Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 21

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‘…really… is that sandstorm the work of the sandcastles?’

to invade other countries.

As a warrior, Rahman doesn’t think it’s a bad thing. What is wrong with the strong taking away from the weak? Not only this desert, but everything in the world is the best of the weak.

Is an invasion using a sandstorm… evil? Rahman thought that a ‘real’ war, in which the blood of warriors was shed, was right if he was going to wage war. However, if the great sultan cherishes and cherishes the blood of warriors. With the blood so preserved, if one day a great war of conquest would be waged. I will prepare for war with a happy and grateful heart.

It was a warrior’s wish.

Rahman Shulhob, who was not a warrior, felt an unholy heart squirm deep in his heart.

Rahman tried to ignore that feeling.



A day had passed since I accompanied Rahman, and I entered the Khazani Desert. As Rahman and his lieutenant had said, the desert was barren and empty. A desert where no life can live. But that’s all, after entering the desert, he did not face any danger for half a day.

Then I suddenly saw an oasis. Rahman stared at the oasis in the distance with eyes that she couldn’t believe.

There is no oasis in Kazani. So no one can survive. Rahman knew that all too well. But it is an oasis. Did that terrible sandstorm overturn the ground and cause the bedrock water to burst? Or did the rain secretly pour and collect on the ground? Either way, Rahman felt the oasis in the distance was a miracle in the desert.

“It’s fake.”

Rahman looked at Oasis with ecstatic eyes, but Eugene spat out in a cold voice.


“It’s fake.”

“Is that a mirage?”

“If you can see an oasis through a mirage, there must be a real oasis somewhere far away. But no. That’s illusion magic.”

Eugene was sure of him. From there, he felt that the density of mana was different. However, Raman, like Eugene, did not realize that it was illusion magic. It was because his sense of mana was much lower than Eugene’s, and he did not have a deep understanding of magic like Eugene’s.

“It’s like this.”

Eugene nodded and laughed.

“Are they going to the wrong place by showing me a mirage so that they don’t come close? That would be even more suspicious.”

“That’s magic… nonsense.”

“Hey Rahman. Escapism is only in your head. Don’t piss me off by spitting it out of your mouth.”


“It is good that you remain loyal to your master. Is your master my master? isn’t it?”

“…don’t insult my master.”

“When did I ask you to see your owner? What is an insult is an insult How sensitive are things these days? You keep selling insults for nothing.”

what else are these days? Rahman lowered his gaze as his shoulders drooped.

“…If that’s an illusion magic, then what? It’s dangerous to go somewhere else… He’s trying to turn around while using magic like that…”

“You have to see that.”

Eugene smiled and walked towards the oasis in the distance.

“Didn’t you just say the illusion magic? But why are you going this way?”

“To make sure you’re heading back to get them to safety.”


“For desert travelers, an oasis is a very valuable place. Once you see the oasis, you want to stop by at least once.”

“…no way. Do you think there will be an ambush there?”

“Perhaps it is? If it were me, it would have been. It’s overwhelmingly more convenient and efficient to let them come and slit their throats than to calmly let out unknown intruders.”

Raman looked at Eugene with trembling eyes. Reasonably true, it was hard to believe that such a judgment came from a 19-year-old boy.

“…If that’s really the case… why would you risk it…?”

“It’s good to check.”

Eugene replied and pulled out a map from his cloak. If you want to go straight to your hometown 300 years ago, you have to pass through that oasis. It might be dangerous, so avoiding it was one of the ways.

but. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be like leaving a trap that you don’t know what it is?

Even if Hamel knew it was a trap 300 years ago, he was the type to go in and check it for himself. Hamel did not consider him reckless. I can handle it, so I just did it. What if it’s a trap? You can smash it. What if it’s not a trap? You should go with a more comfortable mind.

Eugene hoped that the oasis was a trap. I hoped that someone was ambushed there. Then it will be a little easier to judge the situation in the future.

That there is a tomb somewhere in this desert.

The existence of Nahama’s Sandcastle is just a suspicion.

The oasis in front of me was created by illusion magic. That fact tilts Eugene’s suspicion toward certainty.

If that was a trap to bury the traveler in the desert, not to lead the traveler to a safe place.

‘I have to be sure.’

Judgment must then be made again. Will you explore a tomb alone that you don’t know exists? Or do you ask for permission properly?

‘Emir of Khajitan. Raman Shulhov, the commander of the 2nd division of the escort. There is a minimum insurance… If it doesn’t work out, Lionheart’s name can be used as insurance.’

If everything is ignored. That there is something out there that can turn Lionheart into an enemy.

‘What is that?’


‘Is that entirely Nahama’s decision?’

There is Amelia Merwin in Nahama. A black magician who made a direct contract with the demon lord of confinement. It is a well-known fact that she plays a large part in Nahama’s power. If Nahama really intends to go to war… is that Helmud’s will? Or is Nahama deceiving Helmud’s eyes and growing his greed?

It is unknown.

However, Eugene could not ignore the suspicion that the Demon King and Helmud might be related.

should not be ignored

“Sir, it’s f*cking hard to find a grave.”

“…a grave? Did you come to the grave in Khazani?”


“I can’t… Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“What would you do if you knew?”

“There is a separate cemetery in Kazani. Direct me there right away…”

“It is not a cemetery. There is a separate grave I am looking for.”

“I don’t know which grave you are looking for, but there are hundreds and thousands of bodies buried in this vast desert.”



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“I guess. Are you from Khazani?”

Eugene spat out without looking back at Raman. Rahman couldn’t answer and pursed her lips.

“It’s like waking up after seeing Oasis earlier. It’s like being startled by a common sandstorm. Also, your mood changed when I mentioned the sandcastle.”


“Are you of pioneer origin? You luckily survived the sandstorm, somehow made it into Khajitan… and got picked up by your master? So I don’t want to connect the owner with the sandstorm, I’m starting to get a little suspicious…”


“Hey Rahman. Let me give you one piece of advice. Speaking of worldly things, most of the things you want to believe are not true. In particular, most of the f*cking suspicions are true.”

Rahman gritted it.

“It is true that you have been favored by your master, but it is also true that your master knows about the origin of the sandstorm. What Tyri Al Madani didn’t realize was that I’m strong enough to kill you or your men with ease. And he didn’t know he would be stubborn enough to go into Khazani, ignoring threats and warnings.”

“…that can’t be.”

“I told you that escapism is only in your head, right? do whatever you want It’s up to you what you believe in.”

Eugene laughed and stepped forward. At that moment, Raman’s expression changed. He kicked off the ground and ran into Eugene’s back.


It wasn’t an attack. Raman was frightened and pushed Eugene’s back, and a black blade soared from the sand beneath Eugene’s feet.

Raman’s hand couldn’t push Eugene’s back. Eugene jumped up and spun his body in the air.

“You noticed, but I wouldn’t have known?”

Yujin grumbled and summoned the wind spirit.

ㅡPughak! The sand on the ground was blown away by the strong wind.


Intermediate wind spirit, Gale. If Sylph creates a breeze, Gale creates a strong wind. It is a desert where no wind blows, but the moment Gail is summoned, strong winds lift the sandy bottom.

No, it wasn’t to the extent of being caught. Eugene’s capacity amplified Gale’s power. A roar like a bomb exploding. The sand all at once flew out, and Raman, who tried to push Eugene, flew into the air at the same time.


Raman screamed in bewilderment, but Eugene, who was floating in the air, glared down. Deep in the cracked floor, a man with a mask covering his face stumbled. Black Mask. The color of the ears is particularly dark. A sudden explosion caused blood to burst from his ears.


Not one. Eugene’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings. In a place where the wind does not reach, you can see the sand moving little by little.

Eugene’s consciousness reaches Gail. The shapeless wind roars fiercely and roars. Quarrrrr! All the sand in this area was lifted, and Eugene’s magic continued.

‘It’s good that there are many things that can be used.’

Dozens of sand lumps explode again. The sand that exploded hit the Assassins who were in ambush. They hurriedly raised the mana shield and threw themselves away, but it was impossible to avoid all the grains of sand that captured the wide area.

Blood splattered here and there. The Assassin who first attacked Eugene became an unfortunate and terrible figure. He was too close to counterattack, and was wounded first so he couldn’t even respond properly. It was pierced by hundreds of sand bullets and turned into a hive.

Still, he didn’t let out a single scream. The Assassins of Nahama do not scream under any circumstances. But just because he doesn’t scream doesn’t mean he’s insensitive to pain, and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t die. He couldn’t stand up any longer and fell to the floor.

The other Assassins were slightly better. Although his body was pierced and bleeding, it was not enough to cause him to collapse. They quickly backed away and glared at Eugene.

Two eyes not covered by the mask. A colleague died right in front of them, but there was no emotion of fear in their eyes. It wasn’t even anger. Assassins don’t need those feelings.

“It was self-defense.”

Eugene once said so.

“You guys were the first to attack. If I hadn’t dodged it, my crotch would have been split in half.”

“Mu, lower your weapon!”

Raman, who had fallen far away, jumped up and shouted.

“I am… Rahman Shulhob, the emir of Khajitan, a warrior in the service of Tyri al-Madani. The one you are now hostile to is my master’s guest!”

The fact that Assassin was really ambushed here shook Raman’s mind, but Raman did not forget why he had been brought here.

“So, put down your weapons and step back. If not, I will regard it as a challenge to my master, Emir of Khajitan.”

I shouted like that, but

Raman’s eyes were wet with a dark light.

The Assassins did not back down, nor did they show any signs of doing so. Rather, he refined his combat stance while exhaling a dull life.

It wasn’t just them. The distant sand wriggled, and dozens of Assassins stood up. In the end, Eugene and Raman were surrounded by twenty Assassins.

“What the hell… did you guys not hear me?”

Rahman spoke again, but this time there was no reply. He said the Assassins were aiming at their weapons, which were stained dark, and exchanged glances among themselves.

“This, this person is a guest of Khajitan Emir. He is also a prince from the Ryan Hart family in the Kiel Empire.”

“It’s no use.”

Eugene smirked with a knowing face.

“Raman. Your words only motivate those puppets and make their judgment easier.”

“What is that…?”

“It’s already been attacked, so it can’t be returned. Ah, but even if I don’t die, you’re going to kill me unconditionally.”

“Why don’t you kill Prince Eugene?”

“Because killing would be annoying. You just can’t send it back. I bet those bastards have various means to shut up things they shouldn’t be talking about?”

poison and medicine. Or maybe it’s magic. There are many ways, but only one purpose. To prevent witnesses from telling anyone what they have experienced. In fact, the simplest way is to just kill them.

A dead body does not speak. However, as long as the opponent is from Lionheart’s family, it is impossible to kill them blindly. So I had to keep my mouth shut without killing him, but in order to do that, I had to subdue Eugene first.

“That much…? why…”

“I don’t know.”

Eugene replied with a smirk. Assassins are not the only ones who are more motivated and easier to judge. If they come out like that, you can deal with Eugene in the same way.

Eugene did not start this fight first.

“Should I go first?”

Eugene asked as he clasped and opened his hand hidden inside the cloak.

The moment he asked, the Assassins kicked the ground all at once. The first to move was the Assassin, who was seriously injured and was dying. He couldn’t even move properly, but he jumped on Eugene, kicking the floor with his hands like a beast.

It wasn’t something to be embarrassed about. Even after 300 years, an Assassin is an Assassin. These guys are terrible guys who prioritize orders and missions over my comfort. Even if you break your limbs and cut them off, they wriggle like bugs and attack you.

During my mercenary life, I had a few conflicts. Thanks to this, Eugene knew how terrible Assassins were, and he knew how to stop them other than orders.


The sand on the ground became a blade. Assassin’s body, which ran blindly, was split in half. He is dead. Eugene paid no more attention to his corpse.

The Assassins are coming. They stopped hiding, but their movements were swift and stealthy enough that stealth was unnecessary. Each other is using each other for cover. Covering their eyes like that, each other prepares for a different attack. If one falls down, the next one will put a knife to Eugene’s throat.

Yujin laughed and lowered herself.

ㅡPay! The cloak fluttered loudly, and six daggers were fired forward. three in each hand. It was thrown at once, but the daggers were shot in different directions. At the tip of the dagger were six Assassins.

It wasn’t just thrown. jjoong! I took a defensive action with the Mana Shield, but the Assassins’ bodies stumbled. The dagger Eugene threw was just as heavy. Blades of sand soared from beneath the feet of the staggering Assassins. The attack has already been seen. So I tried to respond, but the attack wasn’t the only one.

For an instant, the air around the Assassins became heavy. It is not an analogy. The air got really heavy, and they pressed their shoulders. So the action slows down for a while. The blades of sand rising from the floor cut the Assassins’ ankles and hamstrings.

No screams this time either. Likewise, they didn’t even scream. Even so, he picks up the dagger and throws it as if it had been matched in advance.

Eugene did not stand still. He sent his will to Gail as he ran forward. The wind with added mana changes the trajectory of the dagger. He didn’t even have to chase it completely. A gap created by a slightly twisted trajectory. Eugene didn’t miss it.


Eugene’s hands, which were empty, grabbed the heads of the two Assassins, pushed them back and smashed them to the floor. When the fluttering cloak came down. Eugene’s hands gripped a large axe. Quadduk! Rotating his entire body, the ax he swung cut the bodies of nearby Assassins.

Blood spurted out, intestines spilled out. Eugene had no regrets about the ax he had once swung. After both sides were finished, he let go of the axe, and the axe that flew while spinning boom landed on another Assassin’s chest.

Besides that, there were many weapons. He did not know what he would face in Nahama, so he prepared thoroughly. Food and water to last for several months. underwear to change into. Starting with those things, I put all kinds of weapons inside the cloak.

Among the weapons he had brought with him, there were over 20 axes alone.

‘Hamel. Why do you always carry weapons you wouldn’t use?’

‘If there is, I will use it someday.’

‘Leave it alone, Anise. That bastard won’t listen to me even if I tell him. And well… There’s nothing wrong with being prepared.’

‘But three. Hamel’s behavior is incorrect. All those useless weapons belong to Hamel, so why does Moron have to pull the cart?’

‘I won at rock-paper-scissors.’

‘That’s not fair either. Why are you playing rock-paper-scissors with Moron about packing your luggage?’

‘Are you going to keep making people a bully? Is there only my luggage over there? There are so many holy waters you like! Moron also has that little axe! That’s the heaviest!’

‘If my Holy Water were entirely mine, I would have carried it myself. But isn’t it like that? You two cubs, Senya and Hamel, covet my holy water the most. And, of course, doesn’t that asshole start with fists in rock-paper-scissors? Is it fair to play rock-paper-scissors with such an asshole?’

‘Senya, you twins. Didn’t I tell you to drink anise holy water? If you stocked up with summoning magic in the first place, there’s no need to pull the cart!’

‘It’s hard to take it out right away when you need it, so why are you f*cking with me when you said you’d carry it yourself?’

‘Vermouth! f*ck you, don’t be still and say something. Why don’t you pull the cart?’

‘My weapon isn’t there.’

‘I hope so. Sub-space magic is f*cking convenient…’

‘Does it look convenient? So you want to learn magic from me? I’ve never taught anyone, but I think I can teach well. When you get down on your knees and beg… huh huh hmm. I could kindly teach you while sleeping at night…’

In her previous life, she was frequently scolded by Anis for carrying a lot of weapons.

‘If I had had a cloak like this in my previous life, I would have been less criticized.’

Eugene thought so and put his hand inside the cloak. Two long spears were dragged out.

It’s overwhelming.

Raman went out to help Eugene, but he couldn’t go any further and was left in place. I didn’t need help. Twenty assassins look like a flock of sheep meeting wolves, no, like ants being trampled on by people.

The storm sword called Lionheart’s treasured sword, Winid, didn’t even appear. It’s not like they’re actively using offensive magic. Intermittent blinks, magical aids used in the right place…

Rahman shook his head violently, unable to believe what he saw in front of him.

In the middle of the corpses of the Assassins. Eugene was standing there. He looked around as he wiped the blood from his cheek. There was not a single Assassin alive.

“…you didn’t have to kill everyone… didn’t you?”

“I don’t have the skills to open the mouths of Assassins.”

Eugene answered and moved the wind. The weapons he used and threw floated up and returned to Eugene. The wind blew away the blood and flesh soaked in the weapon.

“There is no need to interrogate.”


“There is no need to search the body. Assassins don’t have anything to prove their identity.”

Putting the weapons into the cloak, Eugene turned to Raman.

“Are you going further?”


“I brought you here to benefit your master. They know the Emir of Khajitan is f*cking funny too. There is no reason for me to take you anymore.”

“…Yeah, but I can’t go back.”

“You shouldn’t worry about me. why? Do you want to see for yourself what is going on right in front of you?”


“You’re not much help…”

“…I will not interfere with Confucius…”

“Do whatever you want. Please don’t expect me to be loyal to you…”

Eugene answered and walked past the corpse.

That was the moment.

ㅡQuarrrr! The desert was shaken. The mana in the air fluctuates. Eugene felt a huge amount of mana being created by magic deep underground. Eugene immediately left the spot with Blink and floated high into the sky, carried by the wind.

The desert beneath your feet boils. Assassin’s corpses are wrapped in red light, and I see them melting like ice. sacrifice. Eugene’s eyes widened.


The desert turns into a swamp. Just a while ago, even if the wind burst, it was fine, but in an instant, a similar zone was created. Rahman jumped and shouted, resisting the power sucking his body.

“Run away!”

I thought you were crying out for help. Rahman exclaimed so. Eugene was dumbfounded by that cry, but he was not in a situation to care about Raman.

The wind is noisy. A man-made wind, different from the wind caused by the spirits, whirled down there. Eventually it turned into a huge whirlwind. Kazani’s sudden sandstorm. No matter how sudden it is, a whirlwind that is suddenly created and swells in size like that is abnormal.

“Oh, magic…!”

Raman’s face contorts. It was as Eugene said earlier. Most of the things you want to believe are not true. Especially among them, the allegation is almost true. Rahman had no choice but to acknowledge him.

Kazani’s sandstorm was caused by a sandcaster. The sandstorm that engulfed Rahman’s village was also caused by the sandcastle.


Rahman roared and pulled out his kukri. Then, he swung his kukri frantically at the whirlwind that grew in size. It was useless. With Raman’s skills, it was impossible to cut that huge whirlwind.

It was the same for Eugene. I didn’t bother to try. I didn’t want to waste my energy on the impossible. Eugene braced herself in the air to avoid being dragged away by the sandstorm. Gale’s wind cannot escape from the sand whirlwind flow. It’s just to endure like this. So, shall we get out of Blink?

I thought about giving it a try, but gave up. Something is rising from under the quicksand. Eugene changed her position little by little in the air. Raman, who glanced at it, was being sucked under the quicksand as he swung his sword continuously. Eugene clicked his tongue and flirted with Raman.


Raman, who was being sucked in, is pulled out by the wind. He looked up at his Eugene as he floundered at his levitating feet. As much as he sent the wind to Raman, Eugene’s body was gradually being pulled toward the whirlwind.

“Go, Gongja!”

“Get out, you asshole!”

Eugene yelled and looked at Rahman. Anyway, I don’t need the help of the wind for what I’m going to do from now on. Eugene gathered the remaining wind into one point and held out so as not to be dragged away by the whirlwind. Then he slowly fell down.

‘One, two, three, four… now.’


Something pops out of the middle of quicksand. It was a sandworm with its mouth wide open. It’s not just a sandworm, it’s a giant sandworm that can be several tens of meters in size. A scavenger who eats everything that walks the desert.


Raman cries.

“Call it, it’s a baby.”

Yujin grumbled and looked into the sandworm’s mouth. I see thousands of tiny teeth. Beyond the teeth, the red flesh continued like a winding passage.


Eugene let out a deep sigh and put on the hood attached to the cloak of darkness. Then he put both of his hands inside the cloak.

“I didn’t want to do anything like this again.”

Eugene recalled terrible memories from his previous life that he did not want to recall. Helmud’s Desert. The sandworms there were larger and more vicious than the sandworms in Nahama.

‘Moron, you bastard!’

The kid was a real asshole. When the cart he was carrying was eaten whole by the sandworm, he jumped into the mouth of the sandworm to retrieve it.

When everyone was dumbfounded and stopped in shock, Hamel followed and jumped into the mouth of the sandworm to save his life.

after that.

I didn’t want to think too much. Eugene let out a deep sigh and shuddered.

‘But it’s better than then. After all, I’m not going to save that asshole.’

Gale’s wind disappears.

Thrown out of quicksand, Raman’s eyes widened.

A sandworm that rises from the depths of the underground, its mouth wide open.

Eugene is swallowed by the sandworm’s jaws. No, jumped in. In Rahman’s eyes, it looked like that.

“It’s Gongjani!”

to save me! Rahman shed thick tears.

The warrior’s tears with the grace of lifesaving! Rahman let out a determined roar and kicked the sand.

At best, Eugene threw it out of the quicksand, but Rahman grabbed the kukri and rushed at Sandworm.

Rahman’s enemy was no longer the sandstorm. He decided to fulfill his mission to rescue Eugene by slicing Sandworm’s body.

Eugene was unaware of such a resolution.

“The smell is f*cking.”

It’s worse than Gargis’s underarm. Eugene stopped breathing through his nose and curled up. The sturdy mana shield and the cloak of darkness guided Eugene past the sandworm’s teeth and into the winding esophagus. Only then did Eugene summon Gail again and change the direction of the falling body.

This long, huge sandworm became a living passageway and led Eugene down there. Fortunately, Nahama’s Sandworm had the same structure as Helmud’s Sandworm.

Sandworms eat most anything that passes over the desert. First of all, the circular teeth on the inside of the mouth wriggle and chew and disassemble it.

It passes through the esophagus, disintegrates even in the intestines, enters the intestines, meanders and twists… it passes through a disgusting road, and disintegrates without becoming shit. This f*cking monster doesn’t poop because it doesn’t have an anus. It is a highly fuel-efficient monster that completely decomposes what it eats and turns it into energy.


That means there is no way out.

The mana shield and the cloak of darkness resist the solution. Eugene, still not breathing through his nose, estimated the location. This disgusting passage was slowly coming to an end.

“To rot.”

Eugene spat out curse words and took out Winid and held it. ㅡHurt! The white salt type operated in the extreme rotated and became a round salt type. Countless stars are born and explode in the circle drawn by the stars. The mana that amplified it intensified the flames surrounding Eugene. pure white flame. A symbol of white salt. The density of mana continues to increase.

The more that happens, the more the flames around Eugene become closer to a color other than white. pale blue light. Its shape could no longer be said to be white salt.

Eugene lifted up Winid with red bloodshot eyes. The flames of mana wrapped around Winid. Sparks are mixed with the wind caused by Winid. Eugene aimed down at Winid, who was wrapped in blue light.


It didn’t make a big sound.

However, Sandworm’s huge body shook.

Eugene personally made an anus for the pitiful monster that didn’t have an anus.



A long dragging, ringing sound. Boom, the wind disperses in the explosion that exploded. Eugene grabbed hold of his body as he was about to be thrown.

The surroundings are dark. It has to be. It passed through the body of the long and winding sandworm, tore off the tip and came out. Since the guy pulled himself out of the quicksand, the place he escaped and arrived at was, of course, deep underground.


Yujin grumbled and stood up. flew quite far. During the flight, it did not collide with walls or sand. I was prepared to be buried in the sand in the worst case, but that didn’t happen either.

The summoning magic summoned only the pseudo-zone and the sandstorm. Sandworm itself is not summoned. I may have induced it, but sandworms originally lived underground in this area.

Then, of course, there must be a sandworm’s nest deep underground. The place where Eugene is now standing is the sandworm’s nest. Eugene looked around with a disgusted face.

top first. I see the back of the sandworm twitching and convulsing. I pierced my anus myself, would I die from that? I’m not sure. But, thanks to him, I was able to come down to the basement as I had hoped.

The basement is… spacious. That too was as expected. Sandworm roams the desert underground with its large body. Earthworms are said to fertilize the soil, but sandworms don’t do such a good job.

They devour water sources beneath the desert and deplete oases. The bodily fluids exuded from their bodies coagulate the sand, creating complex and useless roads deep in the desert.

It’s a vicious, useless monster. This nest may also have been a source of water that could have been an oasis in the past, but now there was not a single drop of water left.

There are tribes in the desert who cleverly use these useless sandworms.

is a wizard

When you reach a certain level and start to hear the word of a great wizard here and there, you don’t know if you want to show off your differentiation or want to be immersed in research that you don’t want others to know… but you make something called a ‘dungeon’.

The dungeon is a strong manifestation of the magician’s unique outsider temperament, and the most representative is the ‘labyrinth.’ In particular, the vast and empty desert has the perfect environment for collaborating with dungeons and labyrinths that wizards are crazy about.

‘Dungeon Maker.’

Most monsters are harmful monsters that are of no use to humans, but sandworms are much loved by wizards who settle in the desert. The nickname Dungeon Maker was also given by wizards.

‘Once you summon it, it will dig into the desert on its own and create a labyrinth. It doesn’t take that long either. ten days? If you leave it alone, it will create a complex labyrinth deep underground.

Even if there is a water vein nearby, it will clean it up on its own and clean the ground and strata, so how comfortable would it be? Leave it like that, and when the time is right, go downstairs and put away the sandworms. After that, he repairs the labyrinth with magic…’

‘so. Are you going to live in a dungeon in the desert later?’

‘Are you crazy? Is there something I’m ashamed of living underground in the desert?’

Recalling a conversation we had a long time ago, I measured the distance. Then he took out a map and unfolded it. He fell deep underground, but the map showed where Eugene was standing.

‘There is a road…’

Lucky for you.

No, it can’t be. Eugene’s face crumpled. Looking at the map, the underground road led to the vicinity of Hamel’s hometown in the past. Should I just attribute this to luck? Well, the desert is vast, and it’s unclear whether that road leads to the hometown right now.

I couldn’t be sure of that. Summoning magic is deep underground. manifested around here. If the sandcasters of Nahama are using this nest as a dungeon, you will encounter a sandcastle or an assassin somewhere ahead.

Until then, no problem.

It’s just that the front is Hamel’s hometown.

Hamel’s grave has never been known to the world. No record of Hamel’s body exists. Even in the fairy tale book I saw in Senya’s hall, it is not mentioned whether Hamel’s body was left behind or what his colleagues did to him.

But there is a tomb. If Hamel’s tomb really existed somewhere in the world, the only place where it could exist was Hamel’s hometown. Senya, anise, moron, vermouth. I don’t know what they were thinking when they built the tomb, but they probably wouldn’t have built a tomb for a dead colleague somewhere in Helmud.


A place where an ordinary kid loses his family and everything and harbors hatred for the demon king who stirred up the monsters. From then on, Hamel picked up a weapon, not a farm tool. He recklessly swung his sword and joined a mercenary group that was in need of a handyman.

That is where Hamel was born.

‘It has not been revealed for hundreds of years, so it must be hidden.’

The basement is perfect for hiding.

‘It’s a guess, but Anise came all the way to Nahama on the pretext of a pilgrimage…well…maybe she came to pay tribute to my grave.’

that anise?

‘The Khazani Desert was created about 200 years ago. If you put them together, the timing is roughly right. What if the sandcasters of Nahama found my tomb while doing their tricks… and killed Senya’s familiar in the process?’

Then, was Nahama involved in Senya’s retirement? Or has Helmud been behind Nahama since the old days?

I don’t know. So, you have to see for yourself. Eugene headed forward without taking out the hand he had tucked inside his cloak.


“Rahman Schulhov.”

Rahman desperately held on to his hazy mind. Several faces flicker in the blurred vision. He couldn’t be seen, but those who caught him had gray masks covering his lower rank, and turbans were worn over his head.

They are sandcastles.

“Why did the proud young master of Lionheart come all the way here? And why, you, a warrior of Khajitan Emir, are Lionheart’s guides?”


Rahman did not open his tightly closed lips.

He jumped into quicksand to save Eugene from being eaten by Sandworm. What Rahman wanted was to cross the quicksand and cut the sandworm’s body. A sandworm as gigantic as that would be a formidable opponent, even for warriors who spew sword steel.

Nevertheless, Raman tried to save Eugene. It was Eugene’s wind that saved Raman from being sucked into quicksand. The moment was clearly imprinted on Raman’s retina.

When the wind that lifted Eugene’s body headed towards Raman. Eugene stumbled, unable to hold on to the air any longer. Nearby, a sand whirlwind was growing in size… when I couldn’t move freely.

Sandworms soared from below.

‘To save me… your own life…!’

In fact, if you think about it carefully, Eugene was not swallowed by the sandworm, but rather jumped at his own will. But Rahman couldn’t think of such a thing. If you’re not in your right mind, you can’t jump directly into the mouth of a sandworm.

In other words, Eugene Ryanhart gave up his life to save me. why? Rahman couldn’t guess why. The only thing that mattered to him was that he was saved.

“Is Tyri Al Madani trying to betray Nahama?”

The sandcastle asked, sticking her head in close.

“It is his job to prevent those who should not come. If it’s not like that, but if it’s even attached to a guide…”

“What are you guys doing deep here underground?”

Rahman squeezed his voice.

“That oasis. it was welcome Even the sandstorm was magical. Isn’t that what you guys did?”

“It seems you can’t grasp the situation.”

The sandcastle clicked his tongue and shook his head. Quadduk! The pressure that was binding Rahman’s limbs intensifies.

“Turn it off…!”

“We ask questions. Are you going to shut your mouth for your master’s honor? It is pointless. Rahman Shulhov. You’re going to die anyway, but if you’re going to die, isn’t a comfortable death better than a painful one?”

“Kill me…!”

“Why did Eugene Ryanhart come to Kazani? From the moment he entered Nahama, he moved with a clear purpose. The only thing we can think of is that Khajitan Emir is trying to betray Nahama.”


Raman’s eyes were bloodshot. betrayal. Those words made Raman realize many facts. There are sandcasters in Kazani. They are forcibly widening the desert by causing sandstorms. And the Emir of Khajitan knows that and is cooperating…

“Are you invading another country’s territory in such a petty way!”

Rahman shouted out loud. A sudden cry, saliva splashed from the mouth. The Sandcaster frowned and stepped back.

“aggression? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Why are you here to protect the royal family?! That sandstorm…!”

“You are making a big mistake. Rahman Shulhov. Do you think desertification can proceed with just this amount of power?”

The sandcastle asked with a mischievous laugh.

“I know that warriors are ignorant, but hearing stories of such ignorance makes me laugh. It takes hundreds of sandcasters to create a sandstorm of desertification magnitude.”

Hard! The sand’s gripping power continues to grow stronger.

“Eh… then… then… why are you… here…?”

“I have no reason to answer.”

“If you’re going to kill me anyway, I want you to tell me why!”

“Why did Eugene Lionheart come to Kazani?”

“That’s why Moore is important! Confucius Eugene is already dead! You, you killed!”

“It is not.”

The other sandcastle smiled and replied.

“If Eugene Ryanhart dies, it will be an accident. He entered a dangerous desert where he was not supposed to enter, and suffered an unavoidable disaster.”

“does not make sense!”

“For his death, Tyri al-Madani will be held accountable. That’s because you were the guide. Although he is favored by the head of the household, he is eventually adopted from the collateral. If you hand over the head of the big city emir, Lionheart will also soften his anger.”

“These motherf*ckers!”

“If you want to be helpful to your master, you would do well to tell him what you know. Depending on the reason, this situation can be handled more smoothly.”

“You say you can ignore it…? wait a minute ‘What if I die?’ Is Confucius Eugene still alive?”

Rahman held on to his stupefying mind. The priority for him now was Eugene, not Khajitan’s Emir.

“Are you putting Eugene Lionheart ahead of your master’s neck?”

“You are playing an obvious trick. Are you claiming that it was your personal will that guided Eugene Lionheart, not Tyri Al Madani’s orders?”

“Where is Confucius!”

“You don’t understand the language.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to just kill him? It’s a worthless life anyway.”

“no. You might be able to use it as a hostage.”

For unknown reasons, Eugene Ryanhart tried to save Rahman Shulhoub. The sandcasters no longer questioned Rahman and gathered among themselves.

“What happened?”

“I was eaten whole by a giant sandworm… is it possible to survive?”

“There’s a hole in the tail.”

“So, you got eaten by a sandworm and came out through the back?”

The more I check the facts, the more I don’t understand. The sandcasters laughed and shook their heads.

“You can’t let it get in your way.”

“…Assassins are searching for nests. I’ll catch you soon.”

“What about after that?”

“…It’s not good to get into trouble with Lionheart. Erase their memories and throw them outside of Kazani. No, we’d rather be on our side protecting Eugene Lionheart. Maybe you will be rewarded for your kindness.”

“It’s a shame because he doesn’t exist, if he did…”


The moment the frightened sandman pursed his lips and said that.

ㅡCoooooung! A great roar shakes the basement. The sandcasters jumped up in surprise. They closed their eyes tightly and let the mana resonate to find out what was causing this roar.

The same scene is seen in the darkened field of view. somewhere soon. Eugene Lionheart, clad in a black cloak, is approaching. Every time he swings his silver-blue sword, the magic barrier blocking his access is breaking.


The field of view expands. The way Eugene passed. Bodies are strewn all over the place. Assassin and Sandcastle.

‘So fast?’

The Assassins who remain here. Each of them is trained enough not to be ignored. The same goes for sandcastles. That means it’s not enough power to be slaughtered by just one person.

Not to mention, this is an advantageous battlefield for Assassins and Sandcastles. A nest made by sandworms. That alone is a complicated maze, but the sandcasters who used it decades ago made it even more complicated.

The Assassins deployed here are well versed in the maze’s geography, allowing them to navigate the maze with their eyes and ears closed. In such a situation, the stealth technique is difficult to notice even for the best warriors, and the sudden surprise attack is sure to decapitate the warrior.

Sandcastles have an advantage as well. Even though it is impossible to create a huge sandstorm like on the ground, the sand magic that is spread in this place where the ground and ceiling are covered with sand as well as all directions is more powerful than the original state.

The opponent was not good.

If you force yourself to enter Kazani, you will somehow collide with the Sandcastle or Assassin. It was sure to be attacked by Assassins in Oasis.

that’s how i got into the basement. He was certain that there were Sandcastles somewhere here, and that Assassins were hiding.

If I didn’t have the confidence to protect myself, I wouldn’t have advanced.

It’s not just Assassins and Sandcastles who have an advantage in this labyrinth. Eugene and Hamel were familiar with all kinds of battlefields.

Have you ever fought an Assassin?

Unlike the Assassins who learned assassination skills through hard training, there were many born assassins among the monsters and demons in Helmud. The monsters that go back and forth between shadows. The Demons who were aiming for the rear without spilling even the slightest sign.

It is good to be taken by surprise in unfavorable circumstances.

survived nonetheless. Every time he was attacked, the wounds on Hamel’s body increased one by one. As her wounds increased, she became accustomed to surprise,

One day, the wound stopped growing.

‘The Assassin’s level here is not great. Stealth is the realm of technology… I’m not even good at mana handling.’

The notorious Assassins of Nahama are not just that. Assassins of the highest rank possess stealth power comparable to that of monsters and demons, but are so fierce and tenacious that they cannot be thought of as human beings.

The Assassins Eugene had dealt with so far were persistent, but not terrible.

‘If this is an important place for Nahama, there must be better Assassins than these guys.’

The troops are too insignificant.

There were a lot of sandcastles, but they didn’t seem to have great skills. If this is really a key point for invading other countries, more and more well-trained troops should be stationed there.

Even if aggression is not the purpose. For any other purpose, if it is of great value, proper provision must be made.

The contrast here is too crude.

‘Nahama… isn’t the Sultan involved?’

A sharp sense senses the surroundings. The moment an attack is launched from stealth. The body reacts leisurely. And that’s not all. Even Eugene knew how to hide. This maze was a comfortable battlefield not only for Assassins but also for Eugene.

and magic.

The Phantasmal Flame Ceremony amplifies the mana controlled by Eugene. The mana shield created like that. Even with the cloak of darkness, he could easily block the magic of the 5th circle, and the mana shield was added to it.

It means that quite a bit of magic can be ignored from the front. Of course, you didn’t have to ignore it. Eugene liked avoiding and counterattacking rather than ignorantly getting hit and holding on.


Magic rushing from the front. A sharp-forged sand bullet. Eugene lifted his cloak, swallowed the magic, and sent it back. The spatial coordinates of the target destination were calculated immediately.

The returned magic is thrust into the sandcastle’s chest. surprise attack. I thought I killed quite a few, but there are still a lot of Assassins. Eugene did not dare to move his body to respond. The wind that wrapped around the body blocked the Assassin’s blade and tore his body apart.

‘It’s getting more and more.’

wide expansive senses. Assassins and sandcasters who were spread out throughout the underground labyrinth are gathering here.

‘The road is also connected.’

Eugene checked the map in one hand.

home is close

“It feels a lot weirder than I thought.”

Emotions swell.

“I never thought I would see my grave alive.”

Phantasmal flames amplify mana. Each time the rotation of the star accelerates, the color of the flames surrounding Eugene changes.

“I never thought I would meet a grave robber.”


Assassin falling from the ceiling stabs his dagger. It was an obvious surprise, but the words he shouted strongly stimulated Eugene’s emotions.

“Drool? You f*cking bastard!”

Eugene shouted and used his magic. Fire! Blue flames wrapped around Assassin’s body. I was thinking of killing him by burning him alive, but the flame magic amplified by the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony was too powerful. He couldn’t even scream properly and was reduced to ashes.

“You f*cking thieves!”

Eugene shouted and ran forward.


“What is that child talking about?”

A roaring cry. The sandcasters looked at each other in bewilderment. thief? Strictly speaking, it was Eugene Lionheart who invaded other people’s territory. The one who has to listen to the thief is that fearless and spoiled little boy.


Raman also heard Eugene’s cry. He let out a sigh of relief and wriggled his body.

hostage. Didn’t the sand magicians say that earlier? Raman didn’t want to hold on to Eugene’s ankle. So he tried to pull out the restrained limbs on his own, but the sandcastles weren’t blind.

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

Quarre! The sand of the ground wraps around Raman’s body. The sandcasters threatened Raman and winked at each other.

“What do we do?”

“I can’t let you come here.”

“I know that, of course… but what about the report?”

Careful question. There was an inescapable fear in his voice. The sandcasters hesitated, unable to say anything.

“…We can do it with our own hands.”

After an uncomfortable silence, someone opened their mouth, and the other sandcasters nodded as well. They did not want to report on this matter to the higher ups.

The damage has already been done beyond repair, but…

‘There’s no way he would care about this kind of damage.’

All the sandcastles here thought so. Quite a few Assassins and Sandcasters died in this short period of time, but he was sure to ignore this kind of damage.

However, things shouldn’t get any bigger. Everyone here will die, but don’t let the intruders move forward.

This matter must be settled before He returns. If you can’t solve it, if he sees this mess. If you can’t solve it and ask him for help…

‘I’d rather die.’

It will be a terrible situation where you don’t die even if you die, and you don’t live even if you live. None of the sandcasters here could not clearly imagine him.



A scream is heard from afar. getting closer Assassins don’t scream under any circumstances, so it’s the sandcastles who are screaming for their throats to be slit here and there.

“Leave me!”

As the sand lingers, it brings Raman to the fore. Rahman struggled, gasping for her breath. However, the sandcastles did not heed Rahman’s cry. Mana and her resonant spirit impart their will to the sandcastles spread throughout the maze.

The number of sandcastles entering this maze was 50. It didn’t take long before more than half of the sandcastles died. Not even an organized army, but dozens of sandcasters and assassins were slaughtered by a mere 19-year-old boy.

The surviving Sandcasters gather in one place.

Eugene knew that too. At some point, the frequency of magic attacks decreased dramatically. The signs that were approaching this way faded away.

A large amount of mana was wriggling in front of me. In the middle of it, Eugene felt a familiar presence.

Rahman Shulhov.

‘I tried my best to run away, but why are you being held there?’

Wow! Eugene kicked the Assassin in the skull as he tried to surprise him at his feet. The Sandcasters were gathering over there, but a few Assassins were still hiding along the road.

“There are many things I want to ask you.”

Eugene murmured and put his hand inside his cloak. Huge mana fluctuates. When Eugene took a step forward.

The sand in the aisles stirred up. As the road becomes infinitely narrower, sand hits Eugene. sand prison. It was difficult for even Eugene to break through magic of this magnitude with magic.

Is there no need to do that? Eugene took out the box he had put in his cloak. A fragment of the Moonlight Sword. The shard, which had been used for mana training for many years, was silent in a luxurious box.

Eugene threw the box forward without hesitation. The sand, which had been procrastinating as if it were alive, swallowed the box.


Eugene muttered that and pulled the hood of his cloak over. ㅡQuaaang! There was a loud sound that was incomparable to Eugene’s spit. The sand prison opened by dozens of sandcasters could not overcome the power of that small fragment. Although the power of magic can be increased by using a large amount of mana, the bond is weak. The sand that has escaped mana’s control scatters and crumbles.

Eugene made his way through the pouring sand. Thousands of grains of sand and dust obstructed his vision, but Eugene’s senses accurately sensed what was happening around him even while he was blind.

down, ceiling. The Assassins who came along with the sand launch a surprise attack. A sword that radiates in an instant. Life did not flow at all, and even the flow of mana was concentrated only at the moment of attack.

“I’ve seen too many.”

Eugene’s feet hit the ground. Quadduk! The flowing sand became an awl and pierced the Assassins.

The fragments of the Moonlight Sword destroy magic and scatter mana.

For two years, Eugene trained his mana’s solidarity against fragments. The mana refined in this way is stronger and faster than Eugene had reached.

‘What did you do?’

What puzzled the sand magicians more than the deaths of the Assassins was the method of destroying the sand prison. dispel? No, it’s different. To artificially interfere with the mana that makes up the magic of dispel. Eugene just now did not interfere with the sand prison.

It’s just… It’s just that the mana has been dissipated. Even in Arrot, which is famous as the kingdom of magic, there is no dispel like that. Is it the magic of Lionheart’s vision?


I couldn’t have continued to panic. The sandcasters uttered spells with their lips together, and made hand signs with their hands gathered in front of their chests.


Rahman yells. He was tied to the sand at the very front.

“Oh, don’t come! Run away!”

“What are you saying to me like that?”

“There is no need to save me!”

“Why am I saving you? You have a strange misunderstanding.”

Eugene muttered as he picked up the fragments of the Moonlight Sword that had fallen to the floor. Mana is flowing again.

‘I don’t want to waste time.’

The location identified on the map is in front of me. A path leads behind the sandcastles. Eugene’s eyes go cold. He rotated the fragments of the moon lightsaber in his hand.


Wow! The sand stood up and became a huge wave. Eugene’s feet sway like waves dragged by the waves. Eugene put up minimal resistance and moved forward following the flow of sand. The corpses dragged in first are swallowed up and crushed by the waves. The yellowish white waves are dyed with crimson light.

Eugene’s arm is raised above his head. He threw his upper body back and drew strength for the throw.

When the waves come right in front of you. Eugene threw the fragments of the Moonlight Sword forward. It wasn’t just about destroying magic. Even though fragments of the Moonlight Sword penetrated the waves, the throwing power did not decrease.


The uvula of the sandcastle by Rahman’s side was pierced by shrapnel. The mana shield he wore could not resist the power of the moonlight sword. Eugene lowered his body without checking him.

round salt.

The explosions had been chained from before. Eugene’s body is wrapped in blue flames. ㅡQuaaaang! When Eugene kicked the ground, blue flames left a long tail.

Just like that, Eugene jumped over the heads of the sandcastles in an instant. The sandcasters were frightened but responded. The sand from all directions swayed and rushed towards the sandcastles.

apparent movement. Above your head, the ceiling. The hand that had been put in the cloak came out.

Quarrrrr! A black whip sweeps the ceiling and sweeps the surroundings. Although he didn’t enjoy using it, Eugene was also good at using a whip.


A whirring whip wraps around the sandcaster’s neck. As Eugene drew the whip, Sandcaster’s head shot up into the sky and Eugene’s body fell.

Rahman raised his fallen body.

I had no choice but to lay down again immediately. screams and blood. The wind that blows from above the waist cuts sand and people. The bullets of mana passing between them. Scattering blue flames. The spells cast by sand magicians are swallowed up by screams, and the sand magic cast by dozens of people is scattered in the wind.

Eugene strolling between them looked like a ghost. When magic approaches, it escapes with Blink. Then he flaps his cloak, swallows the magic, and sends it back on a completely different trajectory.

Weapons constantly change. He seems to be focusing on weapons, but he doesn’t hesitate to use magic and wield bare fists and legs.

Rahman had never known such a fight.

Raman, a warrior, was also like that, but the response of the sandcastles couldn’t be flexible.

‘What magic…’

Doesn’t even spit out an incantation. Mana is added to the spell, and the process of manifesting magic is not visible. The magic just unfolds. Not one at the same time, but consecutively. The power of the magic that unfolds like that is absurd. What about the circle? I don’t know. Although the magic circle it unfolds is not very high, its power and speed are far beyond understanding.

The sand magicians couldn’t understand Eugene until the end.

A little time passed. There was no more blood splatter, no more screams.

However, it smelled like dirt.

“What are you guys doing here?”

Out of dozens of sandcasters, only one survived. He gritted his teeth and looked up at Eugene. A situation far beyond comprehension. The inevitable reality becomes a huge fear. The sandcaster shivered as he crumpled his crotch wet with urine.

“What… what the hell… are you…?”

“What are you guys doing here?”

Yujin frowned and moved her hand. f*ck! The quickly thrown dagger lodged in the sandmancer’s thigh.

“Turn it off…!”

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