Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 37

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“Did you sleep well?”

Yujin glanced back and asked. Cristina didn’t answer right away, she looked around first. inside the world tree. While I was using the resuscitation magic… my consciousness was cut off. I don’t know what happened after that, but I knew one thing for sure.

This is neither the relief of the World Tree nor the territory of the elves.

“…Have I failed?”

Cristina first inquired about it. she failed Probably, no, she must have thought. Even before she lost consciousness, she had a premonition of failure. Cristina’s divine power could not heal Senya’s wounds, nor could she open her eyes.

Even so, I had no choice but to ask… it was because the condition of the body was strange. It wasn’t enough to spread divine magic on that scale, so he squeezed the divine power he had to the limit and poured it out.

‘…the body is light.’

My mind was refreshed and not tired. His divine power was also full as if he had not used magic.

“It failed.”

Eugene answered by putting Christina down.

“The light just flashed, but in the end it didn’t bring Senya back to life.”


“I guess you can’t remember?”


Kritina squinted as she stood on her feet.

“I know I failed, but why am I here?”

“Because I brought it.”

“I know that too. What I ask is, why did you come out of the World Tree? Are you already giving up after one failure?”

He didn’t answer right away and just stared at Christina. Eugene had no mind-reading skills, but she could see that Christina wasn’t lying.

There is no reason to lie. Christina didn’t seem to know anything about Anis, who had become an angel.

‘Anise recognized me.’

So it must have been a miracle. Eugene decided not to consider the question about Anis right away. It’s a problem that’s hard to dig into, and if you want to know the truth about him, you’ll have to dig up the line, not Christina.

Cardinal Rogeris, who adopted Christina as his adopted daughter. Also, the pope who made Christina a candidate for her sainthood.

“…it’s not about giving up.”

Eugene shrugged and replied.

“Resuscitation failed, but a miracle happened.”


Cristina didn’t understand right away and asked back.

“The moment you lost consciousness, the light went out. And I… heard the revelation.”

There was no need to talk about Anis and Senya. It is also complicated to explain. However, if you talk about ‘revelation’, you can easily convince Christina.

“…iced coffee!”

Indeed, Christina was convinced. She exclaimed and brought her hands together in front of her chest.

Guilt for lying.

‘No, I’m not lying. Because Anise appeared as an angel and caused a miracle. In hindsight, this can also be called a revelation.’

Eugene decided to be bold.

“…I heard the voice of an angel.”

Still, I wouldn’t say I was a god. At the word angel, Christina’s eyes twinkled.

“An angel…! Eugene, did you see the angel yourself?”

“…Well, the light was so bright that I couldn’t see it well. I saw you spread your wings wide.”

“wing! Eugene, for the angel of light, wings are also a symbol of rank. By any chance, have you seen how many wings the angel has?”

“…I think it was eight pages…”

“…I can’t!”

Christina’s voice rose. She immediately sat down in her seat and knelt down to pray.

“…Can’t it be eight?”

“Eugene-nim…! According to the record of the Bible, among the angels that the God of Light descended to this earth and commanded, the one God favored the most had six wings.”

I’ll tell you in a few chapters. Eugene felt belated regret.

“But if the angel Eugene saw really had eight wings, it would not be an ordinary angel, but a messenger directly sent by the God of Light!”

“…Uh… it was so bright that I couldn’t see it well? Maybe it was six instead of eight.”

Eugene looked around and thought of Anis. He was bright, but she was not wrong. There were exactly eight wings spread by Anise.

‘Messenger of God?’

that anise?

“no. There is no way that Eugene-sama was mistaken at that miraculous moment.”

“I think I saw it wrong, but why are you saying it couldn’t be the case when you were fainting…”

“Surely it will. The God of Light sent my apostle directly to convey the revelation for Eugene, the hero and the owner of the holy sword.”

“uh. Think as you like.”

“So, Eugene. What revelation did you hear?”

“…They said that in order for Senya-sama to open her eyes, she had to kill the black dragon Raizakia.”

Cristina could no longer express her admiration or express her excitement.

Black Dragon Raizakia. His terrible notoriety was well known to Christina. Fallen Dragon. homologous predators. Raizakia is one of the three dukes in Helmud, and is a monster that can take the place of the Demon King.

“…that’s difficult.”

“There is something I want to discuss with you about it.”

Eugene continued to walk and talk.

“According to the angel’s revelation, the current Lyzakia in Helmud is not ‘real’.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“Lizakia raided the elven territory 200 years ago. It looks like he tried to kill Senya and all the elves, but he didn’t succeed. Senya-sama exiled Raizakia to the rift of the dimension, and Raizakia’s miasma forced Senya-sama and the elves to sleep inside the World Tree.”

Christina let out a brief exclamation. To think that she single-handedly dealt with the monster, which is said to be the strongest among dragons, and banished it to a dimensional rift.

“…That’s a strange thing.”

Angels couldn’t have lied. Of course, Eugene does not believe in God, and has committed blasphemy several times before by citing revelations. But there’s no way Eugene would lie about this. So Cristina did not doubt Eugene’s words.



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“If you were banished outside the dimensional rift, you wouldn’t exist in this world… I haven’t heard of any problems with Raizakia.”

“So do i.”

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman.

Black Dragon, Raizakia.

Those three are called the Three Princes of Helmud and have not changed for hundreds of years.

“If one of the Three Kingdoms, Raizakia, disappeared hundreds of years ago. There’s no way other demons in Helmud weren’t aiming for that position. However, the Dragon Demon Castle, the territory of Raizakia, is still alive and well, and his name is still sitting on the duke’s seat.”

“…Duke Noir Jebela is a representative moderate among high-ranking demons.”

Cristina followed Eugene, remembering.

“Duke Gavid Lindman claims to be the confidant of the demon king in captivity, and does not interact with the outside world. I don’t know what kind of ideology he had, but the Duke of Raizakia has the exact opposite idea of ​​the Duke of Noir Jebela.”

Noir Jebella is not hostile to humans. I don’t know how much dark hell that damn girl harbors in her heart, but anyway, the prostitute has actively interacted with humans since Helmud opened the door.

Lyzakia did not. The guy is violent and crazy. Although he is a dragon that claims to be the adjuster of balance, he is a Holo child who slays the Lord and devours his heart. Even so, he also has dragon-specific arrogance.

It regards beings weaker than itself as inferior bugs that do not deserve to live.

“Even in Helmud, foreigners are strictly prohibited from entering the dragon horse castle of the Duke of Laizakia. He is a terrible man-hater, and rumors about him do not circulate except for his long-ago notoriety.”

At least in the world, there has never been a problem related to Lyzakia. Hetzling or alter ego. Senya guessed so.

‘But I can’t directly attack the Dragon Demon Castle.’

A Hetzling or an alter ego would be far worse than Raizakia, though. Still, he couldn’t take the dragon lightly. First of all, it was confirmed that Senya was alive, and they had enough conversations.

I will believe, expect, and wait.

Senya said so.

‘Don’t rush.’

Eugene suppressed his emotions. What we need to do right now is to return to the elves’ village. It was clear that just taking the elves there out of Samar would be a nuisance. Not just one or two, but more than a hundred elves to cross the forest.

That’s how I brought the elves to Lionheart’s home. After that, you have to go back to Arot and get your hands on Akasha.

He probably had to fight with the magicians of Arot for that matter, but if Senya’s recognition and legitimacy came first, they would have no choice but to shut their mouths.


Eugene put his hand inside the cloak, organizing the things he had to do in the future.

“Eugene-nim, is that…?”

Christina approached with a surprised expression on her face. She widened her eyes at the long branch Eugene was holding and the hanging leaves.

“I broke one.”

“Is that okay…?”

“Is there anything wrong? You’ve seen how big the world tree is. Even if I break this one, it won’t show anything.”

He didn’t feel guilty about breaking the branches of the World Tree without permission. In fact, he was also unavoidable. He kept the leaves that had led him to the manor, but it seemed that a green leaf and branch would be more helpful than a dried and twisted leaf.

The sapling of the world tree must be moved to the forest of Lionheart’s home. He had cut branches for him, but he had hopes that they could be used in other ways.

The leaves of the world tree make it possible to warp to an elf’s territory anywhere in the world. It was tried while Christina was fainting, but the warp didn’t work, perhaps because the elf’s territory was sealed.

‘Come to think of it… I couldn’t tell Senya about Sikhnad.’

I got that idea late.

‘what. He didn’t even say hello to me.’

It’s not just a story about Sycnad.

I wanted to share more and more stories. What happened in your reincarnated life. That alone should be enough for a few days.

‘You can do it next time.’

Because this isn’t the last time

Eugene felt Senya in this small branch in his hand.


He remembered the way back to the elves’ village. It’s protected by a barrier, so you won’t be able to enter right away, but if you get close enough, a Sikhnard or another Elf will come out to meet you.

I didn’t get lost along the way, so I was able to reach the vicinity of the village in two days.

There was no elf to greet them.


It’s annoying.

Eugene squinted his eyes and set the blade of his senses. The barrier that protects the village is of a high level that does not convey any sense of incongruity even after recognizing that there is a barrier.

But now I feel a sense of incongruity. The mana that makes up the barrier is slightly distorted. It’s completely different from a few days ago. Eugene stopped her steps and closed her eyes.

It is not an illusion. The mana of the barrier is distorted. That distortion was also proof that the barrier was broken. why? Eugene opened her closed eyes. It was not the time for her to be questioned.

“I’ll go first, so follow me.”


Cristina did not feel out of place like Eugene. However, she could foresee the vaguely ominous feeling from Eugene’s cold expression and voice.

Eugene immediately kicked off the ground and ran forward. Cristina spread her wings of light and followed Eugene. She said that her flight was also fast, but her Eugene was faster than her.

‘It’s only two days.’

Within two days someone raided the elves’ village. Hunters for elves? It can’t be a mere hunter. The barrier protecting the village was created by the saplings of the World Tree. It is impossible for a moderate magician to feel the barrier.

Dark Elf. It’s notorious that they recruit elves for their position. But isn’t the timing too exquisite? Why did Eugene come to the elf village and attack it while he left?

‘The Distortion of Mana. It wasn’t that the barrier was broken with magic. It looks like it was just… ripped with ignorant force.’

Are you really a dark elf?

Among the many questions floating around in my head.

a few days ago. When I left the village, I remembered the elves who were seeing me off.

Eyes of earnest prayer.

ㅡ Hwareuk.

Pure white flames covered Yujin’s body.


“This is true.”

The man clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“It’s something we don’t have to be tired of. You’re just making things happen.”

Sycnad did not answer.

I couldn’t answer. He was covered in blood, his large hands holding his throat. I couldn’t even breathe properly. I barely open my mouth and the only sound that comes out is a dying moan.

“This is all because you misunderstood.”

The man sighed and waved his arms. Then, Sikh Nad’s body swayed to and fro like a doll suspended by his thread, spraying the floor with blood.

The floor was already full of blood.

“I have no intention of hurting you. I don’t want to bully the weak.”


Sycnad swallowed the blood that filled his mouth.

“Didn’t I tell you in the first place? I just want to stay here for a while, at most for a few days. I won’t bother you, and you don’t have to worry about me.”

Sycnad squeezed the remaining mana and strength. So, swinging his arm, he cut the man’s neck with his sword.


Before the sword he swung even touched his neck. Sycnad’s body fell to the ground. ㅡ Kwak! The ground shuddered, and the pooled blood gushed upward. Sycnad’s mouth opened wide. The excruciating pain could not be changed even by screaming.

“When the kid came back. Asking you to pretend to be a hostage for pleasant negotiations… Was that a difficult request for you?”

It felt as if every bone in his body had been crushed. The mana in the core had just been depleted, and there was no strength left to even lift a finger.

I saw a man’s figure in my dizzy vision. A deeply pressed hood. Golden eyes seen from under the shade. Sharp teeth exposed every time you open your mouth.


Sycnad glared at the man and let out a cracked laugh.

“…hostage? won’t hurt us…? Stop talking nonsense.”

“Great. Even if it’s blocked, it’s too tight. Have you been lied to all your life?”

“Yes… Existence itself is harming us. It makes us sick and brings us closer to death.”

“Um… that can’t be helped. But, I want you to know that I have no intention of doing that either. I feel sorry for your elves. It’s very sad to see you sick and dying. so…”

“Kuh… Kkeukkeuk! Did you think that we would be grateful for the word that we would turn you into a Dark Elf…?”

“Isn’t it better than getting sick and dying? He said he would arrange for me to become a Dark Elf under the direct control of Princess Raksha, not a low-level Dark Elf. You don’t seem to know what a great opportunity that is.”

“Stop talking nonsense… go away. beast.”

The man could no longer laugh and tremble. ‘beast.’ It was an insult beyond mercy to a man, no, to a man’s race.

“You don’t understand the subject.”

The man let out a cold voice and let go of Sycnad’s throat.

Looking around, I saw terrified elves. Some elves lie on the floor, covered in blood, like the Sycnads. Young elves who fought together with the Sycnad to resist the violent intruders.

For the man, the elf’s resistance was insignificant. In this village, there are no elves that can be called strong except for Sycnad. If he had the power to do so, he would never have returned to this forest.

“It’s okay to kill a few people.”

In this kind of work, examples are necessary. I didn’t mean to kill everyone. If I go back with that many princesses, my older brother will be happy to be able to pay off the debt to Princess Raksha.

After all, there are many elves. There is no problem with killing two or three people. The man made up his mind and lifted his foot towards the strewn Sic Nad on the floor.


I was thinking of crushing it to death.


Right before he slams his lifted foot down.

The man’s expression changed. He twisted quickly and swung his arm around.


The man’s figure disappeared with a roar. Sikh Nad, who was prepared for his death, did not understand what was happening in front of his eyes. He even saw how he swung his arm to deflect the ‘barrage’, but he couldn’t believe that the strong monster flew away so futilely.

Dragon spear Karvos.

The downside of this spear is that it consumes too much mana, but if you have enough mana, you can shoot without complicated magic. Even if the bombardment fired in that way was not as strong as the dragon’s breath, it produced overwhelmingly superior power compared to the amount of mana consumed.

Eugene slung the large spear over his shoulder and came down to the ground. The elves fell covered in blood. Among them, Sycnad was in the most serious condition.


Sikhnard was about to say the name ‘Hamel’ without even realizing it, but hurriedly shut his mouth.

The assailant did not die.

“That bastard. What?”

Eugene did not look down at Chicnad. I couldn’t. He could not kill him even though he fired the spear’s bombardment with precision.

“…they say he’s Yagon’s brother. Eugene, they are targeting you.”

Sycnad gasped and said.

Yagon. At that name, Eugene’s face stiffened slightly. He had never met him in his previous life, but Eugene knew his name.

The head of the Beasts who serve the demon king of destruction.

Son of Oboron.

I don’t know anything else, but I couldn’t help but remember Yagon’s name just because he killed his father, Oboron, and usurped the leadership position. Oboron was so fierce and strong that he had a nickname of depravity. If it was the son who killed such Oboron by biting it, it was clear that he would be a maniac and depraved man more than Oboron.


Yujin twisted her lips and muttered.

“I don’t think he resembles Abby.”

The man who flew away is getting up. He felt it even at the moment of the bombardment, but there seemed to be no serious wounds on his body. Only the cloak he was wearing had become tattered.

‘The reaction was quick.’

Fired artillery fire from a sufficient distance. There was nothing to do with the roar, but the bombardment of the spear was not an attack that could be avoided by hearing the roar first. no. It reacted before the roar detonated.


The man spat out the blood in his mouth and stared at Eugene.

“Eugene Ryanhart. You came back much sooner than I thought.”

The man’s figure was clearly visible because the robe was tattered.

Lycan slopes are mutants derived from vampires and demons. Like vampires, they increase blood kinship. Even if he was once a human, if he is infected by the lycanthrope, his essence will be stained with demons.

The beast is different from the lycanthrope. Like elves and dwarves, beastmen are only a non-human race. They do not differentiate between human and beast like the Lycanthrope, but have a mixture of beast and human from birth.

In other words, it is a beast with human intelligence. As such, most beastmen have the nature of beasts, and beastmen born as beasts are often swayed by their nature.

To live in this world, you must learn to suppress your nature. The difference between beasts and beasts is the presence or absence of reason that can suppress their true nature.

but. 300 years ago, the beastmen led by Oboron did not suppress their nature. They were all beasts. Carnivores that hunt herbivores. Among them, the beasts that reign as predators. Beasts who wanted to enjoy killing and preying more effectively using reason rather than suppressing their nature with reason.

The walking man was also such a beast. A beast that walks like a human. Golden eyes and fangs. The face of a tiger and a human mixed together. Unlike beasts, it has human limbs, but the fur that covers its body has vivid tiger-like stripes.

“Yagon’s brother?”

Eugene glared at the beast and said.

“The son of oboron of defeat. I heard that Oboron was a bear. Why are you, the son’s brother, a tiger?”

“Little boy.”

The man licked his lips and smiled.

“You’d better be careful what you say. After all, the name of the former leader is not light enough that you and the like can casually mention it.”

“For a young beast to pretend to be a human being.”

Eugene chuckled and put Carbos inside the cloak.

“What mongrel? Oboron, a bear, met eyes with a tiger and gave birth to a cub, Yagon, the eldest son, was born as a bear, and you, the second son, were born as tigers?”


“If that’s the case, it’s amazing. A child can be born between a bear and a tiger…! Even you, a young beast, know what a mule is, right? A hybrid between a horse and a donkey. They say that a mongrel like that can’t have children regardless of gender… Are you a eunuch too?”

“I should have told you to be careful.”

The man scrunched up his face and sighed. Eugene no longer had a mocking expression on his face.

“If I speak carefully. Can you just go back?”

Both of Eugene’s hands were still inside the cloak.

“You’re here to kill me. no? No matter what I say, you will try to stab me, so why do I have to keep my snout?”

He knew exactly who Eugene was. He has never revealed his identity in Samar. In this forest, only Christina and the elves in this village know about Eugene.

That the beast had come to catch Eugene.

‘Who is it?’

Someone outside the forest was playing with the snout. Is it the Holy Empire? Maybe… it might be on the Lionheart side. Eugene didn’t want to think about that possibility.

Among the Lionheart characters, not many people knew that Eugene had come to Samar. Genos, the 2nd division commander of the Black Lion Knights. Senator Doines. And the owner of the house, Gilade. He did not inform anyone else that he was going to Samar. Even Eugene’s biological father, the twins Jehard, Xian, and Ciel, are unaware of Eugene’s move after leaving the Black Lion Castle.

“The kid has a bad mouth.”

The man said without hiding his fangs.

“If I wanted to kill you, I could have killed you before. do you know When you picked up the leg-asshole elf. I got rid of the warriors of Garung who were chasing you instead.”

“Thank you for doing the troublesome work for me.”

I thought it was strange that I didn’t catch up as much as I thought. Eugene opened her eyes thinly and glared at the man. That said, he had been following Eugene from the very beginning.

‘I couldn’t detect it.’

It is unavoidable. No matter how sensitive Eugene’s senses are, it’s impossible to notice the pursuer from a distance. On the other hand, the man is conscious of Eugene, and his senses unique to the beast race do not miss Eugene’s scent even from a distance.

“So… killing isn’t the goal? Then what is your purpose?”

“Unlike that stupid elf, you can talk.”

The man wrinkled his lips and laughed.

“My name is Barang. Little boy, even though we don’t share blood with Yagon you mentioned, we’re blood brothers.”

also. Why is it impossible for a tiger to be born under a bear?

“The reason I pursued you is to find an elf’s territory that is hidden somewhere in this forest.”


“Little boy. I saw you enter the estate. Because I couldn’t go in with you, I decided to come here and wait for you, but the elven child scattered under you attacked me first, threatening to kill me.”

“Of course I will jump.”

Yujin twisted the corner of her mouth and said.

“so. Do you want me to guide you to the territory?”

“Let’s not make things complicated.”

“After the guidance?”

“We can just laugh at each other and part ways. I have no intention of killing you either.”

“Why are you looking for Yeongji?” “I have no intention of telling you why.”

“good. then ask for something else Who is the bastard who gulps you against me?”

“Don’t try to know too much. kid.”

“There are a lot of things you want from me, but Ji really doesn’t want to do anything I ask for.”

“Such absurdity is the privilege of the strong.”

Barang laughed and said. Instead of answering, Eugene tilted her head.

‘Let’s break up with a smile at the end?’

Puck or so Eugene did not believe Barang’s words.

Besides, I want you to guide me to the territory. It was a request without question. In the elven territory, in the center of the World Tree, Senya and the elves are sealed.

I don’t know why that beast wants to enter the territory, or what it wants to do by entering the territory. Eugene had no intention of guiding him to the manor.

It’s not even an opponent to go back to with words.

“…Eugene. run away.”

Sycnad pursed his lips. Barang heard that too. The guy laughed loudly and shook his head.

“Leaving over a hundred elves alone?”

At those words, Sycnad’s face contorted. …Is it possible to turn off the time? No, it’s impossible. Even though I attacked with all my might, I was unable to inflict a single wound on the beast. No matter how much Sycnad suffered from horse disease and was weaker than in his prime, it was clear that the beast was strong.

Eugene knew that too. He was a tough guy who suffered only minor scratches even after being hit by a spear attack. With Eugene now, it is impossible to fight and win against Varang.


A voice is heard from behind. Cristina, who had been following behind her, had finally reached the village. She looked at the sicnads and elves who had suffered miserably with pale faces. Eugene held out her hand to restrain Christina, who was about to come to her side.

“There you are.”


Cristina put on a puzzled expression, not knowing why.

One step forward. At that step, Varang laughed as if it were the same.

Eugene Lionhart. I heard about the guy. A genius who is referred to as the ‘next’ of the progenitor in Lionheart’s history.

Anyway, a 19-year-old young human.

“Stop it, kid.”

It was a question not worth answering. No, it’s not just that question. All the conversations we had with him had no value to Eugene.

Eugene had no intention of negotiating with Varang, nor did he intend to act as he wished.

‘It’s fortunate.’

Eugene checked the armament inside the cloak. Dozens of miscellaneous weapons. Storm Sword Winid. Predatory Sword Aspel. Dragon spear Karvos. Brain light bow Pernoa.

Moonlight Sword.

‘That the weapon is sufficient.’

The right hand inside the cloak comes out. Barang laughed and shook her head. His hand, which came out of his cloak, held no weapon.

Instead of.

Eugene put his right hand on his chest.

‘That there is a high-ranking priest to prevent the worst.’

If it’s an enemy that I can’t handle with my current skills, I just have to adjust myself to be able to handle it now.

19-year-old Eugene can’t beat the barang in front of her.

However, Hamel in his previous life could of course win.

If the current specs are not enough.

You just need to get closer to the specs of the heyday.


Eugene’s right hand touched his chest. The spilled mana pressed hard on her heart and core.


Everyone heard the loud beating.

Runaway flames fluttered like a lion’s mane.


‘Don’t use that.’

Senya hated Ignition.

‘Hamel. You don’t seem to know because you’re ignorant, but the core is a very delicate organ. A core is an organ that was not originally born with humans and was artificially created by training mana. That’s why it’s incomplete and has many risks.’

several times in a past life.

When I was exhausted after using Ignition. Senya sat next to Hamel, who lay helpless, and continued to nag her all night long.

‘In the first place, that skill is something only you can use. Do you see what I mean? You’re an idiot, and you seem to think that it’s a great specialty that no one else can do. To me, that’s not a specialty, it’s a handicap.’

‘…Isn’t that too harsh?’

‘Is this serious? I’m holding back so many times now. Thanks to you, we are no longer in danger, but you, you idiot. you! it’s dangerous what the hell is this about? You can’t even lift a finger and lie down, you’ve become a real idiot.’

Every time she heard the nagging, she reacted furiously several times, and Senya always came to the same conclusion.

yes you are sick

‘You understand? sick child. The core must never be overrun. Why do you keep making things that are close to your heart run wild? Normal people, no, not normal people! Even I, the greatest wizard of mankind, will either die or become an idiot if my core runs out of control!’

‘Because I’m doing something you can’t do, isn’t it my specialty?’

‘…Uh, yes. That’s right. you are special He’s a special idiot with a special disability.’

Most of the risks were solved by Vermouth. But he wasn’t even a god, and on several occasions Vermouth faced dangers beyond his control.

For example, when Vermouth cannot protect his comrades. No matter how good Vermouth was, he was alone. There are limits to what he can stop alone.

So you have a colleague. As Hamel has stood out for his teammates many times, Morrondo, Senyado, Anisdo. He has stood out for his teammates on several occasions. So that vermouth doesn’t have to do everything. Make sure he doesn’t grab his ankle. Everyone did their best.

‘Hamel. That technology will kill you someday.’

Senya wasn’t the only one who hated Ignition. When knocked down by used recoil. It was Anise’s job to restore her broken body.

‘I know that you handle mana better than others. Senya is worried that one day you will die from the mana surge… but I don’t think so. Hamel. You won’t die from the surge of mana.’

‘Then what is it?’

‘The human body is not as strong as you think.’

when you say that Anis didn’t laugh as usual. In his previous life, Hamel was more afraid of Anise, who didn’t smile, than Senya, who fired at him with swear words.

‘Especially Hamel. Your body is not as strong as you think. If you were born as ignorant and strong as Morron, I wouldn’t have warned you like this.’

‘What’s wrong with my body?’

‘Hamel. You are gifted with a genius when it comes to mana tuning… but your body isn’t like that.’

It was an irresistible statement. I realized that fact dozens or hundreds of times in my previous life. When he was a mercenary, he never realized that.

Was your body weak? That’s not it. It was enough to mistake myself for being a genius.

but. All of my colleagues were geniuses in one field. In particular, the bodies of Morron and Vermouth were so strong that it was embarrassing to compare them to Hamel.

‘That skill. Ignition not only overworks your core, it puts too much strain on your entire body. especially the heart. As Senya warned several times, the core is close to the heart. That’s why the runaway of mana is dangerous… Hamel. You not only strain your core, but both your heart and body.’

‘…it can’t be helped. As strength increases, it is natural that the load on the body increases…’

‘Even machines made of metal break down if moved beyond their limits. Hamel. You are not a machine. The body that makes you is not metal.’


‘You’ll feel that too. No matter how miraculous I can be, it’s impossible to undo something that’s completely broken. Hamel. See what I mean? That technology ruins your body, and it’s already broken now. One day your heart won’t be beating like it used to, and your body won’t be able to move as well as you wish.’

‘…that… what… the fight… no. It’s not just fights, life has to take some risks…’

‘Are you an asshole or an asshole?’

‘…Do I really have to choose between the two?’

‘Hamel, if you act like an asshole and don’t say stupid things, will I hold you back and say these things? If you tell me not to do a moron, which everyone thinks is an idiot, you pretend to listen even a little, but why are you lower than the moron?’

‘You’re talking too much…’

‘Anyway, I warned you. If you later become an asshole who can’t even move properly. As a colleague and friend, I will lend a helping hand so that you can live in a luxury sanatorium in the Holy Empire.’

‘If that really happens, will you accept my shit and urine?’

‘Before that happens, I’ll do a euthanasia with my own hands.’

I’ve heard so many warnings in my past life. Even so, he never hesitated to write. When I thought I had to write, I was in a situation where I had to write.

every time you write.

It was worth it as much as the body was broken. passed through several crises. In particular, I saw the value of the bitterness when I was attacked by Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement, while Senya and I were on a reconnaissance trip together.

If I hadn’t used ignition then. Both Senya and Hamel would be dead.

Ignition was also used consecutively in the confined demon castle. That’s how I killed the shield of confinement and the staff of confinement.

And Hamel died too.


Barang heard the sound of his heart beating.

The sound of that little boy’s heart beating is so loud. The bloodshot eyes conveyed the horror. The tightly clenched human teeth looked like wild beasts.

‘What did you do?’

Barang couldn’t accurately grasp the changes taking place in Eugene’s body.

Thoughts I’ve had many times since I was reincarnated.

‘Even now.’

If you use ignition, you win unconditionally. can kill unconditionally.

‘I can kill you.’

The core’s mana runs out of control.

White salt 4 stars.

The four stars rotate fiercely. A round flame ceremony that incorporates the Eternal Hall. Make a circle with 4 stars. Explodes the mana inside it in a chain. The mana exploding from the explosion is smelted with countless cores and matched. The spinning circle of flame holds the mana tightly so it doesn’t spill out.

The phantom flame amplifies the mana of the core and makes it use without waste.

That’s not enough. Even if you amplify it, you can’t far exceed the total amount of mana you have. heart keeps beating The core overheats. The stars rotate faster.

The core itself begins to distort due to operation beyond its limits. Explosion, explosion, explosion. keep blasting The burst mana spreads throughout the body. The size of the distorted core gradually expands.

Ignition intentionally causes the core to run out of control. Spread the burst mana all over the body. Accelerates the heartbeat as the flow of mana intensifies. The whole body runs out of control to hit the overheated core.

Feel the heat of the blood flowing through your veins. hot. My beating heart feels like it’s going to explode. The entire body connected to mana prepared for the next explosion.

Eugene put his hand on his chest.

grabbing the heart

The time that passed after that was only a few seconds.

In those few seconds, Barang recognized the kid standing in front of him differently than a few seconds before. Her runaway mana put pressure on Varang. He rushed at Eugene with the hair on his body bristling.

hand of the beastman. The hand has five fingers like a human, but the sharp claws protruding from Varang’s fingertips are those of a beast that humans do not have.

The giant runs fast. Eugene saw her barang approaching with bloodshot eyes.

I know for sure.

If I hadn’t used Ignition, I wouldn’t have been able to follow Barang’s movements properly.

Not now.


When Barangi’s claws reached right in front of his nose. Eugene finished his judgment.

‘I can kill you.’


It was Barang who rushed in and attacked with his claws.

It was Varang who flew backwards.

I couldn’t understand what had just happened. What happened, no, what happened? why am i flying what about the attack? What about your nails? Varang twisted his body in the air and corrected his posture.

The fingernails he had been swinging were all broken.

Pooh! The moment he saw it with his own eyes, Varang’s palms were cracked and blood spurted out.


The palms were cut. It’s not a shallow wound. The palm of my hand split in two. Varang roared with rage rather than pain. This wound, to him, was no big deal. The bodies of the beastmen quickly regenerate wounds. In particular, the regeneration of beast tribes that have accepted demons like Barang is comparable to that of high-ranking demons.

In fact, when Barangi landed on the ground, the cut hand was regenerated intact. However, Varang could not attack again.

Eugene was nowhere to be seen.

[…Hamel. That’s…]


[Isn’t it necessary to use the moonlight sword?]


The moonlight sword stands out too much. If I had to use it, I would have to use it, but it wasn’t dangerous enough to use the moonlight sword.

‘Even if I don’t use it, I win.’

Eugene felt the wind. The wind aroused by Winid. Normally, she would use this wind to accelerate her body, but there was no need for that now.

Eugene is faster than the wind. The wind is not chasing Eugene.

The overloaded body, Eugene is moving better than he thought. I never thought it would move that well.

‘surely. Much better than my previous body.’

It looks like the arm is torn off. It’s just a thought. arms are not broken


Eugene held Winid high.

‘This knife. How hard is it?’


Tempest groaned and raised the wind. A violent wind wrapped around the blade.

[Now, your power will endure without difficulty.]


Yujin licked her lips and smiled.

‘Then it’s fortunate.’

the sword.

No, the storm struck down. Cristina, who she was watching from afar, hugged Chicnard with a strong sense of foreboding. Fire! Christina’s divine power created a shining shield to protect her elves.


The forest shakes. The impaling storm shattered, no, annihilated the ground. The wind that fell and spread engulfed the buildings.


Varang howled in the middle of it. The wind was cutting through his whole body. He couldn’t feel anything in his left arm. A slash cut off Varang’s left arm. Thanks to the twisting of his body, only his left arm was cut off.

“You son of a bitch!”

Varang howled and drew strength. Dark Magi wrapped around Barang’s whole body.

Barang is strong.

Under the command of the demon king of destruction, among the beastmen headed by Yagon, Barang is one of the most powerful.

So, all the more, this is nonsense. Blon, who boasted that he was the twelfth girl of the officials, also had his back broken by Barang’s one hand. That much, his strong arm was cut off with a single sword.


The attack was too sudden. That’s why I couldn’t respond. I was young and looked at me so funny that I was human. Lionheart is said to be the best among human martial arts. Since he is called a genius there, it is only natural that he has some surprising talents.

I knew that I was not someone to look at lightly. So from now on it’s different. Cutting off your left arm? That’s fine too. A severed arm can somehow be regenerated.

First of all, take that kid down. After tearing off his limbs, I will make him crawl like a worm to the elven territory. I will rape and kill the saintess in front of him. I will kill all the elves too, and make him shed tears of blood and regret it.

Varang made up his mind to do so, and swung his arm. Dark Magi became huge claws and tore the storm apart.

Eugene was standing outside. Baran’s body, filled with ominous demons, was shot at Eugene like a black shell.

‘You can’t compare to Oboron.’

Eugene took a step forward.

‘I can’t even compare to Amelia Merwin.’

Roaring! The bright blue flame became black steel.

‘To think I had to use ignition to deal with a bastard like this.’

With Varang’s fierce rush ahead.

Eugene swallowed a sigh, saddened by his situation.


Although they are rushing, Barang thought so. only a few tens of meters. A distance that can be narrowed with one leap. But… But it doesn’t seem to be narrowing down.

strange sense of distance.

Varang did not want to acknowledge him. It feels far away, not because of the actual distance, but because the heart feels that way. The gap that exists between that kid… and himself is so far away.

It can’t be.

‘I have to reach…’


should not touch Instinctive warnings run through my head. It can’t be. Varang denied his instincts. die if you go It can’t be. Denied again.

I am strong. Such coercion made Barang not stop.

‘I am…’

Hands stretched forward.

Magi disperses. Fingernails split, break, and disappear. Fingers and hands were cut into dozens and hundreds of pieces and scattered. Varang saw his body being destroyed with wide open eyes. It all seemed terribly slow and brutally clear to Varang.

Barang could not go any further and stopped in place.

I had no choice but to stop.

Barang lowered his head while coughing up blood. Blood and organs were pouring from his slit body.

The outstretched arm… could not attack. At least it was used as a shield. If he hadn’t stretched out, that fearful slash would have completely tore his body apart.


Varang trembled and spat out. He couldn’t stand up any longer and collapsed into his seat.

“You… you… what the hell… what is it?”

I saw Eugene wrapped in blue and white flames. In Varang’s eyes, Eugene, who was wrapped in flames like a mane, didn’t feel like a human at all.

“You know what to ask?”

Eugene sighed, furrowing his tired eyes.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”


There was no way Barangi didn’t know the name.

It was confirmed by himself again, but Barang still couldn’t believe him.

how can you believe Me, standing in front of me. An intimidating presence that seems impossible to reach. A human child who has not yet reached adulthood?

“…it can’t be… it can’t be.”

Barang gritted his teeth and denied it.

“You, you are not Eugene Lionheart. What the… who is it? Could it be a dragon?”

This is the first time I’m getting this misunderstanding. Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“Do I look like a dragon to you?”

Barang didn’t answer.

Both arms were cut off. Even from her cracked body, viscera spilled out.

But Barang isn’t dead yet. It’s a serious wound that shouldn’t be left alone, but it’s still alive and not dead.

It’s barely holding on to its life. Can you get out of this situation? absence? That was an excuse that I only came up with at first, but now I can’t use it as an excuse for being careless.

Barang did his best, and that power did not close the distance with Eugene. That unknown guy was an unknown being wearing the skin of 19-year-old Eugene Ryanhart.

‘…older brother.’

Varang swallowed the blood that filled his throat.

The distant distance is narrowing. Eugene is approaching Varang. not fast pace. clattering footsteps. Every time he got closer, Varang’s body began to tremble slightly.

Barang denied that that being was Eugene Lionheart.

This fear was undeniable. Every time the distance narrows, the fear becomes clearer. My instincts forced me to move my feet, and I was trying to get away from Eugene.

“Who did you order from?”

Ignition is not over. There is a limit to the duration, but it was still quite relaxed.

‘…older brother.’

Varang shrunk his trembling body. Even though they were related through blood brothers, Varang was afraid of Yagon. It is not only Varang who is afraid of Yagon. All the beastmen who follow him are afraid of Yagon.

Yagon is the very image of fear to the Beasts.

sworn brother.

That’s not a great relationship for Yagon. He killed his own father by biting himself, so what is so great and precious about a blood-stained brother?

I know Barang well. Whatever he is, Yagon will have no condolences to Varang. He might laugh, saying that he died because he was weak. A relationship that is not precious to Yagon now, such as the sworn brothers that they formed when they were young and longed for the distant future.

“…Yagon doesn’t care.”

He twisted his lips and spat out.

“This is not Yagon’s order. Yagon does not command such trifles.”

“It’s trivial… well, that’s good. So, what were you trying to do by following me to the territory?”

“My role is to confirm the existence and location of the territory.”

A little more.

“After checking it. I intended to kill you and her saintess and go back.”

come a little closer

“He said he wouldn’t kill me. It was a lie after all.”


“so. Whose order did you get it from? Is it Yagon or another demon? Dark Elf?”

When Eugene took a step closer.

The color of the blood that was soaking the floor changed. Dark, discolored blood spurted out on Eugene. Varang gritted his teeth without checking him to the end.

The spilled blood and intestines, no, Varang’s entire body turned into a black bomb. Both of her arms were cut off. It still has its teeth, but it won’t be able to drive its fangs into it if it attacks. The best Barang could do now was to take his own life and die with Eugene.


Cristina’s screams were swallowed up by a loud explosion. A black explosion hits Eugene. The distance was close, and it was impossible to dodge.

There was nothing to avoid.


The explosion didn’t go further from where Eugene was standing.

moment of death.

Varang’s eyes saw flames burning blue and white. The two types of flames became a huge barrier, blocking the explosion caused by Varang. In the end, even the explosion caused by throwing away his life did not hurt Yujin at all.

“To rot.”

Eugene swears and shakes his hands. Barang didn’t leave a single piece of the body behind. Eugene glared at the scorched ground and put Winid, still holding it in his hand, into his cloak.


Cristina rushed over and grabbed Eugene’s wrist. Eugene put his hand on his beating heart and squinted his eyes.

“I couldn’t let you die. You had to make that bastard open his mouth.”

There were many stories to hear from Barang. The only interrogation method that Eugene knows how to do is torture, but now Cristina is here. No matter how much he kept his mouth shut, Christina’s divine magic would lightly open that mouth.

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