Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 127

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A time when humans couldn’t even differentiate between monsters and monsters. The days when monsters did not possess intelligence and ego, and could not be reborn as demons.

There was no light in the world at that time. The flame was only hot, but could not light up the darkness. The light that existed in the world was only the sun rising in the morning and during the day. The lightning that cut through the night sky only drew lines and did not light up the darkness.

In the days when day and night were perfectly divided, humans lived by day and monsters lived by night. A night without a single light is the time of monsters, and humans had to struggle to avoid being hunted.

According to mythology, the god of light descended to the world and gave light to humans. Since the advent of the god of light, flames have been able to light up the darkness. Lightning, which used to be noisy, can also brighten the world in a flash.

Around that time, the superiority of humans and monsters was reversed. Originally, humans had intelligence, and now they can turn darkness into day.

Originally, the ego did not exist for monsters born from the darkness called demons. However, from a certain moment, the ego dwelled in the monsters. As they defined their existence from simple monsters, monsters became demons.

That’s how the demon tribe appeared in the world. Just as all spirits have a primitive spirit as their root, the root of demons is a monster that roamed the lightless darkness. From that point of view, this underground city of La Vista seemed to be licking the root of the species called demons.

“It’s only like this that humans can’t live.”

A strangely warped space. It looks like it leads to the basement of a desolate island, but the place we reached is not underground. of space… … No, should I say it’s a dimensional gap? Noir giggled and looked back at the endless darkness.

“Human eyes will never get used to the darkness here. If you see anything, even just a little bit, you’ll go crazy.”

Noir licked his lower lip with his tongue.

I saw monsters sleeping in the black darkness.

Demons used in the War Era… … No, much more than that. It existed in the history of Helmud, and all surviving monsters were ‘strung’ in the darkness of this city. The countless figures of monsters looked like scrawled pictures or aurora in the sky.

“That… … wow! It’s the Centipede Mountains, right? Where did you go after the war? Were you here? The demon king of confinement is also really good. I heard that during the war, as the gatekeeper of the territory, he worked like that.”

Centipede Mountains, a super-large monster that surrounds the imprisoned demon castle. Noir pointed to the Centipede Mountains floating like a nebula in the dark sky and smiled.

“Well, since the war was over, there would be no place to use it, so we should put it here. I’m asking just in case, aren’t they suddenly coming to their senses and attacking me?”

Saying that, Noir looked back. But Alpiero was nowhere to be seen. Instead, he felt multiple stares in the dark.

“You brought me this far, so you want me to take care of it?”

Noir giggled and his eyes lit up.

The magic eyes of illusion shook. Originally, it was a demonic eye that was only used for simple hypnosis and hallucinations. It’s not a very high-level authority compared to other magic eyes.

However, the magic eye of fantasy used by Noir Jebela really turns reality into fantasy. Even if you don’t have to dig into your dreams, you can neutralize the gaze that is looking at you by showing an illusion to everyone.

Outright bluffing and show-off. The demons who had been watching Noir in the dark immediately withdrew their gaze. No matter how much you hide, you can’t get out of Noir’s sight, and you can never gain an advantage over Noir in a situation where each other catches each other.

“Don’t be too wary. Just think of it as a tourist or something.”

Noir snorted and reaped the magic eye of fantasy. Then he turned around and started walking.

‘I don’t think it’s possible to have an audience… … Hmm, is there any way to get there?’

This basement is full of ominous magic. If there were any demons, they would go crazy soon after entering this place. However, Noir’s taste was a little dirty, but there was nothing wrong with his mind being contaminated.

‘I was expecting that there might even be a demon castle.’

Noir looked around. The city where the clans live… … There are no lights. I thought it was a city, but Helmud’s city-like infrastructure didn’t exist at all.

‘It seems that all meals are replaced with magic power. … … How can you stay stuck in a place like this for 300 years?’

Does the magic of destruction even brainwash the mind? As I was looking around the dull city, I thought that Yagon and Amelia, who had left La Vista in the first place, were normal.

‘Having magic means that the demon of destruction is somewhere.’

I don’t intend to get too close. However, I wanted to feel the demon lord’s fragment, which is thicker than the magical power that is currently wandering.

Even if it is, if the Demon King of Destruction is a being that is ‘possible’ to talk… … I was also willing to have a conversation. In the unlikely event that something went wrong and he was eaten, he did not come blindly without even having a countermeasure against it.

‘Once you explore… … .’

On the surface of the dark magic power, thin magic power stretched out like a thread. Noir focused his consciousness and continued his search.

“Oh my goodness.”

Soon, Noir’s lips twitched. found something Noir did not ignore his curiosity and moved.


Eugene opened his mouth abruptly.

Noir, who was crossing the dark sky, stopped tall and looked back at Eugene. Although it was a whitish ghost-like figure, Eugene was definitely present and was staring at Noir with a sullen face.

“uh… … How did you do it?”


“I mean now. How did you intervene in this ‘dream’?”

All of this is noir memory. These are the things Noir went through in La Vista just a few days ago, and Noir turns his memories into his dreams and shows them to Eugene.

In this dream, Eugene is not the subject. Eugene does not exist in this dream.

However, Eugene suddenly appeared. Noir, who was replaying her memories as a dream, couldn’t help but be sincerely embarrassed. It’s a dream I created without any threat, but to intervene and appear on my own… … .

‘It’s not the human spirit.’

Of course, it is not the human psyche. Eugene took his gaze away from Noir’s bewildered face and pointed at the monsters shimmering in the sky.

“that. Is it real?”

“yes… … ?”

“Is it real?”

“If you ask whether it is real or fake, first of all… … It’s fake. Hamel, what you are seeing is an illusion created by me.”

“No, is what you saw real?”

“Sure, Hamel, what do I get from telling lies like this? If your personality had been a little more docile, I’d like to show you something scary on purpose and see you tremble in fear, but… … You’re not like that, are you?”

“I mean real… … .”

Eugene sighed deeply and looked at the monsters.

There are too many of them, and monsters that are even big. Imagining all of that pouring out made me annoyed already.

“excuse me… … Hamel. How did you do it?”


“It is what appeared in this dream. No matter how much I didn’t pay attention to the barrier, it’s not insignificant enough to be pierced with simple mental power… … .”

“I just did it and it worked.”

Yujin moved her body around while talking with a sad face. But her body wasn’t built right.

Eugene glanced at Noir, satisfied with his ghost-like appearance.

“so. Where are you going? Are you going to see the demon lord of destruction?”

“I’m going to meet someone else before that.”


“Amelia Merwin and her merry companions.”

At those words, Yujin’s face twisted.



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“나는 그 씨X년과 개새끼들에 관심이 없는데. Can’t we just skip it and go see the Demon King of Destruction first?”

“Then you have to reframe the dream altogether, and in the process, fiction gets mixed up.”

Rather good. Noir quickly leaned over and crossed his arms to the flimsy Eugene. Eugene opened her eyes and tried to get away from Noir, but Noir wouldn’t let go of her Eugene.

“Don’t be too abhorred, Hamel. Would it be helpful for you to keep an eye on their sarcasm?”

I never thought I would go on a date in my dreams. Noir smiled and replayed her memories.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 397

In previous “dreams”, there was only one Noir Jebella, but from now on, there are two. Noir separates himself as a speaker who goes against memory and himself as an observer.

The reason was to arm in with Eugene. Noir whispered to Eugene, who struggled by her side, watching herself move according to her real memories.

“It’s a little bit like saying it with my own mouth, but Hamel, am I not perfect?”

“Let go.”

“The obvious things like face and body are not worth talking about. Even the external parts are flawless. But, Hamel, I can respect and accommodate all tastes. If you prefer small breasts to big breasts, I can change as much as I like.”

“Let go.”

“I mean, I can cater to all your tastes. Even if it’s something you can never tell anyone else… … Even if it’s embarrassing and shady. Really, really, by the way, Hamel, if you’re gay and not straight… … .”

“Let go, you crazy bitch!”

Eugene screamed and twisted his body. Only then did Noir smile and let go of Eugene’s arm.

“I’m kidding, Hamel, don’t be too angry. No, isn’t that a joke? If I were serious about where I was, it was that I was perfect. There’s no room for lies in that. Not only outward beauty, but character and conditions, etc.”

“Aren’t you ashamed or embarrassed to say that with your own mouth?”

If Mer had heard this, she would have laughed and pointed out Eugene’s usual behavior. But since Mer wasn’t here right now, Eugene was able to point out Noir without any remorse.

“Are you ashamed and embarrassed to evaluate yourself thinking that way?”

Noir’s answer touched Eugene’s heartstrings to some extent and formed a consensus, but his murderous intent and annoyance towards Noir were much stronger than that.

When Eugene didn’t respond and opened his eyes fiercely, Noir whispered with his shoulders trembling.

“But even me, who is so perfect, becomes a fool when it comes to love.”

Severe swearing rose to his throat, but he kept his mouth shut. It was because I thought it was impossible to have a normal conversation with that idiot.

In the meantime, the noir of the dream has arrived somewhere.

Like other cities in La Vista, there was not a single light in the mansion, and even the walls were dull black.

Noir burst into laughter involuntarily as he came down to the garden where there was no grass.

“Woof woof!”

It was the sound of Noir himself opening his mouth. Hemoria, with a large dog collar around her neck and her back leaning against a kennel that looked like a barn, with a thick chain attached to a stake, glared at Noir without her dog barking.

“Does this costume look good on you?”

Noir smirked at Hemoria. The Heretic Inquisitor, who was once called the ‘Guillotine’ in the Maleficarum, the Heretic Inquisition of the Holy Empire. But now, excommunicated from the Holy Empire, she became a non-existent woman and became Amelia Merwin’s pet.

Previously, Hemoria wore a metal mask that covered her entire mouth, but the current mask has a protruding snout like a dog’s.

“Awkward… … .”

The grinding of teeth could be heard inside the protruding mask. Noir laughed at Hemoria and approached the mansion’s door.

“He’s still grinding his teeth.”

Eugene glanced at Hemoria and clicked his tongue. Her hair was wild and her eyes full of miasma, it seemed that she had suffered a great deal.

‘If I had killed him well then, I wouldn’t have suffered like that.’

Yujin looked ahead while thinking about that. Noir in the dream opened the gate and went inside.

“You have a good personality.”

“My personality is originally great. But what do you mean all of a sudden?”

“You let that mutt stare at you.”

“Ahaha, what are you talking about? Hamel, if an ant on the ground is glaring at you, do you need to trample it to death? It would be a much more painful life to keep crawling on the floor than to have my miserable life come to a clean end by stomping it to death like that.”

Noir giggled and followed the dream forward.

“Amelia Merwin. Why is that rotten bitch here and not in the desert? They said that there are no humans in La Vista. But she is human.”

“Amelia Merwin is not human.”


“She has a strong human nature, but she is half human and half horse.”

At those words, Yujin’s eyes widened.

Mixed blood between different species is rare, but the rarest among them is the mixed blood between humans and demons. Eugene thought of Eileen Float, the parish priest of Alcart, a half-vampire.

“Amelia’s mother was a demon from La Vista, and after she came out into the world, she conceived a child with a human. She later went back to La Vista and gave birth to her child, and voila, that’s Amelia Merwin.”

“… … Huh… … .”

“That’s why Amelia is so special. Mixed blood of humans and demons. If they are mixed like that, the demon-like magic cannot be awakened, but Amelia herself broke her magic and became a warlock. She follows her mother and doesn’t even sign a contract with the Demon King of Destruction.”

Noir looked back at Eugene and smiled.

“and… … The reason Amelia is now in La Vista is because of fear.”


Eugene frowned, not understanding Noir’s answer. Noir whispered to Eugene as he walked down the dark hallway.

“Think about it, Hamel. Amelia Merwin didn’t think of you as a dangerous foe until Night March a few months ago. Well, Amelia Merwin didn’t know that you were Hamel, and on the contrary, she had a Death Knight who thought of herself as ‘dumb Hamel’ by her side as an escort.”

“That bastard is f*cking weak.”

Eugene spat out while still maintaining a crumpled expression.

In fact, that evaluation was like spitting in one’s own face. Except for the fact that there were several changes in memory, if you look only at the combat ability, that Death Knight must have been at the same level as Hamel during his lifetime.

“Yes, he will not be your adversary who instantly surpassed the level of his previous life. And Amelia Merwin found out about that too. Hamel, you defeated the Death Knight and killed Edmond in the Great Forest of Samar. What would Amelia Merwin think when she found out?”

Eugene twisted his lips without answering. Noir chuckled as she glanced at Eugene’s cynicism.

“Besides, even the wise Senya has been resurrected, right? If that happens, even Amelia, who used to be fearless, can’t help but feel fear. Because she is guilty.”

As Noir said. Senya has a great anger at Amelia for mutilating Hamel’s grave and her corpse.

“Is that why you abandoned the desert dungeon and ended up here?”

“yes. Even if you’re here, you can’t come easily. Hamel, don’t you want to provoke the demon lord of destruction already?”

It would be crazy to go to the demon lord of destruction before defeating the demon lord of confinement. No matter how much he wanted to kill Amelia, Eugene had that level of self-restraint.

But I couldn’t help but feel the annoyance I felt right away. As Eugene crumpled his expression, Noir, who was glancing at him, smiled and whispered.

“You won’t have to come all the way here to kill Amelia.”

“… … What are you saying?”

“Well, if you look a little closer, you will know.”

Noir in the dream stopped walking. She laughed under her breath, looked back quickly to her side, and reached out for her hand. Then the darkness parted and the door opened.

Even Eugene felt how heavy and savage the magical power radiated was. Eugene stood behind Noir and peered through the door.

There, the amulet was wriggling like a bandage. The form was not clear. Sometimes it looked like wriggling slime, and sometimes like a shadow creeping on the wall when the light was shining on it.

“… … .”

It made a sound. It was hard to hear, but it sounded like a hoarse man’s voice.

Eugene felt intense murderous intent and hatred in that short voice, and realized what that was.

“Are you mixing?”

The noir in the dream whispered. She tilted her head towards the wraith wriggling with the darkness.


Noir in the dream called it Hamel. She knows that is not Hamel. However, with the awareness that that is Hamel, I think it is fun and interesting to act like Hamel.

If that is completed through such self-awareness and determination. If the imitation gets infinitely closer to the real thing, then I hope that it will become a very interesting existence.

“… … beautiful… … la… … .”

“That’s right, it’s me, Hamel. Noir Jebela. You look very different from the last time I saw you at Babel, right?”

“… … .”

“The Death Knight’s body was also lost, and only the soul remained. Amelia That woman is also very nasty, and she can’t give the dead her rest… … You’re constantly tormenting me Don’t you think so too? Hamel.”

“… … .”

“Proving that you are you… … The body has perished. To the descendant of Vermouth, Eugene Lionheart. Now that it’s come to that, what proves that you are ‘Hamel’… … .”

Noir lowered his body and extended a finger into the darkness. She skillfully played compassion.

“There is only one poor soul wriggling right in front of me. But, Hamel, do you know? No one in the world will think of ‘Hamel Diners’ when they see you now. The world remembers you as ‘dumb Hamel’ and died 300 years ago. Who the hell would imagine that hero corrupted and became a Death Knight?”

“… … .”

“Of course you can be resentful. Now you must be present and aware. But what can I do? Even me right now, you really… … I wonder if the Hamel I knew is right. Besides, you are not purely ‘one’ right now, are you? It seems like too many things are mixed together.”

Eugene stared at the specter with complicated eyes.

That is a fake made based on the memories left in Hamel’s corpse. It was like that when we met in the forest. Now that thing can no longer be called a Death Knight, and as Noir said, the soul itself has become impure due to the mixture of various things.


I was sure. Whether the body is gone, or too many things mixed together, that specter will not despair or be discouraged by his situation.

As long as it has the memories of ‘Hamel’ and thinks of itself as Hamel. Even that memory is from the time he ascended to the demon castle of confinement, and he believes that it is true that he was ‘betrayed’ by his colleagues as he clamored.

In Eugene’s opinion—- Hamel in that situation would never despair over the current situation. As long as he has a purpose, he will somehow survive, meet his comrades and seek revenge.


‘I’ll ask why.’

No doubt it will. The guy named ‘Hamel’ that Eugene remembers had that kind of personality, especially in the confined demon castle where he felt that the given time was running out… … If it was Hamel who ‘thinks’ that he died not by an unsightly suicide, but by the betrayal of his comrades.

The guy who had already climbed up from despair and hell, I thought there was no way he could despair in that situation.

“… … .”

The specter said nothing more. Noir shrugged his shoulders and looked back when the specter didn’t respond.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Amelia Merwin stood on the other side.

Even in Eugene’s eyes, Amelia’s appearance was unreasonable. Just like the dead ghost on her floor, Amelia had her amulet wrapped around her placenta like a bandage. She looked at her face, with her bare bandages on, and saw that the surface of her skin was cracked, as if it were going to break at any moment.

“What are you doing here?”

Amelia let out a cracked voice. Cracks spread not only to the skin, but also to the pupils, and when Amelia furrowed her eyebrows, the pupils cracked open.

“Wherever I am, it is my freedom. is not it?”

“here is… … This is La Vista. This is a territory you are not permitted to enter.”

“Hehe, I don’t think it’s really forbidden for me? The one who can forbid my entry in this territory must be the Demon King of Destruction, but I can’t hear his unholy commands.”

Noir chuckled and approached Amelia.

“Or, do you hear the voice of the demon lord of destruction? Is he upset with me?”

“… … .”


Noir nodded.

“I can see why you are like that. It’s been decades since you were born here… … Isn’t this the first time you’ve made a contract with the demon lord of confinement and returned here?”

Amelia didn’t answer and bit her lip.

“Even now, you have become a ‘cane’ of confinement and gained more power. Ahaha… … Is your very existence being opposed on this earth? If it were a dead soul without a body, it would mix at least, but since you are alive, you can’t mix and just crumble.”

“Are you here to laugh at me?”

“no way. Do you think I’m free enough to come to laugh at you? I came here for a different reason.”

Noir smiled as he said that. I grabbed his nose while smiling brightly and brightly.

“But seeing it like this, I have no choice but to laugh. Even though I don’t want to be laughed at, it’s to the point where it’s embarrassing to be laughed at. The hometown you hid in fear won’t protect you. So Amelia Merwin, are you dying right now?”

“… … .”

“Poor Amelia Merwin. Now you stink of a rotting corpse. The rotten me that you enjoyed playing with and hugging is emanating from your body.”

repulsion. It was an easy word for Eugene to understand.

Noir Jebella did not sign a contract with the demon king of confinement. Her mana is entirely hers. On the other hand, Amelia has made a pact with the demon lord of confinement, and she is using that magical power. That is why she is rejected from La Vista.

‘You don’t have to come all this way to kill Amelia… … . Yes, that’s right. Amelia can’t last long in La Vista anyway.’

dead soul. No, the ghosts, who were never dead in the first place and were only created souls, slowly blended in here.

But Amelia can’t blend in like a specter, so the only thing she can do is endure the pain. If Amelia doesn’t intend to die, she will eventually have no choice but to leave La Vista.

“… … enough… … If you laughed at me, please leave.”

“If you want to laugh, you can laugh for days and days more. But I’ll stop, Amelia Merwin. I don’t like you, but that doesn’t mean I hate you either.”

Saying that, Noir approached Amelia.

“I’m asking just in case, do you know where the palace of the demon king of destruction is?”

“I do not know.”


“I know where it is, but I have no intention of letting you know. What are you doing in the first place… … .”

“Actually, I didn’t come looking for your guidance.”

Amelia’s eyebrows twitched at the sound of laughter.

“I came here… … I was wondering how you and Hamel are doing. That was all.”

Noir slowly raised both hands. Amelia, who had been watching him, soon realized something about her and contorted her face.

“Wait, Jebel… … .”

ㅡQuaaaaaang! Noir slashed both arms. Then the space shuddered loudly and the mansion began to collapse.

Kwaaaang! Again Noir moved his arm. Noir’s absurd magical power shattered the space.


Amelia screamed. The various magics melted in her mansion were shattered by Noir’s rampage, and Amelia vomited black blood as a reaction.


Noir laughed maniacally and hit the mana in succession.

Woo woo woo! The demons staying outside the mansion scrambled to break into this place. Among them was Alpiero, who guided Noir halfway. He looked like he never would have imagined that Noir would do such an ignorant thing in the middle of this La Vista.

It was the same for Eugene. Eugene stood with his mouth half open and looked back at Noir. Noir, who was observing the dream with Eugene, was looking at the actions he performed in the dream with disapproving eyes.

“If I knew how to watch it with you like this, I would do it a little more elegantly.”

“What are you doing?”

“You can see it, Hamel, knocking on the wall.”



Noir smiled and pointed down.

“The demon lord of destruction is down there… … No, it’s not deep underground, but it’s beyond the dimension. That’s why you break down the wall to get there. What I did here… … It was because Amelia Merwin kept telling me to go, go, go.”

Eugene looked at Amelia in amazement.

Amelia, who had been coughing up blood after being caught up in Noir’s riot, was now lying on the ground, unable to stand properly. In such a situation, Noir finally broke the ‘wall’.

“Duke of Jebela!”

Alpiero screamed and lunged at Noir. But he tumbled across the ground just as he had rushed.

It wasn’t just Alpiero. Dozens of demons who had invaded with him fell to the ground without being able to get close to Noir.

forced sleep. It is an authority that can be used by any high-ranking dreamer, forcing the opponent caught in sight to fall asleep. Noir’s forced sleep puts even high-ranking demons to sleep in an instant. In addition, dream-in-dream, which repeats dreams, makes one wander in repeated dreams without deeply interfering with the mind.

After subduing all the demons like that, Noir smiled and laughed ‘down’, on the other side of the broken wall. It fell to the source of magic that enveloped the entire La Vista.

“ah… … !”

terrifying thrill. Noir protected ‘himself’ after a very long time. In this eldritch space, even the dream queen, Noir Jebela, felt threatened. She continued to fall downward, protecting herself with her magical powers.

“… … Is the demon lord of destruction down there?”



Eugene frowned and looked down. On the bottom of the fleeting darkness, a huge… … It looked like a temple.

“Well, if you keep watching, you will know.”

The falling Noir arrived at the entrance of the temple. She did not enter the temple right away, but lifted her head and looked up at her sky.

No one else came through the broken wall, but after a while everyone wakes up from their dreams… … Other demons from outside might invade.

He had already done enough and acted radically, but Noir did not want to do more than this.

“Excuse me.”

This temple is the palace of the demon king of destruction. Noir, however, had no intention of causing a disturbance in the palace. Noir walked into the temple after a low bow.

The temple was empty. There was no such thing as a throne for the demon king. Of course, the Demon King was nowhere to be seen. However, Noir was not taken aback and continued to enter the temple.

“It’s a barrier.”

Noir smiled and rubbed his eyes.

Breaking through to the barrier here… … It seems too risky. However, the presence of a ‘barrier’ made Noir speculate.

keying… … !

A light came on in Noir’s eyes. Eyes with extreme magical energy stared at the barrier.

The pupil peered into the barrier,

I saw a chair entangled in chains.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 398

Eugene held his breath.

chair and chain. The moment he first saw that, the first thing Eugene thought of was the demon king of confinement.

The Demon King always descended with the sound of chains, and pulled countless chains like a mantle. In addition, the demon king of confinement had an inseparable relationship with the demon king of destruction.

I don’t know what the truth is, but Eugene and others think—- because the demon king of confinement is the only one who can control the demon king of destruction.

Even when Eugene tried to get closer to the demon king of destruction a few times in the past, he was always interfered by the demon king of confinement.

This is La Vista, the land of destruction. In the depths of it, it is a temple that can be said to be the seat of the demon king of destruction. The demon king of confinement pushes away intruders who approached without permission… … .


The blurry landscape becomes clearer. Seeing this, Eugene tried to move forward without realizing it.

But I couldn’t do it the way I wanted. It was because Noir, who was watching with her, grabbed Eugene’s arm.

“I can’t get any closer.”

Noir whispered.

“Even if it is a dream, this is something I experienced myself. My vision is limited to this point. Closer, Hamel, you cannot see or feel anything more.”

As if proving that, the ‘dream’ fluctuated. It was because Noir’s ‘spirit’ was damaged by what he witnessed.

Noir in the dream, who had been standing there idly, staggered greatly, and black blood poured from her eyes, nose, and mouth.

“Ber… … moot?”

As he coughed up blood, Noir let out a confused voice.

Sitting in the chained chair was Vermouth Lionheart. Eugene gritted his teeth at that appearance.

Vermouth—- looked exhausted and haggard to the point where it was incomparable to what he had seen in the vision of the darkroom.

The gray hair, reminiscent of a lion’s mane, is messy and messy, as if it hadn’t been combed for a long time. It was difficult to see his face because he had his head down, but he could see Vermouth’s condition through his arms drooping on the armrests, shrunken shoulders, and weakly outstretched legs.

There is not even a sign of breathing. Vermouth was still, as if it had been stuffed in its original form.

Eugene trembled and tried to approach Vermouth again. However, Noir held onto Eugene strongly and did not let go.

“Because it’s useless.”

“Let go.”

“I am speaking for you… … .”

Noir sighed deeply and let go of Eugene’s arm. Only then did Eugene stumble and approach Vermouth.

However, the distance with Vermouth did not narrow as expected. The borderline that Eugene could advance through was only up to where Noir stood in his dream.

“I told you. My view is that this is the limit. My consciousness did not reach beyond that line.”

I continue to stretch out my steps, but the unsightly steps in place are repeated. Eugene laughed and clenched her fist.

“Ber… … Mutt, Vermut Lionheart. Right? Why are you there?”

The noir in the dream made an urgent voice.

Black blood continued to flow from her eyes, nose and mouth. That ominous magic was invading even Noir’s power and causing damage. Although they are holding out uncontaminated, I couldn’t even think of invading them.

great vermouth.

Vermouth of Despair.

The ‘fear’ of that beautiful and strange man had been harbored for 300 years. During that time, Noir dug into the dreams of all of his colleagues, including Hamel. She looked into Hamel’s dream, Moron’s dream, Senya’s dream, and Anise’s dream.

Vermouth’s dream… … I looked into it. However, there was nothing at the bottom of the man’s dream.

No, there was no such thing as a “dream” for that man, Vermouth. All of his comrades had a certain dream deep in their hearts, and harbored various emotions in that dream and reality—but Vermouth was the only one who did not have such a thing.

perhaps. It may have been because of the strange magic that Vermouth had learned. Just as humans with particularly strong mental powers protect their minds with willpower, Vermouth may have used magic to protect himself.

In fact, Noir looked into the dreams of Hamel and his companions the first few times, but from a certain point on, he couldn’t break through the barrier between Senya and Anis. The most special among them is Vermouth, and he may have perfectly protected his mind from the beginning.

… … Really? Even now, 300 years later, Noir could not have any confidence in Vermouth at that time.

Didn’t you look into it? or not… … did you see If you saw it, what you saw then.

“Vermouth Ryanha… … .”

Noir once again called out Vermouth’s name.

That was the moment. Vermouth, which seemed to have been stuffed as it was, moved. It was a small movement, but the sound was louder than what the eye could see.

Cheer up! The chains attached to the chairs raised their heads in unison. The chain that rose high wrapped around the entire chair and vermouth, and as if that wasn’t enough, it pierced the space several times and made a knot. Startled by the sudden commotion, Noir took a step back.

Kirik, Kirik. The chains made a unified noise. Between the tightly wrapped chains, Vermouth raised his head. Her eyes opened between the messy hair.


I remembered the battle with the mad king. When the moonlight sword ran out of control and was dragged into an unknown void. At that time, Eugene saw Vermouth in the middle of that futility.

saw… … . Even so, he couldn’t look directly at Vermouth. However, I was sure that the shadow of a person hovering there was vermouth, and in fact it was vermouth.

But right now, in those eyes, Eugene couldn’t feel the vermouth. Situationally speaking, there shouldn’t be a long time gap between Vermouth, whom he talked to during the runaway of the moonlight sword, and Vermut, who was now chained to a chair like that. The vermouth he sees now is even less like a bastard than he was when he was vaguely visible.

Vermouth raised his head, opened his eyes, and said nothing. However, in that silence, Eugene could feel several things.

how worn the vermouth is. How dirty are his eyes.

Vermouth looked weaker than any moment Eugene remembered. It looked small and shabby. If the vermouth in the darkroom was tired and haggard, now the vermouth looked despaired and broken.

I mean say anything.

Eugene thought as he glared at Vermouth.

Emotions intensified as much as they could intensify, but even so, he did not speak to Vermouth. After all, this place is Noir’s dream, and no matter what Eugene says or does, Vermouth doesn’t react. That all of this is the past.

In his passion, he was annoyed by the fact.

Eugene gritted his teeth, and Noir in the dream stared at the vermouth without saying anything. Likewise, Vermouth didn’t say anything. Noir hesitated in silence before taking a step forward.


The moment Noir stretched out, everything went away. The door that opened like a gap, the Vermouth sitting with the chain on the other side, the temple, Amelia Merwin’s mansion, and even the underground city of La Vista.

“This is it.”

The dream is scattered. Yujin stood dumbfounded and looked back.

The dream that Noir wanted to show was over, but this world wasn’t over either. Noir smiled at Eugene and continued.

“After that, I thought there was no need to show it. He was kicked out of La Vista as if he was kicked out, and he fell into the distant sea and struggled… … Um, do you want to see me wet?”

The afterglow of the things I had just seen hadn’t gone away, but Noir started talking bullshit.

Normally, I’d have ignored Noir’s bullshit, or I’d have lashed out at him… … Eugene couldn’t do that now. He stood still, trying to understand again what he had just seen.

“Mr. X.”

It couldn’t have worked out. Still, the question wasn’t as strong as before. Because most of them were certain without any doubt.

Vermouth Lionheart. He is now in La Vista. He is chained in confinement, sitting on a chair, inside the temple of the demon lord of destruction. Circumstances seemed to suggest that the Demon King of Destruction was behind Vermouth, but that’s not to say… … .

‘The demon king of destruction has been silent for 300 years. That means… … Is Vermouth sealing the demon lord of destruction?’

I had considered that possibility before. Moonlight Sword and Lionheart’s Blood. Because Vermouth had too much to do with the demon lord of destruction.

“There are a few things I want to ask you.”

Eugene calmed down and looked at Noir.

“The things you just showed me. that… … .”

“It is true.”

Noir answered first without waiting.

“I know why you have such doubts, Hamel. You who hate demons and want to kill them, don’t want to believe my words as a demon. But, Hamel, how do I benefit from showing you these ‘lies’?”

“You can make me X. Maybe you can kill me without getting your hands dirty.”

“Ahaha! Hamel, are you serious? Do you think that, to me, is a ‘benefit’?”

Noir let out a laugh but didn’t really laugh. Rather, she glared at Eugene with her rare angry face.

After receiving that gaze for a while, Yujin quietly shook her head.

“It won’t be of any benefit to you, who is insane.”

“that’s right. Hamel, I must be the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one. I can harass you as much as I want without doing this trick. To kill you without getting my hands dirty? My God, Hamel, I couldn’t have asked for that! If you die, and it’s because of me, surely, surely! It must be my hand to take your life. Your death must take place in my arms.”

“… … you… … If all of this is made up of lies, and the things I believed in at the crucial moment are actually lies. I will be angry with you.”

“Ahaha! You think so, you know me pretty well. But, Hamel, why would I even go so far? If it’s to instill murderous intent in someone who doesn’t resent me or hate me, yes, I can use that method. but… … You already resent me, don’t you? do you hate do you want to kill Why am I fanning you more?”

Noir chuckled and caressed his cheek.

“And I mean. If I try to instill more resentment, hatred, murderous intent, and anger in you. You don’t have to make me have these ‘dreams’. To be honest, it’s cumbersome, complex, and difficult. You have to create delicate dreams that will guide your emotions the way you intended them.”

Noir’s cheeks twitched and went up.

“but. What if I storm into Lionheart right away and kill your brothers? What if you kill your family? Or, if you kill Senya Merdein or Christina Logaris? What if you destroy your favorite little familiar? What if I killed the dragon princess, Lymilia, whom I harvested like a pet?”

The world shook. Right now, this place is in Eugene’s consciousness. As long as Noir’s dream is over, everything in this world is affected by Eugene’s feelings.

Noir blinked and looked down at his body.


Before I knew it, Noir’s body was torn to pieces. The emotions Eugene felt had killed Noir. Noir chuckled and recreated his body.

“Hmm, I was just giving an example. It must have been an unpleasant example for you, but anyway, I don’t have to do this annoying trick.”

“Then what do you gain from this?”

“Well, I didn’t do it because I needed an advantage… … If you have to look for a reason, uhm… … .”

Noir pondered for a moment before narrowing his eyes.

“Hamel, I wanted to show you.”

“… … .”

“I wanted to show you what I saw. Because this will be desperate for you. Maybe, if I show you this… … I also thought that your perception of ‘me’ might be slightly different.”

What do you mean? Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Noir.

“There’s no way there’s a misunderstanding between you and me, or the grudge between you and me is from 300 years ago, and you’re different now… … What do you want to talk about?”


“I hope I don’t hate you. With some help from you, you… … Accept it, or join hands and fight the demon king of confinement together… … .”


Noir couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“My God, Hamel, it’s not like that. I mean, I hope you hate me enough to kill me. misunderstanding? Are there any misunderstandings between us? A grudge from 300 years ago? Ahaha, I’m willing to build a new grudge if need be. and… … Um, do you accept? hold your hand? It’s quite appetizing, I think we can accept each other and hold hands in bed.”

Noir watched Eugene’s expression change and continued.

“Hamel. What I want is something quite romantic and romantic. Someday, when we kill each other. I am… … I hope any of us will feel a little hesitation at the end.”

“… … scruple?”

“yes. Remembering the memories between the two of us, he hesitates to take his breath away. I think it would be fun to turn the win or lose over as a variable.”

Noir made a soft chair and sat on it, slowly crossing her legs and taking a bewitching pose.

“What I’m doing to you is, simply put, building ‘memories’. Most of my memories and yours are from 300 years ago. But now, after that, many things have happened, right?”

The snowy field heading to Nightmarch.

The hotel before the invasion of Yongma Castle.

On the deck of the fleet in the waters of Solgarta.

And now.

“In the future, if I have a chance, I will approach you several more times. That’s how I’ll build memories with you… … Hamel, something builds up inside you too. But we will kill each other someday, and after we do.”

Noir imagined that future and placed a hand on his chest.

“maybe… … I will feel a great loss. I regret killing you, I grieve, I mourn… … Maybe I’ll resent myself. Hamel, all those feelings will be ‘first’ for me.”

It just didn’t feel like a normal point of view. Eugene looked at Noir with a puzzled look and shook her head.

“I will not hesitate to kill you, and I will not feel any emotions other than joy and relief after killing you.”

“Hehe, that’s none of my business. Because after you die. And Hamel, I think… … The odds of me killing you are far greater than the odds of you killing me.”

Eugene also thought Noir was right right now. Thinking that way, I could understand Noir’s behavior a little.

Noir thinks he will kill Eugene ‘unconditionally’. That is why he arbitrarily builds up memories and feelings with Eugene. And when he kills Eugene as he wants someday, he wants to feel all the emotions he built up fall apart.

“Why are you obsessed with me?”

What Eugene couldn’t understand was that.

“That’s because, Hamel, you want to kill me.”

“There must be many people besides me who want to kill you. There are plenty of them among demons as well as humans.”

“But none of them have as strong feelings as you. No one is as special as you, and no one has as much ability as you.”

“… … If you want to die so much, why don’t you rebel against the demon king of confinement? Or run into the Demon King of Destruction.”

“You don’t understand my heart? I mean, I want to die to someone who hates me intensely, especially, terribly. Devil… … They can kill me anytime, but I’m not special to them. On the contrary, I don’t even consider them special.”

Noir smiled and shook his head.

“Hamel, I love you more than you think. I don’t care if you push me away if you don’t like it.”

“… … One last thing.”

Eugene sighed with a terrible expression on his face.

“Your… … Are crazy feelings important enough to betray the demon lord in captivity? Weren’t you on the side of the demon king of confinement?”

“oh my god!”

Noir looked at Eugene with a genuinely surprised expression.

“Hamel, what the hell does that mean? Betrayal? I have never been on the side of the demon king of confinement in the first place!”

“… … ?”

“Of course, the demon king of confinement is the emperor of Helmud, and I’m a duke, but that doesn’t mean I’m loyal to the demon king of confinement… … It’s not like that. Telling you what I went to La Vista or what I saw there is not betrayal.”

“What bullshit… … .”

“To put it bluntly, I am not a member of the Demon Lord of Confinement. Everything I have is entirely what I have achieved, and I am the owner of my existence.”

Having said that, Noir got up from her chair in a thought of something.

“No way, no way Hamel! Are you worried about me now? I am the demon king of confinement, for you! I betrayed you! After thinking about it, did you worry that I might be severely punished?”

“I thought it would be good for the demon king of confinement to kill you instead of me.”

“lie! You were worried about me! That’s right, I betrayed the demon lord of confinement. Hamel, for you! For love!”

“When will you wake up from this dog-like dream?”

Eugene scrunched up his face and sighed.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 399

Yujin opened her eyes.

The first thing I saw was Noir’s face, which was right in front of me. She must have woken up the same way, no, maybe she wasn’t asleep in the first place.

“go away!”

Eugene pulled the chair back with an expression of disgust. Noir, who was in charge of Eugene’s breath right in front of him, licked his lips in regret.

“It would have been romantic if we moved in surprise and our lips touched.”

They were close to it because they were openly hoping for such an happening. If he had hoped for a kiss, Eugene would have been able to do as he pleased while she was dreaming, but Noir did not like such flirting.

Eugene glared at Noir licking his lips and glanced up at the sky. It seems like I’ve been dreaming for quite some time, but time doesn’t seem to have passed too much.

Music was playing in the banquet hall below, perhaps to lighten the mood. But there was no sound of joy like a banquet. This is because everyone is wary of Eugene and Noir who have climbed the tower.

Eugene glared at Noir for a while, then let out a frustrated sigh and scratched his head.

“Am I right?”

Noir smiled and spoke.

“I told you that you would regret it if you didn’t see it. Isn’t it?”

“… … .”

“Hehe, could it be Hamel, you can’t answer yes because of your pride right now? I like your personality like that. Should I call it an anti-war charm? It’s so cute.”

“Aren’t you going?”

I managed to spit out those words while my stomach was boiling. Noir smiled and rose from his chair.

“To decorate today’s memories beautifully, how about dancing a song together below?”

Instead of answering, Eugene raised his middle finger. Noir leaned against the railing, looking curiously at Eugene’s long, bumpy fingers.

“Your fingers are so long… … .”


“Okay, okay. I’m not a child, so I don’t know how to react to each and every one of these things.”

Noir tilted his head and looked outside the terrace. Our eyes met those staring at us from the banquet hall below.

Noir smirked as he checked the gazes of Senya, Cristina, and Ciel, who were particularly ferocious.

“Pretending to be naive, pretending not to care about these things… … I guess you are a man too?”

“What are you talking about?”

“There are only three women in my eyes right now. Hmm, well, if it’s your looks and abilities… … What are the 3 people? With a bit of exaggeration of the ladies you like, you can line up from the Lionheart Mansion to the capital of Kiel.”

There is no feeling like jealousy. Noir had no doubts that the relationship between himself and Eugene was more sincere, soggy, and romantic than anyone else.

This is more passionate and doomed than common love. What they can enjoy is only a relationship limited to a lifespan, but what Noir can enjoy is literally ending each other’s existence and destiny.


Thinking so, the desire to hold hands and dance with Eugene in this banquet hall felt insignificant. If you really dance—- it will be fun when you remember it in the future, and it will be a heartbreaking memory when you reminisce after experiencing a loss.

“Let’s dance next time. This is not a stage for you and me.”

those monumental memories. I didn’t want to leave ‘the first’ in a place like this. It was a fancy banquet hall in its own way, but it fell far short of Noir’s standards. Laughing at Noir, he spread the wings of a black bat.

“If you come to my city to ‘enjoy’ me, not to kill me, then I will welcome you wholeheartedly.”

Noir gently waved his hand at Eugene.

Eugene didn’t get up from his chair and glared at Noir flying away. Noir, who climbed close to the ceiling through which the night sky could be seen through, passed through the ceiling too easily and disappeared.


After Noir left, Eugene let out a long sigh. He tilted his chair back and furrowed his eyebrows.

‘It’s more of a monster than I thought.’

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. Even 300 years ago, that demon tribe was one of the strongest among the demon tribes excluding the demon kings. But now——he has achieved enough power that he doesn’t even need to exclude the demon lord.

I could feel the power and dignity of Noir even when I had encountered them a few times before. However, this was the first time he had ever properly experienced Noir’s authority.

A dream I just saw. It was so realistic that if you didn’t know it was a dream first, you wouldn’t think it was a dream. In that dream, not only her subject, Noir Jebella, but also everything she saw and experienced was vividly alive.

‘Even if you compare it simply, it’s much stronger than Iris.’

Raizakia was a power that felt insignificant. Even Iris, who has awakened as a mad king, will look ridiculous to Noir.

‘Even if you look at your magic power, you’ve already surpassed the status of a demon king. Only this time, since that crazy bitch didn’t make up her mind, she was able to maintain her consciousness, but… … .’

In a fight where we really decided to kill each other, will we be able to maintain our consciousness?

A monster that connects a fleeting sleep to an eternal dream. Even if he fell asleep in the blink of an eye, Eugene’s consciousness would wander in a distant dream. What’s even more terrifying is that forced sleep and dreaming using Noir’s magical eye of fantasy do not target only one person.

Even if you lead an army of hundreds of thousands, it is meaningless in front of that dream queen. Already in the distant past, during the War Era, Noir had easily drowned a large army of 30,000 in the wilderness.

If it’s now that I can’t compare it to then… … No matter how many troops they bring, they will be annihilated the moment they are caught in Noir’s field of vision.

‘It’s fortunate… … That I can resist.’

What about Senya and Anise? 300 years ago, he went through hardships with Noir, but from the middle he was able to resist.

… … Is it possible now? conditions are not the same. The old Noir was weaker than now, and he didn’t use the Mystic Eye standing directly in front of him. The moment Eugene and his colleagues get tired of their journey in the Devil’s Land and close their eyes for a while, he has been fiercely and persistently aiming.

In other words, even Senya and Anis have never experienced the phantasmagoric eye from the ‘front’.

‘The reason I can resist is because I have divinity. And this will only get stronger in the future.’

The more divinity is worshiped, the stronger it becomes. Eugene took that fact as a small comfort and let out a deep sigh.

In the end, it is what Noir said. If Eugene and Noir fight, Noir will probably win. From Eugene himself, he couldn’t feel the spirit of victory in the battle against the absurdly strong demons.

Music flowed from below even while Eugene was lost in thought with a crumpled face. Everyone saw Noir leave the banquet hall, but that didn’t mean the banquet could resume as if nothing had happened. It was because Eugene, who could be called the main character of this place, was left alone on top of the tower.

“What’s wrong with your expression?”

For Eugene, who rarely comes down, Senya came up to the terrace herself.

“Did Noir Gal X do anything mean to you?”

“I’ll talk to you later.”

Eugene straightened his expression.

Vermouth is at La Vista. Eugene should not know this information alone. With his co-workers Senya and Cristina, Anise has to share. Yes, but I couldn’t say it right away.

A sumptuously decorated banquet. This can be said to be the end of the triumphal festival commemorating the first defeat of the Demon King by the hero Eugene Lionheart. The atmosphere has already subsided due to the intrusion of the demons, but if Eugene becomes more upset, the banquet will be in vain.

‘That shouldn’t be the case.’

For the sake of the guests who came to visit—- Rather than say, the respect for the hero would not be damaged if he smiled calmly.

“hmm… … .”

Senya peered into Eugene’s face and handed Eugene the champagne glass she was holding in one hand.

“I bet you didn’t share something unspeakable with that Gal X.”

“Would you like to say something strange too?”

Eugene grumbled and took the glass. It’s not usually a drink to be emptied at once, but I drank it down to soothe my stuffy stomach. Instead of continuing to ask, Senya chuckled and laughed.

“If you feel better, my disciple, let’s go down together.”

“Because you use that tone, something is wrong… … .”

After exchanging jokes with each other. Eugene and Senya came down to the banquet hall together.

His eyes followed his every action. Everyone looked curious about what kind of conversation Eugene had with Noir, but they didn’t openly ask.

“Have you ever heard of the brand of that swimsuit?”

Only Melchis asked such a question without paying attention.

It wasn’t a joke of conversion to ease the still stiff atmosphere. When it came to unconventional fashion, Melchis had never been fooled anywhere, but at today’s banquet, he was overwhelmed by Noir.

However, it was so unconventional and beautiful that I had to admit it. Melchis decided to respect Noir, leaving behind being a demon, and was genuinely curious about the source of the bikini Noir was wearing.

“SiX how do I know that?”

“you… … Anyway, isn’t it too much to curse at your sister? In the past, she treated her as Melchis noona, noona, but now that her hair has grown and people call her a hero, are you cursing at her?”

“When did I call Melchis-sama my sister?”

“I don’t know. Anyway, I’m depressed because of you. So lend me Winid.”

“Are you still not giving up?”

“give up? The word giving up doesn’t exist in this Melchis Elheir’s dictionary. To be honest, Eugene, you think too much, don’t you? no, think about it Three of the spirit kings say they like me. The lightning spirit king, the earth spirit king, and the flame spirit king all say they are happy, satisfied, and happy that they signed a contract with me. But why do you only hate Tempest? So isn’t Tempest weird? Don’t you understand what I’m saying?”

Melchis spoke quickly without breathing.

I was overwhelmed by the force, and when I thought logically, Melchis was right. Even if people weren’t normal, it was true that Melchis was an unprecedented and unprecedented great spirit lord who contracted with three spirit kings.

And seeing how the Spirit Kings reacted to Melchis’s nonsense at the port, and how they didn’t protest even though they used their signature elemental combination for marching… … It seemed to be true that the spirit kings were satisfied with the contract with Melchis.

[Wait, Hamel, that idea is fundamentally wrong. Since we have already signed a contract, isn’t it natural that we have to follow the Elementalist’s request? And even if you don’t know about the earth and lightning, the flame spirit king didn’t make a contract out of a crush on Melchis Elhaire. He made a contract with a determined will to prevent the birth of a new demon king.]

In my head, Tempest hurriedly raised a voice. There was some truth in both sides’ arguments, so Eugene nodded with the feeling of a stern Supreme Court judge.

“If Melchis-sama says so, I’ll lend Winid for a while on condition.”

[Hamel! Have you lost your mind? And Winid is Lionheart’s treasure, not yours! It means that Vermouth left it to the family! It is nonsense that you personally lend it to someone!]

Tempest screamed.

Come to think of it, that statement was correct. Right now, when he was studying abroad in Arrot, Eugene had to get guarantees from Carmen and the Knights of the Black Lion to lend Winid to Melchis for a short time.

“may I?”

However, Eugene at that time was only 17 years old and was not a warrior, and it was also the first time he met Carmen.


‘who am I?’

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