Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 126

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This demon possesses humans. Even if it is a low-level dream horse, at least one human is ridiculously bewitched, but the peak of the species called ‘dream horse’, the queen’s presence, took control of the banquet hall in an instant.

However, most of the people gathered in this banquet hall are not ordinary. The attendants, who were busily carrying food and playing musical instruments, all blushed and sat on the ground gasping for breath, but the elites from each country regained their composure with just a few breaths.

—-It was Noir’s mercy that made it possible.

A succubus who surpassed the status of a demon lord even though he did not become a demon lord. If Noir was determined and exuded a sense of presence, it would be impossible for even an elite knight to maintain his composure. She was able to neutralize half of her banquet hall just by standing there, and if she had the magic eye of an illusion, she could easily stage a massacre like trampling on her ants.

However, Noir did not come here to do a massacre or to seduce everyone here.

“Are you all surprised?”

Noir smiled bashfully and asked.

The siege had already been completed before Noir sputtered the question. Thousands in the banquet hall surrounded Noir. Knights who did not disarm. In particular, the Paladins aimed their weapons at Noir from the front.

“Women don’t like men who are too fast.”

Noir nodded, tilting his head and raising only his eyes. The Crusader, Raphael, was stopped in the air toward her gaze.

As soon as this maddened paladin caught Noir, he drew his cross sword from behind and charged.

However, it did not split Noir’s body in two as he had hoped. The divine power obtained through fanaticism and the strength contained in the boy’s physique were meaningless in front of the bondage of Noir’s magical power.

“From now on, a little more leisurely and slowly, and… … Be gentle and get on top of her.”

Noir smiled and moved his gaze.

“You were too small to get on.”

Raphael’s body moved along with Noir’s gaze. I wasn’t thrown roughly, or slammed into the far wall. Noir very gently and kindly put Raphael’s body on the ground.

“Year X to go… … !”

Such treatment, along with previous advice, made Raphael’s hair stand on end. Raphael rolled his eyes and tried to pounce on Noir again, but his hand reached out from behind and grabbed Raphael’s shoulder.

“You still have a very impatient personality.”

Eugene grumbled and pulled Raphael’s shoulders.

If it had been the pope who had stopped him, he wouldn’t have listened, but the moment he confirmed that the opponent was Eugene, Raphael immediately cleared up his murderous intent. For Raphael, who was a fanatical fanatic more than anyone else in Jurass, the present Eugene—-every single will of the hero was the will of light.

‘Two years.’

Eugene frowned and looked at Noir.

We met in the waters of Solgarta just a few weeks ago. I wondered if he would come, but he really did. Not to mention, this time he did not borrow the body of his subordinate dreamer, but came as his own body.

‘Am I confident?’

If we used up all the power here, wouldn’t we be able to kill Noir?

Wouldn’t it be much easier to kill Noir now that he is outside the territory than to invade the territory he usually lives in and kill Noir? Of course, it will never be easy. Less than 10 people would be able to save their lives if they attacked Noir.


What about 10 people? If you attack now, you will be killed. Eugene clicked her tongue as she glared at her standing demon behind Noir’s back. If he had used a warp gate, she would have contacted her before entering the castle.

‘I thought he flew alone from that distant Helmud.’

It was the same with Night March. That guy suddenly appeared in Rehein Yar without using a warp gate.

The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman. The demonic eye of prestige it possesses makes it possible to freely use the authority of the demon lord in confinement. Just as the demon king of confinement uses space movement, Gavid can use space movement if he uses the demonic eye of prestige.

“… … Duke of Jebela.”

Gavid opened his twitching lips.

“I didn’t tell you. If they intruded blindly, they would receive hostility. So, let’s be sure to be courteous and visit him.”

The words he uttered were reprimands for Noir’s actions, but Gavid’s eyes were fixed on Eugene. He glared at Eugene with eyes smudged like ink.

“Because you don’t know, Duke Lindeman. Isn’t this commonplace, easy-going, and mischievous appearance rather reassuring everyone?”

Noir giggled and flipped her hair. Her body swayed wildly, twisting and exaggerating, shaking her voluptuous breasts.

“Anyone can see that, doesn’t it? Unlike you, who doesn’t look good from the start, I’m here to enjoy the beautiful sea, a splendid banquet, and a sweet meeting.”

Gavid didn’t respond to that nonsense. He still glared at Eugene with dark eyes, and Eugene did not avoid his gaze.

“What are you looking at?”

He didn’t just stare at me, he also asked questions in a perverse tone.

“… … .”

Gavid suppressed his anger and his murderous intent. Just as Noir did not come to slaughter, neither did Gavid. He sighed and took a step back.

“… … First of all, I will apologize.”

Those words were not meant to Eugene.

The knights still maintaining the siege. It was a word to ‘humans’ who were nervous as if they had a powder keg in front of them that wouldn’t be strange if it exploded right away.

“The fact that I came to you blindly without warning. The point of opening the castle gate without asking permission. For ruining the banquet that was about to begin.”

“It’s enough to know.”

“… … you… … I can guess what they are worried about. You guys didn’t come here just to ‘celebrate’.”

“Tell me if you know… … .”

“… … .”

Kwap. Gavid clenched his fists and glared at his Eugene.

He wanted to stomp that cheeky bastard’s face into the ground, but Gavid just couldn’t do it. That was not what the confined demon king wanted. That’s why it was something Gavid was not allowed to do, something Gavid couldn’t do.

Eugene knew that too.

Just a few weeks ago, I met the demon king of confinement in the abyss at the bottom of the deep sea. The daring gave Eugene a clear answer. The promise is not over yet, and unless Eugene heads to Babel, the war against the demon king of confinement will not break out.

‘It’s not another demon, and there’s no way your bastard could harm me by ignoring the will of confinement.’

So Eugene could easily scratch Gavid’s feelings.

“Aren’t you talking?”

“What on earth do you believe in and be arrogant… … ?”

“I believe in your demon king.”

Gavid’s jaw literally shattered when he touched and grinned. It was a disaster caused by gritting his teeth too hard.

Gavid glared at Eugene, shivering up to his shoulders, but turned his head away because he didn’t want to face him anymore. Gavid caressed his regenerated jaw and opened his mouth.

“… … It is a message from the demon king of confinement.”

Gavid saw other people instead of Eugene.

Emperor of Kiel. Pope of Euras. Without Helmud, the two humans who would have the greatest influence on the continent.



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“The Demon King of Confinement hopes that you will not misunderstand by associating Helmud with the madness of the Demon King of Madness.”

At that, everyone had a surprised look on their faces. Gavid ignored the murmur and continued.

“However, apart from the rampage of the mad king, he said that he would not deny that the dark elf ‘Iris’ and her roots had nothing to do with Helmud. Even if she was defeated before the territory and she was banished, it is a clear fact that she is a ‘Evil’ and lived in Helmud. That’s why the demon king of confinement feels a little bit responsible.”

What are you trying to do? Eugene was also taken aback by Gavid’s words.

“so… … Helmud will give you a moral reward.”

“… … it’s a reward Are you willing to pay reparations?”

The emperor coughed and asked. At that question, Gavid burst into a low laugh.

“reparations? That’s not it.”

“Then what… … .”

“I didn’t tell you. I mean it’s a moral reward. To tell you the truth, I don’t understand this. Iris was banished from Helmud before becoming the Demon King, and isn’t this country the one that left Iris unattended until she became the Demon King?”

Gavid looked at King Oserys with a sneer in his eyes.

“but… … Unlike me, the demon lord of confinement is truly merciful. King Oseris. Let them listen.”

Oserys gasped for breath and trembled just from meeting those eyes. Gavid laughed at the rattling Oserys and continued her words.

“The demon king of confinement said that he would accept humans who were damaged by Iris and her pirates into Helmud without any formalities. He can immigrate to Helmud without paying a penny.”

At those words, Oseris’ eyes widened.

“Of course, you will not be discriminated against in Helmud for not paying the immigration fee. Because Helmud neither discriminates against immigrants nor discriminates against them.”

“What, what, what are you talking about… … Are you doing it?”

“ah… … King Oseris. What are you talking about? Are you asking because you really don’t know? Iris and the pirates you tolerated and neglected. The demon king in captivity will take care of all the humans who have been harmed by them, on behalf of the incompetent royal family and this country.”

Oseris’ face flushed red with shame, and the faces of the lords around him hardened.

Helmud’s immigration welfare system has a reputation on the continent, and countless people are still waiting for their turn to immigrate to Helmud. However, it is limited to victims, but to accept immigrants without any procedures!

“That’s the reward promised by the demon lord of confinement.”

Noir leaned over from Gavid’s side. She twitched her tail and twisted her body.

“I also plan to compensate separately. In terms of cause and effect, it happened because I won the land battle against Iris, right? If I had killed that Dark Elf instead of expelling it, I wouldn’t have become a pirate or a demon king.”

I didn’t like any of the stories that came out. However, Eugene did not intervene for the moment, waiting for Noir to spit bullshit.

“My reward is… … right away! Free admission to Jebela Park! And, it’s a special coin!”

Voila! Noir raised his arms while making a noise with his mouth.

ㅡChallararak! The space above Noir’s head cracked open, and red coins rained down.

“With this special coin, you can use most of Jebela Park’s facilities for free, and there are no waiting lines! Besides that, there are so many perks!”

The pouring rain of coins stopped. When Noir moved his fingers, the coins scattered on the floor gathered in one place and built a tower.

“If you are a tourist from Simuin, you can get this special coin issued at Jebela Park. Then what is the coin here?”

Noir winked at the knights who looked at him blankly.

“This is a gift just for you. Across the sea, a warrior! A gift for all of you who came to congratulate and protect Eugene Lionheart! Let’s sleep, let’s sleep! don’t hesitate With this one coin, you will get a special experience that you can’t get even if you live a lifetime. At Jebela Park, all your desires can come true!”

“Did you come to say something like that?”

Eugene stopped listening and glared at Noir. Tingling, creeping, pounding. Noir looked back at Eugene, feeling a strong thrill.

‘Ah, those eyes!’

also. It was incomparable to the gaze he received as a possessed body. Noir smiled broadly and stared at Eugene.

“It’s true that the reason Gavid and I came here is because of the compensation, but the real reason is, of course, different.”

“what reason?”

Eugene glared at Noir and Gavid, but was conscious of the other side. Now Senya and Cristina are preparing for the contingency. So that you can respond whenever a battle breaks out.

[I don’t think he brought any subordinates.]

Senya, who was looking outside the castle gate, said.

Unlike Night March, Gavid did not bring the ‘black mist’. However, if he uses the Mystic Eye of Prestige, Gavid can summon the Black Mist right now. Christina and Anis were also wary of that fact and prepared a sacred barrier—-they knew it too.

No matter how strong the divine barrier was, it could not stop Gavid from using the Mystic Eye of Prestige. The power of the Great Demon King even ignores the sacred power of the saintess.

But, if Gavid brings the Black Mist. As soon as the black mist appears, the barrier will be able to deal damage.

“The real reason is… … .”

Noir continued.


“… … ?”

“Congratulations~ Congratulations~”


“Congratulations on Eugene Lionheart’s subjugation of the demon king~”

Noir’s sweet voice resounded in the astonishment and silence.

“Congratulations on your beloved Eugene Lionheart’s subjugation of the demon king!”

Gavid stared at Noir without breathing.

Right now, Eugene felt the same emotions as Gavid. Eugene also glared at Noir without holding her breath.

“Clap clap clap~”

There’s no way I wouldn’t feel that gaze. Noir smiled brightly and clapped his hands.

“Blow the call!”

The hands that had collided for applause fell apart, and Noir held out both hands to Eugene. Before she knew it, there was a large cake in the palm of her hand, with a thick candle stuck in the middle of the cake.

Noir held out the flickering candle closer to Eugene.

“Thinking of your wish! Blow your name, Eugene! I have to turn it off at once… … .”

Eugene couldn’t listen any longer.


A high kick kicked the cake into Noir’s face.


Even comedies that have been coordinated in advance will not be able to shove cake in the face as neatly and perfectly as they do now. If this was really a comedy, there would be laughter and applause everywhere, but right now I couldn’t even hear breathing loudly.

Everyone is wary of Noir being angry.

But that’s because they don’t know much about Noir. … … I don’t want to think so, but Eugene knows a little bit about Noir. Because of this, I thought that there was no way Noir would roll his eyes and be angry with him.

that’s more irritating

Noir Jebela. That damn dreamer was like that 300 years ago. He harassed people by digging into people’s dreams to the point of disgust, and even when Hamel cursed at him and cursed at him, he laughed and liked it.

Eugene had never seen Noir Jebella’s ‘anger’ emotion ever since Hamel’s days.

“… … Uhm.”

slap. The cake on which Noir’s face was crushed fell down. Noir received the cake with both hands that he had been waiting for.

The face he could see was a mess. Her face is covered in cream, and her hair is also stuck.

Noir slightly opened her thick lips and stuck out her tongue. A pink tongue licked the cream around his lips.

He didn’t even use his tongue. Noir brought his long, outstretched fingers to his face, lazily ran the cream on his cheek, and licked it with his tongue like it was candy.

“… … .”

Eugene’s face distorted at that blatant sex appeal. But she said Noir before Eugene could say anything.

“There are many kinds of cakes, right?”

“… … .”

“You may think it’s surprising, but I don’t really like sweet things like dessert. Nevertheless, if I had to choose my favorite cake, this would be it. I like the basic strawberry shortcake. Like this, there are strawberries and cream between the bread layers, and the surface is also covered with soft cream.”

What do you mean? Eugene didn’t respond and glared at Noir.

Noir chuckled and picked up a red strawberry from the middle of the crushed cake. Noir popped the strawberry into his mouth and chewed it.

“Eugene. If I knew which cake you like, I would have prepared it accordingly. Hmmm, isn’t it too late now? Eugene, what kind of cake do you like?”

“shut up.”

“You don’t like it? Oh my, then you are just like me! I don’t like cake either. Just like you.”

Noir smiled broadly and tossed the cake behind his back. The cake flew away, so there was no such thing as someone in the back getting hit by the cake. Similarly, the cream remaining on Noir’s face disappeared neatly.

“also. I think the two of us fit well. What do you think?”

“… … .”

“Well, people like us don’t even have to talk… … You can tell each other’s heart just by looking into their eyes. As proof, Eugene, I know what you’re thinking. Shall we guess?”

“No, don’t guess.”

“Don’t do it… … Do you want to keep it a secret between the two of us?”

i want to kill Eugene’s shoulders trembled. I want to kill it, but it’s frustrating and crazy that it’s impossible to kill it right away.

Noir put a hand on his hip and smiled as he watched Eugene wheeze.

“It’s a pity that I couldn’t give you a cake and blow out the candles. Well, it doesn’t matter. Instead, I ate your cream.”

“Why do you keep talking like that… … ?”

“Because, yeah, it’s fun. It’s so much fun, especially how you react to each one.”

Noir waggled his tail and said. Gavid, who was watching from a little distance, twisted his eyes and glared at Noir. Gavid’s feelings were not very different from Eugene’s… … .

“… … Duke of Jebela. We have come as Helmud’s envoys. Please, don’t tarnish Helmud’s name with vulgar and vulgar conversations.”

“How are you? You don’t have to be strict, serious, and solemn anymore.”

Noir smiled at Eugene and whispered.

“Really, Eugene. This is no joke. We are Iris… … I’m here to congratulate you, in addition to rewarding you for the madness of the demon king.”

What are you talking about? Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and looked back and forth between Noir and Gavid.

If it’s nonsense, Gavid will come forward and correct it… … Gavid clenched his molars, but did not move forward.

“Is it really? Demon King of Confinement, you, Eugene Lionheart, have truly accomplished a feat worthy of a hero. He conveyed his congratulations for defeating the new demon king.”

The surroundings were buzzing at the words that followed. Everyone gathered here, being wary that the detained demon king and Helmud would not react hostile to the demon king subjugation. But let alone a boundary, I would have congratulated you.

‘What are you doing?’

You don’t have to congratulate me so openly.

‘No, are you saying there’s something to be gained by congratulating me so openly?’

Just like when I saw it in front of the statue of Agaroth, I couldn’t understand the demon king’s intentions in confinement. When Eugene didn’t respond and kept her mouth shut, Noir smiled and looked around.

“The banquet hall is nicely decorated. They came from far away, so can we have a little fun?”

“Duke of Jebela.”

Noir said that, but Gavid had a different idea.

“The herald’s role is over. Our remaining here will only make other people more offended. To put it in the extreme, the banquet won’t start because of us.”

“Hmm, maybe it’s because you’re carrying too much weight, Duke Lindeman?”

Noir turned around and stared at Gavid.

“Is that what I said? You’re going to a party, so you have to dress appropriately for the occasion.”

In an instant, dozens of rebuttals to that bullshit popped into Gavid’s head.

Right now, in this banquet hall, almost all the men were dressed in suits that were no different from Gavid’s, and only Noir Jebela was wearing a swimsuit. Although Melchis was wearing a dress with a lot of exposure, even so, it did not compare to Noir’s bikini.

But what? Clothes that fit the spot? Gavid wanted to open his mouth right away and refute that nonsense—but he kept his mouth shut, knowing that it would be of no use.

Logical stories are meaningless to that stubborn woman. No matter what you say, you will eventually be swayed by Noir. Gavid didn’t want to be seen that way in the crowd of insignificant humans.

“… … If you really want to have fun, do as you please.”

Gavid turned his head without regret.

“Are you going to leave me?”

“I’m wondering if that’s okay.”

“Hehe… … I don’t care if you want to. Well, I’ll be able to go back somehow. No, you don’t even have to go back right away, do you? It’s been a while since I’ve been out this far, so I think it’d be nice to go on a trip.”

Gavid let out a deep sigh at the reply that came back.

It didn’t seem like Noir, a workaholic, would leave Jebela City alone and enjoy the trip, but I couldn’t ignore the if. Gavid couldn’t go back alone, leaving Noir who didn’t know what to do and could do anything.

“… … let’s go back together However, I have no intention of enjoying a banquet here.”

“Hmm, okay. If you’re waiting outside, I’ll go get you.”

Naturally, Noir did not catch Gavid. Because she, even as she, was much more comfortable not having Gavid here. Before moving on, Gavid glanced at Eugene once.

‘… … .’

bouncer. He recalled the thought, then put it out of his mind.

Aside from his bad personality, the human named ‘Eugene Lionheart’ has become strong enough to be cocky. Even if there was external help, isn’t it true that Eugene defeated the demon lord?

‘Even if I’m the strongest on the continent, there’s no problem.’

People gathered in the banquet hall. Among the human knights, all the figures that are always mentioned when discussing the strongest are gathered.

Carmen Ryanhart.

Alchester Dragonic.

Raphael Martinez.

In addition, the Beast King of the Kingdom of Ruhar and the head of Lionheart.

However, in Gavid’s view, among the humans at the banquet hall, Eugene’s power was overwhelming. As Gavid thought, the current Eugene Lionheart felt stronger than the Vermouth who challenged the Devil’s Landing 300 years ago.

‘It’s stronger than Vermouth at the time of climbing Babel… … .’

When the thought got there, Gavid laughed.

Stronger than vermouth? Wouldn’t that be threatening? Even that vermouth couldn’t conquer Babel 300 years ago… … Gavid felt his displeasure ease a little and turned his head.

“It’s been a while, Senya Merdein.”

Before walking through the open gate. Gavid and Senya faced each other. Senya, who stood guard by the gate, tilted his head and glared at Gavid.

“Don’t splurge too much. I’m not here to fight.”

“It’s funny to pretend to be proud or pretend to be anything. About the subject who ran away alone.”

“You say the same thing as Moron Luhar.”

“You were ugly enough to even talk about that asshole.”

Senya snorted and took a step back. I moved in front of him like that, but Gavid didn’t go straight away and glared at Senya for a while.

“What you looking at?”

“… … His harsh behavior has not changed since 300 years ago or now. Shouldn’t you be gentle when you’re that old?”

“Why don’t you say that to Gal X instead of me?”

Senya snorted and pointed at Noir. Hearing that, Gavid couldn’t possibly argue. He sighed and passed Senya and left the gate.

ㅡKooung. The gate that had been opened was closed. However, the banquet did not resume. The aftermath of the uninvited guests hadn’t gone away, and noir was still present in the banquet hall.

“Don’t we have to start playing again? Even if it’s an exciting song, the excitement will rise.”

At some point, Noir was holding a champagne glass in both hands. She casually handed Eugene a glass of champagne.

“What are we going to do?”

Eugene spat out without accepting the glass. Noir shrugged his shoulders, as if he knew it.

“Rewards to this country, and congratulations to you.”

“I didn’t wish for it. What can I do, the thing that randomly came to me and gave me a rat?”

“So it’s a surprise.”

“Isn’t the business over? Are you really going to enjoy the party?”

“I have always longed for a party with you. I’m asking just in case, would you like to dance with me?”

“Don’t bullshit.”

“I knew it.”

Noir smiled and brought the champagne glass to his lips and took a sip.

[I want to talk alone.]

The voice rang in my head, not in my ears.

[I have a story that might interest you.]

At those words, Yujin’s expression changed slightly. She hates dealing with Noir. But apart from likes and dislikes, I wondered what Noir was talking about like that.

“I hate being roundabout.”

Noir had helped him before. Infiltrating the Dragon Demon Castle to secure Lymilia, and the recovery after dropping the Dragon Demon Castle. Noir did all of that.

Naturally, Eugene does not feel the slightest gratitude for Noir’s help. Whatever Noir thought of helping, Eugene had only one thought.

intent to kill.

There is no reason to feel grateful for being helped. If the other person was the same human, he would repay them, but the other person was a demon, not a human.

Among the demons, a person with no ties, or a recently born child, might barely be able to make an exception, but to Eugene, ‘Noir Jebella’ was a demon that could not be an exception under any circumstances, no matter what.

It is the same now. As Noir said, ‘an interesting story’. I don’t know what exactly it is, but there’s no harm in keeping it. Perhaps this is a story that will help Eugene in the future. In other words, Noir Jebella is helping Eugene now.

Still, Eugene kills Noir.

“It’s a bit difficult to do here… … Shall we go somewhere quiet? The bedroom is nice too.”

Noir smiled bewitchingly as he felt Eugene’s murderous intent wriggling.

Of course, Eugene had no intention of entering the bedroom with Noir. Without a word, he raised his finger and pointed at the castle tower that towered over the palace. Noir giggled when he saw the tower Eugene pointed to.

“Two men and women climb the tower and have a tryst. It’s romantic. Are we going to see stars together?”

It was still not worth replying to.

Eugene glared at Noir once, then turned and looked elsewhere. The people around me were still looking at me with one eye full of vigilance. Eugene waved his hand once to mean that nothing would happen to Ryan Hart among them.


Christina approached with a hard face.

“are you okay.”

After saying that, Eugene jumped in place.

The castle tower was high, but it took one leap to reach the terrace. Eugene leaned over from the terrace and looked down.

Noir, spreading the wings of a black bat, was slowly approaching the terrace. Arriving at the terrace, Noir sat down on the railing and smiled.

“Everybody is worried. It looks like I might eat you.”

“Tell me the main point.”

“You’ve risen so high, can’t you be a little romantic? See, Hamel, isn’t the view nice here?”

The banquet hall was shining brightly. Thanks to the glass ceiling of the banquet hall, I could see the stars in the night sky, and if I lifted my head a little bit and looked far away, I could see the night view of the city over the castle wall. The triumphal festival was going on in the city as well, and fireworks were in full swing in the sky over there.

“Because I want to talk about the main topic.”

“I don’t know how to put it into words.”

Noir smiled deeply and crossed his legs.

“How about this? Without words, let me show you directly. He’ll be good for you that way.”

“… … Are you going to show me?”

“We are dreaming together.”

Light shimmered in Noir’s eyes. However, Eugene’s eyes darkened.

Feeling Eugene’s anger, Noir added a laughing voice.

“You already hate me immensely, and I like being hated by you too… … That doesn’t mean I won’t do anything you don’t like. I mean now.”

“… … .”

“I promise, Hamel. I’ll show you ‘dreams’, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to peek at your bottom.”

That is why Eugene and Hamel hate Noir. 300 years ago, Noir looked into everything about a human called ‘Hamel Diners’.

Memories of the past, feelings that have passed by, conversely, that have festered for too long. intention to kill the demons. Multiple feelings towards co-workers.

Jealousy of vermouth.

fear of the devil.

loathing of myself.

Besides that, various emotions. The things I don’t want anyone to know, the things I put in the trash inside me. Things I wasn’t even aware of. All of that was visible to Noir.

“… … What do you want to show me?”


Noir smiled bashfully and leaned toward Eugene.

“I was there a while ago.”

The territory where the demon king of destruction hides.

“This is all I can tell you in advance. After that… … I have to see it in my dreams.”

“I don’t think I need to see much.”


Noir firmly shook his head.

“I can be sure, Hamel.”

Noir’s voice lowered.

“If you say you don’t see it, you will surely regret it someday, right?”

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 395


Hearing Noir make such an assertion made my curiosity stronger than my annoyance. Eugene nodded her head without further ado.

[Eugene. Wouldn’t that be dangerous?]

[eww… … Hermit, it is true that her original daughter is a great dragon, but she does not have the confidence to stand against the dream queen… … .]

Mer and Lymilia inside the cloak gave out worried voices. Originally, the two of them were going to enjoy the various delicacies of the banquet hall and enjoy the party in a childlike way regardless of their actual age, but now they couldn’t.

‘are you okay.’

Their concerns were justified. From now on, Noir will use the magic eye of fantasy on Eugene, and Eugene will see the ‘dream’ without resistance.

In other words, Eugene’s life is close to Noir’s hands. As long as Eugene is in her dreams, Noir can very simply harass Eugene. I don’t know how much resistance is possible in a dream, but if resistance is impossible… … Otherwise, she may get lost in her dreams forever and not be able to return to reality, and her mind may collapse.

But Eugene didn’t worry too much about it. This feeling was too bad for me, but

Eugene believed in Noir.

That lunatic prodigal son won’t subdue Eugene ‘in this way’. The current banquet was also decorated splendidly, but this banquet was a place to celebrate Eugene’s victory, not a banquet for Noir and Eugene.

In a place like this, by cunningly teasing and deceiving the tongue, dragging it into the ‘dream’… … To give in easily.

‘It can’t be.’

Noir Jebela can’t do that. Noir Jebela ‘never’ uses that method. Eugene did not doubt that fact.

[What the hell is that?]

Mer couldn’t understand that strange trust. To the subject I hate and want to kill so much. What is that trust all about?

Yujin shrugged her shoulders while listening to the grumbling voice, and sat down on the chair on the terrace.

Noir felt the heat as Eugene sat down without asking any more questions. She sat down across from Eugene, pressing her boggling breasts.

Noir also felt trust in Eugene. Feeling happy and sweet, Noir smiled broadly without even realizing it. This trust is shared by only the two of Eugene and Noir in the world, and it was also proof that each other is unique and special to each other. For the first time in her life, Noir stared into Eugene’s eyes, feeling a fluttering excitement.

now. Noir is looking at Eugene. Eugene is also watching Noir… … . Noir let out an involuntarily quickening breath. It’s best to share these gazes while lying on the same bed rather than sitting on a chair.

“… … Shall we go to bed?”

“Don’t say f*ck it, just do it quickly.”

The sharp answer came back. It was an answer that I fully expected, and I didn’t get hurt because I didn’t expect it. However, there was a bit of regret and regret, and Noir’s lips pouted.

“I am confident in the sound of sucking, not the sound of laying… … .”

An answer beyond imagination. Eugene’s mouth fell open. Mer, who was listening inside her cloak, opened her mouth in the same way. Only Raimir Aman tilted her head, not understanding the answer.

“Crazy bitch, what are you talking about… … ?!”

“It’s about being honest with your desires. Sorry, sorry, Hamel, I made a mistake. So don’t go and sit down again.”

When Eugene tried to leave in panic, Noir suddenly changed his attitude and begged. In the end, Eugene sat down in front of Noir again, shut her mouth tightly, and turned on the light in her eyes.

“I will.”

Noir no longer joked. Instead, he had a rare serious expression on his face and his eyes were straight. Various colors appeared in her purple eyes and began to whirl.

Close your eyes and fall asleep.

There is no need for such a process. The magic eye of fantasy turned on. Eugene did not resist that authority. With that, Eugene’s consciousness left reality in an instant and was guided to the dream created by Noir.

“This is my memory.”

In the crumbling reality, Noir’s voice lingered.

* * *

300 years after the war. Helmud developed at an incredibly fast pace. To Noir, who had lived longer than 300 years, the development of Helmud after the war was strange and unfamiliar.

This brilliant civilization was achieved by the demon king of confinement alone. If the Demon King of Confinement had the will to do so, Helmud’s civilization would have reached its current level hundreds of years ago. Despite having this ability, the demon king of confinement had never promoted the development of his territory before the war.

‘No, I was rather indifferent.’

As Noir remembered, originally the demon king in captivity was not so active in politics. The demon king of confinement suppressed his subordinates with overwhelming power, just like other demon kings do, and also reigned over the territory with ignorant power. Since then, the minor rule has been taken over by the shield, staff, and sword, rather than the demon king in captivity.

However, the demon king of confinement changed after the war. He first proclaimed Babel and Pandemonium, his territory, as the ‘capital’, and developed Helmud’s civilization in various ways to the extent that he did not know how he came up with it… … .

Today’s Helmud has a level of civilization that is incomparable to any other country on the continent. When Arot, the Kingdom of Darkness, was developing a means of transportation by combining magic and mechanical engineering, Helmud laid magic cables throughout the territory and built a black tower to receive the magic of the confined demon king, commercializing the magic car. . In addition, the air fish that controls Pandaemonium is a cutting-edge technology that cannot be imitated by any other country.

All of that is functioning thanks to the existence of the demon king of confinement. If the demon king of confinement immediately stopped supplying magic power to Babel, the entirety of Helmud would literally come to a standstill. In that sense, the demon king of confinement was the only absolute monarch of Helmud.


Even in this Helmud, there is a place that the demon king of confinement cannot reach. There is a place where Helmud’s brilliant civilization does not shine.

The northern end of Helmud territory. A calm gray sea, the only island that exists there.

The name of the island is La Vista.

‘Land of Perdition’.

Noir stared at the gray sea.

This sea is not as blue as other seas. Ordinary creatures such as fish do not even live.

The sea of ​​death where there is no such thing as vitality. It is the demon king of confinement who rules the vast empire of Helmud, but this gray sea and the only island, La Vista, are ruled by the demon king of destruction.

that… … Should I say I’m in control? Noir smirked.

It is a savage and primitive island. While the demons of Helmud enjoy the overwhelming convenience provided by the confined demon king, the demons of La Vista are frozen in time 300 years ago.

“trash can.”

Noir muttered as he stared out over the gray sea.

La Vista is no different from Helmud’s trash can.

300 years ago. Where did all the countless monsters that were mobilized in the war with the continent go?

Demons inferior to beasts, lacking intellect and only carrying out simple commands. After the promise, the demon king of confinement used those countless monsters as simple labor resources. After using it like that, all the monsters that were no longer needed were dumped into La Vista. Even now, numerous monsters from that time are asleep under the sea around La Vista or under the ground.

“It’s not a place I really want to visit.”

There is no ferry service to La Vista. That island is more closed than Yongma Castle. All the demons who have lived in La Vista since 300 years ago are all members of the family of destruction, and they block other demons from approaching La Vista.

Noir was well aware of that fact, but he didn’t really care. What does it matter that there are no ships and no warp gates? Noir sneered at him and spread his wings wide.

“Duke of Jebela.”

While crossing the sea, a demon blocked Noir’s way.

Pure white skin in neat clothes. A man with a bewitching lust that could be believed to be an incubus. Noir recognized him and snorted.

“It’s been 300 years, isn’t it?”

Dream demons and vampires are fundamentally different, but what they do is not very different.

Mongma acquires spirit through intercourse with dreams. Vampires drink blood to get energy. If you are weaker than yourself, you can hunt by force, but in order to hunt strong beings, you need various means such as seducing your opponent.

I’ve never felt intimacy just because I was similar. If the prey overlaps, the opponent’s species itself gets in the way. So, in the old days, Noir hated vampires.

But after a while, I stopped hating it. The gap with the entire race of vampires has existed since 300 years ago, and now even if you bring all the history of vampires, you will not be able to surpass Noir. So Noir was able to smile at the man.

“Long time no see.”

The man smiled bitterly and bowed his head.

His name is Alpiero Lasat. He is the head of a huge vampire clan in the War Era.

The sign, who led a clan similar in size to Alpiero, became the adopted son of the mad king and increased the size of the clan, but the huge clan was also annihilated along with the frenzied death.

Alpiero, who had not been subjugated to the Demon King until then, submitted to the Demon King of Destruction in order to survive in the age of war.

But the war ended in vain. Alpiero and Clan Vampires. And the demons who were subjugated to the demon king of destruction became secluded in this remote lavista following the demon king they served.

“Since time passed quite a bit, I thought you might be dead.”

“haha… … For us, 300 years is not enough time to end our lifespan.”

“As far as I know, there are no humans in La Vista.”

Noir stared at Alpiero with twinkling eyes.

“Can a vampire live 300 years without drinking a drop of blood? Hmm, it might be possible for a vampire like you, but… … Aren’t the vampires under your command impossible?”

“The number has gone down quite a bit.”

“Did you even prey on your own people?”

Noir asked with a mischievous smile. I thought it was funny and disgusting to imagine a vampire sticking fangs into a vampire’s neck and drinking their blood.


Alpiero shook his head.

“After coming to La Vista, our clan’s vampires did not drink blood. Our lord shared something that is heavier and thicker than the human spirit permeated in blood, and therefore sweeter than blood.”

Eyes that gleam. Wriggling between the gaps, an ominous and odious magic power. Noir giggled and crossed his arms.

“You don’t have any affection for your family, do you?”

“It is different from affection. It’s just that I want it to come down.”

“Then why are the numbers decreasing? Did you at least escape because you couldn’t stand the stuffy secluded life?”

“haha… … Is there any clan that would let you go because you wanted to? Clan members who wanted to leave were killed and sacrificed. In fact, most of them died because they could not bear it, not as sacrifices.”

Alpiero replied with a wry smile.

I couldn’t stand it… … . She didn’t have to ask any more. Vampires who did not have enough dignity to handle, could not withstand the magic of destruction.

“I’m sure you didn’t come to inquire about me and my clan.”

Alpiero is still smiling. However, the odious and ominous magic that flowed from him grew stronger and stronger.

“Duke of Jebela. As you know… … La Vista is a special place in Helmud. Even if it is an independent place, it is a self-governing territory. La Vista is not under the rule of Helmud, and Helmud’s laws do not apply.”

“Yeah, I know that too.”

Noir replied with a bashful smile. Alpiero did not stop smiling and continued.

“I didn’t come here to greet Duke Jebela. It’s to ask you to come back. Even if it’s the Duke of Jebela… … .”


Alpiero couldn’t finish talking. He opened his laughing eyes straight up and glanced to his side. A black whirlwind stopped right next to Alpiero’s ear.

“The laws of Helmud you speak of are the laws of the empire, right?”

“… … .”

“I am a demon who can live without laws. Rather, without the law, we live better. Do you know what that means? I mean, I’ve never been protected by the law.”

Noir had never benefited from the Helmud Law. The damn law was rather harsh and heavy on Noir. Thinking of the taxes he’d taken so far, he sometimes wanted to go back 300 years ago, when taxes didn’t exist.

“The laws of Helmud do not apply in La Vista. As far as I remember… … If there is no law, like a demon, you’ll solve it by force, right? Then, Alpiero, will you… … Are you going to send it back by force?”

The smiling eyes opened slowly.

“What are you going to do?”

Alpiero stared at Noir without answering. After being silent for a moment, Al Fierro let out a deep sigh and moved his body slightly to the side.

“That’s why I didn’t tell you. Please, come back, I came out to ask for a favor.”

“For something like that, you secretly developed your mana and pressured me? And, to add, the words are arrogant. Even if it’s the Duke of Jebela, what’s next?”

“… … The demons of La Vista will not want Duke Jebela to visit. Maybe, they all try to attack Duke Jebela… … .”

“Ahaha, are you worried about me? But I’m worried for nothing.”

“Are you thinking of going back?”

“Yeah, no.”

“… … Why are you trying to come into La Vista?”

Alpiero asked with an expression of incomprehension. Noir nodded, tilted his head, and waved his finger.

“That island. It looks desolate at first glance, but don’t you need entertainment?”

“… … .”

“A place to play, a place to play. How about I build a few facilities for free?”

“No need.”

“You can’t decide that, Alpiero.”

Noir’s eyes sparkled and shone.

“I am Noir Jebela. There are not many beings in this world who can reverse my decisions. You, who are not even the Demon King, have what qualifications do you go against my will?”

“… … Aren’t you afraid of the demon lord of destruction?”

“If the demon lord of destruction feels that my behavior is rude, I will make sure to take responsibility. If you really want to scold.”

Noir passed Alpiero to giggle. Al Piero sighed and turned his head away.

“What is the real reason you want to join La Vista? Please don’t joke like I just did.”

“The real reason… … . That’s not very great. I want to go, I want to see you, that’s why I came. Is that all?”

Things I haven’t heard from the demon king of confinement. Things you can’t hear even if you ask.

Runaway of the moonlight sword.

Uneasy and ominous, the magic of destruction.

The demon king of confinement did not demand ‘freedom’ from Noir. Noir himself did not offer his freedom to the demon lord in captivity. That’s why noir is free now. If you didn’t get the answer you wanted in the Q&A with the Demon King of Confinement. If there are still vague doubts left, it is possible for Noir to move on his own and seek answers.

“Because I am free.”

Noir smiled and murmured.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 396

If you are a demon with that level of intellect capable of a normal way of thinking, you must have questioned the ‘Demon King of Destruction’ at least once. Seriously, almost nothing is known about the demon king of destruction, to the extent that there is even a conspiracy theory about whether the demon king of destruction really exists.

It was in the War Era 300 years ago that the Demon King of Destruction revealed its existence most strongly in history. Until then, all demon kings and demons stayed in Helmud, which was classified as ‘Mad Land’.

Didn’t stay locked up. Like dream demons and vampires, there are demons who have no choice but to get along with humans. In fact, even before the War Era, it was not very uncommon for demons to attack humans.

but. It was only 300 years ago that war was first declared against humans and the entire continent.

The demon king of confinement who had the largest territory in Helmud, and therefore stayed in the depths of Helmud. The Demon King, who had been quiet for a long time, suddenly destroyed a small country near the Devil’s Land overnight.

I don’t know why or why. There was no sign of the behavior of the demon king of confinement. Just, the night passed and the sun rose, and a country was destroyed.

The war between the Devil and the Continent began like that. The sudden invasion of the demon king of confinement. The three demon kings of the lower ranks invaded the continent by raising a demon army as if they had waited, and the countries of the continent were frightened and responded.

Even up to that point, the Demon King of Destruction was silent. I don’t know if it’s the majesty worthy of the great king of the ranks, or if it’s simply indifference… … The demon king of destruction did not raise an army. The people who served the demon king of destruction also kept their place without advancing to the continent.

The silent Demon King of Destruction began to move when all the dragons of the continent flew into Helmud’s sky. The demon king of confinement was the first to greet the dragons,

A little later, the Demon King of Destruction appeared.

‘I wonder if that’s really the devil.’

Noir Jebela. She had seen firsthand the battlefield where dragons were dying in vain, unlike dragons. Back then, she was much weaker than she is now, and she longed for her power. When all the dragons of the continent came together to attack Helmud. Noir hoped she could hunt down a few dragons and get their hearts.

I went to the front line with such expectations… … I couldn’t even get close. The demon king of confinement who appeared on the frontline alone made all the demons who came from the frontline with greed like Noir into bystanders.

massacre. It was truly a one-sided massacre. Hundreds of dragons blew breath and chanted dragon words to destroy heaven and earth, but all resistance was as helpless as a child’s gestures in front of the demon lord’s magical power in confinement. Hundreds and thousands of lights flashed in an instant, then dozens of dragons fell to the ground, pouring blood, and shortly thereafter were torn to shreds and pulverized by chains.

When half of the dragons are dead. The demon king of confinement stepped back.

Destruction descended.

The sight Noir saw then… … He didn’t remember very well. It was an intense emotion and moment that he would never forget, but simply because what he saw then did not make much sense.

Scattered and reunited, mixed and whirled, then divided again, permeating and dyeing the field of vision itself, smearing it, then moving away, a feast of all kinds of colors.

The unpleasant feeling left behind, as if the brain itself had been raped through sight.

An ominous feeling that if you try to understand it, your mind will be eaten away and it will collapse.

‘It’s heterogeneous.’

Noir has lived a long time. I have met all the demon kings that have existed in history, including the three demon kings who have now died and disappeared. Among them, the Demon King of Destruction was a unique existence.

Is that really true of the demon king? If it’s not the demon king, that existence is something else. Why is such a thing called the ‘Demon King’?

“Why are you here now?”

Alpiero no longer stopped Noir. He flew slightly behind Noir, probably because he decided to train and monitor instead.

“During 300 years, Duke Jebela has never been interested in La Vista.”

“Because I never had to do that before.”

That’s a pretty sincere answer. The time when the ‘promise’ between the demon king of confinement and the continent was still alive. Noir chose to grow her strength in peace.

In that peaceful era, there was no need to know about the sinister and ominous demon lord of destruction. Even in the age of war, it was the Demon King of Destruction that wandered as if there was no purpose.

In this era of peace established by the promise between the Demon King of Confinement and Vermouth, the Demon King of Destruction is secluded in La Vista without doing ‘nothing’ as the word says.

But the promise is nearing its end. It’s not like guessing. Didn’t the demon king of confinement speak directly about the end of the promise? That promise would surely include something about the demon king of destruction.

The end of the promise is the end of peace. In a world that has become like that, will the demon king of destruction be as silent as he is now?

‘It can’t be.’

Conversely, as long as the promise is not over, the demon lord of destruction will not move. Even if Noir forcibly entered La Vista and wandered around, the Demon King of Destruction would not punish Noir.

If so—- isn’t it the right time to seek the answers you haven’t heard from the demon lord in captivity? Noir recalled that ominous moonlight sword, the devil of destruction—- and Eugene, who was mixed with the moonlight sword.

“Do you know that Yagon is dead?”

The demons living in La Vista are closed. From what I’ve heard, there doesn’t seem to be any rule against going outside of La Vista, but Alpiero, who immediately follows, and the vast majority of demons do not leave La Vista.

However, among them, there are a few demons who left La Vista, and among them, there is a rare person who has made a name for himself.

Yagon, who bit and killed his father, Oboron, and formed a gang of beasts and beasts. And— Amelia Merwin.

‘If you look at it closely, I’m not even a demon.’

Noir snorted and looked back at Alpiero. He expected some reaction, but Al Fierro’s face was calm.

“Yes, I heard you. They say he crashed the Dragon Demon Castle and died.”

“that’s right. A pretty wasteful death, right? I rated Yagon as the best among the young demons.”

“It actually was. Aside from his temper, Yagon’s strength and youth were outstanding. If he had been a little more rational and patient, he would not have died in the Battle of Yongma Castle.”

His expression was calm, but Alpiero’s condolences were sincere.

be patient… … patience for what? Noir smiled and looked ahead again. Was it waiting for the owner who had been silent for hundreds of years to wake up?

“Aren’t you bored of living in seclusion? Alpiero. A demon like you would have been guaranteed a high position in Pandaemonium right now. Or how about You better come to my city.”

“You mean Jebela City?”

“Ahaha, I guess there are rumors going into La Vista as well? That’s right, Jebela City. It’s far more successful than I expected, because there’s a lack of manpower in many ways. Alpiero, I can accept not only you, but also your entire clan.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I will decline.”

“why? After all, is it because of loyalty to the demon lord of destruction? It’s okay not to worry about that. If the demon lord of destruction calls, you may leave my side immediately.”

It is not that there is not enough manpower to reach outside. It was a question to see Alpiero’s reaction. I thought that if Alpiero readily accepted it, I would have him clean the toilets in Jebela City.

“The demon lord of destruction won’t need me and my clan.”

Alpiero shook his head with a wry smile.

“but. Regardless of his will, we are determined to serve him in La Vista.”

Shall we use the magic eye of fantasy? Shall we dig into our dreams and minds and scratch all of Alpiero’s heart?

No, there are several risks involved in it. The ominous and alien magic of destruction destroys the spirit of this side first. An unwilling opponent for Noir who invades the mind. Noir did not want to take a psychological risk just to look into Alpiero’s dreams.

‘Loyalty to the Demon King… … not level It’s like a fanatic.’

So far, noir has ruined and ruined countless religious people for its vicious hobby. Alpiero, who spoke of the demon king of destruction, resembled those fanatics.

‘Well, that’s… … It seems more like a god rather than a demon king.’

Seeing that divine power and miracles exist, it seems that God is real, but… … He had lived a long time, but Noir had never seen God himself. In terms of being an incomprehensible being, it seemed that it was not a very different being from the demon king or god of destruction.

Then you can worship and believe. It was not unfamiliar to Noir to be worshiped as an object of faith by the common people. Right now, Jebela City and Dreamia are full of naked monkeys who worship Noir like a god.

“Is there anything?”

Noir muttered as he looked at the empty beach and the other side.

When La Vista arrived, there really was nothing. A wilderness without a single blade of grass, let alone a tree. There are no waves on the beach either. The only thing floating on that desolate island was gray dust, like the remains of a fire.

“Can I get in? Or will you open it?”

Noir snorted and pointed to the wilderness. Then Alpiero came forward with a wry smile.

Hwaaak! The wilderness, where only dust drifted, cracked and a black hole appeared.

“They look like moles.”

Noir giggled and folded his wings. She fell into the hole without waiting for Alpiero’s answer.

‘It’s the root.’

long time ago.

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