Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 133

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that it’s looking at me

That the gaze was never friendly.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 418

body odor.

Without exaggeration, it really was. Alpiero stood silently and looked into the room.

Empty potion bottles are strewn about the floor. Among them, the placenta is shattered, and bandages with black blood are piled on the floor.

Hiss, hissing breathing.

A half-reclining Amelia Merwin is seen.

The place where she lay was not a bed, but a piece of furniture that looked like a bathtub. Inside, there were various potions, unknown secretions, and Amelia’s blood. Judging from the movement of the tubes connected to her body, it seemed that the liquid filling that bathtub-like thing was replacing Amelia’s bodily fluids.

“Did you mix drugs?”

Alpiero clicked his tongue and stepped into a room reminiscent of a garbage dump full of the smell of corpses. Quasac. The potion bottle was shattered when it was stepped on by the shoe’s foot.

“There are only things so terrible that even demons can be poisoned. But it doesn’t seem to have any effect.”

hiss… … Hiss.

Amelia Merwin even wore an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth. She stared at Alpiero without answering.

Blurred eyes… … have you gone away? Or is it just that reason has been clouded by the medicinal effect? I hope it can’t be Al Piero moved closer to Amelia, shaking her head.

“No amount of drugs can relieve the pain of being torn apart. Amelia Merwin. In my view, you are doing something pointless. Even if it completely changes bodily fluids, cuts off all nerves, and even demolishes consciousness… … Doesn’t that change your existence?”

“What are you here for?”

The answer came not from Amelia’s mouth, but from a pipe that jutted out of the bathtub.

“Listen to the advice first. Because I sincerely feel sorry for your downfall.”

“dog sound.”

“As long as you are here and the contract is signed with the demon lord of confinement, La Vista has no choice but to rebel against your very existence. You have only two choices. One is to leave La Vista. The other is to break the contract with the demon king of confinement and make a contract with the demon king of destruction.”

No voice came out of the pipe tube.

The reason is simple. This coffin is what Amelia turns into sound from what’s in her head, so it can’t make a sound like ‘laugh’.

Alpiero, unaware of the fact, continued to speak.

“You must know that a contract is made immediately when you go down to the temple and pray for it. Even if it is a contract made directly with the demon king of confinement, it cannot precede the contract with the demon king of destruction. The relationship between you and the demon king of confinement naturally ended… … .”

“The subject who sent me to La Vista because he was afraid of the demon king of confinement. Don’t pretend to be anything.”

“You are ignoring the favor.”

“Because I know what you say is not out of favor. You don’t like me, and you want me to go out and die, right? Or do you want to see me succumbing to pain and terror, begging the demon lord of destruction?”

The voice is poignant. But Amelia’s body still limp in her bathtub. With the sound of her bubbling, the sap from her bathtub flowed down the tube.

“I have no intention of giving up anything I have won. If you have to endure it, you can endure it as much as you want.”

shit, shit. Amelia’s body began to crack. The dismembered body was dissolved in the sap and scattered.

Alpiero silently stared at Amelia’s body. Her body, immersed in her sap, was her naked body, her right arm remained, but her left arm was missing, and her lower body, from below her upper abdomen, was non-existent.

nonetheless alive Even though the placenta in the intestines had disappeared, black magic kept the body that was no different from a corpse alive. Even at this moment, even as her body continued to disintegrate and rot away, Amelia was holding on.

“I have no intention of letting go of anything.”

Alpiero chuckled.

“Ignorance is truly ridiculous. I’ve already let go of a lot of things, and I don’t know even that and I’m bragging about it.”

“What do you mean?”

Amelia asked quickly. Al Fierro told her about what was happening ‘outside’, feeling quite sorry for the fact that she couldn’t make her face.

The mad king has been resurrected.

Eugene Lionheart subdued the Mad King.

Senya of Calamity has returned to Arot’s magical academia.

Around the same time, the White Pagoda Lord Melchis Elhair has been indiscriminately attacking the dungeons of the Nahama Desert.

Sultan is not able to take a hardline response because he is paying attention to the continent.

“Even at this moment, the forces you placed in the desert… … .”


Before Alpiero could finish his words, a sound like scraping metal echoed from the inside of the pipe. What emerged from Amelia’s consciousness. It was a scream without voice.

Chick-gigg, snip-giggigig! The pipes vibrated and made scratching noises, and Amelia’s body in her bathtub shuddered and her sap sloshed.

A noise that couldn’t even be called a scream. Al Piero was taken aback, but far from worrying about Amelia, he even clapped her hands and laughed at her.

“oh my god! Amelia, I never thought I would hear such funny screams from you!”

Amelia didn’t hear that voice. At this moment, the anger and loss Amelia felt was worse than the pain in her body as she neared death.

The pipe tube let out a metallic scream for a long time. Al Piero retreated to the side of the bathtub, entwined his arms and enjoyed the heat.


The scream of metal is over. But Amelia’s body still had intermittent tremors.

Alpiero tilted his head and stared at Amelia’s face.


that word. Alpiero’s cheeks twitched. He slowly lowered himself to eye level with Amelia.

It was questionable whether those hazy eyes were looking straight ahead, but Alpiero glared at Amelia’s soul in the eyes.

“Why should I do your favor?”

“You have listened to my request until now.”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know why I did that?”

Alpiero laughed and got up. He glared at Amelia’s disfigured body.

It is true that he had been accepting Amelia’s requests up until now. Amelia is completely dependent on the outside information that Alpiero brings her. If Al Piero doesn’t deliver the information right away, Amelia will be completely isolated in La Vista and will have lost her eyes and ears.

Alpiero doesn’t like Amelia. I think it’s a hybrid. She is annoyed with Amelia for coming back and shutting herself out for her own comfort.

Even so, what he did not turn away—- was to accurately grasp Amelia’s heart. What is Amelia’s purpose? If she became a stick of confinement, would she rather hide in Babel, the devil’s castle, or why did she hide in La Vista rather than the sphere of influence of the devil’s confinement?

“i know.”

A voice came from the pipe tube.

“Alpiero. You’re probably wondering what I’m up to. Maybe, enemies who want to kill me are looking forward to coming to La Vista.”

I wasn’t wrong either.



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300 years have passed since the War Era.

It wasn’t even an incredibly long time for the demons. Among the numerous demons who have lived since that era, how many demons do not miss the war era when they could run amok to their heart’s content?

Alpiero misses the war era. It’s not just Alpiero. Demons living like hermits in La Vista. Most of them miss the war era.

Originally, the demon king of destruction had no followers.

but. 300 years ago, after the demon king of confinement suddenly declared war. Unknown temples appeared all over Helmud.

No matter what kind of demon it was, if you went to the temple and longed for it, you could sign a contract with the demon king of destruction.

At first, all kinds of demons made a contract with the demon king of destruction.

Most died within a few days, unable to withstand the magic of destruction. After such verification, the demons who already had enough power but wanted more power signed a contract with the demon king of destruction.

Why do you want power? It was simple. war era. In order to survive in the era of competing for supremacy on the continent. To enjoy the time and run amok.

It was the same with Alpiero.

He has no doubt that one day war will break out again. As it was 300 years ago, I believe that the silent demon of destruction will arise and rampage. Because he is desperate, he is enduring in La Vista. As long as the demon king of confinement promised peace, going wild outside is impossible.

But—- if, Amelia Merwin’s enemy… … If the hero of this era, Eugene Lionheart, came to La Vista to kill Amelia.

“I will tell you what you want to know.”

Emotions are not mixed with the voice that flows from the pipe pipe. Not even Amelia’s own voice.

“I intend to wage war.”

Amelia Merwin. she spat in the dry voice of the device.

“It is different from 300 years ago. I am dreaming of a war that neither the demon king of confinement nor the demon king of destruction started. it’s me Amelia Merwin is starting a war.”

“… … What are you talking about?”

“I was worried that the demon king of confinement might be blocking it, but there was no need to worry about that. Because the demon king of confinement is very generous with the ‘freedom’ of his followers. Of course, I force you to take responsibility.”

That’s why I couldn’t take Babel as a refuge.

It was because of what Amelia Merwin had done that she became hostile to Eugene Ryanhart and Senya Merdane. If Amelia had tried to use Babel as her refuge, far from ending her relationship there—- the demon king of confinement would have killed Amelia Merwin.

“I have prepared. I seduced the sultan. At least three times the current territory. My eyes rolled when I said that I would give you fertile land instead of a dry desert.”

“… … A war going on with Nahama on its back… … .”

“Do you know how many demons miss the war era?”

The pipe piper’s voice cut off Alpiero’s words.

“Now the continent is peaceful. In particular, Helmud is said to have made remarkable progress, so much so that it is impossible to recall the traces of the war era and the previous era. I don’t know because I didn’t live in that era. You know because you lived in that era.”

“… … .”

“but. No matter how developed the civilization is, no matter how convenient the world becomes, it is the ‘Evils’ who live in Helmud. There are a lot of cubs who have adapted to the current Helmood and become pigs, but there are also many demons who couldn’t adapt and ended up in camps called correctional centers. Or going to and fro in the slums, or living in the sewer, the bottom of the bottom.”

Not everyone is like that. The astute demons hide their monster nature and wear masks suitable for an era of peace.

Most of Helmud’s top class was like that. high-ranking nobles. Right now, Gavid Lindman and Noir Jebela are in that position.

“You know what I put the most effort into in Nahama? It was to completely take over the desert dungeon and expand it. As a result, Nahama has more than a lot of warlocks, and now it has become the land of the largest number of warlocks on the continent.”

Except for special cases such as Amelia Merwin, all warlocks are born by making a contract with the demons.

It is rare to dream of becoming a black mage from the beginning and sign a contract with the demons. In most cases, an ordinary wizard… … A black mage’s job change is accomplished as he despairs of his talent, collapses into a magical wall, or covets something that cannot be pursued with ordinary magic.

If Arot’s Black Mage Tower is a research group of black magicians who have already been verified, Nahama’s black magic dungeon is a more pure ‘school’. A place where the Dungeon Master is the best teacher and black magicians are trained through apprenticeship education. When a normal mage studies in a dungeon, he waits for a black mage teacher for several years and then signs a contract with a high-ranking demon.

“There is a demon behind the black magician. This is normal. Not all of them were in favor of my war, but I can be sure of this. They are all waiting for war.”

Black magicians summoned to the desert. The demons behind it are demons who lost power in Pandaemonium.

Demons who received a plausible title after the war and still hold it, but have not preserved their place in Pandaemonium. Or the hardliner demons who rebelled against the peace declared by the demon king in captivity and went back home. The war heroes who were pushed back by Noir Jebelana and Gavid Lindman.

There are also rookie demons who have not experienced the war era. They lament that they were not born in the era of war, and are waiting for the next war.

“… … The demons you wage war through Nahama will not cooperate with you.”

“I have the means to make them cooperate.”

can become a demon

I intend to seduce you like that. The ceremony prepared by Edmund Codlet was confirmed through Blood Mary. Amelia herself had no intention of holding the ceremony—-but for the demons who wished for war and greater power, being able to sit on the throne of the ‘Demon King’ would be an irresistible temptation.

“Iris. The fact that that idiot became a demon king should lighten the buttocks of other demons. If I supply and demand sacrifices and fear through war, and achieve transcendence with the ritual I provided, become the demon king. At this level, you can mobilize many demons in the war.”

“… … .”

“How are you? You want war, too. Alpiero Lasat. Don’t you want to become a demon king by sneaking into my war? If you wish, if you do my favor, I will be the first to do it. Even at the expense of the citizens of the entire Nahama capital.”

“I don’t want to become a demon king.”

Alpiero shook his head.

“I… … What I want is war. And, to see the demon king of destruction descending into war and rampaging. As a follower, you are joining the battlefield.”

“My request?”

“I am interested in the war you want to wage.”

The foot that had retreated came forward again. Al Fierro sat on the edge of her bathtub and stared into Amelia’s eyes.

“What kind of favor would you like to ask?”

“I will let my dog ​​outside. ‘Cause I can’t go out I want to negotiate with the demons through that dog and use it in various ways… … Unfortunately, now I am too weak. You can’t pull on a dog leash so hard.”

“… … so?”

“You know? The dog chained outside is a chimera mixed with a vampire. So, feed me some of your blood.”

“You mean you will manage the dog through me.”

“I’m a weak dog, worried that if I leave it outside, it might get beaten somewhere… … If you feed on your blood, you won’t get hit anywhere.”

“I’ll put the other vampires in the clan behind me.”

The Lasat Clan, where Alpiero is a Lord, is a vampire clan that dominated the war era. Although the entire clan is secluded in La Vista, sub-clans are still active in Helmud.

“… … Are you not going to let the other dog out?”

“It won’t end like a dog.”

Amelia answered.

“Honestly, I don’t know what happens to it either.”

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 419

A desert that is too wide. No matter which way I look, I see only sand, and a murderous sunlight hits my head.

In particular, this area is famous for being harsh among the deserts that occupy most of Nahama’s territory. There are no villages nearby, no oasis. So, naturally, it is a place that tourists do not come close to.

To be precise, it was intentionally made that way. If there is no natural oasis, it can be made artificially, but there is a reason for not doing so.

An uninhabited desert. It’s a desolate land—- but the tribe of warlocks love this kind of environment very much.

No matter what you do deep in the ground, there will be no rumors or surveillance. In addition, the desert is a place where it is not strange even if a few people go missing, so in many ways it is a good land for black magicians to work.

“I think the black magicians of Arot must have been gentlemen and decent guys.”

The White Magic Tower Master, Melchis Elhair.

she grumbled as she dusted her robes.

“huh? That’s right. Even in Arrot, people sometimes go missing and die, but the Black Mage Tower itself was pretty innocent about those things, right?”

Arot, the kingdom of magic. All the magicians of the world gather there. Magical experiments on humans are cheating and taboo, but most of the tribe of wizards will lightly commit the taboo if they can satisfy their curiosity.

Such a habit creates an unavoidable shadow in Arot. Wizards who pursued knowledge that could not be disclosed to the outside world were not limited to black magicians. If it stopped at corpses or vagrants, it was quite good, and in severe cases, there were even people who touched normal citizens or tourists.

However, a wizard belonging to the Mage Tower cannot cross the line like that. This is because the Mage Tower strictly manages the wizards it belongs to.

“But here in the desert, there is nothing to regulate mages. Aren’t warlocks the only problem? About a third of the people I’ve buried in the sand over the last few months were just wizards.”

Melchis had also heard the story of Nahama’s Warlock Dungeon many times. A group of independent wizards who refuse to even belong to a guild, with dungeons replacing the role of small magic towers. But—-I never thought it would be this serious.

It was an unavoidable problem.

A wizard, especially a high-ranking wizard, is, in the end, more like a wizard than any other wizard. Rather than thinking about how wizards in other countries are doing, he is just busy thinking about how to develop his magic and what kind of research he should do next.

“Hey there, but by the way, this older sister, huh? A long way from home… … Uh, come to think of it, do you know where my hometown is? Of course you don’t know! because i never told you Voila, my hometown is the kingdom of Allos in the north. It is one of the only countries that belong to the Anti-Magic Alliance. There is probably no one as famous and talented as me in the past and future of the kingdom of Allos.”

Melchis chattered nonstop.

“Anyway, the great Melchis Elhair. Wandering alone in the desert far from home, dying of steam during the day and freezing to death at night, facing evil wizards who do evil and heinous things… … Why are you not saying a word?”

[I don’t answer, but I’m listening.]

The wind spirit floating around Melchis approached and answered.

Eugene Lionhart. He was still with Moron in Reheinyar, and he heard the report from Melchis using the wind spirit in this way.

“really? Really? Eugene, I’m lonely these days. Do you want to know what solitude is in this desert… … .”

[Don’t say nasty things.]

“That’s disgusting! Is it disgusting to you that your sister is lonely?”

[What do you mean by loneliness? Melchis-nim plays well alone. There are many people to talk to alone.]

“What kind of bullshit is having a lot of people to talk to alone?”

[There are spirits.]

“Hey! Are spirits human? A spirit is a spirit.”

[That word feels like spirit discrimination in a sense… … Melchis-sama doesn’t consider spirits as conversation partners. Isn’t such an idea bound to resent Tempest… … .]

“Oh no no no no! I don’t mean that! To me, spirits are higher beings that are far superior and higher than insignificant humans! Waiting for the spirit to speak first, which me and the like cannot dare to choose as a conversation partner!”

Melchis hurriedly collected his words.

“So, huh? Say something to Tempest. I mean, this is really weird… … . There must have been a link in the conversation between me and Tempest, but no matter how much I call, Tempest doesn’t answer. Could it be that the connection with me has been lost?”

[hmm… … no. That’s not it. Tempest is… … tranquil? quiet? I like the silent elemental lord.]

“That is me.”

[It’s hard to respond to Melchis-sama’s constant calls.]

“hmm… … Wouldn’t it be better to communicate with each other through frequent conversations and increase the response… … .”

[Tempest said, for now, just focus on raising a vessel as a Elementalist… … .]

“Why am I only talking to you when I can talk to you?”

[Exchanging conversations can itself be a burden to Melchis-nim. It’s a big deal if you get overloaded in the desert and collapse.]

“You are worrying about me!”

Melchis made a fuss and jumped up in place.

“Then there is nothing you can do. okay. Are you still with Moron?”

[After watching, I’m going to sparring with Moron again.]

“Are you looking at me and telling me to hang up quickly? too much really I’m going through hardships in this f*cking desert at someone’s request~”

[It was a deal.]

With Eugene drawing a line like a knife, Melchis had no choice but to say something. However, this shameless high spirits pouted his lips without hesitation.

“Yeah~ Deal~ It’s really good~ I’m really envious~”

[Isn’t there such a thing as saving face…? … .]

“Yeah~ No~ Even if you care about that, it’s just annoying~”

[Eh… … .]

Eugene let out a deep sigh.

after a very short time has passed. The wind spirit gave off a completely different presence. Melchis looked in the direction of the wind spirit in amazement.

It was still in the form of a beginner spirit, but the presence felt from the wind that swept around it was unmatched.

[…] … request.]

The wind spirit spat out a solemn voice.


Melchis cheered and jumped up in place.

that voice! It is the voice of the wind spirit king, Tempest. The voice he hadn’t heard even after talking to him every day for months gave him encouragement, and the dissatisfaction in Melchis’ head was cleared away.

“I can’t help it if Tempest asks!”

No more answers came back. Tempest, who couldn’t refuse what Eugene ordered and gave her encouragement, covered her ears again. Eugene went to sparring with Moron as he did every day, and Cristina and Anise followed suit to recover from the sparring injuries.

What is Senya? She is having a busy day in Arrot.

And Melchis is walking in the desert.

It’s hot during the day, cold at night, and there’s only sand everywhere you look, a shitty desert.

However, Melchis feels no discomfort in this desert. The only environment that limits the archmage inconveniently is the concentration of mana, and mana exists anywhere in the world except in very special circumstances. If the Archmage can only use magic, he can create water even in land where there is no drop of water.

And Melchis is not only a great wizard, but also a great spirit. For her contract with the spirit king of the earth, her hot, sweltering desert land held no threat.

The only threat is whether or not there is food… … Melchis Elheyer. She was the owner of an amazing diet and vitality, able to eat crustaceans that lived under the sand without changing her expression.

[This way.]

“How many are there?”

[A little over 50 people.]

“Who is the Dungeon Master?”

[From my point of view, the 7th circle. The wizards under his command have an average of 5 circles.]

“It’s a fairly high level dungeon. The Warlock of the 7th Circle… … Considering his hidden talents and magical powers, he should have judged that he was close to being an archmage.”

[A store?]

The earth spirit king, Yanos, asked.

Melchis had never felt lonely since he came to the desert. For her, her spirit is her comfortable companion and companion.

“I wonder if it’s only middle-class wizards. As long as there are archmage level, there will be no easy burial. Rather, it will come out and make a fuss.”

As long as it is a mage’s dungeon, the defense against external attacks should be solid. If the archmage were mixed with it, it would survive Yanos’s burial.

Even if no one comes and goes in this desert, it stands out too much when you run rampant with magic on the ground. In fact, considering what they’ve done over the past few months, it should have been reported to the Sultan right away… … There was no reaction whatsoever. The famous Assassins of Nahama never came to assassinate, nor were they attacked by the Sandcastles.

Still, you have to be careful. Surprisingly, Melchis had such awareness.

[If you go further than this, there is a magic trap.]

“I know.”

Janos saw through it before warning.

The moment you set foot in the realm, the desert will become an ant hell and plunge Melchis into the dungeon at the bottom. Melkis knew that, but he didn’t slow down. The place he had to go anyway was an underground dungeon, and what Melchis had to do was to annihilate the dungeon’s warlocks or the wizards who wanted to become warlocks.

At first, I thought I had to kill him. I thought it would be okay to just destroy the dungeon.

After actually seeing the dungeon. Melchis did not hesitate to bury all the warlocks in the dungeon in the sand. So far, she has already destroyed over 10 dungeons, but only 3 of them have escaped her annihilation. The rest of the dungeon wizards deserved to die.

“I understand.”

Melchis grumbled as he pulled the hood of his robe over.

“Taboo research is fun and attractive. Still, if you’re human, shouldn’t you follow the minimum rules when dealing with the same person? Well, there are various types of magic experiments conducted on humans. But why are all the guys in this desert dungeon like that?”

[Contractor. Have you ever thought of doing experiments or research related to humans?]

The lightning spirit king, Levin, spoke.


Melchis answered without hesitation.

“A body that is not cheap even if you eat it.”


“A body that doesn’t get fat even if you eat it.”

[Contractor. what are you saying… … .]

“How convenient is it? Wouldn’t it be utopia if not only wizards, but all humans in the world had bodies like that? That is the right magic experiment to contribute to the world.”

[that… … Fire or fire… … Aren’t you interested in that kind of research?]

“Ah, what immortality? It is the providence of nature that those who go go go and those who go go go.”

While saying that, Melchis prepared various types of magic. It is to break into the dungeon with bare body.

It’s probably a trap to secure experimental materials, so you don’t have to worry about your body exploding the moment you get buried in the ant hell… … something you can’t be sure of.

Melchis kept talking while wearing various types of defense magic.

“If everyone in the world becomes immortal, will one day be filled with people with nowhere to set foot on the earth? And living a long life is not necessarily a good thing. Being able to die when you want to die is a blessing… … .”

“I agree.”


A voice came from right behind me. Melchis screamed in amazement and fired his magic. Roaring! Ifrit’s flames swept behind her.

“I think it’s my fault for surprising you, but isn’t this too much? Attacking with the Flame Spirit King? Most people would have turned to ashes if they had just been hit by a spark.”

“What what what, what, what!”

“Isn’t it a situation where you shouldn’t make a fuss?”

“How can you not make a fuss?!”

I was so shocked that the hair on my head stood on end. Melchis quickly stepped back and glared at the man with a wary expression.

The Black Mage Tower Master, Balzac Rudbesse.

A year ago, the great forest of Samar. After the tribal war there was over, Balzac, who had left to return to Arot first—- went missing without reaching Alot. It’s not just a wizard, it’s because the Magic Tower has evaporated, so Arot and the Wizards Guild used various methods to track Balzac’s whereabouts… … He earned no income.

Rumors circulated about the whereabouts of the missing Balzac. There are rumors that the wise Senya who returned to Arot killed the black mage lord, and there were also rumors that Helmud’s existence was obliterated due to conflict.

Either way, the truth was unknown. Melchis didn’t pay much attention either.

Balzac Rudbesse. Although they are the same Mage Tower owner, they are not very close, and they are rarely directly involved. They had known each other for decades, but the war in the Great Forest was the first time they had done anything together.

I wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

I thought so. The owner of the black pagoda was a suspicious person in terms of his name, appearance, and everything, so he did not think that he would die in vain.

Didn’t you even say that your secret wish as a wizard is to become a ‘legend’?

The greatest wizard in the world. Like the wise Senya, Balzac’s longing is to become a wizard who can engrave his name in the history of magic for hundreds of years. With that level of skill and position, there is no way a wizard who seriously dreams of becoming a ‘legend’ will never die in vain.

“… … Why are you here?”

“That is what I want to ask. White Mage Tower. Why are you here?”

Balzac gazed at Melchis with a calm expression. Then, Balzac smiled and shook his head.

“Even without hearing from you, I’m guessing. It must be because of Eugene-sama’s request.”

“… … .”

“I don’t know what kind of deal went on, but… … White Pagoda Master, there’s no way you’re going to fight the warlock dungeon, no, the entirety of Nahama, for personal reasons. I can’t think of any motive for that. But Eugene-nim has a reason for that.”

“It’s not? EUGENE He has nothing to do with it. I am doing it alone.”

“Are you loyal enough to Yujin to use poisonous poison?”

“It’s rude and bad to talk about your own convictions, Black Tower Master. Stop thinking about it and answer my questions. What the hell are you doing here?”

“What are you doing? It’s hard to give a specific answer… … hmm. What you did recently is your counselor.”

“… … what?”

“Baektapju, the corpses you buried were neatly erased, and the unprocessed ones in the dungeon were also erased. The warlocks you expelled without killing, and the hostages you returned to the city, were silenced. I also sent back the Assassins dispatched to capture you.”


“There are over 10 dungeons you’ve cleared in the last few months alone. Having done that, did you really think that the sultan of this country would do nothing?”

“I’m not asking that.”

Melchis’s eyes sparkled and shone. Balzac was overcome by the sense of intimidation of the Grand Spirit, who had reached the pinnacle and coveted beyond.

“The black magician I sent alive. Hostages returned to the city. did you touch it?”

Melchis was outraged by that fact.

The guys who were sent alive because they didn’t need to be killed. And the hostages who survived fortunately. If Balzac had done something to them on his own, Melchis would not restrain himself and be angry.

“Do I look like such a bad person?”

Balzac put on an expression of genuine regret.

“You say you’re silent?”

“I literally just shut my mouth. Baektapju, I didn’t do anything harsh to them like you thought.”


On the topic of raising his anger to the brink of bursting just before, Melchis calmed down his emotions as easily as flipping his palm. Then he jerked his body around, and he started heading towards the ant hell that led to the dungeon.

Balzac stared blankly at the back of Melchis, who left first, and then followed.

“Aren’t you going to ask more?”

“Due to your personality, you wouldn’t even answer if I asked, so why ask more questions?”


“I was worried because he squealed and even used magic. Hmm, you didn’t blindly startle me from behind, did you?”

Balzac’s magic is mixed around traps. Perhaps thanks to that, the black magicians in the dungeon didn’t notice that Melchis was standing over their heads.

“by the way. I’m curious about this. You mentioned that you’ve been cleaning things up without my knowledge until now, so why did you come out yourself this time? Isn’t it too late to advise you not to do anything dangerous?”

“I was trying to say that it is better not to touch this dungeon.”


“The dungeon master here is a warlock named Arasque, but regardless of his skills and personality… … It is because the contracted demons are very aggressive.”


“Harpeuron. The title is Count, and Helmud’s rank is 57th. He is a greedy and possessive demon. If, White Pagoda Master, you attack and kill the Dungeon Master—- Harpeuron gets angry… … .”

“Rather good.”

Melchis smiled broadly.

“What I need is such a furious reaction.”

“… … Not you, but Eugene-sama’s wish… … .”

“huh? It’s not? what do i need? Why do you keep talking about Eugene who isn’t even here? What a strange person.”

Melchis waved his hand.

ㅡQuarrrr! The ant hell beneath my feet activated, and in an instant, the sandy bottom began to whirl and sink towards the center. Melchis did not resist and looked back at his Balzac, dragged along by the sand.

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I don’t want to face you.”

“Will you wait here?”

Balzac sighed deeply and walked into the ant-hell. Melchis smiled knowingly and raised his hand.


Melchis fell into the desert with his arms raised.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 420

What is Balzac up to? That suspicious man must be hiding something. It is suspicious that it evaporated as if it had disappeared without telling anyone in the first place.

What Balzac has been doing for the past year, why he is here in the desert, and why he is trying to clear up what happened to Melchis.


After a brief thought, Melchis came to a certain conclusion. She hesitated for a moment, then began to speak in the most cautious tone possible.

“hmm… … sometimes… … The fact that you love someone can hurt them.”


“Whatever you do, I… … I mean I can’t reciprocate your heart. that… … You don’t have the ability and looks to be inferior anywhere, so you’re a good person besides me… … Well, actually this is impossible. There is no good person in this world who can replace me.”

“What are you talking about?”

Balzac, who had always responded with a thin smile on most occasions, but this time, on rare occasions, was genuinely serious.

“Are you pretending not to be shy? It’s no use. I’ve already noticed your heart.”

“I asked what you were talking about.”

“If you think rationally and logically, conclusions come immediately. you are… … love me, no, love me The important thing here is when did it start?”

“Please stop.”

“It must be the great forest of Samar. The image of me using the Infinity Force there for the first time must have been amazing even to me. You fell in love with me then.”

“I told you to stop.”

“first love. You, who are not accustomed to that destructive echo, ran away because you had no confidence to face me in Alot. I tried to forget myself by locking myself in this desert, but ah! Be indifferent even to the sky, just like fate! You met me in the desert.”

“… … .”

“Umm, let me be clear, this isn’t destiny, so don’t get me wrong. Anyway, because you can’t leave me alone, because you love me, because you’re worried! Make my back feel bad like a stalker… … .”


Balzac’s cheek muscles twitched as if they had gone through a spasm.

“As I swear to you, I have never had such feelings for you.”

“It’s okay not to be shy.”

“Not only in the past and now, but never in the future.”

“You really don’t like me?”


It was a knife-like answer, but Melchis still looked suspicious. But instead of continuing to ask, he snapped his fingers at one wall.

Paperweight! A stream of lightning shot from the fingertips destroyed the entire wall.

“Grrrrr… … !”

The warlock, who had been hiding with magic close to the wall, was electrocuted and rolled on the floor. Melchis stood blowing and looked around, after which his fingers had shot down his lightning stalk.

The dungeon we arrived at after falling into the ant hell. The first thing I saw were 14 warlocks. As soon as they saw Melchis, who had come out to capture the victim who had fallen through the trap, they panicked and took action.

Melchis was much faster than they were doing anything. The lightning spirit king she contracted, Levin, is far superior to the other spirit kings in her quick attack. It was impossible to block Levin’s lightning with defensive magic of around 5 circles.

A flash of lightning, the moment it exploded. The situation has already been sorted out. While asking Yanos to find out the exact shape of the dungeon, I tried Balzac… … Melchis, still unable to shake off his doubts, glanced at Balzac.

“Lord of the White Pagoda.”

There was no way that Balzac could not have noticed the meaning of that gaze. He said, still staring at Melchis with a smile on his face.

“I have eyes to see and a head to think.”

“If those two function properly, there’s no way they wouldn’t fall for me… … .”

“It’s functioning so well that I never have those feelings for you.”

Balzac once again clearly drew the line.

I thought that I was unfair. This misunderstanding was not the first. Previously, Balzac had been strangely misunderstood for doing someone a favor. He still couldn’t forget that Eugene asked if he was gay… … .


The earth trembled.

[The hostages held on the other floor were separated first.]

“A workshop?”

[You don’t have to check it yourself.]

Yanos spoke in a calm voice, and Melchis’ eyes darkened coldly. That said, you don’t have to check the workshop yourself. It was Yanos’ consideration for Melchis, and at the same time, it was the exact meaning of the words.

“Take it down.”

[I get it.]

ㅡKurrureung! The dungeon began to vibrate loudly. The huge underground workshop had begun to completely collapse. The warlocks who were experimenting there screamed in surprise and resisted the collapse, but dozens of warlocks could not stop the wrath of the earth spirit king who invaded the dungeon.

“Who is the Dungeon Master?”

[The deepest part of the dungeon. I feel a strong presence there.]

“More than me?”

[…] … half of you… … No, weaker than that… … .]

An obvious question. He didn’t want to brag about Melchis by answering, but Yanos had no choice but to care that Melchis’s mood had become cold due to the victims in the battle. Apart from being a madman, this crazy contractor was a good person.

[joy! There’s no way that the elemental wizard who contracted with this Ifrit is weaker than a warlock!]

Hwareuk! Unsummoned flames swirled around Melchis. Melchis, who had a triumphant expression on his face, immediately put his hands together and rubbed them with a servile expression when the flames of Ifrit appeared.

“Aww, don’t be like that. Ifrit! I, who signed a contract with you, can’t be weaker than a warlock who hasn’t even reached the 8th circle!”

[Contractor! Use my flame for the condemnation here! I, Ifrit, will never forgive the evil warlocks who worship the Demon King!]

“all right!”

[Even in this era of peace, the evil deeds of black magicians do not stop! They are wrong from the very beginning! Is it possible for humans to offer humans as sacrifices, and for humans to damage human dignity and turn them into monsters!]

“Oh, no, ifrit-nim! Warlocks are all horo bastards! They are bastards who have abandoned their duty! Give me the strength to burn them all down!”

Melchis was well aware of Ifrit’s fiery temper. He also knew how much Ifrit hated warlocks. He refused to sign a contract even though he begged so much, and he immediately signed a contract on the condition of killing Edmond.

“… … Not all warlocks are like that.”

“No, no, yes, yes, I am a black magician.”

Melchis twitched his tongue and smirked. Everyone would clench their fists if they heard such words, but surprisingly, Balzac looked at Melchis with rather pitiful eyes.

“Why are you walking around like that… … .”

“Why is that? It’s because you’re suspicious. So why were you in the desert?”

“I just practiced like a wizard.”

“Why did you do that here!”

Melchis asked, clenching his fists. ㅡHurt! Her fists were wrapped in red flames.

“If you don’t answer properly, fire punch!”

The outstretched fist was sloppy, but the flames that spread along with the fist showed terrible power. The defensive magic that the warlocks used in the front and various other offensive magic were wiped out by Ifrit’s flame.

“one two!”

A combination of fists extended in succession. Quarreureung! The flames from the left fist hit the warlocks. They screamed and fought as the flames filled their eyes, but Ifrit’s flames consumed them whole and reduced them to ashes.

“Want to taste the hot taste of this fire punch?”

“… … Threat… … Are you?”

“Black Tower Master. Depending on you, I can be either an angel or a demon. That is, I am both an angel and a demon.”

“Ah, yes… … .”

Balzac looked ahead while answering with a puzzled face. Dozens of warlocks were camped in the aisle ahead just before, but Melchis’s fiery fist turned everything to black ash. Leaving aside the intuitive name of Fire Punch and sloppy posture, the power alone was processed.

‘… … The strongest among wizards except wise Senya-sama… … .’

I had no choice but to admit it. A great spirit lord and a great wizard who signed a contract with the three spirit kings at the same time. Melchis Elhair is a wizard who can be said to be the strongest of the current era.

“I cannot tell you what I did in this desert because it is a secret. White Tower Lord. If you’re a wizard too, please don’t ask me any more about that.”

“good. There is nothing you can do about research. But why are you here? Your lab is in the Black Mage Tower.”

“I am under a lot of surveillance all over the place.”

said Balzac, putting on his spectacles.

surveillance, a. Melchis walked forward with a suspicious look in his eyes. Even now, Balzac was conscious of the eyes of the demons connected with the black mage, and was wearing powerful stealth magic.

“Especially Amelia Merwin. She is blatantly spying on me and preying on me.”

“I heard that thanks to the letter you wrote, Eugene can get away from Amelia Merwin? Isn’t that enough of a close relationship with her?”

“no. Amelia Merwin took an interest in her old books in the Black Mage Tower and Akion, so she made copies for me.”

Balzac said with a calm face, and Melchis’s eyes widened.

“In return, Amelia Merwin agreed to do my favor twice. The one I gave to Eugene was one of them… … .”

“Magic Tower! And you leaked Akryon’s library?!”

“It’s a secret.”


“Baektapju, I didn’t expect you to be a strict person like this.”

“I will protect what I will protect!”

“I know I did something wrong. But if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have been able to hand over my request to Eugene. If so, Eugene at the time would never have been safe from Merwin’s hands.”

“uh… … hmm… … okay.”

Melchis pursed his lips and nodded.

“Amelia Merwin, who has become the new stick of confinement, is a tough opponent for me. She knows that I was involved in Edmond’s death, so she wants to capture me and ask me questions. She’s not just her. All the warlocks in the Black Mage Tower are the eyes of other demons.”

“That’s right, because black magicians make contracts with demons.”

“yes. I am in a very difficult position. While making a contract with the demon lord in captivity, the relationship with the hero is friendly… … .”

“I don’t think Eugene is friendly with you.”

“… … It’s not hostile to the hero. So far, I’ve been doing well under surveillance, but I thought that as the situation changed, the surveillance would become much more blatant, and direct interference would come. Also, the wise Senya has returned to Arot. Actually, isn’t that a valid reason for me to leave Arot? Senya-sama doesn’t like warlocks.”

“I don’t like it either.”

“yes… … So I settled here in the Nahama Desert.”

“It’s suspicious that he settled down in the desert while being wary of Amelia Merwin.”

“Under the lamp is the darkest law. Besides, that Amelia Merwin left the desert, right?”

Balzac stopped talking and tapped Melchis on the shoulder.

“Harpeuron’s magical power is amplifying. It looks like the Dungeon Master here renewed the contract after realizing he couldn’t handle the enemies.”


“yes. You must have already offered up your soul, and you must have added a condition besides that. I think this is enough of a threat, but it’s better to just step back… … .”

“no. I have business with that Harpeuron.”

Melchis replied with a stubborn expression.

“… … White Top. You didn’t even know who Harpeuron was… … .”

“It’s not? I thought?”

“… … .”


Balzac’s jaw muscles twitched. He said nothing more, quietly raised his glasses and stepped back from him.

To tell the truth, Melchis naturally does not know who Harpeuron is. How would you know the name of the demon in the ambiguous position of ranking 57th? However, it is true that Harpeuron has business to do.

‘I want to finish it quickly.’

I know Eugene’s purpose. Destroying dungeons to reduce Amelia’s power. Eugene’s purpose is to stimulate Nahama through him and bring out the demons of Helmud.

However, destroying all the dungeons in this vast desert is too cumbersome. Even if he provoked Nahama, the Sultan would not be able to do anything too violent.

If that’s the case, I have no choice but to draw out the demons.

If Helmud’s demons crossed over to Nahama, the Sultan would no longer be able to take an ambiguous position. If things progress like that, Melchis will no longer suffer in the desert and will be able to return to Arod.

“… … Since you asked me a lot, may I ask you some questions too?”

“I heard that the mana of the Harpeuron or something has been amplified. What do you ask at this dangerous and tense moment?”

“Aren’t you nervous at all?”

“Because you’re weaker than me! But anyone else would be nervous. So don’t ask.”

“… … .”

“I’m kidding, ask me, Black Pagoda Master, can you make that face too? first time i knew Ooh, it’s so brutal when you open your eyes like that. Ah, but the question of what I think of you is a bit… … .”



Balzac twitched his jaw muscles once more.

“… … Are you doing well?”

“Is that so? I don’t even know what he’s doing.”

It’s a lie. Melchis is well aware that Eugene is currently training in Rehein Yar. But he had no intention of telling Balzac about it. Melchis still did not trust Balzac.

“I heard that Senya is in Arot. There are no rumors about Eugene.”

“He must be doing something in his mansion.”

“Can you honestly tell me?”

“You don’t know? But you are very suspicious. If I say I know something, what do you do with it? huh? You’re trying to tell the demon king to kill Eugene!”

“I was just curious, so I asked. If you’re going to misunderstand me, I won’t ask anymore… … .”

oh oh oh! A black wind soared from the stairs leading down, and the stairs swayed like they were alive. Balzac took a quick step back, saying no more.

“Heh… … Hehehe… … !”

A sullen laugh rang out.

The master of this dungeon and the head of the Ruos school. Wearing a turban and growing his beard, the Warlock floated up his steps as he floated up the stairs.

“I have heard rumors… … . Arot’s white mage lord, Melchis Elhair. They say they’ve been doing crazy things lately, raiding dungeons for no reason.”

“You know me!”

“Everyone knows. You arrogant wizard who resembles Arot! You can be proud of your strength, but the history of a human being like you will come to an end here today. Melchis Elhair! You chose the wrong dungeon to invade.”

Kurrrrr! The warlock raised his arms. Then, dark magic gathered around him and created a huge circle. The warlock exclaimed, savoring the sense of omnipotence given by the magical power he gained from dedicating all of his disciples.

“I thought that someday, I really want to compete with the master of the magic tower of Arot… … ! I hope you can make that dream come true today. do not worry! ‘Cause I won’t kill you Give me a punishment worse than death. As of today you… … .”

“talk too much!”

Melchis threw a fist. Levin’s lightning mixed with Ifrit’s firepower.

“Fire Punch!”

Kwaaaaang! A hole was punched in the mana that should have been omnipotent. The black magician vomited blood in the aftermath of the force.

“Eh, what is this… … !”

“I am Melchis Elheyer!”

The stairs no longer rocked. This is because Yanos, who descended partly, took over the land.

Janos created a foothold for Melchis as he wished. Melchis stepped on the footstool and leaped over the warlock’s head.

A flying kick that pays great attention to posture.

ㅡPajijijik! Melchis’s body was wrapped in lightning. A young flame drew a bright red line at the tip of his toe.

“Thunderbolt! Kick!”

Kwakjijik! Melchis’s kick broke the warlock’s body. He was shattered and burned without leaving a single flesh. Melchis, at a distance, swung away, brushing off the ashes from his body.

“Come and kill me!”

I tried to spit out my line in a cool way, but Melchis screamed in surprise and jumped back. This is because the ashes left after burning did not scatter and disappear, but gathered in one place and created a monster’s face.

[Calm down, Contractor. That is the evil spirit of the demons.]

[Take a deep breath, Melchis.]

[dare! Do demons raise their heads in front of this Ifrit!]

The three spirit kings showed different reactions, and it showed off a definite influence on Melchis’s surroundings.

The earth trembles, lightning crackles, and sparks flicker. The figure of Melchis standing at the center—-wasn’t what she intended, but it was the formidable and wonderful Great Spirit Spirit herself.

“… … Huh… … .”

Sequence #57, Harpeuron. It is an updated ranking since the number of demons up to 100th in the ranking was reduced by half last year, but even so, the 57th rank is recognized as a high-ranking demon in Helmud. Even though it descended only with thoughts, Harpeuron felt awe at the appearance of that Great Spirit.

“Amazing… … . The Great Spirit Commander who contracted with the multiple Spirit Kings… … . I thought it was only dealing with a part of the power, but is it drawing out all the power of the Spirit King… … .”

Harpeuron laughed and murmured. A dungeon that regularly pays tribute has been annihilated. As a master, he feels his rightful resentment, but Melkis’s ‘power’ is purely admissible.

“I am Count Harpeuron, rank 57. Melchis Elhair… … You destroy my possessions… … .”


Melchis did not listen to the end and raised the middle fingers from both hands.

“You bastard who was robbed by humans!”

“… … .”

“You brag about being ranked 57th, you scumbag! Damn baby! What are you proud of having 56 people on top of your head!”

The ashes that raised Harpheuron’s face shuddered and trembled.

“You are so f*cking ugly! A desert scorpion looks better than you, you worm! f*ck that ugly face in front of me! Just looking at it is disgusting!”

“… … Melchis Elhair… … .”

Unable to handle the anger, the ashes began to crumble.

“I will kill you… … .”

“Do it, you asshole!”

“you… … I am going to kill you.”


At Harpeuron’s words, Melchis cheered.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 421

“… … .”

As for Melchis, I thought I wouldn’t be surprised by anything more. After he heard the story, he couldn’t easily manage his expression.

“Huh… … .”

momentary silence. Eugene shook her head excitedly with a long sigh. Then Christina, who had been concentrating on orienting her twisted limbs, raised her gaze to Eugene’s face.

“Ah, it’s okay, I didn’t say it because I was sick.”

It’s a disgrace that doesn’t look good to anyone.

Both arms were neatly broken, the right leg was broken at the ankle, and the left leg was broken at the knee. It looked painful enough to give goosebumps just by looking at it, and in fact, Lymilia was standing far away and massaging her limbs.

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