Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 18

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Gion had never felt overpowered by Eugene. No, on the contrary, I only felt that the flow was leading, several times.

It was… purely unacceptable, unwilling to admit. Do you lead the flow? That means… it’s not Gion that technically overwhelms, but that young Eugene.

“If that child hadn’t come from a collateral line, he would have become the head of the household with everyone’s support.”

Carmen’s words were not simply an evaluation of Eugene. Gion felt the blatant search in her gaze.

“…he doesn’t want to be the head of the family. In a way, he resembles me and Carmen.”

“Resembles? If so, should I ask them to join the Black Lion Knights?”

“Hasn’t it already been decided?”

“I intend to respect the child’s doctor. There is a feeling that it is too early to call right away. Aren’t you in the middle of growing up? In my personal opinion, I don’t need to learn magic, but…”

“You’re not losing money by learning magic, are you?”

“As long as it doesn’t contradict.”

Gion reminded me of iod. I can’t believe that child… was trying to get into black magic. Gion still couldn’t accept that fact. Carmen glanced at Geon with a confused expression.

“…Iod will be monitored.”


“I have already dispatched the Black Lion to Theonis’s parents’ house. I’m not going to cut my throat because I’m the deficit of the main family, but there’s no next time. Iod will live under surveillance all his life. He will of course be stripped of his right to succeed.”

I want to live freely.

I heard you said that But no matter how much Iod wished, he was denied freedom all his life.

“I hear Theonis is looking for a magic teacher for his son. That’s like leaving it alone. If there is someone behind this incident, I might be able to contact Iod again.”

“…All right.”

Gion could only nod his head.


I hadn’t talked much with Gion, whom I hadn’t seen in a few months.

I smelled the blood drifting from the Black Lion Knights. It was obvious what had happened. He said he was going to interrogate the Warlock. It must have been interrogated, tortured, and even killed.

“…Then see you next time.”


He spoke in a voice that cooled the temperature, and Ciel waved his hand. Eugene was about to say something to Gion, but just bowed his head.

“see you next time.”

“Are you thinking of joining the Black Lion Knights?”

It was Carmen who spoke first. Stunned, he looked up and saw Carmen with his arms crossed.


“I heard that your qualities are amazing. If you are not greedy for the position of head of household, it would be better to quickly come to the Knights of the Black Lion.”

“Thanks for the suggestion…”

“Just in time, the position of the second division commander’s seed was vacant. I can make a recommendation right away if you want.”

“Thank you…”

“If you become the captain’s squire, you will learn a lot. The apprenticeship period is usually about 5 years, but if you are an adult in 3 years, you will be able to become a black lion.”

“good bye.”

You have to listen to people until the end. What are you cutting off like that? Eugene bowed his head and saw Carmen off.


After saying that, Carmen turned around. Before entering the warp gate, Ciel waved his hand at Eugene once more.

“Did the Lord of the White Pagoda say anything?”

“yes. If the contract had been successful, he would have come to brag right away. Seeing that there is no news, it seems that the contract is not easy.”

Tempest like a dog. Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and clicked her tongue.

“f*cking Tempest.”

The rooftop of the White Magic Tower. There, Melchis, who was facing a strong wind, also swears at Tempest. She was naked, not wearing any of her twine, and was holding a staff.

While encountering the wind in this primitive form, it took several hours to awaken all the senses and respond to the wind. I wondered if there was not enough wind, so I dared to use magic to gather more wind. He awakened the young guardian of Winid with magic, and even conveyed his intention to Tempest himself.

However, no response was returned to Tempest. He clearly conveyed his intention to the spirit world… but it felt ridiculous that there was no answer this far.

The sun goes down and it becomes night. He didn’t even warm himself up with magic to bring out his sensitivity to the limit. The skin, which suffered from the cold wind every day, was already full of chicken meat. Melkis sniffed out his runny nose and continued to infuse mana and his will into Wynnide.


A voice that came first. However, Melchis could not feel the joy.


Lightning Spirit King. As Melchis called the name, the whirring wind mingled with crackling lightning.

“I never called you, so why are you popping out?”

[Put on clothes first…]

The shaking lightning murmurs. But Melchis had no intention of putting on clothes. she shouted as she straightened her body, shrunken by the cold.

“Great wind spirit king, master of the storm! I, Melchis Elheyer, want a contract with you!”

[Tempest asked me to shut up…]

“Tell me to come and talk to you!”

[Tempest… does not want a contract with you…]

“Come and listen to me! I can give you anything you want!”

[Contractor. You cannot give the Tempest what it wants.]

“What does Tempest want!”


Lightning stops talking. He was silent for a moment, then let out a long sigh.

[Still suffering from delusion…]


[Return Winid to the original owner…]

“This is mine! I am the master!”

[Don’t lie… Tempest knows that you were only briefly borrowed from Winid’s owner…]

“You all are listening! Tempest! I am the greatest elementalist in history! I am the only elementalist in this world who can make a contract with you!”



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Melchis threw down his wand and grabbed Winid. Naked, with nothing on, she started swinging Winid at random on the roof of this tall white magic tower.

“Then appear in front of me! I don’t know what you want, but I can do it all?!”

[Contractor… please… know the shame…]

“Come out!”

[Tempest says… stop your futile efforts…]


Exploding stress caused a crow to cry out of Melchis’s mouth. She raised her hair on bristle and gave her squeal. Her lightning, who had been watching it in silence, sighed again.


A single bolt of lightning struck from above the White Mage Tower. Merciless lightning swallows Melchis.


With a sharp scream, Melchis’s eyes flipped over. If he were a normal person, he would have been instantly killed by lightning, but Melchis, who had contracted with the lightning spirit king, did not die from lightning like this. He just sat down on the floor because his muscles gave out.

[The storm… hopes north. The Demonic Realm of the North that no one has conquered… the lingering lingering feelings that have not been forgotten for hundreds of years…]

Melchis was already unconscious, but the lightning muttered to him in a voice mixed with a sigh.


It wasn’t until ten days later that Melchis came.

Eugene, who was staying in the hall of Akreon and Senya, couldn’t help but open his mouth halfway at the sight of Melchis coming out of the elevator.

How can a person become so haggard in ten days?

“…the contract?”

“Are you asking when you know it, damn you?”

“Why are you cursing?”

“Doggy Tempest!”

Mer squinted her eyes at Melchis’ shout. She jumped down from a chair that was as high as her own and glared at Melkis.

“Piss man. This is a place to be quiet.”


“Oh really.”

Mer frowned even more and raised her finger. She intended to shut her mouth up and kick her out, but before she could cast her spell, her Eugene came to her halt.

“Did you really not have a contract?”

“I! why! Are you lying?!”

“Didn’t Tempest tell you to lie?”


Is that a person Eugene clicked her tongue and tapped the cloak of darkness on her shoulder.

“Today will be 10 years if we fill it up.”


“If you give Winid back now, I’ll treat it as 9 years.”

Melchis shook his shoulders and lowered his head. He then held Winid in his trembling hand.

“9… 9 years…?”

“It was warm and nice.”

“…It’s not hot even if you wear it in summer.”

“How do I do laundry?”

“If you don’t… you can. Magic…”

“I like it.”

It was really good. Melchis sniffed and returned Winid to Eugene.

“… well… wear it.”


Eugene took care of Winid first and bowed his head. Melkis looked at Eugene with sorrowful eyes and then raised her body.

“I don’t want to come even if I call, so what should I do?”

Melchis went back to the elevator complaining as if he had heard it. Like that or not, Eugene didn’t care.

[Hamel was an idiot, and Moron was an asshole. It was hard to overshadow the two’s shortcomings, but Hamel was still better than Morron.]

It’s painful to read.

The fact that he was better than that asshole was no comfort to Eugene…


[Kamash, the leader of the giants, was incredibly tall. No matter how tall Moron was, it was only about the heel of Kamash.]

[Moron attacked, wielding a proud axe, but his body fell out with a single kick from Kamash. ‘count!’ cried Morone. Who doesn’t know that?]

[Beautiful Senya raised her wand. Akasha! The light the wand gave off was as beautiful as Senya’s. Ashina doesn’t know, but the giants have the best magic resistance among the races. What do you mean? No matter how powerful Senya’s magic was, it was of no use to the giant.]

[However, the opponent is that Kamash! A giant who has been around for hundreds of years, and the most powerful leader in the history of the giants. But guys, being powerful doesn’t mean being great. Karmash did just that. He’s a horo bastard who sold his entire race to the devil.]

[Senya tried to catch Kamash beautifully with her beautiful magic.]

How on earth do you do it to capture it beautifully with beautiful magic?

Eugene stopped reading a storybook and fell into trouble.

[But it was impossible to capture Kamash. Because of that, the youngster received powerful power from the Demon King in exchange for selling his species. It is a giant that can fight a dragon with its bare body, but Kamash, wrapped in the magic of the demon king, was like a living disaster.]

Even in the revised version, the battle with the giant head Kamash came out. However, the story of Kamash was not as explicit as in this first edition. bad giants. Since it was a children’s book targeting young children, it came out like that.

[I can’t back down. The elegant and gentle anise emitted a holy light. is it so. I couldn’t back down. There was an army of hundreds of giants behind Kamash, and they were marching on the plains of Palmyre.]

I remember it clearly.

The Palmyre plains at the beginning of Helmud, the demonic realm. There, 300 years ago, there was a high barrier separating the border with Helmud.

To prove his loyalty to the Demon King, Kamash had come to bring down the barrier himself, leading an army of giants. It was impossible for the armies of any kingdom or empire to stop the living disaster.

But it had to be stopped.

[As sweet Anise held up the rosario, my God. Brilliant light rained down from the sky. The human army against the giants was insignificantly small, but Anise’s blessing encouraged everyone’s courage and strength.]

[Thousands of humans stand against hundreds of giants. Isn’t that too little? It’s unavoidable. If you are reading this book right now, are you confident that you will not run away from the advance of the giants? Those big monsters caused an earthquake with their footsteps a few days before they reached the Palmyre plains.]

[And in fact, the number of allies was not important.]

It was.

Eugene recalled his previous life hundreds of years ago.

[There was vermouth there.]

great vermouth.

All Masters.


He raised his shining holy sword high and moved forward. The power of the Holy Sword was added to the rain of light falling from Anise. In everyone’s head, emotions such as fear and despair that were not conducive to war were erased. At that moment, the humans there were not afraid of death, pain, giants, or even the demon king.

Anise’s blessing did not stop at wiping out unnecessary emotions. Quite a few wounds are healed immediately, and no matter how long you fight, you won’t get tired. It releases as much limit as the body can handle, making it more suitable for battle.

Giants have strong magic resistance. But that doesn’t mean Senya’s magic was useless. She shook and split her earth more than the footsteps of giants. Lava soared from the earth and lightning fell from the sky.

[Moreon, that bastard wanted to compete head-on with Kamash. Everyone thinks Moron is a moron, but he didn’t dare to say it out of his mouth, and only Hamel, that ignorant bastard, hit Moron’s mouth.]

‘This is a young cub. a fight? Are you going to go to that kamash cub and have an arm wrestling match? Don’t f*ck around and stay with the soldiers over there.’

‘Why should I?’

‘If you don’t stop them, they’ll all be crushed by giants’ feet and become jerky!’

When I shouted that because it was frustrating and absurd, Moron opened his mouth for a moment, then nodded with exclamation.

‘That’s right. Hamel, you don’t want their death.’

‘Why are you talking nonsense? It’s better to die less than to fight together.’

‘I get it. Let me be their shield. What will you do?’

‘It’s something I’ve always done.’

It is better to die less than die more.

A friend’s story. Of course, it’s good to kill a lot of enemies unconditionally. It was also something that Hamel was particularly confident in, liked, and was good at.

[When Moron stood in front of the soldiers, the knights who still thought they were proud headed for Vermouth. Saying that we are the Knights of the Dung Rose and the Knights of the Horsetail, while reciting the name of the Knights grandiosely that no one will be curious about. What those idiots were saying was this after all.]

we will fight together

[What do you fight with? It would be hard to cut off a single Kamash toe if they all try. And they only fight with words, what they wanted was to add their names to the legend of Vermouth that will be passed down to the next generation.]

[Besides, Vermouth didn’t like fighting with multiple people. He knew very well that if he had to fight with him, he would be dragged around without much use and he would only become a meat shield.]

[The great vermouth. You can fight with that non-human monster, and Vermouth relied on only one person on the battlefield.]


‘uh. why.’

[Stupid Hamel.]

‘Left arm. Can you?’

‘I have a good right arm. Isn’t that Kamash right-handed?’

‘Then you take over the right arm.’

‘Why divide the left arm and the right arm? I’ll just take care of it.’

[That’s… uh… it’s hard to write. You guys don’t know, but I tried a lot to write it down somehow. But if you’ve read this far, you’ve noticed. I’m not very good at writing. I just write whatever comes to mind.]

[Anyway, it was a ridiculous fight. Kamash as big as a mountain. Vermouth and Hamel were… not as tall as Moron, but they were tall and had good physiques, but they were different species from Kamash, so they couldn’t be compared.]

[But Kamash couldn’t advance any further. When Kamash reached out, Hamel chopped off his ankle with an axe. Kamash swings his arm, and Hamel cuts it with his sword. When Kamash threw his fist, Hamel’s spear pierced his fist.]

[And Vermouth cut Kamash’s head.]

It wasn’t as simple as it appears in this book. He believed in Anise’s blessing and made a fuss. Senya’s magic intervened whenever he was dizzy, and Vermouth deflected the attack. Without the light of the Holy Sword and the help of Vermouth, it would be impossible to block Kamash alone.

[Only the holy sword could suffocate Kamash, who was wrapped in the power of the demon king. The holy sword recognized only Vermut as its owner, so in the end, only Vermut was able to kill Kamash.]

[The cleanly decapitated Kamash’s blood spilled over the plains. It’s like a river bank burst somewhere.]

[Kamash died, but the giants did not back down. However, the war situation is much simpler than the first one. With the death of Kamash, the protection of the demon king has also faded, so the beautiful magic of the beautiful Senya has been exerting its power in earnest.]

What did you feel while reading this far?

‘It was Señor Anis who wrote this book.’

Of course, the author of this long-ago children’s book is unknown. But after reading the book, I know.

Are you smart

faithful anise.

However, in this first edition, the names of stars are attached to the stars in front of Senya and Anis. beautiful senna elegant anise. cute senya sweet anise. cute old man Seductive Anise.

‘What are these bastards doing?’

On the other hand, Moron and Hamel suffer terribly. A life-size Moron. f*cking Hamel. stupid moron. Hamel like a dog. noisy moron. Cursed Hamel.

As if nothing could be added to Vermouth, he only came out as a great Vermouth from beginning to end.

It wasn’t just that designation. This first edition was incomparably barbaric and detailed with the revised edition. Not only the battle with Kamash and the giants, but also various events in Helmud were described in detail.

The author of this children’s book published 300 years ago is speculated to be a bard who picks up rumors and weaves them into songs.

However, as Eugene read it himself, the author of this book was not a minstrel. The relationships between the characters are too realistic for something written by a bard.

‘Exactly as I remember.’

Senya and Anise were good friends. Mer said that Senya described Anis as a snake-like woman. It was an evaluation that was nothing new. During her journey, Senya openly cursed Anis for calling her a snake bitch several times.

Since they were so close… I wonder if the two of them wrote this storybook together. If so, it is understandable that they put bullshit on each other, saying that they are beautiful or elegant.

‘Or one of them wrote it, and he didn’t want to find out what he wrote…’

Is it Senya? Anise? Eugene pondered for a moment. Surprisingly… both of them had terrible personalities to do such nonsense.

‘Still, this is too revealing.’

“Isn’t this written by Senya-sama?”

Eugene looked back at Mer instead of thinking alone. Coincidentally, there was a familiar who had been with Senya hundreds of years ago.

“Don’t be crazy.”

Mer, who was reading the magic book, replied with an expression of disgust.

“Why is Senya writing such a novel?”

“No… When I read it, there were a lot of references to Senya-sama.”

“Beautiful, cute, dainty? Seriously… do you really think Senya-sama used herself that way?”


“That is an insult to Senya-sama. How could anyone in his right mind put that word before his name in a story he writes with his own hands?”


“Even if you are Eugene-sama, I will not forgive you for blaspheming Senya-sama.”

Merga clenched her fists and said. In response to that intense reaction, Eugene turned the storybook over without further questioning.

[Senya. I liked you.]

‘Why is this part the same as the revised version?’

It can’t be Senya.

After reading Hamel’s death, Eugene was convinced of him. It is Anis who wrote this children’s book.

‘I said that I was called a saint in the Holy Empire right before I left for the pilgrimage. She must have been so bored with that life.’

So I did this crazy thing. As for Anise’s personality, one might describe herself as elegant, kind, and charming. One more thing to say about Senya…

‘Did you want to f*ck Senya?’

Senya. i liked you

‘At the same time, I was also fed up. That shit.’

Eugene clenched his fists in anger.

I read it just in case, but even in this storybook, how the battle with the demon king of confinement ended was not properly explained. That part was the same as the revised version. Making a promise, leaving Helmud for peace and returning to their respective hometowns. happy for such a long time.


Eugene clicked his tongue and closed the storybook. She saw a portrait of Senya with an inappropriate smile, and her Eugene’s mood deteriorated.

“You want to do it again?”


“I don’t think it’s bad to try. I think you are too arrogant for Eugene’s level.”

That’s something I’ve heard several times already. Eugene smiled and headed to the Witchcraft.

“It is rewarding to challenge difficult things.”

“What’s the reward in failing?”

He said so, but Mer did not stop Eugene. She was personally interested in what Eugene was trying to do.

Ten days after the Black Lion Knights left. Eugene stayed in Acreon most of his waking hours.

For the first two days, as Mer advised, I looked at the magic downstairs. The battle magic of the 11th floor. 9th floor fire magic. 7th floor war magic. 6th floor space magic.

What I was particularly interested in was the space magic on the 6th floor. It wasn’t for Blink, who couldn’t use it yet, but to properly use the cloak of darkness. This cloak, inscribed with the highest level of space magic, is a great piece of armor on its own, but it can be used in a variety of ways depending on how you handle it.

The subspace inside the cloak can still be used easily. Just grab any object and put it inside the cloak. Taking it out is just a matter of putting your hand inside the cloak and taking it out.

However, the rebound of the attack must separately calculate the coordinates of the space to return. In other words, when necessary, you must quickly determine the coordinates of the space where you are located and specify the coordinates to return. Even just searching for coordinates is a high-difficulty magic.

Although I was quite interested in it.

Eugene returned to the twelfth floor. The Eternal Hall I saw in Witchcraft did not leave my mind.

Access the location craft again.


Passed out.

I didn’t faint from the third time onwards. Eugene’s mind got used to the absurd movement of mana. That alone isn’t enough. What do you get by simply looking at it? To get anything right, you need that much understanding.

‘Eternal Hall.’

The ultimate circle magic.


Lionheart’s mana training method.

‘I’m used to dealing with mana. I’m used to the white salt meal.’

I plan to add it by applying it.

It is currently impossible for Eugene to completely recreate the Eternal Hall. To recreate him, you must go over at least 9 circles.

Eternal Hall. If you think of it simply, it is to hold an infinitely proliferating circle inside a huge circle. Mana is amplified while circulating, collapsing, and reconstructing the circle created in this way.

Eugene doesn’t use circles when using magic. He is replacing the Circle with the White Flame Star, the Core. He rotates the three stars to form a circle.

If you can add multiple circles to the circle you made.

Eugene stood in front of Witchcraft and smiled.

Hamel in his previous life did not learn the white salt ceremony. She hadn’t learned magic, so she didn’t even have a circle.

What Hamel learned was a cheap mana training method that wandered among mercenaries. Hamel’s own experience and improvement were added to it. He was even later corrected by Senya.

There was no grandiose name. There was no intention of writing it down and leaving it to future generations, and there were no disciples or descendants to pass it on to. It’s just… In this world, Hamel alone learned the mana training method.

grow your core The mana that makes up the core explodes in a chain. Spreads mana accelerated by an internal explosion all over the body. Exploded mana is not discharged outside the body. By fully exploding mana, he concentrated his strength whenever needed.

Hamel cut off Kamash’s limbs with just that.

‘You are born with a fighting sense.’

What Vermouth once said.

‘You really bought this mana training method with money?’

Senya had said so.

‘I don’t get it. With this… rubbish… I trained mana… and reached the same level as now?’

can do.

Eugene did not doubt himself. It seems to have some potential. If so, of course you can. It is not unconditionally reproducing the Eternal Hall. 3-star white salt. A circle made of stars. Explodes mana in it. Not a simple explosion. Not just once, but continuously. If you can do it as naturally as breathing him.

“I’ll show you in front of you like this.”

the center of consciousness. Eugene saw the infinite ocean of mana drawing a circle. Eternal Hall. The ultimate point of the circle that Senya created conveys a sense of awe even though I have seen it many times.

I don’t lose consciousness anymore. Eugene contemplated his consciousness and saw the flow of mana. An infinite circle and a huge circle that embraces him. As consciousness is concentrated, Eugene’s mana, which is incomparable to dust in this sea, responds.

like that.

Two years have passed.

19 years old

Summer at the age of 19.

The weather outside was steamy and hot, but the inside of Acryon was pleasant.

His shaggy hair was roughly tied up. The interior of Akreon was full of magic for convenience such as air purification and temperature control, but Eugene would be the only person wearing a furry cape in this sweltering heat.

There was no particular reason.

just because it’s comfortable

Contrary to its heavy appearance, this cloak of darkness has almost no weight. In fact, it is natural that there is, but magic is a very convenient thing.

Even if you feel the weight as it is, there was nothing uncomfortable. Even before she was 10 years old, he had been carrying heavy sandbags on his body, and he had no reason to feel bothered by the weight of this cloak.

It’s not even hot. This cloak resonates with its owner’s sensory system and constantly monitors temperature and body temperature. It is to pursue the comfort of the owner in any situation. That alone is convenient, but what Eugene liked the most was, of course, the space magic built into the cloak.

Among them, subspace.

Yujin looked down at the desk as she twirled the pen in her hand. Paper I wrote a few hours ago. When she came to her senses, her pages were filled with letters. Eugene roughly rolled it up, threw it inside the cloak, and took out a blank piece of paper from within.

“Isn’t it time to go eat soon?”

It was Mer who spoke from the other side. She sat in her chair, twitching her legs, resting her chin with both her hands.

“I ate a lot earlier.”

“What are you thinking? Eugene always eats a lot. Aren’t you hungry now?”

“It hurts a little bit. If you go to eat right now, you won’t be able to concentrate.”

lie. Mer grumbled in a low voice and puffed out his cheeks. Losing your concentration It’s been two years since I’ve seen Eugene. Mer had never seen Eugene not concentrating.

“Aren’t you in too much of a hurry?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Because I decided to write a thesis. Calmly and slowly, without making a single mistake… um… so. Wouldn’t it be better to write carefully?”

“I’m not in a hurry, I’m writing calmly. I don’t know if it’s slow I always make revisions, but I can’t see any mistakes in my eyes. I mean, you’re using it carefully.”

Eugene answered by turning the pen around. Mer didn’t like that answer very much.

“…Ordinary wizards. It takes decades to complete a thesis that summarizes one’s magic, right?”

“I haven’t learned magic in decades.”

“So, Eugene-sama is already writing a thesis, which is very arrogant! Don’t do anything stupid, and focus on magic for the next 10 years…”

“Our Mer is shy.”

Yujin smiled and stared at Mer. Then Mer furrowed her eyebrows in disgust and raised her two tightly clenched fists in front of Eugene.

“Didn’t I keep telling you not to cross the line?”

“Haven’t I ever crossed the line?”

“Our Merrani! I told you not to call me that. I lived 200 years longer than Eugene.”

“My Grandma Mer is shy.”

“Should I kill you?”

Mer’s shoulders shudder and tremble. That said, she did not unleash her murderous intent on Eugene. It’s been two years since she’s been teased like that, so she’s used to it. Besides, even though she was Mer herself, she only talked and said that, and she didn’t really hate that Eugene treated her that way.

It was strange, strange, and missed. Among the mages who have been in and out of Acreon for hundreds of years, no one has treated Mer like a child. Occasionally, there were idiots who dissected Mer and her witchcraft under the damn excuse of research, but most wizards kept a sufficient distance from Mer and treated it with difficulty.

I had no choice but to treat it like that. Each of the ministries created by the wise Senya herself, modeled after her childhood. It was also the artificial intelligence of Witchcraft, said to be the greatest in the history of magic. Even if dissected, all wizards who came across witchcraft were in awe of Mer.

But Eugene didn’t.

There was no reason for that. Respect for the wise Senya? She admits that she is a great wizard, but she was just Senya to Eugene.

“Do you hate me leaving?”


“Look at that, I don’t like it. It’s already been two years since I’ve been here. I’m almost the only one who regularly visits this place.”

“That… it can’t be helped.”

Mer grumbled as she loosened her clenched fists.

“Other wizards have been introduced to witchcraft a long time ago.”

Two years after Eugene entered Acreon. He came to Akreon almost every day, and spent half his waking hours in Senya’s Hall.

Great, no surprise. The wizards who came to Akreon, like Eugene, indulge in magic diligently.

Most of the wizards who enter and exit Acreon have pride and confidence overflowing in their magic. They are magicians who want to refine it more firmly and reach the truth.

Isn’t it natural 200 years since Mer existed. The wizards who entered and exited Acreon were all mage lords, wizards guild leaders, Arot’s court wizards, and Arod’s royal family. They were wizards who were born with a rare genius and had already proven it.

For them, witchcraft is the great magic left by Seonhak. The ultimate point of circle magic, the Eternal Hall. If you are a wizard who is new to witchcraft, you can’t help but faint from admiration and astonishment at its greatness.

a few times to do that. Mages take the time to understand and explore witchcraft. And then you finally realize.

That truth has not yet been allowed to him.

From there, the steps are reduced. Witchcraft is great magic, but the archmages who enter and exit this place have already established their own magic system, and cannot imitate Witchcraft unconditionally. Embracing admiration and astonishment, and referring to it… I hope that I will complete my magic through independent research.

In that respect, Eugene was unique.

It was so in Merga’s view. Is it because I’m young, or because I haven’t established my own magic? Or is it because your thinking is flexible? Is it because you have little stubbornness like a wizard? probably all of them

2 years. Eugene spent half of his stay in Acreon with Witchcraft. Without fainting or spilling a nosebleed. After he came out of Witch Craft for a while, he read the magic books in Senya’s Hall.

What does it mean to see it like that? I don’t even understand anyway. It is said that if a pike bird imitates the steps of a stork, its crotch will be torn, but Eugene’s magic level and witchcraft are not the same as those of a pike bird and a stork, but more so than an earthworm and a dragon, or a bug and a god.

Snow is too high. The son of the prestigious Lionheart family. Isn’t it not just a young boy, but a young boy who was adopted for the first time in the history of the family, despite being a collateral, being recognized for his qualities? Obsessed with my own genius, it seemed obvious to me to see a sky that was impossible to climb.


Eugene understood Witchcraft. No… should I say understand? learning. Although she had seen Eugene for two years, Mer could not rationally accept what Eugene was doing.

“…if you really finish that thesis. Are you leaving Arot?”

“Do you know how many times I’ve asked that?”

“Today is the 137th.”

“yes. Since I started writing my thesis about half a year ago… I mean, I asked roughly once a day.”

“I didn’t ask twice.”

Merga pouted her lips.

“is it so. To be honest, I hope Eugene never leaves Arot.”

“What are you doing here without leaving?”

“You can do anything. I don’t know when the red mage lord will retire… but maybe the red mage lord will announce Eugene as the successor without hesitation if Eugene-sama wishes.”

“I have no intention of becoming the owner of the Magic Tower.”

“How about the Court Magicians? Trempel Wizard is also greedy for Eugene.”

Trempel Wizard. Arot’s court mage chief. About a year ago, he had been narrowing the distance with Eugene, and had been recommending a position in the Court Magic Division.

“Crown Prince Honein also has goodwill towards Eugene. In my opinion, Crown Prince Honein’s line is a line that can continue for decades, even if it doesn’t work well in the future.”

“I appreciate the crown prince’s kindness, but that’s not much.”

“Why do you want to go back to Lionheart if you say you can’t even become the head of state anyway?”

“What great reason do you need for going home?”

“Since when did you like houses so much?”

When I first heard about the thesis.

Mer didn’t think much of it. Although Eugene’s achievements were amazing, it was not an easy task to establish them as a thesis.

However, Eugene’s growth far exceeded Mer’s imagination. Half a year since I started writing my thesis. Eugene neatly organized his obscure magic theories, and in the process advanced his magic several steps.

“…the thesis. Are you sure you don’t intend to reveal it?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Yujin shook her head and answered.

“This thesis is my self-satisfaction. Anyway, I can’t use it other than me. I’m just writing it down to organize my magic formula.”

that there is no need to write. I’ve already heard that word dozens of times. So, Mer did not put her puckered lips in. A self-satisfying dissertation. There is nothing to worry about the quality of the thesis since it is not going to be disclosed to the conference.

I didn’t write it lightly though. In the thesis written over half a year, Eugene’s teacher, the owner of the Red Mage Tower, Roberian, added the inspection. It was Roberian who first brought up the opinion that there was no need to disclose it.

‘This phantom flame ceremony cannot be reproduced by any wizard. Aside from understanding and realizing magic, it is physically impossible to reproduce.’

Eugene does not use the usual circle magic formula.

‘But it’s not something that users of the original family can reproduce.’

Eugene replaces Circle as the star of Baek Yeom-sik.

‘I also… I tried according to this thesis. It was stuck from the start. I didn’t make a core, and I didn’t cook the white salt. So I tried replacing my circle, but it didn’t become like Eugene’s. Rather, the mana flowed back.’

Witchcraft’s Eternal Hall.

Eugene added Eternal Hall to the circle he replaced with Baek Yeom-sik.

The state of the white salt ceremony is 4 stars.

Make a circle with 4 stars. Inside, it explodes mana in a chain, just like Hamel did in his previous life. The mana bursting in the explosion is smelted into countless cores and matched. The spinning circle of flame holds the mana tightly so that it does not spill out.

that’s a celebratory meal

Originally, I was going to try it when I reached the 5th star of Baek Yeom-sik, but the timing was advanced due to my encounter with Witchcraft. As he mastered magic and worked on mana every day, he even reached the level of white flame ceremony.

The two years spent at Arot were not faithful, but harsh.

Became Loberian’s apprentice. He spent half of his waking hours in Akion, and the other half was taught magic by Loberian.

As a great wizard, he clearly grasped Eugene’s level. Basic handling of mana. When he created magic, he gave no instructions on the arrangement of important spells or the coordination of mana.

no need to teach Loberian’s judgment was correct. Hamel in his previous life became Vermouth’s companion with only poor mana training methods. Hamel was the protagonist of the Helmud War, and he was there to kill the three demon lords.

After learning the cheap, cheap mana training method.

So Loberian only taught magic. Among countless magics, the one that is really useful. He explained the complex formula as much as possible, and left it entirely to Eugene to decide how to arrange the mana.

After Eugene established the Phantasm Ceremony to some extent and started writing the thesis, he was in charge of reviewing it, and he was also in charge of repairing existing circle magics to suit this unique magic ceremony.

There was no need to do that, and it was possible to use the existing circle magic even with the Phantasmal Flame method. However, if you’re going to use your own magic formula, isn’t it easier and stronger to use the magic that has been improved accordingly?


“Why am I mad?”

“I told you not to go, but I said go.”

“I don’t pout. How can I stop Eugene? If Eugene says he’s going, he just has to go. I’ve never thought of wanting to go anywhere, but even if I did, it’s a familiar that I can’t get out of Acreon.”

The more he whispered, the more Mer’s lips protruded.

“So, Eugene-nim, just go. All you have to do is leave me alone in this boring, boring, quiet place and just go. I don’t regret parting with Eugene, whom I’ve been playing with for years. I’m not even a living human anyway, and I know very well that humans are arbitrary.”


“Of course I know. Because I lived 200 years longer than Eugene. I’m used to parting. But Eugene-nim, please talk to me before you leave. Don’t leave without a word like Senya-sama.”


“Even though you said this, you are very calm. I think I felt it hundreds of times in two years, but Eugene is garbage.”

“Why am I trash?”

“Because I feel that way. The reason doesn’t matter. Eugene is just trash. very nasty They are young and have no respect for adults. Wouldn’t it be nice if an adult told me to just say that I understand?”

After grumbling like that, Mer put the hat she had taken off beside her on her head.

“…Of course… If Eugene-nim really doesn’t leave Arot, enticed by my story. I would feel very complicated. My personality is based on Senya-sama’s childhood, so my emotions and actions are inevitably mixed with the childishness of a child.”

“is it.”

“Yes, of course it is. That’s why I say childish things and act childishly stubborn. On the one hand, I agree with that subject. I feel like an idiot myself for spitting out these illogical words. Senya-sama won’t do this. My actions feel like an insult to Senya.”


“therefore. Eugene, please listen to me. I’m stubborn like a child, so Eugene-nim doesn’t have to listen to me. He won’t get anything, and I can’t give anything either.”


Eugene opened his mouth without stopping the pen from writing the thesis.

“The real Senya-sama would have acted like you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Senya-sama couldn’t do that.”

“I would have.”

“How does Eugene know that? On the subject of never having met the real Senya-sama. Are you thinking of Senya-sama from a fairy tale book when you say that?”

Mer lifted her tucked-in hat and showed her face.

nyah. Mer stuck out her tongue.

“It is, after all, just someone’s imagination. The Senya-nim I know is not like that.”

“The thesis will be completed soon.”

Eugene responded to Mer’s tong with a tong.

“As long as you don’t be greedy for nothing. It will probably be finished before summer is over.”

“What can I say?”

“Of course I will come looking for you before I leave. Did you have something in mind to say to you then?”

“What is it? you want to take medicine? I will kill you.”

“I’ll go and tell you then.”

Eugene replied with a grin.

19 years old

I didn’t stay in Senya’s hall for two years. Although he wasn’t as strong as Senya’s Hall, he stayed on the 8th and 6th floors for quite a while.

The Hall of Heat on the 8th floor.

Hall of the 6th floor space.

I wanted to be more greedy and spend time in the Hall of Heaven on the 7th floor and the Hall of Ice on the 8th floor. Rather than doing this and that for no reason, I decided that choice and concentration were necessary.

The fire magic on the 8th floor is relatively simple but powerful. Although the level of magic varies greatly depending on how you handle the sparks, once you can create sparks, the power is sufficient.

The flame is strong just by its existence. hot. burn it

However, it was a flaw that it required an absurd amount of mana. The Hall of Heat on the 8th floor stores the magic of the flame magician, said to be the most powerful in the history of magic.

6th floor, hall of space. Eugene himself was interested in Blink, and in order to properly use the cloak of darkness, he needed to learn space magic.

8th and 6th floors.

It has been successful enough to not be lacking.

“You’re coming out now.”

1st floor of Acreon.

A middle-aged wizard sitting in a chair gets up. He waved at Eugene with a friendly smile on his face that seemed excessive.

“What are you doing again?”

Trempel Wizard. Arot’s court magician, he was very interested in Eugene.

Strictly speaking, Trempel’s blatant goodwill conveyed Crown Prince Honein’s goodwill. Even when they first met Eugene, they did not hide their goodwill.

“Every time I ask for a meal or a meal. Isn’t Eugene-gong so busy that we haven’t had a meal together until now?”

“I have already eaten.”

“You said you didn’t come out of Acreon for 9 hours? I bet Eugene doesn’t know that eating is not allowed in Acreon.”

It seems that the director has been honest about it. Eugene answered with a glance at the closed door of the director’s office.

“I ate too much for breakfast. If I had moved my body hard, I would have digested it right away, but when I sat and read a book, I couldn’t digest it at all.”

“You haven’t been able to digest for 9 hours?”

“It could be. I will postpone the meal until later…”

“Is it next time? Eugene-gong, I didn’t want to say this… I heard the word ‘next’ so much I’m about to get a scab on my ear.”

“I have no appetite.”

Trempel widened his eyes, but Eugene’s answer did not change. Isn’t that the story that the old wizard will tell you? I promise you a real position in the Court Magicians, so what?

Arot’s Court Magic Division is the best magic corps on the continent. The treatment was just as good, and there were many wizards who wanted to belong there. No matter how great and prestigious it is, it is only an army in the end, but in a peaceful era like now, the military is just a public office.

‘Am I crazy?’

Eugene is 19 years old. He didn’t even want to belong anywhere. Among them, the military was especially sick of it.

No matter how peaceful the world is, an army is an army. You can chew on the name of Lionheart and the name of Honein, the crown prince, but you won’t be able to live freely like you do now.

‘Why are you taking advantage of this great opportunity?’

Trempel felt frustrated. Have you already received offers from other places? The thought made Trempel nervous.

Right now, Eugene is a disciple of Loverian, the owner of the Red Mage Tower. The position of Master of the Mage is not hereditary, but with Eugene’s qualities, the teachings of Loberian, and the breath of Lionheart, Eugene will surely rise to the position of the owner of the Red Mage.

I didn’t want to leave it like that. Arot’s Mage Tower and the Royal Palace are cooperating with each other, not one body. Trempel wanted to somehow bring Eugene into the Court Magic Division. If that happens, it will be easy to get the cooperation of Lionheart, who is in the background of Eugene…

‘Generic, probably not that old man.’

Noktopju, generic Osman.

Trempel didn’t like the old man at all. Think about it. Two years ago, when Eugene first came to Acreon. Generic and the wizard guild leader expressed their disapproval of Eugene’s pass until the end.

The position of the wizard guild leader is understandable. There would be fairness, but there would also be personal feelings. The black magician who contacted Iod belonged to the wizard guild. Balzac, the owner of the Black Tower, could profess to have nothing to do with this, but the wizard guild leader was in no position to say that.

In Arot, where the mage tower has power, the power of the magician guild is inevitably small. Most of the perception was that the wizard guild was a group of poor wizards who did not belong to the Mage Tower, and sadly, it was a reality that could not be completely denied.

Then why did generics claim the opposite?

It’s simple. Because it was Loverian who recommended Eugene.

300 years ago. The wise Senya served as the Green Mage Master. Of the three disciples she had withdrawn, two remained in her green tower, and one transferred her affiliation to the red tower.

At the present time, countless magicians of Arot serve the wise Senya as their master. However, among them, only Generic and Roberian can claim to have inherited Senya’s legitimacy.

The two disciples of Senya who remained in the Green Mage Tower married each other, gave birth to children, and inherited magic. He is the owner of Noktap from the past and the father of Generic.

His family couldn’t be friendly to the Red Magic Tower. Leaving the green mage tower where the master stayed and planting roots in another mage tower? Generic, which inherited their blood, hated Loberian even more.

Without Loberian, only Generic can claim legitimacy as Senya’s apprentice. That is the power of lineage that cannot be ignored in this magical kingdom that worships Senya.

Its existence alone can be said to be a thorn in the eye. The nasty Loberian also has a friendship with the head of the Lionheart family. In addition, he took Ryan Heart’s son and showed favoritism, and when the deficit acted like an idiot, he tried to bring Ryan Heart’s son into Akion.

So on the subject of objection. After Loberian made Eugene his disciple, he has been eyeing him again. The saying that others look bigger is true in most cases. Generic wanted to somehow persuade Eugene to leave the Red Magic Tower.

Besides the Green Magic Tower and the Court Magic Division, there were many people who were greedy for Eugene.

white horse tower. Melchis, who had been deprived of the cloak of darkness for 9 years, tried to somehow coax Eugene to borrow Winid once again. Or would he even get the cloak of darkness back? It wasn’t just physical reasons. Eugene is freely commanding the mid-level wind spirit.

black tower. Although not openly revealed, it was rumored among the tower owners that Balzac was interested in Eugene. The evil relationship between the Lionheart family and the warlock deepened due to Iod’s case, so it seemed that he wanted to renew him somehow.

The only thing that shows complete indifference is the Blue Magic Tower.

“…Kuhm. Eugene Ball. Is that…thesis going well?”


“If Yu Jin-gong wants, I can help with the inspection. Of course, I know that the master of the ball, Jeoktapju, is in charge of the inspection. But it is better to have more advisers than less.”

“Thank you, but…”

“for a moment. don’t refuse yet It’s embarrassing to say it myself, but isn’t the Red Magic Tower a summoning magic after all? I’m good at summoning magic, but I’m also good at combat magic. It’s not like he’s the court mage chief for nothing.”

Trempel added hastily.

“The advice given by the owner of the red pagoda, who uses summoning magic, and my advice are different.”

“It could be, but Mr. Trempel doesn’t even know what thesis I’m preparing for?”

That’s because you only showed it to the owner of the red tower. Trempel gulped down the gurgle that rose to his throat.

“Hehe… I don’t know, so I just need to find out, right? I’m just as good at learning from juniors as the tower owners. I regularly submit papers to Arot’s Magic Society, and I have often reviewed juniors’ papers.”

“I appreciate the offer, but it’s okay. If I come now and accept Trempel-sama’s proposal, it will be a great disrespect to my teacher, Loberian-sama.”

“Uhm… The owner of the red pagoda has a heart as wide and deep as the sea. He will be pleased with you for seeking instruction from Seonhak, but he will not be offended.”

“Then I’ll ask Loberian directly.”

“Uh huh… why? rather do this You and I, let’s keep it our secret. You won’t be embarrassed to see the teacher, and the head of the red pagoda will not lose face. I’m also… happy to contribute to the younger students…”

“Excuse me.”

Eugene walked past Trempel without hearing any more. Trempel reached out to Eugene with deep regret, but eventually let out a long sigh and shook his head.

‘It’s crazy.’


As he distanced himself from Trempel, Eugene also spat out curses. If you don’t like it, you know you don’t like it. Why are you begging me so much?

‘I don’t know about the Eternal Hall, so that’s about it. If he had known, he would have crawled into my bedroom.’

Only Loverian and Mer know that Eugene recreated the Eternal Hall in a white flame style.

If you are a great wizard at the level of Trempel, you can understand the realm of magic and the operation of mana just by looking at it. However, the ‘Phantom Ceremony’ recreated by Eugene is not different from the Baek Yeom Ceremony until the magic is performed.

That is, you cannot see it. It had several advantages.

Being able to completely hide one’s status against high-ranking wizards.

As Loberian says, from the point of view of ‘magic’. Eugene said he didn’t look like a wizard. It is natural that there is no circle.

He said that it was difficult to grasp the realm even when he used magic without using the Phantasm. When grasped only with the flow of mana… about 4 circles.

When using a round salt formula.

“…Apart from the magic that can be used, if you look at the power alone, the 5th circle is far over.”

The underground research building of the Red Magic Tower.

Loberian said, controlling his surprise. He served as Eugene’s teacher for two years, but he never talked to Yujin or treated him as a subordinate.

“The 1st circle fireball is superior to the 5th circle volcano shot.”

A flood of mana following the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony. Ideal and expedient arrangement. simple formula.


No, even exceeded that. One of the many reasons why Eternal Hall is called the ultimate point of circle magic.

Being able to ‘record’ magic without restrictions. Without using a scroll, I immediately read the spell written in my consciousness and manifest magic. There is no need for a Brigade in the process.

It was… no different from reproducing the dragon’s dragon magic.

“The 4th circle is still the limit.”

Eugene said while walking through the dark smoke.

“I don’t think magic higher than that is included in the Eternal Hall. Is my understanding lacking?”

“That won’t be it. Simply put, it’s a capacity limit. Eugene’s Phantasm Ceremony is not a perfect reproduction of the Eternal Hall.”

The Eternal Hall is a magic ceremony that transcends the 9th circle. Creates a ring with infinite mana, creating an infinite circle within it.

The current Eugene has fallen far short of that level.

“Eugene is replacing the circle with the core. 4 stars of the white salt ceremony. 4 cores. It would be more correct to say that the number of cores equals the number of circles.”

The power is absurd.

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