consults directly with the dwarves of Hammer Island.

“You can refuse, but… … If possible, I hope you will not refuse. Even for the sake of a good relationship with me.”

Simuin builds a statue of a warrior in the center of the two largest islands, Shedor and Larupa. Tourism commercialization of sacred images is prohibited. In addition, a triumphal arch is built to commemorate the success of the demon lord subjugation. Likewise, commercialization of tourism is prohibited. After the construction of the icon, once a month, the royal family holds a ceremony of thanksgiving in front of the icon.


Oserys’s mouth fell open. The royal family would worship directly at the icon! Do you mean to do something like that in a non-religious state?

‘The hero’s idol… … .’

Even the pope felt a sense of surprise. He looked at Eugene’s writing with thinly opened eyes, then glanced at Christina sitting nearby.

Cristina was looking at the Pope as if he knew how to give her attention. She nodded her head slightly, and the Pope fell silent.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t like it.”

“no… … that… … What I don’t like is… … .”

for a good relationship.

Oserys thought about the meaning of those words.

Isn’t that what happened just now? If Eugene Ryanhart wants it, the armies of various countries move. In fact, it was not even necessary to lead an army. Even if Eugene decides alone, he will be able to bring down the officials.

“This… … This… … not a request… … Isn’t that a threat?”

“I’m not saying that with that intention… … If you accept it that way, there is nothing you can do about it.”

Eugene’s eyebrows raised slightly.

“No, by the way, it’s really unpleasant to hear. Is it a threat? Do you really think so?”

“no… … .”

“Am I threatening you? Isn’t that right? On behalf of Your Highness, I am a pirate who raged in the territorial waters of this country! I came to subdue the demon lord. It’s too sad to say that to me like that.”

“no… … That is… … .”

“What did I ask for the throne for? Just because I did something, didn’t I just ask for two statues to be erected? And for the sake of me who went through high school on behalf of His Highness, His Highness didn’t do it herself! You’re asking me to thank you for my hard work on behalf of any member of the royal family, right? Is this difficult?”

“Uh… … that… … no… … .”

“Then why did you scream?”

Oserys broke into a cold sweat at the question. As he hesitated, unable to answer, Princess Scalia, who was by his side, jumped up from her seat.

“I will do it!”

“S… … Scalia?”

“I am! Instead of Obama, on behalf of the royal family! We will worship the statue of the warrior!”

Scalia exclaimed, eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. Oserys and Jafer looked at Scalia with their mouths gaping.


Eugene assumed that Scalia would step in, so he wasn’t taken aback at all. He didn’t wait for Oserys’ answer and started writing down his next request.

“About the loot we gathered this time… … .”

I didn’t have a lot of greed about it. Distribute appropriately, according to merit, and transparently.

“Exceed, the national treasure of Simuin. Please lend me two.”

“what… … what… … .”

“You already have three of them anyway. One of them is being used by Lord Orthus… … The other two are honestly no one to write, right? It’s not like His Highness will wear it and go to the battlefield. If you will, I will make sure to return it.”

Oserys’ face flushed red. The back of his neck was throbbing and he couldn’t breathe.

National treasure acid? Simuin’s treasure using dragon hearts! The symbol of the royal family! You want to borrow two of them?

“How about just borrowing it?”

The emperor of Kiel said with a spiteful expression.

“Like Prince Eugene said, you, Oseris, don’t even wear acid to go to the battlefield.”

It’s easy to say that it’s a national treasure of another country… … ! Oserys opened her eyes and glared at the emperor.

“Even the Light will be pleased with the offering.”

The Pope also said with a benevolent smile. Those words turned Oserys inside out. tribute? Tribute at will!

“ah… … Got it. Lend me, I will lend you.”

Anger soared, but Oserys did not have the strength to go against the trend. He stumbled into his seat and answered in a weak voice.

These are things that Eugene should ‘obviously’ get.

“Then finally… … .”

From here on, it is greed according to the atmosphere.

However, I thought I had enough qualifications to ask for it.

“Did you just say that? If I asked for help regarding the subjugation of the demon lord, everyone said they would help me without hesitation, right?”

Eugene smiled proudly and continued.

“So, you mean that you will listen to my request with the authority of the king?”


What can I ask for and receive in this place?

money? There are already too many, too many. Usually, really rare and necessary things cannot be obtained no matter how much money is poured into them, so it did not occur to me that I needed more money.

The same goes for treasure. Since there are no more released Dragon Hearts on the market, Simuin’s national treasure, Exceed, is something that can’t be obtained even if you want to. Even that was not borrowed for Eugene’s use. It was because it would be better to receive the support of Raimirah than to use Acid.

‘If I accept it, someone will use it.’

Right now, there were more people in Lionheart who could use Exceed better than Eugene. Among the subjugation, Carmen was able to stand in front of the demon lord by amplifying firepower with acid, and Guilade and Gion would also benefit from acid. Or, it would be okay for Cyan and Ciel, who still don’t have enough mana compared to the older generation.

Eugene no longer had material needs. I already have a lot of weapons, and the same goes for mana support.

Right now, Eugene is receiving three types of support for Mana. Akasha amplifies mana, accelerates calculations with Mer, and is supported by dragon hearts and dragon words from Lymilia. If you spread your own prominence there, you can fight with all your might for days and days as long as your mind endures.

That’s why I need something other than material things.

“hmm… … .”

The emperor couldn’t answer and let out a low moan.

warrior’s… … Please listen to individual requests with the royal authority. Those words were no different from asking for some kind of transcendental law.

‘It’s too much.’

The emperor couldn’t help but think that in his head.

In fact, even the emperor of an empire cannot be free before the law. Even a monarch must follow the laws of his country unless he is a crazy tyrant. But if he would, he could defy law and procedure in favor of kingship. That is the name of the emperor and the name of the king.

‘No matter how brave he is… … Promising such authority to individuals… … .’

Of course, Eugene Ryanhart cannot be called an individual. But even so, isn’t this kind of privilege too much? The emperor cleared his expression and opened his mouth.

“… … Eugene Ball. If you ask for help to confront the demon king or an enemy equivalent to him, I will prioritize your request above all else.”

I don’t think they would grab each other by the collar and slap or punch them in front of so many people. The emperor continued, worried that Eugene’s expression would distort.

“of course… … Even if it is not a request that requires the mobilization of the military, if your request is appropriate and necessary… … Jim is willing to do that. But omitting the ‘request’… … .”

“Euras doesn’t care.”

It was before the emperor’s words were finished. The pope, who had been listening, suddenly intervened.

“Hero of light. You are the light that has come down to earth, the God-man. If you command, this lowly servant will obey with gratitude and joy.”

Is the old man really senile? That he declares such words on this spot, not just the two of you? The Emperor opened his eyes and looked at the Pope.

‘If you do this, you will be in trouble, little one.’

The pope glanced at the emperor and smiled benevolently.

Faith in the Light and the Hero is sincere. The thought of dedicating the entire Yuras to Eugene is sincere. However, rather than having only Yuras being swung by Eugene—- I wish that the Kiel Empire, which has a similar national power to Yuras, would be swung along as well.

“If necessary, I promise you Ruhar too.”

Aman thought for a moment and then nodded. She saw no reason not to promise.

Aman accepted Eugene’s request extremely simply. It is true that what Eugene is requesting is the authority of super-law beyond that of a monarch. But will Eugene commit a crime on Euras and exercise that power to thwart him? Or will he plot a rebellion by seizing military power?

“There is no reason not to do something for your friend.”

Ibata also burst into a hearty laugh and said. Dynedolph, who was watching the situation, nodded his head.

“Alot will do the same.”

The emperor’s face wrinkled at the conversation.

Euras is an empire of lunatics who prioritize faith over law. Luhar also proved to the continent that the founder, the Dragon King, is alive and well, and no matter how brave Eugene is, there is no way he could treat ‘Brave Moron’ carelessly.

‘By the way, what are you two doing?’

Shameless Arot! That country is a constitutional monarchy. The royal family is nothing more than a decoration, and most state affairs are run by the parliament. In such a royal family, the only royal authority would be to decide what trees and flowers to plant in Abram’s garden.

and… … And those natives from the Great Grove. What kind of law do you have in that ghetto in the woods? Why does a man who is not a king but a chief talk about the kingship? Does that barbarian think that his powers are equal to those of the Imperial Emperor?

“I promise you, too.”

The trembling Oserys’ expression changed. After he said that, he added his words with a grumpy expression, just like the emperor did.

“How about you just do it?”

The emperor glared at Oserys with a poopy expression on his face.

“Do you think that the hero, Prince Eugene, would use the kingship to do something unjust?”

Now that this is the case, you cannot be the only one who suffers losses. Oseris’ thoughts were similar to those of the Pope. Originally, I was in a position to look at the emperor, but… … If you promise to cooperate with the hero here and now, isn’t it different from forming an alliance between countries?

“… … Common sense… … Not against the rules… … If requested… … !”

“I will judge that well.”

Bastard, why are you trying to stand tall when you’re going to bend in the end?

‘Then it’s broken, it’s a baby.’

Eugene moved his finger toward the cloak. Then, Mer and Lymira, who were inside the cloak, each carried a box and walked outside.

How should I react when I see that? Two girls suddenly walked out of the cloak that was hanging over the chair.

At least, everyone knew the identity of Mer, who looked just like Senya, but Lymira, who had deer antlers on her head and a jewel in the middle of her forehead, all stared at her with squinting eyes.

“Open it.”

The box that Mer and Lymirah brought out was placed in front of the monarchs. The Pope was the first to open the box.

“This… … .”

Inside the box were three insignias of the Black Lion.

“Isn’t it nice to be comfortable with each other? It’s a sin for me to ask people who are busy with state affairs every time, so it would be convenient to make a promise to that insignia.”

also. Are you asking me to omit the ‘request’ itself?

The emperor opened the box, still looking like shit. A total of 6 badges. An outrageous request to designate that as the king and pae… … .

The emperor sighed deeply and grabbed the insignia.


It was said that the chiefs of the country had gathered, so it was an insignia made by ordering Gondor. Depending on the atmosphere, I was wondering if I could use it when I could be greedy, but I thought I did a good job preparing it.

‘From now on, I can pay less attention when I go out.’

When using a warp gate in Kiel right now, if you show that badge, the record of using the warp gate may be destroyed. It would be possible to use the imperial intelligence organization rather than the information guild, and when necessary, it would be possible to use the spies of other countries.

‘There is a limit to examining the situation of Helmud only with the information guild.’

They are fundamentally traders. Prioritize the value of information rather than loyalty or anything like that. As such, expensive information is of high quality, but since they prioritize money, they are reluctant to engage in dangerous areas that require their lives as collateral.

However, the nation’s intelligence organization is driven not by money but by beliefs such as loyalty and patriotism. What Eugene coveted was the information sent by spies who risked death.

“Can’t we get a tax cut?”

Eugene took his share of the insignia and glanced at the emperor.

“Lionhart is paying a lot of taxes… … .”

“Puduk… … .”

There was a grinding sound of molars between the emperor’s tightly pursed lips. Gilreid cleared his throat and waved his hand.

“Payment is an obligation that every citizen of the Empire must follow.”

“Still, isn’t it better to pay less… … . It’s better if you don’t do it at all.”

“Pud deuk… … .”

Why don’t you ask for the throne instead? The emperor barely swallowed the cry that rose to his throat. I was afraid of the answer that would come back with those words that I spit out in anger.

“… … Let’s discuss it.”

The emperor avoided giving a definite answer as much as possible, and Eugene did not ask for more.

* * *

After the meeting, when they came out of the palace, the large garden was newly decorated.

A large and splendid fountain, from which it had not been moved, spewed out sparkling golden water. The moment he saw the shining water, Eugene looked back at the Pope involuntarily.


The pope sighed and replied. Yujin soared high and fell down, looking at the pooling spring and murmured.

“Fountain of Light.”

“… … .”

“Uh… … It’s a surprise.”

Behind the fountain, the Platinum Lion showed off its majesty. The court cooks were busy serving food and drinks to the set tables. Cheer up! Every time Melchis stepped, the grass and soil in the garden turned into smooth marble.

“I’ll return it to the original later.”

Dyndolph offered consolation to the trembling Oserys.

It wasn’t just Melchis who stepped out directly. Loberian and Hiridus also participated in the renovation of the palace garden using extension magic.

The wall of the royal palace soared all the way, and became a ceiling that covered even the high sky. The ceiling changed from walls to glass, and the wizards drew colorful stars using the sky reflected in the windows as drawing paper. Magical candles lit in various places created an atmosphere by slowly changing colors, and soft carpets were laid on the marble floor.

While the garden was being transformed into a banquet hall, the protagonists of the subjugation party changed into outfits appropriate for the banquet.

Eugene was no exception. He protested, saying that the uniform he was wearing now was not enough, but Christina and Anis didn’t even listen.

“You always wear the same uniform, but you wear different clothes at times like this.”

Senya wanted to advance her relationship with Eugene at the ball today. He thought he might be able to rewrite history beyond kissing.

A seductive dress that seemed excessive even by her standards. Almost no fabric on the back… … .

‘… … .’

Quit. To wear this dress in front of so many people. It was too embarrassing for ‘Senya the Wise’ to reveal his back uncovered by cloth. And I wanted to show this dress only to Eugene, not to anyone else.

Ciel couldn’t even choose a dress. It was because Anicilla held back Ciel’s tears while the banquet was being prepared. She soothed her mother by saying that Ciel was fine, but she had to listen to Gil Reid, Gion, and Xian, who came after her, with the same concerns.

At the end of consolation and conversation. Xian was captured by Aman.

“I thought you would bring Ayla.”

“ah… … yes… … ha ha ha… … .”

“Ayla talks about you often. Do you send and receive letters?”

“yes… … Yes. The princess asked me to reply… … .”

“You don’t have to call me princess, do you? Just call me comfortably, what are you calling Ayla in the letter between the two of you?”

“yes… … ? Just a princess… … .”

“Because there is no need for that. My daughter is a horse, and since she is often called a princess, she doesn’t feel anything special about being called a princess. I’ll let you know my special. Isla… … .”

Aman leaned over to Xian and whispered.

“They are very happy when you call them baby deer.”

“… … .”

“I enjoy being called a rabbit.”

Xian swallowed a gulp.

I had a meeting with Princess Ayla of Luhar the other day. surely… … Princess Ayla was a beautiful and cute girl with big eyes, enough to be called ‘little deer’ or ‘rabbit’. It was unthinkable that she was the daughter of that grim Beast King.

But it was great.

I was 11 at the time, but I couldn’t believe how old I was. When I saw it back then, the difference between Xian and Xian was only about a head… … . As Xian remembered, 11-year-old Princess Ayla’s growth was equal to or higher than that of 17-year-old Ciel.

‘If it grows further from there…’ … .’

Shian glanced at Ahman, the prospective craftsman, breaking out in a cold sweat.

To Xian, Ahman looked like a giant, and naturally, in Xian’s mind, he imagined Princess Ayla, who had grown to the size of a giant, lowering her eyes from a height.

“When would you like to eat?”

“yes… … yes?”

“My daughter likes you very much? Doesn’t she like Ayla too?”

“under… … But the princess’s age is her age… … .”

“Then, how about putting off the ceremony until later and living together first?”

“yes… … ?”

“Oh, don’t worry. I don’t intend to ask you to come and stay in Luhar. It is nonsense to take you, her next head of household, as a son-in-law, so what do you think about sending Ayla to Lionheart?”

Xian’s face turned pale.

“that… … That’s not for me to decide. Respect Princess Ayla’s will… … .”

“Euhaha, son-in-law, do you seem like a bad father who ignores the opinion of my daughter whom I cherish dearly? Ayla is saying this while whining that she wants to live with Xian oppa and Xian oppa in her mouth!”

What on earth did Princess Ayla like about me? Xian couldn’t figure out why.

Until the preparations for the banquet were over, Xian had to listen to Ayla’s boast about Princess Ayla while handling Aman’s shoulder.

Senya chose an elegant dress instead of the shameful dress, but when she saw Melkis’s dress that was cut not only to the back but also to the chest, she felt a mix of regret and relief.

Ciel wore a white dress that suited her nickname of white rose, and Eugene was forced to wear a stuffy tuxedo. The saints who forced Eugene to change clothes did not take off their priestly clothes.

“Why don’t you change your clothes?”

“Hamel, did I ever wear a different outfit at a banquet 300 years ago?”

Eugene couldn’t break through the excuses he must have prepared in advance.

The banquet hall was completed, the clothes were changed, and the atmosphere was upbeat.

The banquet could not begin immediately.


As if they had been waiting for this moment, an uninvited guest broke in.


Simuin is an island country that is warm all year round. There are endless sights such as the Colosseum and street festivals, and the emerald-colored sea is beautiful. No matter which beach you go to, it is full of people enjoying sea bathing.

Shedoll and La Rupa are crowded with too many people, but if you go out a little by boat, there are many quiet and beautiful resort islands. Such islands are used as villas for wealthy people or developed as luxury resorts and used as honeymoon destinations.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

Today, her outfit concept is focused on that.

crowded beach. Everyone wears a swimsuit and enjoys swimming in the sea, but a beautiful woman who draws more attention than anyone else. Or a beach bride who has been rigorous in self-management for her beloved groom-to-be. Or a superstar walking on a quiet private beach.

Either way, it means wearing a bathing suit.

A black bikini that contrasts with white jade-like skin. The deliberately slightly stretched string swayed like Noir’s tail. The place where her noir sets her feet has become a runway just for her.

Noir walked into the wide open gates, walking perfectly like a model.


Noir smiled broadly and stuck out his chest. Thousands of eyes gathered in the banquet hall turned to Noir.

The time it took to recognize this situation was different for each person. The castle gate opened on its own, and a woman in a bikini walked in… … .

It’s never something simple and easy to think about.

What is here is the main body of that dream queen, Noir Jebela. Besides, now, Noir, unlike when she met Eugene, was exuding a dreamlike presence regarding her dragon horse castle.

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