Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 138

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That’s the answer.

Eugene wanted that answer. I hoped that the dream queen would not change for 300 years. She hoped not to be rehabilitated at all in the age of peace.

“War? Ahaha… … . That’s right, there will be a war. Whether you and I die first, or the war comes first… … Hmm, I guess this is something we need to think about a bit. If I kill you, will the demon king of confinement start a war?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then let’s assume. While you and I are alive, the demon king of confinement… … What if you start a war? There must be quite a few demons who don’t agree. It was like that 300 years ago. But do you really need to think about that? The demons who hate war will retreat on their own, and I… … Huhu, of course you must be at the vanguard.”

Noir quite liked that side of Hamel. That man seems to be selfish and emotional, but surprisingly he isn’t. Actions that seem emotional have their own rationality and calculations. Actions and choices always require minimum grounds and justifications.

Knowing that, Noir tried to live up to Eugene’s expectations.

I guess that man… … It seems to be afraid that the enemy to be hated has changed. As the owner of this city, I am loved by many people. He seemed to be worried that he might have fallen in love with that love and come to love humans in the same way.

It’s useless worry. Wrong. Noir does not love humans. He doesn’t even love demons. The only thing she loves is herself, her ‘Noir Jebella’, and her ‘Hamel’.

“I am just me. Hamel, the Noir Jebela you know. Maybe you don’t know me very well. Even so, there is no problem, right? As much as I can assure you, I… … This is the ‘enemy’ you must kill. If you think no, if you have any doubts, I’m happy to be your ‘enemy’.”

After coming to Jebela City, I think that Hamel is a little strange. She’s never been shaken… … In this city, it shows shaking several times. Because of memory gaps? Is that all there is to it? Noir didn’t know the exact answer.

That shaking—- thought it was lovely. I don’t know what side he saw in me or what kind of misunderstanding he made himself suffer. However, the fact that there are more things in the heart of fighting ‘me’ will add sweetness to the beautifully decorated finale.

“Is there any other way than to become enemies?”

Eugene’s emotions calmed down. Afflictions, delusions, and such things did not exist. He stared at Noir Jebella, not the Twilight Witch.


Noir replied with a bright smile.

“I love you and I want to lie in bed with you. But, Hamel, this is not love-hate. ‘Cause I don’t hate you But the love I have for you has no end other than someone’s death.”

I want death without hatred, only with love. Eugene couldn’t fully understand the words, but she didn’t think deeply. She gave up understanding.


There is no room for regret. Eugene was relieved that his thoughts and choices were not wrong.

“Ha ha ha ha ha… … .”

The tight feeling in my chest disappeared. I even thought I was fortunate to be able to have a conversation like this with Noir. As Eugene started to laugh, Noir covered his mouth with his hand and laughed.

“Ah, but… … . Peace is also pretty good in that a day like this has come. I never thought the day would come when I could laugh and drink with you.”

The current situation itself was one of the unimaginable things to Noir, just like his ‘death’. To sit face-to-face with Hamel, who hated demons so much, and drink.

“It’s like a dream.”

Noir rested her chin on her hand and stared at Eugene.

She is the dream queen. She knows better than anyone else that there are no eternal dreams. She gives longing humans the illusion of eternity in an instant, but she is entangled in this reality.

It wasn’t long before. After only a few hours, this romantic dream is over. I understood a little of the clinging human heart.

Indeed, do you hate this regret and wish for the continuation of your dream? Enjoying that ‘regret’, Noir whispered to Eugene.

“There is still a little time left. Do you want to go to my room?”

“go away.”

“Then let’s talk about our old days. yes, how about this one? My first meeting with you. in your dreams… … .”

Kwajik! The wine glass was smashed in Eugene’s hand.

* * *

It suited the trivial stories. The ‘old story’ that Noir wants to tell is only the story of the war era that fueled Eugene’s murderous intent, so in the end, the old story couldn’t be the subject.

But we shared quite a few other stories. To be precise, Noir was talking one-sidedly and Eugene mostly just listened.

The story of the dawn.

The story after the war ended and Helmud became an empire. How Noir rose to the throne and expanded his power. How many statics were devoured in front of her ambitions and desires.

“I mean Raizakia. That idiot was my biggest prey. When he gets stronger and arrogance soars through the sky. At that time, he intended to catch and eat him.”

The color of the sky is hard to see because of the bright lights. However, Eugene and Noir also felt that dawn was coming.

“You could have been eaten.”

“Am I? Ahaha, nonsense. Hamel, you’ve fought Rizakia, haven’t you? That stupid and arrogant dragon had no talents other than being a dragon.”

Noir laughed as he walked right next to Eugene. With each step she took, the lights on the buildings around her went out.

“I couldn’t eat Raizakia… … Hehe, if you hadn’t been reincarnated, I would have become a demon king and challenged the demon king of confinement. don’t you know The reason I don’t become the demon king is because of you.”

“You say it in a way that you can become the demon king anytime you wish.”

“Ahaha! That idiot Iris also became the Demon King, but what am I lacking in that I can’t become the Demon King? And I already know how to become a demon king. I just don’t.”


As I hoped, after killing Hamel—- then. Noir smiled and turned his head.

“Hamel. I am… … I hate dawn.”

I hate waking up in the morning.

“I hated it in the past, but I think I will hate it even more in the future.”

All of the lights in the city centered on Noir and Eugene were turned off before I knew it. But none of the distant walkers questioned the phenomenon.

Dawn lights up the street Noir felt his heart pounding at the sight of Eugene touched by that dim light. Emotions arise and mix. Noir whispered while feeling an unknown déjà vu.

“It would have been nice if it was dusk.”

when the sun goes down when the night is over.

It feels like my throat is burning with affection. Strangely, his eyes widened, and tears ran down his cheeks.


I hope you will shed tears Noir had no choice but to misinterpret the reason for the tears flowing down his cheeks.

Was the end of the dream so regrettable? Noir chuckled and squeezed his left hand.

I felt the ring on my ring finger. Noir stared at Seon Eugene with a surprised face, then turned around with a smile.

“Then, hello, Hamel.”

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After taking a few steps, Noir’s body dispersed into mist. Eugene stared at her disappearing fog, and she muttered in a blank voice.

“… … what?”

I couldn’t understand the meaning of Noir’s tears at the end.

why are you crying Are you sad that the game is over? Noirs who do crazy things can ‘pretend’ to shed tears for that reason.

However, Eugene feels that the tears he just saw… … It wasn’t like smoke. Even Noir himself seemed embarrassed by the tears flowing.

-It would have been nice if it was twilight now.



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The murmur left by Noir lingers in my head.

“… … .”

what is that about Yujin turned away from the wandering thoughts.

Agaroth’s memories and emotions. And the previous life of Noir Jebela. I decided right away that I would not be swayed by such things. There is no other way to solve this problem.

A conversation with Noir had a lot of value. I knew about the purpose that Noir wanted to complete in this city. He also confirmed that Noir is an absolutely uncompromising enemy.

One of the three questions is still left, but you won’t need to write it right away.

‘You can use it later. Actually, I have nothing more to ask… … .’

Perhaps it was the influence of Noir’s departure, people began to move around the empty area. After blocking unnecessary glances by putting on a hood, Eugene headed to Jebella Castle, her accommodation.

‘I think Christina and Anise are worried… … .’

I said I’d go and do some scouting, but… … It was too late. I thought I would be able to go back around midnight even if I had plenty of time. The morning sun has already risen. His shoulders drooped because his heart was already heavy at the thought of Anise’s mistreatment.

… … yesterday. I remembered the feeling that had pricked my lips. Eugene gasped and covered her mouth with her hand while swallowing her breath.

Naturally, there was no unusual texture in my mouth right now. Eugene cleared his throat a few more times before speeding up.

Anise’s… … How should I look at Cristina’s face? Until entering Jebella Castle, Eugene was worried about that.

After coming up to the penthouse, I felt intuition that my worries up until the moment before were trivial.

Even though the sun rose right away, Jebela Park is a city without night. This top-floor penthouse can use the night view outside the window as lighting instead of indoor lighting.

But now the penthouse was pitch black. Large glass windows are covered with thick blackout curtains, and all lights, including the ceiling chandelier, are off.

“… … hmm… … .”

dark living room. Someone is sitting on the big sofa. Christina Rogeris. She was wearing a priestly robe as black as the darkness in the living room, and her eyes were closed.

“Turn off the lights… … what are you doing?”

Eugene couldn’t tell if the saintess over there with her eyes closed, kneeling on the sofa, and the flail beside her was Christina or Anise.

Looking at this nasty situation, I think it would be Anise, because lately, Christina has not been left behind compared to Anise.


Instead of answering, the saintess operated the remote control. Then the TV in the living room turned on, and the pre-recorded video was played.

Jebela City’s own channel that I watched last night. However, the video that came out as a breaking news was different from the one I saw yesterday.

“Huh… … .”

In the recorded video, Eugene unknowingly let out a sigh.

Noir Jebela is choosing a ring in a late-night department store. A video of Noir in the screen looking back at Eugene, holding up a ring, and Eugene responding. Because of the angle, the expression is exquisitely hidden, and the voice is completely missing.

“You must be wrong.”

Eugene replied coldly. However, the saintess’ lips did not open. Unlike her first time, her eyes are open, but the dimly sunken pupils feel more gloomy than the living room with the lights off.

fast forward. The situation of choosing a ring at a department store passes by. Noir busily walks around the different floors and chooses clothes. Eugene follows silently.

“You must be wrong.”

Eugene spoke again. Fast forward again. The background has changed this time.

Eugene and Noir walking down the street at dawn. Again, the angle was exquisite, and several colorful motel buildings were caught behind the two.

Eugene clutched at his chest in genuine regret.

“Because it is not!”

“Kill unconditionally.”

The saintess’s mouth opened.

“There are no other options other than that. He spat it out so resolutely.”

It creaked, and his head turned. In the darkness of his dull eyes, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Eugene clenched his fists involuntarily at the horror that came from those eyes. Before she knew it, her palms were wet with sweat.

“I pick out a ring at the department store late at night, and at dawn… … .”

Cristina was speechless and her shoulders trembled.

If left as it is, there was no doubt that the misunderstanding would grow like a snowball. Eugene hurried over and sat across from Christina.

“Hey, Cristina, isn’t it like that? misunderstood, misunderstood. There’s no way I would do anything weird with that bitch Noir!”

“Is it just a night of playing with fire?”

Cristina’s eyes flashed again. It seemed as if a blue natural flower shimmered in the darkness.

“Eugene. I want to believe in Eugene in everything, but right now, Eugene smells like Gal X’s perfume and flesh. and… … It smells like alcohol.”

rot. Eugene frowned and lifted her cloak several times.

Indeed, the smell was definitely permeated, perhaps because I had been with Noir for half a day.

“I can explain everything.”

“I am afraid to hear.”

“hey! What are you afraid of?! Unless I lose my mind… … .”

“I was worried that Gal X might have overpowered Eugene and forcibly seduced her and used her as a plaything… … Eugene’s consciousness seems to be clear now.”

“I am fine. Nothing happened, nothing happened.”

Eugene opened his eyes and glared at Christina.

I admit that it was a misunderstood situation, but being misunderstood by the saints made Eugene feel sad, unfair, and angry. Even if no one else knows, the saints are well aware of Eugene’s personality.

“… … Uhm.”

As Eugene stared at her with sincere emotion, Christina let out a low cough and cleared her eyes. When I operated the remote control, the light came on in the dark living room, and the curtains by the window began to open by themselves.

“It’s a joke.”


“I was playing a joke because you came back too late. There’s no way that Anis-sama and I could suspect Eugene-sama over this.”

Sudden recall of a previous era, getting caught up in something like that… … Or, as I just said, I thought it might have been that Noir had forcibly seduced her.

Just a little bit, I couldn’t help but feel that way. But—-just like Eugene thought, Cristina and Anis knew very well what kind of people ‘Eugene’ and ‘Hamel’ were.

“I thought it was a joke when I turned off the lights and set the mood like this… … ?!”

“If Eugene-nim had called me at dawn, I wouldn’t have been so mean.”

“How can I contact you in that situation!”

“You should have done something.”

Christina said, picking up the flail she had put beside her. He didn’t even swing her, he just grabbed the stick, but Eugene shrugged his shoulders for nothing.

“If I really suspected Eugene-nim’s affair, I wouldn’t have waited with the lights off like this.”


“He must have gone to find Eugene himself. In fact, Anise-nim has been begging me to go find Eugene several times in the middle of the morning.”

The moment she said that, Christina’s body trembled slightly. The anise changed her consciousness.

“I think Christina has grown so much. Now it’s dancing right over my head!”

“He has grown up a lot since the first time I saw him.”

Eugene muttered as he recalled his first meeting with Christina. But Anis, perhaps understanding the meaning of those words differently, glared at Eugene, furrowing her eyebrows in contempt.

“Like a naughty child. Did she look at Christina that way from the beginning?”

“Did I say anything strange?”

“Don’t be naive, Hamel, I haven’t forgotten yesterday!”

yesterday’s work… … Yujin’s expression, which had blinked her eyes, distorted.

“What did I do yesterday! I am not guilty of what happened yesterday. That, it was Cristina who did the evil thing to me… … No, it was you!”

“Do you believe Christina’s lies? Did you think that made sense! Christina kissed me, but it makes sense that I only move my tongue!”

“that… … Because I don’t know exactly about your condition. You speak, Anis, and Christina moves your body… … Wasn’t this supposed to be?”

“Crazy bastard! Are you serious!”

Anise shouted out loud, got up from her seat, and kicked Eugene in the shin.

“This is Cristina’s kick!”

“Are you telling me to believe that now?”

“If you can’t believe this, why did you believe that the tongue was me yesterday?!”

“that… … Because that’s what you would do… … .”

“What the hell do you think of me! I don’t do that, that lascivious thing!”

I sighed and my body trembled again. The initiative passed from Anise to Christina.

“sister! If you say that, it will be like I’ve done a lewd thing! Didn’t we already agree on yesterday’s issue?”

It was dawn just a few hours ago that we agreed to progress by dividing roles appropriately if there is an opportunity in the future. I felt sorry for the anise I spat out in anger, but I couldn’t pick up the spilled water.

Eugene, who had been watching the two of them back and forth with a bewildered look, looked around the living room to change the topic.

“Where are the kids?”

“What time do you think it is now? It’s still morning. There’s no way those two kids would be up at such an early hour as they are right now.”

“I don’t know about Rai, but Mer doesn’t sleep.”

“Even if you don’t sleep, you pretend to be asleep or do something similar to sleep, don’t you? If you’re curious, go to your room and see for yourself. I will have to negotiate with Cristina.”

Anis straightened her posture by straightening her back. Eugene swallowed a sigh of relief that the point of his sword had left him and got up from the sofa.

There are as many rooms as they are spacious, but Lymilla and Mer insisted on sharing the same room. Just now, the two of them were asleep in a large bed, covered with the same blanket.

“Why are you pretending to sleep?”

Eugene opened the door slightly and grumbled. No matter how well the room is soundproofed, the senses of the Hetzling, Lymilia, and the high-performance familiar, Mer, can detect even the slightest disturbance.

“Are you done?”

Mer put the blanket over her chin and raised her head. Seeing that, Eugene unknowingly approached her bedside and she stroked Mer’s head.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s discipline.”

“Hun… … what? Discipline? who who?”

“Annis-sama is Eugene-sama.”

Mer asked if it was obvious, and the hand that had been stroking her hair naturally also went down and pinched Mer’s cheek.

“Why am I being disciplined by Anis!”

“You wandered the streets at night and did naughty things.”

“What evil did I do?”

“I’m going to tell Senya-sama.”

Mer opened her eyes and glanced at Eugene.

that… … It was a remark that even Eugene could not pass over. Eugene slightly loosened his pinched fingers and sat down on the bed.

“hmm… … Wouldn’t it be necessary to say something useless to Senya, who is busy developing and practicing magic in Alot? It will get in the way.”

“You spoke well. Senya-nim is working so hard, so can Eugene-nim enjoy a tryst with the Queen of Gall X at dawn?”

“you… … You said I wouldn’t use such mean words. And what kind of tryst is a tryst?”

“Hermit, hermit, stroking Mer’s hair and pinching her cheek is too much discrimination. She wants the touch of a hermit even if she is a native woman.”

Lymilia wriggled under the blanket and put herself on Mer.

“Recently, there is one thing that the original woman is sad about the hermit. What that means is that the way the hermit treats the original woman is quite different from before.”

“What have I changed?”

“The hermit has not hit the original woman on the forehead for the past few months.”

Raimira raised her finger and pointed at the ruby ​​on her forehead.

“of course… … Of course, getting hit by ruby ​​is very, very painful. However, watching the hermit pinching Mer’s cheek and putting her honey chestnuts into her, she thinks that even the real woman sometimes wants to get hit right on the forehead. Ah!”

f*ck! Raimirah’s words turned into screams. Merga, who had been listening silently, fed ruby ​​with spicy chestnuts.

“You idiot. If it’s something you really want to hit, I’ll hit you.”

“Bonnyeo! I want to meet the hermit’s affectionate night!”

As usual, the two got tangled up and started fighting.

Seeing this, Yujin was lost in thought for a moment. The idol she lived in when she was young. The image of two stray cats arguing, a common sight on the country streets, flashed through her mind.

“that… … I didn’t do anything right, but if I hit you, I’ll become a bastard.”

“Are you going to hit the original girl if she does something right?”

“If you do the right thing… … uh… … But I prefer doing good things rather than being right.”

“still… … But sometimes I want you to hit me like I used to!”

f*ck! This time, Raimirah’s words turned into screams. Mer, who was looking for an opportunity, hit Hong-ok accurately again.

After getting hit two times in a row, Lymilla screamed and rushed at Mer, and the two tangled like cats again.

Eugene sat in a chair far away and watched the two fight. Watching them fight so pointlessly, I felt that all worldly problems were insignificant… … .

I was enjoying the feeling of wanting to have a cup of tea comfortably, but the wind around me swayed.


I heard Tempest’s voice.

[There is a problem.]

“problem? what a problem Is it because of Melchis-sama?”


It’s a problem, though. Tempest’s voice was as calm as usual.

It meant only one thing after all. It’s only a problem on the Melchis side and they make a fuss. In fact, it is not a very urgent or serious problem.

“Is there a problem?”

I started talking because I thought let’s talk. Then, as the wind roared, she delivered the voice of Melkis.

[Yujin! Eugene! It’s a big deal!]

“What is it?”


Melchis squealed.

[You’re going to kill me! That ugly bastard has appeared!]

Melchis’ voice was soggy, as if he would sob at any moment.

However, Eugene’s face was trembling.

No matter how you think about it, it is impossible for Harpheuron, ranked 57th, to kill Melchis.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 436


It has been well over half a year since he came to the desert in return for arranging a contract with the wind spirit king.

Born in a mountain village in a small country, Melchis spent his childhood running through the mountains, washing himself by the stream, catching frogs and insects, and roasting them over a fire. Thanks to the strong vitality he had acquired, he managed to endure his life in the desert, which could not be said to be pleasant even with empty words.

Usually, Melchis lived under the desert sand. He did not always stay in the same den.

The number of warlocks buried alive at the hands of Melchis in the past six months has already exceeded three digits. Melchis knows that there are more than one enemy targeting him.

The Sultan of Nahama is keeping his mouth shut about hunting warlocks externally, but he is constantly sending Assassins and Sandcastles. Since about two months ago, the military has been going out in the name of training, and they are active in searching, moving as if they are blatantly looking for someone.

It is useless. For Melchis, who is protected by Janos, the spirit king of the earth, this huge desert was like a playground. She had already shunned and harassed her pursuers several times, and in the meantime, she continued to explore the warlock’s dungeon.

However, recently, it has become difficult to navigate the dungeon. To be precise, even if I found the dungeon itself, it became difficult to encounter the warlock. Judging from the fact that they had already made a mistake several times, it seemed that the dungeon masters had finally broken their stubbornness. They gave up the dungeon, which was like a courtyard, and fled to another place.

Doesn’t that mean we don’t have to live in the desert anymore? Life here isn’t terribly uncomfortable, but… … After living in the desert for over half a year, he missed the city of Arot.

White Magic Towers, lovely and loyal wizards. I heard that Senya, who is wise in Alot, is conducting joint research with all the great wizards of the continent… … Melchis was terribly sorry that he couldn’t be there.

I appealed to Yujin again and again, asking if I could go back now… … Eugene’s position remained the same. Even though the high-ranking demons came over to the desert, the situation hasn’t changed, so please stay in the desert until you see a direct change.

“oh my god?”

Melchis whispered as he pulled down his large hat.

The city of Lagra Oasis here is a famous resort town in Nahama. Although it is located in the middle of the desert, the man-made oasis is like a huge lake, clean and cool.

As a reward for my hard work, Melchis has already been staying in this city for three days. Just now, she was showing off her toned figure in a revealing bikini, lying on a sunbed near Oasis.

Since I’m in the desert, I want to change my image and get a tan… … . While thinking about it seriously,

I saw a demon.

In fact, it is not incredibly rare to see demons in countries other than Helmud.

It is true that there are not many demons in other countries because Helmud is an extremely developed country, there are almost no laws related to demons in other countries on the continent, and few immigrants from demons are accepted. There are some demons who stay for a long period of time.

Here, Lagra Oasis is the same. As it was a famous resort city in Nahama, I saw a few demons who came to see it.

Melchis didn’t know if they were really tourists or illegal immigrants for tourism. Right now, there are immortals living in the black market like Bolero Street in the capital of Arot, so there is no way that Nahama, which is cooperating with the demons, has few immortals.

So far, the demons I’ve seen in Nahama and this city—- it might be a bit strange to say this, but they were ‘ordinary’ demons. To put it bluntly, he was a normal demon citizen.

But those demons are different. It feels natural… … Should I say rank? Such a sensation was not unique to Melchis. Others also held their breath the moment the demon appeared, and shrugged their shoulders because they did not dare to look at it or point it with their fingers.

A presence that naturally overwhelms the surroundings. A ‘high-ranking demon’ different from the general demon citizens I’ve seen so far. In fact, it wasn’t just because of the presence that other people overwhelm the demons around.

Count Harpeuron, 57th in the Helmud Order. There was no lie or exaggeration in the primary criticism that Melchis had poured out before.

An ugly figure with a large size. The giant, which could be twice the size of an adult man, has a human body, but has an elephant’s head on his shoulder. The drooping ears fluttered like the wings of an insect, and the four pupils shed glares of reddish color.

What’s especially hard to see is that Harpeuron is wearing a swimsuit that only covers his crotch.

Wearing a tight triangle swimsuit, Harpeuron appeared accompanied by women on both sides and behind, and several large men who appeared to be attendants were also seen behind.



Janos whispered. The men following are also not unusual.

Some look like Assassins, others warriors? I heard that high-ranking demons came over to Nahama—-but I never thought I would encounter them in a place like this.

‘Did you come to catch me?’

I changed my face with magic so as not to be identified, but I got nervous, so I put on the sunglasses I had taken off beside me and got up.

I thought it would be in the middle of the desert if we met someday, but I never thought we would meet at a tourist destination like this! No, maybe it’s just a coincidence. The appearance of Harpeuron wearing a triangular swimsuit wearing a beauty added strength to the idea that this meeting was a coincidence.

Even so, I can’t stay still. Melchis passed the tubes and surfboards stacked next to the sunbed, and naturally headed to the changing room.

“Eugene! Eugene! It’s a big deal!”

I went to the back of the dressing room and summoned the wind spirit as soon as Harpeuron was out of sight.

[What is it?]


Melchis squealed.

“You’re going to kill me! That ugly bastard has appeared!”

The answer didn’t come back right away, but I could hear him chewing and licking his lips. Melchis’s expression also became trembling in response to the trembling emotion felt in that small voice.

[Are you alone?]

“huh? Of course, my sister is alone. ah… … No, you are not alone, the spirits are with you.”

Maybe it’s because I’m being pointed out that I’m ignoring the spirit again. Melkis immediately changed his mind.

[no… … Not Mr. Melchis. Harpeuron, is that bastard alone?]

“huh? No no, he’s not alone. You look like a monster scab, why are you wearing 4 beauties? We have warriors and assassins as our attendants behind us.”

[Are there any other demons?]


Melchis nodded and replied. After a moment of silence, the wind spirit delivered Eugene’s voice.

[Then go and say hello.]


[Say hello.]

“What are you talking about! Is it Harpeuron? It’s a demon! Rank 57! The one who declared he would kill me! If I go to say hello, will that vicious demon say hello and accept my greeting? They will come to kill me!”

[That’s it.]

Eugene replied as if he had been waiting.

“What is that! It’s because you, you don’t know what a harpheuron looks like. He’s wearing an elephant head! It even has two noses! Do you, do you want me to die at the mercy of those two procrastinating noses?”

[no… … Mr Melchis. Calm down for now. There’s no way someone as strong as Melchis-sama would die from being ranked 57th.]

“He speaks so irresponsibly that it is not his business. You have to try to know whether you will die or not.”

[I believe in Melchis.]

“I believe in myself too.”

Melchis’ lips pouted. He made a fuss, but he didn’t think he was weaker than Harpe Uron.

However, the opponent is a high-ranking demon with the 57th rank. The fact that he was the Count of the Helmud Empire made Melkis a little nervous. He has fought warlocks and monsters before, but he has no experience fighting high-ranking demons.

“Are you serious? To go and say hello.”

[If that bastard recognized Melchis-sama, he would try to kill him, right?]

“Is that right?”

[Melkis-sama can’t be calm, can’t he? If he tries to kill you, you have to fight back.]

“Of course it should, right?”

[If you kill Harpeuron, you can go back to Arot.]

At those words, Melchis’ expression changed.


[If possible, it would be good to interrogate him before killing him.]

“I’ll call you later.”

Melchis smiled broadly and scattered the wind.

at las! Finally, I was able to leave this infernal desert and return to Arot. Should I say good-bye to Balzac before I leave?

I thought so for a moment, but it’s already been over two months since I haven’t met Balzac. There was no way for Melchis to contact her, as the mysterious warlock had kept her lair so secret that Melchis could no longer step on her tail.

… … You won’t even have to say goodbye. Even if it’s a disinterested greeting, it’s terrible if that gloomy man makes a strange misunderstanding. Melchis put aside his thoughts of Balzac, and he thought about how to reach and kill Harpe Uron.

“… … Uhm.”

It seems there is no need to worry. Melkiss raised his head and looked up at him.

ㅡKurreung… … !

Dark darkness swirls in the clear sky. The culprit who brought the darkness at its center was right above Melchis’s head.

“hmm… … .”

Melchis first took off his large hat. Then he lifted his sunglasses slightly up and smiled shyly.

“How did you know?”

“Aren’t you looking at me too funny?”

As Harpheuron uttered a voice, its two noses wriggled like tentacles. In fact, Melchis couldn’t even tell if that was really a ‘nose’, but it seemed right that the one with black ivory on either side was an elephant.

“They hid their power quite well, but the spirit’s presence was not completely hidden.”

Did it just leak out in the process of summoning the wind spirit? The maintenance and boundaries of the surroundings certainly took the ball.

[Sequence 57 is by no means a low sequence. Melchis, your vigilance is excellent, but the ability to detect that demon is also excellent.]

[Contractor. I don’t want to fight a battle here. There are so many innocent people around here.]

[Call me! I will turn that terrible demon to ashes with my flame!]

The spirit kings each raised their voices. Above all, Melchis agreed with Levin’s words.

She also did not want to hunt demons in the middle of this peaceful resort town. Melchis smiled servilely as he measured the magic power that colored the sky as it whirled around Harpheuron.

“that… … Is it our first meeting? You have a really nice nose.”

“Melchis Elheyer.”

It’s a chance encounter.

Although they crossed over from Helmud to Nahama, they could not start a war right away. She is because Amelia Merwin, who is supposed to preside over the transformation of the demon king, has not yet appeared.

The Sultan didn’t seem to think about going to war, but it wasn’t something Harpeuron or other demons were concerned about. If Amelia Merwin comes and his demons shove his back, he will have no choice but to start a war, even if the Sultan doesn’t like it.

I was going to enjoy my vacation until that day came soon. I never thought I’d meet Melchis Elhair, whom I had sworn to kill in this city.

I have heard that they have not left Nahama yet and are running amok in the desert. Even the sultan directly mentioned Melchis’ name and asked, on behalf of the incompetent soldiers, to stop Melchis’ violence.

“I haven’t forgotten the insults you spat.”

Harpeuron’s pupils twisted. Melchis took a step back. His black long hair was dyed silver and shortened, and his eyes returned to their original blue color.

“hmm… … In fact, it seems to be much better than then… … .”

“I won’t kill you here.”

Knock out, knock out! Huge magic power wrapped around Harpeuron.

“There are many demons besides me who want to kill you… … ! After tormenting me until I beg you to kill me… … .”


It wasn’t because he was imagining the scene, but Melchis let out a scream. It was a base to cut off Harpeuron and distract him.


At the same time, Melchis’ feet stepped on the ground vigorously.

Quadd! The earth became a thick spear and rushed at Harpeuron. The attack itself posed no threat. The huge magical energy shattered all the spears of the earth that had surged, but the scattered soil and sand covered Harpeuron’s eyes as they were reconnected.

At the same time, the feet of Melchis soared. Janos’s hand throws it high into the sky, and it falls! Levin’s lightning wrapped around his body. Covered in lightning, Melchis crossed the sky that was turning black.

“Melchith Elheyer!”

Are you trying to run away! Harpheuron roared in anger.

When I removed the cloak of soil in front of my eyes, red flames attacked me this time. But this, too, was not threatening. There was no need to protect them with magical powers, and the bodies of high-ranking demons did not even get burned with this amount of flame. Harpe Uron laughed and moved his body.

“Do you think you can run away?”

Harpeuron accelerated at an incredible speed for its size. As he followed Melchis, who was moving away with lightning, he thought about how to humiliate that cheeky human being.

“Don’t come!”

The screams of the fleeing Melchis could be heard in the distance.

To Harpeuron, that scream was sweet enough to bring back old memories. This is because the cries of humans cannot be heard in Helmud. Harpeuron even felt the excitement and gradually narrowed the distance with Melchis.

The city is already far away. It was rather comfortable and good for Harpeuron. Not caring about the people around them, it’s not something they want to do, but they can’t do that anymore.

‘I’ll put up with it today.’


Lightning crossed the sky and fell on the desert. Have you given up running away? Or is he going to run away into the ground? Harpeuron laughed and descended.

That moment.

It flashed, and the light exploded. A red-hot pillar of fire shot up and dozens of lightning bolts fell from the sky. The desert shook as if an earthquake had occurred, and the entire sandy land turned upside down.

Even Harpeuron was taken aback by the sudden phenomenon. He couldn’t get down to the ground and hurriedly flew back up into the sky.

Knock out, knock out! Huge mana became a storm. The powers of fire, lightning, and earth began to blend together with mana and become one.

“Elemental fusion.”

The spirit giant stood up.

“Infinity Force… … !”

No need for long words.

Melchis, who transformed from the beginning using the signature, threw a clenched fist at Harpeuron.

“Fire Punch!”

Harpeuron burst like a balloon.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 437

To be honest, ranking above 50th in the current ranking is not fair.

In the vulgar language, there is a bubble.

1 year ago. 100 top-ranking demons were called to Babel, and under the Emperor’s reign, the number was reduced to 50.

The 50 survivors were given magical powers without even signing a contract with the demon lord in captivity. Of course, the demons who survived Babel that day became incomparably stronger than before.

Harpeuron, who was ranked 110th at the time, was not even called to Babel that day. Still, he was not satisfied with the rank he had. From that day on, the ranking battle between demons became very simple, and Harpeuron benefited from it and raised the ranks.

The top 50 people died, and the ranking reached 57th in a ranking battle.

I still thought it was not enough.

With a little more time, you can reach a higher rank. It is said that you can’t use the magic of confinement in the ranking battle, so I thought that if I chose the right opponent well, I might be able to aim for the top 50.

No, now there is no need to hang one’s neck in the ranking battle. If the war in the desert begins—- as it did hundreds of years ago, we will be able to grow our strength with human blood and fear.

It is unreliable until Amelia Merwin can perform the demon king’s ritual as promised, but the blood and screams of war have been the food that nourishes the demon tribe since ancient times.


I couldn’t even get a call from the demon king of confinement. Had it not been for Sangjan in Babel, Harpeuron’s rank would be 107th at the highest. He hadn’t developed his strength while enjoying blood and fear. She never even met Amelia Merwin.

Even so, this is nonsense.

The Archmage of the 8th Circle.

A tremendous force by human standards. Harpeuron knew that it was an opponent that could not be ignored.

But I knew it in my head, and I thought about the boundary… … When I met him in real life, it didn’t turn out the way I thought.

Melchis Elheyer. It was because she had a strange magical power unlike that of the demons that even her demons who had gone through her war years could not resist.

It’s such a frivolous and vulgar act that you can’t believe it’s a great wizard. As soon as we met, he was terrified, sweating profusely, smiling servilely… … He screamed loudly and ran away.

It was not easy to maintain the perception of a ‘strong man’ against such an opponent. That’s how much Melchis’s attitude seemed sincere to the point where you couldn’t believe it was acting.

“Thunderbolt Kick!”

Even now, Melchis’ attitude was equally unsightly and ugly. She squealed, shouted childish technical names, and jerked her limbs. but. Her ‘strength’ along with that ungainly cry and her clumsy movements was unbelievable.

purple. It’s a kick that seems like you can’t hit a flying insect properly, but… … The lightning and sparks bursting out were enough to shatter Harpheuron’s body, toast it, and turn it into ashes.

“Huh… … .”

Why did you run away when you have this much power? Could it be that it was sewn on purpose?

Harpeuron recalled the expression and scream of Melchis, who was trying to escape earlier. From his point of view, it was rather difficult to understand. If he was this strong, his ego would be as strong as that, but is it possible to give up such ego without hesitation and show an ugly appearance?

It’s not just the ugliness that motivates Harpheuron. The decisive factor is the ignorance of the Archmage and the Archmage. I knew that Melchis had contracted with the multiple Spirit Kings, but—no way, one human could draw out ‘all’ the power of the three Spirit Kings at the same time! It’s something no one can imagine without seeing it for themselves, no, fighting it for themselves.

‘Mo, everyone has a misunderstanding about Melchis Elheyer. No, is this even her intention?’

Harpeuron was not the only demon who was ridiculed by Melchis. Among the demons who have crossed over to Nahama, there are more than 5 demons with intent to kill Melchis. All of them promise that if they meet Melkis one day, he will pay for the light and vicious play of his tongue.

Can not be done. If all of that was Melchis’ design, it was obvious that other demons would look down on Melchis and attack him, just like Harpeuron did now.

‘I need to tell you this… … .’

Though eagerly thinking about it, Harpeuron had a hunch that it would be an impossible wish. It wasn’t that long after the battle started, but he was already on the verge of his death.

… … battle? Is this a battle?

crush. The power of the Spirit Kings, realized through Melchis, evaporated the magic power of the high-ranking demons so easily that it was futile.

He gave up the strength fight and tried to escape, but even that didn’t go his way. Sand roared on the ground, lightning thundered in the sky, and between them the air burned hot.

Even Melchis was honestly amazed at his own strength. He had fought with the Infinite Force in the Great Forest of Samar, but at that time, right after signing a contract with Ifrit, his Jira signature was incomplete.

The current Infinite Force is, so to speak, complete. It is different from when it was made hastily in the Great Forest.

‘I can’t believe I’m this strong!’

Maybe, maybe now I might be stronger than that ‘wise Senya’. The level, depth, and feat of a mage are incomparable, but——if it’s ‘strength’, it might not be inferior… … .

Perhaps, to live in this cruel world, the level, depth, and achievements of a wizard might not be so important.

‘strength’. Only strength can prove me… … . If the world were to end today, wouldn’t it be more likely that a strong person would survive rather than a smart person?

Melchis clenched his fists as he thought about that. She looked down at Harpeuron, feeling her shoulders shrug and the bridge of her nose rise.

It was a strange look that the hideous elephant-faced demon was still alive.

“… … hmm… … Are you still alive?”

The whole body was burned, and only the head remained. Even that, the nose, which was long and whip-like, looked like it was severely cut off. Melchis approached quietly and asked.

“porridge… … Say… … .”

Harpeuron said with his ears trembling.

In fact, Melchis also wanted to kill Harpeuron immediately. Aside from the fact that it was unpleasant to keep looking at that hideous face, it was because I was worried that Harpeuron would suddenly resurrect or that fellow demons would appear.

Although it was far enough away from Oasis, the majesty of the Infinite Force must have spread far, so perhaps demons from elsewhere are coming this way.

“Don’t say that. huh? You really want to live.”

Melchis looked around and approached Harpheuron. I was told to interrogate if possible… … Melchis’ expression became complicated.

torture? I’ve never done it. However, I felt groundless confidence that I would do well if I actually did it. Since the vitality is strong enough to survive even with only the head remaining, wouldn’t it be just a matter of pulling out the teeth first and digging out the eyes? Or should I use other methods other than pain?

“If you answer the question, I will spare you.”

“Kill him.”

“It’s not just about saving lives… … hmm… … I’ll take care of it. What this means is that you are a traitor and you don’t have to worry about those who will come for revenge.”

“Kill him.”

He spoke kindly, but Harpeuron’s attitude was firm. Is there loyalty between the demons as well? Or is it because of his pride that he does not want to beg for his life from humans?

“Okay, I can’t help it. I’ll pull out your teeth first.”

I don’t intend to interrogate for a long time. Teeth are pulled out, eyes are pulled out, and if you still do not speak, the interrogation is abandoned.

Melchis reached out, thinking of ways to cross Nahama’s borders and get to Alot. The sand according to her will became a pair of hands and forced Harpeuron’s mouth open.

“Now then, let’s pull out the molars first!”

Sternly, the words he had uttered to instill fear in the other party became high-pitched screams. Melkis jumped up from his seat in surprise and waved his arms. Quarrrrr! Sparks and lightning swept around.

After swinging my arm, I wanted to ache. Wouldn’t it be strange that Harpeuron died in the attack just now?

Melchis jumped down and looked ahead with his eyes wide open.

“Isn’t that what you’re doing on purpose?”

Balzac Rudbesse. He frowned and brushed the ash off his robes.

“What are you?”

Melchis calmed his startled heart and fired at him.

It wasn’t like he was careless like last time. The Infinite Force was deployed, and the surroundings were vigilant to prevent other demons from invading.

Even so, he did not notice Balzac’s presence. The moment the suspicious man soared from the shadows just behind Harpheuron, he recognized Balzac. It was impossible to feel it first with mana and magic. It wasn’t until he was put into the naked eye that he recognized the existence.

“you… … no way… … Are you a ghost?”

Melchis stuttered and asked. It was because Balzac’s existence could not be understood otherwise. There is a certain degree of hiding one’s presence, but you can’t detect it even in the state of Infinite Force fused with the 3 Spirit Kings?

“Stealth magic is originally one of my specialties.”

“No matter how special it is… … .”

“It’s a magic that can be called my lifeline, so no matter how much you ask, I won’t tell you.”

Balzac drew the line with a rare decisive attitude. Hearing that, Melchis didn’t ask any more questions, but she still glared at Balzac with suspicious eyes.

“Okay, okay. If you say that, I won’t ask anymore. however… … Isn’t this too rude?”

“What is rude?”

“You showed up in front of me and stole my prey.”

Melchis said, pointing to the Harpheuron in Balzac’s hand. Harpe Uron, whose head was caught, tried to examine the situation by rolling his four pupils, but he did not recognize who was holding his head.

“who… … Who are you?”

Those words sounded odd. There is no way that the demon, Harpheuron, cannot feel the magic of the warlock.

Even more so, the partner that Balzac made a contract with was the demon king of confinement. Maybe it was when he was hiding all the time, but until now Harpe Uron couldn’t detect his magical power?

“indeed. I have committed a great disrespect.”

Balzac nodded obediently and got down to the ground. He set the head of the harpe uron he was holding in front of him and bowed his head deeply toward Melkis.

“Mr. Melchis. It did not come out of hiding to ridicule you, insult you, or threaten you. And I didn’t stole Harpeuron to sabotage you or satisfy my own desires.”


“I wanted to convey my opinion first, but I couldn’t think of Melchis-sama’s embarrassment because I was too concerned about my own comfort. If I hadn’t caught it, this head would have been completely reduced to ashes.”

“What is your opinion?”

“If you want to interrogate him, I can help.”

The bowed head lifted slightly upwards. Melchis stared into Balzac’s eyes through his glasses.

I didn’t have the confidence to see through that man’s true intentions, but… … It would be sincere to say that it would help the interrogation.

“How is it helpful?”

“It’s magic.”

“therefore! What kind of magic!”

“This is a new signature I developed in this desert. Melchis-sama is also a great wizard… … .”

“Don’t ask me? suspicious child. That’s it. You don’t know what tricks you’re up to, but what do you trust and leave it to you? I’ll take care of that ugly elephant, you just get out of here!”

“If you don’t believe me, how about this?”

Balzac smiled brightly.

“I swear on magic and mana. I will not mix any lies in answering what I heard from Harpheuron, and I will not pose a threat to Melchis or the others.”

“… … you are a black magician Does the oath of magic and mana work? If you go later, aren’t you ignoring your oath and saying, ‘What if I’m actually a warlock?’

“Say something that makes sense. An oath is not a joke, and there is no way you can ignore or avoid it with a pun like that.”

“I think you can do it… … .”

“I’m underestimated… … I appreciate what you do, but I can’t do that kind of trick.”

Melchis looked at Balzac with a sullen expression. Until now, Harpeuron had not noticed Balzac and was rolling his eyes here and there, making an anxious expression.

“Why are you even swearing to help?”

“I am also interested in what we learn through interrogation. Also, I have a strong desire to test the completed signature to see if it functions properly.”

“… … OK got it. Try it.”

I want to use the newly created magic. Melchis also had many accidents when he was young because he couldn’t suppress that desire, so it was easy to sympathize with that feeling. Of course, Balzac’s opinion was not accepted simply out of sympathy and respect.

‘If it’s a signature, I need to look at it.’

I thought that Balzac’s new signature might be more valuable information than the information I learned from interrogating Harpeuron.

The existing signature is ‘blind’, which captures a wide area, blocks the senses one by one, and eventually kills them. Genocide doesn’t have a signature that’s more specialized than that, but… … It will be powerless against opponents of equal or greater strength.

If Melchis himself had to fight Balzac… … To be honest, even with the blinds wide open, I was confident that I would win by landslide.

‘I might become an enemy someday.’

Maybe, I didn’t think of that. Melkis could hardly believe that the suspicious man was an ally, and that he would one day become an unconditional enemy in a fatal moment.

However, since Balzac cannot be stopped right away with just that feeling, I am trying to check the signature in preparation for the future. Melkiss watched Balzac with his eyes full of strength, admiring himself for his meticulous planning.

“then… … .”

It was a blatant gaze, but Balzac didn’t care. He stretched out his left hand and lifted Harpeuron’s head, turning it so that it met his gaze.

“you… … .”

Four eyes widened wide.

“Balzac Rudbesse… … no… … No, that’s nonsense.”

“What is nonsense?”

Balzac smiled and asked. Seeing that smile from the front, Harpeuron’s cheeks trembled.

“How can you, a black magician… … .”

Harpeuron couldn’t feel even a hint of magic from Balzac.

It is impossible. To think that the black magician who made a contract with the demon lord couldn’t feel the magical power. Could it be that only the head remains and the senses are dulled?

After a while, Harpeuron had a new realization.

It’s not just that you don’t feel the magic. Even the spirit and soul, which should be felt in humans, are not felt. Balzac was right in front of him, but he wasn’t even sure if he was really there.

“I’m happy that it was the response I was hoping for.”

Balzac smiled and raised his right arm. As her sleeves slipped down, her forearms were covered with black letters.

Spells inscribed in tattoos. The complex and tightly intertwined spells made the skin on the forearm look as if it had been stained black.

“to me… … What are you trying to do to me?”

No answer came back to the question.

Charleuk… … ! The spell that wrapped around the forearm moved. The small letters, like grains of rice, moved one by one and spread to Balzac’s fingers and palm. Soon, the black-stained arms and fingers wriggled and turned into black snakes, as if drawn with ink.


Harpeuron instinctively knew what would happen from now on. There were no teeth in the wide-open mouth of the snake, but I could see a dark darkness that I didn’t know where it would lead.

If swallowed by that… … It will be a situation where you can neither reincarnate after death nor end when it is extinguished. Until Balzac gives permission, they will be forever locked in darkness and terribly tormented.

“I, please… … .”

Didn’t listen. The snake on his right arm grew abnormally large and swallowed Harpeuron’s head in one bite. Melchis watched the scene with his disgust and astonishment displayed on his face.

“what… … What did you do?”

“It was eaten.”

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