Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 15

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It has already been done. After Senya retired, Alot’s mages broke into Witchcraft and Mer’s mind several times.

“But I really don’t know anything about Senya-sama’s retirement. The last Senya-sama I saw showed no sign of his retirement.”

“I asked a stupid question.”

“I just need to know.”

Eugene backed out of Witchcraft. I wanted to take a closer look at Senya’s magic in that, but honestly, I wasn’t confident that I could understand it properly now that I’ve seen it.

“…Didn’t you say that only commercial rights were released to Akryon?”


“Are the other two books here?”


Mer shook her head.

“I… no, that must be the original Witchcraft. The only thing in it is the commercial district. Senya-sama took the other two.”


“Umm… You ‘extracted’ the middle and the second volume from the original, and donated the original containing only the first volume to Acreon. Thanks to that, I suffered a lot. Everyone… they wanted to find not only Senya-sama’s whereabouts, but also the other two books.”

Mer said so and approached Eugene.

“Eugene-sama seems to be very interested in Senya-sama.”

“I wonder if everyone is like that.”

“That’s true, but Eugene-nim isn’t even an orthodox wizard, right? Although I am a body that neither can nor leave Acreon for hundreds of years. I know about the Lionheart family, though.”

Mer raised her head and looked up at Eugene.

“The family of the great Vermouth. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen the descendants, so it’s a little strange.”

“It’s surprising.”

“No, really. As far as I know, Senya-sama hasn’t interacted with the Lionheart family once since entrusting her to Arot. You haven’t even met Vermouth-sama.”

Eugene knows that too. The Lionheart family, which has a 300-year history, strangely did not have any interaction with Senya or Anise.

Moron was the same. That backbone, for some reason, hasn’t visited Vermouth since he founded the Lionheart family.

At least after Moron abdicated the throne, his descendants, the royal family of the Northern Kingdom of Luhar, and the Lionheart family began to exchange little by little, but considering the ties and ties of their ancestors, the exchange between the royal family of Luhar and Lionheart was shallow. There was no

Eugene couldn’t figure out why. Even though Vermut was a cub with very little social skills, Anise had followed Vermut as a hero to save the world. Morron was also in awe of Vermouth, and used to refrain from acting in front of him.

But after returning to Helmud, they didn’t interact, and they stayed alone with each other.

‘…According to Lionheart’s records, there has been no interaction since the establishment of the family. Then we met again… It was only at Vermouth’s funeral.’

Vermouth’s funeral held with the national emblem of the Kiel Empire. At that time, Anise recited a memorial service as a saint of the Holy Empire, and Moron, the king of the northern kingdom of Luhar, took off his loud crown and carried Vermouth’s coffin himself. Arrot’s green mage lord, Senya… she used her magic to clear the sky that looked like it was going to rain at any moment, and let the warm sunlight shine down to see her off on the way to Vermouth.

After all, the only time they reunited with Vermouth after Helmud was at his funeral.

That made Eugene feel a strong sense of alienation and complex questions.

“…In your memory, did Senya-sama never talk about her colleagues?”

“There was a time when Moron-nim called me a backbone.”


“You said she was a snake-like woman.”

“…What about Hamel?”

“Fools, dogs, idiots, f*cks.”

“Didn’t you say Senya-sama was much nobler and more dignified? She said she didn’t even laugh.”

“Even noble and dignified people can swear. And Senya never laughed once when he talked about his colleagues. He rather looked like he was about to cry.”

Mer turned her head, recalling memories from hundreds of years ago.

“Especially when he told the story of Hamel, he was very distressed.”

Where Mer turned around, there was a huge portrait hanging there. It was the same portrait as the one hanging in Senya’s mansion.

A portrait with a benevolent smile.

“…that portrait is fake.”


“Senya-sama has never laughed like that before.”

“I could have laughed like that before making you.”

“No, that is fake. Of course, that portrait was made before me, but when I had many talks with Senya-sama to establish a personality, I asked her directly.”

“…what did you ask?”

“Senya-sama asked why you are always sad.”

Mer looked at the portrait for a while and then looked up at Eugene. She then imitated the same smile as Senya in the portrait.

“Senya-sama didn’t smile like me, but she answered why she left a portrait with a face like that.”

It will be handed down to future generations. A smiling face is better to see than a sad one.

“That portrait… was a random smile drawn by the artist. Maybe that’s why Senya didn’t like it very much. The portraits of the mansion are now open to the public, but even when I was there, the portraits were always covered with tents. It was the same with the portrait in this hall.”


“I raised the tent of portrait here. It is true that a smiling face is good to see.”

Eugene unconsciously reached out and stroked Mer’s head. However, Mer immediately straightened up and pushed away Eugene’s hand.

“Don’t cross the line.”

“Uh… yes. sorry.”

“I’m smaller than Eugene, but I’ve been around for 200 years.”

“…What did Senya-sama say about Vermouth-sama?”

Mer pursed her lips and turned around.

“You didn’t say anything.”

Are you mad at me for stroking your hair? Mer didn’t look back at her Eugene and walked away with her gun-gazing.

“He didn’t praise, curse or evaluate.”

Senya’s Hall

“That wand is the wand Senya-sama has been using all her life.”

Witchcraft wasn’t the only thing in Senya’s hall. There are kept various magical tools that Senya used during her lifetime, and which cannot be placed in a mansion open to tourism.

The wand that Mer points at. It was something that was also in Eugene’s memory.



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“You know that, too.”

Merga smiled triumphantly and opened her chest wide.

“A fairy tree that only grows in the Great Forest of Samar, the home of elves. The most powerful magic wand in the world, made from the roots of a thousand-year-old tree in the center.”

I could feel Senya in the excited voice. It was an explanation she had heard directly from Senya long ago, and a boast she repeated like a parrot whenever she got drunk.

“The Elves believe that the spirits of their ancestors dwell in that old tree and that it sustains the world. That world tree is the faith of the elves. Do you know what I mean? Those proud elves cut down the roots of an old tree and made a wand for Senya-sama and gave it as a gift!”

Senya is neither an elf nor a half-elf.

Although human, Senya often associates with elves. Among the stories about her retirement, there is also a story that she is hiding in the Great Forest of Samar, the home of the elves.

Senya doesn’t know her parents. When she was a baby, she was abandoned in the Great Forest of Samar, a huge jungle at the southern tip of the continent. Originally, she would have been eaten by monsters or beasts, but Senya was lucky. An elf who happened to be passing nearby was guided by the baby’s cry and picked up Senya.

That’s how Senya was led to the elf’s territory somewhere in the jungle.

The elves there didn’t appreciate Senya very much. However, after he realized that Senya had a tremendous magical talent, he acknowledged Senya and taught her elven magic.

As Eugene looked at Akasha with blank eyes, Mer continued her explanation in a high voice.

“Senya-sama is the first to possess a staff made from the root of the World Tree. There was no precedent among elves. And that’s not all. Do you see that over there? The red jewel at the tip of the wand! What is that…”

“Dragon Heart.”

“Yes, that’s right! Among the existing magic wands, there are only two wands made of dragon hearts. Senya-sama’s Akasha and…”

“Blood Mary.”

Eugene answered in a calm voice. That terrible wand existed 300 years ago. At that time, Bloodmary’s owner was a lich named Belial, and he had been a servant of the demon king of confinement.

Bad luck.

Eugene looked down at his stomach for no reason. past life. The lich who killed Hamel was Belial. He set up powerful traps all over the castle, and attacked several times without giving him time to rest.

He died from a hole in his chest.

Before that, it was a body that would not be strange even if he died at any time. The demon castle of confinement was tough enough to be incomparable to the previous demon castles, and the demons and demons there were powerful enough to be equal to the servants of other demon kings.

Among them, there were three particularly powerful demons. Those who were called the sword, shield, and staff of confinement.

While fighting the shield, Belial, the staff, intervened. It was impossible to completely remove the black magic and curses in the confined castle with Anise’s divine magic.

Someone had to clear the way from the front.

Hamel took on the role himself. Ordinarily Morone would have taken the role, but Hamel turned him down and he insisted on taking the lead himself, paving the way.

The Mawangseong of Confinement was an impossible place to conquer without anyone dying.

if someone has to die

‘I should have died.’

Hamel was strong.

It was not stronger than vermouth.

Hamel was strong.

It was not stronger than Morone.

Knowing that fact well, he volunteered to be the vanguard. Even if he dies, Moron will remain and endure. Even if I can’t fight, Vermouth will fight.

When the shield of confinement is defeated. Hamel received an injury that would not be strange if he died at any time. Neither divine power nor magic could heal his wounds. The evil power of the castle and the curse of the lich drove Hamel to death,

Staff of Confinement. When the fight with Belial was over, Hamel had a huge hole in his chest.

My previous life ended like that.

Belial and Bloodmary killed Hamel. Eugene naturally thought that Bloody Mary would have been destroyed. Right before he died, he saw Belial’s life vessel shattered and he disappeared.

However, Bloodmary was not destroyed. Although the details of the circumstances were unknown, the current owner of Bloodmary is Count Edmond Codbane of Helmud.

Along with Balzac, the owner of the Black Tower, one of the three black magicians who signed a contract with the Demon Lord of Confinement.

“Is it okay if I catch you?”

Eugene pointed to Akasha and asked. Then Mer smiled mischievously and nodded her head.

“Sure, that’s fine, but using that wand with magic would be impossible.”


“Akasha only recognizes Senya-nim as her master. After Senya-sama retired, many wizards tried to become Akasha’s masters, but none of them were recognized by Akasha.”

“Why are you leaving something you can’t even use? I can break it down and pull out even a dragon heart.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Akasha is a treasure given to Senya by the elves and dragons. It can’t be used, but it has tremendous value on its own.”

When Mer pointed it out while clicking her tongue, Eugene smiled faintly. In that answer, she felt a longing. A long time ago, she had heard such words from Senya.

“You know Eugene, right? Dragon Heart is the heart of a dragon. Because I made the heart of a dead relative into a staff for Senya-sama… If Akasha is broken, the dragons will show up and shoot Arot with their breath, even if the elves don’t know.”

I had heard that from Senna. When she jokingly asked to break the wand and share the dragon heart’s mana. Senya had shouted loudly as she threw the bottle.

‘You ignorant bastard. You want to break that? Do you want us all to die?’

Of course, Mer didn’t curse harshly like Senya. However, she had a similar face to Senya, and just by saying what Senya said, Eugene strongly recalled memories of her previous life.


Eugene stood still and came to his senses.

‘not good.’

Memories from past lives are too strongly conscious. Eugene shook her head vigorously and turned away from Mer. Didn’t you come to Acreon to immerse yourself in memories?

“I’ll try to catch it.”

Eugene said that and stretched out his hand. A staff as tall as Senya’s height. He tried grabbing it himself, but nothing happened. Eugene took one glance at Mer and infused Akasha with mana.

Nothing happened this time either. Akasha itself does not accept mana. She also saw visions of Senya, so she hoped that perhaps she would gain Akasha’s approval. It seems that such arrangements do not remain.

‘If you’re going to leave it, I’ll leave Akashana instead of the necklace.’

I don’t know who left the necklace at Lionheart’s home. However, Eugene was almost certain that Senya had left it.

“…Do you know what this is?”

Eugene came to a sudden thought and showed Mer the necklace.

“It’s a kinky necklace.”

“Do you remember where you saw it?”

“There can be no way. I haven’t been out of Acreon for hundreds of years?”

“If you don’t know, don’t.”

Eugene didn’t ask any further, and tucked the necklace into his collar. She then left Akasha’s front and looked around Senya’s hall in earnest.

There were quite a few things to remember.

The robe and hat that Senya liked to wear. That, too, is an artifact with high magical value. The first floor of the hall was full of such things. In the center was a Witchcraft, and around it were magic tools that Senya used herself.

“You can’t take it outside.”

“Don’t take it.”

Preservation magic was applied, and even after hundreds of years had passed, it was still the same. It wasn’t that clean. The robe had a lot of wear and tear here and there. Eugene headed upstairs, trying not to be conscious of it.

“These books are notes written in the process of making Akryon.”

The 13th floor was full of bookshelves. There were many books in the mansion as well, but the value of the books displayed there and the books here are incomparable. The magic books with really outstanding value were not in the mansion, but in Akreon.

“The draft of the circle magic formula, the process of establishing it. The present Eugene will not understand even if he has read it. Although it is a draft, the techniques and research used to establish it are very advanced.”

Mer followed Eugene and boasted.

“The same goes for Akryon’s research papers. Among the mages who came to this place, not a single one understood Senya-sama’s research book from the beginning.”

Eugene took out a research paper from the bookshelf as he listened to the words. The books in the library of the mansion were allowed to be displayed, but it was forbidden to open them and read them. But here, in Senya’s hall, you can read the research papers you want.


I couldn’t even turn a few pages, but I laughed.

“Look, you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t you?”


Eugene smiled and turned the pages of the bookshelf.

‘It’s still bad handwriting.’

Senya’s handwriting remained intact on the book. It was difficult to understand even the story itself about Mana and Circle, but Senya’s poor handwriting required interpretation just by reading it.

Eugene stood there for a while and read Senya’s research book. His head seems to be spinning, so he folds the book and turns his head away. A hundred or so books. Eugene pierced him and Raboda opened his mouth.

“Don’t you have Senya-sama’s notes? Not about magic.”

“no. Before Senya-nim retired, she erased all the personal memoirs left in her mansion.”

“You are thorough.”

“That’s probably why you didn’t want to know about the seclusion.”

“What is your opinion?”

Yujin asked as she put the research book she had taken out on the bookshelf.

“There’s been a lot of talk about Senya-sama’s retirement. There is a story that he went to Helmud, and there is also a story that he went to Samar Great Forest. …There are also stories about being assassinated by warlocks.”

“I think you went to Samar Great Forest.”

Mer shrugged and replied.

“There are many stories that she went to Helmud, but the Senya-nim I remember was reckless and not someone who would take on impossible tasks. Of course… Senya-sama was beautiful and strong right before she retired. However, Senya-sama is not the kind of person to challenge the demon king of Helmud alone.”

“I think so too.”

“It also makes no sense that the warlocks assassinated Senya-sama. Now, there are powerful black magicians like Balzac Rudbez in Alot, but the black magicians who existed in Alot 200 years ago were all insignificant and weak.”

“The Warlock of Helmud could have come to assassinate Senya.”

“under! That doesn’t even make sense. Eugene, think about it. Senya-sama’s magic barrier also blocked the dark magic that the mad king himself used.”

Mer shouted in a fit of rage.

‘I couldn’t stop Belial’s black magic.’

In terms of the level of magic, the level of the lich, Belial, was higher than that of the mad king. That doesn’t mean that Belial was stronger than the Mad King.

“If, indeed, Helmud’s warlocks tried to assassinate Senja-sama. There’s no way that Senya-sama could have been treated lightly. There must have been a movement of mana huge enough to shake the entire capital, the Pentagon. But when Senya went into hiding, no disaster happened! Senya-sama went into seclusion on her own volition, she wasn’t killed by someone else.”

Mer glared at Eugene without cooling her temper. To think that the creator we respected and loved was murdered by some kind of warlock. She never wanted to imagine anything like that.

“Senya must be in the great forest of Samar. I don’t know where the elves’ territory is in that vast forest, but Senja-sama is there… there…”

Mer muttered, unable to finish her words. 200 years is a long time. For a normal human being, he’s definitely time to die. Even that vermouth did not exceed its lifespan.

“…comfort… closed your eyes. Maybe… he might still be alive.”

“I think I am alive.”

I am worried about Mer’s drooping shoulders. I wanted to comfort her, but I remembered Mer’s expression earlier, so I didn’t reach out my hand for nothing.

“Even the brave Moron-nim lived a decent life until 100 years ago. So, Senya-sama is still alive. Like stopping aging with magic.”

“…I think Eugene-sama really likes Senya-sama?”

“Not to the extent that I like it.”

“lie. You don’t know what kind of expression you made, Eugene, right?”

Mer straightened her drooping shoulders and looked up at Eugene.

“Your eyes sparkled whenever I talked about Senya-sama, and you were really immersed in Senya-sama’s stuff.”

“I like old stories.”

“is it so? Then you will like this book too.”

Mer smiled and headed towards the edge of the bookshelf. The cover of her book, which she had taken out, had traces of her years remaining intact.

“The Great Adventure of the Hero Vermouth.”

Seeing this, Eugene’s cheeks twitched.

“It’s a famous children’s book, right? Senya and the other colleagues were reluctant to talk about what happened in Helmud, so in fact, this children’s book is the first book to tell the world about the myth of the great Vermouth.”

“…a damn book.”

“yes? What a damn book?”

“I mean, actually, I like, respect, and admire Hamel the most. But in that fairy tale book, Hamel-nim comes out like a very, very stupid person.”

“Sena also said that Hamel was fools, dogs, idiots and f*cks.”

“it is not so. Hamel-sama is neither an idiot, nor an asshole, nor an asshole, nor an asshole. Rather, he was nice and brave and… uh… um… great.”

Do I have to say this with my own mouth? Eugene let out a deep sigh, feeling deeply embarrassed.

“I think Eugene’s personality is a bit strange. I don’t think there’s usually anyone who reads this children’s book and likes Hamel, right?”

“I’m sorry, but the head of the household said Hamel-nim was the best, not just me.”

“The head of the household is also a bit of a strange person.”

“Are you swearing at my adoptive father?”

“I’m just saying it’s weird, what are you swearing at? Anyway, Eugene. If you like old stories, read this book too.”

“I read it a hundred times when I was little and I won’t lie.”

“Yes, but this book is a first edition. It’s different from the revised version that’s out in the world right now. Yujin-nim doesn’t know, but I heard that this children’s book was first published in Arrot 300 years ago.”

“What kind of bastard published it?”

“I don’t know. The author of this book is unknown… Maybe it’s a bard from long ago?”

What kind of bastard are you? Yujin laughed and shook her head. He had met bards a few times in his travels across the continent, but he had never encountered a bard in Helmud.

“Or, he might be a novelist who researched and compiled the rumors of Helmud. He doesn’t know why he didn’t leave his name behind.”

Mer continued, waving a children’s book.

“Senya-sama also liked this storybook. He didn’t usually laugh, but sometimes on sleepless nights… he would read this book alone in his bedroom and laugh briefly. He read it to me too.”

“…Are the contents of the first edition different?”

“Umm… It’s been quite a while since I read the revised edition, so it won’t be exactly the same as the revised edition that Eugene read… First of all, the first edition… is a bit more… how to say… It’s primitive.”


“I curse a lot. The anecdotes about Mr. Vermut and his colleagues are a bit different… Should I say pessimistic?”

“Give me.”

Eugene quickly approached and handed over the children’s book. Because it was a book from 300 years ago, the paper is all worn out. It’s probably because I’ve read it so many times.

‘Hamel was an asshole. The idiot bravely challenged Vermouth to a fight at the first meeting, but he couldn’t even brush Vermouth’s collar, so he threw his face on the ground and cried.’

“This bastard.”

Eugene’s face was contorted. She was said to be primitive and swearing. she really was The children’s book Eugene had read called Hamel an idiot, but not an idiot.

‘Isn’t this the bitter anise?’

Eugene gnashed his teeth, remembering Anis, who always had a smile on his face. I tried to compare the handwriting, but the fairy tale books were all straight and consistent, probably because they were written with magic or a printed version.

‘It’s true that I hit my face on the ground, but my collar rubbed. that a drop of blood was shed Do you put your face down and cry? Where do you make jokes?’

Eugene put the fairy tale book on the bookshelf while simmering inside.

“…What’s on the 14th floor?”

“The 13th floor is for research. On the 14th floor, there are sorcery books compiled by establishing research. Those will be difficult for Eugene to read, but they will be kinder than research books. Because the solution is clear.”

“Aren’t they worse than Witchcraft?”


Merga twitched her cheeks and smiled.

“It falls far short of it. This… rather than explain it in words, you’ll understand it if you read Witch Craft yourself. To put it bluntly, this is the difference. Witchcraft is difficult to understand even after reading it, and the magic books on the 14th floor… you can understand it a little. It’s impossible for Eugene, though.”

Mer turned and headed for the elevator.

“First, let’s go to the 14th floor. Maybe Eugene will like that place.”


“I heard you like old stories? I like dumb Hamel too.”

Eugene couldn’t understand that, but

When you reach the 14th floor. I could understand immediately why Mer said such a thing.


Mer giggled and pointed forward.

“That’s Senya-sama’s own memories extracted and left behind. It’s not like a portrait, but the real life of Senya-sama’s remembered colleagues.”

The fourteenth-floor walls clearly projected the figures of four people.

“There, the handsome man standing in the center is the great vermouth.”

The same vermouth as Eugene’s memory.

“Beside him, a blonde woman whose eye smile is so strong that her eyes cannot be seen is sincere Anise.”

A saintess who was a holy beast and carried a bottle of wine.

“A brave Moron who is confused whether he is a troll or a human.”

He’s already quite big, but he’s always carrying an ax that’s bigger than his body, making it an obstacle when fighting.

“And over there, the man with a bad temper and frowning is stupid Hamel. Hamel’s appearance only remains here, in Senya’s hall.”

Eugene couldn’t say anything.

Hamel, who died in Helmud, couldn’t leave a single portrait in the world.


Eugene burst into laughter as he looked at his previous life.

“If you’re going to leave it behind, I’d rather leave it with a smile on your face.”

Yujin smiled and shook her head.

Senya’s Hall

I couldn’t tell for certain until when it appeared, but it seemed like it was right before leaving for Helmud. The moonlight sword was not visible to Vermouth who was there.

‘I have few scars too.’

Hamel in his previous life had many scars. Her body, covered by her clothes and armor, was full of scars, and her face had many small scars. Half of it was obtained during her mercenary life, and the other half was obtained from Helmud.

The ‘Hamel’ in front of him had almost no scars where he was exposed. Her impression was filthy, but her eyes weren’t quite somber either. At least, the neat appearance is what it looked like before going through all sorts of hardships in Helmud.

“…you look good.”

“Right? I’ve seen it countless times, but Vermouth-sama is handsome…”

“Not my ancestors, but Hamel-sama is handsome.”

Mer’s eyes fluctuated. She opened her mouth and looked back and forth between Hamel and Vermouth.

“Are you crazy?”

“Seonjo-nim, uh, he’s handsome. Hamel-sama also… Uh… He has charm. Is that… tamed? support? didn’t? Such… beastly…”

What am I talking about? Eugene bit her mouth tightly in an unbearable sense of shame. The sense of shame she felt herself was intense, but she also felt embarrassed by Mer’s gaze, which was pathetic and bewildered.

“…just like that.”

“Your taste is very unique.”

“Things like that happen, too.”

“Untamed? Beastly charm? If that’s your preference, how about Moron instead of Hamel? At first glance, it doesn’t look like a human, it looks like a bear.”

“That is too much. It’s not a bear, it’s a monster.”

“It is.”

Mer didn’t deny that either. She looked at her jingling muscles in her moron, then finally turned her gaze to the side.

“…no portraits. Doesn’t Senya look like that? in that way.”

“Can you remember yourself without a mirror, Eugene?”

“If you’re going to leave it like that, it’s likely that you’ll leave your appearance even if you stand in front of a full-length mirror.”

“I guess Senya-sama didn’t want to go that far.”

Mer smiled as she said that.

“Because he noticed that he didn’t even want to leave a portrait. So, what are you going to do?”


“I don’t know, but the fact that Eugene-sama, who is 17 and doesn’t have a very high level of magic, came here… It means that high-nosed wizards saw great potential in Eugene-nim.”


“There is no need to be humble. Even if Eugene-sama doesn’t do that, even if you read one of the magic books stored here, you’ll realize how shabby your talent is.”

Mer glanced over at Eugene with a proud expression on her face.

“It’s not just Senya-sama’s hall. In this Akreon, there are 9 wizards who have their names on, including Senya-sama.”

Royal Library Akryon. In this place, like Senya, there are 9 great wizards whose names are staked on each floor.

The 15th floor, the top floor, is the hall of the magic king who founded Arot. The 11th floor below Senya’s hall is the hall of the battle mage, who was called the father of battle magic, and the 10th floor is the hall of the great spirits who contracted with the spirit king for the first time as humans.

“There are many magic books stored on the 2nd to 4th floors. They are also valuable and high-level sorcery books carefully selected by successive Mage Tower owners. Of course, Eugene must have come here because he has the qualities to be called a genius, but the magic stored in Acreon is the magic of geniuses who have already been completed.”

“I guess so.”

Yujin nodded her head with a calm expression. I know what Mer wants to say. Objectively, Eugene’s knowledge of magic was very shallow. He was somehow able to enter Akion, but it is impossible to learn the magic books here by self-study like the introductory magic books of the Red Mage Tower.

“Can you use magic too?”

“I cannot teach you.”

Mer shook her head.

“I have no reason to do so, and the system entered into me strictly forbids the transmission of magic. Over hundreds of years, many mages have tried to do something with me and the Witchcraft, but none have changed.”

After saying that, Mer was silent for a moment. She crossed her arms with a confused look on her face.

“The magic I’ve been allowed to do… is to remove the dust in this hall, or to remove small trash. Do you want to see my magic?”


“Then try infiltrating Akryon without a pass. If Eugene-sama is like that, I’ll appear faster than the familiars on the other floors and kill Eugene-sama.”

“Is it really necessary?”

“If you don’t like that method, you can attack me and the Witchcraft. If you have a specific death you want, I will match it to the best of my ability.”

It didn’t sound like a simple joke. In any case, it was impossible to learn magic directly from Mer. After thinking about it for a while, Eugene headed for the elevator.

“Even though I can’t learn it, can I give you some advice about magic?”

“It is also limited. If I could teach magic that kindly, all the archmages of Alot would have mastered witchcraft, right?”

Witchcraft is as infamous as it is great. It is impossible to look into it without entering Acreon, and even among the archmages who enter and exit here, no one has fully mastered Witchcraft magic.

“If you need any advice… well… Eugene. How many circles are you?”

“If you have to say it, it’s the 3rd circle.”

“to. really?”

“It’s been a little over two months since I started magic.”

“hmm. It’s genius when you think about the time it took. Even considering him, I am far short of qualifications.”

Until just now, he joked and laughed at this and that, but when it comes to magic, his attitude is cold and sarcastic. That kind of appearance somehow resembles Senya, so Eugene smiled.

“If you have to say, what does the third circle mean?”

“I didn’t make a separate circle.”

“Don’t berate me.”

“really. There is no circle, and the core is used like a circle.”

“…Is that Lionheart’s magic formula?”

“Isn’t it? Bermu… I don’t know how my ancestors used magic, but there’s no such thing as magic in Lionheart’s home. I don’t know about the collateral side.”

Countless collaterals of Lionheart. They don’t seem to have much interaction with the main family, but there are collateral families that specialize in magic.

“Hmm… Then, did Eugene-nim make the magic formula you’re using on her own? Or did other mages take advice from you?”

“I made it myself.”

“Hmm, hmm…”

The elevator door opens. Mer was lost in her thoughts, caressing her chin as she descended to the twelfth floor. The speed of her descent was faster than her body, and her thoughts were over quickly.

“Well, it doesn’t seem like you have a lot of qualifications. I thought that Eugene’s entry into Akreon would have greatly added to the value of the family’s name.”

“It won’t be very much.”

“I really like that candid attitude. It would be faster to see Eugene’s magic than to hear it like this, but first… What kind of magic is Eugene-nim interested in?”

“Can you give me some advice?”

“I can’t teach you magic directly, but I can give you some direction.”

“A magic that helps in fighting. Spirit magic is also good.”

“It is an ignorant wind.”

Mer clicked her tongue and followed Eugene.

“The 10th floor is the hall of the Great Spirit. The owner of that place was the first human to sign a contract with the water spirit king.”

“Just because you learn there doesn’t mean you can make a contract with the water spirit king.”

“That’s right. In a contract with a spirit, inborn compatibility is also important. Most of the magic stored on the 10th floor… is magic that applies the power of the water spirit.”

“Then it won’t help me much. I prefer air spirits to water spirits.”

“That’s not something Eugene-nim could have hoped for… well, I knew it for now. The 11th floor is the perfect place for magic to help you fight. Because the owner of that place was an archmage called the father of battle magic.”

“Anything else to recommend?”

Eugene stood in front of Witchcraft and asked.

“I don’t know what Eugene-nim means by fighting. Will Eugene fight only with magic? If it’s Lionheart’s home, it’s a famous martial arts house, right?”

“I will use magic, use weapons, and do everything.”

“You are so arrogant.”

Merga sighed and laughed. Even considering the possibilities at such a young age, it seemed absurd to practice and use magic and martial arts together.

“Then the lower floor would be better than the 10th floor. The 10th floor magic mainly deals with the application of battle magic and the modification of magic according to the situation. That is, the difficulty level is extremely high. As with all the magic here.”

“What is downstairs?”

“There are simple yet powerful magics. The magic of the flame mage and the ice mage who competed as rivals all their lives. To prove that, freezing magic works well with water spirits… Eugene likes wind spirits, so he should learn flame magic.”

Even though he grumbles, he gives clear advice.

“If Eugene-sama becomes quite proficient in fire magic, go to the 7th floor. There are magics that are far too high in difficulty, but powerful enough to wipe out an army and a country with one magic once you learn them. Eugene-nim, you know what Meteor is, right?”

“know. It’s magic that makes a meteor shower fall from the sky.”

“About 500 years ago? A time when there was constant war between countries. ‘Disaster’, the owner of the 8th floor, destroyed several armies with his long-term meteor. The only place on the continent that fully possesses Meteor’s spell is Acryon.”

Meteora. I don’t know if I can learn it, but I was interested.

“There is space magic on the 6th floor. If Eugene wants to fight martial arts instead of magic, I’ll also recommend space magic. Even if you learn Blink perfectly, you have an absolute advantage in magic warfare.”

blink. Short-distance jump magic. The distance at which one could jump varied depending on the wizard’s level, but Senya used to jump dozens of meters with a single blink.

I’m listening to Mer’s advice, so I’m slowly getting the strands. Jumping from place to place with Blink, wielding a weapon, or using magic. Even if you can do it properly, you will be able to jump over the realm of your previous life.

‘In my previous life, I couldn’t even create a spark, let alone blink.’

Adding to what you couldn’t do in your previous life. Eugene felt the fluttering pleasure of it.


“The mana management method optimized for the circle. Amplification of the magic power caused by it. Efficient simplification of the formula. Omission of the incantation. Multiple manifestations of magic with separate rituals. It is also intended to input and store magic into the unconscious, and to manifest it immediately or react to external stimuli on its own depending on the situation.”


“Among them, what’s particularly great is the Circle’s ideal drive. Most mages now use circles, but Witchcraft’s circle magic formula is vastly superior to normal circles. It would be comfortable to think of it as creating extreme power with minimal mana.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean.”

“Of course you would. If you understand it just by hearing it, there’s no way Witchcraft can be called the greatest sorcery book in the history of magic, right?”

Mer smiled and opened her chest wide.

“so. How can you read it?”

“Close your eyes and reach out. After that, inject Eugene-nim’s mana into the witch craft… Then you should be able to read it.”

Reach out? Eugene stared at the sphere of light wrapped around dozens of rings. It was impossible to understand just by looking at it like this, so Eugene stretched out his hand as Merga instructed. He brought his hand close to the glowing orb, but did not feel anything like heat.

However, he felt an enormous amount of mana. Eugene ignored the creepy goosebumps and drew out mana with the white flame formula. Is it just pouring mana? Or should I operate it in a pseudo circle like when using magic? While worrying about that, I poured mana.

The senses of the whole body are completely turned off. She couldn’t hear anything or smell anything. She opened her eyes in surprise, but she couldn’t see anything. She couldn’t see Mer, who was right next to her, and couldn’t feel her presence.


He raised his voice like that, but he couldn’t hear it in Yujin’s ears. It doesn’t even ring in the body. Only then did Eugene get a rough idea of ​​the situation.

This is the world of consciousness. Eugene’s body does not exist here. He connected with the witchcraft and was drawn deep into his own consciousness.

‘Similar to a dream… but different.’

It doesn’t work out like a lucid dream. It’s not even an unpleasant hallucination like the dream demon’s gaggle. I just feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness. Since the body does not exist, the body cannot be moved.

Among the blocked senses, the only one awake.

The feeling of mana. This world of consciousness was filled with full mana. This place itself is in Eugene’s consciousness, but the witch craft’s mana covered his consciousness, creating an infinite sea of ​​mana.

In this sea, Eugene’s will is not even a speck of dust. You can’t get rich and wander at will. He just observes the situation and waits.

‘Mana… can move a bit.’


‘okay. This is the mana I have now.’

Eugene was conscious of the mana he could move. In this sea, Eugene’s mana was as small and meager as his will. If I take this, can I get out? Probably so, but Eugene didn’t bother to try it.

Haven’t seen anything yet.

Before long, mana and the sea move. The huge wave became a loop in front of Eugene’s eyes.

is a circle One circle seemed to rotate slowly, but at some point, it accelerated so fast that it could not be conscious of the rotation. Each time the circle rotates, the mana filling the world accompanies the circle’s rotation. Thus, the circles are divided one by one.

In the realm of magic divided into circles, the highest is the 9th circle.

However, the number of divided circles did not stop at 9. The moment the 10th circle was created, the mana that followed the rotation of the circle created a huge line. 10 circles are scattered. The rings unravel and intertwine with each other. A huge circle was created like that, and infinite mana was contained within that circle.

That alone is surprising, but the phenomenon is far from over. Innumerable circles are created within a huge circle. One, two, three, four… Eugene gave up counting. The circle that drew infinite mana created an infinite circle within it. It continues to divide, entangle, scatter, divide again, entangle…

He was simply watching, but just by looking at it, Eugene’s consciousness was shaken. An optical illusion that fatigues the mind and causes motion sickness. No, that’s not an optical illusion. In fact, within that circle, infinite circles were repeating their division, entanglement, and scattering.

‘I can’t understand even if I look at it.’

I felt that the magic I had learned all my life was like a child playing house.

Loverian said so.

convenience of truth.

Melchis said so.

Everyone was right. Consciousness shakes. The changes caused by that infinite circle, the possibilities it contained, Eugene couldn’t fully comprehend all of them.

But I knew this for sure.

Are you smart That she is the greatest and most powerful wizard in human history.

‘for a moment…’

Consciousness begins to collapse. Eugene intuited what was about to happen to him. The shutter of the mind that couldn’t hold on is lowered.

‘I don’t want to pass out… wait, no.’

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear a diaper?


you might get bored

Melchis was not joking. When did you go to the bathroom… Eugene desperately held on to his consciousness, but in a world linked to Witchcraft, Eugene’s consciousness was weak.

Resistance is impossible.

‘Please, my handsome body. no.’

don’t get bored

Eugene passed out while praying earnestly for him.

Senya’s Hall

After opening her eyes, Eugene first checked her underwear. As Melkis had warned, he was worried that he might be tired of something.

Fortunately, the underwear was soft. However, Eugene could not be unconditionally relieved by that fact. Mer’s gaze, looking at me from nearby, felt strange for some reason.

“What kind of bullying did I do?”

Eugene asked while trying to stay calm.

“Even fainting right away is ugliness.”

“Not that.”

“Are you worried about getting tired of peeing?”

Mer smiles mischievously. Yujin shook her head desperately, feeling her heart sink.

“I couldn’t have done that.”

“The truth is mostly cruel.”

“Please, don’t bullshit. Because I couldn’t have done that.”

“Do not worry. Eugene did not urinate. Although I asked for bubbles.”

“…bubbles only?”

“He also spilled coffee. Anyway, you didn’t pee? If Eugene-nim had peed, I wouldn’t be standing near Eugene-nim like I am now…”

“…Seeing you say that, there must be some people who are tired.”

“Quite a lot. The current owner of the White Pagoda, Melchis Elhaire, was also tired… and the owner of the Blue Pagoda, Hyridus Uzlen, was also tired.”

Yujin thought of the blue pagoda with a twisted face. The sharp-looking old sorcerer peed after encountering a Witchcraft? It was a sight I didn’t want to imagine…

“I mean I’m not tired. That’s enough.”

Yujin said that and stood up. How much time has passed, she thought, looking around for her watch, but Mer opened her mouth.

“Eugene-nim had been passed out for about two hours.”

“You’ve been down for a long time.”

“So how was it?”

Mer’s eyes lit up in anticipation of appreciation. However, Eugene couldn’t put out the emotions she saw and felt in a sentence.


First of all, Eugene said so.

“It’s difficult. I don’t know what it is… No, I think I can vaguely understand it. I cannot accept it as knowledge or theory.”

“of course.”

Mer liked Eugene’s impression. Archmages who are proud of their skills and knowledge rarely express their honest feelings.

“That’s why Witch Craft, Senya-sama who created him, is a great wizard.”


Eugene did not deny that fact.

I couldn’t deny it.

Deep down, even if Senya was great, I wondered how great it was, and wondered if the wizards were giving it away. It was an inescapable thought.

Eugene and Hamel knew very well about Senya. Not the Archmage, the wise Senya, but what kind of human being his colleague Senya Merdane was. She knew all too well how rude, bad-mouthed, bad-mouthed, and obsessed with good taste she was.

‘It’s okay to be proud.’

Eugene turned his head to see Witchcraft.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand Witchcraft without struggling through my life’s self-education.

“…The operation of the circle was amazing.”


Mer’s eyes light up at Eugene’s muttering. She smirked as she looked at Eugene, who was deep in thought.

“indeed. Compared to the level of magic you have learned, your eyes are far superior. You seem to have a high level of understanding.”

“That circle, what the hell is it?”

Yujin briskly rubbed the remaining blood stains off her brow. The most amazing and incomprehensible thing in Witchcraft. It was the essence of the magic formula used in witchcraft, the circle.

Eugene also knows what a circle is. It’s been 300 years since Senya established the circle magic formula. Alot’s mages have been digging, improving, and developing the Circle for hundreds of years. At the time, not only Arot, but most of the wizards in the world entered magic as a circle.

That is to say, it has been popularized so that it is easy to understand and learn. The introductory sorcery books Eugene had read also explained the circle in detail and easily. The number of sorcery books he read in the Red Mage Tower was well over dozens, but most of the explanations of the circles in those numerous sorcery books were similar.

“What did you see?”

Mer asks with a mischievous smile. It seemed that he wanted to hear more of Eugene’s evaluation, to be more precise, of Senya’s rave reviews.

‘Even when I was young, that side must have been the same.’

Mer said that he used Senya’s childhood personality as a base. Even Senya, whom Eugene knew, used to enjoy the evaluation of others in that way, indulging in his own pride.

“…the Circle… continued to divide.”

Eugene said, patting his throbbing head.

“The circles I know… 9 is the end.”

9th circle.

At that time, there was no magician who reached the 9th circle. Arot’s mage masters, who run the cutting edge of magic, were limited to the 8th circle, and Helmud’s black magicians, who made a direct contract with the demon king, could not cross the 9th circle wall.

The circle magic ceremony is the last circle 9. It was the content that draws a line in the many magic books that Eugene read, and after the circle magic formula was established, the only one who reached the 9th circle was the wise Senya.

“Witchcraft is the last sorcery book Senya-sama made.”

Mer placed her hands on her waist and looked at Eugene.

“When Senya made the first circle magic ceremony, she had 9 circles. However, Senya-sama continued to devote herself to research and practice of magic. Just like that… He has gone beyond the limits he has set for himself.”

“After the 9th circle, is it the 10th?”

“Is Eugene a fool?”

I just said it based on simple arithmetic, but to hear the sound of an idiot. Eugene put on a stern expression, but Mer did not let go of her pitiful gaze.

“Eugene-sama also saw Witch Craft in person. Surely you didn’t faint when the circle reached 10?”

“I saw it after that. From the moment it split into 10… the circle’s mana was mixed, and it became one huge circle. Within it, innumerable circles divide, blend…”

“That’s the essence of Witchcraft.”

Mer raised her finger as if she had waited.

“Eternal Hole. The ultimate point of the circle magic formula that only Senya-sama has reached. Since Witchcraft, countless wizards have aimed to recreate the Eternal Hall, but none have been able to break the wall of the 9th circle.”


“It uses the mana it has without wasting a single point, controls all the mana within a huge circle, and divides the circle to circulate. It can be said to be the ideal drive of the circle. It’s not as complicated as the existing circles.”

“Isn’t it complicated? that is?”

“Making the Eternal Hall is difficult, but casting magic through it is very easy and simple. Didn’t I tell you earlier?”

Mana management method optimized for circles.

Amplification of the magic power caused by it.

Efficient simplification of the formula.

Omission of the incantation.

Multiple manifestations of magic with separate rituals.

Save by inputting magic into the subconscious.

“If you make Eternal Hall, you can do all of that as naturally as breathing. It is said that the Eternal Holo’s Fire Ball is more powerful than the 9th Circle’s Hell Fire. At the same time, it doesn’t consume mana ignorantly like Hellfire, and the spell isn’t complicated.”

“If you make the Eternal Hall, can the magic of the 9th circle be used without chanting?”

“Of course you do, but you don’t have to. You can recreate the power of Hellfire with just a Fireball, so why use Hellfire? Better to just fire fireballs in a row. Oh, of course, if you need more power than that, it might be better to use Hell Fire, but when Senja-sama created the Eternal Hall… there was never a situation where he had to use Hell Fire.”

It wasn’t climbing the demon castle, nor was it the days of fighting the demon king or high-ranking demons. The world was peaceful after ‘Promise’, and Senya did not spend his days as violently as when he wandered around Helmud.

“You know better now, right?”

Mer said, waving her raised finger from side to side.

“Senya-sama was assassinated by a black magician. That could never happen. He said Senya-sama when she created the Eternal Hall was truly invincible. He hasn’t checked it himself, but he could have killed the demon king alone.”


Eugene did not deny that. The enemy Senya, who wandered Helmud together, was an incredibly powerful wizard, but after the war with the demon king, she became even stronger.

Eugene’s common sense cannot fully comprehend the greatness of Witchcraft. However, it was clear that Senya at the time of making Witch Craft was much stronger than Eugene remembers during active service.

‘Senya just played and didn’t eat.’

Maybe the other guys did too.

vermouth. In the history of Lionheart, he is the only one who has risen to the top 10 of Baek Yeom-sik. He was unrivaledly strong even in Hell Mood, and I don’t know what kind of wind blew his child like that… but the Vermouth that Eugene remembers was not lazy.

– With a little more effort… I could do much better.

A word I heard a long time ago. That was the word that stuck most deeply in my heart throughout my previous life. Vermut, his bastard, was also very hard on the topic of genius.

However, compared to how hard I tried, I always got excessive achievements.

‘Anise and Moron must have gotten a little stronger.’

Like Senya, he couldn’t confirm that achievement with his own eyes, but Eugene was sure of that fact. All of her former co-workers were like that. No matter what era they were born in, they have qualities enough to be called geniuses, and they have definite goals and convictions.

Those who swore to kill all demon lords in the world.

“So I don’t know any more.”

Yujin muttered in a low voice and stood up.

‘Senya Merdein. If only you were as strong as me… the you I know. I must have challenged the demon king again somehow.’

The demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction. The two are powerful enough to be incomparable to the demon lords of the lower ranks.

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