Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 32

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“Now… I don’t live.”

Narisa was speechless and lowered her head. I guessed the situation without even asking. It is rare for elves to live in hiding deep in the mountains, but it is not uncommon for elves to be captured and enslaved by hunters.

“Ah… pitifully…”

Cristina really showed herself like a saint for the first time in a while. She stretched out her arms and hugged her Narisa, stroking her trembling back.

“How painful have you been? Cut my ankle and escape, to this forest…”

Eugene passed Christina. As she caressed Narisa, she glanced at Yujin. She said nothing. Cristina nodded her head slightly, and Eugene chuckled.

Elves are a strong race.

Unlike humans, they have affinity with all spirits and feel mana even without training separately. Their muscles are also more flexible and powerful than humans.

Hunters know the species they are hunting for and go hunting with thorough preparation.

The same goes for the natives who live in these forests. They were born and raised to be hunters. high cliffs. river below. A normal human cannot survive. If you fall from that height, the water becomes as hard as a rock.

If you are human, you will die.

Elves don’t die.

It’s not because I have a strong body. Spirit affinity literally means being loved by the spirit. The reason the elf can run so fast is because the spirit mixed with the wind pushes the elf’s back.

So was this fall. The wind and river water took care of the elf’s body. So the hunters did not stop chasing the elves.

“The Garung tribe.”

Eugene sat down on a large rock and greeted the hunters. It’s been a month since I entered the great forest. It wasn’t just wandering around blindly. On several occasions he had encountered traders crossing the woods, as well as natives of other tribes.

It was not a very pleasant meeting. Merchants made fun of Christina’s appearance, and natives tried to enslave her unescorted strangers.

All of them paid the price for their stupid behavior. Along the way, Eugene heard about the various tribes living in the forest.

As the forest deepens, the natives become savage, ferocious, and reject outsiders. Garung is such a tribe.

They capture foreigners and make them slaves.

If the outsider caught is a rich man or aristocrat who has come to visit, he will receive a large ransom and hand it over.

Even that is if you are lucky. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get eaten. Among the native tribes, there are a few tribes with cannibalism, including Garung.

“A foreigner.”

One of the natives on the back of a large wolf opened his mouth. He threw back the mask on his face and stared at Eugene. Aboriginal faces were full of scars and tattoos.

“What are you doing here? one?”

Contrary to his formidable appearance, he could speak a common language, but his speech was poor.

“What to do? I am sitting and resting.”

“nobility? where?”

“You know what to do.”


The native snorted. Eugene chuckled and lifted his cloak.

“Does it smell like that? It can’t be. I’m neat, so I wash myself every day.”

“The smell of elves.”

“Do I look like an elf?”

“A foreigner.”

The native man lowered the mask that had been lifted back.

“Garung’s prey. Are you stealing it?”

“Where is the owner of the game? The one who caught it first is the owner.”

Eugene shrugged as he lowered his cloak.

Huge wolves came running.


Bakan Wolf. That wolf monster that lives in the Great Forest is agile and unsuitable for its large size. In addition, there are poison glands that secrete paralytic poison on the inside of the elongated claws.

The Bakan Wolf’s hunting method is to first scratch it with its claws, then bite and kill the prey whose movements have hardened.

The natives of the Great Forest know how to tame monsters. So did the Garung tribe. Raised from birth, Bakan wolves do not hesitate to carry native warriors on their backs.

So tamed, the Bakan Wolf runs through the complex forest like a plain, plunging its claws and teeth into the prey the warriors are aiming for.

when the wolves run Eugene rose from the rock. The wolf, who was running in the lead, leaps up and attacks Eugene. It swung his claws before his teeth.


Blood rained down from the air. A rock awl protruded from the ground and pierced the wolf’s body. The wolf howls in pain. The warrior riding on it kicked off the dying wolf’s back and jumped at Eugene.


He gave a sharp shout and slammed his spear at Eugene. Eugene hadn’t drawn his weapon yet. He stretched out his bare hand and caught the spear in his air.

Pulling it in like that, I slammed my fist into the native’s face. There were no screams. Eugene’s fist sunk his face in one blow. Eugene ignored the falling warrior and raised the spear he had grabbed with both hands.

The window blades are shiny. It was not the color of metal. A spear coated with Bakan Wolf’s paralysis poison. Eugene jumped down from the rock with a smile.

The wolves stopped running and stopped. Quadang! The rock awl collapsed into dirt, and the pierced wolf was scattered on the floor. He is still breathing, but he will die soon.


It seemed that only one of the warriors could speak the common language. The guy opened his eyes thinly and glared at his Eugene.

“you. Garung warrior. killed.”

“Are you still alive?”

It was true. Although the face was sunken, the native was still alive. He let out an incomprehensible moan and crawled to the floor.

“no. Killed. I can’t fight any more.”

He spat out a muffled common language and winked at the other warriors. Warriors riding on wolves descend to the ground. Eugene felt the mana in the air fluctuate.

Garung tribe. Aboriginal warriors are not to be taken lightly. The skills of the tribal warriors are excellent, as they raid the upper ranks and nobles accompanied by ample escorts.


woo woo…

ominous sound. The ground wriggles. The bodies of the warriors are lowered. Eugene glanced at the ground.

‘It’s the spirit of the land.’

The natives of Samar are good at dealing with witchcraft and spirits. They are loved by the forest as much as they were born and raised in the dense forest.

It became annoying to knead the ground with magic like the first time. The land listened more to the words of the spirits than to the magic that was spread with mana.

‘…no. It’s not just the spirits of the earth.’



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Something else is mixed. Not mana… Eugene’s lips twisted.

“The food doesn’t taste good.”

This feeling is similar to black magic, but the essence is different. They do not use magic like demons or warlocks.


The wolves’ bodies droop. The soul of the monster dwells in the warriors. The warriors’ bodies wriggled, and the ominous sound intensified. Eugene spat and raised the spear forward.

grasp! Warriors kick the ground. Their movements were like a half-human mixed with a monster. It’s disgusting to paint over the soul, but that movement reminded Eugene of unpleasant memories.

A Death Knight who put the Lycanthrope’s soul into Hamel’s corpse.

ㅡPaaaaang! The atmosphere is torn.

The spear thrown by Eugene flew in a straight line and pierced the body of the attacking warrior.


When they returned to the riverside, Narissa was folding Christina’s clothes instead.

“Why are you making him do it?”

“It’s not what I did. She said she wanted to repay her favor and started off on her own.”

“If you want to do it your way, you just have to tell me not to do it.”

“I voluntarily stepped forward to repay the favor, but Narisa-sama would be in trouble if I told her to stop.”

Cristina was sitting in the chair Eugene had brought her. She looked at Eugene’s clean appearance and smiled.

“Which tribe were you from?


Narisa’s shoulders trembled as she listened to the conversation.

“Garung is not a small tribe. Did you kill them all?”

“Then how many will we kill? Since I’m strong, I warned you not to follow me if you don’t want to die any more?”

“You wouldn’t have listened to my warning.”

“I guess so.”

Eugene also doesn’t like unnecessary and annoying things. If possible, I wanted to solve it well without crashing. However, native warriors were not persuasive opponents. The Garung tribe are the ones who will take all your money and sell you the ransom if you say you will pay the ransom for the elf.

“Well, it’s not like I’m going to stay in this area forever. So, what do you say?”

“Why don’t you ask yourself?”

“He can’t even make eye contact with me.”

“That’s probably because the elves’ ears hear too much.”

Cristina laughed as she rose from her chair. Naris, who stood up with her, lowered her head towards Eugene.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry. A strong and handsome man. I… I’m, I’m too scared. sorry. My ears heard what they shouldn’t…”

“What else should I not hear? Did I say anything stupid over there?”

Eugene grumbled and approached the tent. This large tent is a magical loafer Artifact, which folds neatly at the push of a button on a pole.

It was bulky, but there was nothing difficult for Eugene. Eugene tucked the tent under his cloak and turned to Naris.

“so. What did you hear?”

“Screams… screams… pleading for help…”

‘Sa, save me.’

‘Previously, he pretended to be strong while catching all the forms he had and didn’t have. Why are you suddenly begging for your life? Not cool.’

‘I am… a Garung warrior. if you don’t go back The pursuer… will come. And not far away is our colleague.’

‘Even if I let you live, the pursuer won’t come. Because I stole your prey. So if I kill you now, there will be one less guy coming to get me, so it’s better to kill me now, right? is not it?’

“I… I’m sorry I’ve caused you… trouble.”

“It is more troublesome than troublesome. And did you ask for help? I rescued them floating in the river at will, and I killed them at will before you asked.”

Yujin said that and put the clothes that Narisa had folded into her cloak.

“Is Eugene going to carry it?”

“Go on your back, a cow that doesn’t even sound like something else…”

Yujin stopped talking and looked at Narisa. A severed left foot. Narisa stood up while shrugging his shoulders at Yujin’s gaze.

“I-I’m fine. You can run well even on one foot. Go, if you come across a useful tree branch, I will use it as a crutch. So please… please…”

“Hey please, can you please stop saying please, damn please to me?”

“Hee… Hee… I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry, but please, can you please stop saying that you’re sorry?”

Eugene grumbled and summoned the wind spirit. When the wind that appeared suddenly floated her body, Narisa panicked and struggled in the air.

“Tell me if you want to go to the bathroom on the way. Don’t be patient and cheap.”

“yes yes.”

Narissa answered and swallowed her saliva. Like an elf, she knew how to do her elemental arts and magic a little.

However, elves are a race that rots their innate qualities with a peaceful nature. Although she lived a long time of 130 years, Narissa’s spirit art and magic were only slightly above the level of beginners.

Elves are such a race. A race that lives a long time, but spends most of that time in the forest chatting with mountain birds and tending flowers and trees.

Still, there is such a thing as being old, so an elven archmage who has lived for hundreds of years is strong enough to look down on a human archmage.

“Um… Um… Eugene… how old are you?”

“In terms of elven age, he must be about 200 years old.”

“yes…? iced coffee. Yes, that’s right. You are really great. Even though you’re not very old, you handle the spirits so freely… and you’re strong enough to terrify those ferocious warriors… Joe, I admire you.”

The shaking stopped a bit. Narisa stared at Eugene with envious eyes. Cristina, who was staring at her, sneered at her and shook her head.

“With a face that is so cool and wonderful that it cannot be compared to that of an elf… Now even respect? You seem to be hearing all the compliments that Yujin-nim would have heard in a lifetime.”

“It’s not? I’ve heard a lot of compliments like that since I was young. I’ve heard many times that you have a good face.”

I hadn’t heard much of Hamel’s face in my previous life, but I had heard it many times with his reincarnated face. Eugene himself sometimes thought of this when he looked at her face in the mirror or on the surface of the water.

Baby, handsome.

“No way, Eugene. You don’t intend to abandon Narissa on the way just because she’s in the way, right? I don’t think Eugene’s personality has been broken that much.”

“If I was going to throw it away, I wouldn’t pick it up. Is that a good cause? To protect the wandering elves and lead them to the elven village. No matter how good the character of the guardian who protects the village is, he won’t even throw out his own people.”

At that answer, Narisa swallowed a sigh of relief.

“By the way, Narisa.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Did you come to the elven territory where the world tree is located?”

“There is a reason for that, but I thought it was better to hide in the great forest than in the city. Eh, I’m worried about horsemen too…”

“You don’t look like you’ve got a horse disease, do you?”

“Yes… I haven’t caught it yet, but I don’t know when I’ll get sick.”

Narisa lowered her head and muttered. Horseman. A disease that only elves suffer from. The reason Senya, who lived in the elven territory, came into the world was because of the horseman.

Now, it is rare for elves to get horse sickness, but 300 years ago, when all five demon kings were alive, countless elves died of horse sickness. The elves who lived in the territory were no exception to that.

So Senya kicked off the elven territory and came out. To kill all five demon lords and prevent the elves from getting horse sickness anymore.

“… Horse disease is a disease for which there is no cure.”

Christina muttered.

“It is impossible to cure horsemen even with the light of divine magic. Even the demon king of confinement shirks responsibility for the horseman, saying it is an ‘unavoidable disease’.”

“Yeah, that’s right. In order to get rid of the horsemen, both the demon king and the demons will have to commit suicide together.”

Eugene answered indifferently and looked back at Narisa.

“Are your parents also from outside the Great Forest?”


no help. He couldn’t bring himself to say it, but Eugene couldn’t help but think so.


Ujicha is the great warrior of the Garung tribe.

A gigantic figure reminiscent of a stone statue. His shaved head and muscular body are full of scars and tattoos. Ujicha felt cold anger and looked around.

“It’s one-sided.”

I had no choice but to rate it that way. Tribal warriors and Bakan Wolf. Everyone was slaughtered unilaterally. Ujicha walked slowly and inspected the corpses.

Soon, Ujicha’s eyes lit up. She had already been dead for several days and had been damaged by monsters, but the wounds left on her corpses were all different and jumbled up.

Some were punched to death, some were cut by swords, some were stabbed with spears, some had their bodies exploded as if they had been hit by a bomb, and some were crushed to death as if squeezed by a large monster.

but. Unlike the traces left on the body, the footprints left on the ground told us that there was only one enemy.

“One person.”

It was not only Uji tea that was evaluated that way. A man wearing a large, airy shirt approached Ujicha.

“therefore. Are you saying that the warriors of the Garung tribe… couldn’t stand one of them and lost their prey?”

“It seem to be like that.”

Veins form on Ujicha’s bald head. He let out a bloody voice and glared at the man.

“I will come back.”

“Of course it should. Do you know how much our boy expected when he said he would give you an elf as a gift?”

“If you want an elf. You can also give them other elves. Soon after, the slave market opens. Perhaps one or two elves will appear this time too.”

A slave market participated not only by the Garung tribe but also by other tribes around it. At the market, which is held twice a year, the sinners of the tribes who have been enslaved, the monsters that have been tamed, and the outsiders who have been enslaved are traded.

It is not only the natives of Samar who use the market, but also foreign nobles and merchants who have a close relationship with the tribe. Their purpose is not to purchase slaves, but to attend a rare spectacle held twice a year.

“No other elves. Our young master… So… He has a bit of an odd taste. You’re obsessed with an elf whose body has been severed somewhere.”

The man shrugged his shoulders with an embarrassed look on his face.

“You know what I mean? A bit of that… A broken fetish? that way One eye missing, limbs cut off…”

“Cut it up if you want.”

“No, no, I can’t. Haven’t you ever thought of me like that? He said he wasn’t excited about such artificial things. It just has to be cut off. Of course, even those one-legged elves weren’t born with one leg from the start, but the Bocchan said he wanted an elf whose leg was cut off, not an elf whose leg was cut off by him.”

“You are crazy.”

Ujicha had no desire to understand the boy’s bizarre tastes.

“and. You have to pay money to buy an elf in the market. What are you wasting money on? I just need to catch that one-legged elf.”

“Blon. Do not rush.”

“It wasn’t a urge… it sounded like a urge? So what do you do with that?”

Blon grumbled and kicked the corpse.

“More than that… your skills are amazing. First of all, I don’t think he was a knight. Are you a mercenary? What is the reason for a mercenary to come all the way here by himself?”

“It must be a hunter.”

“If you can come into this deep forest alone, you won’t be an ordinary hunter.”

“Two days have passed since he died. I can still chase you.”

After saying that, Ujicha gnashed her teeth.

“It’s boring, but it’s okay. let’s go together Oh, aren’t we going alone? One of your warriors has been killed, but he might have more allies.”

“Are you scared?”

“haha! Am I one of the 12 of the officials?”

Blon chuckled and patted Ujicha on the shoulder.

“It’s just that it’s better to be cautious.”


You never know what will happen in the forest at night. For a month after coming to Samar, Eugene and Cristina took turns watching each night.

Narissa was added to the party that had only two people. The elf’s keen sense of hearing is enough to alert the surroundings, but in an emergency, Narisa, who could not protect herself, could not be put on watch.

So tonight too, only Eugene and Cristina will be on watch.

I don’t know what Christina might think, but Eugene was showing respect and consideration to Christina in his own way. Usually, the first and second night shifts are more convenient. Every day, Eugene gave Cristina a first and a Malvern, and took on her most arduous middle hours.


A small name to call. That alone opened Eugene’s eyes. He raised his body without a sign of fatigue. Cristina was crouching across the entrance of the open tent.

“What is the delivery?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Monsters roam the forest at night. Originally, monsters would have to attack several times during the camp, but Christina’s barrier hides the camp from the monsters’ eyes.

However, it was impossible not to blindly believe in the barrier and keep vigil. Eugene didn’t know anything else, but he was thorough about this. This is because, when he was wandering around as a mercenary, he was in danger more than once or twice while his fellow mercenaries were carelessly vigilant.

“Aren’t you tired? You moved quite a bit today. I’m not that tired, so why don’t you get some more sleep today?”

It seemed that he was concerned about the fact that he had cleared the warriors of the Garung tribe earlier. Eugene smiled at Christina’s worried question.

“I didn’t even move enough to get tired. I’ll wake you up in five hours, so don’t worry and go to sleep.”

Cristina nodded her head without suggesting further. She used to argue with Eugene several times over this matter when she was not yet accustomed to him.

Lesson learned. In this matter, Eugene does not back down. It’s not because you ignore the other person’s consideration, it’s because you’re strict with your own standards.

“…yes. Then, please.”

Cristina bowed her head and stepped back. Eugene pressed her floppy hair with her rough hand and came out of the tent.

It was good to bring plenty of tents. Eugene made sure her Christina went into her own tent, then sat down in front of her campfire. In the tent opposite her, Narissa is sleeping.


Eugene cleared his throat once and lifted his cloak. A book that has already been read several times. It is a magic book received from Loberian when leaving Arot.

‘Shouldn’t I have sent a letter to my master?’

It was sincere in thinking of Loberian as a teacher.

Of course, even including the age of Hamel in his previous life, Loberian’s age was older. That was a very important reason for Eugene.

I started reading like that, and quite a bit of time has passed. The night in the forest is not quiet. The sound of insects chirping is loud, and the thick branches of trees shake their bodies when the wind blows. From a little distance, you can hear the monster’s cries.


Eugene coughed again. Cristina has slept well since her first night camping in the woods. It was the same even now. Cristina is fast asleep, the only sound coming from her tent is her calm breathing.

“…Do you have anything to do with me?”

Yujin sighed deeply and closed the book. Those words were not addressed to Christina, who was already asleep. The tent on the other side shook slightly, and the entrance was lifted.

“That… sin… sorry…”

“Don’t say sorry.”

Narisa’s shoulders drooped. Eugene threw firewood into the campfire for no reason.

“Because the forest is noisy? Or is it that you can’t sleep because you’re scared because you’ve been through so many things?”


“I’m telling you in case you’re worried about something strange. I have no intention of leaving you sleeping. It’s not like I took care of you as a favor. I got it because I needed you.”

“…that… that means… as expected…”

Narisa’s eyes wavered. She hesitated for a moment, then she nodded her head as if she had made up her mind.

“…I-I don’t care if it’s Eugene-nim.”


“Because I was already prepared and waiting. Ah, ah. It’s not a resolution, it’s something I can’t help… That’s why I’ve been waiting without sleep…”

“Hey, wait, I don’t understand. Resolution? what can’t be helped? were you waiting Say? what?”

“…But… I have a lot of scars on my body, and my legs aren’t in good shape… Yu, I might not be satisfied with Yujin-nim’s standards.”

“Why do you think having scars on your body is not satisfactory by my standards…?”

Eugene asked, twitching his cheek muscles. Narisa then trembled and caught her breath several times.

“…Does Eugene prefer a body with many scars…?”

Eugene is not an idiot. He guessed what Narissa was imagining and what she was prepared for. He must have gone through rough times while living as a slave, so it was not understandable, but Eugene felt unfair.

“hey. I have no intention of crawling into your tent, and I have no intention of pushing you to repay the favor with my body.”


“What do you see people as? There’s nothing a young bastard can’t say.”

At those words, Narissa’s mouth was half-open. You are the son of a young man. Narissa is 130 years old.

“Of course you outlived me, but you’re 13 in human years.”

“Ah… yes…”

Narisa stared at Yujin for a while, then straightened her posture and bowed her head.

“…really…really, thank you. Eugene.”

“Because I have nothing to thank. How many times have I told you that I am taking you because I need you too?”

“…You mean the guardian of the elven village? Eh, if I ever meet the guardian, I will tell you that I have been greatly favored by Eugene.”

“Of course I have to tell you. I don’t know who the child called the Guardian is, but if that child tries to reject me as a human being, your role is very important. Do you see what I mean? I mean, hold on to his pants crotch and stop him.”

After saying that, Eugene opened the magic book again. Narisa sent an envious gaze at Yujin’s indifferent yet considerate and righteous words and actions.

‘Because he has a handsome face, he accepts all the elves’ temptations.’

After all, it wasn’t even tempting, but that’s what Eugene thought.

The night passes. Five hours later, Eugene replaced Christina and crawled into his tent. She didn’t even need to sleep, but Eugene closed her eyes and went to sleep. Even if she doesn’t need a break right away, she should rest when she can and sleep when she can.

Eugene was used to that.


I had a dream for a long time.

I don’t usually dream well. When I try to sleep, I always fall into a deep sleep, and when I try to wake up, I wake up right away.

Dreams tire the mind. Eugene did not like to dream.

Whether happy, unhappy, or ordinary, dreams are not reality. Eugene didn’t know why people dream, but he knew that dreams were out of touch with reality.

in a past life.

The journey to defeating the demon king of madness and reaching the demon king of confinement was like a long nightmare. The Great Demon King, number 2 in the hierarchy. Just like the location, the demon king of confinement had his powerful subordinates and a large army at his command.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

Strictly speaking, she is not a subordinate of the demon king of confinement. She couldn’t even be called the Demon King, but even at that time, Noir Je Bella was a ‘queen’ with many dreamers and a powerful demon.

During the journey to the demon king of confinement, Noir Jebella attacked Hamel and his companions several times. She was as persistent as her damn Hari, appearing in her dreams rather than reality and trying to break the spirits of Hamel and her allies.

Because of that experience, Eugene is wary of his dreams. She hates nightmares. I hate dreamers. Noir Jebela’s attack harassed the party to the point of slaughter, misery, and madness, and in some ways it was more disgusting than fighting the demon lord.


Eugene felt a strong sense of heterogeneity in his current dream.

lucid dreaming. Eugene now recognized that she was in a dream. However, the current dream was recognized as a dream, but it was not changed by Eugene’s will. Eugene in the dream didn’t make any change, and just existed.

‘…An attack by the dream demon?’

A dream that doesn’t go your way. My mind is chilling. Yu-jin’s mental power, which remembers her previous life, does not budge even in the slightest attack.

Even so, a dream was created without realizing it. The one who could interfere with the dream as much as this would have been a dreamer, and a high-ranking dreamer at that.

‘Dream… since when? I am…’

Eugene tried not to panic.

‘I am the reincarnation of Hamel Diners 300 years ago. Eugene Lionhart. The son of Jehard Lionheart and the adopted son of Gilreid Lionheart. A disciple of the Red Mage Tower Lord Loberian.’

There is no confusion in memory.

‘This dream… is different from the dreamer’s attack…’

It’s not an attack. There is no unpleasant stickiness like the nightmare attack.

dreams shake


first time seeing

Nevertheless, a familiar landscape is created for some reason. A spacious underground cavity. The muscular giant is carrying a statue that could be several times its size.

‘It’s fine here.’

‘What do you mean by becoming? The middle is a little bit further to the side, no, back… Count. How is it?’

‘A little… black… right… uhhh… yes… there, there.’

‘…It’s amazing…! It’s raining down here deep underground. Hamel, Hamel! is it you Are you coming and weeping? Don’t cry, Hamel! We, I will never forget you!’

‘Moron, please, don’t talk like an asshole. It is not the rain that is falling on your head now. It means Senya’s tears.’

‘I see… I thought it was too salty for rain.’

‘Eat… don’t eat, you asshole. Why are you eating my tears?!’

‘Don’t cry, Senya. Hamel will not want you to cry.’

‘Hamel… Hamel, bastard…! Why are you so mad? why…! Lord, you couldn’t have died. Just… just go back…’

‘… Senya. Hamel was a great warrior that I had no choice but to acknowledge. He was a greater warrior than me Moron. Hamel, he wanted to die as a warrior.’

‘Do you want to die as a warrior? Don’t be a jerk, Moron…! If you die, you just die, what’s the difference if you die as a warrior? Don’t die as a warrior, just survive as a human…!’


Eugene stood blankly and watched the scene. It’s not the first place you see it. This is Hamel’s tomb in the Nahama Desert. This is the scene when it was first created.

Moron raises the statue and erects it. After confirming the figure, Anis shuffled his feet toward the wall.

‘Hamel, you have bad posture.’

‘What are you saying all of a sudden?’

‘It’s just that it doesn’t look good. I understand that your training was short and you spent a long time as a mercenary, but since you are leaving with us, you need to correct your incorrect attitude.’


‘Because…you don’t understand your situation? Hamel. Your ally is the brave Vermut Lionheart, the master of the holy sword recognized by the Holy Empire. And I am Anis Slywood, a saint of the Holy Empire.’

‘Yes, I am Hamel Diners.’

‘Why don’t you say my name? I am Moron Luhar. A warrior of the proud Bayar tribe, and the son of the tribal chief Darak Ruhar…’

‘Shut up, Moron.’


‘Hamel…! You talk too much to Morron.’

‘You just told Moron to shut up.’

‘But I don’t call Moron a bastard. Even if Moron is two-headed, it is a very serious disrespect to directly call a two-headed person a two-headed man.’

‘I’m not an asshole.’

‘Hamel, it’s not just your attitude that’s bad, your behavior itself is bad. It’s hot.’

‘Isn’t that too harsh?’

‘Correcting your words is important, but once you shut up, people won’t be able to judge what rag is in your mouth. So let’s start by fixing the bad posture.’

‘What’s my posture…’

‘Even now! Do not cross your legs. Sit with your back straight. Don’t drag your feet. It makes a sound I don’t want to hear. Even when I walk, I stretch my shoulders and chest… The knife… The knife! As lightly as holding a pen… What kind of madman cuts meat like an ax with a knife?!’


In the past, Anise used to hang on to Hamel for a long time in order to correct his behavior. It wasn’t a futile effort. His behavior was not corrected, but thanks to Anise’s troublesome and persistent corrections, Hamel was able to learn the manners that seemed to be present.

So on the military subject.

Now Anise shuffled and walked with her shoulders drooping. Every time she dragged her feet, she heard a thud, a thud from the ground.

‘… black…’


That Anise is crying. Anise, who was always smiling and scratching people. That Anise Slwood is crying!

‘… Almighty god of light, please… please protect and watch over this stupid lamb. Lead the arduous journey after the Sabbath with mercy and love, and open the way with light even if darkness falls on the way of the Lamb.’

He writes prayers on the wall while crying.

‘…please burn the karma of my life as a torch. Please open the door to heaven full of peace and happiness, not the door where pain and despair await. Please put on my shoulders the good deeds that are not enough to enter heaven, and allow me to meet the reunion in the same place someday.’

A standing statue.

Moron stood in front of him. He closed his mouth and looked up at Hamel’s statue. why did he take off his clothes? hot? Yes, the desert is hot. If it’s hot, you have to take it off.

Moron was such a guy. Take off when it’s hot, wear it when it’s cold, eat when you’re hungry, and drink when you’re thirsty.

If there is an enemy in front of you, you will attack it, no matter how strong and dangerous the enemy is.

‘Moron! Stop it!’

With that said, I rushed in and blocked it without any hesitation.


So now Moron is shedding tears.

For no reason, just sad. I’m sad enough to cry that’s why it’s crying

‘…I wanted to fight with you one day… you and me… who is the greater fighter out of the two.’

He was a guy who acted according to his desires, but he didn’t act directly.

For Moron, it was a very simple and obvious reason.

because it’s a colleague

Because we are friends.

In order to determine which of the two is the greatest warrior, he must fight with all his might without putting circumstances in his hands. That’s how you have to bump into each other’s skills. In doing so, one or both of them may be seriously injured.

That’s why Moron doesn’t fight Hamel. Even if she wanted to determine which of the two was the greatest warrior, she couldn’t fight with all her might against Hamel, her colleague and friend.

Moron is such a guy.

‘I couldn’t fight you. In the future, I will no longer be able to fight. But Hamel. Even if we didn’t fight, I know. I admit you. Hamel. You… are a greater, braver, and stronger warrior than me.’

is Senya.

He sits in his seat without saying anything. She had been crying since the beginning. she is still crying The profuse tears wet the floor.

‘…if I didn’t die… if I lived… somehow it worked. Hamel. We… We had to… be happy. More than anyone else in the world… that we deserved to be happy…’

I want to be normal, get married like everyone else, have children, and live like that before becoming a grandmother.

‘I know that? Hamel… People say we’re heroes. A hero who saved the world. haha…!’

Senya rubbed her red eyes and looked up at the statue.

‘Hamel. You… you probably hate that word. Because you’re a bastard and your personality is shit. I’m going to throw a double curse at the word hero. hero? We couldn’t even kill all the demon lords, so why are we heroes? while doing.’

Senya laughed while crying.

‘We… failed to fulfill our mission. …it couldn’t be helped… yeah, i couldn’t help it because you died So Hamel. Don’t be so… resentful of us. Even if it’s not now, yes, even if it’s impossible now.’

Senya clenches her fist.

‘Someday. okay. One day… I can. A hero calling us, he can be proud of that dog-like horse. One day, we can meet again in the world you wished for.’

Senya turned her head to look behind her.

‘Because it’s a promise for that.’


He was standing at a distance, looking at the statue. dead pan. It was the face of Vermouth that Eugene knew well. Senya glared at Vermouth.


Vermouth opens his mouth.

‘It’s a promise for that.’

‘…a promise that only you know about.’

Senya murmured rebukingly. With that said, Senya stopped glaring at Vermouth.

‘…Sorry. vermouth. I was… so… excited.’

‘… I will write.’

Vermouth muttered that and raised his hand. Space magic that I have seen many times. A large tombstone falls from the gap in the wide open space.

‘There should be a memorial stone on the grave.’

Hamel Diners.

(Sacred Calendar 421~459.)

Vermouth reached out and scribbled Hamel’s name on the tombstone. Senya, who staggered to her feet, approached Vermouth. She looked at the vermouth and the tombstone while hesitating.

‘…I want to write below it.’


‘Bastard, stupid, asshole, idiot, trash.’

‘…I can’t call it a memorial stone if I just write it down.’

‘Wouldn’t it be fine to write down what each person wants to write on the back of this?’

‘I’m next.’

Moron, who was shedding thick tears, jumped up from his seat and approached.

‘Hamel can be a bastard, a fool, an idiot, an idiot, and a scumbag.’

‘But he was brave.’

‘…brave and faithful.’

‘…He looked like an idiot, but he was wise.’

‘…It was great.’

Everyone writes on the memorial stone.

‘…Move the coffin.’

After placing the memorial stone in front of the statue. Vermouth murmured as he approached the coffin he had placed behind him.

‘I’m taking it.’

Moron stepped forward, but Vermouth shook his head.

‘no. I… will.’

‘Don’t think of doing it yourself. Wouldn’t everyone… just lift it together?’

‘Moron, get down.’

‘Why do I have to lie down?’

‘You’re much bigger than us. It’s impossible to lift with you, so you lie down and carry the coffin on your back. We’ll be by your side.’

‘You mean carrying the coffin and crawling? A warrior does not crawl on the ground…’

‘Can’t you do that much for Hamel?’

‘If it’s for a friend.’

As Moron tried to kneel on the ground, Senya freaked out and kicked Moron in the shin.

‘It was a joke no matter who heard it…! no need to lie down Just bend over and listen together.’

dreams shake

‘… Senya. That necklace…’

‘In the coffin… no… I’ll take it.’

‘…This is against the law.’

‘…It’s something everyone agreed on.’

In a shaky dream, Senya held the necklace in her hand.

‘After making the world that Hamel wanted… Then… I’ll send it to you.’

‘…Oh God.’

Anis put her hands together and prayed.

‘Please turn a blind eye to this immorality. If you can’t wrap it up, put the task of getting into heaven more on my shoulders, your servant. Like that… Please allow us to meet the reunion someday in the same place.’

‘…anise. Can we go to heaven?’

‘If we can’t go, who the hell can go to heaven?’

‘I… Our tribe’s paradise… is a different place from the light god’s paradise.’

‘It’s no different. Heaven is… Heaven must be the same place. We will definitely be able to reunite in paradise. If not.’

Anis smiled sadly as she swept the white coffin.

‘God does not exist.’


I opened my eyes.

Eugene blankly looked up at the ceiling of the tent, then slowly got up.


The cloak of darkness that I wrapped around my body like a blanket and slept on.

The holy sword Altair protruded from inside, and was held in Eugene’s hand.


‘…why is this being held in your hand?’

After taking it out of the treasury. I had tried swinging it a few times to get used to it, but I had never used the holy sword in battle.

The reason was simple. The holy sword stands out too much. That worthless ceremonial sword stands out just by holding it in your hand, but when you infuse it with mana, it emits a brilliant light.

The barbarians of Samar are wild and greedy. Besides them, there are many dangerous people in Samar. Unless it was Helmud, I had the confidence to protect myself, but I didn’t want to draw attention before I did something on this side.

So he used a fake ID and turned his gray hair black with magic. Altair. It was the only holy sword in the world, but Eugene had no intention of taking Altair out of Samar.

I mean, I kept it in my cloak and didn’t take it out. But why is Altair now in her hands? Could it be that Altair fell off the cloak while tossing and turning in his sleep? Or did he have sleepwalking or compulsions that he didn’t even notice, so he unknowingly pulled out his weapon and held it in his hand while he was sleeping in these rough places?

Couldn’t it be Eugene felt a complicated feeling and wiped her eyes with her fingertips. Thankfully she didn’t shed any tears. As for the grave, it must be because I shed a lot of tears the other day.

However, even if the tears do not flow, the emotions subside. Even though I have already woken up from the dream, the memory of the dream, the scene I saw there, does not disappear. As if we were together at that moment long ago.

‘…After all, they were together.’

They were together as dead bodies.

‘But my body was in a coffin. What I saw in my dream…is it a delusion?’

It was all too real for that. Senya, Moron, Anise, Vermouth. Just as Eugene remembered, he behaved not much different from what he had imagined when he first saw the statue and memorial stone at the tomb.

‘…Rather, that’s why… Maybe my imagination turned into a dream.’

If this dream is not imagination. If it really happened 300 years ago.

Why did it appear as a dream?

“Is it you?”

Eugene glared at Altair and said. The dream just now wasn’t something like a dream demon’s attack. A dream horse does not attack by making dreams of this kind. If it was a nightmare attack, he would have realized it in his dream.


Eugene was already enlightened. The dream is not an attack to break the mind. It just showed the moment when Eugene and Hamel died and did not exist.

when you wake up Altair was held in Eugene’s hand.

“…is this the one?”

Eugene lifted the Altair. The Holy Sword does not answer the question.

“I don’t believe in God. Is the revelation coming down to me as well?”

It was also different from the revelation that is often imagined. Isn’t God’s revelation usually supposed to be something extraordinary and to say something about an uncertain future? However, the dream I had just had showed me the past, not the future, and the past 300 years ago.

“I don’t understand the meaning. What do you want to tell me…”

‘Senya. That necklace.’

‘I’ll take it.’

‘It’s against the law.’

‘It’s something everyone agreed on.’

‘After creating the world Hamel wanted.’

‘Please allow us to meet the reunion someday in the same place.’

‘Someday, we can meet again in the world you wished for.’

‘We will definitely be able to reunite in paradise.’

‘If I can’t do that.’

‘God does not exist.’

Eugene squeezed the necklace tightly. It was Senya who took this necklace. Anis said that it was against the law. Senja replied that everyone agreed.

However, the necklace left Senya’s hands and was found in Lionheart’s treasure chest.


what the hell happened If you’re going to show it, show it for sure.

‘I want you to show me something that I haven’t encountered.’

What happened between Senya and Vermouth? What kind of promise did Vermouth make with the Demon King? So how is everyone doing now? Vermouth, Senya, Anise, Morone, are they all still alive? Eugene felt his insides boil, stuffed Altair into his cloak, and came out of the tent.

Something was bubbling outside. It was a clear soup with lots of mushrooms and vegetables, and Narissa was the cook. Originally, the one in charge of the morning was Cristina, the night watchman, but she left Narissa to cook the soup and sat in a warm sunny place to say her morning prayers.

“Is it you?”

“…What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Did you come into the tent while I was sleeping?”

“Unscrupulous… Eugene. What do you think of me? Why did I enter Eugene’s tent?”

Cristina frowned and turned to Eugene. Well, it can’t be. If she really had Christina come into her Eugene’s tent and put her hand inside her cloak, she couldn’t have Eugene not notice.

“…You’re on duty in the morning.”

“I was going to do it, but Narisa stepped up to help.”

“That’s not at the level of helping, but you’re just doing it all by yourself?”

“I provided the ingredients and tools.”

“I prepared those too… I picked the mushrooms too.”

“Eugene. Don’t trip over trivial issues. What are you doing early in the morning? Suspicion of me, even unscrupulous thoughts… Have you ever seen me in a dream?”

Christina asks with a thin smile. its appearance. Eugene recalled the image of Anis in her dream. The problem is that they are too similar.


Even so, there was no hesitation in answering. Anise and Cristina are different people. Still, it does matter. It’s true that he’s a different person, but maybe he’s a descendant of Anise.

It’s because I saw Anise shedding tears in my dream. Eugene thought she should be a little nicer to Cristina. Eugene opened her mouth after using her magic to block her voice so Narisa couldn’t hear.

“…excuse me. I mean the Holy Sword. Does it sometimes move on its own?”

But before that. I decided to ask a few questions about the holy sword. First of all, as far as Eugene knew, the Holy Sword had never moved arbitrarily in his previous life.

“What are you saying all of a sudden… Ah.”

Cristina responded with a bewildered expression, but her eyes lit up. She brought her hands together in front of her chest and looked up at Eugene with her reverent eyes.

“Eugene-nim, have you received the revelation?”

“No… It’s just like having a dog dream…”

“The holy sword conveyed the voice of God to Eugene-sama.”

“It’s not the voice of God…”

“Eugene. Do not ignore the pure heart of the soul. Eugene says he doesn’t believe in God, but the truth is that Eugene also has faith. Don’t fool yourself anymore, don’t feel ashamed.”

“I have never felt ashamed…”

“It is natural for humans to fear and be wary of the dark. Eugene is always rough and unlucky, but since she is still immature, it is only natural that she be afraid of the dark… The benevolent God looked into Eugene’s heart and walked so that she would not be afraid of the darkness.”


“That’s what Eugene-nim subconsciously wanted. I’m not afraid of the dark, I can overcome the dark. Such a wish made Eugene hold the sacred sword, a miraculous phenomenon and divine mercy. That’s how Eugene fell asleep in the warm light of the holy sword, and received a revelation from God in a dream.”

“that’s right. I had a revelation. God appeared in my dream, do you know what he said?”

At those words, Cristina put her hands together with a bright expression on her face.

“iced coffee! Yes! Eugene, what did God tell you?”

“Look at you and shut up.”


“It’s the god who appeared in my dreams. He was so f*cking ugly. No, it was beyond ugly, it was terribly ugly. It looked like a mixture of cockroaches, centipedes, and maggots, and something like the head of an orc with burns was running on it, making me giggle.”


“Christina is always too talkative… yup… there is no logic on a talkative topic… don’t try to use your faith as a rhetoric… kkwik… don’t sell your name to make up your own. I mean… Kwyik…”

“Please shut up.”

Since she resembles Anise, I thought that I should treat her kindly from now on, but that was impossible.

“The soup is done.”


“Is there any meat?”

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