Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 19

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“Simplely thinking about it, every time the level of Baek Yeom-sik rises, Eugene-nim’s Eternal… No, the Phantasm Sik will become stronger too.”

Right now, only 4 circles of magic can be recorded, but what if Baek Yeom-sik becomes 5 stars? You will be able to record even the 5th circle of magic in the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony. It’s something you can’t be sure of. Since this is the first magic ceremony, it is not possible to predict which singularity will be added each time the level rises.

“Please do not lose your attention. The current round-yeomsik has a downside… it doesn’t exist. As the level rises, some danger may be added.”

To prepare for him, the circle magic was changed.

“…This is true. The older I get, the more I worry. I can’t praise you more…”

“Short advice is more helpful than unconditionally saying that you did well.”

“Thank you for saying that, but…”

Loberian hesitated for a moment, then shook his head.

“…I’ve already told you several times…”

“You mean not to use the magic of the higher circles?”


If it is a normal circle magic formula, there is no need to give such a warning. Circle magic is systematic and safe. Existing magic formulas were often broken by overconfident wizards who were overconfident in their level, but as the circle magic formula became popular, the frequency of wizards’ runaway frequency was drastically reduced.

A wizard from a lower circle cannot use magic from a higher circle.

“Circle 4… No, you should be able to use up to the 5th circle without difficulty. You’ve used it a few times so far…but don’t try the 6th circle magic.”

It’s just that it couldn’t be recorded in the Phantasm Ceremony, but Eugene was able to use upper circle magic that couldn’t be used originally. His innate computing power and mana dominance allow him to quickly unfold even the magic of the upper circles.

It was disconcerting, but it was also worrisome. It was unpredictable what kind of danger it would cause to freely use something that should not be used.

Thanks to this, Loberian had to give up a sleeping pattern he had adhered to for decades. It is not an easy task to modify the existing circle magic to suit Eugene, but you have to think about the upper circle magic that you shouldn’t use while thinking about the possible risks.

“…When do you expect the thesis to be completed?”

“Before the summer is over… so, I think it will be finished around September. For now, my goal is to complete it by my birthday.”

I said it was a thesis only for self-satisfaction, but it was a great help in organizing what I had learned and learned.

“You said you didn’t intend to go back to the Lionheart family right away, right?”

“yes. There is no need to go right away.”

“Guilade-nim and Jehard-nim ​​must be disappointed…”

“There is Xian in the family, right? He will forgive me even if I go back a little late.”

There is no Ciel.

She left her hometown last year and went to the Black Lion Castle in Uklas. As she had hoped, she became Carmen’s servant.

It didn’t always stay there. Even this year, on my birthday, I returned to my hometown.

The invitation to the party came, but was ignored. In February, Xian and Ciel’s birthday, I couldn’t focus on anything else because I was immersed in the thesis.

“If you’re not going to your parents’ house right away, where are you planning to go?”

“…Ice scraps, a specialty of the Kingdom of Luhar. I’ve been wanting to try it since I was little…”

“Why don’t you go all the way to Luhar Kingdom? Right now, there are many ice scrap shops on the streets of Arrot…”

“Wouldn’t it be more special to eat in a mountainous area?”

Of course it’s a lie. ice scrap? I ate that white king crab several times during the winter I stayed at my home.

“I didn’t know that food was a hobby.”

“I have loved to eat since I was little.”

“I thought you always liked big meat…”

“I like it because it is delicious.”

Northern Kingdom of Luhar. A country founded by that asshole.

“In Luhar… uh… Eating ice scraps. After that… I will go to Nahama and see Oasis.”


“I heard that Nahama’s cactus scorpion is a delicacy…”

This is a lie too. 200 years ago. Anise, who was revered as a saint in the Holy Empire of Juras, left on her pilgrimage without even telling the Pope of her purpose.

Wandering around the world, the last time she appeared was in the middle of the desert in Nahama.

“…you like crustaceans.”

The cactus scorpion of Nahama following the king crab of Luhar.

“…how about lobster for today’s meal?”

Eugene coughed and recommended.

19 years old

‘What day is it today?’

It couldn’t be. It must have been the movement of the court mage with the shit line on it. Eugene put down the claw leg of the lobster he was holding and stood up from his seat.

“A noble person in this humble place…”

“It’s not a place to be called shabby. This is a famous restaurant in the Pentagon.”

“Are you not denying that you are a noble person?”

“I really want to deny it, but wouldn’t the prestige of the royal family become ridiculous if I denied him?”

Honein Abrams. The crown prince of Arod came here without an attendant. He smiled and pointed to an empty seat at the table.

“Can I sit down?”

“I don’t care.”

It didn’t mean much, but Eugene glanced at Loberian. He, like Eugene, was also up from his seat.

“I don’t care either. But, prince, would it not be better for me to step aside?”

“You don’t have to. If the owner of the red pagoda moves away, Prince Eugene will be in trouble, and I don’t want to come and disrupt the meal between the priests and priests.”

“I’ve already been interrupted.”

Yujin grumbled as she wiped her hands with a wet towel.

“If you think about that, you should have come after dinner.”

It was an excessively rude word for the crown prince who was ranked first in the succession line. However, no one at the table pointed out Yujin’s rudeness. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been in Arot. Eugene met with Honein several times, if not often.

“I was going to do that too. The ball’s meal took longer than expected. Are you going to eat all the lobsters in this store?”

“Ah, that is an exaggeration. Do you know the prince too? When you peel this lobster, the flesh is not much.”

“I didn’t know Eugene-dono liked seafood.”

“I like anything as long as it tastes good. But are you going to stay still?”



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Eugene asked, moving forward to an empty seat. Then Honein burst into laughter and sat down.

“Seeing that you show consideration that you don’t usually do, it seems that the steps you’ve come all the way here will be meaningless.”

“You must have known it in your heart even when you came here.”

“That’s right.”

“Let’s see, the food seems to be lacking for a while…”

“When it comes to eating, I have no idea.”

“Then let’s get to the point right away.”

Yujin put down the wet towel and smiled.

“No matter what the prince suggests, my decision won’t change.”

“I promise you the position of the head of the Court Magic Division.”

Honein replied as if he had been waiting.

“I vouch for that on my name.”

“Wouldn’t it be impossible right now?”

“Ten years.”

Although it is 10 years later, Eugene is still 19 years old. In the history of Arot, there was not a single wizard who became the head of the Court Magic Division at the age of 29.

“Aren’t you overdoing it?”

“I will be king in 10 years.”

That can be dangerous to hear. However, this VIP-only room is designed so that the conversation never leaks to the outside. In addition, the moment Honein entered, Loberian used magic himself to add attention to security.

That doesn’t mean Honein’s words weren’t dangerous.

“The Hyeonwang will still correct it.”

“Don’t get me wrong.”

When Loberian asked with his eyes wide open, Honein smiled and raised both hands.

“I have already received a promise from my father regarding the throne. My line of succession is unrivaled, and Arod’s people have no doubt that I will be the next king.”

“That is true.”

That’s what he said, but even Loberian had no doubt that Honein would become king. Of course, there are other successors, but Honein is unique among his brothers.

Arot is friendly and close to magic enough to be called the kingdom of magic. This country has produced many great wizards from generation to generation, but among them, the royal family of Arot boasts of excellent ‘blood’ for magic.

Among them, Honein is special and excellent. Arot’s royal family learns magic from a young age, and Honein was the first among the royal family to reach the 5th Circle before reaching adulthood.

‘…not just royalty.’

Among the wizards who studied at Alot, there was no one who reached the 5th circle before becoming an adult. Loberian, who had heard a lot of geniuses from a young age, also rose to the 5th circle after becoming an adult.

If he hadn’t met Eugene, he would have thought that the crown prince had the best qualities of his time in the field of ‘magic’.

“The Court Magicians are under the direct control of the royal family. Of course, it will have to be coordinated to the extent of respecting the council, but if you are Yujin in 10 years, you will be qualified.”

“Thank you for your high evaluation. You don’t even know what level my magic has reached, right?”

“That’s because Duke Eugene and the owner of the red pagoda are hiding it thoroughly. Why hide it?”

Honein asked with a smile.

“I think they hide it for a good reason. Since he didn’t say it himself, I can only guess… other wizards must be thinking the same thing.”



Honein opened his eyes thinly and stared at Eugene. The search eye of the 6th circle. The magic entered Eugene’s body and showed the filled mana. Just looking at the simple mana size, Eugene’s mana far exceeded the normal 5th circle.

“Did you understand the Eternal Hall?”

“Do I have to answer?”

“To say things like that is as bad as denying it.”

“You can’t lie to the prince, can you? I don’t mean to be honest about that.”

“The head of Arot’s Court Magic Division. Aren’t you greedy for that position?”

“It’s a high position, you can get it elsewhere.”

Position is not greedy. Especially when it comes to the military. Besides, as I just said, Eugene had a certain confidence in his abilities.

In terms of national strength alone, the Kiel Empire is superior to Alot. There are only three so-called empires on this vast continent.

Holy Empire Euras. Kiel Empire.

Magician Helmud.

Right now, Eugene’s family, Lion Heart. The head of the head of the family hasn’t held a title since the great Vermouth, but there are many high-ranking nobles with titles among Lionheart’s collaborators. If Eugene wanted to have a title, the lowest baron would be easily obtainable.

“If it’s Yujin-gong’s skill, of course. Indeed, can’t you hold on to Eugene with your position?”

“It’s not that I dislike Arot, nor that I dislike the position of Commander of the Court Knights. It’s just that she’s not greedy.”

“Then what about learning?”

Honein spoke first. Eugene tilted his head, not understanding the meaning, but the expression of Loberian, who was sitting next to him, stiffened.

“…Prince, no way.”

“The Witchcraft stored in Akryon is only commercial.”

Honein said in a calm voice and stared at Eugene.

“As Prince Eugene knows, there are a total of 3 Witch Crafts completed by the wise Senya-sama. Among them, the first volume is kept in Acreon… The other two are kept in the royal palace’s treasury.”

The words startled everyone. According to Mer, Senya should have the remaining two volumes of Witchcraft.

“Since when?”

Roberian asked with a firm expression. Receiving that gaze, Honein added his words.

“Don’t misunderstand. What the royal family is keeping is just a copy Senja-nim gave as a gift of love to the royal family. The whereabouts of Senya-nim and the original are unknown to the royal family.”

“…Is that true?”

“There’s no reason to lie.”

Loberian glared at Honein for a moment, then sighed heavily. It’s ridiculous to argue that he’s been hiding witchcraft for hundreds of years from a prince who’s only in his early twenties. So, I will reap the complaints, but I thought it was surprising that the prince would show his hand and try to get him.

“You want to show me Witchcraft?”

“Impossible right now.”

Honein smiled wryly and glanced at Loberian.

“Witchcraft is the greatest spellbook in the history of magic. It’s true that I’m favored by my father, but no matter how much I am, I can’t do whatever I want when it comes to witchcraft. But… if I ascend the throne, I’ll be able to have a little bit of my own way.”


“I don’t see that as a poor offer. When I ascend the throne, I will do my best to show Prince Eugene the Witchcraft. …I think it will be difficult for the owner of the red pagoda.”

“Can’t we see what you’re showing us with Master?”

“If the owner of the red pagoda moves his affiliation to the Court Magic Division, I will reconsider.”

“Then I can’t sit as the head of the Court Magic Division.”

“I don’t think the owner of the red pagoda I know would be greedy for that position.”

“You know me well.”

Loberian smiled and replied.

“It’s a proposal that any wizard will waver. I have no intention of leaving the Red Magic Tower. I have no intention of belonging to the Court Magic Division.”

“If you want, I can arrange a suitable place for you. It’s just that the affiliation changes, but the owner of the red pagoda won’t be uncomfortable or bothered.”

“No, it’s fine. Witchcraft… I’m very coveted. I do not want to blindly follow in the Master’s footsteps. Because I also have the magic I seek.”

“Then, how about Prince Eugene?”

Is there anything to worry about?

Over the past two years, I have felt keenly how great Witch Craft is. Even after looking into it hundreds of thousands of times, it’s hard to understand. It’s not that hard to understand what’s right in front of you, but Senya created the Witchcraft with her own power alone.

Even the commercial volume stored in Acreon is so great, how great are the remaining two volumes?

It’s not just that. Perhaps there are traces of Senya in other Witchcrafts. In fact, if such traces were left, the monarchy of Arot, who keeps the witchcraft, would have somehow tracked down Senya…

‘It could be that I don’t notice it even after looking at it.’

Eugene knows Senya well. Even if it is a trace that the royal family of Arot did not find, Eugene might find it.

“…Are you saying it’s impossible right now?”

I couldn’t take it lightly. Viewing Witchcraft was only possible after Honein ascended the throne. That’s 10 years from now.

“Then, I will stop by after the prince ascends the throne. Let’s talk about it then.”

“Are you going to leave room?”

“It is a mouth-watering proposition. Honestly, there is no need for me to join the Court Magic Division right away, right?”

Honein thought for a moment. In his honest mind, he wanted to get a definite answer from Eugene right away and have him join the court mage corps.

It was to ensure stability. The right of succession to the throne will not be shaken, but to deal with the raccoon-like old men of the council, power other than the right of succession is needed.

Arot’s Court Magic Division. Even in this kingdom of magic, it is a magic corps that is particularly good at combat magic. However, it felt insufficient to keep the five mage towers and wizard guilds in contact with the council with that alone in check.

Fortunately, the Mage Tower remains neutral for now. Even so, the Wizards Guild cared about it. Even if there were wizards who couldn’t enter the Mage Tower, the guild outnumbered the Mage Tower. And the guild has a close relationship with the council that governs Arot.

‘For now, the magic tower is neutral. The royal family is respected, but closer to Parliament.’

The king reigns but does not rule. Arot followed a constitutional monarchy for hundreds of years. Arot’s king has ruled over his people for only a few generations since his ancestor, the Magic King.

Honein wanted to change that. He wanted to change the royal family, which was only a symbol, and reform Arot. The parliament, which governs the people, shows signs of corruption from the very beginning. Warlocks, who do not know where they came from, eat away at the guild, and their breath extends to the council. In addition, Helmud’s demons and rich people from other countries are supporting the council.

On such a subject, Balzac Rudbeth, the owner of the Black Mage Tower, kept his distance from the council and the guild and was strictly neutral. That’s why he can’t help but be wary of Balzac. Even for Arot’s sake, the unsettled buds had to be plucked out.

Such was the wish, but the present royal family lacks such power. The king was a weak person who was reluctant to quarrel with the council or guild. So Honein thought he had no choice but to do it himself.

‘If I bring Eugene into the Court Magic Division… I can borrow the power of Lionheart.’

Actually, it’s something I don’t like. Isn’t it right that Arot’s problem should be solved by Arot?

‘If you bring in Eugene, the enemy pagoda lord will also give you strength. It is famous that the owner of the Red Tower hates warlocks…’

I couldn’t tell him openly and ask for help. Honein, the Crown Prince, was in a position not to openly talk about Arot’s private affairs to his outsiders. Even more so, corruption in Congress is still just a suspicion. In fact, even Bolero Street alone could be said to be a hotbed of corruption, but the existence of that street was accompanied by the connivance of the royal family.

“…then I will send you a letter when my accession is certain.”

“Thank you for thinking.”

“By the way, Gong Eugene. Can’t you tell me exactly what you got from Akryon?”

“It’s nothing great. I just… felt that magic was really great, and learned a little bit.”

“is it.”

It was an ambiguous answer, but Honein was satisfied with it. a little learning Even if the words of others don’t mean much, the other person is a young lion who is evaluated as having the best qualities since the great Vermouth.

“I heard that you will leave Arot once the thesis you are currently writing is completed. Where are you planning to go?”

“I’m going to eat the white crab of Ruhab in the north, and the cactus scorpion of Nahama.”



“Are you serious?”



Honein’s reaction was not much different from Loberian’s. Honein glanced at Loberian with bewildered eyes, and Loberian shook his head briefly.

“…Gourmet is a great hobby.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

Eugene replied with a grin.


summer goes by

Seasonal games were not enjoyed. Not only since she came to Alot, but since she was reincarnated, she has never turned her attention to amusement.

When I was at my hometown. In the summer, Cian and Ciel coaxed me into going on vacation, and in winter, I coaxed them into going skiing. never went I never thought of going.

The sea that Eugene knew was a place where shipwrecks and drowned bodies floated wherever he looked. The sea leading to Helmud was the nest of terrible and powerful marine monsters.

The snow that Eugene knew was red from blood, and it was a cemetery with frozen corpses sticking out their limbs everywhere. The weather in Helmud at the northernmost point was damn good regardless of the season, but among them, the territory ruled by the mad king was a cold hell with unstoppable blizzards.

‘Is this also trauma?’

Eugene was deep in thought. If you think about it carefully, since reincarnation, all of Eugene’s life has remained in the memory of the previous life.

It wasn’t the first time I had this idea. Every time I became conscious of the memories of my previous life, I tried to shake them off several times. I have already been reincarnated, but isn’t it a shame and funny to stay in my previous life forever?

But it doesn’t work. Even taking a necklace from Lionheart’s arsenal. The fact that he came to Arrot following Senya’s traces. Going to Ruhab and Nahama was all because of memories from previous lives.

Memories and relationships are unavoidable. She has lived 19 years since her reincarnation, but she has lived much longer as Hamel. Eugene’s experience does not measure up to Hamel’s.

‘After all, they’re both me, so what?’

Yujin licked his lips and tilted his chair back. I didn’t want to fall into this unanswered worry for a long time. What do you mean by caring, curious, and frustrated? I’ve been reincarnated, 300 years have passed, and my name has changed, so let’s ignore all the memories of the previous life?

how can a person do that


While Eugene came to that conclusion.

Mer was reading Eugene’s thesis with open eyes on the other side. Thesis, her self-satisfaction. Papers not intended to be published. However, this did not mean that the level of perfection was low. In the first place, isn’t her dissertation written down what she learned?

In that sense, Eugene’s thesis was excellent. Other wizards would not be able to understand it even if they saw it, but Mer, the artificial intelligence of Witchcraft, could definitely understand this paper.

‘The core and the Eternal Hall are perfectly combined. Although there is inherent incompleteness… structurally, I can’t think of anything more than this.’

Even with such instability, this level of perfection. I couldn’t believe it was a thesis written by a chick who had only been introduced to magic for three years. This Phantasmal Flame Ceremony reproduces the potential of the Eternal Hall beyond that of the Archmage.

‘…natural imperfection. The core is different from the circle. The resulting variables… I’m adjusting all of them with my senses.’

Astonishing control over mana.

‘Even though I match with my senses, I don’t give up on the perfection of magic. Even if it doesn’t reach the Eternal Hall, Eugene-sama’s Transcendental Flame Ceremony overwhelms the existing Circle Magic Ceremony.’

Wizards are those who are crazy about magic. They completely exclude imperfections. Wrong magic is complemented so that it does not go wrong. This is because if it goes wrong once, it can lead to irreversible problems.

Eugene embraced even such imperfections. The experience of the past life and the qualities of the present life bring the impossible far closer to the possible. The magic ceremony that other wizards couldn’t understand and thought to be a failure was not a failure to Eugene.

This round salt ceremony was based on such absurdity.

“…huh… that’s great.”

Mer had no choice but to say that in the end.

“The level of perfection is… yes. It’s only for Eugene anyway… Uh… A little… Selfish? I hear the thought. From a general point of view, it is perfectly imperfect, but to Eugene-nim it’s not like that… By Eugene-nim’s standards… the level of perfection is excellent.”

Mer’s expression crumpled.

Just as Eugene said, he finished his thesis before the summer was over.

“…When are you leaving?”

“day after tomorrow.”

“I thought you would leave tomorrow if it was Eugene-sama’s personality.”

“I’m a human too, so shouldn’t I take a day off? And they said they were holding a farewell party at the Red Magic Tower.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. Why don’t you go and eat a lot of delicious food? You will receive congratulations here and there.”

Mer’s lips pouted out. She glared at Eugene, pressing down on the large hat set down beside her.

“Eugene. Surely you haven’t forgotten what I said a few months ago, right? You said you had something to say to me.”

“Let’s ask something first.”

Eugene straightened the tilted chair and said.

“The stories you hear. Can I pass it on to someone else?”

“What? Are you suspicious of me now?”

A twin wick lit up in Mer’s eyes.

“I want to talk about this thesis or Eugene. You’re afraid you’ll tell the other wizards, aren’t you?”

“Did you ever tell me?”

“no! Green Mada Tower, and do you know how annoying me when the other guys don’t have Eugene? Like what Eugene has been doing here for years… But, I mean. I was loyal to Eugene.”

“Even if you don’t want to talk, you can force yourself to listen.”

“under! Eugene, I haven’t seen you like that. Do you really not trust people, no, me? Even if they dissect the location craft with me, I will never say. ”


“Because I saved it so that it doesn’t happen! This is not because Eugene is special, but it is a function for the security and respect of the wizards entering and leaving Akion. I’m storing information and conversation records of not only Eugene-nim, but also all the mages that have been researched in Senya’s hall, in the deepest part of the storage medium of the Witch Craft. As long as those bastards don’t destroy the Witchcraft at all, there’s no way Eugene’s information will be exposed to the outside world.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh really!”

When Eugene asked with a smirk, Mer couldn’t stand it and screamed loudly. Yujin chuckled as she watched her wheezing and her exhaled breath.

“If you are that thorough. What I am saying now will not leak anywhere else.”

“Oh well, that’s right. How many times do you ask…”

“I have been reincarnated.”

Mer’s words stopped at the first words she said. Mer glared at her Eugene with her frowning eyes and spat out.

“What bullshit are you talking about?”

“I was reincarnated. With the memories of the previous life intact.”

“No, what kind of bullshit are you talking about? Are you telling me to laugh right now? It’s not fun enough that I can’t help but laugh…”

“My previous life name was Hamel Dynas.”

Eugene spoke in a calm voice.

His previous name was Hamel Dynas.

His current name is Eugene Lionheart.

“Stupid Hamel.”

19 years old

Mer didn’t know what to say in response to that. Did Eugene joke often? She didn’t do it often, but she didn’t even do it very rarely.

If that’s the case, can we just think of that as a joke that Eugene rarely makes? Yes, I understand. Eugene must have been a stupid Hamel in his previous life. Since Eugene-nim told me honestly, I will also tell you my secret.

I am the wise Senya. 하멜 이 개새끼야.

“Are you serious?”

As she was about to say that, Mer changed the question. unbelievable words. You’d be right to think it was a joke, but the Eugene Mer knew wasn’t the kind of person who would make a nonsensical joke like that at a time like this.

It’s not even a random word. I had already announced that I would deliver that absurd statement several months ago, and just a while ago, I had persistently asked about silence.

“Can’t you believe it?”

“…that’s hard to believe.”

Eugene smirked and smiled. Mer looked at her expression and muttered, averting her eyes for no reason.

In fact, there is nothing special about ‘reincarnation’. Although this does not apply to Mer, an artificial intelligence, most beings in this world are all reincarnated by someone.

However, being reincarnated with the memories of the previous life as it is is close to impossible, if not absolutely. Occasionally, there are people in the world who talk about their past lives, but most of them are insane madmen.

Is Eugene a lunatic?

Mer shook her head.

“…hmm. It’s hard to believe, but if that’s true… I can understand a lot about Eugene.”


“The speed of Eugene’s growth.”

It has only been two years since Eugene entered magic. Is it possible to understand location crates in such a short amount of time? If it’s magic, it’s not a master wizard, but a chick who has just entered magic?


In fact, Eugene did not understand witchcraft as ‘magic’. He simply understood the witch craft, the form of mana that made up the Eternal Scepter.

He imitated it only with his innate senses and transformed it to suit himself. From Mer’s point of view, it was impossible, no matter how much you think, with only the qualifications to be called ‘genius’. Among the wizards who enter and exit Akion, where is there a person who has not heard the sound of genius?

But if Eugene remembers his past life. All the more, if his previous life was stupid Hamel, a colleague of the great Vermouth.

“… Dumb Hamel was an unusual person in many ways.”

Mer stared at Eugene and continued.

“Wise Senya grew up in the forest of elves, where no humans were allowed to enter, and learned magic directly from the elves. Brave Moron was the son of the warchief of the Bayar tribe, famous for its fighting tribes among the natives living in the cold northern lands. Faithful Anise was a saintess candidate who was raised with great care by the cardinals of the Holy Empire, Euras.”

I mean, they all have great backgrounds.

“Great vermouth.”

“He was a slave.”

Eugene said as he searched for memories of his previous life.

“Among the slaves being taken as a sacrifice to the demons, there was Vermouth. He stole the demon’s sword in order to survive somehow, and with the first sword he wielded, he sliced ​​and killed dozens of demons and warlocks who were transporting slaves. And in the process of escaping Helmud with his slaves, he killed hundreds of demons.”

“Honestly, I thought it was an exaggerated story. That’s what ‘myth’ is all about.”

“I’ve never seen it myself, but it’s probably true. He is a monster.”

Eugene smiled and said. Vermouth did not enjoy talking about his past. But I heard that story dozens of times from Moron.

The snowfield where the Bayar tribe lives is adjacent to Helmud. Vermut led his slaves across the snowfields to escape Helmud, where he met Moron for the first time.

“… Dumb Hamel was very unique among the warriors. He… has never stood out from the ‘start’ like Vermouth-sama. He didn’t even come from a special background.”

Hamel is a mercenary.

Before that, I lived in a small village. After the village was destroyed by a monster attack, he took up the sword to survive. There was also a desire for revenge against the monsters and a hatred for the demon king who drove the monsters crazy.

I’ve been rolling around on the mercenary floor like that for years.

It’s not like Senya learned magic from an elf and received a staff made of dragon hearts.

It’s not like Anise received support and instruction from the Empire level.

Like Moron, he was born as the son of a tribal chief, and he did not come into contact with Mother Nature from the moment he was a toddler.

It’s not like he was born with absurd qualities like Vermouth, and he didn’t slash dozens of warlocks and demons with his first sword.

Before becoming a mercenary, Hamel was just a kid who could be found anywhere. If he hadn’t become a mercenary, he wouldn’t have known that he had a talent for fighting all his life.

Stupid Hamel.

Even though he had the most insignificant background among the warriors, he had grown up to stand shoulder to shoulder with the others in just a few years.

“Did Senja talk about me?”

“no. But I also… I’ve read children’s books many times.”

Mer sighed deeply and stared at Eugene.

“If Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel, I can understand Eugene’s absurd speed of growth. Hamel did too. Hamel from the children’s book… was a very nasty person, but if you only look at his growth, he was unique among the warriors.”

“Not necessarily.”

Eugene replied with a smile.

“I mean. Even if it’s your first time, you can do pretty much anything. But I couldn’t reach the limit. Vermut used all sorts of weapons and even magic to the extent that he was called a god of war and an all-master. Senya said that the field is different, but Vermouth’s magic is superior to Senya in some ways.”


“I wanted to cross Vermouth throughout the journey. I gave up on magic because there was no hope, and weapons such as swords and spears that I have been proficient in ever since. I even tried to surpass Vermouth by training my fists even more. But I have never beaten Vermouth.”

Hamel thought he was a genius.

When you are mistaken like that and get drunk with a sense of superiority in a small well. Vermouth was already flying in the sky. He did everything he could to keep up with him, but he couldn’t catch up. During his travels he sparred several times,

It was Hamel who always knelt on the floor and put his head down.

“…is that so?”

Did you just spit that out as self-help? Mer honestly did not understand. Comparisons with the great Vermouth would, of course, be light, but from a general point of view, isn’t Hamel also an absurd monster?

“What do you do after hearing other people call you a genius?”

Eugene saw a pout in Mer’s eyes.

“Vermouth was such a jerk that I really wanted to win at least once. I couldn’t beat him until I died. I only realized my shortcomings several times while going around with him. He was a genius, he was a bastard.”

“Why was it a dog? Did you do something evil that is not recorded in history?”

“That… no. He was… nice. don’t do anything bad He tries to help people in need unconditionally… He was the right guy to be a hero. I just had no luck. Originally, too proud bastards are bound to be envied.”

Eugene snorted as he said that.

“If it’s that great, can’t you accept envy? That’s all.”

“therefore. Hamel-sama was jealous of Vermouth-sama because he was so much better than himself?”

“I mean, uh… that’s it. I guess you finally decided to believe it? You don’t have to call me Hamel.”

“I said it was hard to believe, but I didn’t say I didn’t believe it.”

Mer pursed her lips and grumbled.

“When I think about it step by step, there are quite a few things I can understand. Eugene-nim, you praised Hamel a lot.”


“Let’s see… Okay. It was the first day Eugene came here, right? Eugene saw the video of Hamel upstairs…”

“I don’t remember.”

“It’s okay, I remember clearly. When I saw Hamel’s face, I said Eugene has the charm of an untamed animal. Are you insane?”


“Aren’t you ashamed? How could you point to your own face and say such nonsensical things?”

“How are you? I am not ashamed of my words. Hamel is… So, the me of my previous life. He had a face that had his own charm.”


Mer covered her mouth and shook her head vigorously.

“How can you say that when you’re reincarnated with the same face you have now?”

“Who said he was better than he was in his previous life? It just has a unique charm.”


Mer’s expression changes. She stared at her Eugene with thinly open eyes.

“Why are you suddenly telling me this?”

“There is no particular reason.”

“It’s useless if you expect anything from me. I really don’t know anything about Senya’s whereabouts.”

“I didn’t say that because I wanted to hear that from you.”

Eugene smiled and stood up.

“just. I’ve been seeing you for two years. I felt it when I first saw you… You look a lot like Senya. Like the face, and the personality.”

“…That’s right… I was created with Senya-sama’s childhood as a base.”

Mer lowered her eyes for no reason and murmured.

“You think Senya is dead?”

“Absolutely not.”

“I think so too.”

Eugene turned his head and stared at Senya’s portrait.

“It wouldn’t be strange if he died, since about 300 years have passed. I don’t think Senya is the type to die without leaving a will. Other than Senya, so do the others.”


“Of course, since a lot of time has passed, everyone’s personalities might have changed a lot. Still, how can people completely change?”


“of course.”

Eugene smiled and reached out to Mer.

“So I’ll look for it.”

Took. Eugene flicked the large hat Mer was wearing with her fingertips. Mer opened her eyes wide and looked up at her Eugene.

“No Senya, no Moron, no Anise. It’s because everyone is alive somewhere in the world… or so. I have to find it.”

A large hand goes up to Mer’s head. Normally, he would have pushed her hand away in disgust, but Mer couldn’t.

“You’re old, don’t you want to see them?”

“…yes yes? Of course… yes.”

“Then you should bring more. 세냐도 참 개새끼야. is not it? He hasn’t been neglecting his familiar for over 200 years.”

“…Senya-sama, don’t curse at me.”

“I can curse. Do you know how much I was cursed at by Senya 300 years ago? That ruined year, if I just do something, I’m idiot … Yeah, you said you are good? Do you remember what I said at the beginning?”

“You mean Senya-sama is like the author of a children’s book?”

“okay. I don’t know if you’ll think it’s bullshit when you hear it, but no matter how you think about it, it’s pretty plausible. In the first place, the fairy tale book had quite a lot of detail for a story that was compiled only from rumors.”

“What do you mean quite substantial?”

“Literally. I think it was Sen or Anis who wrote the children’s books. Maybe the two of them worked together to write it.”

Mer’s expression becomes strange at Eugene’s passionate speech. She stared at Eugene’s face and recalled the video of Hamel left on the upper floor.

“…therefore. Hamel… No, Eugene-sama’s words. Senya-sama was in that storybook, Senya, I liked you. You mean you wrote these words down?”

“Sir, I never said anything like that.”

“Then Senya-sama wrote down things she didn’t really say. Why would Senya-sama do such a thing?”

“…do you want to f*ck me?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I can’t imagine Senya-sama putting the word beautiful in front of her name.”

“Maybe… maybe it’s less aniseed. Anise’s personality was very, somewhat twisted and rotten. In that children’s book, only Anise’s saintly appearance was highlighted, but the human Anis was a twin.”

“Ah yes. Of course you would.”

After saying that, Mer raised her hand up to her nose and shook it. Eugene blinked her eyes, not recognizing what the gesture meant.

“Clean your hands.”

“What is it? In the past, I used to hit hard.”

“…Since you’re Senya-sama’s colleague, I’m just respecting you.”

“Thank you very much for that.”

Eugene laughed and let go of Mer. After getting down from her chair, Mer hesitated for a moment, then she took a deep breath.

“…Eugene-nim. Can you swear?”


“Eugene’s previous life… that he was stupid Hamel.”

“I can swear, I mean. I’m Hamel, can’t you just leave out that damn stupid word in front of me?”

“Then what do you say? Stupid Hamel?”

“How about great Hamel? Great Hamel.”

“The word ‘great’ in front of vermouth must have been very coveted.”


“Anyway, if Eugene really was Hamel in his previous life… swear.”

Eugene nodded slowly.

“My name is Eugene Ryanhart. Previous life was Hamel Diners. I swear by my blood and the name of Lionheart that there is no lie in all of this.”


After confirming the oath.

Mer turned and moved closer to Witchcraft. She raised her hands to access the Witchcraft, and stood with her eyes closed for a moment.

“…After Senya-sama retired. Several wizards have dissected me and the Witchcraft over and over again. But there are things they haven’t figured out. The deepest part of the storage medium of the Witchcraft. Information recorded at the bottom of the source of the location crepe. The stories I had with Eugene today will also be stored at the bottom, and will not be known to anyone.”

Mer opened her closed eyes and looked back at Eugene.

“…What I’m going to say from now on… It’s something no one in Arot has ever heard.”


“There were signs of Senya-sama’s retirement. It was about a week before he retired… I was on… this floor of Acreon at the time, and Senja-sama was with me. Then… Senya-sama suddenly, groaned and sat down.”

“…You can’t possibly be sick or anything like that?”

“Of course not. When I asked in surprise… Senya-sama… said that her familiar was dead.”

Mer was unable to speak immediately and hesitated.

“…Hamel’s grave.”


“In that tomb, someone… broke in… Senya-sama spat out in great anger.”



“Was there a grave for me?”

Yujin asked with a blank face. Mer let out her long sigh and nodded her head.

“…I haven’t heard the details either. It was the first time I heard about Hamel’s grave. Not long after that… Senja suddenly disappeared, and I hid the conversation from that time in the deepest part of the Witchcraft.”

Mer had a complicated expression.

“Because he disappeared without telling anyone. I didn’t want to embarrass Senya-sama by saying things I shouldn’t have said. But… Eugene… is Hamel. You deserve to know.”


Eugene was dumbfounded and let out a laugh.

“I hadn’t heard of such a thing. I thought my corpse would have been completely destroyed by Belial’s curse.”

“…the lich’s curse obliterates body and soul.”

“Usually it is. Although my soul remained intact and was reincarnated.”

“Then the body wouldn’t have disappeared either. Maybe… yes. Eugene’s reincarnation…”

“I am guessing that Senya may have been involved. I don’t know the truth.”

it’s a grave Eugene smiled and shook his head.

“So I have to look for Senya even more.”

19 years old

If there is Hamel’s tomb somewhere in the world.


Eugene remembered the place where he died in his previous life.

After the promise 300 years ago. The demon king and the demons stopped their aggression. The monsters who had lost their senses at the whisper of the demon king came to their senses, and the monsters that had spread across the continent and attacked people indiscriminately returned to Helmud without leaving a single one.

100 years like that. The demon king of destruction remained silent, and the demon king of confinement began to repair the damage as the representative of the demon tribe.

Of course it didn’t go well. There were too many countries that were destroyed by the demons, and there were many people who lost someone precious to the demons. Even when the demon king stepped forward and bowed his head, his hatred and hatred for the demons did not subside.

So the demon king of confinement sold the names of other demon kings.

Among the demon kings, there is a division between the moderate and the hardliners, but the dead slaughter, misery, and madness were the hardliners, and he himself was the only moderate.

Even the demon king of destruction, who maintains complete neutrality and silence, did not wish for war.

The limbs of the dead Demon Kings were immediately killed by the warriors, and the few remaining subordinates were all under the control of the Demon King in captivity.

They are dead devils anyway. No matter how much the demon king of confinement insults them, how can the demon king who has already died resist?

Along with the steady insistence, the demon king of confinement generously provided support. He built a huge city on the outskirts of Helmud for war refugees who lost their home. In countries that suffered terrible damage, he dispatched subordinates to build new buildings and pave the way. Huge war reparations piled up in the coffers of the affected countries.

In addition, numerous demons were purged, claiming responsibility for this situation. 100 years like that. No, war reparations are still going on. The neighboring countries of Helmud are still receiving the support of the Demon King even after 300 years have passed.

That’s how the Demon Lord Helmud became a huge empire.


Eugene does not think of Helmud as an empire. It is just a hell where demons, demon kings, monsters, black magicians who sold their souls to them, and heterogeneous races coexist.

However, even if Eugene thought so, the world recognized Helmud as an empire. The neighboring countries receiving Helmud’s support were virtually no different from Helmud’s colonies.

Helmud’s capital, Pandaemonium.

The demon castle of confinement is there.

‘My grave is in Pandemonium.’

In the capital of Helmud, where demons are infested and ruled by the demon king in captivity? It couldn’t be. If the grave is there, it is an insult to Hamel.

If you killed the Demon King of Confinement and the Demon King of Destruction, and completely wiped out the Demons in Helmud. It doesn’t matter if you put a grave in the middle of it. Rather, I would have been happy to accept it.

couldn’t you do that Both the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction are alive and well.

‘Was my corpse really left in the first place?’

Well, it’s not like you can’t make a tomb without a corpse. Seeing that Senya was angry at someone’s invasion of her familiar… it seems that she hid it somewhere in the world.

Where is it? If it’s a normal tomb, isn’t it made in a place deeply related to that person? It can’t be a demonic castle of confinement…

‘…is it my hometown?’

If it is a place where a tomb can be made, isn’t the hometown strong? Eugene recalled his hometown, which he had never been particularly impressed with in his previous life.

Hamel’s hometown is the border of the Kingdom of Turas. No matter how it is now, it was a very f*cking place in his previous life. Monsters occasionally popped up in the nearby forest, and plundering pirates used to come over from Turas across the sea.


I was walking around Acreon for a walk to organize my thoughts. At the sudden voice, Yujin bit her teeth. For some reason, the wizards who were interested in themselves seemed to really like ‘coincidence’. Are you looking for a natural encounter? If that’s the case, at least hide your presence properly. As if asking for your attention, you let go of your presence, but if you don’t react and ignore it, you can’t stand it and start talking to you.

“What are you doing? at this late hour.”

“I have followed Eugene.”

Still, Balzac was better than the leader of the Court Magic Division or the Master of the Green Tower. Balzac walked out from under the magic lamppost and smiled at Eugene.

“Ever since Eugene came out of Acreon. Didn’t you notice?”

“I noticed right away. The Lord of the Black Tower didn’t pretend to know, so I just shut up.”

“You don’t seem to be in a good mood.”

“What is new?”

“but. He was always in a bad mood when he met me. Could it be because of me?”

“You know that.”

During the two years I lived in Arrot, I encountered the Black Pagoda owner quite a few times. When she met, she never talked much. The owner of the Black Tower always greeted first, and Eugene accepted the greeting with open displeasure.

It was like that. We never had a long conversation. Fortunately, the Black Tower Master never pointed out Eugene’s attitude, and he didn’t cling to him like the leader of the court mage or the Green Tower Master.

“I heard that you are leaving Arot.”

“Where did you hear that?”

“There are many places to hear. Did you really think, Eugene-sama, that the story wouldn’t spill out during the farewell party at the Red Magic Tower?”

“It seems that the Lord of the Black Tower is also very free. Listen to and attend other people’s Magic Tower events. Wouldn’t it be better to pay more attention to the Black Mage Tower with such passion?”

“The wizards of the Black Mage Tower are doing well on their own without my involvement. Thanks to you, I am very free.”

The smile of the black pagoda owner did not waver even though he openly gave her face.

Eugene didn’t like the black pagoda wine. To be honest, I don’t like it, and I’m reluctant.

Balzac Rudbesse. During the two years I lived in Arot, I heard about him many times. He was quite a special being compared to other mage tower owners.

decades ago. Balzac was not a warlock. Originally, he belonged to the Blue Mage Tower, and even there, he was an outstanding wizard who was almost certain to be the next Mage Tower owner. The owner of the blue tower at the time was Hiridus Uzlen, but when Balzac was in the Blue Magic Tower, Hiridus was evaluated as inferior to Balzac.

In just a few years, I would be able to climb to the top of the blue tower. At first, Balzac left the Blue Mage Tower and headed for Helmud. The reason was that he wanted to broaden his knowledge of magic.

10 years after that. Balzac, who had returned from Helmud, had become a warlock. Immediately after returning to Arot, he transferred his affiliation from the Blue Mage Tower to the Black Mage Tower, and rose to the position of the Black Mage Tower newly with the recognition of the Black Tower Master and the overwhelming support of the Black Wizards.

After ascending to the position of the Black Tower Master. Balzac did not do anything in Alot. Balzac managed to maintain a friendly relationship with Hiridus, who became the owner of the Blue Tower, and also maintained a friendly relationship with the Blue Magic Tower. He showed respect to the royal family and was close to the parliament. He wasn’t even hostile to the white or green mage towers.

The only thing that is far from each other is the Red Magic Tower, where Loberian is the owner of the tower. That was also why Loberian hated warlocks, not that he was hostile to the black mage tower at the level of the red mage tower.

in other words.

Balzac means that even though he is a warlock, he gets along well with his surroundings. From what Eugene saw, Balzac’s work was very common sense. He dared to bow his head to show respect for Lionheart, and he did not try to lead the situation or pressure anyone by putting up the demon king of confinement behind him.

At first glance, this is a very good black magician.

However, from Eugene’s point of view, there is simply no good black magician. In Eugene’s opinion, the only good black magicians in this world were dead bodies and idiots who couldn’t use magic.

“It will be very nice to have free time.”

I’m not feeling well, so I can’t help but say that. Eugene grinned openly, but her Balzac smiled and nodded her head.

“You must be having a hard time because Eugene is busy.”

no. Isn’t that just accepting it? Still, since he’s a human, don’t you like it when a young guy is being disgraced for a long time? I didn’t know why, but it was the first time Balzac had answered like that.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be sarcastic with Eugene.”

It sounds more sarcastic to say that. Eugene did not answer right away and stared blankly at her Balzac.

“You said that. I heard about Eugene. I hear you are leaving Arot the day after tomorrow and going to Ruhar and Nahama.”

“Your words are very long today.”

“It’s because of concerns about Eugene.”


suddenly? Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Balzac.

“Northern Luhar is close to Helmud.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“It means that Lionheart’s breath can’t reach. Originally, Luhar banned the entry of demons and black magicians, but five years ago, the royal family gave up their stubbornness.”


“There are many demons in Helmud. Among them, there are those who go against the will of my master, the demon king of confinement. In the first place, the demon king who reigns over Helmud is not just the demon king in captivity.”

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