Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 25

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Can the knights of an untitled family be as good as me? Raman’s common sense did not understand it well. Even the immediately visible knights are not all. Lionheart’s ‘real’ power is the Knights of the Black Lion. Rahman was well aware of that fact.

‘If you have this much power, you could always plan a rebellion…’

Of course, Lionheart, which has been around for hundreds of years, has never tried to revolt against the Kiel Empire. Even so, as Raman felt, Lionheart’s power was too much for a single family.

‘Confucius is the adopted son of this great family.’

Raman’s heart swells as he looks at Eugene from the side. He received the grace of life from Eugene several times.

If not for Eugene, Rahman would have been caught in a sandstorm or drowned in quicksand. Even if he had saved his life there, he would have been silenced by Assassins and Sandcastles. Or maybe she was killed by Amelia Merwin deep underground, or by her pet. Or she died of starvation without being able to get out of the underground.

All of that happened because he was caught up in Eugene, but Raman thought he had to repay Eugene’s grace with his life. After thinking so, he left Tyree Al Madani and became Eugene’s subordinate.

Even if the job you’re going to do is a chore at the mansion, whatever you’re doing is for Eugene’s sake, you’ll be repaying the favor little by little.


Eugene gestured to Nina, who was waiting nearby. 22-year-old Nina doesn’t have the youthful look she had two years ago. Eugene studied Nina’s slender physique and squinted at her.

“Did you not even eat without me? Or who did it? Why do you look so haggard?”

“The young master said he would come back suddenly, so I’ve been a bit busy.”

“You aren’t the only person working in the outbuilding, so what are you particularly busy and struggling with? Who made you work alone? Is that the maid of honor?”

When Yu-jin raised her eyes, the head chamberlain’s face went white.

“Oh, no.”

“I said I would do it alone. Eugene hasn’t changed.”

The chief chamberlain oversees the servants working at Lionheart, and the annex where Eugene stays is a forbidden area that even the chief chamberlain cannot touch.

Eugene knows that too. It’s just, since it’s been a while since I’ve come back, I just poked around to see if the other attendants were harassing Nina.

“Then I’m glad. Nina, take this old man and teach him something.”

“What can I teach you?”

“Cleaning the stables and gymnasium… and what… things you don’t want to do, are troublesome and exhausting.”

“Is that really okay? You’re Eugene’s servant…”

“Because you are my servant, you must do what I tell you to do. Rahman, she’s called Nina, and she’s my personal attendant. If you have to put it that way, you could say he’s your immediate senior.”

“My name is Rahman Schulhoub.”

Senior… Rahman looked at Nina with a confused face. Before arriving at Lionheart’s home, Eugene talked to key figures in Lionheart. Nina, the attendant, also belonged to the ‘main personnel’.

‘Should I serve a 10-year-old girl as my senior…’

He decided to sacrifice his life for Eugene, but deep in Raman’s heart, the pride of a warrior in the rough desert still remained. Of course, that pride did not lift his head from the depths of his heart.

The wounds from Yujin’s beating had already healed, but Raman was afraid of Yujin’s fists.


“Why are you so dead?”

Asking for help to resolve the feud between the brothers, Anicilla left with the Gasols. Jehard, who had developed a sense of well-being during his time at the main house, naturally left with Anicilla, and Nina also took Raman back to the annex.

Thanks to this, only Eugene and Xian were left in front of the warp gate. Yujin smirked and spoke to Xian, who was frowning.

“Even Anicilla-sama smiled at me, saying it’s been a while. Didn’t you even want to see me? What’s wrong with your expression? Do you want to poop?”

“…when my mother was there, she called me a aunt.”

“If you say that, Anicilla-sama will feel at ease.”

“Who are you to even care about my mother’s heart?”

“What’s wrong with this bastard? Did you come to puberty late like Ciel? It wouldn’t be like that. Your puberty has already passed at fifteen. Did you forget it? I stole and smoked cigarettes from the knights…”

“Everyone, shut up.”

Sian spit out as he dyed his face red. Then, after glaring at Eugene for a moment, she let out a deep sigh.

“…What is your true identity?”

“What kind of person’s identity is that?”

“Are you really… 19 years old, the same age as me?”

“Tell me the truth? I’m not the same age as you, I was reincarnated.”

“Don’t be mean.”

If you don’t believe me even if I tell you honestly, why are you asking about my identity? Eugene clicked her tongue and tapped her on the shoulder of Xian.

“why. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, so I can really feel how great your brother is, right?”


What’s wrong with this bastard, burdensome. Eugene blinked for a moment at Xian’s honest answer.

“You two years, me two years. Even though two years have passed… you… it seems like 20 years have passed.”

Sian let out in a boiling voice. He squeezed and opened his bloodless fists so tightly that he let out a long sigh.

“I think I worked very, very hard. While you were learning magic, I… only swung my sword like a madman in my hometown. At the same time, I also practice Baek Yeom Sik. I changed my sword skills into sword steel, continued sword steel, and trained my mana…”

“You worked hard.”

Yujin muttered as she looked up and down at Xian. Xi’an’s mana has increased and refined beyond comparison to two years ago. I couldn’t figure it out exactly, but it looked like Baek Yeom-sik’s 3 stars had already passed.

It’s a great thing that can be counted on one hand in Lionheart’s history. In the 300-year history, there are only a handful of people who have reached the 3rd rank of Baek Yeom-sik before reaching adulthood.

Even so, it was impossible to compete with Eugene. Eugene was already ranked 4th in the Baek Yeom Ceremony, and not only that, but also created the Fancy Yeom Ceremony.

The difference cannot be narrowed. First of all, this is an unequal competition. For Eugene, who has the memory of Hamel as he was in his previous life, Xian’s support from being born in his parents’ home is by no means great.

Even Eugene did not take the time to relax in his second life. Why didn’t she train mana until the blood line ceremony? She was several years late because she knew that being initiated into mana was no disadvantage.

Thanks to waiting without going against Gayul, Eugene obtained the great Vermouth’s White Flame Ceremony and the storm sword Winid. With that, Eugene’s growth accelerated explosively.

Eugene now is stronger than Hamel when he first met Vermouth. No matter how late it is, in the next 10 years, you will be able to grow as much as your previous life, no, beyond your previous life.

‘Because it’s quite the way.’

Because Eugene is well aware of his situation, he takes it for granted that he is stronger than Xian. No matter what happens in the future, Xian will not become stronger than Eugene.

Eugene knows him, but Xian doesn’t. To Xian, Eugene will be seen as a monster who will not be strange even if the sky feels unfair.

It wouldn’t be strange if you were frustrated and heartbroken. However, instead of being frustrated, Xian was feeling resentment.

Eugene liked Xian’s reaction. In fact, the reason Xian felt that way was because Eugene had spent years beating him up and fixing his mind. If his innate nature was mean, he wouldn’t have been corrected like that no matter how beaten he was.

“You become the head of the household.”

“The twins must be twins.”

“I heard from Ciel, but seeing you in person, I couldn’t do it. With you, who is incomparably superior to me, how can I become the head of the household?”

“Why not? If you say you’ll do it, you do it.”



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“I can’t understand!”

“If you really want to make me go-ju, at least duel with me. If you win, I will follow your words unconditionally.”

“…If I win in a duel, why am I letting you go? I, who beat you, should be the head of household.”

“Your head is spinning more than you think.”


Yujin murmured a little in admiration, and Xian turned on twin wicks in both eyes and glared at Yujin.

“If you force someone who doesn’t want to do it to go, do you think you can see anything good? Those seats should be occupied by people who are motivated. I have no greed for being the head of Lionheart.”

“…Sit at the head of the household, even if it’s just a façade. I’ll do the things you don’t want to do for me.”

“Do you know what that means? You will never get married, never move out of your house, stick to your original family and take care of yourself? Are you proud of yourself?”


“And then. You know what you said can be returned to me as well, right? you go I will do the hard work for you.”

“I just don’t understand.”

Xian sighed and shook his head.

“Because you are a collateral? No, if you are a collateral, you should rather be greedy for the position of head of household. If you become the head of household… Lionheart’s centuries-old tradition will be destroyed. But no one will be able to defy your will. The Black Lion Knights and the Senate. I will have no choice but to admit you.”

“That’s something you don’t know.”

“No, I will admit it. Me, Ciel, and Iod who have to compete with you… that idiot. The three of us can’t compare to you. Whatever it is, if it’s for Lionheart, you should be the head of household.”

“How amazing Lionheart is.”

Yujin twisted the corner of her mouth and smirked. Hamel’s grave in ruins. Sealed Moonlight Sword. sena disappeared Anis must have wandered the desert without finding the grave. with all that,


I remembered the child’s face.

“Lionhart might be great for you, but not so much for me.”

“…Be careful with your words.”

“What to watch out for? Everyone curses at the family they were born into.”

“We… you shouldn’t say that. You were born in your family and benefited from it. Can you deny that your absurd qualities are also expressed through the strong blood of your ancestors?”


Eugene admitted to admit it. This body is proud because it is a descendant of vermouth. Since he has memories of his previous life, he would have grown stronger with his trashy body, but he is able to grow so fast thanks to his excellent body.

In the past, I would have been happy with it. Even though I don’t understand the reality that I’m reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth and the demon king is alive and well, even if it’s f*cked up. Remembering your past life and being reincarnated is something that can be called a miracle.

But isn’t it a miracle?

Eugene’s, Hamel’s reincarnation was intended. That would probably be Vermouth, and even the demon king of confinement knew about this reincarnation, and Senya and Vermouth collided in the process.

of a previous life.


‘To reincarnate me.’

why me

“I have no intention of changing my mind.”

Eugene was feeling disillusioned. Not like that human, superhuman, brave, great, all-master, god of war. the vermouth. What was he thinking and why did he do this? Feigning death, colliding with a colleague who has crossed countless deaths and deaths together, may he have intended to be reincarnated.

If it was that much, it would have been better to join forces and fight the demon king again.

“It is you, Xian, who becomes the family head. I don’t do things like gossip. If you want to change my mind, try changing it with force.”

The family of Vermouth, Lionheart. Eugene didn’t have much attachment or pride to this family from before.

It is the same now. Although he lived as ‘Eugene Lionheart’ for 19 years, he could not have attachment or pride as a member of this family.

The head of the household, Gilade, is a good person.

Temperatures? He is a good person too. Even though they are from the original family, the two have never persecuted Eugene.

Anicilla, well, since she definitely has something she wants, she must be showing superficial goodwill, but compared to Theonis, she could be called an angel.

Xian and Ciel didn’t have a good first impression, but after spending several years together, they developed affection for each other even though they didn’t even have a brotherly relationship.

Gargis… I think that rice cake stick reminiscent of Morron is also a good guy.

Jehard? tell me what Eugene liked her own father.

Even so, he could not have attachment and pride to his family.

“…A duel is a bit different.”

Xian had no choice but to admit that he could not change Yujin’s will. In the past, I didn’t deny ‘Lion Heart’ like that, but I wonder if there’s been a change of heart over the past two years.

‘Maybe he’s going through puberty too.’

Xian felt a bitter taste and grabbed the sword at his waist.

“It’s been a while, so let’s do sparring.”

“I’m telling you in advance, you won’t be able to defeat me no matter what you do.”

“I know, motherf*cker.”

unlucky child. Xian pushed Yujin on the shoulder and passed by.


Dalian was one-sided.

Xi’an’s swordsmanship was unbelievably good for his age, but it was impossible to push Yujin. Xian swung his sword fiercely without backing down, but it was impossible to even get Eugene to back down.

It’s like swinging a sword in empty space.

I thought so at first, but my opinion gradually changed. Xian imagined slimy mud and a bottomless swamp. Even though Eugene’s sword seemed to flow away, it clung to the attack sticky, and pulled it to an unwanted place as if sucking it into a swamp.

behind him. Mud and swamp become the sea. A huge wave of mana shakes Xian’s sword river, guides the sword and makes it wander.

I can’t get tired so quickly…

Xian felt his breathing grow rough and heard his heart thumping.

As Baek Yeom-shik rose to 3 star, Xian’s mana control greatly improved.

In the past, even exhaling sword energy required great concentration, but now it is possible to draw sword steel naturally without being aware of it.

It was not difficult to maintain the sword steel that was pulled out for a long time. Cyan Lionhart. As a member of the prestigious Lionheart family, he has been training mana since a young age and has received various support. It would be extremely rare even on the entire continent to possess as much mana as Xian at that age.

Xian was aware of that and brought pride. But now that pride was crumbling like a sand castle.


The inspection was no longer maintained. Xian gasped for breath, spat out a curse, and sat down in his seat.

The sand dust floating around the gymnasium settles. Thanks to the non-stop attacks, the ground in the gymnasium was deeply dug, cracked, and turned upside down by the sword river.

But Eugene’s surroundings were fine. There were no messy footprints left. Eugene stood there from beginning to end, not moving a single step.

‘…that’s absurd…’

One-on-one sparring. At first, it was just the two of them, Eugene and Xian, but as soon as the sparring began, the knights of the hometown gathered. It wasn’t even a private match, so the knights stood at a distance and watched Xian and Yujin’s match.

Thanks to this, the knights of the original family were able to realize once again how absurd their adopted son, Eugene Lionheart, was.

Two years ago. When Eugene was 17 years old. Even then, Eugene was notorious among the knights of his hometown. To what extent it was, there was an unwritten rule floating around among the knights.

In sparring with Master Eugene, you must never be sincere.

He wasn’t considerate of the young master yet. It was an unwritten rule for the pride of the knights.

The knights here take great pride in their skills.

Even if you seriously attack… if you get overwhelmed. Even more so if the opponent is a kid much younger than you. No matter how much the other person was the young master of Lionheart’s home, he couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

‘I was strong two years ago… but now…’

‘Can I win?’

The knights’ eyes wavered. Swords are rarely used in Dalian for the purpose of training. What if you use sword steel and fight sincerely? can you still win?

I don’t know. Most of the young knights sensed their defeat. Even more mature knights were not convinced.

It was the same with Hezar.

He belongs to the White Lion Knights who are loyal to Lionheart’s family, and he is one of the youngest knights. However, age is not necessarily proportional to skill. Hezar overcame several knights and rose to the position of lieutenant commander of the 2nd Division of the White Lion Knights.

I never felt like I lacked natural qualities. In just a few years, Hezar will become the captain of the 2nd Division. If more time passes than that, he will be able to aim for the leader of the White Lion Knights.

Even such a Hezar—- compared to Eugene, he had no choice but to feel his own shabbiness. Among the knights here, could there really be one that could boast of being as brilliant as Eugene at the age of 19?

Hezar saw other knights.

There are 160 knights belonging to the White Lion Knights of the head family. Among them, 10 of the best were in the 1st Division. The remaining 150 men lead five battalions of 30 men each.

Hezar saw the five captains. Their expressions were as stiff as Hezar’s. Talented people who will be treated no matter where they go on the continent. They couldn’t hide their astonishment at the son from the other side.

‘The knights of the 1st Division… are no different. I didn’t feel the overwhelming dignity of Eugene from them.’

The 1st Division of the White Lion Knights and their leader, the Knight Commander, went to the Black Lion Castle with Gilreid. Hezar swallowed his saliva as he recalled the elite who were not here.

“…what is that?”

Xian, who had been sitting down to catch his breath, raised his head. Yujin, who brushed her wrists, looked back at her and smiled.


“You know what you did. My attack was just robbing here and there.”

“It’s parrying. Can’t you see?”

who doesn’t know that? All the knights watching the Dalian know that what Eugene wrote was parrying. Not just swords, but all weapons. It can be used even with bare hands, and it is a skill that must be trained to be able to use it.

but. Among the knights, not a single one could be confident that he could parry the same as Eugene. It’s not just parrying.

Not to bounce off the sword steel, but to spill it. Even that alone is a high-level technique, but instead of pouring it outward, it spills it inward and breaks the posture.

Mixing them all offset Xian’s attacks and overused mana. without stepping back from the seat.

“…let me know.”

“What is it?”

“Please let me know… you son of a bitch.”

“Is it Jiyin? Do you want to learn from me?”

Yujin smiled and stretched out her hand to the sitting Xian. Xian, who was trembling and shaking his shoulder, imagined grabbing that hand and punching Yujin in the face. No, that’s not enough.

‘I still have a sword in my hand… I’m so hungry…’

“Aren’t your hands weak? Won’t you teach me?”

“uh? uh… uh? Will you… teach me?”

Xian flinched and loosened his grip on the sword.

“You want me to teach you?”


“Then what will you teach me?”

Eugene said with an insignificant face. It’s not that difficult to teach. In the first place, this is a skill that depends on the ability and sense of the learner rather than teaching.

“Follow me at once.”

Eugene stood up and turned around. Xian stared blankly at Yujin as he returned to the annex and hurriedly followed.

After leaving the gymnasium, Eugene headed for the forest beyond the mansion. Sian took a deep breath and followed Yujin, whose distance was seldom shortened.

So the two went into the deserted forest.

“When you’re strong enough, I don’t have to be the head of household, right?”

After making sure no one is around. Yujin looked back at Xian and said.


“That’s it. You won’t be able to become stronger than me, but if you become strong enough to be the head of Lionheart and not ashamed, isn’t there any problem?”


“You have to speak well. You understand and sleep, and what I don’t like is what I don’t like? No matter how hard you try, how can you become the head of household if I don’t want to do it?”

“If you’re good enough…”

“What are your skills? If you go, you have to be Lionheart’s enemy, and you have to have dignity. To be honest, what if I poop naked in the middle of the capital? No matter how strong I am, do you think a naked poop can become Lionheart’s homeowner?”

You’re going to poop naked in the middle of the capital? It was unimaginable for Xian, who was born and raised in a noble family. Xian gulped and stared at Yujin.

He remembered five years ago, when Eugene first came to Lionheart. Eugene dismissed it as bullshit, but Xian really smelled cow dung from Eugene. No, maybe it wasn’t the smell of cow dung.

The smell of the countryside. Is there a toilet in Gidol, a rural area on the outskirts of Kiel? Xian seriously considered him.

“…Are you… really going to poop…?”

“No, I’m not saying it’s cheap… it’s that it could be. I would rather take a shit than become a family head.”

“That’s not allowed. To think that the head of this prestigious Lionheart would do such an obscene thing…”

“right? Is it nonsense? So, for Lionheart, you have to be the head of household. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you well enough that you won’t be beaten anywhere.”

Xian hesitated, then nodded.

Originally, he would have to compete with Iod, who is in the red, for the position of head of household, but didn’t Iod take care of it?

If he stays still, Xian can become the head of the family unconditionally. However, because of the gap with Eugene, I just couldn’t convince myself. So I tried to concede, but I really wanted to become a family head.

“…Kuhm. If you don’t want to be the head of the household, there’s nothing you can do.”

How many times have you recommended it? Recommended over three times. Even so, I don’t like it, but I can’t help it. Sian shrugged her shoulders as he cleared his throat.

“Well… you have great skills, but you don’t have the dignity to be worthy of being a family head. Didn’t you properly train your successor? It means you’re not ready. You, who lived half of your life in the countryside, couldn’t be used to the culture of high society befitting the Lionheart family…”

Yujin quietly listened to Xian’s words and kicked him in the shin. Xian screamed out loud, grabbed his leg, and rolled on the floor.

“Why, why are you hitting me?”

“I’m out of luck.”

“The words you were talking about are even more irritating…!”

“know. If I twisted it, would you kick me too?”

“…brothers aren’t fighting.”

Xian stood up, caressing his tingling shin.

“By the way… how are you going to teach me? right now?”

“Your brother is a busy man.”

“…why are you my brother? We’re the same age, and I’m a few months older than you in terms of my birth date. Then I am your brother.”

Are twins also twins? Xian’s words were the same as Ciel’s. Eugene wanted to refute something, but she couldn’t bear to refute and only twitched her lips.

“…anyway. Since I’m a bit busy, I’ll write down the things I’m going to teach you.”

“Will you write it down? It’s much faster to learn directly from you than that…”

“No, well, that doesn’t work. The basics are not there, so how can you learn it yourself? Why are you a genius like me? Can you imitate what I did earlier?”

“…doesn’t exist.”

“So write it down and give it to me. Once you receive it and train hard, you will be able to use it yourself.”

Is it really so?

I tried to spit it out, but even Eugene couldn’t be sure. In the first place, he had never taught anyone else in his previous life. When he was a mercenary, he had no reason to teach, and after he became Vermouth’s colleague, he had no need to teach. No Senya, no Anise, no Moron. He had skills Eugene didn’t need to teach.

If you can enjoy your reincarnation peacefully and leisurely, you can do it for fun. I couldn’t spend my precious time on Xian now.

“…You’re not lying because you don’t want to be the head of household, are you?”

“It’s true that I don’t want to be the head of household, but I’m not lying.”

As he said to Ciel, Eugene liked Xian. It’s because the image of him trying to attack without getting frustrated reminds him of Hamel from his previous life. Eugene was well aware of the frustration, resentment, and earnestness Xian was feeling.

‘I’m also a brother.’

Although blood was not mixed. Yujin nodded and passed Xian. Xian laughed heartily as he followed Yujin, who left in a hurry.

‘okay. I don’t like it, so what? It’s what my mother wants, and I should be the head of the household.’

It was a happy thing, but what made Xian’s heart flutter now was that he could learn Yujin’s skills.

Right now, I’m in a position to learn from him, but wouldn’t I be able to surpass Eugene based on him someday?

Xian held that expectation and caressed his shin, which was still tingling.


Southern Kiel, Mount Uklas.

This wide and rugged mountain has been designated as Lionheart’s private property for 300 years.

that distant past. The last grand duke of the Kiel Empire, the great Vermouth, made this area his domain and stayed in a castle deep in the mountains. decades like that. Vermut gave up his title and moved to the capital’s mansion, but even after 300 years, Mount Uklas remains Ryan Hart’s private property.

Black Lion Castle deep in the mountains.

This is the place where the great Vermouth stayed the longest, and it is also the place where the body of the great hero is enshrined.

The top of the Black Lion Castle. About a dozen people are sitting around a dark round table in the center of a large room.

“…Eugene. They say the child has returned to his family.”

Gillaid opened his mouth as he lowered the letter he was reading. He looked ahead with narrow eyes.

“I thought you’d be back a little late.”

“Rather, it seems like the right time.”

The man sitting across from Gilreid opened his mouth. He stroked his short beard and stared at Gilreid.

“There are only two months left in this year, right?”

“…You don’t have to call me here, do you? There has never been a case like this.”

“It was the family who did the unprecedented thing.”

said the man, laughing. Gilreid was the head of Ryan Hart, but he was not as vocal compared to those who sat at this round table.

It was unavoidable. Excluding Guilade, the ten people sitting around the round table were all elders of Lionheart.

Giants who left a great name in the history of Lionheart, regardless of parent family or collateral.

“This is the first time that a child of a collateral family has been adopted into the main family.”

the man spoke

“Of course, its value was guaranteed by the family head. It’s a pity… This time, the children of the family have a lot of noise. So, we have to check more strictly.”

“It’s not just the head of household.”

Carmen opened her mouth. Unusual among the elders, she is the captain of the 3rd Division of the Knights of the Black Lion who has not backed down from her active duty.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Because I saw that kid myself. What is the importance of being a collateral origin? What matters is the kid’s potential.”

“I’m not trying to ignore you because I’m from a collateral.”

said the man, laughing.

Guilade was uncomfortable with men. He has been like that since childhood.

The white lion of immortality.

Doines Lionhart.

He is the eldest of Lionheart’s numerous family members, and the brother of Gilreid’s grandfather. A monster that has lived well over 100 years. Even so, he does not grow old and ugly, and reigns in the Black Lion Castle and leads the Senate.

“Carmen. Your eyes are unmistakable, but… your eyes cannot represent the Black Lion.”


Doines was uncomfortable with Carmen as well. She also boasted a formidable age as Guillaid’s aunt, but Doines has a higher distribution than Carmen.

Lionheart, no, throughout the entire continent, the only person who had an equal distribution with Doines was Helmud’s demons, regardless of lifespan.

“So you have to see for yourself. It’s also a coming-of-age ceremony.”

Saying that, Doines looked around the crowd. However, no one questioned Doines’ words.

Guillaid let out a long sigh. He had expected this to happen from the time he was called to the Senate, but when he heard the story, his heart was not at ease.

The Senate is a group that terribly values ​​the tradition of Lionheart. They accepted Gilreid’s adoption of Eugene, but it was because he acknowledged the potential of Eugene, which Gilreid had been passionate about.

Eugene was no longer a child. As Doines said, Eugene will become an adult in two months. From then on, the next family head will be elected in earnest.

“The child said he went to Nahama.”


“Before that, I learned magic in Arot. I heard that you have great qualities. To the extent that the owner of the red pagoda directly made him his disciple and interacted with the crown prince of Arot.”


“house owner. We who bear the castle of Lionheart are a great pack of lions. It’s good for the family head to raise her children freely, but it’s difficult to let the lion she’s worked so hard to leave the group on her own.”

“…the choice is up to the child.”

“Of course it is. I’m going to respect him enough. However, the range of choices should be narrowed down. Could it be that he intends to make that child the head of the household?”

“…If Eugene wants him, I’d like to keep the possibility open.”

“I wouldn’t wish for it.”

Carmen answered. She continued her words as she opened and closed her unused pocket watch.

“Ciel said so. Eugene, that child is terribly refusing to be the head of household.”

“I hope you don’t change your mind.”

Doines smiled and nodded.


“Black Lion Castle?”

Yujin’s eyes twinkled and she raised her head. Across from it, Xian was eating, no, eating air. It looked half lost, its mouth half open, spooning into the empty air.

It was because of the book Eugene gave him. Three days after returning to my hometown. Eugene wrote a book for Xian directly, no, with magic and gave it as a gift.


It was Anicilla who answered. She glared at her son, who was lost in her book during her meal, but she couldn’t help but scold him. She wondered if, as her mother, she should support her son’s growth, or if she should sternly condemn him for shoveling air while poking at a book from the top of her table.

“…I thought the elders of Black Lion Castle were coming for the coming-of-age ceremony. He invited you guys to come directly to the Black Lion Castle.”

“Huh… Huh… Hmmm…”

Xian licked his lips and replied. The answer was not admiration for Anicilla’s words. He was absorbed in the book even as he felt his head spin.

‘Does this make sense? Can you do it?’

In the book Eugene wrote, there was no explanation of parrying or fighting techniques, as Xian had thought.

The ways to harass the ‘core’ are just listed. The mana extracted from the core is spread throughout the body and circulated. Core like heart, mana like blood. If you get used to it even unconsciously, you move your body only with mana instead of muscle strength…

This resembles physical training, an outdated training method that has disappeared due to the core and mana breathing methods. To train mana mainly through movement. However, unlike the original physical training to build up mana by moving the body, Xi’an has already formed a core using the white flame method.

Therefore, actively use the accumulated mana. If you can’t be active, exclude everything except mana. When you get used to moving your body only with mana, stop the operation of the core. It is to tear and fix the body so that mana naturally follows the movement of the body without using the core.

‘You bastard, isn’t it just random writing?’

From Xi’an’s point of view, this practice simply did not make sense. How do you draw mana without activating the core? No, that’s not the problem. To circulate mana like blood in the core and only use mana for movement? If you use your muscles too much, you’ll get tired and tear, but how much is mana?

In the first place, the mana of the core is not infinite power. This book makes it possible to squeeze every drop of mana out of the core. If you follow this as it is, your mana will be exhausted and you will collapse.

If you repeat it, the core will be damaged and the mana will be scattered, and after that? He becomes a crippled person who cannot handle mana for the rest of his life.

“…Are you… seriously asking me to do this?”

“I did.”

“Do not lie!”

“Uh huh. Where do you say harsh words at the dinner table? Can’t you feel your mother-in-law staring at you?”


Xian was frightened and closed the book. Indeed, Annie Silla, who was sitting next to her, was glaring at her vision with her eyes wide open.

I read a book at the table, ate air, and barely understood that. However, you should not understand the bad temper of not knowing the teachings, turning on double wicks in your eyes and starting with doubts.



“Dear Eugene… Apologize to your brother. Didn’t you write the book yourself and give it to me?”


you madman! You’re laughing at me for doing f*cking nonsense!

Such resentment bubbled up in Xian’s heart, but he couldn’t let it out because Anicilla had his eyes wide open. Eventually, Xian lowered her head and mumbled.


“It’s okay to know. It’s true that I became stronger that way, so don’t doubt that it won’t help and work hard. Go for it.”

It wasn’t a lie. Hamel in his previous life trained mana through physical training until Vermouth and Senya corrected him. He thought it was a core or something, just tearing his muscles to the point of death, making his bones creak, and overworking his body would give him mana.

Actually it was. A cheap mana training method used by mercenaries. An era where monsters, monsters, humans, and sometimes the corpses of demons were scattered everywhere. It was an era in which fights and wars did not end. In order for the mercenary to take care of himself, he had to fight a lot better than others.

It was a natural job to overwork the body.

‘…I did fix it in my own way.’

As he learned the cheap training method, he made it more usable. In addition to that, it was also improved to suit the white salt ceremony.

“I don’t think the kid will be able to say thank you with tears in his eyes…”


“What if you said you were sorry? Tears can be shed in the future.”

Eugene did not want to quarrel with Anicilla.

“Even if you don’t like it, if you do that, you’ll shed all your tears? But be aware Xian, it’s not enough to shed tears. If something flows out of your body, it means that you still have room. You have to do it while urinating and vomiting blood so that no tears or runny nose come out.”

Xian, who had caressed the cover of the book for no reason, shrugged at the words and shrugged.

“That way you will be able to step on my shadow. It has to be that much to become the head of Lionheart.”

“…unlucky bastard.”

“Oh, sweet. I don’t know why it’s so nice to hear that I’m unlucky.”

Eugene showed this and smiled. And then she turned her head to Annie Scylla.

“So, little mother. When should we go to the Black Lion Castle?”

“…They told me to come as soon as they are ready.”

“Then let’s go right now. Everything you need will be there, so you just have to go, right? Hey Xian, are you okay too?”

“Uh… uh.”

Black Lion Castle? Why Black Lion Castle? Since he was engrossed in books, he couldn’t hear the conversation, so Xian rolled his eyes. But she couldn’t keep her mouth shut, so she hesitated in replying.


Eugene sang joy in his heart.

No, should I like this?

I seriously thought about it as I left the restaurant.

Mount Uklas. The Black Lion Castle that lies deep there. It is a place that even members of Lionheart cannot enter without permission. In order to enter the Black Lion Castle, you must be recognized for your skills and be called by the Black Lion Knights.

Even that ‘recognition’ is not easily lost no matter how much one wishes to join the Knights of the Black Lion. The qualifications to become a Black Lion are judged by the Senate.

The only exceptions to this are the children of the head family who have given up the right to inherit the family head. The reason Ciel joined the Black Lion Knights from a young age and was able to become Carmen’s squire was because Ciel gave up his right to succeed.

“Black Lion’s castle… This is the first time the family’s coming-of-age ceremony has been held elsewhere.”

Xian, who heard the circumstances belatedly, could not hide his excitement. He made a noise as he cherished the book he had put in his bosom.

“What do you understand? Because of that bastard Iod, we, his father’s sons, will be in the spotlight of the Senate.”

“…is it?”

“Of course it is. My father’s position has been very difficult since before. Do you know why?”

“Iodine. And it must be because of me.”

Eugene replied in a low voice. She didn’t even notice that she didn’t notice that she didn’t notice. Even changing the method of her bloodline ceremony would make her look at her, but Gilreid immediately adopted Eugene, who was from a collateral family, and brought Winid out of the treasure chest of the head family.

That must have been a huge burden and criticism even for Guillaid. Guillaid never showed him, but Eugene could easily guess that this old-fashioned family tradition would not soften Guillaid’s decision.

“Maybe he’s trying to discipline himself.”

Xian said with a serious face.

“I’m trying to warn you by calling you, a troublemaker.”


“Since I’m the next family head, shouldn’t I congratulate you in advance? maybe… maybe…”

Xi’an’s breath is excited. His eyes lit up with excitement, and he clenched his trembling fists.

“Maybe we can enter the tomb of our ancestors.”

Eugene was not as excited as Xian.

Rather, his chest cooled down as if ice had been poured into it.

Mount Uklas.

It is the place where Vermouth stayed for the longest time, and it is also where there is a tomb to honor him. However, where Vermut’s tomb is located on the mountain is kept strictly a secret. Even the head of Lionheart doesn’t know much about the ancestor’s tomb.

‘I have to open the coffin.’

Eugene wanted to check Vermouth’s grave without fail. Vermouth did not die peacefully, just as it went down in history.

wouldn’t have

In order to turn that thought into conviction, you need to check Vermouth’s corpse.

“…Maybe they’re trying to appoint me as the master of the Demonic Spear?”

Xian was still excited.

“No, it might be to appoint you as the owner of the pulverizer, not the magic spear. Either way, it’s great…! Even my father couldn’t become the master of the magic spear and crushing weight.”

Magic spear Luintos.

Crushing weight phalanx.

The weapons used by the demon king of misery and the demon king of slaughter, respectively. Those two weapons are in the Black Lion Castle, not in the treasure house of the main house.

The owner of the magic spear Luintos is the elder Lionheart, the eldest Lionheart, and Doines Lionheart, the immortal white lion.

The crushing weight phalanx was Gilreid’s father, the former owner who died long ago. After the death of the previous head of state, the crushing weight was moved from his home, which was exposed to threats, to the Black Lion Castle for the reason that it was ‘too dangerous’.

The current owner of the Pulverizer is Doynes’ grandson, Dominic Lionheart, the 1st Division Captain of the Black Lion Knights.

“The Senate Lord is too old. He said he was past the age to retire. Maybe he’s trying to give me the Demonic Spear as part of his retirement?”

“How am I?”

“I only know the basics of spearmanship… No, it doesn’t matter. Spearmanship is a new thing to learn. When I receive the Demonic Spear, Doines-sama will teach me spearmanship directly.”

The magic spear and crusher.

Eugene put his hand inside his cloak, remembering those bloody, terrifying weapons. Inside it is the Moonlight Sword, which has been put in a sheath.

I was wondering if there would be a response when I returned to my hometown. The moonlight sword did not react as expected.


Let go of the cyan that you want to keep following.

Yujin returned to the room in the annex and pulled out the moonlight sword. A damn demonic sword that still sucks mana every time it is pulled out. Yujin opened his eyes thinly and stared at the blade of the Moon Lightsaber that emitted a soft light.

the bottom of the blade.

Small fragments are floating around. A fragment of the moonlight sword that was bid for at the auction house in Bolero Street. That small fragment resonated with the moonlight sword and was added to the sword body.

‘If I collect the fragments… I think it will be completely restored.’

The fragments were found in Khazad Hills in Helmud. It’s a place I can’t go to right now because I’m worried about the demon king of confinement.

‘Let’s not be in a hurry. Slowly, we have to find Vermouth’s grave first.’

It wasn’t easy right away. Even Lionheart’s family head can’t enter without permission, and the place where they don’t even know the location is Vermouth’s grave. Gilade is very fond of Eugene, but probably the senate won’t be very fond of Eugene.

Can I avoid their eyes and find Vermouth’s grave?

“After my grave, Vermouth’s grave.”

Anyone who sees it will think you’re a robber. Yujin grumbled and put the moonlight sword back into the cloak.

‘I can’t believe I’ll be leaving within a few days of returning to my parents’ house.’

Eugene looked at the statue of Hamel and the memorial stone that he kept inside his cloak.

‘…what about this?’

I didn’t want to leave it buried, so I brought it with me.

There is no good place to put it. If there was Guilade, I was thinking about how to talk about it well, and set it up in my hometown. Without Guilade, it became impossible.

‘…No, wait.’

Eugene grinned at the thought that suddenly came to his mind.


Unlike Eugene, Xian prepared for half a day to go to the Black Lion Castle. He brushed his ashen hair up to the pomade, dressed in a smart uniform, with his cape draped around his shoulders.

“Are you going to see the line?”

“Where are you going to play?”

Sian clicked his tongue as he looked at Eugene, who looked no different than usual. Her clothes are the everyday clothes she was wearing earlier. All it had was a cloak. He’s not even wearing a black one.

‘That cloak…’

Cloak of Darkness. I also heard about him. Deep down, Xian was jealous of Eugene’s cape. Since the cape looks so cool, wouldn’t it be cool to wear it roughly around your shoulder? In addition, various magics for convenience are built in, and even subspace…

“I won’t give it to you even if you look at me like that.”

“I didn’t even ask for it.”

Xian passed Yujin while answering hastily. Mount Uklas is far from the capital. Even if you ride a wagon, it takes a month, so you have to use the warp gate.

That warp gate is not something you can use at will. In order to arrive directly, you must open the warp gate at the Black Lion Castle.

“The gate is open.”

The wizard managing the warp gate steps back. The mana concentrated in the gate rips open the space, and the road leading to the distant Uklas Mountain opens.

“draft. Come show that you are not ashamed.”

Anicilla said.

“Son… I believe in you.”

Jehard swallowed his tears and said. Eugene was dumbfounded by that comment and looked at Jehard.

“Daddy, do you shed tears every time I go?”

“Leaving three days after returning…”

“You’re not going anywhere else, you’re going to meet the elders of the family, aren’t you? I’ll go and have fun and earn plenty of pocket money, so Dad, don’t worry about me and eat your meals on time.”

Yujin said that and turned her head.

“Did you hear me? Father, I play with you so you don’t get bored, and if you don’t eat, I force feed you.”

“Yes, Gongja.”

Rahman shaved off his shaggy beard and wore a butler’s uniform. Why am I, a valiant warrior of the desert, acting like this? The reason was unknown even to Rahman himself…

“…Are you not taking me with you?”

“Why am I taking you?”

“That’s right… I’m Confucius’s henchman…”

“Since when have you been my henchman? If you have to insist, my henchman is not you, but Nina.”

“Then will I follow you?”

Nina tilted her head and asked. Eugene laughed at those words and waved his hand.

“I told Xian and I to come, but why do you keep trying to follow me? Don’t talk nonsense, take good care of my father with Rahman. If someone bothers you while I’m gone, don’t take it too seriously and tell Raman.”


Raman glared at the knights of Lionheart with his eyes shining with determination. Can I fight and win? No, will the knights of Lionheart persecute the servants in the first place? Raman didn’t even know that.

“let’s go.”

Eugene patted Xian on the back and headed for the warp gate. Xian, who was a little nervous, saw Yujin’s back as he calmly walked forward and stopped his steps.

The figures of the two are swallowed up by the light of the warp gate.

A leap of great distance. Since it had already happened several times, Eugene did not panic and enjoyed the feeling of floating in the warp.


But soon I couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

“What are we going to do?”

Eugene was dumbfounded, so he spat it out.

Warp is over.


I hear Xian’s screams in the distance. Yujin turned her head and looked for Xian. In the distance, I could see Xian falling down.

It was the same for Eugene. If you pass through a warp gate, it is natural to arrive at another warp gate. Eugene and Xian arrived in the sky, and even at this moment, they were falling to the ground.

‘This is…’

Yujin opened her eyes and looked ahead.

huge mountain range.

“It’s spicy from the start.”

Eugene grumbled and unfolded his cloak.

black lion castle


Xian’s screams are getting farther and farther away. Even as Eugene fell to the distant ground, he did not take his eyes off Xian. Master of the famous and prestigious samurai family, Lionheart’s family. With such a background, Xian must have learned various things from a young age, but he is not used to free fall like now.

Isn’t it natural After passing through the warp gate, it suddenly fell down from the high sky. Even at this moment, Xian was struggling in the sky, screaming for his throat to be torn.

‘Should I help with that?’

First of all, Eugene decided to take care of himself. He looked towards Xian while delaying his fall with floating magic. Xian’s talents could not survive a fall of this height. Even with luck, a few bones will be shattered.

‘You don’t have to help me.’

This is not an accident. If dropping it from the sky is the beginning, there should be a safety device in case.

It was as Eugene thought. Xian is still screaming, but his fall is slowing down. A wizard somewhere in the forest below had cast a spell on Xian.

Eugene no longer cared about Xian and turned his head away. You can see the old castle built near the top of the mountain. Eugene saw a flag waving at the top of the spire.

A lion pattern with fangs and teeth highlighted. That is the Black Lion Castle, where they should have arrived. Can I fly out of here? If that was the case, I wouldn’t have dropped it like this.

Although he doesn’t know the exact reason, Eugene happily accepted this situation for now. Vermut’s tomb might be in the grounds of the Black Lion Castle, but it might be hidden somewhere in this mountain.

‘I don’t think I’ll let them roam freely.’

First of all, I’ll have to look around the places I care about while visiting the castle. Eugene made up his mind and accelerated his fall. The wind that swirled around pushed Eugene away.

“Is that also Winid’s power?”

“no. Before calling the wind spirit, I used floating magic first.”

“There was no sign of panic… I see. You are good at handling magic.”

Doines, who was standing with his hands behind his back, smiled. He and other elders were standing on the wall, looking at Eugene and Xian. Even without using telescopes, they were looking at Eugene and Xian from afar as if they were right in front of them.

“How is your mastery of magic?”

“…Float magic, even the lowest level magic, belongs to the 4th circle. Even falling from that height, the speed is constant… and the balance is good. I can’t be sure, but it seems to be at least 5 circles.”

Answering Doines’ question was an elder wearing oversized glasses. He comes from a family famous for magic among Lionheart’s collaterals.

That’s why he couldn’t help but be astonished at Eugene’s magic. At least 5 circles. Eugene Ryanhart is 19 years old. He heard that the progress of the Baek Yeom Ceremony was unprecedented. Did he rise to the Fifth Circle within two years of his initiation into magic?

“…house owner. Do you know how many stars Eugene Lionheart has risen to in Baek Yeom-sik?”

The elder calmed down his surprise and looked at Gilreid. Gilreid, who was looking at Eugene and Xian with a slightly stiff face, pondered for a while before answering.

“…Before I went to Arot, I had reached 3 stars, and around last year I received a letter saying that I had reached 4 stars.”


It was Doines who answered with a smile. He nodded and caressed his chin.

“A 4 star at the age of 19…! Perhaps, since a year has passed, the level may have risen further.”

“…that’s… impossible.”

The answer was a middle-aged man with a clean look. Among the 10 elders, only 3 were from the original family who learned Baek Yeom-sik.

The head of the family and the head of the Senate, Doines Lionheart.

Brother of the former head of the household, Carmen Lionheart.

The one who said it was impossible was Klein Lionheart, the brother of the former family head and Carmen’s younger brother. He had already branched out from his family decades ago and formed his own family, and since 10 years ago, he had been treated as an elder after resigning from his active duty.

Although he has retired from active duty, Klein has been practicing Baek Yeom Sik for the rest of his life.

Even Klein couldn’t cross the 7-star barrier. Of the existing Lion Hearts, only two of them, Doines and Carmen, have crossed the seven-star wall. The current head of the household, Gil Reid, and his younger brother, Gion, have not yet crossed the wall of the 7th castle, so they are staying at the end of the 6th castle.

But to think that a kid who hasn’t reached adulthood yet might have reached the 5th star of Baek Yeom-sik. Klein just didn’t want to be aware of that possibility.

“Just because you’re incompetent doesn’t mean everyone else is incompetent.”

Carmen murmured as she pulled a cigar out of her stylish case. At those words, Klein turned to Carmen in a huff.

“Ah, sister!”

“Don’t call me sister with that face on.”

“What do you think my mug is like?”

“Other people would see you as my father or grandfather.”

“That’s because my sister doesn’t deserve her age and insists on a young face…! How long are you going to stick with that youthful look?”

“It is overwhelmingly better to look young than to look old.”

“There is no dignity, no dignity! If you start to hear the voice of the elders, you should have the dignified dignity that suits you. Even though my sister is over sixty, she still thinks she is a virgin in her twenties…”

Quick. Carmen’s teeth gnawed the cigar, and Klein was speechless. He’d be ashamed to say it at this age, but Klein was afraid of his sister’s fists.

However, I thought that dignity befitting an elder was important. Of the 10 elders, only Carmen still insists on active duty.

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