Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 26

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Just look at it now Carmen has a cigar in her mouth that she doesn’t even smoke, and a coat that’s no different from a cloak is slung over her shoulders. At the same time, he put his booted feet on the railing and stood upright, taking in the gusting wind from the front.

‘Even in front of my nephew…’

It didn’t matter when the elders were together, but I wanted them to be a little self-respecting about doing that in front of their nephew Gilreid. Not to mention, my nephews and grandchildren will be coming soon…

‘…It’s already too late.’

Klein sighed and stroked his beard. Carmen had already made Ciel, her niece and granddaughter, her squire two years ago. Whenever he thought of him, Klein would kick the blanket off the bed in place of his still immature sister.

“You’re down.”

After confirming that Xian and Yujin fall into the forest.

Doines turned around. Behind him were the elders and 10 captains who led the Black Lion Knights.


chin. Carmen opened her mouth as she set down her boots on the railing. Seeing that, Cline couldn’t help but sigh again. That immature older sister boasts of being second only to Doines among Lionhearts, but has not yet stepped down from active duty and leads the Black Lion Knights.

“I am not going.”

When Carmen called her name openly, Klein shook his head hurriedly. He is even an elder, so why roll his body? Carmen frowned at the answer that came back.

Just as Klein regarded his older sister as immature, Carmen also regarded her younger sister as immature. He couldn’t set an example for his descendants, but he only thought about being comfortable just because he was old…

‘That’s why the level doesn’t increase.’

Carmen shook her head at her sister’s pity and stepped back from the castle wall. It wasn’t just Carmen who backed off like that. She and her six captains also began to move one by one.


Doines called his grandson by name among the retreating captains. Captain of the 1st division. Dominic Ryan Hart nodded his head lightly instead of answering the call.

“…it wouldn’t be too late to call them by their last names first and then test them…”

“So it won’t be a test. house owner. Do you not trust your children?”


“This is different from the blood system formula. There is no point in adjusting the situation to the age and experience of the children. Especially… the children of the family head… haha. It may be unpleasant for the family head to hear, but isn’t the family head much better than when he was that age?”

“…If you’re going to have a coming-of-age ceremony like this, I think it wouldn’t have been okay to bring in Iod.”

Gilreid sighed while holding back his frown. But there was nothing she could do about the feelings that simmered deep in her heart. Doines, guessing Gilreid’s displeasure, shook his head in regret.

“Are you still attached to your eldest son?”


“I know that I can’t help it because I’m a son, but I’m going to go to the house. Put down your lingering attachments to Iod. That child won’t want you to regret it. You heard it too, don’t you know? Iod is living peacefully and happily at his wife’s house.”

“…but. Iod is my son and the eldest son of the main family. The succession of the family head will be impossible, but he has the right to hold a coming-of-age ceremony.”

“The child is already an adult.”

Doines laughed bitterly and patted Gillaid on the shoulder. Gil Reid said no more, but he couldn’t quite understand what Doynes was saying.

It has been two years since Theonis and Iod went down to their in-laws. Gilreid was never able to see the two of them.

This is because the Senate, led by Doines, did not allow him. No matter how much his son committed a serious sin, he wouldn’t even allow us to meet him. Because of this, Iod couldn’t even have a coming of age ceremony, and Gil Reid couldn’t even visit his wife’s house for his son’s coming-of-age ceremony.

The fact that the eldest son of the main family tried to enter into black magic was a great sin that would bury the name of Lionheart, which had been going on for 300 years. Originally, it is a problem that would not be strange even if it was insulated.

‘…actually, it should be regarded as insulation.’

If he hadn’t gone so far, shouldn’t he have embraced and forgiven his son’s sins? Gilade questioned the Senate several times, but Doines’ position did not change.

The reason… I’m vaguely guessing. Doines and the senate suspect that Iod may have been instigated by someone else to enter black magic. Perhaps Iod will take advantage of the gap in the attention of the main family, including Gilreid, and try to enter black magic again…

The senate is using iodine as a trap to draw out either the inner or outer enemy.

Even though Guilade understood that fact, he felt deep dissatisfaction, sadness, and anger toward the Senate. Ra, the head of the head family, but since his son committed such a crime, Gil Reid could not directly oppose the Senate’s wishes.


Guillaid let out a long sigh and closed his eyes.

He trusted his son, Iod, but the Senate did not trust him.



Eugene glanced at the leaves and twigs that were breaking under his feet. Then he looked at the sky again, but the sky was hard to see because the branches were so thick.


Eugene rubbed his chin and looked around. A few traces engraved on the wooden poles come to the eye.


I expected it right away, but I knew it for sure. It distorts your sense of direction and makes you go round and round in the same place. Eugene laughed and picked up a few fallen tree branches and broke them in her hands.

Then, one by one, the fragments began to fall and move forward. He didn’t just drop it, he also tossed it in different directions. I thought about breaking the entire barrier with the moonlight sword, but it was clear that doing so would make the later work a hassle.

The moonlight sword did not leave its name in history. Even in the books handed down to the head family, there was no mention of the moonlight sword.

‘It’s questionable whether I can break a barrier of this size in the first place with the current moonlight sword.’

Are you saying to drop it in the forest and come back to the Black Lion Castle? At first I thought so, but it wasn’t a simple wayfinding.

This forest is quite dangerous. Shortly after falling into the forest, Eugene immediately encountered two twin-headed ogres with his own two heads.

‘Originally, there’s no way the two would be in the same area.’

Ogre is one of the most powerful monsters among medium and large sized monsters, and the two-headed one is especially powerful. They operate by using an entire forest as their territory. It was impossible to encounter two ogres living solitary lives without forming a group in such a short period of time.

It is released and nurtured. Not just ogres, but the entire forest was a huge breeding ground for monsters to graze.

‘Isn’t it too much to test the kids?’

That’s the story of normal kids. Do you believe that the children of the main family will easily pass this level? No, if you think so, it’s rather too easy. No matter how dangerous the ogre is, if she handles the sword skillfully, she is not a very difficult opponent.

‘It doesn’t limit mana like blood type.’

The only thing that bothers me right now is the barrier that makes me wander through the forest unable to find my way. There was no way he would have dropped it from the sky just to do something like this.


The wind stirs. Eugene laughed and bent her knees. ㅡQuajijik! Raindrops of tree branches fell from a high place and attacked Eugene. Eugene jumped behind him to avoid being crushed by it, looking up at him.


I was honestly surprised this time. What fell from the sky was a large wyvern. Even though a monster of that size fell from directly above, it was too late to notice it because of the barrier.

Wyvern’s attack is also a surprise. The figure riding the saddle on the back of the wyvern surprised Eugene even more.

“Since when have you been riding a wyvern?”

Ciel Lionheart. She gave a puzzled look as she yanked the reins.

“How do you know?”

I couldn’t help but be surprised. The barrier spread throughout the forest was the work of the 6th Division, made up of battle mages from the Black Lion Knights.



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This barrier completely blocks the attacker’s presence. Even so, Eugene did not panic in the barrier and responded to the unexpected attack. Ciel couldn’t believe it at all.

“The wind was noisy.”

“What kind of crazy is that?”

Ciel asked that and led the wyvern. Hwaaak! When the wyvern flapped its wings, the entire ground flipped over and attacked Eugene. Eugene stepped back and put his hand inside his cloak.

“no wonder. I thought it would be too easy if there were only monsters.”

“I haven’t seen you in a while, is that all you have to say?”

“That goes for you too. Isn’t it too much to attack without saying hello?”

“…Does your head hurt?”

Ciel asked at once. Eugene tilted his head as he took out a whip from under his cloak.

“head? why?”

“This barrier. He must be inducing… a clouding of the mind…”

“no wonder. When I first came in, I had some dizziness.”

“…Is that all?”

“Because I have a strong mentality.”

Ciel let out a stupid laugh.

‘That cloak. Didn’t I say it blocks magic up to circle 5? No matter how much… the magic applied to this barrier must exceed 5 circles?’

This barrier reflects the fear of the target as an illusion and destroys the spirit. Right now, Xian is still screaming as he sees the appalling ghost. However, far from seeing the illusion, Eugene only felt light dizziness.

Ciel glared at Eugene. Originally, he would not have attacked so quickly, and would have seen how to respond to the fear he encountered.

However, unlike Xian, Eugene did not wander in the barrier. So we had no choice but to attack faster than planned.

“…are you afraid of anything?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Eugene replied with a calm face. Mental attack through vertigo was in mind… Scary? It’s a nasty barrier. Are you embodying the fear in your heart?

‘It’s nasty, but I’ve been through enough mental attacks of this kind.’

Although the body has changed through reincarnation, the soul remains the same. Memories did not disappear either. Thanks to that, Eugene’s mental strength was the same as when he lived as Hamel.

Right now, in my previous life, I’ve been subjected to countless more terrible and terrible mental attacks than this one. The dream queen. Noir Jebela. She tried to break her mind, sending the damn bitch a nightmare every time she tried.

It’s not just Noir Jebela. Even in the three demon castles, I was attacked mentally whenever I did anything.

In the first place, the barrier of this forest was not determined to destroy the mind, and Eugene’s mental resistance, which was added to the cloak of darkness, was only to feel light dizziness, let alone see the form of fear.

“Are you still riding it?”

The flapping of the wings of the wyvern led to a storm, but the strong wind did not invade Eugene. This is because the wind spirits summoned through Winid are counteracting the wind of the wyvern.

“why? Do you want to ride too?”

“I can fly without riding it.”

Yujin smiled and lifted herself into the air. Then, Ciel immediately kicked the wyvern’s back and rushed at Eugene. The rapier pulled out stabs like an awl. Eugene lightly swung Winid, pushing Ciel’s body away.

“Since when did you become such a delinquent girl?”


Ciel’s face contorted at Eugene’s muttering. She let out her crumpled face as she leaped back onto her wooden pole.

“Where did you learn that joke?!”


Yujin cleared her throat to hide her embarrassment and shook her head.

“I’m not joking, how did the words come out like this…”

“Not funny at all!”

“I didn’t mean to be funny either!”

I expected to laugh very, very little. Eugene shouted out loud without showing him.

black lion castle

I didn’t know that I would fight Ciel, but I didn’t intend to watch it.

It wasn’t because Ciel was serious about the jokes he had thrown at most. never. Eugene stretched out his hand towards Ciel, ignoring the warmth of his earlobe, which was about to burn with embarrassment.

Mana fluctuates. Ciel inspected the magic missiles surrounding him in an instant and sent a signal to the wyvern by clicking her tongue.


The wyvern makes a high-pitched cry and flaps its wings. Those winged lizards that looked a lot like dragons couldn’t cast magic on their own, but they could do things like that. A wyvern with strong anti-magic power breaks down the magic that flaps its wings.

The trajectory of the magic missiles rushing at Ciel changes here and there. Instead of resisting the wind, he bent his body like a bow and used the wind as his strength. Ciel, who had accelerated even further, stabbed the rapier.


It’s not an upright fight where you just put your feet on the ground and wield a yap-yap sword. Eugene felt a little pleasure in it and fixed Winid. Caang! A sword strike from the bottom up bounces off the rapier.

At the same time, the whip he was holding in his left hand snapped. Ciel couldn’t help but be taken aback by the movement of the whip. He didn’t even swing it, it was because it was shot in a straight line like an arrow.


A whip that was shot through the shoulder. Ciel quickly twisted his body in the air. At that moment, the wrist holding the whip snapped. The movement changed the trajectory of the whip.

A curved whip wraps around Ciel’s waist. Eugene pulled his arm and pulled Ciel down to the ground. Ciel frowned at her and raised her head.

Eugene was still floating in the sky. Yujin smiled and pulled the whip. The force of the whip wrapped around his waist was not very strong. If he was determined and tight, he could crush his back, but Eugene didn’t want to cripple Ciel.


“Not yet.”

Ciel snorted. Kiek! A large wyvern rushes in. The gaping teeth are terrifying. Eugene swung Winid and tried to slash her wyvern, but Ciel screamed.

“You can’t kill Yongyong!”

“Yongyong… what?”

“You can’t kill me!”

that shameless thing There are a lot of things that I wish for by surprise first. Eugene grumbled and took Winid away. He wanted to ignore Ciel’s cry and cut the wyvern in half, but if he did, Ciel might cry and resent this for the rest of his life.

“You’re lucky, lizard.”

Winid was collected, but the wind spirit did not disappear. Eugene bent his body in the air and moved his legs.

Quick! Eugene’s kick slashed the wyvern’s chin. The wyvern shuts its wide-open mouth and stumbles in the air. Eugene immediately jumped at the wyvern and slammed his fist into the snout.

Kwakjik! Wyvern’s body fell to the ground, and his ground shook. In the meantime, Ciel broke the whip that wrapped around his body and attacked Eugene again.

“You bastard!”

Eugene found the accusation unjust. It was Eugene who was taken by surprise. He didn’t even kill the wyvern because he said don’t kill him. Instead, he smashed his chin and made him unable to chew meat for the time being. Isn’t this enough consideration for his brother?

“Come on again?”

Still, I like how good it is. Same with Xian. Is Anicilla’s children’s education good?

‘It’s much better than Theonis.’

Eugene threw away the broken whip and boldly reached for the rapier. Ciel couldn’t help but be frightened by Eugene who stretched out his bare hand against his sword steel.

‘Aren’t you crazy?’

Just as Eugene did not want to make Ciel an idiot, Ciel did not want to make Eugene an idiot. In the first place, the battles taking place in this forest are to test the children of the original family, not to turn them into incompetent idiots.

So, Ciel hurriedly changed the trajectory of the rapier. Yuji laughed at the sight and pulled him.

“Because you’re so kind.”

I had no choice but to change the trajectory. Ciel couldn’t help but regret that decision. There’s no way that absurd guy would take the risk of eating my flesh.

But the regret was too late. Eugene’s hand grabbed Ciel’s wrist and twisted it.


Ciel let out a short scream and let go of the rapier. Eugene didn’t let go of her wrist, which was still holding her, and put Ciel’s arm behind her back and pressed her hamstrings with her knee.

“Why don’t you take it easy?”

Ciel grumbled even as he was overpowered and fell to the floor. Eugene smiled and shook her head.

“If you don’t fight anymore.”

“…The decision has been made. It was a crowd in the first place. I cannot test you.”

Ciel sighed and licked his lips for a while.

“…Did you expect me to break the rapier?”

“That’s half and half.”

“If you hadn’t broken it, your hand would have been blown off.”

“I was sure it wouldn’t fly away, so I reached out.”


I thought you’d hear me say no luck. Have you evolved further? Eugene giggled and let go of Ciel’s hand.

“After arriving here, it was a series of embarrassments. Since we were caught like this, why don’t we explain it at least?”

“…You can go to the Black Lion Castle.”

“I know that. All I want to hear is, how much are you going to bother me in the process.”

“…60 Knights of the Black Lion.”

Ciel pursed his lips and twisted his body.

“Including the captains. All of them will scatter on this mountain and attack you and my brother.”

“Isn’t it too much for a coming-of-age ceremony?”

“The head of the Senate holds you in high esteem. It seems to be borderline. Poor brother is caught up in you.”

“It is natural to be highly regarded. Why is there only one boundary?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know that? You left Arot and stopped by Nahama and then came back.”

“Wherever I go is my freedom.”

“Doesn’t the Senate Lord seem to think so? The situation in Nahama has been questionable lately. Meanwhile, you went to Nahama on your own accord.”

“If that’s the case, I told you not to go in the first place.”

Eugene grumbled and slapped Ciel on the back.

“therefore. While I’m away from my family, you’re saying that you’re on the alert for any false winds that might embarrass the family, right?”

“…doubling as a test.”

Ciel sighed and turned to Eugene.

“How long are you going to crush it?”

“Look at what he is saying. When did I crush you?”

“You are doing that now.”

“It’s not crushing, it’s subduing.”

Eugene grumbled and stepped back. Only then did Ciel straighten her posture and sit down, brushing off the dust from her uniform.

“I almost broke a bone.”

“I hope it doesn’t break.”

The wyvern stuck on the floor whimpered and lifted its head. Then, Ciel stood up and approached the wyvern, and she caressed him as if brushing his scales.

“Sixty people…”

Yujin stood there for a while, lost in thought.

“It’s too many for just 2 raids.”

“…because the mountain is wide. And, it’s not just raiding, it’s also playing a role in preventing you and your brother from entering a harsh place.”

“A tough place?”

Eugene looked up at Ciel, his eyes twinkling.


“…That’s a dangerous place. Didn’t you encounter a monster on your way here too? There are a lot of monsters in this mountain.”

“therefore. Are you preventing them from entering the realm of dangerous monsters? Is that all?”

Somewhere on this mountain there might be Vermouth’s tomb. Eugene looked at Ciel expecting that.

“There are only ogres around here, but if you go a little deeper, there are dangerous guys that ogres hunt lightly.”



Ciel’s expression crumpled.

Eugene’s eyes were cold.

“A monster? Why is the monster here?”

“…They say they are being bred to increase the experience of the Black Lion Knights.”

“Humans breed monsters?”

Eugene burst into laughter because he was dumbfounded. On the old Bolero Street, she had heard that humans were secretly buying demons into slavery. He was dumbfounded even then, but the idea of ​​breeding monsters was even more absurd.

Demons are neither domestic animals nor monsters. Breeding them is impossible. It was clear that the horse was bred, but was just released deep in the mountain.

Compared to the danger of the monsters, it wasn’t difficult to summon them. A wizard skilled in summoning magic could summon monsters without offering anything special.

So, 300 years ago, monsters were infested all over the world. The dog-like demon lords interfered with all sorts of summoning magic circles unfolding in the far distance, and played tricks so that monsters were summoned instead of the summons the wizard wanted. The monsters that spread in this way reproduced by themselves, gave birth, formed groups, and attacked people.

“It’s not very dangerous.”

Seeing Eugene’s expression harden, Ciel hurriedly added his words.

“Every week, we’re looking at the monster’s territory and clearing it out. In the process, let the knights gain practical experience…”

“Is it just a monster?”

Eugene opened his eyes thinly and glared at Ciel.

“There must be an ancestor’s tomb on this mountain. I just don’t get it. Do you release monsters on your ancestor’s grave?”

“Why are you angry with me?”

“As a member of the head family, it’s something I can’t help but be angry about.”

“Since when did you become so passionate about your family?”

Ciel pursed his lips and climbed onto the back of the wyvern.

“As far as I know, there are no tombs of ancestors near the domain of monsters. The senate isn’t crazy, did you release a monster near your ancestor’s grave?”

“Then where are you?”

“How do I know? What is clear is that it is not in the realm of monsters. I’ve been out hunting monsters several times, but I’ve never heard of an ancestor’s grave.”

Yujin narrowed her eyes and thought.

‘Then… A place where there are no monsters. Where are you? Since the mountain itself is wide…’

The words that the Senate Wonju is openly vigilant. It’s annoying. Pretending to head for the Black Lion Castle, I tried to scour the mountain.

‘I’m getting a lot of attention. If I do something stupid, I’m sure I’ll hear more shit.’

Now that this has happened, I have no choice but to use the other method I had in mind. It wasn’t something he liked, but Eugene decided to head for the Black Lion Castle quietly. I have to explain why I stopped by Nahama anyway. I made an excuse for Loberian, saying I was going to eat cactus scorpions, but that excuse wouldn’t work for the old men in the Senate.

“…Where are you going?”

Eugene stopped thinking and looked at Ciel. Ciel was caressing the scruff of the Wyvern’s neck as it groaned.

“Why are you asking the obvious? I have to go back.”

“With whom?”

“As I like. why?”

“I’m thinking of taking you hostage and riding your wyvern back.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Ciel grumbled and pulled the reins.

“Before I go, let me give you one piece of advice. You’d better get out of here as quickly as possible.”


“I was able to come the fastest because I aimed for you from the beginning. Other articles will come soon.”


“I don’t know. Still, the captains will be a little late, right? Everyone was on the side of the wall…”

Before Ciel’s words were finished. Eugene jumped at Ciel and attacked him. Ciel frightened by the sudden attack, let go of the reins and jumped behind her.

Fire! The wind blown by Eugene pushes Ciel’s body back that much. In the meantime, Eugene grabbed the reins of the wyvern.


The Wyvern let out a high-pitched scream and tried to drop Eugene. Then, Eugene let go of the reins and put his hand on the scruff of his neck.

“Do you want to go back?”

Wyverns do not understand human speech. What does it matter? The fact that they fly around with people on their backs and even wear saddles and reins means that they were raised and bred by people. Wyvern couldn’t understand Eugene’s words, but he felt the force and life grabbing his neck.

Didn’t he even get beaten up? The wyvern no longer howled, and immediately spread its wings. Sometimes the conversation of the body is faster than the conversation of language. Eugene smiled and grabbed the reins of the wyvern.

“It’s my first time riding a wyvern.”

But, thanks to the advance, I listened well. The wyvern flapped his wings and soared into the air.

“You son of a bitch!”

Ciel, who fell to the ground, shouted.

“Yongyong! Come back!”

“If you go, you will be followed.”

Yujin whispered in a low voice and shook the reins. Ayeek! The Wyvern rose high, ignoring Ciel’s cry.

After flying so high for a long time, I was able to look down at the entire forest. Eugene looked at the forest for a while, then raised his head and looked ahead. The Black Lion Castle was visible in the distance.


It wasn’t just the castle that could be seen. Dozens of wyverns are flying this way. Eugene checked the riders of the Wyvern with thinly opened eyes. Carmen is nowhere to be seen. I didn’t know the faces of the other captains, but I couldn’t see the strong one who was presumed to be the captain.

Then there was nothing to hesitate about.


Eugene waved the reins and shouted. The wyvern flaps and flies forward. Eugene changed the shape of his cloak in response to the wind hitting him from the front. The fluttering cloak becomes thin and clings to Eugene’s body.

“A bold fellow…!”

The knight riding the wyvern in the lead had no choice but to stick out his tongue. I never thought I would steal a wyvern and soar into the sky. It’s perfect if you want to get to the castle quickly, but isn’t that the case when there are no obstacles?

If you fly into the sky like that, you have no choice but to attract everyone’s attention. In fact, all the knights who had been hovering over the forest were flocking to Eugene.

“Be careful.”

“I know.”

The other knights nodded in reply. The purpose of the test is to the end, so the attack shouldn’t be too severe. But don’t be too merciful. The knights took notice and drew their weapons.

I don’t feel any hostility or intent to kill. Eugene laughed and stood up from the Wyvern’s back. Looking at it, the skills of the Black Lion Knights were quite amazing. In my previous life, there had never been a knight corps made up of talented people like me.

but. No matter how good your skills are, it’s not like you’re determined and attacking. If there is no hostility or intent to kill. They couldn’t test Eugene.

‘Let’s see.’

Rather, Eugene will only test the Black Lion Knights. Eugene jumped from the wyvern’s back without hesitation. The wind that followed blew Eugene’s body forward.

The knights couldn’t help but be surprised by the sudden action. They knew that Eugene could fly, but they didn’t expect that he would attack from the front without turning.


The knights are scattered. Among them, the knights with bows hung their arrows on the strings.

and shoot them all at once. The arrows they shot defied the wind, but their power did not diminish. Eugene twisted his body in the air without bothering to intercept the arrows that approached him in an instant.

The cloak that unfolded in an instant swallowed the arrows. And the arrow shoots straight in the direction it came from.

‘The arrowheads are also blunt. It’s a very kind attack.’

Even so, being hit by an arrow as fast as that would break a bone without penetrating it. Eugene smiled mischievously and put wind on the returned arrow. Then the arrow sped up and, driven by the wind, changed its trajectory.

Not a single knight was hit by an arrow. They skillfully swung their weapons to remove the arrows and checked Eugene’s movements.

does not exist.


next to The knight stabbed his sword sideways without hesitation. Eugene, who appeared there, twisted his body and waved his hand. Caang! A short dagger collides with a knight’s sword.

ㅡKagagak! Eugene’s body spun like a top. He climbed up on the knight’s sword and in an instant burrowed into his arms.


The wind broke between Eugene and the knight. The knight hurriedly raised his mana shield, but the wind blew the knight’s body backwards. Eugene used the back of the wyvern as a stepping stone and jumped up again.


A nearby knight bursts into laughter and stabs his spear. It was a familiar face. Nation Lionheart. The vice-captain of the 3rd Division, whom I saw last time in Arrot.

“Where did you leave Miss Ciel?!”

“Down there.”

Eugene answered the cry and took out a spear from his cloak. Papabak! Two spears intertwined, collided, and pulled out in the air. short skirmish. Nation couldn’t help but laugh.

‘I was pushed?’

I couldn’t pierce the spear I threw from that unstable posture. Rather, it was Nation that was pushed back. It was said that the mana was not loaded properly, but Nation couldn’t believe it.


Nation hardened her expression and swung her spear again. Instead of confronting him, Eugene soared high, supported by the wind. He didn’t have to fight weapon to weapon. Eugene captured the coordinates of the surrounding wyverns and loaded mana into the wind.

In this way, the wind became a magical blade. Blades driven in all directions hit the Wyverns. The wyvern has strong exorcism, but that alone couldn’t break Eugene’s mana control.

If it stayed as it was, it was obvious that the whole body would become an egg, so the Wyverns had no choice but to step back. The impatient knights let go of the wyvern’s reins and got up. It was to jump into the air and catch Eugene. It was not an expected situation, but the knights were well prepared for air combat.

before the knights jump in.


Something shot from the ground. shell. Eugene immediately twisted his body and opened his cloak wide. However, the cloak of darkness could not swallow the attack like before. The back of the cloak swelled greatly, and Eugene’s body spun around.

Unswallowed shells pierced the sky. Eugene glanced at the back of the shell that was moving away.


It’s not magic. It’s just a stone thrown by force. Yujin laughed and looked down at her.

The gaze had to be lifted up again.


Carmen Ryanhart.

She flew right in front of her and slammed down on Eugene with her raised heel.

black lion castle

dry greetings. Eugene couldn’t answer. Despite the sword, Carmen’s feet were very heavy, and Eugene’s body plummeted downward.


I wasn’t upset. Carmen Ryanhart. Captain of the 3rd Division of the Black Lion Knights. She is Gilreid’s aunt, and among the knights Eugene knows, she is the oldest. She must have come from her parents’ family and learned to cook Baek Yeom, so if she wasn’t as strong as me, she would have felt rather disappointed.

Quaang! The wind that wrapped around Eugene spreads widely. Eugene straightened her posture on the ground and glanced at her aching arms.

‘The power seems to be pushed for a long time.’

Even a stone that had just been thrown almost pierced the mantle of darkness. The Death Knight he had seen in Nahama was not as strong as Carmen.

That fact subtly touched Eugene’s pride. Of course, the Death Knight who was there was a lousy guy. The Death Knights she saw in her previous life. In particular, it was so crude that it was incomparable to the Death Knights led by Belial, who was the staff of confinement.

‘A Death Knight made from my corpse is such a dick…’

Making a death knight out of a corpse would of course make him tremble with anger, but the fact that the death knight was weak was enough to make Eugene angry. I tried not to think of it as much as possible, but thinking about it in a situation like this makes my teeth grit.

“…was the greeting too harsh?”

Carmen, who was slowly falling, asked as she saw Eugene’s face distorted. She fixed her fluttering coat and stared at Eugene.

“You seem very angry.”

“I’m not angry because of Carmen.”

Eugene calmed down his frenzied breathing and answered. Up there, knights riding wyverns are flocking. It wasn’t just the sky. Knights spread throughout the forest are gathering here.

“Isn’t it just me being too partial?”

“Because you are so much better than I thought. Xian still can’t shake off my fear.”

Carmen replied with a sullen expression. She beckoned the approaching knights away, and took her pocket watch from within her bosom.

“Don’t think too badly of it. That’s how much attention I get, and as long as I’m on my own, the test will end quickly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Three minutes.”

Click. Carmen opened her pocket watch.

“If you can withstand my attack for 3 minutes, I will take you straight to the Black Lion Castle.”

“…Three Buuun…?”

“If that’s possible, there’s no reason to continue the test any longer. why. Aren’t you confident? If you think it’s too long, I’ll cut it down to one minute.”


It’s natural confidence. I can understand that. However, Eugene couldn’t help but laugh. I never thought she’d hear something like that…

‘Well… it could be. To that grandmother, I’m a distant grand-nephew.’

Although he understood, Eugene was calling Carmen ‘grandmother’ without realizing it.

“I’m young and lively, so it’s okay, but wouldn’t it be too hard to move my body for three minutes at my aunt’s age?”

I didn’t stop thinking. Eugene asked so openly, and Carmen’s hand, which was holding the pocket watch, trembled. The knights around him also stared at Eugene with white faces. The air freezes coldly. Carmen tossed the open pocket watch to Nation, his lieutenant.

“1 min.”

Carmen sighed and reached out.

“I think that will suffice.”

As if to prove the words she had spoken, white flames wrapped around Carmen. White salt meal. The sparks of mana stick to Carmen’s body without overdoing it, and sparks fly like a lion’s mane.


Eugene honestly admired Carmen’s mana management. It was difficult to grasp the capacity of mana because it was not deliberately emitted, but the power of the condensed mana was amazing.

Carmen did not concede the first attack. Carmen disappeared in front of Eugene’s eyes. It was like that with the naked eye, but Eugene didn’t miss Carmen’s movements.

Jjoong! Eugene’s body stumbles sideways. Carmen’s boots push back Winid’s blade. Eugene didn’t hold on to his staggering body, and turned him entirely. The sword slipped from her boot and digs into Carmen’s waist. The leather gloved hand moves along the sword’s trajectory. Carmen let go of the sword strike with her hand and hit Eugene with the other hand.


Anger at saying something you shouldn’t have said. It fades into surprise. Eugene drew Carmen’s fist with the sword he grabbed before he knew it, and took a few steps back.

‘I tried to break one of the ribs.’

It was an outstretched fist, but I couldn’t even put it right into my body. Carmen no longer looked straight and smiled.

Carmen’s offensive intensifies. As previously identified, Carmen does not use weapons. She was unique among Lionhearts. Since she was a child, she has practiced unarmed combat with her bare body.

decades like that. The throwing fist is faster than the spear, and the kicking leg is sharper than the sword. Eugene, who was dealing with him, felt honest admiration for Carmen’s skills. With this level of skill, he would be well-known even 300 years ago.

So sorry.

‘I want to fight properly.’

I want to fight without thinking about the future without controlling my strength to the point where I won’t die. I thought so, but I really couldn’t. Isn’t there a reason why each other would do that?

‘It looks like I’m going to lose now.’

Even if you use ignition, you won’t be able to win. The current Eugene is still unable to fully demonstrate the skills of her previous life. Of course, you have to try to know, but I didn’t feel the need to try it.

‘Only intimidating, on par with Amelia Merwin… No, you can’t jump to conclusions. Amelia Merwin was determined to kill me.’

Battle with Carmen. The ability of the Black Lion Knights was barely known.

If all six captains were strong men of the same level as Carmen, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Black Lion Knights were the strongest among the Knights that Eugene knew. At least 300 years ago, as Eugene remembers, there was no Knights Order with such a concentration of strong people.

‘If such a knighthood had existed 300 years ago, we would have been less tired.’

It should also be taken into account that too much time has passed. Anything will develop over time. Isn’t that just like magic? The wizards of 300 years ago were also excellent, but the wizards of this age are learning much more advanced magic than in the past.

Combat technology will make remarkable progress in warfare, but that doesn’t mean it could have regressed or stood still for 300 peaceful years.

‘Still, it’s a relief.’

rushing attacks. Yujin felt the stiffness all over her body and focused her mind.

‘Because I’m not a retired person.’

In fact, Eugene’s ‘skill’ was working against Carmen as well. Eugene didn’t feel clean enough to feel himself, but he found a gap in her by shedding all of Carmen’s attacks.

However, there was no gap to dig into Carmen. If you have enough strength, you will be able to forcefully open the gap, and if you are more daring, you may be able to induce the gap. Eugene didn’t bother.

“Three minutes.”

Kagagak! Eugene stepped back, spilling Carmen’s fist. Winid was fine, but the black blade he held in his left hand had chipped teeth and cracks, so he could no longer use it.

“Isn’t it over?”

Eugene asked as he put the broken sword into his cloak. Carmen furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Eugene, but didn’t attack anymore.

‘I couldn’t put the right hit.’

Carmen glanced at her hands. The leather of the glove is rough, and several fine scratches are visible. No matter how much he controlled his power… he couldn’t even overwhelm a guy as young as me.

“…isn’t there still one minute left?”

“Leave it. Because it has already passed.”

“It can’t be.”

“I was counting in my mind.”

“You said you even counted the numbers while dealing with me?”

“Well, it’s thanks to Carmen-sama putting circumstances in her hands.”

It was also true, and Eugene didn’t want to provoke Carmen anymore.

It was because he had seen someone who had no choice but to be interested in him more than Carmen.

It feels like my whole body is throbbing and crushing. Eugene turned her head away, feeling a phantasmagoric pain that did not exist. Her ominousness did not come out blatantly, but Eugene’s sensitive senses certainly felt the ‘power’.

‘…the crushing weight phalanx.’

Among the knights watching the battle with Carmen, I see a particularly tall man. It was the first time seeing him in person, but Eugene knew right away who he was.

The owner of the crushing weight phalanx. Captain of the 1st Division, Dominic Lionheart. He made eye contact with Eugene, blinked at him for a moment, then smiled lightly.


Dominic opened his mouth. He slashed the knights and came forward, approaching Eugene and Carmen.

“It was an unbelievable move for a 19-year-old. Eugene Lionhart. She had heard that you were excellent… but honestly, I thought rumors were exaggerated. Looking at it myself, it seems that the rumors did not properly inform you.”

“…that’s too much praise.”

Eugene nodded and listened. The hammer that Dominic wore around his waist. An ink-colored handle that was rugged, as if blood vessels had sprouted. The shape is far from an ordinary hammer.

“Sir Carmen. Need more tests?”


Carmen opened her eyes and shook her head.

“I don’t see the need to test further. I don’t know what you think.”

“There is no need to test me out. I don’t know what other people think.”

Dominic said that and looked around.

“If there is no objection, go straight to the castle.”

Carmen said so and took the first step. The knights of her 3rd division, led by her, immediately follow Carmen. Eugene looked around at her knights and tilted her head.

“…Isn’t Gion-sama here?”

“He’s the lieutenant of the 5th division now.”

Dominic replied.

“If you look at your skills, it is enough to become the captain. Since the captain of the 5th division retired soon, I transferred to the 5th division for a smooth handover.”

Dominic patted Eugene on the shoulder and passed by.

“Brother Xian’s test is not over, so we won’t be able to meet right now, but we’ll be able to meet at the Black Lion Castle in three days at the latest.”

three days.

Eugene laughed involuntarily at those words. In other words, it was assumed that this sudden test would take three days at the latest. Eugene did not wander in the forest because of his strong resistance to mental attacks, but Xian will have to wander through the forest for the next few days, fighting with illusions and monsters.

‘After that, we have to break through the siege of the Black Lion Knights.’

Yujin sent condolences to Xian, who was screaming somewhere in the forest, and followed the knights.

“You bastard!”

As I was about to leave, I heard a loud scream. It was Ciel. She gasped and swung her fists at the back of the wyvern, whose jawbone had been shattered.

“What if I leave it like that?!”

“Good find, but what? Your wyvern is so clever. Even the owner will find out.”

It just went well. I have to ride a wyvern to fly to the Black Lion Castle at the top, but wouldn’t it be much better to ride with Ciel than to ride a wyvern with an unknown knight?

“…let’s ride together?”

“why. no?”

“…I don’t hate it. Wouldn’t it be better for you to ride in the front?”

“It’s your wyvern, so why am I in the front? Don’t murmur, pull up and sit down. Sit in the back.”

“I still have enough. What are you doing? without sitting in the back.”

Ciel grinned and patted me on the back of my butt.

“Stay closer. It might fall from the sky.”

“If I fall, I will not die.”

“It’s because I care. A little closer… Where are your hands? Don’t scale Yongyong, it hurts.”

“If it hurts to be scaled, is that a wyvern? You poor lizard.”

“Yongyong is a wyvern, but he’s sensitive.”

The other knights had already flown away on their wyverns, but Ciel and Eugene still remained on the ground and bickered. Eugene couldn’t overcome Ciel’s stubbornness, and she placed her hands on her waist.

“What makes you so uncomfortable? Just hug me tight.”


to bother. Eugene grumbled and grabbed Ciel’s waist with both arms.


It’s different from what I imagined. It feels like the intestines are about to pop out of the throat. Ciel swallowed his breath and twisted his body.

“Joe, take it easy…”

“What if I grab it and fall?”

“Just… grab your waist. I guess that would be enough…”

what is desired Eugene smiled and relaxed his arms, gently placing both of his hands on Ciel’s waist. Only then did Ciel catch her breath and glared at Eugene. But he didn’t have anything to say, so he closed his mouth and soared into the sky.

It was flying like that, but the Black Lion Castle at the top was hardly approaching. Compared to other knights, Ciel’s wyvern was particularly slow in flying. Besides, he didn’t go straight to the castle, he slightly took a slight turn.

“What are you doing?”

“Because flying, if you go for a walk, it’s refreshing and nice.”

“I think going to the castle to eat and take a bath is much more refreshing than taking a walk.”

“If you go, you won’t hear good things.”

Ciel pursed his lips and looked back at Eugene.

“Did I do anything wrong? I’m proud So don’t be too considerate, just go quickly.”

“… a comfortable guy.”

I took good care of you. Ciel grumbled and turned her head again. Yujin pinched her side as she watched her cheeks swell.


“…do not pinch.”

“I have nothing to pinch, so what?”

“You’re pinching your skin.”

Although grumbling, Ciel didn’t puff out his cheeks any more.


Black Lion Castle.

I didn’t expect it, but there was no welcome. As soon as Eugene arrived at the castle, he and Carmen headed to the highest tower in the castle.

“The Black Lion Knights lack manpower.”

the way to the top. Suddenly, Carmen opened her mouth.

“The great Lionheart family with a history of 300 years. The number of knights protecting him is too small. Don’t you think so?”

It was a sudden question, but Eugene was not taken aback. He shrugged his shoulders, recalling the knights he encountered in the forest.

“It can’t be helped, can it? Unlike the original White Lion Knights, the Black Lion Knights are only made up of Lionhearts.”

Ryan Hart thoroughly leaves only the bloodline in the original family. All the brothers who did not become head of households are branching out, and they continue to increase their collateral.

Thanks to this, the Lionheart family has spread widely, but it is impossible for all of them to become exceptionally powerful. It is only natural that the Black Lion Knights, who are related by blood, fall into a manpower shortage.

“It can’t be helped. The Black Lion Knights have to deal with Lionheart’s messy problems.”

Carmen muttered that and glanced back at Eugene.

“Your brother. In addition to Iod’s problem, the Black Lion Knights are intervening in Lionheart’s various problems. Most of it is a matter of family prestige.”

There are too many collaterals. Those are the seeds sown by vermouth and family tradition.

“Things that should not claim to be lionhearts any longer because their blood has already become thin. But they are lionhearts too. The problem… is that they use thin blood to tarnish the family’s name.”

Eugene could easily understand the words. The Black Lion Knights actively intervene in family problems. If the name of the family was tarnished, the Black Lion Knights would execute the corresponding punishment on their own.

“You can’t mix an outsider into solving a problem like that.”

“What do you want to say?”

“What you said before.”

There was an elevator like Akryon in the far-high tower. Carmen continued her words as she entered the wide open elevator door.

“Join the Black Lion Knights.”

“You declined that offer.”

“At that time, I didn’t really see your skills. I had a good look today. There is still an empty seat for the 2nd division captain’s seed.”

“What did he do without seeking seeds for two years?”

“I tried to save him, but his personality was so rough that everyone couldn’t stand it.”

“Why do I have to enter that difficult position?”

“Your skill is similar to Genos, the 2nd division commander.”

Carmen stared at Eugene while saying that.

“To the extent that I can be considered a disciple of Genos.”

“I saw him for the first time today.”

“If you become a servant, Genos and Porridge will get along well. Also, the Black Lion Knights are a place where you can contribute to the glory of your family.”

“I like the glory of my family, but I want to prioritize my glory first.”

There were so many places to come to.

‘I’d rather go to Arot than become a servant.’

The Crown Prince of Arot promised Eugene the position of the head of the Court Magic Division. He was also interested in the Black Lion Knights, but no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t seem to be able to serve as both the Black Lion and Arot’s court mage leader.

If you put the two on the scales, of course, your heart will lean toward Arot.

“…more than that. Why are you calling me from far away to a place like this?”

“Why do you think?”

“I don’t think I’m trying to tell you that you did a good job.”

“If you promise to become a member of the Black Lion Knights, I’ll let you know.”

“Even if Carmen-sama doesn’t tell me, you’ll find out soon.”

“Your track.”

said Carmen, taking a cigar case from her bosom.

“Why did you go to Nahama? What happened in Nahama.”

“You don’t think I’m conspiring with the sandmen of Nahama, do you?”

“The odds are very low, but you have to keep that in mind. Who would have imagined that the Iod Lionheart had attempted to be initiated into black magic?”

Carmen said that while glancing at Eugene.

“Especially you are in a good position to receive several offers. excellent skill. However, since he is from a collateral line, there are limits to his lineage. What if someone offered to help after guaranteeing you the position of head of household?”

“I don’t want to be a family head.”

“Then think differently. If you have skills like yours, I will try to recruit them anywhere. Has the Sultan of Nahama promised you wealth and honor?”

“I have never met the Sultan. Are you interrogating me?”

“that’s right.”

Carmen answered honestly, and Eugene smiled knowingly.

“Then you shouldn’t answer Carmen-sama.”

The elevator door opens. Eugene passed Carmen and headed for the room at the end of the hallway.

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