Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 31

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“…Isn’t this an inn affiliated with the Adventurer’s Guild? I want to be treated appropriately for my rank.”

“haha! Sister. Are you pretending to be naive, or are you really naive? Although this is close to Kiel, it is still the village of Samar. Whether it’s an ID card or an adventurer’s rank, it’s useless.”

The innkeeper smiled and pushed his ID card back.

“Rate-appropriate treatment? This is one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard. Sister. So… This is Samar. This is an inn affiliated with the adventurer’s guild, but it’s the same no matter which guild you go to. The IDs of the bastards who have flown all the way here are not trustworthy… Ah, stop, that’s not it.”

“What is it not?”

Yujin narrowed her eyes and asked again.

“Money, not money. don’t take out the money It’s no use. Do you really know nothing about Samar? There is no common currency in Samar. What is used here is…”

“Me too, so don’t stop talking. If you don’t want to fall behind.”

Yujin smiled and snuggled up against the table. The innkeeper sitting across from her was taken aback by Eugene’s sudden change of attitude.

“The young bastard is spoiled…”

The innkeeper frowned and put his finger on the buzzer under the table. Just tap and the mercenaries upstairs will come down. But she couldn’t press the buzzer.

The dagger that had poked under the table landed on the innkeeper’s finger.

“Uh huh. Don’t rush.”

“…you bastard… what are you trying to do?”

“Are you listening to the end?”

Eugene took out a small jewel from inside his cloak and placed it on the table. One of the jewels I got from the Emir of Khajitan. The innkeeper’s eyes widened when he saw that.

“The public currency is not used, but jewelry will be used, right? Everyone likes shiny things.”


“Come on, uncle. From now on, don’t interrupt me and just answer me. Don’t judge what I say based on my appearance. You must be a mercenary who ate a lot of knives too. yes?”

The innkeeper’s face hardened little by little. He felt the sharpness of the dagger in his fingers and was alerted by the imperceptible thrust. And that’s not all. It is not unusual to feel the murderous feeling of the child in front of her who has not yet peeled off her youthful tummy.

‘Only for me…’

Living is focused only on the innkeeper without waste. The innkeeper, a former mercenary, recognized that Eugene was very dangerous despite his appearance.

“One jewel of this size is the price of a room.”


“Since there are two of us, two rooms.”

Eugene took out another jewel and put it on the table.

“There are probably many better inns than here, but, well, I was looking for convenience. Do you know what I mean?”


“I know. If it’s an adventurer’s guild, wouldn’t it be connected to the mercenary guild and the information guild? At the same time, I am also in charge of accommodations for adventurers.”

“…Bounty hunters?”

The innkeeper asked hesitantly. As far as the innkeeper knew, only the bounty hunters were asking for information while spitting out such refined killing power.

“What could it be? Purpose doesn’t matter, like my stupid colleague said, doesn’t it? I have a lot of jewelry, and you like jewelry. yes?”


“I tell you in advance. If I tried to commit robbery just because I looked easygoing… it would all end. really. It would be nice to have as much awareness as the rice bowl and cutlery you ate. What do you think, uncle? Do you think you can kill me and search my arms?”

“…that… doesn’t seem like it.”

Living is getting stronger. The innkeeper’s breathing quickened, and cold sweat broke out.

“I’m looking for an elf.”

Eugene put his hand in his arms again. The one she took out this time was a large jewel that was several times the size of the one she had taken out the first time. The innkeeper who saw it was greedy in his eyes. The greed aroused by that large jewel was greater than the fear of living.

“Not dark elves, just elves. As far as I know, elves come and go in this village from time to time… Anyone is welcome.”

“…You don’t seem to know much about market conditions.”

The innkeeper cleared his throat and continued.

“For information about elves, you need to get three jewels of that size. I don’t know why they are looking for elves… Isn’t it famous that there are not one or two rich and noble people who want to lead elves?”

“Looking at you saying that, you must have information about elves, right?”

“…I’ll take one of those jewels in exchange for connecting with the intelligence dealer. The rest of the calculations are done directly with the Information Agency…”

Eugene showed this and smiled.

“Where is this bastard going to share the money?”

Fire! Eugene’s hand gripped the innkeeper’s neck.


“You can scream louder.”

Eugene pressed the buzzer under the table on behalf of the innkeeper. Soon after, mercenaries rushed down the stairs.


Cristina looked at Eugene in bewilderment. Then, Eugene rather laughed at Christina.

“What are you doing without pulling out the wand? Aren’t you going to stop those bastards?”

“What are you?!”

“남자랑 여자다, 개새끼야.”

fast! Eugene grabbed the innkeeper’s finger and broke it. At that confident statement, the mercenaries gave a look of excitement for a moment, then each drew their weapons and charged. Eugene did not respond directly and glared at Christina.

Cristina let out a short sigh and raised her hands in front of her chest. Fire! The light that emanated from her body became a long whip that swept around her.


The mercenaries make a sound of surprise. Instead of sweeping over the mercenaries, the whip of light gripped their arms and legs. When Eugene saw that, he smiled and turned to the innkeeper.

“Christina. What did you name this bastard?”


“It’s a common name. Hey Jackson. i just said The reason why I came to this inn and not another inn. For convenience.”

Duduk…! Jackson’s fingers bend a little more. Jackson twisted his body and tried to scream, but Eugene’s hand wouldn’t let go of Jackson’s neck.

“He came here because he knew you were an intelligence dealer. But what? Take the brokerage fee, connect me with the information dealer? Do you do the calculations separately from the Information Prize? Damn you, where the f*ck are you trying to get your back on a customer?”

“Turn off… turn off…!”

“I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I tried to make a clean deal by giving money, but I can’t do it because your heart is bad. where… yes Information guilds also have their own laws, right? I don’t think the law of the information guild is different from Samar. Cutting off one of your fingers if you play tricks, right?”

“That… that was repealed a long time ago…”

“When the f*ck 300 years ago? So what is the law now? Are you pulling your nails? I’m not a member of the Information Guild, so I don’t have to follow that law, right? Since you acted like a motherf*cker, can I be a motherf*cker too?”



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Eugene opened his eyes and glared at Jackson. He let go of his fingers under the table, and slammed his dagger into the table.

“Jeongha, it’s a dog. Which finger should I cut off? right hand? left hand? I’ll yield appropriately, and I’ll avoid the hand you use often. are you right handed? So left hand. If your index finger is cut off, your daily life will be inconvenient, right? So I’ll cut you off. Probably better than the index finger. You won’t be able to blow candy with your left hand for the rest of your life, but that’s the price of a fix.”

Christina told me that the innkeeper’s name was Jackson and that he was an information dealer belonging to the information guild.

Originally, I planned to pay a reasonable price and buy the necessary information, but plans usually change depending on the situation. Cristina didn’t understand her Eugene’s sudden behavior, but she had better accept her commotion and discipline her than be treated as her faggot, according to Eugene’s common sense.

“Come on, eat in peace. Open your left hand wide to make it easier for me to cut. no? I’ll add another one if you don’t like it. How about the middle and ring fingers?”

“I, if you threaten me, the information guild…”

“This bastard even threatens me.”

Quack! The dagger cut down cut Jackson’s middle finger. Jackson tried to scream, but Eugene covered his mouth with his hand to keep him from screaming.

“If I were scared of that, would I say grabbing your throat and cutting off your fingers?”

Eugene glared at Jackson’s trembling eyes and spat out.

“think carefully. Not having one finger, even though it’s uncomfortable, it’s okay to live. If it’s now, I’ll look at it with one finger. Oh, don’t worry. If the information is clear, I will give you a jewel.”

How did it happen? Pain and fear ran through Jackson’s head. Just a moment ago, things weren’t like this. Two idiots who came in without knowing anything. It was surprising that he talked about the information guild and the elves, but Jackson was not aware of the inside circumstances of those who entered Samar.

Just take the brokerage fee. I was thinking of connecting with the right information vendor. However, only the finger was cut off right away…

“What if you don’t like that? I can’t help it. The information guild is the information guild, and I’ll have to kill you here if you treat me like a dick and bother me. Kill all the mercenaries tied up there. After that? It’s none of your business to care. is not it?”

As Eugene said that, he removed his hand from Jackson’s mouth.

“But it is. I hope you think carefully. If I came this far and acted recklessly like this… isn’t it because I firmly believe in something?”

“…all… who are you… who are you?”

“I don’t know. Tell me what you know about elves.”

Eugene pushed the dagger away and removed his stray fingers from the table.

“Even if it…stops the bleeding…please…”

Jackson stuttered, and Cristina tried to reach him. However, Eugene’s hand, which moved before him, grabbed Jackson’s finger.

“Turn it off…!”

“Stay still. It will stop the bleeding.”

Eugene’s method of stopping bleeding was ignorant. He stopped the blood by squeezing his severed finger. Jackson trembled and looked at my hand. I was afraid that Eugene’s hand, covered in blood, might break or pull out another finger.


Eugene sat down in a chair with a calm expression on his face.


“Isn’t that too ignorant?”

Christina opened her mouth.

It wasn’t a nuance to question. It was like that before. The sudden situation surprised and embarrassed Cristina, but she was not offended by Eugene’s violent behavior.

That appearance was quite impressive to Eugene. An ordinary cleric would have been enraged by Eugene’s aggressiveness, scolded him for cutting off his finger, and used healing magic on Jackson, who was in pain as he shed his blood.

But Christina didn’t. Surprised and embarrassed, she did not interrupt Eugene’s actions. She stepped in and she didn’t even cast a healing spell.

‘If it’s an ordinary cleric.’

In the first place, Christina is not an ordinary priest. A candidate for the saintess of the Holy Empire, Euras. No, ‘saint.’ In addition to that background, thanks to her Christina appearance, Eugene could not help but think of Anise strongly once again.

“We have to make ignorant bastards ignorant.”

Saying that, Yujin glanced back.

“and. Aren’t you saying ignorant things? Do you know how much the jewelry I took out was converted into money? Even if you sell one well, it’s money that you can play and eat for a year. They say they’re going to mix it up and take it as a reward, but it’s so damn cheap with just one finger. is not it?”


Cristina thought for a moment, then smiled and nodded.

“indeed. I understand what Eugene said. Yujin and I have an environment where there is no shortage of money, but for ordinary people, the jewelry Eugene presented is of great value.”

Christina said that and pressed down on the hood of her robe.

“Besides, Eugene and I grew up in a very poor environment when we were young. So I know the value of riches all the more.”

“I’m glad you understood…”

“but. Even taking that into account, I think cutting off the informational finger is overkill. He wouldn’t have to do that, just yelling would have been enough.”

“Will a bastard who rolls around for information in a place like this shrink from threats? One finger is rather neat.”

“What if he wants revenge?”

“Wouldn’t it be that inconsiderate?”

“Anger sometimes eats reason.”

“On the contrary, being fearless like this makes him ‘imagine’.”

Yujin muttered that and looked ahead again.

“If you want to retaliate, then you have to make me regret making that stupid choice. I am a person who is capable enough to do that. So I’d rather you try to retaliate.”


Cristina giggled and murmured. She didn’t ask why Eugene said that.

“Eugene-nim is an unusual person.”


“Kiel’s Lionheart is one of the most prestigious families on the continent, isn’t it? However, Eugene’s behavior earlier was unbelievably harsh, considering that he was a member of a prestigious family. Like a mercenary with a few bones.”

“Do the sons of nobles from prestigious families you know laugh hahahoho and sip tea even when they get caught? Let’s just say coolly. I mean, you’re really ignorant for a boy from a prestigious family.”

“That was said at the beginning.”

Isn’t that too ignorant? Eugene burst into laughter as she recalled what she had heard earlier.

“You didn’t kill me though.”

“You cut another wrist instead.”

“I have to add more offense.”

Jackson did not speak of elves.

‘I can not say.’

He begged and said so.


300 years ago.

When the five demon kings try to eat the world. The racially most affected were elves and dragons.

Originally, there were not many dragons, but half of them were killed while fighting against the demon king.

Elves had a worse situation than dragons. Even though the elves didn’t even fight against the demon king, they were gradually dying.

because of illness The demon king’s ominous power was fatal to the innocent elves, and the sudden outbreak drove the elves with long lifespans to death.

Elves who felt irritated by life in the world.

Elves who escaped from slavery.

Elves afflicted with horse disease.

For various reasons, several elves return to the Great Forest of Samar.

Elves who were born in the Great Forest and went outside wish to return to their hometowns. Elves who were not born in the Great Forest also wander in search of the Elf’s territory, which is said to be deep in the Great Forest.

Elves suffering from horse disease have a more desperate reason than that. If you get sick, you will die within 5 years, no matter how long it is, but in Samar, where the forest is thick, you can survive longer than that.

I don’t know how it was before, but among the elves who returned to Samar Great Forest, there were no elves who discovered the elven territory.

Elves live a long time and are beautiful, and their innate beauty never ages no matter how old they are. There were not one or two rich people or nobles who wanted to enslave such elves.

To them, the wandering elves become a prey that has no choice but to turn on the fire in their eyes. Just a few years ago, the city had many foreign hunters and slave traders.


does not exist. There may be those who operate covertly, but at least the open hunters and slave traders have dried up.

Because of the Dark Elves.

The Dark Elves who appeared in this city a few years ago formed a force by hunting hunters and slave traders in reverse. Those nasty Dark Elves shut the Information Guild’s mouth and contacted the Elves that appeared in the city.


It was to turn a wandering elf into a dark elf. They convince the elves to enter Samar. No matter how much they wandered around, they couldn’t find the elven territory.

The elves who live there have hidden their territory and do not welcome outsiders.

If you become a dark elf.

You no longer have to worry about hunters and slavers. There is no need to worry about a sudden onset of magic. It’s okay even if you’re already sick. Dark elves do not die from horse disease.

“Do you know about the Mad Princess?”

The night in the forest is dark and long.

Christina had no objection to being homeless, and being a saint, she didn’t have a heavy butt. She gathered her own firewood, lit her campfire, and prepared her camp.



A dark elf who couldn’t be killed 300 years ago. Frenzied foster daughter.

‘I had to kill him then.’

Oboron entrusted himself to the demon king of destruction, and his son bit his neck to death.

Iris did not go under another demon lord or demon tribe. She claims to be the savvy successor of the Mad King, and she is solidifying her position in Helmud to become the new Demon King.

It was a valid argument.

Vampires and lycanthropes crawled under the dream queen, Noir Jebella.

The son of Oboron and the Beast tribe swore allegiance to the demon king of destruction.

Only the giants and dark elves did not submit to the demon lord and demons. However, the giants do not claim to be the heirs of Madness, and live together in the outskirts of Helmud.

Only Iris claims to be the heir to the frenzy and is aiming for the position of the demon king.

“…regardless of the powers she possesses, the Mad Princess… Iris is not well-recognized in Helmud.”

Cristina continued, staring at the campfire.

“Even in the parish of Alcart, where I was, there were ridicule about Iris. It’s ridiculed that Dark Elves, who aren’t even pure-blooded demons, talk about the demon lord without even knowing the topic.”

“It’s ridiculous to say that you’re a pure-blooded demon.”

Eugene snorted and chewed the meat.

“In the first place, when it comes to pure blood, which demons besides demons can be called pure blood? Dream demons and other demons are all subspecies of demons.”

“But they were born as demons.”

Even 300 years ago it wasn’t much different. Those who ‘changed’ from humans, such as vampires and lycanthropes, belonged to the demons, but were despised by the pure-blooded demons as half-horses and hybrids.

Rather, the treatment of the black mage was better for the demons than the anti-horse. This is because the relationship is clear.

“Iris. As the foster daughter of the mad king, she corrupts elves into dark elves even though she is not the demon king.”

So you will regret it. If Iris had been killed 300 years ago, the number of Dark Elves would not have increased.

“I know that there are many high-ranking demons in Helmud who want to support Iris, but she refuses all support and is growing her foundation with her own strength.”

“It’s funny.”

Eugene chewed on the bones attached to the meat.

“After being despised by the pure-bloodists, he is also a pure-bloodist after all. The number of elves is already small, and the number of dark elves is even smaller. You’re saying that you’re going to build up your forces with just that insignificant tribe, compete with other demons, and become the demon king? You dream big too.”

Iris cannot become a demon lord.

Eugene is well aware of the power of the demons 300 years ago. Iris is definitely strong, but her strength is not vastly superior to that of the highest-ranking demons, such as the Queen of Dreams.

There is no comparison in power either. If a new demon king were to be born among the demons, the closest to that place would be the three dukes of Helmud.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman.

Black Dragon, Raizakia.

All of them are disgustingly bad with each other.

‘By the way, demons comparable to those guys were destroyed 300 years ago, so there are only 3 left.’

Jackson talked about the dark elves with tears streaming down his face. He said that if he leaks information about the elves, he will be killed by the dark elves. He begged me not to ask about the elves.

In other words, from the beginning, he had no intention of telling information about elves, but he tried to accept the information fee and arrangement fee.

‘Iris did not obey the demon king of confinement and destruction.’

When you collide with the Dark Elves, you don’t have to worry about the Demon King’s interference. The only thing to be wary of is Iris.

‘…At least I won’t run into Iris here.’

The Dark Elves said they would take the elves they persuaded to Helmud. The only thing that can corrupt an elf is Iris. In other words, she is in Helmud, not Samar Great Forest.

Conversation was cut off. The sound of firewood burning, the sound of insects chirping. Cristina said nothing and drank the hot tea. Yujin grabbed the last of her skewers.

“What are you going to do?”

During the lengthy silence, Christina opened her mouth.

“Should I ask permission?”

Eugene asked while chewing on the meat.

“What permission do you mean?”


“It’s not something I’ll allow, but… I’ll pray for you on behalf of Eugene.”

“Praying for the forgiveness of the sin of murder?”

“no. We must pray for requiem and purification.”

Cristina smiled and put her hands in front of her chest.

“How could it be considered a sin to punish a demon’s servant? However, they are also life born and raised on this land, and they are lambs to be guided to the light. We must pray and enlighten and guide the souls that have been darkened by the fall.”

‘It seems all the saints are idiots.’

Eugene swallowed the meat and remembered Anise.

‘Dil to soil!’

In addition to divine magic, Anise handled the mace well.

‘Ashes are ashes!’

The brightly shining mace broke the demon’s head several times.

‘Dust to dust!’

Anise didn’t use the mace very often, but during the melee, she would hold it with a look of helplessness.

‘Brilliant light! I will light up the darkness!’

Crack the head with a mace, raise the mist with real holy water, and spread your sparkling wings. At the same time, the appearance of Anise, who was shouting prayers, was more like a nerd than a saint.

“…do you wield a mace too?”


“mace. I don’t know?”

“…I know what it is. I prefer a mace to a mace.”

“…A mace…?”

“yes. It’s heavy, so I don’t carry it around, but…”

“…If you need… tell me. It’s because it’s inside the cloak.”

“thank you.”

Right after Christina smiled and said thanks.

Something flew out of the darkness and fell to the ground, rolling around. Eugene and Christina watched as they rolled, unsurprised.

informational. It was Jax’s head. A head with his tongue pulled out and his eyes upturned. Eugene pushed Jackson’s head, which had rolled nearby, with his foot.

“Retire. Will you lend it to me now?”


Eugene brushed his knees and stood up from his seat.

“You said you don’t need permission, so just pray.”

The approach was noticed right from the start. The distance closed during the silence between them, and Eugene had already decided what to do before he even asked Cristina for her permission.

“Are you a hunter?”

Questions fly out of the dark.

“If I say no, will you go back?”

Eugene replied in a kind tone.

“…I heard that they ask about elves.”

The voice gets a little closer. A Dark Elf walks out of the darkness.

“He was a man who tried to make a living in a harsh world. Didn’t you have to kill me?”

“The intelligence dealer told me about you. They came in suddenly and tried to buy information about the elves.”

“I didn’t sell information about elves.”

“I am not surprised. Did you hear about us?”

Eugene didn’t answer and took out a handkerchief folded tightly from inside his pocket and wiped his mouth. The dark elf made a dumbfounded expression at that needlessly elegant appearance.

“…can’t you figure out the situation?”

Yujin patted off the handkerchief.

“Are you here alone?”


“You came alone.”

Eugene dropped the handkerchief in the air.

“You cheeky bastard.”

before the handkerchief touches the floor.

The storm blew the handkerchief away.


The Dark Elf’s expression suddenly changed due to the raging wind. The guy quickly stepped back and scanned his waist, but Eugene moved closer to him faster than he did.

Of course it has to be. The wind he raised only surprised the Dark Elves. He uses Blink to move.

The bare hand, not holding a weapon, headed for the Dark Elf. He was not easily caught. The Dark Elf’s body bent backwards. An unstable posture, as if performing an acrobatics, the Dark Elf turned the lot in place. Then his swinging leg flew to Eugene’s head.

Eugene sighed and laughed. He broke his outstretched hand and used the back of his hand to receive the Dark Elf’s kick. It’s not just about cutting. The wind following Eugene’s hand swallows the Dark Elf’s body.


The wind is sharp like a blade. The Dark Elf, swallowed in the center, protected my head with both of his arms and drew out the power. ㅡQuarre! Gray mana wrapped around the Dark Elf’s body.

‘Mana is quite good, but Magi doesn’t care much.’

A bit better than the lower level demons. Still, his skills are far superior to those of lower-level demons.

Just like elves, dark elves live a long time. A 100-year-old human is an old man who would not be surprised if he died at any time, but a 100-year-old elf is treated as a child among his own kind.

Elves are one of the races blessed with an abundance of time. During that time, even if you only train mana honestly, you will become strong enough to look down on humans.

So, are elves unconditionally superior to humans?

Not necessarily. 300 years ago, vermouth was human. Moron, Anis, Senya, and Hamel were all human beings. Humans are dozens and hundreds of times more numerous than elves, and monsters who ignore the difference in lifespan sometimes appear among that swarming population.

The Dark Elves who came here did not imagine that they were facing such a monster.


I didn’t have to imagine. The reality was clear. The Dark Elf did not understand why or how he had been driven to the ground. The reality he faced now was far beyond his common sense.


Even though he didn’t understand it yet, his lips parted and blood gushed out. A simple and neat flip. Is that all? No, I got a few more hits before I hit the ground.

The arm holding the dagger was stretched out, grabbed, and broken.

His arms were pulled and his elbows pressed against his ribs. The mana shield was shattered in the blow, and his bones were broken.

The raised fist slapped past his chin. For an instant, consciousness was cut off.

After that, he fell back to the ground. Arms, ribs, shoulders… My whole body trembled as if I had been electrocuted. Not only were the bones broken, but the internal organs were also damaged, and fishy smell and blood came up every time I breathed.

It was futile and futile. I couldn’t even call it a fight. The dark elf gasped and glared at his Eugene. I knew that, but this Dark Elf was not a warrior. He feels no reverence for the opponent who defeated him.

“Human bastard…!”

Bringing out the Dark Elves was intentional. Rather than attacking the Dark Elves’ stronghold, he intended for the Dark Elves to pursue him through Jackson.

If Jackson had been scared and calm, he would not have been able to bring out the dark elf, but Eugene was sure that he would not remain calm. So he dared to cut off his wrists.

“It’s difficult to react. I’m right as a human and as a guy, should I take your words as an insult?”

Eugene smirked as he brushed the dust off his cloak. The Dark Elf squirmed blood once more and touched the ground with his still intact left arm.

“I will kill you…”

It was a common phrase in situations like this. That is not worth hearing. Without hesitation, Eugene raised his foot and trampled on the Dark Elf’s left hand.

Kwaduk! There was the sound of bones being crushed.


The Dark Elves could not stand the pain and screamed.

Among the elves, what stands out as much as their appearance is their elongated ears. The ear hears as many sounds as it is long.

That excellent hearing allowed the Dark Elves to more accurately know what situation they were in. The screams he uttered do not spread far, but only linger around here.


It blocks the sound from spreading. The Dark Elf screamed no more, and used the dragon to free his trampled hand. However, Eugene did not let go of the Dark Elf’s hand, crouched down and looked into the Dark Elf’s eyes.

brown skin. bright red eyes. It is a characteristic that has not changed since 300 years ago. Eugene put on a sad expression and reached out his hand.

Eugene pulled down the dark elf’s cloak and tore off the dark elf’s collar. Then, the dark elf’s eyes shook. He twisted his face and spat the blood from his mouth into Eugene’s face.

“Bastard! I’d rather die than be violated by the likes of you…”

“What kind of nonsense is this bastard? Why am I violating you?”

In the first place, this Dark Elf was a man, and even if it were a woman, Eugene would not have blinked an eye. In her previous life, even when she lived as a mercenary, she had never taken a woman forcibly.

“Let’s see… Yes, that’s right.”

Eugene glared at the dark elf’s tattoo from his left collarbone to his chest. The skull of an overturned goat. The appearance of the horns is unusual. A pair of curved horns, and a pair of horns sticking out upwards.

An upside-down goat skull with two pairs of horns. It is the symbol of the mad king. The fact that he has this tattoo engraved on his chest is proof that he is a subordinate of the mad king.

‘If I lived 300 years ago, there’s no way I’d be pathetic like this.’

Perhaps he had become a Dark Elf relatively recently, or he was one of Iris’s subordinates. Or are you too young Either way, it was certain that this dark elf was Iris’ subordinate.

“There are things I want to ask of you, but I hope you cooperate in a good way.”

“Kill him.”

The Dark Elf spat out. Isn’t it obvious what the hunter would ask? The Dark Elf had no intention of opening his mouth to his own people, even if he himself would die.

“If you’re going to die anyway, it’s better to die comfortably.”

That’s what he said, but Eugene didn’t think that he would be able to easily open the mouth of the dark elf. That’s why he blocked the sound of this place from spreading far.

I don’t like torture. However, he was not the type to hesitate when necessary. Eugene held the dagger he had stolen from the Dark Elf.

“It seems like it will take a long time, so don’t wait and go to sleep first.”

“I can help.”

Cristina stood up. Yujin sighed and looked back.

“how? Are you going to make me repent by reciting a prayer? Or are you going to crush your fingers with a mace?”

“I’m not going to use that harsh method.”

Cristina smiled and approached Eugene. Eugene shrugged her shoulders, stepped over the dark elf’s body, and bent her arms back and grabbed her.

“What are you trying to do?”


Christina drew her wand. The cross on the end of the wand is attached to Christina’s chest. She stared at the dark elf with a clear smile.

Before long, Christina’s lips twitched. ㅡWoe! A small spell aroused divine power. The blue jewel embedded in the center of the cross shone in resonance with Christina’s divine power.

The shimmering light headed for the Dark Elves. The Dark Elves corrupted by Magi instinctively reject the divine power. The Dark Elf twisted his body in a cold sweat.

“Look at me.”

Christina whispered. Her smile was benevolent, and her voice was as soothing as a child’s.


Eugene, who held the Dark Elf from behind, was looking at Christina from the front. I don’t know what divine magic Christina is using right now. Anis had never used divine magic like that before.

but. While studying magic at Akion, he encountered various magic. It was impossible for him to learn it himself, but he had read several books on divine magic.

Mental magic has a different direction from normal magic. The only place in Alot that deals with mental magic in depth is the Black Mage Tower.

but. It was said that it was not black magic, but divine magic, that was most proficient in manipulating the ‘spirit’ at will, escaping from the standards of ‘magic’.

The Heretic Inquisitor of the Holy Empire. 300 years ago, when black magicians were rejected. The Inquisitors of Jurasi were the most feared nightmare for warlocks. In that era, everyone was hostile to warlocks, but the heretic inquisitors in Euras did not treat warlocks as human beings at all.

In this era, the Heretic Questioners are not as wild as they were 300 years ago. This is because the era has come when black magicians cannot be hunted unconditionally.

However, there are still heretic inquisitors in Euras. They monitor the priests of the Holy Empire and warn them not to waver in their faith.

“…Did you know how to use this divine magic?”

“I don’t enjoy it.”

“I wish I had used it earlier.”

“Are you talking about information? Although he had a bad heart, he was an ordinary human being, and he was not a believer in light. This divine magic should not be used on such a person.”

Cristina retracted her wand and stood up. The Dark Elf, who had been stuttering and reciting words until just now, lowered his head, muttering only a voice that hadn’t been completed with ‘words’.

“…you see… a will-breaking, heartfelt confession breaks the mind.”

He could have used it, but Anis had never used magic like that.

“That’s why I shouldn’t use this interrogation magic carelessly, and I don’t like it myself. But… he’s a fallen elf. It is not something to hesitate to interrogate.”

Cristina said that and put her hands together in prayer.

“Through his confession, we are one step closer to our noble purpose. Surely God will listen to the confession and bring the soul darkened by the fall into the Court of Light.”

“You mean you can kill me?”

“It is not to kill, but to purify the soul.”

Cristina said with a broad smile.

snake woman.

It’s not the same as Anise, but Christina, like Anise, had an unknown corner. It is also similar that she hides her true feelings with a smile.

Eugene stood up holding onto the drooping dark elf’s neck. He was still licking his lips. I was going to kill him in a remote place, but Cristina didn’t stay still and followed Eugene.

left it at will Instead of decapitating the Dark Elf, Eugene laid his body down and placed his hand on his chest. after a while The Dark Elf’s heart stopped.

Cristina watched with surprise, then knelt down beside the dark elf whose heart stopped. She then put her hands together and prayed for a moment, then lifted the wand.

ㅡHwaaaak! The light Christina created swallows the Dark Elf’s body. Soon after, the Dark Elf’s corpse turned to ashes and disappeared.

“…Almighty god of light, please accept and take care of this fallen soul. Please brighten the darkness in my soul with light, and burn the karma of my previous life as a holy fire.”

The prayer Christina recited was similar to, but different from, the prayer engraved on Hamel’s grave. The original prayer text is all there and there.

“Was I helpful?”

prayer is over Christina lifted her body up.


Eugene answered honestly. If it were not for Christina’s interrogation, she would have had to torture the dark elves during the long night in the forest.

“Don’t postpone rest.”

“Are you wary of pursuit?”

The Dark Elf was alone and did not bring any companions. However, he could not continue camping here because he had contact with the Dark Elves. There is nothing wrong with being careful, it would be better to move around during the early morning hours.

“We have a long way to go.”

There were several things I learned through the interrogation.

I confirmed it first with a tattoo, but I was told directly by the Dark Elf that Iris was a subordinate.

Frenzied Independence Army.

It was an organization made up of only Dark Elves, led by Iris. They were enlisting the elves of Samar and increasing their power, while also exploring the undiscovered elven territory.

Other than that, I learned something about elves.

Refusing the invitation to become Dark Elves, the Elves head deep into the Great Forest.

Elves know that they are highly valued as slaves, and among the tribes living in the great forest, many savage tribes do not respect elves.

The goal of all elves is to enter the elven territory where the world tree stands tall. However, the road leading to it was blocked, so the elves who did not enter the territory gathered together and created a new village.

The village has to move for a month from the beginning of Samar no matter how fast it is caught.

‘…as a guardian…’

A village where wandering elves gather. A guardian who protects the village from attacks by hunters and savage tribes.

“…The elves there said to reject humans.”

“You can make them welcome.”


“Does an elf hate gifts?”

Eugene shrugged and replied.

“There is no one in the world who doesn’t like gifts.”

The Dark Elves interrogated this time knew nothing about the territory. As Eugene judged, he was a young elf from the outside who was not born in the territory.

What Eugene is looking for is an elf born in the territory.

‘Preferably someone who knows about Senya.’

If you were an elf who left the territory about 200 years ago, you might have run into Senya.

< Samar >

Elves are quick on their feet. Especially in the forest, elves run fast as if they are assisted by magic.

but. Even if you are an elf, you can’t run fast on one leg. Although one-legged and incredibly fast, it is impossible to outwit experienced hunters.

My heart feels like it’s going to explode. The flimsy prosthetic limb has already been broken. My head is also dizzy.

The elf had a hunch that he would collapse sooner or later. He just didn’t want to fall down. He barely reached Samar, when he fell down and opened his eyes, unable to bear the fear of where he might be.


Sharp shouts close by. It is the call of the natives. The warriors on the giant Barkanwolves enjoyed chasing down the fleeing elves.

I was able to catch it right away. Not doing so is to leave the prey broken in despair.

Elves are highly prized prey. Aboriginal hunters preferred to sell elves to foreign slave traders who came to buy them rather than capture them and enslave them.

So, you shouldn’t seriously hurt your prey. The value is low in that it is already single-haired, but if it leaves scars on the body, the value drops too much.

“…iced coffee…!”

The elf, who was running with a limp, sighed and stopped. I couldn’t listen to the sounds around me because I was just running around. No, rather than that, his reason was clouded by the fear of the shouts of the natives.

So it was driven to the cliff. The elf looked down the cliff with trembling eyes. lofty heights. A river flowed below.

You have to find another way. The elf limped back. A long spear pierced the elf’s surroundings.


The elf shrugged and shrugged. Aboriginal warriors blocked the retreat. The Bakan wolves who rode them bared their sharp fangs and growled.

Natives in hideous masks giggled and beckoned to the elves. It means to give up resistance and be calmly captured. The elf bit his trembling lips.

I can’t talk to those barbarians. I begged several times from the first time I encountered them, but they only chatted in an unknown native language.

The elf hesitated and took a step back. The natives descending from the back of the Bakan Wolf approach the elves. They put down their spears and spread their arms wide as if to show off.

round mask. A torn eye socket. The elf saw eyes glistening with greed and lust. That gaze made the elf’s body move.

The elf swallowed the bursting screams and threw himself down the cliff.


slobber slobber.

Cristina pulled up her trousers and stepped on the laundry. Before her candidacy, she was an orphan left in a monastery. Thanks to her, she was used to chores like laundry.

“The seller is very good.”

It’s familiar, but not enjoyable. Cristina glanced back at Eugene, her eyes wide open.

“I am not playing either.”

Eugene set up his fishing rod and sat by the river. It wasn’t even focusing on fishing on that subject. He even spread out his chair and sat down to indulge in his magic book.

“If you read magic books, you learn magic, and if you learn magic, you become stronger. The stronger I become, the less risk I will face on the journey ahead. If so…”

“You are very talkative.”

“I’ve already told you several times, but you still insist on asking. If you didn’t want to suffer like that, you shouldn’t have followed me.”

Yujin turned over the bookshelf and smirked.

“I am not playing. You’re not the only one who pampers me. Role sharing, don’t you know?”

“I said something stupid. So please concentrate on reading.”

“I didn’t make you do chores like laundry. I do the hunting and fighting, and I dry the laundry. Do you do laundry and cook? Even the cooking is tasteless, so I am doing most of it.”

“Aren’t you reading?”

“Speaking of which, your cooking has too many problems. How many times have I said that the liver is good? Don’t burn the meat too much, but it’s good if it’s slightly bloody.”

“I’m doing this for Eugene-nim’s body.”

“It will be as you like. I’m so damn healthy, I don’t get sick just by eating meat dripping with spices.”

Cristina didn’t respond further and kept her mouth shut. It has already been a month since I entered this forest. A lot has happened during the journey, and Cristina has come to appreciate just how strong her Eugene’s personality is.

Especially in an argument, Cristina couldn’t beat Eugene. She thought that Cristina had her benevolent heart as a priest, but when she talked to Eugene, she would feel the urge to punch her in the back of the head if she was a priest.

“Isn’t the magic about washing written in that book?”

“Isn’t there laundry magic in divine magic?”

“Why should there be magic related to washing in divine magic?”

“Then why should I learn laundry magic? How much do I have to wash with my own hands?”

It was a lie. Among the various magics learned at Alot, there was laundry magic. He’s just teasing Cristina for pastime. If she came now and said that she actually knew how to use laundry magic, she might get a slap in her ear from Christina.

Besides, what was being washed now was Christina’s priestly clothes. She had enough of Eugene’s clothes to change into her cloak, but Cristina didn’t.

Christina also had a bag enchanted with space magic, but the bag didn’t have enough storage space like the cloak of darkness. As she wandered through the woods, her clothes hadn’t lasted a day, and she couldn’t bear to get dirty on her clerical dress, which she should have kept clean.

‘I just need to wear different clothes.’

‘If the clergy don’t wear priestly clothes, what do they wear? In particular, since accompanying with Eugene is according to God’s will, I cannot take off my priestly uniform.’

It wasn’t something that made much sense. In his previous life, Anis also insisted on wearing priestly clothes when traveling.

‘I picked up anything and wore it in Helmud.’

Anyway, doing the laundry barefoot in that cold water was something Christina brought on herself. So, Eugene didn’t feel guilty about not using the washing magic. When the laundry is finished, the wind spirit dries the wet clothes.


Eugene stopped reading the magic book and raised his head. The fishing rod didn’t react. Yujin brushed his butt off and stood up, looking upstream of the river.

“Are you a monster?”

Cristina stopped wringing out her wet robe and turned to Eugene. This forest is full of monsters, and robbers are no exception. While doing laundry like this, monsters in the river often attack.


Eugene answered while holding up a fishing rod.

“It’s great.”

He smiled and waved his fishing rod. The fishing line that was untied for a long time soaked up Yujin’s mana. Yujin moved the fishing line at will and caught the float floating upstream.


Cristina also made a surprised expression. Eugene set the elf he had caught onto the riverside. The Samar Great Forest to the south is always hot, but the water is cold. Eugene looked down at the pale elf’s body and reached out his hand.

The elf’s body was as cold as ice, but his breath was still attached. Eugene first summoned the spirit of the wind to dry her wet clothes, then created sparks with magic.



Cristina also came to the elf’s side while she was doing laundry. In the bright light, both young hands brushed the elf’s body. Then, the blood color returned quickly enough to be seen with the naked eye.

‘…He must have been a slave.’

When I opened my clothes, there was a brand mark near my belly button. Slavery was abolished from the previous life, but there were too many illegal slaves in those days.


“It’s been a long time since I was cut. You must have cut yourself.”

Eugene glanced at the elf’s left foot and said. The cut surface was roughly crushed, and blood was flowing. It must have been a cheap prosthetic limb.

“Did he escape from a slave trader?”

“You’ll know when you wake up.”

Although the situation was unfortunate, this chance meeting could be called luck for Eugene. Eugene grabbed his elf by the shoulder and shook it lightly a few times.


Before the elf opened his eyes, he gasped and vomited water. Then he twisted his body and let out a groan.

“Don’t move too much.”

Urgent treatment was given, but the condition of the elf’s body could not be said to be good even with empty words. Contusions and fractures all over the body… not from beatings. It was probably an injury sustained from a fall from a height onto the water’s edge.


“I should have told you not to scream.”

Eugene grumbled and let go of the elf. The elf opened his eyes, looked at Eugene and Christina alternately, then crawled backwards on the floor.

“All… you… you. who? savage?”

“I did my best, but there is nothing I can’t say.”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry. sorry.”

I grumbled without thinking, but the elf immediately put his head on the floor and begged for forgiveness. Cristina stared at him, then glanced at her Eugene.

“Your face and behavior of Eugene seem to be afraid.”

“What is my face? Even if it’s not as good as an elf, it’s not a face you’d be embarrassed to go anywhere.”


Christina laughed openly. Her elf couldn’t lift her bowed head and rubbed her hands together.

“yes yes. Naeuri’s face is very nice. He’s so cool that he can’t be compared to the likes of an elf. Ma-madam is also beautiful.”


“Sorry, sorry, sorry. Lady, you are truly beautiful.”

“Why is he like this? Are you a little crazy?”

Yujin narrowed her eyes and murmured. Then the elf stopped screaming and slammed his head on the ground.

“yes yes. I’m out of my mind, uh, my brain isn’t that good. So please, forgive me if I’m stupid or if I say something I shouldn’t…”

“Please calm him down.”

Eugene immediately stepped behind Christina. Cristina then smiled and pointed to her basket full of her wet laundry.

“You are a beautiful race. My name is Cristina. A priest who serves the god of light. The man over there drying his clothes is my attendant and escort, so don’t be afraid.”

What is the seed? Eugene grumbled and summoned the wind spirit. The spirit’s wind began to dry the wet clothes.

“We do not intend to threaten you or harm you. Rather, I will protect you in case of misfortune.”


“Yes, of course. Rescuing and helping those in trouble is a matter of course as a priest. If there is a hero in the world, surely he will not hesitate to do what is just and right.”

Cristina said that while glancing at Eugene. It means to listen openly. Yujin sneered at her as she roughly folded her dry clothes.

“…my… my name… is Narissa.”

A lament over the situation that cannot be heard without tears began. To put it simply, Narissa was a runaway slave. Her owner is a wealthy man from the Kiel Empire, and she purchased Lisa on the black market 10 years ago.

“How old are you?”

“I am 130 years old…”

“In terms of human age, that means 13 years old.”

“Human age? What else do you mean by that?”

Cristina turned to Eugene with a face of incomprehension.

“The lifespan of elves is roughly 1,000 years. Even ordinary humans live roughly 100 years if they live long and healthy, so if you replace the lifespan of an elf with that of a human, 100 years is counted as 10 years.”

“What nonsense…”

The logic was so absurd that I couldn’t even laugh at it. Cristina shook her head and muttered, and Narisa put her hands together with a servile smile.

“yes yes. I’m 130 in elven age, but 13 in human age…”

“So where is your hometown? Were you born in Samar?”

“…Kyel’s Mount Odon is my hometown.”

“Do elves live there too?”

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