Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 130

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Eugene was fully prepared. She put the tracking device Senya had made into her arms and wrapped herself in the blessings of Anise and Christina.

After leaving the cave, I went up to the top of Rehein Yar. I had seen the scenery here with Moron the other day.

view from the top.

What is Lagurya?

It’s nothing different from what I’ve seen before. There was no special, mysterious sentiment that was still there. The weather is damn right, the sunlight doesn’t come down, life doesn’t bloom in a land where nothing dwells, and magic doesn’t work well because mana is scarce, a land full of factors that can’t survive.

From there, it is Laguryaran. If you look up, you can see the ice sea beyond the barren land. Perception is the same. That land doesn’t look like a bizarre and fearful land enough for Vermouth to be wary of.

Behind Eugene’s back, prominence soared. Because the single wing of this flame was thoroughly influenced by Eugene, it is now made of black flame.

When I first made it, I didn’t think much of it… … Having turned into a single wing of black flame, Eugene had no choice but to become serious.

“Shouldn’t it be better to change into a different form…?” … .”

As soon as the small muttering was over, Christina looked at Eugene with a straight face.

“No, Eugene-sama, you look good now.”


“Now is good.”

The wings of the two did not resemble each other, but nonetheless, Cristina loved Eugene and her ‘wings’ in common.

Eugene nodded with a bewildered face at that resolute statement and flew up into the sky.

“Don’t wait here for nothing, go into the cave.”

I said so, but no one tried to leave the summit. Eugene shook her hand once to mean not to worry, and then moved on to La Gur Ya Ran.

– Climb Lehein Yar.

-Look at Raguryaran.

– Be wary of the end that comes over from there.

The mana in the air was thin, but thanks to Eugene’s mana overflowing, there was no problem maintaining prominence and flying.

By the time the distant ice sea approaches. Eugene looked back.

Rehein Yar. The huge mountain range filled the view. But even though I could see it so well, it seemed so far away. I couldn’t see the faces of my colleagues who had left them there. The connection to Senya that led to the pursuit terminal was blurry, and it felt like the holy women’s blessings had faded as well.

“It’s far.”

We haven’t even reached the point where we can call it ‘the end’ yet. The world already felt far away.

Eugene laughed and pulled out the moonlight sword from within his cloak. If you get close to Raguryaran, maybe something like a reaction will come… … I thought so, but there was no reaction from the moonlight sword. It didn’t happen that the sword vibrated or the moonlight turned on.

‘Should I be disappointed with this.’

Instead of putting the moonlight sword inside the cloak, he hung it from his waist and took out the holy sword Altair. The light turned on as I wished for it. Eugene stretched forward the holy sword wrapped in the brilliant light. But this time, nothing happened.

land is over

The frozen sea spreads beneath your feet. From that point on, Eugene came down without flying. The ice, as thick as the skin of the ground, seemed unbreakable even if the giant walked on it.

Could there be something in the sea under the ice? Could that bottom be the cradle of Noor? Eugene thought so, and glared at the thick ice.

However, nour was not seen in the sea. I didn’t see anything, let alone press. If you actually break the ice and go into the sea, you might see or feel something different, but you didn’t break the ice yourself.

‘To go through something.’

From where does the sea become like the sea? how far can i go

I’m not here to confirm that. It means that I did not come to prove that the world is round and that the north and south are connected, starting from Laguryaran and reaching the distant sea.

That’s something that someday explorers will have to prove, and why Eugene came here.

To reminisce about the previous life of the previous life. I want to remember the moment I died from the demon lord of destruction.

‘maybe… … .’

The age of myth that was destroyed. All life is dead, and the sea overtakes it. The demon king of confinement confined a city to the depths of the sea as a promise to the demon king of madness. It was left as a special case to the end, and everything else would have been thoroughly destroyed and disappeared.

It disappeared like that, the sea covered it, and the land was left somewhere, maybe the land came after the sea… … . After all, the world has begun anew.

The sea far from Laguryaran.

A realm that humans of this era have not conquered.

From here, it is a remnant of the mythical age. Thinking so, Yujin’s eyes darkened.

Why do these places remain? Was it intentional or was it unavoidable? This is the remnant left after destruction,

Eugene is the specter of a dead era. Rather, now, I hope so. His consciousness is still narrow and yearning. Eugene, Hamel, and Agaroth were not matters to him to consider and distinguish. Because I want to kill the demon king. Because you need it to kill the Demon King.

It is only because of that that I want to recall the end of Agaroth.

‘There is no need to distinguish.’

Yujin snorted and put her hand on her left chest. Chijik. The moment her fingertips touched it, a dark red electric current jumped out.

‘To be connected like this.’

Even though he went through two reincarnations, his divinity did not disappear.

A new sword was pulled out of the left chest. The sword made of this dark red divine power was brighter than the moment he killed Iris. It is because the reputation that spread on the continent created worship and faith in Eugene.

Eugene straightened his new sword and held it with both hands. He stared at the shimmering blade of his divine power with his own two eyes.

A miracle is something God does.

“… … I hope.”

what god wants

I heard the sound of war in my ears.

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“Oh God.”

reverent calling. Agaroth opened his closed eyes.

Did you rest for an hour? The call right next to it was low, but other than that, other sounds were loud.

The sound of metal clashing, such as spears and knives. The sound of cutting, stabbing, breaking. scream. A loud roar.

Various things mixed together, thump-thump, thump-thump. Among them, the frequency of screams that could hardly be called language was high.

Agaroth murmured, brushing her shaggy hair back.

“Is it still the same?”


A voice so close, whispering in my ear. Sweet, hot breath tickled her ears and cheeks. Normally, I would have hated it and pushed it away, but now—- I can’t even say ‘usually’ with empty words.

Exhibits are familiar. The battlefield is also familiar. But, oddly enough… … In this war, I couldn’t get the feeling of being used to it.



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Agaroth clicked his tongue in an unpleasant irritation.

“Shall I announce the retreat?”

The woman giggled and whispered.

A court witch who made the king and ministers into puppets and placed the entire kingdom under her feet in the turbulent world started by the demon king of confinement.

At one time, she was called the Twilight Witch and was considered an object of scorn. In a sense, this witch was worse than the demons and the demon king, and the country under her feet trained her with the whip of fear and the carrot of pleasure, and her ferocious notoriety made even the monarchs of neighboring countries avert their eyes.

It’s a story from long ago. Among the many wars Agaroth has led and won, was the downfall of the Twilight Witch. The defeated Twilight Witch begged from the center of the ruined citadel not to kill her but to reap it as her spoils.

Now, the Twilight Witch has become a saint and high priest of the War God.

The saintess had been an advisor for many wars that Agaroth had waged, and was still the same now. She smiled lightly and mischievously, but her saintly eyes were calmly settled.

“The current war is long overdue, but there is no end in sight. my god Your divine army is valiant and never tires, and as long as you exist, their morale never fails. However… … .”


Agaroth rose from his chair.

“This war is very different from the previous ones.”

It wasn’t difficult.

If you look at the battle itself, it will be. As for the difficult ones, the previous wars were much more difficult. When conquering the demon king’s territories. A mad king who ran away, abandoning his men unsightly. The war against him, the battle itself, was much more difficult than now.

but. Until now, if you repeated victories in difficult battles, you could eventually win the war itself. But what about now?

There is no difficulty in combat. Those monsters could destroy quite a few countries in an instant, but they couldn’t compare to the army that followed Agaroth. Since the war against the monsters began, Agaroth’s forces had not suffered a single defeat.

“I have already won countless victories, but the war is not over.”

The problem is this.

The war never ends. It doesn’t even show signs of ending. As you annihilate monsters in battle, new monsters will appear.

Even that cycle is getting shorter and shorter. What used to be three or three days at first became two days and then a day, and now new monsters appear after half a day of annihilation.

Guys are weak. However, it is not so weak as an insect that can easily be stepped on and killed.

“My god. I admonish you to retreat.”

The saintess embraced Agaroth’s arm.

“Thousands and tens of thousands of enemies have been defeated, but neither you nor I, nor any of the soldiers, understands the true identity of the enemies. But, my God, do you not feel most deeply how vicious these unknown enemies are?”

“… … .”

“The blood of enemies itself becomes poison and wears down your divine power. The battlefield itself has become a sanctuary because of your presence, so it is still holding on, otherwise all the soldiers would have gone mad and committed suicide or bitten and ate each other.”

Even Agaroth judged so. In his sanctuary, the soldiers who serve him do not tire as long as the divine power exists. The mind is always kept clear, and even fatal injuries are instantly restored.

But now… … no. Just like the saintess said, the blood and miasma expelled from the corpses of dead enemies are eating away at Agaroth’s divine power. Agaroth herself felt the aftermath more than the soldiers.

“I dare say, to keep fighting here… … .”

“If we retreat, what will happen after that?”

Agaroth shook off the saintess hanging from her arm.

“If I retreat, will those monsters stay here? Their purpose is to march everywhere and kill all living things. There is no need to verify it again now, as several countries have already been destroyed by them.”

“My God, there is a saying to overcome poison with poison. What do you think of leading the army of gods and committing yourself to the Devil’s Land? After the advancing monsters destroy all the countries on the continent, they will then march to the Devil’s Land, so let the demons and demon lords you hate fight against the monsters.”

“Are you saying that?”

Agaroth glanced at the saintess. She thought it was a joke, but she didn’t. Agaroth looked into the eyes of the saintess who had calmly sunk in, then shrugged her shoulders.

“… … The giant god (巨神) has conveyed his intention to join me by leading my followers and new army. And since the wise man said he would come too… … .”

“Ahaha… … .”

Before Agaroth could finish speaking, the saintess burst into laughter. She tilted her head and looked up into Agaroth’s face. There was a sneer in her purple eyes that were like polished jewels.

“My God, I dare to ask, but you… … Do you think their support will be helpful?”

“… … .”

“This is a war that you, called the god of war, have not mastered. Of course, I know that a giant is as big and strong as its name. Some people say that a giant can lift an entire continent with one hand, but I think I can lift it with both hands even if one hand is too much for me.”

“… … grunt… … .”

“And the sage. Yes, that ferocious woman is a great sorceress who has reached a level I could never reach. However, the truth she has been seeking will never lead to victory in this war.”

The saintess took a step closer. She reached out her hand for her arm, which had been slashed by Agaroth.

A long finger ran up the muscle in his forearm. The saintess licked her lips at her frank sensuality. Before long, her saintly hand reached Agaroth’s neck.

“My god. Does victory in this war really matter to you in the first place? What you want is to kill all demon lords, but to kill unknown monsters… … .”

“You have crossed the line.”

Agaroth’s eyes narrowed. The saintess felt a chill, but she didn’t back down right away. As if tempting, she caressed Agaroth’s neck.

“My God, do not be offended. Every word that comes out of my lips is for you.”

Agaroth stared at the saintess with dull, sunken eyes. That gaze was as sharp as if it could pierce her lungs, but rather, the inside of her saintly body was hot.

“… … I know. The longer the war here, the more it will only cut my flesh in the end.”

If it was as planned, at this time, the war with the demon king of confinement would have started.

When I first came to the end of the continent and confronted the monsters—- I only thought that the war here was about combat training for the war against the demon king in captivity. Retreat, retreat… … I seriously considered the saintess’ advice.

You can’t ignore those monsters at all. Should I ask for cooperation from the gods or countries with which I am allied? How about fighting a war against the demon king of confinement while they stop the monster?


There’s no way those monsters don’t have a source. Because the source exists, monsters continue to appear.

If we succeed in eradicating its source… … This thought has already been done dozens of times. After the war began, various methods were used to find the source of the monster, but all failed.

They just appear out of nowhere. It’s not even summoned. It really just pops up out of nowhere.

Is it the devil that sends the monster? This is also a thought I have had many times. Agaroth has killed several demon lords, and knows a lot about the demon lords she has yet to kill. As far as he knew, among the demon lords still alive, there was no demon lord who was as powerful as this and had as many monsters as his followers.

Although I know a lot.

don’t know everything source of monsters. Agaroth came up with the name of a certain demon king in his mind.

Demon King of Destruction.

Agaroth has been waging war in the Demon Realm for a long time, but has never met the Demon King of Destruction.

The Demon King of Destruction does not have territory like other Demon Kings. He doesn’t even have a subordinate. They don’t invade other countries either. That’s why he is a demon king who can’t meet even if he wants to meet him.

Not much is known about the demon king of destruction. This is because most of those who encounter the demon lord die, and those who barely survive go insane.

That’s why Agaroth couldn’t hastily connect the monsters appearing here with the Demon King of Destruction.

but. If the owner of that monster is the demon king of destruction.

If so—- what a terrible existence the demon lord of destruction is. If all those endless monsters, even if they were killed, were all belonging to the demon king of destruction… … The alternative demon king of destruction… … .

‘There really can’t be an end.’

Agaroth corrected his anxious mind. He didn’t want to be afraid of an enemy he hadn’t seen before.

I opened the tent door and went outside.

ㅡWow! The battle cry is near. Beyond the high barrier is the battlefield.

When Agaroth came out, the resting soldiers looked at Agaroth. He did not rise, kneel, or bow. It is true that all of them worship Agaroth, but Agaroth and his soldiers were comrades-in-arms, not masters and subordinates, or gods and followers.

“What is the situation?”

“It is the same as before.”

The grumpy giant answered. He is an ardent follower with tattoos of Agaroth all over his body, and a warrior Agaroth trusts and cherishes, having followed Agaroth even before ascending to the divine throne. Agaroth grumbled as he glanced at the Great Warrior.

“If I’m resting inside for a while, you should guide me. What if you’re here too?”

“Chief, damn it. I’m not here to drink honey, am I? It means that I came in for a while because I was injured in a fight in front of me.”

It’s not a good excuse. In fact, the warrior’s body was covered with wounds, and he was applying medicine to his wounds himself. Seeing that, Agaroth clicked his tongue and raised his head.

The dark red sun is floating in the middle of the cloudy sky. That which looks like the sun is not actually the sun. A miracle created by Agaroth’s divine power. The place where the dark red sun is shining becomes Agaroth’s sanctuary, and within the sanctuary the followers… … .

“To rot.”

Originally, such wounds had to be treated directly without Agaroth stepping out. Agaroth let out a deep sigh and flicked his hand at the Great Warrior.

ㅡ Quick! The flowing divine power dwelled in the warrior’s body, and the wound was healed in an instant.

“Ah, I hate this… … Will it shorten your lifespan?”

“Even if it is reduced, it will hurt less and live longer than if the wound remains intact.”

Agaroth answered without changing a single expression.

His miracle heals the wound in an instant, but the price is paid by the life span of the injured along with Agaroth’s own divine power.

But Agaroth didn’t give it much thought. If he wants to live as long as he has, he must not go to war. To say that a guy who dares to fight on the battlefield wants to live his life is nonsense.

“Let’s go if everything is better.”

“Ah, boss, wait.”

The great warrior followed and pulled out the ring he had put on his finger.

“Well written.”

“It seems to draw quite a lot of divine power. Did you still not finish the battle?”

“I almost ended it a few times. Every time that happened, the number kept increasing, so I couldn’t finish it.”

Agaroth put the returned ring on her ring finger. All the resting soldiers got up from their seats and followed Agaroth. ㅡKoo-gu Palace! The door to the barrier began to open by itself.

“Reinforcements… … Is it difficult to annihilate now?”

“If the captain fights directly, he will be able to order annihilation. It will appear again after that.”

“They are f*cking children. If we’ve fought this far, we’ve done our best, but why don’t we leave it to other gods and go back?”

“Don’t say anything out of your mind.”

The Great Warrior, who had served Agaroth for a long time, answered without even thinking about it.

“go for it!”

While Agaroth and the warriors went out the door, the saintess climbed over the barrier and shouted while waving her hands. It is true that she is the High Priest of the God of War and a saint, but she rarely went out to fight on the battlefield.

“Why don’t we take her out and make her fight, instead of letting her play?”

“Is that a day or two? Leave it alone.”

“Sniff, I still don’t understand why the captain took that wicked woman, even after ten years have passed.”

“Anyway, my head is working fine. Unlike you and I, who know how to fight, we are good at managing things.”

The twilight witch who ruled the country. Her ability itself is acknowledged by the Great Warrior. However, in her present moment, is it necessary to keep her by her side?

When he first took the Twilight Witch hostage, Agaroth was not a god, and there were not many resourceful people around him. After becoming a god, a handful of heroes gathered around Agaroth on the continent, and among them there were people who could replace the saintess.

“In the end, you can’t get rid of it because you’re attached to it, right?”

“Who is it?”

“Sniff, I should have killed him then… … .”

“I am really curious. Did he do anything bad to you? Why do you hate it so much?”

“While I fight bloody sweat on behalf of the captain, those two bastards only cheer from behind or do insidious things in the captain’s barracks.”

“Don’t say anything misleading. I’m not like that with him.”

“I know that, if the captain and that bitch end up like that… … Ugh, just imagining it is horrific. She’s good at roasting and boiling men like a ghost, so maybe even the captain can’t get out of that skirt.”

“I am not an ordinary man.”

“And I’m not the only one who hates that bitch. Even the wise man sometimes secretly asks me when he comes. ‘So when did you kill him?’ while doing it.”

“I didn’t do anything ugly enough to kill him, and I’m leaving him alone because he’s good to me and helpful.”

Agaroth looked ahead while answering with a sad face.

vast plains. I saw a war in full swing. On the horizon, monsters swarming in numbers enough to fill the field of view.

Agaroth roughly estimated the number and nodded.

“I put them away.”


“If there are kids who can’t recover from their injuries, take them and take them inside the fort. If there are dead children… … Take the corpse.”


Agaroth’s body disappeared. He flew to the far sky before he knew it and put his battlefield behind his back. Glancing down at his feet, there were so many monster heads that he couldn’t even see the soil.

“There are a lot of gross things today.”

He stretched out his hand with a grunt.

The divine power gathered in the palm of his hand turned into a huge divine sword.

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Every time he swung his new sword, black and red lines were drawn in the world. Once swallowed or touched by that line, resistance was impossible. If you touch it, you die.

The divine power of the god of war, Agaroth, is as violent as that. Even though he killed thousands of monsters in an instant, there were still countless monsters at his feet. Everywhere you look, there are monsters. I had to turn my head and look far behind to see something else.

A fortress that has been around for quite some time.

It says a fortress, but there are no structures to speak of other than the remaining barriers. The barrier is the only artifact in this desolate land.

At one time this was the capital of a certain kingdom. But now there is not a single trace of him left.

When I first arrived on this land—everything was terrible. No, it’s not just this land. All kingdoms destroyed by monsters. everyone who lived there.

Imagine the sight of tens of millions of corpses left unattended for months. Even the word hell is not enough to describe the scene.

Even the soldiers who had passed through countless wars vomited, and honestly, Agaroth almost vomited a little seeing the sight and the stench. I had never seen such a horrifying and vomiting sight among the countries under the rule of the demon king, let alone the Demon King.

so i deleted it A corpse that had already rotted away a long time ago. The ruins of the kingdom were entwined with the corpse and became a terrible ecosystem, so even the ruins were neatly erased.

This land was made that way. A wasteland created by Agaroth himself, erasing countless human corpses and the city where countless humans lived. After that, similar to a human corpse… … No, now the corpses of monsters that would have surpassed that number lay on the ground.

I dare to think that there is no other land in human history that has accepted as many ‘deaths’ as this one.

“What are you?”

I don’t know how many times this question has been asked.

Monsters don’t eat people. It’s not like they’re eating each other. The blood they shed doesn’t even seep into the ground. Ordinary flames could not erase the bodies and traces. Only the flames directly lit by Agaroth’s divine power could erase the corpse.

The monsters that had been so damned slammed their teeth at Agaroth and screamed.

that’s not language It’s literally just a monster. They are as diverse as their appearance, in type and size. Some walk on two legs like humans, while others walk on all fours. Some of them crawl on multiple legs like worms.

Of course, there are those that fly through the sky flapping their wings. In an instant, hundreds of monsters gathered around Agaroth. The sound of their flapping wings drowned out all the screams.

Agaroth squinted and spread his left hand. His sword-red divine power whirled in his grasp.

Quarrrrr! The divine power that escaped from his grasp spread out in all directions as a storm. Hundreds of monsters were slaughtered in an instant, and blood and flesh poured down like rain.

oh oh! loud sound. Giant monsters stretched out their hands to Agaroth. Agaroth swung his new sword without changing his expression.

There was nothing like a loud noise. This new sword, created by refining Agaroth’s divine power, produces unconditional results if you just wield it. There’s no way a monster with no intelligence could take the new sword that even the demon king struggles to handle.


Agaroth looked down with thinly opened eyes. As the battle began, he continued to move his new sword. The number of monsters killed by Agaroth in that short moment must have been thousands. Even so, the monster below shows no signs of diminishing.

As for why, it was because the monsters were resurrecting as many as Agaroth had killed.

unbelievable sight. But that lamentation had already been made before. Common sense just doesn’t work for those monsters.

‘I can’t even finish the battle.’

The Great Warrior is second only to Agaroth. If you couldn’t finish the battle even though he lent you a ring that could directly extract divine power, there was a good reason. No matter how great a war god is, it is impossible to annihilate so many monsters at once.

—-What should I do with this battle from now on? Even if you kill, even if you kill, it doesn’t decrease, but the number of enemies increases as if you want to kill one more time… … .

Agaroth raised his new sword high, feeling annoyed. Kwakjijik! The black red blade of the new sword extended to reach the sky.

When he wielded the huge new sword, the world actually split. Even though the new sword had already passed, the trail of the slash did not disappear, rather it spread smoothly and swallowed the monsters.

The beginning and the end of the slashing that had been spreading were connected. The dark red ring of divine power swept across the battlefield. After watching it for a moment, Agaroth turned his head and looked up at the sky.

The sun of divine power floating high. Agaroth reached out and pulled towards it, and the sun slid closer to her.

Quarrrrr! The sun spewed out the flames of divine power. A torrent of fire engulfed the world. The divine power that wiped out the monsters did not disappear, and changed its form again according to Agaroth’s will. The divine power became a huge blade and cut it, then it turned into thousands of arrows and shot it down and it turned into a hammer.

When the massacre began in earnest, the speed at which monsters were killed exceeded the speed at which monsters appeared. If 10 monsters appeared, it was like killing 100 monsters.

Even in the midst of such a carnage, Agaroth had a lot of leeway. Even while sweeping the monsters in front, he even read the battle situation at the rear and intervened when necessary.

It’s not difficult. The people who fight here are all followers of Agaroth, so all you have to do is send as much divine power as they wish and make a miracle happen. It was also the role of the saintess standing on the wall.

The distance was far, but their eyes met each other. The saintess stuck out her red lips toward Agaroth, made a ‘jjok’ sound, and closed one eye.

“Crazy bitch.”

At some point, the monster stopped appearing. The battle of ‘today’ is now about to end. Perhaps, considering the time, the next battle will resume tomorrow. perhaps… … Maybe, it could start sooner.

Agaroth frowned and looked down. It was full of corpses that hadn’t been burned by divine power, and the ominous miasma they poured out made Agaroth nervous.

Even if you burn it without leaving smoke or ashes, the miasma will remain, so there is no point in burning it… … It’s disgusting to leave so many corpses unattended.

As always, Agaroth sparked with divine power.

Roaring! A wall of flame was erected on the land. Even if Agaroth didn’t care, that flame would burn all the remaining corpses.

Agaroth left the wall of flame behind and headed towards the fortress.

On the other side, the new army was still fighting, but since there were not many monsters left, it looked like it would end soon.

… … It was not a very pleasing sight. Seeing this, I know for sure. The same goes for Agaroth, and Shin-kun is also weaker than ‘the first’. It is because the mind and body are tired and worn out as the war that never seems to end continues.

‘It’s time to rest.’

Come to think of it, I have never had a full day of rest since I came here. After the battle, the days to prepare for the next battle were too long. It won’t be possible to completely retreat, but if a giant or a sage comes, I’ll ask you to take charge of this place for about a month, and I’ll have to let the gods rest… … .

“… … ?”

A strange aura felt behind his back. ominous… … The presence of a feeling that cannot be expressed to that extent. Displeasure that came to mind intuitively. And, the fear that I do not want to admit and accept.

Agaroth immediately looked back.

A wall of flame soaring high enough to reach the sky. Inside, ‘something’ is wriggling.

Agaroth—- couldn’t see through what that was. Something like a shadow swaying in flames. Haze. It exists but doesn’t seem to exist, even the shape is ambiguous… … .


Something swallowed all the flames. It was as if a large hole had been pierced in the flame and sucked in. Only after the flame disappeared, Agaroth was able to see ‘that’ more clearly.

that… … It looked like it had punched a hole in the world. All colors are mixed in and around the hole. The spreading, shrinking, and mixing colors created all sorts of distortions, so the boundary between the world and the non-world was not clear.


center of the hole.

Agaroth instinctively stared at it. Even in the feast of all colors, only one color existed in the center. black darkness. A darkness that seemed to suck everything in was at the center of the hole.

“what… … .”

Agaroth muttered in a trembling voice and stepped back.

Kurrrrr! The unburnt corpses of monsters were dragged into it. At that moment, Agaroth couldn’t help but feel it with a shiver.

That ominous, colossal presence. A little bit of demonic nature mixed into it. It wouldn’t be an existence that could be identified with just that alone, but that—-there was definitely magic power in that terrible and ominous thing.

In other words, the true identity of that thing is that it is a demon lord.

“The Demon King of Destruction.”

If that thing is really a demon lord, then it shouldn’t have any other name than ‘destruction’. As much as that, Agaroth could not go against that existence and felt absolute destruction.

Why is the Demon King of Destruction here? Wasn’t the demon lord not like that demon lord not escaping the demon realm? How could it appear so suddenly? I couldn’t think of what I should have heard.

“Oh God!”

The saintess of the fortress wall screamed.

She felt the absurdity of what Agaroth was facing. Even seeing it from this distance, it seemed as if the mind would go mad and the soul itself would be polluted. Even so, the saintess did not turn her head and cried out to her god, shedding black tears of dead blood.

“No, no, no! God, please!”

I want to run away. Everyone had that thought in their heads. Even the great warrior who had followed Agaroth for the longest time out of countless followers couldn’t feel the courage at this moment.

I want to throw away the knife I am holding. I want to take off my armor and run away so that I can run as fast as possible. Even the Daejeonsa thinks so, but the other soldiers don’t think so. Many sat down in terror, and many dropped their weapons.

However, no one was able to quickly step out and escape.

This is because this place is still Agaroth’s sanctuary. Because there is a dark red sun in the sky. Faith in Agaroth resisted the fear felt by the god army. It made them not to run away from the battlefield even though they lost their fighting spirit.

that is possible.

Because Agaroth does not run away. Because Agaroth is resisting fear.

Agaroth is facing the Demon King of Destruction closer than anyone else. Because it is a guardian deity that has made this place its sanctuary, it is receiving the enormous pressure from the front of the demon king of destruction.

I feel like going crazy. The godhead itself seems to be crushed. He was like that when he was a human, and he was like that after he became a god, but Agaroth never thought of himself as insignificant.

When I was a human, I thought that I was the best among humans. He said very wrong nonsense. Ever since she was a human, Agaroth has stood on the battlefield of the gods, saved several countries, and killed several demon lords.

After becoming a god The old gods didn’t even care. A massive war with the Demon King and the Demons. In that chaotic world, heroes quickly wrote myths and gained divine status, so there are many young gods like Agaroth in this era.

But they also didn’t look very good in Agaroth’s eyes. At least, the only gods that Agaroth placed on equal footing, no, slightly lower, were the ignorant and huge giant and the sage who promised to save the world from the ivory tower.

To this young and arrogant god of war, the current feelings were very unfamiliar. difference in class. Feeling like I’m insignificant, like an existence, like I’ve become, like that, like shit.

“… … .”

Agaroth closed his mouth.

right hand. holding his sword He didn’t have to look. He felt the light of his new sword fade. He felt fear in his throbbing chest. Fear quenches the will to fight. makes me dull

“… … .”

I gripped the new sword more firmly. The fear in my heart was erased with anger and irritation. please, my god! The saintess’ screams were no longer heard in her ears, but in her head.

If you listen that way—-you can hear many, many sounds.

What is that? scared. Why did something like that appear? Why am I doing this here? I want to run away. please. I don’t want to die. Oh God. Please allow me to escape. God, please, don’t stand there like that.

“… … .”

You can also hear sounds from farther away.

what to cook for dinner tonight Will your mother be well? When is this man coming home? Let’s have one more drink, no, two more. is this coming out of here? You just need to work a little longer. It’s payday soon. love you. I miss you. thank god. You worked hard today too. tomorrow… … .

“… … Run away, stop talking bullshit.”

The gods brought here are not all of Agaroth’s followers. Followers of Agaroth live all over the continent. Their faith is becoming the strength of Agaroth and the god army.

“If you run away from here, what are you going to do with that?”

Agaroth does not know much about the demon lord of destruction. But I knew this instinctively.

If we don’t stop that from here and now, terrible things will happen. That will destroy the world in the future.

“And there’s no way I’ll let them run away.”

Agaroth murmured with a dry laugh.

I don’t feel any hostility or murderous intent from that demon lord. that… … Even if I didn’t feel anything, I just knew it.

Demon King of Destruction. He will kill all without mercy. He kills and destroys everything not because of murderous intent, hostility, hatred, or any other emotion. It was only natural for that Demon King to do that.

“All troops.”


Agaroth raised his right hand high as he gnashed his teeth.

the desire to run away. I heard you But you won’t understand. If you were going to run away when you wanted to run away, why did you join the war? Unfortunately, the god they serve is mean and damn right. In the judgment of this terrible god, he absolutely should not have run away now.

That’s why you die here today. There is no one in ten thousand. You will definitely die here.

“Follow me.”

And I die too.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 409

The new sword that was raised high fell down. Agaroth’s Sanctuary advanced.


Know. Now this action is not motivated by courage. In this battle, Agaroth did not feel any courage.

Forced. I’m just really pushing myself. Agaroth himself felt that fact more than anyone else, to the point of being terribly clear.

today i die

Agaroth accepted it.

How not to die… … running away? Regardless of whether it was possible or impossible, Agaroth did not even think of running away.

The opinions of believers were ignored. When you go to war, there are times when you have to force yourself to do something you don’t want. For Agaroth, now was such a time.


Quarrrrr! The new sword that cut through space touched the demon king of destruction. He was confident that he could cut everything in the world, but he could not inflict a single wound on the demon king of destruction. In the first place, it seems like he doesn’t have anything that could be called a ‘body’, but is it possible to injure him?

Right away, Agaroth couldn’t feel the existence of flesh, bones, or blood from the Demon Lord of Destruction.

Then, what is the reality of that existence? Distortion of space created by mixing all kinds of colors. A black hole in the middle of it.

… … heterogeneous so heterogeneous Agaroth had killed several demon lords, but he had never seen a demon lord that looked and ate like that. The other demon lords looked like creatures, even if they didn’t look like humans.

But what about that Demon King of Perdition? I’m sure it’s right in front of me, but I barely felt like a living being… … .

“What is it?”

The chills made even breathing quiver. Agaroth held his fast breathing and asked a question. But no answer came back. There is no dialogue with ‘that’.

Agaroth accepted that and grabbed the new sword with both hands.

Kwakjijik! All of Agaroth’s divine powers were filled. Even the dark red sun that sanctified this space came closer to Agaroth.


The soldiers panicked and wanted to run away. They understood the will of the God they served.

God does not run away from this battlefield. The god wished for the continuation of the war and the death of all believers here. And he even decided to die here.

Therefore, the followers could no longer remain frozen in fear. This is a battlefield, and the one they serve is the god of war. If God wants everyone to die in this war, Shinto must give up their lives.


Agaroth’s god army is composed of faithful believers who would have willingly sacrificed their lives at any time, but the presence of the demon king of destruction stimulated the primal fear of humans.


but. Even with the ‘fear’ provoked by the demon lord of destruction, her faith in Agaroth was not erased. Most of the Shingun shouted curses and took up their weapons and ran forward.

The color that the demon king of destruction was wearing spread out. The slowly advancing color pushed away Agaroth’s divine power. Eventually, that color became a wall for the soldiers holding their weapons and marching with shouts.

It became an attack that there was no way to deal with. The moment it touches the color that seems to have eroded the space itself, everything becomes powerless.

The color itself is the magic of destruction. The mana and divine power worn by the god army disappeared as soon as it touched the magic of destruction, and the armor he wore could not resist that absolute power even for a moment.

How could a human life be so worthless? The army that has won numerous wars and overwhelmed even the Demon King’s army is Agaroth’s new army. Such a god army died and became a corpse while advancing.


A colleague dies right in front of you. Still don’t back down The soldiers of the new army screamed and attacked. At the same time, they chanted Agaroth’s name and chanted. At the moment of his death, instead of screaming, he cried out for martyrdom.

Agaroth is.

I saw the bodies of the followers torn to pieces and scattered. he heard a scream He felt his presence go out.

I didn’t want to feel the fear and despair. Those two emotions make the body freeze. What Agaroth needed now was anger, hatred, and the fighting spirit that came with it.

Agaroth cursed and cut her magic. He pierced through the cracks of the fluttering and eroding magic. He swung his new sword over and over again. The sun’s rays made of divine power collided with the magic of destruction. He wanted to push away, but he couldn’t. Rather, it was Agaroth’s divine power that disappeared the more it touched.

Agaroth’s eyes glowed red. A god of war who has won hundreds of thousands of battles. Those pupils are already a power. Agaroth’s eyes see through even the first person he sees in his life.

Nothing was visible to the demon king of destruction. Unbelievably huge, ominous, and terrifying magic. A chaos of everything.

its center.

still can’t see But it was blatant, so Agaroth trusted his instincts. It was also because there was no other way.


The new army did not just die helplessly.

Agaroth’s Great Warrior. The incarnation of the god of war. He didn’t look strange when he died. When God commanded the march. The Daejeonsa stood at the forefront while feeling fear. He swung the greatsword he had been given directly from God, cutting off his magic power and moving forward.

The left arm is already gone. Blood and intestines are oozing from the torn side. Even so, the great warrior screamed and swung his greatsword.

‘It touches.’

Beyond the fluttering colors, he reached a position leading to the center of the Demon King of Perdition. The light of the new sword deepened. Will something change just by stabbing it once?

I never thought that I could defeat the demon lord of destruction with this single sword. Even if he did, he had to stretch his sword. If you don’t stretch, you can’t really do anything and end up.

The new sword emitted an intense light.

The center of the demon king of destruction.

The darkness has expanded.

… … .

I opened my eyes.

I couldn’t hear the sound in my ears. Not only sound, but most of the senses were not felt. I have my eyes open, but I can’t see very well.

The bodily sensations are faint. But I could feel it. Inside Agaroth, the voices of the followers——was not audible.

The Great Warrior is dead. A guy who has been on the battlefield together for decades. The captain and his subordinates, gods and followers, it wasn’t just that kind of relationship. To Agaroth, the Great Warrior was the most trusted colleague and friend.

he… … He didn’t even see how he died. He’s not just a bastard. Agaroth chilled and vomited blood. Most of the soldiers who marched on his orders were killed.

‘What happened?’

Agaroth thought.

“The color is scattered.”

I heard a voice right next to me. Agaroth blinked his still-unseen eyes.

“and then… … Its center, the hole, exhaled something black. At that moment, the whole place was covered, and when the black thing disappeared, only the corpse remained.”

“… … What is my condition?”

Agaroth stuttered.

My bodily sensations haven’t returned yet… … . I’m not used to this Unlike the body of a human being, the body of a god does not die even if it dies. Even if an arm is blown off, a leg is blown off, or a head is blown off, as long as the divine power remains, the fight can continue.

“The missing part is more bought than the remaining part.”

the saintess whispered. No pain… … Agaroth laughed as he coughed up his blood.

“The demon king of destruction?”

“They are approaching from afar.”

“From afar, la. did i fly Or did you bring it?”

“Both come. God, you were swept away by that black storm, but you did not completely disappear and bounced back. Right at that moment, I threw myself for you.”

The saintess’s whispers were close. You can feel it. She said that although regeneration was delayed, it was not completely over. Agaroth vomited blood a few more times before continuing.

“You run away.”

Slowly the body moves. Agaroth moved his left hand, squinting his cloudy eyes. Taking off the ring on his ring finger, he held it out toward the saintess.

“My sanctuary. If you use this, well, at least one of you will be able to escape.”

“Now you came and ordered us to run away. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better if we all ran away together right away?”

“You are one.”

The saintess laughed at Agaroth’s words.

“My God, I am amazed that you care for me. Do you really want me to survive?”


The reply made the saintess stop laughing.

“Then run away. Join the sages and colossi who are coming this way. Guys, how I died. And tell the world that destruction is coming.”

“… … .”

“After that… … .”


The saintess shook her head.

“My god. You are going to die right here, today.”


“If so, if so—- after death, what will happen to the world. Please don’t mind that. that… … Those who died later than you have their own business.”

“… … .”


The saintess laughed.

“I didn’t want to receive it this way in a place like this. I didn’t even expect to receive it. but… … Fufu, I’m really happy. My God, thank you for your favor.”

The saintess’ fingers ran across Agaroth’s cheek.

“My god. Since this will be the last time for ‘us’, I will not hesitate to speak. My God, I do not know what the world will be like in the future.”

A finger ran up her cheek and caressed Agaroth’s lips.

“Because the world without you means nothing to me. my god For you to die here today is like the end of the world to me.”

“… … .”

“Again, my god. I never wanted you to die like this. If you die, it will be—”

“You must have wanted to do it with your own hands.”

Agaroth replied. The saintess still smiled while caressing Agaroth’s lips.

“yes. my god You took everything from me in the past. I, who was on the verge of deification, was ruined by you.”

Before she became a saint, she was called the Twilight Witch. She ruled one country, invaded neighboring countries, and sacrificed everything she got her hands on to challenge the position of evil god.

But when I put him in front of me. He is downfall by Agaroth.

“My god. I hated you I wished for revenge. You took even my hatred and revenge as entertainment. You longed for me to avenge you someday, someday.”

Agaroth did not deny that. Because it is true. There were many evils committed by the ‘Twilight Witch’, but Agaroth did not regard them as faults.

The current era was a difficult time where you could do anything to survive. Her Twilight Witch failed anyway, and Agaroth reaped her as her spoils.

One day she will try to get revenge. For Agaroth, having such an ill-wisher at her side was quite an amusing prank.

“Now everything is futile.”

The finger that was caressing her lips fell off. The saintess’ figure appeared in her restored vision.

She was a mess. Bringing out Agaroth, who was swept away by the magic of destruction, was no different from soaking in his death. Agaroth stared at the face of the half-disappeared saintess.

I wasn’t upset. because i guessed At this close range, there’s no way you can’t smell the blood.

“I am ashamed to show you my ugly face.”

The saintess whispered as she opened her torn mouth.

“It’s as beautiful as usual, but what?”

If you really wanted to betray, you could always do it. The name saint was for when she fell and abandoned her. If she, as a saint, had betrayed the god she served and killed countless followers, she could have become an evil god as she pursued long ago.

I couldn’t.

“My god.”

the saintess whispered.

“This is our last… … I will reject your will. I am not going to run away. I will not see your death first, my god.”

“… … okay.”

Agaroth smiled bitterly and stretched out his hand. Agaroth’s hand caressed the saintess’s cheek, and the saintess tilted her head with a weak smile.

“If you have one last wish, listen to it.”

“Alas, my merciful God.”

The saintess smiled and held Agaroth’s face with both hands.

“A kiss.”

The saintess’s breath approached.

“and… … death to me.”

lips touch Agaroth’s hand cupped her saintess’ neck. The saintess painted a smile on her bloody lips.


Agaroth immediately laid the dead saint. A smile still lingered on her face as her neck had been broken, and the touch of lips and blood on Agaroth’s lips.

Agaroth placed the ring in her hand on the saintess’ chest.

you die here today There is no one in ten thousand. You will definitely die here.

“It’s time for revelation.”

And I die too.

Agaroth smiled and turned his head.

A color that slowly approaches. The demon king of destruction was right in front of him. In front of him were the corpses of dead believers. Agaroth made a new sword and stared at the demon king of destruction.

I pulled out my new sword. I focused all my divine power on the divine sword. Other than that, no other miracle happened. Against that, the miracles of God are meaningless. Being able to aim a sword at the front, standing face to face like this is a miracle.

“… … .”

light spreads

I was conscious of the corpses.

I felt a void in the sound that I could no longer hear inside my body.

At that moment, my heart was still.

‘that… … I was angry, hated, and I wasn’t the target for that. Like most geniuses do. It does not move with malice and murderous intent.

“… … .”


It does not move with malice and murderous intent.

So there is no need to be angry or hateful? There is no such thing in the world. Anger and hatred are completely my own feelings. What is the reason not to be angry and hate the destruction that suddenly appears and tries to end everything?

He is a god, but he was once a human, and he has lived as a human longer than he has been a god.

For this reason, Agaroth felt human-like hatred and anger at the destruction in front of her eyes, a catastrophe that humans could never resist.

Agaroth held up his new sword and walked forward.

Just like when the demon lord of destruction first appeared, he continued to advance without stopping.

Agaroth and the Demon King of Destruction met, and the fluttering colors swallowed Agaroth.

After that, the demon lord of destruction stopped.

He didn’t move from the spot for several days.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 410

From there, ‘memories’ continued sparsely.

Agaroth, who was swallowed up by the Demon Lord of Destruction, did not die immediately. He roamed the abyss where there seemed to be no end, and cut through the overflowing mana and color.

Gods and humans were equal in the face of destruction that made everything futile. It was meant to be. However, Agaroth endured for quite a long time in the destruction. It didn’t even reach the magical power that drove the mind crazy. He didn’t forget himself.

Many voices that have already disappeared. But far, far away, voices could still be heard.

The voices of the followers of Agaroth. And, the believers who had already died thought. An old friend who couldn’t even look at death until the end. The wicked woman who killed her by breaking her neck with this hand. Comrades who went through a long and long war together and came out victorious. besides that, other relationships.

and me.

As the sparse memories progressed, Agaroth died. He wandered through the endless abyss, swinging his sword over and over again.

last memory.

To put a new sword in an empty place. My body, which had been forced to walk, collapsed, and I endured using my new sword as a staff—


Yujin opened her eyes. He stared at the new sword that was stretched out in front of him. That new sword looked very shabby compared to Agaroth’s new sword that I had just recalled.

‘More than that… … .’

Yujin’s expression couldn’t help but wrinkle. It’s good that he recalled Agaroth’s memories, but his memories weren’t perfect. Not all of Agaroth’s memories came to mind, only the memories literally just before his death.

War with Nur. The descent of the demon king of destruction. death.

“… … .”

Needless to say, it didn’t feel too good. In this memory, Eugene was Agaroth.

The emotions Agaroth felt. death of believers. All of that left an emotional residue on Eugene now. Especially at the end, when Saint Agaroth dies. The emotions Agaroth felt at that moment.

“I understand this.”

Eugene clicked his tongue and put down his new sword.

“I am different from Agaroth.”

Eugene’s previous life was Hamel. Depending on the environment, education, and experience from birth to reincarnation to the present, the personality may not be exactly the same as Hamel’s. However, despite this, the current ‘Eugene Lionheart’ cannot be a completely different person from ‘Hamel Diners’.

But to Agaroth, to the memories of that god of war, I couldn’t help but feel various ‘differences’.

What if Eugene was in that situation? It seemed that Eugene would not choose to fight the demon lord of destruction. He either chooses to plan the latter where possible—-or, if someone had to sacrifice himself to stop it.

‘I think I would have been left alone.’

It seemed that he would not mercilessly advance the believers who were crying out for flight. Actually, there was no need for that.

The battle with the demon lord of destruction… … It couldn’t even be called a battle, but the believers were of no help in confronting the demon lord of destruction. Their deaths, to put it harshly, were nothing more than burial.

Why did Agaroth make such a choice? The era at the time, the human self of Agaroth, and the fact that Agaroth was both a human and a god… … Even after thinking about those things, Eugene couldn’t fully understand Agaroth’s choice.

It would be ridiculous and arrogant to try to understand a person from thousands of years ago, not even dozens or hundreds of years in the first place.

‘I don’t understand why he kept the saintess by his side until the end.’

Goddess of War. Twilight Witch. She’s not a warlock, but she wasn’t too different from a warlock. She used a kingdom as a testing ground for her magic, and in the end, she tried to become an evil god herself by annihilating all of the king’s people. In other words, what her saintess did was similar to Edmond who wanted to become the Great Demon King through her consciousness.

If it were Eugene, he would never let such a madman live. No matter how powerful they are, they will kill you unconditionally. Even if I swear allegiance for the rest of my life, I will not keep you by my side.

But what about Agaroth? He took her witch under his wing and kept her by her side. He wasn’t without surveillance, but he even let her witch go relatively free, hoping that she would some day play tricks.

“… … .”

In the end, the woman died as a saint, not a witch. Along the way, she served Agaroth even though she had the chance to betray her several times.

Eugene—- couldn’t properly understand all of that. This is because Agaroth’s memory is not perfect, and the emotional line itself is different.

Even after seeing the memories, doubts remain.

What I saw in the darkroom. A man walking through a corpse-filled wasteland with his shoulders drooping in despair.

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