Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 36

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“The bastard, I didn’t say anything. He even tried to kill you…!”

“That goes for me too.”

Senya laughed and raised a fist.

“Just as he tried to kill me, I tried to kill him. Hamel. Just like you feel betrayed, I feel betrayed too. As much as you, no, maybe more than you.”


“That’s why you can’t trust me any more. bring me there Was it really vermouth that tried to kill me? I wonder if it was Vermouth that I tried to fight and kill there.”

“It can’t be…!”

“You weren’t there, you asshole.”

A middle finger lifted from an outstretched fist.

Eugene laughed without even realizing it.

“I was the one who almost fell for it, so why are you getting more angry than me? There, fighting directly, I am speaking with a hole in my chest. You who died right away and only your soul remained in the necklace! Why are you so oblivious to what I say!”


“You have to be able to listen when you talk. Even if you were killed once and then come back to life, do you still have the right personality? What if you didn’t listen to others like an idiot and then died once? You should learn to listen to people!”

“Sena is right.”

“Since we haven’t seen each other in a long time, while you’ve been gone, I’ve grown a lot and I’ve grown a bit more polite, so I tried to be patient…! You are an asshole in your past life and now.”

Senya sighed and jumped up from her seat. Then she strode closer and grabbed Eugene by the collar.

“hey! Hamel, listen up. I think it was Vermouth who tried to kill me, but I don’t think it was Vermouth. understand?”

“Do you think what you are saying makes sense?”

“Oh, I don’t know! If you say it’s not, you’ll know it’s not…! Anyway, I don’t know much about promises. Your reincarnation must have been done by Vermouth, but that’s… I think it’s good. I thought we would meet again in heaven, but now we can meet again alive like this.”

Senya spat that out and shook Yujin’s collar.

“But you. What is your name?”


“Not that! What is your reincarnated name?”


“…Your hair color, your eyes… and Mana. Something pops into my head right now, and I’m a bit afraid that this is real.”

“Probably right.”

“Really? Are you really reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth?”


“Your name must be Eugene Ryanhart?”


“Is that Vermouth afflicted with Alzheimer’s?”

Senya muttered that and let go of Eugene’s collar.

“Why did he reincarnate you as his descendant… Um… Hmm. indeed. When you had more than 10 wives and gave birth to a lot of children, I wondered if you wanted to eat well and live well as much as you suffered in Helmud… Was it for your reincarnation that you increased your descendants…?”

“I don’t know, but I was the one who was in a bad mood because I was born as a descendant of Vermouth.”

“It sucks, but I think there are more good things. First of all, isn’t your face much better than before, and your body better than Hamel’s?”

“…that’s right.”

“My memories are still the same… A body that is overwhelmingly superior to my previous life… Do you want me to kill the remaining demon lord?”

“If that’s the case, you can reincarnate yourself. No, without reincarnation…”

“Aren’t you actually Moron, not Hamel?”

Senya spat that out and stared at Eugene. In this situation, Eugene couldn’t help but distort her face at those words.


“huh. Sorry. My words were a bit harsh.”

“be careful.”

“Hehe. Seeing how unlucky you are, Hamel is right. must be Anyway, the reason why Vermouth doesn’t directly reincarnate and doesn’t try to defeat the demon king himself must be because of that reason.”

Senja took a few steps back and stroked her chin.

“…And you’re the right person.”


“Yes, you. Even with a body like a bug, you were as strong as that. If I were reincarnated with a body that was overwhelmingly superior to my previous life, with the memories of my previous life… I mean. I think you will be better than Vermouth.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“You’re the one who doesn’t talk nonsense, you asshole. Although I understand that Vermouth punishes her every day. Put another way, you’re closer to vermouth than any of us. Vermouth was special, but you were just as special as him. Vermouth failed in the end, but if you Hamel… you might be able to do it.”

At those words, Yujin’s lips twitched.

Senya didn’t miss that. She giggled and slapped Eugene on the shoulder.

“Split. Are you okay?”


“Anyway, say it. Hamel. Don’t resent vermouth too much. Because I won’t be too upset.”

“…It’s just that you don’t want to accept reality.”

“shut up. i am a wizard Even if I see it with my own eyes, if I don’t understand and understand myself, I won’t believe it.”

“It seems that your words have changed a little from before?”

“Cut it down, Hamel. What do you have to complain about vermouth? The dead man brought you back to life. Even with a much nicer body than in the previous life! Didn’t you explain? What do you mean? You should be grateful even if you just died and came back to life. What do you resent Vermouth for?”

Senya spat that out and pointed to her chest.

“Even though I have a pierced chest, I don’t hold grudges. okay? I believe in vermouth. So you believe in vermouth too. We… owe a debt to Vermouth.”

“…I f*cking don’t know.”

“Even if you die and come back to life, you still have a childish side.”

“What happened to Anis and Moron?”

“I don’t know. Why did Anise become an angel? You’re not the only one surprised, so don’t ask me. Moron? That asshole builds a kingdom… Ah! do you know what Moron, that asshole has become a real king!”

“I don’t know?”

“Hehe, who would have thought Moron would become a real king? You should have been at the opening ceremony of the kingdom of Luhar… but you came to the party wearing only your panties and a cape?”




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“I gave him a present. I gave her panties because it was a robe that only good and courageous people could see. That bastard, really came out wearing only those panties. Because the servants are frightened, and you are not good and brave, they say that these clothes are not visible…”

Senya stopped talking and held her stomach and laughed.

“Still, I should thank Anis.”


“That I can talk to you now. It’s because Anise worked miracles.”

“…Before I came here, I saw the past.”


Senya’s face crumpled.

“After all, I’ve become this way because of that baby lizard rather than Vermouth. How did he find out about it, and I was dying in pain, but he broke the barrier and invaded!”

“…what exactly happened?”

“Did you see it? He fired his breath, and I blocked it. I wasn’t fine either, so I couldn’t block it completely. remember? Lizakia’s Breath. It’s a lump of magic. No, Raizakia herself is a lump of magic. It’s a bunch of germs like a rat.”

Senya trembled and clenched her fists.

“The elves are all contaminated. I also had demonic energy flowing into my wounds. That’s how the bastard’s curse fell. Right before I died, I managed to connect to the World Tree, and sealed my body and the elves in the World Tree.”

Senya slumped back in her seat.

“…I’m sorry to the elves outside, but I couldn’t help it back then. If I didn’t care, I and hundreds of elves would die in droves. The territory itself was sealed, and the memories of the elves were altered so that no one could enter… Ah. This is an ancient magic left in the World Tree. This tree is connected to the spirits of the elves.”


“What is it? you saw it too The elves and I are sealed inside the World Tree…”

“Don’t do that. How can I open your eyes?”

Eugene sat facing Senya. Senya didn’t speak any further, staring at Eugene who was nearby.

“Hamel. I failed on two things.”

Senya let out a short sigh and crossed her arms.

“one. I tried to kill Raizakia, but I couldn’t. If he had killed him, he could have cleansed the curse that permeated his wounds.”

“The other one?”

“It was too much to kick him out, so I banished him to the outer dimension.”

Senya’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Well, if I had properly exiled, the curse wouldn’t have lasted. Looking at what’s left of it, it means that the expulsion wasn’t done properly. Seeing that it doesn’t get worse though… it seems like it’s probably isolated in a dimensional rift. He’s great too. Didn’t he live by being stuck in a dimensional rift for hundreds of years?”


Eugene smiled brightly.

“If you kill Raizakia who is stuck in the dimensional rift. Are you going to be okay too?”


“How can I find him?”

“It’s impossible for you right now.”

“know. tell me though I will come and kill you when I can.”

Senya didn’t speak immediately and looked at Eugene.

“…You really are Hamel.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“No, nothing.”

Senya smiled softly.



Senya’s smile wavered slightly. She stared at her Eugene for a moment, her green eyes widening. As she stared at it, she tilted her head a few times.


Senya, who was tilting her head here and there, jerked her face closer to Eugene. Eugene felt uncomfortable with the sudden approach, so he immediately raised his hand and blocked Senya’s face.

“Come on? Are you crazy?”

“Clean your hands.”

Senya did not wait for the subject to be cleaned up. She took care of Eugene’s hands and put them down. Then, she opened her eyes thinly and stared at Eugene’s face.

“…it seems a little different… but… is it the same?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Hamel you. Have you mastered magic?”

A big smile spread across Senya’s face. She smiled and shook both of Yujin’s hands that she was still holding.

“It’s not just magic! Mastered the magic I made. yes?”


“Huh, heh, heh, heh. Well, of course. Hundreds of years must have passed since I disappeared, but there’s no way a wizard as good as me was born after that. That would mean that most wizards have learned the circle magic formula I created.”

“…What is it?”

“but! Hamel, you didn’t only learn circle magic. Looking at your manan… you’ve grafted my Witchcraft onto Vermouth’s White Salt Ceremony. yes?”

Senya continued to laugh at what was so fun and good. Not only did they smile, they were laughing and humming. Eugene felt that it was somehow mean.

It is true that he learned circle magic and witchcraft.

that it is It means that Eugene is Senya’s disciple. Eugene had talked about being Senya’s disciple several times, but he didn’t want to be recognized as a priest by Senya himself. It was a matter of pride…

“…I did get used to it…”

“Please serve me as your teacher from now on.”

“What did I learn to learn? not. I died first…”

“I am not dead.”

“…to you… a condolence to an old colleague and friend… uh…”

“What are you talking about? So you haven’t mastered the circle magic formula? Didn’t you learn Witchcraft? I am the master, and you are the disciple. okay?”

“Are you going to get drunk again? Isn’t it okay to not use magic like that for the rest of your life?”

“Say something sensible, Hamel. I’ve already learned and sucked up all the sweet water, and now what? How can a person be so shameless?”

“What is new?”

“Yeah, you were a shameless son of a bitch in your previous life.”

Senya was quickly convinced. She let go of Eugene’s hand that was shaking her, but she still giggled without erasing her laughter.

The distance is close. He was aware of it all over again. She cleared her throat and kicked Eugene’s knee with the tip of her toe.

“…it’s too close. Go over there.”

“Why are you yelling at me after he came over?”

“…When did I come?”

“Are you really old and have dementia? Did you forget that you grabbed my face and squatted earlier?”

“Hamel, try telling me you’re old one more time in the future.”

Two wicks lit up in Senya’s eyes.

“If you hadn’t escaped from the demon castle of confinement, you would have been the same age as me. So, to count your age, you have to count from your previous life.”

“You have to make it sound like bullshit, so you can even pretend to listen. hey, does that make sense? What kind of guy counts his age from his previous life? You should count your body age. I am reincarnated and my body is green and young. you…”

“Say one more word. I will really kill you.”

“…Well, yes.”

“The body is futile. Besides, my body has been sealed for hundreds of years, and I’ve reconstructed it several times before that. If I’m released from the seal, I’ll be reconstructed again, and then my body will start over at the age of one.”

“Oh, yes. you are 1 year old Shall I give you a pacifier as a gift? I’ll carry you on your back and make you go round and round.”

Senya’s fists trembled at the sneering words. She glared at her Eugene, exhaling loudly and shaking her head.

“…what happened. Rather, what has changed in your state of mind? Hamel, in my previous life, I told you many times to teach me magic, but you didn’t listen.”

“That’s a past life.”

Eugene sighed and turned his gaze to the side for no reason.

“…300 years have passed. I’m the only one reincarnated, and I don’t know if you or the other guys are dead or alive. There are only two demon lords left… So I just thought there was nothing I could do about it.”

of a previous life.

Hamel’s ability alone is not enough. Even if it’s not enough, it’s not enough for a while. Thankfully, the reincarnated body was incomparably superior to that of Hamel.

The talents he had in his previous life remained intact even after he was reincarnated. There is no vermouth. No anise. There is no Senya. There are no morons. Without them, he had to learn to do everything Hamel knew how to do.

I thought so.

Even though he couldn’t understand Ryanhart’s blood lineage, he did not remain rebellious.

He became the adopted son of the original family without any fuss or pride.

I learned the vermouth’s white salt dish, which had a competitive spirit in my heart.

He was greedy to have at least one more weapon that Vermouth used, including Winid.

I went to Arot to study in order to learn magic that I didn’t even pay attention to in my previous life.

For several years, he indulged in Senya’s magic by being stuck in Acreon.

all of them It was to become stronger than Hamel in his previous life. Even if it doesn’t bear fruit right away, it sown seeds for the future. someday, yes, someday In order to transcend the ‘me’ of my previous life and kill the remaining two demon lords.

I only hoped for that and abandoned the egotism of my previous life. Eugene did not want to express his heartfelt thoughts. because it was embarrassing.

Senya didn’t ask for more details. she wasn’t stupid Eugene, Hamel. That fool, idiot, idiot, stubborn, unlucky guy… The reason why he broke his stubbornness that he would not listen to even if he said so much in his previous life.

Senya knew Hamel all too well.


So Senya lowered her head.

“What are you sorry about?”

“…just. I think I made you lonely.”


Senya’s bowed head was visible. Pale purple hair. That figure reminded him of Mer in Acreon, and Eugene reached out and unknowingly tapped Senya on the top of his head.

“…what are you doing?”

“Because it reminds me of your familiar.”

“…Ah… Mer. You must have met him too.”

“I’m doing pretty well.”


Senya pushed away Eugene’s hand and frowned.

“There’s no way the old wizards of Alot would have left Mer quietly. He must have been very harassed after I disappeared.”

“…that’s what. It’s because you took the second half of Witchcraft.”

“ah. that?”

Senya blinked for a moment before bursting into laughter.

“It is a lie.”


“There is no such thing as the second half of Witchcraft. It’s in my head, if I had to argue, but it’s like a magical truth that can’t be woven into a sorcerer’s book.”

“…I hear there is a copy of the second half of Witchcraft in the royal family of Arot?”

“That… uhm… I was considerate of the royal family in my own way. If you are the royal family of the Kingdom of Darkness, shouldn’t you own something plausible and symbolic? It’s just a summary of the high-ranking magic I’ve created.”

Yujin couldn’t say anything and opened her mouth. Then she barely managed to contain her surprise, and stammered out.

“Are you saying you cheated?”

“Ah, that’s a bit of a word. It’s not a scam, it’s a white lie. Anyway, it is true that he gave a great and unique magic book as a gift. It’s magic that I made, and it’s a magic book that I compiled, so whatever title I give it, isn’t it my heart?”

Senya smiled awkwardly and waved her hand.

“Well… I didn’t know that I would be living in seclusion like this. I was thinking of retiring from the beginning, but technically it was an accident.”

“…The magicians of Arot dismantled Mer in order to reveal the truth about the second half of Witchcraft and your retirement.”

“What is it? Bastards who don’t even know this grace. How much have I contributed to the history of magic, and why do you torment my familiar so much for being secluded?”

The corners of Senya’s eyes shot up. She jumped up from her seat, and kicked Eugene in her head.

It didn’t hurt too much. However, Eugene could not understand this sudden kick. Why should he be beaten for doing nothing.

“Why are you hitting me?”

“It’s just you and me here!”

“Then why are you hitting me…?”

“Don’t be so unfair! Later, when I go back to Alot, I’m not going to kick it, but I’m going to turn it upside down. Foolish royals. Stupid wizards! It’s been 200 years since I disappeared, and you’re still obsessed with the illusion that Witchcraft is the second half!”

Senya stomped her feet in anger. Eugene felt betrayed as well. Wanting to get in touch with the latter volume, she even contemplated joining the Court Magicians… that the latter volume didn’t exist in the first place?

“You’re a double-headed man too, Hamel!”

“The head is not me, but Moron.”

“Yes, you are an asshole! Haven’t you seen Witchcraft? Looking at your qualities and the mana you feel, you must have understood Witchcraft a little bit. Did you, too, believe in the existence of the second half?!”

“…I… of course didn’t believe it.”

“Do not lie.”

“In hindsight, it is your fault. Why do you make so many people tired by telling such lies? what? White lies? Go back and flip Arot? Before that, you kneel down and apologize to Mer. Only Mer suffered because of your lies.”

“…Of course I will apologize.”

Senya pursed her lips and sat down.

“…so. Witchcraft, how was it?”

“…What answer are you expecting?”

“Honest impressions. admiration for me. In awe of the greatest genius in the history of magic, a genius past, present, and future that will never again be.”

“uh. Your magic is strong.”

“Is that all?”

“…it was so hot.”

“A dishonest boy.”

Senya smiled as if she had never pouted her lips.

“Yeah, it’s cool. The heart of Witchcraft is the Eternal Hall. The Witchcraft placed in Akreon is just a textbook for idiots to understand the Eternal Hall.”

“okay. I know you’re proud, so stop talking and answer what I asked.”

Eugene stared at Senya without smiling.

Senya didn’t laugh anymore.

“Lizakia. That little lizard, how can I find it?”

“…It’s impossible for you right now.”

“Who doesn’t know, ask? Of course it would be overkill Even in my previous life, I wasn’t sure if I could catch it by myself.”

Black Dragon. Raizakia is a monster. Even before his fall, he was said to be one of the strongest among the young dragons, but he killed the Lord and ate his heart, becoming an even more terrible monster.

“Senya. Are you worried about me now?”


“No. Who do you know as a backbone? Isn’t it funny that you, who was half-dead and sealed, is worried about me, who is alive and well?”

“…If the.”

Senya murmured, averting her gaze.

“…I was looking for Raizakia, thinking you would be there for me. What if he eventually finds Raizakia… and dies? Then what do I do?”

“What do you do? Why are you afraid of something that never happened…”

“You don’t know.”

Senya let out a small laugh.

“You don’t know anything. Hamel. you never know How the rest of us felt after you died. In what mood I was carrying your necklace. What was I thinking when I was at your grave?”


Eugene grabbed Senya by the shoulder.

“I know how much you wrung like a kid there. I know how you have been in Arot for decades.”


“You know how I feel? I have no idea. You, who were sealed here, will never know. Even if you know the me of the past life, you don’t know the me of the present.”

“…I guess so.”

“Then you should know. If you’re stuck here, you’ll never know about me. Senya Merdane. Stop worrying about me and the delusion that the reincarnated me might die one more time.”

Senya lifted her bowed head.

“You found me, and I found you. sorry i can’t do that I will somehow get you out of here. I’ll make you stand up and walk, so you can go with me. Even if you sit down whining that you don’t like it, I will forcefully pull you out.”

Senya’s eyes widened at those words. Eugene grabbed Senya’s shoulders with both of her hands and glared at her quivering green eyes.

“You have no complaints?”


At the question he spat out, Senya burst into laughter.

“You don’t know who you are now? No, no. i know you Hamel. Even if you reincarnate and change your body, face, and name… you are the Hamel I know.”

“Then you know that what I am saying is sincere.”


Senya laughed while crying.

“You are still Nothing… hasn’t changed.”

“They say that if you laugh after crying, something will grow on your butt.”

“The fact that there is a lot of bullshit hasn’t changed.”

“So how can I find Laizakia?”

Eugene shook the shoulder of Senya, who was still holding it.

“…is my staff still in Akryon?”

“Akasha? remain It’s well kept, along with the Witchcraft.”

“Of course it is. The level of the idiot mages there won’t be able to touch Akasha’s seal.”

Senya thought for a moment. Regardless, Eugene gently shook Senya’s shoulder.

“Leave me alone. 개새끼야.”

In the end, Senya, who couldn’t stand it, slapped Eugene on the cheek. This time, she wasn’t too sick.

“…I’ll tell you the formula to unlock Akasa.”

“If you have Akasha, can you find Raizakia?”

“…it won’t be easy. The reason why I expelled Raizakia was because of his madness and an accident that happened because I wasn’t feeling well. Still, Hamel, if you have Akasa, you will be able to feel the isolated Raizakia somewhere in the dimensional rift.”

Even Senya wasn’t sure about that. It is certain that Raisakia is isolated somewhere in the gap between the dimensions of this world. If he was banished to another dimension or died, his curse couldn’t last for hundreds of years.

“It means going around the continent.”

“…don’t do it if you don’t like it.”

“When do you hate me? You can’t do anything. Besides, you’ll have your handsome wand.”

“…I’m just saying it just in case. When I’m fine later, I’ll get Akasha back. and. If you go wild and destroy Akasha’s dragon heart…”

“I know. Doesn’t that mean the dragon is coming? no. Rather, isn’t that better? First of all, the dragon will be able to use magic better than me.”

“Will those proud lizards kindly listen to your request? Should they shoot a breath at the child who deliberately smashed the staff gifted by their tribe? If you want to test it with your body, where can you do it?”

“If you think it won’t work later, try it.”

After answering that, Eugene thought for a moment.

Black Dragon Raizakia. He was famous in his previous life, but he’s showing off his presence in the present as well. One of the three dukes present in Helmud right now is Raizakia.

It was 200 years ago that Senya exiled Raizakia to a dimensional rift.

However, Raisakia still exists in Helmud.

“…If that’s really the case, then Raizakia who is in Helmud isn’t herself.”

Senya’s pupils calmly sank at the suspicion that Eugene conveyed.

“The one who came here was undoubtedly Raisakia herself. If the expulsion had failed, he would have invaded here again.”

“Unless you are. Are you saying someone else is posing as Raizakia?”

“There’s no way they’d respect the status of Raizakia, where Helmud’s demons don’t even exist. Maybe… it’s Lyzakia’s alter ego, or Hetzling.”


Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and thought of Raizakia. Did the black dragon have hatchlings?

“I don’t know. How do you know if the lizard has hatched or not? but. Either way, nothing bad for you…”

Senya stopped talking and covered her mouth. Eugene laughed at that and slapped Senya on the leg.

“Why don’t you talk? yeah, that’s not a bad thing Whether it’s Raizakia’s alter ego or Hetzling, both have ties to Raizakia, right? If you dig into him, you might be able to find out the coordinates of Raizakia’s entombment.”

“…Don’t do anything stupid, Hamel.”

“I will not. I’ve already died once, and I don’t want to die again.”

Eugene said that and laughed.

“…Oh right.”

As I was laughing, something suddenly popped into my head. Eugene immediately erased her smile and glared at Senya.

“hey. What is it?”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“fairy tale book.”

Senya’s expression hardened.

“Stupid Hamel.”


“Who wrote that?”

“Mo… I don’t know. He said it was fun. I saw… uh… no, I didn’t…”

“Where is this hack? Although the first edition of the children’s book remains openly in Acreon.”

“It was… just… a keepsake.”

“No, don’t mess with it. Merga, I heard you read that storybook hundreds of times?”

“Why is he making up words that don’t exist? I neglected it for hundreds of years, so where did it get ruined…”

“The contents of the first edition were very spectacle. Beautiful, cute, cute, dainty Senya.”

“Come on, there was no such thing as cute and dainty. …maybe.”

Senya desperately searched for her memory.

“Anyway, there was a saying that it was beautiful and cute. are you insane How could I write like that with my own hand?”

“W-what are you talking about! why do i write that down? I am not me.”

“Isn’t it then?”

“Uh… uh uh.”

“This is a joke to the end. Don’t you think it’s too much? You and Anis are cute, beautiful, cute, dainty, and f*cking, huh? But why is Moron an asshole and I am a bastard?”

“I didn’t write it down!”

Senya’s face turned red and she screamed loudly.


“So who are you?”

“…I don’t know.”

“Isn’t it embarrassing and impudent to keep talking nonsense with your mouth?”

“…shut up.”

“If it is written by Anise, is it for the honor of Anise that you take it for not knowing? If you hold on to it like that, you will end up being suspicious?”

Eugene put on a serious expression and started reasoning.

“Would you prioritize the honor of Aniswa enough to take that insult? I don’t think so. You’re not naive enough to dump something you wouldn’t do.”

“…yes… you know what.”

“Not as much as you, but I know about the next one.”

Those words even dyed Senya’s ear lobe red. She couldn’t look straight at her Eugene, and for no reason kept her gaze down on her floor and wiggled her fingers.

“…I… I’m not really.”

“Look me in the eyes and tell me.”

“This happened 300 years ago… that… it’s not that important. Mo, Moron really liked children’s books. He liked it enough to enact the first law of his kingdom to memorize the contents of children’s books.”

“…That bastard was a real saint, right? Wasn’t he just a lunatic dictator and tyrant?”

Eugene muttered with a face of disbelief. Then she completely changed her expression and became serious.

“no. If it’s a Moron, you might like it. After hearing only the voices of two heads and two heads all the time, a wonderful nickname called Brave Moron was attached.”

“…Is that cool?”

This time, Senya put on an expression of disbelief.

“Only words are brave Moron, but what you do in the book is the same. It’s a children’s book, so I couldn’t bear to write it as a two-headed person…”

“Did you write it down?”

“…I guess.”

“Apart from that, I wrote down all sorts of curse words because I’m an asshole and a bastard.”

“…Think carefully. Hamel.”

Senya straightened her expression.

“At the time the storybook came out, Moron was laying the groundwork for a nation by uniting tribes in the north and gathering refugees. See, such a moron is written as an asshole.”

“So what.”

“Are you serious? Don’t you feel sorry for the people who believe in Moron and the descendants who will be born from them? What crime did they commit in their previous life to have to listen to their King teasing other people with his asshole?”


“If Moron was written as a double-headed person in that fairy tale book, everyone in the Kingdom of Luhar would have been ridiculed as a double-headed people. So what will happen? All the people of the kingdom would have rebelled against the king. Perhaps the extreme extremists are indiscriminately murdering to catch and kill the author of the children’s book…”

“Write a novel, very.”

Eugene’s expression was crumpled and he fired at him.

“okay. This is all because they died early and left no descendants. uh? If I hadn’t died early, I wouldn’t have been listed as stupid Hamel either.”

“…well, I guess.”

“So why did you do that to me?”

“…I said I didn’t write it down.”

“When I finally die, what else? Senya, I liked you.”

Senya covered my face with both hands. After shaking like that, he couldn’t sit face to face with Eugene anymore and turned his body the other way around.

“My… not me.”

“Then it’s anise.”

“I don’t know!”

Senya screamed and jumped up from her seat.

“Because I don’t know! why do you keep asking me? I don’t know! It must have been written by another bastard!”

“You must be ashamed.”

“You… you’re wrong, Hamel. who will die first? Who, who wants to be reincarnated? If you hadn’t been reincarnated, you wouldn’t have seen that storybook in person!”

“uh. Sorry for reincarnating. I thought I was just going to fall asleep. It was wrong that I was reincarnated.”

At those words, Senya’s shoulders trembled. She turned around and looked back at Eugene. Senya licked her lips as she looked puzzled. Tears welled up in her quivering green eyes.

“…Sorry. I said something crazy.”

“No… over there. I was just kidding, why are you taking it seriously?”

“Because I’m not okay… you shouldn’t… you should never say that. i’m sorry i’m sorry I’m sorry, Hamel.”

Senya lowered her head with tears streaming down her face. Yujin looked at Senya with her shy expression, then let out a deep sigh at her.

“it’s okay. It is true that I am sorry that I died first.”


“I don’t know if it was you or Anis who wrote that I was stupid Hamel, but I’ll forgive you for that.”


“Thank you for the memorial stone.”

Senya didn’t sniff any more. Senya’s face, which had been bright red just now, turned pale.

‘That’s right, the memorial stone…!’

I wrote something like that. bursting into tears I wrote several words on Hamel’s memorial stone. It’s not just memorial stones. A note was also written on Hamel’s coffin. When vermouth, moron, and anise aren’t looking. Unbeknownst to anyone, he wrote the words on the lid of the coffin.

Someday, I hope to see you in the world you wished for.

The bloodless pale face heated up again. All of that, it was written that I would never see Hamel again.

“Even in coffins…”

“Lord, I will kill you.”

“You cried a lot when you erected my statue.”

“When did I cry? Don’t just imagine…!”

“Did Moron eat your tears?”

“Nonsense… how do you know that? Your soul was in the necklace… You, you can’t. Were you conscious with only your soul remaining inside the necklace?”

Senya’s voice trembled. It couldn’t be, but Senya imagined the worst that couldn’t and shouldn’t be.

“Can that be? I just saw it in a dream.” “A dream?”

“The Holy Sword.”


Eugene was speechless and made a confused expression. Revelation in a dream. Did the holy sword really show that? Eugene remembered Anis, an angel with eight wings spread.

Show me the past when Rizakia attacked.

The reason he can now face Senya like this is because of the miracle caused by Anise.

I didn’t want to feel it. It’s not because I don’t believe in God. Regardless of belief, all of this was an unmistakable miracle.

What I don’t want to feel though.

Because it’s not real. Here and now, Senya is moving, talking, laughing, and crying. But she doesn’t feel any warmth from her, and she doesn’t hear her heart beating. The Senya of her reality has a hole in her chest, barely surviving with the power of her World Tree.

That reality distorted Eugene’s mood.

“…can’t we go together?”

A little bit of regret left.

“you. You came to see me from Arot.”

“…For a very short time, it was just that the thought body was spilled outside. Even that was possible by squeezing out what little mana was left.”

“…How did you find me?”


Senya smiled and shook her head.

“In my mansion, the security magic I installed in the past remains. It’s not working, but the magic connected to me detected the necklace you have.”

It was a necklace that Senya had always had. It was only natural for the magic to respond, since it had returned to the mansion after hundreds of years.

“So I squeezed the mana and went to see the situation. My body wasn’t normal, it was just producing an incomplete thought body, but still… I found you.”

Eugene sat by Senya without answering any more. Senya didn’t speak to Eugene any more. She sat down with her arms around her knees, staring blankly in front of her… sometimes, no, quite often she glanced back at Eugene.

“…go slowly.”

I sat there silently,

Senya was the first to speak. She no longer glanced at Eugene, looking straight at her.

“…there’s nothing better than staying here.”

Eugene knows too.

That’s why Eugene hates the dreamer who dazzles him with a dream, not reality. A dream that is not real, but extremely close to reality. If a little bit of an ideal that is different from reality is mixed with it, the human mind is really easily seduced and destroyed.

“…I guess so.”

I know it all too well.

It wasn’t easy to accept. Only now, Eugene was able to understand Iod’s heart a little bit. I don’t want to face reality, so if I turn away… I’m addicted to sweet dreams.

Nonetheless, we have to look at reality. Nothing in reality changes if you are only in dreams.

Eugene stood up.

“Next time we meet.”

Senya stood up and looked up at Eugene and smiled.

“…not Hamel. I will call you by my current name. Even if your name changes, you are Hamel.”

“Like you are Senya.”


Senya tried not to cry. It was an obvious effort.


Eugene stretched out his hand toward Senya.

“Don’t cry, be kind and wait.”

“…바보, 멍청이, 등신, 개새끼.”

I’m trying my best

Senya rubbed her eyes and held Eugene’s hand.

“…You said it your way and gave me hope.”


“So… so I’ll wait. I will trust you, expect you, and wait for you.” “Of course you should.”

“…do not come to pick me up.”

Senya sniffed and stood up. After hesitating for a moment, he grabbed his hand and pulled him into Yujin’s shoulder.

“…because I’m going. you… you I’m waiting for you.”

He patted Senya on the back. Senya held his hand tightly to his lips and buried his face in Eugene’s shoulder. She felt no warmth from Senya in her arms. He can’t even hear his heart beating.

Even so, Eugene felt Senya. She is alive, not dead, and is here now.


Eugene replied with a smile. She looked up at that smile and she smiled.

‘This is a miracle.’

After dying, I met you, who left first, like this.

‘Though a lot of things have changed in you.’

didn’t want to let go I didn’t want to send

little bit more.

Thinking so, Senya let Eugene go.

‘…No, it hasn’t changed. You are… Hamel.’

Senya didn’t cry.

With a smile as bright as possible, he sent Eugene away.

“…I’m glad I could meet you like this.”

The miracle is over.

Consciousness gradually fades away. Eugene is no longer visible. Senya sat down slowly. The small tree she had behind disappears. Everything that has disappeared is covered with bright light. Senya sat in the middle of it and stared in front of her.

“…thank you.”

Anise with eight wings spread stood not far away. She didn’t say anything, just stared at Senya with a thin smile.

“May there be salvation for you too.”

Senya stared at Anise and closed her eyes.

Anise’s wings fold slowly,

Darkness filled the place where the light had disappeared.


I opened my eyes.

Eugene got up from lying down. Reality remained the same, nothing had changed. Senya had her eyes closed in her crystal, a hole had been pierced in the middle of her chest, and the vines of her world tree were connected to her.

Eugene stared at Senya for a moment. Memories remain vivid. A conversation with Senya, and a spell to unseal Akasha remaining in Akryon.

‘Don’t blame vermouth.’

the words remain Yujin smiled bitterly and touched my face.

“…Let’s try.”

No one understood vermouth.

Vermouth didn’t want anyone else’s understanding either.

He’s got a lot on his back. He wasn’t trying to be with anyone else about it.


I was going to do it together. Nom, along with Senya, Anis, Moron, and Hamel, confronted the Demon King. Among the countless beings living in the world, only those four were with Vermouth.


Vermouth did not seek understanding from his colleagues either. Ever since Hamel died in the confined demon castle. Vermouth led everything by himself.

promise too.

reincarnation too.

‘They didn’t understand each other.’

‘I don’t know why Vermouth did that. I’m not Vermouth, and he didn’t understand him to the end.’

‘You’re the right person.’

‘Vermouth failed in the end, but Hamel might be able to do it.’

“It’s heavy.”

Yujin grumbled and rubbed her shoulders.

“This is why I hate warriors.”

I saw Christina collapsed.

Anise is not visible. However, the wand that resonated with the light was touching Christina’s finger. Eugene looked at her Cristina for a moment, then helped her up.

Cristina is still losing her mind. How long has it been since she was caught up in the ‘miracle’? It seems that such a long time has not passed. Fortunately for her, Cristina only lost her mind, but her body was fine.

‘…what is it?’

It can’t be Anis himself.

The ‘angel’ was half-connected with Christina.


Eugene sighed and turned his head.

I saw Senya’s face with her eyes closed peacefully.

“I’m waiting for you.”

Eugene greeted him like that, and took Christina with him to the outside of the World Tree.


Tempest’s screams rang in my head.

[What the hell happened? What is that light…]

“You can’t even get wet with sentiment.”

Eugene grumbled as he shoved Winid inside his cloak.



Cristina came to her senses with a groan. She tried to raise her body like that, but she freaked out and stopped right there. Christina was now lying in the air, not on the floor.

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