Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 34

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“…I had a dream.”

Chicnard frowned and spat out. At the word dream, Eugene recalled a dream he had a while ago. The dream the Holy Sword showed me. A dream that might be a revelation from God. Eugene came over to Sicnard with her eyes twinkling.

“Could it be that Senya appeared in your dream?”

“…no. Senya didn’t come out.”

In response, Yujin put on an expression of blatant disappointment. Seeing that expression, Sycnad clenched his fists and continued.

“…Instead, I saw the world tree.”

A dream in which small trees split from the roots of a great world. It wasn’t just a dream. When he woke up from his dream, three young saplings were planted in front of Sycnad.


indeed. If he had even dreamed of such a dream, the barriers of this village could truly be called a miracle of a gracious forest. Eugene calmed down his surprise and looked at the saplings of the World Tree. In fact, they had grown to the point where they couldn’t even be called saplings, but those fairy trees were far too small to be called World Trees.


Eugene spat out a curse and scratched his head.

“After all, what? That means you don’t know anything about Senya or the elven territory.”

“I don’t know anything.”

Sycnad raised his finger and pointed to the leaf of the World Tree that Eugene was holding.

“Hamel. What you have are the leaves of the real World Tree.”

“Then it must be a fake world tree leaf?”

“…I neither knew nor could find the exact location of my hometown. I remember about that leaf.”

No matter where you are in the world, if you use the leaves of the world tree, you can warp to the elven territory. Eugene was well aware of that fact.

“These are already used leaves.”

“But it remains unbroken. If you get close to the World Tree, its leaves will lead you to the territory.”


Yujin opened her eyes and asked. However, Sycnad’s expression was that he was not at all sure about the subject he had uttered.

“…original way, but… I’m not sure right now. The memories of the elves, including myself, were erased by some kind of magic. Not only that, but I couldn’t find an elven territory anywhere in Samar.”


At Eugene’s muttered words, Sycnad nodded as well.

“If the elven territory was really sealed, there must have been a reason for that. But… the leaves of the World Tree remain, and the fact that they were held by you may be the key to unlocking the closed door.”

I have no choice but to try. Eugene didn’t say anything and just stared at the leaves in his hand. Although it seems like it will crumble even with the slightest force, this leaf will not crumble even if you squeeze it tightly in your hand. Eugene felt an unknown ‘power’ in the leaves. It was similar to mana, but more lively.


“Don’t call me by that name any more.”

Eugene said while turning the leaves of the World Tree.

“It was a name from 300 years ago. Now my name is Eugene, not Hamel.”

“Is it important?”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to tell the neighbors that I’ve been reincarnated.”

“You have no intention of revealing that you are Hamel to a woman who resembles Anise?”

“doesn’t exist. The only ones who know that I have been reincarnated… Tempest and Senya’s familiars, the demon king of confinement, and you.”

“…Did Senya have a familiar?”

“I don’t know? When you have a chance, go to Arot. There is Senya’s familiar named ‘Mer’ in the Royal Library, and she looks very much like Senya when she was young.”

“You don’t know Senya’s childhood.”

“Even if you don’t know it, you can tell it’s little Senya just by looking at it.”

Sycnad’s eyes wavered slightly. He recalled hundreds of years ago, when Senya was toddling around in the village. As she recalled the distant past for a moment, Sycnad’s shoulders drooped.

“…I can’t go to Arot.”

“know. You can’t go out of the forest because you’re sick.”

“Why did you say that when you knew?”

“Come on up.”

Sycnad’s eyes widened. He glared at his Eugene for a moment, then straightened his shoulders in amazement.

“Does the demon king of confinement know about your reincarnation?”

“I’m not sure, but you probably know. That’s why I need Senya’s help. Well, it’s not an important issue right now. I don’t know his plan, but he didn’t try to kill me because he knew me.”

Cheeky cubs.

Eugene gritted his teeth as he recalled what had happened at Hamel’s grave. The more I thought about it, the more irritating and disgusting the situation at that time was. Almost killed by Amelia. Hamel’s body was made into a Death Knight. They are also very irritating,

Anything more annoying than that. It is that the demon king of confinement did nothing. Even knowing that he was the reincarnation of Hamel 300 years ago. The demon king of confinement did not do anything to Yujin. Rather, Amelia kills Eugene, forcing him to back down so he can’t force it.

‘…It’s not an important problem.’

Is that something you can say? Chicnard shook her head in deep astonishment at Eugene.

“…Eugene. I have a request for you.”

“I guess so. If you want to follow me, do as you please.”

Eugene didn’t worry much about Chicnard’s ‘request’. Isn’t it obvious He must somehow return to his hometown, and the only way to enter the sealed elf’s territory is with the leaves of Eugene’s real world tree.

“no. It is not such a request.”

But Sycnad shook his head.

“I am in no position to empty the village. Although the barrier protects the village, this barrier is not absolute. If you dig persistently, you will find a village.”

“Then what is it?”

“Take the elves of this village with you.”

The request was unexpected. Eugene couldn’t answer right away and stared blankly at Sycnad’s face.

“…I can’t give you a definitive answer. There is no guarantee that these leaves will unconditionally lead you to the elven territory.”

“…If that’s the case, take the elves here to a safe place other than Samar and protect them.”

“Your heart understands, but isn’t it dangerous for the elves to leave the forest instead?”

Eugene’s eyes saw three fairy trees.

“I know that this forest is a dog’s place to elves. Outsiders and natives work together to hunt elves and sell them to the outside world. But elves have no choice but to live in this forest.”

“You just have to transplant the fairy tree and plant it.”

“Was the fairy tree an easy enough tree to dig up and transplant?”



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“It is possible with the leaves of the World Tree.”


“All you have to do is transplant the fairy tree to the land where the leaves are buried.”

Eugene didn’t answer right away and stared at Chicnard. I know what he means. Chicnard is asking Eugene, no, the Lionheart family to become guardians of the elves.

In the lawless Samar, elves are treated horribly, but countries on other continents do not treat elves as openly as Samar. Right now, the Northern Kingdom of Luhar treats elves as honored guests, and the Holy Empire treats the hunting and persecution of elves strictly. In the first place, not only elves, but slavery itself was an evil law that had been abolished 300 years ago.

However, it was difficult for elves to rely on Luhar or the Holy Empire. Because it’s too close to Helmud. Since the elf’s horse disease is caused by the presence of demon lords and demons, the frequency of outbreaks increases in places close to Helmud.

Kiel is far away from Helmud. Among them, the Lionheart family owns the entire southern Uklas Mountain as their territory, and the head family of the capital also includes a huge forest in their manor.


Sycnad lowered her head.

“What is your request?”

Eugene smiled and tapped Sycnard on the shoulder.

“What a difficult thing that is. You can just plant three trees in the forest of your parents’ home, and release about a hundred elves into the forest.”

It won’t be that easy. However, Eugene readily said.

If it wasn’t for Sycnad, but for Senya, he could have done that much.


“I think putting on a beard would look more mean.”

“Is there a need to look mean?”

“I’m going to be disguised as a slave trader, wouldn’t it be better to look like a slave trader to anyone?”

“It seems so.”

Eugene glared at Christina with a sad expression on her face.

“Then why are you camouflaging me? You should camouflage yourself.” “Why do I have to camouflage too?”

“Then, do you want to enter the slave market wearing a priestly uniform and boasting that I am a priest? The bastards over there will let you in.”

“…That sounds plausible indeed, but I have no intention of taking off these clothes and changing my appearance.”

Cristina made a hard face and pulled her chin. She seemed unwilling to take off her priestly clothes for any reason.

“And you don’t necessarily need to camouflage me, do you? If the priest’s accompaniment is also circumspect about the reason…”

“Irrespective of your position, the Holy Empire must have been criticized and eaten. Priests take back money from slave traders and buy elves… don’t you mind if there are rumors like that?”

At that, Christina’s expression hardened. She hesitated for a moment, then raised herself from her seat.

“…I’ll think about it.”

“Actually, it’s something you don’t have to follow.”

“It can’t be. I have a duty to accompany Eugene on his journey.”

“What is your duty?”

Yujin looked at the mirror again while teasing. Transformation magic that is higher than when it was used on Bolero Street in the past. Even the skeleton can’t be changed, but now Eugene’s face has changed to that of a stern middle-aged man. In addition, he changed the color of his hair from gray to yellow, and smeared both hands full of oil and flipped it to the side.

today. A slave market is held in which the tribes of Samar participate in large numbers. At this market, which is held only twice a year, various races, including captive strangers, are exhibited, but among them, elves are the most valuable.

Before going to explore the elven territory using the leaves of the world tree. Eugene decided to attend the slave market and intercept the elves who were to be exhibited there.

There was no great reason.

It is questionable whether the leaves of the world tree will be used to lead them to the elves’ territory, but once that is done, the elves in this village will be taken to Lionheart’s home. It would be reasonable to seek permission from the parents first, but since the streets are streets, I plan to take them first and seek permission later.

I’ll take it anyway Wouldn’t it be cleaner to take care of the elves that are exhibited at the slave market first?

“The beard is too much.”

Yujin muttered in front of the mirror, wrinkling her expression here and there.

“Yes, sir, your face looks grim enough now.”

It was the one-eyed elf who agreed. She looked at Eugene with her only eye, but her gaze was not very kind.

Although they are guests of the guardian Sycnad, many of the elves in this village have an aversion to humans.

It was the same with the one-eyed elf, Levera. In particular, the reason why the elves here had a crush on Eugene was because of the announcement that they would soon leave the forest and live in the forest belonging to Lionheart’s family.

I understand. That fact was foretold by Guardian Sycnad himself. It would be more comfortable to live in the forest of Lionheart’s home than in Samar, where barbarians and hunters are infested. Since it was said that they would migrate together to the fairy tree that protects the elves in this village, there would be no need to worry about horsemen.

However… Several elves, including Revera, had an unavoidable fear of being protected by humans, neither of their own kind nor of the forest.

Eugene was also roughly aware of the position of the elves. Participating in the slave market and taking care of the exhibited elves first is to show off your kindness in a showy way.

‘I won’t care until I accept it.’

Still, the hostility he had shown at first had softened. Shouldn’t that be the case? Danda went to the slave market, taking a risk that he did not have to do, and bought the elf exhibited with a lot of money and brought it to the village. And it makes me eat and live in Lionheart’s estate, which is safer than the forest.

‘You do as much as I do, but if you blindly say you don’t like it because you’re a human, is that an elf? It’s a horo bastard.’

Eugene thought so and changed the shape of the cloak. While doing so, she returned to Christina, who had been out for a while.

“Eugene. Look at this.”

When Christina returned, her face was filled with a proud smile. She came up to her Eugene, putting on an oversized robe outside of her priestly robe, and spun around.

“This way, I don’t have to take off my priestly clothes, and the hood can cover my face.”

“It’s a great discovery, isn’t it kind of funny to brag about?”

Christina’s smile twitched at the question. She stopped spinning in her place and unbuttoned her robe, staring at Eugene with her thin eyes.

“…Do I really not have to follow you?”

Narissa, who was standing nearby on crutches, hesitated. He was afraid of going to the slave market, but he also had a desire to help Eugene and Christina, who had given him many favors.

“I am waiting here. If I take you for no reason and run into the Garung tribe, things will become a hassle.”


Narisa’s shoulders trembled at the word Garung tribe. It was only a few days ago that he flung himself down a cliff to avoid pursuers riding giant wolves.

“You don’t even have to come along.”

“Do you think an outsider who has no products will be able to freely enter and exit the market?”

It was an irresistible statement. Eugene checked the plaque he had received from Sycnad in advance. A plaque issued by the Erbor tribe, one of the great tribes of Samar. Without this, no matter how much you claim to be a slave trader, you cannot enter the field market.

“Or would you sell Lionheart’s name? If you reveal your identity, the various great tribes will accept you as an honored guest and give you access to the market.”

“I don’t want to go in there even messing with the family name.”

Yujin grumbled and stood up. Levera smiled with her one and only eye.

“If you carry a plaque and bring products, you can enter the market by paying a small fee.”

“A checkup?”

“Do not. Because the plaque is used among merchants.”

Eugene did not bother to ask why Sycnad had such a plaque. Isn’t it obvious It must have been that the slave traders snooped around to catch the wandering elves, and were cut to death by Sycnad’s sword.

“Don’t worry too much. I have experience in that market, so I can give you as much guidance as you need.”

As Revera said that, she attached the shackles directly to her limbs and neck. Narisa, who was watching the scene, began to shake his body. In particular, when Revera hung heavy chains on the shackles on her feet, Narissa sat down in her seat with a white face.

“Hee… hee… hee…”

Unlike Narisa, who sparked the fight, Revera’s eyes were cold. She staggered to her feet, putting her long chain in Eugene’s hand.

“…Should I catch it already?”

“You have to treat it as badly as your face. If you are considerate of me, other merchants and natives will be suspicious of Eugene.”

“Come, slave.”

Eugene immediately responded and dragged the chain. Seeing that, Narisa covered his mouth, and Revera hung her head without saying anything.


“I am Ryan.”

“…I’m Tina.”

before reaching the market. got it right first Eugene’s alias is Ryan, and Christina’s alias is Tina.

Ryan is a mercenary-turned-hunter, and Tina is Ryan’s wife.

“Should I be your wife?”

“Then would you like to be a slave too?”

“…A married couple were hunters in the first place…”

“There is a saying that we play with each other.”

“Eugene… No, saying that you are playing with each other with Ryan’s face is a very big disrespect to me.”

“I’m sorry, but your face isn’t that good right now.”

Cristina’s face crumpled at the sneering remark. Now, Christina’s face had changed into that of a ferocious and ill-tempered woman.

“Change the way you speak.”


“It doesn’t suit you at all when you talk softly to that face. While cursing a little, I scratched my voice…”

“…does it have to be?”

“Are you going to ruin things even if you can’t help?”

“No… I will try… I will try, I will try.”

“I just can’t do it. Why don’t you go with something dumb? I don’t think you’ll ever open your mouth there anyway.”

Christina kept her mouth shut and glared at Eugene. If it was her original face, she wouldn’t have glared at me like that, and would have hidden it with her eye smile, but maybe because her face had changed, the stare at her was too stern.

Only the largest tribes had the right to hold a slave market. This time the market is held in the territory of the Jiyal tribe.

‘I thought I’d go into the city at least.’

Perhaps because foreigners and other tribes come and go, the market is held in the middle of the forest, not the city. In terms of being a black market, it resembles Bolero Street in Arrot, but the slave market here is so primitive that it cannot be compared to Bolero Street.

It was the same when I came in. The warriors of the Jiyal tribe, who patrolled throughout the forest, glared at merchants who entered and exited, and acted threateningly to customers from other tribes.

‘The market takes a back seat.’

I roughly understood. A market that only opens twice a year. During this time, the hostile tribes do not fight. It is because the great tribes are coordinating not to fight in the slave market.

Even so, in a place where people gather like this, the seeds of war are sown here and there. As much as they are wary and hostile to each other, they inflate their size to compare each other’s forces.

The distinguished guests who have connections with each tribe also enjoy the spectacle. For them, this market itself is a rare spectacle. And here, not only slaves but also various interests are traded.

Samar is wide. This place is not only full of trees, but also buried valuable resources that are rare on the continent. A mine where precious gems and mithril are mined. A variety of materials for monsters. In addition, elixirs that artificially increase mana and add strength to the body. Legacy of the ancestors passed down to each tribe.

To foreign dignitaries, those things are more valuable than slaves or elves.

“…I want an elf with a broken body somewhere.”

Proud Coral. This pig coveted the elven slaves he could see with his own eyes, own, and play with rather than taking advantage of non-existent interests.

“…Do not hurry up.”

Ujicha put up with his face contorting and soothed Tazarang. A few days ago, this warrior of the Garung tribe survived an encounter with an unknown assailant.

It was because of the freak’s whim. He stood up to pee and looked at Ujicha begging for his life with pitiful eyes and disappeared.

Ujicha was not ashamed of what happened then. In that situation, anyone would have peed. In fact, all the warriors of the Garung tribe there were peeing in their pants. There are also people who have shit. They were not the only ones lying flat on the ground and begging for their lives.

Compared to such warriors, Ujicha was dignified and kept the honor of a great warrior. He begged for his life, but he did not kneel. I was tired of peeing, but not tired of poo.

survived without dying.

Shouldn’t that be it? One of the Twelve Girls, Blon Girak, died, but Ujicha did not. Dajarang Coral, a valuable guest, also survived without dying.

That should be it. It is no longer possible to introduce Mr. Blon to the ladies of Mr. Blon, but he can get a splendid future at Mr. Mrs. if he manages to please Mr. Dazarang.

“You… you. you. It should look good to me.”

Dazarang opened his eyes wide and glared at Ujicha.

“Just because Blon is dead, don’t treat me carelessly. You… you know? who is our father Do you know that I don’t know you?”

Da-Bo-Rang is a dumbass, but he doesn’t have a lot of brains. Before he came here, he had heard dozens of times about the deal with Ujicha from his father, Earl Coral. Even after arriving at the Garung tribe, he heard the dead Blon dozens of times again.

“Your tribe’s mine. that. My father is the only one who deals with you on the terms you want.”

In fact, it wasn’t necessarily so, but Count Coral was a satisfactory trading partner, as Ujicha had compared to him in many places. First of all, Count Coral is an aristocrat with a great position even among the officials.

“Blon’s death… that’s… it can’t be helped. It’s not my fault.”

Dazarang did not want to recall that moment. no. Even more frightening was the fact that Blon was dead. Twelve-year-old girl. Even though he was the youngest, Blon was one of the 12 knights in the court, and Count Coral cared for Blon very much. So he foolishly sent his son as an escort to Samar.

“I know what the young master is talking about.”

Ujicha opened her eyes wide and stared at Dazarang.

“Blon’s death was an accident. If the deal goes through, I will testify to Count Coral as you wish.”

“Yes… yes. B, Blon fell into a poop and died. Drunk… You, your tribe’s bathroom is a puse-style shithouse. There he tripped and died.”

“…Rather than that, let’s assume that he fell off the horse while riding a horse drunk and died. Anyway, you don’t need to worry. So please don’t worry about me, Bocchan.”

“Yeah, yeah. okay. Talk to your father, and I’ll make sure you get a knighthood from him.”

It is an article. The corners of Ujicha’s mouth twitched at those words. I feel sorry for Blon who died, but thanks to Blon’s death, the future of Ujicha became even brighter.

Having lost such a knight, Count Coral will set his sights on another strong warrior. Uzi Cha was confident that he could take Blon’s place. He was knighted by Count Coral, and if he raised his performance to a certain extent, he would be able to make his name on the Twelve Girls, who belonged to Blon.

‘If that happens… I can live luxuriously as a noble.’

Ujicha smiled and looked around. Look at this primal, messy market. Foreign slaves, naked and shackled, are displayed like pieces of meat on a stall.

“Help me!”

several calls. Everyone is shouting who they are, from which country, from which family. The criminals of the tribe sold as slaves are also looking around with fearful eyes as they inflate themselves to their fullest.

Ujicha looked at him and made up his mind. Right now, he is escorted by Little Pig to this market, but someday he will come here as a nobleman of the servants. As a great warrior of Garung, he will come back here as a nobleman who will brag about the powerful people of the great tribe that he dares not even look at.

Ujicha twitched her lips as she pictured a distant, no, not-so-distant future.


Suddenly, the da brag took hold of Ujicha’s arm and shook it.

“Hey, that elf over there. that!”


Looking around the market so far, there was only one elf that I could confirm. The problem was that the elf was male and his arms and legs were still attached, so he didn’t show any interest.

“There ahead!”

But now, Dazarang’s voice was full of excitement more than ever. Ujicha looked ahead as Tazarang pointed out.

“…the limbs are all attached?”

“You don’t have one eye!”

Dazarang shouted, even spitting out. indeed. Looking back, I saw the elf in front of me was a kid with one of his right eyes covered in a scar.

“I didn’t even wear an eyepatch… that… is that a knife mark? Or burn?”

That blatantly exposed scar raised the excitement of Da-Bo-Rang. Ujicha couldn’t possibly understand that twisted castle wall, but for a splendid and sweet future, he had to satisfy Dajarang. Ujicha nodded and strode forward.


The merchants who led the elves were a pair of men and women. Dazarin glared at the man who batted her eyes. His physique is quite good, but it doesn’t compare to Ujicha’s body, which he has been training in the forest for decades.

‘Are you a mercenary-turned-hunter? Skills are so-so.’

Ujicha evaluated the hunter’s skills with a sharp eye worthy of Garung’s great warrior.

‘The next one is… the wife?’

It seemed that the same distorted faces were a couple.

‘Your body is hardly trained. Sorcerer…or a courtesan?’

I didn’t know Uzicha stood in front of him with his arms crossed, showing off his massive arm muscles.

“That elf. Sell ​​it to me.”


This slave market is open for two days, of which elves are traded only on the first day. From the second day, monsters tamed by the natives or young monsters depending on taming are traded.

Because it is an expensive and rare race, the area where elves are traded is set aside.

There is no shortage of funds. No matter how small the jewels ripped off by the Emir of Khajitan are over 1 billion cells, besides that, the jewels exchanged before entering Samar are about 500 million cells.

According to Levera, the market price of elves in this market is basically 300 million cells. The price differs depending on gender, appearance, and physical condition, but even if you catch enough, you can buy an elf with 500 million cells.

Normally, there are at most two elves on display in this market. If Eugene had enough funds, he could monopolize the elves.

‘It’s cheaper than I thought.’

I thought so when I first heard the price of an elf from Levera. When you think about it, he wasn’t even that cheap. The elves who returned to Samar had many flaws.

Right now, Narisa has had one leg cut off, and Leva is only one-eyed. When she escapes from slavery and makes her way to this distant forest, she is bound to go through many hardships, and in the process she will get an indelible scar.

The wound does not necessarily refer only to physical wounds. Even elves can’t help it in the face of mental illness. In particular, trauma is one of the chronic diseases of most elves who have experienced slavery.

Neither limbs were intact, nor innocent, nor young, nor sane. Not only that, but the elf who might or might have been afflicted with horse disease was at least 300 million gold.

‘It’s equivalent to a giant’s balls.’

Gargis son of a bitch. Eugene gritted his teeth as he remembered the distant relative he had last seen years ago. Thanks to that rambunctious muscle pig, the concept of economics has become strange.

‘Are you still like that?’

In fact, Gargis’ letters came a few times while I was in Arot. Every birthday of Eugene, he has been sending congratulatory letters and health supplements.

Didn’t eat. All of the medicines Gargis sent were dubious and the ingredients were terrible. Those medicines were turned into gifts for Loverian and Melchis, who were secretly worried about my age, and thanks to Gargis, Yuji received quite a bit of love from Melchis.



Eugene stopped thinking nonsense and looked ahead. A large bald head was approaching with strides from not far away. Eugene looked at the tattoos etched here and there on his ragged muscles, and confirmed the tribal mark hanging on his waist.

‘Lack of Garung.’

I wasn’t upset. This market is a large event in which a large number of tribes in the vicinity participate. I didn’t even bring Narisa because I was afraid that it would turn into a commotion. face? That’s nothing to worry about. Eugene annihilated all the warriors of the Garung tribe who attacked him.


The bald warrior lowers his gaze. Eugene was also on the tall side, but he was one head taller than Eugene.

“That elf. Sell ​​it to me.”

What did you say Eugene glanced at the laughing pig behind the bald head. Skin barely tanned by the sun. Belly fat enough to pierce through the fabric. A hand that seems to have never suffered.

‘The pattern on the chest… I don’t know which family it belongs to. Clothing is not Kiel’s costume. You must be a government official.’

An island country in the Southern Ocean. sea ​​kingdom officials.

“Sorry, but this elf cannot be sold.”

In response, Ujicha’s face twisted. He glared at her downright Eugene with intent to kill, and Eugene gave her a puzzled look while shrugging her shoulders.

“You can’t sell it? why?”

“That’s… there’s a reason it can’t be sold.”

“what reason?”

Even though she had one eye, she had a beautiful face, so she thought of why she would turn her down when someone else offered her a deal.

“This elf is cursed.”

“…curse? You mean you have the disease that kills elves?”

“Indeed, you know. Yes, this elf has the disease. How can you survive in this forest, but if you leave the forest, you will die in a few days.”

At those words, Ujicha’s expression crumpled. Ujicha didn’t press Yujin any further, and turned his head to look back at his dauntless.

“Are you sick? What does that matter?”

Then, as if he had waited, Dazarang stepped forward and smiled broadly.

“Rather, if you got sick, that’s good! Wouldn’t it be that cheap? hey. Sell ​​this elf for 100 million cells!”

At the shout of pride, Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“I can’t do that. Even if you get sick, an elf is an elf, so how can you sell it at a bargain price of 100 million cells?”

“Then 300 million cells. I’ll give you 300 million cells. Will that be enough?”

Dazarang couldn’t control his excitement and twitched his butt. While doing so, she looked up and down at Revera with greedy eyes.

“…300 million cells? You don’t seem to be living in this forest…”

“What does that matter? All you have to do is play with it while staying in this forest.”

You’re crazy. Recovering 300 million cells in just a few days of play? 300 million cells is a lot of money to buy a pair of giant balls that Gargis loves.

“…lily. Excuse me, how old are you?”

“I am 23 years old.”

I didn’t know why he asked, but Dazarang answered with his chest wide open. At that, Yujin let out a deep sigh and shook her head excitedly.

’23 years old? A guy who never made a single penny on his own, was just lucky enough to be born into an aristocratic family. Are you tired of enjoying the wealth that your father has accumulated so hard for a few days?’

Eugene saw Iod in Dazarang. She was sent to Arot to study as a magic learner, and she played with a succubus and even tried to enter black magic.

“lily. I’m really, really sorry, but I won’t sell this elf to my lord.”


“It may be hard to believe from my appearance, but I am proud of my job and business. If my eyesight is right, the ruler seems to be a descendant of a high-ranking aristocratic family, but my pride as a merchant does not allow me to sell a sick elf to such a person.”

pride? What kind of dog bone is that? What is the pride of a merchant selling elven slaves?

“You poor merchant. What are you talking about? Are you really worried that I will ask for a refund later on, blaming the elf for being sick?”

Dazarang opened his eyes and glared at Yujin.

“I am proud of Coral. Countess Coral of Seimuin is my father. I will risk my family name and honor and will not persecute you in any way after this deal is over.”

To purchase an elf to use as a toy, even risking the name and honor of the family.

‘You’re a Horo cub that’s not even as good as Iod.’

“It’s not that I don’t trust Nari. It’s something my trader pride won’t allow. I will not sell this elf to anyone, let alone my lord.”

“You son of a bitch. I’m fine, and I’ll pay to buy it, but why are you saying you won’t sell it? Yes, buy it for 500 million, 500 million cells. Are you lacking? Then 800 million!”

Dazarang spits out his spittle and spat out. The voice was not very high.

It is true that Count Coral is a high-ranking aristocrat of Simuin, but he has not been able to form a relationship with other great tribes other than Garung. It’s too late to wait in line now, and it’s the Jiyal tribe that manages this market. If there is a fight in the market, they will intervene.

“What you are selling me is not an elf, it is my pride. I will not sell my pride even if you give me 8 billion cells instead of 800 million cells.”

Eugene opened his eyes and said. Dazong patted her chest in her frustration, but Ujicha looked at Yujin with her admiring eyes. pride! Although it is the pride of a merchant, the word pride resonated heavily with the warrior’s soul that still remained a little bit in Ujicha.

“Then…then don’t sell it, just give it to me.”

“Don’t be fooled by nonsense. I’m not selling this elf, I’ll take him out of the woods and have him die.”

“Why does a merchant want to take the loss…”

“It is not a loss. It is to keep the pride. Enough then.”

Eugene passed by the tea ceremony without saying more. Dazarang reached out to grab Yujin, but Ujicha grabbed Dazarang’s wrist first.

“이, 이 개새끼야. why are you blocking me No, why did you shut up without helping?”

“If I had stepped forward and threatened, the Gial tribe would not have stayed silent.”

“What was that about! I… I want that elf…!”

“do not worry.”

Ujicha lowered her body and whispered in Tazarang’s ear.

“Anyway, that elf said he wouldn’t sell it. If he leaves the market and leaves the area of ​​the Gial tribe. At that time, he just needs to raid, kill him, and take the elf.”

“…is that okay…?”


Originally not. This market is opened by agreement between several tribes. Merchants holding plaques used in this market must not attack.

Ujicha didn’t know. The pride that the merchant talked about rang the warrior’s soul, but Ujicha wanted to become a nobleman rather than a warrior.

“…the bullshit sounded very plausible.”

“If that sounds plausible, your head is wrong.”

“Bullshit,” I said first. Thanks to Ryan, I learned a wisdom of life that is not very useful.”

“The wisdom of life?”

“yes. The loudness of the voice rather than logic, and the insistence that leaves no room for reply rather than persuasion determine the outcome of an argument.”

“Tina, you are a genius…!”

Eugene looked back at Christina with an expression of admiration. Cristina tilted her head at her sudden exclamation.


“I learned all the wisdom of life you just talked about from you. But did you realize now? That means you taught me without realizing it!”

“Shut up.”

Cristina raised her eyes and glared at Eugene.

After that, the transaction was smooth in its own way. Eugene purchased two male elves, one of whom was horse-ridden and was able to purchase it for less than his market price.

If it was a trivial matter, it was the last remaining female elf. The elf wasn’t afflicted with horse disease and had no scars, so the price the merchant asked for was much higher than the market price. In addition to Eugene, a few other people participated in the transaction, so the elf’s purchase naturally turned into an auction.

“…a billion cells.”

Eugene raised the bid with a feeling of vomiting blood. Spectators flocked to the instant auction cheered. If it’s a billion cells, you have to scrape off all the remaining jewels. Needless to say, Lionheart’s black card could not be used in this market.

‘Don’t post more. No, just put it up. Then I’ll give up cleanly.’

Eugene clenched his fists feeling complicated. She didn’t want to make a fuss, so she bought her elf with jewels.

But if you don’t have enough money, isn’t it inevitable? If that’s the case, I have no choice but to give up. Of course, I couldn’t give up on the elves. I had no choice but to put on a mask and become a robber.

“One billion cells. One billion cells came out.”

Please, please bid.

“Yes, one billion cells! Congratulations!”

“Congratulations, son of a bitch.”


“No… thank you.”

Eugene swallowed his tantrum and took out the jewelry box. With this, Eugene has wasted all of his jewels. The face of the slave trader who sold an elf for more than twice the market price looked very happy. As he let his gums fully bloom, he evaluated each jewel and checked the amount.

“Come on, take me.”


“I’m glad I made a good deal. My brother is very special. What are you planning to do with four elves?”

Tighten your mouth. Yujin cleared his throat and turned his body. Four elves, including Levera, rode the cart that had been pulled from the elven village.

“…Ryan. Are you okay?”

“It’s not okay.”

“The money was spent on relieving the poor. Don’t belittle it.”

“Who said what? just not okay Do I look like a person who will become bitter just because I spent 1.5 billion?”

“Aren’t you in trouble right now?”

“I used to look like this.”

I’ve never worried about money since I was reincarnated, but I still think it’s a waste to spend a lot of money.

‘Yes… 1.5 billion is the price of 5 pairs of balls at most.’

I tried to comfort myself, but it didn’t help much.

While Eugene pulled the cart on horseback, the elves who rode there listened to Revera’s words. She thought she would be branded a slave and sold. Levera’s words gave hope to the other elves.

and. Yujin’s crumpled face began to straighten little by little.



Yujin smiled and pulled the horse’s reins. As the horses speeded up, the cart rattled. The elves didn’t make a sound of surprise. Just a moment ago, the faces of the elves were full of hope, but now the faces of the elves were spreading fear.

Levera tried to stay calm. He doesn’t have to worry. Those words were delivered directly by the village’s guardian, Sycnad.

You go to a dangerous place, but nothing dangerous happens.

no. Even if you encounter dangerous things, there will be no problem.

Sycnad said so and reassured Levera.

…really? Levera shook her shoulders at the sound she heard. thumping steps. narrowing distance. barbarian warrior. Why are you chasing me? It must be the rule of barbarians not to attack merchants in the market.


Tension and fear make breathing quicker. Leva turned to Eugene as she pressed her hand to her beating heart. Eugene, on her horse, turned her head at the call behind her.

“What’s wrong with your expression?”

“Oh… are you okay?”

“Of course it is fine. Rather, it went well.”

Eugene replied with a smile. The distance that was rapidly narrowing does not narrow from a certain point. Are you waiting until there is no problem even if you attack?

‘I’m grateful.’

Eugene didn’t have to turn around and went straight ahead. That’s how I got out of the Gial tribe’s territory and ran through the forest with the cart a little more. when are you coming now?


The distance is rapidly closing. and overtaken The pursuer who ran up the tree falls in front of him and blocks the cart. Eugene stopped the cart without panic.


Dazarang, who was hanging on Ujicha’s back, covered his mouth with the feeling of vomiting. He hurriedly got off the back of the Ujicha, yucky on the floor and started vomiting.

“Come down.”

Vomiting continued from behind, but Ujicha pointed a finger at Yujin without looking back. Then he checked Christina and the elf in the cart.

He was not interested in Christina, who still had the face of an aunt. First, after handing over the one-eyed elf to Dazarang, the remaining three elves… Ujicha smiled with her lips twitching.

Eugene jumped up without getting down from the driver’s seat.

“You said your name was Dajarang Coral, right?”

Eugene stretched out his finger like Uji tea and pointed at Dazarang.

“Woo-wook… woek.”

Dazarang couldn’t answer and continued to vomit. Actually, the answer wasn’t that important.

Eugene spent 1.5 billion to buy 3 elves.

Dazarang said he would buy Levera for 800 million cells.

In other words, Dajarang has jewelry worth at least 800 million cells.

‘This is unavoidable.’

Eugene suppressed a laugh and jumped down from the cart.

‘I wasn’t going to commit a robbery. But that baby first became a robber and blocked me. ‘

So it is unavoidable.

“Can’t you understand the situation?”

Ujicha looked at Yujin, who did not look frightened, and twisted her mouth. The other warriors of the tribe weren’t brought along, but that didn’t matter. Only one slave trader. Tearing him to death is easier for Ujicha than crushing insects to death…


Ujicha spit out without realizing it.

Until just a moment ago, I couldn’t see the slave dealer in front of me.


‘Where did you go?’

Garung’s great warrior, Wujicha, couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. He doesn’t look like a slave. escape? You ran away leaving the elf and wife you bought with expensive money?

If it really ran away, where in the world? I never looked away from my eyes. Eyes blinked a few times. Humans can, of course, blink their eyes.

okay. In the blink of an eye. Long enough for Eugene to accelerate.

ㅡ Pleasant! A kick that flew out of sight kicked Ujicha in the chin. That blow far exceeded Ujicha’s expectations. Who would have imagined that a lowly slave trader would move like that.

As a result, Ujicha couldn’t let out a single short scream. The surprise attack was quick and sharp. With that blow, Ujicha’s consciousness was severed. His eyes widen, and the over two-meter giant staggers.

iron puck.

Ujicha’s bald head fell backwards and landed right in the middle of the vomit. Dazarang, who was still gasping for motion sickness, couldn’t help but scream.

“What, what, what!”

Dazarang couldn’t even wipe the vomit from his mouth and jumped back. He was about to jump. Having been severely obese most of his life, his overworked knees prevented him from performing the sudden leap command.

In the end, Dazarang couldn’t retreat as far as he thought. She took a couple of steps back, and the feeling of nausea welled up again at the sloshing of her bloated body.

“Wow wow…”

Vomit poured down the face of the unconscious Ujicha. Eugene, who had seen all sorts of dirty and terrible things in her previous life, but her face was honestly distorted at the sight in front of her.

“Dirty Sipal.”

“Oooh… Ugh…”

“How many times have you eaten so much that you vomited and vomited without end?”

Eugene exhaled and moved his fingers. The condensed wind at his fingertips shot at Dabarong. ㅡPeruk! The bullet of the wind is stuck in the pit of the stomach. not scattered For Eugene, who signed a contract with Tempest, ‘Wind’ is something that can be handled as a matter of course, like core mana.


The wind caught in the pit of the stomach turns into a whirlpool. Dazarang’s belly is swept away by the whirlpool and shakes. It’s not just shaking the flesh. The fierce wind shook Dazarang’s stomach, forcing the remains of the stomach that had not yet been vomited out of the esophagus.

For Dazarang, who was born into a count’s family and lived without experiencing hardships, the pain now was an unknown sensation that he had never experienced in his life and would never have to face in the future. After vomiting up everything in his stomach, Dazarin crawled on his floor, his tears and snot running down his cheeks.

“Save, buy, save, save me…”

“Who killed you?”

Yujin frowned and sighed. He couldn’t answer and just vomited, so I just made sure there was nothing more to vomit. Eugene did not go closer to Davaro, only extended his finger forward.


It was merely a pointing, but Dazarang knelt down in his seat. I will never forget the pain I felt when I was pointed at by that outstretched finger and hit by the wind. So I had no choice but to get down on my knees. His 23 years of life, his authority as a count and master do not protect him from the fist right in front of him.

“How much money do you have?”

Eugene made a circle with his outstretched index finger and thumb. blatant gestures. Rather, it reassured Mr. If money is what you want, isn’t it simple and neat?

“Go, 300 million cells as common currency. As a jewel, I have about 1 billion cells.”

“What would you do if I asked for that money?”

“Muh… Of course I have to…”

“Thank you for giving it to me. Aren’t you going to remember this ‘later’ and seek revenge on me?”

Eugene emphasized the word ‘later’ and stared at the teaser. Those words made Dazzang roll her head the hardest in her 23-year life.

The conclusion came straight away. If you say later, doesn’t that mean you won’t kill? Dazarin immediately lowered his head.

“Cor… Staking the honor of Count Coral, there will be no such thing.”

“Why are you betting the honor of your innocent father?”

Yujin grumbled and glared at Da-Bo-Rang.

“I haven’t done anything to you. If you had to do anything, you didn’t sell the elf you wanted. But selling and not selling is my mind as a merchant, right?”

“yes yes.”

“It could have ended like that, but you tried to kill me. Right? Hey, colluding with the barbarians who are still fainting. That’s how I am George, the woman with me is George, and you tried to steal all the elves I have. yes?”


don’t wake up

Dazarang sincerely thought so. Ujicha is still down. What if he wakes up? Can Wuji tea change this situation? The great warrior of the Garung tribe. He was knocked out by a slave trader’s blow, and risked his life by peeing on the monster that killed Blon?

Dazarang trembled and put his hand in his bosom.

“Since you made all of this, you must take responsibility.”

What he took out of his arms was a small pouch. Dazarang turned the bag upside down and dusted it off. Then, large jewelry boxes fell to the floor with a thud.

“It is the price of life.”

Yujin opened her eyes thinly and stared at Dazzarang.

“If you try to find me again, then it will be paid with your life, not with jewels.”

face changed The identity he used in Samar is also fake. Since entering the forest properly in the first place, I have never used my ID. common currency? jewel? Anything like that can be cleaned.

Be warned though. The wind summoned by Eugene lifted the heavy jewelry boxes.


Ujicha opened her eyes.

The first thing I felt was an indescribably complex and subtle ‘taste.’ Behind it is a familiar ‘smell.’ Those two things wake up the dazed mind.


Ujicha shouted and jumped up. He jerked around, wildly rubbing the jumbled vomit on his head and face. Proud of everything on his knees. A jewel box floating in the air. A slave statue standing in front of me.

Anger moved Ujicha’s body. He screamed and rushed at Eugene. The position of Daejeonsa was not won only with a grim face. The swiftly operated mana accelerated Ujicha’s body.

However, that acceleration seemed slow to Yujin. Eugene clicked his tongue and pressed his foot gently to the ground. ㅡ Quad gain! The ground rises and becomes a barrier.


Ujicha kicked off the ground and took off. And then he felt something strange. Warriors of Samar receive the protection of spirits without having to learn spirit magic. Warriors born in this vast forest have an affinity for the spirits from birth, and in the case of Ujicha, they are protected by the spirits of the wind.

A primordial spirit mixed with all winds. That makes Ujicha agile, unbecoming of a giant. However, the current leap was not at all satisfactory.

What Ujicha wanted was to jump up to the high sky and smash the cheeky slave trader head first. The current leap was limited to barely jumping over the barriers.


It was for a simple reason. A primitive spirit that has no will cannot go against a high-ranking spirit, and the wind in this space is under the control of Eugene.

In other words, the compatibility between Ujicha and Yujin was the worst. Eugene spread his right hand wide toward the Uji tea. ㅡQuaaa! A huge wind swallowed the Uji tea. Then, the wind turned into a blade and tore Ujicha’s clothes to shreds.


Ujicha struggled in the middle of a sharp whirlpool. Yujin stared at the Uzi tea with her sullen expression on her face. Unlike her hairless head, her Ujicha body was covered in hair. Eugene nodded her head and clenched her fists.

ㅡAww! The wind blows. The wind that wrapped around her body ripped out all of Ujicha’s hair by the roots.


Ujicha screamed at the kind of pain she felt for the first time in her life. The smooth Uji tea fell to the ground. No, she didn’t fall. Eugene raised the wind again and sent Ujicha’s body to a high place.

“Let go, let go!”

Ujicha tried to get away from the wind somehow. He overworked his core, squeezed out his mana, and earnestly wished for the spirit that bestowed protection on him. In addition to that, he even used the Garung tribe’s battle magic.

Garung’s battle magic borrows the power of the soul. It is a kind of necromancy. In addition to Garung, there are many tribes that use necromancy as a combat spell, and what Ujicha used was nothing special in Samar.

I shouldn’t have written it. Yujin felt the spirits wandering around Uji Tea. It resembles the vengeful spirits summoned by black magic, whose egos have collapsed from the very beginning.


Eugene hates that kind of witchcraft. Because it resembles black magic. So no mercy was shown. You’re not even the one to show mercy to in the first place. It was that child who attacked first.


Dazarang shuddered and covered his ears at the screams coming from high up. Crunchy, puduk, the sound of bones twisting. screaming for help. Dazarin recalled her memory from a few days ago, which she did not want to recall.

The monster that tore apart Blon so easily. Eyes of a beast that sparkled in gold. The sharp teeth that were visible every time the lips curled up.

‘I want to go back too. To my house…as an official…’

Ujicha’s scream fades away. It’s not stopping, it’s getting farther and farther away. Can a human with twisted limbs fly far away and survive a fall? Even if he survives according to his luck, will he be able to survive in this violent forest with a body that can no longer move?

That wasn’t something Eugene knew. He packed the jewel boxes under his cloak and returned to the coachman’s seat.

“May you die peacefully.”

Christina was praying with her hands folded. Her words felt like a nasty joke to Eugene.

“A peaceful death is a piece of shit. Even if you live, it will be worse than dying, and even if you die as soon as you are lucky enough to fall, you will die after experiencing all the pain.”

“But after death you will find peace.”

Christina said with a smile. Because it’s also twisted. As Eugene thought so, she took the reins. She rattles and the cart moves. The elves held their breath and said nothing. However, she still glanced at the braggart lying on the floor. The elves, sold as slaves and accustomed to persecution, felt an unknown warmth when they saw that human aristocrat begging on his knees and still unable to raise his head.

It was the same with Levera. She stabbed her former master with a knife and caressed her burnt right eye. An unknown heat was in her eyes. The heat was of a completely different kind from the pain he felt when burned.


Levera stared at Eugene’s back with possessed eyes.


“…I think we can probably go west.”

“It’s an ambiguous word.”

“It can’t be helped. I mean, my memory doesn’t stay that way.”

Sycnad frowned and grumbled.

“All that remains in my memory is… a few fragmentary memories. Depending on that, I wandered around looking for a territory, and I was in despair.”

“Then why don’t we go together?”

Yujin asked, tilting her head perversely.

Sycnad did not answer right away. He stared at Eugene for a moment, then smiled and shook his head.

“I can’t do that. You never know what will happen while I’m out of town.”

It was my first time asking, but I thought I would answer like that. The barriers of the Fairy Tree are not absolute. The reason this wandering elf village lasted for years was because the Sycnad sliced ​​to death any intruders who approached.

“…Dark Elves have been in frequent contact in recent years.”

Sycnad muttered as he caressed the sword laid down beside him.

“Every time they came close, I caught them, tortured them, and killed them. And then I heard the circumstances. Iris. I heard that the corruptor is trying to infect corruption for his position.”


“It’s not even funny. That girl is a monster, no, an ugliness that shouldn’t exist. It’s hard to believe that we were once the same elf, of the same race. About the genocide of the elves 300 years ago. Are you going to come and embrace the elves now?”

Kwap. Sycnad grabbed the hilt and gnashed his teeth.

“I don’t believe that. Iris said that the dark elves only made ‘propositions’ to the wandering elves, but that couldn’t be true. They intimidate and forcefully turn them into Dark Elves. If you don’t accept it, kill it. While I’m away from this town… What if the Dark Elves come in?”

Sykhnad participated in the war 300 years ago. He is one of the few survivors of the elven rangers. In the forest Iris burned, she saw hundreds of corpses of elves whose intestines had been pulled out. The spectacle has become a spell he has not shaken off for hundreds of years, and it has captivated Sycnad.

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