Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 3

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“Come down.”

ㅡCoooung! Ciel tossed his sandbag aside and climbed off Eugene’s back. Eugene was sprawled on the floor, breathing heavily.

“…Did you know?”


Nina nodded and replied.

“Would you like some water?”

“no. Start by talking.”

“Dacon, Hansen, and Juice are due to arrive today at noon.”

Nina answered quickly.

“And around evening, Lord Gargis and Lady Didaira will arrive through the warp gate.”

“I was wondering what to ask.”

Ciel giggled and stabbed Eugene in the back.

“You could just ask me. Why didn’t you ask?”

“I asked Nina to find out, but if you listen first, Nina will struggle in vain.”

“What does it matter?”

“I was also training.”

It was also annoying to deal with. Eugene raised her sprawled body and sat down. 

“The three of them are coming in a carriage. The two of them are coming to the warp gate, right?”


Daewoo is different. Eugene knew why. Gargis and Desiira. Among the collateral, they are the descendants of the high-ranking family. 

“You don’t know who Gargis and Didyra are?”

Ciel opened his mouth. 

“I know the name. I’ve never met you.”

“They’re both strong among the collateral.”

“I know the family is strong. What about the other three?”

“I don’t know where they come from. Similar to you. Ah, but your strength is much stronger.”

Even in the collateral, he was from a weak family. 

“…Gargis and Didyra. Have you ever met him?”

“I came here for my brother and I’s 10th birthday party.”

“What kind of guys are they?”

“Gargis is a boring guy. He’s a year older than me… Desiira is younger than me, and he wasn’t funny either.”

Does that mean that the standard of fun is not being teased? Eugene organized his thoughts for a moment. 

‘Three at home. Six collaterals including me.’

They said they would all come in four days at the latest. The gathering day is faster than I heard. 

“Do you know when the blood system ceremony is held?”

“Because I said I would do it when everyone gets together…today?”

“It will be tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t start today. So, how will you do the blood relationship ceremony this time?”

“I don’t know.”

Ciel shook his head.

“Don’t lie.”

“I really don’t know. It is a tradition that the head of the family determines the bloodline ceremony. But now that my father is gone… Umm… My mother said she would be back soon. Anyway, I really don’t know.”

Eugene couldn’t completely believe that. Since it is the blood of the main family, I must have heard about it. 

‘…Dad said that twelve people held a tournament. The last Blood Ceremony made me wander in the forest for over 10 days.’

Each time the form changes, but the essence does not. The Blood Ceremony is a ceremony to judge the qualities of descendants who inherit Lionheart’s surname. It sounds plausible, but it’s not fair. In the end, it is the children of the family who have trained mana since childhood that stand out in the blood ceremony.

From the first time Eugene heard about the blood family ceremony, he thought it was a strange tradition.

so. She had promised herself that she would feed the family with candy at the bloodline ceremony.

‘Vermouth. Don’t be sad that I f*ck your offspring.’

Eugene raised her stiff body and told Vermouth, who was probably going to heaven. 

‘It’s not like I was reincarnated as your descendant because you liked me.’


Eugene didn’t have the slightest desire to be especially friendly with the children of other collaterals. She wasn’t without feelings of kinship, but she actually saw only guys who weren’t worthy of attention.

Deacon, 11 years old.

Hansen, 14 years old.

Juice, 10 years old.

Three collateral children arrived sequentially. As Eugene casually exchanged greetings with them, in his head he tied the three of them together.

‘Those who fall.’

I get a lot of intimidation from the attitude and notice the cooking. Especially Hansen, who is a year older than Eugene. He had chubby cheeks and a chubby body, and he didn’t like that he openly tried to pretend to be his older brother by claiming that he was the oldest.

However, such an attitude was only true in front of Eugene and other collateral children. Hansen, who was proud of his older brother, immediately changed his attitude when he saw the lion pattern on Ciel’s left chest.  

Actually, it wasn’t an attitude worth pointing out. The children of the collateral family, whose families are weak, have no choice but to be afraid of the children of the main family. 

“…what the hell is he?”

That’s why the three vassals glanced at Eugene with incomprehensible eyes. 

After simply saying hello. Eugene resumed the practice he had stopped. He was an extension of the physical training he had been doing since morning.

According to Eugene, technology was bound to develop over time. The same goes for martial arts. Even though Eugene was a fellow hero three hundred years ago, it is excessive arrogance to think that the martial arts of that ‘dumb Hamel’ are unconditionally superior to modern martial arts.

but. No matter how advanced martial arts are, if the body is not properly trained, it cannot be used properly. Eugene did not doubt that fact. 

Even if you haven’t trained mana. Physical training should not be neglected.  

‘Rather, since I haven’t trained mana, I should be more engrossed.’



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In fact, even if I was pointed out as being ignorant, it was a thought that had nothing to say. But what? Blood type, I can’t train mana because of that damn tradition. 

A blood lineage that has no choice but to return to the direct lineage. The thought of feeding taffy to the head family there was also a reaction against vermouth, who would have condoned the tradition. 

“are you all right?”

“it’s hard.”

From the middle, Ciel sat by Eugene’s side and watched the training. She was curious about Eugene. Ciel, who grew up in her family, has been training with her brother since childhood. However, her twins were ignorant and never trained like Eugene.  

“Look who’s here.”

Eugene stood up, brushing his sweat-drenched hair. The front door she could see in the distance was open. It was also the time when the sun was going down, so it seemed that the two children of the collateral, which were supposed to arrive around evening, had arrived. 

‘Is it too busy?’

From the side of the main house, the servants come running out, fighting each other. The knights who stayed behind the main house also run in a row. 

Gargis and Desiira. I heard that the two little children’s families are one of the largest among the collaterals, but I was puzzled by the fact that they had not prepared to greet them until now. 


Ciel felt the same question. She blinked her eyes at her front door and smiled broadly as she saw her flag raised aloft from her entrance.

“Looks like your father is here!”

Ciel shouted excitedly. She jumped up from her seat, and without even saying hello to Eugene, she ran toward her front door. 

“Yu, Eugene.”

Nina was also surprised and approached Eugene. 

“It looks like the head of the family has returned. You have to go to pick me up… Oh, no. Change your clothes first.”

“It would look better to go out in a sweat than to go late alone.”

Eugene replied as he brushed the dirt off his body. Nina hesitated for a moment, then took her handkerchief from her arms and wiped Eugene’s limbs. Still, the smell of perspiration wouldn’t go away, so I took out her perfume and sprayed it on Eugene.

“This is enough.”

I put my hands on my hair, covered with dirt and sweat. It didn’t take very long, but the servants and collaterals of the annex all went toward the front door. In the end, Eugene and Nina were the last to leave the annex and head to the main gate.


All the flags engraved with the symbol of Lionheart soared high into the sky. Well over a hundred knights line up with the flag. Attendants from the main house and the annex also gather in one place and line up at the entrance of the mansion.  

Relatives of the main family stood in front of the attendants. Ciel straightened his clothes and stood to the left of Anicilla, and to the right stood a pale-faced Cian.

A few steps ahead of Anicilla. 

Although the real power of the family has been taken away, in such a position, Theonis, the wife of the royal family, takes a higher place than Anicilla. Her expression was bland for her dealing with her husband, who had returned after years of absence. 

Eugene looked at the boy standing next to Theonis. She has a rather handsome face, but her eyes are dull for her age and her shoulders are drooping. Iod Lionhart. The eldest son of the main family and first in the line of succession. 

Theonis licks his lips. Then Iod hardened his expression, straightened his back, and straightened his shoulders. 

‘I guess they didn’t grow up with only being pretty.’

That’s why my personality is different from each other. Yujin clicked her tongue and turned her head away. 

“Come this way.”

One of the butlers from the main house approached and bowed his head. The place where the children of the collateral had to stand was the corner of the relatives of the main family. It is clearly distinguished because of the line that is moderately distanced.

ㅡ Chaeyoung! 

The lined knights pulled out their swords in unison. Even though more than one hundred swords were pulled out, the sound of metal was not disturbed. The knights looked back at the front gate with their swords held high on their left chest.  

A man riding a huge black horse was coming in with two wagons. There was nothing like a roaring roar. The knights greeted the homeowner, who had returned after years of absence, with unified silence. 

‘Guilade Lionheart.’

Yujin stared at the man with her eyes shining brightly. She didn’t have a face that resembled Vermouth, but her brilliant eyes were quite impressive.

‘The guy following behind must be his younger brother, Gion.’

The head of Lionheart. Gilreid has two younger brothers. His second younger brother, Gilford, is married and lives with the main family. His third brother, Gion, left the main family with Gilreid without even getting married.

“…I wish you would have informed me before you came.”

“I am returning to my house, the owner of the house. Why should I inform you?”

Gilreid replied as he got off his horse. 

“Iodine. You’ve grown quite tall Have your skills improved that much?”

“…I tried my best to live up to my father’s expectations.”

Iod avoided his gaze and blurted out his words. Guillaid stared at the eldest son for a moment, then looked away.

“Xian and Ciel? I almost didn’t recognize it. Kids grow up really fast. It’s so amazing.”

“I missed you, father.”

Ciel responded with a wide smile. Only then did Gilreid smile and nod her head. He smelled the dust and sweat from the twins. It was a smell that Iod could not sense. 

“Guilford. I heard that she gave birth to a son. I’m sorry I couldn’t share that blessed moment with you.”

“Brother, don’t talk like that.” 

Gilford bowed his head and replied. Beside him was his wife, Neria, holding her newborn baby soundly asleep. Guillaid stared at the baby for a moment, then withdrew his gaze. 

Flashing eyes scan the children of the collateral. Some children swallowed their surprise and stood up. Eugene didn’t bother. I’m just staring at you, but why are you leaving your body? 

“…there is nothing to prepare for. Just eat it with rice.”

Gilreid’s mouth opened.

“Let’s talk about the blood system.”


People gather around a wide square table. The children of the collateral line filled the seats from the edge of the table. 

The two wagons that came with Gilade were ridden by Desiira and Gargis. As if it was natural, the two of them sat at the farthest among the children in the collateral. 

Eugene sat next to Gargis. 


Gargis looked at Eugene’s face with a puzzled expression. 

It is an unwritten rule to sit in such a position in order of family rank. Originally, it was supposed to be that fat Hansen who should sit next to Gargis. 

However, Hansen did not show any displeasure and sat down next to Yujin. 

Arriving around noon, Hansen saw how ignorant Yujin practiced. I also saw Ciel, the notorious twin from the family, being friendly with Eugene. Hansen didn’t want to engage in pointless bickering with that unknown relative.

“I saw Gargis and Didyra the other day. I came with him, so I know his face…”

Opposite the middle of the collateral children. It is the seat of the head of the household, Gilade. As he wiped his hands with a wet towel, he looked closely at the collateral children.

“I don’t know who the other four are.”

“My name is Eugene from Gidol. His father’s name is my Hard Lion Heart.”

Yujin lowered her head slightly and announced her name. Starting with him, other collateral children also introduced themselves. However, only Eugene spoke smoothly. The other children trembled and stuttered. The fact that the head of the family was sitting right across from them made the children nervous. 


After hearing all the introductions, Gilade nodded lowly. After that, Gilreid rested his chin without saying much. 


The children of the collateral did not even breathe properly and noticed. It was the same with Gargis and Desira. especially dejaira. Since she was seated right in front of Gilreid, he couldn’t keep his eyes on her and only tore off her tender thighs.

‘I’m hungry.’

Did you call after the meal was ready? Eugene glared at the shabby dining table. There were some pieces of bread and tea, but who would put that on their nose?

‘Who is that bastard again?’

A blond young man was sitting next to Iod. Dejaira, the one who rode the other carriage with Gargis. At a glance, it doesn’t seem to be Ryan Hart’s lineage. Iod, who was sitting right next to him, also noticed that he did not know who the man was.


It was Ciel who broke the silence and opened his mouth. She smiled bashfully and stared at Gillaid.

“You came back after three years. Do you have any presents for me?”

“I didn’t even think of that.”

Gilreid replied with a smile. Like most of her fathers, Gil Reid cared for her daughter. Not to mention, Ciel, unlike her eldest son, has a lot of aegyo. 

“Ah… I missed my father every day. Didn’t your father do that?”

“I missed you.”

“lie. You didn’t even bring a present.”

“Haha, wouldn’t it be fine to give a separate gift after the blood ceremony? Please don’t hate this father too much.”

Iod chewed his lower lip at the conversation. Xian also lowered his gaze without saying anything. Originally, he too would have been fawning with Ciel. 

However, the bruises from yesterday still remained on Xian’s stomach. duel, defeat. Xian was afraid of being scolded by his father. 

“By the way, Father. Who is that guest?”

Ciel met Eugene’s eyes once and looked back at the man sitting next to Iod. She knew that Eugene was still glancing at the man. It wasn’t just because of that. Ciel was also curious about the identity of the unknown man. 

At this table, not to mention Anisilla and Theonis, nor Gilreid’s two younger siblings could join. 

The head of Lionheart who oversees the Blood Ceremony.

Children attending the blood ceremony.

An unknown stranger is sitting where it should be. 

“…hmm. I was going to introduce it a little later…”

“I don’t care.”

The man smiled and replied.

“Well, you haven’t even cooked yet, have you? Children find silence difficult, so it would be better to evoke them with stories.”

“surely. It was a car that I regretted calling early because I was in a hurry.”

“Haha, it’s not Gilreid-sama’s fault. Everyone will feel awkward at first meeting distant relatives.”

The man smiled and looked back at the children. Yujin listened to the conversation and listened to the cup of tea. I was hungry, so I wanted to shove something down my throat. 

“Hello, children. It is said to be a Loberian from the Red Tower of Arot.”


Didira made a sound of surprise. Loverian? Some of the children tilted their heads as they remembered the name that lingered somewhere in their heads.

“I, the red mage tower master.”

Iod turned to Loberian with a shocked look on his face. 


Tea spewed out of Eugene’s mouth.


Even if you chew meat every morning, your body never gets sick. I never thought I would be caught drinking tea. sore throat Eugene thumped her chest and coughed. 

It was nothing but a surprise. 

There are five magic towers in Arot, the kingdom of magic. 

Red, blue, green, white, black.

Even three hundred years ago, there was no such thing as a black magic tower. But hundreds of years have passed since the promise between the unknown hero and the demon king. 

The number of warlocks that Eugene killed in his previous life would be ridiculously over 100. After the promise between the hero and the demon king, the black magician was also treated in his own way, and he achieved enough power to raise the magic tower in Arot. 

anyway. The red magic tower existed three hundred years ago. 

“Are you okay?”

Loberian looked at Eugene with surprised eyes. 

“Ah yes. It’s okay… yes, it’s okay.”

I just spit it out in surprise when I drank the tea. But seeing everyone staring this way makes me feel embarrassed. Yujin coughed and grabbed a wet towel.

But before she could clean the table, Loberian snapped her finger. The damp tablecloth becomes tidy. 


“You must have been very surprised.”


Yujin let go of her outstretched hand and smiled awkwardly. Being young was good even when it was like this.

‘If it’s the red mage tower master… he’s Senya’s disciple.’

Strictly speaking, it is not the disciple himself. As Eugene remembered, perhaps the teacher of Loverian’s teacher was Senya’s pupil. 

Although there is quite a difference in the direction, the red mage lord Loberian and the green mage lord serve the wise Senya as their master.

It was worth it. three hundred years ago. Senya became the youngest person in the history of Arot to become the Green Mage Master. 

A colleague of that great vermouth. 

A great wizard who can even kill demon kings and dragons. 

Numerous wizards came to the Green Mage Tower to become Senya’s disciples. 

Besides that, Senya accomplished many feats. She rewrote and reclaimed all of Arot’s common magic books, and gave advice on magic to other students of the Mage Tower, even to the same Mage Master.

In their later years, the mages who had been taught by Senya sat at the top of the Mage Tower. That teaching was carried on to the present day, and the two great mages who claimed to be disciples of the wise Senya became the red and green mage lords.

‘Master’s teacher’s teacher…’

No matter how much he thought about it, it was unlikely that Loberian had ever met Senya in person. Still, he never expected to meet someone related to his old colleague here.

‘If it’s a red magic tower… Summoning magic is the representative.’

Summoning magic was also Senya’s specialty. The house where they stayed for most of the trip was also Senya’s summons. 

“…You said your name was Eugene, right?” 

Gilade opened his mouth. I was pointed out right away, but this time I wasn’t surprised and I wasn’t drinking tea. Eugene nodded slightly and turned his gaze to Gilreid.

‘I wondered when it would be called.’

Ever since I saw him in front of the mansion, I felt Gilreid’s coy gaze.

“I heard the story from Theonis.” 

that word. Sian bit his lip. However, Gil Reid patted Xian’s shoulder with his slow raised hand.

“My son… insulted you and your parents.”

“yes. But no feelings left.”

Eugene straightened his posture and sat down. 

“Because I fought a duel to release my feelings about him.”

“You won.”

“Even if I was defeated, I would not have left any emotions behind. I was weak and could not keep my honor, so I have to endure insults.”

“You are better than my son.”

Gilreid smiled. Took. He continued his words with another pat on his shoulder.



“I am not ashamed of your defeat. But the way you look at your father while being ashamed of defeat is embarrassing.”


“I heard that it was a duel that started because of your insult. But, even though you lost the duel, you didn’t apologize to Eugene.”

“That… that…”

“draft. Your last name is Lionheart. The great vermouth is your ancestor. If you are of his blood, he must learn to respect the honor of his opponent as well as you.”

‘That bastard Vermouth didn’t seem to respect my honor.’

Yujin stared at Xian’s face while thinking nonsense. Because her twin’s personality had just changed, her father thought her personality was different. Guilade seemed more like a brainy guy than I thought. 

‘He said he had been away from his home for three years.’

For a 10-year-old kid, three years is a long time, 1/3 of his life. 


Sian twitched his nose and blushed. I’m not crying because I’m sorry, I’m crying because I’m unfair. Eugene knew that right away, but he never expected a sincere apology in the first place. 

Guillaid also felt his son’s dissatisfaction. However, if I pointed it out here, the story would be too long. 

“…I’m afraid to speak. Eugene. I don’t know your father.”

“You will. Even I think my family is in the corner of the country.”

“Did you learn your skills from your father?”

“He taught me the basics, but I practiced mostly by myself.”

“What kind of training did you do?”

“A wooden sword or a spear… I used a weapon for training that is not forbidden in the Blood Ceremony.” 

“It means that no one taught me.”

“There were a few knights in our family, but they weren’t great enough to ask for instruction.”

“is it.”

Guillaid was lost in thought for a moment. Cyan chewed her lips at her humiliation, and Ciel glared at her eyes as if he was having fun. 

Iod looked at Eugene with blank eyes. 

‘…you fought a duel with Xi’an and won?’

‘Who is Jehard?’

Gargis and Desiira glanced at Eugene in shock. Besides him, the children of the other collateral were also looking at Eugene in shock. 

“…I think this blood relationship ceremony will be fun.”

“I think so too.”

Guillaid smiled and said. Loberian, who had been listening to the story with interest, also nodded with a smile. 

Cooking started coming out. However, everyone did not touch the cooking because they were paying attention to Guilade. 

“I don’t know if the dish will suit your taste.”

Guillaid started eating while having such luck. Only then did the children grab the tableware. As if waiting, Eugene cut a large piece of meat. 

“Are you hungry already after you ate lunch like that?”

“I’m hungry because I kept moving after lunch.”

As the meal begins, the atmosphere cools down a bit. Ciel giggled and put vegetables such as bell peppers and carrots on Eugene’s plate.

“Then eat mine too. I am not hungry.”

“It’s because you don’t like to eat vegetables.”

“No, I like vegetables.”

Ciel studied Gilreid’s expression and quickly continued.

“It’s because I’m really not hungry.”

After everyone’s plate is somewhat empty. Gill Reid put down the wine glass he was drinking and opened her mouth. 

“You might have guessed. The reason why we set up a table like this is to convey the contents of the blood family ceremony.”

At those words, the moving tableware stopped one by one. 

“I also wanted to take good care of the children of my relatives who were participating in the blood ceremony.”

Gilreid’s gaze moved. His eyes lingered on Gargis, Desiira, and Eugene for a long time. The three people whom Eugene defined as ‘thugs’ knew this, but did not feel any dissatisfaction.

Deacon, Hansen, and Juice.

The three of them were well aware that they would not be able to stand out much in the bloodline ceremony. 

“…a blood relationship ceremony held every ten years. The contents are supervised by the head of household. I also supervised the last blood relationship ceremony. As you all must have heard before coming to the family home, the last Blood Ceremony left twelve children wandering in the middle of the forest.”

Gilreid shook his head with a wry smile. 

“In the last blood ceremony, only the children of the collateral line were held. But this bloodline ceremony… three of my children will be participating. It’s a funny thing to say with my mouth, but I think the tradition of the bloodline meal itself is very discriminatory.”

Gillaid’s three children looked surprised.

“The Blood Family Ceremony is a tradition for the original family. The children of the collateral system cannot hold real weapons and cannot train mana until the Blood Ceremony. If the blood ceremony is held in such a state, the result is not obvious. A child of the collateral family can never beat a child of the parent family.”


“But it’s impossible to get rid of a long-held tradition at once.”

It is the gap that has divided the main family and the collateral for hundreds of years. 

Immediately, Guillaid’s younger brother Guilford also gave birth to a son. When the child is five years old, Guilford also leaves the main family and belongs to the collateral family.  

A descendant of the great Vermouth.

The home of Lionheart, who advocates blood legitimacy.

Only the lineage of the family head is recognized as the head family. Lionheart’s hometown has continued to live like that. 

“Even if it’s a collateral, no matter how thin the blood is. Aren’t you all taking Lionheart as your last name? However, the significance of the blood lineage is to confirm the qualities that Lionheart can claim to be descended from the great Vermouth. The thickness of the blood doesn’t matter.”


Eugene thought as he chewed on the meat.

‘Your descendants seem to be nicer than you.’

“What is the meaning of a competition where the outcome is obvious? I want to affirm the qualities of not only my children, but all of you who bear the Lionheart surname.”

Guillaid turned his head. 

“So, unlike the previous blood-related ceremony, this blood-related ceremony decided to receive help from outside.”

“That’s why I came. Children.”

Loberian smiled broadly. 

“Was the head of the household too long? It’s understandable that you’re sleepy, but please pay close attention and pay attention now.”

Gilreid smiled bitterly. Loberian didn’t care about him and continued his talk. 

“Once you start, you will know, but within four days at the latest, the bloodline ceremony will begin. So, what kind of food is it? I will summon a maze in the forest.”

Loberian raised both hands. The mana gathered between her palms rose and formed a large labyrinth on her table. 

“You will enter a different entrance and explore the labyrinth. There are various traps prepared in the maze… Ah, ah. Nothing to worry too much about. You won’t hurt anyone in the maze.”


Ciel tilted his head and asked. 

“That’s because everything inside it is an illusion created by magic. Whatever you go through inside the maze, it’s not real. But… you will be able to have a realistic experience.”

Loverian’s smile deepened.

“A monster you encounter in the maze might cut off your arm. It’s not that the arm is really cut off, but in the maze, it is mistaken that the arm is really cut off.”


“Magic is so strange, isn’t it? If you are interested, come to Arot. Because the great Vermouth was also a great wizard.”

In other words, in addition to summoning magic, it also mixed high-level mental magic. 

‘I have to be able to do that much to eat the magic tower.’

Eugene silently listened to Loberian’s explanation.

“In addition to monsters, we plan to prepare various traps for the maze. Of course, it wouldn’t be really dangerous.”


Ciel was the only one who giggled while listening to Loberian’s story. The beggars made faces full of fear.

“When you enter the maze, what you have to do is very simple. Go to the center of the maze and defeat the boss monster there.”

“How do you knock it down?”

“You just have to knock it down. Has anyone caught a monster here?”


Three members of the main family raised their hands. In the collateral, only Gargis, Desiira, and Eugene raised their hands. Eugene had also beaten an orc with a wooden sword and caught it when he was ten years old. 

“It’s the same as back then. The Blood Ceremony ends the moment one of the nine of you arrives at the center of the maze and defeats the bad boss monster.”

“Is it okay if I can’t get out of the maze?”

“Sure. If you’re afraid to go in front, it’s okay to stay still. But you won’t get good grades…”

Loberian stared at Hansen, who had chubby cheeks, and answered kindly.

“If you catch that captain monster.”

What is the boss monster? Even though the opponents are 10-year-olds, isn’t the name too childish? Eugene shook her head thinking about that. 

so. Whether it’s the captain or the boss, what will you give me if you catch that bastard? 

I really want to ask you this outright… 

“…what can I get?”

I just asked outright. 

“I’ll let you take one thing you want from the underground treasure chest of your parents’ house.”

It was Gilreid who answered.

Yujin smiled brightly and nodded.


While exclaiming like a child.

‘What shall I bring? knife? window? bow?’

The blood system ceremony hadn’t even started yet, but Eugene was certain that he would be the first to break through the labyrinth.

blood type


The moment I left the main house and arrived at the annex.

Gargis, who had been silent for a long time, looked back at Eugene. Then, as if he had been waiting, he sees Yujin in the designer. 


“You… did you really win a duel with that cyan Lionheart?”


Gargis’s eyes wavered at the honest answer. He looked Eugene up and down in disbelief. 

Gargis Lionheart. He is fourteen, one year older than Eugene. His family is a family branched off from the family head of the previous generation. Since it is a family that has split relatively recently, it has high prestige among numerous collateral branches.

In addition, there was a forest infested with monsters around the family. For this reason, Gargis has been shooting in the forest since he was a child and breaking the heads of small monsters like goblins as a game of play. 

in other words. It is said that it is a samurai that is considered the best among the collateral. It’s the same with design. Her family had already been pushed out of the main family several generations ago, but it was a prestigious samurai that had entered the military since her grandfather’s time. 

So, the two of them had a lot of contact since they were young. Even though they have the same surname, they are far from each other, and aren’t they about the same age? Because of this, the two families are close enough to share stories about getting married in the future like a joke.

Of course, the two families also exchanged various opinions about this blood ceremony. In the end, you have to compete with the children of the parent family, so let’s not try to compete with each other, but let’s work together to keep the children of the parent family in check. 

I came to my parents’ home with a request from my parents. However, a collateral villager who didn’t even know where he was stuck had a duel with his family’s Xian Lionheart. He even defeats Xian in one blow and monopolizes the attention of the family head. 

‘Who is Jehard?’

The two did not even know who Eugene’s father was. There are a lot of collaterals with the surname of Lionheart. Among them, only a few of the bloodlines of the main family and collaterals make a name for themselves. 

‘I didn’t even come to the birthday party three years ago.’

Gargis and Desiira looked at each other intently. 

“Are you done with your questions?”

“Uh… uh?”

“Then can I go?”

Didn’t wait for an answer. The two looked back at Yujin, who passed by, with a puzzled expression. When asked where he was going, he did not enter the annex and went straight to the gymnasium.

“Are you here?”

Among the attendants in the outbuilding, Nina was the one who ran out the fastest. As if she had waited, she handed Eugene a thick towel.


“You are going to train.”

“Do you like it.”

Yujin smiled and nodded. It’s only been a day, but Nina has figured out a lot about Eugene. That thirteen-year-old boy trains before eating, saying it’s to whet his appetite, and after eating, he says he needs to digest it. 

“When are you going to take a bath?”

“In an hour or two.”

“Cold water will do, right?”

“of course.” 

Nina followed after Yujin. Now she’s just out of apprenticeship. So originally, Nina should have done the chores in the outbuilding, but the attendants in the outbuilding did not let Nina run her errands because they were paying attention to Eugene. Thanks to this, Nina was able to focus entirely on Eugene’s behavior.

‘What are they doing?’

I did physical training before. The night air was cool, so I was thinking of swinging a wooden sword… Gargis and Desiira were staring at me from a distance. Then, for some reason, Gargis strode forward.


Gargis threw off his jacket without hesitation. A body that is incredibly muscular for a fourteen-year-old. Not only that, but there were also minor wounds all over the body. 


Eugene looked at Gargis without saying anything. Then Gargis gasped, swallowing his breath and puffing out his chest. A widened pectoralis major. Abs wriggling beneath it. Gargis patted his pectoral muscles condescendingly.

“Do you want to touch it?”

what is that kid doing I was just staring at it with that thought in mind, but it seemed that Gargis was misunderstanding something like an idiot. 


Eugene answered without hesitation. Then Gargis put on a regretful expression and tightened his bloated chest muscles. Then, passing by Eugene, I headed towards the warehouse in the corner of the gymnasium.

after some time Gargis came out with one of his wooden swords. He spoke to Eugene with a disgruntled expression on his face.

“Armors in the warehouse are too meager. I don’t think it’s even half of the storage in my family.”


“I mean. Such an ordinary wooden sword graduated at the age of six. My family has a huge greatsword that I ordered myself. Of course, it’s for training, so I didn’t sharpen the blade. It’s very heavy with a whole iron core inside.”


“You seem to have trained quite a bit too…”

Gargis examined Eugene’s forearm holding the wooden sword. It couldn’t be compared to his own thick forearms, but it was clear that it was an arm he had trained for a long time.

“What kind of training do you usually do?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“You said you beat Xian? What kind of training did you have to overcome that Xian Lionheart and the parent’s restraint?”

“try hard.”

annoying to deal with Yujin gave a rough answer and swung the wooden sword again. The basic action of shooting from top to bottom. As Eugene silently repeated the action, Gargis, who was standing there, also raised his wooden sword high.

ㅡ Booung! The sound is so loud that you can’t imagine swinging a normal wooden sword. It was a sound made only with pure muscle strength, without any help from mana. 

Gargis glanced at Eugene proudly, but Eugene didn’t give him a glance.

“…how many hours a day do you practice?”

“Everything except for eating, going to the bathroom, and sleeping.”

“How much do you sleep?”

“At least six hours.”

“I sleep five hours.”


“Actually, I wanted to sleep a little more. My father said that sleep is the best medicine. They say your muscles grow when you sleep…”


“The size of your muscles and mine is not due to the difference in sleep time. There is a secret muscle growth drug in our family.”


“It’s a medicine made with the help of a famous alchemist in Arrot… It’s a medicine that promotes muscle growth according to training without accumulating mana in the body. Are you not interested?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“There is a limit to muscle growth with simple training. Originally, these kinds of muscle growth drugs are used by mercenaries, but those cheap ones and our family’s secret muscle growth drugs are of different quality. There are no side effects.”


“Look at me. I may have the virtue of sleeping an hour less than you, but my muscles are thick enough to be incomparable to yours. How tall are you?”

I was just proud of myself. Gargis and Eugene were only a year apart in age, but Gargis was a head taller than Eugene. Even taking into account the face that still has youthful energy, it doesn’t look like a 14-year-old.

“There are no side effects. Where are you lying?”

It was Didira, who had changed her clothes, who gave the sharp voice. She wore her long hair in a ponytail and a loose-fitting uniform.

“That medicine. If you eat it, you will grow a beard.”

“What is it about? It is natural for men to grow beards. I like my beard growing. You seem to have grown up.”

“Women grow too, you asshole!”

Desiira squinted and shot. She is 12 years old, but she is also bold in her swear words, probably because she has been close to her since childhood. 

“you. I heard you used a spear in the duel with Xian. Why is it a wooden sword now?”

“I use spears and swords.”

“Ugh… You use all of these things? Even self-taught?”

Anyone else would have made a funny face. Didira didn’t dare to do that and just stared at Eugene. Didn’t he say that he defeated Xian in one blow? 

“…I’m a spear specialist.”

“It suits you.”

It wasn’t a lie. Desiira was tall for his age, especially his limbs. 

“Wielding only a wooden sword isn’t fun. Let’s fight with me.”


Eugene nodded. Rather than Gargis talking about his muscles, I liked Didyira who demanded sparring coolly. In addition, I was curious about the skills of the high-ranking children among the collateral. 

“You also have a window. I use a window too.”

“Is it really necessary?”

“I want to see your spearmanship rather than your swordsmanship.”

Desiira didn’t even listen to the answer and ran to the warehouse. Soon she returned with two long spears slung across her sides.


Two children stood facing each other holding a window. Gargis, who was still shirtless, stood in the center.

“What are you doing?”

“I will see the referee.”

“Some kind of referee in Dalian.”

“Dalian should be fair, too.”

As Gargis said, he raised his arms high. Eugene didn’t want to see his naked armpit…

‘young. What you do always reminds me of a certain asshole.’

as well as the size. Had it not been for Ryan Hartman, he would have seriously suspected that he was of Moron descent.

“When I say start, I mean start.”

“Tell them to start quickly, you asshole.”

Didjaira shouted. Then Gargis stepped back and lowered his raised arm.


The confrontation with Xian ended in one blow, but this time I had no intention of doing that. It was because he wanted to see Didira’s skill. Desiira didn’t rush at her right away, but took a few steps to find a gap in her Eugene. 

Eugene held the spear in both hands and did not leave his seat. However, only the head of the spear moved slightly in line with Desiira’s movement. 


Desiira’s eyes twitched. She was quite confident in her spearmanship, and now she wondered if the spear she was holding in her hand really fit.

‘There is no gap…’

I move around, but I can’t see a gap to dig in. A spear isn’t such a weapon… Desiira chewed on his lower lip. You can’t do anything if you just stare at it like this. Disyira was sure of him, and boldly reached his feet. 

The distance between the two narrows in an instant. A little later than the outstretched foot, the spear was shot. ㅡTack! Eugene moved slightly, and the head of the spear hit Didyera’s spear. 

That moment. Desiira rotated her body along with the spear. The tip of the spear that had gone back hit Yujin again. But this time, the result was the same. f*ck! As the attack lifted, Didyera’s eyes fluttered.


She bit her lip and waved her arm. stab, subtract, stab. A dull sound mingles between them. All of the determined and stinging attacks are blocked by Yujin. 

‘I know how to use rotation. I know how to use recoil and momentum.’

Considering that it doesn’t use mana, it’s pretty good. Moreover, since he is young, his potential for growth is endless. 

A story of the future anyway. It was not Eugene’s opponent. The spearhead slips from Didyra’s hand. She grabbed the lower part of the spear and increased the attack range of the spear at once. ㅡWoe! An attack from top to bottom. Yujin smirked and bent her body to the side.

It was the first time I avoided it while just kicking it. That fact gave him confidence. Change the distance again here and attack… The idea was the same, but the reality did not turn out as Desiira thought. 

The moment the window is close to the floor. Eugene’s foot trampled the spear. Then, at once, he stabbed a spear at Didyra. A window that comes right in front of you. Desiira was startled and threw her head back. 

The spear stopped right in Didyra’s nose. She pursed her lips and looked at Eugene’s face through the tip of her spear.


Desiira used a dragon to pull out the trampled spear, but no matter how hard he tried, the spear wouldn’t move. I’m only stepping on it with one foot… Didyra let go of the spear with a teary face. 

Rather than the fact that the spear did not come off, the fact that Eugene’s body did not shake even when he exerted so much force made him feel defeated. 

“Eugene Ryanhart won.”

Gargis, who was standing as the referee, said with a solemn expression. Desiira, who was already feeling sad, furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Gargis.

“Shut up, you pig!”

“I am not a pig. A pig means a guy like Hansen.”

“Shut up!”

“Dijira. You didn’t learn anything from the head of the family’s wonderful words earlier. You shouldn’t be ashamed of defeat. You have to learn to respect the honor of others.”


Desiira took a few steps back, unable to retort. She let out her wheezing breath, then bowed her head to Eugene.



Eugene replied with a hearty smile.

“You’re good at using spears.”

“Are you kidding me?”

I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Desiira sighed and sighed. It was only then that Eugene realized again that he was a child of the same age as Didira.

“Although I write better.”

“이 개새끼…!”

“So you won. Would you win if it was unfair?”

“shut up!”

“Dear Mr., he said he couldn’t even hit him once and lost.”

So I acted like my age.

blood type

“We have to work together.”

That night.

Didyra and Gargis came to Eugene’s room. 

At that time, Eugene was lying on the bed. 

It was the car I was about to fall asleep with after washing my body, changing into dry pajamas, and congratulating myself that it had been a fairly satisfying day.

“Are you waking someone up to say that?”

Eugene answered without getting up.

“I want to hear your answer.”

Gargis insisted. Standing next to him, Desiira had a face full of displeasure. I know Eugene’s skills, but the sound of teasing him for not being able to hit even one still lingers in my ears.  

“How are we going to combine our forces? You also heard about the blood family ceremony from the head of the household. Entering through different entrances and breaking through the labyrinth is the blood system ceremony this time.”

“But the destination is the same. center of the labyrinth. Bad boss monster.”

Talking about a bad captain monster for that size.

“The captain monster will be very strong.”


“The head of the house and the lord of the red tower said that there are many traps and monsters in the labyrinth. But with the three of us, we should be able to break through to the center by ourselves.”

“You have to do that to know.”

“I have never lost to a monster.”

Gargis opened his chest proudly.

“I said that the monsters in the labyrinth are not real, but illusions created by magic. Then there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“But why do you say that we should work together to catch the boss monster?”

“You said you would be sick if you were greeted.”

“I’ve never lost to a monster.”

“The captain monster is strong, so it’s a captain monster.” 

Gargis replied with a confident face.

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