Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 23

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Eugene pushed Raman and staggered to his feet. Raman, who stood up at the same time, hurriedly helped Eugene.

“young master. I’ll jump in and make a gap, so run away unconditionally. You don’t have to… save me anymore.”

“Am I… funny?”

“uh. It’s f*cking funny.”

Behind her is a tightly closed door.

It was the door that the Death Knight was blocking. He threw Eugene this way, not the entrance, even though he knew there was a door here.

Doesn’t matter if it’s open. or not open

‘Check it out.’

Eugene dragged his feet back. Raman, who supports Eugene, is also dragged behind. At that appearance, the Death Knight twisted her lips and laughed.

“Fleeing… Kreur…! It is not the place to run away from.”

“Is there a door here too?”

“Are you afraid of me?”

“No, because it’s funny.”

“By the way… why don’t you open the door?”

“I was curious about what was inside.”

“The door won’t open. No one can open that door.”


reach for the door Raman looked back at Eugene and Death Knight with an urgent expression. Is there any reason to go closer to the door that won’t open? Could it be that he deliberately acted like that to catch the enemy off guard?

‘As expected, he’s a great person.’

When Eugene tries to open the door, then run at the enemy. Rahman didn’t say it out of his mouth. Instead, he frantically winked one eye so that Eugene would notice.

‘Why are you winking and f*cking?’

Eugene thought so.

“I would have said it was useless. The door does not open.”

“Hearing that makes me want to open it more.”

If you have to use ignition, you have to use it. But before that, I’ll have to check what’s on the other side of the door. If this is Hamel’s grave. I am Hamel. Count my reincarnations, if someone else intended.

The door that never opens must be for the owner of the tomb.

‘Maybe Amelia Merwin opened it and closed it right away.’

Yujin thought so and pushed the door open.

Doesn’t open. blocked once Right after that, Eugene’s necklace emitted a small light. Eugene felt the heat of her necklace.

“It opens.”

Death Knight’s expression changes. He hurriedly kicked the ground and rushed at Eugene, who pulled Raman and opened the door completely. No, that was different from ‘opening’ the door.

Sucked into the door.


Rahman falls to the ground. He didn’t understand the situation and tried to raise his head, but Eugene slapped the back of his neck so he couldn’t stand up.

“It didn’t help anything, but he was trying to save me.”

Eugene grumbled and sat down on the back of Raman, who passed out.

Turn your head and look behind you. tightly closed door. Death Knight must be using a dragon to open the door, but the door doesn’t even shake, nor does it hear a knock.

At first, I thought this was a safe place. Eugene nodded her head and looked ahead again.

“…a crazy bastard.”

Yujin looked at the middle of the wide space and muttered.

“Why did you put this here?”

The light that lit up the dark room was not a magical light.

pale moonlight.

in the middle of darkness.

A crescent moon floated above the white coffin.


300 years ago, Helmud. Near the Demon Castle of Slaughter.

It was originally a plain, but the battle with the demon king of slaughter turned the whole area upside down. After the battle, while exploring the surroundings to see if there might be remnants of the demon castle running away or hiding.

Somewhere on an overturned land. Found a path leading underground. I went down the road with the suspicion that the henchmen of the slaughter might be hiding, but there were no demons, monsters, or monsters there.

Relics deep underground, unknown how long they have existed. Seeing the archaic words engraved on the walls, Senya guessed that this place might be a relic from the Age of Mythology.

Senya and Anis could interpret the archaic language, but the archaic language inscribed on the ruins could not. In the end, it was impossible to know the identity of the ruins with the information revealed, so we had no choice but to go down to the end.

the deepest part of the ruins.

A dark room without a single light. In the middle of it, a pale full moon was floating.

‘I have that.’

When I saw the ‘sword’ stuck under the full moon. Hamel immediately took the lead. His colleagues were not dissatisfied. Most of Hamel’s weapons were smashed and broken during the battle with the Demon Lord of Slaughter, and only one sword was left intact.

Crushing weight phalanx. A weapon used by the Demon Lord of Slaughter. Hamel and Moron coveted it, but neither of them became the owner of the crushing weight. It was close to impossible for humans to handle the demon king’s weapon properly, and only vermouth could handle him without damage.

Moron preferred a heavy and large ax rather than a sword. Since then, Vermut has had several weapons, including Winid, the holy sword, and Geddon’s shield, and since he even obtained a crushing weight, he gave up the sword of the ruins to Hamel.


Hamel couldn’t hold the sword. The moment he got close to the moonlight that cast his sword, he knelt down, vomiting his blood. Her unidentified moonlight scattered her Hamel’s mana and stupefied her mind.

In the end, the sword also belonged to Vermouth. Of the party, only Vermouth was able to approach the moonlight unscathed and pull out the sword. I don’t know why. Actually, it was nothing surprising. Vermouth’s speciality was known to all of his colleagues.

‘f*ck, why are you the only one who has it all?’

‘I was trying to yield.’

‘Who said what?’

‘Should I have it now?’

‘Don’t take it you idiot. Who’s pissing me off?’

Moonlight Sword.

The sword in the ruins was named like that. It was a simple, direct, but fitting name. The sword was tucked under the full moon. The muddy blade that appears when pulled out of the scabbard resembles moonlight, causing a phenomenon similar to moonlight scattering every time the sword is swung.

It was just how it looked.



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It wasn’t a sword. Not only Eugene, but all of his colleagues agreed with that impression. If killing and destroying something is the essence of a weapon, the Moonlight Sword was the most suitable for the nature of a weapon among the ‘weapons’ that existed in the world.

The moonlight sword is destruction in the form of a sword.

Luintos, the demonic spear that the demon king of misery is proud of. The spear was also terrible enough, but it couldn’t pierce the light of the moonlight sword.

After Vermouth got his hands on the Moonlight Sword, the Holy Sword became ineffective. It was natural. The simple moonlight sword was much, much stronger than the beautiful holy sword that emits brilliant light.

Eugene stood blankly and stared at the moon.

The first thing I saw in the ruins I discovered was a full moon. But the crescent moon is in front of me now. Eugene tried to take out a fragment of the moonlight sword, but laughed.

“I forgot to pick it up.”

A fragment that fell to the floor after being lodged in the Death Knight’s chest. There was no time to pick up. I wanted to take it out and see the reaction, but I’ll put it off until later.


Yujin shook her head and murmured.

“Why did you put this in my grave?”

Moonlight Sword.

Unlike 300 years ago, it is not stuck on the ground, but is floating in the air. Eugene stared at the moonlight sword floating in the air.

Fragments of the Moonlight Sword were found in Khazad Hills.

Since it was a very dangerous sword, I thought that Vermouth shattered it himself and sealed it.

however. Why was the moonlight sword here? Why is there a moonlight sword in Hamel’s grave?

“Are you mourning for me?”

Hamel wanted the moonlight sword, but couldn’t. He never had any regrets…but he thought it was a vermouth-like mourning. Rather than handing out tearful personal letters or emotional words, he was the kind of guy who blurted out what his colleagues wanted.

Eugene looked under the moonlight sword. A white tube is visible. Perhaps, that was the coffin in which the body was placed.

“What’s the use of giving it after death?”

I couldn’t have it even if I was alive. Eugene laughed and brushed her hair.

It was not the time to get sentimental. this room. There is nothing but the moonlight sword. There are no statues or memorial stones like outside. The door is the one you used to enter. The exit is just that. If you get out of here, you’ll have to face the damned maniac Death Knight again.

Death Knight is not the only thing to be concerned about. It was Amelia Merwin who stepped into this tomb. black magician. If there is a Death Knight in it, it must have been made by Amelia. You never know when the dog-like warlock will return.

So, you have to finish it as quickly as possible and escape from this place.

Things are going more twisted than I thought. Eugene crumpled her expression as she approached the moonlight sword. wounded body. My heart, afflicted by the fierce battle, beats with a thump. I don’t know why the moonlight sword is here, or how Vermouth brought the moonlight sword.

Still, being here… would mean dedicating that sword to Hamel.

“Then I can have it.”

Yujin smiled and stretched out her hand toward the moonlight. She was either amused or worried more than expected. Hamel in his previous life couldn’t even hold the moonlight sword in his hand. She is said to have been reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth, but will she be able to wield the Moonlight Sword?

“You have to hold it.”

Yujin murmured and stretched out her hand.

“It’s a sword that the cubs are offered for me.”

A hand touches the moonlight. The hairs all over the body are creepy and stand up. Even though it’s just light, breathing quickens. The mana inside the body is fluctuating. If you leave it anyway, the mana will run out of control. Eugene gritted his teeth and operated the white salt ceremony to control mana.

That’s how I moved my body forward. It’s worth more than you think. mistaken? Or are you a descendant of Vermouth? Cooked the same white salt dish as him?


‘I’m weak.’

Eugene was sure of him. The moonlight sword in front of him is weaker than when he first found it in the ruins. The moonlight sword must have been shattered, he thought.

The hand touches the hilt.

ㅡFajik! A muddy electric current wrapped around Eugene’s body. The mana he was controlling fluctuated wildly, and then calmly subsided. Eugene sighed heavily and sat down in his seat.

squeezed I couldn’t hold it in my previous life, but this time I definitely got it in my hand. Eugene took a deep breath and inspected the moonlight sword.

A seemingly ordinary sword. Aside from the overly splendid Holy Sword, even Winid had fancy decorations on his pommel and guard, but the Moonlight Sword had none of that.

The same goes for the scabbard. No patterns, no jewels. That kind of decoration is not an important sword. Eugene sighed and grabbed his scabbard.


I pulled it out with a trembling heart, but I couldn’t find the dull color blade. Although it was in its scabbard, only the tang of the Moonlight Sword was barely left.

‘but. It would have been shattered.’

The moment I thought so. The crescent moon floating in the air began to dissipate. The moonlight that was illuminating the surroundings gathered into the moonlight sword. Eugene watched what was happening at the Moonlight Sword with open eyes.


The gathered light became an outstretched blade. Eugene burst into laughter as she looked down at the faintly glowing sword. A sword of light that is not made of metal. It was different from the moonlight sword Eugene knew, but this light was unmistakably moonlight.

Eugene slowly raised his sword. Then he blew mana into the sword. It was a moonlight sword that destroyed all magic and mana, but Eugene’s mana was not scattered. Rather, it swallows Eugene’s mana as if he had waited.

ㅡ Hwareuk.

Moonlight flickers like fireworks. The sparks generated by the white flame ceremony resonated with the moonlight sword and became one. Eugene shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“It’s a f*cking sword.”

The impressions he exhaled were not intoxicated with joy. He understood what kind of sword the Moonlight Sword was. A sword made of light. Resonance with Baek Yeom-sik. This sword extremely wastes Eugene’s mana. Of course, it would have enough power to make up for the damage, but it was a difficult sword to handle for Eugene, who had not yet been ‘completed’.

“But it’s great.”

Even though it was shattered, this much power. Although it gobbles up mana, if used well, it will show overwhelmingly superior performance in battles using ‘mana’.

‘If I had known it would be like this, I would have had a predatory sword.’

The treasure house of Lionheart’s home. There is Aspel, the predatory sword that Vermouth used. A sword that cuts magic and devours mana. It is similar to the moonlight sword in terms of cutting magic, but in terms of performance, the moonlight sword is superior.

However, if you use both at the same time, the disadvantages will be significantly compensated. The mana consumed by the moonlight sword is supplemented with Aspel’s predation, and the insufficient power of Aspel is supplemented with the moonlight sword.

‘I didn’t expect to get the Moonlight Sword, so I can’t help it.’

In addition, when it comes to convenience, Winid is overwhelming. If one day succeeds in summoning Tempest, Eugene will be able to cause a storm without having to wield a sword.

“…If I beg you with aegyo, won’t I give you Aspel?”

Guilade might do it. Eugene licked his lips and inserted the moonlight sword. Of course, he only thinks about it, and Eugene will never show aegyo to Gilreid.

“Now what?”

Eugene stroked his chin and fell into trouble. Shall we stay here and waste time? No, no. Then, when Amelia arrives, it becomes difficult.

‘There is a personal letter from Balzac.’

I never thought I’d run into her in a place that wasn’t even Amelia’s realm. Accepted, but she didn’t want to count on Balzac’s favor… in the worst case, she had to use it.

‘I don’t know if I can make him back down with just one letter.’

I couldn’t absolutely trust the letter. If you can, you should do it yourself. Eugene glanced at the fallen Raman. Leave him here for now. He needs to get rid of the Death Knights who will be outside.

‘I don’t need to use an ignition…’

To test the power of the moonlight sword.

Previously. Eugene opened the white coffin first. Also, there was no body in it.


Inside the coffin was something other than a corpse.

You can see the letters written on the back of the lid of the coffin. bad handwriting It was Senya’s handwriting.

Someday, I hope to see you in the world you wished for.

Yujin smiled bitterly at the letter.

Something fell where the body should be.



The Death Knight glared at the door while making the cry of a beast. Not much time had passed since the intruder entered through that door. In that short time, the Death Knight swung his claws at the door hundreds of times.

But I couldn’t break down the door. I had tried to break down the door hundreds of times before, but that door had never been damaged, let alone broken.

‘How did you get in?’

I couldn’t understand. The Death Knight held my head and groaned.

This is the grave of stupid Hamel.

He was stupid Hamel. He had to. Since this body belongs to Hamel, the soul that entered this body must also belong to Hamel. It was a strong suggestion. The owner of the Death Knight synchronized the lycanthrope’s soul with Hamel’s corpse through the suggestion.

It was necessary. It is a corpse with no soul left, but this corpse contains the experiences of the previous life. If you perfectly tune in and respond to it, you can unconsciously draw out Hamel’s experience.

The technology that will be implemented like that cannot be compared to the real Hamel, but the owner was very interested in it. Shouldn’t that be the case? Stupid Hamel. He is a colleague of the great Vermouth, and Hamel is the only one who left a ‘corpse’ among his companions including Vermut.

This corpse is the perfect material for making a Death Knight.

It is different from the consumable soul.

“I am… I am Hamel.”

The Death Knight muttered a hint and tore off his hair. Before that, there were many souls dwelling in this body, but he did not know which Hamel he was. He didn’t even want to know. If you become conscious of it, your already unstable ego will only shake.


The Death Knight’s eyes shuddered and trembled. His helmet shattered, and her breastplate shattered. It was not to be broken, and the owner was sure to be angry. If so? just discard The soul judged to be useless will be discarded, and another soul will become the material for the Death Knight.

To avoid him, you’ll need to prove that you’re not junk to be disposed of. Kill the intruder and sacrifice it… No, you shouldn’t kill it. He must be captivated. He is the bastard who so easily opened the door his master tried so hard to open, so he must be offered to his master alive.

‘hurry. Before the owner returns…’

Did he answer his earnest wishes?

The door shakes. The Death Knight trembled and took out her nails. This was something that would anger the owner. The owner insisted on the non-human soul. He did not use fingernails and claws, but was forced to rely solely on physical memory.

Taking out the nails is to directly disobey the master’s order. But I couldn’t help it. Isn’t it an opponent who is easy enough to win in an unfamiliar way?

“Did you wait for me?”

I expected you to attack first. Death Knight did not. The guy crouched down as if he was going to explode at any moment and glared at Eugene.

“How did you get inside?”

“Did you just go in?”

“…inside… what did you see?”

“it is a secret.”

“Who are you?”

Kwap! The Death Knight’s feet crushed the ground. Eugene giggled and grabbed the sword that was at her waist with her hand.

“Who is it?”


At the end of the words, the Death Knight kicked the ground. I want to tear it apart and kill it, but I can’t. The Death Knight suppressed her murderous intent and swung her claws at Eugene.

Eugene’s posture lowered. When the Death Knight’s claws came close.

The moonlight was pulled out.


Foot swordsmanship. Simply put, drawing a sword from its sheath and slashing it at the same time. It is natural to be able to catch the opponent off guard and, if done well, to slash them at the shortest distance.

It’s not that powerful. No matter how quickly you pull the knife out of the scabbard, it’s much faster to position yourself properly and swing your arm to cut.

It’s a story about an ordinary sword.

The moonlight sword has no blade. The moonlight is replacing the sword. To draw a sword from its scabbard. Not just plucking, but plucking to cut immediately breaks the blade.

Moonlight Sword doesn’t need to care about him. Just pull it out and wield it. So, you can increase your speed to the limit. power?

It’s a right door.

The moonlight sword is destruction in the form of a sword.

Pulled out the crescent moon.

It looked like that in Eugene’s eyes. The moment the sword comes out of the scabbard, the light inside becomes the moon. Moonlight illuminates the darkness. No, it’s not revealing.

break the darkness


The nail that Death Knight swung was broken by the moonlight and disappeared. She didn’t understand what the Death Knight was seeing in her eyes.


Eugene took a deep breath and pushed himself forward. It’s only one swing, but his breath is choked and his vision is blurred. This is a typical symptom of mana depletion. If you see the floor completely, you will be in a state of extreme exhaustion and have no choice but to collapse.

‘Twice in the future…’

I thought I had enough power control. After all, is a guess made without trying it uncertain? Still, the power is satisfactory.

It was only one swing, but it pulverized all the attacks in front of my eyes.

Death Knight did not understand what had happened to him.

He undoubtedly swung his nails. There was no way the jaded intruder could respond. I thought of cutting off both of her arms and putting her on her knees.

I couldn’t. Her fingernails, which she clearly swung, shattered in the pale light, and the Death Knight’s gauntlet shattered as well.

“I was going to cut off my arm.”

Eugene’s purpose was the same as Death Knight’s. It was the same that she failed to achieve each other’s purpose. Death Knight couldn’t cut off Eugene’s arm, and Eugene couldn’t cut Death Knight’s arm either.

‘Is it impossible to adjust the output? Or… Is it too much with the weakened power after being shattered?’

I couldn’t afford to try it because I didn’t have enough mana. What is clear is that the current power cannot destroy the Death Knight’s body.

‘I’ve been cut several times before, but I couldn’t hurt.’

What did you do to someone else’s body? Eugene gnashed his teeth and approached the Death Knight.


It is incomprehensible, but the phenomenon was clear. That ominous light shattered the demonic spirit. Magi is the source of black magic. The highest undead, the Death Knight, does not disappear just because it uses all the magic, but consuming the source of its power to that opponent will make the owner’s anger burn even more.

then? Isn’t it simple? There is no need to use magic. look at that intruder The eyes are cloudy, and the complexion is pale. I am staggering as if walking is too much for me.

this body. Very occasionally, I had never properly learned swordsmanship, but there was a feeling that wielding a sword was familiar, but Death Knight could not bring it out fully. Having fought with fingernails and claws all his life, he felt much better and more comfortable fighting with his claws than wielding a sword.

What I will do from now on is what Death Knight liked and was good at since he was alive. You can’t pull out your real nails, but the enhanced Death Knight’s grip power can tear hard metal like paper. What if the opponent is a human body? There’s no way you can’t tear it apart.

“I don’t think that’s a very good choice.”

Death Knight attacks with his bare body. Eugene saw the movement of the Death Knight even in his dizzy vision. Doesn’t it use magic while keeping the moonlight sword in check? So, you want to fight naked? without a weapon?

with me?

“You cheeky bastard.”

Eugene giggled and switched the moonlight sword with his left hand. And with his right hand, he held Winid. The light of the moonlight sword consumes mana just by maintaining it. She shouldn’t drag on for long.

‘That bastard Vermouth swung it like a normal sword.’

monstrous child. Reminiscing about the past ends here. Now, the real monster pounced on Eugene.

grasp! The hand he wields is messy, but perhaps because of the lack of magic, the opponent is not as formidable as before. Eugene slipped away from Winnie’s hand and dug into his arms. Let’s slightly lift the moonlight sword, the Death Knight flinches and jumps backwards.

‘I didn’t swing.’

Winid slashed the back of the guy who was backing away. The sound of metal scratching. It brushed lightly, but that was enough. The wind that broke away from Winid wrapped around the Death Knight’s body.


Wow! The whirlwind swallows the Death Knight’s body entirely. Yujin calculated the coordinates of the creature while maintaining the light of the moonlight sword. The blue flame is followed by the whirlwind and grabs the Death Knight’s limbs.


Death Knight screamed and stirred his limbs. A bare body that does not use magic. Even so, every time you stir your limbs, a strong wind arises, pushing away the spirit’s wind. Eugene’s gaze went up.

ceiling. The previous battle spread thin cracks like a spider’s web. Eugene calculated the location and worked his magic. ㅡQuarre! The ceiling collapses. Countless pieces of metal fall on the Death Knight’s head.

It’s not just about falling. Eugene’s magic dwelled in each of the fragments, turning them into bullets that moved at will. Furbuck! The bullet burrows in line with the guy’s resistance. That’s how I made the Death Knight’s body move at will.

“If I had been fine, I would have killed you with my bare hands.”

Looks like some bones are broken too. Every time I move, my intestines ache. Eugene grumbled with regret and tapped the ground with his foot. Pooh! The blue flame became a hand and was fired at the Death Knight.


Death Knight hurriedly turned around. A hand of flame grazed his chest and tore off his pauldron. Also, his armor was broken. The Death Knight’s eyes flipped. Urgent rage paralyzed reason and brought monsters to madness. He held his hands up and made huge claws out of them.

“If you save it, it’s shit, you asshole.”

Fingernails tear through a storm of flames. The protruding Death Knight swung her arms towards Eugene.

“It’s already shit.”

Eugene lowered his body and dug under the Death Knight. The fragments embedded in the armor move according to Eugene’s will. The Death Knight’s body fluttered briefly in the air. That was enough. Anyway, with Eugene’s mana, it was impossible to completely control the movements of the Death Knight.

little stiffness.

It is a relaxing time for Eugene.

The moonlight shot up. The Moon Lightsaber pierced the Death Knight’s chest and her fiery core.

Death Knight couldn’t even scream. The moonlight sword’s light scattered, and the creature’s body fell. Eugene quickly pulled his body out so he wouldn’t be crushed under him.


And he vomited vomit. I think I did a good job controlling my strength, but my mana is too low. Eugene vomited a few more times before pulling her up.

‘But… this is better.’

Better than using ignition. Eugene gasped for breath and rubbed the corner of her mouth. The moonlight sword he glanced at no longer emitted moonlight, and only the hilt remained.

“A f*cking sword.”

Yujin grumbled and put the moonlight sword into the scabbard. Then he approached the Death Knight with staggering steps. He was originally inanimate, a dead corpse…but now completely dead. I could feel and see the core breaking.


Eugene stood and looked down at his corpse.

This corpse is no ordinary Death Knight. The moment the core containing the soul of a normal Death Knight is destroyed, the body also disappears. However, the body is still in front of you.

“…it feels like shit.”

There is a degree to insulting the dead. Opening the door of someone else’s tomb and entering, turning the corpse into a Death Knight? Eugene gritted his teeth and held Winid up. The first thing to do is to destroy this and escape with Raman, who must have passed out inside the door.

You must lower your sword.

to do.

arm doesn’t move Eugene gritted his teeth. He drained all his remaining strength and mana and tried to strain his arm, but it still didn’t move. Not just arms. The whole body is not moving against the will.


Eugene spat out a curse with a laugh. It’s not that I’m so exhausted that my body is out of control. It was just that the whole body was bound by a huge invisible force.

“Can we talk to each other by looking at your face?”

I wanted to look back, but I couldn’t. All Eugene can do now is to move his mouth and make a voice. What it could do, though, was that she allowed her to open her mouth and speak.

“I’m thinking about what to do with you.”

A voice approaches.

“I come up with quite a few, but the one that appeals to me the most… is this one. I’m going to drag you up like this. And I’ll throw you into the heated sand. Of course it doesn’t kill you. I’ll drill holes for your eyes, nose and mouth.”

“You are kind.”

“With your mouth open and not closed. It will keep your eyes open. Before long, your eyeballs will shatter into pieces, and your tongue will turn into a withered twig.”

The voice comes right behind you.

“It will be baked in the sand before that.”

“No, it is not. I won’t let that happen. After that… Scarecrow, do you know?”


“You will become a scarecrow in the desert. I’ll break your legs, twist them around, and tie them tight with your muscles and blood vessels so they don’t spread apart. And I’m going to drive a long iron rod into each of your fingers.”

A cold finger touched Yujin’s hand.

“From here… up the forearm… across the shoulder, to the fingertips on the other side. to open your arms wide. Your eyes are already broken, so you won’t be able to see what’s going on with your body. Even if you can’t see it, you can feel it. It won’t be a dull pain that you can’t feel.”

“That’s enough, I’ll die of shock.”

“Because I don’t die. You, no matter what happens to your body, will never die. That’s how you become a scarecrow in the desert. For a very long time, until one day I get tired of it. From where I can see, slumped on one leg, standing with arms wide open.”


“Do you know who I am?”

The hand that came up past the arm caresses the nape of Yujin’s neck. Her fingers were soft and warm, unlike the horribleness of her spitting words.

“Amelia Merwin.”

Eugene felt disgust at that touch.

“You know me well. I am Amelia Merwin. Desert Dungeon Master. black thorns. Death Answer. That is me.”

The hand stroking the nape of the neck leaves. Eugene calmed her boiling emotions and glared at her.

Amelia Merwin.

She had brown skin and long black hair. The expression was unknown. Because she was covering her mouth with a pure white cloth. Her purple glowing eyes were calmly sunken, but Eugene could sense a terrible murderous intent deep within them.

“You broke my pet.”


When Eugene asked, Amelia pointed at the Death Knight beneath her feet.

“It’s a useless pet, but it’s mine. Harassing, destroying, killing, those are things only I, the owner, can do.”

“You raise a messy pet. Couldn’t you have given me a bath on time? It smells like a dead body…”

Eugene couldn’t finish his words. Wow! The cane Amelia was holding slashed Eugene in the face.

“I’m the only one who can say that, as the owner.”

Amelia’s wand had a goat’s head at its end, and was made of various kinds of bones. Eugene spat the blood that flowed from his cracked mouth. Because her horns were crooked, her mouth just exploded. A wrong hit would have punctured her face.

“…Your pet bit me.”

Eugene smiled, revealing his bloodied teeth.

“No, rather than biting, I scratched. If she did something wrong, she would have died.”

“You will regret having to die like that.”

“Balzac Rudbesse.”

Eugene spat out the blood that continued to flow.

“Do you know who it is?”

Amelia didn’t answer right away and stared at Eugene. Then, she shook her head lightly. Every time she did that, the big gold earrings in her ears jingled.

“…I don’t know why you say that name.”

“It’s not something to be proud of. I know Balzac a little bit. Did you write me a letter telling me to deliver it to you when I see you?”


Amelia’s eyes narrow. She stared at her Eugene, then took a step back. Then, the Jubak that was holding Eugene’s body also disappeared. Eugene slumped back in his seat and took a deep breath.

“You will have to take responsibility for your words. I don’t like hearing that name.”

“I don’t like to say that bastard’s name either.”

can you kill

Putting his hand inside the cloak, Eugene pondered for a moment. Opponent is a wizard. No matter how fast the magic unfolds, there must be some gaps. If you aim for that gap, you might be able to kill it.

‘I can’t kill you.’

Eugene immediately came to a conclusion. I wanted to try using ignition, but I couldn’t do it. The class is different from Death Knight. Amelia Merwin is a black magician with the power to be counted in the world. It is impossible for the current Eugene to kill her Amelia even after a hundred tries.

Eugene gave up his lingering feelings and took out Balzac’s personal letter from inside his cloak. He didn’t even have to hand it over. The moment Eugene took out the letter, it escaped from his hand and flew to Amelia.

“…this seal.”

Amelia stared at the wax seal that sealed the envelope.

“Really. I can’t understand. What are you doing that Balzac wrote to you?”

“I heard you like me.”

“Do you know what this letter means?”

“They said you wouldn’t kill me if you had this.”

“It’s a little different.”

Amelia continued, staring at the letter.

“I had been helped by Balzac a long time ago, and in return I promised to do one of Balzac’s favors.”


“That was a price worth a lot even to Balzac. I have one favor to ask of Amelia Merwin. He didn’t ask me for anything in the decades that followed. He never had a problem that required a favor.”

ㅡ Hwareuk! Balzac’s personal letter is entwined in black flames and disappears.

“You see what I mean?”

Amelia’s eyes looked back at Eugene.

“With this personal letter, you can ask me a favor on behalf of Balzac. As long as I can hear it.”

“…This is true.”

“If you don’t want to die, ask me to live. Then I won’t kill you. But, I won’t just let you go. Why, how did you get here, and what did you do here? I need to hear that.”


“I would have said that it was a good request to be heard.”

The cotton thread is twisting. Amelia laughed at her and tilted her head crookedly.

“You can choose one or the other. If you choose not to open your mouth, I will respect that. and i will kill you If you want to live, I will let you live. Instead, you will hear everything you need to hear.”


“Do not worry. Don’t kill me, make me an asshole, I won’t play with words like that. torture? You don’t have to. There are so many ways to get an answer from you besides torture. I’m very interested in you. How did you get into this place that even the Sultan doesn’t know about? The only thing that knows about this place is its sandcasters. Were there any worms that communicated with you among them? That’s strange. It can’t be…”

Damn Balzac. If you were going to write me a letter like this, would you say something properly? Eugene felt so dissatisfied, but in fact, it was an unfair thing for Balzac. How could Balzac have imagined that Eugene would invade Amelia Merwin’s territory and destroy her possessions?

‘What should I do?’

Any other requests? suicide is not

“…What if I ask you not to pursue me?”

“I won’t pursue you. However, that request is different from asking for your life, isn’t it?”

Even if you get out of this situation right now, there are many problems. Amelia said she would do anything to get an answer from Eugene, and Eugene never wanted to talk about it. Why are you here? by chance. Amelia can’t believe him. If she says that she listens to answers without torture in the first place, she will use magic, but the mental type magic that a warlock like her uses ignores her will and draws out the right answer.

“I am worried. Should I listen to what you’re worried about… as a favor?”

Amelia giggled and reached out a finger to Eugene. A dark light shines on her fingertips. Moonlight Sword. Eugene was conscious of the hilt hanging from her waist. If I use ignition, run away after taking a shot of the moonlight sword… No, it’s impossible. This space is already under Amelia’s control.

“Count to three.”

Amelia whispered.


What if you sell Lionheart’s name? Will Amelia respect Lionheart? Will that name allay the dogged warlock’s doubts?


just be honest? what should i say Enter the tomb, open that door that even Amelia couldn’t open, and take the moonlight sword… Nonsense. With that said, Amelia will spare her Eugene, but her moonlight sword will be taken away unconditionally.


Amelia didn’t say three.

She lowered her head in surprise and looked down.

Hamel’s body.

Death Knight.

He opened his eyes and was looking up at Amelia.

“…this… can’t be.”

Amelia muttered as she took a few steps back. Eugene felt disgust as if her insides were being turned upside down, and the hairs all over her body stood on end.

Death Knight’s two eyes. Two eyes that had completely turned black, even the whites, stared at Eugene.


Hamel knew that gaze.

“Why are you?”

Amelia muttered in disbelief. She slowly got down on one knee, but kept her head down and glared at her Death Knight.

Death Knight slowly raises his body.


Yujin swallowed the vomit.

< Grave >

The Death Knight who stood up did not tell who he was. However, there is an ominous feeling that lurks deep in those dark eyes. And just because Amelie got down on one knee, it was certain that that Death Knight was the ‘Demon King of Confinement’.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The Death Knight’s lips opened. The words that came out of his snout were the same hoarse voice as before, but there was a ‘power’ that couldn’t be compared to before. My heart, which had been beating fast as if it was about to explode, cooled down the moment I heard his voice.

Eugene felt the cold sweat running down his spine like pieces of ice.

“I saw you through the eyes of Balzac Rudbesse.”

Death Knight.

muttered the demon king.

“Did you come to offer flowers to your ancestor’s close friend?”


“You saw it, so you know. The owner of this tomb is Hamel Dynas. He was known to the world as stupid Hamel, but he was never stupid. She said, ‘She dear’ She was exceptional and strong among Vermouth’s companions, and she was her man whom Vermouth kept by her side.”


what do you know

Are you talking like that? Yujin managed to suppress the screams that were about to burst out of his mouth. Her lips, which she chewed with force, were crushed and burst, and her blood flowed. Eugene glared at the demon king with bloodshot eyes.

“I understand your animosity.”

fleshy. Despite blatantly exhaling it, the Demon King showed no displeasure.

“Me and Vermouth sincerely understood each other and formed a friendship. However, it is ridiculous to force a relationship from 300 years ago on a distant descendant. I will respect ‘Lionheart’ as a descendant of a close friend, but I do not force respect on you.”


“I couldn’t meet you in person, but Eugene Ryanhart. I know you are great 300 years after Vermouth. I’ve seen many Lionhearts, but I think that among them, you are the one with the thickest vermouth blood.”


Eugene was dumbfounded and let out a laugh. Dear Vermouth? respect? The whole story felt absurd, but what I was saying now was even more speculative.

“…Ryanhart. Yes, that’s right.”

Amelia, who was on one knee, smirked.

“Gray hair, golden eyes. Kiel’s Lionheart.”

Amelia glared at the demon king with thinly opened eyes.

“I never thought he would come directly to this shabby place, using something like a Death Knight as a vessel. The Demon King of Confinement. How am I supposed to accept this?”

“You are free to accept it.”

“But you have to take responsibility for that freedom. Don’t say mean things. The Demon King of Confinement. Did you come here to protect that wicked lion?”

“Because he is a descendant of a close friend.”

The Demon King said that and looked away. Amelia’s eyes met those black eyes, and her eyes slightly wavered. She hid her cotton thread with her hand, which trembled with rapid breathing.

“…With just that, you’re going to suppress my freedom, which you respect?”

“Amelia Merwin. I love and respect you, but not as much as Vermouth.”

“The vermouth is dead.”

“However, that blood has continued uninterrupted. Especially Eugene Ryanhart. I see in him the vermouth of a long time ago.”

Those words stirred up Yujin’s feelings even more. Eugene imagined what kind of reaction the demon king would show when he threw a double curse at the dog-like demon king here. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t force respect? Then, isn’t it okay to have a double bath?

“…You respect the ghost who died 300 years ago… more than me, who is alive now?”

Emotions were aroused in Amelia as well. She tried to raise her body with her eyes wide open, but she didn’t get her way. The body that was about to stand up goes down again. Amelia put on a puzzled look, but she didn’t groan. Rather, she glared at her demon king with more ferocious eyes.

“You… me…!”

“Your freedom must not exceed your respect for me.”

the demon king said

“Amelia Merwin. Whatever you did at Hamel’s grave, I respected your freedom. But if you want to harm Vermouth’s descendants, I cannot accept him. At least for now.”

“…At least?”

Eugene did not miss those words. He opened his eyes and glared at the demon king.

“What does that mean?”

“Like a cheeky kid.”

Amelia squints and exhales. She was offended that Eugene did not show her respect to the Demon King.

“The vermouth is dead.”

the demon king said

“It doesn’t feel like that long ago to me… 300 years. That’s long enough for humans. I think I have shown enough kindness and respect to the descendants of Vermouth for those 300 years.”

The demon king’s voice lowered. Amelia no longer showed her displeasure, but stared at the demon lord with her expectant eyes.

“They gave me freedom to show me no favors and no respect. However, it is difficult to mistake continued favor for a right. I am the one who reigns over countless demons and demons, and I am the king of Helmud.”

Every time the demon king speaks.

Eugene’s heart tightened. Eugene glared at the demon king while enduring his choked breathing. Eugene did not kneel to the Demon King. There was no reason to kneel, and I did not want to kneel.

“With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is just indulgence. Descendants of Vermouth. To Lionheart, tell everyone. Do not encroach on my favor. If you stop honoring me, I will no longer respect you.”


Eugene clearly understood what he said. The demon king of confinement has not invaded the world for hundreds of years, and has shown goodwill and respect to other countries. Just two years ago, even at the time of Iod, it was like that.

For the demon king of confinement, the problem of iod was nothing special. Nevertheless, the demon king of confinement ‘peacefully’ settled the situation. Balzac Rudebes, who made a direct contract with the demon king, bowed his head to the head of Lionheart, and the incubus who tried to make a contract with Iod was cut off.

It’s not just Ryan Hart. 300 years since the promise. There were many people in the world who were wary of Helmud’s demons and demon kings. Right now, the Holy Empire and the anti-demon allies near Helmud have raised their resolve to subdue Helmud and kill the demon king several times.

Of course, it didn’t actually happen, but there were several armed demonstrations. Even now, the troops of the Holy Empire are stationed on the borders of Helmud, and the troops of the Anti-Magic Alliance are also with them.

Helmud, the demon king of confinement. I’m ignoring him For 300 years, the demons have tried to renew their image, but somewhere on the continent, the demons are still oppressed.

In Eugene’s opinion, it was a deserved punishment. He knows how horrible the world was 300 years ago.

But Helmud’s demons wouldn’t think so.

Perhaps, even the demon lord of confinement.

“…Why are you saying that now?”

Eugene let out a voice with rapid breathing. She’s been silent for 300 years and she now has something to come and warn you about.

“Your ancestors made a pact in exchange for freedom, and now the end is coming. The time will come when the stopped wheel will roll again.”


“Someday… I’ll have to make an appointment again. Who can make a promise on behalf of Vermouth and stop the wheel?”

“…What is that promise?”

Eugene sighed again. Then, the demon king did not answer for a while, then moved Hamel’s lips and smiled lightly.

“You do not deserve to know him.”


“Because you are not vermouth.”

“…The ancestor died 300 years ago.”

“You seem to resent your ancestors.”


“You stupid lion.”

that word.

Eugene’s body trembled. Unknowingly, he rushed to the demon king, but his body did not move as he intended. The demon king stared at Eugene’s flinching body and continued.

“Your being, your soul. Everyone was able to be born now after 300 years because Vermouth made a promise.”


“Amelia Merwin.”

The Demon King didn’t look at Eugene anymore. Eugene desperately tried to squeeze his voice out, but no sound came out. The force that gripped her heart is clamping her neck.

“Go back to your dungeon.”

“…There are still things I need to hear from that kid.”

“He can’t hear anything.”

“This is nonsense…! my pet is dead And that door…!”

“There is nothing beyond.”

Saying that, the demon king stretched out his hand toward the door. Then the closed door turns to powder and disappears.

Rahman was still unconscious and lay on the floor. When she saw that, Amelia put on a puzzled expression.

“Nothing happened here.”

The Demon King spoke again. Amelia wanted to refute something, but she couldn’t resist the demon king’s gaze staring at her.

“…The demon king of confinement. Did you like that body?”

“I’ll give it back.”

“Can I? Are you a friend of Vermouth, whom you cherish and love so much?”

“I don’t love Hamel.”

At that, Amelia burst into laughter. She straightened her bent knee and nodded her head. Then, she glared at Eugene.

“…I was lucky.”


“Next time, you won’t be as lucky as today.”

Doubts remain about this place. Amelia tried to read her mana memory just in case, but she did as the demon king of Yupe said. The memory of Mana in this place had been erased, and nothing had happened. Such a thing would have been effortless for the demon king in captivity, but I felt doubtful that the demon king went this far while protecting that young lion.


Amelia turned slowly. The demon king of confinement clearly showed his will. Amelia did not know about the contents of the promise, but she decided to have the meaning that the demon king of confinement gave a ‘warning’ rather than a promise.

I can’t do anything about that kid right now. One day… the promise will come to an end, and the time will come when it will not end with just a warning.

Amelia Merwin leaves. The demon king of confinement, who had descended on the Death Knight’s body for a while, also left.

Nevertheless, Eugene remained there for a long time. He did not kneel to the demon king of Yupe until the end. He still did. The demon king of Yupe disappeared, but Eugene was forced to stand up. He didn’t want to fall down or sit down.


I stood like that for a while, trying to control my emotions.

Eventually, I couldn’t stand it and cried out. Eugene slammed the ground with his foot several times and smashed the cracked wall with his fist. I didn’t care about my exhausted body, my injuries, or anything like that. He cursed and ran amok several times.

“f*cked cubs.”

After rioting for a while, the anger subsided a little. Eugene sighed and sat down in his seat.

‘I know me.’

stupid lion.

It wouldn’t be just a word.

‘My being and my soul. Everyone can exist thanks to Vermouth’s promise? What do you mean?’

no way. Does that vermouth make a pact with the demon king in exchange for my reincarnation? nonsense. Maybe that desolate bastard had innocence deep inside his heart, and he couldn’t leave his dead comrade alone. If he was really for Hamel, he had to prioritize killing the Demon King over reincarnation.

‘In the first place, that promise is a peace treaty. It’s not about my reincarnation.’

Didn’t the demon king of confinement also say that? What Vermouth got in exchange for the promise was ‘freedom’.

‘The end of the promise… the stopped cartwheel. Child f*ck. He pretends to look like a demon king and talks?’

The more I think about it, the more my stomach boils. Didn’t you think of the next day and crash into it? There are dozens and hundreds of double curses to pour out on him, so I should have just shot him.

I don’t love Hamel.

“I hate you too, you bastard.”

Eugene spat out and gnashed his teeth. In the end, she couldn’t break the corpse of her previous life as a Death Knight. that is, yes I can’t help it. Isn’t the reincarnated body more important than the dead body of the previous life?

‘Are you lucky? It’s the same with each other. I’ll kill you next time.’

The demon king of confinement did not kill Eugene.

He should have known it was Hamel, but he didn’t kill him. I didn’t even ask what was inside that door.

Who can make a promise and stop the wheel in place of Vermouth?

‘I have no intention of making a promise.’

Eugene thought so and put his hand inside the cloak.

‘Why stop the wheel? If it goes to a f*cking place, don’t stop and break it.’

If this reincarnation… if not Senya or Anise, but Vermouth was involved.

‘If you You wouldn’t expect that from me.’

Eugene took out his hand from his cloak.

There were dry leaves. It is a leaf that was in the room where the moonlight sword was sealed.

Deep underground, where there is not a single weed, let alone a tree. Why are the leaves falling off?

“…I feel like shit.”

Eugene murmured and stood up.

200 years ago. After Vermouth’s death.

Someone broke into this tomb.

Senya realized the ideal of the tomb and came all the way from Akryon.

She got into a fight with the intruder and disappeared.

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