Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 129

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[After flying around naked for a while, the madman hugged Winid and tried to talk to me. content of the conversation… … I don’t want to go into detail, but it was clear that Melchis Elheyer was insane. If I hadn’t put the cause first, I wouldn’t have even had a conversation with the lunatic, let alone a contract.]

Eugene knows the end of this story. I lent it at best, but Melchis came to the mansion the very next day and returned Winid.

Melchis longed for Vermouth, who controls the Wind Spirit King, so he had longed for a contract with Tempest. However, no matter how unparalleled she was as a great elementalist, the number of vessels she possessed was not infinite.

Lightning Spirit King. The spirit king of the earth. The spirit king of flames. There are three spirit kings that Melchis contracted with. In such a state, making another contract with the Spirit King was impossible, even if the Spirit King himself wished.

[It’s impossible for one human to make a contract with three spirit kings… … . It’s a pity, Hamel, I sincerely intended to sign a contract with Melchis Elhair.]

Tempest’s voice seemed very calm when he said that. Conversely, the face of Melchis, who came to him in the morning, was mortal. He cried so much that his eyes were swollen and his voice cracked… … .

‘It’s not entirely out of the question. Even though he couldn’t make a contract with you, the king of the spirits, he said he made a contract with an intermediate wind spirit?’

Fortunately, the possibility of a contract was not completely absent. If you don’t have enough bowls, you can grow them. And apart from the contract, Melchis was obsessed with Tempest.

That’s why I made a contract with the mid-level wind spirit, and even now, I have the spirit speak to Tempest. Of course, Tempest is ignoring Melchis without giving a full answer.


Tempest spat out forcefully.

[never! There will be no contract between me and Melchis. No matter how much I want to be together, if I can’t, I can’t. Aren’t human vessels simple enough to grow just because you want to? Even if Melchis has training a hundred years from now, it is impossible to grow the vessel enough to contract with me.]

It was annoying that Melchis was constantly talking to him, but Tempest was satisfied because he hadn’t signed a direct contract with him. And this condition was not a loss to Eugene either. If Tempest had made a pact with Melkis, he would have been able to feel vicious pleasure… … .

[Hamel, you are a bastard.]

Tempest, who read Eugene’s thoughts, spat out swear words. Eugene cleared his throat and held Mer and Lymir’s hands one by one with his right hand and left hand.

‘Well, didn’t everything work out as a result? You avoided the contract with Melchis-sama, and even though Melchis-sama didn’t sign the contract, he had a link with you. And me too… … I used that coupon and sent Melchis-sama to Nahama.’

While digging through the Nahama Desert, he was frightened when asked to attack the Warlock Dungeon, but Melchis couldn’t refuse the coupon as long as there was room for the contract.

– You really don’t have a back, right?


-really? really? If the war broke out because of me, and Trempel told me that the old man would have me executed… … .

– You don’t have to worry about that. If I said I did it, there’s no problem?

-Th-Hey, Eugene, I understand the insignia you gave to King Arrot… … Arot is not a despotic monarchy? Arot’s kingship has no power! If Congress executes me… … .

-No, are those councils stronger than me? Is your voice louder than the warrior?

It wasn’t as much as Melchis thought. In the end, Melchis decided to listen to Eugene’s request even though he was babbling. Since it was this morning that I heard the answer, I should have arrived in the brutally hot Nahama Desert by now.

And Eugene has arrived in the brutally cold northern Luhar, the exact opposite of Nahama.

“This is the first time I see eyes… … !”

Lymilia squealed and screamed. Mer, who held Eugene’s hand relatively dignifiedly, looked at the deer antlers growing on Lymir A’s head and the snow that fluttered around her and muttered,

“If you only sucked your nose, you would look like Rudolph.”

sudden words. Eugene’s cheeks trembled. She was about to burst into laughter because it was unexpected, but it hurt Mer’s pride to giggle at what he said with a nonchalant face.

So she desperately holds back her laughter, but Mer, who was examining Eugene’s expression, smiled cheekily.

“It hurts, Eugene.”

When I pinched her cheek in disgust, Mer whined. Cristina, who looked at Eugene holding the hands of two older children with a happy face, opened her mouth, conscious of the kingship of Luhar, who could be seen from afar.

“Are you going to stop by the royal castle?”

“You saw the Beast King just yesterday. What is the reason to stop by the royal castle? You can just go right away.”

There was no need to prepare for this snowy crossing. The equipment used in the previous crossing was still there, and there was no need to train with Xian and Ciel like at that time.

The place where Moron is located is Rehein Yar Gorge of the Great Hammer. It’s hard to find your way in the white snowfield, but since you’ve reached it once before, there’s no need to get lost.

“It’s because I remember the spatial coordinates of that place, Eugene.”

Even if you remember the coordinates, you have to move yourself. Still, compared to the previous crossing, it was overwhelmingly comfortable and fast. Last time I had only ridden a wolf sleigh, but this time I had a different mount.

“If this is the case, why did you wrap the original woman in a scarf and put gloves on?”

After leaving the capital Hameln and moving to the northern city of Losrk. I rode the wagon and moved out of the gate.

Raimirah asked with an expression of incomprehension.

It was nice to see Eugene, a hermit, taking care of her. To get to the snowy field outside the castle wall, he rode a carriage, so he couldn’t walk much in the snowy field, and he couldn’t hold Eugene’s hand for long.

“Rai, I want to give you a present.”

“Ohhh… … !”

At Eugene’s answer, Raimira’s shoulders trembled.

Needless to say, as a dragon, she doesn’t feel any cold in this weather. However, the scarf, gloves, and fur that Eugene wrapped around her warmed her heart, not her body.

For Laimira, who had never felt the warmth of her father in her entire life, Eugene, who looked after her with an indifferent face, was already a hermit and a being no different from her father.

look at that word! The fact that he dared to call the pseudonym ‘Rai’, which he used only when secretly entering the office, must have meant that he would use those two letters as a special nickname.

And a gift, a gift… … !

Raimirah took off her scarf with a thrilled expression on her face.

“It can’t be helped, it’s impossible for the original dragon woman to ride another race on her back, but if it’s the hermit’s request! The original woman will gladly give her back.”

After taking off the gloves, fur clothes, and boots that Eugene had gifted her, Raimira started running in the white snow. Then, Eugene freaked out and ran out and grabbed Raimirah.

“Not here, transform high up in the sky!”

It was obvious that if a dragon appeared from beyond the walls, Rothrk would be overturned.

“Hey… … .”

Wanting to show her transforming from human form, Raimira’s lips protruded, but as Eugene said, she flew high into the sky beyond the clouds and released the polymorph.

Mer was sensitive to Dragon Fear. This is because it is a familiar with sophisticated techniques. However, now that Senya has strengthened her spell, Mer is unaffected by Lymilia’s unconscious Dragon Fear.

“It looks gross because it’s so big.”

“Don’t talk on the back of the original woman.”

In any case, Lymilia’s, the dragon’s back was wide… … He wasn’t comfortable with himself. This is because the thick, large scales were hard and sharp.

However, it is possible to make up for the uncomfortable seating. A soft carpet was spread over his wide back, and Senya took the lead in using this and that magic, and even though he was flying in the snowy sky, he felt warm and unmoving.

“How great would it be if you trained a dragon 300 years ago and flew like this?”

“Don’t be silly, Senya. In that era, if you rode a dragon and flew around, you would have been attacked by demons or monsters.”

Of course, in this day and age, such boundaries are not necessary. This northern snowfield is full of monsters, but even monsters that have lost their minds won’t attack the dragon.

In other words, the dragon could be said to be the most perfect vehicle among living creatures. There is no natural enemy, so there is no need to be extra vigilant, and it is decisively fast.

It hadn’t been long since the flight had started, and the walls of Rothrk were nowhere to be seen. At this speed, it seemed that they could reach the Great Hammer Gorge in three or three days.

As expected, we arrived at the Great Hammer Gorge on the fourth day of departure. Even that was to set up a tent every night and take ample rest to fill the four days, but if we had focused on moving without resting, we would have arrived at the Great Hammer Gorge in two days.

It’s fast, but… … It is too late to bring in Moron when it is important and urgent. In order to receive Moron’s support in the battle of Babel, he had no choice but to rely on Ciel’s demonic eye.



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‘Is there enough time… … ?’

It reminded me of the vermouth I had seen in Noir’s dream. It wears out as it wears out, so it’s not strange when it collapses. The eyes you see when you look up.

… … The demon king of confinement… … He said he would wait for Eugene to climb the barbell. However, the demon king of confinement said that the ‘end of promise’ was approaching.

Regardless of challenging the barbell, what happens when the promise is over? In Eugene’s mind, the ‘promise’ was vermouth itself sitting in a chair bound with chains. Vermouth is dedicating herself to sealing the demon lord of destruction.

Doesn’t the end of the promise mean that Vermouth will no longer be able to function as a seal? Wouldn’t the vermouth be completely ruined?

Eugene did not want such an ‘end’. It was the same with Senya and Anis. I haven’t asked yet, but Moron will think the same. They wish to kill all demon lords. Also, he wanted to save Vermouth, who was sealing destruction for the sake of the world.

If vermouth is completely ruined, and it ceases to be vermouth—

‘… … .’

Just imagining it made me feel like shit. Eugene somehow wanted to meet Vermouth, who was sane and sane, and who, if not for a long time, still had a lifespan.

He will hit a few of the secrets that have been secret and unknown with their fists, and will give Seya to put the wind hole in the chest of that baby as you have suffered. Perhaps Senya, who has a bad personality, will pierce Vermouth’s chest as if she had been waiting for it, and after that, Anise will heal the wound while whispering light.

‘Moron, I should bring that bastard and beat up the vermouth.’

Vermut, having been stuck in Rehein Yar for 150 years because of that bastard’s request, it was clear that Moron would want to defeat Vermut in his heart. After settling each other’s old grudges like that… … .

Maybe we’ll all hug each other and cry. Unlike Hamel’s body, the current body has strangely sensitive tear glands… … When everything was, well, over, I felt like I would cry even if I didn’t want to. After crying like that, I drank for several days… … .

“… … ?”

something comes Yujin, who had been lying flat, quickly got up.


Dark sky above. Looking down from a position high above the gigantic and high mountain range, Lymilia, soaked in a strange sense of superiority, screamed.

ㅡWhere you go!

There was a loud sound as if the sky was ripping apart. What caught my sight in an instant was a tree that had been completely uprooted. Down there, some madman had uprooted a nearby tree and threw it like a javelin.


As Lymira screamed, the tree moved closer. It’s just a tree, but the flying speed is also speed, but the ‘power’ squeezed inside felt like it could easily penetrate Hetzling’s body.

“hey! Moron said he was fine!”

Morron is the only lunatic who makes such an attack. Senya freaked out and summoned her wand, and Cristina quickly grabbed Rosario as well. Eugene didn’t respond to that cry and jumped from Lymilia’s back.

Kwaaaang! Eugene’s foot kicked the tree. His body was pushed all the way back and his legs tingled. Eugene narrowed his eyes and looked down.

I saw Moron standing on the cliff. That bastard was about to throw an axe, not a tree this time. Eugene thought it was fortunate that it was not an ax but a tree that flew at first.

“You bastard!”

Judging by the bewildered expression on her face, she didn’t seem to be in a worse state of mind than the last time I saw her. Eugene screamed and fell towards Moron.

“Ha, Hamel?”

Moron gave a puzzled voice and blinked his eyes.

He also had his own circumstances. Only moments ago, Moron had killed Noor behind the scenes of Reheinyar, and as he had done for decades, he threw Noor’s corpse towards Raguryaran. He went through a grueling daily routine and came out to take a short break… … .

Why isn’t a black dragon flying high in the sky? I wouldn’t know if it was another dragon, but if it was a ‘black dragon’, I couldn’t help but open my eyes.

Even more so, if that black dragon was looking down at the ground with eyes full of arrogance. If you are scanning the ridge as if searching for someone there.

For a short moment, Moron had no choice but to think about many things.

Black Dragon. magic dragon. Lizakia. And, Senya.

Moron, who lived a hermit life in the Great Hammer Gorge and went in and out of the other side, did not listen to the rumors of the world. She hadn’t even heard of rumors that Eugene Ryan Hart had defeated a demon dragon or a mad king. When Moron saw the black dragon above her head, there was only one action she took.

‘I don’t know what it is, but it drops.’

The situation is something you only need to know once you drop it. So he threw a nearby tree.

“This lifelong cub. Anyway, pick up a tree and throw it? What if the child gets hit and hurts!”

“under… … Hamel. I don’t understand. Is the ‘child’ you’re talking about the black dragon?”

“Then who else has children besides him?”

“There’s no way a dragon could get hurt by hitting a tree.”

“You tried to throw an ax! And bastard, the tree you threw will be lost even to the dragon if it gets hit wrong!”

Moron stared at Eugene with his eyes wide open, then put the ax down first. Then he opened her arms wide and hugged Eugene.

“I don’t know what you mean, but nice to meet you, Hamel. But why are you here?”

“Let go!”

“Could it be that Hamel came because he was worried about me! Did you come to beat me? hahaha! Thank you for your concern, but I’m still fine… … .”

Moron’s words cut off midway. He didn’t let go of Eugene from his arms and looked up at the sky with his blank eyes.

I saw Senya slowly descending.

“Huh… … .”

A long sigh escaped his trembling mouth. Eugene, who struggled in Moron’s arms, intuited what happened afterwards and closed her eyes tightly.


Moron sobbed, and tears poured down like rain on Eugene’s head.

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“therefore… … .”

Moron brushed off his tear-soaked beard. A lot of ice grains fell from the beard due to the cold weather.

Seeing this extraordinary scene, Mer held back a laugh that almost burst out without her knowledge. At other times, she wouldn’t have had to hold back a laugh, but now she couldn’t do it on her own.

“Ugh… … Whoa… … .”

It was because Senya was still shedding tears right next to him.

It was a situation where I couldn’t help but cry. This is because Senya and Moron’s reunion was the first time in 200 years, and the 200 years they spent together cannot be said to be happy at all. Mer couldn’t help but laugh in front of Senya who was crying like that.

“that… … Did Iris become the demon lord? Not another demon, is that Iris?”

Moron blinked his widened eyes.

The Iris that Moron remembers… … It was strong. But she wasn’t strong enough to become the demon king… … .

“Iris, who became the demon king, was killed by Hamel, you… … Hamel… … you… … God?”

Moron tilted his head as he recalled the story he had just heard. She listened in silence… … There were so many things I didn’t understand.

Iris became the Demon King? I don’t know why it happened, but I know for now. There was no reason for my colleagues to joke about this.

But Hamel is God? Moron sniffed his nose and looked at Eugene’s face.


Eugene confidently stretched out his chest and answered.

“To be precise, it is not that he is a god now, but that he was a god in the past.”

Anis, who had been wiping Senya’s cheek with a handkerchief, added. It was an accurate point, but the words rather confused Moron more.

“If the past is not a god now… … Are you saying that Hamel, who was traveling with us, was a god? Anis, Senya, were we traveling with God?”

“No, not back then… … That he was a god in a previous life in a previous life.”

“A previous life of a previous life… … ? What does that mean?”

Moron narrowed his eyes. Is it really necessary to convince that head and body…? … Eugene thought so.

“All right, Moron, how are you?”

“I feel like I’m doing much better than before.”

I still didn’t get it, but Moron wasn’t obsessed with it either. For Moron, it was not so important that Eugene was a god in his previous life or that Iris became the demon king.

“I thought today was a normal day, no different from usual… … It has ceased to do so.”

Now is more important than that. I reunited with Senya, who I thought I would see again. She was severely wounded and sealed, she was told, but she saw Senya as she was before.

… … A long ago.

Tears welled up in Mauron’s eyes again.

He went to his hometown, the border of Turas, which Hamel used to talk about sometimes… … When you build a tomb deep underground, where no one else can find it. Everyone mourned Hamel. As she cried, she called Hamel’s name and recalled her memories. He raised the statue and wrote his name on the tombstone.

After that,

We live our own lives… … I think.

Anis returned to Euras. Senya served as the green mage lord in Arrot. Vermouth returned to Keyel, and he was given the title of Archduke. And Moron returned to his longed-for hometown.

Been busy for decades. Occasionally, I heard from her colleagues. I rarely met Vermouth when I visited, but Senya and Anise had visited and met from time to time.

Hamel’s death changed everything.

Among them, Senya.

It has changed to the point where I feel that I have become a completely different person from when I was wandering around the Demon Realm.

But what about now? Senya’s expression was different from when she was living in Arot. She cries well and laughs well, and she kicks Hamel out of embarrassment, Anise laughs, and Hamel grumbles.

Moron stood awake and looked at his comrades. The appearance of the reincarnated Hamel has changed, but the three people who stood like that—- remained the same as they were in the past that Moron had longed for so dearly.

“Moron, why are you crying again?”

“Senya cried too. In my opinion, as you get older, there will be more tears.”

“Aha, that sounds plausible, Hamel. Actually, you and I are not crying.”

As if Anise had been waiting for it, she received the word.

Unlike Moron and Senya, who have lived honestly for 300 years, Anis is possessed by the young Christina’s body. That’s why, whenever Eugene made fun of Senya about her age, Anise was able to help without any remorse.

Normally, he would have run amok, saying something about magic, but Senya’s emotions didn’t have enough room for that. Senya and Moron hugged each other again and cried.

Eugene looked at the two as if they were unsightly, then wrapped his arms around Laimira, who was trembling behind him in fear of Moron.

“You don’t have to be afraid. That bastard.”

After a while, Moron’s tears stopped. Eugene, who was sitting on a rock on one side, raised her body while brushing the snow off her cloak.

“Did you all cry?”

“A poor fellow.”

Senya grumbled, her red eyes watering.

“I can cry when I meet my friend for the first time in 200 years, why do you keep being mean to me next to me?”

“Because I met you last time.”

“Don’t blame Hamel, Senya. It’s true that Hamel is unlucky, but didn’t Hamel cry a lot when he first met you? She cried even in front of me, and she cried when she met Moron.”

“hey… … Hey Anis, when did I cry?”

“Then you didn’t cry? Hamel, how can that be? Are you still human?”

Did you cry then? Eugene’s eyes fluttered.

I didn’t remember very well. Maybe I cried, maybe I didn’t cry… … But what is clear is that if I insisted on ‘I didn’t cry’ here, I felt as if I would hear an asshole from everyone.

“If you are sad… … It is natural to cry.”

Eugene cleared his throat and said that. Senya’s eyes narrowed at the lightly changed attitude, like flipping her palms, but Moron chuckled and slung her ax from her side onto her shoulder.

“Are you going to stay here? If you go up there, there is a cave where I live. Let’s go there.”

Eugene put on a puzzled expression.

Although we had met during the Night March, we had never heard in detail how Moron stayed in these mountains. Still, he was the king who founded a nation, so I wondered if he would have built a small castle somewhere in the snowy mountains, but a cave… … It was a Moron-like thing.

The cave we arrived with Moron’s guidance did not look like a naturally formed cave. It was probably made by Moron himself. Most of the necessities for life were provided, probably because the cave had been there for more than a few decades, and even a hot spring was flowing inside.

“You’re not going to go in now are you?”

“This hot spring was used by Moron alone for decades. I’m not crazy, why are you here?”

“It’s running water, so it’ll be clean.”

“I still hate it… … !”

After a short chat, they sat down at a roughly arranged table.

“I killed Raizakia. Saved Senya. I killed Iris who became the demon king… … Did you come here to tell that story?”

Since Senya woke up from her seal, she planned to come to the snowy mountain to reunite with Moron. But other than that, there’s nothing to see.

“I have a few things to check.”

I don’t worry too much about the moonlight sword. Although he ran out of control in the battle with Iris, Eugene then and now are different.

At the time of the moonlight sword runaway, Baek Yeom-shik had a ‘star’, but now Baek Yeom-shik is no longer distinguished as a star. Eugene’s Baek Yeom Ceremony became an unprecedented new thing for Lionheart, and Eugene himself felt the power of such a change.

The reason why the moonlight sword ran out of control—- at that time, it was because Yujin couldn’t control the power of the moonlight sword. So, the new sword union was incomplete. While mixing sparks with the moonlight, he was devoured in reverse.


If, at any rate, it goes wild again.

“You tear off my arm.”

Eugene said with a serious face.

“Okay, Hamel.”

Moron also answered with a serious face.

“Are these bastards crazy?”

Anis was frightened. She jumped up from her seat and grabbed Yujin by the collar.

“Look, Hamel, what do you think of a human arm?”

“It was something that was there in a previous life and didn’t exist. Not for me or Morron.”

“I miss you, Hamel, I still remember it clearly. When I fell into a trap and cut off my leg. Anise… … Anise, ironically, stuck my leg the other way around.”

“That’s something Anis should understand. Isn’t that what happened when you rushed forward like a dumbass?”

Eugene recalled distant memories with Moron. Anis, who was still holding on to her collar, shook her collar vigorously as Eugene’s expression became vague as he recalled her memories.

“The reason you said you had no limbs in your previous life was purely because you fought like idiots. And at that time, even if your limbs were cut off or crushed, I regenerated them well! With blood pouring from his back! But now I can’t regenerate my limbs yet!”

[Sorry, sister, it’s all because I’m lacking.]

“You guys don’t know! Now Christina is feeling her guilt and is apologizing! That she can’t do the unusual thing of regenerating limbs!”

“Don’t worry, it won’t really happen.”

Eugene patted Anis on the shoulder and said. However, at those words, Anis’s eyebrows rose rather upward.

“Why are you saying that to be safe?”

“It’s like an expression of determination… … .”

“You crazy child!”

“You can’t just do it safely and without getting hurt. As long as the opponent is the opponent, you always have to be prepared, and if you don’t do it, blood may flow.”

“Why are you so wrapped up in saying you’re going to do something reckless?”

“If you succeed, you will be able to use the moonlight sword better.”

Eugene said without laughing. Anis flinched at the cool light in her eyes and let go of her throat.

“If you are afraid of the danger, you will not be able to use the moonlight sword in the future. You should have finished talking about this on the boat going back to Simuin?”

“… … I made it clear then, Mr. Eugene. If your decisions lead you to ruin, Anise and I will give our lives for you. If you value us, please take care of your well-being.”

Christina sighed and said. She went back to her seat and sat down, and Anise opened the bottle.

“Hamel. I would have stayed still if you hadn’t said nonsense to tear my arms off.”

“That’s how good it is.”

I waved my hand to say not to worry, and looked at Moron again.

“recent… … That, noor comes out often… … Raguryaran is weird or something. Haven’t you ever been like that?”

I was afraid there might be some signs. As the moonlight sword ran out of control, it briefly touched Vermouth. And Noir, who visited La Vista, also approached Vermouth.

If, as you guessed, Vermouth is the seal of destruction… … Could it be that there was something bad about being approached prematurely?

“That is a difficult question to answer.”

Moron, who was deep in thought, opened his mouth.

“First of all, Hamel, Noor always comes out differently. There are times when dozens of them appear on some days, and there are times when none of them appear. It’s not just recently, it’s always been the case in the 150 years I’ve defended these mountains.”

There is no pattern to Noor’s appearance.

“I once made several attempts to predict the appearance of Noor. How many will appear today, and when will they not appear again. Just by predicting it, I was able to clear my mind. However, it did not work as a prediction.”

Eugene silently nodded. Agaroth’s memories remain in him like remnants. What is especially vivid is the last years of Agaroth.

While preparing for the war against the demon king of confinement, a monster appeared from the other side of the world. They were so numerous, ferocious, and so heterogeneous that I could not leave them alone.

The war against the monster was long, easy, and grueling. Countless victories were won, but the number of monsters was endless. Killed, killed, continued to appear.

There was no sign of them appearing. I couldn’t figure out where it appeared. It just suddenly appeared at that ‘end’ and attacked with a scream.

The war between Agaroth and the monster was long, easy, and grueling—- but it ended in vain.

It was because the demon king of destruction had suddenly descended.

“Raguryaran is… … It always looked the same.”

Agaroth’s memory made Eugene wary of various things.

The monster, the descendant of the downtrodden perdition. I wonder if it was too much to call him a ‘fellow’ for such an insignificant and weak person without even an ego, but Eugene thought it was certain that Nur was a sign of destruction.

A sign is a sign, and one day something will happen. When Nur begins to appear, the Demon King of Destruction will descend one day. Although Vermouth is sealing destruction… … A sign that began 150 years ago. Broken and haggard vermouth. The end of the promise made by the demon king of confinement.

The gray sea of ​​Laguryaran.

“Moron, I trust your eyes.”

300 years ago, Moron was the one who could see the farthest among the group. Even without using any magic, the great warrior of the snowy field could see far away as accurately as Senya had done with clairvoyance magic.

“Even now your eyes are brighter than before.”

Vermouth, which appeared in Moron’s dream, gave Moron two powers along with the words to be wary of the end.

The back side of Rehein Yar, into which Nur’s corpse was tossed, and the eyes that allow one to see even what should not be seen. With those eyes, Moron was able to immediately recognize where Nur appeared from anywhere on this large mountain, and she even saw the spirit of Anis possessed by Christina.

“If you say that Raghuryaran is the same as before, then it really is the same. A sign is only a sign.”

Moron couldn’t understand what Eugene wanted to say. It was the same with Senya, Anis, and Cristina. Didn’t you come here not only to meet Moron and grab her moonlight sword again?

“… … Hamel. what the hell… … .”

“To go to Laguryaran.”

Eugene said with an insignificant face.

“Nothing. There was a sea at the end of Laguryaran, right? Should I go by boat, or just fly, or walk on the sea… … .”

“Hey, wait, wait Hamel, are you going to go to Laguryaran? Are you saying you want to cross that sea?”

Moron asked urgently.

Beyond Rehein Yar, Lagur Yaran. land of nothing. A land not to be crossed. end of the world. A place where neither the sun nor the moon rises. A place where the sky was as messy as snow trampled by dirt feet. The frozen sea beyond.

A world where no one lives and no one lives. That place is Laguryaran.

“Don’t go far. I just want to go out for a bit.”

“Hamel… … !”

“Why are you freaking out? You don’t even go far? It’s not that I’m going right away, I’ll solve the moonlight sword problem first. I’ll take a look at Nur, who is still alive, and then go.”

“my… … When I saw it with my own eyes, it felt the same as before, but… … That’s just my opinion anyway. I, my… … My mind wasn’t that clear. It could be that I was looking at it wrong or that I was remembering it wrong.”

“You can’t do that.”

Eugene replied with a sullen expression.

“Moron, it’s true that your mind went sour, but that didn’t mean your memory was also blurred. It wasn’t that your eyes were blinded.”

“… … .”

“That’s all right.”

It is not a story of believing or not believing.

If Moron saw it that way, it just seemed that way.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 405

I grabbed the moonlight sword and came out of the cave. I wondered if there would be any problem even if I did it inside, but if the cave collapsed… … It was obvious that Senya and Anise would make fun of him for knowing that.

“Why do you want to go to Laguryaran?”

Senya, who was thinking about the reason in her own way, spoke up.

Lagurya is a language used by the natives of the snowfields, but in the common language of the continent, it means ‘a land that should not be crossed’.

“Do you want to prove yourself that the world is round?”

That story now does not even need to be directly proven. This is because scholars of long ago have already finished observation and proved it.

But—- on that subject, no one has been able to confirm that the north end and the south end are really connected.

Beyond Rehein Yar is Lagur Yaran.

There is a distant sea beyond Solgarta in the South Sea.

The two must be connected, but no one has ever confirmed that.

“For no great reason.”

“Then what is it?”

“I want to keep an eye on it.”

It was night outside the cave. It rarely snowed, and thanks to that, the night sky was clear and I could see it well.

Eugene looked up at the stars embroidered in the night sky. The sky seen here is the sun, the moon, and the stars. However, if you pass the Great Hammer Gorge, which could be called the boundary line, and cross the summit of Rehein Yar—- the sky changes. It’s hazy, and nothing appears… … .

It becomes the same as the void in which Vermouth was sitting.

“Agaroth died fighting the demon lord of destruction.”

There are memories that don’t connect. The memory of Agaroth that Eugene saw for the first time. Agaroth sitting on a mountain of corpses.

… … There is one more. A battlefield full of the smell of blood. A battlefield where corpses are strewn about like common trash. A man staggered along with his shoulders stretched out in despair.

There is no such memory in Agaroth’s War. Agaroth, the god of war, did not always win. He has also suffered many defeats. But for Agaroth, defeat was never something to despair about. Victory and defeat, all can be called war.

However, the Agaroth seen in the dark room was in despair. The battlefield he walked on was not a battlefield that had been defeated, but a battlefield where everything had ended.

Eugene vaguely remembers Agaroth’s ‘death’. The demon king of confinement also told me. When the Demon King of Destruction descended during the war against Nur, Agaroth neither retreated nor ran away.

died like that

“If you go to Raguryaran, where Nur comes over, the memories of the time Agaroth died might come to mind. Understanding the gap between two fragments that do not connect smoothly… … How Agaroth fought the demon lord of destruction. You don’t know how strong the demon lord of destruction is, and you might learn something like that.”

The demon king of confinement would not give any answer to such a question. so i didn’t ask

Maybe going out to Raguryaran and recalling memories, that’s a story about a possibility. But it was worth a try. Agaroth’s memory was recalled in the Solgarta Sea and he was aware of his previous life because several conditions were met.

The sacred ring, and—- the city that worshiped Agaroth, buried in the depths of the sea. Along with that, the passion of the battle with Iris, who became the demon king, made him recall distant memories dormant in his unconscious.

What about now? He has a divine sword in his chest that is stronger than the holy relic. I have the awareness that I am Agaroth. There is the ‘Sea’ that killed Agaroth and declared the end of the mythical age.

grave voice. What does it feel like to remember a previous life followed by a previous life of a previous life? It was hard to imagine for Senya. Wouldn’t an ordinary person not be able to distinguish the self and their personality would collapse?

‘Is your ego special? … ?’

A being born in the distant past, in the Age of Mythology, and attaining divine status with a human body. A self that can only be called ‘special’. Senya, Anis, and Moron went far away and stared at Eugene, who had stopped.

“Then let’s do it soon.”

Eugene raised the moonlight sword in his hand. It was just that, but the eyes of Senya and Anis became serious. Each of them went into preparation to prepare for an emergency, and Moron was no different.

“Hamel. If you have to, is it good to cut off your arm? Or is it better to pluck it out?”

“uh… … It’s not going to happen, but it would be better to cut it below the elbow if possible. Just cut off your wrist neatly.”

“i get it.”

Morron nodded his head with a serious expression. To be honest, Eugene was more afraid of Moron’s expression than the moonlight sword.

Let’s make a white salt ceremony.

The seven stars are gone. Now, in Eugene’s heart, there is a universe with countless stars. The night sky looking up from the snowy mountain is clear and there are countless stars, but even that starry night sky is insignificant compared to the universe that dwells in Eugene’s heart.

Each atom of mana is a spark of a star. If the existing Baek Yeom Sik resonated and rotated the stars, now Yujin’s Baek Yeom Sik resonates the universe. Converts the stars that make up the universe into flames. The sparks it creates are as black as the night sky.


A black spark rose. Burning flames flew like manes. Senya and Anise had already seen that flame, but Moron saw it for the first time. Moron unwittingly burst into her admiration and clenched her fists.


Moron added no other formula to his estimate of that power.

My first impression was… … strength and solidarity. She felt the spark she felt when their fists met before was strong—but not as fully bonded as they are now. At the time, she felt like Eugene was wearing a spark, but now it felt like Eugene was a spark.

“Hamel, if you fight with me now… … I don’t think we will win as easily as last time.”

“I’m sorry, but even then, if I only had a weapon, I would have won.”

“Um… … .”

“Now, well, yes, even if you don’t use weapons, and fight bare-chested fights that are only good for you… … Worth it? Then what did you say?”

It’s not something I really want to brag about, but it felt good to have that Moron give such an evaluation. Moron, however, had a slightly confused expression.

Moron likes Hamel as a friend and respects him as a warrior. Although she likes and respects her, she never thought of herself as weaker than Hamel… … .

“Then let’s try again next time.”

“Are you Annie? Who is strong and weak, what does that matter?”

“That’s important regardless of age. Are you saying that, you too, a green pagoda owner from Arrot… … .”

“’Former’ Noktapju.”

“okay… … When the former Noktapju looked down on you, he immediately rolled his eyes and defeated you.”

“Favorite! Say it right, it’s not that you’ve been defeated, it’s that you educated me as a senior. Hey, and is that the case now? I made the circle magic formula that bastard uses! But if you behave so rudely with no respect for your distant seniors, then of course you have to educate yourself!”

“What’s the difference between the two… … .”

Anise, who had been listening silently, grumbled.

As was the case 300 years ago, Hamel and Senya had many similarities in their personalities. That’s why the porridge fits well.

At one time, Anise was a little envious of the two who looked so alike, but she had never thought of wanting to be frivolous like them. It felt as if I would have to give up some of my human dignity to become that ugly and frivolous.


The hilt fell from the scabbard that was clinging to it like it was glued together. In the past, when pulling out the moonlight sword, the moonlight would overflow at the moment mana was injected. But this time, that didn’t happen.

Moonlight doesn’t happen. The moonlight sword that had completely come out of its scabbard—- far from being ominous and fearful like before, it looked shabby and dull. Although the fragments previously recovered from the mines of the Khazad Hills are linked together, they look as if they will shatter and crumble at any moment.

“Is it possible to write?”

Senya asked without lowering her guard. Instead of answering, Eugene slowly lifted the moonlight sword aside.

ㅡFurruleuk! The black flame that covered Eugene’s body moved to the moonlight sword.

The moonlight sword was smashed. The sword body, which had been on the verge of breaking, exploded without a sound, and hundreds of fragments clinging to it scattered.

Senya let out a startled noise at the sight, and Anise lit up. Moron also took a half step forward.

Eugene was surprised when the moonlight sword suddenly exploded, but realizing that it was not dangerous, he raised his hand to stop the party.

The fragments of the moonlight sword that were actually scattered did not fly as far as the momentum of the explosion. As if time had stopped—- it was fixed around Eugene and the hilt, no, to be precise, within the range of Eugene’s flame.

Eventually, fragments floated along the flow of flame. Fragments nestled in the flying sparks.

Unity. Everything was different from the unity achieved in the battle with Iris. The union at that time was forcibly achieved through Eugene’s anger and annoyance.

He crushed the hilt with only ignorant force, and poured mana to dominate the moonlight. As a result, he succeeded in reconciling moonlight and mana, but he could not completely control moonlight, so it was swallowed in reverse and a runaway occurred.

But now—- they move naturally together. Eugene looked at the floating fragments with calm eyes. As the will desired, the fragments gathered according to one will.

Blasphemy! Hundreds of fragments clung to the hilt and began to form the blade. The sword body formed in this way was still only cut in half, but as before, there were no cracks and it was tightly bound.

woo woo… … !

Moonlight bloomed in the black flame. Ominousness appeared again in the moonlight sword, which felt nothing as empty as it was.

However, at this moment, even the terrible ominousness of the moonlight sword was under Eugene’s contemplation. Eugene’s will was never swept away by the lunacy of the moonlight sword.

“oh my god… … .”

Senya involuntarily spat out.

When the moonlight sword ran out of control. Senya was right next to Eugene. I could still recall how terrible the ominous feeling Eugene felt at that time.

At that time, Eugene’s moonlight sword was more ‘sinister’ than Vermouth’s moonlight sword. Although the moonlight sword that Vermut wielded could not distinguish between friends and family, it thoroughly followed Vermut’s control.

now… … different. Still, that moonlight is harsh. It has an ominous feeling that twists the mind and upsets the inside just by looking at it. But ironically, the harmony between that ominous moonlight and the black fireworks like the night sky was beautiful.

“Hamel… … !”

Moron, who was looking at Yujin with blank eyes, immediately shouted. His bright eyes saw the monster ‘stand up’ behind Eugene.

The snowy mountain ranger said that while he was a monster, he was different from a monster. He said he wasn’t even a monster. He doesn’t know anything about Nur’s origins, but monsters are monsters after all, so that explanation is all right.

That monster, a sign of doom, appeared suddenly, as it had always been. It just appeared out of nowhere, without any distortion of the space or any other phenomena of that kind. Yujin also turned his head to the presence behind his back.

I saw it the other day as well. An ape as big as a giant, with horns on its head. That figure is not the basis of Noor. The Nur who appeared in the Age of Mythology were all monsters with different appearances.

The noor ‘s’ of today were different from the noor I saw then. Dozens of Nurdeul, as large as giants, were looking down at Eugene.

ugly eyes. gurgling breath. Ominousness emanating from existence itself. Face-to-face in this way, it was confirmed once again that the monster of the Age of Mythology and Nur are the same.

“Hamel! Back off!”

Morron shouted from behind.

It was not a very understandable cry. What’s so dangerous about this monster? Perhaps, in Moron’s opinion, Eugene was concentrating on the moonlight sword and judged that the battle was impossible.

Not necessarily. The new sword union with the moonlight sword was over now, and Eugene was able to fight as much as he wanted.

Shall we test how well the blade sharpens? Yujin thought about that and raised the moonlight sword. The blade of the moonlight sword cut in half was directed at Noor.


Of course, I thought it would come, but all Noor knelt in front of Eugene at the same time. Fear lingered in every eye of Noor as he gazed at the moonlight looming in black flames.

Madness, murderousness, ferocity, emotions of that kind were all annihilated. Those simple monsters did not have feelings of awe or worship, but they felt an irresistible fear of the ‘Moonlight Sword’.

“Unbelievable… … .”

This is the first time I see Noor kneeling. Moron approached Nurdeul with an expression of incomprehension.

In over 100 years, he has killed countless Noor. He made several attempts to learn even a little more about Noor. There were times when I didn’t kill them, but I had their whole body smashed and left unattended, and there were times when I tortured them, and there was a time when I took them hostages because I was afraid there might be a sense of kinship with them.

all didn’t work There is no conversation, no understanding, no communication. Not only that, but I felt no fear and no pain.

But now… … The emotion in those eyes was undoubtedly fear.

“Hamel, what the hell have you done?”

“… … hmm.”

Yujin, who looked at the moonlight sword for a while, made an expression that she didn’t like. Actually, she wasn’t feeling well.

“I must have felt the owner in this light.”

The moonlight sword is the sword of destruction. The ominousness of the moonlight sword remains intact. Rather, now it is suppressed by Eugene’s flame. In a sense, it could be said that even that ominousness was ‘mixed’ with Eugene’s flame. Yujin clicked his tongue and swung the moonlight sword.

The moonlight drew a smooth curve. A flowing slash decapitated all Noor. Even when their heads fell, they didn’t even flinch, let alone scream. The severed head falls down. There is still no blood flowing from the cut surface.

The moment your head touches the field of snow.

The air has changed. Suddenly, this place ceased to be real. For over 100 years, Moron has been hoarding Noor’s corpse, and it has become the other side of Reheinyar.


Eugene looked at Moron in surprise.

“I have to say something and open the barrier!”

Even the corpse being pressed exudes a terrible ominous feeling. Even if you bury it in the ground or burn it, its ominousness will not go away. If the number of corpses of that monster increases, the snowy mountains and the world will be affected, so Nur’s corpse must be buried behind the scenes, not reality.

Moron seems to have opened the door behind him to throw away the corpse. Eugene thought so.

“Me, not me.”

But Moron said with a puzzled face. At that answer, Yujin’s eyes widened.

If Moron didn’t open it, why did it suddenly come in behind the scenes?

‘Moonlight sword?’

When I first entered the back side in search of Moron. The moonlight sword was used as a key. But isn’t the situation different now from then? Yujin was confused and looked around.

Rehein Yar, the other side of the Great Hammer Gorge. A place where everything is bizarrely distorted, just like Helmud 300 years ago. A hideous and rugged land that was tantamount to hell for humans. A jagged or twisted mountain.

It would look like this if a child drew hell with poor drawing skills.

All of this was corrupted by the miasma from Noor’s corpse. At first, this space was said to be the same as reflecting the snowy mountain in a mirror, but the miasma emitted by the corpses piled up for over 100 years turned the landscape into hell.

“… … .”

The moonlight sword vibrated. Eugene flinched and looked at the moonlight sword.

are eating up

I felt that way. The moonlight of the moonlight sword is devouring the miasma and ominousness of this world. By eating them, they are gaining weight.

ㅡQuarrrr! Moonlight whirled around Eugene.

“I knew this would happen!”

Senja screamed and held Frost high. Moron thought it was now and picked up her axe. Eugene was still afraid of the reaction of the two. He raised his moonlight sword high and shouted out loud.

“no! I’m fine!”

“It’s okay! Doesn’t anyone look okay?!”

“No, it’s really fine! 괜찮으니까 모론 이 개새끼야, 도끼 내려놔!”

It wasn’t a lie. Eugene’s ego is still clear, and the moonlight sword follows the control.

However—- the miasma and ominousness that had melted into this space only moved freely and whirled.

“Then why are you doing this… … .”

As Anis continued to speak, her eyes widened.

The whirlwind of moonlight flowed to the moonlight sword held high.

The moonlight continued on the half-cut sword body.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 406

The blade of the moonlight sword is broken.

After being completely destroyed by Vermouth in the distant past. I don’t know the details, but… … That ominous sword was inherited by Eugene. A few years ago, he broke into a mine in the Khazad Hills and collected fragments, but even so, it was only about half of what it used to be.

‘The blade… … .’

The miasma emitted by countless corpses of Noor. The ominous miasma accumulated over 100 years was mixed with the moonlight and connected to the blade.

Eugene glared at the sword body, which grew longer and longer.


This change was not what Eugene intended. In that sense, it was true that what happened to the Moonlight Sword was a runaway. But strangely, Eugene couldn’t feel any sense of crisis in the current situation.

‘Already mixed.’

Eugene’s flame and moonlight mixed and became one. The ominous miasma accumulated in this world, to put it simply, strengthened the moonlight sword. The sword body is being restored without the need to collect more fragments.

However, now that the ‘Moonlight Sword’ itself has been mixed with Eugene’s power and has become one. Although the power of the moonlight sword increased, it did not escape from Eugene’s control.


The whirling moonlight disappeared. Standing alone in the center, Yujin slowly lowered the moonlight sword she was holding high.

A sword extended in a straight line. The point of the unpolished sword was blunt and felt like a club, but the moonlight sword was not a sword to be used for cutting or stabbing in the first place.

same… … I didn’t feel it.

300 years ago. The moonlight sword used by Vermouth before it was broken. The feeling of the moonlight sword then and now is ‘different’, though I couldn’t explain exactly what it was. However, the lengthened sword body itself was similar to before.

“It’s strange.”

Yujin muttered in a low voice and moved the moonlight sword around. The dull grayish-white blade was still intact, but when I applied a little force, the soft moonlight turned on.

This was different from before. Originally, the Moonlight Sword emitted violent moonlight when mana was injected into it. But now, instead of emitting a bloody, large light, it only covered the surface of the sword thinly like a condensed sword steel.

‘It’s not that I’m weak.’

Feeling eerie, Eugene moved the moonlight sword.

A slow, slow-moving blade. I could see the moonlight covering the surface and following the movements of the blade, distorting the space. The moonlight, which originally spewed out at random, was now completely united as one.

even have enough

That fact made Eugene’s forearm goose bumps.

Right now, it’s tougher and stronger than the battle with Iris, but it’s not at full power… … . Even now, the moonlight sword is in harmony with Eugene’s mana.

Just in case, what if the moonlight sword was covered with an air sword? What if moonlight from the moonlight sword was mixed with flames to create an eclipse?

“her… … .”

To be honest, I had no idea how powerful it would be. I couldn’t bear to try it here because I was afraid of the rear end.

Eugene let out a cough as he put the elongated moonlight sword into the scabbard.

“Uhm… … .”

The surroundings were very quiet. He was so shocked that he couldn’t even breathe. Eugene looked at Moron as he shoved the moonlight sword in his scabbard into the inside of his cloak.

“I know you’re grateful.”

“… … .”

“Look, I’m here… … very… … You made it clean.”

What Eugene said was true. All the landscapes distorted by Noor’s miasma returned to their original state.

Moron blinked his eyes and looked around. The earth was no longer uneven, and the mountains were not eaten. The stench she felt with every breath was gone, and even the corpses of Noor she had thrown around were gone.

Such a change was like a miracle to Moron.

A battle that has been going on for over 100 years… … Moron’s madness didn’t only accumulate in battle.

Loneliness after battle. This space, where only Noor’s corpse was seen, where one could not get used to it, where one would feel dizzy and sick just by being still, had triggered Morron’s madness. The miasma could not be cleansed even with divine magic, and in the end, all Moron could do was endure.

“under… … haha… … .”

Moron looked around in disbelief and smiled. In the meantime, Senya and Anis rushed closer.

“What did you just do?”

“Hamel, what did you do?”

Naturally, a baptism of questions ensued.

If I had to guess, what Eugene had just done was reconstructing the moonlight sword. The existing moonlight sword was destroyed. Eugene’s flame dwelled in the fragments that were about to scatter, and they were connected again by Eugene’s will. As a result, his dominance over the moonlight sword became stronger… … .

I reached my own conclusion, but I didn’t have the confidence to convince Senya and Anis about that sensuous part. So, Eugene put on a serious expression and opened her mouth.

“I don’t know.”

I’m proud, I can’t live, what the hell do you know? Is it normal that you didn’t know what you did?

Senya and Anis exchanged turns and patted Eugene on the back. The taste of the two hands went beyond spicy to the point of tingling, but I didn’t ask more if it was a realization, not a serious problem.

“Hahaha! Hahahahaha!”

Meanwhile, Moron laughed loudly and ran across the snowy mountains. She climbed to the top in an instant, jumped off the cliff, and Morron, who came back, lifted Eugene, who had been beaten on the back until then.

“Thank you, thank you, Hamel!”

Eugene’s body was thrown high and fell.

* * *

That night they talked until dawn.

About Iris’s death. About the remains of the mythical age seen in the abyss of the deep sea. The conversation he had with the demon lord in captivity, and the mystic eye dwelling in Ciel.

“me too… … .”

The expression of Moron, who had been drinking like a madman and laughing, changed.

Babel 300 years ago, normal. A battle with the demon king of confinement. A battle without Hamel.

I did my best. But it was not satisfactory. everyone will be If you really fought satisfactorily and without regret… … .

Moron smiled wryly at the lingering feelings that popped up in his head. Even if he did, he would not have been able to win the battle against the demon king of confinement. Perhaps, pouring in everything… … would she have died

“You can fight, are you saying?”

Morone could be confident. He is much stronger now than he was 300 years ago. Even if he couldn’t fight and defeat the demon lord in captivity, he wanted to match the power he had achieved without dying. A long time ago, with Hamel, whom we couldn’t fight together, again. Such thoughts made Moron’s fist clenched.

“Then, did you intend to watch the guy from behind without fighting?”

Eugene sipped his drink and grumbled.

To be precise, in that situation, Moron couldn’t fight no matter how much he wished, but Eugene said spiteful words knowingly. It’s because I didn’t want to make Moron, who was thrilled, shed tears.

“I just told you in advance, I might not be able to call you at that time.”

“If it’s Ciel’s kid, he’ll be able to do it.”

“I said I work hard, but don’t put too much pressure on him. Even if I can’t bring you back, I won’t blame Ciel… … .”

“Hamel, resentment! Even if I won’t be able to participate in that battle, I will never resent Ciel’s child.”

I said it as a joke, but Moron became serious enough to feel ashamed of this side.

“Hamel, I believe in you. I believe in Senya. I believe in Anise and Christina. And—- I believe in the present world that I have reached through Vermouth’s promise. Even if I can’t help you, the world will help you. especially my descendants. The warriors of Ruhar will lead and follow your battle.”

“hmm… … He said he would.”

“I am convinced, Hamel. People today are stronger than people 300 years ago. So, with the demon king of confinement… … .”

“Even the demons are stronger than 300 years ago.”

“I will… … Even so, I believe in your victory. of course… … If I could join your battle, the odds would increase… … .”

Ciel wasn’t even here, but Moron stuttered. The reason is because the human named ‘Hamel’ Moron knew was so mischievous and nasty. Now, if he gave the wrong answer here, it seemed that Hamel would deliver the answer to Ciel as if he had been waiting. Moron did not want to be hated by Vermouth’s descendants… … .


after dawn.

Eugene got up from his seat. He had been drinking until just now, but that level of drunkenness disappeared when he raised mana. Eugene wiped the taste of alcohol from his mouth with magic, then looked at Senya and Anis.

“I will be back.”

“… … Are you really okay with going alone?”

Senya pursed her lips and muttered.

“What if something happens?”

“Then I will have to go alone. If something happens and you can’t come back, all you have to do is come find me.”

“Because you said that, I didn’t want to send it any more.”

“Don’t go far. I’ll be back before noon at the latest.”

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