Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 139

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Balzac replied with a calm face. The slithering snake’s head returned to his hand. Balzac brushed his right arm and looked back at Melkis.

“Because this is overwhelmingly faster and more convenient than torturing and interrogating. Oh, don’t worry. All of Harpeuron’s memories remain. Hmm, I think you can think of it as a ‘book’.”

“book… … ?”

“yes. All the memories of Harpeuron who was eaten by me… … I made it into a book and put it in the drawer inside me. Saving it this way doesn’t mix with my memories and ego, so there’s no confusion… … .”

“What about strength?”

“Magic power has also been added to me.”

Balzac’s face was still unconcerned, and Melchis’ eyes burned like flames.

“You tricked me!”

“Are you cheating? I did not do anything against my oath.”

That’s true, but who would have imagined that they would catch and eat it like that? Melkis wanted to punch her Balzac in the stomach right away and make him vomit, but before she could act, Balzac lowered her voice.

“Calm down, Melchis. Let’s get out of here first.”

“Are you coming too?”

“Because if I leave like this, Melchis-nim and Eugene-nim will misunderstand me.”

“Eugene… … Why is Eugene’s name mentioned? I have nothing to do with him.”

“Yes, I understand. But let’s get moving.”

Melchis appealed for his loyalty to Eugene, but Balzac didn’t care.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 438

Harpeuron is dead.

Even Amelia Merwin knows that name. A demon whose name was raised to the top of the ranks. Even if they were pushed out of the capital city of Pandaemonium, the ranking in the top 100 is not so low that it is considered ridiculous.

Such high-ranking demons died so easily that it was futile. According to the words of the servants who followed her to the oasis city, she happened to encounter Melchis El Higher, the lord of her white mage tower, and chased after her, intending to kill her.

Grand Commander.

Having looked at Edmond’s memories contained in Bloodmary, Amelia also grasps Melchis’ power. Most of the rumors spreading in the world are related to eccentricity, but reaching the 8th circle with magic while making a contract with multiple spirit kings is so great that it can be dismissed as ‘impossible’.

Amelia also judged that if the two battled, the White Tower Master would have the upper hand. However, I couldn’t imagine that the battle would end in less than a few tens of minutes. It is said that the high-ranking demons, who did not die easily even if they were killed, did not last even an hour in battle, let alone run away.

Don’t move hastily.

Such warnings were given right away. However, it is only a verbal warning and does not exert any deterrence.

‘What do we do?’

The Demon King ceremony cannot be held without Amelia Merwin going in person.

stealth? The idiot-like Harpeuron appeared in person and collided with the White Pagoda and died. Is it possible to secretly move the demons and prepare for the ceremony?

‘The wise Senya is still in Arot.’

The arrogant old sorcerer lets it go even though he knows full well that he is being watched by vampires.

She has been active for several months already, having meetings with other archmages in Acreon, occasionally climbing the podium of the Mage Tower or Academy.

‘Eugene Ryanhart… … .’

Rather, he cares about it.

no, i’m afraid

Ominous imagination sometimes creates great fear. Especially if the reality is painful and unsatisfying. If you’re barely breathing every day and going on with your life. If you are in such a predicament that it would not be strange to die at any time, the moment pessimism is mixed in your imagination, you feel despair and fear as if it will surely happen.

Amelia was afraid of everything about Eugene Lionheart. She was afraid of the power of defeating the newborn demon king, but what made Amelia feel like she was going crazy right now was her relationship with Noir Jebella, the Queen of Dreams.

I don’t know what kind of relationship the two have.

However, I don’t think it can be said that it is an adversarial relationship.

The official rank of Noir Jebella, the Queen of Dreams, is 2nd. Considering that the rank immediately above him was the sword of confinement, Duke Gavid Lindman, in fact, Duke Noir could be said to be Helmud’s second-in-command. If the demon king of confinement disappeared, Duke Noir would not only hold the real power of Helmud, but would also be able to ascend to the throne anew.

If you think so, the interests of Duke Noir and the hero are aligned to some extent.

When Eugene subdued the Demon King, he even intervened to offer private congratulations, and the two of them spent time separately at the banquet that day. And a few days ago, the scene of their tryst at Jebela Park, ruled by Duke Noir, was leaked.

maybe, maybe… … It may not be a simple relationship of interest, but a sloppy and emotional relationship. Such ‘possibility’ made Amelia even more anxious and afraid.

Amelia is well aware that the relationship between herself and the Duke of Noir is not friendly at all.

Amelia herself was the owner of the perception that the dream horse was lascivious and filthy, and of course she had never been kind to Noir Jebella, the queen of the dream horse. Even after she joined Royalty, she never attended a meeting, and even when she rarely encountered Noir, she never got close.


I never hid those feelings. Rather, I think it was overtly revealed.

‘She could come to kill me.’

The place where Amelia is hiding is La Vista, the land of destruction. No matter how ignorant the hero behaved, he would not be able to easily reach this place, the end of Helmud.

But Noir Jevela is different. There is no land in Helmud to which she cannot go. In fact, Noir came into La Vista a few months ago, and she went on a rampage to tear down Amelia’s mansion after harassing her.

‘He might be coming to kill me at this moment.’

The body is already in a state where it will not be strange even if it dies at any time. Most of it was necrotic under the head, and if you went out of the sap bath, you would immediately stop breathing.

perhaps… … Even if you leave La Vista, your body may not recover. I spent about a year in this underground city. The magic of destruction not only destroyed Amelia’s body, but also left great scars on her soul itself.

‘I can’t die… … .’

Should I make a decision to leave La Vista and go to Nahama? Or should I watch the situation a little more?

I can’t even go into such deep trouble. Anxiety spreads like mania, and Amelia loses her cool.

Maybe tomorrow, no, maybe I’ll die right now, isn’t it? Either self-destruct by the magic of destruction, or die by the invading Noir.

Right now, Harpeuron is dead in Nahama, and if the demons continue to die, Sultan will become a pig and dance, and Eugene Lionheart and Noir Jebela will have a happy wedding with the wise Senya officiating… … .

Giggig, Giggig… … .

Accidents have not been working properly lately. It seems that the necrosis caused by the magic of destruction has progressed to the brain.

‘… … .’

It is a miraculous probability for a mixed race to be born between a demon and a human, but that does not mean that a child of mixed blood is treated like a miracle. It is regarded as a misfortune by humans and despised by demons. Most of them commit suicide or are killed around the time they grow up, and even if they are lucky enough to survive, it is rare that they do their job properly.

As far as Amelia knew, the case of obtaining something called an ordinary life did not exist.

Falling into religion in search of a place to rely on, committing suicide out of pessimism, or hating the world itself… … .

In Amelia’s case, it was the latter.

I can’t remember when this hatred started. Probably from around the time I was able to do something called ‘memory’. Her bewildered mother left La Vista, dreaming of her freedom, and, swayed by her desires, ran wild and became pregnant with a child of an unknown human.

I couldn’t even settle on such a topic outside. I don’t know if it was because of her nostalgia for her hometown, or because she wanted to show off her unborn child to her own people, who couldn’t even be called her family, but—what the hell was the spirit, her mother returned to La Vista pregnant.

Amelia Merwin was born in this dark and dreary underground city. She has no memory of receiving anything called love. The demons of La Vista treated her Amelia as a non-existent existence before despising her, and her mother imitated her motherly love for a brief moment at first and soon got tired of it.

Mother died a few years later. Suffering from the ever-increasing power of destruction, she took her own life. Amelia’s childhood when she became alone… … .



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‘why… … Are you remembering old thoughts?’

Does the brain facing death show a kaleidoscope at will?

don’t want to see I don’t want to recall I don’t want to die.

Amelia tried desperately to turn her thoughts around, but even that didn’t go her way. My brain started thinking on its own. Amelia roamed her distant past, her terrible childhood, which she did not want to recall.

“… … .”


A strange sound was mixed with the accident wandering the past.

Sounds like something breaking.

Kwack, Kwack, Kwack.

The sound didn’t end once. The same sound was heard over and over again. It seemed like something was breaking, sticking, breaking, sticking over and over again. At the same time, a sudden change came to Amelia.

‘It’s breaking… … ?’

One of the shackles that bind you directly to the soul is breaking. This is unacceptable. A flash of light came into the accident that was melting in a blur. These shackles belong to the Death Knight.

‘Oh, no.’

It is not only the fear of the wise Senya and Eugene Lionheart that remains in La Vista even while dying due to disintegration of the body and contamination of the mind.

It was also because of hope.

Of all the ‘corpses’ of warriors available in this era, of course, the greatest vermouth would be.

However, the place where the corpse was enshrined is the Black Lion Castle, and the exact location is unknown. No matter how much Amelia Merwin was, she couldn’t attempt to invade the Black Lion Castle and rob the grave of the great Vermouth. Lionheart is also Lionheart, but it seemed that the demon king of confinement who respected the great Vermouth would not tolerate such a thing.

There was no great regret. By a fateful coincidence, she reached a certain tomb in the subterranean desert.

Hamel’s grave. It had been destroyed for some reason, but that was not something Amelia knew. Deep in the tomb, the perfect remains of the great hero’s corpse, without any decay, excited Amelia. Her soul didn’t have any remnants of her instant enlightenment, but that didn’t matter, she thought.

If you don’t have it, create it.

I thought it was rather fortunate that the soul of the lofty great hero did not remain. Because he had neither the confidence to corrupt nor the confidence to subdue. Instead, the body remains perfect.

He went through the process of tuning in by inserting other souls, and created a soul by reviving the memories left in the body.

The Death Knight he created was hope for Amelia. Even though she was defeated and lost her body, she believed that if she was transformed by adding the magic of destruction in La Vista, she would gain immense power that was incomparable to before.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t any possibility. Strangely, the Demon King of Destruction acted as if he favored the Death Knight. She bestowed magic enough to not die, waited for it to recover, gave it magic again, and mixed it up like that so that it could change. So Amelia also endured here to the limit.

All of that is becoming meaningless. Breaking the shackles means only one thing.

Death Knight has disappeared. ceased to exist. Most of Amelia’s time in this damn basement has been meaningless… … .

“… … ?”

The crashing sound is no longer heard.

Instead, footsteps began to be heard. I don’t know whose footsteps it is.

Alpiero Lasat? There are enough demons to come here on their own… … I can’t feel Alpiero in the approaching footsteps.


I don’t feel any magic power. That fact frightened Amelia even more.

In this land filled with the magic of destruction, an existence that does not feel any magic is approaching. I wanted to check it out, but I couldn’t. Amelia’s pupils lost their function immediately, and her magical powers did not circulate properly, so she could not even open her magical eyes.

All Amelia could do now was lie in the tub of sap and listen to footsteps.

As the sound of footsteps gets closer and louder, the fear intensifies. Inside the respirator he had been wearing for months, the smell of rotting corpses intensified as he breathed faster.

“… … hey.”

I stopped walking and heard a voice.

“Looks like you’re still alive.”

Recognizing the voice, before she was surprised, a violent hand grabbed Amelia’s shoulder. The necrotic and disintegrating body collapsed, unable to withstand the power of her grip.

“ah… … .”

Unknowingly, he spat out his voice and was astonished that his voice came out.

It’s not just the voice. Senses throughout the body returned. The pain transmitted from the dead body awakened the stiff mind.

“Ah, ah!”

Amelia screamed in her own voice for the first time in months. She had cut off most of her senses before and ignored her physical pain, but now she couldn’t. With her senses forcibly restored, Amelia twisted her body as she vomited her blood.


Amelia was horrified that she was coughing up blood and twisting.

The body and internal organs that had collapsed had been restored intact, the blood that had been replaced by the sap was flowing naturally inside the body, and the heart that had been lost before was also thumping normally.

“you… … you… … .”

Amelia opened her eyes belatedly and looked ahead. There was already light in the eyes that could not see anything.


I found out who it was. However, I couldn’t help but be embarrassed by the face that was quite different from the face I remembered.

Now he has no scars on his face. It’s not just the face. He had no scars on his bare body.

At the same time, he felt alive. As before, the Death Knight, who revived the corpse, did not have any of the undead’s temperament left. Amelia felt the unique warmth of a living being from the hands holding her now.

“iced coffee… … Aaaaa!”

existence has changed. The ghost that lost its body and remained with only its soul was sublimated into a completely different being, mixed with the magic of destruction. Amelia’s hopes had come to fruition.

“you… … you you! Did you succeed in the change?! So, that is why you have a new body!”

Still feeling deathly pain, Amelia cried out in joy. But unlike Amelia’s shouts of joy, the man’s expression was cold.

“… … .”

I felt like I wanted to kill him by breaking his neck.

This woman must have been a mother to him, but she felt nothing about him. Rather, she was filled with feelings of anger, hatred, and loathing.

The man had no idea who the hell this feeling belonged to.

Is the existence itself a feeling of ‘I’ that started as a lie? Or, is it the feelings of ‘Hamel’, whose memory has been manipulated to contain insults and inject murderous intent into his colleagues?

I am alternative

“… … Amelia Merwin.”

I don’t know how long I’ve been in that empty land.

But I do know one thing.

Vermouth didn’t kill me.

I don’t know the true meaning of that, but he didn’t kill me even though he hated my existence.

Rather, I tolerated my existence and gave me strength.

“What do I see in your eyes?”

Why did you ask this question?

The answer from that girl who wants to kill me right now is meaningless.

“What do you see… … .”

Amelia replied with a calm face.

“Hamel Diners. Did you come looking for me without looking at your face?”

The shackles are broken. Amelia no longer has the means to control the Death Knight. Amelia realized that fact again. Now, if her hand on her shoulder squeezed her neck… … She won’t be able to resist.

I didn’t think that would happen. killing the body… … The magic of destruction has disappeared. The Death Knight right in front of him, Hamel, had removed the magic of destruction and its curse.

“… … is it.”

The ghost muttered in a low voice. He put his hand on Amelia’s shoulder and moved her hand to caress my face.

A face without scars.

A face that is not mine.

The answer was heard, but the ghost still did not know who it was.

He didn’t even know why he was still alive.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 439

From the first time I arrived there, I felt that the time I felt and the actual time did not mesh. In that empty world, a moment flowed like an eternity, or an eternity flowed like a moment.

A world in which laws are jumbled even though it is empty. In a world where you could go crazy just by existing, he said, “The Great Vermouth”… … he was sitting alone

I didn’t have a conversation with him.

However, we saw each other.

At first, we spoke several times. All kinds of emotions were squeezed in, sobbing and crying out. she had no choice but to do so. Because until that moment, the specter believed himself to be ‘Hamel’.

why are you here I asked what are you doing here. Even such a question was Hamel-like. According to the fabricated memories, Vermouth betrayed Hamel. Among his teammates, he was the first to stab Hamel in the back.

Even so, the specter was unable to pour out its hatred and resentment toward Vermouth first. He prioritized the reality that Vermouth was sitting alone in an unknown void over hatred and resentment for betrayal.

In the void, vermouth was worn and decayed. Her gray hair really looked like a clump of ash, and her golden eyes, which shone brightly like jewelry made of light, were dull and dull.

The question of why I was here didn’t get an answer, so I had no choice but to ask something else.

I asked why you betrayed me. I asked why you cut me off like that.

If you thought I was getting in the way… … Instead of throwing it away like that, I had to choose another method.

For more than 10 years, we roamed the demon realm together, defeated three demon lords, and always fought back to back on the same battlefield. If I was broken by an injury and couldn’t fight, if I got in the way of my teammates.

He had to be allowed to choose an honorable death. What I respect and cherish you, you. I thought of you as colleagues and friends… … If it was me alone, at least you should have given me some compassion. There is no morality in abandoning me like that, mercilessly. What you did was worse than the demons or warlocks we used to slaughter.

I cried out like that a few times. No answer came back. Vermouth sat in his chair, shackled, and stared at his ghost with cold eyes. The specter felt intense hostility in that gaze. That, the feeling of hostility gave the specter even more misery.

I couldn’t figure out why he was still hostile to me after betraying me like that and reuniting like this. If they had reunited in this way, they should have shown at least some sense of guilt. If you are truly a ‘great’ Vermut, and a hero, isn’t it right to feel some guilt at the reunion of a colleague you betrayed and killed in the past?


Little by little, the young emotion in Vermouth’s gaze changed.

Is it because the ugly screams reached me a little? I couldn’t help but yearn for the guilt I received from hanging around and begging.

Betrayed to die, resurrected as an undead, become a puppet of a warlock, defeated by the descendants of Vermouth living in the present era, lose their bodies and only their souls remain, mingled with the magic of destruction. It’s a miserable and pathetic situation, but if Vermouth feels guilty. If you regret making that choice.

It was a little bit, but it seemed like I could feel the feeling of salvation.

It’s not just Vermouth. When he heard that Senya and Moron were still alive, the ghost thought the same about them. If we meet again someday, rather than revenge… … I wanted to have a conversation. I wanted to hear an apology from them.

However, Vermouth did not show the expected emotions. The hostility is gone, and the new feeling,

It was compassion.

The specter did not understand the emotion for a moment. To be precise, he refused to understand. I didn’t want to accept that I was in this situation and had pity for me begging in the past.

I don’t know how much I cried. In the void where eternity seemed like an instant and each moment seemed like an eternity, the specter sat down and howled. Vermouth is in front of him, but there is still no dialogue between the two, and the feeling of compassion has not changed.

There was no other sound in the void except for the cries of the ghosts. When the specter shuts up, the world is truly silent. Also, in that world, there were no mundane magics or restraints.

so i could think

Why does Vermouth have compassion for me now? The thought that started from that was connected to the question the specter had from the very beginning.

gap in memory. Disagreement with co-workers. I thought again about my colleagues who had broken through the Demonic Realm for over 10 years.

Moron, who acted like a two-headed man, laughed heartily, and rushed without hesitation in the face of any enemy, even if the devil stood in his way.

Anise, who was violent and venomous, was called a saint, following the ideal of wanting to save everyone on the battlefield and lead them to heaven, just like her name, and shed blood from her stigma.

Senya, who used magic to help me focus on my battles on the battlefield.

If you take them one by one, they each have flaws, and they all act like monogamists and unite the idiots who used to act as they please.

The Vermouth family that everyone believed in and followed.

Those four people betrayed me?

The guys who stayed up all night in front of a bonfire, had trivial conversations, and talked about the future after the war with their eyes sparkling even in that desolate demonic landscape.


Friends betrayed me?

Vermouth stabbed me in the back?

Senya’s magic blew my body away?

Moron’s ax cut me off?

Anise cursed?

It can’t be.

Why did you believe that stupid lie? Why didn’t you strongly doubt it? Why did you believe the words of the black magician and the demons when you did not believe the friends who went through hardships together? Why did you obey the order of the black magician? Why did you participate in creating the demon king and turning the world into an X?

Why did you aim your sword at the descendant of Vermouth?

Know. It was impossible to resist. He had shackles that made him obey orders unconditionally. Even so, the specter had no choice but to loathe himself.

It’s not that doubt didn’t exist at all. A crafted soul. Particularly elaborately created ego questioned the gap between memories.

turned away

I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t want to doubt. It was none other than the specter himself who chose comfortable anger and hatred.

The choice itself was not like Hamel.

‘I couldn’t accept that I was fake.’

The ghost stood and thought. In fact, it is still the case today. The ghost… … He didn’t want to accept that he was fake.

Vermouth’s enmity. remorse. gap in memory. All of which made the ghost know the truth. Amelia Merwin and other bastards call me ‘Hamel’. I also thought I was Hamel until now.

The memories given to me are fake.

That alone wasn’t enough to define himself as a ‘fake’. Vermouth still doesn’t say anything.

The void was quiet, and there was plenty of time.

I recalled the memories created over and over again. I licked the bottom of my memories and ego.

remembered someone

There is a guy who fits perfectly with ‘I’ and ‘Hamel’ in the memories that I ruminate over and repeat.

He is a man of the present age.

He used the Holy Sword, the Moonlight Sword, and other Vermut weapons.

He is a descendant of Vermouth, who is even called the Second Coming of Vermouth.

I know how to use my skills.

In the north, I met Moron.

Senya and… … He subdued the demon lord with the saintess of the present era who resembles Anise.

Write ‘I’ skills.

… … .

‘Am I really me?’

– Because I, at least like this, came back to life. Do you know what your first thought was?

said something like that

-We decided to wipe out all the seeds that Vermouth left behind. And Moron, who built the kingdom unbecomingly, will also annihilate the royal family of that asshole.

I am.

– This is a little bit disappointing. Anis and Senya didn’t have babies. I didn’t know Anise, but I thought Senya would leave something behind.


-Come to think of it. You say you’re Senya’s heir? don’t you know anything Senya, that dog-like bitch ate secretly… … .

is it me

“Say no more.”

The specter slumped in place and murmured.

Eugene Lionhart. He didn’t swear at that moment. But at that moment, the specter felt a huge surge of emotions that couldn’t be poured out with ‘swearing’.

Now, I can empathize with that feeling. If, if the specter—- in front of me, if I hear someone say such a thing.

My breath is choking, and even spitting out my voice seems to be painful. I feel like I have a knife stuck in my throat. My head feels hot as if I was thrown into hell fire. It seems to ring in my ears. The chest, the heart, beats like it’s about to explode, and eventually you can’t stand it and stretch out your fist.

Like Eugene Ryanhart.

“I wanted to be weird.”

The specter grunted and laughed.

“No matter how well Vermouth steals, no matter how well inherited… … That makes no sense.”

All of Eugene’s techniques were better than ‘me’. To be precise, it was more advanced than ‘me’. As if I, Hamel, supplemented it myself.

The fundamental hatred expressed by Eugene. The hatred that could never tolerate the existence of ‘I’. I can understand that too now.

Of course it would be disgusting From his point of view, his corpse, which died 300 years ago, stood up on its own. Inside, there is the soul of an unknown idiot, and to my surprise, the idiot calls himself ‘Hamel’. And that idiot, asshole, bastard. He was talking nonsense and insulting his co-workers.

I can’t help but hate it Even if ‘I’ is Hamel, I hate ‘I’. This hatred was not only Hamel’s emotion, but also his emotion as ‘me’.

I am.

“What am I?”

The specter blankly looked up at the sky and murmured.

In fact, what is up there is not the sky. It is the ceiling of the underground city. In that black darkness, the Centipede Mountains and other super-large monsters that rampaged 300 years ago were full.

“… … .”

I remember most of those monsters.

Demons that could not be killed on the battlefield 300 years ago. However, this memory belongs to Hamel. Most of the memories the ghost has are Hamel’s, and even the ego that comes from it is Hamel’s. It was only now that I realized that I was a fake, the memory of the specter and the ego were born.

Even if you understand it with your head, it is difficult to accept it. To tell the truth, the ghost wanted to be Hamel. With that memory and ego, I wondered if I could call myself Hamel. Realizing the gap in her memories, she broke Amelia’s shackles. Forgotten her vengeance and hatred of her comrades.

The specter held up a piece of shattered glass and looked at his own face.

There are no scars on the newly formed face now. Doesn’t the scar prove Hamel, too? Doesn’t this face, this body fit Hamel? If necessary, he is willing to carve any number of scars.

Eugene Ryanhart… … .

He doesn’t have to be Hamel, right? Isn’t there a life worthy of the current situation and name for the reincarnated person? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be possible for me to be Hamel?

“… … haha.”

At the thought that followed, the specter laughed involuntarily. The more I think about it, the more I feel disgust and disgust towards myself.

yes i know ‘Hamel’ doesn’t think like this. Hamel, knowing that I am a fake, knowing that my existence is of no use to the world, to others, to Senya, to Moron, to my comrades.

will kill himself

‘Is that why you didn’t kill me?’


‘Vermouth. I don’t know why you are there But I know that you are related to the demon lord of destruction.’

You showed hostility to me, who was a fake.

You showed compassion to me, who was fake.

You gave me, the fake me, magic power.

You gave me freedom as a fake.

‘If you wanted me to kill myself, you just had to give me freedom. I didn’t even need to give him magical power.’


‘Did I really want to help Hamel? You know that’s impossible. I’m fake after all, Hamel’s… … It doesn’t help Eugene’s journey.’

Can you deal with the demon lord of confinement with this power now? I don’t know.

The specter annihilated the glass shard in his hand with magic. The magical power generated naturally—-is incomparable to before. The ghost has defined who he is now.

‘Right now, I’m closer to the devil of destruction than any other member of the family. Now I am not the Demon King, but I am stronger than slaughter, misery, and madness.’

The incarnation of destruction.

‘But it’s impossible to save the world with this power. It is questionable whether it will be used against the demon lord in captivity, and saving you, Vermouth… … Of course it is impossible to face the demon lord of destruction.’


‘There’s no way you wouldn’t know that. If so, then why didn’t you kill me? Why did you give me freedom and strength? What do you want me to do?’

Even now, I want to go back to that void and ask. I mean, what the hell do you want?

But that was impossible. already did the test The Temple of Destruction and the Void are closed, and the specter of hope cannot go there. If I dare to guess… … Turning the ghost into an incarnation seemed to be a great burden to Vermouth.

‘… … It’s empty.’

break the ego

know i’m fake

When you are pushed out of that world while receiving the pouring magic power.

The specter was able to see the world where Vermouth existed more clearly.


Vermouth sat on a huge scar carved into the void itself.

“What is that?”

The specter muttered in a low voice and rested his chin.

What I wanted to ask was Amelia Merwin as well.

She crouched down, unable to even breathe. The weight on her back was humiliating—but she didn’t dare complain.

Now Amelia was lying on her face, naked, with a ghost sitting on her back. It was a huge humiliation she had never felt in her life, but rather, that situation was considerably better than those around her.

Around the devastated area, demons including Alpiero were covered in blood.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 440

Why did this happen?

It’s not very guesswork. ‘That’ no longer listens to Amelia’s control. As the magic of destruction was mixed, that was no mere undead, death knight, or specter.

Dumb Hamel’s corpse. A body that lost its body and was rebuilt, albeit crudely. In the end, everyone was an undead that couldn’t be called ‘alive’, but now that thing has become an existence that can’t be called undead.

In the process, the servant’s shackles were broken. Amelia could no longer command it. Also, it no longer needed Amelia’s magical power to exist.

That’s it. It has become a perfect equal relationship, where you can’t give orders and don’t have to listen to them.


no. Right now, that one has an overwhelming advantage over Amelia. If it wants to kill Amelia, Amelia will not be able to resist.


I know that the shackles are broken.

But why? I don’t know why they did this.

Amelia thinks she’s been very nice to that, to the specter. She knows that she has been too harsh on Hemoria. If Hemoria ever loses her shackles, she can understand that even if she immediately plots her betrayal.

However, it is incomprehensible that the specter is seeking betrayal.

Enemies treated harshly? does not exist. There was no violence or verbal abuse. So far, Amelia has been very polite to the ghost. Although she is in a master-servant relationship, she has never ignored her as a subordinate. Even though the ghost’s memories and ego are fake, she respects the great heroic down pride of 300 years ago.

Is that all? I think everything you need has been given.

Hate, vengeance. Even if all of them were created and infused by Amelia, those feelings are real to the ghost. So, I respected the desires and impulses felt by the specter. Because she wanted to take revenge on her hatred, she helped her to do it, and she intends to do so in the future.

When you return after being defeated by a young hero? If Hemoria had come back like that, she would have lashed out and insulted and ridiculed her, but she didn’t do the same to the ghost. Rather, she was genuinely comforting.

Even though he lost his precious, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-created, ‘real’ Hamel’s body and came back with only his soul left… … forgave me I understood. He said he wanted to become stronger, so he prepared a platform to become stronger.

I did that much I did you a favor

Why are you doing this to me?

“… … .”

I couldn’t bear to let the emotions and complaints boiling in my chest come out of my mouth. It was because it was clear what would happen if the tongue was lightly and thoughtlessly teased now.

The humiliation of lying down naked and being used as a chair… … It reminded me of a past I didn’t want to recall. Amelia Merwin. The days when she was mean and weak. A time when she had to do anything to survive.

As in the distant past, Amelia did not want to die now. She can endure any humiliation if she can survive. She can even lick her toes if need be.

enough to even think about it.

The power of the specter was overwhelming.

Things happened in an instant. The ghost who had extracted the magic of destruction from Amelia and regenerated her body inquired about what had happened outside during the months she had been asleep.

After hearing Amelia’s answer.

The ghost suddenly grabbed Amelia by the hair and dragged her out of the mansion. Up until that moment, Amelia hadn’t let out her screams in panic.

The specter that came out first touched the mansion. Instead of collapsing, the mansion exploded so loudly that a ‘gwang’ sound resonated.

A roar resounded through the quiet city, and demons appeared from everywhere. Of course, Alpiero was at the forefront. Alpiero was horrified that the ghost had been brought back to life with a body.

didn’t rush

It was the same with other demons. The demons, who belonged to the demon king of destruction, felt an instinctive awe from the current specter.

However, the specter did not accept the fear of the demons. Just like grabbing Amelia’s hair and blowing up her mansion, the ghost acted abruptly. He smashed the head of a nearby demon to the ground, jumped among the demons, and ran wild.

It was true that he felt awe, but he was not even willing to be politely beaten by a recklessly rampaging specter. Al Piero and his demons did their best to resist.

It was pointless. Even from Amelia’s point of view, the gap between the demons and the ghosts was about the same as between ants and humans. It didn’t take long for all the high-ranking demons who had served as the chiefs of La Vista for hundreds of years to collapse.

After the rampage is over.

The ghost made Amelia lie face down, and she sat on it, lost in thought.

“What am I?”

When the specter who had been deep in thought suddenly spat out. Amelia wondered if she should answer something or if she should keep her mouth shut like a chair. In the end, she stuck to her silence all along, and the choice was right. If Amelia

“You are Hamel Diners.”

If she had answered, the ghost would have given her even more humiliation, unable to overcome her tantrum.

“… … .”

Some thoughts have been sorted out. Her ghost glanced at Amelia, who was sitting on her hip. She didn’t make her prostrate in her naked body specifically because she wanted to give her even greater humiliation. Neither Hamel nor the specter had such bad taste.

I just couldn’t help it. Amelia was submerged in her sap because the placenta in her torso had collapsed. In the process of disenchanting her, she was regenerated, but even though her torso was regenerated, her clothes were not regenerated, and Amelia in the sap bath was not wearing any clothes in the first place.

It was the same with the ghost. The existing crude body was destroyed, and the body was completed as it was reborn as the incarnation of destruction.

However, unlike Amelia, the ghost is wearing pants.

Because I didn’t want to run naked.

“What about you?”

The specter muttered as it raised itself. As the weight that weighed her down was gone, Amelia lifted her head as she flinched.

“In my heart, I want to kill you.”

I deserve to kill that bitch.

The specter sincerely thought so. It is true that Amelia created the ghost, but the ego he has cannot accept being born this way. Rather, he hates the Creator who gave birth this way.

But, the hate I feel now.

The real Hamel.

Is it greater than the hatred of Eugene Lionheart?

‘I deserve to kill that bitch.’

Same goes for Eugene Ryanhart. Rather, he, more than the specter, deserves to kill that bitch, Amelia Merwin.

The same goes for Senya Merdein. A black magician who mocked the corpses of his precious comrades and turned them into undead. If the ghost was ‘remembering’ Senya, it would be eager to tear Amelia to death with his own hands.

The same goes for Moron Luhar. He would laugh out loud whenever he was teased by his peers for being an asshole. But the specter ‘remembers’. How bloody is Moron who doesn’t laugh and is angry.

All of them would want to kill Amelia more than a ghost. They deserve it.

“what… … Are you thinking?”

As the specter’s eyes cooled down, Amelia swallowed and shrank.

The emotions that passed through my eyes. There’s no way you can’t recognize it. I… … gruesome flesh. Amelia, longing for her life, could not ignore that murderous intent.

“I, I… … I don’t know why you’re doing it. we are… … .”

“I know roughly what you want to say.”

The ghost’s lips opened. He no longer called Amelia ‘Master’.

It colored Amelia’s eyes with despair.

“You’d better not keep talking.”

what’s wrong

The shackles are broken. became free With that alone, that murderous intent and hatred are incomprehensible. Why are you treating me like an enemy?

‘I noticed that the memories are fake.’

Yes, of course I would be angry if that was the case.

‘Why don’t you kill me?’


He realized that his memories had been manipulated and that his vengeance against his comrades had been instilled in him.

‘Then, of course, they should try to kill me.’

It was Amelia who created that soul based on Hamel’s memories. If I knew all the facts, it would definitely try to kill me. They put shackles on to prevent such an unfortunate incident from happening.

‘Even though I learned the truth, it doesn’t kill me… … .’


How far did you know the truth? Amelia swallowed her agitation and gazed at her ghost.

“… … Who are you?”

This question may be outrageous. However, it was also a question that had to be addressed.


The moment that question was asked, the ghost’s emotions calmed down. He still couldn’t choose which one was me. He could not even judge whether he had the right to choose.


Dare to say greed, the specter still thought of himself as Hamel.

‘I just found out it’s fake.’

something unexpected. Amelia never thought what she would do when faced with a situation like this. The breaking of her shackles was something she hadn’t expected.

‘What doesn’t kill me even after I realize everything… … Because I am the Creator?’

It seems certain that he is feeling confused about his identity. But I don’t think I dare touch it from this side. Aside from the relationship between creature and creature, there is an overwhelming power gap between that and Amelia.

Amelia needed that power. The reason she endured all kinds of humiliation and longed for her life is because she has a longing to achieve.

want to start a war A war that will ruin the world. If possible, a war so great that all life on the continent would be over. I want to start a war in which human lives, whether hundreds or thousands, will be treated as lightly as a swarm of ants.

‘With my own hands.’

What I really, really long for.

The world will be destroyed by the war that I caused with my own hands.

‘you can do it.’

I thought so. If you cooperate with the specter who became the incarnation of destruction… … It seemed like it could really destroy the world.


The first to speak was the ghost. As Amelia thought, she also thought of the specter.

I don’t know if this is really the right thing to do.

Still, the specter came to a troubled conclusion.

“Go to Nahama.”

“… … yes?”

“Didn’t you wish for war? You prepared hard.”

The ghost twisted his lips and smiled.

“Since you don’t need to be in La Vista anymore, go to Nahama. at there… … start a war.”

What is Amelia like now? She listened to what was going on outside.

Eugene Ryanhart wants Amelia to start a war. In the war she caused, she intends to trample on the Hellmood—the demons and the hippo, and hunt down Amelia. It seems to be using that war to unite allies on the continent.


Because Hamel wants it.

The ghost pushed Amelia on the back.

“Harpeuron is dead. That bastard, whether he died or not, his power is insignificant, but if his death is treated in vain, the demons in Nahama will be like X.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t it? I don’t know if they have camaraderie. you… … If you don’t keep your promises to them and keep hiding here, nothing will happen. The demons will withdraw from your war, and you… … Can’t you have anything?”

“Even if you don’t tell me.”

Amelia took a deep breath and said.

“… … I’m thinking of going to Nahama. My body has become free, and I have things to do and things I want to do. however… … What are you going to do?”

I don’t know what answer will come back. I wanted to ask more directly, but I couldn’t venture into the yard where the hilt was over there. Amelia waited nervously for the ghost’s answer.

“If you go to Nahama first.”

The ghost raised its head and looked up at the ceiling. The ceiling of the clogged underground city. Huge monsters melted into the sky.

“… … I will follow you later.”

“The answer is… … Do you want a war too? Are you willing to cooperate in my war?”

Amelia asked in a trembling voice.


The ghost nodded. Of course, the specter didn’t have that kind of heart. It is purely for Eugene’s sake that Amelia goes to Nahama and pushes her back to start a war. The specter himself has no desire to be involved in the war.

“… … .”

Really? What if Eugene died during the war? If I kill Eugene… … .

in my head.

Senya’s crying face came to mind.

When was it? Yes, when Iris killed the elven rangers in a brutal way. In the burned forest, Senya wept in front of the corpses of the elves who were burned alive along with the forest.

‘… … Even when Hamel died, she must have cried like that.’

The specter has no memory of that moment. Because the last thing Hamel remembers is the death betrayed by his comrades. Senya’s ‘last’ face he remembers was a mockery that didn’t even contain tears.


I hate myself for believing in these memories and hating everyone.

I hate myself for being jealous of Eugene, who has different memories.

“Then come with me… … .”

The moment Amelia cautiously added. The ghost couldn’t control her emotions and kicked Amelia.

Wow! Amelia, kicked in the stomach, couldn’t even let out her shriek. She didn’t even fly as far as a ball. She held her stomach, holding her breath.

“I said later.”

I can’t follow Amelia to Nahama right away. I haven’t decided who I am yet.

what i want to do I don’t know what I want to do. Why did Vermouth dare to save me without killing me? I don’t know why he made me the incarnation of destruction.

I who became the incarnation of destruction.

What to do.

what can you do

what do you want to do

‘I don’t know’.

It would be better if Vermouth told me clearly. If he had asked for it, he wouldn’t have bothered like this. But Vermouth didn’t tell the specter anything.

So the specter had no choice but to think and choose.

‘… … .’

The ghost caught a breath and closed his eyes.

There are some things you need to check first.

‘The Demon King of Confinement.’

can i fight him?

‘If I can fight, the power I have now… … It is helpful to Eugene and Hamel.’


am i hoping for that?

The ghost turned away from the evil question hanging on its tail.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 441

Capital of the Helmud Empire, Pandemonium.


The demonic castle of confinement, Babel.

The owner of the office on the 90th floor, Duke Gavid Lindman. He hadn’t been able to properly rest for the past few days and had been holding on to his papers.

Many of the high-ranking demons moved to Nahama. It’s nominally tourism, but Gavid could assure you. Of the demons who crossed over to Nahama over the past few months, there would be no demons who actually went there to tour.

The demon king of confinement did not take any position on the issue of Nahama. He didn’t even say anything to Gavid. But that didn’t mean that Gavid had to do nothing.

It is Gavid who has to prepare a statement just in case. If a war really breaks out in Nahama and the demons run rampant at the front, the perception of the demons that has changed over the past 300 years will fall into abyss.

The end of the promise was declared anyway, so wouldn’t it matter if the perception of the demons went to hell? Even if you think so, you have to be prepared for the situation just in case.

‘What about sending volunteers to the war in Nahama?’

On the surface, Helmud and Nahama are not allies. However, most countries would consider Helmud to be a supporter of Nahama.

Speaking now, Gavid was honestly unfair. This is because he had never stamped the documents to support Nahama with troops or supplies.

‘There’s no way I’ll believe it even if they claim it now.’

I don’t even feel the need to. Gavid rubbed his throbbing temple, lost in his thoughts. Helmud does not support Nahama. Even if there is a war, he will not go to war.

Amelia Merwin and the instigated demons. What have you been promised? The demon lord ritual that Edmond tried?

It’s doubtful whether it will succeed, but if it does… … A war in the dry desert will set the whole world on fire. Really, if, through the demon king ceremony led by Amelia, a plurality of demon kings are born during the war… … .

‘It’s the Second Coming of the War Era.’

The era when the five demon kings coexisted.

I don’t think it’s a threat. Does an unqualified person really become a king even if he is forced to wear a crown? Even Iris, who was called Princess Rakshala, became the demon king and failed to reign properly, so why should those who failed to preserve their position in Pandemonium be regarded as a threat after becoming the demon king?

Even in the distant past, when the demon king of slaughter, horror, and madness was still alive, the demon king of confinement, the owner of Gavid, was different from other demon kings.

‘but… … If another demon lord joins the battle, in reality the promise will have to be seen as over.’

The end of the promise that the confined demon king wants is for Eugene Lionheart to climb the barbell. However, looking at the silence of the demon king of confinement, it didn’t seem like he was sticking to that method. It has been a long time since Amelia Merwin prepared for war in Nahama, and the demon king of confinement had been acquiescing from the very beginning.

‘If the promise ends with the war in Nahama… … Is there no reason for Helmud to pretend to be neutral?’

Would it be better to prepare support? Dispatch an army of demons… … No, I think it would be okay to send only the black fog. Of course, even if Gavid was the head of the Black Mist in the Duke, such a decision could not be made alone.

The reason for the vigil is not only because of Nahama. We must prepare for the war that will take place in Helmud in advance. Eugene Ryanhart I saw in Simuin. No matter how much the opponent was Iris, the power of the hero should not be underestimated as long as he subdued the demon lord.

Evacuation plan for ordinary citizens. In particular, the safety of human migrants should be taken into consideration.

It is doubtful whether the demons should protect humans in that situation, but Gavid must follow the laws of Helmud unless the demon king in captivity orders it. Human migrants and tourists are the weakest to be protected first in the Helmud Law.

You will also need to train in preparation for the exhibition. There are already trainings in progress, and plans need to be made. It looked like I was going to spend the night downstairs today with the staff who were washing their hair.

‘Eugene Ryanhart is still in Jebela City… … . There’s no way the two really held hands, but it can’t be ignored.’

Noir Jebela. She is openly showing favor to Eugene. But she doesn’t hold her hand as a favor. Gavid knew all too well what a lustful monster Noir was.

“… … .”

I put down the papers I was looking at. Gavid took off the glasses from the bridge of his nose and gave a puzzled look.

“It can’t be an illusion.”

I was honestly perplexed. She couldn’t even control her expression and voice. Gavid pulled back his chair and stood up.

“Am I dreaming? or not… … Are you seeing a ghost?”

that face.

300 years have passed, but I have never forgotten. In the past, it sometimes appeared in dreams and nightmares.

Hamel of annihilation.

not a ghost Right now, Hamel, who was standing by the window, didn’t feel the undead-like deceit. Far from cheating, I can feel the vitality as if I am alive and well.


Hamel is dead. He died 300 years ago, right here, while climbing Babel. Gavid stared at Hamel with his eyes wide open.

… … I noticed a few different things.

Hamel, standing there, had no scars. Not to mention the scars left by Gavid, none of the scars that can be said to be symbols of Hamel’s many death lines from the Devil’s Realm remain.

It feels lively, not fraudulent. That’s not all. I can feel it, but something else is missing.

‘There is no mana.’

More than the fact that he couldn’t feel mana from Hamel, the fact that he couldn’t see through it at once even though he was looking directly at him shocked Gavid.

… … no. Is that really Hamel?

“… … Wasn’t it at La Vista?”

A completely different thing wearing Hamel’s skin. That’s how Gavid defined Sun Hamel, leaning against the wall. A fake created by Amelia through the memories left on Hamel’s corpse.

“Until a few days.”

Gavid’s expression hardened even more at the answer that came back.

“What about Amelia Merwin?”

“I sent it to Nahama.”

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