Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 24

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‘The leaves of the World Tree.’

Eugene knows what these leaves are.

A treasure that Senya cherished more than Akasha. The leaves of the World Tree, the faith of the Elves. This makes it possible to warp into the elven forest from anywhere.

If Senya, driven into a predicament, had warped to the Elven Forest using the leaves of the World Tree.

Who the hell broke into this tomb? Can I drive that Senya into a corner?

‘The curse of the lich obliterates the body and soul.’

Eugene staggered to his feet.

‘anise? Maybe it’s the power of the holy sword. Anyway, I wasn’t obliterated.’

body and soul.

put it in the grave

‘From the coffin in the room, take my corpse… and move it outside… that’s all I can do.’


‘… pretending to be dead… what was the reason for going so far?’

Eugene thought it was Vermouth who fought Senya here.

I didn’t want to trust him at all.


Colleagues were good friends.

I think so. Although they came from different backgrounds, their hatred for the demon lord was the same.

Hamel is a survivor of a village attacked by monsters driven by the demon king. When she was about ten years old, she lost her parents and hometown to the demon lord.

Moron is the son of the Warchief of the northern Bayar tribe. The tribes there have long shared the ground with the demons, and as the demon king suddenly invaded, many tribesmen returned to the land.

Moron was the son of the great chief, and swore to kill the Demon King with his own hands for the sake of the other tribes.

Anise was a saintess candidate who was carefully raised by the Cardinals of the Holy Empire. They believed that they, who were guided by the gods, were the only ones qualified to remove the darkness that hung over the world, and that the saints they had raised were suitable to serve as God’s agents.

When Anise became a saint from a candidate, the army of demons was rampant. She decided to rescue the Holy Empire and according to the will of the gods.

Senya was taken in by the elves, raised in their forest, and learned magic. The elves, who did not accept humans, accepted Senya, who was gifted with magical talent, as a member of the elves. As Helmud’s ominous power grew stronger, the elves began to die.

Senya did not want the elf to die. To her, the elves were the family that raised her younger self and taught her magic. She became Akasha’s master as the representative of the elves, and left the forest.

the vermouth.

He was one of the slaves transported to Helmud. His hometown is the kingdom of Ashal, which was adjacent to Helmud. It was the first country to be destroyed by demons and demons, and its territory now belongs to the kingdom of Luhar, established by Moron.

In the Great Invasion, Vermouth lost his family. The few survivors were captured by monsters, and each group was sent as a slave to Helmud. Meanwhile, Vermut stole the demon’s sword and rescued the slaves.

Vermut led his slaves and wandered the snowfields, and met Moron’s Bayar tribe.

The reasons are different, but they are all the same. I lost something to the demons. I don’t want to lose anymore, so I want to get revenge for what I lost. So I decided to kill the Demon King.

He had the strength and qualities to help him.

Vermouth’s first mate was Morron. Vermut knew that he could not stand against the Demon King with his weak strength, and he thought that he needed a strong man who could surely stand up to the Demon King rather than a large army.

So I wandered around looking for a colleague.

The third mate is Anise. The Holy Empire paid attention to Vermut, who had rescued countless slaves being transported to Helmud, and decided to empower the Holy Empire with his outrageous power and potential.

But verification was needed. The Holy Empire brought Vermut in front of the Holy Sword bestowed by the God of Light a long time ago to test whether his personality was correct.

Vermouth pulled out the Holy Sword without difficulty. The Holy Empire blessed Vermouth’s journey, and ordered Anis to become Vermouth’s strength.

The fourth colleague is Segna. She was famous even before becoming Vermouth’s colleague. It was a world full of confusion and despair, and it was a time when everyone hoped for a hero.

A young witch who suddenly appears on the battlefield where monsters and demons run rampant and pours out great magic. Many countries tried to capture Senya, but she didn’t belong anywhere and wandered the world alone, hunting monsters.

Even Senya didn’t hesitate to become Vermouth’s colleague. To that extent, Vermouth was a brilliant existence.

‘I was the last one.’

Hamel was quite famous, though not as well as Senya. While Senya drew attention at the national level, Hamel became famous in the mercenary world and on the battlefield.

A young mercenary who skillfully handles all kinds of weapons and returns alive from any harsh battlefield. A battlefield ghost who does not belong to a mercenary group, does not lead his subordinates, and wanders in search of a battlefield full of monsters rather than high pay.

Hamel at the time was such an existence.

I remember the first meeting clearly. At that time, warp technology was not as developed as it is now, so if you wanted to cross the sea, you had to take a boat unconditionally. After the war in the north of Turas ended, Hamel was staying at the port to head to Helmud, the stronghold of the Demon King and his tribe.

Then, suddenly, Vermouth and his party came to visit.

Hamel also picked up rumors while working as a mercenary, so he knew about Vermouth. He is a ‘brave man’ who has made a name across the sea in recent years. there was interest But he wants to be a colleague?

‘It doesn’t matter, but I don’t want to hear what I’m more like a cub than me?’

“Oh f*ck.”

Yujin recalled her past life and slapped me on the cheek. Crazy baby. I think she was probably a little over 20 at the time. She got that old and said that? Eugene didn’t want to admit that fact…

‘You’re a mercenary bastard who will be everywhere. But do you have any reason to take him with you?’

Senya tickled from the first meeting.

‘Even if you don’t have dignity, it looks too low. Mr Vermouth. There are countless warriors who are better than mercenaries like wild dogs. The only son of the knight commander of the Kiel Empire said that he had a great appearance and personality as well as his skills. Why don’t you go to Kiel instead?’

Anise openly called Eugene a bastard. Although he referred to it as a wild dog, it was unmistakably true that he said it looked like a dog.

‘I heard that the warriors of the Sea Kingdom are very brave men. I want to compete with them.’

Morone has been an asshole since then.


Vermouth was an unusual guy. He smiled rather lightly at Hamel’s smirk, ignoring the opinions of the other three.

‘It has to be you.’

To be honest, Hamel wasn’t that great at the time. He made a name for himself in the mercenary world, but a mercenary is a mercenary anyway. Hamel at that time was so small that he could not be compared to his peers.

Nevertheless, Vermouth said so. I don’t know what he saw or felt to say that. Anyway, Vermouth pulled out the sword as Hamel requested and sparred.

When I first grabbed a sword and started a mercenary. Hamel thought he was a genius. The mercenaries around him had said the same.

I’ve never seen a kid who can use a knife as well as you.

You already felt mana?

sword? Nonsense!

Hamel was accustomed to hearing surprises and geniuses around him. He wasn’t even infatuated with arrogance. He didn’t skip hard work, practice, every day. He was so proud of his own skills.


It wasn’t just a loss, it was catfish. It wasn’t that the collar couldn’t be brushed like in the storybook, but only the collar was cut off. She didn’t even squeeze her face down on the ground. Even so, he fell face down on the ground.

It was the first time I had lost so overwhelmingly.



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‘I’m stronger than you.’

‘Shut up… f*ck, do it again. let’s do it again I didn’t lose!’

Vermouth fought again as Hamel had hoped. He fought three more times and lost three more. He cut his collar the first time, but after that three times he couldn’t even cut his collar.

‘…I’m much weaker than you. Why do you want me to be your ally?’

‘Because I need you.’

‘So why the f*ck do you need it? You’re stronger than me!’

‘If you win, you become an ally. Didn’t I promise that?’

‘…because I don’t understand. If you tell me to be your teammate, there won’t be one or two bastards who will be taken aback.’

‘You are the last.’

While I was sitting down covered in dirt, Vermouth reached out to me.

‘Let’s go together. Hamel.’

Hamel is.

Eugene knows vermouth. He also knows about his co-workers. So she didn’t want to admit her suspicions. That Vermouth did something while faking his death. It is here that he fought a battle with Senya.

‘…why are you?’

Isn’t it enough to fight the demon lord if you do it that way? Why dragging a dead body, pulling out the soul… and holding hands… with the Demon King?

‘At least put the body back in the coffin. You bastard.’

Eugene thought as his shoulders drooped.

‘Or… even the reason… I should leave it properly.’

It must have been Vermouth who left the necklace in Lionheart’s treasury. If it’s a gnome, you can bring the necklace to the treasury without any problems.



What is entangled is how Senya was able to welcome it. I don’t know if the reincarnation and the necklace were arranged by Senya, but if it was arranged by Vermouth…

‘…no. To think that Vermouth’s dogma is a hasty conviction.’

Someday, I hope to see you in the world you wished for.

I thought it meant seeing you again in heaven. Focusing on reincarnation is perceived differently. Did Vermouth… betray Senya? I don’t know. Eugene caressed the leaves of the World Tree in his cloak.

We need to find Senya.

“…Confucius, are you in a hurry to go to the bathroom?”

Raman carefully opened his mouth. She was concerned that Eugene, who had been on her back from earlier, kept twitching her body and making grunting noises.

“There are no toilets in the desert. If you’re in a hurry, I’ll dig a pit and poop there…”

“Shut up and walk.”

Eugene gritted his teeth and kicked Raman’s thigh.

I got out of the underground tomb and the labyrinth.

It was too much work with a broken bone. So Eugene climbed on Rahman’s back. Rather than walking on my own feet, it was better to focus on healing while being carried on my back.

‘I miss the Elixir.’

Eugene gnashed his teeth. Even 300 years ago, the elixir was a rare treasure, but at that time, the warriors always wore that precious elixir. He took plenty of potions, but this amount of wounds could not be healed immediately even with potions.

‘Healing magic is divine magic, so I couldn’t learn it… it’s rotten. Should I learn divine magic? I don’t think there will be much success because it depends on your faith.’

Senya used high-ranking healing magic well for subjects who had not even been introduced to divine magic. However, it was an elf-specific healing magic, and it did not spread to later generations.

“Gongja. Be patient. You can arrive in Khajitan in a few days. If you go see a doctor or a healer then…”

“Not quite like that.”

“If left unattended, the bones may attach incorrectly.”

Raman saved his life thanks to Eugene several times, and was sincerely worried about Eugene.

“Because I will figure it out. What are you going to do?”


“The Emir of Khajitan.”

“Are you worried about me?”

“no. If you go blind and slash your master’s head, I’m not going to bother you. If you’re going to do it, do it after I leave.”

Eugene snorted and replied. Emir of Khajitan. He doesn’t know about the tomb or Amelia Merwin. However, as requested by the Sandcastles, they only controlled who entered the Kazani Desert.


Raman could not answer right away and hesitated. His owner knew that the sandstorms in the Khazani Desert were man-made. But it will be an acquiescence that has come down from a long time ago. Nahama is eating away at Turas’ territory bit by bit through desertification, and sudden sandstorms must come with a worthy victim.

Pioneers became a sacrifice for the glory of Nahama.

However, Rahman did not want to accept him. Everyone will. The sandstorm that struck right away swallowed up friends and family. That is something that cannot be helped for the glory of the country. Among the survivors, who can nod their heads that the job is right?

“…I don’t want to resent the Master.”

Rahman lowered his head and murmured.

“This desert was created 100 years ago, and it is a place where sandstorms continue to appear since then. The emir before my master also tolerated it for the sake of Nahama.”


“…the escort will cease. He does not want to resent his master, but he does not want to give his life for him.”

“It’s not my business to quit. Do you have the skills to make a living?”

“…I want to follow Confucius.”

Rahman turned his head and looked back at Eugene. Then, Eugene made an expression of disgust and pushed Raman’s cheek.

“Don’t turn your head. Your beard smells like a dog.”


“And why are you following me? I’m not even from Nahama.”

“I will follow Confucius wherever he goes.”

“First shave off your beard.”


“You don’t have to follow me anywhere, I still have business in Nahama. I need a local guide, Rahman, have you been to Hogany?”

“If it’s Hogani… are you referring to the Holy Land of Light? I’ve been there years ago.”

holy land.

Hogani is so called. The place where Saint Anise made a pilgrimage. It is unknown if this is the final destination of her pilgrimage, but Hogan was the last place where Anis appeared 200 years ago.

Hogani was a city in the immediate vicinity of Khajitan.

‘…Maybe they really came to commemorate me…’

Are there any traces of anise left in the hogani?

Somewhere in that vast desert?



Emir of Khajitan. Tairi Al Madani narrowed his eyes and stared right in front of him.

Eugene was sitting in front of him, and Raman was standing behind him. this situation. Whether Tyri should accept what he sees with his eyes and what he hears with his ears. Or he wondered if he should be wary of something else in his heart.

“…Are you aware that you’re being forced?”

Tyrie asked back in a fit of spirit.

“I heard everything you said to your men.”

Raman’s men, including his adjutant, were injured by Eugene, so in order to explain him, he had no choice but to report honestly to Tyri.

It was Rahman who identified himself as a ‘thief’ to secretly carry out Tyri’s orders, and the adjutant was soft-spoken. He blamed the leader, Rahman, for not following his master’s orders properly.

“Eugene Ryanhart. You…really, do you think I sent my men to steal behind the scenes?”

“No matter what the intentions of Emir-sama sent it, isn’t it true that I was harmed by them?”

For Eugene, it was easier for the other person to know that Tyri knew the truth.

“It was something I did to protect you.”

“Why do you need the lie of a thief to protect me?”

“Because you are the Lionheart of the Kiel Empire, and I am the Emir of Nahama.”

Tyri narrowed his eyes and sighed.

“I don’t know if you know, but the relationship between Nahama and Kiyel is not very friendly. The Emperor of Kiel is wary of Nahama’s power, and the Sultan is also quenching his anger at Kiel’s faults.”

“What does that have to do with Emir-sama’s lies?”

“Why do you think there is no? Kazani is a place prone to sudden sandstorms.”

Tyri was wary of Eugene’s head. The sandcastles of the Kazani Desert. intended sandstorm. aggression. Of course, other countries would have guessed the invasion of the sandstorm… but if that kid really collided with the sandcastles, you wouldn’t be able to take this lightly.

‘…the scorpion did not come.’

The sand magicians crouched at the edge of the desert. They periodically create sandstorms, gradually expanding the desert. Unless Eugene Lionheart has wings, it is impossible for him to reach the edge of the desert in these few days.

“For me to protect you from the front, it can be seen that Nahama is bowing down to Kiel. Besides, I had to figure out your intentions. Why did you go to the Khazani Desert where no one lives?”

“I’m not here to listen to interrogations.”

“That is it. I cannot interrogate you. So I ordered his men to come after you, to protect you from any misfortune. If Rahman Shulhob, behind you, did your bidding. You and I wouldn’t have had such an uncomfortable relationship.”

Tyri said, glancing at Rahman.

“I understand that you’re offended, but I couldn’t help it. And it wasn’t really stealing, was it? I was told by his men that they only followed you at a sufficient distance. Then you attacked first.”

Eugene smiled at those words and took a sip of tea. That old Emir never mentions Assassins or Sandcasters. It is not known that Eugene was attacked by Assassin and wiped out the sandcastles in the desert underground.

It has to be. The labyrinth where Eugene fell was a dungeon ruled by Amelia Merwin. The fact that Hamel’s tomb is located there is something that even the Sultan does not know. Besides, didn’t Amelia tell you? All they knew about this dungeon was the sandcastles waiting there.

The deluded sandcasters obeyed Amelia Merwin and feared her. Tyree Al Madani kept her Eugene out of the desert because she was wary of a sandstorm, not Amelia Merwin.

‘There’s no need to bother.’

If that happens, Yujin’s position will also be difficult. Eugene intended to finish this place and step back.

“No matter what Emir-sama says, doesn’t it change the fact that Emir-sama threatened my safety?”

“The incompetent subordinates did not understand my orders properly. It must have been a misunderstanding.”

“I’m worried about how I should explain that misunderstanding to my family.”

“…I’m not sure what you’re talking about…”

“Then I have no choice but to convince you. In that case, Emir will be in great trouble. It is not a story to be spit lightly.”

Eugene caressed the luxurious teacup with his bandaged hand.

“Anything I said, I have to take responsibility for my words. Unfortunately, I am still young, and in order to be responsible for my words, I have no choice but to borrow the power of my family.”

“…Confucius Eugene.”

“I don’t want him either. It could be a problem between countries… and I don’t want to embarrass the family. Emir, can you take responsibility?”

Tyri let out a long sigh and stroked his beard. Eugene grinned at the old emir in front of her eyes.

“…Confucius. What do you want?”

“500 million cells.”

Eugene sipped tea and said.

“I think it is cheap because it is not appropriate to end a relationship that has become uncomfortable due to misunderstanding.”


“Well, it wasn’t something Emir-sama intended… let’s just say it was an inevitable happening. I’ll keep my mouth shut too, so Emir-sama, just open your wallet.”

“I heard you’re 19 now. Very bold.”

“I heard a lot of stories like that here and there. If I run amok like a colt with my tail on fire, isn’t Emyr-sama in trouble?”

“I have a feeling of shame. I sent my subordinates for you, so why should I pay the money as if I had committed a sin? There must be many other ways.”

“other way? I am afraid of what Emir said. Are you sure you want to kill me here? Or are you going to send an Assassin? Neither way would it be the Sultan’s will. The responsibility that decision will bring will be dozens of times greater than 500 million cells.”

Tyri was silent for a moment. 500 million cells? As Eugene said, it is not an excessive amount.

However, as Tyree said, he felt resentment. stealing? nonsense.

‘…if it can be finished with 500 million cells…’

What if you met sandcastles in the desert? No, I didn’t think that was possible. I’ll have to send someone to check it out, but it’s impossible for a 19-year-old kid to come back alive after encountering sandcastles and assassins in the desert.

Even if you are lucky enough to come back alive. It was incomprehensible to Tyri to talk about ‘misunderstanding’ and talk about 500 million cells after experiencing such an event.

“…let me pay.”

Tyri nodded slowly.

“If it can allay your anger.”

“I didn’t learn so badly that I would take it and gossip about it.”

“I know that the Lionheart family is one of the richest families on the continent. Are you not seeing the benefits of that?”

It was subtle, no, blatant sarcastic.

“My family has a lot of money, but it’s not all my money, is it?”


Tyri laughed and snapped her fingers. Then the attendant waiting behind him bowed his head deeply and left the room.

“… Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, let me ask you something. I’m so curious. Why did you join Khazani?”

“I wanted to see the vast desert, feel the grandeur of Mother Nature, and develop courage.”


“It was also the closest desert.”

“If you really want that feeling, I will personally introduce you to the vast deserts of Nahama.”

“No, that’s all right. I already felt enough.”

“What did you see in Kazani?”

“I saw the desert.”

Eugene smiled and replied. I want to ask openly, but I can’t bear it, so it’s clear that I’m asking around.

‘There’s nothing there anymore.’

Hamel’s Tomb.

A statue, a coffin, a memorial stone, a few pillars… Everything I didn’t want buried was stuffed into the cloak.

The labyrinth connected to the tomb was destroyed by Eugene’s hand.

‘Why don’t you dig up a corpse?’

It was Amelia Merwin, not the Sultan, who ruled the dungeon. Not even the sultan or other sandcasters know about the tomb.

Unless Amelia Merwin speaks up. What Eugene went through there is unknown.

“Oh and. I will take Rahman Shulhov with me.”


“You threatened me, so you must pay the price. But he can’t make Emir pay the price.”


Tyri let out a dry laugh and glanced at Rahman. Rahman waited for a while to see if the owner would stand up for him.

“If you want a full price. I will execute Rahman’s execution right in front of Confucius’ eyes.”

“Ah, I’m not ruthless enough to cut people’s throats for this.”


“I’m just going to take her to her parents’ house and have her clean up the shit in the stable.”

Tyri pondered the value of Rahman for a moment. The second captain of the warrior division under his command. Rahman was a recognized warrior, but he was not worth keeping unless he was able to carry out his orders properly. In the 1st Division, which could be called the immediate escort, there were many better fighters than Rahman.

‘A guy who can’t even guess about the sand magician.’

He is the one who will be executed anyway. Let’s give it to Eugene

“Let Confucius do as he wishes.”

Tyri pursed his lips and smirked.

Soon after, the attendant returned with a large box. When Tyri opened the box, beautiful jewels shimmered.

“I’ll pick out some jewelry, so wait a moment.”

I was wondering if they would give me a wad of cash, but it seems that they are giving it as jewelry. Yujin suddenly thought of this while looking at the sparkling jewels.

‘If you say 500 million cells, you can only buy one giant ball.’

I should have called a little more.

Although he is not in need of money, Eugene suddenly felt sorry for him.

“Let’s use 1 billion cells instead of 500 million cells.”


“Because Emir’s jewels are so beautiful.”

Tyri looked at Eugene with a puzzled look, then frowned and nodded.

“Just have this whole box.”

“thank you.”

Eugene didn’t refuse and readily accepted it.


Anise Slewood.

The woman Eugene remembers was a woman who was not suited to the word faithfulness. Her beliefs and beliefs may be true, but her usual behavior did not match her faithfulness or the title of ‘saint’.

Anise loved wine even more than Senya. If Senya liked to drink and have fun, Anise just liked to drink. She always carried a little wine bottle with her, and she used to say that the liquid in it was holy water, not alcohol.

She had a saintly appearance.

When you have a lot of corpses in front of you. Anise used to get down on his knees and offer prayers.

I used to wonder what the point was in praying to a corpse that had already been dead for a long time. A corpse that has progressed to decay. Either the soul has already left, or it has become a plaything for the demons.

Anis must have known that fact better than anyone else. Even so, she did not miss her prayers. Even if it had no meaning other than commemoration, Anise prayed for the peace and rest of the dead.

Although anise was strong in alcohol.

Whenever I passed many corpses, I drank more than usual. If you don’t want to get drunk, you should be able to do that. In the middle of the battlefield, where the rotting smell of corpses lingered, Anise could not suppress her intoxication.

‘Will the world be peaceful and happy?’

By the time the smell of alcohol covered the smell of rotting corpses.

Anise used to say that often.

‘If I kill the demon king, I will be peaceful and happy.’

‘Killing all demon lords does not mean that the innocent people they killed will come back to life.’

‘At least the soul can be saved.’

‘Hamel. Do you believe in the afterlife?’

‘Isn’t it comfortable to think that there is?’

‘You don’t believe in God.’

‘That and the afterlife are different. I don’t know hell, I wish there was heaven. Isn’t it funny that you ask me that?’

Holy Empire Euras. The main god they worship is the god of light. There are countless beliefs on the continent, but among them, the main one is the god of light that Yurasu serves as the main god.

If you live to build good deeds and meet death… Good deeds become light, and bad deeds become darkness. If the light is bright enough to reveal all the darkness, you can go to heaven.

In that heaven, darkness does not exist. The sinful karma of the world takes place in darkness without light. In other words, there is no sin karma because there is no darkness in the heaven where the god of light rules, and no one suffers because there is no sin karma.

‘I get suspicious sometimes.’

Cheeks stained red with drunkenness.

‘A lot of people have died. To the devil, to the devil, to the monster, to the monster. The number of people who have met such unfortunate deaths in the continent’s long history is incalculable. Is the god I serve… Almighty enough to light up the darkness of all the dead souls?’

‘Are you, a saint, doubting your God?’

‘yes. I’m doubting But the Almighty God I serve doesn’t say anything, let alone blame my doubts.’

The place where they had such a conversation was in the middle of a battlefield full of corpses. The head of the giants. Kamash, stopped the advance of that young horo. I passed his corpse and the corpses of numerous giants.

Moron did his best to protect the common soldiers. Anise tended to the wounded by raining light. Senya’s magic drove the giants without the soldiers stepping up, and Hamel and Vermut defeated Kamash.

Even so, the damage of the allies was unavoidable. A large army of monsters following the giants. Powerful demons mixed here and there. Numerous people were killed and wounded in their battles. The priests of the Holy Empire who came to help, and the doctors who came from all over looked after the wounded.

Those who die die. It was unavoidable.

‘If God is truly omnipotent, shouldn’t he shed the blood of his lamb instead?’


‘If he really is the light that will light up all the darkness, why doesn’t he light up this rugged darkness himself?’


‘Even at this moment, the world is covered with deep darkness. It is night here. The soon-to-be-coming Dawn will not reveal her life in darkness. All the Dawning reveals… dead bodies, she said. Hamel. Do you know how many people died here today? It’s not just here. somewhere in the world Yesterday, today, and tomorrow too. A lot of people have died and will die in the dark or in the light.’

‘You’re drunk.’

‘I want to believe in my God. But I can’t fully understand his meaning. No matter how beautiful the heaven we will reach after death is, the world is so miserable. Why doesn’t God shine light on the world?’

‘…There is vermouth.’

Hamel at that time.

I said so.

‘I… don’t know the doctrine of the God of Light. However, I do know that Vermouth is a ridiculous monster. how many times have you said Vermouth is a miracle from God.’


‘Since God could not take care of the world by himself, he sent vermouth, a living miracle and proof of God. That’s why he’s a hero, and the holy sword recognized him as his master. Isn’t it?’

‘…I never thought I’d hear that from you.’

‘I don’t want to say that either. But it’s annoying to hear your drunkenness, and I don’t think you’re looking for comfort in me. I’m not the type to comfort you either.’


‘Let’s just think so. What’s the use of yelling at God for not giving an answer? We just need to kill all the demon lords and save the world. Then whatever… it’ll be fine. Souls captured by demons will be saved and go to heaven, and the world will be peaceful and happy.’

I thought as I could. I don’t know if Anis was convinced. However, Hamel wanted a clear purpose rather than blaming a heaven that might exist or a god he did not believe in.

‘…can we achieve him?’

‘I can do it. There’s Vermouth… and you, the saint. There is Senya and there is also Morron. I have too. we are strong It’s strong enough to kill all demon lords and save the world.’

Even if it was vague, I needed hope.

‘So stop talking nonsense and give me a drink. Just don’t wash your side.’

‘This is holy water, not alcohol. I cannot give it to you who lack faith.’

‘I’m also going to be a god of light starting today, so ask for it.’

‘False belief is heavier than any other sin. As someone named a saint, I cannot give grace to false beliefs.’

In the end, that day, Anise didn’t give me a drop of alcohol.

snake woman.

Hamel and Senya used to call Anis that. She, Anise, was uncharacteristic of a saint and had a nasty character, and although she was faithful to her doctrine, she herself broke her doctrine calmly. Even so, when she was needed, she was faithful enough to be called a saint, and her holy magic shone more brilliantly than any other priest.

There was also a corner that subtly, no, openly teased people. Everyone except Vermouth had been hurt by Anis once or twice.

When Moron, who always ran forward, had his leg cut off. Anise had once had Morron’s legs reversed to fix his habit.

Among the numerous priests, only Anis was capable of the miracle of attaching the severed body. Anise hoped that this would change Moron’s habit, but Moron, on the contrary, ran very well with the attached leg.

‘Leave that baby’s leg intact!’

‘To do so, Moron’s leg must be cut off again.’

‘I… I’m not uncomfortable with this leg. Runs well, fights well.’

‘Don’t be silly. Every time you stumble sometimes, I get slapped instead. Come here, I’ll cut it in one shot.’


‘Senya! Put that bastard to bed!’

In the end, Senya’s powerful sleep magic put Moron to sleep, and in the meantime, Hamel cut off Moron’s legs.

“A nasty bitch.”

Although not as much, Hamel had also been beaten by Anis several times. When he stole Anise’s holy water and ate it with Senya. Anis waited until it was his turn to eat, then smiled and told him that Senya and Hamel’s stew was made with monster urine.

If Moron hadn’t stopped it then, Senya, Hamel, and Anis, one of the three would have died.

Yujin smiled bitterly as she recalled that time.

Holy Land of Light, Hogani.

Outside the city there is a statue of Anis kneeling and praying. The statue’s face, wearing a large hood, did not resemble Anise’s face that Eugene remembered.

Still, there was a sense of sacredness. Even Eugene, who is not a follower of light, feels sacred for that statue, but the true followers of light must be shocked.

Around the statue, not only Jurass, but also followers of light from all over the world are kneeling and praying. Yujin looked at them blankly and turned around.

It’s been a week since I came to Hogani.

Eugene didn’t find anything here. I thought maybe the anise might have left some traces, but I couldn’t find anything like that.

Same as Alot. The magicians of Arot desperately want to find Senya, and the followers of Euras desperately want to find Anis. If the two of them had left something, someone else would have found it right away.

‘I thought that maybe there would be a trace appearing in response to my soul.’

That didn’t happen. that statue. Anise from hundreds of years ago prayed there and went to the other side of the desert.

Anise’s journey ends there. After that, Eurass sent envoys several times to pursue Anis, but in the end, Anis was not found.

‘Why is it Nahama?’

We can only vaguely guess about it.

Now, with the development of magic, warp gates are installed in each country, but that was not the case hundreds of years ago. If you take a boat from Yuras across the sea, you will arrive at the port city above Hogani.

From there, the ‘pilgrimage’ begins. Anise… maybe…

‘I’m here to pay tribute to my grave.’

Senya’s retreat and Anise’s pilgrimage.

do not completely overlap. Senya went into seclusion quickly for a few years, and then Anise, her saint La, who was revered in Juras, set off on a pilgrimage.

‘My tomb was sealed.’

The tomb was discovered six years ago.

Probably after finding Hamel’s necklace in Lionheart’s treasure chest. In response, the tomb’s ‘seal’ must have disappeared.

‘Anise could not enter my tomb.’

Had he entered, he would not have left the ruins. Eugene stared at the statue of Anis with a bitter feeling.


The guy who even had a funeral broke into Hamel’s grave alive and well.

I got into a fight with Senya.

Defeated her, sealed the moonlight sword and tomb.

200 years ago.

I picture Anise… wandering in the desert in my head. What was Anise thinking as he searched for an undiscovered grave?

‘Was Vermouth involved in Anise’s disappearance?’

Eugene couldn’t know that. Anise left no trace. At least for now, only Senya has left a clear mark. Eugene was conscious of the leaves of the world tree that he had tucked inside his cloak.


Raman, who had been standing silently by Eugene’s side, opened his mouth with a cautious expression.

“Have you changed your mind?”


Eugene shook his head.

before leaving.

I just wanted to see the statue one last time. I couldn’t find any other traces, and I didn’t have the confidence to find traces from hundreds of years ago somewhere in this vast desert.

However, he could not go to Moron’s Kingdom. The demon king of confinement knows that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel. Even after hearing the warning, going to the north adjacent to Helmud was too dangerous.

‘Not now.’

lack of strength

Eugene felt that fact desperately. In her reincarnation, she had never sought power as much as she did.

I had to seek it now.

I was almost killed by a death knight who wasn’t even fine.

I almost died for Amelia Merwin too.

Even in front of the demon king of confinement, he could not attack to kill him.

“Go back to Keyel.”

It’s been two years since I left the Lionheart family.

It was time to slowly return.


The capital of Kiel, Seiris.

The vast forest outside the capital is all Lionheart’s territory, and it is the only place in the capital where a warp gate has been installed within the territory.

Cyan Lionhart. He stood with his arms crossed in front of the warp gate. He will soon reach the age of 20 and become an adult, and it is almost certain that he will be the next head of Lionheart.

However, Xian could not accept and enjoy the truth.

It was because of Eugene, who would return soon.

‘…a son of a bitch.’

Xian was feeling complicated. Feeling sorry for a brother who is not blood related and returns after 2 years. pleasure.

Besides that, several things.

After Theonis, the legitimate wife, and Iod, the legitimate son, left the family home. Anishilla took control of her family’s family in earnest, and put her son, Xian, at the forefront of everything.

Two years without Eugene.

Xian faithfully spent each day. He did not neglect to practice every day, and even sparred with his father. In addition to educating his mother’s heir to his polarity, he did not miss the practice of the white flame ceremony. He got along with the young knights, and bowed his head to the knights who had served his family for a long time and asked for gifts.

I didn’t like it at first, but

increasingly accepted.

Xian wanted to become a family head.

It was something her mother always said since she was young, and Xian himself was greedy for the position of head of household. As long as Iod was disqualified, Xi’an’s succession as head of the family was certain.

Fortunately, there was no competition with his twin brother, Ciel. Ciel stepped down from his line of succession, and he wanted to become a member of the Knights of the Black Lion.

If it weren’t for Eugene.

It was only natural that Xian would become the head of the household.

“To rot.”

Xian was considered that way, and he hated being thought that way. I don’t know if it’s that stupid Iod. He didn’t want to compete with Eugene.

competitive spirit.

and a sense of defeat.

They hadn’t even met yet, but Xian was already thinking about his ‘defeat’. She hated that she was annoying and thought that Eugene was ‘intrusive’.

Eugene Lionhart.

The bastard was a son of a bitch. After being adopted six years ago, Xian suffered from Eugene every day. Beaten under the guise of sparring. Compared to being hit hard, Xian had never beaten Eugene.


Anicilla, who was watching her son’s expression harden, opens her mouth.

“It seems you don’t like your brother coming back.”

“…I wish they would come, but I hope they don’t.”


“If he wants to be the head of the household, I will probably give in.”

Sian sighed and shook his head.

“Because he would be better suited for a family head than me.”

“…Ciel said that Eugene didn’t want to be the head of the household.”

“That was also two years ago. He may have changed his mind.”

“If you don’t back down, Eugene will never become the head of the household.”

“Is that right for Lionheart?”

“draft. You have to eat hard.”

“The head of Lionheart must be the strongest successor in the main family.”

“You must have been weaker than Eugene two years ago, but now…”

“He must have sweated just as much as I did.”

Xian gnashed his teeth and glared at the warp gate.

“…mother. I don’t think blood has to be thicker than sweat. If Eugene is stronger than me, and he wants to become the head of the household. I… what should I do?”

“You want to become a family head.”

Anicilla could not dismiss her son’s words as immature. She hoped that her son would stand tall and become the family head of Ryan Hart, who inherited the blood of a great hero.

“…you are no longer a child. So, the decision must be made by yourself. If you want to become a family head, you can become a family head. If you want to yield… you just have to yield.”

“…That’s not what your mother wanted.”

“I raised you too harshly.”

Anicilla sighed and patted Xian on the shoulder.

“I… don’t want to be like Theonis. I don’t want to ruin my children with excessive greed.”

“…I’m different from Iod.”

“Yeah, it’s different. So you do the right thing. I… if you’re right, if you think you’re proud. I want to respect your wishes.”

Could it be?

Although she said that, Anicilla herself questioned herself. Ever since she became Ryan Hart’s second wife, she wanted to make her child her head. She might have been outraged by her son’s soft words… had it not been for Theonis and Iod.

I couldn’t bear to do that now. You have seen how a mother’s presumptuous meddling and stubbornness can ruin her son.

“…draft. my son Keep this in mind. Just as you have thoughts and wishes, Eugene will have thoughts and wishes.”


“You can’t know your brother’s wishes. Who would have guessed that Ciel would become the Black Lion? Neither I, Ciel’s mother, nor you, the twin, knew Ciel’s wishes.”


“okay. Eugene is your brother. Even if they are not related by blood, they are your brothers. So let’s meet and talk. The succession of the family head… it’s not too late after talking.”


Sian nodded slowly. It seemed to ease my mind a little.

‘Let’s see how old it is.’

The warp gate shines.

Xian strained his eyes and waited for Eugene to come out of the warp gate.


After passing through the warp gate, Eugene hesitated for a moment at the sight of dozens of pairs of eyes piercing her. I expected it, but in front of the warp gate, all the family members and family members were gathered.

“…the days are cold, so why are you all out there?”

I was going to say that I was there.

I shuddered at the thought of what to do.


The answer came back soon. Jehard, who was standing at a distance and trembling on his shoulder, rushed at Eugene, pouring out his tears. That cry, that nimble movement. Eugene opened her eyes involuntarily and stared at her father as she rushed forward.

‘Is that really my father?’

The change in Jehard was astonishing enough to raise such a question. The first hard thing Eugene remembers is that he was a middle-aged man whose stomach fat fluctuated from when he was a baby.

After coming to my parents’ house, I was invited to various events, and I succeeded in losing weight appropriately while exercising myself. Seeing Jehard again after two years was very different from Eugene’s memories.

“It’s a human victory.”

Jehard hugs Yujin and bursts into tears. It was nice to see her father reunite, but more than that, Eugene admired her father’s diet. The tendons of her forearms embracing her shoulders are twitching, and her breasts, which are hugging her tightly, are firm without quivering.

“…I think your beard has grown too much. no way?”

“Thanks to Sterod.”

steroids. He is the father of Gargis. Are you saying he’s close enough to call you big brother? Eugene felt the smell of Gargis in her close father… He moved away from his father’s arms with a contorted expression.

“I told you not to take that medicine.”

“Son! You’ve grown a lot in two years…”

“I wasn’t as big as my father.”

His body hardened and his beard grew shaggy, but his personality did not appear to have grown manly. Jehard brushed off his beard, which was wet with tears and runny nose, and smiled at Eugene.

“You bad boy. How can you never come back for two years?”

“I think I sent letters often…”

“Is twice a year often?”

“My birthday, and my father’s birthday. Didn’t you spend a lot of time on commemorative days? And you don’t have anything to say to me, my father hasn’t come to see me even once in two years.”

“Didn’t you always write in your letter not to come by post office?”

“It is.”

Eugene smiled and nodded.

“By the way… Where is the head of the household?”

“To the Black Lion Castle.”

It wasn’t Jehard who answered. Annie Silla, who was with her Xian, cleared her stiff expression and smiled at her Eugene.

“Right now, next year is not far away. coming-of-age ceremony. Do you know?”


Lionheart’s tradition, the blood system. It is attended by the main family and all collateral branches, but the ‘coming-of-age ceremony’ is only for the children of the main family.

Iod, the heir of the family, became an adult two years ago. Originally, Iod would have had the coming-of-age ceremony first, but Iod, who was almost isolated from his family because of his involvement in black magic, could not even attend the coming-of-age ceremony.

“The last coming-of-age ceremony was filtered out. Since there are three children who will become adults next year, it seems that the festival is going to be a bit grander than before.”

“Is that the will of the head of the family?”

“This is the will of the Senate.”

Eugene licked his lips at the answer that came back. Then, remembering that she hadn’t paid her respects to Annie Silla yet, she bowed her head.

“I’m late to greet you, Grandmother.”

When I was at my hometown. Eugene called Annie Silla her little mother and Theonis her great mother. In fact, she didn’t want to be called that, but from the moment Eugene became an adopted child, Anicilla secretly forced Eugene to be called ‘mother’.

They call Anicilla her aunt, but calling Theonis differently isn’t even a good idea. Two years later, her spat ‘little mother’ still didn’t quite fit her lips.

“…There is no need to say goodbye to family members.”

Now that Theonis has left her home, wouldn’t she be offended by the title of little mother? Eugene thought about it, but Anicilla didn’t feel that way.

‘but. Because it was Theonis’ will to go down to his parents’ house.’

It’s just that I can’t come back.

“The head of the household isn’t there, but should we still have a celebration party?”

“Until a party to celebrate something between the family. It’s okay to be busy like that.”

“I knew you would say that.”

Anicilla had only recommended it once. Eugene had never enjoyed anything like a party before.

“…By the way… who is that person?”

Jehard, who was wiping away his tears, opened his mouth slowly. He glanced at Rahman, who was standing huddled behind Eugene. Just from the color of her skin, it was clear that she was not Kiehl’s.

“It’s a seed.”


“yes. His name is Rahman Shulhov… How old are… uh… Rahman, how old are you?”

“I am 32 years old.”

Rahman cleared his throat and replied. He’s 32 years old. He is 13 years older than Eugene.

“You look older than your years.”

“The wind in the desert is harsh…”

“I have personally brought him, but his identity is certain. Even if it’s a servant, I’m not teaching anything, I’m just going to take him to the outbuilding and do chores.”

The family members, including Anicilla, are wary of Raman. Rahman flinched at the gaze and could only stretch his shoulders.

As a warrior of Khajitan Emir, Rahman has been called to many events and has seen outstanding warriors. However, among the warriors he had seen in his entire life, few were as outstanding as the knights of Ryan Hart’s family.

‘In terms of individual skills and numbers, you can’t compare to the warriors of Khajitan Emir…’

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