Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 2

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Yujin put on a troubled face and waved her hand. Then Ciel giggled, covering her mouth with her hand, and she opened her mouth in Cyan’s stupidity. 

“I am Ciel Lionheart.”

Ciel, who was growing up, said. Xian took a deep breath after glancing at his mean brother.  

“You… I don’t have anything to do with you.”

“That’s too bad.”

“You disregarded my orders.”

“I am not in a position to listen to your orders.”

“And… and you insulted me.”

“What’s up?”

Eugene accepted the words as if he was chuimsae. The more he did, the more anger swelled in Xian’s chest. 

Why am I doing this with that baby? 

I’m not facing that countryhead for doing something like this. 

If I, the son of the parent, ordered it, you should follow it without talking back. 

Sian’s head was filled with stubborn stubbornness. brother. What are you going to do? Ciel clung to her brother’s side and blinked expectantly. 


I didn’t want to be ignored rather than live up to my brother’s expectations. I was ignored by that country guy this much, and it was obvious that my brother would make fun of me for days if I didn’t do anything. 

“You ignored and insulted me. So we have to duel.”

“That’s great logic.”

Eugene laughed incredulously. I never thought that the word duel would come out of her 13-year-old kid’s mouth. 

“friend. The word duel is not so easy to say.”

“Who is your friend?”

“Not friends. Anyway, don’t say anything and just go. Don’t even bother me.”

“Are you scared?”

Sian raised his chin arrogantly as if he knew that. It was an obvious provocation, but Eugene dared to keep his eyes open and glared at Xian. 


“okay. you’re scared Apologize quickly if you are afraid to duel with me.”

“What if I’m not scared, I don’t want to duel, and I don’t want to apologize?”

“You don’t even know what honor is?”

“I know very well that it is not light enough to be talked about by the likes of you.”

“Again… are you insulting me again?”

I felt insulted every time I spoke. Sian couldn’t hold it in any longer and thrust his hand into his bosom. 

“don’t do it.”

Yujin narrowed her eyes and said.

“A duel is not careless.”

‘That bastard. What is it that keeps telling me this and that?’

Xian took out a handkerchief while glaring at Yujin with wide eyes. 

“If you are afraid, say that you are afraid! I mean don’t run away while repeating hate and hate! Didn’t you learn what honor was from your parents?!”


Yujin’s head tilted at the yelling. Seeing him stare at him, Xian was happy inside that the provocation had worked. Then he unfolded his handkerchief and held it out.

“This is really the end. beg me for forgiveness and…”

“Throw it.”

Yujin said as she untied the knot in the sand bag.

“Let’s duel. Throw it quickly.”


“Throw it.”

thud! The sandbag on his left arm fell to the ground. Xian’s expression froze at the rising dust.


“handkerchief. Aren’t you throwing it?”

thud! The sandbag on his right arm also fell off. Eugene took off her chain vest and threw it behind her. The vest flew far away and fell to the floor, making a heavy sound. Xi’an gaped at the sight.


Ciel, who was having fun like everyone else, also exclaimed at the sight. Eugene leaned over her and took off her gizzard that hung from her leg.

“…you… have trained mana…!”

To the subject that had opened its mouth in surprise until just now. Xian scowled, distorting her face. A collateral child must not train mana until the Blood Ceremony. It has been a tradition of the Lionheart family for a long time. Only the children of the main family can train mana from an early age and take real weapons. 

Tradition was trampled on before our eyes. Now it was something that could not be dealt with with simple grumpiness and anger.

“You didn’t practice?”

Eugene replied with a sullen expression. she wasn’t lying She’s mana training. She could do it since she was a toddler, but she didn’t. 

He didn’t want to embarrass his father Jehard for nothing, and since he was reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth, it was because of his greed that he wanted to use his mana training method.

“An obvious lie…! How can you handle that weight if you haven’t even trained mana?!”

“It worked since I was seven years old.”

“Do not lie!”

“Why do you keep lying when you haven’t done it? If in doubt, check it out with a duel.”

Eugene sat down on the floor and undid the sand bag on the window. Xian, who was watching the scene with wide open eyes, felt his younger brother’s expectant gaze. She was helpless and felt Nina’s terrified gaze on her. The servants of the annex were also pacing by the window, showing interest in the riot at the dance floor. 

It was Xian who spoke of the duel first. It was Xian who took out the handkerchief first, and it was Xian who talked about honor while holding on to Eugene, who hated it. So now I couldn’t back down, and the crime of training mana before the blood line ceremony was added to the collateral subject.

So it must be punished. If she shut her mouth here and backed away, it was clear that her brother would play with her for the rest of her life, not just for a few days. first. Xian picked up the wooden sword that had fallen nearby. It was the wooden sword that Eugene had been wielding until now. 

“…a duel!”

Xian shouted and threw a handkerchief at Yujin. The blown handkerchief lands on Yu-jin’s shoulder. Around that time, Eugene was able to free all the sandbags hanging from his spearhead. 


Yujin nodded and stood up. 



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Xian was excited about the first duel in his life. Before and after throwing the handkerchief. Xian’s heart thumped with excitement. A arrogant, criminal who disregarded family traditions. How should I punish him? How to scold his younger brother to admire his older brother’s brilliance. 

That kind of thinking breaks down.

Eugene stabbed the spear at the same time as he stood up.

Xian took a few steps back, conscious of the wooden sword in his right hand, but could not properly respond to the movement of the spear.

Wow! The tip of the spear plunged into Xian’s stomach. 


Xian rolled on the ground with a scream.

lion heart

training window. It is a stick without a spear blade. Still, the tip is trimmed long, so if you stab it properly… it hurts terribly, even if it doesn’t penetrate.

What if it is properly inserted into the empty stomach?


It goes like that. Xian spewed vomit here and there as he rolled over. Ciel, who had been opening her mouth, approached Cian, screaming at her, and Nina, shocked, covered her mouth. 

“I won.”

Eugene put the window down as he spoke indifferently. If it was a real spear, he would have just died from the attack. Of course, this isn’t a real spear, but it was clear that the winner was still rolling on the ground after being hit in a vital spot. 

“Nina. Go get someone to take that bastard.”

“yes yes…!”


Even though she squeezes out her tears, the vomit doesn’t stop. Ciel, who had approached her worriedly, did not go close to her brother any longer because of his messy appearance. She instead raised her eyes and glared at her Eugene. 

“What is cowardice? The moment the handkerchief was thrown, the duel had already begun.”

“That’s… you’re right! Still, cowardice is cowardice.”

“Is your head a beautiful and peaceful flower garden? Cowardly in a duel that has already begun. Didn’t it end up like that because your stupid brother threw the handkerchief first and then caught the form?”

Ciel quietly shut his mouth at the fiercely fired words. He was at a loss for words to refute, but it was also because he did not understand for a moment what he said about whether his head was a beautiful and peaceful flower garden.

“…Did you say I was pretty?”

“Did he get the heat?”

“Anyway… Cowardice is cowardice. Your duel was not honorable.”

“Hey, they said they were twins, so the logic is amazing, but they look very similar.”

“I don’t look like my brother.”

“Does it look like a mental head? Then what is the honorable duel you think? Throwing a handkerchief. One, two, three, hey! Are you fighting?”


Ciel licked his lips and glanced at Cian. Sian, who was rolling on the floor, was sobbing with his body covered in vomit. Dirty is dirty, and he felt sorry for his brother’s misery.

“… Hit me gently.”

“I’m sorry, but I hit you softly enough.”

“Have you really not trained mana?”

Ciel asked with his eyes shining. While arranging her sandbags scattered on her floor, Eugene looked back at Ciel, clearly revealing her annoyance. 

“Aren’t you going?”

“Because you haven’t really trained mana.”

“You said you didn’t!”

“lie. How can you carry those heavy things when you haven’t trained Mana? And your attack. Even if my brother wasn’t caught off guard, he was so fast that he couldn’t react properly.”

The eyes that were shining with curiosity narrowed. At those words, Eugene stopped arranging her sandbags and stopped.

“Have you seen it?”

“Very little.”

“I guess the eyes aren’t very decorative, though.”

“Your manners are very bad.”

“It’s something I’ve heard a lot since a long time ago.”

I heard one word from everyone except Vermouth. While Eugene was piling sandbags in one place, Ciel stood there and stared at Eugene’s back. He couldn’t see the details of the movements of the muscles hidden by his clothes, but he seemed to be using only muscle power without using mana. 

So Ciel couldn’t understand even more. Ciel and Xian had been training their bodies since they were children. from the age of seven? Ciel thought deeply, recalling what Eugene had said earlier.

‘It was pretty solid for a 13-year-old kid.’

The moment the tip of the spear touched it, I felt a sense of resistance. Evidence that the body has been trained to the extent that one cannot think of one’s age. In addition, the power to push back in reverse meant that the body had already accumulated enough mana to respond to a crisis. 

It wasn’t like he was beaten. The moment the attack landed, Xian instinctively tried to pull his body back. A kid with no practical experience. It meant instinctively trying to get out of the crisis. 

‘Great for a kid. But for a descendant of Vermouth, it’s trash.’

Of course, Eugene does not know how strong the 13-year-old Vermouth was. The first time I met him was when Eugene and Hamel were 20 years old. Still, I was able to make a rough guess. 

Cyan Lionhart. That little boy, who had been taught by his family since childhood, was unbelievably poor because he was a descendant of Vermouth.

‘Still, there are sprouts.’

It’s because the standard is vermouth. If you look at the future potential, Xian’s budding was fine. And Ciel too. Even though they haven’t competed directly, they seem to have good eyesight. 

“You… you dare… me…!”

Xian looked up at Yujin while breathing heavily. My head is spinning. It hurts every time I move, as if the center of my body had been pierced, and a fishy, ​​rotten taste lingers in my mouth.

“Cowardly… cowardly…!”

“It’s the same as saying that they’re twins.”

Yujin smiled and looked at Xian. 

“I don’t want to repeat what I said. Ask your brother what I said.”

“This… son of a bitch…!”

“Or maybe I tried to rummage through your memories. Wouldn’t your ears have been open while you were throwing up all over the place?”

Sian didn’t respond. surely. Even when he was terribly sick and felt like he was about to go crazy, he heard Eugene’s words. 

but. Even if he wasn’t cowardly, thirteen-year-old Xian couldn’t quite accept his defeat. To be so ugly in front of his brother and attendants!

“I need to clean up.”

Yujin stared at Xian’s distorted face with humiliation and raised the pills.

“It’s all you threw up. If you clean all of that, I’ll clean the wagon too. So it’s fair and good. right?”

“Dare… dare…!”

“And if you lose a duel, it is honorable and polite to humbly admit that you have ‘lost’. Talking about honor and honor like that… you’re not trying to do something dishonorable, are you?”


I can’t refute it, I’m angry, my body hurts, my mouth tastes disgusting, everything is sad. Even if it was less painful, I would have risen and asked to fight again. Today’s Xian couldn’t do that. 

The bitter sorrow and resentment turned into tears. Sian sniffed and lowered his head. Of course, Eugene did not feel pity for the sight. Wasn’t that kid the one who screwed up his attitude in the first place? 

However… I did feel a bit skeptical about myself being slender against a thirteen-year-old kid.

‘I should have just endured it. Doesn’t it just cause shit?’

There was also a little worry about the future. I was openly bullied and ignored from the start, but I made Xian, the son of my family, into that kind of thing… Actually, more than anything else, I was worried that a flaming arrow might be flying at my father in the countryside, blaming this incident.

‘Just do it. Just snap.’

While Eugene was thinking about this and that. Xian desperately held back his tears. She didn’t want to look ugly anymore… but she didn’t even admit defeat. It was the stubbornness of a child. 

“young master!”

The shouts heard from afar quickly approached. A tall, uniformed man arrived at the gymnasium. Farther back, Nina was running toward her, holding the hem of her skirt in her hands.

“This… what the hell is this?”

The one that doesn’t have a lion drawn on its chest. Calling with Doryunnim. The man seemed to be a knight appointed by his family. 


Eugene’s eyes lit up at the man’s movements. I don’t know his exact age, but he seems to be much better than Gordon, who was escorting him all the way here.

“Heh… Hezar.”

Sian had tears in his eyes as he looked at the man.

“I… I lost. I asked that bastard… to a duel… but he lost…”


Hezar glanced at Eugene with a firm expression. Then he lowered his body and raised Xian. Vomit smears on Hezar’s hands and uniform. Seeing that scene, Ciel took several steps back as if he was disgusted.

“…I’m late in greeting you. My name is Hezar, who is in charge of Master Xian’s guidance.”

Hezar supported Xian and bowed his head.

“I heard the story from the attendant, but I couldn’t hear it to the end because I was in such a hurry. …what the hell… what happened?”

“I am Eugene Lionheart from Gidoll.”

Eugene did not lower his head.

“If it’s a key stone… it’s the place where Jehard’s family is.”

“yes. You are my father. What’s the situation… Xi’an is arguing with me. I didn’t want to respond…”

Yujin stared at Xian’s face and continued.

“Sian insulted my father.”

“When did I!”

“You said you didn’t learn what honor was from your father, and he said I was a coward.”

At those words, Xian’s face turned red.

“I also said that I smelled like cow dung.”

“…Really. Your body smells like cow dung…!”

“Shut up because your mouth smells like vomit.”

Yujin opened her eyes and glared at Xian. Seeing that line of sight, Xian trembled without realizing it. The pit of the stomach that was hit properly is still throbbing.

“…so a duel?”

“Sian insulted my father as well as me. Sir Hezar. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t accept the duel?”

At that question, Hezar felt a strong sense of incongruity. The boy in front of me must be the same age as Xian and Ciel. Even so, the conversation is not preceded by emotion and the tone is calm. Hezar, who had suffered from the twins’ whining for years, did not dare to judge whether the boy in front of him was abnormal or the twins.

“…the reason is valid, but… it seems that the hand was too much.”

“Isn’t it an insult to show mercy in a duel?”


“Sir Hezar. If my skills are clumsy, I would be grateful for advice, but I don’t want to hear advice from people who say that my hands are overworked.”

“…I apologize for the presumptuous words.”

Hezar lowered his head once more. Xian, who was supported by him, distorted his face.

“Hazar! That bastard, you trained mana. It’s a collateral! You trained mana without even going through the blood ceremony!”

“You asked me to close your mouth.”

Yujin tilted her head and glared at Xian. Xian closed his mouth again and lowered his gaze.

“…young master.”

Hezar let out a long sigh and shook his head. 

“Eugene did not train mana.”

“Hazar! Are you lying too?!”

“What is the reason for me to lie to you…”

“It makes no sense…! He didn’t even train mana, but he beat me! And… and that! Those sandbags! Wearing them on your body…”

“Eugene-sama doesn’t feel mana.”

Hezar glanced at the sandbags behind him and said. At first glance, it seems quite heavy. Did you move with all of that on your body? Hezar couldn’t easily imagine the scene.

However, no matter how many times he looked, Eugene couldn’t feel the mana.

“A lie… a lie.”

“Sian. First… look at the injury.”

Hezar looked at Eugene’s expression as he spoke calmly. 

“I pierced my stomach with a spear.”

“…where else?”

“It was a blow.”

A blow… Hezar let out a low moan, and Xian chewed his lips in shame.

“…Then… Eugene-nim. See you next time.”

Hezar said no more and politely bowed his head. Nina, who had been running from afar, arrived at the gym around that time. She didn’t know what to do, but lowered her head.

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about?”

Eugene grinned as he saw Hezar walking away and Xian’s shoulder drooping, who was still being supported. What are you doing with this kid? It was true that she had such doubts, but she enjoyed fixing the dear kid’s quirks.  

“See you later.” 

Ciel, who had been following behind Hezar, looked back at Eugene and smiled. 


Eugene smiled and waved at Ciel.



Anicilla tried to calm her excitement. But she has her son in front of her who cries so much that her eyes are swollen, so her feelings can’t get her way. Anisilla pounded her chest in her tightness, and squeezed her fan to cool the heat in her face.

“…my son. Xian. A kid from a collateral… He asked for a duel and lost?”


Hezar couldn’t lift his bowed head. I didn’t want to raise my head for no reason and get further scolded by that filthy tigress.

“Anyway, that kid. You mean you haven’t trained Mana either?” 



Anicilla’s reaction was the same as Xian’s. She looked at her son in disbelief. Xian sniffed her nose and lowered her gaze. 

“Come here.”


“Come here!”

Anicilla couldn’t stand it any longer and screamed. Sian shrugged her body as she shrugged her shoulders. And yet, with a hesitant step, she approached the front of Anisilla. 

Anicilla held out her wheezing breath and stretched out her hand. 


The hand that presses the stomach is strong. The pain hadn’t subsided yet… Hezar glanced at Xian with pity, then put his head down again.

“Is that even in one blow?”

“Oh, mother. sick…!”

“Stay still!”

Xi’an’s body, which had been stepping back, stiffened. Annie Silla pressed her son’s stomach with her unstoppable touch. Every time that happened, Xian gritted his teeth and held back his screams. 

Ciel, sitting in the back, watched the scene with a pouty face. The desire to say something was like a chimney, but even young Ciel knew well that there would be no gain from him opening his mouth now. 

“Hazar. Can you swear your eyes are correct?”


“I asked if I could swear. that kid Did you really not train mana?”

“I can swear.”

Under any circumstance, an oath is something that should not be taken lightly. However, if he remained silent now, the future would be terrifying, and Hezar was confident in his judgment.

“Jehard’s son. Eugene did not train mana. Not even a handful of mana existed in his body.”



Anicilla searched for her memory. A name that doesn’t immediately come to mind. It’s a name not worth remembering. So… obviously from the Gidol region. It seems that the name of the worm that didn’t even have a title that was stuck in that corner was Jehard. It is a family that split from the original family hundreds of years ago and has never stood out even once.

“My son.”

Anicilla pulled Xian’s clothes up. Xian shuddered and closed her eyes tightly. 

“A guy who didn’t even train mana… You lost in one blow.”

The belly skin is darkly discolored. Anicilla laughed at the deep bruise. She was also the son of a samurai family. Her father is Count Kaynes, who holds a post in the military. 

“blow. No doubt. Ciel, how did your brother lose?”

“Oh, mother. that is…”

“I didn’t ask you.”

Anicilla opened her eyes and glared at her son. Her eyes are fierce enough to believe that she is looking at her 13-year-old son.

“…The moment the duel started. Eugene stabbed the window.”

Ciel pursed his lips and said.

“My brother was surprised and tried to fall back, but Eugene’s spear was faster than that.”

“The distance?”

“It’s a bit far.”

“What was your brother doing at that moment?”

“I was trying to lift the sword up.”

at least an hour ago. It wasn’t long enough to recall. Whenever Ciel’s words continued, Xian trembled with anxiety.


Anicilla, who heard everything, spat out a trembling voice.


ㅡSmash! Xian’s head turned to the side. Xian, who had guessed that this would happen, gritted his teeth and held back his moans.

“You haven’t even trained mana! A kid of the same age as you…! Go first! allowed?! I can’t even dodge properly! Let him close the distance! You were beaten like that and fell down with vomit everywhere?!”

Anicilla let out a sharp scream and repeatedly slapped Xian’s cheek. Whenever that happens, Xian’s head turns left and right. It’s not about deliberately hitting. A slap that didn’t even carry mana. However, for a corporal punishment inflicted on a young son, it is extreme.

“In front of others… lowly things! Are you defeated by the subject you asked for a duel in the first place?! Do you want to see your mother hang from shame?!”

“Sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry mother…”

I held back the screams, but I couldn’t stop crying. Sian sniffed her nose and burst into tears. But Anicilla felt more anger than pity in her at her son’s crying. 

“What are you crying about doing well?”


“Why did you do something stupid and put your mother in trouble! Your father will be back soon because it’s a blood ceremony, and I don’t know what expression to greet you then…! Theonis, what kind of face should I look at that girl?!”

The head of the Lionheart family. Guillaid Lionheart had been away from his home for three years for training reasons. 

In that case, originally, the one holding the real power of the family should be Theonis, the royal wife. However, now that the head of the family is absent, it was Anicilla, not the royal family, who held the actual power of the head family. 

It was for a simple reason. Theonis gave birth to his son, Iod, and became a body that could no longer have children. Gilreid, who wanted to prepare for his successor, was not satisfied with just one son.

So he took a second wife, and Anicilla gave birth to twins. 

‘Three people are enough.’

Gilade always said that, but Anicilla couldn’t agree with that. The daughter of Count Kaynes. The reason why she refused various good marriage paths and entered the concubine room that she couldn’t even recommend was because she coveted the value of the name Lionheart. 

“I… they will laugh at me. It must be.”

Anicilla chewed her fingernails and remembered Theonis’s face. Her mother’s nervous look frightened her, and her eyes stammered at her words.

“Everyone, I will duel again. So that my mother will not be put to shame, once again…”


Anicilla’s voice rose sharply.

“Why do you want to duel again with a subject who has already been defeated?! Don’t do anything stupid, and stay calm until the Blood Ceremony begins!” 



Anicilla did not listen to her son until the end and shouted out loud. Hezar’s shoulders trembled as she bowed her head.


“I want to kill you.”

Anicilla’s fists trembled.

“But… I can’t. That shouldn’t be the case…! You’re… your husband’s favorite knight. Your teaching may not have been wrong. yes?”


“Your teachings were right, but my… son…! I didn’t learn properly, so I was defeated by that country boy.”


A situation that cannot be affirmed or denied. In this case, it is better to ask for forgiveness than to remain silent.

“…Take Xian out.”


“Go, train. So that you don’t disgrace my face again.”

Hezar nodded and stepped back. Xian followed Anicilla’s orders without resistance even though he was crying. 

“Ciel. You will stay for a while.”


Ciel’s expression crumpled as he tried to sneak out together. She sat quietly back in her seat and glanced at Anicilla in the face.

“…That kid. Didn’t you say your name was Eugene?”


“Did you challenge that kid to a duel too?”

“No, I didn’t ask.”


“Your brother lost in one blow. If I had fought, I wouldn’t have won.”

Ciel replied in a low voice. He answered honestly, but he was afraid that this answer might make her mother even more angry.

“Good job.”

However, Anicilla did not burst into anger as before. She gazed at her daughter with rather calm eyes. 

“If you had come defeated too… I would have hanged myself in shame.”

“Don’t say that, Mother.”

Ciel cried. Of course she knows that her own mother is the one who will not end her life under any circumstances. But she had learned from a young age that she had to act pretty to make her mother feel better. 

“…Eugene. How is that guy?”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“It looks or feels.”

“Your face is… Umm… You are more handsome than my brother. It felt a bit strange…”

“Strange? what?”

“When I was arguing with my brother, I was very childish and nasty, but when I was talking to Hezar, I was very grown-up.”

At those words, Anicilla thought for a moment. She said she was thirteen, so I know what it feels like to be childish and sarcastic. But was she like an adult when dealing with Hezar? 

“Just… just talking about honor. Showing mercy in a duel was also said to be an insult to the opponent. Eugene said that, so Hezar apologized.”


“yes. I heard you said something presumptuous.”

Ciel recalled that moment and unknowingly smiled. She soon realized she was in no position to laugh and changed her expression, but Annie Cilla did not point out her laugh at her Ciel. 

‘…Presumptuous words…?’

I thought I’d have to call Hezar again later to hear the story. Annie Sheila said with a slight nod of her head.

“Are you angry that Eugene hit your brother?”


It’s a lie. It wasn’t that she hated her brother, but it was funny how she cried while pretending to be proud. 

“Don’t try to avenge your brother for nothing.”

Anicilla knew what her daughter was thinking. Since she was born as twins, she has been attached to them since she was little, a child who followed her brother around and did mischief. Rather than her affection for her brother, she is her child, prioritizing her own pleasure.

“…For the time being, your brother will be busy receiving Hezar’s guidance.”

“I will join you too.”

“Of course it should. But don’t be too engrossed, Eugene… get to know him.”


“The more friends the better.”

Anicilla’s eyes cooled coldly. The kid who defeated her son and shamed herself. But the story of her defeating her son on a subject she did not practice even with mana is amazing. 

“…Eugene. He’s still strong enough to beat your brother. So it’s better to be friends.” 

“Is that so?”


Anicilla cooled her boiling emotions. To be honest, I want to turn him into an asshole who can’t move his body for the rest of his life. But she can’t. 

hundreds of years ago. There had been a quarrel over the position of the head of the Lionheart family. It was somehow managed, but since then, it has been considered a taboo within the family. In the first place, the current head of the family, Gilade, said ‘three is enough’ because he was worried that the brothers would kill each other if they increased the number of heirs to the family. 

Anicilla herself did not want to break a taboo that had been passed down for hundreds of years. 

‘If I hurt him, I’ll be the one who gets the most suspicion.’

In the first place, the blood lineage ceremony is a tradition in which the head family openly persecutes the collateral line. There is a ‘line’ that needs to be followed. Attaching a clumsy attendant exclusively, giving out an outbuilding that is not being used, and harassing people with faults over trivial matters is not something that crosses the ‘line’.

But if you cross the line.

The guardians of Kaheon will intervene. 

My body trembles with horror just by imagining it. Anicilla didn’t want to get involved with Gaheon’s guardians through such disgrace…

“Okay, mother.”

After thinking for a moment, Ciel smiled and nodded.

“I will be friends with Eugene. Is that okay?”

I didn’t even think about disliking it.

Ciel was curious about the unknown relative.


Nothing happened.


Nothing really happened. Since Xian, the child of the main family, was made like that, I thought there would be some kind of sanctions… As if there was no duel with Xian, the annex was peaceful.

In fact, it’s just that nothing relatable happened, but it wasn’t that there wasn’t a lot of change. After the duel, the gaze of the attendants in the outbuilding changed. They were wary of Eugene’s behavior and didn’t try to get close.

It must be that you don’t want to be hit with sparks together. 

“Are you okay?”

Eugene stared at Nina and asked. The morning after the first night in the annex. Eugene and Nina were the only ones in the restaurant on the first floor. Still, there were several dishes prepared on the large table.  

“What are you talking about?”

“The one following me.”

Yu-jin said indifferently and cut the meat. The meat is too big for breakfast. Among all these foods, the only thing Eugene asked for was meat. He moves his body vigorously, but if he eats poorly, he loses his physical strength as well as his muscle strength.


Nina was quick to respond. While she hesitated, Eugene stuffed the meat she had cut with her knife into her mouth. 

“…I notice it, but… it’s something I can’t help. While Eugene is at his home, I am Eugene’s exclusive attendant.”

“You don’t have to be loyal to me, who will leave in a month at most. You’re not going to continue working at the family home even after I leave.”

“…It’s not necessarily because of loyalty. The one who ordered me to become Yujin-nim’s exclusive possession was the head of the main house, and the one who ordered the chief of staff was probably the second mistress.”

Nina smiled bitterly and shook her head.

“If you neglect your work while paying attention, that means ignoring the second mistress’s order. That’s why I have to wait on Eugene even more while paying attention.” 

“It’s a good mindset.”

Eugene smiled and pushed the empty plate aside. Then he grabbed both legs the size of his forearms with his bare hands.

“It’s not necessarily because of loyalty. You mean you don’t have a lot of loyalty to me?”

“…because you are my master, even temporarily.”

“Then I have no choice but to behave like a master. If you ever get into trouble because of me, don’t just keep it inside and say it right away.”


“What are you? You became my exclusive attendant because you were unlucky, and I was also assigned as an exclusive attendant by accident. So, let’s get along without feeling uncomfortable with each other.”

“Ha, but…”

“It’s done. In the future, do not ask questions about the orders I give you, but follow them. okay?”


“Then go get some towels.”

Instead of speaking further, Eugene tore off his legs with his mouth wide open. Nina was stunned for a moment, then stepped back behind her, bowing her head. 

“…it seems like a wet towel won’t be enough. I’ll put it in a basin and bring it.”

“I really like the unsolicited opinion.”

Eugene grinned as he chewed on the meat.

“Oh, and. On your way to the kitchen, tell the chef. For lunch, increase the proportion of meat rather than breakfast, and don’t try to cook grandiose dishes for no reason, just serve lean meat.”


Nina looked sideways at the table as she politely withdrew. Are you saying you can eat all of that by yourself?

Of course, Eugene ate it all. He ate this and that well without any picky eaters from his previous life.

‘I’ve eaten monsters and monsters.’

After scraping the meat from his teeth, Eugene washed his hands in a basin. Then he left the table, stroking his full stomach. Nina quickly followed after Eugene. 

“Has there been news of anyone coming today?”

“I haven’t heard of it separately.”

“Then go find out. I will be going to the gymnasium.”

“yes. By the way, um… You just finished eating. If you move right away, your stomach will hurt…”

“Thank you for worrying, but it’s useless. Even if I eat and run right away, my stomach doesn’t hurt.”

Nina, who has a normal body, couldn’t understand that. She did, but she didn’t ask more and backed off. 

It’s not a lie. It is a body that has not suffered from minor illnesses since childhood. Even the palms that were torn from swinging a spear yesterday had healed without a single wound. 

‘Because it’s a fraudulent body.’

Come to think of it, even in his previous life, Vermouth rarely used healing magic or potions. He seldom suffered injuries, but on the occasional occasion his body would heal itself. 

Thanks to this, Anise and Senya’s healing magic was almost exclusive to Moron and Hamel. 

‘Isn’t it because you ignorantly jump forward and get hurt all the time!’

‘Hey, that bastard jumped out first!’

‘It’s because that bastard is an asshole. Why are you following that bastard? Are you a coward?’

‘Then f*ck, should I just let that bastard get beaten up? Why are you f*cking with me!’

‘Eh, let’s not talk. Look at the vermouth. Can’t we fight cleanly without getting hurt like he did?’

‘Why do you talk more like a f*ck when you’re not talking?’

Every time Senya returned full of scars, Hamel would stir-fry. Even though 13 years have passed since I was reincarnated… my memories of my previous life were clear and not vague.

‘…Vermouth died and held a funeral. I don’t know if the other three are dead or alive.’

Are you smart She, who served as the owner of the Mage Tower for the longest time in the history of Arot in the Kingdom of Darkness, suddenly went into seclusion about two hundred years ago. Her whereabouts after that are unknown.

faithful anise. She was revered as a saint in the Holy Empire, Juras, but in her later years she withdrew from the central shrine and became a pilgrim. At the time, even the Pope of the Holy Empire had not heard of where she left for the pilgrimage.

Moron like a climber. The first king of the Northern Kingdom of Luhar. Fortunately, he was alive until relatively recently. It was a hundred years ago, at least recently, but… He abdicated from the throne and lived leisurely, and appeared on the anniversary of the founding of a hundred years ago.  

‘No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think they’ll die…’

It’s a meaningless thought.

Even the most immortal vermouth died two hundred years ago. 

Yujin shook her head, feeling her taste bitter. 

The gymnasium where Xi’an sprinkled vomit yesterday was neatly tidied up. Of course, the cleaning was done by Nina.

“What are you doing here?”

“You have been waiting.”

Ciel was standing in the gymnasium. She smiled as she waved her hand at her Eugene.

“Did you come to eat? It smells like meat.”

“I brushed my teeth.”

“What if you just wipe your mouth? It smells like your body.”

“Doesn’t it smell like cow dung?”

“That’s what my brother said. I never said that your body smells like cow dung. And I, I don’t know what cow dung smells like.”

“The smell of cow dung is the smell of dung. If you don’t know, take a poop and smell it.”


“Why did I wait?”

Yesterday nothing happened Could it be that you came here to f*ck after a day? Eugene opened her eyes thinly and glared at Ciel.

“I want to train with you.”

Ciel replied with a giggle. 

“Look, I also wore a uniform for training.”


Eugene looked at Ciel’s clothes while giving a rough answer. It was a traditional attire with a lion engraved on the left chest, claiming to be of the original family.

‘There were no lions in the clothes I was given to wear.’

“Where did you leave your brother behind?”

“My brother is training with Hezar. I know that? Her mother was very angry with you yesterday. My older brother was beaten more than ten times.”



At those words, Yujin narrowed her eyes. She thought, of course, that she grew up only receiving prettiness.

“But why didn’t you hit me?”

“Why is your mother beating you?”

“You’re mad at me and you hit your brother.”

“Um… that’s right. Her mother is angry because her brother lost a duel with you.”

“No, so… after all, you’re angry because of me.”

“That’s right.”

Even if you are intelligent, a child is a lover. Eugene keenly realized that fact. 

“…Does your mother know that you are here?”

“know. Her mother told her to be friendly with you.”

What kind of bullshit are you saying that he got angry enough to beat his son up because of me and told him to be close to him? Eugene barely swallowed her cry, which soared in her throat. How could that little kid figure out what the second wife of the family was up to?


“You said yesterday. They say we are friends because we are the same age.”

“I heard that your brother is the same age, so we are not friends.”

“That’s what my brother said. I don’t think so. So you’re not going to be friends with me?”

“…let’s do it. Friend, since I’m going to practice, can’t you just go over there and play without bothering me?”

“Will you play with me?”

“No, I will train.”

“Then I want to train too.”

Let’s just not deal with it. It should have been like this right away, but Eugene clicked her tongue and headed for the warehouse in the corner of the gymnasium. 

“You swung the spear yesterday. Are you swinging the spear today?”


“then? knife?” 

“Get off your sweat first.”

Eugene opened the warehouse door. The inside of the warehouse, which had accumulated dust just yesterday, had been cleaned overnight. It was obvious who it was. It looks like Nina has been cleaning all night.

“Do you like it.”

Yujin muttered that and entered the warehouse. It wasn’t just the dust, it was also tidy. Especially sandbags. The surface is smooth and heavier than yesterday. It looked like the leather had been cleaned and sand had been refilled. 

‘…Still, there are very few things that have original bodies, so there’s nothing I’m craving.’

Today is the day I feel like throwing an axe. There wasn’t even an ax. In the end, Eugene left the warehouse with only her sandbags full. 

“What about weapons?”

“I’m going to do a bare-body workout.”

Eugene sat down on the floor and hung sandbags from his limbs. Ciel watched the scene, and then came out with a bag of sand from the warehouse.

“I want to join you too.”

“What do you do?”

“It’s no fun just watching.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

Eugene raised his body hanging from the sand bag. Then she started running around the gym.

‘…It’s heavy.’

Ciel staggered and stood up from his seat. The accumulated mana in her body spreads throughout her body, boosting her strength. Ciel was able to control himself only after doing so.

‘How can he jump like that with his bare body?’

Ciel followed Eugene in disbelief. Eugene, who had just run out, took a full lap around his gymnasium, breathing heavily. Ciel waited at his seat for a while, then ran along with Eugene as he returned.

“Have you really not trained mana?”

“Because I didn’t. Do not talk to me.”

“It’s amazing… how do you run with this hanging when you haven’t even trained mana?”

“Speak, talk, don’t.”

Eugene opened his eyes and shot at him. Then Ciel stuck out her tongue and closed her mouth. 


Nina went to her parents’ house to follow Eugene’s orders. She was prepared that she would hear her bitter voice, but unexpectedly, the family attendants did not persecute her. 

‘Isn’t that what Eugene-nim ordered me to do?’


‘okay. After noon today…’

Although he showed signs of wariness, he answered questions meekly. She returned to the gymnasium in the annex as Nina was puzzled by that fact. 


Nina opened her mouth at the sight in front of her. 

“hi. Attendant.”

“Her name is Nina.”

“Hello, Nina.”

Ciel smiled as he balanced his staggering body. Now she was sitting on her Eugene’s back, carrying her full bag of sand. 

“Oh, hello…”

Nina belatedly bowed her head. Even so, only her pupils glanced up to see Eugene. Eugene was sweating profusely while doing her push-ups.

“…What number is it now?”


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