Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 35

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“…If you find the territory, your neurosis will get better.”

Eugene smiled bitterly and said. It is not only Sykhnad who is captivated by the scenes from 300 years ago.

“It’s a place no one has found in hundreds of years.”

“…I guess so.”

Sycnad murmured as he let go of the hilt he was gripping tightly.

“If you don’t find it, don’t be too disappointed. It’s not as big as Samar, but the forest at home is also large. Even if a hundred elves live in it, it won’t show.”

“…Besides, it’ll be safe.”

Sycnard looked at Eugene with a relieved expression.

“…thanks. Hamel.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“…If you hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have had the hope of leaving this town. So I’m saying thank you.”

“What else am I saying?”

Yujin laughed and stood up.

“so. Go west… Anything else?”

“Hundreds of years have passed, so the scenery must have changed.”

“Useless child.”

“…As you head west, be conscious of the leaves. If you do, you will probably be able to find the manor.”

Sycnad lowered his gaze and sighed.

“…That’s not very helpful.”

“It’s fine if you know. Go now.”

Eugene patted Sycnad on the shoulder and left the cabin.

Christina was already at the entrance of the village. She bowed to Sycnard, who had followed her Eugene, then looked at her Eugene.

“Are you leaving now?”


It was not only Christina who came to the entrance. All the elves living in this village came out to see them off. Perhaps among them there were believers who worshiped the god of light, and several elves prayed to Christina with their hands together.

no. It’s not just Christina. Several elves were looking at Eugene with desperate eyes.

Such a gaze was not unfamiliar.

‘It’s heavy.’

yes or now The gaze of expectation is heavy. I have no choice but to pray earnestly. They know that this town is not absolutely safe. So you have no choice but to hang on.

‘…You must have been much heavier than me.’

Narisa is sobbing and crying. She had only been there for a few days, but had she fallen in love with her? At the same time, she is looking at Eugene with envy in her wet eyes. Levera also had eyes similar to Narissa.


Called a warrior by everyone. expected by everyone Wherever he went, those who recognized Vermouth would cling to him, asking him to save the world, defeat the demon king, and avenge his children, parents, and friends.

“I hate warriors.”

Eugene unknowingly spit out that.


Cristina turned to Eugene with a puzzled look on her face.

“It’s just like that.”


A few days to go west as Sycnad told me.

After leaving the wandering elf village, nothing particularly problematic happened. I encountered monsters several times, found traces of nearby tribes, but never encountered natives.


I felt the leaves of the world tree in my arms ‘flinch’ and tremble. She was not mistaken. Most of Eugene’s senses were focused on these dried leaves during the few days of the move, and Eugene was not clumsy enough to be mistaken for waiting so eagerly.

Eugene immediately took a leaf out of his arms. He stopped the wind blowing and stared at the leaves on his palms.

Once again, the leaves flinch. Christina’s face lit up as she approached her before she knew it. The leaves on her palm move little by little. Turn slightly and move forward.

“It’s like a compass.”

Eugene muttered that and put the leaf back into his bosom.

“Why are you putting it in?”

“It’s cumbersome to keep carrying it in the palm of your hand. Even if it’s in your arms anyway, you can feel ‘where’ you’re going.”

The direction is… slightly off the west. Sycnad’s memory was not wrong. Even so, the reason why he couldn’t find the territory must be because there was another reason that had no choice but to do so. Yujin felt her heart pounding and hurried her steps.

The more you move in the direction you point, the stronger the reaction of the leaves. At first, it only pointed in the direction with a flinching level, but now it fluctuates as if it will break through your arms.

As the reaction of the leaves grew stronger, Eugene’s steps became faster. Cristina followed Eugene’s movements without missing them.



The voice he spits out is a little trembling. Even in the midst of moving forward, Eugene did not miss the ‘change’ around her. fluttering wind. It is different from ordinary wind. It’s not just the wind. The land and trees are different from the ‘forest’ that I have become accustomed to after wandering around for nearly two months.

But Eugene couldn’t know exactly what was different. Eugene took Winid out of the cloak.

[…this is amazing.]

I hear Tempest’s voice in my head. Katabuta Needless to say, Tempest immediately grasped the situation.

[Primal Spirit… No. Is it the spirit of the World Tree?]

‘what is that?’

[Do you know what a primitive spirit is?]

‘know. It’s the lowest level spirit that has no will.’

At that answer, Tempest let out a low laugh.

[The lowest level spirit… yes. You can see it that way.]

‘is not it?’

[The Primordial Spirit is the pure essence of the Spirit. It is weaker than the lower wind spirit, the sylph, and cannot go against the sylph’s wind, but… the primitive spirit does not lose itself even in the sylph’s wind.]


[I, the King of Spirits, and Sylph, a low-level spirit, were once primitive spirits.]



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‘…is it similar to mana.’

Yujin pondered for a while before asking.

[okay. Primal spirits are similar to mana. Another form of mana… You can see it. Just as mana is ubiquitous, primitive spirits are ubiquitous. All wind, earth, fire, and water are composed of mana and primitive spirits.]

‘The subject of what was once said to be a primitive spirit, why is the answer so ambiguous?’

[Hamel. Do you have memories of when you were a fetus?]

‘…I have memories of the moment I was born.’

[But you don’t remember when you were in your mother’s belly. Even remembering from the moment you were born, isn’t it because you were reincarnated with the memories and personality of your previous life intact? Ordinary people, no matter how good their memory is, will not be able to remember it from the moment they are born.]

‘Of course it is. So, what is the spirit of the world tree?’

After making a contract with Tempest and coming to Samar.

Maybe through Tempest, I thought I might be able to find the elves and their territory. Tempest is the spirit king of wind. Also, elves are naturally gifted with spirit affinity, and are a race that can make contracts with spirits without having to learn spirit magic.

But it didn’t come off that easily. For the spirits, contracts are absolute. No matter how tempest was the wind spirit king, it was impossible to have his subordinate spirits divulge information about the contractor.


There was excitement in Tempest’s voice that he couldn’t hide.

[If the spirit of the wind dwells in the wind, then the spirit of the world tree dwells in the world tree. It is also different from the tree spirit.]

‘…The World Tree is just an old fairy tree.’

[Are you serious?]

‘I just said it. I know that the World Tree is special.’

It is not possible to say that only young saplings form a barrier, and trees that block the progress of horsemen are simply old trees that have been overgrown for a long time. In the first place, fairy trees are rare and are used as powerful magic materials.

[…Elves have faith in the World Tree. dead ancestors. They believe that the souls of all elves will be guided to the world tree and protect the race.]

‘It’s not absolute faith. There were also elves who served the god of light.’

[It can’t be helped, can it? Faith is a choice for oneself. In any case, the world tree is a spiritual and powerful existence as it is regarded as faith by a race.]

The forest, the space shakes. The ground moves little by little, and the trees bend their bodies.

[I am the spirit king of the wind, but I cannot control the wind here. It’s not just me. No spirit king will be able to interfere with the spirits here.]

The leaves in your arms vibrate. When I took it out, the leaves were giving off a bright light. Then it floats in the air on its own. Eugene did not hold on to the leaves.

ㅡHwaaaak! The space in front of your eyes is distorted. so the road opens Leaves flew into it, and Eugene reached out for Christina. Cristina hesitated and took Eugene’s hand.

“…Wouldn’t it be dangerous…”

“no way.”

Eugene muttered that and pulled Christina closer. Then he spurred the ground and ran into the open space. Right after the two passed, the space closed again.

The forest, which wriggled and created a path, returned to its original form.

a little later


A man leaping from afar fell to the ground. He brushed the dirt off his body and looked around. The trees that opened the way by bending here and there are back intact, and the overturned soil is back flat.

The road is closed.

“I missed it.”

The hooded man grumbled and sniffed. There is no smell… It has apparently disappeared from this side, but no trace remains as if it were all an illusion.

“To rot.”

The man twisted his lips and spat out a curse. He wanted to be guided in peace. Hopefully it will be like this It’s all because the little guy is too sensitive. He was a little late, having followed him from a long distance, only by smell.

‘Is this near…?’

I don’t know. It should have been here just a moment ago… There is no smell left in this place. The smell drifts in a completely different direction… no. The smell is scattered throughout the forest around here. Is it because the trees broke and made a road, and the wind blew?

‘It’s like a maze.’

The man stopped chasing the scent.


So what do we do now? Shall we wait blindly here? Do you know when it will come out? And is there any guarantee that it will come out here the same? If you’re not careful, you might just wait a long time and get nothing. The man hated that kind of thing.


Wouldn’t it be better to wait in a certain place to return?



I know you can make a sound like that.

Eugene turned his head at the clear exclamation he heard from beside him. Christina’s face she saw was pure enough to be said to be the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Without pretentiousness or ostentation. Christina was admiring the sight before her eyes.

It has to be. Eugene put the leaves of the World Tree back in his bosom and turned his head. Eugene was also admiring this sight.

“…it looks like an umbrella.”

Eugene murmured in a low voice. It was a poor metaphor, but the sight in front of her really was like an umbrella. huge tree. world tree. Countless, luxuriant branches and leaves cover the sky like umbrellas.

“It’s more like an umbrella… more like a ceiling.”

“That’s what it is. It’s covered after all.”

Eugene looked up at the sky and answered. No, looking up is not the sky. Everywhere you look, there are only branches and leaves.

below it.

The city is spread out. A city that has been in existence for hundreds of years. Looking down like this, it looks like an old ruin.

‘no. That’s a real ruin.’

Thinking so, Yujin glanced back. I can’t see the road that leads to this place. Tree roots, vines, and soil are intertwined and blocking the path.

“How do I get out?”


Eugene answered and walked forward.

“First of all… I get this. It’s beautiful, but it’s not a place where anything can live.”

“…that seems so.”

Cristina nodded in agreement.

“Everything here is connected to the World Tree. But that’s all. Contrary to what can be seen… mana is almost non-existent.”

It’s a strange thing. To the naked eye, the world tree boasting a majestic appearance is full of mana, just like Lionheart’s forest and spirit vein. However, there is almost no mana here. Even those green leaves, even though they looked full of life on the outside, somehow seemed like they would crumble if I put my hand on them.

‘What is it?’

Reminds me of Vermouth’s grave. A space filled with created harmony. The trees and grass here are not fake. Real, but lifeless.

[Is mana concentrated in the barrier?]

‘What about the spirits?’

[…Hmm… Strange. The spirits are silent. It exists, but it is not revealed.]

Tempest murmured. Eugene shrugged her shoulders and jumped down the cliff, and Cristina also spread her wings of light and followed Eugene.

So the two of them came down from the cliff and walked through the city. old buildings. The roots that rise from the ground connect and wind around the buildings.

“…seems no one is there.”

I thought the elves would stay. However, elves do not exist in this city. This place is beautiful, but it is a place where no one can live. Mana is too faint, and the things necessary for food and living do not exist.

passing through the city

I saw withered trees. The trees were entwined and connected by the roots of the World Tree, but they were not Elf trees. Different types of fruit trees. Eugene went closer to the tree and put his hand on it.

‘…He’s dead.’

A tree will fall down just by pushing it. Not just trees. The soil is also dry. There is no water left in the wells provided throughout the city.

‘It would be impossible to relocate the wandering elves.’

Can we clear the soil and plant various seeds to make it a place worth living?

[impossible. The earth here is dead. That was from quite a long time ago. It is impossible to revive this place without supplying a large amount of mana.]

‘A large amount of mana… how much?’

[The spiritual vein of Lionheart’s home. Even if you can’t, you’ll need several times that.]

‘What if it’s a dragon heart?’

[…Are you planning on stealing Senya’s wand?]

Akasha. A magic wand made from branches of the World Tree and dragon hearts.

‘If you need.’

[Even Dragon Heart won’t be enough. And… mana seems to be running out. Hamel. I feel an unknown discomfort in this space.]

‘What are you talking about again?’

[This feeling… it’s like… reminiscent of the demon king’s ominousness.]

‘Don’t talk nonsense. This is the territory of the elves. There is a world tree in front of it.’

Eugene replied and walked forward.

“…Where did the elf go?”

“Maybe they hibernate as a group. Or have you moved somewhere else?”

“Are you kidding?”

“no. I mean seriously. This is a land where no one can live. No elves either. Could it be that the elves living here were massacred? The city is too fine for that.”

No one, but it wasn’t ruins.

Cross the city and get close to the World Tree. It was large even when viewed from a distance, but the closer the distance was, the more I felt the enormousness of the World Tree. The World Tree was as huge as a mountain.

under it.

There was a huge lake bordering the World Tree. The water in the well did not dry up, but the water in the lake was still there. Eugene looked down at the calmly submerged surface of the water.

Bottom of a deep lake. The roots of the World Tree are visible. The roots that spread throughout the city were connected to the land, the lake, and so on to the World Tree. Eugene lowered his body and put his hand on the surface of the lake.

“…This is so…”

It’s not that mana is scarce.

The mana that should exist in this space is concentrated in the World Tree. The roots are like veins, making mana flow like blood into the World Tree. Eugene focused his mind and felt exactly where the mana was flowing.


Yujin raised her body. Then he wordlessly stretched out his feet towards the lake. The surface received Eugene’s foot without a flutter.


“wait here.”

I said that out of the blue, but Cristina didn’t question. She nodded her head slightly and left on the shore of the lake.

I walked across a large lake. Soon after, Eugene was able to reach right in front of the World Tree. The location… it doesn’t matter where. Eugene took a leaf from his bosom and brought it close to the World Tree.

The surface of the World Tree cracked and the path opened. Eugene went inside the tree, trying not to be shaken.

long aisle.

Eugene walked there silently. This is the inside of the World Tree. Outside, mana was sparse, but inside, it was full of mana more than anywhere Eugene had been.


“You mean spirits?”

[okay. Primeval spirits… Spirits of the World Tree. There will be no ego, but they are staring at you.]

“how is it. Do you feel welcome?”

[I guess so.]

Eugene smiled and looked away.

I see elves

They were wrapped in vines with relaxed faces. Elves were buried in the walls of this wide passage. Dead… is not. I just fell asleep for a long time. Faint breathing and heartbeat resonate. pounding, pounding. The unified sound felt like a huge cradle.


Pass the elves in a long slumber.

Eugene’s steps stopped.


What expression should I make?

I couldn’t even figure it out myself. Should I smile to say I’m happy? Or… should I shed a lot of tears, as you did?

“Senya Merdein.”

Like the other elves, she was in a long sleep.

With a big hole in your chest.

Half of his body was swallowed by the vines of the World Tree.

Eugene stretched out his trembling hand and tried to touch Senya. After all he didn’t. He was afraid that Senya would break if he accidentally touched it. Like the dead trees I saw and knocked down before coming here.

‘…My chest was pierced.’

The vines of the world tree were entwined in that hole. Senya was connected to the World Tree like that.

‘…not dead.’

Senya was breathing weakly, and her heart was beating.

Eugene tried to smile.


It didn’t work out. Eugene sat down on the floor helplessly and stared at Senya.


no answer comes back

“Why are you doing that?”

Yujin covered her face with her hands and cried.


Good thing I didn’t come with Cristina.

I thought so. If she had come all the way with her, she would have had to make up her own excuses, starting with the reason why she immediately shed her tears when she saw Senya.

They didn’t come together, so there was no need for that. When Eugene saw Senya entangled in vines, she shed silent tears.

Several emotions are mixed. Doubt and sadness. Relief and anger there. Senya is not dead. It was as if he were dead, and although he had wounds that wouldn’t be strange if he died, he was clearly alive.

Tempest is silent. He was also feeling a lot of emotions about this situation. Senya Merdane. As far as Tempest knew, she was an unparalleled and powerful archmage.

300 years ago, there was no magician superior to Senya. Vermut was also a great wizard, but Senya was several steps ahead of Vermut in understanding the science of ‘magic’.

Such Senya is sleeping with a hole in her chest.

After shedding tears for a while Eugene rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.

“I must have gotten older.”

Yujin twisted her lips and spat out.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cried so well before.”

It’s not because I’m old, it’s because I’m young. I thought that might be the case. Because this reincarnated body is still a 19-year-old. Or… it might just be because it’s something that can’t help but cause tears. Yujin giggled and shook her head.

“My voice. Can you hear me?”

After talking like that, I checked Senya’s reaction. No response came back. There was no twitching of the closed eyelids, no movement of the eyes behind the eyelids, no twitching of the lips.

Eugene was not disappointed. He took a few deep breaths, then reached out his hand towards Senya. Could it be that he was ruined by touching his hand? Feeling that concern, he reached out to Senya with a cautious hand, as if touching a young sprout.


did not reach The moment she got closer, a light burst between her outstretched fingertips and Senya. Eugene was not taken aback and withdrew his hand.

Light-green light covered Senya and the vines. Before long, Senya was swallowed up by the solid crystal, just as she was connected to the vine.

Eugene stretched out his finger and tapped the surface of the crystal. It is so hard that it cannot be easily broken. Even if it could be broken, it didn’t seem like that.

[…it’s sealed.]

“I guess so.”

Tempest muttered, and Eugene nodded as well. She placed her open hand on the crystal, closed her eyes, and tried to concentrate. mana flow. Enormous mana concentrated in the World Tree surrounds Senya.

‘…Wounds that wouldn’t be strange even if they died… Are the world trees prolonging life? Elves?’

The situation was not well understood.

200 years ago. Someone broke into Hamel’s grave. Feeling that her familiar was destroyed, Senya immediately headed for Hamel’s grave.

There, Senya had a fight with an unknown intruder. The fighting was fierce, and the tomb was all in ruins. Everything was destroyed except for the statue and memorial stone.

The intruder opened the coffin and took out the body.


I don’t know why. Anyway, the body came out of the coffin, the moonlight sword was sealed on the coffin, and Senya was seriously injured and warped to this place using the leaves of the World Tree.

what happened after that Somehow, the city was emptied, the elves there fell asleep inside the World Tree, Senya was sealed away, and the memories of the territory disappeared from the minds of the elves outside.

“Would you like to leave a letter for me?”

Yujin grumbled and turned around. He made a clear distinction between what he could and could not do. That seal is not to be touched carelessly. Senya’s wounds are serious enough that it wouldn’t be strange if she died anytime. Eugene is not an expert on such things.

I don’t know about the seal, but the experts on injuries and healing are out there.

Did you cry?

Normally, I would have made a joke like that. I just couldn’t do that now. So Christina shut her mouth and was silent. Red bloodshot eyes, tear-stained cheeks. Even though it all seemed blatant, she said nothing.

“…it looks like a cradle.”

Instead, he said something else. Christina muttered as she passed the elves who were entwined in vines and buried.

“It seems that all human thoughts are the same. I thought so too when I saw it.”

Eugene replied with a smile. Her voice sounded the same as usual.

So the two entered the depths of the World Tree.


Cristina saw the woman with her eyes closed inside the crystal. Are you smart Without Eugene telling her first, Cristina recognized the woman. Cristina calmed her trembling breathing and moved toward her crystal.

There was no need to ask what to do. A hole in the middle of the chest. The vines of the World Tree woven there. Weak heartbeat and breathing. Cristina stood in front of the crystal and pulled out the wand from her belt.

A bright light surrounds Christina. She stared at Senya with bright eyes.

“…the heart is broken.”

Now, Christina’s eyes are looking inside Senya’s body.

“It’s not just the heart. Most vital organs are… contaminated.”


“yes. It’s not broken like a heart, but it’s not functioning properly.”

“But you are alive.”


Being alive is a miracle. Cristina didn’t bother to say it out of her mouth. It seemed she shouldn’t have said that.

“…It wouldn’t be strange if he died, no, he’s in a state where he has no choice but to die. Magic keeps life alive.”

“Can you save it?”

that word. It sounded so heavy that I couldn’t respond quickly. Cristina hesitated for a moment, then swallowed her breath and nodded her head.

“I will try.”

Cristina held the wand in front of her chest and closed her eyes. Whenever the blue jewel in the center of the cross sparkles, the light spreads as if resonating with it.

Eugene took a few steps back. In the middle of the light, Christina pursed her lips. She drew a magic circle with a large cross appearing under her feet, and strange characters were added around it.

The power of divine magic is determined by faith. What Christina is using now is the highest level of resuscitation magic, and even within the Holy Empire, there are very few priests who can use it. The reason why rich people from other countries donate astronomical amounts of money every year to the Holy Empire is to guarantee this revival magic.

If you have a life attached to it, you can save it. It is no exaggeration to say that this class of resuscitation magic is not magic, but rather a miracle.

I bet it is.

Beads of sweat ran down Christina’s forehead. She frowned and focused her mind, drawing out her divine power. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it’s a miracle, but in the end, isn’t it a miracle? The light emitted by Christina passed through the crystal and flowed into Senya’s body, but Senya’s wounds did not heal at all.

It’s not just the visible wounds. The light Christina emits could not purify the unknown contamination inside Senya’s body. No, I couldn’t. Christina instinctively realized. This taint must not be purged by her tampering. The pollution carved into Senya’s body for hundreds of years was firmly bound to Mana, as if it had become a part of her existence.

‘What is this…?’

It is the first time I have seen such a contaminated body. Is it some kind of curse? Are you smart Could there be a curse in the world that could destroy the body of the greatest wizard in history?

Divine power is reversed. Cristina concentrated on chewing on her lips. Her eyes were closed, but she could still see everything around her clearly. Senya’s body pushes the light of divine power. Resurrection magic, equivalent to a miracle, was scattered in vain.

Eugene’s eyes, watching from the side, are stained with melancholy. She hated that gaze. She even declared herself a saint, but she did not want to appear helpless at the moment when a miracle was needed.

I was laughed at, saying that turning cookie crumbs into bread and turning water into wine belong to miracles. He asked if the severed limbs could not be attached. Now, if you don’t properly unfold the miracle. You will continue to hear laughter…

ㅡ Chiing.

Christina’s body trembled.

is it impossible

Eugene made up his mind. What can’t be done is unavoidable. Cristina is sweating and using her divine magic, but Senya’s wounds are not healing.

So I tried to reach out my hand to stop at this point.

Christina’s reaction was strange.

“I was overdoing it.”

He stumbled and was about to fall, so he stretched out his hand. Power based on faith is divine power, but it is not infinite power. Like mana, if you use it too much, it will eventually run out.


The outstretched hand is swept away by the light. Eugene looked at Christina with her eyes wide open. One, two, three… Eight wings appeared from behind Christina.

Wings made of light. Something rises beneath it. The being half-connected with Christina, spread its eight wings and looked up at the ceiling.



Eugene spit out involuntarily. The angel I saw when I fell to Vermouth’s grave in Black Lion Castle. It must have been. He was not mistaken. The angel resembled Christina, but was a different person, and the face was the same as the Anise that Eugene remembered from 300 years ago.

Angel lowers his head. She looked at Christina, who was connected to her, with eyes shining blue, then looked in front of her. There was Senya, swallowed up by crystals and vines. After staring at him for a moment, the angel turned his head.

Like that, the angel gazed at Eugene.

A smile spread across the emotionless angel’s face. Crooked eyes and mouth tail. That thin smile was the same Anis smile Eugene and Hamel knew.


Eugene continued with a trembling voice. Angel, Anise did not answer. Her smile was the same as it had been three hundred years ago, her eight wings were mysterious, and her figure, bathed in her light, looked more benevolent and divine than ever before, when she boasted of her sainthood.

The eight wings spread wide and shone. The wand in Christina’s limp hand rose into the air. The jewel embedded in the center of the cross radiated blue light as if resonating with the light of divine power.

Eugene couldn’t understand what was happening or was about to happen. I had never experienced anything like this in my previous life, and it was impossible to understand even with the magical knowledge I had acquired in my present life.


I saw the light raging like a storm, engulfing and painting everything around me.


Flashing, bursting light illuminates the field of view. Before he knew it, Eugene was staring at a scene he had never experienced before.

city ​​of elves. All the elves who would have lived there left the city and gathered in front of the World Tree. They looked desperate and shouted something, but I couldn’t hear what they said.

A fear that makes you desperate. The entity that brought him was floating in the middle of the high sky. A man who covered his whole body with a black cloak. The look was familiar. smooth long hair. red eyes. distorted smile.

When the five demon kings got up. There is a race that resisted first.


Among them, the traitor who betrayed the head of the tribe and split his heart. A dragon that was the first in the history of dragons to commit the sin of preying on its own kind, and happily accepted corruption by contaminating its existence directly with Magi.

Black Dragon Raizakia.

It’s floating in the sky, looking down at the elves. Behind him, the sky grotesquely distorts, shatters and falls. Darkness spreads over Raisakia, who turned her back to the sun. The spreading darkness turns the skies of the elven territory into night.

Raizakia pursed her lips. The elves clamor. All of that is unheard of by Eugene. However, the distorted smile of Raizakia was clearly visible. The cloak that wrapped around his whole body wriggled.

So Raizakia abandoned her human form. A black light exploded once, and a huge dragon spread its wings high in the sky. Corrupted and discolored scales. Huge eyes filled with blood. As Lizakia opened her mouth wide, black light gathered between her sharp teeth.

Breath. It’s not complicated enough to be called magic. Breath can be emitted by any dragon. However, Raizakia’s breath is incomparable to that of other dragons. The world does not call him the Demon King, but the Raisakia that Eugene remembers was a monster comparable to the Demon King.

That Raisakia made up her mind and let out a breath. There was no way the elves here could handle Lyzakia’s breath. That is, everything perishes.

Faced with the breath, the elves had a premonition of death. Everyone expected him.

The moment the black breath spurts out.

Someone walked out from behind the elves.

It was Senya. Blood is not flowing from the open chest. However, there was no blood on her face, and it looked like a dead body moving.

When Raizakia let out her breath. Senya was behind all the elves.

When the light of the breath exploded. Senya was in front of all the elves.

Senya stretches out her hand. The breath emitted by Raizakia could not move forward any further. Raizakia’s big eyes were stained with astonishment.

Black blood flowed from Senya’s lips as she responded to the breath.

The elves screamed and grabbed Senya. Black blood was also flowing from their eyes, noses and mouths.

The roots of the World Tree soared and wrapped around Senya and the elves.

Entangled in the roots, Senya grabbed the hand she had spread out. The entire space where Raizakia exists was distorted, and the darkness led by Raizakia began to dissipate.

Then, Raizakia hurriedly spread her wings and twisted her body. Dozens of hundreds of magic circles appeared around Raizakia. Raizakia shouted something, no, screamed. The magic circle he created gradually erodes and disappears.

Senya stared at Raizakia, pouring black blood. What was so funny, she laughed, shrugged her shoulders, and shook her outstretched fist lightly.

Only the middle finger pops up.

The moment Senya blew a f*ck. Lyzakia’s huge body was sucked into the distorted space. Eugene stared at all of them in awe.

Senya stumbles and collapses. The elves tried to grab Senya, but they too could not walk a few steps and collapsed one by one.

“Ulleri Kkolleri~”

Eugene was startled and shrugged. Just a moment ago, he was looking into the past hundreds of years ago. now? what else is this

“Ne Ne Ne ~ Ne ~ Ne Ne Ne ~ Ne.”

fantasy? dream? Or, the trick of the holy sword? angel. anise…? The mind is jumbled. Eugene groaned as he wrapped his head around his throbbing head.

“Ne Ne Ne ~ Ne ~ Ne Ne Ne ~ Ne…”

What is it? Raizakia is gone. What happened? Why was he standing in the sky of the elven territory? What about Senya? The elves… what happened after that…

“…Ne Ne Ne ~ Ne ~ Ne Ne Ne ~ Ne.”

what i am seeing now

“Why don’t you answer me?”

Eugene couldn’t say anything.

“Stupid idiot, asshole.”

under a huge tree.

“Besides being a crybaby.”

Light purple hair was flying.

“I never knew you cried so much.”


“Look at it now.”

Senya smiled brightly.

“You’re crying again, Hamel.”


is this a dream

Eugene looked at Senya with blank eyes.

A lot of memories were mixed in that look. Eugene and Hamel remember Senya from 300 years ago. A portrait left in Arot’s mansion. Statue at Merdein Square. The past that the Holy Sword showed.

everyone was her Senya Merdane. Light purple hair, too. Big green eyes too. All of them were Senya that Eugene and Hamel remembered.

“How long will you be crying?”

Senya got up from her seat and giggled.

“I never knew that Hamel was such a crybaby. You, she never cried before.”


“Well, 300 years have passed… No, isn’t it 300 years for you? I don’t know the sense of time you experience. I’ve never experienced reincarnation before. well that’s not important I’m pretty excited to see another side of you.”

Senya shrugged and smiled.

“so. Are you going to keep crying? I didn’t cry like I do now when you punched me…”

“What are you?”

Eugene crumpled his face and sighed. Why are these bloody tears flowing on their own again? An asshole body, I have no intention of crying, so why are you weeping all by yourself?

“f*ck, what are you? What are we going to do? uh? What trick is this again? Why am I here, why are you here, what the hell happened to you, no, not just you.”

words do not flow properly My mind and emotions are messed up. Nevertheless, Eugene strode towards Senya.

“What happened to Anise? Why the f*ck Anise is an angel, why does it even have eight wings. Moron. What about Moron? What is that bastard doing?”


“…Vermouth. What happened to that bastard… what happened to my grave? and i I am? Why did you reincarnate, you don’t know anything, f*ck you guys, no one explains it properly to me.”


Eugene did not answer the name that called him. No more tears came from her. Her chest was so tight that she wondered if it would be better to let go of her throat and weep. Her feelings still haven’t calmed down. her head spins

Eugene gasped and looked ahead. Senya was right in front of her. But she doesn’t feel anything from her. It’s clearly standing in front of my eyes, but it doesn’t seem to exist.

As seen in Alot.

Senya in front of me felt no different from a ghost.

“…what the hell is that?”

Eugene squeezed out his voice. He stretched out his trembling hand to Senya. will it reach I couldn’t reach Alot. At that time, he couldn’t say anything to Senya. “You’ll find out,” she just said.

Actually, I wanted to do something other than blow candy. He wanted to grab Senya’s shoulders as he was wandering around like a ghost, or block her way and hug her. If so, Senya. That nasty, nasty little girl.

‘Are you crazy?’

‘ and would have kicked him in the shin. No, considering Senya’s damn personality, it might have been a spanking in the ear rather than a kick in the shin.

It was good. I wanted to feel Senya. It couldn’t be like that in Alot. No matter how much she called out to Senya, she couldn’t hear him, and even when she reached out to grab him, she couldn’t catch him.



reached Her outstretched fingertips touched Senya’s cheek. I don’t feel any warmth. However, even so, Eugene felt the soft skin. She felt Senya’s presence on her bare skin.

“I am here.”

Senya said with a faint smile. That smile resembled the benevolent smile he wore in portraits. A smile that didn’t suit Senya. But it was definitely Senya’s smile.


Eugene lowered his head while swearing.

“You f*cking don’t suit me laughing like that.”


Profanity returned immediately. Senya grabbed Eugene’s hair and shook it. I didn’t feel any strength in his hand.

“You are the same, Hamel. what the hell is that mug? If you hadn’t recognized me and hadn’t blown a hole in me, I would never have known you were Hamel in my life.”

“I don’t think anyone was born because they wanted to be born like this.”

“Hehe. Having said that, aren’t you pretty satisfied with your face right now? Hamel, you secretly cared about that from the old days.”

“…what am I?”

“Pretend you don’t know. Don’t you remember the first time the five of us went to a party? You said it was your first time at a party like that, and you cut your hair after buying some kind of stupid formal dress.”

“…talking about things…”

“Well, your face in your previous life was savage and ferocious no matter how you decorated it, but now… well… it’s okay. Even if you walk around like a beggar, it will look much better than your face in your previous life.”

Saying that, Senya raised both hands. His outstretched hands grabbed Eugene’s cheeks. Senya teased Eugene’s cheek, then giggled to herself.

“It’s not a face I remember, but you are Hamel. That’s… for sure. Hamel. You’re back. really. You’re back.”


“It feels strange. The face and body are different. Knowing that you are Hamel, I feel that you are Hamel in a completely different way.”

Senya’s fingers moved back and forth in the middle of Eugene’s face. I said what are you doing Senya was drawing scars on Eugene’s smooth face. In his previous life, Hamel’s face was full of scars. Yujin laughed and pulled his head back.

“What are you doing out of luck?”

“…what is it? Aren’t you lucky?”

“No luck dude. Why are you drawing scars on a normal face?”

“Just what. I’m trying to draw how different I am from my previous life.”

Senya pursed her lips and pressed a finger on Eugene’s cheek.

“…Your cheeks are softer than your face in your previous life.”

“Looks like you lost less breast fat.”

“Chips… nipples? Ahaha! That’s cute, Hamel. How old is that body? Yes, you definitely still look young.”

“19 years old.”

“Wow… Really? really? You’re only 19 yet? Mmm, when we first met. Hamel, you were 22, right? At that time, you looked a few years older than your age…”

I remember. A time when he was quite famous as a mercenary. In order to go to Helmud, while staying at the port, Vermut and his party suddenly came.

‘You’re a mercenary bastard who will be everywhere. But he has a reason why he must take him?’

Senya had been glancing at Hamel, tickling like that. From then on, Senya, who was famous as a great wizard, did not show much interest in Hamel, who was a mercenary.

It was the same with Hamel. Why pay attention to a guy who grumbles unluckily from the first meeting? The first impression of each other was not good.

They were dragged away by Vermouth, but they became friends after being shunned. For a while after that, Senya ignored Hamel, and Hamel also ignored Senya. Rather, Anise took care of Hamel while grumbling, and Moron, well… he treated Hamel kindly from the beginning.

“I remember.”

Senya giggled and removed the hand that was caressing her cheek.

“Leaving the port, we boarded a boat together. It was a large merchant ship. The waterway leading to Helmud was full of monsters and monsters, and insane warlocks used to appear on ghost ships made of undead.”


“At that time, we were young… immature. Vermouth was like a monster from then on. Neither you, nor me, nor Anise, nor Morron. It wasn’t quite as complete as the vermouth. I was overconfident in my skills and acted my own way, and then…”

“I almost died.”

I remember. Undead ghost fleet. While Vermut and Anis dealt with the undead, Moron, Hamel, and Senya dealt with monsters and monsters rampaging in the sea.

Satisfied with her good taste, Senya flew through the sky and cast magic. I was too careless. Warlocks hiding at the bottom of the sea intercepted Senya, and the sudden attack caused Senya’s mana to flow back.

It was Hamel who saved Senya from falling into the swirling sea. From then on, Senya stopped ignoring Hamel.

‘thank you.’

While dripping nosebleeds. Senya had said so.

‘Okay, wipe your nosebleed.’


‘And don’t talk to me. He said he knew how to fly around the sky, went here and then there, and went crazy alone. Originally, on a battlefield like this, the one who stands out a lot will die first. know?’

‘I’m grateful, but you’re a bit like a dog.’


Shake off the memories of the past that spread in your head.

That Senya was right in front of me.

“What happened?”

Eugene stared into Senya’s eyes and spat out.

That’s what I was asking from the beginning.

“What the hell happened in the demon castle of confinement? What did Vermouth promise?”


“Answer me.”


Senya smiled weakly and pushed Yujin on the shoulder.

“Do you believe in miracles?”

“…What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“You are here now. To meet and talk with me. All of them are miracles.”


The space shudders. Yujin was startled and took a step back. A huge world tree overlapped the small tree behind Senya. ‘Reality’ overlapped even in Senya’s helpless smile.

“…Are you dead?”


Senya smiled and shook her head. ㅡ Cranky. Beyond that smile, you can see the reality. bloodless face. eyes closed peacefully. hole in the chest. Tangled vines.


Senya opened her mouth.

“Don’t resent Vermouth.”


“Vermouth… has carried more than us, no, more than anyone else in the world. If that child hadn’t made a promise…”

“Is it Vermouth who made you like that?”


“You asked if it was vermouth. Me too, I’m not sick. Senya. i went to my grave at there…”

“know. Because I put the leaves of the world tree in a place where only your soul can’t enter.”

Senya smiled bitterly and stared at Eugene.

“…they didn’t understand each other.”


“necklace. You are doing it.”

Senya smiled mischievously and pointed to Eugene’s chest.

“I suffered a lot in many ways. Hamel, you know what? your body and soul. Originally, it was supposed to be annihilated or made into a plaything for the demon lord of confinement. But… he came back.”


“I don’t know exactly what promise Vermouth made there. But… in the promise that guy made, I, Anise, and Morron, who were there, were alive. And it included getting your body and soul back.”

I thought so. He was no other, he was killed by the magic of Belial, which was called the staff of confinement. If you’re lucky, it will just disappear. Worst of all, it will be dedicated to the demon lord of confinement he serves.

However, Eugene’s, Hamel’s soul did not disappear. The body did not dissipate, but remained and entered the coffin.

“I put your soul in that necklace.”

‘Senya. That necklace…’

‘In the coffin… no… I’ll take it.’

‘…This is against the law.’

‘It’s something everyone agreed on.’

The past that the Holy Sword showed.

“What happens when a person dies? Anise said she was going to heaven, but I… like Anis, I don’t believe in God. I am a wizard, Hamel. I can’t believe it unless I see it myself or understand it. No, it was an excuse after all.”

Senya smiled and sat down.

“I didn’t want to let you go first, Hamel. just… just. It happened. Are you satisfied with your death? If you did, you’re a bastard. Who wants to be content and die? Me too, anise, moron… vermouth. no one I didn’t want your death. We didn’t want to accept your death, and we didn’t want to send you dead first.”

It’s something everyone agreed on.

“So I caught your soul. lest you leave first. So that someday, we will meet again. The world you wished for, the world we all wished for. After killing all the demon lords, then… I was going to send them off.”

Do you think you spit it out like that?

It was the same Senya that Eugene remembered. arbitrary stubbornness. Even if it goes against reason, he puts his own understanding and understanding first. It is not important to such stubbornness. Wizards are a mentally ill race, and Senya was the same.


Senya looked up and saw Eugene.

“I guess he had a little different opinion from us. I don’t know why Vermouth did that. I am not Vermouth, and he did not understand him to the end.”


“The necklace that held your soul… I’ve always had it. It was taken from your grave.”

Those words made Yujin’s hair stand on end.

“The boy never said anything to me. In your grave, you killed my familiar, and made me come. They called me out and attacked me first.”

Senya patted her chest and murmured.

“…Could that really be vermouth? Actually I’m not sure. Vermouth is dead. He’s dead… as it should be. Alive, without saying a word, attacking me, taking his necklace from me when I fell. me.”


“Hamel, don’t blame Vermouth.”

At those words, Eugene gritted his teeth. I just don’t understand. not to resent?

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“…that you are here. Vermouth must have revived your soul.”

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