Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 140

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Gavid’s eyes lit up red. The moment the majestic eye of prestige peered into the specter, a strong throbbing sensation was felt inside the pupil. Gavid furrowed his brows and clicked his tongue.

“… … Did you make a contract with the demon lord of destruction?”

I saw it with my own two eyes and confirmed it, but I still couldn’t believe it.

I know that the demon lord of destruction does not discriminate among his family. However, isn’t it too much to sign a contract with a being that can’t be said to be a proper life, not a demon or a warlock?

‘contract… … ?’

The more you look into it.

I felt my chest constrict. The insides of her pupils were still throbbing, and in her head it seemed as if her brain was crushing and shuffling.

I’ve felt this way before.

When I saw the demon king of destruction up close.

‘What the hell… … ?’

The magic of destruction is ruthless even to its own people. If you can’t handle it, you destroy yourself. Amelia herself would not be able to handle her magical power of destruction, so how could the fake she created handle that much magical power? Gavid couldn’t understand the ghost even more.

What is even more questionable.

How could a specter stand there?

This is the center of Pandemonium, the demonic castle Babel. It is impossible for Gavid himself to sneak into Babel. Even this place is not on the 1st floor, but on the 90th floor, and the reason Gavid noticed it was because the specter made his presence known first.


I couldn’t even spit out the question of whether I had heard of it. Gavid instinctively stepped back and grabbed the Demonic Sword Glory, which was placed next to his chair.

A ghost stood in front of me. Hamel’s face staring at me with a face without a single scar felt creepy.

how did you move? Disappeared and reappeared. That’s it.

So I don’t understand any more. Did you miss the person you were looking at with the Mystic Eye of Prestige in this room? It’s not just moving fast. It’s not like I jumped through space using some sort of magical method.

Literally, it disappeared and reappeared. Just like the demon king of destruction during the war era.

“… … Amazing.”

First, I sorted out my emotions. I started to understand one by one.

What we need to think about from now on is not about the identity or ability of the specter. enemy? Are you an ally? Either way, the guilt of trespassing should be questioned.


Glory’s blade came out of the scabbard.

The moment the magic sword was pulled out, the specter also raised its hand. His hand held no weapon, but his will desired a sword. That was enough. Gray magic formed in his empty hand, and it extended into a long sword.


The air was torn to shreds. A slash that started at the same time as the sword. The sword’s blade left thousands of traces. Before long, a storm of magical powers shook the office.

The ghost didn’t back down even a step. Nevertheless, the slash and the storm did not harm the specter.

As the slash began and the storm followed, the ghost’s sword danced as well. The sword dance, which started in place without moving a single step, changed the trajectory of all slashes.

Gavid did not miss the sight. How the sword of the specter moved in that moment in the glowing demonic eye. I also understood that the movement was far beyond the line to be evaluated as great.

“If imitation reaches its limit, does it surpass the real thing?”

The source of that sword fighting is Hamel’s sword. Gavid groaned and sighed. It’s not mocking. Gavid recognized the sword of the specter as a soldier.

“Jump over?”

The ghost’s eyes flashed.

He couldn’t take that as a compliment. The word that he had surpassed the real thing pierced his heart. The specter knew very well that his sword was ultimately derived from the nuclear power plant, and that he was not great enough to say that he had surpassed the nuclear power plant.

A sword that started with Hamel. The ghost’s ego copied Hamel, and as long as all the memories he possessed belonged to Hamel, no matter how hard he trained his sword, he couldn’t change the fundamentals in the end.

I saw Eugene’s sword.

What I didn’t want to admit back then, I’m admitting now. I have no choice but to admit it. If you can put swords together again, you will be able to realize it. My sword ‘now’ should still resemble the real Hamel’s sword.

would you have surpassed?

‘No way.’

Eugene’s life was fierce enough to be compared to that of a specter. When the specter was gasping for the magic of destruction, Eugene killed Raizakia and killed the demon king of madness. If he were Hamel, he wouldn’t be complacent and would have continued to train. That thought distorted the specter’s face.

A dull murderous intent flowed out. The ominous magic that formed the sword responded to the ghost’s murderous intent. The spreading magical energy eroded the space.

At that moment, Gavid felt a bizarre sense of alienation. It seemed that this place where he had lived for over a hundred years, his office, had become a completely different world.


Gavid couldn’t help but be angry at that feeling. This is the floor just below the palace of the demon king in captivity. To allow other magical powers to invade the place closest to the demon king of confinement. Gavid’s hand held Glory in place.

Iron gruck.

Gavid’s face stiffened at the sound he heard from ‘above’. He stopped trying to swing his Glory, stepped back, and got down on one knee.

The specter was startled and looked up at the ceiling. Suddenly, there was no ceiling there. There was only darkness lurking there, as if the starless night sky had been moved as it was.

in the middle of it. There is a demon king of confinement in the high and deep darkness.

“Gavid Lindman.”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth. Gavid lifted his head, which was deeply bowed, and looked up at her.

“Back off.”

“But, the demon king of confinement.”

“This is my guest.”

The low answer did not allow Gavid’s counter-questions. Gavid immediately put the half-drawn Glory back into his scabbard and bowed his head.


The moment Glory entered the scabbard, the space changed. The ghost flinched and looked around. He was in Gavid’s office just a moment ago, but now… … It was in the middle of pitch black darkness.

“What should I call you?”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth. He was still looking down at the specter from high above.

“Hamel Diners? Or do you want another name?”

When the specter did not answer, the demon king of confinement tilted his head. He stared at the specter for a moment, then smiled.

“You came here.”

woo woo

The darkness shook.

“You did not come to receive a name.”

The magic power flowing from the specter made the palace vibrate. With that ‘power’, the demon king of confinement deepened his smile.

“That’s not Vermouth’s will either.”



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“What do you know… … .”

The specter swallowed the words he had uttered.

I thought that the question was not important to me now.

The ghost’s right arm was lifted up. Now he holds no weapon. He doesn’t need anything like a weapon now.

Still, if it’s Hamel.

would have taken up arms. Perhaps, he would have held a sword. The specter felt bitter regret. If possible, he’d also like to go sword-to-sword with Gaby de Lindman.

“Are you having confusion?”

The demon king of confinement still said with a smile. Such an existence, such a situation was not predicted.

The demon king of confinement likes irregularities like this.

“Are you looking for meaning in your existence, in the power you have?”


A chain appeared from the darkness. Countless chains lifted their heads like spear points and aimed at the specter.

became the incarnation of destruction.

Will this power work for the demon king in captivity or not? It is unknown. So verification is required.

What if it works? What if you could attack the demon lord in confinement with this power? After that?

Will the next one exist? To challenge the demon king of confinement, verify, step back, and join Eugene? It is nonsense. Regardless of whether the demon king of confinement would give such ridiculous mercy, risking his life for such an uncertainty.

Several days had already passed since he left La Vista.

Coming to Pandaemonium, I saw many things. Magician Helmud. changed world. It’s not even the first time I’ve seen it. Even after becoming a Death Knight, he had seen Helmood several times.

Even so, the feelings I felt were different.

things that were neglected.

I looked for things I hadn’t thought to check.

read a fairy tale I also read history books. These days, I read the newspaper, and I also watched the news while standing on the street.

As the new information was added, the self-loathing swelled.

I thought I wanted to die.

“is it.”

The specter is gone. The demon king of confinement was not surprised at all and laughed.

He felt an alien magic melting into the darkness. of empty flesh. The demon king of confinement asked at the aimless point of the sword stabbed from behind.

“You’d rather die at my hands.”

The demon king of confinement accurately penetrated the specter’s intentions.

I honestly did. It would be better if I died here from the demon king of confinement. That’s right, if Hamel couldn’t do it 300 years ago, if he died from the demon king of confinement.

There is no need to feel painful worries, self-loathing, greed, jealousy, and other emotions.

“That’s also like Hamel.”

The demon king of confinement laughed and shook his head.

Fate often repeats itself.

The demon king of confinement knows that fact better than any other demon king, more than any god, and more than anyone else in the world.

So I can say for sure.

The current fate has never been repeated.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 442

– Are you harboring confusion?

-Are you looking for meaning in your existence, in the power you have?

-I’d rather die at my hands.

All the words uttered by the demon king of confinement were as if he were looking into the mind of a ghost.

So the specter did not deny it. I couldn’t deny it. Because everything was true. The ghost still harbors confusion about its own existence.

I don’t know why, vermouth gave me strength. I don’t know how he wanted to use this power, and I don’t know why he didn’t kill me.

After worrying and self-loathing, he came to Babel, the castle of demons.

I want to attack the demon king of confinement and die.

-That kind of thing is like Hamel.

Those words pierced the ghost’s chest.

‘I’m not.’

Hamel’s death, written in a children’s book, was a sacrifice he threw himself into to save his comrades.

The specter does not know exactly under what circumstances and emotions Hamel chose to die 300 years ago. However, he thought that now he would have chosen suicide in a different meaning from the ‘suicide’ he was choosing.

The present specter was in despair. As an escape from all worries and self-loathing, death was an option.

It’s not like my body is broken because I can’t fight anymore. Not for my colleagues, not for the world. Will this power work on the demon king in captivity? If the verification of him and the abandonment due to despair, both are put on the scale. The ghost knows very well which way the scales will tip. This suicide is completely for me. There is no cause whatsoever.


I bet it is.

Why is my heart beating so fast? I know why. The specter felt the thrill of this situation itself.

Demon King Babel. The palace of the top floor. Confronting and fighting the demon king of confinement.

What Hamel couldn’t do even though he wanted so much.


The specter spat out self-deprecation and reached out his hand.

Countless chains stretched out like spears and aimed at the specter. There was no murderous intent in that simple attack.

I didn’t think that was strange. Right now, violent and soggy emotions like ‘killing intent’ did not suit the demon king of confinement who was smiling at a high place.

That doesn’t mean that attack is soft, weak, or kind. If you get hit, you die. The specter instinctively sensed it and grasped the air.

Crackle! The gray magic power became a sword.

“You handle it well.”

The demon king of confinement knows the identity of that disparate and ominous magic.

The source that the people of perdition long for. However, no matter how much he longs for it, he cannot accept it, a power worthy of the name ‘destruction’.

“Have you become an incarnation beyond your family? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone like you.”

The demon king of confinement said with a smile. Incarnation is a means by which God interferes with the world. In the ‘before’, God intervened in the world in such a way, but now, even that has become impossible.

The ghost swung his sword. her chains are broken The specter leaped through space in one step.

Interrupted. bumped into something I didn’t feel the wall until the moment I bumped into it.

I realized as I walked away. Chains were flowing in the space around the specter. This is the palace of the demon king of confinement. Where all laws are bound in his chains. In this imprisoned world, he is an absolute presence.

‘… … What is that chain?’

Behind the back of the demon king of confinement. A chain that I always wear. Even now, those many chains hang behind the back of the demon king in confinement like a cloak, and the other end penetrates space and leads to somewhere else.

In other words, the demon king now in confinement is connected to something. The specter couldn’t guess what that chain meant or what the confined demon king was connected to.


Ignoring the question, the specter grabbed the sword again.

Pooh! Gray magic exploded and spread out in all directions. The power to destroy everything wished for the collapse of the palace. The demon king of confinement turned his palms upside down with the same smile.

Whoops! The mana that stretched out was extinguished. With a single gesture, everything was reversed. I tried not to panic. I was prepared and anticipated in advance. Having experienced it myself, I laughed out loud because I was dumbfounded.


The chain moved silently. Every time that happened, the ghost’s body trembled. Just standing here is putting a huge burden on the existence of the specter. It seems that the existence will be crushed just by loosening the power for a moment.

hundreds of years. Perhaps for a much longer time than that, the demon king of confinement coexisted with the demon king of destruction. He was the only demon king to stand on the same frontline as the demon king of destruction. The moment the promise was made, the Demon King of Destruction secluded himself in La Vista.

‘Does that chain bind even destruction?’

Whoops, whoops. His body, unable to overcome his subordinates, was crushed. However, the pain was not greater than the pain of being pickled by the magic of destruction. The demon king of confinement laughed at the specter that raised his bent body.

“Wasn’t it wishing for death?”

I hate futile deaths.

I swallowed the answer that was about to come out. In the end, selfish stubbornness. It’s just that I don’t want to face Eugene Ryanhart, Hamel, Senya Merdane, Moron Luhar, everything related to memories that don’t belong to me.

“You are a mass of contradictions.”

The demon king of confinement whispered with a smile on his face. The specter swallowed the rebuttal with his breath and kicked the darkness. The enchantment imprisoned in her chains was released.

Quarre! A whirlwind of magic wrapped around the specter. That form—-it seemed like the demon lord of destruction had been reduced to a smaller size. At the sight of the specter standing in the center, the demon king in confinement laughed heartily.

“Have you been allowed that much?”

Kwaaaang! Destruction has advanced. All the chains that bound the world swayed loudly, pulling tight as if they were going to break at any moment. How long had it been since you felt this much resistance?

‘300 years.’

can’t forget Unlike before, the demon king of confinement raised his hand. The moment bloodless white hands grasped the darkness, all the darkness that filled the palace became chains.

charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The demon king of confinement had only one chain in his hand, but an absurdly many chains were entangled in that one chain.

It seemed like a light pull. The action of pulling the chain was as simple as that.

The impact of bumping into the specter was by no means light. An indescribable shock severed the specter’s consciousness.

It didn’t hit and fly away. The chain of confinement did not allow it. Tens of thousands of chains stretched out like a spider’s web and caught destruction.

Chick-geek, Chick-geek. Getting caught doesn’t mean it’s over. The severed consciousness continued while the chain put pressure on each magical power.

Crackle! The specter rose up and the image of destruction spread. He caught on at best, but his chains broke. The specter roared like a beast and ran towards the demon king in confinement.

The sword wielded by the specter had the magic of destruction melted into it. It has the power to annihilate everything it touches, but the chain itself, the magical power of confinement, does not disappear. They break apart, but quickly reconnect.

The demon king of confinement, who saw the specter rushing at him, pulled the chain again.

distance or hinder access. No such thing happened. Rather, the ghost’s body was pulled as if a chain had been ‘pulled’. It felt like an irresistible force was pulling at my throat.

Even at that moment, the specter controlled my body. The magic of destruction jumped over the specter’s body and raged like a storm.

The eyes of the confined demon king drew a curve.

For a long time, there was no such thing as a struggle for the Great Demon King. Even that Vermouth and his companions couldn’t realize the struggle against the demon lord in captivity. Naturally, the emotions associated with the act of struggle soon faded.

Even now. This battle cannot be called a struggle for the demon king in captivity.

However, the demon king of confinement respected the power of the specter. Even if he’s not a normal being, and he’s not even climbing a barbell straight up. Just as he did to Vermut and his colleagues 300 years ago, the demon king of confinement recognized the specter that came into the palace and showed intent to kill as an ‘enemy’ and decided to respect it.

That’s it.

The Demon King’s immersion was terrible and cruel.

The palace became like a void with vermouth in a different sense. A moment here was stretched like an eternity by infinite violence. It seemed that the flow of time itself was confined to the demon king’s magic and will and was arbitrarily teased.

resistance was made. He never gave up his resistance.

A fake born from Hamel’s memories. The specter came here to die. But he had no intention of dying in vain.

I don’t know what my existence is for.

The choice to come here is ultimately an escape from worries and self-loathing.


Standing in front of the demon king of confinement, and attacking him. The specter gave meaning to my own actions. I came to die, but from some moment, no, from the beginning. The specter sincerely tried to defeat the demon king of confinement.

“is it.”

The ghost laughed and murmured.

I don’t even know how much time has passed.

I think I’ve done everything I can. The specter did everything possible to confront the demon king of confinement. But he never reached anything.

incarnation of destruction. I became such a being. No, rather, because he had become like this, his current power did not reach the demon lord in captivity. Every time I tried to reach it, I heard the sound of the chain ‘Cheolgeuk’, and all attacks went back to nothing.

“I cannot kill you with this power.”

After muttering, he vomited black blood. The ghost coughed and barely raised her head.

I saw the demon king of confinement standing high up at night. Even after so many attacks, the demon king in captivity was not hurt. It has to be. The ghost’s attack had never even touched the collar of the demon king in captivity.

Crunchy… … .

Raising your head is not enough. The ghost drew her breath and raised her body. The body, which was made up of magical energy and fueled by magical energy, did not immediately follow the will of the specter. Because it’s too much damage. The body that was forcibly raised turned to dust and crumbled.

The ghost nodded and raised itself. He coughed up black blood while preparing for the ‘next’ battle.

… … .

When you open your eyes and come to your senses. The ghost accepted the fact that she could no longer move herself. The limbs had just disappeared in the aftermath of the attack, and were not immediately regenerated. The shabby remaining body was magically caught and pierced by chains.

It’s overwhelming.

I felt the gap that I had no choice but to reduce and despair. The specter has never directly fought another demon lord. However, in Hamel’s memory, the experiences of subjugating the demon king in the past remain.

The demon lord of slaughter, the demon lord of misery, the demon lord of madness.

However, compared to the demon kings of confinement, everything was different. The word demon itself felt like it was meant for a demon king in confinement.

Existence other than the demon king of confinement should not use the title of demon king. The fact that they call themselves the demon king is to insult the demon king in captivity.

“The Great Demon King.”

The specter laughed and shook his head.

Edmond Codlet, who died in the Great Forest of Samar. He was confident that if the ritual was successful, he could become the Great Demon King.

A great demon king with only that much power? Now that I think about it, it’s absurd and I can only laugh at it.

He was killed by Eugene on the way and couldn’t see the ceremony to the end, but even if he offered dozens of times the prepared sacrifices, he wouldn’t have become a real king of the devil. In the first place, I thought that that power was not the power obtained by offering sacrifices and holding rituals.


The ghost raised his head and spat out. The dark world, where there were no borders, had suddenly changed to a stately appearance. The ghost with its limbs cut off was suspended in the air, tied to a chain protruding from the air, and the demon king of confinement was sitting on the throne opposite.

The battle is over. The demon king of confinement was no longer immersed in battle. He smiled and said.

“You are misunderstanding something.”

“… … mistaken?”

“I am a demon king, not a god.”

What are you talking about? The specter frowned and glared at the demon king in captivity.

“If it were a god, you would grant the wind, but I, the demon lord, have no reason to do so. Rather, I reject your wish and laugh at it.”

The demon king of confinement snapped his finger. Then the chain melted into darkness moved and formed a large circle.

“As long as you came here because you wanted to die by my hand, I will never kill you.”

The specter, realizing what the confined demon king was trying to do, distorted his face. He squeezed his magic to resist, but before he could move his body, the chain threw the ghost away. The demon king of confinement threw a specter at the door connected by the circle of chains, and then he was brainwashed.

“The meaning of existence is to seek oneself. It is not begging the demon king.”

The current whisper will not reach the specter who has already flown to another place.

Does not matter. I’m not talking about advice. The demon king of confinement laughed and removed his chains.

Even though it was trampled on, that existence did not despair.

To the subject who came to die, he resisted until the very end.

There was no despair in her eyes even at the last moment when she begged for death.

So that being will be able to find new answers to questions.

The demon king of confinement wondered what the answer would be.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 443

Arot’s capital, the Pentagon. Arriving at the city’s famous floating station, Melchis climbed onto the highest roof of the floating station without hesitation.

“iced coffee! Aaaaa!”

Many tourists pointed to Melchis on the roof and whispered, but Melchis paid no attention to the gazes of others. She threw back the hood she was wearing and fell to her knees in place, sobbing.

“Kyaaa… … !”

Melchis’s hometown is the Kingdom of Allos, a member of the Northern Anti-Magic Union. It is a small country that is less than half of Arot’s territory.

It is true that he was born and spent his childhood in the kingdom of Allos, but he came over to Alot from the age of 13 and lived there.

A fresh girl from a mountain village in a small country was destined to make a connection with a spirit, and headed to Arot without a single penny, with only a dream of becoming a great spirit sorcerer.

The story of overcoming many hardships and adversities with the bond with the spirits, arriving at Arrot, entering the capital Pentagon, being invited to the White Magic Tower, and even earning the nickname ‘Princess Spirit’ and becoming a great spirits unprecedented in history, has been going on for days and days. It is a great epic that could be written in dozens of books even if it is not enough to talk about it.

Anyway, Arot, the stage of the long story, is a country that can be called a second hometown for Melchis. In fact, he lived several times more years in Arrot than he did in Allos, and since he left no ties in Allos, Arod can be said to be his true hometown.

I left my hometown and lived in the desert for nearly a year. He spent every day digging a tunnel like a mole under a sandy wind. I couldn’t even sleep comfortably while being wary of retaliation from Assassins and Warlocks… … .

[…] … .]

The spirit kings who were connected to Melchis couldn’t help but feel dismayed at that sentiment. Didn’t you get along very well in real life on the subject that you thought was difficult and painful? Even the uncomfortable things were all done by the spirits.

“I! I’m back!”

After finishing the retrospective of the desert life, which was quite difficult. Melchis shouted, raising his arms high. He changed his appearance with magic only in the desert and wore a robe to hide his appearance, but he no longer needed to do that.

“me! Go Melchis Elhere! Back to Arot!”

I heard permission from Eugene to return to Arot, but it was impossible for Melchis, who had been illegally staying in Nahama and causing a riot, to leave Nahama in a normal way.

It’s just that it hasn’t been announced, but in Nahama, Melchis is already the worst criminal in history. The number of warlocks Melchis buried in the desert is already in the hundreds, and if you add in the Assassins and her warriors who were sent to capture or kill her and then disappear without their rats nor birds knowing, they would be ridiculously hundreds.

It was Balzac who helped him leave Nahama in such a situation.

That man had expertise in things as illegal as suspicious behavior. Melchis was able to cross the border with Balzac across the desert and return to Alot by way of other countries.

with Balzac.

“… … .”

Balzac looked up at Melchis with a disgusted face.

Even so, I didn’t think it would cause a commotion as soon as I entered the country. If you have common sense, there are things you’ve done, so even after you come to Arot, you’ll try to keep an eye on the situation and stay calm… … .

A fact that I realized enough to make me sick of it while traveling together. Melchis Elheyer has no common sense. Still, Melkis sobbed as he raised and lowered his arms.

“… … Great.”

I want to pretend I don’t know and break up. I couldn’t do that. The purpose of seclusion has been achieved, and now it is time to move on to the next step.

… … Sadly, Balzac’s ‘next’ needed Melchis.

[Mr. Melchis. Just do that and come down.]

The floating station is always full of people. So many people were pointing fingers and whispering, but Melchis, who didn’t pay any attention and focused only on himself, was amazing.

Balzac, like Melchis, could not do that. It wasn’t enough that he pressed the hood of his robe deeply, and he even cast various kinds of magic upon himself. Thanks to this, among the many people in the Floating Station, no one caught Balzac.


Melchis came down from the roof only after Balzac asked a few more times. She smiled and waved at the crowds around her, accepted her greetings, shook her hand with the young animists who said they respected her, and made her own speeches for the candidates who said they would take her Mage Tower exam. He even shouted fighting.

“… … .”

Balzac waited patiently for it all. In my mind, I wanted to grab Melchis by his collar and cast magic at the citizens who were wasting time, or react to each trivial story and kick Melchis, who stopped walking one step at a time, but I endured it.

“really… … .”

It took more than an hour to get on the aerial carriage leaving the floating station. Balzac, who had kept his mouth shut until then, opened his mouth as soon as he got into the carriage with Melchis.

“He’s saying great.”

“huh? what?”

“You are really, really great. Mr. Melchis.”

“I know better than anyone in the world that I am amazing.”

“Could you take my words as a pure compliment?”

Balzac’s stomach was boiling. Watching Melchis with the innocent expression on his ignorant face, it seemed that his insides were evaporating rather than boiling.

“Why are you dealing with each person one by one?”

“Not usually.”

“You don’t usually do that, so why are you like that today?”

“Think about it, Balzac, I am back in Arrot after almost a year. however! People are coming to meet me.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? None of the people here came to meet Melchis. Each of them is here for their own reasons… … .”

“Even so, after I came, they were attracted to me! Then it’s no different than welcoming me. And everyone likes me and came to my side, right? Then I have to respond to love.”

I can’t. A rational conversation cannot be established with that madman. Balzac took a deep breath, calmed himself, and looked out the window.

“I rather find you strange.”

“What do you think is strange about me?”

“that… … That’s a very difficult question. There are far more strange things about you than not strange things?”

“What’s wrong with you now?”

“It’s been a while since you came back to Alot. But don’t you feel anything?”

“Feeling is feeling. Melchis-sama, I just don’t show off like you.”

Balzac answered in a low voice. A flying chariot in the sky. Balzac muttered as he looked down at the city below.

“I like this city quite a bit. Although this city will not like me.”

“What kind of self-torture all of a sudden? Is this a new concept?”

Melchis muttered, and Balzac clenched his fists.

“… … I am telling the truth.”

“Well, Balzac, I know roughly what you are thinking. that… … Well, I mean, I’m not a woman so stupid that I can’t tell the difference between sympathy and love.”

“What kind of bullshit… … .”

“No matter how pitiful you are… … It’s true that you’re actually pitiful, not pretending, but uh, I might sympathize with you, but that doesn’t mean you… … .”

“Don’t bullshit. Mr Melchis. Why are you doing this to me?”

“calm down.”

To scrape it off and calm down. Balzac stopped his glaring gaze and looked out the window again. I saw a black tower standing tall in the distance of the city.

black tower. Just a year ago, it was the place where many warlocks lived next to Helmud, but now the Black Mage Tower is empty. This is because, following the sudden seclusion of Balzac, the owner of the mage tower, Senya, who is famous for hating warlocks, has returned to Alot.

It wasn’t that Senya threatened him directly. The warlocks voluntarily left the Mage Tower. To Helmud, to Nahama, or to the back alleys of Arot.


Balzac’s mouth opened. He turned his head to stare at Melchis.

“You must not forget.”

“What promise? Did we make a promise?”

“… … .”

“It’s a joke, a joke. don’t stare like that I’ll introduce you well, well~ to Senya-sama.”

Melchis smiled and waved his finger.

“I am very close with Senya-sama, no, Senya-sama. It’s like a sister and a brother. Even if you’re a warlock, if I’m by your side, you won’t attack my sister either.”

“I don’t think Senya-sama is a person who has no reason to attack someone she has never met before.”

“Aren’t you expecting too much from Senya? Well, this is what we’re talking about. Senya unni just… … that… … He’s not the ‘wise’ guy we expect.”

Melchis lowered his voice and whispered.

No one else knows, but Melchis said such a thing. Balzac replied with a twitch of his eyebrows.

“What I want from Melchis-sama is not to block Senya-sama. The kindness and favor I showed to Melchis-nim and Eugene… … .”

“Okay, did you understand? So Balzac, that’s what you mean. Do you want to be friends with Senya? huh? Like other archmages, I research magic with Senya-sama, and then later stab me in the back!”


“You think I don’t know you? After approaching with a smile like that and catching everyone off guard, that, what, your signature. Aren’t you trying to eat them one by one?”

Balzac put on a bewildered expression at the sudden questioning.

How on earth do you have to think so that the thought develops like that? Should I be angry at that out of the blue slander? If you get angry, won’t you be accused of being angry… … . Balzac paused his thoughts and let out a long sigh.

“I don’t do that… … .”

“What is your signature name?”

“This is Gluttony.”

“Turn off the lights with the blinds! Eat it with Gluttony! no?”


Balzac gritted his teeth and replied. Meanwhile, the aerial carriage landed on the ground. Balzac said no more and put on his hood.

Royal Library Acryon.

The moment you get off the carriage. Balzac flinched and raised his head.


Although he hides secretly in his own way, the warlock Balzac did not miss his magic. He saw bats and mice hiding in the shade of the trees around Acreon.

While Balzac was watching there, Melchis strode open the door of Acreon.

“I’m back!”

Melchis let out the same cry as in the floating station and went inside Akryon. bats and mice. Balzac, who had been staring at the vampire’s familiar, also followed Melchis inside.

1st floor of Acreon.

Originally, it was a rule that no magician could use magic in Akryon. Even if you are a great wizard who enters and leaves this place, if you use magic in Acreon, you will be saturated with all kinds of magic in this tower.

The wise Senya was the first to weave that magic system into Akryon. As hundreds of years have passed, security magic has been replaced with the latest, but the gist itself of specializing in killing wizards has not changed.

Balzac realized again how strict the security of Acreon was.

I took one step, and time passed in the blink of an eye.

I couldn’t even resist. He had no intention of resisting in the first place, but before he knew it, he was possessed. Balzac thought in that split second how much magic had been working on him.

The body that had just passed through the open door was floating in the center of the first floor. The limbs are held in magical chains, and dozens of magical blades are aimed at the body.

Besides that, there are dozens of unseen magic. If Balzac tries to resist, and luckily releases the immediate bondage, other magics will immediately connect.

“… … .”

I wanted to say something, but I didn’t have the freedom to do so. The moment you open your mouth, your cheeks will be torn. Balzac cleared his expression as he glanced at the blade of his cheek.


How should I express it?

Balzac was grateful that he could not say anything. If I had the freedom to open my mouth and speak to myself now, I would have been absorbed in worshiping and praising that wonderful, mysterious and beautiful archmage.

ㅡWise Senya.

Just as Balzac imagined her. No, she was beyond imagination. If there is such a thing as a magic goddess in this world, it must be like that. no. Even if she claimed to be a magic goddess right now, Balzac seemed to agree without the slightest question.

That wise Senya was divine and beautiful.

After descending from the ceiling, she surrounded herself with a celestial ring. White frost swayed from the staff she held in one hand, and mysterious golden airs intertwined with her purple hair that fluttered. Among them, what thrilled her Balzac in particular were her deep green eyes that seemed endless.


Senya’s lips opened. She stared at Balzac, blinking her round eyes. Unable to answer, Balzac held his breath. I could see the archmages on the top floor coming down belatedly.

“Not just a warlock.”

Senya continued.

Melchis finally came to his senses. She saw that Balzac, who was right behind her, was restrained in front of her. The energy she felt from Senya floating in front of her was unusual.

Melchis swallowed his spit and ran quickly to Balzac’s side.

“Senya sister!”


maybe, maybe… … I might be stronger than that ‘Wise Senya’. The level, depth, and feat of a mage are incomparable, but——if it’s ‘strength’, it might not be inferior… … .

Perhaps, to live in this cruel mountain world, the level, depth, and achievements of a wizard might not be so important.

‘strength’. Only strength can prove me. Are you smart No, Senya Merdane. She admits that she is not a great person worthy of respect. She also knows that she is 300 years old… … .

However, the present era. In the chaotic times to come, the ‘strength’ as ​​a wizard is more important than the age of 300 and the feat as a prophet.


So Melchis put down the word ‘sister’ for a while. In a world of ruthless competition, calling each other elder sister and younger sister only dulls each other. All the archmages who came down to the first floor looked at Melchis in amazement.


What was astonishing was Senya as well. She looked up at Melkiss, her eyes wide open.

Melchis walked confidently while receiving everyone’s attention. In the stillness, the clatter of shoes echoed.

“Can you stop being too harsh?”

Melchis smiled and pointed at Balzac.

“That’s my guest.”

The most astonishing of these was Balzac. He looked at Melchis in disbelief.

Their eyes met in midair. Melchis winked one eye at Balzac to mean not to worry.

“So calm down and put it down carefully.”

“… … .”

“Hmm, don’t you think my words are embarrassing?”

Melchis snorted, raised a thumb, and pointed out.

“Then come out. The power of this Melchis Elhere’s Infinite Force… … .”


Senya’s life engulfed Melchis. Melkis’s hair stood on end, and his body trembled. She carefully brought her legs together and slumped in her place.

“I’m kidding, sister.”

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 444

Can this be done by simply living? Melchis rubbed his chicken skin on his forearm.

It’s scary to think about it again, but even thinking about it once more, it seems that it was not a simple life.

when our eyes meet. Something… … Something happened. How should I explain it? It’s not a very strange feeling. I’ve felt it once before.

‘that’s right.’

It came to mind while I was still calming my beating heart.

Back in the day, when I first entered Acreon. The feeling I felt the first time I saw Witchcraft and Eternal Hall in Senya’s Hall on the top floor. The shock of seeing the kind of transcendence that I shouldn’t peep at, that I can’t understand, that I can’t handle now.

I felt that way the moment our eyes met. It’s not because of the will to kill. The source of the sorceress, ‘Segna Merdein’, who had been looking through his pupils for a moment, made Melchis fall down.


Is it some kind of magic? I only looked at it for a moment, so I couldn’t get an estimate.

What is certain is that the great wizard is an existence far beyond Melchis’ expectations. While Melchis was wallowing hard in the sand, it seemed certain that wise Senya had reached for something.

‘Still, it’s more advanced than before.’

Along with being in awe of Senya, Melchis felt proud of himself. He lost his mind when he first entered Akion and saw the Witchcraft before, but he did not lose his mind this time. Although he sat down, he was not further humiliated… … .

“Uhm… … .”

Melchis lifted his head slightly and looked ahead.

This is the top floor of Acreon, Senya’s Hall. It was the place where the portraits of Akasha and Senya and their colleagues from 300 years ago remained. Many things have changed now. Melkis sat in the seat of honor and studied Senya’s expression as he rested his chin on it.

“sister… … I’m angry?”

No answer came back. Senya didn’t even look at Melchis and glared at him. Melkiss spoke again, feeling his heart tighten.

“Sister, was it really a joke? If I hadn’t gone crazy, would I have been sincere with my sister? Just, just, the latest prank that is trending these days to an older sister I haven’t seen in a while… … that’s right! My sister is in Arrot, so she may not have known about it, but in Nahama, pranks like that are popular these days. From small children to the elderly, everyone enjoys it.”

It’s a nonsensical statement, but Melchis clung to it enthusiastically.

Still no answer came back. Loberian, who was sitting near the seat of honor, gave Melchis a sidelong glance, but Melchis wasn’t in the mood to notice that glance.

“How much I suffered in the steamy desert for my sister and Eugene! Yes, I know, I was wrong. I will never joke with you like this again. So sister, let go of your anger. Loosen up your face too! Please answer me as well.”

who are they Melchis, who was earnestly begging, paid attention to the faces he had never seen before.

Kiel’s court wizard Herrington Carridge. The Hermit Ryanine Boars. I didn’t have a face-to-face meeting with the two recent archmages, but seeing them sitting there, it was clear that they were archmages.

‘I’m on my knees on the bare floor, do juniors sit comfortably on chairs?’

I don’t know if I can stand up on my own, but it’s like they don’t notice. Unlike the bubbling inside, Melchis maintained a servile smile.

“sister… … .”


Loberian couldn’t listen any longer, so he cleared his throat. Only then did Melchis turn his head to look at the Loberian.

As soon as he met Melchis’s eyes, he put his index finger to his lips. No matter how distracted Melchis was, it wasn’t to the extent that he couldn’t recognize that blatant gesture. She said nothing more, only pouting her lips.

“It’s quite good.”

Senya’s lips, which had been silent for a long time, opened. She twitched the corners of her mouth and smiled, then stretched out her hand that was resting on her chin in front of her.

“Is your mental power strong enough to be special? Or is it the privilege of the magic of confinement?”

Caught in the air, Balzac could not answer. He didn’t lose his mind, which was for the best. If he had relaxed just a little, he would have lost his mind right away.

That gaze was fierce and powerful. This analogy may sound a little strange, but Balzac felt the power of a demonic eye in Senya’s green eyes. However, humans cannot have magic eyes. Mystic Eye is a trait that is only expressed in some demons.

In other words, that ‘gaze’ is not a demonic eye, but magic. Even thinking about it that way, it was not easy to understand.

Is it possible to artificially create such a demonic nature with magic? There are many kinds of emotions such as fascination, awe, envy, etc., but in the end, it comes down to one.


“… … .”

I thought again. Balzac broke the ‘frame’ of magic that he naturally possessed before he knew it.

Is such a thing possible with magic? That kind of question is wrong. There is nothing impossible in magic. Balzac himself could never pursue that or reach such a stage, but

She is a wise Senya. A wizard respected by all wizards in the world. wizards of wizards.

“haha… … .”

Balzac let out a laugh involuntarily. She was afraid that she might take this laugh as a disrespect or an insult, but given the freedom to speak out, she couldn’t help but laugh.

How could I not smile when I saw with my own two eyes the person I had admired since childhood, when I couldn’t lift a magic book without using both hands.

“Rather than my mental strength being particularly strong, it’s probably because of the demon lord’s magical power.”

“You’re cheeky.”

Senya’s eyebrows twitched.

“Not in front of anyone else, but in front of me. To call the demon king of confinement ‘sir’.”

“I know it’s disrespectful, but I can’t help it either.”

“I don’t think the demon king in captivity would be petty enough to punish his family for not honoring them, right?”

“Also, I don’t think Senya is someone who can’t understand why an insignificant person is careful of her mouth for the sake of her eyes.”

Everyone raised their heads in surprise at Balzac’s answer. In particular, Hyridus, the lord of the blue tower, who had a relationship with Balzac from a young age, could not help but feel restless.

He also respects and envy Senya, but apart from that… … Isn’t it true that Senya can be very emotional at times? What if Senya was genuinely offended by that statement and killed Balzac? who could stop it?

Besides, there was nothing wrong with Senya killing Balzac. It is true that Balzac is a warlock who contracted with the demon king of confinement, and he could become an enemy someday, but never an ally.

“that’s right.”

Senya smiled and moved her fingers. Her outstretched index finger drew her circle towards her Balzac.

“I can understand anything. The Black Mage Tower Master, Balzac Rudbesse. I mean, I can’t really have good feelings about warlocks. Especially if it’s a black magician who made a contract with the demon lord of confinement.”

“I understand.”

“I think I deserve to kill you. You may feel resentment, but that is none of my business.”

“I understand.”

“But I will not kill you.”

Cheer up! The magic that restrained Balzac disappeared. Senya stared at Balzac as he fell to the floor and continued.

“I have heard many stories about you. I heard it from the owner of the red pagoda, and from the owner of the blue pagoda. Of course, to my proud and lovely disciple. Balzac Rudbesse. Didn’t you treat my student very well?”

“That is a difficult question for me to answer.”

“I heard that you were quite active in the Great Forest of Samar. I heard things could have been very annoying without you.”

“I would have done what I had to do… … .”

“That answer seems so obvious.”

Balzac smiled awkwardly at Senya’s smirk. When he was speechless, Senya laughed as she crossed his arms.

“I like your wish.”

The moment I heard the word ‘biwon’. Balzac’s expression hardened slightly.

Whether the expression he was about to come out involuntarily was a laugh or a cry, Balzac himself was not sure. I thought maybe it was both.

“You want to become a legend? The greatest wizard in the world. A wizard like me who can engrave his name in the history of magic for hundreds of years.”

“… … yes.”

“I heard that you were once a promising mage in the Blue Mage Tower and talked about as the next Mage Tower owner. I also heard why you signed a contract with the devil and became a black magician.”

“Because I am not Senya-sama.”

Balzac collected his emotions and answered. Senya, the wise, was loved by magic. He was a wizard who could threaten the demon king. Since Senya, not a single such mage has appeared.

Balzac is not Senya. Even Balzac once thought he was a genius. He thought he was favored by magic. He thought he could go beyond being a great mage and become a legend.

Reality betrayed expectations. So Balzac became a warlock. to become a great wizard. To leave a name in the history of magic.

“I don’t think my choice was wrong. I had an ideal that I couldn’t reach with my potential. In order to walk that path, I had to sign a contract with the demon king of confinement.”

Most wizards will have this dream in their childhood.

I want to become the best wizard in the world.

As we grow older and live in reality, our dreams change. compromise or give up. Balzac chose to compromise rather than give up.

“There are a few things I want to ask you.”

The smile disappeared from Senya’s face. She gazed at her Balzac with her calm, sunken eyes.

“I heard that you are pure and earnest in your longing. And I heard about your obsession. Your secret wish is to remain completely human and become a legend, right?”

“yes. Because I am human.”

“Can you swear?”

Senya raised her body from her sitting position. She continued her words as she slowly approached Balzac.

“I don’t force it. Even if you don’t swear, I won’t kill you right away. As long as you signed a contract with the demon lord of confinement, the time will surely come when I will kill you.”

“… … yes.”

“If you cannot swear, I will… … You’d think it was just a black magician. I wouldn’t mind. Instead, you have to disappear from my sight right now because I don’t want to see you any longer.”

“What if I swear?”

“I think your secret wish is wonderful.”

Senya said.

“If that is what you sincerely seek. If you prove your sincerity with an oath, I… … They will think of you as a wizard, not just a warlock.”

“I swear.”

Balzac said without hesitation. He placed his hand on his chest and chanted his words with all his magic and mana.

“I will never abandon humans.”

Senya only grinned after hearing the oath. She stopped in front of the still-sitting Balzac.

“I will surpass humans.”

Balzac felt the same transcendence in Senya’s eyes. A young light flashed in his eyes. The smiling eyes and whirling light made stars.

Balzac looked at Senya with blank eyes. It can’t be a joke. Balzac shuddered and nodded his head.

“… … yes.”

“I won’t be involved in research. Because the demon king of confinement might see through you.”

“I don’t think you would do that, but… … Yes, I understand.”

Unfortunately, Balzac didn’t want any more.

The petition was recognized. He was told he would consider himself a wizard, not a warlock. To Balzac, those words were as precious as salvation.

“… … Regarding Nahama’s problem, I thought it might be of some help to Senya-sama.”

“The memories extracted from Harpeuron have been delivered. It didn’t help much.”

“It seemed so.”

Balzac glanced out the window and said.

A vampire’s servant.

“… … I thought I knew everything about the vampire clans active in Alot… … It seems I was wrong.”

“Maybe you got it right?”

Senya sneered and looked out the window.

The Vampires who watched over Acryon’s meeting and Senya were the Odos Clan. However, from some point on, the ‘owner’ of the gaze changed.

how will we do it. Let’s try our hand at this side and find out. Or should I just ignore it for now? While I couldn’t decide, I dared to contact the vampire side first.


I despise such things, but there is no need to refuse to betray each other and hand over information.

Thanks to this, Senya can see what is happening in the heart of Nahama now. He was aware of how many demons had come over and what was being prepared.

“Sister… … .”

Seeing Senya snorting, Melchis said with a servile expression.

“If you acknowledge and look at the warlock, can’t you look at me too?”

“Don’t call me sister, Mr. Melchis.”

Senya fired back with a cold expression, as if she had never laughed. At that, Melchis crawled onto his knees and clung to Senya’s legs.

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