Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 28

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“You decided to become Sir Genos’ squire?”

It must have been. Without that, there would be no way the two of them would be out at the gym early in the morning. Moreover, Genos seemed to be demonstrating swordsmanship to Eugene.

“Good idea. Sir Genos is the most powerful among the Black Lion Knights.”

Ciel gave Genos a boost for Eugene. It wasn’t a lie. Dominic has a phalanx of crushing weights, and Carmen has learned how to cook white salt. On the other hand, Genos didn’t have that special ability, so it’s safe to say that he was the best in the Black Lion Knights based on his pure skills.

“…um… Ciel.”

Genos opened his mouth after taking a look at Eugene’s eyes. Since it was the same Knights of the Black Lion, Genos did not call Ciel a lady.

“You are misunderstanding something.”


“I did not take Master Eugene as my servant.”

At those words, Ciel’s eyes widened. She tilted her head, holding on to the smile that was about to be erased.

“What do you mean? You talked to Eugene for a long time yesterday.”


“You are still teaching Eugene swordsmanship. Why are you instructing swordsmanship when you’re not using it as a servant?”

It is on my side to receive guidance. I couldn’t bear to say that. Although he did not draw mana, what Genos unfolded was a dead end included in the Hamel formula.

Dead End! This technique is a deadly technique in conjunction with Sura Gwangsal that will surely drive the opponent to death. It emits dense sword steel like a spider’s web, and restricts the opponent’s movement with fancy swordsmanship…

“I didn’t become a servant, but I can receive swordsmanship instruction.”

Eugene replied with a sad expression. just say this There was nothing to learn from Genos’ dead end. In Eugene’s head, there were countless techniques that were cleaner and aimed at killing.

Of course, that is not a reason to disparage Genos’ skills. Even from the point of view of his previous life, Genos was a great person. However, as long as Genos is based on the Hamel formula, Eugene has no choice but to have an overwhelming advantage in battle.


Ciel’s cheeks swell.

“Why, why? Did you come to eat?”

“…I ate.” “I haven’t eaten yet.”

“What did you do that you haven’t eaten yet?”

“I was just trying to eat. Mr Genos. Let’s go inside and have a meal. Or do you want to go back to your hometown and eat?”

“…I’ll go back and eat.”

Genos sighed and inserted his sword. Judging by the situation, it seems that Ciel will also attend the meal, but Genos was afraid that he might make a mistake on the spot.

What if the sound of the death penalty came out of Ciel’s mouth? Genos was well aware of how desperate and clever Ciel Lionheart was. Even though she had only been in the Black Lion Knights for two years, she had firmly established herself with her sly smile and her way of life.

If he uttered the death penalty in front of Ciel like that, there was no doubt that he would not be able to pass it off as a slight slip of the tongue. Genos didn’t want to be swayed by that young lady’s weakness…

“Then I will have to eat alone.”

“I will eat too.”

“You said you just ate lunch?”

“I ate a little, so it’s okay.”

“If you eat a lot, you will gain weight.”

“Do I look fat?”

Ciel opened his eyes thinly and asked. While that conversation was going on, Genos walked away cautiously.


“He’s tall and muscular.”

Ciel fired at him as he passed Eugene.

but. I was worried. He came to the restaurant to have a meal together, but Ciel barely touched the food and made a calyx with both his hands and rested his chin on it. While receiving Ciel’s blatant and burdensome gaze, Eugene continued her meal without hesitation.


“The food is good here.”

“If you become a member of the Black Lion Knights, you can eat that delicious meal every day.”

“You are very persistent.”

“If I push you this far, can’t you pretend you can’t win?”

“I’d rather win than lose.”

“Where in the world is there a person like that?”

Ciel pursed his lips and grumbled. Still, he gave up in his heart, so he didn’t pester Eugene anymore. Ciel is stubborn enough not to lose to anyone, but Eugene is also stubborn.

“…What have you been doing in Arot?”

“Quickly ask.”

“You weren’t in a position to ask yesterday.”

“What do you think I will answer?”

“I was busy training magic.”

“I know.”

“Have you ever been busy with anything other than that? You were close with the Crown Prince of Arot.”

“What does that have to do with me being busy?”

“Have you ever been invited to a social gathering or party hosted by the royal family? Or… Have you ever been introduced to a promising young mage by Mr. Loberian?”

Eugene stopped eating and burst into laughter.

“Do you think I would like that?”


Ciel laughed bashfully at Eugene’s answer.

“Isn’t it that I need to gradually accumulate experience?”


“You and I will be adults soon. You’re old enough to enjoy parties and social events.”

“Look at what he is saying. You’ve been quiet up until now, so when you become an adult, you’re going to play to your heart’s content, right?”

“Not that. I think I can have fun playing with you.”

“Why did you leave out your brother?”

“My brother has a lot of people to play with besides me and you. Maybe from next year, oppa will be very busy? Many prestigious aristocrats and even royal families from other countries will try to introduce you to you.”

Ciel said that and leaned over to Eugene.



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“Perhaps the earliest of us to marry. This is a secret, but there is a young princess in the sea kingdom’s servants. The succession to the throne is far away, but they are still royalty.”

“What is it?”

“It means that I might marry Xian. Well, it’s not finalized, it’s just being promoted by the elders.”

Ciel’s voice lowered.

“It’s not just Simuin Ppuman. Do you know the Kingdom of Luhar? The princess there is also one of Xian’s marriage partners.”

The kingdom of Luhar… The moment she heard the word princess, Eugene couldn’t help but imagine something she didn’t want to imagine. Descendant of Moron. A princess resembling Moron… Eugene remembered Moron wearing a gorgeous dress with his hair long. At the same time, he thought of Gargis wearing a robe with frills.

“That’s terrible…”

“What is terrible?”

“Nothing. So, how old are those princesses?”

“Simuin’s princess is the same age as us… Luhar’s princess must be 9 years old now?”

“Are you saying that a 9-year-old girl and Xian will get married?”

“What does it matter that you’re 9 right now? It’s not like I’m 9 forever.”

“I can’t see that. Xi’an Marrying someone 10 years younger? That is a theft that even heaven will not forgive.”

“Do you hate younger opponents?”

Ciel asked with his eyes sparkling.

“…I wonder if it would be good if they were somewhat similar in age.”

Having said that Eugene couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of alienation. Although she has been reincarnated, if we look at her previous life as a standard, she is over 300 years older than Eugene.

‘To be the same age as me… you must be an elf… or a dragon…’

no. Just because he was a person from 300 years ago, you shouldn’t think of him as 300 years old. Hamel from his previous life died at the age of 38. If so, opponents around 50 years old… Carmen, Theonis, Anicilla, Melchis.

Eugene stopped thinking.

“I don’t think age matters.”

“Why are you changing your words?”

“The human heart is originally like a reed.”

“Still, if you’re just saying at the beginning, you’re saying that you prefer someone who’s similar to you rather than someone younger, right?”

“What is the matter?”

“When are you going to get married?”

“I have no intention of doing it.”

Ciel’s expression hardened.

“Why not? Marriage is something to be blessed with.”

“…Aren’t we already too young to discuss marriage?”

“If Xian oppa gets married before you, it’s like losing to Xian oppa.”

“Why is marrying later than Xian losing to him?”

“Why am I getting married?”

The door to the restaurant bursts open. Eugene was not surprised and turned his head. It was because he felt Xian’s presence even before the door opened. But Ciel couldn’t do that, so he had no choice but to look at Ciel with a surprised expression on his face.

“Why are you coming so soon?”

“Are you dissatisfied with me coming soon?”

Sian, breathing heavily, looked like a beggar. She wandered through the forest all day, fighting illusions, monsters, and knights. She couldn’t eat or drink water, let alone sleep.

“…I thought I’d get lost for a few days.”

“What are you looking at me for?”

Xian staggered forward, screaming loudly. He reached the Black Lion Castle through all sorts of hardships, but he couldn’t properly hear a word of congratulations. It was because the family head and the elders were still having a meeting at the round table.

It’s fine until then. However, the fact that Eugene arrived at the castle early the day before made Xian’s heart boil. Although he didn’t suffer as much as he did, he thought he would have arrived around dawn at the earliest… He arrived at the castle less than an hour after he fell in the forest…!

“Have you seen many ghosts?”

“…Don’t talk about ghosts.”

“so. Did you overcome the ghost?”

“…You can cut and kill people, monsters, and monsters with a sword, but you can’t cut and kill ghosts.”

“Ghosts are undead if you have to say. called a monster why can’t you kill me Isn’t it because you’re weak that you can’t kill me?”

“…Undead and ghosts are different. The ghosts I’m afraid of… no, not scary, but the ones I hate are different from the undead.”

Xian hesitated and sat down next to Yujin. Eugene caught his nose at the complex and nasty smell that was emanating from Xian.

“Your body smells rotten.”

“I know, so be quiet. I’ll eat, wash, and sleep.”

Xian grumbled and grabbed the tableware.

but. Xian washed as he wished, and could not fall asleep. It was because, around the time they hurriedly finished their meal, the first attendant brought a scorpion.

“Guests will be arriving soon, so please prepare and come out to the warp gate.”

“…Are you a guest who needs to go out to meet you?”

Xian asked with a desperate expression.

“I haven’t heard of any guests coming?”

Ciel also asked with a puzzled face. At those words, the servant slightly hardened his expression and bowed his head.

“We also did not receive a separate delivery to the guest. Perhaps… you came to visit us for a meeting at the Round Table.”

“Who are you?”

Ciel asked, standing up.

“This is Auxiliary Bishop Cristina of the Holy Empire.”

Christina Rogeris

The holy empire, Euras, has Alkart, the border of Helmud, as its parish. It is a bridge that connects Euras and Helmud, established with the concession of the Demon King.

Can the demons be reformed with faith?

In Eugene’s opinion, that was absolutely impossible. In the first place, it is foolish and useless to place faith in demons who oppose divinity.

However, it is not only demons who live in Helmud. Even without warlocks and demi-humans, there are quite a few people living in Helmud. A contract with the demons, worship of the demon king. Not for that reason, but for very realistic and reasonable reasons.

Helmud is a human-friendly country.

Citizens there are guaranteed a minimum right to live without having to work. Numerous monsters enslaved by the demon lord replace the citizens’ labor.

It’s not just the monsters. Old undead raised by high-ranking demons and black magicians. Non-human monsters do the work for humans. Even if there are few people engaged in agriculture, Helmud’s large land is dyed golden yellow regardless of the season.

Citizens of Helmud do not pay taxes in currency. They are paying taxes every month for the energy that is not too much. If you wish, you can live a luxurious life in Helmud by mortgaging your soul. If you pay the price to replace the soul before death, it is possible to get back the mortgaged soul.

What if you can’t get it back? The price of freedom enjoyed in life will be repaid after death. In other words, to become an undead worker.

However, the world is full of idiots who want to live and enjoy wealth and glory even if they become undead workers. Helmud does not reject the immigration of idiots.

10 years.

The period of post-mortem labor that the demon king of confinement set forth for his own citizens is at most 10 years. After living happily in Helmud for decades, working for 10 years after death. Although the cost of immigration is quite high, it is not too much to pay if you are desperate.

Alcart Diocese is not a place to educate the humans who have settled in Helmud, not the demons.

Even though you sold your soul to the demon king and the demon tribe, if you have firm faith, you can go to heaven even after the labor is over…

The Parish of Alcarte sells the ‘safety’ desired by idiots who replaced the wealth and glory of life with labor after death.

Auxiliary bishops assist the diocesan bishop in charge of that place.

Christina Rogeris.

She is the adopted daughter of one of the three cardinals in Euras, and is a candidate for a saint in the lineage of Anis.

Although she is not called a ‘saint’ right away, the only candidate Jurass put forward as a saint is Christina, so in the next few years, she will officially inherit the name of a saint.


Yujin stood at a distance and opened her eyes thinly.

Eugene and Xian fell from the sky, but the Black Lion Castle also has a warp gate. Now, Eugene came out with Xian and Ciel and stood in front of the warp gate.

It wasn’t just Eugene who came out to meet him. All the knights of the Black Lion Castle. The elders and family heads who hadn’t left the round table since the day before also appeared in front of the warp gate.

That’s why this sudden visit is special. When I glanced at them, the elders’ faces were also showing agitation. After glancing at the elders, Eugene turned his gaze back to the warp gate.

‘…it looks like it.’

Just before.

Auxiliary Bishop Christina passed through the warp gate. Cristina, who had come with her three escorts, looked around her and slightly lifted the hem of her skirt.

“Thank you for the great welcome.”

The pure white veil was fixed with a tiara, but there was no great difficulty in checking the face. Eugene stared at Christina’s face with her eyes still narrowly open.

Anise Slewood.

Eugene saw Christina as a colleague from 300 years ago. I don’t know if she even resembles her personality, but her face resembles Christina to the point where I wonder if she’s a descendant of Anis.

“…I didn’t know you would come in person.”

“If it is a call that is necessary, of course you must answer it.”

When Doines approached and spoke to her, Cristina smiled lightly and bowed her head. Eugene drew attention to the short wand hanging from her waist. At the end of the golden wand was a cross, the symbol of the god of light, and it was an unusual looking object.

“…a necessary call. Is there any reason for you to come yourself?”

“of course. It’s not even a story to share here, so please guide me.”

Before long, the elders led by Doines and Gilreid turned around. Cristina accompanied her paladins and followed the elders, but she suddenly stopped her steps and turned her head.

Eugene and Cristina’s eyes meet in mid-air. Cristina stared at Eugene for a moment, then she smiled thinly. Eyes that draw curves. Even that resembles anise. Eugene stood for a moment, staring at Christina.

“…Have you met?”

Christina walks away. Ciel nudged Eugene’s side and asked in a small voice.


“Then why are you smiling at me?”

“How do I know?”

“Maybe he laughed at me.”

Xian murmured in a low voice. He stood up against me for no reason, sniffed his nose, and whispered with an anxious expression on his face.

“Do you smell me?”

“uh. It smells like a mutt that has been slapped in the rain.”

“Did you stare at me because of the smell…?”

“If that’s the case, why would you laugh at it?”

“I can’t bear to frown, so I might be laughing.”

Eugene didn’t bother to answer that murmur.

that evening. Eugene left Xian, who had fallen asleep, and finished dinner alone.

“young master.”

As I sipped the tea, the attendant cautiously approached me.

“A guest has arrived.”

“who? Is it Sir Genos?”

Yujin put down the teacup and tilted her head. I couldn’t think of the first visitor other than Genos. However, the attendant shook his stiff face.

“no. This is Auxiliary Bishop Cristina.”


Yujin got up from her seat, thinking of the saintess who smiled at her.

“My name is Christina Rogeris.”

Christina had already entered the hall of the keep. Yujin stared at the thin smile on her face, then slightly bowed her head.

“My name is Eugene Ryanhart. What are you doing all of a sudden?”

Cristina was alone, not accompanied by an escort driver. However, Eugene felt a blatant presence outside the castle. Paladins of Euras. Unlike normal knights, they deal with mana and holy power at the same time.

‘To the extent that a saintess candidate came along as an escort, her skills must be quite impressive.’

Normally, I would be interested in a paladin, but I couldn’t do that right now. Eugene faced Christina, who was staring at him.

As I felt even when I saw it from a distance, Christina’s face resembled Anise too much.

‘It might be Anise’s descendant.’

Let the world know, Anise left no descendants. It was also because Anise was called her saint, but the Anise that Eugene knew was not the type to unconditionally follow her doctrine. Since she drank alcohol as holy water, she might have seen her descendants secretly.

“…What are you doing here?”

However, it is not possible to ask Christina, who is new to him, about her ancestors. Eugene asked that at first.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Eugene thought it was his first meeting and was polite, but Cristina didn’t. She grabbed Eugene’s wrist with her outstretched hand.

‘What are we going to do?’

Eugene couldn’t help but be a little taken aback. She had foreseen Christina’s movements, but she couldn’t figure out why she was behaving this way.

soon. A tingling current flowed from the gripped wrist. Eugene squinted her eyes, but did not shake off Christina’s hand. Cristina was still looking at Eugene with a smile on her face.

“…are you done?”

after a while There was no more tingling sensation in my wrists. Even so, Cristina was still holding her Eugene’s wrist. After fiddling with Eugene’s wrist, she boldly ran across Eugene’s forearm.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Your forearms are really strong.”

“You probably didn’t touch it because you wanted to feel it.”

“I heard that you faced the demon king of confinement.”

Cristina nodded and let go of Eugene’s wrist.

“If you face the demon lord directly, there is a risk that your mind and soul will be contaminated with demonic energy.”

“so. Have my mind and soul been contaminated by the Demon King?”

“no. It is very clean without any contamination.”

Eugene snorted. At that time, the demon king of confinement used the body of the Death Knight as a vessel. It would be unknown if the demon king of confinement had made up his mind, but Eugene’s soul was not weak enough to be contaminated by what he encountered.

“Are you worried about me?”

“There is that too, but I was curious about you.”

“Looks like my rumors have spread to the Holy Empire.”

“Rumors are also rumors. I have a revelation.”

Christina stared at Eugene’s face while saying that.



“What revelation?”

“It’s difficult to inform Eugene-nim, who has not converted to the religion.”

“If you’re not going to tell me, why are you making me curious?”

“It is to let you know that this meeting was foretold by God.”

god? Eugene’s face crumpled. but. If there is anyone who can give a revelation to the saintess, it is only the god of light that Juras worships.

But Eugene couldn’t take that word positively. He had never even received a revelation from God, not even that anis. It was the will of the Holy Empire that Anise joined Vermouth’s journey, not the will of God.

“…Are you done with this?”


Cristina shook her head. She reached out her hand again, and took her Eugene’s wrist.

“The meeting at the Round Table is over. The senator has decided to open the door to the mausoleum, so let’s go with him.”

“…Is Auxiliary Bishop Christina going with you?”

“yes. That is why I came myself.”

“Is that also because of the revelation?”


Christina replied with a smile. Eugene couldn’t figure out what her heart was like, and she felt anise in her once more.

“…Can I ask you something?”

It was Cristina who acted rude first, so Eugene decided not to be polite to her. He opened his mouth as he left the hall as Christina led him.

“I heard that Auxiliary Bishop Christina was the only candidate for sainthood at the time. Is the genealogy of that ‘saint’ connected by blood?”

“Your question is sudden.”

“I learned magic for two years in Acreon. Auxiliary Bishop Cristina may not know, but in Senya’s Hall there, the appearances of her colleagues from 300 years ago remain.”

At those words, Christina’s steps stopped for a moment. She looked back at her Eugene with her thin eye smile. Eugene smiled as if in response to her smile.

“Not only my ancestor, the great Vermouth, but also the brave Moron, the stupid… Hamel. And I saw the faithful Anis.”

“It is a gracious thing.”

“I saw Anise-nim there. I don’t know how you will hear this, but Auxiliary Bishop Cristina resembles Monk Anis.”

“It is truly amazing and I am grateful.”

Cristina let go of Eugene’s hand and bowed her head.

“To think that I, a lowly servant who was still only a candidate, saw the saintess long ago… Maybe this is also a miracle from God.”

“Is a miracle even making your face look like you?”

“Maybe Anise-sama is my ancestor. If so, that would be wonderful.”

“I heard that Anis-sama left no descendants.”

“It is well known in the world, but since Monk Anise left the saintess and was only a human being, he might have wished for descendants. Does Eugene know about me?”

“…I know that she is the adopted daughter of Cardinal Rogeris.”

“yes. I was abandoned as a baby by my original parents. My unknown parents put me in a basket and threw it away at the door of the monastery, hoping that the god of light would take care of me.”

Cristina reached out again and grabbed Eugene’s wrist.

“Because of that, I don’t know anything about my blood or my ancestors. However, since Eugene-sama said that he saw a sincere monk in me, I think he might be my ancestor.”

Christina giggled as she said that.

“If so, that would be a very gracious and wonderful thing, but also a pity. Like Eugene-sama said, if I were really Monk Anise’s descendant… Isn’t it a story that my parents, though descended from a saint, did not take care of their own children?”

Yujin didn’t say anything, just shrugged. He didn’t miss Christina’s reaction. When she is told that she resembles Anise. She wasn’t too upset.

As if you’ve heard it many times.

Come to think of it, there was no way that Anise’s figure wouldn’t remain in the Holy Empire. Just as Eugene felt when he saw her Christina, the priests of the Holy Empire must have seen Anise in her Christina.

How many children are abandoned in monasteries in a year? If it was to the point of being abandoned and in the eyes of the cardinals, then there was a good reason.

Eugene decided not to ask about Anise anymore. Perhaps, the serpentine woman may have secretly started a family while living as her saintess. She may have started her family while she was on a pilgrimage.

It was Anise’s choice. What is clear is that arguing about ancestors who are not sure is never fun for Christina.

“…the night air is cold.”

Eugene muttered that, taking out a thick robe from under the cloak of darkness and handing it to Christina.

No matter how cold the night air was, Christina couldn’t help but prepare for the cold.

Eugene knew that too, but it was meaningful that the Queen Mother handed over the favor anyway.

“thank you.”

Christina accepted the robe with a thin smile and wrapped it around her body. She did not refuse Eugene’s favor.

“Are you going to the Tower of the Round Table?”


When the closed door was opened, the paladins bowed towards Christina. They lifted her lowered head and looked at Eugene. That was all. The Paladins did not follow Eugene and Christina.

“I’m going to the back of the castle.”

Christina put on the hood of her robe and took the lead.

Christina Rogeris

Golden hair swings over the hood. Eugene stared at Christina’s back as they passed under the moonlit night.

Reverse Rin.

I didn’t reveal it outwardly, but when I mentioned anise earlier. Christina’s smile faltered slightly. Yujin felt a stir in her chest and licked her lips.

“I-I’m sorry.”

Eugene once said so. Then Christina, who was walking ahead of her, shrugged her shoulders and laughed.

“Your apology is sudden.”

“Just what. I think I may have been lacking in caution with my question.”

“You don’t have to think so. Don’t you know about me, Eugene? He has seen the image of a monk, so it is no wonder that he has questions about me.”

Cristina said that and turned her head slightly to look at Eugene.

“…And… Eugene-nim, don’t you have a lot of interest in the heroes of 300 years ago? So Eugene-sama’s question is all the more valid.”

“A lot of interest.”

“More than Eugene-nim thinks, there are many people paying attention to Eugene-nim. The adopted son of the head family… that alone is exceptional, but Eugene-nim’s qualities were acknowledged by Arot’s high-nosed mage tower masters, too.”

Cristina turns her head again. She continued her speech, hastening her slowed pace.

“…Hogani is the territory of Nahama, but it is also designated as a holy place of the Holy Empire. Every year many devotees make pilgrimages to the holy places. Of course, there are many eyes of the Holy Empire in the Holy Land.”


“You may not hear it unpleasantly, but I know what Eugene-nim did in Hogani beforehand.”

“To the point of being unpleasant. I felt that I received a lot of attention from Hogani.”

Eugene replied with a snort. Eugene stayed in Hogani with Raman for less than a week. In that short time, Eugene felt a lot of stares.

There was no hostility. So he didn’t bother to interfere. Amelia Merwin was also involved, so he didn’t want to make a fuss. So I left it alone, but the gazes I caught were always wary.

Priests praying towards the statue of Anise. Believers wear a cross, a symbol of the god of light, on their necks or wrists. Warriors of Nahama with swords…

“Is the Holy Empire paying attention to me because of that revelation?”

“As I said before, I cannot tell Eugene, who is not a member of the church.”

“But it does bother me.”

“I just said this in hopes that you will be conscious of it.”

I have a bad personality. Eugene thought with a wrinkled expression. Not only does she resemble her face, but she also resembles Anise in that naughty personality. Is she really a descendant of Anise?

‘…It’s too soon to think that he’s a descendant of Anise just because he has a similar face and personality. In the first place, it’s strange that the descendant of 300 years later resembles Anise so much.’

Right now, Lionheart’s family had no descendants with a face resembling Vermouth’s. The only resemblance is gray hair and golden eyes.

Perhaps, Christina might have an ‘accidental’ resemblance to Anise. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are common. In fact, the features and appearance are not even the same as those of Anise. Simply put, the characteristics and atmosphere of being a ‘saint’ remind me of Anise.

but. It is true that they resemble So it was reaped by the cardinal. She was raised as a saint… The more she thought about it, the more complicated her mood was.

Anise didn’t talk much about her past. In fact, it wasn’t just anise. Aside from Moron and Senya, Hamel and Vermouth also didn’t enjoy talking about his past.

However, Anis’s attitude toward the past was different from that of Hamel and Vermouth.

Anise loathed her past.

I never said that myself. Eugene and Hamel felt that way. We traveled together for a long time. While going through all the prenatal battles, we talked a lot about this and that.

‘Memories’ is a simple way to pass the time, and as a side dish for drinking, it’s an easy topic to talk about. Senya had been raving about how beautiful the elven forest he had grown up in was. At such times, he would talk about the grandeur of the snowfields in the north where his tribe lived, as if not even Moron could lose.

when you talk like that. Vermouth and Hamel were more likely to chit-chat than talk about themselves. Like Hamel, Vermouth also lost everything to the demons.


I haven’t lost my hometown. Her hometown, where she was born, is the Holy Empire of Yuras. Even after 300 years, it is a powerful country that still reigns as an empire.

Even so, Anis didn’t bring up the story of the Holy Empire as much as it was strange. She spoke of the god of light several times, but she said little about the cardinals of the Holy Empire who raised her.

Hamel does not know how Anise lived. But her silence, and her unusual twisted smile.

Considering ‘how’ Anise became a colleague of Vermouth.

It wasn’t hard to imagine what a f*cking position being a saint would be. The reason Anis was able to become Vermouth’s ally was because the Holy Empire ordered it to be so.

Anise decided to join Vermouth’s journey and save the world.

Because that was the will of the Holy Empire and God.

“The road is down there.”

Cristina’s steps stop. The two of them reached the back of the Black Lion Castle, in front of the far cliff. Eugene stood beside Christina, looking down at the cliff.

The first thing you see is the forest. On the ridge beyond, wyverns and other flying monsters were flying around.

“…How far down?”

“I don’t know the exact location either. You’ll know when you fall.”

“It’s a shame.”

Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“therefore. Without a safety device, let’s get down there first, right?”

“You’re not going to fall alone, Eugene, are you?”

“Does Auxiliary Bishop Christina know how to use flying magic?”

“Of course I know how to write.”

Cristina smiled and reached out to Eugene. Eugene didn’t understand her hand and narrowed her eyes.

“What is it?”

“We have to go to the same place anyway, so we don’t have to be separated, do we?”

“what the.”

Eugene shook his head and took Christina’s hand. Cristina immediately grabbed her Eugene and threw her body down the cliff. Eugene stuck her tongue out at her boldness, and wrapped her cloak tightly around her body, fluttering as she fell.

Could it be that it falls all the way to the floor?

As you might think, the fall was long. Before I knew it, Cristina was coming closer to Eugene as if she were hugging her. Eugene stared at the ground still far away, then she turned her attention to Christina.

Christina was not looking at the ground, but at Eugene. Cristina smiles at her as her eyes meet. She stretched out her finger and stabbed Eugene in the chest.

“If we fall and die like this, will we go to heaven?”

“Did you fall to lead me to heaven?”

“You don’t want to go to heaven, Eugene?”

“I’ll want to go later, but I don’t want to go to heaven already.”

“Then I won’t be able to accompany you, Eugene.”

Cristina chuckled and took out the wand hung from her waist and held it. A blue gem embedded in the center of the cross emits a brilliant light. Before long, a brilliant light wrapped around Eugene and Christina and became large wings.


Eugene felt the warmth of the light surrounding him. This light… divine power. Divine magic, wings of light. It was a divine magic that Anis liked to use. Eugene turned her head and looked behind her.



Eugene saw an angel with spread wings. The sight was solemn and sacred enough to surprise Eugene, who did not believe in God. At the same time, she conveyed her intense sense of deja vu.

It’s not the first time you’ve seen an angel. 300 years ago. Anis had summoned angels several times through high-level divine magic. But the angel I saw then… and the angel I see now are different.

An angelic face with closed eyes and a benevolent smile.

Its face was like Anise, to the point of giving goosebumps.

The figure of an angel is no longer visible. Magnificent wings of light slow down their fall and wrap around Eugene and Christina. Eugene pursed her lips for a moment, then twisted her face.

“…just that?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I just… an angel…”

At that murmur, Christina tilted her head.

“…angel? Eugene. Are you taking hallucinogens?”


“The name of this divine magic is Wings of Light. It is not divine magic high enough to incarnate an angel. But don’t worry about dying, I’ll keep both of us safe from falling from this height.”

Apparently, Christina thought that Eugene saw an angel’s vision because she was worried about dying from a fall. Eugene didn’t ask further and bit her lips.

It wasn’t even a situation to ask.

space is distorted It was not a phenomenon caused by the wings of light. Cristina sensed her change and spread her wings of light. The fluttering feathers become light and oxidize.

ㅡ Fire.

Eugene and Cristina’s feet touch the ground. Eugene calmed down his surprise and looked around.

Just now, Eugene and Cristina were falling down a cliff. But now I can’t even see mountains and forests, let alone cliffs.

It is a strange space.

green field. blue sky. The sun is not shining, but the sky is blue and bright. The wind is not blowing, but the grass in the field shakes. Eugene slowly lowered his body and touched the grass. The feeling of touch is no different from real grass, but the grass does not feel alive. It was the same with soil.

“…It’s space magic.”

Cristina muttered, and Eugene nodded as well. Of course, creating a subspace of this scale is impossible with common sense magic. The hall of space that occupied one floor of Acreon. Eugene encountered top-level space magic there, but among the magic there, there was no magic that could create a sub-space of this scale.

‘Senya… no. Is it vermouth?’

Vermut was also a great wizard comparable to Senya, so I wondered if he could create a subspace of this scale. Eugene stood up and looked ahead.

end of the field. beautiful flower garden. In the middle of it, you can see a white temple. It’s not just a shrine. There was a stone statue of Vermouth standing tall in front of him. Eugene looked at him for a moment, then moved his foot toward the temple.

“Don’t you think it’s a beautiful place?”

On the way to the temple. Doines and Guillaid walked out of it. Doines stared at Eugene and Christina with a thin smile.

“If it weren’t for the mausoleum to be protected, I would have left it open for all Lionhearts to worship.”

“…Your ancestor would also want to be remembered and worshiped by many descendants.”

“haha. I see you think so. But it was none other than the founding father who made this place. If he wanted the memory and worship of his descendants, he would not have built a mausoleum in such a troublesome place.”

Saying that, Doines looked up at the stone statue.

“…Hmm… Hamel-sama’s statue… I think it’ll be fine if you put it on the other side. What do you think?”

“…wherever Hamel-sama will be satisfied.”

“It is questionable whether the ancestor will be satisfied. Well… I don’t think it’s a bad thing either. For 300 years, this place only had a stone statue of the ancestor, so it would be meaningful to erect a statue of an old friend together.”

Doines paused for a moment. He was leading the conversation in place of the silent Guillaid, and now his eyes were on Christina.

“…In order to open the road leading to this space… I need the seal of the head of the family and the seal of the head of the Senate. Those two keys were also made by the ancestors, and he left a message to prohibit entry except for the succession of the head of the family and the appointment ceremony as the captain of the Black Lion Knights.”

“You’re saying this is unprecedented.”

Christina opened her mouth. She glanced at the flowers swaying at her feet. Like the grasses in the field, the flowers below were also a seemingly lifeless harmony.

“I understand you want to scold me for my rudeness. It is important that I come here to the extent that you are giving up a long tradition.”

“You think the timing is not right.”

Gilade opened his mouth.

“…Since Christina-sama has the will of the Holy Empire, how can Lionheart, who is nothing more than a family, disobey God’s will?”

Guillaid’s gaze left Christina and turned to Eugene. That gaze did not scold Eugene or contain any displeasure at the situation. There was only sadness and worry. Guillaid did not want his son to be involved in this unprecedented visit.

“Christina. You dared to visit at a time like this, and insisted that you unconditionally accompany my son to and from the mausoleum. As the family head of Lionheart, I was able to ignore that stubbornness, but I did not, thinking of the long-standing alliance between the Holy Empire and the Kiel Empire and the friendship that has been passed on from our ancestors.”

“I also.”

Doines also nodded in response to Gilreid’s words.

“Christina. You said you wouldn’t tell me why until you got here. You spoke of ‘revelation’, and the demon king of confinement broke the old peace and gave a warning to the world. Revelations in such circumstances… cannot be ignored. So now, please, open your heavily closed lips.”

“I dare you to tell me.”

Cristina passed Eugene and stepped forward. She raised the wand she was still holding in front of her chest and slowly crossed her name with her hand opposite hers.

“This is Christina Rogeris. She is the adopted daughter of Cardinal Michael Rogeris, an assistant bishop of the Diocese of Alcart, and the only candidate for sainthood in the Holy Empire, Juras. From now on, I will stand here as an official saint who has received the revelation of the God of Light, representing the will of the Holy Father.”

Doines and Gilreid’s eyes widen at that calm declaration. But Christina continued, not caring for their surprise.

“Right now, please open the hero’s coffin.”

“…What are you saying…?”

“Great vermouth. A hero who made a pact with the demon king of confinement and ended the devastating era. All Masters. grand hero. As the progenitor of Lionheart, he is a figure worthy of being praised as a hero. If he is a hero who has accomplished such a great feat, he will be able to enter heaven before anyone else.”

Eugene kept his mouth shut and listened to Christina’s story. Gillaid and Doines showed anger beyond surprise, but Eugene had no reason to do so.

Rather, this situation was perfect for Eugene. It wasn’t simply sealed with magic, and it was impossible to open the door leading to this place without the seal shared between the head of the household and the head of the house. Moreover, Vermut’s mausoleum was located in a subspace, not a barrier.

It was absolutely impossible for Eugene now to forcibly open the door leading to this place. If so, will it be possible someday? Eugene couldn’t be sure of him.

But isn’t Christina telling her to open Vermouth’s coffin on her own?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about now.”

Doines didn’t laugh anymore.

“The discussion about the ancestor’s tomb was already over 300 years ago. The Holy Empire appointed the progenitor as a saint, and transferred the holy sword to Lionheart as a symbol of affection for him. With that, the connection between the Holy Empire and Lionheart has become strong and sacred.”

“Yes, it was. In a time of peace, that would have been enough. However, as long as the demon king of confinement gave the warning, the world will not be peaceful forever.”

“What does that have to do with opening the father-in-law’s coffin? What else spoke of heaven?”

“The soul of the great vermouth did not enter heaven.”

Cristina raised her hand and pointed at the stone statue of Vermouth.

“The revelation says that the hero’s soul is restless and wanders. That’s why, as a saint, I have to check the hero’s end.”

“…Now… do you realize how disrespectful… that is… to Lionheart?”

Guillaid did not hide his anger. He raised his white mane and glared at her Christina, and Doynes glared at her with her thin eyes. But she, Cristina, was not intimidated in the slightest. Rather, she smiled broadly and nodded her head.

“I have no intention of undermining the feat of a hero.”


“Rather, to praise the hero, it is necessary to check the end again. Living in a world 300 years from now, we do not fully understand the events of that era. Why did such a great hero have to close his eyes so quickly? Why did the wise Senya go into seclusion so suddenly, and why the faithful monk Anis went missing during his pilgrimage? Why is the brave Moron not appearing in the world since 100 years ago?”

Christina steps out. She crossed the flower garden and approached Doynes and Guillaid.

“Why didn’t the heroes defeat the remaining Demon King? What kind of promise did the demon king of confinement and the great Vermouth share? We don’t know anything. Even God knows nothing about it. What he said was that the hero’s soul did not enter heaven. That’s why you need to check and find out.”

“…was it against the will of God to reject him?”

“I don’t want to force faith on those who don’t believe in him. Nonetheless, yes. As a believer in God, I will feel great regret at the refusal.”

Even at the time of Anis, I thought about it many times, but that God’s will was a f*cking logic. No matter what they say, as long as God’s will comes first, there is no need for any other reason.

For priests, God’s will is absolute. Those who don’t believe in God may sound like bullshit, but it’s hard to ignore that either.

‘very good.’

Of course, there was no reason for Eugene to feel awkward. He watched the situation with as much expression as possible, trying not to show interest.

“…Why should my son be involved in that ‘confirmation’?”

“That too is a revelation, and I cannot tell you yet.”

“Christina ‘Saint.’ Do you know what an outrageous and nasty thing you are doing?”

“But all this is the will of God, and also the will of His Majesty the Pope.”

‘I’ll never lose an argument.’

Just like Anise did. Eugene stuck out her tongue and looked at the back of Christina’s head.

“…check it.”

Doines murmured. He squeezed and opened his hand for a moment, then glanced back at Gil Reid.

“I will follow the wishes of the head of the household.”

“…Are you serious?”

“Although I am in a position to lead the Senate, I cannot make decisions on behalf of the family head. However, as the head of the Senate, I will unconditionally follow the decision made by the head of the house, and I will never make it an issue.”

Gilreid was silent for a moment, lost in thought. Then he let out a long sigh and laughed.

“I never thought I would be able to open the father-in-law’s coffin with my own hands.”

Gilreid muttered that and turned around.

“Follow me.”

Christina Rogeris

Doines did not enter the temple together.

“How dare I, not even the head of the household, identify the remains of the ancestor?”

He let out a long sigh and shook his head, and Cristina bowed her head. Eugene didn’t say much, and quietly stuck to Christina’s side.

‘I don’t think they’ll come all the way here and tell me not to go in.’

Things have worked out so far. If you are kicked out at the critical moment, you will not only disbelieve in God, you will hate it. Eugene looked at Guilade’s back while thinking about that.

‘It must be very painful.’

The words Gillaid said earlier because he was a son echoed in my head. Eugene also had Jehard, so he couldn’t think of Gilreid as his father.

However, he acknowledged that Gilade was a good person, and felt various considerations and paternal love from him. That’s why I felt sorry for Guillaid’s position. The eldest son smears shit on his father and family, and now a saintess comes and asks her to open the coffin of the founder.

‘house owner? never do it never.’

Apart from the sadness, I made up my mind once more. I would rather have been a member of the Black Lion Knights, but I never wanted to become the head of the family.

no. I hate the Black Lion Knights too. Eugene just wanted to live the way he wanted to.

“It is a mysterious place.”

While following Guillaid in silence, Christina opened her mouth.

“A sub-space of this size. The sky, the fields, the flowers, the temple… It looks gorgeous at first glance, but it’s only for the eyes. There is nothing inside the temple.”

“…It was the will of the father-in-law.”

Gilade said in a quiet voice.

“Your descendants will take care of your grave, and don’t put Lionheart ornaments on it. don’t worship Do not use it as a symbol.”

“…because it is a cult and a symbol… it seems that he did not want to become an idol.”

“Originally, even Lord Hamel’s statue shouldn’t be put here. Strictly speaking, it was not cultivated by descendants, nor was it Lionheart’s.”

Gillaid paused for a moment and looked back at Eugene.

“…a disciple of the wise Senya-sama, and a descendant of the ancestor. And my son, who last paid tribute to Hamel’s tombstone, longed for him. I and the Senate were in agreement on that matter.”

“It is a beautiful thing.”

Christina said with a bright smile. The atmosphere was chilly, but she didn’t hesitate to smile.

“It means that the friendship of 300 years ago will be formed. Hamel’s tomb unknown to the world… It must be God’s will that Eugene was able to enter there.”

“…Is it God’s will that Hamel’s grave was damaged and his body was insulted as a Death Knight?”

Yujin asked with a sad expression on her face. Then Christina slowly shook her head.

“Of course, that would not be God’s will. That’s why he used Eugene as a ray of light to light up the darkness deep underground.”

What a great logic. Eugene smiled and nodded his head. Anis hadn’t been selling God as blatantly as Christina.

‘Even so, I’ve never won an argument.’

Are the clergy’s basic knowledge like dog shit logic and speech? It seemed like that when I first saw Anise and Christina.

‘…That sounds shabby.’

Yujin moved her eyes and looked around. As Cristina said, this temple looked grand from the outside, but was very humble inside. There were no common murals or portraits on the walls, and no patterns were engraved on the pillars.

I thought that aspect was more like Vermouth’s personality. Eugene recalled Hamel’s tomb, which had already turned into ruins. It was probably a plausible tomb before it fell into ruin. There are statues and memorial stones. The pillars and walls were filled with Anise’s prayers and Senya’s magic spells.

But there is nothing in this temple. There were no prayers written on it, and there was no memorial stone. Even on the stone statue of Vermouth in front of the temple, only his name was written in dry handwriting.

Vermouth Lionheart.

The handwriting that wrote that name was Vermouth’s handwriting that Eugene remembered. On a stone statue in my grave… writing my name with my own hand. It was hard for Eugene to imagine what the hell that would feel like.

“…for a moment.”

Gilreid’s steps stopped.

center of the temple. In the middle is a white coffin. Gil Reid stared at the coffin for a moment, then slowly knelt down. He didn’t listen, but Eugene knelt down as well.

Not as the progenitor, but as a condolence to a deceased colleague… and friend. Eugene closed her eyes feeling complicated and lowered her head.

So was Christina. She bowed down on her knees, brought her hands together in front of her breast, and offered up her prayers. For a short while, the three of them had a moment of remembrance.

Eventually, Guillaid gets up first. He looked back at Christina, trying to quell her simmering emotions.


Yujin slowly got up and looked ahead. Guillaid and Cristina are approaching the coffin. My heart thumps and runs. I never thought I’d check Vermouth’s coffin this soon.



I sincerely hoped.

‘Just lie down in a coffin. Whether it’s an intact corpse, a mummified one, a rotten one, or just bones. Because it’s good. Just lay… dead.’

If you lie down like that.

I think I can alleviate doubts about things I didn’t want to believe.

Bringing the moonlight sword to Hamel’s grave.

In the process, he collided with Senya.

…with the demon king of confinement… making an idiot-like promise.

“I will open it.”

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