Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 29

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If you really are lying dead. That alone gives me peace of mind.

That you were involved in my reincarnation. I don’t think this is a problem for me to blame you for.

However, fighting with Senya, who went through all kinds of high school and high school life together.

As a result, Senya was forced to go into seclusion.

The bastard in confinement talks about friendship and mentions you. As if it was a close relationship with you.

‘I am.’

I just can’t understand it. I don’t even want to understand I don’t want to understand. It’s something you shouldn’t understand.

you weren’t like that It’s something the other guys shouldn’t do, but Vermouth, you absolutely shouldn’t do that.

Let’s kill the demon king. Warrior. grand hero. Musin. All Masters.

great vermouth.

you never


Cristina let out a long sigh.

Gilreid stumbled and took a backward step.

Eugene closed his wide-eyed eyes. Her blood flows from her fists, which she clenches to a crush. Eugene opened his fist once, then closed it again to hide the blood from dripping.

“There is nothing.”


The molar is about to be smashed. I thought it wouldn’t matter if it was smashed. I wanted to get rid of the family, etiquette, everything, and destroy the temple.

no. I didn’t want to be here any longer.

“…300 years have passed… there may not be a body left…”

Gilade let out a trembling voice. However, he himself could not be sure of his words.

“I have heard the story that the remains of a saint sublimated and disappeared.”

Cristina blinked as she looked down at the empty coffin.

“…but… if that’s really the case, the soul of the great vermouth would have gone to heaven.”


“At least what is certain is that Vermouth-sama did not rest here.”

Gilreid’s eyes twitched. He licked his lips, speechless, looking back and forth between the empty coffin and Christina’s face.

“…You mean the ancestor… didn’t die, and disappeared?”

“I don’t know why, but I can’t help but think so right now.”

Cristina said that and turned around. She looked up at her ceiling for a moment, her smileless face on.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The parted lips said Eugene’s name. Eugene opened and closed his bloody fists, then looked up at Christina.

that’s what i guessed I wanted to believe that it wasn’t, but things that couldn’t happen without Vermouth are intertwined with Eugene.

Hamel’s belongings were brought to the treasure house of the head family. The one that defeated Senya. Bringing the moonlight sword to Hamel’s grave. All of these things could not be done without vermouth.

The question is, why did you do that? If reincarnating Hamel was a pure purpose. Isn’t there any reason for Vermouth to proceed secretly with him? No Senya, no Anise, no Moron. If Vermouth had explained the situation, he would have been convinced even if he did not understand.

Vermouth did not. What’s even more damning is that the demon king in captivity knows of a reincarnation that even his colleagues couldn’t guess.

All of that makes Eugene feel bad. Eugene tried his best to control his emotions and try not to let life flow.

But I couldn’t do anything about my face. Her face feels awkward and unfamiliar, as if she had put on a mask. Eugene unconsciously raised her hand and caressed my cheek. The blood that hadn’t cooled down yet stained Yujin’s cheek.

“…a revelation.”

Cristina continues.

“Eugene Ryanhart. From this moment on, I declare you to be the successor to the great Vermouth.”


“That recognition is the will of the God of Light who gave the revelation, and the Pope acknowledges it. I can’t announce it to the world as the demon king in captivity hasn’t taken any action other than a warning, but I will be with you as a saint of the Holy Empire and a witness of light.”

What are you talking about? Eugene smiled and glared at Christina. Gillaid looked at Eugene and Christina alternately, unable to hide his surprise.

“…Warrior? what the hell is that…”

“Now that the demon king of confinement gave a warning. I don’t think Eugene’s existence is by any means a coincidence.”

Those words made a big echo in Gilreid’s chest. It was embarrassing, but it was what Gilade thought. Eugene Lionhart. The quantum I bought six years ago… is unprecedented in Lionheart’s 300-year history.

“This is not a revelation from God. I… think that Eugene may be the reincarnation of the great Vermouth.”

Cristina held the cross-shaped wand in front of her chest and continued.

“If that is the case, then it is understandable that the soul of a great hero did not enter heaven. The hero’s soul is reincarnated into the body of his descendant to face the world crisis that will soon come.”


Let’s listen Let’s listen Eugene was dumbfounded and let out a blank laugh.

If there is such a thing as fate, now Eugene would be in the middle of the whirlpool of that fate.

What did that mean? It’s fate, whirlwind, and entanglement, so I have to blindly follow it. Eugene never wanted to do that. He wished to see the face of the god of light who had given the revelation. If you’re going to talk nonsense like that.

“Are you getting permission? what the f*ck is that Warrior? He’s f*cking.”

The words didn’t stay in my mind and came out of my mouth. I wasn’t surprised when I spit it out. That’s what I was told to listen to. Guilade put on a shocked expression, but now Eugene didn’t want to take into consideration the adoptive father’s position.

“Great… ha ha! Reincarnation of the Great Vermouth? I? Hey, Auxiliary Bishop Cristina. No, saintess.”


“Don’t give a damn. How do you define me as someone’s reincarnation? Also, how good is the god you serve, that he declares that he is a hero and all without asking for my consent, over me who is doing well?”

“…It is only my opinion that Eugene is the reincarnation of a hero. Even if you blame him, please don’t trifle with God’s revelation.”

“no. I don’t believe in the god of light anyway, and I don’t intend to believe in it in the future, and I have no intention of going to heaven, so I’m just going to do it my way.”

Eugene sneered and wiped the blood from his hands.

“I am just me. Eugene Lionhart. If you need a champion to replace your great ancestor, get someone else. Did you choose one of the many believers and call it a hero? If you can’t see it, then the almighty and proud god will descend directly.”


“I’m not done talking yet. No matter what you say, I have no intention of accepting this idiot as a brave official. He’s not glorious, he’s not happy. I am me, and this is my life. I will just live the way I want to.”

Eugene spat that out and looked back at Gilade.

“I’m sorry for the harsh words, but the head of the family. My position is clear, so please understand. Speaking of which, I have no intention of becoming a householder instead of Xi’an, nor do I have any desire to roll in the Knights of the Black Lion. However, I won’t do anything to disgrace the family or shame the face of the head of the household, so I hope you will trust and support me as before.”

“…I will… of course… respect your wishes.”



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Gilreid answered with a sigh of astonishment. Eugene smiled at those words and wiped the blood from her cheek with the back of her hand.

“So, Saint Christina. Please tell this to the Almighty God of Light.”

“…What do you want me to tell you…”


Eugene stretched out his bloody hand forward and raised his middle finger.

“Please tell me to f*ck you.”

Gilreid, who had barely managed to control his astonishment, opened his mouth wide. Cristina said nothing, her eyes wide open. Her Eugene turned her body around her, standing with her fingers folded in the middle of her outstretched body.

“I’ve said everything, and it’s late at night, so I’m going to bed.”

“…A statue?”

Gilreid stuttered and asked. Eugene shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“… Hamel-sama wouldn’t want to stay where his friends never slept.”

A statue and a memorial stone.

I didn’t want to put it in a place like this.

Christina Rogeris

Eugene did not stop walking. He immediately left the temple and approached Doines, who was standing in front of the statue of Vermouth.

“How do I get out of here?”

Doines put on a puzzled expression at the sudden remark. He looked in the direction of the temple in search of Gilreid and Christina, who hadn’t come out yet, and then looked back at Eugene.

“…A statue of Lord Hamel?”

“It is no longer necessary to keep it here.”


Doines understood what he meant and hardened his expression. He hesitated for a moment, unable to follow his words, then let out his long sigh.

“…cross the field. Then you will be able to go outside naturally.”

“Yes, thank you. Then let’s go first.”

“Why are you so angry?”

No remains of the progenitor remain in the coffin. Doines guessed that, but did not fully understand Eugene’s anger. Normally, he would accept the words in moderation, but now Eugene was not emotionally relaxed enough to do so.

“Aren’t you obligated to explain the reason for my anger?”

I didn’t hear an answer. Eugene walked right past Doines and walked through the flower field. Doines blinked his eyes and looked at Eugene’s back, then let out a long sigh and shook his head.

I feel like a dog.

These days, I often feel like a dog. In the catacombs of Nahama, when he saw Hamel’s corpse turned into a Death Knight. when she was nearly killed by Amelia Merwin. When the demon king of confinement descended.

When he talked about his love for Vermouth and the stupid lion.

Compared to that time, my feelings now are so dog-like and shit-like that I don’t lag behind. Eugene chewed his lower lip. The taste of blood from the torn lips. excruciating pain. It wasn’t enough to shake off the dog-like and f*cked-up feeling.

I wanted to run amok like a madman. Monsters, monsters, no, anyone is fine. Wouldn’t it feel a little better if you beat up and kill it?


I know it’s not fun to do that kind of thing, and it doesn’t make me feel better. In the end, it’s just a short-lived resentment. You can’t get out of this f*cking mood unless you address the root of the problem that is causing your emotions to rot.

So I walked blindly. Although her reincarnated body is still 19 years old, Eugene has intact memories of her previous life, having gone through all kinds of experiences. That’s why she didn’t want a pointless venting of her anger, and she controlled her boiling emotions on her own.

It was as Doines said.

As I walked past the flower fields and fields.

At some point, Eugene was standing in the middle of a dark forest. Her blowing wind is cold. Yujin slowly raised her head and looked at the sky. You can see the night sky through the thick leaves. The night sky over Mount Uklas was full of stars.

It was a night sky so wonderful that it was a waste to look at it with a shitty mood. Eugene glared at the sky and cooled his boiling feeling. But her breathing didn’t stop.

“To rot.”

I was about to scream or shout that my throat would burst.

I quit. Eugene caught her breath and raised her fist. Bloody Fist. Spreading her fingers, I saw a tattered palm. Eugene walked briskly, tearing off the bloody scabs that had stuck to his skin.

after a little walk I didn’t like that there were too many trees in the forest. Since it is a forest, it is natural that there are many trees, but now Eugene could not accept that for granted.

So he hit the tree with his bloody fist. It didn’t use mana, but it was simply hit with force, but the tree cracked. Eugene glanced at his sore fist. The blood that had stopped at best was pouring out again.

Jumping over the fallen tree, Eugene entered the depths of the forest. This forest is infested with monsters. However, the monsters living in this forest did not dare to come close to Eugene. The blood flowing from Eugene belonged to Hamel, and the monsters did not dare to invade it.

after walking for a while.

Eugene looked around. Even though it is in the middle of the forest, I do not hear a single insect cry. Even the bugs kept their mouths shut against Eugene’s death. Eugene went beyond the silence around him and sensed a little further away.

There are only monsters around. There is no sign of magic. Eugene wiped his blood-dripping hand on his cloak and pulled out Winid.


The cold wind subsides. Eugene glared at Winid while operating the Transcendental Flame ceremony.

“I know you are listening to me. I’m a bit angry right now I don’t know what to do with this anger right now, but I have a sword that is very easy to break in my hand.”

Eugene muttered that and put his face close to Winid’s blade.

“Six years ago, I was running low on mana, so I was really desperate for this Winid who could easily summon the spirits. As you know, I have no reason to be desperate for Winid right now. I’ve accumulated a lot of mana in 6 years. You can make sword steel without Winid.”

The wind completely disappears. Eugene ran his bloody fingers through Winid’s trembling blade.

“Of course Winid is a good sword. A magic sword with this level of performance is one of the few on the continent. But what do you do? I’m in a very f*cking mood right now, and Winid looks really good to break.”

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… The sword body shakes and the wind flows out. It wasn’t the wind that Eugene had aroused. Ironically, the wind that flowed from Winid was a warm breeze.

Eugene struck Winid’s blade with a clenched fist. Caang! Winid’s blade pierced, and the wind suddenly stopped.

“As you can see, I have the moonlight sword instead of Winid. Even if I break this, I have nothing to regret. But Tempest, you’re regretful. Because you know me, you know my personality well. yes? I’m a f*cking guy Count to three.”

It wasn’t just words. Eugene raised his fist again after operating the round salt ceremony. A pure white flame engulfs his fist.

“one two.”

[for a moment.]

As soon as I said three, I was about to punch him. A voice echoes inside her head. Hwaaak! Mana drains out of the resonating and rotating core.

Six years ago, mana was completely depleted just by briefly summoning Tempest. But she wasn’t like that now. Her mind was dazzled for a moment, but that was only because her mana suddenly drained. Eugene calmed down his mana and glared at Winid.

“f*ck you. You must raise your fist to come out.”

[You are still ignorant…!]

“The fundamentals are like this, so what’s new?”

The wind runs wild. The surrounding trees sway as if toppled by the wind, and the ground vibrates. Yujin narrowed her eyes and sighed.

“I’m coming out for a while, do I have to show off like this?”

[…My existence is huge, so it can’t be helped.]

“Can’t the bastard called the king of wind spirit calm down the wind?”

When Eugene raised his fist again, the whirlwind quietly subsided.

[…what the hell is going on?]

Tempest let out a long sigh and asked. No matter how much he is the wind spirit king, it was impossible to grasp the situation of Eugene without signing a contract. Not to mention, Winid, the catalyst, was also encased in the cloak of darkness, so he had no choice but to be ignorant of what had happened in the temple of Vermouth.

“I just opened the coffin of vermouth.”


“There was nothing inside.”

[…Is that so…]

Yujin’s face contorted at those words of complaint.

“You must have guessed?”

[…It’s impossible for someone the size of Vermouth to die so quickly. Vermouth, I felt, was a person who would be free from the lifespan that all humans have.]

“Tell me why Vermouth faked his death.”

[Hamel. You would expect me to answer your questions, but I really don’t know anything about vermouth.]

“Don’t be a jerk, just say it.”

[I can swear by my existence. I don’t know the promise Vermouth made, the reason Vermouth faked his death, or your reincarnation.]

Eugene gritted his teeth at the sound of Tempest’s voice in his head. An oath made by risking one’s existence. Even more so, it was the wind spirit king who made that oath.

[The only one who fully understands vermouth is probably the vermouth himself. Maybe… maybe even the demon lord of confinement understands vermouth.]

Tempest sighed again at Eugene’s silence.

[but. Senya, Moron, and Anise did not understand Vermouth… What can be said clearly is that they did not understand Vermouth and resented him.]


[Like you didn’t understand Vermouth’s ‘promise’, and harbored doubts and resentment about the decision. All of them 300 years ago could not accept Vermouth’s dogma.]

Eugene kept his mouth shut and glared at Winid. Tempest’s voice continued in the calm wind.

[…The fight against the demon lord in captivity… was intense. It was possible because Vermouth was there.]

The words were not so difficult to understand.

[The Demon King of Confinement. The Great Demon King, second in rank, Hamel, was a terrible existence that could not be compared to the three Demon Lords you have experienced and passed over. Like his name, he threw all hopes and odds into a deep abyss.]


[Senya’s magic couldn’t pierce the demon lord in captivity. Anise’s divine power could not reveal the darkness summoned by the demon king of confinement. Moron’s rush did not reach the demon king of confinement.]

Eugene had only faced the demon king of confinement once in his previous life. pulsating darkness. The sound of clanking chains. red binocular. The demon king of confinement he encountered in person was different from when he descended using the body of a Death Knight as a vessel.

[If there was no vermouth there. Senya, Anis, and Moron would not have survived. Because Vermouth was there, the battle with the demon king of confinement was established. Because of Vermouth, Senya’s magic pierced the imprisoned demon lord, Anis’ divine power illuminated the darkness, and Moron’s rush reached.]

Tempest paused for a moment.

[…But it was not enough. The fierce battle was futile in an instant, because everyone except Vermouth could not hold out. If… Hamel, if you were there at that moment… it might have been a little different.]

At those words, Yujin couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“okay. f*ck. It was my fault that I died. It’s because I’m out of line, I don’t have to die, but I’m dying. That’s why I came to see this dog. If I hadn’t died there, and had died after being tortured and destroyed, I wouldn’t have had to look at this.”


Again, Tempest’s voice rang out.

[…It’s already past. it can never be undone If Vermouth was involved in your reincarnation, it must be because there is a reason it should be. The reason why Vermouth made a pact with the Demon Lord of Confinement at that moment was because he judged that with all his strength at that time, he could not defeat the confinement and destruction.]

“So what.”

[Your colleagues didn’t understand vermouth. Vermouth did not want his colleagues to understand. The unknown man intended your reincarnation, losing even the understanding of his colleagues who had crossed the line of death together. The Vermouth I knew was lonely to the end, and he did not enjoy being praised as a hero.]

“…Jerk the.”

Yujin raised her head and glared at the night sky. So did Senya. According to Mer, Senya has lived in solitude all her life, she said. He didn’t make lovers, didn’t marry, didn’t go to parties, only confined himself to his den and made witchcraft, she said.

[…The fact that the demon king of confinement made a promise, and knowing about your reincarnation… It must be because there is no choice but to do so. Hamel. What makes you resent Vermouth is…]

“It’s not a grudge.”

Eugene muttered as he put down Winid.

“This… I mean… betrayal. huh. A sense of betrayal. Like you said, that bastard was an unknown bastard. That’s why it didn’t work. No matter how great a mission he has, I… we. Wandered the world with Vermouth. Crossed Helmud. I killed three demon lords.”

Your voice trembles.

“I didn’t have to die for vermouth. Even if I hadn’t stepped forward, Vermouth wouldn’t have been in danger. But I died for vermouth. Because I thought dying like that was a satisfying death for me.”

The body was dying even before the hole was pierced in the chest. Even if we go together like this, it will be nothing but luggage. Everyone told him to leave Hamel and go back, but Hamel didn’t. Even if you go back, your broken body won’t be fine.

Barely, really barely, I came to the demon castle of confinement. It was right in front of me to face the demon lord in captivity through the rough road. There was no certainty that he could step back and face the demon king of confinement next time.

no. Even if it reached the demon king of confinement next time, Hamel would not have been there. So he threw his body away and died in place of Vermouth. Hamel needed such an honor. The honor of dying for a hero, for Vermouth, for a friend.

sickly self-satisfaction.

“…it wasn’t just me. Everyone there wouldn’t have hesitated to die for Vermouth’s sake. Because when I got there, I understood everything. Even I, who was so proud of myself, understood. Even if I die, Vermouth must not die. Even if everyone dies, as long as Vermouth is alive, we can promise the next one.”

The voice continues to tremble. The fingers holding Winid did not have enough strength.

“…Tempest. As you said… If Senya, Anis, Moron, and Vermouth were resentful. It’s absolutely not because of Vermouth’s dogma. It was because they were incompetent and grabbed Vermouth’s ankle. The guys I know are like that. They will blame themselves for their incompetence and blame Vermouth for not abandoning them.”


Tempest said in a melancholy voice.

[Why should Vermouth abandon his colleagues?]


[He did not wish for your death.]

You didn’t have to die like this.

[I didn’t want Senya’s death, Anise’s death, or Moron’s death either. So when everyone was down, Vermouth took the moonlight sword. The Demon King of Confinement was able to kill everyone except Vermut at that moment… But the reason he didn’t was because the Demon King of Confinement made a pact with Vermut.]


[The promise was not just for the world. It was to save the companions who were there, and it was also to recover your soul, which should have been annihilated.]


A sense of betrayal.



In the midst of those complicated emotions, Eugene thought of Vermouth. When he first defeated the Demon King.

‘This… won. I won! Hamel, you son of a bitch! We killed the Demon King!’

‘Are you really dead? I’m not just pretending to be dead? I wonder if it’s our George who suddenly got up.’

‘Would someone like the demon king use such a petty trick?’

‘Even though he was an enemy, he was a great opponent. I, Moron Luhar, recognized the Demon King as a worthy adversary to remember as a warrior…’

‘f*ck a great adversary. Don’t be a jerk and block your sides. The intestines are flowing!’

‘Hamel, it’s ten years old! We killed the demon king!’

‘Senya, why do you keep calling me and cursing at me when I’m still?’

Rank 5, the demon lord of slaughter. When he pulled out the holy sword stuck in his chest. It was obviously twilight when the sun was setting, but the brilliance of vermouth shone as brilliantly as the dawn. Everyone was excited about the fact that they had defeated the demon king, but for a moment, they were unable to speak and felt reverent at the sight of Vermouth standing with their backs to the light.

‘… you f*ck… you… uh… I know you fought well… uh. I know that I knocked out that dog. Do I really have to stand like that to maintain my form?’

‘It’s not just me.’

Saying that, Vermouth looked down at everyone.

‘We… everyone… fought well. Thanks to everyone fighting together, we were able to defeat the demon lord.’

‘…I know. I fought really well too.’


Vermouth rarely laughed.

But at that time, he had a bright smile that was unbelievable for his usual vermouth.

‘Thank you for coming with me without anyone dying.’

“I know.”

Eugene covered his face with his sore hands.

“…I don’t know any more.”

[…Maybe Vermouth is still alive.]

“…Then I will really kill you.”

[Let’s go north, Hamel.]

I’m intoxicated with sentiment at best. What else is this kid talking about?

[A mission that could not be accomplished 300 years ago. If you are reincarnated, you can achieve it. Six years ago you were lacking, but now it’s different. Come north with me. You and I conquer the Northern Devil’s Land that neither Vermouth nor anyone else has conquered…]

“Don’t be silly and come in.”

[Hamel. Would your wish be the same?]

“Not yet.”

Eugene sighed and opened his cloak.

“I’ll go someday, but that’s up to me.”


“So don’t try to swing me.”

[…Whoops. That’s good too. Hamel. No, Eugene Ryanhart. From this moment on, I will be a tailwind on your journey, and sometimes a storm to protect you.]

“Can’t you just use a little less mana instead of talking softly?”

[That’s… it can’t be helped. That much mana is needed to manifest the Spirit King…]

“Okay, so go in.”

When Winid was put inside the cloak, Tempest’s voice could no longer be heard.

Christina Rogeris

A bandage was wrapped around the potion-infused hand. He had to climb the far-off cliff again to return to the castle, but it wasn’t too difficult for Eugene.

Climbing the cliff and heading to the keep, I ran into Ciel on the way.

“What are your hands!”

Ciel shouted in surprise and rushed at Eugene. She took Eugene’s hand wrapped in her bandage, and she carefully caressed the back of her hand.

“Did you fight?”

“with who?”

“…with your father?”

“Am I crazy?”

Eugene laughed and tried to take his hand away, but Ciel refused to let go of Eugene’s hand. She put on a puzzled expression, glancing at her blood smeared on her bandages.

“Then did you fight the Senate Lord?”

“Do you have to fight to bleed your hands?”

“…why is it bleeding?”

“I just happened to see it.”

I clenched my fists too tightly. Hitting a tree with anger. So I couldn’t tell if it was bleeding. As Eugene blurted out her words, Ciel didn’t ask any more.

Ciel sighed and removed the bandage from his hand. Thanks to the potion, his wounds no longer bleed and were already healing. It was an insignificant wound to Eugene.

However, Ciel’s reaction was different. Looking at the scars on her hands, she guessed how they got them. Fingernail marks deeply embedded in the palm of the hand. crumpled fist.

“…what made you so angry?”

“Do I have to answer?”

“If you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to. You’ll never say anything you don’t want to say even if I doze off.”

Instead of answering, Eugene laughed. Ciel glared at Eugene like that, and pulled out her small medicine bottle from her arms.

“Leave it alone. It will be fine tomorrow.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Because you’ve been strangely resilient since the old days. I know that? There was a time when my brother and I seriously suspected that you might be of mixed troll blood.”

“It’s me, anyway. Isn’t that too much for my father?”

The mother that Eugene remembers was a normal human being. She died before Eugene was able to walk, so she has no memories, but she was never a troll.

“Well, since I was young, I can think of one or two nonsensical thoughts.”

Ciel put a lot of ointment on his fingertips and applied it to Eugene’s wound.

“…so. Won’t you tell me what happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, and it’s not something I carelessly say.”

“Then there is nothing you can do.”

The story of the mausoleum is a secret one. Whatever happened there, Ciel had no right to listen. Eugene pulled out the ointment-covered hand.

“It was late at night, what were you doing here?”


“Then go for a walk. I’ll go in and sleep.”

Ciel’s lips pout. Of course, the walk was an excuse. Cristina took her Eugene out, so she just wandered around her castle wondering what was going on.

Normally, I would have been persistently prying and clinging to it. Ciel couldn’t do that. She felt that Eugene was more alert than usual.

“good night.”

so. Ciel smiled and waved at Eugene. Eugene passed Ciel with a smile on his face.

“Where are you from?”

Xian, who had fallen asleep, was at the gymnasium. Judging from how he was sweating profusely, it seemed that he was practicing according to the book Eugene gave him. Normally, I would have given Xian a lesson with a warm heart. Eugene patted Xian on the shoulder a couple of times and passed by.

“…what’s wrong with this bastard?”

Xian put on an expression of disgust, but like Ciel, he didn’t ask why. He looked at Eugene’s back as he entered the castle with worried eyes and tilted his head.

Eugene went into the room without washing. After roughly throwing off the cloak of darkness, he sat down on the bed and thought for a while.

‘Not yet.’

The Magician of the North. Helmud. Tempest hopes to conquer it. Eugene wished for him as well.

But no matter how desperate the desire is, the impossible is impossible. Right now, Eugene is unable to kill Amelia Merwin even with all his might. Pride or something, Eugene was sure of that.

‘But it’s impossible to crawl into Helmud and increase your strength. Because there won’t be one or two bastards who are after me.’

Balzac Rudbesse had warned. There are too many demons in Helmud, and the demon king who rules there is not only the demon king in captivity. Demon King of Destruction. The demons who worship him will not be able to completely control even the demon king in captivity.

Is that all? High-ranking demons who want to ascend to the throne of the demon king. For them, Lionheart’s cub would be an attractive prey.

I have the confidence to protect myself in any danger. However, the dangers he would face in Helmud would be far out of the ordinary. It was a terrible place even 300 years ago.


Yujin raised her hand, which was smeared with ointment.

‘You have to jump over me.’

300 years is a long time. While Hamel was dead, Helmud’s demons must have gotten stronger.

‘I can’t do it alone.’


Eugene took out the leaves of the World Tree from his chest.



Eugene wrapped a cloak around his body.

The mood was clear. I didn’t have any dreams, and I slept soundly.

My stomach hurt.

“All right.”

Yujin smiled as she glanced at her hands that had no scabs left on them. He left the room, roughly pressing his sprawled hair.

“Brother Eugene. Meals are…”

“I do not need.”

An attendant follows. Eugene walked down the hall without stopping.

“…there are guests downstairs.”


Eugene smiled and replied. He went down to the first floor and opened the door to the drawing room that was closed.

“Did you sleep well?”

also. Her guest was Cristina. Guillaid and Doines were also inside. Eugene nodded at them and sat across from Christina.

“I think I said I didn’t do anything like a hero?”

“It is a mission that came down through revelation.”

Cristina raised her teacup and smiled softly.

“and. Regardless of Eugene’s intentions, as a saint, I must be with Eugene.”

“Is there anything else?”

Yujin tilted her head and asked.

“I like material things more than recognition. What can the Holy Empire give me?”

“Is the holy sword not enough?”

“It belongs to Lionheart anyway.”

“Strictly speaking, it is an item of the Holy Empire, kept in Lionheart. Since the god of light has pointed out Eugene-sama, Eugene-nim should be recognized as the owner of the holy sword.”

Christina took a sip and put down the teacup.

“Like the great Vermouth.”

“Is there anything other than the holy sword?”

“…I told you yesterday too. The Holy Empire recognizes Eugene as a hero, but cannot announce it to the world.”

That was understandable. Even 300 years ago, Vermouth became a hero and became the owner of the holy sword, so there were a lot of troublesome things.

“but. If Eugene-nim comes to the Holy Empire, the Pope, as God’s representative, will listen to everything Eugene-nim wants.”

“It’s done.”

Eugene reached out and grabbed a cookie prepared for refreshment.

“I don’t need anything else. Christina. Are you worth it?”


“Is it worth writing? If you can become a saint, even a bishop, you must be excellent as a priest, right? divine magic. How well can you write?”

“…I’m not sure what level Eugene-nim expects of me.”

Cristina raises a finger. Eugene opened her eyes thinly and looked at the cookie she held in her hand. Suddenly, the cookie Eugene was holding turned into bread.

“I can perform miracles as much as I am called a saint.”

“This is of no use.”

“…can turn water into wine.”

“Well, I really can’t drink alcohol. After all, this bread has only changed its appearance a little, but it is not as full as real bread.”

Even Anise had easily written such a miracle. Without Anise’s miracle, he wouldn’t have been able to catch and eat monsters or drink polluted water in Helmude.

but. As Eugene said, that miracle is not absolute. Bread cannot be made without cookies. Anise, who drank alcohol as a holy water, did not drink the wine she made.

“Can you put your severed arm back together?”


“Can you reverse the blood spilled from the wound?”


“Can you regenerate a shattered pupil?”

“That is impossible.”

The smile disappears from Christina’s face. The things Eugene said are truly miracles. In the history of the Holy Empire, the only thing that made such a miracle possible was the faithful Anis who accompanied Vermouth on his journey.

“…To me now, it is impossible for me to create a miracle like Anise-nim’s. However, I am also appointed as a saint. One day, I will be able to create miracles as omnipotent as Monk Anise.”


Anise was special. It was unfortunate, but for Eugene, who couldn’t use healing magic, it wasn’t a bad thing to accompany Christina. At the very least, wouldn’t it reduce the number of goals from injuries?

“My lord.”

Eugene turned his head to look at Gilade and Doines. He came in without knocking, only talking to Cristina, not caring about anyone around him.

But they both didn’t care about him. It can be rude and scolded, but isn’t that a problem? At least Guillaid thought so. He has been a free-spirited child since childhood. However, since the saintess came to him and talked about the hero, it was only natural that his emotions would intensify.

“The holy sword in the treasury. May I borrow it for a moment?”


Guillaid caressed the teacup and was lost in thought for a moment. He was still wondering how to deal with this problem.

great vermouth. There were no remains of the progenitor in the coffin. About that, I talked with Doines until late in the morning. In Lionheart, only Eugene, Gilreid, and Doines know about this. It was a problem that could not be shared with other elders.

It’s impossible to be certain, but the consensus was unanimous. Funeral lies. The founder disappeared after faking his death… 300 years later, the descendants of the present cannot guess the reason.

but. Since his death, the founder has not appeared in the world. That was comfort, not comfort, for Lionheart.

And now. For the first time in 300 years, the Holy Empire recognized the ‘hero’ after the great Vermouth. Originally, the Holy Sword belonged to the Holy Empire. Although Lionheart uses the holy sword as a symbol, no one has become the owner of the holy sword since the founding father. Only the householder was able to ‘pull out’ the holy sword, but it was impossible to emit a brilliant light like the legend.

“…You don’t like the hero, but do you want the holy sword?”

Doines asked with a smile. The treasures of the head family cannot be managed at will just because they are the head of the household. Especially if it’s something like a holy sword, you must seek the Senate’s consent.

“I don’t want to die, but the saintess sees me and calls me a hero, so can’t I help it? And just because you’re a hero doesn’t seem like you need to do anything like a hero right away.”

Eugene shrugged and replied.

“Oh sure. Even if the saintess forces me to do something worthy of a warrior, I will never do it. I don’t know if the Senate Lord heard it, but only I will decide what I will do.”

“Even if the family wants you?”


Eugene did not change his attitude.

“I will not do anything shameful. I will not diminish the prestige of the family. Isn’t that enough?”

“I am not a follower of the God of Light.”

Doines nodded.

“But you can’t doubt God’s eyes. If God calls you a warrior, it must be for a reason. As the head of the Senate, I will respect your wishes. If you’re… true to Lionheart’s name. If you are not ashamed to follow in the footsteps of your father-in-law. The family will support you.”

It was also a blatant warning. A warning that if selfishness is excessive, there is no choice but to interfere.


Eugene grinned. Doi Ness looked at Eugene, who was not intimidated at all, with strange eyes, then nodded her head.

“Originally, I would have to discuss it with the other elders. This problem can’t be. So, let’s go. Please turn a blind eye to my excesses.”

“That means… yes. Well sir.”

Gilreid looked back at Eugene with delight.

“If it’s what you need, I, as the head of the household, will gladly open the door to the treasury and give you the holy sword.”

“Can I bring another one?”

Eugene did not miss the opportunity.

“Because it’s borrowed. I also want to bring the weapons that the ancestor used.”


Doines burst into laughter impatiently. He stared at Eugene as he tapped his knee.

“You are greedy.”

“Aren’t they rare things that come out of the treasure chest anyway?”

“The treasures there belong to the original family. I don’t use it because I don’t need it right now, but there’s no guarantee that I won’t need it in the future.”

“It’s not that I’m going to take all of them, I’m going to take only the weapons of the founder, no, I’ll borrow them. After all, aren’t most things being held by the right owner?”

The magic spear Luintos belongs to Doines, and the crushing weight phalanx belongs to Dominic. The sword Gilade had right now was also the sword Vermouth used.

“…house owner. What do you think?”

Doines looked at Eugene blankly, then turned to Guillaid. It was a sudden question, but Gilreid caressed his chin for a moment without panicking.

He has other children. Although he is not qualified for Iod… When he becomes an adult, he will choose the weapon he wants from the treasure chest of Xian and Ciel, one by one.

“…The non-phantom sword Zabel is for Ciel. I’m thinking that Geddon’s shield wouldn’t suit Xian.”

“Then, the holy sword and the predatory sword, Aspel, the thunderbolt Pernoa, and the dragon spear, Carbos. I will only borrow four of these.”

Even in Eugene’s opinion, the Bihwan sword went well with Ciel. It will take a long time to get used to, but if handled well, it goes well with Ciel’s swordsmanship.

‘Geddon’s shield is unexpected.’

when sparring. Xian did not wear a shield. However, it was not that Xian was inexperienced in handling the shield.

That was largely influenced by Eugene. The image of Eugene skillfully wielding a sword and shield and tearing apart a minotaur was intensely imprinted in Xian’s mind.

Wearing Geddon’s shield on his left arm seemed plausible. If you become proficient in parrying, you won’t be able to threaten Xian with normal attacks.

‘I don’t know anything else, but I have to take care of Aspel.’

The moonlight sword is also a moonlight sword, but it requires an enormous amount of mana to summon Tempest properly. If you use even Aspell in Phantasmal Flame Ceremony, you will be less likely to suffer from mana depletion.

“…Those three are difficult to handle, so they are rare weapons that leave the treasure chest.”

“Eugene will be able to handle Aspel well. Also, since he is proficient with various weapons, he will also be able to handle the thunderbolt and spear with great skill.”


Doines caressed his chin for a moment and was lost in thought.

“…If that is the will of the head of state. I’ll let you too. However, since it is a valuable weapon, please be careful when handling it.”

“Of course it should.”

Yujin smiled brightly and nodded.

“Can I take it right now?”

“…is that right?”

“The coming-of-age ceremony is over. There is no reason for me to stay at the Black Lion Castle, is there?”

“…That’s it, but…”

Doines looked back at Guillaid with a puzzled expression.

“…If you want to open the door of the treasure house, shouldn’t the family head accompany you? There are still things to discuss.”

“Then I can’t help it.”

“Also, the exams are over, but the coming-of-age ceremony isn’t over. The coming-of-age ceremony will be held in the Grand Hall tomorrow, so if you want to leave, leave in two days.”

“Is there anything else I need to prepare?”


“That’s what you do every day.”

Eugene smiled, showing off his white teeth. Doines laughed again at Eugene’s flair.

“If you leave the castle, will you stay with your family?”


Cristina was staring at the bread Eugene had set down. Her Eugene glanced at her and continued her words.

“Since the saintess is going with me, I want to go on a short trip.”

“travel? Where?”

“It is Samar Great Forest.”


Cristina looked surprised and turned to Eugene.

“I know the story that the wise Senya-sama lived there. Could it be that Eugene-sama is going to find Senya-sama?”

“Because I am also Senya-sama’s disciple.”

Yujin nodded and replied.

“Didn’t the god of light give a revelation about Senya-nim?”

“…no such revelation was received.”

“Did you ask about Anis-sama?”

“The saints and priests from before me hoped for a revelation about Anise’s whereabouts, but they didn’t hear anything.”

“Did you have any answers about my shit yesterday?”

“Your words are mean.”

The smiling cheeks twitch.

“I’m just curious.”

Eugene smiled wickedly and sipped the tea.


“Are you going without an escort?”

When I told them that I was going south, Genos had no choice but to ask about the escort rather than the reason.

Samar Great Forest. It is the largest jungle on the continent. Its size is comparable to the territory of the Kiel Empire, and countless tribes form a nation and live in the forest.

The tribes living there do not accept outside civilizations. The tribes located deep in the forest had such a strong character.

Kiel has been negotiating with the natives and, if necessary, using force to make Samar his homeland for hundreds of years.

It didn’t work out. Samar was vast, and there were too many natives. The natives who have lived in the forest for a long time have developed their own civilization in a unique form instead of accepting the outside civilization.

witchcraft and spirits. Fighting in the forest. Not only that, but the natives of Samar treat monsters like livestock. Samar is divided into dozens of tribal states, but when confronted by Kiel, it became a huge tribal union called ‘Samar’ and refused to rule.

But Kiel is an empire. If he wanted to, he could have conquered Samar by any means.

what didn’t.

Because Helmud supports the freedom of the Samar tribes. If you say that the words support freedom, if you look at the circumstances, various interests are in agreement.

Helmud had been seeking recognition from the continent for 300 years. It supported war-torn countries and accepted immigration. He allowed the Diocese of the Holy Empire in his territory, and even turned a blind eye to the Holy Empire and the Anti-Mas Alliance deploying troops on the frontier.

Even so, the countries of the continent still do not recognize Helmud. Shouldn’t that be the case? Demon kings, demons, and monsters are too dangerous.

Samar is a huge forest comparable in size to Kiel. Helmud protected Samar and won the support of the tribesmen. Other nations subtly add their strength to Helmud’s support. They did not want Kiel to add that great forest to their territory.

So Kiel was in no position to conquer Samar by mobilizing a large army. If you do, Helmud will intervene.

“It is a very dangerous place.”

Genos knows full well that the barbarians of Samar are dangerous and wild. Uklas Mountain, where the Black Lion Castle is located, is also connected to the forests of Samar. Recently, though benign, the barbarians of Samar have made several attempts to smuggle Kiel through Mount Uklas.

Because of this, the knights of the Black Lion Castle are always wary of Samar. The Knights of the Black Lion belong to Lionheart, but they are also in charge of defending the border with Kiel’s approval.

“It is also an uncomfortable place. It has no warp gates, no cities.”

“The priest is exaggerating. It is also a place where people live, so why is there no city?”

“…There is no city that the brother-in-law knows about. Can a city be called a place in the middle of a forest, where low-rise buildings are close to each other and the roads are not properly paved?”

“It’s a city if there are a lot of people.”

“The bathroom will also be flush.”

“What is it about? It is natural and nice.”

At Eugene’s answer, Genos let out a deep sigh.

“…if possible, don’t go. Of course, I believe in the skill of the death penalty, but in order to survive in Samar, you must follow luck as well as skill.”

“You just need to be good enough to not need luck.”


“Let’s be frank, priest. From the priest’s point of view, he judged that my skills were not enough to survive in Samar. yes?”

Instead of answering, Genos only slightly furrowed his eyebrows. Shouldn’t that be the case? He didn’t want to openly touch the young brother’s pride.

but. I’m worried about Eugene. 19-year-old young death penalty. There is no doubt about his innate qualities, and judging from how he sparred with Carmen, his skills are also excellent. Even so, Samar is too dangerous a place to wander without an escort.

There are many people in the world who find the danger thrilling and enjoy it. wealthy merchants. Aristocrats who want exotic tourism. They spend a lot of money to recruit escorts and guides, and enter Samar.

And every year, just a few people never return from Samar. If you’re lucky, you can pay a huge ransom and come back, but if you’re not lucky, you won’t even be able to salvage the corpse.

“I heard a lot about not going because it was dangerous even before I came here.”

When he said he was going to Samar, Gilade jumped up and objected. Whatever the reason, Gilreid did not want his adopted son, Eugene, to enter the dangerous Samar.

Surprisingly, Doines was not as fiercely opposed as Guillaid. In the next few months, Eugene will also become an adult. They will no longer be children who have to be cheaply cared for by adults. However, she expressed concern about the weapons Eugene decided to borrow.

In that ambiguous situation, it was Christina who gave strength to Eugene’s will. She, her saintess, convinced Gilreid that if she went with Eugene, God’s protection would surely accompany her.

“Priest, I am not a coward either. It’s not about going to a dangerous place where you might die for no reason. I’m going because I have a reason to go, and I have the confidence to protect myself.”

“…I heard that the white salt ceremony of the death penalty is 4 stars.”

Genos opened his mouth.

“I haven’t learned the Baek Yeom Sik, but I know that there is no one in the history of the original family who reached the 4th grade of the Baek Yeom Sik at the same age as brother-in-law.”

“I’m kind of great. I even learned magic there.”

“Can I check the death penalty?”

“What if my skills are not enough in the eyes of the priest?”

“I will stop you from going to a dangerous place.”

Eugene laughed and stood up.

“This is true. If I say no, I don’t think the priest will respect me with the death penalty… so there’s no choice. Do you want to do it right now?”

“Please go down to the gymnasium first. It’s a light sparring, but as long as there’s pressure on each other, we need an observer, so I’ll bring one.”

It is to make it impossible to lose or lose. Eugene chuckled and nodded his head.

“It’s the death penalty, so I won’t ignore the priest’s will.”

“Because it’s better to be certain.”

So people flocked to the gymnasium. The elders led by Doines. The owner of the house, Guillaid. And even the captains of the Black Lion Knights. Eugene whistled as he looked around at the people standing outside the gymnasium.

“Isn’t that too much for an observer?”

Since there were more people watching, I couldn’t do anything bad to Genos anymore. Genos answered while putting the top of his uniform aside.

“The only one who asked for an observer was the head of the household. But Eugene, since you and I were sparring, a lot of people were interested.”

It was natural. Genos Lionheart. He is one of the strongest in the Knights of the Black Lion, along with Dominic and Carmen.

And Eugene Ryanhart. A person born in a collateral line but adopted by the main family with only one quality. In many ways, he is an unprecedented boy in Lionheart history.

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