Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 30

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“Let’s use a wooden sword instead of a real sword.”

“What about the sword?”

“So there is no point in carrying a wooden sword. It would be safer for both of us to limit the use of mana only to the body.”

Genos said that and raised a wooden sword. Eugene also raised a wooden sword. Even if he didn’t use Jingeom and Geomgang, the wooden sword he wielded with force was enough to crush bones. If you add up to mana, there is nothing to say.

So, protect yourself with a mana shield. If your mana shield is pierced and you are injured, you lose. It’s a simple rule.

“What about magic?”

“Use it if necessary.”

“What Genos-sama wants to see from me isn’t magic, so I won’t use magic.”

Yujin smiled and said. Genos didn’t respond to that reply, grabbed his wooden sword and stepped back from him.

“Sir Carmen.”

Dominic, who was watching the confrontation between the two, opened his mouth. He caressed her chin and glanced at Carmen.

“You have sparred with Sir Genos and Eugene, haven’t you? What do you think of that sparring?”

“…they look alike.”

Carmen had an unlit cigar in her mouth. She put her cigar on her fingers and crossed her arms.

“If there is no variable called magic. EUGENE It’s impossible for that kid to deal with Genos. I’m sure it would be… I honestly don’t know.”

“…I do not know?”

“Lord Genos is in a position where he can’t do his best. In Dalian, you can’t turn your opponent into an idiot or kill him, much less the son of your family.”

Carmen was unsure of the couple’s whereabouts. It was because of a strange premonition that is difficult to explain. A parry that drains an attack. It was a technique that could be said to be Genos’ specialty.

Eugene uses the same technique. Either as a disciple of Genos or as a teacher. The skills of the two were similar enough to think so.

‘… but… the degree of perfection…’

It’s a ridiculous idea, but I’ve dealt with it myself. I felt that Eugene was superior to Genos in terms of technological perfection. When sparring with Eugene, Carmen wasn’t strong enough. But the attack she unleashed was so heavy and powerful that her 19-year-old kid couldn’t handle it.

I promised to defeat him in one minute. He couldn’t knock him down even after 3 minutes, let alone 1 minute. No, he didn’t even invade… he didn’t even look at it. It was absurdly efficient to deal with mana and let go of the attack.

Its technology was superior to that of Genos.

“Come first.”

Genos conceded the first attack. Since he was also a distant senior, the concession was reasonable. Eugene smiled and took a stance.

‘It’s just fine. I wanted to take a look.’

That damn Hamel way. Dog-like vermouth. About Hamel’s formula that he established and taught, Eugene also read the composition through Genos, so he knew it well.

Even if you haven’t read it, you should know. The 10 types that exist in the Hamel formula are all techniques that Hamel used.

In my immature childhood.

‘I’m superior in technology. He may have broken Hamel’s way and corrected it, but he wouldn’t have been able to immediately incorporate the skills Genos had learned for decades.’

Even if it is embodied, there is no problem. Didn’t even that come from Eugene’s head? In other words, this couple is impossible to establish originally.

There’s no way Genos didn’t know that. Even so, the reason why I said sparring was to check my ability regardless of technology. Also, if Genos overwhelms Eugene with the same skill… Even if the observers don’t know, Eugene will no longer be stubborn with Genos.

‘I’m worried too much, priest.’

Eugene stretched out his wooden sword.

‘The beginning… yes. Hamel’s brother, my brother… No, Mr. Why am I coming up with this doggie name?’

Eugene’s expression crumpled as he pushed the ground with his feet.

Manleo. Words are full, but it is nothing more than stabbing with dozens of swords. If you add sword steel to this, if not ten thousand swords, you can make hundreds of blades.

‘Ten rue…!’

Genos’ eyes widen. He didn’t shout the name of the technology, but there was no way Genos wouldn’t recognize it.

‘No, it’s different. It’s not the only thing I know. Improved by Hamel-sama’s secret book… the true Man-roe…!’

I was a little funny looking at him as a young brother-in-law. Because of the distribution, he had no choice but to call him the death penalty, and he considered himself overwhelmingly superior in terms of pure skill.

but. Seeing Eugene’s true perfection, Genos could no longer think that his skills were overwhelmingly superior. Right now, Eugene perfectly embodies the true man-leo and unfolds it.

Even though the sword steels were not mixed, the sword path of the wooden sword was divided into dozens. That’s how each different sword path penetrates without gap. Genos immediately pulled back the wooden sword.

Hamel’s third brother.

Lightning Counter.

ㅡFajik! Genos’s wooden sword becomes swift lightning. Lightning pierced the center of the pouring sword. jjoong! Each other’s wooden swords bounce back. It’s a failure. The Lightning Counter is a counterattack that does not touch the opponent’s attack. However, Genos drew his sword without hesitation.

‘The lightning of Hamel’s style does not stop.’

Mana operated controls the body. The arm pushed out by the recoil is forcibly moved by the flow of mana. The extreme meaning of Hamel’s style is to completely control all movements of the body with mana. So fast and strong. In any situation, in any state, it can be linked with an attack.

Genos’ man-roe attacks Yujin. Eugene’s pupils did not miss the sword that split into dozens. After all, technology depends on writing. Although Genos’ man-roe is inferior by Eugene’s standards, Genos’ skills and experience make up for his inferior skills.

but it seems is showing Eugene’s body falls backwards. The blade of the wooden sword flies in an instant.

‘Lightning counter strikes without notice.’

For a moment, Eugene thought so.

‘No f*ck, it’s not a lightening counter … Vermut’s bastard, the technical name keeps hovering …!’

Lightning shot out. Eugene’s counterattack was smoother and more stealthy than Genos’s. Genos judged that it was impossible to deflect the attack that pierced his chest.

‘This is the real Lightning Counter…!’

Genos decided it was right to step back rather than overdo it. After narrowly escaping, Genos’s wooden sword was rampant.

Hamel’s fourth brother, Sura Light Sword. The dizzy sword attack that Moron commented was like a sura sweeps the space. Eugene pressed his arm holding his wooden sword close to his body and entered the sword attack.

parrying. A wooden sword collides with a wooden sword and slides. After clearing away a close sword strike, Eugene’s wooden sword spun in his hand. He scratched the ground with the sword he held in reverse and raised it upwards.

‘Dragon Burst!’

The Dragon Burst that Genos knew was to condense the sword steel and release it with a slash. Sword steel is not used in current sparring, but that form was definitely Dragon Burst.

Dead End was chosen to deal with him. Genos’s wooden sword soars high into the sky. And it falls down like a guillotine blade.

ㅡ Kwak! The sound of a wooden sword colliding with a wooden sword was unbelievable. The mana wrapped around each other collided and shook the ground. The spectacle shows amazement on the faces of the observers.

No matter how much Genos has his circumstances in his hands, 19-year-old Eugene is fighting against Genos on equal footing.

‘You bastard…!’

Xian’s mouth fell open. Heard that he was sparring with Genos, and deep down, he expected Eugene to get hit. I came out to see it with my own eyes, but what the hell is that?

‘If it were me… If it were me, I would have fallen to the ground right away. It’s ridiculous… I’m sparring with the captain of the Black Lion Knights, but I don’t lose a bit?’

The neck is tight. Her fingers are wiggling wildly. Xian immediately felt the urge to pick up a wooden sword and fight with him between them. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for even a moment and would vomit and fall to the ground, but he seemed to be able to get something out of him.

‘I’m… weak. not enough for a while what is that?’



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Xian forgot to close his eyes and watched Dalian. He wouldn’t be able to fight between them, but just by concentrating like this, Xian’s head was gradually accepting Eugene’s and Genos’ techniques.

‘I can’t dig in.’

Genos felt admiration beyond surprise. It is impossible to overwhelm with the power of self-restraint. Rather than being overwhelmed, I feel like I am being pushed little by little. It was mana parrying and lightning counter that I could clearly feel him. Genos didn’t have the confidence to fully use his skills like Eugene while refraining from mana.

That was evidence of Eugene’s superior mana control. Hamel’s brother, Cyclone. The rotation mixed with the sword twists the path of Genos’ sword, and it is immediately linked with the light beam. Genos stepped back little by little, aiming for a chance for a Lightning Counter.

I fired the lightning like that, but the lightning that came back was faster than Genos’ lightning. grasp! He twisted his body immediately, but Eugene’s wooden sword barely grazed Genos’ shoulder.


Genos took a few steps back and shook his head. The mana shield was not pierced. However, Genos admitted that there was no point in trying further.

Admitting defeat in front of so many people. As a knight and as a senior, it was humiliating. However, Genos did not feel any shame in admitting defeat. He rather admired, and acknowledged Eugene all the more.

I thought acknowledging him was the same as acknowledging the respected master, Hamel. Eugene Lionhart. He is the brother-in-law of Genos, and the true heir to the Hamel style.

“I lost. You are really amazing…!”

I wanted to cry out for the death penalty, but I couldn’t because I had so many eyes to see. Genos put down his wooden sword, approached Eugene, and squeezed Eugene’s shoulder with his tear-filled eyes.

“…why are there tears?”

“I… have conjunctivitis. Sometimes tears flow like this.”

Genos looked up at the sky and hugged Eugene. It’s a burdensome action… But Genos’ tears looked so hot that Eugene couldn’t push him away.


Carme admired the warm embrace of the two men and the chivalry of Genos admitting defeat to his distant junior. She put the cigar in her hand to her mouth, took off her leather gloves, and clapped her hands.

clap clap… clap clap clap.

When Carmen clapped like that, everyone who was watching began to clap as well. Xian, who was standing there with his eyes wide open, clapped vigorously as he felt the heat burning in his chest.

‘Eugene… You are my adopted son, but you will become the pride of Lionheart.’

Guillaid was also moved. When she said that Eugene was going to Samar, she had the thought that she could never let go. So, since he had a sparring with Genos over that job, he willingly agreed to become an observer and came here.

Deep down, he hoped that Eugene would lose. He was determined to declare Eugene’s defeat, even intervening if necessary. Even so, he tried to protect his son from danger.

I couldn’t. I couldn’t. I saw it during the sparring with Carmen, but after a few years, I saw Eugene’s skills properly. Now Eugene was no longer a young lion to protect in his arms. The current Eugene left the group and became a fully grown lion.

‘As expected… I wasn’t wrong.’

The temperature also felt overwhelming. He has sparred with Eugene several times since his parents’ home. He taught Xian and Ciel swordsmanship, but he never taught Eugene anything.

He was a child who already knew how to do everything before he was taught. No, not only that. In that type of sparring, Gion had never once felt overpowered by Yujin.

Now I had no choice but to admit that it was not just a feeling, but a fact. That kid was born with an incredible fighting sense. In any situation, he makes an accurate judgment and does it with his body.

‘I don’t like it.’

Ciel was also clapping, but her eyes were looking somewhere other than Eugene. Christina Rogeris. She wasn’t clapping, her hands were clasped in front of her chest and she was staring at Eugene.

Those eyes contained a completely different emotion from admiration or astonishment toward Eugene. Ciel couldn’t quite figure out the identity of that emotion.

So Christina didn’t like it.


Perhaps as unusual as it was held at the Black Lion Castle, Lionheart’s coming-of-age ceremony was magnificent.

But it wasn’t special, and it didn’t take long. The words of the blessings conveyed by the elders were slightly different, but the content was the same. Don’t be ashamed of Ryan Hart. I will take responsibility for my actions…

Of the three, Xian was the one who served as the representative. It was also because Iod could not attend, and Xian was the closest to the family head succession.

Xian did not hide his emotion and put his hand on his chest and recited an oath. Eugene and Ciel stood one step behind Xian and recited Xian’s oath.

That’s how the coming-of-age ceremony ended.

“We still have a few months left until we become adults, but we also had a coming-of-age ceremony, so we can say that we have become adults.”

the way back to the castle. Xian put a hand on Eugene’s shoulder with a condescending sigh.

“So brother. Shall we have a drink?”

“You’re being very rude.”

Yujin let out a blank laugh and tapped Xian’s hand. Then Xian wrinkled his expression as if he had never done that and pouted his lips.

“How are you? Have you ever had a drink before?”

“I’ve had it before.”

“what? when?”

“When in Arot.”

Xian’s eyes trembled at that calm answer. Once upon a time, when Xian was going through her adolescence. Like many boys, Xian felt cool in bad things.

Fifteen-year-old Xian longed for the wandering knights of the various sagas. Righteous to the weak, ruthless to enemies. A badass who wears an old, ragged cape, enjoys drinking and smoking, and loves many women even though he broods over his solitude…

However, the only women in the head family were servants, and to Xian, servants were family workers before being women. I mean, I wasn’t meant to be loved. So Xian gave up loving a woman and scoured the attendants for cigarettes and alcohol.

If I smoked and drank in my room, I was sure to get caught and scolded by my frightened mother.

The knights and attendants of the family smoked cigarettes in the back of the warehouse, so it seemed that there would be less fear of being caught in the warehouse of the gymnasium. Standing in the middle of the floating dust, leaning against an old wall, taking a sip of a cigarette… Without pouring the extremely strong whiskey into a glass, the whole bottle jerked.

right before running him. Eugene kicked the warehouse door and entered. He was beaten until the lit cigarette burned out. That nasty guy didn’t stop beating him, he grabbed Cian’s ears and dragged him to Anicilla. That’s how her mother was also scolded.

“I… saw me… scolded me saying that I had to do these things after I became an adult…! Do you actually drink at Arot?!”

“I didn’t drink because I wanted to.”


Xian couldn’t control his anger and shook his shoulders.

“Auxiliary Bishop Christina.”

Ciel opened his mouth.

“Something suspicious.”

“What is he saying all of a sudden?”

“Like the sparring between you and Sir Genos yesterday. Even at the coming-of-age ceremony today, they look at you with strange eyes.”

“It could be that he was looking at me, not Eugene.”

Xian, who had been angry just before, smiled brightly when the story of Christina came out.

“Today’s coming-of-age ceremony was me. You guys… so… you were a supporting character to get me on board. is not it? I was the one who recited the oath, and I was the one standing in the forefront.”

“Brother, shut up.”

Ciel furrowed his eyebrows and glanced away, but Cyan’s smile remained intact. He tapped the chest of his well-dressed robe and continued his words.

“I felt it the first time I saw her, but Auxiliary Bishop Christina is so beautiful… Maybe because she is a candidate for sainthood, I can say that a sacredness that can’t be expressed well flows out…”

Christina did not reveal to others that she had become a saint. Likewise, she did not reveal that Eugene was a warrior, and that she and Christina were leaving for the great forest of Samar.

Neither Guillaid nor Doynes made public about the facts. The reason was that, as the issue was an issue, there should be few people who knew it.

“You must have felt it too, didn’t you? Auxiliary Bishop Christina. I’m paying attention to you as if it’s strange.”

Ciel glanced at Eugene’s fist. A fist that was bleeding profusely just two days ago. There are no scars left now. Ciel recalled Eugene’s harsh atmosphere at that time.

“See if I’m good.”

Eugene replied with a face that seemed insignificant. At that, she laughed at Shian as if he was being ridiculous, but Ciel couldn’t laugh like her Shian. She tilted her head and stared at Eugene.

“Did you secretly enjoy a tryst?”

“Is there a need to be so serious about a joke?”

“You said you were going back to your hometown tomorrow? Any reason to go back so soon? Xian oppa says he will stay at the Black Lion Castle until this year, so why don’t you do some crazy training if you like staying with us?”

Xian proudly decided to stay in the Black Lion Castle. It was because of the sparring between Eugene and Genos. Although the knights of his hometown were excellent, it was true that they were lacking compared to the captains of the Black Lion Knights.

So, for the next few months, he decided to stay in the Black Lion Castle and receive guidance from the captains. Gilead actively supported his son’s will, and the captains of the Black Lion Knights, as well as the elders, decided to entrust the guidance of Xi’an, the candidate for the next household.

In Ciel’s opinion, under those conditions, there was no reason for Eugene not to stay in the castle.

Isn’t this the guy who loved training since he was at his hometown? Coincidentally, the Black Lion Knights also belonged to high-ranking wizards, and there were also captains who were good at various weapons and skills.

Even so, Eugene does not remain in the castle. She remains chronically ill with her brother, with whom she has been with since birth. Ciel didn’t like that very much.

“Besides, I heard that Auxiliary Bishop Cristina will also leave on the day you leave.”

“You’re leaving as if you were leaving anyway. If we leave separately, we have to activate the warp gate twice.”

“Since when did you care about that?”

“Why do you have so many doubts today? Even things you don’t have to doubt.”

“…You said you were going on a trip after returning to your hometown? Where are you going?”

“I didn’t decide, just to see the world.”

“With Auxiliary Bishop Christina?”

Ciel has been quick-witted since he was young. She continued her words, glaring at her Eugene.

“After I went to the mausoleum, the expressions of my father and the head of the senator were not good. You… did too.”

“I don’t know how that connects with my trip with Auxiliary Bishop Cristina.”

“that’s right. Cristina-sama isn’t even idle, so why are you traveling with him?”

Xian agreed with Eugene’s words and glanced at Ciel.

“Brother. Just be honest. You want Eugene to stay in the castle with me, right?”

“Brother, don’t say things that are obvious.”

“You say that… Why don’t you just stay with me? It’s a trip, you can go later.”

The conclusion is that. Xian also wanted to stay in the Black Lion Castle with Eugene. I read and memorized the book that Eugene gave me, but I still haven’t fully understood its meaning.

So, I wanted to learn something more from Eugene. Strict and aged elders. The tough captains who went through all the battles before and after. It would be a valuable experience to be guided by them, but I wanted to be guided more by her brother Eugene.

‘How long have you been back, are you leaving again?’

There was also sadness. While she came back after 3 years, she left her home again. Her twin brother, Ciel, has also gone to the Black Lion Castle, so Cyan is the only one left in the main family.

there are many brothers I mean, I lived alone in that spacious home. Of course, that time was busy and fulfilling without a moment of feeling lonely, but he wanted to be with his brothers.

“A cute child.”

Ciel is good at hiding his expression. But her twin, Xian, couldn’t. Eugene smiled and tapped her on the shoulder.

“good. Shall we have a drink with the brothers?”

“I will drink with you.”

“What about training?”

“I’m not on the schedule today, so it’s okay.”

Ciel pouted his lips as he said that.

“…so are you really leaving?”


Once a decision is made, it is difficult to change one’s mind. It was like that in the past life, and it is like that now. A few months in a castle would be quite enjoyable, but

There are reasons to go to Samar. Reasons to prioritize. You need to find an elf village somewhere in the Great Forest.

I don’t know if Senya is really there… perhaps. Maybe she died a long time ago. That’s why I had to find the elven village all the more. If you go there, you will know exactly where Senya is.

I don’t know where Anise has disappeared. The same goes for Moron. That backbone appeared until 100 years ago, but he abruptly declared his retirement and disappeared.

Moron’s descendants, the royal family of Ruhar, respect the former king’s retirement. No matter how lionhearted he was, there was no way the royal family of Ruhar would listen to the request to go and find out the former king’s whereabouts.

The road from Akryon to Senya continued.

Hamel’s Tomb. leaves of the world tree.

An elven village somewhere in the great forest of Samar.

“…it can’t be helped.”

Ciel felt that Eugene would never change his mind. She let out a deep sigh and scratched the back of her head.

“…It’s the first time we’ve had a drink together. You’re leaving tomorrow, and I’m going to commemorate the coming-of-age ceremony. You should drink really good alcohol.”

“A good drink?”

Xi’an’s eyes light up at the word good alcohol.

“There is very expensive alcohol in Carmen-sama’s display case. According to the drivers of the 3rd division, the price is expensive, but it is a very difficult drink to obtain.”

“There’s no way Carmen-sama would give you such a precious drink.”

“don’t worry. I’m going to sneak up on you.”

“Brother… are you okay though?”

“are you okay. Carmen doesn’t drink a single sip of alcohol. He occasionally brings it out on the table, but pours only black tea, which is similar in color to alcohol, into the cup.”

“You are very consistent.”

Yujin laughed and murmured.

“Just replace the contents of the bottle with another drink, and there will be no problem.”

So, the three of them gathered in Eugene’s room in the middle of the night. Ciel recounted the saga of how he had broken into Carmen’s room and stole the alcohol, and Ciel admired his younger brother’s courage and had high hopes for the first drink in his life.

However, the reality is often less than expected. Nineteen-year-old Xian preferred warm milk to bitter liquor.

“It’s a good drink…”

But Xian was bluffing. Seeing Ciel’s expression frowning at the sip of alcohol, Xian spoke quickly.

“Why is your expression like that?”

“Why are you drinking something so bitter?”

“I like it better than soda… Ciel. You grew up smoothly without hard work, so you can’t enjoy drinking.”

What are you talking about the subject of being born as twins and growing up together? Ciel didn’t like her brother’s bravado, but she didn’t show it and filled Cian’s glass with her.

“As expected, my brother is great.”

So Xian drank a lot and fell to the floor. Having sunk Xian, Ciel turned Eugene into a target.

However, unlike Xian, Eugene drank well. The plan to get drunk and ask about various things was a failure. Even though the alcohol he had brought ran out, Eugene was fine.

“…why aren’t you drunk?”

“Looks like you’re a little drunk.”

“Where are you going with Auxiliary Bishop Christina?”

“Why do you keep asking the same thing because you’re not going together?”

Eugene threw the scattered Xian on the bed and escorted Ciel to the outside of the keep.

“I’ll see you off tomorrow.”

However, Ciel could not come out to see him off. This is because Carmen, who noticed the intrusion, caught her and took her to one-on-one training from early morning.

In front of the warp gate. Cristina, who was there earlier, smiles lightly at Eugene. Guillaid was talking to Doines about what to do.

“Sorry for bothering you because of me.”

“Don’t think so. Anyway, to open the door to the treasure house, I, the owner of the house, have to go with you. And… I want to see you draw the holy sword yourself.”

Guillaid’s words were sincere. Since the great Vermouth, no one has gained the recognition of the holy sword. Even though they are not related by blood, Gilreid considers Eugene as his son.

So it’s more complicated. It was because of iodine. I don’t want to be conscious of it, but the contrast between his eldest son Iod and his adopted son Eugene was so intense.

sore finger.

Guillaid did not reveal his regret for his eldest son in front of Eugene. After sending Eugene away, Gilade must return to the Black Lion Castle.

The few months Xian stays in the Black Lion Castle will serve as a test to see if he is fit for the position of head of the household. The Senate will not give any chance to Iod, who has reduced the prestige of the family.

Guillaid… During those months, he was determined to persevere with the Senate. It is not a matter of family head succession, but so that Iod can return to his family.

After that, I want to go to Bossar’s estate and meet Iod and Theonis. Even if he failed to convince the senate, he wanted to meet her wife and son to release old feelings.

After passing through the warp gate, I returned to Lionheart’s home. Thanks to his prior contact, only the manpower necessary for the operation of the magic was stationed in front of the warp gate of the main house.

“Are you really not going to tell Jehard anything?”

“If I say I’m going to Samar, my father will stop me from going with tears running down my nose.”

“Surely so.”

Gillaid smiled and nodded.

“Isn’t it natural for a father to worry about his son?”

“Are you worried about me too?”

“…Of course… I’m worried too. But I believe in you more than I worry.”

“I will try not to get involved in anything too risky. I am not going alone.”

Eugene glanced back. Cristina, who followed with a light smile, nodded slightly at Eugene’s gaze.

“I, too, will do my best to ensure that Eugene’s trip is not in danger.”

“I don’t know how much the miracle of turning cookies into bread will help in a dangerous situation.”

“The savages of Samar might like bread.”

Christina’s smile twists. Eugene shrugged her shoulders at those words and looked ahead again.

Before I knew it, I arrived in front of the treasure house. It has been 6 years since I came here. Eugene touched the necklace he had been wearing around his neck with his hand and glared at the door of the treasure house.

“…however. Can Christina-sama come in with me?”

“Not in principle, but…”

“Isn’t it funny that the saintess isn’t present at the place where the holy sword is drawn?”

Cristina had no intention of backing down. She slowly crossed her last name and continued her words.

“The Holy Sword has not been acknowledged by anyone for 300 years. However, if Eugene-sama gains the approval of the holy sword today… the God of Light may bless Eugene-nim’s journey and give a revelation about it.”

“I’m really curious, but can a priest make an excuse for selling God so easily?”

“Eugene. What are you talking about? I swear, never once did I speak the name of God lightly.”

In the end, Christina also decided to go into the treasure room together. Just like six years ago, Gilreid touched the doorknob with a bloody finger. ㅡ Kirik. The intaglio decorated on the door wriggles.

The door to the treasure chest opens.

The first thing I saw was the same as six years ago. A splendid golden sword stuck in the center. Apart from the lighting that illuminates the inside of the treasure chest, a sword that emits light on its own.

holy sword.

“Ah… that’s… the Holy Sword of Light, Altair…”

Christina exclaimed and clenched her hands together. It had been a long time since Eugene had heard the name of the holy sword.

“Eugene, come on…”


Eugene said that while looking at Gilreid. He had asked for permission in advance, but wouldn’t it be rude to roam around the treasure chest at will?

“Don’t look at me.”

Gilreid said with a wry smile. Only then did Yujin smirk and walk through the treasure chest. Carbos, the dragon spear, Pernoa, the thunderbolt, and Aspel, the predatory sword. The three weapons were left where they were six years ago.

‘They’re weapons that can conquer a country if you use them well.’

It wasn’t an exaggeration. When Vermouth swung Winid, a storm arose, when Karbos fired, the mountain disappeared, and when he shot Pernoa, the ground collapsed. Even though Aspell couldn’t cause a huge phenomenon like them, he showed off his power by cutting off the large-scale magic of the demons.

‘Vermouth, you’re such a greedy bastard. To have a monopoly on weapons like this?’

Except for the Holy Sword, most of the weapons were obtained during the trip. At that time, Hamel was overwhelmingly lacking in mana among his party, so he couldn’t handle those weapons that consumed a lot of mana.

It is still the same today. Dragon spear and brain light bow consume too much mana.

‘Well, mana will continue to increase. I’ve learned magic there, so there’s no problem using Aspel.’

Eugene smirked and put the weapons inside the cloak.

Then, he approached the holy sword. Six years ago, he failed to pull it out… Eugene looked at Cristina and asked before reaching out his hand.

“What if I don’t get picked?”

“That won’t happen. As long as God gave a revelation, Eugene-sama can pull out the holy sword.”

I’d rather not get picked.

Eugene sincerely wished. He still didn’t believe in God’s revelation, and he didn’t want to become a warrior either.

But when I held the holy sword in my hand.


He hadn’t applied any force to pull it out yet, but Eugene knew instinctively.

Six years ago, the holy sword that did not budge no matter how much force was exerted.

But now it seemed like it would be so easy to get out.


It was real that I didn’t want to pull it out, but I couldn’t pretend because Christina and Gilreid were staring at me with their eyes shining. In the end, Eugene eagerly hoped that her premonition would be dispelled, and put strength into his hand holding her holy sword.

And the hunch was not wrong. The holy sword, which was deeply embedded in its appearance, was easily pulled out with just light force. Eugene swallowed the profanity rising from his throat and stared at the holy sword for a while.

“Oh… oh… oh…!”

Guillaid couldn’t hide his emotion. He trembled as if he had been electrocuted, then clenched his fists.

‘I am now standing at the center of a new history.’

The god of light and the saint recognized Eugene as a hero. However, Gilreid was not a follower of the god of light, so rather than those words, he was more impressed by the fact that the holy sword was pulled out after 300 years.

“iced coffee…!”

Christina’s emotion was greater than Guillaid’s. She immediately knelt in her seat, put her hands together and raised her prayers.

Yujin stood in the center of it and hid her embarrassed expression. Light flows into the holy sword. Eugene opened his senses wide and felt how the light worked on the holy sword.

divine power.

A power that is vague yet clearly exists. A light that can only be manifested as “power” by priests and paladins who worship God.

‘Right. Is the holy sword a catalyst?’

Eugene does not worship God. If there is, it exists, and if not, it doesn’t matter. Originally, I thought so, but recently, I heard a damn story about the revelation.

‘Worship is a piece of shit. I despise him.’

Even so, Eugene feels the ‘light’ dwelling in the holy sword. Although she has no religious beliefs, she is conscious of the sacred power of the holy sword.

Eugene infused mana into the holy sword. Then, as if moving according to mana, her divine power becomes light and wraps around her sword body. So, instead of mana, she created a steel sword with her divine power.

“iced coffee!”

Cristina, who was kneeling, exclaimed in admiration. She stared at the light that wrapped around her holy sword and spoke in a trembling voice.

“How brilliant is this…!”


Eugene didn’t mind Christina’s admiration. All his consciousness was focused on the holy sword.

this glow. It wasn’t just brilliant. Eugene was well aware of how powerful and contradictory this useless flashy sword was to the demons.

‘A different power than mana.’

He doesn’t have any religious beliefs, but just being the owner of the holy sword allows him to use such powerful divine power. The number of weapons that eat up a lot of mana has increased, but the holy sword does not eat up mana.

In other words, it is a weapon with very good fuel efficiency. It was honestly enjoyable.

‘It doesn’t seem to have the taste of wielding it.’

Although he had used all sorts of weapons since his previous life, he had never used a sword that was out of the formality of ‘weapon’ like the holy sword. The holy sword is a ceremonial sword that is suitable for use in ceremonies or knight appointments rather than wielding it as a sword.

But the days are sharp. I don’t think you’ll enjoy using it, but it’s well worth the insurance.

“Eugene. Can’t you hear something like a voice?”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

Cristina asked, and Eugene raised his eyebrows in response.

“Holy sword Altair. That sword was smelted by the god of light who descended to this land a long time ago.”

The founding myth of the holy empire, Yuras.

A long time ago. Before the birth of humanities on the continent, the world was very chaotic.

At that time, the demon king did not exist. It was a time when the boundaries between demons, monsters, and monsters were not distinguished. They were nothing more than monsters that ate humans, not humans. it was called that

Compared to monsters, humans were weak. It was possible to burn something and grill meat with the embers made by humans, but it was impossible to light up the darkness that came after the sun went down. In that mythical age, the flames were only hot and not bright.

All monsters are born in darkness. The night after sunset was the time of the monster. The weak humans gathered together to face the monster, but the fight did not work. As humans were hunted, the nights grew longer, the monsters became more ferocious, and laughter turned to crying.

When all hope turns to despair

light came down from the sky God descended. God lit up the darkness and gave light to the hot flame.

divine kingdom. The founding myth of Yuras is arrogant.

They believe that the present world was able to continue because the god of light descended. All other gods claim to be children of the God of Light.

“The God of Light forged a sword out of my flesh and blood to light up the darkness. Altair is the first child of the God of Light, and the most brilliant torch that God has left for this world.”

That is just a myth of Yuras. Each country has a different mythology. However, as a saint, Christina had no intention of respecting other myths.

“In other words, the will of God dwells in Altair. 300 years ago… the great Vermouth became the master of Altair and followed the revelation of the gods.”


Dozens of counterarguments came to his mind, but Eugene listened to Christina in silence.

“The reason the hero was able to overcome all the hardships he encountered while wandering the world was because Altair showed the hero the right path. If it wasn’t for Altair’s revelation… even the great Vermouth wouldn’t have been able to defeat the three demon lords.”

“Huh… Heh heh.”

I tried to listen, but I couldn’t. Eugene was dumbfounded, so she laughed, and Gilreid laughed too.

“If Saint Christina’s words are true, you mean that the founder fought yap-yap as the Holy Sword commanded?”

“Yap-yap, you wouldn’t have fought, but you would have been assisted by the holy sword.”

“How do you know that the saintess was not even born 300 years ago?”

“Isn’t it the same as Eugene-sama, who was not born 300 years ago?”

this stupid thing Eugene barely swallowed the words he was about to spit out.

‘Fabrication is so artistic. Auxiliary of the holy sword? You did a great job as a torch.’

Vermut had never once said anything about the revelation of the holy sword. Even Anis had never said that the Holy Sword had such an ability.

“what. Neither of us were born 300 years ago, so the truth is unknown. But who the hell said that to the saintess?”

“It has been handed down through tradition.”


“Don’t you know, Eugene-sama? The founder of Lionheart, the great Vermut, is revered as one of the saints even in the Holy Empire. Could it be that Eugene-nim is a member of Lionheart, but has not read about the ‘Complete Vermouth’?”

“Uh… um…”

Eugene didn’t answer right away and glanced at Gilade. Then Gilreid opened his mouth with a low clearing of his cough.

“That… The Complete Book of Vermouth is too religious, so Lionheart doesn’t handle it.”


“I also… I read it once when I was young, but the content was so absurd…”

He led the refugees and stood in front of the sea, and as he raised his sword while reciting the holy words, the sea parted…

This is a book full of bullshit. It was far more absurd than a storybook.

‘…Certainly… there was something like that.’

This is my apostle Vermouth. I myself will support your arm, raise up the light of God and light up the darkness.

You have to do a lot of dog whistling. The Complete Vermouth is a book that is ignored not only by Lionheart, but also by historians. It is a book that is treated as less credible than a children’s book tailored to the eyes of a child.

“…So… Eugene-nim, don’t you hear any revelations from the holy sword?”


Eugene glared at the holy sword and focused his mind.


“iced coffee! Did you hear the revelation?”

“There is a voice that I heard momentarily in my head, but I’m not sure if this is a revelation…”

“What voice did you hear?”

“Saint Christina, please shut up.”

At those words, Christina’s eyes trembled. She stood up from her seat, clutching the hem of her skirt.

“Do not insult me ​​in the name of God.”

“Did you tell me first? I don’t know if it’s a revelation.”

“Does that mean that Eugene-sama is full of bad words about me? I think that there must be a devil dwelling in Eugene’s head.”

“Even like a devil… Since I was young, my mind has been going back and forth from time to time, and I used to feel strong urges that I couldn’t control myself… Now… Ugh… Just like now. This… f*ck you.”


“Maybe there is another me inside me that is not me. That other Eugene Lionheart is trying to say something sinister through the voice of the Holy Sword…”

“Are you mocking me now?”

Cristina twitched her lips. Eugene tapped her on the head as if showing off, inserting her holy sword into her cloak.

“Sometimes my snout moves against my will.”

“It is a serious illness. If Eugene-nim permits it, I will treat Eugene-nim himself.”

“Mental illness is something you have to fix yourself. I, Eugene Lionheart, as a descendant of the great Vermouth, I do not want to rely on the saintess for my weakness.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Let’s go out soon.”

Eugene flung his cape past Christina.

“It bothers me to have Jehard leave without saying goodbye.”

Gilade went out to see off in front of the warp gate. He made a bitter expression as he was conscious of the distant annex, and Eugene felt grateful for the care of the family head.

“The head of the family, please treat me appropriately.”

“You don’t know when you’ll be back. No matter how much I am, I can’t lie to Jehard for years.”

“Then, please deliver this letter to your father on the last day of the year.”

Eugene delivered the letter he had written the day before to Gilreid.

“I will be fine. You say you have the confidence to protect yourself wherever you are, and even that great god will protect you on your journey.”


Gilreid believed in Eugene’s ability rather than the protection of the god of light.

‘…Saint Christina also goes with me…’

“…Eugene. I believe in you.”

“thank you.”

Eugene smiled and stretched out his hand toward Gilade.

“…It’s too late to call now. May I call you uncle?”


“My father is alive and well… and the head of the household is a few years older than my father. That’s why I want to call you big father…”

I reached out for a handshake. Gilade hugged Eugene tightly.

“Whatever you call me, I’ve considered you my son since six years ago.”

“thank you.”

I’m grateful for trusting you, and I’m sorry that I brought out a lot of weapons from the treasure chest. Gilreid’s reaction was so hot.

“Take care of yourself, and I hope that the purpose of the trip will be fulfilled. son.”

“Yes… great father. Goodbye, please.”

The warm embrace is over. Still, Guilade didn’t shed tears like Jehard. He straightened his back, spread his chest wide, and sent Eugene away. However, that shining gaze was as burdensome as Jehard’s tears.

Still, it was not a bad feeling to be seen off and leave. In my previous life… I had never been seen off like this many times.

“The warp gate is not open in Samar.”

Christina opened her mouth.

“From the southern gate of Kiel, you will have to move on foot. Do you know?”


“Do you have any plans?”

“Isn’t that the same for the saintess?”

“I prepared more diligently than Eugene-nim.”

Christina smiled faintly as she said that.

“first of all. You’d better not use Eugene’s ID.”

“Will you be noticed?”


“It must be difficult to forge an ID. Especially when crossing the border, there will be strict inspections.”

However, from the moment you cross the border, you will no longer be restricted by your identification card. Samar is a place where security is not good enough to pass as a lawless zone, and ID cards common in countries on the continent are not used.

“Don’t worry about getting through the checkpoint.”

Christina removed her hand from the inside of her robe and handed it to Eugene. In her hand was a blank ID card.

“Priests of the Holy Empire travel all over the continent. On that journey, high priests often receive unwanted stares.”

“So you carry around fake IDs?”

“Even if you use it, there won’t be any trouble.”

Eugene laughed and accepted his ID. Before going through the warp gate, Cristina taught her Eugene how to use a blank ID.

It wasn’t difficult, nor did it take long. By placing a bloody thumb on the ID card and chanting the name to be used as a pseudonym, the ID card was immediately created.

“I did make it. Wasn’t this ID issued by the Holy Empire after all?”

“That’s why our identity is guaranteed. Eugene. We are going in and out of Samar as missionaries.”

“You really don’t intend to propagate the natives of Samar, do you?”

“I’ll try if I can, but unfortunately the natives of Samar don’t respect the god of light.”

Christina said with a wry smile. she actually was The priests who serve God leave the missionary mission to Samar every year, and most of them do not return.

“After Eugene said he would go to Samar, I also investigated Samar in my own way.”

“Did you find out anything?”

“Sometimes elves are seen in Samar… but even those elves are wandering around unable to return to the ‘territory’.”

Christina puts on her robe.

“Since several years ago, the Dark Elves of Helmud have been flowing in and making contact with the Wandering Elves. If Eugene wants to find an elf village, he will have to try to contact the wandering elves, just like the dark elves do.”

It had only been a few days since he said he would go to Samar. The fact that she completed her own investigation in the Black Lion Castle in such a short time… the status of a ‘saint’ is quite convenient.

‘…Dark elf.’

Yujin frowned and brushed her hair. Her gray hair turns black as she runs her hand through it. Even removing the Ryan Heart pattern from her uniform, Eugene adjusted the dressing of her cloak.

‘I don’t have any good memories.’

300 years ago. While wandering Helmood, he had suffered countless deaths.

Among them, a particularly impressive memory. Except for the battle with the demon king…

When the face was almost cut by the sword of confinement.

Before that…


Frenzied foster daughter.

A dark elf called Rakshasa.


Ranked 5th, the demon king of slaughter is the phalanx of the crushing weight.

The 4th place in the ranking, the Demon King of Horror, had the Demonic Spear Luintos.

The 3rd in the ranking, the mad king, did not have any special weapons.

Instead, the mad king led a large army. There was an unusually high percentage of different races in Nome’s army. The giants, led by Kamash, were the vanguard of the frenzied army, and besides them, the beasts and elves. Vampires and lycanthropes who had changed from humans also belonged to the frenzied army.

The four most powerful among them were called the Four Heavenly Kings of Madness.

The leader of the giants, Kamash of the Showdown.

A vampire lord, a sign of bloodshed.

The madman of the beast race, oboron of evil.

Dark Elf Princess, Raksha Iris.

300 years ago. Hamel killed Kamash with Vermouth.

After that, he killed the demon king of slaughter and misery. While he was driving his momentum to the mad king’s castle, he was attacked by vampires led by the bloody sign.

In that fight, he killed Sain. Although it is a vampire that seldom dies, Anise’s divine power and Vermouth’s holy sword eventually burned the body of the deceased to ashes.

In Madwang Castle, they were attacked by Beasts and Dark Elves.

Oboron and Iris. The two did not die like a dead man, but retreated to the frenzy and prepared their posture.

It was a terrible fight.

Both Oboron and Iris were strong. Needless to say, the mad king was strong.

But in the end it fell.

While Vermut dealt with the Mad King, Moron dealt with Oboron.

Hamel’s opponent was Iris.


That desperate cry is still vivid in my ears. As Frenzy fell, Iris, covered in blood, screamed and lunged at Frenzy.

Hamel had no intention of sending Iris away. Those Dark Elves were tricky and strong to deal with. Even if Iris went, the death frenzy would not change, but Hamel intended to kill Iris regardless.

In conclusion, it failed. For some reason, the dying frenzy did not use the remaining power for a counterattack or resuscitation, but used it to escape Oboron and Iris.

No one there expected that the mad king would act like that. Senya’s magic did not prevent Oboron and Iris from escaping. Even that Vermouth had a momentary expression of bewilderment at the frenzied action.

‘Kill me, I will kill you. You… all of you…! Ah, ah, father…!’

Space split open and the door opened, and a frenzied darkness enveloped Iris and Oboron. Iris had a fit and tried to run away, but her one-armed Oboron grabbed her.

‘Hamel, you… you stopped me…!’

‘f*ck, you’re talking bullshit. What did I block?’

Hamel laughed at Iris’ resentment. The current situation of missing Iris who killed everyone. Instead of Vermouth, who thrust her sword into her frenzied chest, Iris, who resents herself even more. He was completely dumbfounded.

Anyway, the mad king died like that. Iris and Oboron escaped, and the Dark Elves and beasts also scattered.

Now, 300 years have passed.

Vampires and lycanthropes who lost their rods fell under the command of Noir Jebella, the queen of dreams.

The giants united among themselves and formed a tribe in the rugged mountains of Helmud.

Oboron entrusted himself to the Demon King of Destruction, but about 150 years ago, his son killed his throat.

is Iris.

‘We never met after that.’

As he cursed that he would kill him, he raised his venomous eyes. She never met Iris again.

‘I should have killed him then.’

Just like elves, dark elves live a long time. Their lifespan far exceeds a thousand years. In the first place, elves and dark elves are not different races.

If an elf is corrupted by the demon lord and accepts the demon, it becomes a dark elf.

‘My father is an asshole.’

Even after reincarnation, I still don’t understand that moment.

The demon king of madness took all the four heavenly kings as his children. Kamash, who was huge as the mountain, was the eldest son of the frenzy. Kamash died calling out ‘Father’ shortly before his death.

A fun family game. I thought it would be a tool to evoke an absurd bond and loyalty by tying them together as a ‘family’ on a topic that is not blood related.

However, Madness escaped Iris and Oboron, ‘daughter’ and ‘son’ at the moment of his death.

why? If I had enough energy left, I would rather have self-destructed. Even if he did that, he wouldn’t have been able to kill Vermouth, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate for a demon lord to act like that?

‘It’s fortunate that Oboron died… but the son who killed him must be a formidable asshole.’

The beast tribe is divided into several tribes within it. Oboron 300 years ago was an idiot enough to be called a madman among the beast tribe, but the son born from him seems to be an idiot no different from his father.

Eugene had no choice but to be wary of Oboron’s son and Iris.

Samar Great Forest. In a sense, this place is more dangerous than Helmud. It may be as infested with demons as Helmud, but it’s not a place where the demon king is close. There is a lot of bad quality garbage in Samar.

ID cards are not accepted here like other countries.

Heinous criminals who cannot live in the country or in the city. Those who were not rotted in prison or executed. Escaped or not caught, they flow into Helmud or Samar anyway.

Of course, there is a ‘law’ in Samar. However, because the law is so far away from the law of the general state, Samar is called a lawless zone.

The natives here are savage, and different tribes follow different laws. In a normal country, murder is a ‘sin’. But in Samar, this is not necessarily the case. Murder is forgiven even for infinitely light reasons, and some savage tribes recognize even innocent murder as bravery.

“Proselytizing in Samar? I think it’s a fairly popular method of suicide.”

The brown-skinned man glanced at Eugene and Christina with narrow eyes.

As Christina said, there was no problem passing through Kjel’s southern gates with fake IDs.

The problem was then. Samar is wider than Kiel’s territory, and the warp gate is not open.

It seems to have been installed, but in Samar, only a few recognized by the great tribe can use the warp gate. Foreign nobles cannot use Samar’s Warp Gate no matter how much money they spend.

In other words, there was no choice but to ride a carriage or horse past the gateway. After moving for several days, they arrived at the trading city located closest to the gateway.

Mal is a trading city, and it cannot be compared to the cities of Kiel or Alot. There are no tall buildings, and the roads are dirty.

“Why doesn’t it matter?”

Cristina smiled and held out her ID. However, the man let her goofy grin and turned her Cristina’s ID over.

“Let’s see… A D-class adventurer. So what?”

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