Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 16

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So even if they were defeated, Eugene’s friends were not the type to despair. After gaining strength again, and having confidence. Even if they were not sure, they were the ones who would throw themselves into their convictions once again before they died.

That those guys didn’t challenge the demon king again until the end.

That Senya and Anis lived in seclusion at the same time.

…that he had no contact with Lionheart before Vermouth’s funeral.


Yujin let out a long sigh and shook his head.

‘What the hell have you done?’


Acryon. This Royal Library has a nominal head of the library, but most of the management is entrusted to familiars, so there are no closing hours.

That means you can stay in Acreon for as long as you want, as long as you eat and sleep less.

‘If that’s the case, it would be nice to have a separate place like a break room.’

The library in the Red Mage Tower was convenient. The dining room is close, and the bedrooms are also close. However, there was no such space in Acreon. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like the smell of food wafting through the air, or because it’s the dignity of a Royal Library. Accommodation and food are strictly prohibited inside Akryon.

At least, each floor had its own research building to study and test magic. If so, wouldn’t it be okay to eat and sleep there? Eugene asked Mer about it.

“I can’t eat or drink anything, so you’re going to do that in front of me? never. If you’re really hungry, eat outside.”

I only heard such scolding.

“You’re saying you can’t do it for such a petty reason?”

“It is not. It has its own reasons. I don’t know because Eugene is not a pure wizard, but ordinary wizards… no, wizards who are called great wizards are magic addicts.”

Mer shook her head vigorously and replied.

“If you don’t draw a line like this, the wizards who come here will cut down on their lifespan and become immersed in magic. Why are these stories famous? Wizards who became lichs to study magic beyond their lifespan. Mages who died from overwork while engrossed in research in their own dungeon…”

“I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration.”

“If there was no precedent, we wouldn’t have made this law, right?”

Mer’s voice subsides. She whispered, intending a grim atmosphere.

“Akrion’s history spans about eight hundred years. A long time ago… A wizard obtained the Acreon pass he had longed for all his life. He loved magic and was fascinated by the truths of his great and respected predecessors. Just like that… forgetting to eat, drink, and sleep and indulge in magic, stop…”

“So, do ghosts come out at night?”

“I may come out. I’ve never seen one.”

“Oh, you are scared.”

At Eugene’s dry reaction, Mer pouted her lips.

“I’ll be back by tomorrow.”

“What are you going to do by coming here? The magic book of this hall must be too difficult for Eugene-nim?”

“If it’s difficult, you have to learn it.”

“I will not teach you.”

“It’s okay, because there will be someone other than you who can teach you.”

“That’s good, but if you make too much noise, I’ll kick you out.”

Mer gave a bluff. Eugene smiled and nodded her head.

“I will try to be quiet.”

To be honest, Eugene was experiencing an inner conflict. Even though she resembles Senya, she wants to talk a little more and get to know Mer, who she resembles so much. But I don’t think it’s right for her to give her that kind of affection.

not right,

Not good either.

Mer is for each ministry. Senya is not himself. Mer’s existence makes Eugene too strongly conscious of his past life. Eugene did not want to give Mer more than necessary affection.

However, it doesn’t work like a heart. Just today, Eugene saw the remnants of Senya from Mer several times.

‘But I can’t pretend I don’t know at all.’

It’s clear and simple to not come to Senya’s hall if you want to keep your distance. But Eugene didn’t want to go that far. Aside from Mer’s existence, she wanted to indulge in witchcraft and magic books as well.

before going down to the first floor.

Following Mer’s advice, Eugene looked around the lower floors. He had a familiar there, but he had no personality or artificial intelligence, and could only perform simple question-answering and hall management.

There was no familiar like Mer.

‘The difficult things are the same.’

Following the mechanical guidance of the familiar, I looked around the magic books. Even if it wasn’t as much as Witchcraft, what Eugene couldn’t understand was the same with the magic books of other floors.

“It comes down late.”

1st floor of Acreon.

Melchis still did not return, waiting there.

“How was it?”

There was also a Loberian. He, who had been frowning until just now, smiled brightly the moment he saw Eugene and spoke to him.

“I honestly don’t know what it is.”

Yujin shook her head and replied.

“With the magic theory in my head, I think it would take me years to properly understand even one sorcery book.”

“That’s natural. The magic books here are the essence of hundreds of years of Arot’s magic.”

Melchis replied with a smirk. She continued her words, glancing at Winid on Eugene’s waist.

“Kid, no matter how smart you are, there is always a limit to learning magic without a proper teacher.”

“Baektap Lord.”

“Ah, don’t worry. I have no intention of taking that kid as a disciple. I just… want to make a simple deal.”


Eugene asked, obviously knowing it. Then Melkiss nodded her head in anticipation.

“If you lend Winid for a short while, I will interpret the magic books you want in an easy-to-understand manner. Isn’t that a good deal?”

“It is, but.”

Eugene looked away from Melchis and turned to Loberian.

“Loverian. Do you intend to make me your disciple?”

At those words, the faces of the two parted. Loberian smiled brightly, and Melchis’ face wrinkled.

“If Eugene-sama wants it, there’s no way I could refuse him, right?”



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“Were you busy?”

“I can make time for Eugene-nim.”

“Little boy, you too. No matter how desperate you are, don’t lower your head recklessly. Besides, you’re Ryan Hart, aren’t you? Is it okay for you to form a relationship between the priest and the sister at will?”

“What else can I not do?”

“I can’t.”

Melchis spoke quickly.

“A relationship between a priest and a priest is not something to be done casually. Might be annoying later on. What would you do if the owner of the red pagoda was your teacher and acted with power against you?”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

“The Loberian-sama I know is not like that.”

“You stuffy little boy, you, who are only 17 years old, know Jeoktapju better than I do, don’t you?”

“Why do you keep talking nonsense?”

Loberian asked, furrowing his eyebrows. Melkiss didn’t answer and bit his lip, finally letting out a deep sigh.

“Truthfully yes. If you become a disciple of the Red Pagoda Lord, you won’t have to interpret the magic book for me to deal with Winid. This hurts my pride too, but the owner of the red pagoda has better magic skills than me, right?”

“You don’t have to trade with magic books.”

Yujin shrugged and smiled.

“Do you have anything else to trade? Things are good too.”

At that bold statement, Melchis’s lips parted halfway. After looking at Eugene for a moment, she laughed and shook her head.

“The kid knows how to make a deal.”

“Drink if you don’t like it.”

“Who hates it?”

Melchis immediately accepted the words and stroked his chin.

“I’ll think about it for a moment.”

black lion

Eugene had never disliked freebies in his previous life. No matter how much she dislikes the opponent, if she gives something helpful, she will accept it for now. Not to mention, Eugene had no ill feelings towards Melchis.

‘I won’t be using Winid for the time being anyway.’

Of course, renting Winid is not something Eugene can do at will. This storm sword is a treasure belonging to Lionheart’s family, and now Eugene is only borrowing it for a while.

‘I don’t think the householder will say no.’

I was thinking of asking permission first. Eugene didn’t think Guilade would turn down this offer. Gilade Lionheart. Although he is the head of the Lionheart family who values ​​tradition, he has shown a lot of pursuit of reality and family interests rather than old traditions.

It’s not like we’re handing Winid over to Melchis at all. If you can get more than that by lending it for a few days. If it is promised with certainty, Gilreid will not refuse.

‘Sometimes they like me.’

Just as Eugene was worried, Melchis was also worried. She recalled the various artifacts she owned and the magic books that were strictly managed in the White Mage Tower.

‘…Magic books are worthless.’

As long as you can enter Akreon, the magic books of the White Mage Tower cannot have great value.

“…how about a wand?”

Melchis opened his mouth.

“You kid, you don’t have a stick. You seem to be able to use magic pretty well without a wand, but that’s because the magic you use is simple.”

“is it so?”

“Of course it is. Did you know that wizards carry wands as foam? Only with the help of a wand can you easily adjust your mana and simplify your magic spells.”

“Eugene. The cane is one of the best things I own.”

Loberian responded quickly. Frankly, he was negative about Melchis borrowing Winid.

Using Winid as a catalyst doesn’t mean that you can unconditionally summon the Wind Spirit King, but what if, by any chance, Melchis succeeds in making a contract with the Wind Spirit King?

The White Top Master, Melchis Elhair, is still the only elementalist in the history of magic. Prior to her, no Elementalist had ever signed a contract with two Elemental Kings. If the wind spirit king is added to it… the power of the white mage tower becomes too strong.

As a red mage lord, Loberian did not want the balance of power to collapse. What if Melchis, already free-spirited and selfish, had even greater power than other Mage Tower lords?

‘Due to her personality, she won’t get involved in Arot’s situation… but it’s not good to focus too much on one person, the owner of the mage tower.’

An example that can be cited right away is Balzac Rudbesse, the owner of the Black Tower. He is also treated specially in Arot. It is because of the confined demon king who signed a contract with Balzac and stood behind him. Balzac is not only the chief of the Black Tower, but also an envoy to Helmud.

“Are you going to keep burning candles?”

“Why are you so greedy about signing a contract with two spirit kings?”

“This old man. Do you know that I don’t know what’s inside you? Are you worried that I might make a pact with the wind spirit king and mess with it?”

“You know me well.”

“hey! You’ve known me for decades and still don’t know me? I have no interest in Arot’s situation or headaches.”

“You can say that right away, but if you have too much power, it might be twisted.”

Loberian did not raise his voice. He stared at Melchis with calm eyes, and Melchis gritted his teeth without being able to object.

“…What a patriot. Since when did you say you cared for Arot like that?”

“I just don’t want to stand by and stand by. Balzac alone is a headache for me.”

“under! Anyone who sees it will think that Balzac is plotting some bullshit. Loberian Surface. I know you hate warlocks, but sometimes it’s too much. Don’t misunderstand people because of prejudice, right?”


Loberian twitched his lips and smiled.

“I lost my family to the warlock’s human experiments. I saw my mother, father, and sister wriggling as one chimera in front of my eyes. If Master hadn’t saved me, I would have become a chimera as well.”


“Isn’t it natural that I hate warlocks and have prejudices?”

“…I… made a mistake. Sorry. You can hate warlocks. But… Balzac didn’t do anything?”

“I don’t know.”

Loberian sneered and shook his head.

“Can you say for sure that Balzac is not behind the events on that filthy Bolero Street? Right now several times a year people go missing in Bolero Street. Such disappearances are happening secretly not only in Bolero Street, but all over the place.”

“…Proof that it was the work of the black magicians…”

“No. That is why I do not interrogate Balzac. However, the heartache cannot be ignored. As far as I know, black magicians are the only people who enjoy abducting people with no connections.”

“…It’s none of my business that you hate warlocks and doubt Balzac.”

Melchis spat.

“I know what you are wary of. But I swear to Mana, I have no intention of playing around with my strength. Even if I make a contract with the wind spirit king, I will not do anything that goes against my position as the owner of the white pagoda.”

“That’s all right.”


“If you swore on mana, you should believe it, can’t you?”

Loberian smiled warmly, as if he had never been so cold. Seeing him, Melkis could only purse his lips.

“This… a snarky guy…!”

“Don’t be too squeamish. Wouldn’t you have accepted it if I openly offered you an oath?”

Melchis was speechless and raised his two clenched fists. In my mind, I wanted to grab Loverian’s collar right away and pulverize his thrush.

“…Oh sure. You must make the choice. I apologize for being presumptuous.”

“it’s okay.”

Eugene didn’t feel particularly offended by Loberian’s attitude. However, he was concerned about his suspicions about Balzac. Eugene hates black magicians as well.

The last time I met Balzac for the first time about Iod, Balzac drew the line that he hadn’t done anything bad. Eugene couldn’t believe it unconditionally. All the warlocks he knew were bastards.

“I’ve been thinking about it, but I don’t really want a cane.”

“You will know who will give it to you if you see it. Little boy, I’m lending it to you too!”

“I told you in advance, I will only lend Winid for a few days. In return, if you want to borrow Melchis-sama’s artifact for a few days, don’t do it.”

“This… you’re such an unlucky kid.”

Melchis shook his shoulders and looked around at Loverian and Eugene. Watching him go back, it seemed that the two of them had at least agreed in advance to eat him back.

“…one day for one year.”

Melchis spat.

“It’s an incredibly good condition. If you lend Winid for a day, I’ll lend my Artifact for a year.”

“Seven years if I borrow it for a week?”


“Do you want to go that far and borrow Winid?”

“Don’t make me repeat the same thing over and over again. I want to make a contract with the wind spirit king somehow!”

Melchis groans and screams. Having confessed his desire, Melchis did not restrain himself any longer.

“I mean, I wanted to sign a contract with the wind spirit king from the beginning of becoming a spiritist. The Lightning Spirit King and the Earth Spirit King are great too, but I wanted to make a contract with the Wind Spirit King!”


“Why! That great vermouth made a contract with the wind spirit king!”

Melchis shouted again.

“Even the great spirit lord who made a contract with the spirit king before me couldn’t make a contract with the wind spirit king. You don’t know, but for elementalists like me, the wind spirit king is… that’s… romance. I don’t know because you were born in Lionheart, but quite a few wizards respect the wise Senya, and quite a few elemental magicians respect the great Vermouth.”

“…What about Hamel?”

“Why is stupid Hamel here?”

“No, well… I thought he was a great man worthy of respect.”

“I have no respect. Grab someone on the street and ask them! The great Vermouth, the wise Senya, and the dumb Hamel. If I ask you which of these three you admire, no one will say that they respect Hamel, unless you are an interested seed?”


Loberian cleared his throat at Melchis’s barrage of words. Gilreid’s words that he liked stupid Hamel the most echoed in his head.

“…That… Eugene-nim. If you don’t like the wand…”

“You, don’t talk nonsense and be quiet.”

“Among the artifacts owned by the Master of the White Tower, there is one very rare and wonderful one.”

“Be quiet!”

Melchis yelled out loud. In response to her cry, her curly hair shot up and her current splashed.

“It is forbidden to do anything violent in Akryon.”

“I’m not going to do anything violent if you don’t talk nonsense…!”

“It’s nonsense. I just want to give you advice on your choice, Eugene.”

“I’m really curious too.”

Eugene replied with a smile. It was also what Eugene wanted for Melchis to summon the wind spirit king, Tempest. If you can put a rare treasure on it, it’s good to die.

“That’s… the cloak of darkness…”

“Shut up!”

“Why are you so hot? Do you know that you haven’t used the cloak of darkness for the past 10 years?”

“Do you… do you know how much I struggled to get my hands on it?”

“Isn’t it better to lend it to someone in need and receive what you want, rather than putting it away for ornamental purposes?”

Melchis was speechless again. She was in complicated trouble, pressing her hand through her towering hair.

“What is the Cloak of Darkness?”

“…It’s a winter coat. The fur is fluffy and warm… that’s all.”

“It is a cloak with the highest level space magic built in.”

Melchis stuttered and avoided explanation, but Loberian gave a kind and detailed explanation.

“Isn’t there a shield of Geddon in Lionheart’s treasury? It’s not comparable, but it’s a cloak that can do similar things. If you send a frontal attack into the cloak, you can send it back in the desired direction.”

“Well, it’s not that omnipotent. Strictly speaking, it’s not reflection, it’s rebound. You cannot accurately calculate the spatial coordinates and send them back in the desired direction unless you guide them with mana.”

“Either way, it’s top-level space magic. You won’t be able to get used to it right away, but you’ll soon be able to use it because it’s Eugene’s quality.”

“Everything… Are you going to keep blowing empty air? Does the cloak of darkness look so formidable?”

Melchis’ shoulders shook and trembled.

“It can’t be written that way. The outer surface of the cloak is also enchanted with high-level defense magic. Just by wearing it, you can easily block the attack magic of the 5th circle.”

“…That also depends on the amount of mana you have.”

“It is a very convenient artifact. Eugene. Do you still enjoy using various weapons?”

Loberian did not listen to Melchis. He remembered the blood ceremony from a few years ago. Currently, Eugene only possesses Winid, but in the blood system, Eugene handled the shield and sword skillfully. Not only that, but I heard from Gilreid that Eugene is very good at handling spears.

“Not to the extent that I enjoy using it. If you have it, write it. It’s inconvenient to carry multiple weapons, so I only have Winid.”

“haha! If so, you’ll love the Cloak of Darkness. The cloak also has top-level subspace magic added to it. There’s nothing difficult, just put various things in the cloak… and take it out as needed.”

“You son of a bitch…!”

Melchis raised his eyes full of despair and glared at Loberian.

“It’s good.”

Yujin smiled broadly and nodded.

“Not a staff, but a cloak of darkness. Oh, not right now. I had to ask the family, too.”

“I… I never agreed.”

Melchis spat out desperately. However, what was regrettable was Melchis, not Eugene. At least that’s what Melchis felt. She didn’t even know in her dreams that Eugene longed for a discourse with the Tempest.

“I can’t help it if you don’t like it. I’m hungry after overworking my head upstairs… Mr. Loverian. Would you like to have a meal together? Let’s talk about the apprentice case.”

“That’s good. It’s not close to here, but I know of a nice restaurant on the Floating Station in the sky. The food there is delicious, but the night view from the window is even better than the food.”

“wow. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen the night view of Arot’s Treasure.”

“It’s just fine! I will call the aerial carriage right now.”

Eugene and Loberian left Melchis alone and chatted about it. Melkiss glared at the sight, gnashing his teeth and lowering his head.

“…Ah Okay.”

“Are you there yet?”

Like a nasty kid. Melchis glared at Eugene and clenched his fists.

“…The Cloak of Darkness…! Yes, if you want a home, I will… lend it to you.”

“Don’t rush. I have to ask my parents too.”


When Eugene shook his head and answered, Melchis couldn’t stand it any longer and screamed.

“Kyaaaaagh! Creepy!”

“I thought it was a crow…”

Yujin shook her head and took a step back.


As Eugene expected, Guilade did not object to Winid’s loan.

However, conditions were attached. It was that Winid must never be destroyed, and that Lionheart’s observer should be attached to Melchis lending Winid.


The face of Melchis, who came to visit from the early morning a few days later, was not very good. Dark circles under his eyes were dark, as if he had suffered a lot over the past few days.

“Is the family head coming directly?”


“Then who is coming? That, the family head’s brother? Gion Lionheart?”

“How did you know?”

“I don’t think the head of Lionheart’s home is light enough to be called in for this or that. I came to Arot recently because of my son who was a fool… It would be a shame to come back because of something like this.”

Melchis grumbled and adjusted the collar of his cloak.

“Is that the cloak of darkness?”

Eugene pointed to the cloak worn by Melchis and asked. He said his hair was fluffy and warm, and it looked like that.

“…isn’t it cool?”

“I think it would be cooler if I wore it rather than Melchis-sama.”

“You’re like an unlucky kid…!”

“Don’t be too angry. Wouldn’t it be nice to do business with each other laughing?”

“shut up. So, when is the family head’s younger brother coming?”

“I heard you were coming around noon today… but Gion-sama isn’t the only one coming.”

“Then who else is coming?”

Melchis, who was carefully brushing the hairs of his cloak, narrowed his eyes.

“They say the Lionheart’s black lions are coming too.”

Eugene licked his lips and answered.

“It’s the first time I’ve borrowed the family’s treasure… Iod… I want to look into my older brother’s problems.”

“…Black Lion?”

The frowning eyes soften. Melkiss thought for a moment, then smiled and nodded his head.

“Right. You mean Lionheart’s hounds?”

be a hound

The Black Lions might not like that, but Eugene’s feelings toward them were no different from Melchis’s.

Guardian of the family.

Lionheart’s Black Lion.

Despite being called that, the work the Guardians did was no different from that of the hounds.

If a child in the collateral system who did not go through the blood ceremony was trained in mana and had them wield a real sword.

If the white salt ceremony, which only the main family should inherit, is passed down to the collateral branch.

The Black Lions appear and execute Gaheon.

‘Black magic.’

Performing black magic is strictly forbidden in Lionheart’s constitution. Although Iod did not practice black magic, it is true that he tried to dabble in black magic.

So, the Black Lions decided to come to Arot to investigate the matter closely.

Gion Lionheart.

He became one of the Lionheart’s Black Lions from last year.

black lion

Guillaid, the head of the Lionheart family at the time, has two younger siblings.

The relationship between the brothers was amicable, and the eldest son, Gilade, rose to the household without a single drop of blood flowing. In addition to the simple order of priority, at that time Gil Reid’s skills were superior among his brothers.

Gilade’s two younger brothers did not have much greed for the position of family head. His second son, Guilford Ryan Hart, who was inferior in skills to his older brothers and sisters, gave up his position as head of the household from the very beginning to find his own happiness.

The Guilford Lionheart that Eugene remembers was a middle-aged man with a slightly protruding belly, although not as much as Jehard. He was said to have been quite riotous since his youth… He was not a bad-tempered person, though he did not get along very well. The Guilfords left their home at the beginning of this year and established their own family in a secluded and peaceful country estate.

Gion Lionheart.

Unlike Guillaid and Guilford, he never married, nor did he wish to marry. Eugene had asked Gion directly about it years ago.

‘marriage? It’s nice and beautiful. But if I get married and have children, I have to leave the family home the year my child turns five. I hate that. He doesn’t seem like a good father to my personality.’

Gion had a free-spirited personality. He always had a laugh with the knights of his family’s mansion, and his attitude towards the attendants was not overbearing. He was also passionate about coaching Ciel and Xian, even tutoring his knights at the expense of his own spare time.

In particular, Gion was very kind to Eugene. During the four years that Eugene lived at his parents’ house, Gion directly guided Eugene along with Guilade. At least, while Eugene was at his parents’ house, he was never discriminated against for being an adopted son from a collateral family.

To Eugene, Gion was a unique person.

Skills are also outstanding. That ability was even guaranteed by the owner of the house, Gilade. Unlike Gilreid, who was unable to focus on training after becoming the family head, Gion wandered the continent and devoted himself to training. By now, Gion’s skills had surpassed Gilade’s.

That’s why Gion never rebelled against Gilade. Gion did not deviate from the position of the ‘younger brother’ of the householder.

1 year ago.

There was a time when Gion left his home for several months. When he returned, the lion pattern, the symbol of Ryan Hart’s family, that was engraved on the left chest of the uniform worn by Gion was slightly different.

A black lion pattern that blatantly reveals ferocious fangs and claws.

Gion became a member of the Black Lion Knights, protecting Lionheart’s family.

Actually, it wasn’t unusual. Anyone in Lionheart can apply to join the Black Lion Knights if their skills are outstanding and their loyalty to the family is verified. The Knights of the Black Lion are superior and sharper than the Knights of the White Lion, which is made up of knights from the main family.

‘Is this the first time seeing it in person?’

The appointment time, noon, is approaching. Eugene checked the time and felt a bit excited. He lived at his home for four years, but Eugene had never seen the Black Lion Knights.

The White Lion Knights of Lionheart’s main family are loyal only to the main family. However, the Knights of the Black Lion are loyal not only to the family, but also to the name of ‘Lionheart’.

The Senate is behind the Black Lion Knights. Giants who left a strong name in the history of ‘Lionheart’ regardless of the parent family and collateral. Gilade, the head of the household of the time, is not on an equal footing with the old men of the Senate.

‘Not yet.’

I can’t help but feel interested.

Lived at home for 4 years. Gilade was strong, and the temperature was also strong. They are strong players who can be recognized no matter where they are on the continent.

The White Lion Knights of the main family were also strong. It would be strong enough to be counted among the many knights on the continent. Even if you compare the Knights of the White Lion with the Knights of the Kiel Empire, they are evaluated as not inferior in quality even though they are lacking in numbers.

That alone isn’t enough.

vermouth. He was the strongest among humans. That’s why he was called a dragon, and he led the subjugation party to kill all the demon lords. Neither the elves who lived for a long time nor the dragons called magical manipulations could kill the demon king.

However, Vermouth killed as many as three demon lords. Eugene was acutely aware of this fact.

Moron, Anis, Senya… Hamel was strong. But without Vermouth, it would have been impossible to kill the Demon King.

Hamel saw it, and the vermouth he was with.

The vermouth Eugene remembers was strong, unlike a human.

‘So it’s not enough.’

Eugene licked his lips and stood up. Guilade and Gion are strong, and the White Lion Knights are also strong. It is not enough to claim descent from Vermouth.

Then how about the Black Lion Knights? How strong would the knights be if they were selected as superior and loyal among those with the name ‘Lionheart’, regardless of family origin and collateral? How strong is the Senate behind the Knights of the Black Lion?

‘Old people who retreated to the back room… They’re not the only ones.’

Guillaid doesn’t like the tradition of his family. They are reluctant to oppress their collaterals unconditionally, let alone the bloodline ceremony.

However, the tradition that has been passed on for a long time of 300 years cannot be changed only by the power of the family head. The Senate and the Knights of the Black Lion. Gaheon’s guardians protect Lionheart’s law above all else.

Guardianship is a law that requires proper power.

Eugene did not intend for this to happen, but he felt the thrill of being entangled with the Black Lion Knights.


In front of the Red Magic Tower.

A gigantic aerial carriage with magnificent majesty descends.

“You’re coming with your form as it is.”

Melchis didn’t like being here. The opponent is not even a high-ranking official in Arot. If it wasn’t for Winid, he wouldn’t be standing there as if he had come to meet him like this.

“Didn’t the White Pagoda Lord say that he respects Lionheart’s ancestor, Vermouth-nim?”

“Little boy, don’t get me wrong. What I admire is the great Vermouth, not the Lionheart family.”

“That’s what it is.”

“different. I don’t really like the Lionheart family. I don’t like the fact that the head family oppresses the collateral, and I don’t like the Senate or the Knights of the Black Lion who pretend to be secretive.”

“But you will have to hide that attitude for now.”

Unlike Melchis, Loberian’s expression was calm. He got off, stared at the carriage, and continued.

“If you really want to borrow Winid, you’d better refrain from doing anything that would upset them.”

“Are you fawning over me? Anyone who sees it will misunderstand. I’m making an equal deal. I… With the Cloak of Darkness, whom I cherish and love! You’re trading Winid.”

“It’s not a deal. borrowing from each other. Did you say one day a year?”

Melchis gritted his teeth.

He showed that expression, but he wasn’t really angry. I was really angry when I croaked like a crow in Acreon yesterday, but

Return to the White Magic Tower. While embracing the cloak of darkness… I was able to calm my emotions and think rationally.

‘What is your day? Maybe a few hours, half a day at most?’

Melchis believed in his affinity with spirits. There is also a clear catalyst called the storm sword Winid, so there is no reason not to summon the wind spirit king.

‘I’ll lend it for a few months at most. I can take that much.’

Instead of making a contract with the wind spirit king that he had admired since childhood, he lent the mantle of darkness for a few months. No matter how you think about it, it’s not something you eat for nothing. Of course, Melchis did not openly reveal such joy.

‘A kid who’s just showing off could change the conditions.’

Although they had only met for one day, Melchis understood that Eugene was clever, nasty, and doglike.

The door of the aerial carriage opens. There were five people riding in that large aerial carriage, and the first to get out was…

“Why are you out there?”

It was Ciel.

“It’s your mother’s birthday soon.”

Having met again after only a few months, Ciel’s appearance has not changed. But she was wearing a tight-fitting uniform, her ashen hair pulled back into a ponytail, and I hadn’t seen her in her hometown, so it felt strange.

“So I came to pick out some presents. I was wondering if you were doing well.”

Ciel replied with a dry face without a hint of laughter. With her eyes wide open at such a subject, she waited for Eugene’s reaction. However, Eugene was not surprised or made a fuss by Ciel.

“Oh yeah?”

That was all. Ciel furrowed his eyebrows, but instead of blocking his path, he stepped aside.

Next to Ciel was Gion. This time, the pattern of the Black Lion Knights was engraved on Gion’s left chest. As soon as he saw Eugene, he smiled brightly and shook his hand.

“It’s not long since we’ve seen each other enough to share the joy of the reunion, isn’t it?”

A middle-aged man who came down behind him patted Gion on the shoulder and said,

“That’s true, but what should I do about being happy to meet you like this?”

“We have plenty of time, so let’s focus on our business for now.”

I don’t know who. I could feel that he was a great talent.

‘It’s not black. It’s a window.’

The man did not wear a weapon. However, judging from the implied posture and the developed muscles, it would be clear that he was using a spear. Eugene checked the remaining two who were following him.

‘That guy is a wizard…’

Even in Lionheart, which is famous for its martial arts, there are wizards. Since he had come to look into Winid’s loan and Iod’s problem, it was only natural that the wizard would accompany him.

‘As for the back… um.’

The last one to get off the carriage was a woman with a black uniform jacket over her shoulder. The others neatly buttoned up their uniforms, but seeing them unbuttoned and draped over their shoulders as if they were alone, they seemed to be the most senior among them.


What Eugene paid more attention to was the woman’s hand. Although it was covered by leather gloves, the weapons trained over a long period of time made it possible to guess the level of a woman just by its outline.

‘It’s not a sword or a spear. It’s a fist fight.’

“Is it 20 years?”

The woman opened her mouth. She looked right at Loberian and smiled.

“To be precise, it’s been 23 years.”

“Has the time passed like that? Oh, I heard the story. Are you saying you are the owner of the Red Mage Tower now?”

“I told you the last time I saw you that you would soon become the Red Mage Tower Master.”

“Is it? It’s been quite a while, so I can’t remember. She wasn’t even interested.”

After saying that, the woman turned to Eugene.

“You are Eugene Lionheart.”


Eugene bowed his head for a moment.

“…I’m… Carmen Lionheart. According to distribution, you can call her your great aunt, but don’t call her that.”


Eugene didn’t understand Carmen’s words for a moment and asked back. great aunt? That said, that woman is Gilreid’s aunt…

‘Appearance isn’t everything.’

Right now, Melchis is over sixty years old, and Loberian is the same age. Nonetheless, both of them maintain an incredibly youthful appearance for their age, so it’s no surprise that Carmen looks young.

but. Aside from that, it surprised Eugene that a person like him had come this far.

“It’s windy, so let’s go inside and talk.”

Loberian smiled and said.

A drawing room located on the top floor of the Red Magic Tower. On the way there, Eugene was able to hear a little more about the Black Lion Knights who had visited today.

Carmen Ryanhart. She is the younger sister of the former head of the family, and like Gion, she did not marry and remained in her main family, before transferring to the Black Lion Knights. Currently, she is the captain of the 3rd Division of the Black Lion Knights.

Nation Lionheart. The man who tapped Gion on the shoulder. He is the vice-captain of the 3rd division led by Carmen, and is from a collateral branch, not the main family.

Sell ​​it, Ryan Hart. Wizard. Likewise, it belongs to the 3rd division. He came from a rare magical family among collateral, and today he was in charge of arranging a deal with Melchis.

“I’ve heard the contents beforehand, but I’ll check it again.”

Palago placed his wand on the table.

“Wined, the storm sword of Lionheart’s family, and the Mantle of Darkness, belonging to the Lord of the White Tower. While borrowing Winid for one day, the cloak of darkness for one year… I’ve heard that at first, but that one day doesn’t fit perfectly.”


“Fortnight in an hour. 1 month in 2 hours. 1 year in 24 hours. How are you?”

“Can’t you divide by minutes?”

“I’m sure it would, but it’s too cumbersome.”

“You mean if you rent for 10 minutes, it will be charged as 1 hour?”

Melchis let out a laugh. For once, he knew that the conditions were not favorable to him.

“Please understand. The storm sword, Winid, is the sword that our ancestors used directly, and it is one of the rarest treasures of Lionheart.”

“Is that the only condition?”

“I have the contract ready.”

Palago smiled openly and pulled out the contract from his bosom. The contract had to be confirmed not only by Melchis but also by Eugene.

What was highlighted in bold was the destruction of Winid.

“…Pay the corresponding price. Isn’t this an ambiguous word?”

“I just hope there will be no such misfortune.”

“In case you don’t know, I want to hear it. What if I destroy Winid?”

“You have to pay with your life.”

It was Carmen who answered. She wasn’t sitting down, she was sitting on her window sill and looking out her window. That crooked and bad figure could hardly be imagined as Gilreid’s aunt.

“The storm sword Winid is a treasure whose value cannot be converted into money. If you want to borrow him, of course you risk your life.”

“Even my life has a value that cannot be converted into money?”

“It may be for Arrot, but not for Lionheart.”

Carmen said in a cold voice and took out a rolled cigar. Eugene looked out of her window and watched Carmen biting her cigar in silence, then nodded her head.

‘I’m not even an adolescent child.’

Seeing that tail reminds me of Xi’an a few years ago. Ciel, the twin, showed symptoms of puberty this year, while Xian showed symptoms of puberty two years ago, at the age of 15. He liked to wear black clothes he didn’t know where he got it from, and he used to be scolded harshly by Anicilla when he tried to enter the school by secretly stealing alcohol and cigarettes from the workers in the main house.

“What if I said I wouldn’t give up my life?”

“now. You don’t have to give up your life.”

Palago interceded, maintaining a wavering smile.

“I believe in Lord Baektap. He is also respected as a fellow wizard. I don’t think the Lord of the White Pagoda would make the clumsy mistake of destroying the catalyst in the process of contracting with the spirit.”


“One thing in case… If Winid is destroyed. We will discuss the matter again at that time.”

“For now, Lionheart will have control, right?”

“If you don’t like that, give up on renting Winid.”

Carmen looked out the window and asked for a cigar. I didn’t light the fire on that subject.

“It’s a story that Lionheart has nothing to be desperate about. If the family head hadn’t asked for it, I wouldn’t have come to this place.”

“Huh, if anyone sees it, they’ll think it came all this way because of me.”

“I came for a really important matter, not for trivial things like this.”

Carmen murmured and took out a pocket watch from her bosom. A pocket watch… Eugene held back her laughter, which was about to burst out without her knowledge. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone carry that uncomfortable and heavy watch in their arms.

“If you’re going to carry a pocket watch, why are you wearing a wristwatch?”

Unlike Eugene, who put up with the criticism, Melchis asked him without hesitation.

“Why are you biting into a cigar you won’t even smoke?”

“…I made an appointment to visit the Black Mage Tower in an hour.”

Carmen did not respond to the point…

“I decided to talk with Balzac Rudbesse about Iod. After that, I have to go to Arot’s prison with him.”

“Why prison?”

“To interrogate the cheeky black magician who dared to introduce the son of Lionheart to black magic.”

That was the complete opposite of what Guillaid had said. Guillaid had said that he obeyed the law of Arot in matters of Gavid.

“…That seems to be different from Gilreid-sama’s will.”

Even Loberian couldn’t let it go after hearing that. He is a long-time friend of Gilreid and is also friendly towards the Lionheart family. Even so, Loberian was Arot’s red mage lord. It is unacceptable for a prestigious family in a foreign country to disregard Arot’s laws.

“The family head’s will probably be, but the senate’s will is different. The other day, Ryanhart’s name was splattered with filth. The person who splashed the filth should be held accountable.”

Carmen smiled and stared at Loberian.

“The permission of the royal family and the council of Arot has been accepted. Rather than blushing at each other over this issue, wouldn’t it be cleaner for us to interrogate and punish each other?”

“It’s not neat.”

“You seem to be misunderstanding something. The Senate has no intention of putting Lionheart’s name first. Lionheart’s deficit was involved in this commotion, so they agreed to show sincerity enough to not be lacking. Adding to the cost of a sinner’s life, which has no value.”

Having said that, Loberian couldn’t argue any further. Magic research costs a lot of money. That’s why the tourist attractions in the capital, the Pentagon, have been priced out of exorbitant rates.

In addition, most of the wizards were wrapped up and hidden by themselves rather than revealing and using the magic they studied to make money. It is unknown how much money the prestigious Lionheart would have paid in exchange for the right to interrogate and punish criminals… but it must have been so much money that the council could not refuse.

“So, what are you going to do? transaction. I don’t have much time.”

“I will.”

Melchis frowned and replied.

‘Not a day, but an hour? I’m fine. Three hours should be enough.’

Under this condition, no matter how long it takes, you will be able to get the cloak of darkness back after two months.

Melchis held back a laugh and signed the contract.

black lion

After Melchis made his decision, the contract went through. It wasn’t just a paper contract, but a contract made with magic, and even a great wizard like Melchis couldn’t break it.

“What if the cloak is destroyed because of me?”

“You have to pay for it. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to give up your life.”

It was in no position to ask him. Although not a deficit, the opponent is the adopted son of the Lionheart family. If he made such ridiculous demands, he’d almost certainly end up with Ryan Hart and Chuck, and Melkis didn’t want that to happen.

“It’s not going to happen in the first place. The Cloak of Darkness is a top-notch defense artifact that was deliberately made. If the cloak were to be destroyed in the circumstances surrounding you… would you die too? Little boy, do you know what I mean?”

“If you don’t want to die, then you should be careful.”

“I know. Don’t fool around with trust in your armor, just store it quietly. It’s okay to wear it to a fancy party, but don’t fight in it.”

If you’re going to use it like that, why do you have a cloak like this? Eugene laughed and put the cloak of darkness around her shoulders.

“The design is nice.”

Carmen, who was sitting by the window, opens her mouth. She still had an unlit cigar in her mouth.

“I especially like the thick hair around the neck. It reminds me of Lionheart’s symbol, the lion’s mane.”


“But the color of the fur is black. It would have been much nicer if it was white like the flames of the white flame ceremony… or ashy. I think the current hair color suits the Knights of the Black Lion much better.”


Eugene didn’t say anything and looked at Carmen blankly. Carmen also stared at Eugene without saying anything more. As they looked at each other for a while, Ciel, who was sitting next to her, stabbed Eugene in the side.

“Take it off.”


“It’s the time when you want to try them on.”

“Didn’t you say that?”

“It doesn’t have to be verbal.”

What kind of nonsense is that? Eugene was dumbfounded, but Carmen’s gaze felt a burden.

“… try it on.”

Saying that, I took off my cloak, and Carmen immediately approached me. She showed her blatant indifference through her expression, and wrapped the cloak Eugene handed her around her body.

“Not bad.”

Staring at my reflection in the window, I slowly change my pose. Eugene stared at Carmen’s back. I had seen many older opponents in my past and present life, but it was the first time that I had a unique age like Carmen.

“I think it would be even better if you put a lion-shaped accessory on your chest. The lion heart pattern is engraved on the back.”

“If anyone sees it, you will know that it is given at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s for rent, right? Just fool around with my cape.”

Melchis, who was looking at Winid with greedy eyes, shouted. But Carmen did not respond to Melchis’ cry. She immersed herself in the reflection in the window for a while, then Nation cleared her throat three or four times before removing her cloak.

“It’s about time. let’s go.”


Nation sighed in relief and stood up. I was worried that Carmen would leave without taking off the cloak, but fortunately Carmen did not act so shameless and embarrassing.


Before leaving the drawing room, Gion called Ciel’s name.

“Yes, Eugene and I will be waiting for you.”

Ciel responded with a smile as if he had waited. Contrary to Ciel’s smile, Gion’s expression was unwilling. But Eugene couldn’t directly ask why. Because Carmen left the drawing room without giving her a chance to talk.

“I am going too.”

After Carmen and the Knights of the Black Lion leave. Melchis jumped to his feet. She took Winid in her arms and smiled, twitching her cheeks.

“It won’t take as long as you think. Half a day at most?”

“I will go with you.”

“no. whoever you want Little boy, the contract with the spirit is a word. The sorcerer’s spirit affinity is important, but the place and situation are also important. So… it’s similar to a match if you compare it.”


“lets think. I arrived at the place where you confronted me with a fluttering heart, but there is a guy you don’t know who you are with your opponent. So how do you feel?”

“I don’t think anything will happen. I think you’d think it was just someone who arranged the meeting?”

“Are you inexperienced?”


“A confrontational experience.”

“I am 17 years old.”

“Don’t famous families often date from a much younger age than that? I saw it in a romance novel.”

“Don’t confuse fiction with reality.”

“You really don’t? After all, reality is not as good as fiction.”

Melchis stopped grumbling and straightened up.

“Anyway, no. I was able to seduce the wind spirit king at best, but what if I don’t agree to the contract after seeing you together? That’s not polite to the Spirit King.”

“I also want to see the wind spirit king in person.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you when we sign the contract and return Winid.”

Eugene nodded. As Melkis said, he felt that the Tempest would not appear if he was with him. It was honestly hard to understand the analogy of confrontation, but Tempest knows that Eugene is Hamel.

‘That bastard. He must be hiding something from me.’

When we met four years ago, he left saying he didn’t know anything. Eugene couldn’t believe it.

‘Even if you don’t know about the promise, you should know what happened before fighting the demon king of confinement.’

I need to hear that too.

After going out to Melchis. Only Eugene, Loberian, and Ciel were left in the drawing room.

“…ah. It’s late to say hello. Lady Ciel, it’s been four years since we’ve seen each other like this, right?”


Apparently, when I saw him a few months ago, his puberty hadn’t ended yet, so he was confined to his room. Perhaps having overcome her adolescence, Ciel bowed his head to Loberian with a bright smile.

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