Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 144 ~ 456

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The demon king of confinement smiled and nodded.

“As you said, this is a prison.”

“… … Is it your prison?”

The specter asked, intending to think about it. However, the demon king of confinement did not answer right away and just smiled.

“… … I don’t know why you’re doing this. Didn’t he kick me out?”

“Because I couldn’t give you what you asked for at the time.”

– Are you harboring confusion?

-Are you looking for meaning in your existence, in the power you have?

-I’d rather die at my hands.

in court, in prison.

The demon king of confinement said so.

– You are misunderstanding something.

At that time, the ghost wished for death. If you die while fighting the demon king of confinement. If you can even hurt yourself in the process. I thought it was a satisfying death.

-As long as you came here because you wanted to die by my hand, I will never kill you.

The demon king rejected the specter’s wish and laughed at it. As I said, the demon king is not a god. There is no reason for the demon king to grant his earnest wishes.

“The meaning of existence is to seek oneself.”

The demon king of confinement whispered words that the specter had not heard at the time.

“It is not begging the demon king.”

“… … what?”

“You are a ghost without a name. You, yourself, have found the answer to existence. I don’t consider this a very satisfactory answer, but as I said… … i am not god If you sought the answer yourself and were satisfied with it, that would be the answer for you.”

Fate often repeats itself.

“That’s why I will admit that you exist.”

The demon king of confinement knows that fact better than any other demon king, more than any god, and more than anyone else in the world.

“You are special.”

So I can say for sure.

“It is a unique existence that will not exist in the ‘next time’, but only exists now.”

The current fate cannot be repeated.

That’s why the demon king of confinement decided to intervene anew in the current fate. I wanted to observe a fate that would never exist again.

“You are a ghost without a name. It can’t exist, it shouldn’t exist, but I’m curious about your answer to the question of existence.”

Kirik. One of the countless chains that the demon king of confinement placed behind his back moved. The specter tried to move quickly, but couldn’t. He could not escape from this place by using the power of destruction. This dark world, the palace, the prison, confined the existence of the specter.

“So look.”

The demon king of confinement whispered.

A long chain reached the specter.

The ghost couldn’t escape. The chains did not pierce or break the ghost’s body. She only touched lightly.

However, the impact the ghost felt was greater than the piercing and breaking of the body. It was far more painful and terrible than the seemingly never-ending eternity of being reborn as an incarnation mixed with the magic of destruction.

Time passed.

The demon king of confinement did not rush and waited. He was genuinely curious and intrigued to see what answers the wraith would give.


The ghost’s mouth opened. The staggered specter unknowingly sat down.

ㅡ Wow! The ghost’s head fell down. Shattered head. My brain, which had collapsed because I didn’t want to understand it, was reflected in the dangling eyes and distorted.

“What are you doing to me?”

The ghost stammered and swallowed his breath.

“… … what answer… … Are you looking forward to it?”

“There is nothing to look forward to.”

The demon king of confinement answered.

“Whatever you do, it will be right for you.”

“… … why… … this to me… … .”

The ghost barely held his breath. And she stuttered and opened her mouth again.

“Why me?”

“It’s something that I, who created cause and effect, can’t directly interfere with right now.”

“… … .”

“But you are unique. I don’t know you exist You will never exist.”

“… … me.”

the ghost spat out.

“outside. Send me to where I was going.”

The specter did not want to talk about the answer that the demon king in captivity would be curious about.

Even the demon king of confinement was not disappointed.

I saw the ghost’s eyes. He is more confused than when he first came to Babel, and incomparably more confused about everything.

Even so, the answer will be sought. Knowing the confusion, I will seek the right answer. Please send me where you want to go… … The demon king of confinement smiled and nodded his head.

“one more.”

the ghost spat out. The following words were sudden, but the demon king of confinement was not taken aback. Rather, he took pleasure in the ghost’s demands.

“It is not a difficult request.”

The ghost has left.

The smile faded from the face of the demon king who had been left alone the other day.

“is it.”

The demon king of confinement was finally able to understand Vermouth’s intentions.

Why did that pitiful, noble, desperate and tenacious man choose that existence as his incarnation?

“You are what you want to end.”



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The prisoner and prisoner murmured in the quiet prison.


I could see grains of sand carried by the wind.

desert. The ghost gasped for her breath, and she staggered back into her seat. Unlike the palace where there was no light, the light is too bright here.

The specter leaned forward and placed both hands on the sand. The sand, ripened by the blazing sun, warmed my palms. drop, drop. Cool sweat dripped onto the sand and instantly evaporated.

“… … .”

The ghost lay like that for a while. The things the demon king of confinement showed and understood were mixed in my head.

“Wow… … !”

In the end, the specter couldn’t stand it and vomited. Only dark blood poured out. The ghost scratched his hand on the sand, then grabbed his head while coughing up blood. ㅡPuddeuk! His fingers crushed his head, and blood mixed with brains.

Even though I smashed my head, I can’t stop thinking.

—-Whatever I do, is it right for me? natural words. The specter chewed his lips. He clutched at the regenerated hair.

“… … .”

The specter quietly rose from its seat. The dumbfounded ghost lifted her head and looked up at the sky.

The blazing sun is bright enough to burn your eyes. The sky distorted by the sunlight is blue and high. The ghost looked at the high sky for a while.

I turned my head. saw the desert. rugged sand dunes. blowing sand wind. far, very far. I wished to see him, and I saw a city built even in this desolate desert. Even on this sandy land, life is alive. People live together.

I looked farther away.

Hamel’s memories and the specter’s memories were mixed. The scenery of the world that exists in all my memories overlapped my vision. For a moment—- the specter saw a world projected from memory that did not exist in front of him.

The light feeling calmed my heart.

The specter closed and opened his eyes several times. So she returned to reality. She surprised herself and her heart sank as quietly as we did. The ghost decided what to do with himself. The action itself did not change much.

However, the feelings have changed a lot. Desperation added. The specter turned his head. I saw a city different from what I had just seen.

The busiest city in Nahama. capital Hauria. A splendid palace stands tall in its center. The specter stared at the Sultan’s palace.

Now the owner of that palace is not the sultan. Amelia Merwin sat on the throne of the palace in place of the Sultan. The desert dungeon masters, who boasted their own histories, worshiped Amelia as their grand master and obeyed her. Hundreds of black magicians are camped out, and dozens of high-ranking demons are enjoying their abduction in Harlem, which was created by the Sultan.

The specter glared at that insignificant pandemonium.

Originally, the specter had no desire to immerse himself in a war that would begin here in the desert. Pushing everyone’s back, letting Amelia go wild as she wants, throwing Amelia to Eugene who will come with a good cause… … After that… … .

Like Moron, he wanted to fight Eugene. Don’t expect to hear good things. I don’t even expect to be recognized.

I thought it was good though. In the end, the fight will end with the real victory, and the fake will exit like a fake.

That was how he intended to end the life of a nameless specter.

Not anymore.

* * *

Hauria’s slums.

Hemoria, who wandered around the darkness of the back alley, eventually came to this place.

But life… … It was pretty good. According to Hemoria, a wealthy merchant, a high-ranking nobleman, a faithful priest, a drunkard who sucks alcohol every day, a petty thief who digs into other people’s pockets, a murderer who stabs people with a knife into their body, and other human groups are diverse, but bloody. Because the taste was not very different.

That said, there is no problem with eating. After drinking blood and chewing flesh, most of them were edible as long as they were alive.

Maybe it’s because Hemoria doesn’t consider herself a gourmet, but she doesn’t feel much dissatisfaction with a life sucking the blood of beggars in the slums.


A reality that has no choice but to hide. And, the frequent throbbing in the chest frightened Hemoria.

‘That bitch will definitely kill me.’

Hemoria betrayed Amelia. She does feel a bit resentful. She didn’t betray completely, she did.

While monitoring Senya Merdein, he tried to contact her and stole Amelia’s information. Seeing an opportunity someday, making Senya kill Amelia was Hemoria’s goal.

The plot was possible because Amelia was dying. Connections have thinned, and control is no longer as powerful as before. In addition, the fact that Hemoria’s power increased by receiving blood from Alpiero also played a role.

At first, he wondered what it would be like to trick Amelia and use her consciousness to become the demon king.

After hearing the news, I gave up. Even if he became the Demon King, it seemed that he would be subjugated by the goddamn Eugene Lionheart, the saintess, and the wise Senya.

In that case, he decided that it would be better to sell Amelia and disappear in complete freedom.

I wish the world would be terrifying.

Hemoria still wants that, but before that, Amelia’s death. First of all, I want to see Amelia’s miserable death. If that death begins with my betrayal—

“It’s hard.”

Amelia suddenly appeared in Nahama. She had no contact. She wasn’t even dying like the last time she saw her. Amelia, who appeared unharmed, confronted Hemoria and immediately noticed that her pet’s leash had come loose.

He ran away before the leash was tightened. If your heart is read and the betrayal you dreamed of is exposed. It will not end with the punishment of violence as before. Hemoria didn’t want to die, so she wandered into the darkness, and she drifted into the slums.

‘They’re looking for me.’

Hemoria manipulated the blood in her body and forced her heart to beat.

Amelia escapes death and regains her strength, but fortunately the restraints are still loose. Otherwise, her heart would have burst right away, or her body would have moved back to Amelia.

‘Hide and take a chance…’ … ‘

I couldn’t think further.

Hemoria raised her head in surprise.

The sky that could be seen through the cracks in the tall buildings was narrow. I tried not to do anything to stand out, but now I had no choice but to move. Hemoria freaked out and jumped up to the roof of the building.

“That… … what… … ?”

From the other side of Hauria’s walls, he saw a great dark cloud gathering. Although the distance was far, Hemoria was horrified to see things floating in the clouds.

A centipede mountain range that melted into the sky of the underground city of La Vista. Besides that, countless monsters that were sealed there were floating in the clouds.

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